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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 2, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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in fiscal year 21 alone and that number we are on is on pace to break that number. liz: last fiscal year we let in nebraska. that's what we are seeing. thank you for watching. i am elizabeth mcdonnell, you have been watching the evening at it. we hope you have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: when you thought the hunter biden thing couldn't get any slime year, here come serbians and its days after we learned chinese energy tycoon gave him a 3-carat diamond. so romantic and offered about $30 million to make an introduction, that's all. so when is the white house going to admit this is an actual scandal? under biden's past can be described as a disaster. even called a drug addict. he's been filmed with hookers.
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the kid with the stripper whose fraternity he denied, dead brothers widow. what a winner. not bad compared to the corruption four years he's been doing shady deals with shadier people in the shiniest places on earth, ukraine, kazakhstan, china and now potentially serbia. fox news attained e-mails as far back as 2010 hunter was in contact with serbian president inner circle. we are told that president was key to introduce hunter to so-called businessmen and investors. it's not hard to guess why they would want hunter involved. his dad with the vice president so getting hunter on board is potentially opening important doors in washington but sleepy joe repeatedly claimed he had nothing to do with any of his sons operations. joe? >> how many times have you spoken to your son about his
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business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his business dealings. i've never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else with their business. what i will do is the same we did in our administration, and absolute wall between personal and private in the government. >> do you stand by your statement you did not discuss any of your sons overseas business dealings? >> i stand by that statement. kennedy: it's obvious to everyone hunter is a total liability but whether white house ever come clean about what joe knows? here with me now, new york post columnist, the greatest newspaper in the land founded by alexander hamilton, fox news conservator and author of the brand-new book laptop from hell. welcome. >> thank you, great to be here. a good summary of what's going on. kennedy: thank you. what a colorful life he leads. what came first?
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your interest in the laptop stuff you read about or did you decide to write a book first? i think this whole subject matter is fascinating. >> oh no, it was a laptop, it basically wrote itself. it's an incredible story and at the heart of it, it's the story of a fractured family who suffered a lot of tragedy but the patriarch joe biden controls everybody around him and he's created this influence peddling scheme in his earliest days as a delaware senator he was 30 years old and when he was vice president, he internationalized and the story you opened with is a terrific piece by fox news and its typical that deal in serbia of the sorts of deals hunter and his uncle jim, joe biden's younger brother were orchestrating around the world often on behalf of chinese
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entities such as the company called cfc they will have a joint venture which is the capitalists of president xi jinping's road initiative and joe biden was very much involved in for him to say he didn't talk to his son or his brother about his dismissed dealings, it's just so untrue. we have so much evidence on the laptop and e-mails and documents but also from the mouth of tony bob polonsky who was an upright person, a navy veteran and self-made man in a successful businessman who was 14 hunter and his partners to be part of this joint venture. joe biden met him in los angeles in 2017 after he stepped down as
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vice president and visit him for his role. for the previous last two years of joe biden's presidency, this joint venture was during work, they hadn't got paid yet but according to hunter, cfc owes them $20 million for the work they did done for them the previous two years. kennedy: work, that's a pretty loose term but you talk about the vice president -- exactly. introduction to access, that's all he had. certainly didn't have true formal wherewithal to the vice president says he never talked to his son or brother about any of this, maybe he should have because with so much at stake and on the line including the presidency himself, he very much could have been talking to is corrupt relative making certain they were compromising the family name by enriching themselves and he didn't because he was talking to them.
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he is the big guy, he obviously was part of, a critical part of these deals so you look at this and wonder, what is more corrupt? what hunter and jim biden were doing in the name of their father and brother or the clinton foundation? >> i'm not going to make that decision, want to get into territory, it's just all that. joe biden met so many of hunter biden's business associates from overseas he met them from mexico, kazakhstan, from russia, from china, he met them in beijing, in washington d.c., he invited them into vice presidential residence, he met them at café milano with at dinner that hunter organized in 2015. there's just no denying he was involved, he met the business partners in his campaign live in techno it was garbage and we had
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50 former intelligence operative including john brennan, james, leon, michael hayden, they should hang their heads in shame because they before the election, with their finger on the scale it said the laptop was russian disinformation in their great expert opinion. kennedy: yes and the fact that their collective was on the scale means joe biden is now president because along with them in the media and social media, the biden's are shielded from the truth and american voters didn't really get the full scope. they have it now, laptop from hell, it's a great read while you are making your holiday travel. thank you so much. >> thanks so much. kennedy: meanwhile, alec baldwin might be going for another emmy in another interview, he -- actor, producer, killer was weepy when he was asked asked about the shooting death that
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took place on his set. he blamed the gun for firing on its own also. >> i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> i would never pointed the gun at a person. she was loved by everyone who worked with her and admired. kennedy: when you think about it, he really is the victim in all the best, at the 42-year-old cinematographer whose ground down in cold blood. click the gun have fired itself? what did alec baldwin trying to accomplish by saying that in the interview? let's get into it with our party panel. federalist jupiter along with democrat strategist and former biden campaign surrogate, kevin wilding. foundation for economic education policy correspondent, brad palombo, my favorite legal owner and of course one of my
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gay boyfriends. >> what the heck? kennedy: i said one of, i can have many. busy night #. kennedy: when i hear words like never from narcissistic blowhards like alec baldwin and chris formal, i always assume the opposite. he saying he would never pointed the gun at someone but that was his job as an actor in a western where he had to pull out a gun and shoot someone with it so does never ring true here? >> the investigation will show what actually happened, no way of knowing for sure. it does sound extremely unlikely he did not pull the trigger. even if he wasn't aware of it. it seems unlikely the gun would go on its own. none expert but it's not likely that doesn't mean it's
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impossible, he could have but we will have to wait for the investigation to seek. kennedy: and the car that plowed into innocent walk missions in wisconsin recently, it could have accelerated itself but it probably didn't. i had a feeling early on there were people where anti- gun would use this as an excuse to take guns out of movies which means historic films are tragedy on the film set. one of the good things he's pushing for us to have law enforcement on the scene when it comes to ammunition, live ammunition blanks, any shooting that goes on in regard to this
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film and tv work which i hope will be something that comes out of this because again, i think there are russians more than answers. this investigation is so proceeding. kennedy: had a more unbelievable interview with george stephanopoulos? kamala harris or blowhard actor alec baldwin? >> york giving me difficult decisions tonight. neither one is believable at all. alec baldwin -- not impossible, there could be a mechanical failure with a gun would go off without the trigger being pulled but that's extremely unlikely. what's more likely is the trigger takes far less in terms of pulling it then somebody not familiar with guns would realize. it can be a slight pressure you put on it so he probably pulled the trigger without fully doing it and not knowing what's going on because hollywood actors
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aren't typically your second amendment and firearms enthusiasts. here is the thing, as people who do support gun rights and second amendment, we do believe in gun safety and personal responsibility and that us top on our value set so we should expect people, i don't think alec baldwin intended for something like this to happen but a lot of people including him, very reckless and they should be held responsible for that and not pass off the blame. kennedy: it looks like this is more of a collective effort right now but if that's the case and that's right him back, if that really happened and he didn't pull the trigger and put any pressure on it at all, that's the first thing you would say, not the 15th. insane this long after the tragedy took place, all that means is you've been sitting around thinking of something and this is something plausible that pops into your head, not what actually happened. speaking of disgraced actors, another wild testimony jussie
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smollett trial in chicago, he's accused of lying to police about being a victim of a hate crime in 2019, the day the two brothers who accused him of hiring to fake the attack took the witness stand and told they were instructed to fake beat him up not actually hurt him. he yelled this is mag a country. a dry run with him the day before the hate crime, a little rehearsal and it was caught on surveillance video. that's not looking good for him who's facing up to three years in prison so if he's convicted, what was the reason for all of this? you look at it and go were you thinking? there is so much downside, what did he think the upside would be? >> that's the thing, obviously if we lived in a systemically racist society, there wouldn't
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be any upside. the staging of this event but obviously we know he got an enormous amount of sympathetic press, his name was elevated and he became a victim, paraded around the entire media in his entire industry and i think he hoped to raise his profile that way even the author of some of the most controversial racist books, he got caught on the same kind of thing not baking a hate crime to be clear but by admitting that people were lying about their color status on applications on twitter and he was caught admitting that of course, that's difficult for this entire thesis that we live in a systemically antiblack or racist society. if that were the case, there wouldn't be anything to gain by faking a hate crime against yourself or falsely describing yourself on an application is a person of color, america is not
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racist and further, more than that, that you can gain a lot i painting yourself as a victim of racial discrimination and that's what's happened here very clearly. kennedy: is not what he was trying to do? he was on a very popular show with a predominately black cast that was loved by audiences. i left him in it, i thought was fantastic and i thought his character was amazing. very talented so why do something like this? is a corrupt system that forced him to do this because he felt he had no other options or somebody with an absolute screw bring? >> i think it's the latter and i loved the show, too. it's an actor, a cry for help and publicity in the worst about all of this, it overshadows the rise in hate crimes we are seeing across the board when it comes to jewish americans, asian americans and lgbtq community in
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this country and this is what we are talking about, this fake staged hate crime taking up so much oxygen in the public discourse when it comes to the actual hate crimes happening every day in this country we should be focusing on but instead, we are focusing on this because of how bogus and ridiculous this individual is and he should face whatever penalties come his way whether three years in prison and certainly should be, the book should be thrown at him. kennedy: and payback bully brother hours spent investigating this crime so is it about victim put? someone like what kind of currency does he get by being the victim of an attack like this? does he think he's getting out of it? >> unfortunately quite a lot because we live in a culture of identity politics and woke her
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victim put is a currency and oppression is a form of social capitol in this one incident doesn't tell you everything about society but it something that only happens when you know you will get adoration for being a victim. kamala harris still has a tweet not deleted praising him as a victim are the best so there was a lot to gain but i also have to say this is the least believable and most erotic hate crime of all time. he literally hired to rip two dudes to rip rough him up and call him names and he was going to think we want going to get it's not actually an anti- gay hate crime. i think he got his fantasies and true crime tv, he got all -- he needs to be held accountable. kennedy: the defense going after one of the brothers missing how long have you been dating? he was like what? he wasn't dating and they were like really? you went to a frat house together.
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he said i thought it was an everybody frat house so there. you were just using them so he'd fall in love with you so you could get money but what's? none of that makes sense although look at them, they are well put together. those are some lovely physiques. >> very believable white supremacist. >> pretty legit. kennedy: there are so many trump republicans in the neighborhood of chicago and i was the first thing the white liberals have said, wait a second, this is not mag a country. party panel sticking around. it is game night but first up, china has a fancy new style. sounding the alarm, how big a deal is this? in person to explain it all.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. america in an arms race with china and the hypersonic weapons, only increasing tension so what's the biden administration going to do about it? report claims presidential
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climate john kerry lobbying against the republican bill roadblock a chinese product made with uighur slave labor. why? he reportedly believes standing up for what he believes. on the issue of slavery the climate agenda. how can the biden administration play hardball with china? they are appeasing them at the same time. here with me in studio, i've seen this man in the flesh probably forgets. chairman and ceo, mike seeger. >> it has been a while i feel like we should just leave now and get a drink. kennedy: okay. >> i don't want to call him an idiot because that's not fair but he is a moron. kennedy: different word. [laughter] >> we got a real problem with china at this is just one example of it. i just wish it is when you sound like i'm taking a turn here, i just wish the u.s.
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administration had the same the honus as an organization like women's tennis association which just said that's it, we are not going to hold any tournaments in china or hong kong. i know it sounds simple but you've got to stand up. kennedy: you know how much money they stand to make with the tournaments they have in china and how much money china pledged to keep the tournaments of other? they are saying that because peng shuai, the former broke doubles player who competed in three olympics, she's gone missing. >> and at least somebody is standing up to china other because of their constant theft of intellectual property, whether it's blatant aggressiveness and this desire of theirs to reclaim the territory they believe to be there right, whether it's increasing aggressiveness toward taiwan or the fact that they
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still have not provided transparency around the origins of covid. the world is letting them get away with it. administration currently is letting them get away with it. kennedy: the un, who, every institutional body is letting them get away with it but you laid out, it is hard to fathom this is happening because of one country. it's like genocide, slave labor, human rights violations not to mention taiwan, hong kong. >> there is a brief moment in time when people acted concerned about the regime and china their squashing of any vestiges of democracy in hong kong and lasted for a brief moment and everybody deflected to the next shiny thing like a bunch of raccoons. there is this idea what leverage
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do we have over china? with got to start acting as if we are concerned at least take some steps against the regime but we are not. the current administration certainly is not john kerry's comments about i don't want to upset the conversation about climate change. really? than arbitrary private deadline? it is an absolutely should be an shame on everyone in power who is not holding them accountable. the hypersonic, is that as big of a deal as white austin makes it out? is it just a ploy to get money? >> it is a massive deal. when you think about god for but the should be, not on what -- i have no word in front of me. [laughter] sorry. i was about to make a terrible joke but anyway -- it's a friendly family show. [laughter]
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hypersonic's warfare, that's where it's going to play out if there's another global conflict in the reason why hypersonic's technology is so important because it's really only china, russia and the u.s. in this race to develop weapons capability. kennedy: in russia doesn't have the money. >> they don't unless we maintain price levels and higher than is currently but the idea is whoever develop that capability negates all existing missile defense systems in the world so suddenly put your self at the top of the food chain. china understands that, there's a tremendous amount of money in research department that goes into the u.s. and china side to hypersonic's. it's critically important and that's the next theater of war and will include cyber warfare but part of the problem is everything we do in terms of research and development taken
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up by the chinese because they are so good, they still everything. kennedy: we want access to your market so you go, you can have our blueprints, we don't even care as long as we make money. >> you and i are on the same page. kennedy: the freedom page. i don't know why my chair made that noise. [laughter] >> i didn't know why what that sound was. thousand awkward moment onset, i wasn't going to say anything. [laughter] the smell of it. kennedy: hallelujah. [laughter] coming up, it's game night. we will tell you just how much you know about politically minded past present musto play along, that's next. ♪♪
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welcome back, party penguins. time to play press your luck. multiple-choice game of executive decisions. already panel were earned points by asking trivia and each contestant will have a chance to try their luck and double the points on a question of their choosing but if they get it wrong, they lose it all. are you ready to press your luck? >> i am so ready. kennedy: don't do it until later in the game from a trust me. which of these presidents was so adp was expelled from his own party during his presidency? martin van buren, john tyler, herbert hoover or donald j trump? >> john tyler. kennedy: absolutely right. you're already on the board and in the lead, congratulations. kevin, let's see if you can equal that. which of these presidents by his wife when he was six years old?
7:34 pm
william mckinley, abraham lincoln, harrogate truman or boutwell? >> as much as i want to say little ballet, i think it was harry truman. kennedy: are on the board as well. we got presidential historians today. brad, you can make it a trouble with this, are you ready? [laughter] kennedy: which of these presidents was married to his cousin? was it woodrow wilson, franklin d roosevelt, john quincy adams or woody allen? [laughter] >> maybe fdr? kennedy: you are right. fdr. omg. all three of our players are on the board. let's go with round number two. which of these presidents changed the name of fdr's presidential from shangri-la to camp david? ronald reagan, right d
7:35 pm
eisenhower, jimmy carter or abraham lincoln? >> i do not but i'm going to guess eisenhower. kennedy: you guessed correctly. excellent work. you are not in the lead with two kevin, which of these presidents once proclaimed and looked on a lot of women with lust, i committed adultery in my heart many times, this is something god recognizes i will do and have done it and god forgives me broke. who said that? bill clinton, james madison, jimmy carter or donald j trump? >> that would be jimmy carter in the playboy magazine. kennedy: absolutely right and the pages were stuck together. you, brad. [laughter] i know, that's gross. which vomited on a japanese prime minister? four, jimmy carter, bush or hambly complex. >> george h.w.?
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kennedy: that's right. our panel is that good. now is when you want to start thinking about read your luck. again, if you press your luck, double the points. if you get it right. if you are wrong, you lose everything. would you give the question and you could decide if you want to press your luck. u.s. president was known to practice playing the piano for two hours a day? you want to press your luck? >> i do, i think in this crowd you have to. kennedy: your choices, millard fillmore, harry s truman, william mckinley or barack obama? >> fillmore? kennedy: i'm sorry, you lost all your points but you've got to go big and you can only do it once so it's going to be hard to crawl your way back to the top. which president is credited for the creation of the term okay?
7:37 pm
would you like to press your luck? >> i don't want to press my luck, just regular. kennedy: here are your choices. martin van buren, chester a arthur, william henry harrison or richard nixon? kennedy: >> arthur. kennedy: that would be wrong. you still got two points, tied with brad. brad, do you want to press your luck? >> no. kennedy: for mary to the youngest first lady ever. grover cleveland, rutherford or hunter biden? >> i'm not going to pick hunter biden as much as i want to let's go with haze. kennedy: you would be wrong. we are still tied with two apiece. we are going into our final round, two points. if you press your luck, it's still worth two points.
7:38 pm
i'm just kidding. it's worth for if you press your luck. >> what does the winner get? be to a date with me. lala. you get to pay. which president officially gave the white house its name? james monroe, zachary taylor, robert keeley flint or theodore roosevelt? >> that's for me? kennedy: indeed. >> it's a. kennedy: that's a wrong answer. it was roosevelt. in 1901 -- in the white house. that's right. kevin. two points. which of these presidents have his own rescue from vanilla ice cream? would you like to press your luck? [laughter] >> no. this is tough. kennedy: thomas jefferson, joe biden, theodore roosevelt or
7:39 pm
heloise? >> thomas jefferson, tj. kennedy: few our rights. you now have four can either tie and it's like a aaa. or press your luck. >> i like that. i've got nothing to lose. let's press my luck. kennedy: which of these presidents was married to a descendent of pocahontas? woodrow wilson, rutherford b haze, funeral roosevelt or george w. bush? >> elizabeth warren. kennedy: that is not -- [laughter] woodrow wilson? kennedy: wilson it is. oh my god. you and i are going on a date. you got six-point and if you are date. this is exciting. [laughter] >> no. let me tag along. [laughter]
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kennedy: i am so excited. i want to thank you all. this is the best night of my life. thank you. [laughter] >> thanks, kennedy b2 coming up, senate republicans threatening to shut down the government, biden's vaccine mandate. is it enough to stop the endless river of weights? brian in the flesh next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: a little bonus. congress trying to the wild west as lawmakers are knee-deep in a shutdown showdown. midnight tomorrow, the deadline in the house came up with a
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temporary shutdown. now it's my hands of the senate freedom loving utah senator mike threatening to take it all unless there's an amendment to end the president vaccine commander mandate for workers. >> if the choice is between temporarily suspending nonessential functions on the one hand and on the other hand standing idle, i will stand with american workers every time. that's not a closed question. kennedy: well done but is the government shutdown as bad as it sounds? probably not. here to discuss, fox news particular professor business and economic at the college in manhattan, bryant is here. is it really the worst thing in the world if nonessential government shuts down? >> that's pretty great. it's not a be out big deal and it wouldn't shutdown very long and i think mike lee is right to want to make a statement on this.
7:46 pm
it's not going to go anywhere. it looks like he's going to at the vote on this, they are going to vote on it and they will have enough to pass the amendment but you put people on record and senators, congressmen have to vote and say i am willing to make people get vaccines even if it throws them out of a job. i'm not willing to preload the government for weekend but i am willing to put people out of work. i think it's important for people to be on the record about that this is where americans ought to know where their elected officials stand. kennedy: there's a big different and senators have made that differential including joe manchin. if you want to tell the military or federal workers to get the vaccine, that's one thing. but private businesses, that is too far and report so far agreed. >> thankfully courts have stepped in and done their job. i hate the fact that it goes to the court and america, the president would even have the sense that he could say this to private businesses. we should beyond that courts are
7:47 pm
doing the right thing but it's a confusion right now. you look at it from an economic perspective, the problem is there is massive confusion about the road ahead for businesses, workers, consumers and it's not helping with travel restrictions the talk of new travel restrictions, they are talking domestic travel new restrictions as well. you can't get product from a to b if you don't even know hoops you have to jump through to do that. you talk about supply-chain crises, it's this. the rules are not clear. when you don't have clear rules, gridlocked and nothing happens. kennedy: when you add neuropathy and wait, something already falling apart and collapsing, what you think will happen? or to automatically write itself? no, people don't know the rules for covid or for businesses, people don't know if they will get fired or be able to get
7:48 pm
stuff in the administration is not being honest to people about how bad it is. >> dramatic you get the with of something new and we don't even know what this strain is, we are going to find some things out, government knee-jerk reaction is to put barriers in place, regulations in place in the businesses say i haven't caught up with the last ten layers you've given me, i can't go on the eunice next ten layers. kennedy: you think you have rules now? my beer. that's what's going to happen with the more bills they pass in trillions they sent, businesses are host. we need more time. >> i'm grateful for what i get. kennedy: i am grateful for you every month, every week, every year. kennedy: the most consistent person talking about economics on any broadcast network. thank you. coming up, topical storm. thank goodness.
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highlights, a dive bar probably feels like a home away from home to you anyway. the kit comes with ready to assemble including cookie walls infused with miller high life. man i love beer infused cookies which is why i only bake with cookie don't made with nestlé halfway house. a pool table, pretzel sticks for cues in first was made out of peppermints and lizards and to make it more realistic, you can cover the whole bar and frosting so that everything you touch is sticky. topic number four. speaking of crummy ideas, it's time to read what you have to say and viewer mail. what? we have to go? o god, okay. kennedy nation, are you high? not yet, dear. it's only 7:55 p.m. roy tweets hey, you are trailer
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trash. it takes want to know one from a few multi dirt person. connie chimes in with, kennedy nation, can you tone it down a little? is it annoying? is annoying? okay, i'll be right back. connie, tiny. i'll try to tone it down. ♪♪ ♪♪
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