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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 2, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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down it comes. - [paul] oh, (bleep). - [narrator] but the mountain shuts them out. - [marty] holy moses! - the whole bank came in. mama said there would be days like this. (heavy sigh) (crow squaking) (dramatic music) maria: good thursday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining u i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 2nd. your top stories right now, 6:0. the cdc confirming the first case of the omicron variant in the united states. this as the white house prepares to announce new travel restrictions and requirements that could mean masking up through the month of march. we are on it all morning long. markets this morning are rallying, the volatility continues with another triple digit move, this time on the upside this morning. the dow industrials up 292 points right now, the s&p 500 up
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30 and the nasdaq higher by 63. this after another volatile day on wall street yesterday, all three major indices dragged down by better than 1% on rising omicron fears, the dow industrials when all was said and done, down 461 points at the close, nasdaq down 283, s&p lower by 54. better than 1% across the board. european markets look like this, volatility there as well in the eurozone, the ft 100 is down 37, cac down 46 and dax index in germany lower by 157, better than 1% lower in germany. in asia overnight a mixed story, the south korean market was the best performer, the kospi index as you see up 1 and two thirds percent, "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ you're so golden. ♪ you're so golden. ♪ out of my hands.
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♪ i know that you're scared. maria: and your morning mover this morning, first up, snow flake, the cloud computing company soaring, better than 14 and three quarters percent in the premarket. the company beating revenue expectations with this latest quarterly report. it is predicting annual sales to double from a year earlier. snow flake went public back in 2020. it is not profitable yet. the stock is up 14 and three quarters percent on the prediction of revenue growth. a look at airlines this morning, major carriers are all up in the premarket. ahead of the biden administration's new rules for air travelers, they are expected to be eliseed today. -- released today. any passenger arriveing in the united states needs to present a negative covid test one day before travel. united and american announced no changes from flights to and from south africa where the omicron variant was first reported. the stocks now up 2 and-a-half percent on average. rest of the market looking good this morning, we are looking at futures indicating a triple
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digit gain after a selloff. the dow industrials are up 271 points right now, almost 1%. the s&p 500 up 28, nasdaq higher by a third of a percent, 55 points higher there. this after a tough day yesterday, the dow was down 462 points, wiping out gains from the earlier in the session after the cdc did confirm the first case of the omicron variant in the united states. federal reserve chairman jay powell testifying in front of house members, assuring lawmakers that a faster taper timeline would not disrupt markets. joining me now is morgan creek capital management ceo, mark eusco. also joining the conversation all morning long is christian whiton and ken mahoney. thank you for being here. mark, kicking things off with you. where are we today in your assessment of allocating capital, given the new variant that we're worried about and the
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changes at the federal reserve taper plan? >> yeah, maria, thanks for having me this morning. look, i think the volatility that you mentioned in the pre-remarks is really what we have to focus on. it's kind of like a phase change in atoms. they start to vibrate wildly before you go from water to ice or water to steam. and i think you're seeing that recently. george soros used to talk about this, you can tell when a trend is about to change when you get really volatile periods right before the change. i think equity markets are highly valued, shall we say, really over-valued in my estimation and i think they are vulnerable to some selloff which we've seen over the last week or so. i think other assets, hard assets look pretty attractive, particularly with the fed chairman saying there's more easy money ahead. this idea that they're going to taper any time soon i think is a myth.
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i think they're in a box. there were rumors yesterday that they lost control. i think that's absolutely true. there's no way people can refinance the debt had that they have at higher rates and so we're going to be in lower rates just like japan has been for the last two decades. maria: so mark, where are there areas to hide if in fact we were to see a broad selloff? you don't think all assets go down with stocks. i want to ask you about crypto. it's interesting that financial services company square is announcing a name change, changing its name now to block days after co-founder jack dorsey stepped down as twitter's ceo, dorsey will continue to lead the newly named block, the highest profile backers of cryptocurrency. mark, you've been right on crypto for a long time. is that an area to hide or does crip toes go down with stocks -- crypto go down with stocks going down in a broad market selloff
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that you predict. >> it's an important question. you have to think about the type of decline. if it's a sharp selloff, really liquidations from levered positions, then everything goes down. that was like march of 2020. bitcoin fell 50% over that period. but it then rebounded much more sharply. it's up 100% this year, oil up 50% and equities only up 25. so over the long term, that's a great buying opportunity. look, i spoke at a conference in june at bitcoin 2020 with jack, actually before jack, he was on as the headliner and he talked about spending the rest of his life promoting people's adoption and use of bitcoin. very, very strong words and now we're seeing it. he's playing 3d chess i guess pun intended, going from a 2d square to a 3d block, and block chain and crypto and bitcoin certainly needs be in everybody's portfolio. i have a hashtag on twitter, get
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off zero. you can't have zero exposure to digital assets today. it's just too important in a portfolio. maria: that is so fascinating. how do you see things playing out? do you see a digital dollar? do you see digital assets taking over? what is your vision in terms of how the financial services industry and the markets change with digital assets? >> yeah, maria, i actually saw a clip of you and i doing your morning show three years ago, right after i had started morgan creek digital, and you asked me why i was so excited about all this. i said i'm going to spend the next two decades he tokenizing the world. it's an interesting concept, i thought it was an interesting point, in that what we're really focused on is every asset is going to move to a digital form many every stock. every bond, every currency, every commodity, every piece of real estate, every piece of art, every case of fine wine or collectible car, every
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everything, your marriage license, driver's license, everything will be digital and it will trade 24/7 in bordersless open networks across block chain technology and that's a very exciting future. it means we'll spend less time and money settling transactions. we'll be more efficient, more effective in capital allocation and it's really, really important that all of those markets will be fueled by cryptocurrency. so the opportunity for things like bitcoin, for ethereum, for avalanche and solana, i talk about that being the new base. you need to have a base in your portfolio. and on top of that, you can own lots of other assets but they eventually will be in digital form, tokenized form. maria: that is fascinating. you have been so ahead of this curve, mark. it's -- so when you look at valuations today, would you buy bitcoin at this level? would you buy ethereum at this level? >> absolutely. in fact, i don't know if you can
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see the sign behind me but it's the sign, a copy of the sign that was held up behind chairman yell ena number of years ago. it says buy bitcoin. that's my response, people should buy bitcoin every day. not all of it but a little bit next day, a little bit next month. accumulated position every time. p i'm not saying 100% of your assets. everyone should have a few percent in bitcoin and a couple other cryptocurrencies and they're great diversifiers because of their asymmetric upside, they're uncorrelated to stocks and bones, traditional -- bonds, traditional stocks and bonds. but they have much better long-term upside. and, yes, they're quite volatile but so is amazon's stock. amazon has 80% volatility over 24 years. right. it's had five 50% drawdowns, two 90% drawdowns but when was the right time to sell?
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never. maria: it's interesting because the volatility has scared some people, up 300 one day, down 600 the next day. does the volatility scare you out of the stock market at all? we've got the november jobs report coming out tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. we're expecting 550,000 jobs added to the economy with an unemployment rate at 4.5%. but mark, the expectations for growth in this economy have plummeted this year. you know, we were looking for 6% growth in the third quarter. now we're looking at 2% growth. so the volatility is being shown through the mack -- macro story as well as through the stock market. are you getting scared out of this market in any way because of this volatility? >> yeah, again, you're always right on the analysis, maria. that is exactly our view. we are very hedged in our long short portfolios. we think there's lots of opportunity, lots of over-valued assets and what you need to do in a time like this, when the volatility starts to get really
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high, particularly the daily volatility, up one day, down the next, and things are trading on news, rather than fundamentals, what people are starting to realize is the big uptick that we've seen over the last 18 months was really not so much stocks getting better, it was the dollar getting worse. we printed 40% of all the dollars in the history of the republic over the last 18 months. we've devalued the currency to try to get ourselves out of massive debt. and that led to nominal stock price, nominal real estate prices going crazy. i don't know if you tried to buy a house lately. it's unbelievable. but that's money delusion. that's a devaluation of the currency. if you denominated stocks in gold over the last 20 years, they're dead flat. so what's happening is not so much that things are getting better, it's the currency is getting worse and that's why moving to a real hard money currency like bitcoin can really
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protect your assets. maria: really great conversation, mark. it's great to see you this morning. thanks so much for weighing in on all of that really busy session and busy times these days. mark, it's good to see you. thank you. >> things that, maria. have a great day. maria: and to you. remember our special jobs coverage, jobs in america coverage begins tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. we have all hands on deck, taking a look at the macro story and where specifically the jobs are today. the some of the top stories this morning, president biden declaring yesterday that the supply chain is in, quote, very strong shape. but he is putting his faith in st. nick when it comes to americans getting christmas gifts on time. watch this. >> now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. maria: yeah, biden claims that shelves will be stocked for the holidays, despite the clear backlogs that we're watching.
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biden acknowledging that americans are facing higher prices but he's blaming the pandemic and republicans for not supporting his build back better spending plan instead of his own policies which caused millions to drop out of the workforce and stoke inflation this year. the president claims he met with ceos of companies including walmart and kroger on monday to discuss the crisis in that press conference yesterday. the administration set to release new travel rules today amid the omicron variant. anyone entering the united states including u.s. citizens must provide a negative test within three days of their flight regardless of their vaccination status. the same is not required for the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border dr. anthony fauci on that issue. listen to this. >> what about people who don't take a plane and just the border crossers coming in in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue, somebody getting on a plane, getting checked, looking at a passport, we don't have that there.
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there is testing at the border under certain circumstances. maria: more than 1.7 million apprehensions were recorded at the border this year, a record high. we are looking at 2 million people coming across illegally. sources tell me another 600,000 have gotten away this year. they were seen on surveillance video getting in and now they are in the country undetected, no covid testing there. coming up, the first confirmed case of the omicron variant is in the done you tri, was we know about -- country, what we know about the case coming up. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. we'll be right back.
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and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. maria: welcome back. president biden says that the supply chain is in, quote, strong shape ahead of the holiday season. but he doesn't want you to blame him if all of your presents are not under the tree by christmas
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day. >> now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. but there are items every year that sell out that are hard to find. some of you moms and dads may remember cabbage patch kids back in the '80s or beanie babies in the '90s or other toys that have run out at christmas time in past years when there was no supply chain problem. maria: no supply chain problem. ken, your thoughts? ken ma honey and christian whiton are with us this morning. >> this reminds me of a cartoon character by the name of mr. magoo. he was driving along, knocking down fences, beeping his horn, saying get out of my way. it's like biden is oblivious.
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he's beeping the horn and saying that's trump's administration. if we don't have strong leadership around us we're not going to get anywhere. it feels like the character that is unaware that hes is causing bottlenecks, santa claus himself. maria: the definition of inflation, christian is too many dollars chasing too few goods. the $1.9 trillion covid plan that the president signed into law back in march of this year is among the reasons we are seeing inflation stoked as much as it has and among the reasons that we're seeing the price of oil up 50% year over year. but the president won't acknowledge it. >> right. you hit it right on the head there. biden when he got through historiedic husband unserious joke -- unserious joke about problems. cabbage patch kids are from the
6:20 am
mid-1990s. he this is out of date. this is going to do two things, it's going to make supply chain problems worse. it pays people not to work. it's going to make inflation worse because the federal reserve is going to have to invest 2 trillion more dollars, plus, plus, plus to buy the bonds to pay for the spending since that's where the money is coming from. the supply chain problems are real. it's not just cabbage kids from the '80s. it's semiconductors, it's crucial things for the economy. just to make fun of your last guest and have to drink digital crypto wine because it doesn't exist in real physical presence in the supermarket, that's what people are having to deal with. maria: it's pretty ex 12r0rd extraordinary. there's no acknowledgement of the fact that on day one joe biden comes in, cancels the xl pipeline, makes america no longer independent energy-wise and he's questioning and trying to blame the oil companies. we're going to take a break.
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maria: welcome back. another top aide in vice president kamala harris' office is leaving amid reports of dysfunction in the white house. simone sanders is expected to leave the vice president's office at the end of the year. sanders is the second highest ranking advisor to leave the vice president's staff in less than a month. joining me right now is the washington examiner's editor in chief, hugo girdon. what's your take on all these resignations? >> there's complete turmoil in the west wing, maria. there's a clean sweep going on. you might think this is mostly rats leaving a sinking ship. i think it's more the captain ordering excess baggage
6:25 am
overboard. you heard of simone sanders as you say. the communications was on her way out, the head of press operations is on his way out. clearly it's very, very difficult to make the vice president look competent. she is in charge of the covid vaccine, 19 vaccination problem which is not going well, she's supposedly in charge of the illegal immigration crisis at the border which is a total disaster. she is in charge of the space council as russia and china is making america look flat-footed in space. her public approvalling is sinking like a stone and it's clear that the white house wants to try to improve that. but you know, one of the people we at the washington examiner spoke to told us that the vice president didn't like celebrity staffers in reference to simone sanders. so there's obviously a big clash going on here when the tide of popularity goes out, it exposes all the rocks and you can see
6:26 am
all the things that are causing difficulty. maria: i mean, where is this going? you know, hugo, you've got lots of talk about democrats pushing pete buttigieg forward. they don't even want kamala harris as their candidate in 2024. then you've got all of the democrats he resigning, peter defazio is the 19th democrat to announce his retirement, 19 democrats retiring. are they basically saying, look, we know we're not going to win in 2022, let me get out of here before all of that and your thoughts in terms of kamala harris' office as well with all of this -- they're a talking about michelle obama coming in to have a leadership role in the white house. >> the democrats don't like either of the two people at the top of the ticket. i mean, joe biden is perhaps well-liked by him but they don't think he's going to be running again even though he has to say he is, otherwise he's already a lame duck.
6:27 am
no one believes that kamala harris has the political acumen, the popularity, the competence to step into his shoes so they're basically without anybody who might be on the ticket plausibly in 2024. that's why you hear stories about michelle obama. pete defazio leaving congress after 35 years. he held the seat in oregon for a long time. it becomes a self-fulfilling prediction. when the democrats think they're going to lose, they get out. that means alex scarleta will be running for an open seat. that's one of the seats the republicans have targeted in the next election. there's momentum to this rolling collapse of the democratic administration and the democrats on capitol hill. maria: yeah. i want to bring in christian whiton right now. let me point out that democrat stacy abrams says she will run
6:28 am
again for governor of georgia. this is setting up a possible rematch with republican governor brian kemp. we're waiting on more fallout of that, hugo. but on that note, let me bring in christian whiten. go ahead. >> some people think that stacy abrams is already the governor of georgia. hugo, there's a lot of talk about the house and these retirements make it look very likely along with the generic poll which has republicans up from the real clear politics average 4 points. when republicans poll, it usually means they make huge in-roads in the house. what about the senate. you're seeing fewer retirements there. republicans are on the fence on almost all of the seats that are up. what do you think is going to happen there? >> i actually appropriate at this -- i think that the republicans actually could increase their -- they do better in the senate. i think they could take the senate. i think it's highly likely that they're going to win the house.
6:29 am
the average i think is 25 seats that the opposition party takes after a president of the opposing party has been in the white house for two years. i think that's looking very good for them in the house. but one of the things that -- if you actually look back at the history, the senate usually changes when there's a sweep in the house as well. and so, yes, it is more difficult. there are fewer retirements. i think that the republicans are in pretty good shape there. one thing i would like to say about the stacy abrams thing, i'm afraid this is once again -- she's running on the idea that somehow black voters are being disenfranchised. she made clear in her announcement yesterday. we have former president trump pushing david perdue to challenge governor brian kept pp for that seat, opening up a republican primary. that gives stacy abrams a pretty
6:30 am
good chance. she only lost by 1.5% to kemp in 2018. there's trouble there for the democrats. sorry, for the republicans. maria: yeah, that's a very good point, hugo. good to see you this morning. hugo, thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: quick break and then president biden set to he reveal new travel requirement as the cdc confirms the first case of the on of chron variant in the -- omicron variant in the country. that is next. stay with us. ♪ (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. with the season of audi.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 2nd. a look at markets this half hour where futures are pointing to a triple digit move at the start of trading, this time the dow industrials up 282, almost 1%. the s&p 500 higher by 28. and the nasdaq right now up 53 and-a-half, about a third of a
6:34 am
percent, after a volatile day yesterday where all three major indices closed down better than 1%, hit by rising fears over the omicron variant. the dow industrials were down 461 at 4:00 on wall street, nasdaq was down 283, s&p lower by 54. european markets are also lower. this as a negative tone in the eurozone. in asia overnight, south korea was the best performer, kospi index up better than 1 and-a-half percent. the others fractionally moving. in the u.s., authorities identifying the high sophomore as the suspect behind the deadly michigan school shooting. cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: 15-year-old ethan crumbly is charged as an adult, facing terrorism and first degree murder charge as we learn a fourth student died from injuries suffered during the school shooting on tuesday. authorities revealed a parent
6:35 am
school conference took place the morning of the incident, the school called in crumbly's parents to flag, quote, concerning behavior about him. the supreme court showing an openness to setting a new precedent on abortion. the court's conservative majority sharply questioning the propriety of constitutional protections set by roe v wade, the decision made 50 years ago, this is challenged by the case out of mississippi. the court spent two hours debating the mississippi law that banned abortions after 15 weeks. the supreme court expected to rule on the case by the end of june 2022. well, let's take a look at the big mover in the premarket, it is wework. it got hit last night. they hit a snag with investors less than two months after going public via spac. the office sharing company selling the s.e.c. they'll restate their results for all of 2020, first three quarters of this year for the company they went public with, that spac, because calculations were made
6:36 am
using the wrong public share count. wework went public in october through a combination with bovak. finally, rapper bad bunny is having a pretty good year, the musician named spotify's most listened to artist of 2021. the pop sensation, taylor swift, the second most listened to, bts, drake, justin bieber in the top five. i had no idea who bad bunny was until about 10 minutes ago, maria. because i'm so not cool at all. but apparently everybody else knows bad bunny. what can i say. maria: that's funny. thank you, cheryl. good list from spotify. president biden set to tighten covid-19 travel requirements today. we are waiting for the details. we know that all international travelers will now need to test negative within one day of departure regardless of your vaccination status or
6:37 am
nationality and the mask mandate on planes and other trans pour of station is -- transportation is extended through march 18th this as the first case of the omicron variant is identified in california. joining us now is infectious disease doctor, dr. amesh adalja. thank you for being here. your thoughts on the omicron variant and its impact? >> it's still unclear exactly how risky this variant is. what we know is that it has a lot of mutations that have been associated with immuneavation, it can erase some of the protections from a vaccine and appears to be more transmissible and increasing. it's not a time for panic. it's time to characterize it and run it down and understand what it actually means. we have to expect there will be new variants generated especially in parts of the world where there is low vaccination status. i think we can be assured that our vaccines will be able to protect us against what matters,
6:38 am
serious illness, hospitalization and death and that's what the data looks like. maria: what were the comments from the ceo of regeneron, the ceo of moderna saying that the, the other day, that the vaccines that are on the market you now may not be enough to impact the omicron variant? i mean, when i heard that i thought, wow, because the regeneron infusion medicine was among the most successful in taking away the big risks of covid, right? >> so first of all, when it comes to monoclonal antibodies, regeneron and eli lilly their cocktail may not be as robust against this variant. there is a third monoclonal antibody which targets a different part of the spike protein. they said theirs does work. with the vaccines, it matters
6:39 am
what you're trying to you achieve with the vaccine. it might be something that causes more breakthrough infections but those infections will be mild because of the other protection that the vaccine gives you. it's not just aceds and protection -- antibodies and protectionses against mild disease. even if it might allow mild infectionses to slip through, serious illness, hospitalization and death will still likely be protected. there may be a need to update the vaccine to get more protection. what we're hearing from south africa and other countries is the people that are hospitalized tend to be not vaccinated which is what we expect and the cases we're seeing that are breakthroughs are not very severe. we're waiting for more data. i think that's where this will end up. maria: it sounds like you're not as concerned as some about the first known case of the omicron variant detected in the united states. it was detected in san francisco, the person recently traveled to south africa. they're experiencing mild symptoms. and i should point out that person was fully vaccinated. they hadn't gotten a booster.
6:40 am
all known contacts have tested negative for the variant, dr. adalja. what's your take on that? and do you recommend a booster for everybody? >> so the san francisco case is not surprising. there are likely more cases of omicron in the united states. we just don't sequence every case so we don't know. remember, this was spreading for several days before in the netherlands, before the south africans alerted the world to this variant. it's likely in more places than what we see on the map and likely in more places than just san francisco. when it comes to boosters, i think there's a lot more data that needs to be seen. if you're above 65, have high risk conditions, got the j&j, the booster makes sense. the cdc expanded boosters in light of the omicron variant. for a healthy person, if the result of a booster is to push a breakthrough down the road and the breakthrough will be mild, i don't know what the value is for that. there is some controversy in my field on both sides of that. i tend to think that healthy
6:41 am
people don't benefit that much from boosters but high risk people should be getting boosted today, maybe there will be a booster specific for omicron and that's a different story. maria: that's all great analysis there, dr. adalja. thank you for that. i'm with christian and ken this morning. go ahead, gentlemen. christian, jump in here. >> dr. adalja, i'm curious, asking you a question that combines the medical field with economics. this announcement by biden that the test you have to take before you come to the united states, previously you had three days, now it's down to one day, it can be a pain if you have multiple connections before your flights to the united states, you have to figure out how to get a test while traveling and the announcement of extending the mask mandate at airlines into march of next year which creates a lingering sense of cries sises, we were told -- crisis, we were told early on that the filtration on planes is pretty good. there was a study that as a long as the filters are running, that
6:42 am
they screen most of the microbes. do you think this is a smart thing for the government to be doing, is it necessary to wear masks well into next year or is this more sort of thee at tricks? -- theatrics? >> when it comes to testing, i think moving from three to one days will make the test more accurate and better. you have to think about the infrastructure. as you say, it's sometimes difficult to get a test. this needs to be coupled with some guidance on what types of tests are acceptable. can a home test be used. they're allowing supervised home tests right now for people. before vaccinated people had to have a three day window, unvaccinated one day. they have to think through that. masks of public transportation, i think this is not surprising that this was extended. it is true that on an airplane the filtration is very good and we've not seen caseses transmitted but a lot of those studies were done with masks and while it may be that with the filtration you don't see the whole plane get infected you
6:43 am
still have to worry about the people that sit next to you, behind you, that are not going to be impacted by that filtration because there's such close contact. this is a difficult decision to make. we have think about off-ramps for all of these mask mandates. i think that should be something that we are open about, that this isn't going to be forever. i don't know when the actual date is that is the best time to end these types of things because there's a lot of people that are not vaccinated. if you sit next to somebody who is not vaccinated, sick without a mask, you're likely to get it if you yourself are not vaccinated. i think this is going to be difficult to know when we can pull back. maybe when we see hospitals not having worries about capacity, that's the best threshold to think of as an off ramp for many of these measures. maria: this whole thing is creating a new opening for surveillance tools for the cdc and we're going to take a look at that coming up. dr. adalja, it's good to see you this morning. thanks very much for all of your insights as always. coming up, taking on big tech
6:44 am
and surveillance, some say now is the time to fight back against censorship before it's too late. we will get into it when we come back.
6:45 am
maria: welcome back. free speech at stake as big tech
6:46 am
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maria: welcome back. big tech's liability shield facing its biggest challenge yet. lay makers are signaling an openness to scaling back legal protections for social media platforms. at a congressional subcommittee hearing yesterday, facebook whistleblower frances haugen cited social harms. center for technology policy tara frederick is with us now. tear remarks you were also testifying at that hearing. what did you take away? should social media platforms face more scrutiny? >> i absolutely believe they should face more scrutiny. i think the biggest take-away is that both sides see now that big tech is toxic. we're coming at it from two opposed positions when it comes to what to do about it but both of us can agree that the illegal activity on facebook, the fact that they have negative impacts on teen girls that are well documented and is also well documented that they knew about these practices and these
6:49 am
effects and continued with them anyway but on our side, the conservative side, we see this attempt to silence conservative voices and we have the data now, not just anecdotes, not just single examples to back it up. however, democrats, what i got from the hearing, they want more censorship, more government oversight over social media companies. we want less censorship, more of an adherence to the first amendment. we want the government and tech companies to stop colluding and talking to each other and singling out certain accounts for censorship. we want increased transparency, not necessarily a heavy government hand in all of this. we know what happens when the biden administration talks to the tech companies, conservatives get the boot. .maria: it's also the fact that the social media companies have been wrong. i mean, it's not true what they're censoring. before the election, they told us that the hunter biden laptop
6:50 am
was disinformation. no, it's actually a real story and there are serious conflicts of interest with our main adversary because of hunter biden and all the money he's accepted. the circumstantial evidence around the origins of covid, yes, it likely leaked from a lab in wuhan. they censored that as well. now they're changing the stance on kyle rittenhouse. facebook is lifting the ban on kyle rittenhouse and limits on users for searching for or praising him amid his acquittal. they decide before a jury decides what the answer is on kyle rittenhouse. your thoughts? >> exactly. this definition inflation is a pervasive problem. it's only getting worse. the definition of disinformation, misinformation, safety, harm, these are in the high of the beholder and it all seems to go in one direction, against conservatives. so like you said, the wuhan lab leak theory, people called tom cotton crazy and conspiracy
6:51 am
theorist. now the new yorker puts out an article about it, the wall street journal puts out an article about it and, okay, we can talk about it. this is part of acceptable discourse now. yet facebook and other tech companies were the judge and the jury beforehand. you mentioned kyle rittenhouse. this is an extremely important point. that definition of domestic extremist, white supremacist, terrorist, we have people at the highest levels holding offices in the united states, our president, high level political officials tweeting out that kyle rittenhouse is a domestic terrorist. that means something. that means something specifically for the law. we saw this happen in the physical world where the national school board association said investigate parents who don't like crt in their schools, investigate them as potential domestic extremists. the doj and the fbi counter terrorism division, they got on it within five days. that is something we have to think about very seriously, this definition inflation is going to
6:52 am
harm american citizens. maria: yeah. well, there is also adam schiff for four years telling us russia collusion with trump was in plap sight. no accountability there. the media ran nuts with the russia collusion story which was one big lie from hillary clinton's campaign and there was no accountability. we're going to keep the spotlight on it. thank you. we'll be right back. deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. the next time somebody tries to follow you on social media watch out. it could be a debt collector. they are now taking to social media, direct messaging you when you owe money. the consumer financial protection bureau does not have regulations on how many times collectors can contact you via
6:56 am
social media but users are allowed to unsubscribe to those messages. ken, your thoughts? >> wow. okay, so we have big brother happening all the time anyway. we have the thought police. why not. why not chase us around. social media used to be fun. remember, we would open up, there's a birthday, a celebration, a wedding, now debt collectors are chasing us around on social media. where does it end. one of the biggest debts are the government. will we dm members of congress, saying that debt you owe, we need had that back. i don't know where it ends. it goes on and on. they take our data and sell it. they don't ask for permission to sell the data to parties many we find out later that they do. and now they're selling our data now to these companies that are collection agency. most of the agencies, you don't owe them money. you end up on a list and they hawk you until you shut them down. maria: it's pretty e
6:57 am
extraordinary. christian, what do you sunshine. >> it will make people think twice brought spending time on social media. when they censoreddonald trump y account all together and life has never been better. the less you spend on social media, the better. maria: wow. all right, quick break and then the word on wall street right after this. stay with us. ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care.
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for restaurants, bars, casinos and consumers. the future of sports betting. elys game technology. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 2nd. your top stories rights now, 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. omicron is here, dr. anthony fauci announcing a fully vaccinated person who recently flew in from south africa has tested positive for the new variant. now the biden administration is looking to step up travel rules later today, just ahead of the busy holiday season. we will watch the economic impact this morning all morning long. markets meanwhile are rallying,
7:01 am
we've got a 300 point move on the upside for the dow industrials, the dow up 292, almost 1%. the s&p 500 up 26, nasdaq higher by 40 points, a quarter of a percent higher there. this after a volatile week and another volatile day yesterday. all three major indices were down, dragged down better than 1% on the session on fears over the omicron variant. the dow industrials down 4612 462points at the close, the s&p0 down 54 points at 4:00 on wall street. european markets picking up where wall street left off, they are headed lower. the ft 100 is down 58, cac is down 74, dax indexer lower by 204, about one and a third percent right now. in a asia overnight, south korea was the best performer, "mornings with maria" is live right now. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning.
7:02 am
president biden declared yesterday that the supply chain is in, quote, very strong shape but he is putting his faith in st. nick when it comes to americans getting christmas gifts on time. >> now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. maria: yeah, joe biden claims that shelves will be stocked for the holidays, he despite the clear backlogs that we all can see. biden acknowledging that americans are facing higher prices but he's blaming the pandemic and he's also blaming republicans for not supporting his build back better spending plan instead of his own policies which caused millions to drop out of the workforce and stoke inflation this year. the president claims he met with ceos of companies including walmart and kroger on monday to discuss the crisis. meanwhile, the women's tennis association social moral courage, suspending tournaments in china as tennis star peng shuai remains absent from the public eye. as you know, she disappeared
7:03 am
from sight after accusing a former vice chairman of the chinese communist party of sexual assault. the women's tennis organization is the only major sports organization to push back on china's increasingly authoritarian moves. peng resurfaced last month in a series of videos but the wta says while they know where she is, they have serious doubts about her freedom and safety. alec baldwin breaking his silence in his first sit-down interview since the shooting on the set of the movie rust. watch this. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no, i would never point the gun at anybody and pull the trigger. >> how did a real bullet get on the set. >> i have no idea. the bullet wasn't supposed to be on the property. maria: he said he did not pull the trigger. the film's director was also
7:04 am
wounded in the october incident. baldwin says this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. obviously. we will wait more more on that interview. time for the word on wall street. joining me right now is asset management ceo ken mahone, allie mccartney and chief investment officer peter anderson. great to see everybody this morning. thank you so much for being here. allie, kicking things off with you, markets are pointing to a pretty good gain today after a rocky day yesterday. we have a gain of 320 points right now after a decline of 461 points yesterday on the dow, on the first confirmed omicron case in the united states. of course, there's also the jay powell comments on inflation. he doubled down, telling lawmakers it's appropriate for the fed to consider an accelerated taper. the other day as you know, he said it is time to retire the word transitory, suggesting inflation will be here for some time. are you worried about stepping
7:05 am
into markets with all of this volatility? >> i am not. and i will explain why. but let's talk about the volatility that you just highlighted. over the past four days, three of those four days have been major down days, one has been an up and within the days they've been super volatile. and basically what's going on is, professional invests, we're pretty good at quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing the known knowns and the known unknowns. but what happened on monday and earlier on friday too, we got two unknown unknowns. we have a new variant where we have very little data, very little understanding about how the given vaccines and treatments affect it, and then at the exact same time we had the narrative of the fed change with exactly those two words, the sort of removal of the word transitory and another version of the taper tantrum where powell came in and said that they were going to accelerate assets, buy the asset tapering,
7:06 am
which i think is important but what's more important is the market assuming that that means that we are bringing forward rate increases. so the market is now pricing in not one but two rate increases in 2022 and this sent sellers into a frenzy and evaporated buyers and the moral of this story is this is what happens when you have known unknowns. sellers come in, they take profits, crowded trades and hedge funds get liquidated and you have a buyer's strike at the same time which sends the market down. our base case is that both of these known unknowns fade into the base case that we've all been talking about. which is the omicron variant fades into the delta variant and that the policies and protocols that we already have established continue to work and the medical and biotech community adapt very quickly as they have all throughout this and that the fed continues to be supportive and global feds continue to be
7:07 am
supportive. so please, please, please, don't sell if you're really scared get into defensive sectors that can protect you like healthcare but think long term and don't let this bout of volatility take you off your long-term plan. maria: all right. so you're still bullish long term and you want to be finding opportunities. one of the big stories, ken, was oil. crude prices rising this morning ahead of the opec plus decision, whether it will release more oil into the market or restrain supply due to the omicron fears and the u.s. release from the strategic reserves. but we had a selloff of 13% on friday. we're looking at crude now at $66.21 a barrel. your thoughts on the energy trade right now, ken? >> well, first of all, it's not a very good look to go to glasgow and be the leader in renewables and 24 hours later ask opec for more oil. you went from energy independent to energy dependent in about 12 minutes and here we are, like the carter administration all
7:08 am
over again, begging opec. they hate us. many of those members do not like the u.s. everything this administration has done it's with such haste. you saw what happened in afghanistan, no transition. no transition from fossil fuels to renewables. i would love to be driving around with a solar panel on my car and driving around. we're not there yet. to tank the economy because of the obsession of aoc's green deal, we're not there yet. it's crazy that we're energy dependent on opec and these partners, this cartel do not like us to begin with. maria: yeah. and they won't admit that that's one of the reasons that oil is where it is. i mean, you know, biden is blaming the energy companies and isn't it extraordinary that the oil companies, this is what they do. they drill for oil. they sell oil. they're changing their businesses incredibly, they're completely changing their business and not investing in what they've done since their inception. >> unbelievable. i mean, that's what it's all
7:09 am
about, it's about investment. look, we could blend it in, we could blend in some renewable along with the fossil fuels. to go from one to the other of, there has to be transition time. that's one thing the administration -- they can't get it in, they're going to find it as best they can because they know the clock is ticking. maria: well, the clock's also ticking on regulatory changes for bitcoin and crypto, peter. bitcoin falling below $57,000 on news of the omicron variant. you say you're concerned about crypto in the long run and its impact to the global economy. why? >> well, maria, whenever i make an investment for a client it's my fiduciary obligation to look into that investment and learn as much as i possibly can and to bore he row a phrase from the -- borrow a phrase from the great gasby regarding crypto, it's talked about by many but understood by very few.
7:10 am
people don't get into the mathmatics and the basis of all of crypto and when you do, i have spent some time doing that, you come up with some very surprising conclusions. i mean, let me just give you one example. it's hard to stay at a lay person's level when talking about this. i'll give you one example. there's something called tap roots that is an enhancement in the privacy for users, all right. and the way they decided to adopt and accept tap room was by crowd sourcing so there's not even a formal policy group. when you want to make changes for bitcoin, for instance, there's not a policy group that you would go to and get conformity. instead, you just poll all the miners out there. so can you imagine, let me give you one example of a possible disaster. there is a limit on how many bitcoin you can have, 21 million. what if people decide one day they wake up and they say hey,
7:11 am
you know what, i want to have 30 million? well, just think of what impact that would have on the entire bitcoin atmosphere out there. so those are the things that really worry me and i'm not saying it's going to crash now. but in several years if this does continue to gain momentum, i think that we could have some real problematic issues. maria: wow. well, complete on t sit from --e from what mark eusco was automatic talking about as the economy changes to a digital economy. thank you for the word on wall street this morning. much more ahead this morning. coming up, travel restriction hypocrisy, peter doesy p doocy s dr. fauci and senator rand paul's reaction to dr. fauci and why republicans are threatening a government shutdown over
7:12 am
biden's vaccine mandate. senator rand paul will join me this morning. plus enes kanter freedom is here, we are talking about his outspoken fight against china, why his fellow players are staying tight-lipped and tiptoeing around xi jinping. we'll hear from enes kanter coming up as he became an american citizen. joining the conversation all morning long of, christian whiton and ken mahone are here, we'll talk to this fantastic panel when we come right back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. maria: welcome back. the biden administration will unveil new travel rules today amid the omicron variant. anybody entering the united states including u.s. citizens must provide a negative test within one day of departure, regardless of vaccination status. the same is not required however for thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern
7:16 am
border every day. >> everybody who is coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here. >> what about people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming in, in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. there is testing at the border under certain circumstances. maria: so i've been to border three times. i can tell you that the testing is very limited. there is a major -- most of the population coming in are not tested for covid. your thoughts on this being a different thing? >> yeah, this is nuts. the people who we should be most concerned about are the illegal aliens who are often in very compressed, whether you're coming in the back of a semi or with a group and being led by a coyote. you're close quarters, high chances of transmission, low chances of vaccine. compare that to me. i've been double vaccinated and boosted. what if i go to canada, come back. now i have to get tested within
7:17 am
24 hours. let's say i go up there, let's say you go up with the family and you're coming back, you have four or five people that have to get a needless test. covid isen demick in the united states. what we have with the mask requirement being extended and with the requirement that americans be tested within 24 hours of departure, coming back internationally but not tested domestically, it's the theatrics of doing something. the biden administration has failed on covid. they're trying to take it out on the rest of us to appear to be doing something. maria: i don't understand the thinking behind this, ken, that you don't have the illegal migrants with a standard process for getting tested and vaccinated. if in fact we are going to let everybody in with these wide open borders. >> fauci said exactly what we know to be true is under certain circumstances. what does that mean? a blue moon on a tuesday in august. i mean, the circumstances of which they of test are very -- i think jen psaki not too long ago, peter doocy, he does an
7:18 am
amazing job asking the questions with a straight face, he said i understand, how are these people coming over, they're coming over without masks and without being tested and her answer a was correct, to the next question. they know it's not the right approach. they know it's inconsistent. this is this administration. they don't care. maria: yeah. and now the cdc is getting more surveillance power. there is a tool to enforce new rules, 80 house republicans helped pass the bill to fund a federal vaccination database, christian. this is giving the cdc more surveillance over american citizens. >> right. point to me the act of congress or the part of the constitution they that gives the federal government to power to do this. it's one thing the federal does have the power to regulate interstate commerce, so when a plane or bus crosses a state border. within my small town, does the federal government have the power to start tracking people to tell them they have to wear
7:19 am
masks on a bus, that just does a mile loop locally. tucker carlson the other night asked maybe we need another party focused on civil rights if republicans are going to go along with this stuff. maria: it's unbelievable. when we come back, the rise of retail theft going on across the country, florida attorney general ashley moody is here with an exclusive this morning, her announcement on her new efforts to stop this crime wave. then, get woke, go broke. more americans want companies to focus on their products, not political correctness. the hot topic buzz coming up. stay with us.
7:20 am
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yes you did. so we used the plan finder at oh, i see what you mean. makes it easier to compare health and prescription plans. they sure can change year to year. compare plans now at open enrollment ends dec. 7. hey honey, let's take a look. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services maria: welcome back. organized theft hitting retailers across the country, florida attorney general ashley moody looking to combat this surge in crime by introducing a zero tolerance policy. the ag is partnering with law enforcement agencies, retailers and florida's small business community to stand up to the
7:23 am
criminals. joining me now with the fox business exclusive, is the florida attorney general herself, ashley moody. thank you for being here. the pictures are incredible, seeing people going into retailers like nordstrom and louis vuitton and stealing things and running out in a matter of minutes. what can you do about it? >> i can tell you, as the lead law enforcement official in florida, the attorney general and as the wife of a law enforcement officer i sat stunned as i watched videos over the last few weeks of organized groups rushing into stores, stealing massive amounts of items, only to hop in cars, lined up waiting to whisk them away. it should surprise no one where these incidents are happening and in which states. you now see leaders coming out and say we have no tolerance for this. we'll have none of this in our state or in our cities but these are the same leaders that have gone weak on crime, cops know,
7:24 am
the communities know, that even if they take these folks into custody they've got to follow up, they've got to successfully prosecute crimes, they have to make sure that those that are wreaking havoc on an organized way in businesses are held to account and we won't let that that happen in florida. as you know, we're always diligent in our efforts to keep our communities secure and stable and we're launching an effort this morning, thank you for announcing it, it's a business law enforcement partnership, we're launching a database to track these incidents. we know if it's not just a single incident, if it's tied to a larger organization, we can increase the charges and penalties associated with that and we're launching a task force made up of state attorneys, law enforcement officials and businesses so we can stay inform, keep abreast of the trending crime and the mass organized retail theft that is taking hold in so many other
7:25 am
areas in our nation. maria: i don't understand why we're not doing this on a national basis. i mean, we are watching these stores get hit every day and it's happening across the country, most notably in california. explain zero tolerance. what does that mean? they go in there, they start stealing, they'll go right to jail? >> right. well, this is kind of what i'm watching around the country which will not happen in florida, is you have leaders coming out and saying this is not go to happen especially during the holiday season shopping. we don't want our shoppers intimidated and so what they do is they start blocking off areas, they increase police presence. but if you have a state or a city that historically is not holding these people accountable when they take them into custody, there is no deterrent. they will still organize. they will still hit multiple stores and many instances they're paying juveniles, paying them to go in and steal merchandise for these larger organizations, knowing that the
7:26 am
juveniles will never be held accountable. it is organized crime and it must be punished in accordance with the large scale volume in which it's happening. maria: yeah. it's incredible. ken mahoney is here. let me point out, there are high profile executives in financial services who are trying to get jp morgan to cancel its very important and very well attended healthcare conference happening in san francisco in january because of this issue. people are scared. go ahead, ken. >> they should be scared. we see the streets of new york city overrun with theft and so forth. you're doing a great job in the sunny state of florida, really appreciate that. is there any other way to track this? is there any way to step this up and be able to track this in a better way, more of the national database. look, you're doing a great job in florida. i'm sure other states like texas are probably doing a good job. is there a national way of a data a base? they're collecting data for
7:27 am
everything else. can we collect data on people that move from state to state and find the weak states to go after? >> i can tell you, governor de santis and i are working so hard and diligently to ensure florida doesn't become california or minnesota. we want people to feel secure. we want tourists that come here to feel secure. folks come here from all over the world for shopping and so this cannot happen in florida for our prosperity and success. but i will tell you, this announcement we're making today, we are also announcing a data exchange called force. it will allow our law enforcement officials to work with he retailers to better track these incidents. you're going to need law enforcement in other states. you will need the federal administration to do it on their end if they're going to do it federally. look at what they're doing at the border, look at what they announced in the columbia delisting. i don't see it happening out of
7:28 am
this administration. maria: ag, real quick on instagram and social media. the head of instagram will be testifying next week on protecting kids online. it addresses what instagram knows or knew about impact on young users as well as potential legislative solutions. you're leading an investigation into instagram. can you tell us what you found. >> as a mother of a middle schooler, not only as the ag, i know parents are so concerned about young people purposefully being targeted to spend more and a more time online which facebook knows will equate into more and more profits and as someone who has to monitor and regulate our consumer protection laws, i've partnered with other lead states around the nation. the investigation is underway. we've sent subpoenas and parents can be rest assured that as we learn more and more information, we'll do what's necessary to protect america's kids. maria: all right. we will leave it there.
7:29 am
we'll be watching. ag moody, good to see you. thanks so much. ashley moody joining us this morning in florida. we'll see you soon. quick break and a then the democrats in disarray, another top house member says he won't return to the house chamber next year. congressman jeff van drew was a democrat. he transitioned to become a republican. he's going to weigh in on all a of these resignations. stay with us. that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step. mom, dad's flexing again. that's not all. you can extend the bed for longer stuff. is he still... still flexing. that's right! and, it becomes a workspace... you can put your laptop here. i'm sending an imaginay email. hey dad, dinner! hey! look who stopped by daddy's office.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 2nd. take a look at markets this half hour where we are off of the best levels of the day, as you can see, the dow industrials are up 175, the s&p is up 9 and three quarters but the nasdaq has turned negative, weighed down by shares of apple. the company's ceo is telling suppliers that demand has slowed for the iphone. the nasdaq is now down 34 and-a-half points. this after another volatile day yesterday, all three major indices closed down better than
7:33 am
1% hit by fears over the omicron variant. the dow industrials were down 461 points yesterday, the nasdaq was down 283 and the s&p 500 was lower by 54 points at 4:00 on wall street. european markets this morning are also lower, take a look at the eurozone, the ft 100 is down 64, the cac is down 95, the dax index is down 255. in asia overnight, mixed story, south korea did well, the best performer. the wife of rock and roll hall of famer clarence ivant tragically murdered in a home invasion. cheryl casone with the details right now. cheryl: that's right, maria. good morning. jacqueline was shot and killed during a home invasion at their beverly hills home. she was 81 years old. clarence was reportedly also home at the time but it's unknown if he was hurt or not. he was recently inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, is the subject of an upcome
7:34 am
canning netflix documentary. damaging testimony during day three of the trial in chicago. one of the defendants said smollet wanted to be abducted to further his acting career. the defense is expected to cross examine osandario this morning. demand for iphones slowing down. apple is telling suppliers demand has weakened. this is coming as apple cut production goals due to a lack of sparts during the supply chain crisis. the company is on track for a record holiday season. the iphone accounts for half of apple's revenue last year. apple down more than 3% in the premarket. stock to watch today for sure. and finally, there is this. mlb owners locking out players after the two sides failed to
7:35 am
reach a deal for a new collective bargaining agreement which expired at midnight. this is baseball's first work stoppage since the strike that resulted in the cancellation of the 1994 world series. two sides are battling over the game's future economic structure. a large point of contention, the rise of tanking. that's when teams intentionally make their rosters worse to save money and acquire draft picks for the future, maria. and those are some of your headlines from here. we'll see you next hour for initial jobless claims. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you. president biden is set to unveil his winter plan for fighting covid later today amid the emerging omicron variant. the president is set to announce tighter travel restrictions including all international travelers will now need to test negative within one day of departure regardless of vaccination status or nationality. the national mask mandate on planes and other transportation is also set to be extended through march of 2022. this comes as the cdc confirms the first case of the omicron
7:36 am
variant in the united states and san francisco. joining me now is new jersey congressman, house homeland security and transportation and infrastructure committee member, jeff van drew. it's good to see you this morning. thanks for being here. >> it's great to be with you always a, maria. maria: your thoughts on what we're hearing out of this administration on new restrictions coming because of this new variant? >> well, it's not a real plan, number one. it's not a real plan, number one and secondly, and so importantly, we have to recognize that really if people wanted to come in and not get tested, all they have to do is go down south of the border and come in illegally. it is absurd that we have our borders open, that we have people pouring in, not only with diseases but with drugs and they're not being tested. and that -- excuse me. that is certainly not acceptable and that is not any kind of co-he sieve plan.
7:37 am
-- cohesive plan. it always seems with this president he's blaming somebody else, it's somebody else's fault, you're going to be forced to have a vaccine. hi had the vaccine. i believe in it. the vaccine mandates that he is shoving down everybody's throat is creating a problem as well and a that's a good piece of what is happening as far as the supply chain and why we're having problems. truckers met with them the other day, they said if they're forced to actually do this, they could lose as many as 30% of the truckers that are out there. that would be an absolute disaster. there's never following science. there's never forethought. you look at fauci, i'm sorry, i don't think is doing the job properly. first, way back, you didn't need masks at all. if you remember with him. i tracked him. and then later on he said, well one mask, then it went to two masks, then it went back to one mask, then if you got the vaccination, you weren't going to need masks, you weren't going
7:38 am
to need anything but we found out that isn't true either. we need virologists that understand viruses and understand that this thing will keep mutating. what we don't need to do, we don't need to panic, we don't need to put more mandates on people, we don't need to shut down our businesses, we don't need to hurt the supply chain the way we are because of what we are mandating. those are the things that we don't need to do. we need to build the border and we need to make sure -- i mean, the wall, rather. we need to build the wall, make sure we have a strong border and these people can't come in and we've really got to stick with the stay in mexico policy and a lot of the other policies that president trump butt in. this would not be -- put in. this would not be happening if president trump was the president of the united states. maria: i'm glad you mentioned the border, congressman. i know that this is important to you. you've gone to the border. you know what's going on there. but you did vote for the infrastructure plan and there wasn't a dime in there for border construction of the wall. couldn't you have told your
7:39 am
colleagues you're not going to vote for infrastructure unless there's some money in there for the border wall? i mean, congressman, you know, we are here where we are with negotiations of this reconciliation bill which is going to include massive tax increases on americans. we are here because of you and your colleagues, 13 republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. what do you want to say about your vote? >> i respectfully disagree with you on that. we are actually in better stead because of that vote because it was so important to have infrastructure to the senate that they were held much more tightly by those that were, for example, the squad and radical, because they said they wouldn't actually allow the infrastructure bill to go through unless the big bad bill which is what i call it went through. the reality is, that now the t senate is really going to take their time, maybe not do it, but if they do it they're going to really rip it apart because they
7:40 am
got the bill they wanted which was real hard straight-up infrastructure, bridges, roads, streets. two-thirds of it, maria, two-thirds of it are actually to continue existing projects that are going on. we would have actually stopped building some of the bridges and roads and other things. this is the thing that always happens. there's always every year, all the way back to reagan, we always -- because one project is not done in a year. these are big projects. we always go back and we have to put more money into the project the next year. do i think it would have been better, do i think it would have been better if president trump was here and we built the wall? absolutely. would i have rather seen that? absolutely yes. but new jersey is a place that has a great deal of decaying infrastructure and we needed to do it and it really is going towards hard infrastructure. you know, i voted against the bill that would have increased the debt ceiling. i voted against the continuing resolution.
7:41 am
i voted against the first infrastructure bill which was just human infrastructure. i voted against the bill that is now what, again, i call the big bad bill or there's a lot of other names for it that aren't so nice either as a terrible bill. maria: kevin mccarthy was on this program and he said it's only 11% infrastructure. put that aside because you also voted no -- >> i will sit down with anybody and go through that. maria: you also voted no to this new tool to enforce orwellian rules, the 80 house republicans who joined with democrats to help pass a bill to fund a federal vaccination database. this is incredible, congressman. 80 house republicans voted with the democrats tuesday of this week to pass the immunization infrastructure modernization act, it basically gives the cdc surveillance powers, more surveillance powers. what is going on with this administration taking a page out of the chinese communist party's playbook with all of this surveillance right now? >> i didn't like it and as you
7:42 am
know i didn't vote for it. and the reasons are what you just stated there, because there is already too much power in the hands of some of these government agencies and we're losing our freedoms literally daily with so many things that are being done to us. we have to bring our freedoms back. so that is a bad bill and unfortunately there wasn't a lot of leadership on it. you didn't hear much about it. you had to really dig into it yourself which i did and -- maria: it's true. >> that's why i voted no. it was said that -- maria: i saw sound bites -- -- isaw a sound bite of the heaf the cdc saying we're happy that we have more surveillance. i mean, this is nuts. look, you were a democrat. you broke ranks, went and became a republican because you didn't like what was happening to the party as they were hijacked by the extreme left. we've had lots of conversations about this, congressman. what are your thoughts on oregon congressman peter defazio saying
7:43 am
he's going to retire from congress, he becomes the 19th house democrat to retire or run for a different office in 2022. what's going on on the other side with all of these people stepping down and retiring? >> it's two things. one of them they won't admit. i actually think some of the members that tended to be a little bit more moderate or you would even call traditional liberals, they've gotten to the point that they really are embarrassed what's happening in this administration. let's understand something. this is the worst president and the worst administration and the worst majority congress in the history of the united states of america. and i think some of them are looking back and they just, as this unfolds and we take over the majority of, and investigate as republicans and really expose some of the things that have been going on and some of the things that we've wanted to do which are good things, we've got a lot of good bills that would really help but pelosi will block them and then you try do a discharge petition to get around pelosi but you need some
7:44 am
democratic votes to help you to get the number because you need a majority on that, you don't get those democrat votes. i think some of them are embarrassed and some don't want to be in the minority, it's a combination. maria: apparently. congressman, it's great to see you. thank very much for taking all the questions on all of these issues. we appreciate your time. congressman jeff van drew joining us this morning in d.c. we'll see you soon. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care.
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it's our cyber week special on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing, so you both sleep just right. save up to $1,000 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday appia rare earths & uranium corp. is actively exploring a world class critical, rare earth element project in canada. appia's high grade discoveries are essential for the rapidly growing electric vehicle and renewable energy markets. appia rare earths & uranium corp. maria: welcome back. more retail earnings in focus this morning, express smashing
7:48 am
expectations, swinging to a profit from a year ago. look at express this morning, up 6 and-a-half percent. dollar general shares are sliding, meanwhile, down 3 and-a-half percent. the company narrowed its full year sales guidance. joining me now is strategic resource group managing director, burt flickinger. how do you see the retail environment changing in the face of all of the issues, from inflation to the supply changes and supply shortages. >> maria, consumers are getting scared and they're starting to spend less, save more. and your excellent interview with florida's state attorney general, allison moody, a lot of consumers are afraid to shop because of crime and in florida, aventura mall will get many more new retailers in the great destination flagship mall where american dream in new jersey is financially troubled in part because of crime in new jersey and the northeast as well as other densely populated markets
7:49 am
in the northern half of the u.s. maria: yeah. i mean, it's a real issue, burt. cyber monday sales pretty much a bust. they fell flat. revenue from buy now, pay later plans was up 21% from a year ago. the payment options have been around for decades. but they're gaining traction now. what about that and what happened on cyber monday, do you think? why was it flat? >> cyber monday, maria, was exactly what you and i forecast a week ago on your show, that, one, black friday would be a bust and cyber monday would be disappointing, because you have smart viewers that listen to us before back-to-school and labor day to do all of his or her shopping between labor day and columbus day because there would be massive out-of-stocks, people just advanced their purchases and on the buy now, pay later, it's a great way to stimulate spending and retail sales but it
7:50 am
adds more debt to consumers that already have very low historical savings rates. maria: yeah, that's a great point. it sort of pushed all the sales forward. i'm with ken mahoney this morning. go ahead, ken. jump in here. >> look, we all went to the malls at one point for some type of experience, to see movies and dining and so forth. it's now a different type of experience, going to the malls. it's easier clicking away. what will bring us back to malls again? has that shipped already sailed? what's going to happen there? >> ken, great insights. it's going to be experiential. there will be gaming theaters and a tournaments. there will be top golf from calla. laway golf. i work for both the new york nfl's new york giants and new york jets and the national football league on the full analysis of american dream and
7:51 am
all the other malls around the world and to your point, unless the malls really reinvent themselves and make themselves more attractive, especially to millennials, you've got an accelerated mall retail ice age and some darwinian destruction and that could continue especially in the high crime states, new york, new jersey, illinois and california. maria: yeah. healthcare moving into mall as well. that's going to be a big piece of real estate as we've talked about for some time. burt, it's great to see you. thanks so much, burt flickinger with the assessment of retail right now. we'll see you soon. quick break and then the world is weary on woke. why more americans just want company's products instead of political correctness. the hot topic buzz is next.
7:52 am
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. stay in your lane, that is the message american voters have for woke corporations. a new survey shows a majority would prefer if companies just steered clear of politics all together. 63% of corporate executives think companies should speak out on social issues compared to 36% of voters. crist christian, your thoughts? >> yeah, these companies should shut up and just he focus on their actual job. i was on a plane in sat he'll se recently. i see an alaska airlines 737 painted with black and brown people saying do the right things. americans, most of whom commit considerable energy trying to be nondiscriminatory. don't need a lecture. the companies are better focusing on what they do. you find the companies that do
7:56 am
perform better, both net income and stocks are better than the woke companies. maria: well, what gets me, ken, is these companies love to tell us how to invest, don't go invest in tobacco companies, sin stocks with their esg bs and yet they're perfectly fine operating if in china and while you have the xinjiang slave labor underway and uyghurs and bad behavior of the chinese communist party, ken. that's okay. >> the poster child for this is nike. seriously, we're supposed to listen to them about race relations and what they're doing in china, they get 20, $30 million for endorsements and pay labor less than poverty level for god's sake. to me, trying to mask what nike is all about, being woke, at the same time paying people $3 an hour in the sweat shops in china, so not a good deal. you said the whole esg thing is out the window with a company like nike. maria: yeah.
7:57 am
speaking of china, we are talking with one gentleman who has had incredible moral courage, enes kanter freedom is here. we will talk about his outspoken stance on the chinese come mist party and his -- communist party and his fellow players staying silent as his new life as an official american citizen begins and he changes his name. it all starts next hour. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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the future of sports betting. elys game technology. . maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo thursday, december 2 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the cdc confirms first case of omicron variant in united states. this as white house is preparing to announce new travel requirements and restrictions, including masking up through march of 2022. we are on it all morning long this morning. markets this morning have turned mixed nasdaq now negative weighed down by apple
8:01 am
as company tells suppliers demand for iphone has slowed. dow industrials up 207 s&p up 15 nasdaq lower by 7 1/2 on 3% sell-off in the price of apple stock volatile day yesterday for wall street three major index dragged down by better than 1% on the session, on the rising fears over omicron variant nasdaq down 283 s&p lower by 54, european markets are also lower take a look at eurozone ft 100 right now is down 62, cac quarante down 89 dax down 242 one 1/2% lower in asia overnight, mixed story south korea best performer kospi up 1 2/3% other averages mixed. "mornings with maria" is live right now. . morning movers, apple is the most heavily traded stock this morning, it is sliding about
8:02 am
3% this where is the stock closed yesterday, at 164 and change reports this morning that technology giant told suppliers that demand for iphone is slowing, ahead of the holiday season why apple shares are down this morning 3%, comes after apple already cut production goals due to lack of parts supply chain crisis company on track for the a o record holiday season, next boeing climbing in premarket following reported that china's i aviation authority issues a new air worthiness directive on 737 max prompting planes return to china after almost three years, this as indian's jet airways in talks with boeing and airbus over 12-billion-dollar order. . >> have future -- pointing to mixed opening following yesterday's sharp sell-off dow industrials up 217 s&p 500 up 15 nasdaq now down 19. due to sell-off in the price
8:03 am
of apple this morning. growing concerns over covid variant dow down 46 wipes out gains from earlier in the session dow down 461 nasdaq down 283, s&p down 54. as federal reserve chairman jane testified yesterday on capitol hill assuring house lawmakers a faster taper timeline would not disrupt markets wells fargo investment institute president, your thoughts. >> good morning great to be here as well i would think two material changes this week, markets adjusting to one is, obviously, powell gave you have ghoston transitory i think markets, known quite sometime he officially stated that inflation is sticking here, here longer than transitory period of time. then, of course, holding taper forward the market almost
8:04 am
immediately when we pulled taper forward to probably a march wind-down priced in multiple rate hikes next year i think what you are seeing short-term rates come up long-term rates come down yield curve flattens, vix spikes dollar strengths risk assets sell off. maria: i know i am wondering what you make of volatility, darrell clients have been asking about gasoline prices oil down 13% last friday. coming back a little next trading day on monday but still we are talking about a real move in terms of the bears here with all this with all this volatility. what is going on in the markets? >> a yeah, i actually think we are approaching oversold conditions here basically, i mean if you look at levels down 4% on s&p 500, but average stock if you look at average equity down 15%, certainly, the price of
8:05 am
crude to your point, yields and inflation expectations all which a. weeks ago primary concerns for markets, right because they were all too high or increasing rapidly, now all come -- of, that favors buyers to step in here we don't think this is a material issue heading into next year going to increase volatility short term? yes, but we want people to still have riv assets, want them to have a sick kale defensive sectors at this point so that we are looking to november jobs' report out tomorrow 8:30 a.m. expecting that 550,000 jobs add to economy last month what do you make of the macro story? this morning, the news of the morning, is partly apple telling suppliers that demand is slowing. we've got that impacting apple stock this morning you've got an economy that is clearly
8:06 am
slower than where it was six months ago, we had expectations for third quarter growth all the way up to 6% we know more like 2%, what happened? >> third quarter did see a growth slowdown scare we finished 2.1% to your point down six all we did petition some demand into fourth quarter if you look at gdp tracker as we speak 8.6% for the fourth quarter that is hot growth and demand you can afford to have demand taper or wane a little bit still not see demand come off materially we had 6th straight quarter in a row, where earnings beat consensus coming into quarter double digits unheard of actual never happened if you go back all the history you can find in the s&p 500. so we still think demand is strong, as economy continues to open up, it is going to set up well for the first half of next year. nation is going to run hot in
8:07 am
first half of the year no question about it, if you look at data the numbers, goods inflation is already there service inflation is coming, and most importantly wage inflation is behind that is a normal continuum when you track inflation over long period of time, demand is still there yes, we have a fed taking titer path yes, we have omicron, but net we cease big derailers. >> do you think we see any major change from the federal reserve besides when we know we know they are going to do a taper timeline that is faster sooner than we expected, now the president renominating jay powell for the fed. lael brainard vice chairmanship job confirmation process is coming up, your thoughts? >> yeah, i mean we are going o to see you a material change in -- in just fed o membership beyond powell renomination she has votes now real key for
8:08 am
powell is whether he would be renominated by biden administration once he was,the votes are in congress to basically confirm. but let's, let's not discount the fact that there is a lot of fed seats open that need to be replaced i think almost impossible to think that they are going to be replaced by anybody that isn't dovish or maybe uber dovish, likely the mix of the fed could lean more dovish into next year than less dovish i think key for investors to watch markets may be ahead of themselves we this about pricing in, on aggressive tightening multiple right hikes, the 10-year yael yield is negative 100 basis points that is extremely low by any historical connecticut i am not sure fed needs to get terribly aggressive in second half of the year tighten or raise interest rates many times. maria: all right. we will be watching all that great to talk with you this
8:09 am
morning thanks so much. >> you, too, thanks, maria. >> a, wells fargo, we want to give you top story, that we are watching this morning, president biden declared yesterday that the supply chain is in quote very strong shape. he is putting faith in st. nick apparently when it comes to christmas gifts getting to us watch this. >> now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. many only santa claus than keep that promise. >> biden claims shelves will be stocked for holidays despite clear backlogs we see acknowledged americans facing higher prices blaming the pandemic blaming republicans for not supporting his "build back better" spending bill five trillion-dollar bill instead of his policies and procedures obviously, caused millions to drop out of the workforce stoke nation, the president says he met with ceos of companies clubbing walmart, kroger monday to discuss this crisis.
8:10 am
more coverage from women's tennis association immediately suspending tournaments in china, is as peng shuai remains opposite from public eye tennis starred zaerpd from site accusing a former member of the chinese communist party of sexual assault wta only sports organization to push back on china importants increasingly authoritarian moves peng resurfaced the wta says they know where peng is they have serious doubts about her freedom, and safety. big in china disney board of directors electing susan an tolled replace bob iger as chairman of the world, she has been board member since 2007 will assume new role end of the month iger is expected to leave the company sometime this month. and yesterday, there is disney shares up 3/4 of a percent yesterday we told you would have interview this morning with the founder of
8:11 am
bridgewater he associates ray dalio unfortunately dalio canceled we were expecting to discuss his support of china, but he pulled out of the interview yesterday we are hoping to get that back on books for next this week we will let you know much more ahead the omicron variant is here kentucky senator rand paul will react on being tested on arrival in united states but not necessary for israel -- for illegal immigrants, ennis kanter freedom new life as official american citizen live to one american company competing with nike to make products right here usa. don't miss a moment of it you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. .
8:12 am
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business the struggled amid supply chain crisis new balance kept footing grady trimble live from lawrence massachusetts with more good morning to you grady. >> good morning, maria. these sneakers not getting caught in any ports because they are made right here in the united states. as much as 70% even more in cases of the raw materials that go into sneakers, are also made domestically with ceo of new balanceance you learned in disruptions the importance of domestic manufacturing. >> absolutely, we had domestic manufacturing since inception 1906. pandemic certainly -- highlighted the importance of domestic manufacturing. >> in fact you have four factories in the united
8:16 am
states, a fifth on the way set up process. >> absolutely demand strong reliability of a domestic supply chain right now in this global challenge has been tremendous. >> what we're seeing in this process o is they are taking upers of the shoes essentially putting sole on them fully forge sneakers crank out 2300 sneakers a day, 2400 at this factory you've got several others, that sort of tells you the product is already ports being -- empty, to get shoes all over the country. >> absolutely when you think be components leather midwest, local supply reliable no question we bring in some locally but local suppliers have been tremendous for us. >> maria factors in united
8:17 am
states new balanceance ploy a thousands people more when you look at various materialize that go into these sneakers maria: i love it love to know how much more expensive it is to manufacture here in the u.s. versus china. and good to know there is an alternative you don't want to buy sneakers made by slave labor in xinjiang in china new balance made right here. >> exactly i was going to stay retail for 185 retail for 181 the quality is very high because you see the process, all handmade here in lawrence massachusetts. >> love it thanks very much grady trimble in massachusetts. quick break then kentucky senator rand paul is here to respond to dr. anthony fauci announcement on omicron, skies
8:18 am
taking talent to new highs making a big buzz of the morning coming . . ♪♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪♪ hey ♪♪ ♪♪ . care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. [engine humming] [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen
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maria: welcome back. president biden will announce of his winter covid plan later today, as first case of the omicron variant reached united states americans can expect more testing mask requirements dr. anthony fauci says i'm imz are different issue. >> afrg into the country needs a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane, to come here. >> what about people who don't take maintain just these border crossers coming in, huge numbers. >> in any case a different issue there is testing at
8:22 am
border under certain circumstances. maria: joining me kentucky senator phone relations homeland security committee member senator rand paul great to see you this morning. thanks very much for being here i know that you've gone back-and-forth with anthony fauci i believe lied infer oath what do you make of him saying migrants over border is a different situation than anybody else coming into america facing these rules. >> i think -- tried to imply there is massive testing of people across the border illegally i think exception not rule we have thousands crossing not being tested i think the -- problem with people coming in, on planes, pales in connection to people lawlessness at southern border across he is wrong on facts not unusual for him even when wrong still has a pro foundsment we're going to by
8:23 am
golly test quarantine people the hysteria is premature i think we should find out when it is more deadly or less deadly if it turns out less deadly may mean what he don't immediate to increase things we're doing agency we are doing as far as mitigation i don't think at the timeing at border on planes will reduce this i don't think ends, frankly work i think will devastate travel industry but in end virginias does what it wants to do only thing slows it down are vaccinations natural immunity fauch i should address if we need a few vaccine government should speed up approval a delta variant variant out for self nobody seems any kind of -- creating any haste to get to new vaccine government should try to get out of the way
8:24 am
therapeutics, this administration will not acknowledge natural immunity reports as well as study from israel says if you have covid may higher antibodies against disease than vaccine why isn't this administration acknowledging natural immunity the other point you made in terms of new restrictions we are going to face, we heard from ceo's moderna general ron as well as this administration that we're going to learn more about omicron in next two weeks why do we have a plan today when we don't know what when omicron variant is tell us? . >> so that fauci is ignoring natural immunity will probably go down to history worst health decision madeed in a generation or more if not ever he interiors over 100 million americans when immunity equally as good as vaccine many people are doctors, many are nurses many are policemen fire the biden administration
8:25 am
civil saying yesterday's trash we are going to fire you but also ignoring people of natural immunity this could we are under immunized statistics overwhelmingly positive for people chosen to be immunized over 65 close to 9 a percent over 56 when do you have 5 administrators in a country agree to something with overwhelming success over age 50 well over 80% have been vaccinated this push to force vaccination on children is misguided but mostly fauci won't tell truth about natural immunity added to vaccines shows that we are doing a good job with trying to prevent the spread of this disease. >> so what about all new restriction that we are getting, from joe biden later today, when we still don't have details on what the oem:means. >> i think same proclivity democrats have to control lives whether business medical
8:26 am
health first reaction gut reaction as soon as they hear missouriing we must act do something usually to control behavior tell you you kadon't this in business restaurant hotel or you can't travel, the thing is this is devastating to the world think of all the people in our country say the heck with it i am not going to travel overseas not going to europe not going to caribbean i don't want tribe poked processed by about of government under season it is wrongheaded not based on science. >> what is story on debt ceiling potential for shutdown of the federal government some republican senators are considering, allowing the government to shut down in effort to stop of the covid-19 vaccine mandates, saying the mandates force people o to choose between jobs and beliefs what your thoughts you have 12 legislative days left in year will government stay open fund it or a shutdown
8:27 am
what else will get done? >> well i have a little bit different take on this when we passed last spending bill, in september, we knew this day was coming so democrats have done nothing not introduced a spending bill i don't think passed the house yet so going to do it on last day. well things in senate take week to pass that is normal procedure that includes amendments if they want to force through with no amendments short period of time, they have to have in ans yu nam house in consent a lot of us don't consent we should speed up triem to let them spend more money that is bankrupting our country debt ceiling same way move back two months a month ago or so coming up next week or two they've had plenty of time to go to committee do things they need to do through reconciliation instead waiting to last minute asking people dead set against raising debt
8:28 am
debt can you please speed it up let only democrats pass it? no if they want the raise debt ceiling ought to do it had plenty of time to do it all on democrats incompetence in getting anything done couldn't run a 711 much less the government. >> here we are, forced to pay up, for all everyday items, because inflation was stoked because of bad policy. and there is no accountability they are petitioning through new five trillion-dollar reconciliation plan no accountability for fauci we no, he lied under oath isn't there accountability for lying to your face. >> we referred him to o dponl i don't have a lot of hope that merrick garland is objectively looking at faucilying fauch i should go to prison five years for lying to congress, the prosecuted other people selectively gone after republicans but no way do anything about him lying
8:29 am
should be prosecuted for lying very alleviate least the taken out of position can cost lives through misinformation every time i tells people wear a cloeth mask he is enendangeringing people if around o someone with covid you don't want to wear a mask because they don't work, a quick break button societalics star ennis kanter freedom is here on american citizenship calling out nba over china's bad behavior. he is coming up next. . how to have an epic adventure. step one. get outside. step two. nope. that's it. no more steps.
8:30 am
when everyone feels welcome, it's better out here. here, here, here, here, here, and here. because being outside isn't about what you do, it's about that feeling you get. however you choose. whoever you are. we're here to help you live your adventure every step of the way. eddie bauer.
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the evolution of sports betting is now b2b technology for restaurants, bars, casinos and consumers. the future of sports betting. elys game technology. the numbers right now cheryl: better than expected 222,000 initial claims, the expectation for 240,000, better than expected this is now a new 52-year low at least
8:33 am
thatw seeing in initial claims continuing also better than expected 1.956 million that is down -- from last week better than expected all of this as we move into tomorrow market looking for a strong, november jobs' report looking for 560,000 jobs seen estimate kind of get raised up for tomorrow morning, report as well but strong numbers. back to you. maria: all right. thank you so much, cheryl, meanwhile, ennis freedom playing first nba game since american citizen, watch this. >> -- as -- right away. >> on the part of ennis kanter. >> all right, big applause a u.s. citizen on monday made
8:34 am
name change, changing last name to freedom boston acceleratics center joining me right now congratulations enis, great to have you this morning this you for having me i real appreciate it. >> why was becoming american citizen so important to you. >> dream come true, i remember first time i stepped in this you know country, back in 2009. my only goal was like to become a -- you know citizen of this american country. and, finally, happened. i remember, raising up to, you know, to swear the ceremony i was speechless so much emotion i can never believe this is finally happening i am just now i can go somewhere home part of the greatest nation in
8:35 am
the world superexcited. >> fantastic for you you have shown patriotism your take on issues of the day women's tennis association showing so as much moral courage as you have shown standing up to chinese communist party wta announced it is suspending all tournaments in china, because not convinced tennis star penn peng shuai was safe accused a chinese official of sexual abuse she vanished from public view you've been vocal standing up to china nike colleagues in basketball how are you so courageous in this issue and thoughts on women's tennis association. >> you know about her while we know she is alive, everybody knows that she is not safe. she is not free to talk not free to travel, china communist party trying to control narrative about her. you know, so much, i am give
8:36 am
me so much hope motivation when you know a woman tennis association you know put that comment out there. i feel like every major league in the united states should take note. and take example of what witch ta is doing, it was amazing. i love -- for sure, so it is so important to not bow down to dictatorship regimes, and this regimes do not care about money, do not care anything, wta but morals values principles every association in america 14 take example of what wta is doing. >> isn't that wonderful to see wta, take a stance like you have you publicly criticized nike slave labor you
8:37 am
criticized lebron james for silence on human rises abuses in china tuesday said you would welcome a conversation with lebron to help educate him on issues have you heard from him? what kind of pushback have you gotten for all your outspoken stance on bad behavior of the ccp? >> you know i have not heard from him. and it about uncomfortable conversation for him obviously, because pretty much making millions and millions of dollars from chinese communist party, but, you know, someone had to do it you see there are so many -- you know athletes so many actors celebrity tees rappers singers scared to say a word because they care about endorsement deals contract, and -- you know movie sales i still like -- everything, that they are trying to get from china communist party is not more important than morals values, principals.
8:38 am
we need to be the voice of innocent people out there who don't have a voice this platform is given us by god, now while we -- genocide happening it is so important, to be the voice of all those people including concentration camps almost two million people i sit down with some camps survivors had conversation with them what we are going through is heartbreaking, i don't care how much you offer me it is important to stand up for what is right. >> that is so wonderfully to hear you say that, look the ccp has been very clear wants to overtake united states as number one superpower, the organizes origin of covid not explained covered up from day one bids see 1.4 person population as opportunity when is this ending ccp following political debates have marxist
8:39 am
thread running through our country what are implications of all of this? >> people need to wake up. people need to wake up, that is number one thing people need to wake up and speak up. because, you know, it is -- it is just so bad there are so many people like i said again because of what they can gain from china that silent, but i am so glad to see so many you know, lawmakers are you know just doing their best to free all those people in over there in china. there are so many political prisoners people concentration camps, there are so many countries like tibet, hong kong, xinjiang, taiwan rights being abused, genocide a cultural genocide we definitely need to wake up speak up and try to find a way to help those people over there. . >> enis you are leaving money
8:40 am
on table pushback from people want to roll over for ccp how much backlash when you gotten what is your stance coming up with sneakers, stop genocide slave labor, free the uighurs your sneakers have gone silver. what kind of impact have you seen as a result of your courage? >> i mean who cares about money who cares about endorsement deals? when people over there getting gang-raped tortured every day unacceptable i wish i hope that more people not just athletes but more people with platform will join me obviously, first time i put shoes on my feet i remember you know two gentlemen when nba came to me told me that we are begging you please take them off, i was like i am getting ready for my citizenship, there is 27 amendments my first amendment is greatest amendment ever you know freedom of speech, so you cannot take that, you know,
8:41 am
are amendment from me, and i was like, is he going to fine me go ahead fine me i don't care they told me we're not talking about a fine you might get banned, i will trying to be voice of tibetan people i'm going to get band? go ahead do it i don't care. maria: are you are -- >> like i said someone had to do it. maria: somebody did have to do it you are showing incredible moral courage in doing this enis has any corporation approached you, to support you? to say i like your pro-american chance i want you to be my spokesperson have you heard from anybody ? >> no. they are too scared they are too scared not heard anything from them, you know what i don't care i don't need to hear from them all i care about for corporations, are, to a stand up for what is right, that is all i need and that is all i want. maria: what do you want to
8:42 am
say about olympics what should he athletes think about going into olympics february 2022 in beijing? >> a very clear, first of all shame on international all committees organizing games, in a country where genocide happening so shame on them first. second thing, to all the athletes out there all the gold medals in the world that you can win it is not more important than your morals, not more important than a voice of innocent people not more important than your principals so stand up for what you believe in, you know who cares about you know, this and that. state strong. so i feel like we should definitely need to speak up, boycotting olympics -- i am not going to olympics, obviously, but if i was an athlete about to go to olympics i would be -- not just athletes but all countries out there all the governments out there has to
8:43 am
step up, and said we are boycotting olympics, need to move international olympic committee part of the problem should definitely take a look at themselves. >> truth and courage at the end of the day went out i look forward to that for you, you have been an incredible courageous truthful truth materiel thank you very much congratulations on becoming an american citizen great to have you this morning. >> thank you so much you are the best. enis freedom joining us stand with enis, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . enes
8:44 am
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8:47 am
maria: welcome back. boston celtics center outspoken human rights advocate enes freedom joined me moments ago said every marriage u.s. sports league should take a beige from wta women's tennis association standing up to china following its suspension of all tournaments in the country over the safety of tennis star peng shuai. >> every major league in united states should take note, and take example of what wta is doing it was amazing. i have -- for sure, it is so important to note bow down to
8:48 am
this dictatorship regime, and this cultish regime because you know they do not care about money wta do not care about anything but morals, values, principals so like every major sports team in america should take example of what wta is doing. maria: ask how refreshing to see such moral courage leadership whiton contrast to people like lebron james all money in the world he needs all heirs, would need kowtowing to china basically criticizing people who criticize china left willing not just important but jamie
8:49 am
dimon jpmorgan chase went tone hong kong made jo he can about longjevity chinese communist party party within 4 hours walk it back had to kowtow twice witch ta doing right thing she did not just because right i think economically better this idea going to china capture a market 1.4 billion people get rich chinese will never let you do that it is actually not good business. maria: a, of course, not, ken what i always say all wall street guys who have been given a honeypot on their own operation, in china, what are they going to tell grandkids their kids when they grow up, under the chinese empire are they going to have same opportunities, that these wall street titans have gotten in america? growing up in a free country, are once the chinese empire is ruling empire of the world? >> -- by the way great, goose
8:50 am
bumps so refreshing to hear a young man taking on what he is taking on by the way, i declare right now -- >> me, too. >> but he has a message really important media like listening the are ony in china control thought our media control thought, he -- atrocities going on there, my gosh what a brave young man i will say any corporate company that spors his sneakers, they are er going to get good returns we're sick of this i tell you i am challenging this is watching us endorse him watch dollar signs come to you. maria: a great point where are the american companies supporting this patriot? where? i would like to see them nobody has approached him so far a story i'm going to keep on top of a quick break when
8:51 am
we go ahead final word go ahead. >> i just -- >>. >> oh. >> ♪♪ ♪ . >> have is it a disney new record the talent to new height big buzz of the morning coming up stay with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ with a lot of moving parts. you want everything to be on autopilot. and to be prepared if anything changes. with ibm, you can do both. your business can bring data together across your clouds, from suppliers to shippers, to the factory floor. so whatever comes your way, the wheels keep moving. seamlessly modernizing your operations, that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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. maria: welcome back. look at tomorrow right here on "mornings with maria," new travel requirements amid relying threat of omicron variant will they stop spread one doctor weighs in jobs friday, economists expect 550,000 jobs added to economy, in month of november we will bring the numbers market
8:55 am
reaction, and identify where the jobs are now. plus kevin here weighing in on impact of inflation labor shortage all starts right here "mornings with maria" live from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern round and round goes sets a crazy spinning record we show you more in big buzz of the morning when we come back. ♪♪ ♪♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! .. well protected.
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maria: time for the big buzz, setting records in the sky, check keith edwards sitting mcginnis world record for helicopter spins, rotations
8:59 am
that almost 14,000 feet over egypt's period, is he prepared to break his own record? would you ever give this a try? >> i get dizzy just thinking about it, it used to be if you could stuff next a cigarette in your mouth more than the last guy, eat one more hotdogs than the last guy. it's got into more athletic pursuits like this. it is impressive what this gentleman has done. >> the helicopter guinness book of world records goes to fed chair powell, helicopter powell. maria: we have a market that is up 205 points. what do you think of this volatility? >> i hope it's at the% a clause rally. we have a difficult couple
9:00 am
months for growth stocks and major averages pooling in a little bit. i hope what we are dealing with is not so strong. the fed has interesting timing. let's get rid of transitory. it goes back and forth a little bit. it is fundamentally stronger. maria: great to be with you. "varney and company" begins now. david asman in for stewart. dave: the first confirmed case of the omicron variant has been detected in california. what now? more restrictions? masks everywhere once again? we will find out a couple hours from now, president biden is expected to tighten travel including requiring a negative covid test today prior to travel. he could announce new rules on quarantine requirements.


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