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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 7, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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the fed pooling in the taper in next week's meeting. dagen: as they should, with inflation such a problem for hard-working americans this is a relief that omicron is not as bad as some people first anticipated. maria: dow industrials up 320 points. great to see you both. thanks for joining us and see you again tomorrow one "mornings with maria". "varney and company" begins right now. stuart: omicron not so bad was little evidence of severe symptoms. it is pretty rapidly but it is not delta and to investors that makes all the difference. it means reopening the economy may be easier and faster. the dow after rallying 600 points is up 300 as of right now free-market. that is 1000 point run up, same
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story with the s&p, big-game monday, solid gains tuesday morning. take a look at apple, it is on a tear, 26% this year, very close to its all-time high, $170 a share. money in stocks you've got a piece of apple and morgan stanley says it is going to $200 a share. everything is up this morning. bitcoin back above 50 grand, 51,000 to be precise and interest rates holding well below the one% level, one.5%. this is an omicron ain't so bad rally, interest rate hikes put aside at least for now. 60 minutes from now president biden and vladimir putin square off in a virtual meeting. in the background a threatened
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russian invasion of ukraine. we are told biden would lay out for putin the consequences, more questions and consequences for ukraine. china threatening taiwan saying the us, diplomatic boycott of the olympics. america is being squeezed by two dictated. and everyone must get a shot by december 27th for you can't work. things schools are a mess, mayor deblasio leaves office december 31st as the worst -- wall street journal said the city can't be rid of mister deblasio soon enough.
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chris cuomo preparing to sue cnn. he was fired saturday but he wants the $18 million he thinks he is owed on his contract. the latest headline from elon musk, scrap build back better because it adds to the deficit. tuesday december 7th, '80 years to go today, imperial japan accept -- attacked pearl harbor. we remember. "varney and company" is about to begin. stuart: all fired up. all fired up. one thing we've got to check on tuesday morning is futures because look at this. this is action on the upside. apple market watcher this tuesday morning, mister super bowl as we like to call him,
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what is fueling this latest rally? >> quite a few things. as you already mentioned the latest variant being not too deadly, causing very mild symptoms, is actually a tremendous sign for everyone in that the lifecycle of the virus is as it progresses, it wants to live forever, it much less deadly and more transmissible. it is much less deadly than the last variant, the next will be less deadly. it means we are almost over the horizon in terms of covid. for over the horizon these vaccines don't become necessary because people will just get the common cold or something less than that. to say that is good news is an understatement. stuart: i've got limited time, a what about question.
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what about the federal reserve, they will raise interest rates, would that interfere with this rally. >> what will slow stocks down is the market's view on the level of tightening the fed will take place. the first three or four rate hikes are stimulative. interest rates go to one.5% that gives banks an incentive, what they need to be looking for balance sheet runoffs, quantitative tightening. after the taper, bonds rolloff the $8 trillion balance sheet or let them roll off. there's multiple contraction and will earnings growth outpace that multiple contraction? that happened this year.
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the s&p trading at 20 times. if we are out of 18 or 19 in the middle of the year, 20% earnings, we have to see, that's what we are looking for is balance sheet run off. stuart: the technical explanation of the bull run continues. >> the bottom is not going to fall out but we may be in for lower returns, mid to high single digits in equity markets and if the fed slows down we are off to the races again. stuart: mister super bowl, see you again soon. interesting story about bitcoin, the price is 51,000 just over that was a man who claims he invented bitcoin and scored a major win in court.
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how much money does this guy get to keep? >> $50 billion at today's bitcoin price. his name is craig right and he made 1.1 million bitcoin. the jury ruled he did not owe half of that to the family of his deceased business partner. really technical trial because the jury had so many questions how bitcoin and crypto currency's work and took one time to deliberate, why this is important is because users, the first ever created. right raised the tenet that i'm the founder of bitcoin. skeptics are not so sure, the jury didn't rule on that but if he is enthusiasts say, to prove you have those early tokens and could affect their price. stuart: he won in court. lauren: he says a lot of it is going to charity. stuart: he has a lot to pass
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along to charity. it is safe to say that elon musk is not a fan of president biden's build back better plan. lauren: i love elon musk. the house past $1.8 trillion social spending and climate bill which offers a tax credit of as much is 12,$500 for buying thes built by union workers, didn't hold back. >> i would say honestly, it didn't happen. i don't know. we don't think about it at all really. it might be better for the past.
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>> hands off, $7 billion go to charging stations, the private companies build the charging stations so leave my money alone, don't tax me to death. nobody needs these credits. stuart: he knows how to get a headline. lauren: we love his politics. stuart: not sure it is politics. he's a climate warrior in the extreme. i'm going to move on. president biden will speak with russia's president putin in an hour. biden says he will make it clear there are very real costs if russia takes a reaction against ukraine. todd pyro joins me. biden did hold china's feet to the fire. should we expect them to hold russia's feet to the fire? >> let's preface this by saying every american regardless of party should be rooting for resident biden today.
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we are americans. the afghanistan debacle set up what we are seeing today, we talk about the afghanistan debacle, how it would impact foreign policy for years to come. obviously china thinks we are weak, they think they can take advantage of us and today's the first opportunity to see what russia is going to do going forward. a high-stakes meeting. we need president biden to remain tough and resolute in the face of vladimir putin. the question is will he do it? the second question is how he'll we do it? stuart: an op-ed in the wall street journal, one of mister pruden's favor genetic strategies is to tempt american officials into pompous declarations and then humiliate them. pompous declarations we are going to make them hurt with these sanctions, that could be setting up humiliation from putin later. >> we are halfway there, we got
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the declarations, see what happens, 175,000 troops as reported in some outlets. i believe if you read the rhetoric, the military response is always on the table from the us but in the same breath we are probably not going to use it. you lost your leverage. the first 11 months of this administration has been leverage loss from day one. stuart: what would trump have said in the same situation? >> he would have had bluster but at the end is a putin knows the trump might have backed up as a result. can't do what you for tends to do. stuart: you have been following the story, more of vice president harris's staffers coming forward with complaints was one of them says with kamala you have to put up with the constant about the soul destroying criticism and her lack of confidence so you are constantly propping up a bully and it is not clear, that is dramatic stuff.
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multiple staffers have left. can she recover? >> i don't think that i don't think the democratic machine wants her to recover. this is part of a push to get buttigieg on the limited bench in the game for 2024. we all agree if the results were great we could all deal with a bully as a boss. i'm thinking of teams here, the patriots don't love bill belichick, a boatload of superballs, kamala harris is calling 23% not because people don't like her, but hasn't accomplished anything with her pulpit. stuart: 28%. >> it is below 30. that's not good. stuart: check those futures, the nasdaq up 271. the laundry list, hunter biden makes its way to the briefing room, the administration wants nothing to do with it.
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>> the president's son is not an employee of the federal government and i point you to his representatives. united has time or interest in exploring a reading the book. stuart: maybe so but that's not the end of the push to get answers on the subject. a parting shot, mayor deblasio in poses a vaccine mandate for all private-sector workers and expands indoor vaccine requirements for children as young as 5. new york, new york. ♪♪ ir backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility.
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stuart: that is the best christmas tree in new york city outside the building on sixth avenue, new york city. you could lose the blue tree, just stay with a lovely christmas tree, better than the rockefeller tree. futures, a nice morning, "the opening bell," we are going up 300 points up to the dow, 268 up for the nasdaq. look at american airlines gaining ground up 3%, the ceo stepping down. robert iceam takes over on march 31st. investors kind of like it but american airlines $18 a share. his final months in office mayor bill deblasio putting a vaccine mandate for private companies in place. he is expanding indoor vaccine mandates to include children 5 and older.
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doctor bob is with me. may i express the opinion this vaccine mandate is a disaster and totally unnecessary? what say you? >> this is going to make it extremely difficult for small businesses to stay above the waterline because if you lose employees right now it is difficult to find replacements so this mandate i don't think is necessary, if based on the omicron variance we don't think it is necessary. at the bad move. stuart: bring us up to speed on omicron. we believe it is fast-moving but much less severe. this at some it up with what we know so far? >> that is right. omicron is very transmissive, 5 times or transmissible than delta but the people who have gotten that infection behaved as though they had the common cold. the coronavirus is a cause of the common cold. what this means in the development of viral mutants, i
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can't say this is a highly up regulated mutants. it may be one of those that is in between high and low. it may peter out, it may provide us with some form of immunity we've not seen hereto for but we are not as concerned about the omicron as we would be leave but it is going to take two weeks to find out where we go with this. stuart: four or five weeks ago we were reporting 75,000 new cases a day. three weeks ago it was 80,000. two weeks ago it was 90,000. now it is over 100,000 new cases a day. the caseload is increasing. is that cause for concern as winter approaches? >> we predicted this for a while, this is mostly the delta variant, causes a nasty illness, cluster in your home's for thanksgiving, warm places
9:21 am
with vaccinated, unvaccinated people, no mask wearing and going to christmas where we see christmas parties and shows and all sorts of things which we expected a spike in the wintertime. i hope it is not going to be over-the-top. that would be a bad thing but mostly delta variant and not omicron. stuart: we are experiencing 1000 deaths per day. who are those people? elderly people? people who are vulnerable with disabilities? who makes up that death list every day? >> largely the unvaccinated. 99% of those patients to dyer unvaccinated, people with comorbidities, heart disease, severe diabetes, chronic lung disease, most folks over 65 are vaccinated. we are seeing a younger trend,
9:22 am
younger people, very sick. stuart: thank you for straightening things out and having such clarity. appreciate that very much. south korean officials are using the omicron variant to force teams to get vaccinated. tell me more. >> kids between 12 and 17 are not fully vaccinated, the government says they can't do certain activities, that is ultimately a threat, vaccination among teenagers as the variant takes root. 92% of south korea's adult vaccination fully vaccinated. teens 30% and they want the number to go up and they make you register for your vaccine on your phone so they track your number. south korea knows who has been vaccinated. stuart: they can contact you and follow you. i wonder if that will come here. i don't think it will. i don't think so. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it does.
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are running time to bring in a bull investor. that man is david lefkowitz. you say the s&p, one year from now will be at 5100. right now it is at 4100. make your case. >> this is still an environment where we want to buy the dips in the market. we are waiting more data on the omicron variant and how effective the vaccines will be on it. even in new vaccines they will be in the market by the middle of next year. in pretty large values. that should to the economy. consumers in great shape. jobs are plentiful.
9:28 am
cash is plentiful on consumer balance sheets and record profits. there's a lot of momentum in the economy. the only thing change is the fed. the fed is beginning to pivot, to withdraw this accommodation, they are not moving to tight monetary policy but that is down the road. stuart: that is my what about question. what about the fed? it does raise rates and when the fed raises rate stock prices either plateau or come down some. what about tax increases? capital gains tax increases may be coming down the pike. could they have a negative effect on the ball market? >> let's take the fed. in early stages of the fed tightening cycle the risks are not that large. what is crucial is when do people start to see an impact in terms of higher mortgages or
9:29 am
businesses pay more for loans. when does access to financing become more challenging? if we are moving interest rates from 0 to a quarter of a point, it's not going to have a huge impact on the economy but something to worry about down the road. taxes, the house bill doesn't have a capital gains tax increase. i don't think it would be too troubling for the market even if there was one in the tax increases they do have in the bill would probably trim corporate profits by 2 or 3 percentage points, hiring commanders, those people don't change their spending patterns so i think this economy will absorb that and there is spending to offset those tax increases so we are looking at a fed stimulus. stuart: you have been right so far. i've been ringing my hands with
9:30 am
you for months. you always reassured me and you've been right because we bounced back from last week's selling. thanks for being with us. hope to see you again before christmas and willing to the new year. 15 seconds to go, clapping and cheering, desperate to get trading. they are going public on the new york stock exchange switching from the nasdaq to the big board and the ceo will be with us later on this program. it is 9:30, we are up and running expecting a gain of 300 points. that's what we have, the dow is up 333, 35,500. the gain is one%. s&p 500 the gain yesterday, up another one and a 12:45%. the nasdaq, solid gain yesterday, up one.89%, 15,500. look at big tech.
9:31 am
all of them on the upside. picking on apple in particular, the all-time high for apple is $170 a share. that is where just opened. up another 2%. if you go down the list of the texts are higher at "the opening bell". what is morgan stanley saying about smart glasses and self driving cars? >> they raised price targets 200, 20% upside, it is all about new products. katie says apple is about to launch the meta-verse product, the glasses where you have augmented and virtual reality in one, probably the middle of next year so also boosting estimates for the iphone for the holiday quarter and last week we were talking about the bloomberg report that the demand is down and she's boosting estimates so this is a win, then you go a step further, talking about the applecart in 2025, $3 trillion market for apple with full case scenario 225 a share.
9:32 am
stuart: and worth 3 trillion soon. let's move on, shall we. another big game, intel up, something to do with the self driving car unit. lauren: make it a public company next year. they bought it for $15 billion in 2017. if they spin it off it could be valued at $50 billion, this is all about unlocking value for intel shareholders, very focused on ships and ironically mobile doesn't use chips. stuart: one of our guests, by until because they will be huge in the chip rebounds coming up. i didn't buy it. he recommended it at 46, 47, 54. tesla up a little bit $30, well over $1,000.
9:33 am
don't they have a camera issue? >> we are not calling a recall yet. they have to replace 700 fold the autopilot cameras on us-made models of the model x, doing it for free. the cameras in the front fender captures the blind spot you need for autopilot. that's a tricky subject for elon musk because of some of the crashes and that's why you don't see a recall because it has negative connotations. stuart: investors don't care. it is up 3%. >> first time tesla is up. stuart: take that back. bumble, the online dating people where women take the lead and morgan stanley says they have room to run. >> jpmorgan, upgraded bumble to await, $55 price target, a meeting with management and they said only a quarter of the
9:34 am
world's population uses dating services. you think that is a lot. i thought that was a lot. that's room to run, 75% more people you can capture and bumble has been oversold. stuart: i keep thinking of these companies is only having american marketplace. lauren: you have variants of covid. happy days are here again, the dow is up 400 points, 34,600. well over one% to the upside. last week's selling in the rearview mirror. then there's cooper business software, total turnaround. >> forecasts for the holiday quarter revenue was pretty light, you have 5 brokerages cutting price targets by a wide margin. a lot said it's not a disastrous report but no
9:35 am
near-term catalyst. i saw the stock down 11% the big turnaround now, see if anything happened we don't know about. stuart: that little computer of yours, see what the computer says. here is a turnaround. buzz feed on their debut were down. today they are up a little. lauren: yesterday they were down 50%, close 11%, very volatile because there's only a small chunk of chairs that were trading so you see outside moves coming back to%. stuart: five minutes into a tuesday morning rally following a monday rally. these are the dow winners, intel right up front, 6.4% to the upside. american express on the list, so as apple and goldman on the list. turn around to face the audience. the s&p 500 winners if i can see them. lauren: on the tomorrow.
9:36 am
i have to look that up. stuart: nasdaq winners, apple is on their coming until the top of the list. lauren: adobe and micron. the chips doing well on the intel mobile. lauren: it is a rally, dow industrials are up 385 points. show me the 10 year treasury yields, one.6%, price of gold below $1,800, $17.80 to be precise, bitcoin above 50,000, 51, 495 to be precise. where is loyal, oil is at 7160, 3% higher, natural gas, relatively warm fall and natural gas is down in price, a little bit today, 3.7, 375 per million british thermal units, not expensive. of the weather turns cold that
9:37 am
number will rise. the price of a gallon of gas would be regular across the country, 335 and in california it is for 69. >> gas is down a nickel. i'm not cheerleading that. it has come a long way but it is coming down. stuart: it continues to come down. only time will tell. let me tease the rest of the show was the white house as it is getting tough on china by not sending a diplomatic mission to the beijing olympics. >> this is an indication that it cannot be business as usual, not sending a diplomatic delegation send that message. stuart: is a diplomatic boycott of the other pics tough enough? i ask the wall street journal's bill mcgurn later on. does your job bring you joy? if not, prince harry says you should quit. that from a guy who quit his own family. more on that. halfway through from half an hour away from a high-stakes showdown between president
9:38 am
biden and russia's president putin. larry kudlow familiar with these confrontations here next with his take. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: that is bright sparkling water in rhode island 12 miles from providence, 39 degrees in the clear blue sky. those markets are rallying, 12
9:43 am
minutes into the trading session, nasdaq composite up 317 and then this, president biden and president putin of russia will hold a call at the top of the hour. larry kudlow joins me. larry, you were in the trump administration and you know what goes on in the final -- biden doesn't project the image of strength that mister trump did. will that have consequences? >> it may. after the afghanistan debacle i think it is essential. i speak as an american, these are american interests and long-term interests. not just politics in the biden administration but this is a case you have to project and show resolve, resolve, not concessions. concessions will embolden putin. i will give you an example. in 201711 met with trump at mara lago, their first meeting and it was dicey. they had a lovely dinner and then they served donald trump's
9:44 am
favorite chocolate cake and while he and xi and the rest of us were eating chocolate cake dessert trump ordered bombing of syrian airfields to stop the criminal assad from gassing his own people, that is strength hand xi found out about that, that's called strength. another point right now, let's not get tied up in diplomatic stalling. on the floor of the senate is a bill that -- an amendment to the national defense authorization. biden should throw his support towards restoring the lord stream 2 sanctions. he ended that. it was a gift to putin, a sign of weakness, concession. right now he should restore
9:45 am
that sanctions and raise the issue with of much tougher sanctions, widespread, high-value sanctions on banking, sanctions on all oligarchs, sanctions on trading and so forth and so on and why not make america the best energy independent -- instead of promoting saudi and russian drilling why don't we promote american drilling? that's the language russia understands. their only source of revenue. stuart: your suggesting our president should be more aggressive, to push hard on pruden but he's not that kind of president. he doesn't come from that position of strength when she comes from a position of weakness. it will be hard to project that strengthens press hard on putin.
9:46 am
>> i don't want to prejudge. the afghanistan debacle really set american interests back and again, at this point, this phone call in an hour or so, i did biden to perform well. i to show strength and resolution and to make it very clear to putin that the united states will take action if putin invades the ukraine or fosters some kind of coup d'état and so forth. obama sat idly by and watch russia take over crimea. that was a huge mistake. i to biden who is our president, politics should stop at the shoreline, i did him to be tough and resolute. i tim to show putin what we the united states can and may and will do if putin doesn't pull back. 175,000 troops on the border of
9:47 am
ukraine. have you ever seen anything like this, the chinese are listening and watching carefully with respect to taiwan and other actions that are going on in that part of the world and elsewhere so this is hugely important and i'm begging president biden to show resolve, take some actions right away and put our best foot forward. stuart: i have to ask about the new vaccine mandate being imposed by new york city mayor bill deblasio. it is extreme, i think it is ruinous. what say you? >> the good news is it is christmas time. he will be gone in a few weeks.
9:48 am
stuart: and the incoming mayor will cancel all of these things. >> i've spoken to eric adams who has a different view. deblasio is the worst mayor in the history of new york city and that is saying something but he will be gone in a couple weeks and you and i can wave our handkerchiefs. stuart: glad you and did it on a positive note because that is how we should do it. you are all right. kudlow weekdays 4:00 pm eastern only on fox business. china threatened retaliation after the biden administration announced a diplomatic boycott of the olympics. what will they do? >> they say they will retaliate for our disrupting of the limbic games but offered no clue as to what those countermeasures look like. are we calling their bluff? would us allies join the diplomatic boycott of the
9:49 am
olympics? new zealand has in the sense that they are blaming covid for not sending a government official but it is a nice excuse, don't get that picture of the new zealand authorities doing the handshake on tv with anybody, we will see what anybody else does but to this point, what is the possibility of the games being removed? because the athletes are not safe. stuart: at this point it is late in the game with 7 or 8 weeks to go, february 3rd they part. don't see how you can move them in time. it is not going to happen. thank you very much indeed. a big city mayor has three primary responsibility is, education, security, prosperity. new york's outgoing mayor has failed on all 3 counts, that's the subject of my taken 10 minutes. the senate taking on a bill barring the president's vaccine mandates. it may well pass. wyoming senator john barrasso is with me to discuss that in
9:50 am
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stuart: maybe there's one way to get her of the supply chain mess this holiday season, by toys made in america. jeff flock is at a factory, what has party got to do with toys? >> take a look at this, this is crazy aron's thinking buddy. you get frustrated with various political issues that sort of thing. this will take your mind off of it, stretch out all your frustrations, crazy aron, the elon musk of putty. we are in santa's workshop, a pack up for christmas, all of this is made in the usa, putty apparently is kind of a big deal because this is not silly putty.
9:55 am
we all remember that. i to to show stuart all the different kinds of made in america puttys that they have. what this one? >> the angry putty, the more you stretch it the more it fights back. >> reporter: what about this one? >> colors shifting. >> this one has the rainbow. the rainbow putty. when you hold it up to the light it is like stained-glass, the color goes right through. >> pretty amazing and they make it all here in the usa. this is the one you have in your hands. >> the super oil slick, my most beautiful. don't worry. lauren: we been in an oil slick. >>, shifting, shimmering, feels good in your hand. >> reporter: any supply chain issues? >> we made a lot of parallels
9:56 am
that worked out so we've been able to keep production running this and i christmas season keeping shelves stocked, we are excited to deliver. >> like santa's workshop maybe you could utilize this when you get a little frustrated. stuart: you just ruined that whole batch of oil slick putty, you stuck your hand into it and contaminated it. that's what you've done. >> gave it covid or something? i washed my hands earlier. stuart: flock is never speechless, never happens. you are all right, show the markets, the dow is up 400, the nasdaq up 372. apple hit an all-time high, it is now 170 all-time high, still that indiana senator mike from, senator john barrasso and the ceo of garment just ahead.
9:57 am
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to request a free wellcare guide today. or visit our website at that's wellcare. it's medicare done well. ♪. stuart: yes, start me up. that is a pretty good song to start the morning. markets are rallying big time. the dow is up 476 points. that is 1.3%. the nasdaq up 392 points. big tech always on the nasdaq, all of them sharply higher. apple hit a new all-time high at
10:01 am
$170 per share look at the rest of them go. amazon up 178 bucks. 10-year treasury yield, 1.45 as we speak. bitcoin has gone up a bit. $51,720. all up this morning. now this. a big city mayor has three primary responsibilities, education, security, and prosperity. you know, good schools, effective police force and a strong business environment. america's progressive big city mayors are failing in all three areas. new york city in particular, mayor bill de blasio days before he leaves office has introduced a vax mandate for all private sector workers in the city, 184,000 businesses must comply. get one shot by december 27th, or you can't go to work. he has tightened the rules too.
10:02 am
children five to 11 years of age must get a shot or they can't inside of a restaurant. he already failed the city's children. the schools are a complete mess. he already failed on the security issue. his anti-police policies produced a wave of violent crime. now with his draconian vax mandate he failed the city's businesses. you can say exactly the same thing about chicago, los angeles, san francisco. progressives mayors imposing progressive policies that ruin the city. here in new york de blasio leaves august on december 31st, eric adams a former police officer takes over. he promised to restore public order. we certainly wish him well. the damage has been done. it will take years to bring back education, security, and pros parity to the democrat run cities. the people hurt the most, are minorities, the very people progressives say they want to help.
10:03 am
good-bye, de blasio. second hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪. stuart: look who is here, "wall street journal" guy, bill mcgurn. here is my opinion. the mayor, the incoming mayor has got to get rid of these mandates or new york faces an absolute disaster. what says bill mcgurn? >> i agree entirely. in many ways this is a big gift to eric adams. let him rescind the de blasio order, show we're in a new era. we'll not rely on mandates and force and we'll be serious about crime. i hope eric adams rescinds it right away. he has a lot of reasons, in addition to just being bad policy. they're giving businesses no notice how they will enforce this thing. it looks like it will be another progressive grand gesture, rooted in force that will have no real health care benefits.
10:04 am
stuart: yeah. i see it exactly the same. i think it's a disaster, i really do. what a shame for this great city. i move on to something else. the administration will not send official representation to the winter olympics in bay greening. watch this, bill. roll tape. >> this is indication it cannot be business as usual. not sending a diplomatic delegation sends that message. that does not mean, i think this is your question, just to come back to it, that is the end of the concerns we will raise about human rights abuses in xinjiang. we're obviously working through the g7 and congress. stuart: do you think we're doing the right thing, bill mcgurn, a diplomatic boycott as opposed to removing ourselves from the games entirely. >> no. it is about the most hollow gesture you could have. i would support a boycott of the chinese olympics if it were the
10:05 am
culmination lot of steps of serious china policy, designed to make xi xinping think twice about his aggression around the world but instead it is likely to be a substitute for a real china policy which i think is what it is for the biden administration. they're trying to make a gesture, largely meaningless, but to show they're doing something. look, we have china developing new weapons that we saw. we see them interfering in taiwan east airspace. we saw them preventing filipino marines being resupplied in a disputed area in the south china sea. there is a lot going on there and the biden administration has no coherent response. i think right now the priority has to be to help taiwan defend itself. it is the freest chinese society in the world. if china takes it over it
10:06 am
completely changes the strategic map in asia. stuart: around don't look weak, please, mr. president. bill mcgurn, thanks for being here. we'll see you real soon. thanks. new data restrictions are making it harder to get information on the true state of china's economy. what do we know? lauren: if you look at president xi's policies, restricting data, sharing date with respect to health care, public finance, infrastructure. the covid policy continues to shut down the economy and generally suspicious view of outsiders made the chinese economy opaque just as its presence on the world stage grows. u.s. officials and companies resorted to satellite imagery to gauge how their power plants are running, their port activity. when you couple the secrecy to obstruction of international health officials going in, examining the cause, origin of covid. then as bill was talking, recent hypersonic weapons tests you
10:07 am
build the narrative china can absolutely not be trusted and the world might pull away. stuart: they are playing hardball. >> they are playing hardball. stuart: get back to the markets. scott shellady is with me. scott, i've been saying this rally, this is nice rally, part of it due to omicron as it is call is not that bad. yes, it is transmissible but not severe. do you think that is the reason we got this nice bounceback? >> i think that is most of the reason of the bounceback, some parts of the region going unspoken, maybe the u.s. economy will not be able to handle a fast taper and quick interest rate rises but might slowly but surely walk that back, and we might see more continued to see more free money. that is a little bit to do it. look how bad the jobs number was on friday. we stopped talking about. i don't i think other people
10:08 am
have. largely omicron will not be as bad as the fear porn mongers said it would be and i also think with the economy not doing as well as folks think. goldman sachs downgraded their gdp for next year. we have real challenges. if you get the tax hikes through. what will the world look like next spring? i don't think it will look as good as today. that's for sure. stuart: i think you're right on that one. saudi aramco warning that social discord, rampant inflation if fossil fuels are ditched too quickly. i understand the oil and gas will play a significant royal during the transition and beyond will be hard for some but admitting this reality will be far easily than dealing with energy insecurity, rampant inflation and social unrest as the prices become untoably high. how about that? social unrest, rampant inflation if we ditch fossil fuels too
10:09 am
quickly. i'm sure you agree with that? >> well, unfortunately i do agree with that stuart. look what happened last year in texas when we went to wind and solar, all of a studden they had a cold-snap. this guy is not talking about something that might happen in the future. it is already happening today. that is the problem. we're too willing to throw our own workers under the bus when we go away to the big climate exchanges we'll adhere to these rules but let everybody else pollute. we throw these people, middle class under the bus that work in these industries, number one, but number two, because of revolution, not evolution. we make things way more expensive than they should be to switch over to wind and solar that cannot handle our energy grid. that is when social unrest comes in, people make choices about food or fuel. heat or fuel. that is a recipe for disaster right there we're doing it to ourselves. we're doing it to the middle class. it will be another big transfer
10:10 am
of wealth from the poor to the rich. stuart: i will leave it on that down note unfortunately, scott. we usually leave it with a big smile but not quite today. scott shellady. you're all right. we'll see you again soon. thank you, scott. >> all righty. stuart: we have movers to look at. start with true panoino. i believe pet insurance. lauren: they're partnering with chewy. demand for pets going up. chewy has 20 million customers. petco and fresh pet they're up in a big way too. 3 1/2%. stuart: some day you should come to hoboken, new jersey. everybody has bottom a dog. everybody has got a dog. everywhere. lauren: two dogs. adopting not one but two. not a dog where i live. y'all get together to walk at the same time. stuart: amazing. merck is down 1.7%. what is the story? lauren: not a huge move but the worst performer on the s&p 500
10:11 am
today. news they got a downgrade from guggenheim to neutral from buy. they removed their price target. don't see a pipeline catalyst for 2023. you say antiviral for covid. stuart: yeah. lauren: sales are expected to be limited. they had some bad data on an hiv drug. stuart: boeing is higher. got a big order from somebody? lauren: from a miami based private equity firm. fore30 of the 737 max jets. that is good news for the plane. worth $7.2 billion. stuart: toyota, is up less than 1%. what is the story? lauren: news is really good for the state of north carolina. that is where they're building a new $1.3 billion plant that will build electronic, electric vehicle batteries for hundreds of thousands of evs over four years, creating 1750 jobs, paying an average of $62,000. stuart: what did north carolina give them to get the factory?
10:12 am
lauren: incentives, $435 million over two decades if they meet certain targets. this is a win for north carolina. typically the car plants go to south carolina. the fact that batteries are made in the u.s., recent polls have shown a lot of americans are not quite ready for an electric vehicle but they will be more ready when the batteries come from the united states and not china. that is good news. stuart: i didn't know that. we'll take it. lauren: batteries come from the u.s. stuart: children, kids, as young as five will have to show proof of the jab at new york city restaurants if they want to get in and eat. andy puzder will deal with that in our next hour. it is amazing what they're doing in new york. white house dodges questions about hunter biden's sale of chinese assets. roll tape. >> first attorney says he finally divested from the chinese investment fund controlled by state-owned entities. can you commit to basic transparency about that
10:13 am
transaction? >> on first, the president's son is not an employee of the federal government. stuart: wasn't much of an answer from press secretary jen psaki. we'll have more on that a bit later. president biden speaking with russia's putin. we have a report from the white house coming up for you. ♪ flexshares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. what's strong with me? for a prospectus coi'm ready for anything.on. find out what's strong with you with fitbit charge 5 and daily readiness.
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♪ stuart: not so sure i really like the music but i really love that tree. that is the best christmas tree in new york city. it is right outside of our building on sixth avenue in
10:18 am
new york where it happens to be 40 degrees and rather cold. we're only 18 days from christmas. beautiful tree. lauren: we're always taking pictures in front of it, morning, noon, and night. whenever i'm here. stuart: we should do a segment near the tree. why not? it is christmas. look at the markets. it is a rally. things are moving up as we speak, why, senate leader schumer moments ago, said he is optimistic about dealing with the debt ceiling, avoiding a government default. that is a shot in the arm. nasdaq is up. look at amazon they're launching alexa together. will help people remotely care for loved ones. 20 bucks a month. 200 bucks a year. amazon up 2.25%. as of now president biden is holding a videoconference call with a, what is that a virtual meeting. that is what it is, russia president putin.
10:19 am
hillary vaughn on capitol hill. hillary, have we heard anything out of that meeting yet? >> no, stuart, we haven't. we aren't expecting to. we are expecting to get a readout after this zoom meeting between president biden and russia's president vladmir putin. there are questions whether or not this zoom diplomacy is actually going to be effective. while the biden administration officials say that the point of this call is to say there will be very real costs if russia would take military action against ukraine, he will also lay out a range of actions to putin that the u.s. and its allies would take including additional sanctions if russia invades ukraine. but some republican lawmakers here on capitol hill are calling into question whether or not biden is using all of the tools at his disposal. one of the economic sanctions and leverage issues that they want to see him use is energy. they say we should b ramping up our energy production here in
10:20 am
the u.s. to put russia in a tough spot. >> let's say i don't think he is quaking in his boots but joe biden has no one to blame but himself for this situation in russia on the ukraine border. all year long he has been appeasing vladmir putin. first he gave him his number one priority, no strings attached extension of nuclear arms control treaty that greatly favors russia. second he granted him construction of the nord stream 2 pipeline. three he had weak response from cyberattacks that originated from russia and or russian nationals. reporter: people here are all concerned it is all tock and not enough action from the biden administration a lot of lawmakers think china will be listening and watching very closely how the biden administration handles any russian aggression against ukraine. china will be taking notes to see if they get away with the same thing with taiwan.
10:21 am
stuart: hillary, got it. thank you very much indeed. we're waiting to hear and i'm sure you will give you anything. christian whiton is here to break it down. christian, what does biden consider success combing out of this meeting? what does he want? >> certainly hasn't defined it. certainly hasn't explained it to the american people. you see bipartisan failure in washington. no one is explaining to the american people what u.s. interests are in ukraine which are very, very limited. i suppose biden could take it as success if russia didn't invade ukraine. of course they will have achieved a goal nonetheless which is to show they can invade ukraine and to intimidate ukraine. what russia really wants out of this ukraine not to become a member of nato. that is a red line for them. unlike us when vladmir putin says he has a red line he means it. another red line for them, they don't want any u.s. missiles in ukraine that would probably lead
10:22 am
to war. stuart: seems we are in the middle of a squeeze. china is squeezing taiwan and the whole pacific region. russia is squeezing ukraine with troops on the border. we're in the middle and i suspect that afghanistan we look a little weak. it be like this. no american wants our president to look weak in a situation like this. i agree that is where we are. do you agree with that? >> i think weakness is provocative. i think it is overstatement xi xinping is deciding what he will do with taiwan over what putin does ukraine. i think those are pretty independent. huge uncertainty would incur attacking taiwan, he has olympics and big party conference. clearly the withdrawal from afghanistan has ramifications for the world. the world has decided with unipolar moment as it is called with americas at the top is
10:23 am
over. our failed foreign policy establishment hasn't realized that. both sides running around sounding like john wayne. opposite of the what teddy roosevelt said, not doing big stick, soft voice. it is the opposite. stuart: quote from the "wall street journal," walter russell mead op-ed. you may have seen. putin get america into pompous declarations and humiliates them. what do you say? >> walter is right. we said we have ironclad commitment to ukraine. why? no u.s. interests there. we don't have mute all alliance. we don't have a ironclad agreement. if vladmir putin walked in, we could do the nuclear sanctions, kick them out of swift. oil sanctions haven't worked. so far we're big on talk. stuart: yes we are. thanks very much indeed, christian, always a pleasure. see you again real soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: before we go to the next item i do want to look at the
10:24 am
market again please. this is a very, very strong rally. the dow is up 500 points. the nasdaq is up over 400 points. just a few moments ago on the floor of the senate, senate leader schumer says he was optimistic about dealing with the debt limit and avoiding a government default. that i think is important for investors. it is pushed the market up to another leg higher. 500 up for the dow. 400 for the nasdaq. almost 100 for the s&p. there is this. jen psaki was asked a question about hunter biden's sale of chinese assets. what did she say? lauren: she dodged the basic question. define hunter's role in a chinese linked company that invested in companies sanctioned by the u.s. >> the president's son is not an employee of federal government. i would point you to his representatives. as it relates to the book, i neither have the time or interest in exploring or reading the book. go ahead. >> go ahead, teen that if i think i answered your question.
10:25 am
you can go to the representative of the person who is not an employee of federal government. go ahead, tina. i think we have to move on. lauren: we have to move on. they can't move on. hunter's relationship with china, russia, other adversaries of united states. the question, does it embolden the adversaries with their relationship. stuart: does china have something on biden because of hunter? what have think got? is there something there? lauren: there has to be an investigation at some point. stuart: should be. there is this, elon musk wants to start putting microchips into humans next year. he is touting the benefits of his neurolink brain chip. tell you about it. if you're waiting on an on line order to arrive, don't hold your breath. a record number of cargo ships are anchored off the california coast. some have been waiting since october. we have the latest on the huge backlog after this.
10:26 am
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guide from humana. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. stuart: okay that market rally still going strong. not backing off at all. the dow is up 500.
10:30 am
nasdaq is up 400. this is basically a omicron ain't so bad rally. that's what i'm saying. by the way we got you our first headline from the biden-putin summit or virtual meeting. the president told putin hopes next time they can meet they can meet in person. the call began at 10:07 this morning. i don't believe it is over, but that is the first headline we got. the president, our president wants to meet him in person next time around. we're looking at some movers. one being nordstrom department store. they are up. lauren: takeover chatter, i'll sorry, spin-off chatter, so used to saying takeover, that they spin off the online business. that is being circulated on twitter. there are reports going around. you saw this with kohl's and also macy's. department stores, activist investors to improve the business, separate the online business from the brick and mortars. you still need brick and mortars because people need a place to
10:31 am
return the online orders. stuart: yes they do. apple the story of the day. lauren: this really is. morgan stanley says it going to $200 a share. that is 20% upside. they're about the launch the augmented and virtual reality products, glasses you need for the metaverse, gaining steam, likely to do so by middle of next year. wedbush dan vice, bull case for apple 225 a share, giving the company a 3, 3 1/2 trillion dollar market value. stuart: what about mcdonald's? lauren: new high. the drive-thru really strong. they improved major markets the time by 30 seconds over the past two years. stuart: that is important. lauren: fast-food. stuart: fast-food must be fast. lauren: i agree. i hate you can't get out of the line. i tried to do that. stuart: i never drive through. i go inside. lauren: i have three kids with me all the time. i hear you. that would be faster. stuart: i hear you. i'm moving on. garmin transferring to the new
10:32 am
york stock exchange, 21 years almost to the day after the ipo on the nasdaq. the president and ceo is cliff pemble, he joins me now. cliff, thanks for coming on the show. an important day for you. why the switch? why leave nasdaq to go to the nyse? >> thanks, stuart and good morning. over the last 21 years our stock evolved a lot, the company has evolved a lot. we diversified our position and share hold composition. this move which believe nyse bring as human element we're looking for in the trading and we believe it will help as a management team and benefit our shareholders, cliff, i always think of garmin as the gps people. i think you were the first way back when. but now everybody uses their phone to do gps stuff. you, i think, your company moved on to smartphones. is that accurate? >> no, not really. we actually are what we would
10:33 am
call an application of gps company. so everything that we do performs an important function that the user is interested in. so we make smartwatches. we make equipment for aircraft and boats as well as cars. we make a whole host of other consumer devices that use gps as one of its features but we're heavily focused on the application of gps in our products. stuart: crowded field though. you have competition to apple, fitbit and others. >> we try to differentiate ourselves from all the other major players. we do things unique for our uses that are important to them. we are able to carve out very strong niches in every one of our markets because of that. stuart: do you have any supply chain issues? >> well i think every company has supply chain issues. we're navigating through those. we're highly vertically integrated company. we believe holding inventory and safety stock. we work strongly with suppliers,
10:34 am
having work day-to-day with them. army of engineers that help us redesign products when we run into trouble. we're doing okay. everybody company has its challenge. stuart: thanks for coming on the show today. when you transfer from the nasdaq to the new york stock exchange. i see you're up 1 1/2%. you are doing okay. thanks for joining us, cliff. we appreciate it. >> thanks so much, stuart. stuart: got it. total change of subject, i mean total change of subject. china is reportedly hiding missiles, okay, where are they hiding them and why are they doing it and where are they taking them? lauren: a report in the sun, the answer is they're hiding them in shipping containers. stuart: sorry. lauren: your reaction. stuart: not to you, just to our previous guest. i don't think i did that very well, quite frankly. go ahead with the china missile. lauren: i'm sensitive to your movements, stuart. i sit right next to you, i think this is scary. they operate the big vessels, speaking of supply chain, right? ses develops stacked with
10:35 am
shipping containers. you can put a missile, if they are indeed doing this, in one of the shipping containers, you can turn the container as a warship. you can fire anywhere in the world. that is where the vessels go. stuart: that is a good story. i'm i interrupted your broadcast with my complaints how i horn delled the previous interview. this is why i don't do ceo interviews. i don't do them very well. i just don't. lauren: i think that was fine. i actually thought you were upset about something else. stuart: no, i'm not. lauren: shall we me on? stuart: yes. to the markets, please. give me some good news. the dow is up 500. the nasdaq is up a whopping 427 points. i got to believe that big tech is doing well all across the board. show me please. yes it is. new high for apple, 170.60. microsoft is up, et cetera, et cetera. big tech is doing very well. lauren: nasdaq up almost 3%. almost. stuart: it is? that is huge. recovery, isn't it? they have been down recently but intel is up 3.8%.
10:36 am
they're doing something with the, spinning off their -- lauren: autonomous driving. stuart: that is what it is. maybe i should interview the president or ceo of intel? lauren: that would be great. stuart: you never know. thank you very much. a mom shays hereof her 13-year-old son was given the covid jab at school in exchange for a pizza. we're not joking. we do have the story too. the senate will vote this week on a bill barring president biden's vaccine mandate. senators john barrasso teaming up with joe manchin to kill those mandates. he will join me after this. ♪.
10:37 am
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♪. stuart: today, decemberth, marks 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor. 40 survivors have gone back to hawaii to commemorate this day. connell mcshane is there. he spoke to some of the survivors. tell us what think said, connell. reporter: it is unbelievable, stuart. their stories are remarkable. the fact so many of them are here is remarkable in and of itself. you heard there is a heavy storm system working its way through hawaii the last few days. we've been hit with heavy rain, flooding in and around the honolulu area. to your point, 40 survivors thereabouts made their way to the memorial 80 years after the attacks. there are additional 100 plus world war ii veterans here as well. we spoke to some of them as they were arriving in hawaii. talking about people in their mid to late 90s, some are over 100 years old. they all seemed to emphasize how important it was personally to be here.
10:42 am
it was emotional as we listened to their stories. listen to 97-year-old bryce johnson, originally from stanley, wisconsin. >> just brings tears to our eyes when i think of all the people that didn't return. and we're so fortunate people we did return. it just, i, i'm not in very good health. i'm blind. i can't hear. and i have to use a wheelchair but i still -- [inaudible]. that is the most important thing i can say. reporter: most important thing he can say. still a patriot. he is able to say that thanks to a group of california veterans a group calls themselves on the bus here, world war ii veterans from orange county. they raised $28,000 in a matter of weeks so people like that
10:43 am
could make their way here. bring a family member, caregiver with them. 2403 people were killed on that day in december 7, 1941. nearly 2000 more injured with the japanese attack. the uss arizona memorial is final resting place for 1100 sailors and marines. the ship still rests offshore in pearl harbor. they will have a ceremony in two hours. includes a moment of silence, wreath presentation and presentation by the navy as well. the main attraction, another man 99 years old. he said he was 99 1/2 as a matter of fact fact, her bet, he said to us, his memory is veryvivid. he refer remembers having breakfast. there was a plane coming in. he didn't think much and a bullets were landing near where he was standing. my god, that is a japanese
10:44 am
plane. you can hear the surprise and anger in his voice 80 years later. so important for him to be here. stuart: i'm so glad the men made it there in the storm that hit hawaii over the last 36 hours. connell mcshane at pearl harbor. thank you very much. i will switch gears, the senate will vote on a bill barring president biden's vaccine mandate. likely to pass with support from senator manchin. senator john barrasso joins me now. you're teaming up with senators braun. do you think senator manchin will vote with you guys to kill this vaccine mandate? >> well i do believe that, stuart but let me tell you, joe biden ran for president hiding in his basement saying essentially he was the cure for covid and would do a great job. well he is isn't the cure, he hasn't done a great job. people know he has fumbled the ball. i am a doctor. i will tell you pro-vaccine but
10:45 am
antimandate. to my the mandate is a massive overreach by the government, by this administration. so far the courts agree with me. so i think this mandate has actually made things worse but hardening people against the vaccine. so we'll vote today. this week i believe we are going to win that vote with a bipartisan, every republican is going to be for it as will joe manchin and the fight will go on. stuart: what happens? if you win this fight in the senate, either today or whenever, what happens? does it have to go to the president's desk to sign it because he won't sign it, what happens? >> the courts are acting on this as well. sure the president, i expect him to veto. but, stuart, we have 10 million jobs open in america right now, help-wanted signs everywhere, record high inflation. what does the president want to do? he wants to take a wrecking pool a sledgehammer to our workforce.
10:46 am
he wants to fire people who have been going to work every day through the pandemic. we're talking about police officers, firefighters, nurses, people across the economy, who have opinion going to work and he is saying, if you're not vaccinated you're done. to talk about the inconsistencies of this administration, so he is going to fire border patrol agents but at the same time the border is being overrun by people not tested, and not vaccinated. so it is no surprise when i look at this, that the president is staring at record high inflation numbers and record low approval numbers. stuart: you were an orthopedic surgeon. worked for 24 years as a doctor. how do you feel about the vaccine mandate on health care workers? >> i'm against the mandate overall and specifically in our rural communities because this administration continues to turn a blind eye to the needs of rural america when it comes to
10:47 am
health care. we've had rural hospitals closed following obamacare and this is going to make it worse, this mandate. and that is why at this point 10 rural states have filed suit. wyoming is one of them. the courts have agreed with us. what's happening is, the administration is saying if you're receiving medicare or medicaid dollars, then your nurses, your volunteers, your doctors, people there at the clinics and the nursing homes, either vaccinate or terminate and we are always struggling to profind health care providers in rural america this will make it harder to supply staff to take care of patients. patients will suffer. why i say this fight will go on, stuart. stuart: mr. senator, we'll follow the vote and follow the fight. thanks for being with us on pearl harbor day. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. check the markets again, why not? markets up across the board with very solid gains.
10:48 am
look at it go. green across the board. are is this? prince harry quit being a royal and now he says you should quit your job if it doesn't bring you joy. so where can we apply to be a royal? we've got the story in the 11:00 hour. a little facetious about it there i think. shortages, inflation, supply chain issues, forced many companies to raise prices, that include's mike's hot honey. the brand's ceo is here talking about the company trying to stay afloat. he is next. ♪. i promise - as an independent advisor - to put the financial well-being of you and your family first. i promise to serve, not sell. i promise our relationship will be one of partnership and trust.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
stuart: all right. new video rolling in of biden and putin's videoconference. we're watching for any headlines, of course. what you're seeing is video from putin's perspective. okay? that's it. check the markets. still got the rally going. this is the omicron ain't so bad rally. plus senator schumer says they will get the government, what is it, the ceiling, the debt ceiling, they will fix that, avoid a government default.
10:53 am
the market discuss loves it. green across the board. then there is this, mike's hot honey will soon announce price hikes. he has to do it to stay in business. inflation is really hurting. the ceo is matt beacon and he joins me now. matt, i want to go through some areas where you might see price increases like freight rates. how much are they up for you? >> you know it really depends depending what part of the region, what part of the country we're sending product to but across the board they're going up on any given week, on any given day we see changes moves the needle. stuart: raw materials are going up, wages are going up, so what is the price hick you have to put in place? >> we haven't formally announced any price increases yet. you know, we have quite a bit of scale and efficiency in what we do. we're a nationally distributed brand in the honey aisle in your
10:54 am
local grocers, even despite the scale and efficiency we're seeing it will be really hard for us to absorb all of those cost increases. stuart: are you in danger of going out of business? >> i would, no, we're not in danger of going out of business but i think we're forced to radically look at our business differently and put all options on the table but, i think we're more fortunate than a lot of our peers out there such that we make one great product. it is mike's hot honey. that sort of focus gives us the scale and efficiency we need to weather some of these storms but certainly a lot of price pressure and it is forcing us to look at things a lot differently. stuart: you're based in brooklyn, i believe, brooklyn, new york. i'm sure you've seen the new vaccine mandate that has been handed down by our mayor, the mayor of new york city. is that going to affect your business? >> no. it is not a particular concern for us. we've been, you know, in this covid pandemic for almost two
10:55 am
years now. it has thrown our business some curveballs but, but no, we're not particularly concerned about that mandate and we want our employees to be healthy, to be safe and, if those are the things that we need in order to make that happen, we're not too concerned about that. stuart: mike, we wish you well. we hope your business thrives. we appreciate your visit today. mike's hot honey. >> thank you. stuart: look at market. real interest there. the dow is up 562 points. the nasdaq is up 444. this is the best one-day, the best two-day rally because the stock market was way up yesterday. the best two-day rally i can remember for a very long time. various factors in play here, primarily omicron doesn't look to be that bad. so the opening up trade is on again. plus, we don't have a serious rise in interest rates even though we know the fed is going to raise rates at some point next year.
10:56 am
add it all up, there is plenty of green on the market today. still ahead on this program, kate at this katy mcenany. has a lot of people worried. put hundred has a lot of experience in this faceoff. he sees a weakened american president fending off cries she is on all fronts. that is my opinion and it is in "my take" next. ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> the bottoms not going to fall out, we may be in for a period of over returns, once the fed says that will be off to the races again. >> a lot of momentum in the economy and the only thing that is changing is the fed. >> today is the first opportunity to see what russia is going to do going forward. we need joe biden to remain tough and resolute in the face of vladimir putin, will he do it and how will he do it.
11:01 am
>> i want biden to show strength and resolution. >> this is hugely important. and baking has invited to show resolve and take action right away and put our best foot forward. neil: 11:00 o'clock eastern time, december 7, checked the markets, very solid valley for the second day in a while the dow is up 580, the nasdaq 440 and sap is now up 100 points, big tech doing extremely well all across-the-board, i have apple avenue hi, $170 per share. they're all on the upside by several percentage points in the ten year treasury yield no big deal there, 1.45%. that's pretty low, mike murphy
11:02 am
is with me. i explained this rally with being a part of the result of omicron is not that bad, back to work is in order. what is your explanation for this rally. >> all give some of it to the omicron, we tell selloff of steep cello to the downside we see this quite a bit over the last two years it could be a lot of things, could be omicron, when rates start to spica you see a selloff, we got the over the last few weeks. hopefully people watching your show did not panic sell, hopefully they looked at as a buying opportunity, new highs coming soon. neil: i'll tell you the truth i almost did do some selling last week because i was getting anxious, at my age your
11:03 am
portfolio diminished significantly before you retire. i was very anxious but i was proven wrong again. you been right by saying by the dip in big tech, you been saving for years and years and you been right. will you continue saying for years and years and years? >> if you ever thinking about selling you have my cell phone number. right now in the story is still intact, we have low interest rate in effect that is accommodative in the large tech companies that are using the innovation and the new ways will live our lives in the future earnings will follow suit for the time being until something changes any selloff is an opportunity to add to your portfolio. >> this would turn this around no growth for stock prices.
11:04 am
what with a single factor be. >> where the inner potential for much higher taxes which be short-term negative if it's not something unforeseen i don't see anything on the rise and or the fed doing anything to spook the market, as long as these companies are allowed to continue to operate as they are as long as they continue to innovate their earnings will go up and i'll drive the market higher. right now steady as she goes. >> if congress wanted to break up any of the big tech. would they be worth more separated out than whole? >> for the most part, yes, intel announced they will selloff their self driving car unit.
11:05 am
roughly $50 billion if you broke up any of these companies, some would be worth a lot more in some cases than what they are right now. that would only help drive more of a rally in my opinion. >> mike murphy still bullish all these years, merry christmas now this. the biden putin face-off has begun and has a lot of people worried to use a slang expression, putin is yanking biden chain, 100,000 troops on ukraine's border, that's an invasion threat those trips are direct challenged america. in response were told that biden will threaten tough sanctions or more weapons for ukraine or more american troops in poland. putin has vast experience and he sees a weakened american president said enough crises on all fronts biden exited afghanistan and putin was watching. biden is slumping in the polls
11:06 am
and seen as a lame-duck in his cognitive ability is widely question putin knows his opponent is weak and will no doubt exploit it. she shaping is watching this he is laughing, who knows what he has on biden 200 laptop he is certain in taiwan and squeezed through arrivals may become enemies. as i could with the president of the united states looks weak and confused with facing aggressive dictators at that. that's where we are. three more years of the biden heresy. kayleigh mcenany joins me the prosecutor for president trump. >> what could biden hope to get out of this, best case what can he help for. >> is hoping to communicate and remove the troops from ukraine if you were to invade ukraine there will be sanctions and return i don't want ukraine
11:07 am
joining nato these are nonstarter's but two interesting pieces of reporting came out, cnn has half a dozen sources saying this contingency plans to withdraw u.s. citizens in the event that russia were to invade, that is in the event not necessarily now but pretty extraordinary, most extraordinary jennifer jacobs from bloomberg reporting apparently the united states the same germany pullback nord stream 2 f russia was to invade that is extraordinary because biden related nord stream their coming up with offers of contingency plans. neil: that is all in fresh invade ukraine. he hasn't done that and he will be in a position to do that for another month until he gets 175,000 troops. >> we don't know we don't have firm intelligence that they know one way or another but we see the troops building on the border. neil: what worries me our president looks weak that's not
11:08 am
a good thing no american wants a president to look weak with hostile dictators. i worry about that. >> russia doesn't look at worth a look action and when they look at the chop administration they saw 60 intel officers taken out of the country in the confluence closing on the west coast and they felt the sanctions. with biden green lighting of nord stream 2, these entities to pass or go for these without telling perceive it very different sets of actions. neil: vice president harris is facing an exodus of staff, two former staffer slammed her for the toxic management style. what is the endgame, people are losing confidence in the vice president. i don't see what you do about the. >> this is a big problem she had staffing issues going back for two decades. when you start to lose popularity and one of the least popular president in history
11:09 am
according to polling that's when disgruntled staffers start to chirp we see them leaving now the talking publications about the hostile work environment. the key take away be nice to others because it's coming back to bite kamala harris. neil: she cannot be the presidential candidate in 2024, not with this. >> i think those days are done in the left-wing are whispering about pete buttigieg in 20242028 even the left-wing has moved on from kamala harris. neil: if something happens for president, god for bid but if something does happen vice president harris is the president of the united states with this in the background. >> absolute total confidence. one of the interesting parts is that she does not read the briefings and when things go poorly for her she blames the staff that level of incompetence or exactly right, one heartbeat from the presidency.
11:10 am
>> i want to move on to your book, the title is for such a time as this my faith journey through the white house and beyond. you faced a lot of challenges in your life, i know you personally and the challenges you faced in your christian. christianity has taken you through the challenges. >> absolutely the low points which was tough in the white house like president trump getting covid, i got covid in my personal life challenges, genetic mutation but what is interesting nobody wants to go to the challenges in trouble but it's christ that showed up and i hear 300 other christians sending me messages were bible versions that match during the time of trouble. it's those moments that i feel like my faith is the most strong. >> you never brought that out as press secretary to the president. i never heard you mention that at the podium when you're answering the hostile questions. >> i wore my cross, you didn't know there was tears in the
11:11 am
white house prosecutor's office i was so nervous to take the podium the first day. that's when vice president pence looked at me and said i been praying for you, which i tweeted, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and the product that we put forward is only made possible because of the prayers of many across the country. >> put that book back on the screen please. the title such a time as this. that is a wonderful thing. we will be watching you 12 noon today on outnumbered on the fox news channel. neil: you'll say it one day on air, welcome to ambush. neil: thank you. a nice rally going on there are significant movers including salesforce. lauren: 13 been up with for the have a subscription for contractors and repair
11:12 am
technicians for people to drive f150 suspected $39 a month, sales first software would help them digitize. neil: tell me about intel a very strong game. >> ceo says bidding off the car unit called mobile life could value of $50 billion and most of that transaction would flow to intel he would retain a seat on the board. .lauren: the number one s&p 500, gain of 7.7% disability is% increase since may of 2020. i do not have immediate news from government for cybersecurity. neil: something is going on if it's up 7%. elon musk company wants to start implanting brain chips into humans year. that is a story in a half and i
11:13 am
want to. will bring it to you next. five -year-olds will need a vaccination card to eat in restaurants in new york city. that will hurt everybody in the city. andy puzder will take it on shortly. the governor of texas greg abbott deploys a blockade of boats to stop migrants from crossing the rio grande. it is texas not the feds the star reporter bill melugin has a report next ♪ ♪
11:14 am
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11:17 am
from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. neil: portable juul has seen a 162% and spike in the rio grande valley since october the first.
11:18 am
way up and despite the remaining mexico policy being reinstated, the border patrol since they don't expect to spend spend the flow of migrants. >> good morning those agents are telling us of the past few days it's been the busiest activity they have had a quite some time just to put into perspective would hearing from a dhs source in the last 24 hours in the rio grande they've apprehended more than 1800 illegal immigrants. will show you the activity take a look at this video. the rated maine and mexico policy not sign anything down when it comes to that one source telling us midday yesterday there was more than 700 apprehensions in the rio grande valley alone. take a look at the second piece of video more the family unit showing up a group of 30 or 40 who showed up five minutes down
11:19 am
the road and gave themselves up. there was only one agent to apprehend and process all of those people. we know such as family units crossing, there's quite a few runners. take a look at the third piece of video this is one of the groups of runners that were apprehended you will see them in handcuffs and sent back to mexico some are wearing the neon colored wristbands it says goddess, that means arrivals either human cargo for the cartel. they paid to get across, once they get here the runners have to find their own way to get inland further without being apprehended by law enforcement. is not just the state of texas where this is happening. if we can pull up these images yuma, arizona border patrol completely overwhelmed right now and local reporting saying more than 3000 illegal immigrants in the custody of border patrol in yuma with another 800 camped out near the border wall waiting to be apprehended, border patrol
11:20 am
does not have nearly the amount of infrastructure or resources in the rio grande valley. listen to what one of the migrants said about why they're coming right now. it sounds like the trying to get ahead of reimplementation every maine and mexico. take a listen. >> a lot of people who were planning to come here as soon as possible. >> based off of what were hearing so far with remaining mexico it is only been restarted in el paso they're planning to move into brownsville and the radio. quite frankly those areas where there's not a lot of activity going on. nothing has happened with remaining mexico in the rio grande valley or in del rio. those are the two biggest hotspots it does not mean it will happen in the future but nothing is happened yet. we know the administration does not want to bring back remaining mexico. they disagree and the only reason to listen to the court
11:21 am
order will have to see what happens with that. that's incredible 1800 apprehensions in the area in the last 24 hours grade reporting, always appreciated. after that i'm going to change subjects. new york city's mayor, bill de blasio expands the city's vaccine mandate. enter big time. study december 14, kids age 5 - 11 will need to show proof of vaccination for all indoor dining, fitness and entertainment, two doses will now be needed for new yorkers over the age of 12. mayor de blasio is floating the idea of boosters for all out else. he likes mandate. andy puzder drains me now. to me what they're doing in new york with the vaccine mandates is draconian and disastrous for the city, why am iran. >> you're not wrong. >> i went to my favorite restaurant and they asked me for
11:22 am
my vaccination card, that the first time i've ever been asked for vaccination card tennessee they do not care. if your business under your biggest problem is finding employees and once you find them getting them to show up for work. this really hurts if they've got to be vaccinated, and some are not going to want to be vaccinated. secondly it discourages people from coming into the restaurant. if you haven't been vaccinated your inequity come to the business and spend your money. hurts small businesses. in the city their suffering walk around and talk to anybody. people are in trouble they don't know what to do or how to stay open. it's a problem luckily he won't be mayor for much longer but let's see the next administration. neil: you spent time in tennessee i spent time in florida have you noticed the difference we did tennessee, florida in new york city, it is day and night. >> bill maher who i very rarely agree although recently have agreed with him where he was talking how depressing and red
11:23 am
states and people living there lives in tennessee you living your life if you go to the doctor airport you don't wear a mask nobody cares. neil: this is an authoritarian government. >> integrate data talk about freedom, our freedoms are being limited by the blood in the administration in her current leftist trends. neil: i know you were appointed chair of the board of directors, second vote. as i understand it you advise investors about companies that go for profit rather than social justice, have i got it right? >> we have investment products to ets and we have indexes for retail and institutional investors. our investment philosophy, companies have focused on making a profit will be more profitable than companies that don't. companies that focus on politics aren't going to make as much money. our investment products focus on companies that look to make a profit that generate return for
11:24 am
shareholders i'm out there trying too post the shares for the critical race theory, hr trying to convince executives of companies to pursue these policies, we will be focusing returning for shareholder type results. >> second vote is the name of it. >> the first is ballot box second is when you invest. >> always great to have you back, good to be here. >> that's flattering and works wonders. >> the valley has retained, up 500, the nasdaq is up 400 and up 100 points, the next case elon musk says his brain interface technology mureau link could test brain chips and humans, i want to hear more about this, what you got.
11:25 am
ashley: musk says he is confident of testing the chipping humans next year, they are building a chip that would allow the human brain to interact with computers directly. it's been a year since the company showed a monkey playing ping-pong telepathically. how incredible is that without the help of a joystick. he is cautiously optimistic full body functionality quadriplegic patients. using a brain chip would come with hurdles to pass and limits on what can and cannot be done using this chip but elon musk says they hire than those required by the fda. remarkable and perhaps really terrific news with the new technology. it is fascinating. neil: if it works he'll make another hundred billion, good luck to him.
11:26 am
a mother furious after her son gets the job at school without her consent her son claims he got it in exchange for a slice of pizza. will tell you more about that. the fed will vote to block the vaccine mandate. senator mike braun is leading the charge and he joins me next ♪ ok, let's talk about those changes to your financial plan. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime.
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11:30 am
♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. neil: you are looking at the u.s. tourist destination in new york city. the fox square christmas tree that is the best christmas tree in new york and nevada people come to see you and have their pictures taken. if you visit please send us a picture we might put on tv varney check those markets the valley absolutely holds very firm at this point up 500 for the dow, 430 for the nasdaq, that is a
11:31 am
valley. apple, morgan stanley is raising their price target to $200. they claim new products like the apple car are not baked into the price just yet. that is a new high at 17063. a new high for apple. there are reports that we could get a nord stream 2 announcement today at the white house briefing. that is the pipeline that russia wants to used to supply natural gas in europe. jackie heinrichs is with us, do we know what the announcement could be? >> we are expecting an announcement to the bloomberg report. the white house is not confirmed that bloomberg report. right now the president is on the call with vladimir putin, it started after 10:00 o'clock this morning expected to last a
11:32 am
couple of hours, russia allowed state media into the top of the meeting to get a few seconds of video right off the top, the white house did not allow the same access to them and compress the state media from russia put out the video and you can hear president biden telling president putin, next time i hope we can be in person. the kremlin released the photo abiding appearing to be waiting to putin. very quick to get out and read out at the top. we are expecting more information from the white house after biden concludes a call. the stakes are very high, putin wants biden to commit to never allow nato, ukraine into the nato military alliance, they have been pushing to get that for a while. the u.s. is obligated defend anybody in the nato military. biden said he will not accept any redlines. were eager to hear the economic sanctions that biden is expected to threaten russia.
11:33 am
neil: we hear you, thank you very much indeed. the senate is going to vote on a bill barring the vaccine mandate for large private companies. the gentleman on the right-hand side of your screen is mike braun from indiana leading the charge of this bill. let me get this straight, it only applies to the private sector mandate, is that correct. >> that is correct that's when they came up with a brainstorm that after we were trying to help small employers keep their employees. now you're going to put them in what i'm taking from across mainstream america the 100 - 500 employee businesses, it's got the more scared than anything. thank goodness the courts are waiting across the board lonely formal we had in congress one smart thing they did years ago
11:34 am
if you get 30 centers on board i did that a few days and then got the other 20 republicans and then got joe manchin to go last thursday. we're going to get about, the house has got every republican they will be 20 swing to sit democrats that will get into the threshold into moving this in a way that would put every senator, ideally every house member on record that you're not for this nonsense, 86% thinks it's a terrible idea. neil: as it goes forward as you hope it goes forward ultimately but arrives on the president's desk he will abandon you and veto it i pursue. what you're doing is somewhat but also putting great political pressure on moderates in the
11:35 am
house that got a face reelection in 2022. >> what happened in new jersey and virginia, the public even in blue states are only going to put up with so much nonsense. look at the brazeal in new york city going out the door he wants to run, look what they have been through that his government gone wild and when you get bureaucrats and politicians to try to tell the productive economy main street where i come from this is how you do it, people are going to put up with it. >> i think public opinion is swung completely in your direction. a vaccine mandate and private companies will not fly. great to see on the program today a california mom claims are 13-year-old child got vaccinated in school for a slice of pizza. you have the story, tell me.
11:36 am
ashley: it's fascinating, she said her 13-year-old son is due to a south l.a. school brought home a vaccine card after accepting the covid-19 vaccine at school. her son says he agreed when sibley offered pizza. the mother claims a person who gave the shot told her son not to say anything for fear of getting in trouble. the school district would not comment on this case but it says it does have a program for vaccinated students to receive prizes. the children in california cannot consent to vaccination in several cases already working their way to the legal system. the l.a. school district has mandated january 10 vaccination deadline for all students age 12 and above. those that don't get or the legal exemption will be forced back into virtual online
11:37 am
learning. neil: a job for a slice of pizza. not going to fly. thank you there's this prince harry has advice for people who don't like their job, just quit. that's easier to say when your prints with a multimillion dollar netflix deal. wilbur get the full story the man who claims he invented bitcoin got a big win in court, will tell you how much money is at stake, tens of billions
11:38 am
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♪ ♪. neil: i kind of like that, i like the rhythm. what you're looking at is the
11:42 am
champaign illinois that's where they play basketball, it's not a bad day right there. the staples center in los angeles making way for the logo worker started taking down the iconic red lettering on the building starting christmas day it'll be known as the arena, very catchy, back to the markets here. i have been saying this is a rally because omicron isn't that bad, the backed opening up the academy trait is very much in place is that the reason for this rally? >> i think you're spot on we take these very seriously but when we started to realize the market process, this is nothing more than the common cold back a
11:43 am
runway for the market. a lot of the rally there were scene right now is her christmas rally coming earlier the fears around omicron are just what the media hyped it up to be treated very positive. >> trade right is the man who is inventor of bitcoin he wanted court case allowing him to keep what we think is $50 billion worth of crypto. you have any reaction to that, your crypto kind of guy. >> i wish i was the weather started it. i don't think this changes the market as a whole but it might give us some insight that we know there's one person that has a large share bitcoin if we can follow what is doing it may give us guidance and give some direction to the queen going forward. neil: we ask all of our guest for a stocking stuffer stock pick to keep it to next year what is your stocking stuffer
11:44 am
stock, it's on the screen now, tell us. >> let's keep the crypto going this a be a crypto christmas riot, bitcoin minor. if you could pick up where it is, 29 or $30 a share this is a christmas gift. it can be 10 - 20%. if you have the stomach for it could pay dividends next year if the efficiency in one of the reasons i like right, then three times and capacity of the next competitor there building up their wine film project which would be -- energy, the sabia powerful name going to 20 to. neil: the my new crypto's, that's it, that's all they do. >> like the minors for gold, the bitcoin rush. neil: sibley asked me the other day i did not have a good answer what are you doing when you minor crypto, can you give me 30 seconds, questioning. >> it's basically computers in a
11:45 am
room it looks like something out of a sci-fi film i have a client that owns a company. these minors and computers, each computer could typically mind about a half to one bitcoin per year. if you think about that, you can have a lot of these machines to be profitable but it's all about the number bitcoin's versus the energy that it cost to mind which is why scale is important. it's pretty interesting. >> i'm still not sure i'm there, your mining away with your machine and coming up with one bitcoin. what is the bitcoin. >> the founder bitcoin there are codes that are set in the computers break the code. if they break the code you get a bitcoin. it's all about algorithm breaking this code to receive
11:46 am
the coin. it's pretty fascinating. neil: you have to employ these machines to break the code to get a new bitcoin, that is it. there's only 23 million bitcoin that could ever be mined in history. >> that's exactly right, it's a set number and that's what gives it to run some of them unlimited numbers. one last the start of the year had a 70% market share today that's only a 40%, there's a lot of new coins coming to the table and the metaverse, i think that's the next in the crypto movement. >> metaphors coins, we will talk about it then. thank you very much for being here, we appreciate it. show me the dow 30, i do this because you want to get a sense of the market. it is overwhelmingly on the buy side we have 26 of the dow 30 in the green, that means there up in the dow was appointed half% that's a solid rally. look at the airlines there trying to lure customers back
11:47 am
with luxury airport loungers. united has reopened the polaris lounge in chicago with sitdown dining service, showers, day beds you have it all grady trouble is going to give us a tour before he takes a drink next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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neil: if you job is not bringing you of enough joy prince harry says you should just quit, actually this one is for you. just quit, prince harry says get you your job for the sake of your mental health and happiness, something to be celebrated he says the tone deaf came as an interview as impact officer mental health startup company, as you can imagine plenty of reaction to harry's guidance, many laughing at the advice, someone who lives in a multimillion dollar manchin with a hundred million dollar netflix deal, others saying there's nothing like getting opinions from the rarefied air of wealth where you have a trust fund even here to injure living in a very
11:52 am
nice 14 million-dollar manchin in santa barbara, california most people said harry work is a fundamental necessity we don't get to casually decide whether or not it makes us happy because you know why, were too busy actually working. >> exactly, he nailed it right there. well done. next case the airlines want you back in there going through a lot of trouble to get you back, grady trouble is that chicago's airport. tell me more about the luxury lounge and tell me that you are not drinking a martini, that was water. >> i'll wait till after this report to enjoy a real martini but this is the first day this polaris lounge is back open since march of 2020, they closed the mall during the pandemic, now they're trying to lure back luxury premium international
11:53 am
travelers, this is an exclusive and all-inclusive lounge at o'hare thomas several other airports across the country, full-service bar back there in the buffet in this area. they even have private showers and sleeping pods in the back for people have long-haul flights and need to rest a little bit. this is only for international travelers who fly business and first class. if there are lounges all across the country reopening trying to get people back to the skies, in terms of international travel united says omicron has not had a huge impact, they expected with the new restrictions that went in place international travel will remain strong this is a big part of the experience oasis in a bus wing airport, an
11:54 am
outsider and you could have your own space, charging station. >> it's quite an experience in these polaris lounges there are four that are open across the country right now, to more than a reopening next month in san francisco and lax with all of this being included would you ever consider splurging on your airline ticket for your international flight to get access to this. ivan flown internationally in a very long time, if i do maybe i will check out the polaris. thank you very much indeed. time for trivia questions, today marks 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor, how many planes did the japanese use in the attack. the answer when we come back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
. .
11:57 am
11:58 am
stuart: tuesday trivia question here it is. how many planes did the japanese use in the pearl harbor attack what do you take, ash? >> i go top one. 401. stuart: i go with the high number. 353. let's reveal. the answer is, oh, 353. including 40 torpedo planes, 103 bombers. 131 dive bombers, 79 fighter
11:59 am
planes. president roosevelt called the attack a date which lives in infamy. 104 americans died that day. we remember the pearl harbor day. i want to get back to the prince harry's story. what do you know about harry's standing in britain? >> he upsets the brets no doubt, double standard, speaking out how awful things are, and he needs to get away with his privacy with meghan markle and at the same time give high-profile interviews, rake in the money for his fame. he is the royal highness and duke of sussex. the attitude towards meghan markle have iced over in the uk,
12:00 pm
especially those loyal to the monarchy. the relationship between prince harry and prince charles is as frosty as it ever been. stuart: one thing you should not insult your grandmother, queen of england, much loved throughout her reign, 70 years. just don't do that, son. don't do it. ashley thanks for all the hard work when i was out. >> my pleasure. stuart: time is up for me. neil, it is yours. neil: you have to let go of this royalty thing. i know you're an american citizen now. let bygones be bygones, let them do what they do. stuart: no. neil: italy doesn't have a royal family but you don't see me grouping about it. we'll see what happens. stuart, welcome back. corner of wall and broad, we're racing ahead, up 535 points on the dow. a lot has to do with calming jitters. i say calming jitters. jitters could come back tomorrow
12:01 pm


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