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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 8, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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on texas because we are a republican state. david: extraordinary. thank you for being here. ken paxton from texas, appreciate it. i'm david asman and for elizabeth mcdonald, you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, have a wonderful evening. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: crime is now so that even cops are admitting they are powerless to stop it. who do you blame? the idiot politicians who wrapped everything and put us all in danger? or the criminals? let's look at this, all-time record homicides. among them, one of the birthplaces of the defined police movement, my home town portland oregon. good job, idiots. earlier this week, the tweet, due to critical incidences today, staffing shortages, officers are responding to
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priority calls one into only right now. response times may be delayed. that means if your health -- if your cat is held hostage in your tree, your on your own. a part owner claiming he's been robbed at gunpoint three times in the last month. the liberal boneheads running to cities don't care. philadelphia district attorney and mayor of chicago want you to believe it's a figment of your imagination. watch. >> we don't have a crisis of lawlessness, we don't have a crisis of crime, we don't have a crisis of violence. >> some of the resellers downtown i will tell you, i'm disappointed they are not doing more to take safety and make it priority. we still have retailers who want institute plans like having security officers in their stores making sure they've got cameras that are actually operational. kennedy: it's the retailers
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fault for not having enough private security. the bozos are echoing people like arc who claim crime spike is real, it's just media hysteria. congresswoman, tieback to mall security guards in l.a. attacked with their spray. smash and grab router. did he imagine that or were his not eyes not really burning? people like arc are thicker than week-old pancake batter. >> it appeared to retailers for the smash and grabs, congresswoman today said organized retail theft. >> we don't agree, we seen extremely disturbing videos showing retail theft and retailers as well as state and local leaders like governor newsom identified this as a serious concern, we agree. kennedy: flashlight crime spree came here to fox.
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a deranged maniac climbed our christmas tree and burned it down and will probably be out of jail in the next half hour. what are law abiding this is supposed to do? sit around and wait for robocop's? let's get into it with the man panel. los angeles the gary and shannon show, it is gary, what a sunset there. young americans for liberty chief of staff, sean is here. democrat poster and author of america unite or die but certainly not united, it is doug sean. great to see you. gary, i will start with you. the place where i live in los angeles, just around the corner there was a home invasion armed robbers go into a party and stole thousands of dollars at gunpoint, jewelry, watches, phones and lapd pretty much
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didn't respond so are people supposed to just had their own private security now? >> yeah, i think that's what it's going to turn out to be, different neighborhoods especially higher and eberhard will higher private security, private armed security and businesses, the business model private armed security in los angeles is a booming now whether private on your body little regards are people who come to your house and sit on your block in a marked car to prevent this from happening. in the high end neighborhoods, that's not a problem. depalma is crime spikes will bleed into lower level neighborhoods where lower economic level neighborhoods who already are victimized by crime spikes like this and when you see something like the growth of the height and shopping establishment big mall here in l.a., when they start to have razor wire around their parking lots and armed security guards at the entrances to their parking lot, he will not seek
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smash and grab robberies anymore because they will go somewhere else, a soft target and unfortunately that will be in a suburban neighborhood somewhere in about an people will get hurt and killed and you will see progressive das say yeah but we feel in our hearts they shouldn't have to pay bail for something as violent and extravagant as a smash and grab were maybe three kids were killed. kennedy: district attorney gas in los angeles, he's basically laming on income inequality so ultraflex talking.but the problem is, a lot of people don't make a lot of money and they are not out there smashing up stores and stealing louis vuitton bags. there are bad people during that, don't lump everyone into that group, it's actually offensive but for people who can't afford private security, what security will they get for themselves? >> you are absolutely right and
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i would love to say these folks should be able to own a gun to protect themselves but look at the 12 cities, they are run for mayors who hate the second amendment. it's a polite society but the firearm restrictions are only part of the problem here. people are hopeless right now. inflation is through the roof, jobs that are stagnant, corporate press pumping covid fear and propaganda, i think the crime wave is one of the many unintended consequences of a government reaction to covid and i'm sorry about the christmas tree, that's terrible. kennedy: it was a real bummer here, it felt like a total violation because it's a really nice simple, it's red, white and blue, it celebrates christmas and the united states. we work here at fox and we are proud of our country and what we do. we are proud we are in a city surrounded by people who don't necessarily agree with it politically but we still have a lot of reasons to celebrate and jacked like that isn't going to
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dampen the love and passion for what we do and where he lives. doug, the problem is like inflation, crime isn't going away. >> the only is it not going away, to me this is a crisis of law enforcement. we need tougher penalties, more cops and i say this as a democrat, to get rid of progressive who i don't know what they stand for or what they think they are accomplishing but all they do facilitate crime and disorder, it is a tragedy. kennedy: and they are going to force the political pendulum in the complete opposite direction in fact not necessarily what used to happen, we don't need to live in a super heavy water in order lockdown society. we don't want that either. man panel is sticking around because they are so family we can't keep them away. rise in crime and liberal cities
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isn't the only thing causing people to move out of places like new york and los angeles. mask and vaccine mandates are at the top of the list. florida has seen an exodus of new yorkers moving there since the pandemic began and now my friend and lifelong new yorker, karol markowicz is heading south as well. her latest fox news op-ed, you're going to florida. the beacon of freedom in this country. it wasn't that we suddenly realized florida was sunny or had no income tax, state income tax. it was because i took away school during the pandemic and not enough my fellow new yorkers cared and then when schools finally reopened, there is no discussion about the broken system kept them close. the very same people stuck kids in masks and even outdoors. as i said yesterday, this system is causing kids to fall behind on basic skills in causing a very serious youth mental health crisis. it's unacceptable so are places like the sunshine state the antidote? here to discuss, new york post
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congress, karol markowicz. how did you come to this decision? i know you and your family spent time in florida the pandemic, when did you decide to make the move? >> it's been a long time coming but came to a head in the last month we don't see a light at the end of the tunnel for masking. we watched like 60, his class at a presentation on zoom and you just had all of these parents watching at home because we can't go to the school building, we can go to broadway shows and dinner and concerts but not our kids classroom so all of these parent were leaning and listening to the kids in the classroom is presenting. i don't know if you know 6-year-old but you can't understand what they are saying the best of times. i did not catch one work my kid said, i spent the whole day so unripe. let's get out of here. if you days later bill de blasio did what he does, random
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mandates that don't do anything and he said kids need to be vaccinated to have indoor dining or go to museums or etc. and we are like that's it, we are out. kennedy: that's what it takes for a lot of parents. they can only be pushed so far and politicians don't seem to understand. we saw that in virginia but there's a university study talked about a little bit a couple weeks ago about intellectual deficit that said toddlers and babies are experiencing this, we need to see people's faces in order to learn and have a cognitive explosion necessary to become conscious learners and they are missing out on that. >> that's the least surprising news ever. in a year from now, i think we will have these studies all over the place, all these articles have masking caused delays in kids, i see it in my own kids and how it causing my youngest to fall behind icy masking is a
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problem and when i talk about this, so many people in other areas of the country have no idea how bad it is in new york. today my 8-year-old son was put on a bench drop recess because him and his friend had their mask below their noses out doors. it's insanity. i can't wait to get out, i root for new york, i hope the city turned itself around but it can't subject my kids to it anymore. kennedy: i've seen so many good friends leave is heartbreaking because of the city we all want loved we came of age here and are raising kids here and for a lot of people, it's gotten to be too much and for those who have the choice, many have and i will be curious to see what happens. i am fearful because the difficulties.
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>> absolutely. i see teens and they don't have the same level of interaction they should at the ages they are, they've been hidden for so long and hide behind masks. teen years are difficult in the best of times and these are very much not the best of times. what we are doing to kids is wrong, other countries are not doing this, we have to get a grip and stop it and move on. understand it don't need to be mastered, we've known the debtor all along, just act on it now. people need to be brave and stayed up for the kids. kennedy: very well said. thank you very much and we will miss you. >> thank you. kennedy: but we will still see you on the show all the time. still infuriating boat voters, what is the situation like now and how hard was it to get out?
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darrell issa next, he rescued a u.s. citizen. remember i talked to him on the phone fox i call him jeff. his real name is print and you will meet him next. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ kennedy: what are you? three months after abandoning military equipment and dignity and afghanistan, the biden administration is conducting a probe and how it all went so wrong for a few hundred americans were reportedly still trapped there last month. one of them made it out, he's with me tonight, joining me, republican california congressman and house judiciary committee member, darrell issa is back in the u.s. citizen he helped get out of afghanistan, there he is. we finally get to see his face. i called him jeff. his real name is prince wafa. it so nice to see you. welcome both. prince wafa, how did congressman isa help you?
7:18 pm
>> thank you so much for having me here. i wasn't thinking i was going to be here one day self everything from the beginning wasn't fun at all. scary as sometimes and when i reached out, reached out to a few congressman in the area, i wasn't hearing anything back from them and finally reached out congressman issa and they were in contact on a daily basis every day from their office so we finally got out of afghanistan with his help and really appreciate it. kennedy: one of the most decent people and government, congressman issa. tell me about the dod probe, there during and after action report, what are you expecting? we are even know who's conducting the report or how long it will take, how deep they will go, if they do a real important examination, what you
7:19 pm
expect? >> i expected to be as thorough as our first investigation of benghazi. in other words, i don't expect a lot from it. ultimately commander-in-chief made a bad decision and made false statements, his staff made false statements and now they are throwing on the backs of the military. this was not a military must make. the president made the decision, the state department had to leave, the dod did the job they were told to do including evacuating middle of the night from bagram airfield. those were decisions that are not going to change just because they are quote doing an investigation. kennedy: those are also things voters are not going to forget come midterms. it's an issue that resonates with voters, they are really upset how so many americans were abandoned and blamed for not being able to get out of the country that fell apart when the administration should have seen the implosion coming as rapidly as at that. prince, what are you hearing
7:20 pm
about the state and afghanistan now? we are hearing mass starvation and people are suffering. >> yes. i am still in contact with a few lettuces listens, green card holders in afghanistan desperately asking for help and i've released a few of those to the congressman, they are helping people to get them out so everything is not organized there. you don't know what's happening. after like 13 flights out of afghanistan, i was the last one basically there and there were only three american citizens in the plane out of flight 250 people there and we have literally 40 to 50 empty seats on the plane that could be 50 more americans there are 50 more green card holders. it seems like a lack of
7:21 pm
coordination between agencies, whose calling it. when i got there, they called me two days after, a flight and you are on the list from the state department. i said i'm already there, that call could have gone to somebody who needs to get out. kennedy: great ordination, guys. congressman, is your office still working with americans people outside of your constituency? >> we are, we have about 60 cases. month twice that many and the number of people in many are like prince wafa, un-american or green card holder with a wife or husband they won't leave without. you might remember early on the administration set there are only less than 200 -- actually 100 who wanted to leave. of course they did not consider prince prince wafa is wanting to leave because he wasn't willing to leave without his wife. when he gave you those numbers from his own flight, the reason
7:22 pm
there were 40 empty seats, the state department didn't give the government names to put on the flight. they are cooperating with the united states government and asking the government give them the names to manifest. if they are manifested, they will be ported but the bureaucracy building up in the process is incredible particularly considering prince wafa and his wife, they felt jet thrust blowing back against their faces as tens of thousands of afghans left that had not served the american people, had not been given siv status or had become americans and yet they were on the planes early on now there are americans still trapped there. kennedy: that is so immoral and such an embarrassment for this administration and they've not properly answered for any of it, they just want to pat themselves on the back in a sheer number of
7:23 pm
people who got out but it wasn't the people who helped u.s. forces were obtained green card status or american citizens like prince wafa and thanks got princess waffle was able to make it out. prince, congressman, thank you so much. >> thank you for covering this for so long. kennedy: great to have you both, i love the update. the biden administration working behind the scenes with media to get positive coverage. what a bunch of desperate dorks. i'll break down what the president should be focused on coming up next. ♪♪ 's
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the administration high level to bake newsrooms and anchors and journalists for better coverage because the presidential bed joe biden made for himself apparently little too lumpy. running for president, being
7:28 pm
present is almost impossible. cap the country hates you, inflation and crime are devouring whatever goodwill biden has leapt from my.democrats. cnn reporting deputy directors, came in and brought murphy begging journalists give them. my question is, why would journalists do that? if you hate president trump, that's how you got president trump. press coverage from president obama to positive even when things were so rosy. first 60 days obama received 42% positive coverage. terms first 60? 5% positive. two thirds of the coverage was negative and focused on his personality, not policy. the laptop activated reliable sources tweeted, this president is absolutely right. the unflattering reporting, he's
7:29 pm
uncomfortable? good. so are americans paying too much for gas and meet while this administration speaks to give them trillions more in inflation which spending. if you want people to change their minds, change your policy. better yet, go away and take your big government authoritarianism with you so we can live our lives in peace and prosper. instead, it's constant middle class and future generations and snapped they demand a parade for long-term problems without adequately addressing root causes. voters should see the move for what it is, propaganda, plain and simple, compliance press is the downfall of freedom so they should stay skeptical, honest and agnostics so white house only want to use them for personal gain while hurting americans foolish enough to vote for a geriatric puppet. that's the memo.
7:30 pm
here's another explanation five biden has been clamoring for good coverage, no one is happy. a new poll shows 63% of americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. swimming crime, immigration and spending crisis. should the liberal media to new carrying his water? the mantle man panel is back. gary, is a disgustingly close relationship and shouldn't be. the press should be mad and asking questions and they should be challenging anyone in power regardless of parties but they are not, are they? >> they are not, i played with the idea in my mind after hearing the story the first time, but what i do if i was a reporter, news anchor and have been in both of those positions, if i receive a call from gavin newsom's administration here in california .
7:31 pm
kennedy: gary, gavin, yeah. go ahead. >> your hair looks great, mr. governor. they were asked for a sitdown, something along the lines of we want to make sure you cover the governor nicely, i would take the meeting but the story itself would be the fact that they asked me to do it, not that i would go around and start turning everything like you are talking about into a rosy story. the fact that they asked is in and of itself a story and it bothers me there's only a handful of outlets reporting on matt fact. kennedy: it's interesting because one who first broke the story, economic counsel deputies are reaching out to people and reliable sources like the president should be asking for better coverage, we've been so mean to him. what is the disconnect, sean? >> the disconnect is the
7:32 pm
realization that states got red caught red handed tell him he's shocked the idea that every station you watch could be a form of pbs if you will, i should be a wake-up call to america except for fox of course. it's pathetic biden is out there groveling with cnn and msnbc for positive coverage. they are the most active media outlet out there. the of administration is going down in flames with a lumpy bed like you said. let's hope the democratic party because down with a, two. kennedy: they should at least wake-up to what's happening and that's insulting because you have dana saying the coverage for biden is worse and more negative think for trump which is laughable and there have been plenty of studies that have shown a negative trump coverage was. i wasn't crazy about his personality, things drove me up the wall but i could see what the price was doing. he violated all of their mores
7:33 pm
and the whole time he was in office, it was revenge for them but that doesn't mean they should treat joe biden like a doddering infant, they should challenge him as well and maybe they should stop worrying about the press coverage and worry about some of the issues that are real problems. >> when i got hired in the mid- 90s by bill clinton, he didn't ask me to change press coverage, he said change my government, change my policies, help me move to the center on fiscal issues and cultural issues so i can get reelected. thus the same advice i would give to joe biden and i say that greetings, not from new york where i am from south florida where i now live.
7:34 pm
kennedy: you and karol markowicz, you guys are shacking up. bill clinton is like get me some policies that reflect the country to get me an intern. >> didn't have much to do with that but on the first one we did get a bunch of policies. kennedy: aoc would flatten him with a steamroller if they were existing in the same political moments. meantime, it looks like the white house has yet again been caught in a lie. a few months ago we learned the irs wanted a record of any transaction withdrawal over $600. he jumped to ten grand for an entire year they said it was to catch tax cheats. sleepy chose to truly know it spending plan, the biden administration said it would only affect millionaires and billionaires and soon to be truly nurse. fast for today, joint committee on taxation estimates now 87 million americans who earn less than 400 a year -- 400,000 a
7:35 pm
year will be put under a banking microscope. overreach at its finest. how can we stop this before it becomes law? people don't want this. people hate the irs. who will stand for that? >> you know who is going to be times person of the year this year? joe manchin, he's the one who's raising his hand and say this is a little screwed up, a crazy policy and people should be afraid of it. he and kyrsten sinema probably jon tester out of montana, out of the most moderate democrats and like you said, you said aoc would flatten somebody like bill clinton if he were in the senate for example. joe manchin is a guy who represents a lot more of the people of united states and other people will give him credit for. he's not crazy on one side or another, he used to be called just a politician, a small theater democrat and the idea
7:36 pm
he's being held up as the weirdo voicing an opinion held by millions of americans is strange to me. kennedy: and people may say one thing but silently they are saying manchin i hope takes this whole thing. >> absolutely and i am optimistic they will have the votes and pressure to make sure this sales but we can't count on it. we should be fighting surveillance estate tooth and nail dead in the water. this is about control and never accept the idea if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. spying on the bank account of truck drivers and nurses and teachers, that won't solve anything and the left doesn't understand this, this was not even targeting 1% of the 1% but it would violate the economic privacy of literally everybody else we shouldn't tolerate that. kennedy: it's also going to violate those making far less than $400,000 a year so should i give it all up?
7:37 pm
it wasn't in the house bill, they are hoping to sneak it back into the senate version and i think that's when they are going to stand up and say absolutely not and will not fly with their voters. >> my sense that poll numbers for biden, that inflation numbers and overreach of government as reflected in this new irs proposed policy we are likely to get one of two or two of two saying no to the spending and tax policies embedded in the bill. i hope so because it bad politics, bad policy and bad for america. kennedy: and if it passes, it will be even worse. thank you for being here. you took the words out of my mouth. i'll put them back in. a hump night. very good.
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this makes the country go round and round. forgot no longer. dirty jobs. foxbusiness very own micro, look at that in studio, he's getting down and dirty with me next. ♪♪
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oh god, that's me. mike rose dirty jobs, the jobs are dirtier than ever. ♪♪ >> my name is mike rowe and this and this and this -- it's my job. dirty jobs returns with a brand-new season. don't try this at time. not having a great time. >> we don't do a lot of planning or scouting, there's no scripting writing, no actors. it's an honest look at work. see?
7:43 pm
i'm doing something. the length of an honest day. >> this one is going to be a doozy. kennedy: that's my kind of stuff. i love it. joining me to discuss the new season of dirty jobs returning january 7, 7:00 p.m. how america works here on the foxbusiness network, it is mike rowe. >> is this truth in journalism? your crushing get. kennedy: whatever jobs they present you with like you want to do this and you say no x. >> there are many i have said i would rather not but my only job on the show is to try so if i did anything smart in this whole crazy crucible of slime and grime and overtime, creating a format where i wasn't judged on my competence or ability to get a think correct but merely my willingness to try so my answer would be you can't say no when you are hired to say yes.
7:44 pm
kennedy: when you feel sick about something, that's when you know it's going to be on the show? that's when i vomit and i am proud to say i was the first person i believe to vomit on national television season one and it was so shocking, it was in the middle of a stand up and i was on a fish boat and talking to the camera and i paused to turn to vomit because i was ill and i finished the sentence, they couldn't cut around but they pixelated the vomit. kennedy: you wouldn't know what it is because it's pixelated. >> it's flying out of my mouth and it's like yes. kennedy: i'm glad they left some mystery there. [laughter] i got to go to dutch harbor, that thing where you make you a horn and i got to go on the boat, i felt mike rowe's spirit. >> that's phil harris' drink.
7:45 pm
god rest his soul. kahlúa and regret i used to call it but it's in the 18th season and i'm still sitting there like a christmas ham saying january, the bering sea and it's great. [laughter] kennedy: it's brutal though. we were there two days before they started their season and a massive storm was coming with 6e freaking out. we try to beat the storm, do we stay here? a plane crashed in dutch harbor in the next week but back to dirty jobs. >> those two shows are seriously tight, i was trying to sell dirty jobs in 2003 and was seen largely as a talkshow and not on brand but they have this other thing in alaska so i went up to investigation/host that. kennedy: deadliest job in america. >> i think it was called deadliest season and we didn't know if it was a documentary or series or what but a hell of a year.
7:46 pm
six guys dies and we got to look at the industry nobody had seen before and i think that's what made the network go there's something to this note take two unscripted look at work and 20 years later . kennedy: the captains, they are such characters, nothing is ever going to change them much with so attractive about them. your mentality influenced my parenting. i have a 16-year-old was a junior in high school and i tell her, you don't have to go to college. if you want to find something else you love college isn't going to take you there, you don't have to go. a lot of that is because of the conversations you've been engaging people in finding different ways of working in this country. >> that's like my christmas present. that's so nice to hear. he came out of dirty jobs, the
7:47 pm
whole reason for us to shine a light at the time, 2.3 million jobs nobody wanted, most didn't require a degree. this morning i was talking to varney, 11 million open positions, right? we are still in money we don't have and can't pay back to pursue degrees -- they are so expensive, 1.7 trillion in student loans, that was never the intent of dirty jobs but you do something long enough and you get a seat at the table and sooner or later somebody will say what you really think about so-and-so or such and such? that's how the foundation involved in we give away 1 million a year to people like your kid willing to consider a career that requires mastery of a skill and not acquisition of what you do. kennedy: my nephew has done the same and went through job core, he loves it. he's truly found himself and we talk about you all the time. how america works right here on
7:48 pm
the foxbusiness network. you can see mike throughout the week. here is his new hit song with john rich. >> looking at the charts, we are back on number one. number one most downloaded song. kennedy: you make adele cry. i love it. ladies and gentlemen, the one and only mike rowe. tropical storm is up next. ♪♪ 's
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on this day in 1980, john lennon was shot here in new york city but imagine if he wasn't. as a tribute to the singer of yesterday and this is tropical storm. topic number one. florida driver bus through the gates of a crowd. and by police on a chase across the greens which ironically in florida is par for the course. here's dashcamera video. i guess tiger woods really give is getting back into off. smashed club record for longest drive. the driver was in such a rush, he hit a birdie. after a few rounds, golf game of cat and mouse, smashing
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headfirst into as stevie forced me to drive out of the car oh, it's a lady. her hands up. i bet she would like a mulligan. most amazing personal the driver turned out to be the worst dressed person on the fork golf course for if that is hard to do. well son, sister. topic number two. are you tired of people thinking you're sophisticated just because you drink wine? now there's a product for you. you from barefoot, oriole flavored wine. a wine young children can and dry. red blend promises to invoke blackberry and dark cherry with more pronounced chocolate cookie and cream flavors but probably taste more like the foot on both label. personally i prefer a lot of favorite wine, that way even if i blackout, at least five still remembers. oriole flavored wine starting tomorrow in the barefoot website. careful typing oriole into the search engine or you could see
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disturbing videos. you pervert. topic number three. a new report says people who work from home are using specialized tools to make it look like they are working when they are actually doing nothing. or is president biden calls them, reporters. devices are called mouth jugglers. which are also what mickey loves most about any. skinny platforms run to keep your computer mouse constantly moving. that way your screen doesn't sleep and your staff caddis -- cap status never changes to away. the idea is to support spyware installed by buses and trucks your computer activity do what i do and keep your mouth moving by accidentally spending the holiday on barefoot fetish
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sites. we'll be right back with kenne-dog. ♪♪
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welcome back to the best part of the week where we show off your beautiful and amazing kenne-dog. the only show who loves your dog as much as you do. tell me about your dog. # kenne-dog on twitter. first up, sidney sent in her
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dog, valley. spoiled rotten. here is is no, a 17-year-old puppy. look at that face. you are so beautiful. probably, cosmo is a good boy with a bright necklace. we have to we would all, i love wiener dog the scary dog, without even doing anything. put it. i could just eat you up with a spoon. gordon spent dixie recording. i want to lay down with you and dixon. this is koco, she's ready to play. koco, we are always ready to play and have a good flick. his pop chipper, husky mask. beautiful eyes. i love all of your canna dogs.
8:00 pm
this is a great batch, they are my favorite people. thank you for watching the best out of your day. tomorrow night, jimmy saylor, mike chase returns and shane hazel. can't watch the show? don't worry. never miss a moment, kenne-dvr it. the night, everybody. - [john] mining is really one of the last vestiges of the american dream. (mallet striking) (dramatic music) if you're smart, if you work hard, you might make something big


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