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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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genie back in. we had 1000 point swing yesterday but the dow is up 617 points. you had the s&p up 64. the nasdaq was up 127. that will do it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. liz: tonight the white house goes full at this time on the omicron variant. the scientist who discovered it says it is not a big deal. what they're doing putting in sharp focus. white house chaos double standards as well. the white house talking vaccine mandates for domestic travel even on airlines. even as court losses pile up against biden's vaccine mandate as unconstitutional. even as the white house is getting blasted for letting people walk across the border untested for covid-19. joining us tonight congressman mark green, nancy mace, gop
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strategist ford o'connell, former new york city police commissioner howard safir. "the hill"'s joe concha, an national border patrol council president. he is brendan judd. we have a lot of stories. jam-packed show. we have this big government outrage we brought to you earlier this week. what will a new bipartisan probe and hearings do to claw back the tens of billions of dollars that chinese and russian-backed crime syndicates allegedly stole out of the extra jobless benefits congress threw at the pandemic n a normal world, shouldn't this be a roadblock to anymore spending. the white house is reviving the obama era blame game as inflation slams the president ate poll numbers. we have a brand new "gallup poll" says it is hitting majority of working class families. now the white house is not trying to blame but investigate without evidence for causing
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inflation. middle class joe's triple whammy on inflation now zapping your spending power, your income growth, cash investments and your bank accounts. the white house new narrative as polls plunge. it is 24/7 pandemic all the time. blamed for the supply chains. inflation. now the white house even trying to blame smash and grab mob looting on the pandemic. is the pandemic really wiping out store shelves or is it because democrats weakened enforcement of shoplifting? plus cnn owes chris cuomo, making it worse. he is getting slammed for a non-apology, not really apologetic at all. after cnn indefinitely suspended him after he used cnn's resources to smear women who accused his brother, former governor cuomo of sexual assault. how does cnn let that get away from it? gop senators move to stop the white house from getting massive
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payouts to illegals separated at border. this is way more money than gold star, 9/11, or even angel families got. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening owed did starting right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching fox business network. jeff zeints and jen psaki say a covid mandate for domestic travel is on the table. president accused having two set of rules, ordering restrictions for traveling to the u.s., potential mandate for domestic travel. no rules if you walk in across the border. kelly o'grady has more on new travel restrictions. good to see you, kelly. reporter: good to see you too,
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liz. the biden administration did announce new travel measures for international travel today and these restrictions come just days after banning travel from those eight southern african nations this is really just a lot of hurdles for the airline industry all at once. now the biggest change comes with all travelers coming into the united states including returning americans must now test within 24 hours instead of 72 before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure. the transit mask mandate is extended through march 18th. the administration requires private health insurers require 100% of rapid at home test costs. one concern is whether countries or airports will have the infrastructure to handle did the turn-around time if testing increases with omicron spread with fear building critics question why rush limitations when even dr. fauci admitted himself we won't know about omicron in a matter two of
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weeks? >> in a matter of 2 1/2, three weeks we'll know a lot about trans missability. whether or not the disease will be severe. what is a difference between individual vaccinated versus unvaccinated, boosterred, versus not boosterred. we'll get that information. reporter: now yesterday in a briefing dr. fauci admitted he is not sure whether that first omicron case would have been prevented if the travel restrictions were already in place. a lot of frustration brewing as more restrictions are piled on, liz. elizabeth: grady, thank you for your journalism there. bring back to the show, congressman mark green from the house select subcommittee on viruses. good to have you on. can the white house do a vaccine mandate for domestic travel? >> no. they can't. it has been ruled unconstitutional for the businesses. it has been ruled unconstitutional for federal contractors. multiple different judges have made this decision.
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and what's really interesting, the president's chief of staff actually said they were using osha to get around the constitution. so the president of the united states is trying, working to get around the constitution of the united states. this is, this shows the disrespect for this country that this president and his staff have. no. it is an down associationnal. elizabeth: watch what was said today. watch this. >> further in the direction of you know, public health an mandates, given the potential, given the fact we're headed into winter. >> sure. i would say that nothing is off the table so and, including domestic travel. >> why the hesitancy to require proof of vaccination for domestic travel? >> well we do as we talked about have those tight requirements on international travel. we'll look at all options and everything is on the table? elizabeth: so we went from 15 days to slow the spread to
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lockdowns, to firing healthy workers if they didn't get jabbed including first-responders to now a vaccine mandate from domestic travel? we have the first lady nancy pelosi walking around without wearing masks in large gatherings. >> the president on the recent vacation of the holiday was seen in a store with his face looking out the store with a sign that said, masks required and he is not wearing a mask. i mean, the hypocrisy here. to demand americans have to have a vaccine while people can waltz across our southern border, 1.6 million people here plus. the president shows no concern about that what so every. it just shows this is all about joe biden's authoritarian power grab. that is all this is. elizabeth: let's show, you made an important point. the courts have moved to shut down the biden vaccine mandate multiple times as unconstitutional. show the action in the courts. now we have a dozen senate
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republicans could force the government to shut down as long as a week if congress does not defund the biden vaccine mandate. joe manchin said he may go along with that. you will see the court action piling up for the biden federal vaccine mandate. we have that. we have, you know, the senate may vote next week on a resolution from 50 republican senators to get rid of the biden vaccine mandate through the congressional rhee view act. how can you do a domestic travel vaccine mandate with all of this going on? >> look the airlines already realized, i think it was southwest that balked first, they can't make that mandate against their employees. if you can't do it to their pilots and their air crews, how in the world will you do it for passengers? it makes no sense whatsoever. and hopefully the senate will get all of these mandates off the bill. elizabeth: you know, people understand the necessity to get vaccinated because it also reduces the likelihood you will get hospitalized. people understand the importance of it.
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what they don't like are double standards. watch dr. fauci on the double standard, claiming there are border protocals to stop covid-19 at border. border patrol say wrong. not happening. you will see dr. fauci saying a third booster shot could be part of the two-shot regimen. dr. fauci was part of pressure campaign against fda officials said you don't need third booster shot. they resigned because of that. watch this. >> what about people don't take a plane and border-crossers come across in huge numbers? >> that is huge issue. we have title 4with regard to protection at border. there are protections at the border you don't have the capability as you know somebody getting on a plane, getting checked looking at a passport. >> you have a vaccine mandate. at what point does the booster become part of the mandate? >> i can't answer that now but for the time-being of official definition of fully vaccinated is two. >> you keep that saying.
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variants. you -- >> it could change. >> fauci demonstrated he is just a democratic talking head. he will go with the politics and he will change on a flip of a dime. you look at his answer there where he says, well, gosh, two million illegal immigrants coming across not testing them, releasing them covid positive, that is no risk whatsoever. elizabeth: let's be clear. the white house has not required universal testing or vaccine mandates for border-crossers. border protection is overwhelmed with drug and human traffickers. they're not checking as dr. fauci implied. the administration given the job of checking to non-profits. they don't uniformly do it either. again he is whipping fastballs by the american people. >> yeah, absolutely, liz. this guy is the same guy who said in committee under oath at the united states congress that we did not fund gain of function research. well now we know that u.s.
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dollars did do that he is not an honest person or not competent to make decisions because he keeps contradicting his own statements and clearly here at the border there are no protections. i have been to that border there is no system. they don't block covid positive people. they turn around and put them on airplanes in mcallen, texas and fly them all over this country. it is absurd this hypocrisy they're doing. elizabeth: you know mask for kids but not fully testing illegal immigrants, is that the science? the white house press secretary jen saki already admitted to different standards in september. she is saying you know, question, we're not doing that but it is not the same thing. they're not intending to stay here for an extended period of time. all the word salads. that is nonsense word salads that keep colling out of the white house. the real good question from senator rand paul, why are we not pushing for antibody tests to see who has natural immunity?
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>> exactly. natural immunity. there are 18 studies i reviewed, more than 2/3 of those studies showed natural immunity was actually better than vaccine immune. so here we are, kicking people out of the military, destroying our military readiness because they haven't gotten a vaccine even when they had a better version which is natural immunity. this is the stupidity of this administration. elizabeth: congressman mark green, great to have you on, do your research. >> thanks. elizabeth: the white house doing the obama era blame game on inflation as a new "gallup poll" says it is hitting majority of middle-class families. middle class joe, spending, bank accounts, getting zapped. more on who the white house is trying to blame and investigate. up next gop strategist ford o'connell. we have the number one story that shows how off the rails washington is with your money.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us, gop strategist, fox news contributor, he is ford o'connell. hey, ford, great to have you on. we did the story earlier in the week. "the washington times" found the analysis out of lexus nexus. reporting on it. here is the thing, what a is new bipartisan probe on hearings in on capitol hill to claw back tens of billions of dollars that russian and chinese crime syndicates stole out of jobless pandemic benefits? what will that do? >> this is the greatest threat of u.s. tax dollars in history and unfortunately it is not getting enough attention on capitol hill. you're hearing about a bipartisan push but to be perfectly honest, emac, i don't washington will do anything because democrats are more concerned about pushing socialist agenda before the midterms rather than getting to the bottom of this. elizabeth: we're in d.c. bubble
6:18 pm
land. everybody is in a bubble. there are no programs in place to track the taxpayer money handed out to states to give away. shouldn't this be another roadblock for biden's big spending plans? let's go through the numbers. of more than $700 billion in pandemic jobless benefits, 175 billion was stolen. 140 billion of that allegedly stolen by crime syndicates overseas with the backing of governments like russia and china. we're talking 40% of the hundred billion stolen. that is lexus nexus saying that. what do you say? >> again, this is absolutely insane. not only the government lost $400 billion of taxpayer dollars, but the bulk is going to china and russia yet here is what happens. republicans on capitol hill, particularly in the house, kevin brady, james comer have been sounding the bell over a year but democrats have not even held a hearing on this with oversight in the house a committee they
6:19 pm
control and they still choose to turn another cheek. when you talk about it in the senate, democrats yes, some people go, we'll get to the bottom of this but don't have a plan to do this. emac is absolutely right, not just the federal government losing this money. it is also state government. >> you know, i think americans out there are tired of hearing we'll get to the bottom of it. it is that same rhetoric mistakes activity, rhetoric for achievement and it is not. democrat senators, dick durbin and benjamin cardin said, yeah we'll take action. historically we've seen fraud of jobless benefits of 10% of state payouts for the last 14 years. now double that in california and texas n vermont, 90%. in rhode island, 23%. these fraudsters and thieves know which states to target. the state has not put in place oversight to track the money
6:20 pm
going out the door. >> that is exactly right. criminals flock where the money is. this is absolutely predictable. not just the federal government responsible here. state governments red and blue across the country that should be putting necessary mechanisms in place. elizabeth: we know what is crazy, complaints from the far left that republican governors are giving jobless benefits to unvaccinated people getting fired for not getting vaccinated. when is it constitutional to fire somebody from their job? that's wrong, they're not saying anything, anything about the liberal hypocrisy of jobless benefits flying out the door to thieves in russia and china. >> this is the problem why we got into this problem with pandemic aid. government prides speed over losing money. far left, because somebody doesn't want to abide of the united states with joe biden's
6:21 pm
vaccine mandate they should lose their job. i promise was in reverse, donald trump was president, there was a vaccine mandate they would be up in arms. this is complete and utter hypocrisy. in government, no one is held accountable and they move on to the next subject and print your money. elizabeth: and our taxes go up. ford, good to see you. cnn's chris cuomo making it worse blasted for his downgraded non-apology after cnn indefinitely suspended chris cuomo to use cnn resources to smear women who accused his brother andrew cuomo of sexual assault. you will hear what he had to say. we have congresswoman nancy mace. the obama administration bringing back the blame game on inflation. new "gallup poll" says working class families are facing hardship because of it. find out who is the white house targeting to blame, but investigate without evidence.
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the story next. ♪ [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. with the season of audi.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, president biden inherited a v-shaped recovery but now, just 11 months later a new "gallup poll" shows nearly 3/4 of working class families making less than 40,000, yeah, middle class joe's inflation is slamming them. joining us from house transportation and infrastructure congresswoman nancy mace. great to have you back on. president biden is reviving the
6:26 pm
obama era blame game, fingerpointing, sicking the fcc without hard evidence going after big box retailers blaming them for inflation, walmart, amazon, kroger and more. what do you say? >> is anyone really surprised at this point? it is crisis after crisis after crisis. the biden administration rather than taking responsibility causing inflation with more spending and taxes we're talking about the transportation infrastructure bill, covid relief spending earlier this year or build back better and future of that 1.75 trillion in spending he caused the majority of this to happen and you know the circular firing squad he has going on, the american people will not put up with it. we saw that in virginia. elizabeth: it is crazy using brute force and power of the government to enforce your policies. this will consume businesses, time and money. have to turn over data on points
6:27 pm
of supply chain that could deal with inflation. they have to deal with that in 45 days. doing the same thing going after oil and gas companies to cover up inflation. here is the thing. you know what happened. they paid people not to work. there are 11 million open jobs in this country. more than they have. they sent out stimulus checks with the economy in recovery. workers sat at home taking a bigger government check instead of workings. we have a labor shortage, demand for goods soaring because of the supply chain crisis. >> the worst part american jobs will go overseas because of taxes coming from the infrastructure bill and whenever build back better passes many american jobs will go overseas and elsewhere. we will have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. i don't know what he expects to have happen. he is making all of our inflation woes worse. energy is going up as you said. price of gasoline and groceries, every working family, inflation is 6.2% for the year. inflation has gone up 3% if
6:28 pm
that. american wages, salaries cannot keep up with the cost of goods. elizabeth: it's a triple whammy on inflation. spending power, income growth, cash investments, bank accounts. to fix inflation you have to raise interest rates. historically that triggered recessions. it is rising fastest pace in 31 years. joe biden says his plan is working there is no way out of that. they want to inflate their way out of inflation. inflation is taxation without representation. steve rattner, larry summers, fed chair jerome powell says this is bad. watch kevin mccarthy, congresswoman. here is the fix for what ask going on in the country. fire nancy pelosi. watch. >> sad part about it, sean, had joe biden done nothing in office literally gone to sleep, our country would be stronger. we would be energy independent. it wouldn't be china and russia
6:29 pm
winning. it would be america is winning. our borders would be secure. we wouldn't have rising inflation. this is the problem. one party rule in one year. but the good news is, sean, in less than one year we can fix this country if we fire nancy pelosi. that is why i need everybody to go to fire elizabeth: what do you say? >> leader mccarthy is 100% right on this. i will add to that, that everything the biden administration has said has been wrong. whether talking about infrastructure package being paid for. it is not. that is $250 billion added to deficit. we're told build back better would cost zero. it will cost $400 billion to the deficit. told every american citizen would be taken out of afghanistan. that never happened. it has been one thing after the other which added to our inflation woes. i think, i agree with kevin mccarthy. next year see more than a dozen, two dozen, person majority. we'll win all the seats next
6:30 pm
year if things continue to go wrong and american people keep getting lied to over what is happening now. elizabeth: the real story over the last decade how far off the rails that the democrat party has become. it is not the democrat party of our parents or grandparents. nancy pelosi, even economist magazine, has sat on the heads of moderates. the moderates were not given committee chairmanships there are no term limits in democrat party on who runs committee when the democrats have power. republicans have term limit. nancy pelosi crushing centrists, crushing the moderates. our country is moderate and centrist. we don't go off the rails. that is what happened with the democrat party. is she to blame for ruining it? >> i believe so. 19 democrats announced retirement for next year that supersedes anything that happened in 2010 or 2012 when republicans gained the majority sweeping a decade ago. even chairman defazio, the chairman of the transportation
6:31 pm
infrastructure committee he announced his retirement couple days ago. i can tell you when we did the infrastructure bill it was not bipartisan, no one on the house that particular committee was able to get anything done on the bill. no surprise see their own chairman disappear. elizabeth: amazing. congresswoman nancy mace, good to have you on the show. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come we'll take you to an update on the border crisis. gop senators are moving to stop the white house from giving out massive payouts to illegals separated at the border. the payouts were way more than what gold star or 9/11 families, even what angel families got. up next, former new york city police commissioner howard safir. the new white house narrative blaming pandemic for inflation and blaming the pandemic for smash and grab looting of retail stores. not for democrats lawmakersdown
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show, former new york city police commissioner, he is howard safir. first this, listen to the sound bite. it is white house press secretary jen psaki. she is now trying to blame the pandemic for wiping out store shelves and target or cvs or home depot, not blaming organized mob gang looting. watch this. >> so when a huge group of criminals, organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, a cvs, nordstrom, home depot until the shelves are clean, you think that is because of the pandemic? >> i think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes. elizabeth: okay. thoughts, opinions, are not facts. what do you say to this? >> totally false and just a stupid answer. the fact is what they have done they have dumped down the law. they have made stealing in mobs
6:37 pm
or individuals misdemeanors. they're reaping what they're sewing unfortunately. it is citizens of california that are reaping this terrible crime wave. elizabeth: howard, now we've got what is going on california governor gavin newsom. he is saying yeah, i want to increase the budget. i want to stop the quote, unacceptable lax of prosecutions, you know, going on in california but he still defends that proposition 47 which downgraded shoplifting into misdemeanors. so can he have it both ways? >> no, he can't. >> they created this terrible law, proposition 47, which basically sent a signal to criminals that based on the bail reform, and the general attitude of the democratic administrations, they know that they're going to go either get arrested, spend the nile in jail. get no bail or get a summons like a ticket and they will do
6:38 pm
no jail time. why not go into apple, nordstrom and steal if you're a criminal? it is an invitation and just approaching it the wrong way. the funding should not go to helping these criminals. the funding should go figuring out how to do away with proposition 47. which is in my view government malfeasance. elizabeth: we have the "new york post" posting that people, wall streeters, people working on wall street saying they will not go to jpmorgan's 40th annual health care conference in the san francisco bay area in january because they're scared of smash-and-grab looting, that quote, the amount of lawlessness is astounding. violence going on there is a huge top i can of discussion on wall street. so the word is out in the country, that california is in chaos because of this right now? >> it is. you have to just look at los angeles and 10 cities in los angeles full of people who are disturbed, who will not go
6:39 pm
into shelters. san francisco basically ceded their city to criminals. i don't blame them one bit not going to california. i looked tonight, a woman in her driveway was accosted by two guys who ripped off, i thought they had, with her babysitting in the driveway. people are getting shot, bystanders. it is outrageous. elizabeth: that is the thing, stay on that for a second. because when you downgrade shoplifting it is a gateway for more street crimes, hold ups, is that right? that is what the l.a.p.d. warned about. police officials say when you bust it down, downgrade to misdemeanors it is gateway for more street crimes and hold ups? >> absolutely. we cleaned up new york with broken windows. paid attention to small crimes as well as big crimes. what they're doing in
6:40 pm
california, they're not paying attention to small crimes. they're inviting criminals to commit larger crimes. they're not doing anything about it. there are people who cannot be rehabilitated, who will take advantage of the system. that is what is happening all over california and these people should be incarcerate rather than being let to commit crimes without penalty or -- elizabeth: now san jose city council, yeah, we'll use federal covid relief funds to get technology to do license plate tracking for the thieves who jump in their getaway cars but gavin newsom, the governor said this odd thing, saying to prosecutors, you know, it is unacceptable your lack of prosecutions stack, saying quote, stack the misdemeanors for shoplifting into more felony filings. i don't understand what he means by that. what is he saying? >> that very, very confused or illogical thinking. the fact is you go into a store. you break display case.
6:41 pm
you steal items and it's a misdemeanor. that is crazy. that is a felony and any good criminal justice system in this world. elizabeth: it is wild. howard safir, come back on. we'll see you soon. update on the border crisis. republican senators moving to bar the white house from giving massive payouts to illegals separated at the border. they crossed the border. they broke the law. the money they're talking about was way more what gold star families or 9/11 families or angel families got. up next "the hill"'s joe concha, cnn's chris cuomo making it worse. now blasted for his downgraded non-apology after cnn indefinitely suspended chris cuomo for using cnn resources to smear woman who accused his brother, former governor andrew cuomo of sexual assault. here is the question, isn't it something else andrew cuomo was okay with his brother doing this? keep it here on fox business.
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elizabeth: look who is back with us now, the hill media columnist, joe concha. cnn's chris cuomo breaks his silence. does a non-apology after cnn suspends him using cnn's resources and platform to smear woman who accused his brother andrew cuomo of sexual aassault. some people are mad at me about this, some people. >> they accused his brother, then the governor of sexual harrassment, sexual misconduct, some 30 years younger than him working for him at the time. i haven't heard chris cuomo talk about that. he is not a journalist of course. he is a partisan activist that has been exposed in broad daylight with all the text messages. he should have been more than
6:47 pm
suspended. he should been fired. quite frankly he should been fired months ago when this came out this is an anchor served as a political hitman digging up dirt on these women. he also lied on the air about the extent of the role he was playing in this regard. then again, this is somebody who faked his own covid quarantine. you remember that in 2020? is this really all that surprising that chris cuomo was going on about this. i don't think some people were upset about this. most people that are sane are. elizabeth: there was a conflict of interest when he had his brother on, boosting his self-image. at the same time his brother is accused of going after in a predatory way women who were younger than his own daughters. this is according to attorney general lateisha james. listen to what chris cuomo said. >> it hurts to say it. it is embarrassing but i understand it. and i understand why some people feel the way they do about what i did. i have apologized in the past.
6:48 pm
i mean it. it is the last thing i ever wanted to do compromise any of my colleagues. elizabeth: is he, some people, right? that is non-apology. >> yeah. elizabeth: if he was sincere, he would have told viewers, i'm helping my brother with defense statements. i am getting vip covid testing on the side because of my brother. my brother is getting five million on a book that state workers helped him edit and work on. if he was honest and if he was a journalist, he would say, you dear viewer, matter to me more than my family. he didn't do it. >> yeah. should have taken a leave of absence if he wanted to help his brother and play basically the lincoln project trying to take down these women. but you brought it up, elizabeth. i think this is the biggest key. andrew cuomo got a five million dollar book deal. why did he get a five million dollar book deal? time and time and time again,
6:49 pm
andrew cuomo and chris cuomo had extended interviews, basically pr at that point, that went viral. suddenly he became america's governor as far as covid is concerned, when you look back on it when he put covid positive patients into nursing homes. like taking a flame thrower to dry grass. this suspension leaves the door for him coming back. this is the same network that brought back jeffrey took bin, what he did on zoom call with female colleagues and cnn bringing him back with ample airtime. will cuomo have the same second act way brian williams had a second act? i don't know at this point. it could go either. >> that he told the melissa derosa, i'm on it, finding out whether "politico" was working on a new story about his brother andrew. trying to poke concerned what
6:50 pm
rohn ronan farrow doing for. ronan farrow's coverage started "me too" movement. it was about male bosses getting pathologically grabbing with their female workers. this is about power and predatory behavior about power. chris cuomo didn't see it. he didn't call him out on it. why didn't he take a leave of absence and step down for a while? >> right. again, this is a news anchor, right? this isn't just another somebody, who works on the campaign with his brother at this point. he also said he had a lead on the wedding girl, right? now he is actually pursuing leads how to take these women down. if cnn cares about whatever is left of integrity he doesn't comeback. his suspension is permanent. >> got to go. >> if network says he is too expensive to let go. that is it. elizabeth: nearly a dozen women accused andrew cuomo of sexual
6:51 pm
harrassment. joe concha, you're terrific. more with national border patrol council brandon judd on gop senators moving to stop the white house giving mass safe payouts to illegals way more than what gold star families or 9/11 or angel families got. stick with us. care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash... and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app.
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joining us now, what the portal council president, brandon judge. great to have you back on. i want your reaction to this, republican senators today introducing legislation to stop the white house giving out payments to illegal immigrants separated at the border under the trump administration. aclu saying they should get payments because they should not have been separated, republican senators saying they broke the law and shouldn't have been here as they did like they did. what you say? >> think goodness there are some people that have a conscience willing to look at this objectively and say these people violated the law, any u.s. citizen who would've violated it would have been separated from the child for a period of time until the adjudications are in place. that's what we do in law enforcement that happens to every individual who violates our law and has a child with them may violate that law.
6:56 pm
it's unconscionable to think think this administration would reward people violated are lost because they had children with them to pander to their base. this administration is inept and shows in every facet of its job, no more so than illegal immigration. liz: senator mitch mcconnell is part of the group of senators saying we are going to stop this. he wrote last month to the attorney general merrick garland demanding clarity on the matter. lawmakers of both house and senate made, moved to block the payments and we have assessment of the payouts hitting $1 billion, it's more than what bold circulatory or 9/11 or angel families.. would pay for things like 50000 oral and 15000 border patrol but going into the story what not being reported enough from a critics say is the fact that anywhere from a third to 40% of the families separated were fake
6:57 pm
families, false phony families. aclu window but guard to actual families but they say they deserve or $50000 apiece so what you say? >> that is outrageous. when you consider i have fellow agent who gave their lives trying to say people across the border illegally in their family didn't even get for $50000, it's crazy to consider this administration continues to put people not from this country, for cross-border illegally and continue to put their well-being above that of united states citizens. again, it's inept pandering to a specific base especially when you consider last month we had 52000 people able to evade apprehension get this administration will put travel bands on african nations?
6:58 pm
which they should but they have 52000 people who crossed the border illegally able to evade apprehension. they are not spreading the covid virus into the united states -- yet, this administration does nothing. liz: 150 nations the times reported. let's move on to this, your take on the biden administration in mexico reinstating remain in mexico after a court forced the white house to do that. there's a lot of court action on that. we have four migrant caravans who left southern mexico early this month, mexico is blockading them not letting them progress north. what you say to this? >> mexico is only doing that because the amount of resources the caravans are costing them. that's the only reason. when you look at the cartel, as long as they come up in smaller groups, curtail bring people up to our border and we still have record numbers of apprehensions taking place in record number of getaways taking place.
6:59 pm
the numbers will come up shortly by 68000 apprehensions again so mexico is only doing this with large caravans because of the amount of resources it's costing them. they are not true border security partners and don't need to be because this administration doesn't duplicate trump administration does and does not put pressure on them to actually do the right thing and will help not only us but their country as well. liz: final word on this, why is the white house refusing to disclose how many illegal immigrants made into the u.s.? >> they know darn well if they disclose that, mainstream media would have to pick the story up because the public would be aware of it. they continue to hide in the mainstream media continues to allow them to hide from the numbers across the border. i can personally tell you we've allowed more than 1 million people into our country
7:00 pm
illegally between catch and release program and for getaways in fiscal year 21 alone and that number we are on is on pace to break that number. liz: last fiscal year we let in nebraska. that's what we are seeing. thank you for watching. i am elizabeth mcdonnell, you have been watching the evening at it. we hope you have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: when you thought the hunter biden thing couldn't get any slime year, here come serbians and its days after we learned chinese energy tycoon gave him a 3-carat diamond. so romantic and offered about $30 million to make an introduction, that's all. so when is the white house going to admit this is an actual scandal? under biden's past can be described as a disaster. even called a drug addict. he's been filmed


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