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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 6, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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bats is it. >> i'm on fire. stuart: yes you are. they are the only mammal that can fly. there are 1400 species of bats in the world and some bats can reach speeds over 100 miles an hour, so our producer tells us. bats the only mammal that can fly. ashley, you're going all right. i will go straight to my colleague for david asman sitting in for neil cavuto today to say, thank you very much for all the hard work you did last week. david: my pleasure. stuart: however i noticed ratings went up when i was out, you were in. you sir, will never sit in this seat again. david: that makes me feel good i did what i wanted to do covering for you. i got to tell you, your staff, i can't talk enough about your staff.
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stuart, you have a great you staff. you can't compliment enough. i hope you give them good christmas presents. stuart: a long start to show. david: welcome to "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm in for neil. we have a two busy hours of breaking news, starting with a tale of two different responses to omicron. stocks are surging as the world health organization and others suggest the omicron variant is primarily causing mild cases and health officials say there is no reason to panic but parents and businesses in new york city and elsewhere are feeling a little panic as the mayor just launching much stricter vaccine mandates despite all the easing fears about omicron. could a sweeping mandate be coming to a city near you? we dig into all these developments straight ahead. let's start with the u.s. markets roaring back today. get to fox business correspondent susan li and
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capitalist pig hedge fund manager jonathan hoenig. good to see you both, folks. susan what are investors telling? it seems pretty clear the handwriting is in big print all over the place this variant is not as bad as many people feared. susan: exactly why the dow is outperforming today, david. this is travel rebound you're seeing. treasury yields, down 1.37%, down by the way. the reason there are down, rush to safety by some investors. what is really telling to me, yes, dow jones is outperforming. look at the nasdaq. it usually should be rallying with the treasury yield sub 1.40. the fact it hasn't, that investors still buying into safety, there are a lot of unknowns out there despite omicron being less severe but what about the fed and policy risk? david: we'll talk about that in a minute. jonathan, to put a fine point on it, the world health organization, i don't always agree with them but they have contacts over there, there is not one recorded death yet from
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the omicron variant. that could change very quickly. but in a world of 6, 7 billion, not one death from omicron. to me that points to a tremendous overreaction by businesses and by governments by the way who are forcing all these new mandates? >> without question, david, and keep in mind it was exactly the overreaction two years ago prompted the economic slowdown, forced shutdowns of businesses, schools, whole communities prompted market to shut down dramatically and stay low for long periods of time. despite today's rebound there is an old saying market saying one sparrow does not make a spring and i see a lot of weakness under the hood, david. 60% of the stocks are below long term moving average and 50% below short-term move move. a lot of caution despite move on
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the dow. david: the overreaction on some businesses and markets, susan, it is another hitch in the supply chain. is it conceivable because of all the fear and excessive action on part of governments we could have more props with our supply chain issues? susan: there is concern about the economy how it does next year during 2022. goldman sachs cutting forecast to a little over 3%. other strategists are concerned how long the bull market runs, especially if the fed raises interest rates sooner next year in march instead of june. i want to look at cryptocurrency and bitcoin. i think this is very telling a to the riskiness. david: amazing drop over the weekend. susan: $480 billion wiped out of cryptocurrency. the fact bitcoin is trading on macro trends by the way like
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omicron, like federal reserve tapering, that is telling how twitchy and sensitive the markets are. david: jonathan, do you think that is indicative of something bigger for the market or is it just specific to the whole idea of cryptos? >> no, susan talked about it earlier in the hour, almost a risk on, risk off type of mentality and that crypto crash was quite dramatic. 10, 15, 20% that is hundreds of billions of dollars wiped out in a matter of moments. as you look at 52-week low, cathy woods ark fund, big players on way up. maybe yearly low, momentum in tesla, crypto, all the other hot trades might be running out. susan: yes. david: jonathan, stick with you for a second here. we haven't seen fully what are the plans the build back better plan the president is going around the country lauding over the next week he will be doing
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that. we haven't seen the tax policy planned out in specifics. what we're going to face, what businesses are going to face. could we see rising rates at the same time that we see rising tax rates which would be a double-whammy for markets? >> yeah, david, you say we haven't seen the specifics of biden's build back better plan. i feel like we have seen it. we saw it decades ago with roosevelt's new deal. this has been tried before, david. wait around long enough everything comes back in. thanks to government spending higher taxes, increased instability in the economy and 10 years of 14% unemmoment. so we're seeing the same type of thing, tax hikes, money contraction, haranguing businesses, forcing prices high every and lower. i'm not worried about the economy. i'm worried about the government haranguing the economy with exactly the same mistakes we made decades and decades ago. david: susan, investors and business managers, you deal a lot with silicon valley folks
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are they concerned about the hit they may take from rising taxes? susan: obviously if it goes up. the corporate tax going up to 25 or 28% from 21%. that is less money in the pockets of these companies. but if you look where stock markets and stocks are trading right now, maybe yes, you might get a small increase but not get the billionaire tax in. by the way more spending also helps liquidate the entire, liquify the entire economy. that is good for the technology plays. apple as you know is a quality stock which is outperforming today, they have guaranteed $80 billion in cash flows regardless if corporate taxes go up 3%, hopefully to 25, not 28. david: you guys are a quality panel. susan, jonathan, thank you both for being here. appreciate it. how is this for calm? new york city mayor bill de blasio announcing the first-in-the-nation vaccine mandate for private companies. gerri willis is here with the details. again coming right on the heels,
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talk about jumping the shark i guess is the expression, jumping the gun, ones again we're getting word this is much more mild, this variant than we had thought and yet they're going full bore ahead with these mandates. >> happy monday, de blasio doing this before he leaves office. that is important fact. david: he is. >> mayor de blasio announcing a first in nation vaccine mandate for private sector workers it would go new place 21 days, december 27th. the mandate would cover 184,000 new york businesses. listen to the mayor. >> we need to take very bold action, aggressive actions to address the new threats. vaccination is the essential weapon in the war against covid. one thing that worked every single time across the board. >> now the new mandate will require proof of vaccination for everybody, 12 and up, fitness, entainment and indoor dining
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starting december 27th. the program will require children aged 5 to 11 to show proof of one vaccination dose for those venues. also on december 27th as well, all private sector employees will be required to have their vaccinations. new york has identified eight cases, just eight cases of omicron variant as of the weekend. seven in new york city and one in suffolk county on long island. the mayor emphasizing the need to protect workers from the variant as winter approaches but as you said the big question remaining about the strength of the variant, the w.h.o. has said it has not seen any deaths related to variant and urging people not to panic. additionally the u.s. surgeon general saying over the weekend the risk is low for vaccinated americans over the holiday. now president biden's effort to mandate vaccines, remember that? at nation's biggest employers. faces various challenges in
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court. senate will vote this week on resolution to nullify the mandate. de blasio was asked about penalties, enforcement penalties, presumably companies and businesses have to enforce it, the only way it could happen. he said that is just part of life enforcement. david: oh, please. >> we'll have more details on what might be required by the 12th, 15th of december. david: not part, sheriff for the mayor, for the mandates. whatever you feel about it, that is not the role of business. >> on the other hand do you want your employer sharing your personal health data with the city of new york? i would not. david: i was talking to a friend of the channel who owns a couple of restaurants. he has been on several times and he said over the past few days they have tripled down on their inspectors coming in. the inspectors are coming from all different agencies of the local government. they have millions and millions of dollars and personnel to apply to this but meanwhile the crime is running rampant in the
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streets of new york. >> have you seen the garbage on the streets? david: that too. >> homeless people who are -- david: again don't jump the science which is exactly what they seem to be doing. gerri, good to see you. thank you very much. meantime the senate is expected to vote and passion a gop led resolution to scrap biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses this week. the biden is likely to veto this. joining me is north dakota governor doug, governor, thanks for being here. the courts, governor, as you well know are lining up against the federal vaccine mandates. isn't biden going against the are courts forging ahead? >> well, david, great to be with you, yes and potus participated in three joint lawsuits with other states relative to the three federal mandates. two of those three federal mandates have been stayed. we feel confident the third one will also be stayed. what we said at the beginning
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these federal mandates were far overreaching and we also believe that again, a few, i believe that it is good for people to get vaccinated. federal government one size fits all approach doesn't work in our country. certainly doesn't work in a state like ours where our people believe in freedom and liberty. the more the federal government pushes to get mandates that people get vaccinated. it is counterproductive and against the law for the federal government to be pushing these. david: it doesn't work but the goal is the good goal but if public policy works against the goal you stop it to try something else? >> yep, exactly, and i think it is the same thing we're seeing out of this administration like in the context of energy. north dakota as you know is a big energy producing state. david: right. >> one of the most baffling things i've seen has been the biden administration repeatedly calling for opec to produce more
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oil and gas when north dakota, we're producing less than prepandemic. we have people unemployed in our state because of that. and, here you have, we can produce it cleaner, better and safer than anywhere else in the world and we've got our own administration pushing for things that would be against our national security, against getting people back to work and against actually the environmental goals that they stated. david: and, governor, it is very similar to the vaccine mandates, no matter what your goal is, what is happening as a result of what they're doing with their green energy plans, we now use 24% of our energy needs are produced by coal. it was 20% a year ago. that is to say there have been so many gas pipelines have been shut down and gas drillings, et cetera, people are switching to coal for their energy needs. in other words, we're becoming dirtier as a result of their green energy goals.
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>> again, even in like north dakota where we've got an opportunity with carbon sequestration to decarbonize sources of energy including coal, we've got the geology in north dakota to store the next 50 years of co 2. emissions for the entire united states. we can store 252 billions of tons of co2 underground in new york dak. this would be cheaper, more effective way to stablize the electrical grid. in terms of oil and gas we're seeing it ated pump where the policies are driving the price of the gas up at the pump which is basically a tax on hardest working americans. those that do the work. david: thanks to frack, we've seen from 2010 until now we've seen a big drop in co2 emissions from the united states. the big fact that we announced gas, do more, final question,
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bring us back full circle to the mandates, how much harm have the vaccine mandates done to the labor market in your state? we've heard, we've seen earnings services cut in many test and cities and states around the country. how have they affected north dakota? >> one thing in north dakota, we keep our schools open, we kept our businesses open. we tried not to overreact to any point in the pandemic. we approached things with curiosity and humility to be driven by the data. i think our great employers in the state are reacting the same way. what we're seeing again this play out, which leave we believe the federal mandates were overreaching and unlawful. we think the courts were overreaching that. we believe in the right for businesses to make their own decisions and for people to make their own health decisions moving forward. david: the businesses of north dakota so great, without those businesses we would not have the fracking revolution that led to a cleaner
12:16 pm
environment in the united states. i just hope they have the freedom to continue. governor doug burgum, from the great state of north dakota. thanks so much for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. david: straight ahead, the fed expected to ease its easy money policy soon irthan planned so what does that mean for biden's argument on inflation? we'll get into that coming next. ♪. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun.
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♪. david: president biden heading out on the road to promote the build back better bill. despite a huge miss in number of jobs created last month be the president is touting a surprise decline in the unemployment rate saying the economy was stronger than a year ago but where does the u.s. economy actually stand? our own edward lawrence is at the white house with the very latest. hi, edward. reporter: david, what we're hearing from the president and administration officials is very different from what every day people are seeing on the shelves and feeling in their wallets. now senior administration official tells me last month the reason people did not take jobs
12:21 pm
is because of their concern over curve individual and the variants. now, those officials say, it was not the announcement of the roll out of the vaccine mandate which actually took place on november 4th. now the economy added back 210,000 jobs in november they missed. this is what we're hearing. >> but that is not just jobs that are up. wages are up, especially for hard-working americans often ignored in the past for past recoveries. reporter: this is what we're seeing jobs being added back to the economy, not upper line. it's a bit choppy the jobs were created at peak at the top of july, over a million jobs, 210,000 jobs in november. wage growth 4.8% but cpi inflation at 6.2%. the things we buy are inflating over all more than inflation. republicans say president biden
12:22 pm
did it himself and words will not get him out of it. >> it is the policies are bad, the self-inflicted wounds. we've gone from energy independence to energy dependence. we've gone from booming economy to gas lines and booming inflation. we've gone from peace in the middle east to an a sis of terrorism with hamas launching rockets on israel, iran on the march, now a taliban caliphate. reporter: so now the talk is about the federal reserve speeding up that tapering process to be done around march, get rid of the accommodation in the economy. so possibly if inflation keeps going there could be a rate hike over the summer. back to you. david: all right, thank you very much, edward. reaction from former white house office of management and budget director, russell vogt. russ, good to talk to you. there is a trick being played by the administration. they don't acknowledge inflation is higher than wage gains. in other words, working americans are underwater as far
12:23 pm
as that goes because what they do, they add on to the wages all of the extra money that the government has been handing out in terms of not only cash, in terms of cash payments but also in terms of all of the benefits that workers are getting from the government, which of course is paid for with deficit spending. so that's how they come up with a figure saying that wage hikes in addition to the government payouts are beating inflation. what do you think of their way of doing math? >> well, i don't think it is an appropriate to assess the strength of economy, appropriate way to assess the strength of the american people's pocketbooks. the american people know that their wages as it compares to the real economy, with inflation, ends up somewhere in the neighborhood of 7% by the end of the year is not what they would like. they're heading into the christmas season and they are facing higher prices. they're facing higher prices at the grocery store. so this is, the administration
12:24 pm
can come up with these kinds of ways presenting information but makes them look tone deaf. david: you never beat inflation whether you're an investor or are just based on your wages. inflation always gets the best of you, doesn't it? that is what warren buffett said years ago? >> it does. it is a silent tax on all consumers. it hurts people living on fixed incomes in a particular way. it is something that thankfully the fed will take a look at and tackling the issue in a serious way. they have been loathe to do that. they're no longer calling it transitory. they are taking steps that are necessary. the unfortunate aspect you have the biden administration's policy continuing to weigh against the economy and we need the economy to do more than where it is right now. it is coming out of after pandemic shock. of course it is doing better in a certain respect. but compared to what we need to
12:25 pm
do to be able to absorb the potential rate hikes coming next week, next year, the biden administration policies will continue to harm us. david: what we'll have as i said earlier a double-whammy. not only rates go higher but tax rates go higher. on many different fronts. tax rates with regard to capital gains, personal income. a lot of small businesses take their profit as personal income. there could be a double hit against businesses, against breath in this country from both rates and taxes. >> no question. those tax increases are going to really hurt the economy and businesses across the country if the senate is not able to stop the build back better bill and we'll continue to see spending that will only exacerbate the current inflationary conditions we're beginning to see take off. so the cost of energy is potentially going to continue to rise as they have an anti-energy
12:26 pm
exploration agenda. so down the list number of regulations they're putting forward, all of these hurt the economy which we need to go and be roaring back in a new way, in a vital and robust way. david: now we should mention going back to the numbers that we had and what the president is talking about, the way he describes those jobs numbers on friday, he focuses on the unemployment figure which came down much more than people thought it would. also job creation was job much more than expectations were. it was less than half of what was expected. what that says to me is that we have a real deficit on the supply side, on creation of new jobs by small businesses. that is of great concern to me but the president again focusing on the slowdown in the unemployment rate. what do you think is more important. >> yeah, i think it is important that we continue to have an economy where people are creating jobs and also it is important to have people feel
12:27 pm
the need to get back off of the sidelines and into the economy. we've had policies that are weighing them down from making that decision for themselves. we need those, those conditions to change. look, the biden administration will present the information in a way that allows them to rescue their bill on capitol hill. the senate needs to be very clear in stopping that and thankfully joe manchin has done that this far. the conditions joe manchin said to meet that bill are not being met in joe biden's economy. that is the real thing standing in the way of the agenda being passed by this administration. david: russ vought, former omb director. appreciate it. >> you bet. david: coming up next the world health organization and others suggesting that the omicron variant is primarily causes mild cases. they don't see a single death from the variant so far. that has oil prices rebounding today. more on what's happening with those oil prices coming up.
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david: dow pretty close to intraday hire. it was 680. good news on omicron variant not as bad as the way it affects people. not one death known about it. maybe happening somewhere. the world health organization says they can't record a single death from the omicron variant. but the bottom line it is much less severe in actuality the way it plays out. where it has been. so many people are vaccinated. meanwhile oil prices are surging today. concern over demand lingering as the world petroleum congress
12:33 pm
gets underway in the united states this week. lydia hu is in houston with the latest on that. hi, lydia? >> david, yeah, the first time in more than 30 years the congress is returning to the united states. this is an opportunity for some of oil and gas's industry biggest names and brains to get together to talk about some big picture questions like, energy transition and how much longer the world will need oil and how much. sure to be discussed over this week will be the huge swings in the oil and gas market that we've seen during the pandemic, from the massive surpluses and plunging prices to the shortages and surging prices. you can take a look at this. crude oil prices crashed to a negative $37 a barrel in april of 2020. only to surge a year-and-a-half later to 80 bucks a barrel. the price has come down in recent days, around $66 a barrel, as you say, surging again today. but gas prices remain high.
12:34 pm
$3.36 as a national average price for a gallon. almost 56% higher than a year ago. just a little while ago today, david, i had a chance to ask exxonmobil ceo darren woods about the price that americans are paying at the pump and when he expects that to improve. he says they are expecting more volatility in this market moving forward in the short term but he sees pricing conditions improving for americans next year. watch. >> as we move into the back half of this year or the back end of this year and then move into 2022, that you will see better balances, more supply, equal to demand and, that in turn will help with pricing and i think take some of the pressure that some families we're seeing in the u.s. are feeling. >> now as for omicron's impact on the oil and gas market, mr. woods characterizing initial reaction as extreme. he says, as we learn more about this variant and rely on
12:35 pm
vaccinations he is confident that oil and gas will be able to navigate this omicron variant moving forward, but to really understand the hurdles this new variant presents, need not look forward, look beyond the congress where we are right now, while it is still expected to draw several thousand people over this week just over the weekend it was announced that energy ministers from eight countries dropped out of the conference as well as a few oil executives over rising concerns, not about the omicron variant itself, david, but about the travel restrictions that being implemented, concerns about being stuck here in the united states, keeping those energy ministers at home. back to you. david: that's incredible. lydia, thank you very much, appreciate it. oil is is out rise, at least for the moment on hopes of a milder omicron variant. joining us agora financial strategist, alan knuckman. great to see you. it has been a long time.
12:36 pm
thanks for coming in. >> hi, david. david: i want to know whether demand or is the focus. today's pop is greater demand, since the omicron is not as bad as we thought but what about the decrease in supply? president talked about that, president biden talked about that we need more supply. is that the major concern? >> i'm a trader, i just look at price. price is my major focus and crude oil prices have been trading between 45 and 85 over the past year. 65 is a important point. we're overdone, initially people had more concern about the new variant and the assumptions made in the crude oil price from a demand standpoint weren't realistic from this drop. this major drop from the top, but, let's remember, 80-dollar crude still not that expensive. it was between, it was around
12:37 pm
the 80-dollar level from seven to 2014 and genesis sift. so you know, yes we pulled back that i'm positive on the macro market. i think crude oil is a barometer on the economy. i think it can come back as stocks are coming back. david: i don't want to draw you into politics. you stay clear of that. the fact it stopped becoming expensive in 2016. it does coincide with the election of president trump who actually had a very bullish policy in terms of creating more supply in the united states. we became energy independent. how much did our energy independence have to do with the price of oil falling to these lows that we became accustomed to? >> well as i look at it, a lot of it was the lack of investment by the private sector. the private sector stopped investing because they kind of got burned the last couple of times. it takes time to catch up. let's talk about gas prices. that is what we're looking at talking about crude oil. gas prices have held even though
12:38 pm
the markets have gone dramatically lower. hey, that is the way it works, unfortunately, because the pipeline being able to get the trucks to the gas stations, none of that has changed even though it is much cheaper. it is still a tough road so to speak, but, no one likes paying higher gas prices. i look at it as a positive. we need economies booming back. and so there are analysts talking about 150-dollar crude. right now we're way below the halfway point of where we were in 2008. so there is still more upside from an investment standpoint. and, just to put a positive spin on this, if you take the 1950 price of gasoline, adjust it for inflation, that brings it to $2.58. we're at $3.35 right now. it is not dramatically different. everybody hates to see prices at the gas station but if your wages are rising, less jobs the stock market is at high, interest rates at lows there lot of positives. david: i understand, i didn't
12:39 pm
want to get into politics but inflation is cutting into those wage hikes dramatically and i got to tell you, it is not just petrol. it is also natural gas and we'll have to leave that discussion for later because we lost his feed. alan knuckman, thank you very. appreciate it. president biden is scheduled to speak with vladmir putin that happens tomorrow amid u.s. officials, that russia may invade ukraine. they have 100,000 troops on the border. we'll have a live report after this. ♪. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it.
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12:44 pm
january. this ahead of president biden's scheduled call with vladmir putin. that comes tomorrow. trey yingst in jerusalem with the very latest. trey? reporter: david, good afternoon. over the weekend we learned u.s. intelligence officials believe russia plans to intrade ukraine early next year. now new satellite images provided by maxar technologies provide fresh evidence. you can see in these images, russian tactical battle groups that include soldiers and weapons. it is believed by the americans that upwards of 175,000 russian troops could take part in the planned offensive in the coming months. ukraine is preparing for the worst-case scenario. today, marked army today, an annual event to take the country's service members. the president met with troops near the front lines to encourage their efforts. walking through the trenches, the ukrainian leader, he was confident his country would beat russia amid any military confrontation. >> i would like to wish each of you health and safety. it is very important because we
12:45 pm
need you to tell your granddaughters, grandfathers, wonderful stories about your heroic deeds when you defend our country. with people like you i'm confident we will beat them off for sure. reporter: russian president vladmir putin and president joe biden are scheduled to hold a secure video call tomorrow to discuss the situation with ukraine among other topics. david: we should president biden will talk with president selenski today ahead of the meeting tomorrow. we'll see what happens with that. appreciate it. crime is spiking across the country. law enforcement is sounding the alarm. we'll speak with a police chief to hire new officers. the president biden administration will expect to announce a diplomatic boycott ahead of the 2022 winter olympics. what the heck is a diplomatic boycott and is that a tough
12:46 pm
enough message to send to president xi? details coming up. ♪. dog barks you're right bunker, the medicare enrollment deadline is almost here. if you're on medicare and you want to explore your options, the deadline to enroll is december 7th. so, you should act now. were do i find the right medicare plan? at healthmarkets, they search many of the nation's most recognized carriers so they can help you find the right plan, at the right price that's the right fit for you. how long does it take? just minutes. my current plan only covers 80% of my costs. healthmarkets may find plans with zero dollar copays, deductibles and monthly premiums. even plans with prescription drug coverage, vision, dental and hearing aids.
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♪. david: state's mental health crisis worsing. many in part say its large part
12:50 pm
new state law to curb the use of force by law enforcement. fox news correspondent dan springer in sate tell with the details. dan? reporter: yeah, david, it is widely accepted mental health situation across america has deteriorated somewhat because of the pandemic but here in washington state it has gotten much, much worse, due in large part to a new law, a state law designed to limit the amount of force used by police. this new law has cops in legal jeopardy, could cause them their careers, force if there is no threat of imminent harm and no crime has been committed. force is not defined in the law. many departments changed their policies on mental health calls. some won't go at all, raising danger to the people in crisis, the families, crisis responders and of course the public. >> there comes at a point in time where a deputy sheriff makes a split-second decision. we can no longer use force unless there is probable cause
12:51 pm
for somebody's arrest. no one is under arrest in a person with a mental health crisis. reporter: results have already been tragic. caseloads are being doubled. far fewer people are voluntarily committed. we obtained a police bodycam after suicidal man called police for help. new policy, only the suicidal person in danger people will not be sent. activists push for police reform saying the cops are weaponizing the law. >> this does not help to protest, saying we'll not show up at all doesn't help to repair the relationship with those communities. it doesn't help to build trust. reporter: but of course, david, as you know there are people who on the defund police side of the ledger say they don't want police showing up at these crisis calls but the people who are on the front lines, those responders say it is absolutely critical that the cops join them if and when thinks go sideways.
12:52 pm
david: dan, thank you very much. we're now learning police departments throughout new england are facing staffing shortages. salisbury, massachusetts, police chief tom fowler joins me. appreciate it. salisbury is up north part of massachusetts, it is not kind of place you would think of having any problems with the whole concept of defunding the police and leading to any mass resignations or early retirements of police. is that what is causing the big problem for you guys? >> hi, david, thanks for having me. yeah, i believe that is part of it. here in massachusetts over the past 18 months we have had, 350 police departments here and we've had over 100 police chiefs retire. david: wow. >> this is a result of covid, a result of police reform so that has a trickle-down effect. as people are promoted and those positions are filled, we need
12:53 pm
new entry level positions and it is my opinion, over the past couple of years we have gotten beaten up pretty good. a lot of people that may have considered the profession just are not interested in it anymore. david: so how do you recruit? >> we try and leverage cadet programs, explorer programs, get into the colleges, universities, kind of educate them that, while there is a narrative out there it doesn't, it doesn't reflect the good work that the men and women of police work in massachusetts do every day. david: well, no, the narrative is flat-out wrong in many cases and it's propagandized for political purposes by a lot of these groups but are you worried you may have lost enough police officers so that the citizens are at risk? >> no, i don't believe that. i think now more than ever as police reform rolls across the country we need the best people we can hire, the best qualified
12:54 pm
people, the best educated people. i don't think we're in a crisis mode where the public safety is at risk. we will continue to be vigilant to hire the best people to fill those positions. david: you know, a lot of these groups that are in to the defund police movement have gone way far ahead, much further than where the population is, even within the inner-cities. a lot of people in the inner-cityies are facing the worst brunt of rise in violence, particularly with fewer police officers on the streets. they are calling for more police to come in. do you see that happen in your area, people on the front lines of defund the police are getting overwhelmed by calls to fund the police even more? >> i think there is a change happening. we're not affected by that very much up here. being in the very northeast corner of the state we're a little insulated from that, i know brother and sister law enforcement officers in the largest cities are seeing that
12:55 pm
and i would agree with what you're saying. david: what about the fatigue factor, folks on duty with these forces, maybe not yours in particular, other forces working overtime in order to cover for the loss of you know, folks from early retirement and people that have just quit? >> you bring up an excellent point. fatigue is something that adds to poor decision making, if an officer is fatigued he may not make the best decisions. we have to always be contract of officer wellness, not only the stress of the job but having to work to forced overtime, being away from their families adds to the stress. as you probably know officer-related suicide is and all-time high. we always have to be vigilant to keep our officers wellness first in mind. david: america is a great country and we do have a lot of people who still want to do good for their communities. do you go into the community itself? i know you say you go to college
12:56 pm
campuses and so forth but are you finding people within your community who want to help out and get involved in the police force? >> yes. i still keep a positive outlook. we happen to be a civil service community in massachusetts so potential officers take the civil service test, get on the list and luckily we still continue to get people that want to work in public service and want to do well with us. david: you can do no better for your community, joining the police force, god bless you, the work you do, sir. appreciate it. chief tom fowler from massachusetts. >> thank you. david: senate republicans gearing up for battle for lael brainard's fed confirmation. we have the inside look to their gameplan, fight the progressive push, or a push to make the fed more progressive. that when we come back. ther mon) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first.
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♪♪. neil: welcome to the second hour of "coast to coast", i am david asman and for neil cavuto. the now bounded ahead as worried about omicron ease. market panel here to break all of today's major market movers down for you. beijing boycott, the white house official saying no will be sent
1:01 pm
to the winter olympics but some lawmakers say that doesn't go nearly far enough. the vice president office damaging details on her soul destroying management style. what is that about the white house is responding coming up. first as president biden get set to tout his build back better agenda, lawmakers raising red flags over the cost of the plans immigration provision. hillary vaughn is on capitol hill with the details. >> the biden administration is waiting to see if the senate parliamentarian decide that the immigration provision can be kept in the build back better bill that is being passed through the reconciliation process. if it does not make it and because of parliamentarian rules, that would have a big impact on the total price tag of this package. republicans on capitol hill are hoping that moderate democrats continue to slow down the
1:02 pm
process as some are trying to passes by christmas. >> senator manchin is running out the clock, the democrats are running out of time this fiscal year or calendar year. thank god for them, i never thought i would wake up every day praying for a democratic senator, he is standing where he knows his constituents are. >> to cbs's immigration provision as written would add billions of dollars to the debt, it would also cost more the longer it is in place. the c.b.o. says this immigration proposal that would grant parole to illegal immigrants, safeguarding them from deportation would apply to six-point five illegal immigrants in the u.s. who arrived here before 2011 letting them apply for a driver's license, legal status and a work permit. >> this is common sense, were not talking about a path to citizenship. people who are in this country or working or paying taxes they
1:03 pm
ought to have a work permit. >> this would cost 150 billion over the first ten years according to the c.b.o. it extended another decade. the cost was more than double for the ten year timeframe. $369 billion. the cost would go up as progressives continue to push for total amnesty for the illegal immigrants to the u.s. pre-dissenter says the true cost of that is policies allow them to take advantage of entitlement programs and be eligible for social security and it could be over $1 trillion and the cost of those benefits alone for that group. david: what they're suggesting is pretty close to amnesty but the other will be amnesty with all the government health. that's a lot of money. president biden touting increasing access to childcare as a centerpiece to the build back better agenda.
1:04 pm
little has been said about how it can make childcare more expensive. congressional correspondent chad pergram has those details from capitol hill. >> democrats contend childcare is one of the star element in the social spending bill but there are serious questions about the cost. it's worried it may push parents towards using formal care which may not suit their wants and needs. that's where the cost lies, they choose faith-based childcare, one says subsidies for child care won't keep parents from sending their kids to church daycare. republicans are skeptical. >> is going to drive up the cost of healthcare, is going to drive up the cost of childcare. it's going to close the childcare mother's day program at your local church because you can't get the subsidy unless you use a government program. that is going to cost you more money. >> the bill would mandate
1:05 pm
certain qualifications for childcare providers. if it's too expensive some parents could stay home with their kids and not work. democrats believe their bill will boost the economy. >> the economy needs to be better i'm not one of these individuals to say everything is great and you guys are ignorant. the company can be better. >> democrats make arguments before the senate parliamentarian today. today they're pushing to include healthcare and immigration provisions in the bill democrats hope to debate in the senate next week. david: at least we begin to know more and more exactly within the bill. that is good for all of us, great to see you, thank you very much for being here. senate republicans are gearing up for a fight over the confirmation hearing for lael brainard, biden's pick for vice chair. edward lawrence is at the white house with an inside look of their game plan. >> it's no secret the fed
1:06 pm
chairman jay powell is expected to breeze through his confirmation hearing. a fox business exclusive we learned republicans are planning a strong opposition to lael brainard because of her belief the fed should be more woke as some beliefs related to action she wants to take over climate change. the senate a they're telling us brainard led the charge to use the full employment mandate to pursue racial justice in a speech on february 24. she advocates the overall unemployment rate and focusing on the black unemployment rate because it tends to lag other groups. the assessment of shortfalls from broad-based and inclusive maxima no employment would be up critical guideposts for monetary policy alongside indicators of expected inflation. brainard says she wants to assess the resilience of financial institution related to climate change. aides worry limiting investment in certain sectors.
1:07 pm
here is elizabeth warren in the last banking hearing making sure the fed chairman's brings up brainard's ideas to the full board. listen. >> you would bring that before the full board for consideration even if you personally disagree. >> that would be my general intent, yes. i cannot cover every possible conceivable situation but yes. >> this is important, president biden gets to select three more people to be voting members. cato institute senior fellow believes it will increase the tendency for the fed to broaden its mandate beyond inflation in the supplement to include a greater emphasis on climate change now and other such
1:08 pm
things. no official data, brainard's confirmation will happen but her post is due up, will have an empty seat at the end of january. david: your wondering what woke fed policy is. i think you outlined it, a good description of what is meant by that phrase whether you like it or not. stocks are more focused on the omicron during today as fears begin to fade about the impact of that on the world economy. reaction from national taxpayers union brandon arnold and capital founder george, good to see you both. thank you for being here. george let me go to you. the market action we came to our intraday high, it was 736 on the plus side, it is still a healthy 715 points on the plus side. it seems more like a relief rally. there is something going on that
1:09 pm
is really reacting to what this world economy is capable of doing and capable of producing. >> the market has been fearful of a downturn for quite some time. the fact that we have to sell for quite some week is eminently predictable the new variant was only the catalytic converter for that. the reality with the tenure at a dollar 40 with no alternatives to equities, they are going to continue to rally. it's hard to see taken a sustained downturn with interest rates being negative after inflation. we will still have a healthy market. david: i want to stick with you on that, what happens when rates inched up, are people going to find an alternative to stocks? >> that is the kryptonite to the market. if rates go north on the tenure then competition for equities will take a very healthy decline but they have been unable to do
1:10 pm
that. even though the fed is going to taper its buying treasury securities which means there's not a real price for treasury, the fed is artificially keeping them extremely low. that is good for paying the federal deficit and also good for equities. david: there's another thing that is good for equities, the president is having trouble with the build back better plan. at first they were thinking of passing before we knew what wasn't it. but the more that we dive into the details with everything with immigration and supersized in irs and the expense of it all which is what senator manchin focuses, it's becoming a very tough sell for the president. he is trying to sell it but again it's a really tough sell, is it not? >> absolutely no more people find out, the less that they like. we found out recently in the very first year end provides tax cuts in the amount of $47 billion to people that make a million dollars or more, huge
1:11 pm
tax cut for the wealthy and the last year end provides tax increases for people making $20000 a year. it is no surprise the senators like manchin and sinema and other moderates to ask serious questions about the manner in which it was put together and an overhaul by throwing in the trashcan but the moderate democrats need to pick it apart and find the egregious examples of ways in unfairness. david: they're not blind to the fact that the numbers don't add up. it's not fully paid for. the c.b.o. has said that. independent organizations and suggested as much. how do they plan to raise the revenue to make it paid for, i hate that term, it could hurt the economic growth which means it wouldn't be paid for. what kind of taxes are we talking about, raising capital gains et cetera. >> i think what they're going to do look to revenue increases
1:12 pm
inward to sandbagging and pretending like this will raise more revenue then it will according to every being counter out there. they did this before with irs increase a budget. they're just pretending it's going to bring important billion dollars a year even though c.b.o. and other independent observers are saying is 300 or $200 billion a year. they are lying to us right now. it is completely ridiculous. they need to throw it in the garbage can. david: are you concerned, we talked about the uptick of rates that are coming, probably later in 2022. but bottom line if you have rate increases with new taxes. you would definitely have a slowdown in growth, would you not? >> you would but i'm not too concerned about dramatically higher taxes. i think it's fascinating to watch senator manchin and senator sinema have more power in the senate that the times of
1:13 pm
lyndon johnson detailed by robert and mastered the senate, they have so much power in the united states senate. if we can limp along 22022 where the republicans retake the house then the government gets stymied and can't do a thing that would be good for the economy and the stock market. if we can make it there without dramatic tax increases. >> what do you think is a conceivable that this could be put off to the end until after the 2022 election? >> i don't know if we would go that far but it's likely that it will not be passed by christmas even though senator schumer said that's her intention. i don't see that happening at all. i'm old enough to remember when they were trying to pass obamacare we had the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback and although these provisions members of congress to get this thing done. i don't put a pastor to do it again. i remember the cornhusker
1:14 pm
kickback. great to see you both. good to see you, thank you very much. divided the administration set to make an announcement this week on boycotting the beijing olympics. it's details about what the boycott actually means that has a lot of people saying it is not enough. ♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun.
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speed with the biden administration expected announced a diplomatic boycott, no u.s. officials would attend. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel joining us for the very latest on that. >> china is not reacting well threatening to take firm countermeasures if the united states perceives with the diplomatic boycott the foreign ministry spokesman telling reporters the politician to clamor for boycott for political self-interest are showing off and hyping things up, no one cares whether they come or not
1:19 pm
it has no influence on beijing success and hosting the winter olympics. the spokesman saying a boycott by president biden would be an outright political propagation. this is one issue that seems to bring republicans and democrats together. utah republican senator mitt romney who ran the selleck city winter games has been pushing for a boycott since march. romney wrote let us demonstrate a repudiation of china's abuses in a way that'll hurt the chinese communist party rather than our american athletes, reduce china's revenues, shut down the propaganda and expose their abuses. here is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> honor your athletes at home, let's have a diplomatic way caught this olympics. this issue is unacceptable, it enables china. >> unlike the president moscow
1:20 pm
boycott of 1980, this would allow american athletes to compete but keep the vip delegation your home. david: thank you very much, russia is unmasking 100,000 troops on the ukraine border as president biden prepares for a video call with vladimir putin. the question whether there is anything biden can say or do to stop pollutant from a full-blown invasion. retired naval commander peter brooks, good to see you, thank you for being here. déjà vu i'm sure you remember february 2014 when the ground was hard enough, the russian tanks rolled into crimea. the obama biden administration did not do much to stop it. is that where we are today? >> remember the little green men back in 2014. there is reasons to be concerned, the russians are putting all of these forces together, they're not making any outright demand that they would do something with the forces as
1:21 pm
something is not done for them. it looks like there will be an invasion in russia would like to have a land bridge, has an over the water bridge to crimea from russia proper but they would not mind having a land bridge through parts of ukraine to crimea now. i think there is a lot of reasons to be concerned. when people look like they're going to do something, they're going to do it, biden needs to be tough in his conversation with putin tomorrow and have a whole list of things that we can push back on russia including nord stream two. we backed away from that we should probably go to that because it increases europe's dependence on russian energy. that was a bad mistake on biden administration. >> here's what president biden said when he was going to camp david on friday. let's roll the tape and get your reaction. >> what i'm doing i'm putting together what i believe to be the most comprehensive and
1:22 pm
meaningful set to make it very difficult for mr. putin to do what people are worried that he may do. david: what does your gut tell you, will that be enough to stop pollutant? >> it depends within the competency package, is there military action or supply to ukraine, is there nato action or is the economic or diplomatic. we have to know and they will not tell us in advance hopefully he will shed light to mr. putin tomorrow and explain why this is a bad idea. it's a terrible idea for russia to. he does not want to get into a war in ukraine further than he already has. you imagine people consider themselves brothers, cousins, sisters, family. the origins of russia and ukraine itself is from a public relations standpoint this would be terrible entering into a
1:23 pm
civil war which would cost a lot on both sides. david: as you were talking u.s. government officials will not attend the 2022 winter olympics in beijing. it's related to what were talking about with russia which is to say how we are being tested by our enemies are the least people that don't look favorably. the wall street journal had an interesting editorial called roads are on the march around the world and i'm going to read from it, the world is entering a very dangerous. , the hard man and moscow, tehran and beijing are going to test mr. biden, expand their power and smears of influence. it is not clear if or how mr. biden will respond. they are willing to take the chance that he is going to wimp out, what do you think. >> is a great piece but really what struck me the fact that the
1:24 pm
editorial board of the wall street journal did not mention north korea. that's another problem. diplomatic relations and diplomatic talks with north korea are going nowhere, north korea is going to a very tough winter with a poor economy and likely to lash out, i agree with them but i would add north korea and i worry about al-qaeda and isis in afghanistan as a home for them. they are going to test this in the united states is looked at weak and vulnerable at this point. especially after our withdrawal from afghanistan. david: iran is a particular concern. they do have the nuclear ambitions. the bottom line the trump administration did have iran on the ropes, the price of oil came down because of energy independence under president trump. all of the sanctions getting out of the deal that was struck with john kerry. iran deal. it looks like because the price of oil looks like the
1:25 pm
reinvigorated, they have money in their bank that they did not have before and they may get another nuclear deal. it really concerns me and it concerns the people i been talking to from iran in touch with people. it concerns the protesters those iranians were willing to go out in the streets in protest against the government i feeling as though they have targets on their back again. >> this is very unfortunate. i was a fan of the pressure campaign we cannot have a wrong develop and deploy a nuclear weapon. the people of iran are the victims of that regime and its policies. david: let's pray for them, they deserve our support, at least our emotional support. finally i have to ask a final question, producers are going to kill me. we could be providing the ukrainian government with things that we are not, explain. >> it could be weaponry it could
1:26 pm
be all sorts of weapons of russia decides to cross the redline and is something we need to consider because ukraine has its right to integrity independence. david: great to see you, thank you for being here. after the break, and end-of-the-year expert is rocking the price enter vice president's office. we have the details when we return. d transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. visit
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that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? david: the good news sending market soaring 765 come down just to take to the plus side, huge day for markets as they absorb good news for a change of the pandemic. a new bombshell report shedding light on the staff expert is in the office of vice president kamala harris, white house correspondent peter doocy has more from the white house, good to see you.
1:31 pm
>> good to see you, the headlines for vice president harris are getting worse, now we have this one in the washington post it says in bold. kamala harris reaganites questions about her leadership style and her future ambition. in the article there is a former staffer who anonymously says this, it is clear you're not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work but with, but you have to put up with the constant amount of soul destroying criticism and her lack of confidence. you are propping up a bully and it's not clear why. those who are confirmed or reported are symone sanders, the spokesperson, calm's director, peter bell the press operation director in california they told politico in a different story about all of this, the staff
1:32 pm
turnover will continue unless the white house takes charge and provide stewardship for the vice president's office. the stakes were the president biden is high in the narrative of division and dysfunction must be swiftly put to rest. the biden team added harris to the ticket initially as part of a political calculation they thought she could help him get here and she did. looking ahead her own political future gets a little complicated if number one she cannot help herself and number two she can't keep staffers around long enough to help her. david: peter doocy, good to see you, thank you very much from the white house. the white house press secretary jen psaki, calling it natural. listen. >> it is natural who staffers have turned their heart and soul into a job who had been ready to move onto a new challenge for few years that is applicable to many of these individuals is also an opportunity as it is any white house to bring in faces,
1:33 pm
new voices and perspectives. >> let's bring it wall street journal editorial board member great to see you. i guess it was the west wing. is what you're seeing with kamala harris staff natural? >> it's a high pressure job. a lot of people think they're going to do it longer, then they get in and they don't sustain it. certainly under president trump we had a lot of turnover in staff, more than when i worked for president bush. this is a larger problem. in some sense it is unfair to the vice president because it's about joe biden. they look at joe biden and they say we need a plan b and then they look at kamala harris and they say all my god that's our plan that plan b is paying the price she goes out and sells the president's agenda. when i was in a the white house
1:34 pm
vice president cheney went out and did a lot to sell the president's agenda. what should kamala harris cell, what policy is going to fix things except the trump remaining mexico policy, what else is there to sell, that is something that she can sell she has been given lousy hint she could make it worse with how she treats staff i don't know that but at the heart of this this is a presidential failure. david: the bottom line she does represent the far left of her party as i remember her voting record was further to the left of bernie sanders. if that is not far left i don't know what is that's what voters are rejecting, they're pushing back against the defendant police, far left me until woody. i think that's why she is a 28%
1:35 pm
approval rating. >> i don't think it was ever very high she dropped on paper a formidable candidate a big state from california woman from color. in the first debate where she basically called joe biden a racist pre-she was very strong but then it turned out when anyone responded to her, she could not answer. she continues that. when somebody answers her question she kinda giggles she does not have an answer. this is not joe biden's popularity. i am not sure that vice president harris started with the very high ranking and there was nothing that was boosted up. she stuck with the biden agenda and i think it didn't help that she was clearly an identity picked, the vice president said he was going to pick a woman and so forth. i think of the bunch of the circumstances have not made it
1:36 pm
good for her. david: i have to move on to two other issues, i want to ask is it possible that they might replacer before 2024. >> they might but is that the problem. it was on a ticket that needs replacing. david: let me move on to the supreme court, could be months before they make the decision on abortion. how will that affect the 2022 midterms? >> it will instantly bring the issue back. he should have much to do with the midterms on paper. if you return it to the state it is not the congressional delegation that will have to stay over abortion. there might be a lot of passion that people realize the state laws have been thrown out and so forth. in the end this is a healthy thing what is doing is returning to the democratic arena and the american people.
1:37 pm
one thing they decided louisiana might not be the same as what they decided new york. our constitution was made for that for having different states with different sensibilities and so forth, it is a way to live together. david: a lot of people say unless it's specifically enumerated in the constitution it is not something for the supreme court pre-there's not a word about abortion in the constitution. roe v. wade change that but they did it not by election but what the supreme court decided. we will see. finally i want to touch on a very good friend of yours, i think it your godson who is being held in prison by the chinese communist. he is a political prisoner and a lot of people are praying for him and rooting for him. how is he doing. you clearly know his family. >> is doing very well, he is on trial right now revolving around the june 4 protest and so forth.
1:38 pm
he is in jail because he's a man of principle. he is the most serious charge still yet to come, sedition charges and so forth. he just won't say what he doesn't believe, which is what they want. he's not the only one, there's a lot of other people in jail in hong kong that unfortunately no one knows over here and so forth. it shows xi jinping is bent on bringing hong kong to heal. i wonder when hong kong transferred to china in 1997 you wondered how long you really had, they always said china would be too smart to kill the goose that laid the golden egg treat i don't see that smartness now they're willing to trample over everything to get it back and these guys just ended the way. someone compared them to the guy who is sitting in front of the tank and get them in protest and so forth with the two women on trial with him. david: or the refuse next, one
1:39 pm
person in the soviet union standing up to the full power of a nuclear nation like the soviet union can really stump them. we'll see what happens in china, china is a different country and totalitarian government, god bless jimmy, he's doing great work in standing up for principle. not people do that these days. thank you for being here, we appreciate it. coming up the big apple facing big changes to the city's vaccine mandate, details coming up. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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♪ ♪. david: it would be a tough time to be a pet owner supplies have increased 5.4%, more in my neighborhood than the price of pet visits are up 3.9%.
1:44 pm
fox business madison is live at the pet groomer in new york city. >> if you own a pet you know how much we love these little guys i am borrowing kobe, we love our pets and we love taking care of them what pet owners are not loving the increase in prices on everything, over 5% worth, pet supplies, all of that that comes with it. were here in new york city, this will area yet pet supplies and accessories, why did you stop selling all of those goods. >> it became too expensive for us to buy them and to resell them at a price to pay. it rose so quickly and now we basically have nothing. >> you expanded grooming there is clippers and all of that
1:45 pm
stuff, how have you adjusted your supply-side and what are the challenges there. >> it went from a push of a button to order everything. we ordered for the wholesalers, now we do everything from the internet, amazon, anywhere we can get from a lower price we go with it. >> how is that adjusted the amount of time that goes into keeping prices low, you been trying to do that for your customers, at a certain point you are paying more or spending more time looking for all these things we are hoping everybody could get a better price what if you been telling these customers with a huge expense on top of that. >> advances like you are saying is not everything, it's not just
1:46 pm
food, newark yet to have everything, it adds up over time. when they see the bill. >> thank you so much. a lot of americans, 11 million households have added a comey or a cat to their home. we love if you own a pet and know how much they add to your life, everything that goes into keeping a pet, that price keeps going. david: i just gave my dog a wash last night. those dogs behind you are so well behaved, that is the sign of a good groomer when you see dogs willing to look happy and gracious for being cut which is a scary thing for a dog, great to see you thank you for that report, coming up new covid testing roles causing a lot of turbulence. how is it affecting travelers worldwide, the latest guidance for you when we come back. ♪
1:47 pm
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david: new covid-19 travel rules are in effect as of today. jeff flock is at the philadelphia international airport with what you need to know if you are traveling. >> taking the pulse of travelers no major snafus yet.
1:51 pm
were still waiting on the next flight coming in to philadelphia to cutter that comes in an hours time will sample what those passengers think. take a look as we walked to the international rivals hall in philadelphia at the latest rules, specifically the new testing requirements you have to have a negative test within one day. it has to be for air travelers only not focused coping across-the-board it must be a pcr or antigen test. home tests don't often work for you. also you a little bit more potential than 24 hours as luggage got the test the day before even if there's more than 24 hours before your flight. that is okay. this applies to everybody, citizens as well as anyone coming into the country over the age of two, air travel had been rebounding as you know, take a look at the latest numbers this
1:52 pm
morning from tsa on yesterday's number of passengers, we were over 2 million passengers yesterday compared to 800,000 this time last year. that is roughly comparable to what it was prepared them in. a lot of people are worried that this will have a negative impact on recovery and air travel. in addition people traveling yesterday dr. fauci said he felt bad about that, he said it was done at a time when we were in the dark we had no idea about what was going on. hopefully will be able to lift the ban in a reasonable period of time. interesting. the first thing you see when you come into philadelphia the birthplace is democracy the most famous words to the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if you travel to the u.s. you might not be happy about paying for the covid test.
1:53 pm
david: jeff flock thank you. despite the w.h.o. and president biden saying there's no reason to panic over omicron, new york city mayor bill de blasio seems to be doing just that announcing new sweeping vaccine mandate rules great infectious disease experts, doctor, good to see. thank you for being here. it does seem a mayor de blasio is jumping the gun on this. what were finding out omicron is not as dangerous as we feared. >> there is some suggestion coming out of south africa the omicron might not be a dangerous and if he can get around vaccine immunity and vaccines protect you against serious disease hospitalization and death. we want more data for that but there has been a lot of policy responses that have been driven by omicron and i think we have
1:54 pm
to find a way to right size it. in a place like new york city with the vaccination rate is really high i think the increase in debt from the mandate is probably not going to be a major push it is parts of the country that have very low vaccination where you get this, what we have is a two track pandemic everyone is heavily vaccinated in other parts of the country where vaccinations are very low. the rate is not as low. david: extraordinary thing, the w.h.o., recording from all over the world says there is not one documented case yet of somebody dying. i would call it hysteria last week and the week before and now seem basic policy exists say mistake. >> and reassuringly ever heard of any dust.
1:55 pm
i suspect that we will, we doesn't seem the worst fears about omicron. but we want a lot more data. i many policymakers acted as if this is for. >> the governor of new york canceling the elected surgeon. he said the mandates are not an effective public policy because they seem to be inhibiting people. >> were in a point where they tell the government they will often respond by being in their heels more. we have to work with people to talk to people about what questions i have and try to nudge them to get this vaccines which are lifesaving which will allow the pandemic. the mandates when they come through government.
1:56 pm
>> in terms of getting more people, thank you so much for your common sense, i appreciate it. a quick market check, the markets are doing great as a result from the omicron, crude oil is doing well, it is up about 4% is not always a good thing. that is up close to $69 for a barrel of oil. it is on pace to settle more cavuto "coast to coast" when we continue. ♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back.
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our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. david: markets close to the intraday high but if anybody can drive it higher, it is our next host for you, charles payne. takes it over. >> whoo, whoo, what a difference a monday makes. david: absolutely. charles: thanks a lot, david. i'm charles payne. this is "making money." investors buying the dip as the omicron looked less deadly than anticipated. the jury is still out but it is still a stock-picker's market, but there is head-to-head you must know about. the big business taking better, taking capitalism down with the process. will small business save the day? speaking of awful images, spacs getting spanked hear. is there


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