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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 9, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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start to crack down and put more resources there, you will see it move not only to west texas but into arizona as well. liz: good to see you, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonnell, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching. have a good evening during this again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news from the verdict is in, jussie smollett is very much guilty on five of the six counts against him and now he's looking at up to 15 years in prison for lying about a phony hate crime. the jury only needed about eight hours to deliberate and found evidence overwhelming. claim two is beat up by two guys screaming this is mag a country in chicago. in the middle of the night. during a frigid snowstorm. he testified assailant doused
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him with bleacher put a noose around his neck as you do. problem is, but you guys claim he pay them to do it inside you are not white they are brothers and they are actors from nigeria and say jussie smollett gave the money to pretend to beat him up. they are on video doing a dry run, that's so precious. witnesses saw them at a hardware store, the empire actors attorney not idiots. they knew they didn't have a good case so they did what any line one purdue, spare the witnesses. they claimed the brothers did drugs and one of them was a sexual relationship with their client. but in the end, none of that matters. the jury decided jussie smollett made it up convicted him of orchestrating a hate crime and lying to investigators.
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if they make the right call? what happened now? will he do any time? here to discuss, author of how to become a federal criminal, mike chase. what do we see here? >> i think saw a jury who pay very much attention to the evidence. if you have a conviction on five out of six counts, there's a reason they didn't victim on the sixth. an understanding maybe they just didn't credit the detective testifying on that particular count, he didn't adequately record or write down false statement but it makes it hard to say the jury was out to get him or a foregone conclusion because you have a jury who takes the time and says on five beyond reasonable doubt no question on the sixth month we are not so sure so we are willing to actually give him the presumption of innocence and the benefit of the doubt which they should. kennedy: we've seen vertex here in a few high-profile cases with kyle rittenhouse trial and now jussie smollett, both have profiles defendant took their
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case in the own defense, it worked out for kyle rittenhouse. was it a bad idea for jussie smollett to testify at his own trial? i think all the reporting out of the courthouse suggests it was a terrible decision. just because it worked out for kyle rittenhouse, i would not say all defendants should do this. it's dicey and something that doesn't happen a lot so it's a weird new trend. it sounds like jussie smollett got snippy and sarcastic with the prosecutor in any case like this, align case when everything comes down to credibility, you don't want to do that in front of the jury when citing your fate, it's a bad call. kennedy: the judge admonished him several times when he was taking too much time answering yes or no questions and he was going off on a few things, rolling his eyes and matt was reporting in contrast to how he responded to his own attorneys under direct questioning that he was warm and thoughtful and
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spoke glowingly of his own mom and then when the special prosecutor question him, that's when he fell apart and fell back on something i think is equal to a hit difference in the courtroom. >> they left out because i get to go didn't you notice when i was asking questions, it was almost impossible to get information out of him but when his lawyer asked him questions, suddenly answers were flowing out so easily juries take note of that, that credibility is huge. kennedy: it seems like you are withholding something. what we did learn is the dry run video, do you think that was the smoking gun in the case? >> yeah, anytime there's a draft version of your crime hanging out there, i think it's pretty devastating. the fact that there's a video of
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rehearsing and practicing this i think is bad. he should probably become a lawyer eventually not because i think he's convincing but because when you are a lawyer, you don't have to convince people to beat you up, there are plenty of people who want to beat you up. the fact that he had to do a rehearsal and pay $3500, it adds up to irrefutable beyond reasonable doubt it was a staged. hoax and that's what the jury found. kennedy: did the brothers fail? are they bad actors since they couldn't convince the world they were beating up jussie smollett? >> i think the brothers succeeded because what they did is worked with their lawyer really early to get in and cooperate with detectives and become star witnesses and save themselves from any liability for participating in this. that was the whole defense essentially, they did this on their own accord and their only out for themselves, i think they
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did fail, i wouldn't hire them. kennedy: why didn't he take a plea deal do you think he will serve prison time? >> your second question, i think the sentence is on the lower end likely, i don't think a judge is necessarily going to want to imprison him for this, what's more likely i think is he gets a lengthy probation which allows a long. for him to pay back the money associated with the investigation that was costly and took huge amounts of man hours. in terms of what next for him, he'll be sentenced in we'll find out then but right now the likelihood is going to be locked up for a serious amount of time as well. kennedy: i don't think he should be locked up, i do think he should have to pay back all of the time spent taken away from other crimes in a dangerous city like chicago investigating this because it is a higher profile case and there's always more
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attention paid here so he should have to do that. i don't know he's going to work and promote maybe people feel bad for him now. we shall see. thank you so much. i already feel like a federal criminal. this has obviously been quite a saga. the liberal media set office. >> i don't like that it's put out in the media that this is a possible hate crime. >> a lot of questions but i know jussie smollett is a really great guy, i just want justice served in this case. >> the media has capped so much doubt on his story which i find personally offensive. >> he's given a detailed account, an account chicago police set has been consistent, they also said it's credible. police have said that and he's been cooperative. kennedy: george is like i don't know. no surprise msnbc and cnn aren't covering the trial too much tonight so now that we know he's guilty of making it all up, for
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the media issue correction? let's get into it with tonight's party panel. host of box across america on fox radio, jimmy saylor. democrat strategist from radio host and fox news contributor, leslie marshall. nice to see you. host and producer of radical shame, but georgia gubernatorial candidate, shane hazel is back. welcome, everybody. a crazy night. we were not shocked at the verdict on the second day of deliberations here but i keep going back, why would a successful guy on a hit network show, why would you jeopardize your career? i would he do this in the first place? >> we are living in a society incentivized victimhood. these days being a victim doesn't come with sympathy, it comes with currency. you might get a raise or mow
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notoriety or generate empathy and sympathy for your brand in public. people are encouraged to be victims. i am so mad because it puts people like me who spend a lot of money on craigslist to get beat up after hours, it puts a negative light on guys like me. kennedy: jim, are you still writing checks or do your assailants take them out? >> it's all that points. 2021 from a girl. don't make me an old man. no shame on him. i just want to say this -- the people inflaming racial tensions with no regard to how to effects society are the worst people on earth. every race out there runs with this narrative like this without the facts they did in that media montage are the reason society is as on edge as it is so it's a win for everybody. kennedy: all right, so there were a lot of people outraged,
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so offended when anyone suggested this whole thing was made up and it looks like jussie smollett was doing it to embarrass the former president because he hated trump so much and figured if he could make his racist voters look like violent plan member bugs, it could harm the president and make him lose in 2020. he didn't even need jussie smollett to lose. >> very true. a couple of things. one, i'll beat you, or anybody. remember a woman named suzie smith? i had a radio show and i said i don't know, i think she killed her kids. people wanted to put me down for saying that but it turns out i was right. i felt something start with this. i know it's easy to say now that i was right but there were people who were wrong.
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with every issue we see not left or right, black or white, female or male. he got what he deserved which is a guilty verdict on five out of six counts and he probably won't start a day in prison but he still convicted, it's on his record forever and ruined his career. i think it's ego and greed that led him and leads others at the top doesn't think the top is high enough and wants more. last, just terrible to the individuals who are african-americans were gay part of the lgbtq community and have been attacked verbally or physically for their color or sexual orientation. horrific. two groups he belongs to. kennedy: shane, what does your gut tell you about what he will face and what he should face in terms of punishment? i know you are a fan of mass incarceration. [laughter] >> yes, huge fan. [laughter] nobody was hurt in this, racial
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tensions? of course he did. that's not what we need. i think it's the mental illness and the fact he's going to probably get his worst punishment from the people on twitter might actually be a stern punishment for the guy was dealing with i don't know maybe falling out of popularity, i don't know. the whole story seems to be more about mental illness than anything else in the country and obviously it is a huge problem. let's not diminish, this takes away guys really actually see will cry. did you want to say something quickly? >> i shout out to kamala harris for tweeting jussie smollett was the greatest guy in the world and wouldn't make this up. i'll leave it there. kennedy: and ross we checked, that tweet is still up.
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the panel is sticking around, plus more to get to. more troops near the ukraine border, global leaders are sweating up a storm. no one wants a hot war in eastern europe, they want cabbage. president biden said there were severe consequences if putin invades. what are consequences? retired navy seal in wisconsin third congressional district candidate joins me next. ♪♪
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is russia really on the brink of invading ukraine? looks like a. officials are warning 120,000 russian troops are coming up ukraine doorstep. global leaders sweating over prudent next move. president biden wrapped up a call with ukraine's president zelensky, reports suggest biden would tell him to give up a portion of land controlled by russian backed but jen psaki says that's false. biden said there will be severe consequences if russia makes the move however he admitted putting u.s. boots on the ground is off the table for now. does that mean putin has the
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upper hand? can anything be done to stop him? here to discuss, retired navy seal and candidate from wisconsin's third congressional district, it is jared. welcome back to the shop. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: why does he want crimea? >> he took crimea, where talking -- you know, to be frank, i am not exactly sure why but if we look at present biden's phone call with vladimir putin was essentially the equivalent of a strongly worded letter. he didn't even bother to cast disparaging remarks. president biden has shown repeatedly he's completely incompetent, incapable of running foreign-policy in the greatest example is leaving tens of thousands of american citizens to the fate of the taliban. they've got cable-television in russia and i'm pretty sure vladimir putin saw biden abandon our own american citizens so
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what makes them think biden would do something to defend ukraine? kennedy: well, i mean, i am not a huge fan personally, i'm not a big warmonger, i don't like the idea of u.s. troops going to that part of the world, obviously you have much more expertise in this area, you say taking that off the table is a sign of weakness. no u.s. president has figured out or dealt with putin appropriately. they all want to look in his eyes and sees his soul and they do and say the same thing, no one has done it. why should this president do differently and send troops? >> i want to be clear, i have five combat tours as a navy seal, about 50 of my friends killed in training in combat so i'm one
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this is an ongoing negotiation between someone who's barely fair completely incompetent in the president of the united states negotiating with former counter intelligence officer, it is a mismatch so you can't take things off the table because of vladimir putin operating from a position of strength and that's what he knows. the biden administration has to show strength to russia like we need to show strength of president xi jinping, that's not happening either. so right now because of the incompetence of the biden administration, china and russia are walking all over this and putting european allies at great risk right now. kennedy: to think ukraine will be part of nato ever? >> yes. kennedy: when? >> i'm not sure, they are working on a timeline. i was in afghanistan for the baltic states were trying to get into nato and "the issue is" that russia cannot be responsible for negotiating for individual separate countries if
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they want to get involved in nato or not, it's incongruent with how international norms work so baltic states are in a pinch, a continuous work with russia. continuous with them. it's an issue with neighboring countries the biden administration said nato were six and seven, peas and carrots. that's not true so the biden administration needs to work with nato to make sure we present a united front against this russian aggression. kennedy: you think that the president were more powerful and a better strategist he would withdraw u.s. from nato and come up with something new? nato might be outdated at this time. >> i don't. kennedy: what should you do? you running for congress but really what is the purpose of nato? at the present alliance against
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russia so what should our country do about russia and growing aggression? >> we should make sure people understand nato has been the most successful collection and military alliance in history of the world. without nato, who would have a much more difficult time defeating soviet union so nato needs to be strengthened, not pulled apart by individual nato nations need to live up to what they promised spending 2% of gdp on their own defense. kennedy: why are we sending ukraine for $50 million? >> i think because we want to deter russian aggression. kennedy: i don't think we are doing that though. i think it's going to come to that. i think this is what vladimir putin does and i don't think -- no one is trying to understand russia or him just like no one try to understand afghanistan and you will have the same problems over and over until you
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saw but pickle puzzle. i don't know what pickle puzzle is about -- >> i don't think vladimir putin is going to invade ukraine. what happened with their gas production. kennedy: when the price of gas goes down, they won't afford any more horses to ride shirtless and that will be a sad day. [laughter] marching your way to victory with every appearance, thank you very much. >> have a wonderful evening, merry christmas. kennedy: you, too. doctor fauci creeping into holiday plans again. saying americans should create at home vaccine mandates. one question, why are you so obsessed with me? the panel is back to talk about this. ♪♪
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kennedy: we are having a christmas party hop in fox clathrates that tree is glorious, beautiful, inspiring. that's what we do. i love it. freaky weirdo set our tree on fire the other night, scared the living crab out of everyone in the building and made everyone mad. we took the anger and turned into joy and light, patriotism, happiness and the height of the season to come visit us in fox square, see the tree, be the tree, i love it. there is still one scrooge to worry about this christmas, gain of function group and notorious dark torturer, but he fauci now wants you to fight with her family. americans should demand their holiday guests and families show their papers and departed. >> let's take the holiday setting. when you get vaccinated you have vaccinated group and an indoor
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setting, you can enjoy as we have traditionally over the years. dinners and gatherings within the home, that's the reason why people should if they invite people over the home essentially ask and maybe require people show evidence they are vaccinated. kennedy: show me evidence you didn't know exactly what was going on in wuhan and show me evidence you didn't help cause this entire global pandemic. are you ready to scan for families qr code before they open up their presence? or is it time to leave doctor fauci? the party panel is back. jim, go ahead, whack at this piñata. >> really? , thank you for shouting out the christmas tree lighting. it was so nice i'm going to go to next week's christmas tree lighting, too. [laughter]
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it was amazing, glorious but fauci, hold on a second here. i love he's talking as if any of us care at this time. he's got addicted to hair and makeup, he likes going on tv and knows there's no version of him having a tv career of people calm down about covid so he keeps peeing in the proverbial punch bowl. no one isn't taking a covid test at a christmas party. if you are that scared, don't go. he's undermining faith in the vaccine more than anybody by terrifying the vaccinated. what is he saying? if you believe the vaccine works which i do, i got the vaccine as you know, johnson & johnson, they didn't tell me that until after, i can't test catch covid but i can catch a pass but if you think the vaccine works, act like the vaccine work. kennedy: that's the worst marketing and we have been seeing this for months. it not 2020, it's the end of
7:31 pm
2021. if you are vaccinated, you are protected. if you are not, you know the risks have a holiday soirée. >> maybe i am speaking a different language or hear things different because i heard anthony fauci say ask people if they are vaccinated. i had a baby shower last week and promote the woman having the baby requested i do that because she is high risk. i did and nobody had a problem with that. everybody at my house is vaccinated present having a christmas party when i go back to see the family which i haven't been able to year end a half, i have no problem showing a vaccine card but some are foldable or live with people foldable, there are people who can't get the vaccine so the rest of the people, it's good to have the information, who is vaccinated and who isn't? we can hug and drink out of the same glass.
7:32 pm
kennedy: jimmy, go ahead. >> you are speaking -- are speaking to a subset of people, he's giving a blanket generalization to all of society. he's not addressing the immunocompromised, everybody. kennedy: i'm glad you brought that up because he's not just giving anecdotal evidence like leslie marshall which should never be the basis of policy, he is the highest-paid official in the federal government acting on behalf of the government every time he opens his claptrap telling us yet again what we should be doing with our lives. that's my problem with the whole thing here. >> doctor fauci is pretty 2020 and i mean early 2020. i just wonder what would be suggested at this time, i think he's going to tell you get your house in order, low body fat, eat a good diet, up your vitamin d. what dana white said in terms of going on the doctor joe rogan
7:33 pm
prescription, he tested negative for covid in five days. the studies have been in, we've seen project veritas and pfizer with their own scientist who told you your immune system was better off and if you are under 7099.95% likely to survive comorbidity factors, have a great christmas. hanukkah, hang out with your family, love on them. don't ask them. papers, for god psaki. kennedy: we are beyond that. you've had the job, let's go from one phony to another. hillary clinton teaching a master class how to never get over losing the new video series, people pantsuit state dramatic readings of what would have been her 2016 victory speech. here is a low life. >> my fellow americans, today you sent a message to the whole
7:34 pm
world, i've met little boys and girls who didn't understand why a woman has never been president before. now they know and the world knows in america every.and every girl can grow up to be whatever they dream. if i could go back in time and tell anyone in history about this milestone, who would it be? my mother, dorothy. as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states together. we will make america even greater than it has ever been. kennedy: she's not crying because she misses her mom. she's crying because she lost. jim, why is she doing this now? why is anyone giving her a platform to do this?
7:35 pm
it's embarrassing. >> my favorite part you know she charge them for the speech of the end. $2,150,000? what you mean? i have a theory and you might call me crazy but they do say as you know, the presidency is a disease only curable by death. if you want to be president, you die thinking about nothing but wanting to be president. i think she wants to run again, she's trying her hand at image rehabilitation, shall be younger in 2024th and joe biden is now and the bench is terrible. if you saw the pole on potential democratic nominees, they don't want biden to run again but he ran a first time, there were more of us sightings of the time than biden sightings. she's not a serious candidate. when you are 28% in the polls as vice president, no one says you need a bigger job pulling at
7:36 pm
28%. she sees an opening, i think it's imagery trying to make it look like she's human. kennedy: thousand exactly what i thought when she's office, she's reading the polls and watching the news and knows the country rejected kamala harris. they are terrified about the prospect of joe biden fulfilling his first and what will be his only term in office so she's like maybe i'm rested, i'm going to run again against donald trump. >> i don't think she's going to run again because she saved, she would have saved the speech for when she runs and wins. [applause] [laughter] >> anybody who's watching her class is a big fan after she lost, i saw a number of people asking what would you have said if you had one? obviously people still want to know, she was sharing it with
7:37 pm
people but i think it's a good idea, thank you for giving hillary -- i'll be sure to text her. >> she hadn't thought about that. she hadn't thought about that. are you kidding me? a presidential seal. kennedy: she had up picture of john podesta on the middle of a dartboard and she lodged bottles every night around 9:30 p.m. when she had a .75, she just started hooking stuff. shane, your thoughts. >> there are so many more just likable and kamala and she's going to capitalize an anyway she can. the only thing hillary clinton is going to teach anybody as how to lose election to donald trump and she'll run and 2024 and probably loose. outside of that creating fake dossiers and russia, servers and
7:38 pm
abandoning her ambassadors, that's the only thing she will teach people, don't get caught, that is the message from hillary clinton. kennedy: what difference does it make? i look forward to all of those things coming back to bite her in the sweet keister. party panel is going to stick around, it is game night and we are playing our favorite diving time. we all know sleepy joe is older than the hills for older than toaster oven or snicker bars. answers will surprise. clay along with the family and the panel next. ♪♪
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summer president biden's critics say he's too old to be president.
7:43 pm
like when he forgets to unmute himself and zoom meetings or breaks when in front of a british princess. but how old is grandpa joe? we hear on the kenne-day decide on our favorite game from a biden time. i will ask what's older or joe biden or particular product or historical event? whoever wins dinner with matlock. [laughter] stakes are high. only jimmy is higher. are you ready to play? >> i am winning tonight. >> i'm doing it. kennedy: i got to make mike read. wait, hold on. there we go. we are ready to play question number one for jim saylor, what came first, joe biden or the pez dispenser? >> forty-two -- i'm going to say pez dispenser, i think it's been around -- >> to you would be wrong.
7:44 pm
candy was invited but the 19491st dispenser was officially introduced at the trade fair. as an backward? lastly, jimmy has zero, you could win here. [laughter] kennedy: right, which came first, joe biden or the ritz cracker? >> i'm going to say ritz cracker. kennedy: you would be on the board. leslie marshall was introduced brought to you by nabisco. to compete with the high hope cracker, that's what my friends in high school used to say to me. [laughter] are you go, shane. which came first, joe biden or the nba? >> golly, i should probably know this. nba. kennedy: joe biden actually. new york city and 1946,
7:45 pm
basketball association of america and changed to the nba in 1949. joe biden was invented in 1942. all right, i told you, you are the big winner so far, you one round one. he got one point jimmy and shane are trying to catch up. jim, which came first, joe biden or the film casablanca? >> ow, ow. biden. kennedy: the film debuted days after joe biden was born. joe biden is in fact older than casablanca. you are tied with leslie marshall. lastly, pop in again with this, which came first? joe biden or the happy birthday to you song?
7:46 pm
[mouth trumpet] >> i'm going to say happy birthday to your song. kennedy: you are right. leslie marshall onpoint tonight. you got to get on the board with this one. which came first, joe biden or velcro? >> joe biden, for sure. kennedy: joe biden is correct. shane is on the board. velcro invented in 1955 by a man named george. he got the idea when he came back from a walk notice .2 plant stuck in his pants. that rhymes. next question, let's see if you can type with this. joe biden or diet soda? >> i will go out on a limb and say joe biden. kennedy: joe biden is older. the first diet soft drink, no cal developed in 1952. joe biden was already 71.
7:47 pm
lastly, which came first, joe biden were soccer cleats? >> i'm going to say joe biden. kennedy: you would be wrong. you are now tied with jim. the 1526 henry the eighth, hear ye, hear ye. where my boots? shane, you could tie with us. joe biden or the frisbee? >> joe biden. kennedy: a three way tie going into the final last round. 1948 when joe biden was getting his phd. here we go, lightning round, two points apiece. joe biden or chicken nuggets? >> joe biden all day. kennedy: absolutely right. lastly, joe biden or the cia?
7:48 pm
joe biden or cia? >> joe biden. kennedy: yes. shane, you could make it a three-way tie. joe biden or catch up? >> joe biden. kennedy: no, catch up. jimmy, you are going on a super hot sexy date. i am be all of you. shane, great job. almost had a at the end. thank you all. appreciate your. >> i'm going to give the speech if i would have one. [laughter] kennedy: amazing. tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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after 50 years in business, the first group of starbucks employees voted to unionize which goes to show it never to latte. [laughter] that's how you go from barista to be aristocrat. this is topic number one. dozens have been disqualified from a beauty contest in saudi arabia for illegal use of botox. it's such a shame, i thought khloe kardashian might win this year.
7:53 pm
that's my impression. it happened at the annual camel festival chosen over its original name, hot doesn't best. apparently too many people were mistaking the burning fan. camels from across the middle east competing for cash prizes based on the beauty of their heads, next, posture infer. this year nearly 40 camels after it was discovered their faces had been stretched with botox. another camel was discovered to be a horse wearing two backpacks. [laughter] beauty pageants like these cause major self-esteem issues for the camels and a lot of them try to lose hundreds of pounds of water weight the night before. some are so obsessed with weight loss, they are not happy unless they can fit through the eye of a needle. continuing and saudi arabia until january 12 while american chemical best premieres tonight. [laughter]
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when shorts are too tight. u.s. border patrol says a good samaritan found $1 million worth of cocaine running off the coast of florida, it was actually charlie sheen and an inner tube. they are, cocaine keys floating near the border he is. 69 pounds of bolivian bulgur sugar, experts say is enough coke to keep joe biden awake for an entire night almost as much as it takes to enjoy of jimmy buffett concert. border patrol set they owe that gratitude to the citizen who turned in the 25 bricks of coke so soon as doctors finish the 26th brick is pulled out of his butt hole. topic number three. marijuana edible company unveiled an 850-pound pot brownie support that on your fork and eat it. here is some of the largest pot
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brownie ever made containing 20000 milligrams of thc. enough to make you laugh a comedy special. it took years to complete because for some reason everyone who came near cap losing their motivation and they had to work with an easy bake oven. created to promote new line of edibles which will grow on sale until 2022, you will have to get your kicks like almost psychopath until then. smoke trees. speaking of topic number four, look at you homeless psychopath, time to hear from our audience. this is of you are male. patrick starts with who are you? patrick starr is who you are. good one, i know. kennedy nation, i blew out of my seat and stuck in the wall. okay? what are you, is your wall made
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of silly putty? kennedy nation, -- how do we accidentally get brett bears audience? jeff finally says thanks kennedy, watching you tonight, having drink, laugh, choke and it burned coming out of my nose. stop drinking turpentine. or your neighbors urine. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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