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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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that's a sign things are getting better but you'd hope that to be true after those boosted unemployment benefits expired 3 months ago for 11 million people. look, wages are important here too. they kicked down 4.8 person. this is all going in different directions. that's going to do it for us, have a wonderful weekend. >> the white house today trying to top worst job's report of this administration, less than half of the jobs expected, democrat shutdowns coming back to bite them as the white house is bringing in the plunge protection squad to stop the president's plunging poll numbers. blame covid for everything and new play and attack the gop for democrat spending but treasury secretary janet yellen not playing along. yellen warns inflation not transitory after all when the
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white house claimed it was as democrat senators in open revolt against biden vaccine mandate and his agenda and house democrats open revolt against house speaker nancy pelosi. we break it all down, joining us tonight congressman jay, rick crawford, scott, plus economic expert mitch roschelle. former nypd detective oscar ottom and ice official ron botello, ridiculed for gaslighting gas prices, celebrating president biden's for just a trivial two cent drop in gas prices over just two weeks when gas is up more than 60% on biden's watch. as for the president said, i can't control gas prices. now it's props up for biden for just 2 cents. they made a graph for that and the white house swings and misses in trying to
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blame,/looting in the pandemic when the root cause of california's weak and irresponsible zero bail policy that set free 14 looters wanted for nearly a dozen robberies, we've got it and the white house cannot top spend root cause, drug fentanyl spreading from the border now discovered in high school teenagers vaping pens in tennessee and kentucky and also in marijuana in vermont. fentanyl surging overdose more than shootings and car accidents combined all this after senate democrats locked spending on war on opioid to instead spending money 4 months of paid leave for government workforce recuperate from covid-19 but democrats try to keep trump-russia collusion
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alive. will this disrupt the durham criminal probe of the botched russia investigation, we break it down. thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth mcdonald. the evening edit starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> okay, welcome to the show, you're watching the fox business network. let's get right at it. we start with the worst job report, less than half the median estimate of 550,000. now treasury secretary janet yellen joining fed chairman jarome powell inflation is not transitory and no serious economy was worried about unchecked inflation but janet yellen blaming inflation on omicron virus and more disrupting global trade. edward lawrence has more on the job's report, edward.
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ed: president biden playing back down the numbers instead of focusing on how many jobs have been added on the economy since president. with hourly average wages up he largely ignored the fact that inflation is rising faster than wages. >> but that's not just jobs that are up, wages are up especially for hard-working americans often ignored in the past. ed: highest ranking republican in the house is calling out this administration for its policies. >> i know the job's report came out and i'm sure the white house will spin it one way but there were supposed to be 550,000 jobs, much less than that. ed: gains in manufacturing, construction and leisure and hospitality, mining lost 1600 jobs but to representative kevin mccarthy, retail losing going to shopping season. one more, take a look at the
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trends of jobs with economy reopening, this should be a rising column. instead the jobs being added back to the economy, kind of like a rocky road going forward. again, the white house, though, trying to spin this to say it looks good. >> thank you for your reporting, house budget and back with us macro trends adviser mitch roschelle. first to you, congressman. the white house plans to go on offense. they are going to attack the republicans according to the report after the bad job's report saying the gop is blocking democrats spending they say will help the economy and middle-class workers, what do you say to that? congressman: it's really clear that this is a disastrous job's report, shows less than half of less than jobs created that the estimate forecast and there's a direct linkage between the policies that have been in place by this administration and by this congress and the disastrous
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job report that we just saw. the things that are driving this -- this anemic job's growth is twofold, inflation pressures and second of all, the pressures on our supply chain and there's no way that you can deny economically that there's a linkage there. so unfortunately i think that the administration is going to do whatever they can to try and deny responsibility. but i think the only way that we are going to get out of this economic morass that we are in to turn to the succeeding policies that have had success in the past to continue to dump money in the economy and continue to compete with private companies it's just going to further exacerbate the supply chain crisis and certainly inflation. i mean, you saw janet yellen saying it's just transitory and that she's going to retire that word. obviously, you know, that's something that we have to take very seriously. liz: we hear you congressman, mitch, where do you come down on this because we see another wake-up call for democrats, new
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york times reporting new internal memo from democrat pollster that is being widely circulated among democrats, hey, you are out of touch, you're focusing too much on social issues rather than the economy which they -- the polls that people are saying, they believe it is in bad shape, we could see consistently cnn, msnbc and other networks focusing on racism, claiming that americans are, you know, about -- racists and it's all about white supremacy when we have real serious underlying problems and polls show americans aren't that way. what do you say to that? mitch: liz, all you have to do full up your gas tank, 5.25 for super unloaded regular old gas station. all you have to do try to heat your home this year and see prices for natural gas or put food on the table and realize that the supermarket bill just went up 20 or 30% if you can get
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the item that you want. those are the issues that regular americans, the hard-working american that is the president referred to care about. social justice issues are not top of mind right now for them and until this administration and the democrats start focusing on those issues, they are going to get obliterated in the midterms. liz: to mitch's point there's also this, congressman, treasury secretary yellen blames inflation on covid and the omicron variant but we don't see cases in hospitalizations rising just yet. by the way, congressman, i want you to weigh in. there was an explosive exchange between simon, reporter from today's news africa, he really mixed it up with white house press secretary jen psaki yesterday on the travel bans on africa and countries in africa. watch this. >> i just answered a question -- simone, simone.
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let's let -- it's not effective to scream over your colleagues in here. liz: atiba was not called by psaki for the briefing, what is justifying on travel ban in countries in africa when there's zero cases from omicron coming from zimbabwe and by the way south africa is saying we are not a hot bed for omicron. we have great detection in place, we have scientists catching this, we found it. it's in europe, it's not that south africa is a hot bed. these reporters are saying, stop misleading on it. what do you say? congressman: i actually agree with them. i think it's a fair question and i don't think that the white house has answered it. the question -- to paraphrase, what is the scientific basis in shutting down travel between us and south africa? you know what is the linkage shutting the travel and desire to stop the spread of the new variant and the answer is that
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there isn't one. scientifically speaking, you look at the fact that two days ago we had -- we had one case identified in one state in the united states, yesterday was 5, today it's 9 and tomorrow it's going to be, you know, 15. liz: we will have to live with it. congressman: i think so. liz: we have going to get to that in a second. i want to talk to mitch too about this, democrat senator sinema, mitch, she's saying i may not go with the rest of the biden agenda and senator manchin saying possibly he will vote against vaccine mandate. i want you to react to senator john kennedy on this. watch this. >> if i thought that shutting down government was going to get rid of the mandate, i will join with them but it's not. it's just not. and, in fact, the mandate right now is already shut down. we've litigated it and number of federal judges have joined the
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mandate and we are going to have a vote next week on the mandate, on the senate floor up or down. i just hate to see a shutdown government and scare people half to death when the biden administration is already trying to scare them half to death with this new variant for political reasons. i just hate to see a shutdown government and scare them some more. liz: covid is going to be with us for a long time, mitch. it's time for an all-in approach. show the drugs in the pipeline gang to deal with covid-19. mitch, we went from 15 days to slow the spread to lockdowns to firing healthy workers including first responders to no jab no job talking about vaccine mandate for domestic travel, right. are lockdowns that the democrat did coming back to bite them in the form of the bad job's report? >> 100%. the king that dawned on me is that the -- the thing that dawned on me, one of the reason
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that is you didn't see jobs is because there was a vaccine mandate. it seems like there's always some policy coming from the administration that's antibusiness, antijob. the other thing is i have a home in florida where there are no mandates, there are no lockdowns and guess what, they have the lowest covid rate in the united states. so obviously these policies are not public health policies. i think they are scare american policies. liz: we hear, congressman, and mitch roschelle, thanks for joining us. still to come, democrats plan to try to keep trump-russia collusion alive. alternative russia report will be released at doj files. would this disrupt john durham's probe. up next infrastructure ranking member rick crawford, the democrat congressional campaign committee getting mocked on social media for gas-lighting on gas prices and thanking for president biden for 2-cent drop
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for n the last two weeks. two cents. it's up 60% on biden's watch. biden already said he can't control gas prices but props up to biden, we take it up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: the democrat congressional campaign committee blasted on twitter for gaslighting on gas prices. madison alworth has more. madison. reporter: hey, liz, yeah, they have been getting a lot of heat for that tweet commending the president for two cents lower on gas and then you look over my shoulder and you see the price of gas here in new york city, this station will be paying nearly $5 per regular and it's been around this price for a month. that's why there's been so much backlash regarding this tweet. take a look at the chart. they are commending the administration pointing out that 2-cent decrease. just not enough when it comes to americans and what they're paying at the pump. it does not bring us even close to what americans were paying back for gas last year. to date, the national average price per gasoline is 3.37 per gallon. last year it was 2.16. people are responding to the dccc tweet the same way that
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they are responding to higher gas prices which is not well. the washington post coming out with an article saying this might be the worst defense of the biden administration yet. in november the president announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, just a drop in the bucket when it comes to daily consumption of petroleum. however, opec plus increasing daily production by 400,000 barrels in january and so, liz, it's coming at a time when americans are paying more for everything according to latest poll from fox news. the president's approval rating, that sits at 44%, we are paying more for gas, grocery and housing and it's all having an impact on the approval rating of the president. liz: madison, good to see you, ranking member of house
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transportation and infrastructure congressman rick crawford. two cents, props up to biden. he already told cnn town hall he can't control gas prices but now all of a sudden he can. social media is having a field day with this. congressman: i guess you have to take a victory where you think he can find it. he hasn't had one since inauguration day and he will take the 2 cents. 60% increase since inauguration day. we can't stand what secretary pete said if you can't afford your gas, go ahead and buy an electric vehicle. that's kind of like saying, let them eat cake. it's just a terrible read on the american people and what's going on in our economy. liz: when you see the social media mockery they are saying things like who is running your social media campaign, a republican? i mean, why may a graph for two cent? i want to mover to this. house democrats are talking to politico, talking about a hostile work environment and they are saying that now 19
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democrats are leaving the house under nancy pelosi. you know, that includes 3 committee chairs, so it's not looking good on that side of the aisle. what do you say to what's going on there? congressman: well, i think they're right. i think that it is a hostile work environment. nancy pelosi has pretty much micro managed every committee in the house and, you know, chairman defasio is the latest that he's retiring. i would say that he had more input on the fast act under republican majority than he did in this infrastructure bill. and so i can't blame him for leaving and they will see heck of a lot more democrats follow suit after christmas. liz his we have the new york times stories that the democrat pollster is sending out internal memo saying listen guys, you guys are out of touch with what regular americans are feeling, you are focusing on social justice issues. we see that on msnbc and cnn all of the time.
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you think that all of america is white supremacists and everybody is racist and they all hate each other. regular americans don't talk like that. they are not like that. when you look at the other polling, wait a second, what is being said in the media and what is being said in the democrat party is so off the wall and out of touch with what regular americans are feeling to the point where you have moderate democrats saying wait a second, nancy pelosi sit up and take notice, we are going to lose our seats. what do you say to that? >> they are vulnerable and redistricting would have a lot to say. they only have a 5-seat majority. pelosi is doing everything that she possibly can to make it much more difficult for incumbent democrats and makes them watch the plank every week on an unnecessary bill. this is a symptom of that. and so there are some moderates in the democrat caucus and folks that you can work with and that want to work in a bipartisan
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fashion, they are simply not given the opportunity. liz: the country is centrist and moderate. they don't want to be extreme right and they don't want to be extreme left. we have a group of moderate democrats who feel they are not given a voice and they are being suppressed by nancy pelosi. they sent a letter to nancy pelosi, pass legislation about the supply chain crisis but here is the problem, they are worried about inflation. they don't mention california's hyperregulation and crack-down on truckers and that's the root cause of supply chain crisis and they are not talking about how the biden agenda wants to raise taxes on the low and middle class. that's according to nonpartisan tax policy center. they are avoiding that issue too. what do you say? >> it's probably a good idea to avoid that because they have -- havefingerprints all over it. you just hit it right on the head. the regulatory regime in
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california is biggest problems and most have to reroute to get around the east coast ports. liz: congressman crawford, great to see you, come back soon. the white house cannot spin the root cause, it's the fentanyl drug causes killing teenagers even children and spent it on paid government worker leave, four-month leave to deal with covid amid record overdoses. up next we have former nypd detective oscar odon. the white house swings and misses try to blame smash and grab looting on the pandemic when the root cause is california's irresponsible zero bail policy which set free 14 smash and grab looters. we have the story next.
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liz: let's welcome to the show former nypd detective dr. oscar odo. great to have you on. the white house is swinging and missing and trying to blame smash and grab looting on the pandemic but the lapd chief of police he's saying no, the root cause is california's zero bail policy. it set free 14 smash and grab looters. i want you to take a listen to what the lapd chief had to say. watch this. >> all the suspects taken into
6:28 pm
custody are out of custody. either as result of one juvenile or the others as a result of bailing out, zero bail criteria. the risk of covid to those that are in custody, the court system installed this zero bail system as means of safeguard but as we evolve there this there's criminal elements that are recognizing that condition and are capitalizing on it. liz: doctor, what do you say to that? >> it's insanity what is taking place. the thing is as i've always state, the data does not lie, murderers, robberies, all different types of crimes are increasing exponentially. the politicians need to get from behind their desk and look at what is happening to their constituents. they should have a session for them like they always use todayo have where they sit down and go over their areas and how crime is increasing exponentially. this thing rising because of
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covid and things of that nature as i will say, anybody talks about law but still greater when it's something such as hunger. the smash and grab are not for hunger, they are for luxury items. they need to stop letting people leaving the stations. liz: santa clara slammed the zero policy and, doctor, we are seeing communities nationwide outrage with criminals with long rap sheets were let go, manor was out on parole with robbery conditions allegedly shot and killed 81 jacqueline in beverly hills home. we had a man with 16 page rap
6:30 pm
sheet and houston police officer william jeffrey fatally shot by a guy with long criminal record. what do you say? >> once again, this is insanity. even the people have spoken. zero bail policy is crazy and it's insanity because they are wishing for certain things to take place that will not. they need to put certain measures if place. if you're going to let somebody out, first of all, you need to do background check to make sure they have any record because if you're letting a homicide perpetrators out, there's a serious flaw inside your system. the next thing after you do the background check before you let people out if you're going to let people out, you need to have some checks and balances in place, being ankle monitor bracelet or some sort of counseling where they have to check and violation receive severe penalty. if not, the public is going to suffer, the businesses are going to suffer and we are going to have insanity all over the
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place. liz: crime is so bad in the big apple. bank of america executives, dress down, don't dress flashy on the way to work. you had a 25-year-old gang member arrested for stabbing to death a colombia university student. you know, sir, i want to talk about this, the media increasingly reporting on racism, just not the racism of rising crime in minority neighborhoods. msnbc, cnn, washington post report on systematic racism and institutions falsie claiming america is white supremacist to its core while ignoring real victims of crime disproportionately blacks and hispanics. more than 85% of the increase in murders occurred in black and hispanic neighborhoods. what do you say to that? >> most definitely. if they are seriously concerned about crime and the lives of
6:32 pm
those in the minority communities, they must put these checks and balances in place. you cannot let people back out there without some form of checks and balances. if you do, that's what's causing the problem. the zero no bail policies and just putting people back out there with any type of treatment without any type of evaluation, with any type of background check and putting them out there commit the same crime over and over again and when they get back out there they want to harm innocent people as we have seen. little kids dying across the country in the different communities because of the fact that the zero bail policy and just letting people out and out again while they sit behind their desk and they have security protection within 24 hours and there's no security protection or public safety out there. that's why i think it's a great idea and instituting back the plain-clothes officer in new york city. liz: thanks to your service to the city and the country. thank you for coming. you are watching the fox business network.
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still to come, democrats moving to try to keep trump-russia collusion alive. who in the doj suddenly decided to release the so-called mueller report from files and could it decorrupt durham probe of the russia investigation. ly break it down. house florida security dr. scott, the deadly drug fentanyl spreading from the border. now discovered in high school teenagers' vaping pens in tennessee and kentucky. also in marijuana in places like vermont, all this after senate democrats block hundreds of millions of dollars for the war on opioids to instead spend that money on four months paid leave for government workers to recuperate from covid-19. keep it here on the evening edit. ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: joining us house from house
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gop doctors caucus, congressman, we have this. opioid and fentanyl deaths now more than 100,000. that's more than shooting deaths and car accident deaths combined but senate democrats had unanimously blocked an amendment that would have provided $300 million for opioid detection devices to stop fentanyl at the border. instead they want to spend the money on four months paid leave for government workers to recuperate from covid-19. do you need four months leave for that? >> well, obviously not, whoever is in charge of the border and we don't know and it's not kamala harris and clearly if we want to be honest with ourselves i don't think president biden is running much in the white house right now. he can barely make it through 5 minute teleprompter and he certainly can't answer questions.
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a hundred thousand opioids most coming china and mexico is given up trying to enforce them and it's coming across the southern border which is wide open, 1.7 million crossings just this year. that's the most since we've been recording crossings in 1960. so clearly i think this is intentional, nobody can fail that bad. trump had policies in place that had the crossings reduced and now the fentanyl is slowing in, criminals are slowing in and our understaffed border agents are chasing down the record number of migrants and smugglers have easy paths to more difficult terrain to bring this in to our schools and to our kids and people are dying at record rate. liz: congressman, it's heartbreaking because only a few years ago we were turning a corner on opioid and -- and, you know, overdose deaths, right, but now we have parents in kentucky and tennessee finding their high school teenagers vaping pens have fentanyl in it, vermont is finding fentanyl in
6:40 pm
marijuana and parents are finding children dying from taking one pill. there's bootleg fake pills loaded with fentanyl. xanex and more. >> fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent from other opioids, certainly xanex and antianxieties but they are lacing the pills and the unsuspected drug user who are getting this are overdosing in record numbers and, i mean, it seems like the liberal left already wants to defund the police, they want to defund the border agents and they don't want to give them the vital resources to stop this but in build back better and other areas they want to pour money into rehab. doesn't it make more sense to stop the problem rather than trying to find the cure, they can stop this at the word for they would go back to policies that were in place just a year ago. liz: important point that you're making because looks like
6:41 pm
reports china refuses to join the u.s. in cracking down in fentanyl at the border including the producing the chemical that is the cartels use to make the drug and also money laundering. china is saying no to that. so what can congress and the white house do in that regard to stop it? >> well, china is not our friend and that was something if you remember president trump was going to be tough on china. not to shift the military but china is threatening taiwan and russia is threatening ukraine and we have a president that's embarrassing on the national and international stage. they sense his weakness and why would they cooperate with us, so -- liz: got you. thanks for joining us. good to see you. still to come, the fifth circuit appeals court orders a new hearing on the legality of the white house's selective criteria for which illegal aliens should be deported for crimes. this could be a setback for the white house. find out what this could mean
6:42 pm
for the ongoing flow of migrants across the border. up next former federal prosecutor jim, the democrats hope to keep trump-russia collusion alive after weeks of setbacks and alternative mueller report will sudden by be released out of doj files, what does this mean for john durham's criminal probe on the trump-russia botched investigation. keep it here on the evening edit.
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liz: back with us former federal prosecutor jim, great to see you, okay. we've got the so-called alternative mueller report which robert mueller's former top deputy andrew wrote for prosperity. apparently it's coming out as early as january, is this going to keep trump-russia collusion alive, what are we going to see out of this thing? >> we are going to see garbage. liz, i was a prosecutor for 27 years, i probably had 10 of
6:47 pm
those supervisor of prosecution teams. i have never heard of nor even thought of the concept of an alternative memo. this is a memo by a political hack by a guy who ran over mueller unfortunately in terms of hiring and in terms of the nature of the investigation and ignoring evidence that john durham finds and the idea coming up with a separate memo is crazy. in politics, liz, you might see a minority report if there's a bipartisan committee. there's no such thing in the world of prosecution. you address the case head on, what are the strengths and what are the weaknesses and the proposal and to come up with the document is insane and created charade of making mention in the book and people can find it off of a doj server. liz: he was reportedly publicly angry that the mueller report found no conspiracy, no
6:48 pm
collusions between trump and campaign and russia and the new york times submitted act request for the document and suddenly it's going to be released. so, you know, by the way andrew is the same gentleman accused of wiping government phone clean of all data along with other government workers involved with the mueller probe. so it's just unclear what exactly andrew is sitting on, could it disrupt the john durham criminal probe of the trump-russia investigation? >> i don't think so because durham is a professional prosecutor who will go where evidence takes him. going back to the phone, lisa pager turn her phone in at restored factory settings. nobody has ever looked at any of their personal phones, by the way, and somehow the deputy in charge of this incredibly sophisticated cyber technological investigation just couldn't remember his own password and didn't decide to call the it people but went to the point of wiping his phone clean twice.
6:49 pm
that's what he would call obstruction if anybody else did it. but he pulled off along with number of other people turning back phones in at the end of the mueller probe. the good thing is wherever john durham's case is going to land i said at the beginning, he's a professional prosecutor, he's looking at evidence and assessing and i don't think he will go where everything takes him and i don't think the that t than begans will have impact on mueller's probe. liz: 30 million-dollar expense or so and it was pretty exhaustive. it looked into everything and, you know, the -- the fbi investigation, they had the fisa wiretaps, they didn't find anything either in terms of trump-russia collusion either. we have the durham indictments saying, you know, the democrat lawyer allegedly lied to the fbi
6:50 pm
and igor and seems like there's more fire power on the durham probe versus what wiseman can deliver with alternative report. your final word. >> even the indictment with dan shanko talks about a democratic lawyer from the hillary rodham clint own campaign feeding false information knowingly to a russian intel agent who makes its way up to the steele dossier. so the russian collusion is real, it's just the wrong people. liz: okay, always great to have your insights and have you back on the show. you'll come back again soon. good to see you. up next former top ice official ron vitello, fifth circuit court of appeals ordering new hearing on the white house selective criteria for which illegal aliens should be deported for crimes. is this a setback for the white house? find out what it can be for the ongoing flow of migrants across the border.
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you're watching the evening edit on fox business.
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liz: joining us now former acting ice director ron vootello. what's the fallout of this? the fifth circuit court of appeals ordering a new hearing on the legality of the biden white house selective criteria on which illegal aliens should
6:55 pm
be deported for crimes. what's going on with this? >> well, the court also allowed for the -- the memo to be set aside so that they put stay in place as well. and so this is -- this is a solution in search of a problem. as if people believe that ice was out arresting people in every city in every country in the united states. eight and ten of the people that they have in custody are either in the country illegally having just crossed the border or returned over to them by an institution, by a jurisdiction who arrested them and maybe convicted of further crimes and so suggesting that only people who are convicted of aggravated felonies or just crossed the border are threat to public safety are the only people that ice can approach or take into custody or try to remove, that was always nonsense. this is like i said, this is a problem -- this is a solution in search of a problem. having the court act here and having these states engage to protect their communities, i'm grateful for them.
6:56 pm
texas is one and few other states, missouri is one and florida. good for them on pushing back on reckless policy. liz: ron, sounds like a setback from the white house that blocks president biden's so-called sanctuary country orders as legal challenges continue. the white house have required ice officials and border officials to delay the deportation of illegal aliens until they were convicted of aggravated felonies and texas, louisiana, ohio and montana have been suing over this. is this a setback? >> it's a setback for them but common sense remedy. people are here illegally and they broke the law they should be removed. whether they are convicted or not, after serving sentence they should be turned to ice and removed for the criminals that they are. it keeps us all safe and puts less pressure on the border. you allow people to have a sanctuary in the united states
6:57 pm
you will get more people to try to seek the sanctuary and some of those will be the worst people ever, they will be in bad neighborhoods and prey upon the immigrant community as well. liz: given what you just said, why did the biden white house tie the hands of patrol officers halting deportations even those convicted of crimes when federal immigration courts have ordered removal. effectively are releasing thousands of people into u.s. community with no consideration of criminal history. they're not subject to deportation under the biden policy. what about recidivism, you know what i mean? >> i agree. and this is a policy statement and the policy statement says they are going soft at the border. we have seen it with our own eyes and they are going soft on immigration enforcement. they tried to set aside a class of illegal aliens that are in the country that they want to
6:58 pm
give free that is not the law on the books. if they wanted change it send the bill to congress to get congress to act. that's not what they did they tried to set aside class of aliens and give them amnesty in the united states. larry: the white house will restart the border policy next week after court had already ordered to do so. now they're adding loopholes for migrants. they're going to exclude single adult asylum seekers, mostly men. they will continue to accept children and young jobseekers who claim to be age 17. men with children. >> it doesn't seemed like it's going to work. the effectiveness protocols and the remaining mexico program,
6:59 pm
people wait for their due process but wait mexico. if you continue to release everybody that brings the child to the border or the children alone which they're doing. you'll get more of the traffic and more pressure on the border and the cartels and smugglers will take advantage of the people in the pipeline you get more stress on the border more stress on border communities and all the homeland at risk. if they don't do this effectively across-the-board and full measure that it will not have the effect that it had on the last surgeon 2021 with the remaining mexico program. >> will all the loopholes undercut the remaining mexico policy? will it prove to be meaningless? what do you say, final word. >> if they want to secure the border they need to do it across-the-board. were getting continue to have the surge. larry: i have one other question. we were talking about the fentanyl crisis. how do you stop and how to stop china at the border. >> we have to engage with
7:00 pm
mexico. we should do some things with international side with china. comprehensive look. larry: rob vitello thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald even watching "the evening edit". that does it for us but we hope you have a good evening and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome to "kudlow" i'm larry kudlow. remember the children's book where's waldo. this incredibly popular book series used to display complicated pictures were kids would try to find waldo. i have a very uncomplicated analog to where's waldo. it is where mark kelly


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