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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 10, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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you or if you are looking for a private intimate getaway, for bedrooms, guesthouse, that's probably here as well. lake, seven square miles each and every person looking to get away. ♪♪ >> from geneva lak maria: good friday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday december 10th, your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. drugs and death as a result of the wide open border. texas officials say enough fentanyl to kill 200 million americans has been seized by agent this is year alone. the drug and human trafficking causing chaos along the southern states. also yesterday at least 54 people were killed, dozens others injured when a truck carrying over 200 illegal
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migrants crashed in southern mexico. they were jammed in the truck. very latest all morning long. then the economic crisis to look at. inflation nation. a new poll shows income is up, more americans are deeply concerned about the price of everything else going up as the biden administration tries to get ahead of the upcoming consumer price index out this morning at 8:30 a.m. what you need to know coming up. markets this morning are trending higher, take a look at futures indicating a gain at the start of trading, dow industrials up 58, s&p 500 up 14 and nasdaq higher by 54 this after innovates it's were on edge ahead of key inflation data this morning. all major indices in the red at 4:00 o'clock on wall street yesterday. dow industrials flat on the session, nasdaq taking a hit down almost 2% yesterday, another 269 point sell offer for the nasdaq, s&p 500 down 33. european markets under selling pressure this morning. take a look at the euro zone, ftse 100 in london is lower by 3
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points, cac in paris is lower by 15 and the dax index is down 30 points. in asia overnight, red across the board, take a look at asian indices overnight, worst performer was hong kong, hang seng index and japan down about 1%. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: and your morning movers this morning, check out shares of oracle climbing up, stock up 11% after better than expected earnings last night, software guidance also coming above analyst expectation, benefiting from higher technology spending as more businesses look to support hybrid work models,
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oracle at 98.51. check out tesla after ceo elon musk tweeted overnight that he's, quote, thinking of quitting his jobs and becoming an influencer, stock down better 1% as it comes amid of stock sales. so far musk uploaded 12 million in stocks. economists are expecting the cpi is up 6.8% november over november. year over year. that would be a 31-year high. 7 tenths of a percent for the november cpi. joining me right now cornerstone wealth investment officer chris and dagen mcdowell and editorial page editor james freeman, great to see everybody this morning, thank you so much for being
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here. cliff kicking it off with you. >> we are expecting this print exceeds expectations it may very well may especially given the comments from the president, likely peak print on inflation and we will begin to slow. we are already seeing that in leading commodity prices specifically oil. we will be watching that closely. how do you want to allocate capital if you do believe that we've seen the worst in terms of inflation? >> so the number 1 pivot to make where we are in the cycle is to increase quality. we are looking for companies that have the ability to deliver on earnings and some growth and even better if they can be had at a reasonable valuation. the big change that investors
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should be focused on and begin to react toward is the fact that the fed massive amount of liquidity to pulling back, pulling back on the liquidity and typically when that happens, we see that liquidity and volatility are inversely related and we see multiple compressions. those are the kinds of factors that investors want to be paying attention to. quality and growth. maria: all right, i want to zero in on what quality and growth means to you, but since you're talking about what we are seeing out there, i want to get your take on this journal story this morning. company founders and leaders are selling shares of their businesses at historic levels ahead of potential tax changes. we've seen sales of stock from elon musk, mark zuckerberg, the cofounders of google. all aggressively selling the stock that they own so far this year. insider sales topping 63 and a
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half billion dollars according to the wall street journal this morning. cliff, what do you think that is telling us, should we be following the leaders' guidance here and selling stock? >> well, you never just want to blindly follow anyone in the markets. investors should always be doing their own homework and due diligence but what you'll find if you look below the surface on those large headline numbers, the selling is very concentrated within a handful of these founders and ceo's and predominantly it's being driven by taxes. so it's certainly a situation worth monitoring typically insiders are early, so not necessarily trying to completely abandon the markets, we will be watching it very closely but certainly if there are tax situations and tax and the clock is ticking before year end.
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maria, of course, if the democrats get their way we will see much higher taxes for individuals as well as corporations. james freeman from the wall street journal is with me this morning, james, what's important to you, jump in here. james: thanks, maria. i want to get to inflation, cliff. you mentioned and we've been talking about how economists are expecting an ugly number this morning. now federal reserve jay powell doesn't like to use the word transitory anymore but he seems to have persuaded you and others that this is transitory, why are you confident, is it just his management or things in the economy that you see? >> that's a great question. really it comes down to just math and the base effects if you understand the race of change and that's what we are focused on from an inflation standpoint. we say that it's the peak, doesn't mean that prices are actually ever going to go back down, so i want to be clear
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about that but what we focus because we believe what the market focuses on is the rate of change and we think here we are likely near a peak and that we will begin to decelerate. that closer to trend, however, we do feel that the highest probability on inflation is that while we peak and roll back down we are likely going to be settling out at a higher rate than what we experienced for the past decade. take maybe 2 and a half to 3 versus 1 and a half to 2 like we've experienced. so you combine that with also growth perhaps peaking and slowing toward trend as we turn the page on the calender and that's really the setup along with the withdrawal of liquidity that investors should focus on. maria: cliff real quick, you said that you want to own quality, what is quality, give us a few names or examples? >> yeah, we really like the healthcare space in this
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environment, you can find nice combination of stability and earnings growth with high returns on capital, a cum of names that we like that investors should want to consider, u&h, united healthcare, nation's private largest healthcare provider. 40 million members, revenue growth over the next 3 years. another one to look at would be tmo, thermal fisher, diversify sciences company. again, 79% organic revenue growth. still trades at discount relatively to peers. little bit more expensive than the market and lastly a little bit different flavor, bisa, liked it then and we love it now, down 16% from the high and down 3% year to date compared to s&p. another high quality that we think will serve investors well
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going forward. maria: still one of the highest market values in financial services although the banks that eclipsed it recently. cliff, good to see you, great conversation, cliff hodge on investing today. coming up the russia threat to ukraine. president biden stressing support amid the buildup of russian troops in ukraine border but some say biden's promises are not doing enough. new york city's challenge to the state constitution as the city council votes to allow noncitizens to vote. what you need to know coming up. then a holiday scam alert for you, thieves are tapping into one popular gift item and how they can steal from you without you even knowing it. we've got it for you, stay with you, you're watching mornings with maria live. we will be right back.
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maria: now some of the top stories that we are watching this morning, actor jussie smollett found guilty on 5 of 6
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charges related to a hate crime hoax that he staged against himself. special prosecutor dan webb said jussie smollett hired two brothers to fake an attack against him and societal backlash. smollett will remain on bond and can face 3 years on each count, 5 counts. teenagers with get an extra shot at least six months of second dose, this comes amid debate if a booster aalways needed and whether an additional shot would actually be needed in order to be considered fully vaccinated. what is fully vaccinated two or three shots? american airlines throttling back on international flights, the airlines are cutting overseas trips over delays and delivery of boeing news dream
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liner and locations being scott, ed inberg, scotland, hong kong and shannon island. fewer flights to shanghai and sidney. fox news christmas tree shining bright once again. three, two, one. maria: the suspect back on the streets thanks to a progressive bail reform policy. fox news personalities along with fdny were on hand for last night's special ceremony. council passed bill that would allow 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections, daca
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recipients and green card holders and people with work permits, opponents vowing to fight the bill in court. mayor de blasio says he will not veto the bill before he leaves office at the end of the office. he won't veto the bill but will put in vaccine mandates, dagen mcdowell and james freeman with me this morning. your reaction? dagen: new law from the left-wing luniverse and coming to the city near you unless people stop this nonsense. eric adams will be sworn the beginning of next year and could veto this bill f it's not veto or signed it automatically goes into law within 30 days. seems to violate the new york state constitution and according to republicans this would definitely be challenged in court but it's just complete insanity. you only have to be in new york for 30 days with a legal work permit to start voting in these local elections. just lack at san francisco.
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they allowed school board elections, do you think that is going a okay? maria: 30 days, james, your thoughts? james: people who are citizens of other countries are still allowed to vote in those countries so it's not that they have a right to vote just as an american who is living in london or paris or wherever it's allowed to vote in u.s. elections so citizenship carries rights and responsibilities and i think the concern here, cities can set their own rules even crazy ones but you have to know that a minute after this is enacted there's going to be a campaign to bring this statewide. obviously it's -- not obviously but seems like you may have to rewrite the new york state constitution to enable this
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anyway and then i think pretty soon it's a demand that these voters should also produce in federal elections and i think citizenship has meaning, these are people lawfully in the country but why not go in on the u.s. and let's help them become citizens and let's know that people who are voting in our elections are citizens who have a permanent stake in the country. maria: yeah. exactly. quick break and then the irony of president biden's vaccine mandate. favorite way to way amtrak forced to cut schedule. we will tell you what that looks like and then starbucks scores a first of its kind victory for employees. we will tell you about it. the new union rules coming up at starbucks straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. maria: welcome back, so president biden's favorite method of travel amtrak is warning of service cuts next year if his vaccine mandate clears the court. my next guest congressman ted budd reminding president biden other sectors are at risk as well. in letter to the president he
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writes in the case of law enforcement officers, the mandate could lead to staffing challenges at police agencies and diminish public safety. joining me right now north carolina congressman, he's house financial services committee member ted budd, congressman, thank you very much for being here. this is what i was saying from day one with these mandates, how do you mandate a vaccine and lose nurses in the middle of a pandemic? same thing with law enforcement. how do we make ourselves vulnerable knowing that this is only going to lead to those people leaving the job. what are your thoughts? >> i was stuck to a cnn monitor, i'm sorry, i was in a place where they wouldn't turn it off and bragging about lowest job claims in history or at least in the last 50 years and what it shows more people quitting the workforce and attempt to go get in -- get another job. so we are seeing that with police. we are seeing it with fire
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departments and we are seeing it with nurses and it's hitting joe biden right where it counts and even amtrak, $66 billion of rail funding in there, is not even able to keep the lines going. they're having to shut down main lines in the northeast corm door because they -- they can't get enough employees because of their own vaccine mandates. so, look, maybe they'll take this and realize how it's hurting america now that they shut down the precious northeast rail lines but this is absolutely ridiculous but it's driving people out of the workforce. maria: yeah. you make a great point on the infrastructure bill. i've been railing against that because kevin mccarthy tells us it's only 11% infrastructure and your colleagues go ahead and vote for joining the democrats, putting in this position where we are negotiating the reconciliation package which is higher taxes. james freeman jump in here. james from the wall street journal and james we still don't know if all of those billions
6:26 am
are going toward actual, you know, the train schedule and, you know, the rails as -- as opposed to the pension because i heard much of the money is actually going to the pension at amtrak. >> and amtrak service reduction kind of sounds redundant to a lot of people i'm sure but i think that is a question that we've been -- we've been wandering. we saw that awful history of the obama-biden stimulus bill, do you have a sense congressman of how much this infrastructure package, how much is actually going to get new -- new rails and roads and bridges. >> well, we saw 9%, maria, you mentioned 11%. somewhere 10% of $1.2 trillion actually goes to real roads and bridges. we wouldn't see the biden administration build roads and bridges or reach across and try
6:27 am
to build bridges and i think senator tim scott said that after the state of the union several months ago but, you know, it's just wasted money. whenever there's a democrat bill, maria, a general rule of thumb, look and say what's in there because the name is very different from the content. maria: it's a good point. i don't know why your colleagues in the republican side did not do that despite the fact that it didn't have a dime toward infrastructure at the border. this border crisis is getting worse, congressman, it is hitting yuma, arizona now as i've been reporting it's not just texas, but it is into arizona hard. the city's mayor has been forced to declare a local emergency after 6,000 people reportedly crossed the border in the last 5 days and comes as texas department of public safety it seized get this, it seized enough fentanyl to kill 200 million americans, that's
6:28 am
886 pounds of fentanyl coming in to this country this drug is made in china and then it's pushed from mexico -- through mexico and from mexican cartels into america. what is going on here, congressman, that this administration is not even acknowledging, this fentanyl that's killing americans right now? congressman: maria, this administration is failing on so many fronts. remember that kamala harris is the border tsar on gets a grade f on this. in the trump administration we were able to reduce fentanyl and drug overdoses and it bent the curve down but as soon as the biden administration took over on the heels of covid, they went back up and we need to reverse those numbers again. they get back to the policy starting at the border that reduces opioid particularly fentanyl death it's so concentrated and it's dangerous to law enforcement to interdict and intersect fentanyl and social security destructive.
6:29 am
i was at the arizona border talking to law enforcement just a few months ago, they begged, they said, yes, we need a border wall but we really need an administration that has our back and we do not have that. in talking with sheriffs all across north carolina, i had one sheriff that says there's 3200 counties in this great country and every single county is a border county because of the biden policies, it's absolutely tragic, maria. maria: of course, it is tragic. i've been to the border 3 times. the the second time i got back from the border this is the biggest story i came back with. you cannot believe the amount of drug that is coming over this border and we continue to see the results in terms of death in america. people are taking fentanyl unbeknownst to them because it's being laced on other commonly used drugs. congress it's a real crisis and we will keep a spotlight on it. ted budd from north carolina. quick break and president biden stressing support to ukraine. he's not worried about the southern border but man is he worried about the ukraine border
6:30 am
amid the build-up of russian troops along the russian border. some say the promises are not enough. we will get into it. plus it was all just a hoax, a lie, jussie smollett found guilty of lying to police and making up a big story of attack. the real hot topic buzz of the morning all the support he got at first including from president biden and vice president kamala harris not to mention the lunatics on cnn, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday december 10th, a look at markets this half an hour. well, we've got a firmer tone, pretty good rally underway for dow industrials, better than 90 points. s&p up 16 and nasdaq higher by 58 as we await some important economic data. we will get the consumer price index out in about two hour's time after investors were on edge yesterday ahead of the inflation numbers. dow finished
6:35 am
flat on the session yesterday. the nasdaq, biggest loser at 4:00 o'clock on wall street with decline 270 points, that's almost 2% lower on the nasdaq yesterday. european markets this morning are under selling pressure. we have fractional moves pretty much across the board here. cac down 8 points and dax index lower by 2. flat situation in europe. in asia overovernight pretty much declines across the board. worst performer was hong kong as well as japan both down about 1 apiece. a federal judge requesting to dismiss lawsuits over georgia's voting laws, cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: some of the judge ruling the lawsuits make plausible claims that georgia's limits violate federal law and accusing the state adopting the law denying black voters equal access to political process. several similar lawsuits were filed in the spring by civil
6:36 am
rights and voting rights groups. georgia officials they deny the allegations, they say the new voting laws increase voter confidence. well, the covenant team pandemic scoring the biggest rights and death benefit payments rose 15.4% in 2020 to 94.3 billion. increase the largest since 1918 spanish flu pandemic which caused payouts to surge that year 41%. the pandemic also instigated fast sales of insurance policies in the last 25 years. well, starbucks workers from one of the 3cafes in buffalo new york yesterday creating first ever union over company's objections. voted to reject unionization by a vote of 12 to 8. while the results from a third store are at this point inconclusive the national relations board gave the 3cafes
6:37 am
gave the green light to hold the 3 separate votes, starbucks filed an appeal to the labor board decision and asked the board to hold one vote for all 20 of its buffalo area stores but that request was rejected. experts are saying the unionization of one of starbucks in 10,000 stores likely to have immediate impact on day-to-day operations. their starbucks just slightly down in premarket. and finally there's this, the funeral for former kansas senator bob dole will take place today at the national cathedral. president biden will pay tribute to the former presidential candidate at tin veit only event after the funeral a public ceremony will be held at the world war ii memorial. remember he served in the army. dole's body lying in state no rotunda yesterday. dole died in his sleep after battling stage 4 lung cancer and he was 98 year's old. more salutes for him today and the incredible life that he
6:38 am
lived. maria: yes, what a legacy, cheryl, thank you. president biden assuring the ukraine president and eastern european leaders support as russian president vladimir putin continues to build up troops along the ukraine border. biden and u.s. allies are getting ready for negotiations with russia with putin not seeming to waiver on his demands. commitment that ukraine won't join nato. joining me right now former intelligence officer don bramer, great to see you, thank you very much for being here. what are your thoughts on this russia issue. they are pushing back and they do not want nato involved at all. they don't want ukraine member, what do you think happens here? >> in 2012, biden called russia the greatest geopolitical foe
6:39 am
but then in 2014 you had putin invading crimea. wonderfully under the trump administration we had no aggression by putin and his allies, however, here we are begin in 2021 meeting between biden and putin in july he reduced package for $125 million and ammunitions and military sales and now you see putin moving forward on the border. what i think is putin is an opportunist and he sees this as an opportunity to move forward across the globe and taking advantage of a weakened u.s. president. maria: yeah, well, isn't it -- isn't it ironic that joe biden is so interested in the ukraine border and he doesn't give a darn about our southern border where fentanyl is flowing enough to kill 200 million americans and where 100,000 overdoses in
6:40 am
the last year. why doesn't he care about our onboard sneer. >> it's interesting that you bring that up, same thing with oil and gas, he will kick a pipeline in the united states that's supplied thousands of jobs but support a pipeline through germany that's funded by russia, where is this president's party, is it russia, is it china or the united states, that's what we need to look at. what is your priorities joe biden and where do you see the importance. we have a dire circumstance in the united states, people are hungry, we have criminals crossing our border but yet we are forcing a situation across the globe that we need to consider what we have here in the united states. maria: well, i'll tell you, hard not to consider the massive conflicts of interest the president has given the fact that hunter biden received all the money from ukraine when he was on the board of barisma and all the other work that he did in ukraine. meanwhile there's defense secretary lloyd austin and met with israeli counterpart and says the u.s. is prepared to
6:41 am
turn to other options as nuclear talks with iran stall, the meeting's agenda reportedly expected to report talks as worst case scenario, your talks on what's taking place with respect to iran and pretty much begging iranians and where does israel stand in all of this? >> well, we are turning our backs on israel and what troubles me and i want to go back to ukraine, earlier this week, maria, the biden administration briefed congress that we may have to start evacuating u.s. personnel out of ukraine. that's -- that's afghanistan 2.0. we fail once before in foreign policy and now we are preparing congress, we are preparing people that we are going to fail again. all of our allays are starting with the second guess in the united states and every accomplishment and every bit of piece that we accomplish in the last administration is going away. this is something that we have to consider across the globe. we are not the united states that we once were and we have to
6:42 am
figure out a way to get back and i'm hoping that in november of 2022 we can do that. maria: was it the botched withdrawal from afghanistan that really sort of set the tone for our allies and our enemies around the world basically saying, well, this is telling you who the u.s. leadership is right now the way they handled this or was it something else that you think is the reason that our adversaries now smell weakness in a big way? >> i think across the board there's been many checks in the box that have shown weakness in the united states in this current administration but you're absolutely right, afghanistan was the largest failure that we can remember in our lifetime of where we have turned our back to our allays and turned our backs on u.s. citizens and left people behind and the fact that we completely failed their -- turning over billions of dollars of u.s. hardware to terrorists and
6:43 am
leaving ourselves vulnerable, it sets the stage for the world. when you have members of parliament in the united kingdom, you know, calling the united states in contempt which is an embarrassment, so we have a black eye and i'm hoping that we can regain that in the future, hopefully with the elections coming up, the american voters will remember that. maria: yeah, it's sorry state when you see the taliban parading around with this incredible equipment, $86 billion worth of weaponry left on the ground for the taliban to use as it least afghanistan. we appreciate your time this morning. don bramer in dc. evaluations on wall street, apple with 3 trillion-dollar valuation. we will take a look if it's investment opportunity and then holiday scam alert for you, thieves are tapping into one
6:44 am
popular gift item and how they can steal from you without even knowing it. we are on it. we will tell you what you need to know. live look at brand-new fox christmas tree standing loud and proud right outside of our headquarters this morning, stay with us, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back, we are watching your wallet, the federal trade commission warning consumers about a surge in gift card scams as we di deeper into the holiday season according to ftc americans have lost $148 million to gift card scams through the first nine months of the year, that's more than entire year of 2020. joining me right now credit industry alan ted, ted, good to see you, walk us through this new scam. >> unfortunately gift cards are very hard to trace and we could say the same thing about peer to peer payment services like
6:49 am
zelle, venmo, cash app and the hardest hard to trace and hard to reverse and scams involving people asking for payment out of the blue, hey, it's the irs, you owe some back taxes, you have to pay taxes and oh, by the way, you have to pay by gift card. this is definitely a red flag. you should not get a call like that out of the blue. they're not going to demand immediate payment, they're not going to ask for payment on a gift card but people don't realize that in the heat of the moment so unfortunately a lot of people get scammed and then they go out and buy the gift cards and they give the number and then the money vanishes and it's very hard to get it back. maria: yeah, it's a really good point to make the fact that, you neglect, the irs does not operate like that. imagine getting a call and saying, this is the irs, i need $50,000 and i want it on a gift card. but in the heat of the moment,
6:50 am
you know, you may make that mistake, how does the irs normally operate if they want money from you, how will they tell you? >> they are almost always going to start with a letter and this is going to be a much more drawn-out process and involve much more payment methods like bank transfer, debit payment. maybe somebody calls you and say there's a problem with the amazon border, your computer is not working properly, we can help you with that. i would say you really want to verify all of this through independent means. if somebody says it's your bank calling, hey, we need this money, we need your password, we need your pin number, hang up and verify through a number that you trust. if they say it's your bank, call them on the back of your credit card, the back of your debit card, that's a much better way. you don't want to just trust
6:51 am
whoever happens to be calling you or e-mailing you because there's definitely a lot of scams out there. maria: absolutely, ted, this is like the senior scams, i always tell my parents do not answer the phone when you see this person calling you claiming to be from the irs that they need money, it's not the way the irs operates, it's a scam, but ted, getting back to the gift cards, is there anything else that we should know about, should we buy gift cards for people for the holidays or not. is it too much in terms of being associated with scams? >> gift cards are a very popular legit gift. another thing, though, that sometimes crooks will scratch off the number at the point of sale so maybe at a grocery store let's say, they record the number, they scratch off the pin, they are just waiting for somebody to load that up and then they can actually steal the funds, so look for any signs of tampering, if you're buying a gift card or receiving one, is the packaging damage, is that pin number scratched off, these
6:52 am
can be red flags. if you're giving a gift card, include the verification receipts so the cashier is supposed to activate it. sometimes this process goes wrong and you want to make sure you include the slip of paper with the gift. i would also say as you're getting these, use them soon e rather than later, a lot of us end upholding onto gift cards and either we lose money because of scams or because we are our own worst enemy. about half of americans are unused gift cards and in total they are worth about $15 billion. you put it in a drawer and you forget about it. use them sooner and not later. maria: that's exactly right. i put it in the drawer and i forget about it and find it a ftse 100 years later and it's not good enough. ted, thanks very much, great insights from you. ted rossman. quick break, and then this, the hate crime hoax, actor jussie smollett found guilty for faking an attack against him, the hot
6:53 am
topic buzz to have morning next. all the support he got at first including from the president and vice president who rushed to judgment once again. that's next, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: next week on mornings with maria, monday we are looking at the crypto craze, highlighting the differences between block chain and digital assets. tuesday celebrity chef lydia joins us with a sneak peek at her new show, i willed yeah celebrating america. wednesday aflac insurance named innovated companies in america, ceo will tell us why. thursday a supply chain crisis. friday, it is national ugly christmas sweater day and we have this year's hottest new styles. it's all right here on mornings
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maria: welcome back. actual for the hot topic buzz. actor jussie smollett found guilty on five out of six charges related to the hate crime hoax that he staged against himself. democrats and the media raced to back smollett at the time, including president biden and
6:58 am
vice president kamala harris who jumped to the conclusion that it was true. kamala harris said the attack was n a attempted modern dailyn. ing -- day lynching in a tweet. after he made the accusations, joe biden came out with a tweet as well, backing jussie smollett and the same thing on cnn, go through all of those hosts and their commentary around it as well. your thoughts? dagen: also joy reed, the list is long. but the liberals, the left, these politicians, they don't know any shame. had they only know how to peddle live after race-baiting lie, to push some lunatic agenda. i'll also point out kim fox, the prosecutor in chicago originally dropped these charge as the new york post points out. kim fox never met a crime she couldn't dismiss. after those charges were originally dropped before this case was taken over by a special
6:59 am
prosecutor, tiraji henson, jussie smollett's empire co-star, said this. i'm happy the truth has finally be set free because i knew it all along. that is when the charges originally were dismissed. is she happy now that the truth is out? again, he puts -- this is a complete dismissal of people who are real victims of hate crimes. maria: i know. james, your thoughts. james: really poisonous set of lies, lied to the police and horrible lies about donald trump supporters. that was the point of this and that's why all of these politicians on the left jumped on this story and inflamed it and i would hope that the people of chicago and illinois and the united states would say they're done voting for politicians who exploit and inflame racial
7:00 am
tensions for their benefit. maria: yeah. it's pretty incredible. james: they've been hoping a long time for that. maria: it's disgusting that he made this whole thing up and so many people saw through it from the beginning, but not al sharpton and joe biden and kamala harris unfortunately. dagen and james, stay right there. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ maria: good friday morning, everyone. thanks so much for of joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, december 10th. your top stories right now, 7:0e east coast. down playing inflation concerns, the white house is now trying to get ahead of the november cpi number which is out in an hour and-a-half. they're saying it will not include recent price declines. we will bring you the number when it comes out at 8:30 a.m. eastern to show you how bad inflation is right now.
7:01 am
meanwhile, markets are rallying this morning. take a look at futures, a triple digit dane for the dow. the dow up 113 points, the s&p 500 higher by about 20 and the nasdaq up 67. that's about half a percent higher for the nasdaq and s&p. this after all three major indices fell yesterday, stocks were under pressure as investors away the inflation data. the nasdaq was down 269 points yesterday at the close, 1 and three quarters percent, the s&p was lower by 33. european markets are searching for direction. the eurozone, take a look, the ft 100 right now is down by 1 point. the cac is also down 1 point. the dax index is higher by 31. in asia overnight, red across the board. hong kong and japan were down about 1% on the session. "mornings with maria" is live right now. and now some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. pfizer and biontech's booster shot approved for 16 and
7:02 am
17-year-olds. teenagers can get a shot six months after their first dose. is fully vaccinated two shots or three? tesla's ceo elon musk considers joining the great he resignation. he tweeted this, thinking of quitting my job and becoming an influencer full-time. wdyt which stands for what do you think? it is not clear if musk is being serious about this but this is not the first time he turned to twitter and his followers for advice. the stock this morning is down half a percent. last month, remember, musk asked had his followers whether he should sell 10% of his stake in tesla. to which a majority has aagreed. he sold shares worth nearly $12 billion since then. and fox news' all american
7:03 am
christmas tree shining brightly once again. >> three, two, one, lights! [cheers and applause] maria: yes, it was a beautiful evening, the new tree was lit 24 hours after the original tree was he destroyed by an arson attack. the suspect back on the streets thanks to progressive bail reform policies. fox news personalities along with members of the fire department of new york an and the new york police department were on hand last night for our special ceremony outside fox headquarters. time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me now is chief investment officer and co-founder, sylvia jablonski, chief economist, lindsey piegza is with us, and mike murphy. great to see everybody this morning. happy friday. lindsey, kicking things off with you. we are waiting for the inflation number. investors braces for the highest inflation reading in almost 40 years with the november consumer
7:04 am
price index out in the next hour. we're expecting 6.8% year over year inflation. the biden administration meanwhile is trying to get ahead of these numbers that will be disastrous and they're trying to downplay the report. watch what they did yesterday. watch this. >> i want to provide a little bit of context on that front as well. the first is that that data is by definition backward-looking and so it won't capture some recent price movements, particularly in the area of energy. maria: lindsey, your expectation, it's backward-looking. by the way, oil is back up to 70, 71 plus, so your expectation for the number today? >> absolutely. we are looking for substantial increase in inflation on a monthly basis, pulling the headline number near 7% on an annual basis as we see widespread double digit gains across a number of categories, be that pork, animal feed, asphalt, paint, energy, lumber,
7:05 am
you name it. so really it's very clear that the upward trend is well established and we've been seeing it, this significant climb in prices for some time. from a policy perspective, this continued elevated level of inflation does justify the fed's more recent relatively more hawkish tone, suggesting that the fed could end asset purchases sooner and thereby opening the door for a sooner first round rate increase. but even so, we're still talking about mid next year at the earliest and from a fiscal policy standpoint, officials are still negotiating potentially trillions more in spending which will only exacerbate inflationary pressures in the marketplace. so in the meantime, regardless of how this number is spun from a political standpoint, consumers and businesses are left footing the bill as rising costs eat into consumer wallets and of course corporate profit margins. maria: so lindsey, are you investing around this? i mean, are you looking for
7:06 am
those companies that will be able to have pricing power or is there no way to avoid the impact of 30-year high inflation? >> it's very difficult to avoid that right now. business as i mentioned across a number of different sectors are experiencing this price increase. so it's very difficult to pinpoint exactly where they -- businesses are able to side-step those cost pressures but i think one area we can look at are business that's are able to pass those costs can onto consumers. as we know, many small businesses have been turning to technology to try to offset rising labor costs in particular. other businesses, however, have been able to weather the worst of the covid crisis but are now closing their doors and other businesses are simply passing those costs onto consumers. so to your investing question, we want to look for those in the third category that do have pricing power in the marketplace. maria: sylvia, talking about prices, look at apple's price, closing in on a $3 trillion
7:07 am
market value, the stock needs to hit $182.85 to reach $3 trillion. we're almost there, sylvia. you own apple stock, right? what do you make of this valuation? >> i do. and i actually think that apple continues to be a great buy. i think about apple and how the company just sort of shifts and shuffles to move into the future so apple has now made a big statement that they're going to be part of disruptive technology in a big way with augmented reality headset. that means they're going to participate in what's expected to be or forecasted to be an $8 trillion opportunity within the meta verse. there's so many good stories with apple, increased service, i think products will continue to be bought, particularly the laptop with their own chips, cell phones, i-phones, things like that. i think making a big move into the world of augmented reality is what's really moving that stock and it certainly has room
7:08 am
to grow there. maria: yeah. i mean, the moves that we've seen just in the last year or so, what continues that? i mean, what do you think the growth story at apple is in the coming five years? >> yeah, i think it's going to be participation in everything from electric vehicles, they're doing some research there. i think it's going to be augmented reality again, they're going to tap into that $8 trillion meta verse opportunity. i think that they're going to continue creating their own chips and that's going to be something where they're not impacted by supply issues and they're able to sort of create various devices and perhaps be a provider in some sense. i think they're going to continue to grow subscription services. and you know, the biggest thing is this is a cash flushed company. they spend. cap ex is good. they continue to grow. they have a strong balance sheet. we were talking about inflation, if you think back to the reagan era where you were looking at growth at a relative price, this
7:09 am
is a company that falls into that bucket of growth at a relatively good price. maria: all right. mike, you know, i thought it was interesting to look at that piece in the journal today about insiders selling right now. company leaders are selling stock at historic levels, according to the wall street journal, so far we've seen sales from elon musk, mark zuckerberg, the co-founders of google. insider sales topping $63.5 billion, mike. when you see insiders selling stock and picking up their sales, does that -- do they know something we don't know? should we be selling as well? >> good morning, maria. it's funny how these people who vote for an administration that supports higher taxes now want to sell before those higher taxes go into place. it's funny how that happens often. i think, maria, for people watching at home, this isn't a reason to go out and sell whether it's tesla or amazon or any holding or microsoft because
7:10 am
if you look behind it, a lot of these sales come with a reason. jeff bezos went through a divorce, tesla has this massive run-up and elon musk is going to have a huge tax bill to pay. i think on a headline it looks like a huge dollar amount and a huge increase from normal levels. but i think company-specific, there is a reason why each of these large stock sales took place. so we're at or near all-time highs in the market can but this is no reason that anyone should go out and adjust their portfolio at home. maria: all right. we will leave it there. sylvia, lindsey and mike, great to see you this morning. thank you so much for the great word on wall street. happy friday to all of you. we will talk soon. coming up, america's crime surge hurting retailers across the country, company leaders now calling on congress to take action. that's coming up. and then the growing china threat, how the ccp is looking to expand its influence across the world. plus, high tech scams targeting your personal property including your car. how thieves are using one of
7:11 am
apple's newest products. joining the conversation all morning long this morning, dagen mcdowell and james freeman. we will get back to this fantastic panel when we come right back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. (vo) t-mobile for business helps small business owners prosper during their most important time of year. when you switch to t-mobile and bring your own device, we'll pay off your phone up to $1000. you can keep your phone. keep your number. and get your employees connected on the largest and fastest 5g network.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. experience the power of sanctuary
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at the lincoln wish kevin!vent. kevin? kevin. oh nice. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. i'm gonna cashback on a gingerbread house! oooh, it's got little people inside! and a snowglobe. oh, i wished i lived in there. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! that it is! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. maria: welcome back. now this. philadelphia district attorney larry crassner backtracking from comments he made earlier in the week. watch this. >> there is not a big spike in crime. that is not true. there is also not a big spike in violent crime. we don't have a crisis of lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. maria: yes, he actually said
7:16 am
that with a straight face. he then released a statement yesterday, saying that he understands the comments were offensive and he will be more careful in the future. but he stopped short of an apology. the philadelphia police department has reported a record 523 homicides so far this year and dagen, earlier we got the news, earlier this week, that there were 12 big cities in america this year that have exceeded a record number of murders. record. your thoughts? dagen: right. led by philadelphia or philadelphia's on that list. philadelphia has more murders this year than new york city. new york city had six times the population. this is -- i struggle to get my head around the soullessness and the callusness of somebody like larry crassner where he
7:17 am
literally is protecting the dangerous and violent, making excuses for them, and then turning his back on victims, on women, on the violated, the abused, the attacked, the seriously injured, the families left behind of those individuals who have been murdered. just astonishing. and i keep saying this. this craziness is coming to a city near you, to a state near you, if you elect these people. i just want to point out the arsonist who set fire to the fox christmas tree, burned it nearly to the ground, was released from custody less than 24 hours after he set that fire. and last night when the new tree was lit, he was across the street from fox. he was sitting across the street. maria: wow. dagen: when the new tree was
7:18 am
lit. this is what these liberal legislators, governors, mayors, city council members, district attorneys, this is what they stand for. had they do not stand for law-abiding citizens. they don't stand up for the innocent. they don't care and they don't deserve the jobs that they have. maria: i mean, it's extraordinary that he was standing across the street. he was out on bail three seconds later because of these no bail policieses. dagen: he had a long list of offenses and i know for a fact a cup -- couple of weeks ago that he was nearby spitting and harassing -- spitting upon and harassing two elderly latino women who didn't speak english. so again, who do these prosecutors stand up for? who do these legislators, the head of the legislator here, the
7:19 am
head of the t senate, who do they stand up for? not the he'll l deerly and not -- elderly and a not women. maria: it starts at the top, dagen. who are joe biden and kamala harris protecting with these wide open borders? not american citizens. dagen: their own political power as james said last hour. maria: i'm afraid to go into big retail shops right now, james. retailers across the country now are asking congress for help because of the spike in crime, 20 he retail leaders including the ceos of target, best buy, nordstrom sent a letter yesterday to lawmakers to pass legislation that would he deter criminals from being able to resell stolen merchandise online after all of these pictures were seen. it's a wave of brazen smash and grab robberies in san francisco, los angeles, chicago. when is it coming to new york? it probably is. your thoughts, james? james: let's hope eric adams pushes the other way.
7:20 am
the ceos are sending those letters out of complete desperation because of the failure dagen's just been describing, really the reckless, callus, dishonest failure of left wing politicians running these cities who have been pro he moating these mitt -- promoting these myths like police are the main threat to people in urban america, that defunding the police is the way to protect lives in big cities. so that letter of course is going to democrats who run congress but it's triggered by the failure of democrats running big cities. so they are not going to get results. i think if those ceos want such a letter to be acted on, they probably need to wait until after the 2022 elections. but california, it's almost -- it's absurd. criminals going on -- doing television interviews describing how they're able to easily shoplift. maria: unbelievable. i mean, who is this white house
7:21 am
protecting? who are these leaders protecting? we've gone from america first to america last. dagen: can i say one real quick thing. maria: go ahead, real quick. dagen: i get angry because you have been sitting here talking about this for literally years. and the politicians just don't seem to care. and it makes me angry. so i'll leave it at that. maria: yeah. well, you're right. we'll keep talking about this. stay with us. we'll be right back. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. ♪ ♪ ♪
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. maria: welcome back. 14 senate republicans helping democrats clear a key hurdle in raising the debt ceiling, democrats can now pass the bill to increase the debt limit without any gop support. this comes after senate majority leader chuck schumer and minority leader mitch mcconnell struck a deal following weeks of negotiations. joining he me now is jew tau ut, mike stuart. thanks very much. walk us through what took place here. this was one of the important issues that you needed to get done, you and your colleagues, by year end. >> yeah, but the republicans just aren't going to help the democrats spend more money. we don't want to make it easier for the democrats to spend more money and this debt ceiling of course is one of the key provisions they that has to be
7:26 am
dealt with in order for them to spend more money. look, maria, we have spent $12 trillion in the last 18 months. i mean, that's an unfathomable amount of money and we've done it with very little thought and very little consideration of the long-term repercussions of that. we say all the time, we're kicking the can down the road to our kids and grandkids. no, we're not. there's no way in the world this problem gets to our grandkids. if we're spending trillions and trillions of dollars, $12 trillion in a matter of a year and-a-half, many of us republicans are saying, look, we're not going to make it easier for you to do that. if you're going to do that, you're going to have to do it on your own and i think that's what the senate did yesterday. they said okay, you can do it. we won't filibuster but you're going to have to take responsibility for it. maria: yet, your colleagues in the house passed the reconciliation package which we know is around $5 trillion in cost. they're saying it's
7:27 am
1.75 trillion because of all the gimmicks they put in place where federal programs go away after one year which we know is not true. do you think there's any shot of biden's budget and bernie sanders' budget and this reconciliation package becoming law? >> yeah. i hate to say it but i think it's almost inevitable and part of the reason is what you just described here. you can make this number anything you want. we know as you just said and thank you for being one of the few voices out here who are consistent on this, the real cost of this is somewhere between 5 and $5.4 trillion but if you lie to the american people, say no, it's only 1.7 because, again, as you said we're only going fund it for a couple years, wink, wink, knows the republicans once the provisions are in place will never be able to pull them back, we'll never be able to defend these things. they know that, and that's what manchin and others -- they're going to succumb to the pressure and say -- maria: i think people are sick and tired of the lies.
7:28 am
look, we just lived through five years of lies over the russia hoax that of course he devin nunes cracked so early on. congressman devin nunes announced this week he's retiring from congress, leaving a top gop spot on the intel committee open. congressman stuart, you're interested in it. who will become ranking member or the chairman of the intel committee once devin nunes steps down? >> i guess we'll see that. it's up to leader mccar them this has been my goal to be chairman of the commit my eventually for the last four or five years. before we talk about that, i just have to say thank you to chairman nunes. this dude stood in the middle of the fire in the last five years. as we told the american people, as you just said once again, the truth. everything that we said on the house intell tell jens committee, -- intelligence committee, things we were derided for, things we were accused of being treasonous, everything we said turned out to be true and devin stood in that
7:29 am
controversy and he stood by his convictions and he's a dear friend. i'm going to miss him. maria: he did great work on it. he was on my program almost every sunday through 2017 and 2018, alerting our audience that there was absolutely no truth to any russia collusion with donald trump and that it was a lie, that hillary clinton's team made up. he was attacked for it but we held to the truth and i knew who to trust and i'm proud that i did and certainly proud of his work. congressman, thanks very much. we'll be watching the changes in the intel committee with congress losing devin nunes, who will become ceo of president trump's truth media, social media company. chris stuart, thank you, sir. quick break and we're zeroing in on china, another issue that devin nunes has studied for so many years, also brought this issue to our viewers early on. it's looking to expand its influence in central america. what this threat means for the united states, coming up. and then the apple watch may not be all it's cracked up to be
7:30 am
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that it is! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it. is friday, december 10. take a look at markets this half hour. we're watching stocks edge higher this friday morning. we're waiting key inflation data. the dow industrials up 90, the s&p up 15, nasdaq higher by 47 ahead of the november consumer price index. it is out in one hour's time. it may be a market mover. we'll take a look at that number after he declines yesterday for the s&p 500 and the nasdaq, the dow was flat on the session yesterday. as you can see, the dow was down 6 points but the nasdaq was the heavy hit one, down 269 points, that was 1 and three quarters percent lower yesterday on big tech and growth. european markets this morning are searching for direction. take a look at the eurozone here
7:35 am
with the ft 100 down 2 points, the cac down 4, but the dax higher by 8, fractional moves across the board here. red across the board overnight in asia, in asia overnight the worst performers were hong kong and japan, down about 1% apiece on the session, as you can see there. back in the u.s., soaring prices for everything really happening right now, beyond the gas pump and the grocery store. online inflation hitting a record high. cheryl casone with the details there. cheryl, online inflation now. cheryl: online and i got to adhere, this is for november which is interesting as we're going to have cpi from november the official estimate in less than an hour. so let he me show you these numbers. the price of goods online hit a record high in november, that's according to adobe, prices rising 3.5% compared to a year ago, this makes it the highest year over year increase since they started tracking this back in 2014. 11 out of 18 product categories did see increase, apparel saw the biggest jump. other high categories, flowers,
7:36 am
related gifts, tools, sporting goods. we get the official november read from the government on cpi at 8:30. president biden's federal vaccine mandate affecting his favorite mode of transportation. amtrak will be forced to cut services next year, despite president biden's promise to improve rail travel. >> i was talking with members about improving cross-state interstate passenger rail, something i know a little about. you're looking at mr. amtrak here. cheryl: mr. amtrak there amtrak's president said 95% of employees are at least partially vaccinated. they are set to receive $60 billion from the infrastructure package. apple facing a class action lawsuit over the apple watch. according to the suit, apple did not take into account swelling of the internal battery. the screen could crack or
7:37 am
shatter and could cause injury. they announced a program to replace damaged screens for free apple is fractionally higher. well, titleist is blocking customers from personalizing their golf balls with the phrase let's go brandon. when fox news digital tried to order a ball with the same phrase, they got a message rejecting it. the company's terms and conditions it says in part the parent company reserves the right to reject orders that may be inconsistent with company values or brand identity. phrases like antifa, kill cops and impeach trump or kill trump, those were all accepted for golf balls but you can't do let's go brandon. maria: yeah. wow of. cheryl, thank you. meanwhile, taiwan losing another ally to china. nicaragua is re-establishing its
7:38 am
relationship with beijing, a move that's seen as a blow to the united states. state department spokesperson ned price says in a statement that the u.s. encourages all countries that value democratic institutions, transparency and the rule of law and promoting economic prosperity for their citizens to expand engagement with taiwan. joining he me right now is the atlas organization founder and the author of china's vision of victory author, jonathan ward. jonathan, it's good to see you. thanks very much for being here this morning. so we continue to see this back and forth over taiwan where now we've got nicaragua cozying up to china against taiwan. your thoughts on what's playing out here? >> hi, maria. well, it's not a huge surprise. of course, nicaragua is a government that's relatively sympathetic to beijing and beijing has been focused on the western hemisphere. there are multiple governments in latin america that are
7:39 am
essentially becoming more and more aligned with moscow and beijing. they're forming a nexus here. and china pledged hundreds of billions of dollars of investment into south america and central america. so the united states is facing i think a broader problem here when it comes to china's ability to navigate within the emerging world and certainly within the western hemisphere so we're going to need our own strategy to counter them right here in our own hemisphere because they have massive advancements in recent years. taiwan's situation, it's great that on one hand you have taiwan invite todd the democracy -- invited to the democracy summit today. beijing is peeling off remaining governments that do recognize taipei. maria: look at the comment from the head of china's military, saying that china's military will, quote, heavily attack u.s. troops who come to taiwan's rescue, if a war between china and a taiwan breaks out, a possibility that is increasingly
7:40 am
likely, we know that. this is the latest threat to attack the united states during any standoff between china and taiwan issued thursday in the global times which is of course the official mouthpiece of the ccp, jonathan. so you've got all of this provocation going on around taiwan and the bad behavior continuing from the ccp and american companies looking at the 1.4 billion person population and looking at dollar signs, not recognizing the national security risks. apple's ceo tim cook making a secret deal with china back in 2016, worth $275 billion to improve business in the country. according to internal documents obtained by the information we've been reporting this this week that the 2016 deal reportedly included apple's agreement that it would build new retail stores in china and it would work more schoas closeh chinese companies and buy components and parts from chinese suppliers, jonathan, all
7:41 am
so that apple can get a better regulatory backdrop for selling iphones in china. i mean, then you've got wall street titans who have been given a honey pot to go operate in china. apple obviously not the only company in bed with china. many investors on wall street like ray dalio cashing in overseas, you saw the op-ed a week ago in thewall street journal about ray dalio's equivalency to china, talking about the united states. your thoughts on what's going on? >> right, maria. well, this is the thing that every single american needs to understand. on one hand you have a chinese military that is literally preparing for war with our country and on the other hand you have corporate leaders who are building businesses over there and investing over there. one piece of cook's apparent deal is he would invest in the most advanced manufacturing in china. apple is a company that really has a very cash-rich balance sheet and for them to be pouring money into our primary add ser
7:42 am
vary as -- adversary as china reinvests that money, that is the thing we have to stop in america. you can't keep funding an arms race against ourselves, you can't keep funding our primary enemy. our companies are deeply into this. they're going to hurt themselves in the long run and we need them to come back and work on the u.s. and then you have characters like ray dalio, america needs to know what he stands for or apparently stands for. here's a quote from ray dalio. sees china as the rising empire, as an empire that will be larger than the united states and which will surpass the united states. china's vision of victory is his investment thesis, maria. to me, that's very disturbing. he says i believe that china is a competitor of the united states and that chinese businesses will be competitors of american businesses and you're going to have to have -- you want to have bets on both horses in the race. and then he says another thing
7:43 am
in the same interview. if you deal with the question of whether it's a more autocratic system or whether you prefer a more democratic leadership system, have you to make that choice for yourself. let's look at the whole picture. i would say the chinese way of approaching things has a lot to be said for it so you have to make your own choice. the wall street journal reports just this month, i believe, that the chinese government and chinese institutions historically have ranked among bridgewater's biggest clients. so this man who is out there speaking about principles, who is telling the world that sees the chinese empire rising and that he thinks we should all invest in it, he says it's risky not to invest in china, i think we need to get to know this fellow and what he really is doing. this kind of thing is way beyond something like tim cook who is tied into this market. you have people that are pushing for the chinese asendency as
7:44 am
their fundamental thesis. to me that's unconscionable. maria: how does he get away with writing a book called principles. principles of what? principles of investing in the u.s.'s main adversary and the very companies that china will use to try to overtake the united states as the number one super power. by the way, where's the policy in the biden administration to put a stop to unwitting investors helping to fund the expansion of our main adversary? >> well, i think there's a spectrum here. there's certainly the unwitting ones and that's unfortunate. i think there are many investors and investment institutions that are going to get in trouble because they're not doing the right risk assessment, they're not risk assessing china as a country that's building a military design for conflict of its region, carrying out civil, mill l tri fusion, all these sorts of things. they need to understand these things. i don't think they do. they're not looking like our national security leaders do in their assessments.
7:45 am
you have people that are driving the idea that china is the asending power. i think the government ultimately has to step in and just we have to stop investing in china's strategic industries, emerging technologies, human rights atrocities and military initiatives and it's all tied together in beijing. a dollar in goes into all kinds of things that are very negative for the united states. so those that are really willfully pushing that i think need to be countered and those that are unwittingly going along with it, we need to pull them back because it's going to hurt us very badly. maria: it's very troubling and we saw the ccp make decisions on policy and take the rug out of -- underneath investors, those stocks plummet. look at didi global and all the money that jp morgan lost on that. look at others that have plummeted in value, not to mention the disappearing of
7:46 am
individuals. they disappeared jack ma, they disappeared the tennis star. and by the way, joe biden refuses to bring up the origins of covid-19. there's that as well. and all the fentanyl a that the ccp is pushing into the country as well, killing americans. so there is so much here but i guess ray dalio feels like he's making money so we're all good. >> there was a thing that the real sort of grandfather of china's studies in the united states, john fairbank talked about in the old chinese empire they had foreign nobles, people that would receive privileges in beijing in the old empire. i think that those today that are supporting beijing and whatever way, director indirect, have to look at themselves and say whose plan am i working in here, what am i really doing. you don't want people like -- you don't want these sort of foreign noble types to be telling us over here preaching that beijing is the right thing to do. it's not the right thing to do.
7:47 am
this will be terrible for everyone and they're already committing atrocities on their own borders. maria: and then they attack america for investing in sin stocks or in oil companies and they bring in their efg bs when in fact they're perfectly fine making money on the ccp in china. jonathan, the book is fantastic, china's vision of victory and it's amazing, you wrote this book and it continues to show the realities of what we're dealing with with this communist adversary. real quick, final word. >> i think you need to put the g in esg. governance really should mean democracies, not autocracies that are carrying out human rights atrocities. maria: thank you so much. always spot-on, jonathan ward. coming up, high tech scams puts your property at risk, how you
7:48 am
could be targeted without even knowing it. we'll get into it when we come back. and president biden makes his first late night appearance since taking office, despite avoiding reporter questions, he's going to go on late night tv and it's make aing a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. high tech scams targeting your personal property including your car. thieves are using technology including apple's air tags. kurt knutsson is live from los angeles with the story. kurt, good morning to you. >> hey, maria. good morning to you. it's $29. police say it's the new tool that criminals are using, thieves out trying to steal cars. in canada, a police department there saying they are spotting thieves using apple air tags, simply putting them in target vehicles they see out at the mall, at restaurants, out and about, going for pricey rides as well, putting them inside the gas cap. f- 150 trucks have seen them slip in an apple air tag and what the thieves do is they track it right back to your house. police say your car is often stolen at a home more than any other location. they track you right back home
7:53 am
with this. often break into the house, get the keys or steal your car in another means and off it goes, bye-bye, see you later to your ride. well to stop this problem, what can you do? well, if you've got an iphone, you're in good shape because when someone else's air tag is traveling with you, it's going to send you a warning. so what you can do is you can actually answer that warning, pull over, quietly turn off the car so you don't hear much of anything else and play that sound and a hopefully you can locate the air tag. now, the other thing is, if you're at home, you don't have an air tag, you can always do this. use your own air tags. put two of them in your car, one well hidden so they can't find it, the other one as a decoy that's in your glove box, you go hey, i found this, and they throw it out thinking you can't track them anymore. another technique is to block your car inside your own driveway with another car.
7:54 am
obviously parking in the garage is a lot safer. use good surveillance cams inside your house, outside your house, at your car. and then deploy that visible old fashioned thing we used in the '80s, the club, or something like that, one of those steering wheel locks. thieves that are using this technology will often simply move past you and onto the next car when they see that club. they don't want to mess around with it. so we're seeing this happen in late model cars, mainly. doesn't have to be super expensive but if it's a car they can easily sell, it could be an apple air tag that's being used for $29 to swipe your ride. maria: unbelievable. technology has been so good on so many levels but it's also creating all this surveillance and vulnerability. air tags now we have to worry about. kurt, thank you. kurt knutsson joining us this morning. >> good to see you. maria: on all of that and the threats that keep showing up. quick break and then president
7:55 am
biden is headed to late night despite continuing to avoid questions from the media. we'll get into it. why did he choose late night to do an interview? it's this morning's hot topic buzz. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. (vo) t-mobile for business helps small business owners prosper during their most important time of year.
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz jimmy president biden will manage first appearance on "the tonight show" since
7:59 am
taking office, fallon announced yesterday we are set to expect jokes as he answers questions though does not seem to extend that courtesy to white house he reporters records show biden has given 18 interviews, 18 interviews in first -- i haven't seen one maybe one interview i saw as of november 30 dagen have you seen any interviews, 18 apparently joe biden has given. dagen: substantive extensive one around the time of you august of he blatantly lied about people trying to -- that is only one i recall. the, by the way -- >> 18 interviews? >>. dagen: jimmy fallon clearly striving to make his show even lower in ratings, and even less funny than it is actually i don't think funny at all his show so bad when you watch it you walk away from it thinking you will never laugh again. maria: well maybe he will do
8:00 am
the slow of the news the way he used to do with -- slow jamming of the news. >> he instrumentals with struggles with accuracy sorts of style of meandering he probably better for his kind of show but ice cream from the president for several minutes? >> i am also questioning the white house coming up done 18 interviews not buying it dagen james stay right there next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. . ♪♪ maria: good friday morning. thanks for much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo.
8:01 am
it is friday, december 10 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the crisis at the borders expanding, beyond texas as we have been reporting yuma, arizona mayor declaring local emergency as border arrests soared better than 2000% from a year ago key imbibing data this morning latest on inflation cpi out half an hour economists inflation 6.8% annualized rate highest increase nearly 40 years we bring that to you see if it affects markets this morning, right now, markets are trading higher, ahead of the number we are looking at fractional moves across the board, higher dow industrials up 81, s&p 500 up 15, nasdaq higher by 37 1/2, european markets mixed this morning ongoing concerns over omicron variant in europe, we've got fractional modifies across the board ft 100, cac quarante
8:02 am
lower by a fraction asia overnight red across the board japan, hong kong down about 1% "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: morning o movers tell con sliding, to open either lowest since may the stock down 3 and a quarter % credit suisse downgrading the stock to neutral from outperform cutting price target to 50 a share analyst talking about return to in the person fitness week subscriber estimates, retailer korting better-than-expected results as it warned of delays supply chain crisis same-store sales o above expectations up 1 1/2% in fact markets higher this morning going into the november consumer price index out in less than 30 minutes' time. the dow industrials up 77 points, as economists expect jump 6.8% on the ppi in november from a year yearly a 39 year lie, month-over-month
8:03 am
increase 7/10 of a percent joining me cornerstone macro strategy michael kantrowitz also joining all morning long dagen mcdowell, james freeman, michael great to see you. thanks so much for joining the conversation, what are you expecting from the inflation numbers how does that affect your expectation for investing in stocks? >> as to well, probably going to see inflation pick up the used car market is still seeing lag effects of higher prices, there is a couple that are pointing to potential peak in that data will eventually show up down the road but we will probably going to get a pretty -- market moving number although it is -- i didn't expect data today -- still hot a lot of that data tends backward-looking, right now, when looking forward, mix of data, in terms of where inflation is headed from here, our economists lazar believes a year from today we will see
8:04 am
cpi below 2% that is really going to matter for markets going forward rather than happening over last 12 months. maria: michael, your latest note is called profiting from profitability within tech let's talk bp profitable companies out performing particularly in technology, where do you want to be allocated within tech as we look at valuations that are close to 3 trillion dollars, obviously, apple is the one i am referring to, your thoughts? >> yes tech a sector that has been real well last several months there has been some stocks, like that have been wins expensive that have not done well within tech names like apple, have done quite well a differentiating factor whether profitable servers no longer willing to pay up for profitless expensive tech companies that may or may not grow in coming years, but they are willing to buy into
8:05 am
companies that are proven winners like apple, microsoft, et cetera, that have high levels profitability could perform much better, in the next 12 months whether or not economy slows down whether inflation picks up whether covid gets better or not, something we're seeing within tech, and as well as really all over the market, so tech has done so well, because there is so many big companies, like you said three trillion dollars, within tech, that do have high profitability, and market cap he weighted index keeps doing well we expect that to continue next year. maria: but, yeah michael i mean i like what you say tech leadership is about profitability, not gadgets, and gizmos, but today, we are looking at a market, that has been incredibly volatile showing really strong moves for 2021. you think p/es go down in 2022 right? you think they come down from highs that they are give your sense of the next year, in terms of allocating capital.
8:06 am
>> sure, my whole career i have heard the phrase the market is priced for perfection strategies love to talk about especially on tv looking at market today, this is a chosest i've seen actually being true we are going to come into 2022 with extremely low risk elevates pe's credit spreads fight financial conditions never easier not a lot of risk price in markets at the same time we have seen a surge in earnings expectations not only for 20 1 but also for 2022, and 2023. we have a market that has very little risk priced in, really high earnings estimates priced in, less than -- even if things come in perfect, we are looking at gain 9% next year, we don't think things are coming in perfect they rarely do we think risk to downside
8:07 am
as year unfolds data slows we think markets could be spottish next year a lot more volatility separation wen winners and losers about fundamentals profitability is going to be key factor for investors next year. maria: and yet you've got great gains to talk about this year, and we're in 2021. how are you advising clients i know you are looking at quality companies within tech where do i find that throughout a broader population of stocks not just tech? >> sure. the consumer discretionary secretary has a lot of profitable attendance as well autozone home depot lowe's looking at list, pool, there is plenty of high profitable companies in other sectors besides tech. and so, even if investors already have fill of tech
8:08 am
stock next year there are ways to play these theme looking around the world again u.s. markets of that the highest levels of have been profitability best you fundamentals u.s. stocks, have outperformed really well last year five years 10 years, as we look ahead we still think u.s. equities out perform the rest of the world next year because most other markets are a lot more cyclical have lower quality fundamentals when heading into a global slowdown that is not the market you want to be in. so i think consumer discretionary seeker is probably next best sector for investors, to play that profitability theme. maria: well lululemon warning of slowdown you've got smash-and-grab crimes going on, inflation issue, supply chain issue. are these worries working into your models in any way in terms of impacting the consumer? >> well, for every consumer
8:09 am
stock technical stoke has high profitability there is consumer and tech stock that is weak profitability or high valuations without fundamentals to support that yeah there is a lot of conflicting data a lot of concern inflation, how quickly the job market is going to pick up, oil prices, if they pick up again next year, we've seen natural gas prices fall in see how winter plays for consumers if that at prices, yes, thinking, but, at the same time, we can't take today's news and extrapolate that 12 months make investment citizens, past perform is not predictable of the future we have to think about where trends are headed next 12 months hopeful some issues will start to resolve themselves in particularly inflation issues the hot topic today. maria: all right, always great to talk with you michael thanks so much, great analysis as always for michael
8:10 am
kantrowitz. >> thank you. >> from cornerstone macro, the disaster at southern border worsens surge migrants drugs narcotics petitioning border cities to the brink pfizer says a fourth vaccine shot might be necessary to fight potential new variants, as company expects 93 billion dollars as a result of vaccines in the coming nears i will speak with cofounder chairman moderna coming up where his company stands, don't miss a moment you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good.
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you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust) when you have a rock you can depend on for life, you'll be unstoppable. that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? noubar afeyan top stories of that we are watching this morning, actor jussie smollett found guilty five of six charges related to the hate crime hoax that he staged against himself. special prosecutor says smollett hired two brothers to fake attack against them, lied
8:15 am
under oath wasted vandal city resources, huge backlash start of 2019 smollett remains on bonds until sentencing could face up to three years in prison on each of those five counts, american airlines straddling back on international flights cutting number of overseas trips over delays delivery of boeing 78 7 dreamliner, locations cut edinburgh, scotland hong hovng, fewer to shanghai, sidney to resume april 1 boeing shares flat this morning fox news is all-american christmas tree shining brightly, once again -- >> three, two, one! ! oohh! >> beautiful evening tree was built and lit up about 24 hours after original free
8:16 am
destroyed by arson attack suspect back on streets thanks to progressive bail reform bails no bail fox news personalities on hand for the special ceremony outside fox headquarters, the human toll of the border crisis continues, more than 50 people killed, this week, after a truck carrying over 100 illegally migrants crashed in southern mexico mayor of arizona declared local emergency more than of,000 migrants crossed border in five days in texas officials announced they seized enough fentanyl to kill 00 million people 24 year alone so we've got massive i will narcotics into the country things to china mexico two million people arrested so far this year 600,000 gotaways in the country we don't know what intentions are, they got away.
8:17 am
james, no comment from the white house. >> no, and that is why voters across the spectrum give the president such poor marks on this issue. not just people who are tough border he enforcement it is independents, it is everybody, the -- by the way, we've been talking about racial hoaxes this morning, greatest of all the hoaxes perpetrated by so many politicians, people in our industry that america is systemically unjust society i think every day, that drama at border among other things puts the lie to this, when you see how people from from all over the world different backgrounds how will suffer what they will go through to try to make it to the united
8:18 am
states to this to this promised land of opportunity. it looks like latest group is from guatemala, we see people from africa from asia all over the world people want to come to the united states. they know it is not an racist country they know great hope of the world land of of opportunity, how do we deal he with this? i think the president if he ever began to care about this issue he sets policy he has amazing opportunity if he wanted to consider reaching across the aisle saying let's have border he enforcement let's also of a more open path a more path for people who want to come and work we need workers. maria: yeah, i love your
8:19 am
op-ed james, where you are talking about how fraet america is did he spoot the fact we did not elect hillary clinton yesterday he showed video of her -- >> she did not say america is great in the speech that she never go a did not say that in speech saying they was disappointed. >> yeah, really sad, it was a beautiful line that she intended to deliver if she had won saying she was more sure of this than -- anything else. america is the greatest country in the world, and i wish she had said it because it was true and is true whether she is wrong or not whoever wins next election it is still true. maria: that is right i will speak with cofounder chairman of moderna they have produced a vaccine in 10 months record time. going to get the company take on booster shot debate early new study as well joining me
8:20 am
coming up consumer price index out 10 minutes' time fresh insight into inflation picture what numbers mean, stay with us. . ♪♪ ♪ -- ♪ . ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. ♪ ♪ ♪
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emmanuel maria: welcome back. vaccine makers are racing to create a shot to target the omicron variant, pfizer achieve executive says he believes omicron could increase likelihood people will need a fourth booster shot yammer than expected joining me right now cofounder chairman of moderna, the flagship pioneering founder ceo noubar afeyan, noubar great to have you this morning welcome back thanks so much for joining me. >> glad to be here maria. maria: let's talk about omicron i want to get to new study on moderna's flu shot what are thoughts on risk threat around the omicron variant? >> the i think that the threat has to be taken seriously. we are seeing now globally the
8:25 am
spread of this variant at a fairly rapid rate we don't note the whether parens o more threatenings infection or same or less threatening once infected our job to prevent infection as much as we can that regard i think the best approach to get unvaccinated, vaccinated. also need to be boosted work as developers of vaccine on the most effective further protection should we need it that is what we're working on in moderna. maria: moderna has done such incredible job getting the vaccines to market, sooner than anybody expected yet now we've got new threats, your stock is down better than 10% right now. noubar, is this because of the new study that you are talking about this morning or something else? >> very hard to know any given
8:26 am
time what people are trading on, what we announced this morning, in the leadership team is on a call right now detailing, it is a successful from very first flu seasonal flu trial we have announced earlier this year very rapid development for the very first time to come back substantially new shown sufficiently neutralization of the virus based on what this season flu is raped ily moving to stage three to generate data so fda can review it i think what we're facing right now is a big opportunity, to leverage the learning from covid experience to take into it other respiratory diseases the flu is first one, we have shown successfully able to generate neutralizing antibodies that can be effective against the flu. >> such an important study
8:27 am
your team is talking about right now, because it shows, that the shot produced robot antibodies against four strains betweening annual booster vaccine would target covid, flew, rfz, i am wondering if market is reacting to say well maybe people will just get the flu shot and not want to get more boosters, i mean look we all know that the amount of revenue that you are going to generate as a result of vaccines boosters more than a lot expected is it right talking about 93 billion dollars in revenue between yours and pfizer's in the coming year? just on vaccines. >> we have not made such forecasts i know that people are very much focused on, saying expectations, look we are a company focused on
8:28 am
technology we invented, developed tennies all we do very pleased to be able to get effective vaccines to human trials within 40 days getting sequence of were original variant we have worked night and day to production levels, over a million doze currentier upwards of two to three billion next year that is in our control our question about whether people think somebody might take a flu shot instead of booster important to understand our team is trained to attack what it is directed toward, so a booster, will be needed only if omicron effectively escapes our immune system needs to be further boosted the flu shot going to direct multiple strains of flu, as you know, every change changes, i think you basically learning how to get our immune system to more effectively
8:29 am
protect us with new, omicron eventual further flu variations we need to be in a position we now are with the technology to react quickly and keep protecting people. >> are the current vaccines and boosters on the market right now effective enough to shut down the omicron variant? >> maria we have said that we are at tail end of our experiments, and we expect next week, to be in a position to share our data we do not have that data yet, the reason is because we are testing thoroughly all aspects, for example, we looked at current booster, a booster that is twice as high a dose to get even stronger protection we looked at variants, vaccines with data strain with delta strain even while we begin to work on omicron specific vaccine next week or so we expect data for first four
8:30 am
approaches once that we can share it then i can answer how effective will current approach be for moderna. others have shown weakening of the responsive antibodies arguing for more and more boosts we are not in that position yet we need to gather data. >> we don't know if the existing shot efficacy will decline and dampen expectations of -- cause of new variants coming? we don't know is that is that you are saying? >> to the best of of our knowledge certain a boosted vaccinated person three doses mrna we know has distant amount of antibodies our expectation based on data our expectation a boosterted person effective certain against serious disease hospitalization our focus is on minimizing not just
8:31 am
complicated infection because ultimately if we keep bringing infected people will spread infection to others that is the thing keeping this virus from going away. so we really need to be vigilant, look at generateing as much antibodice inflation running 6.8% annualized rate accordinged to cpi hitting the tape worse than expected up 8/10ers% november versus estimate 7/10 of a percent are you expecting to raise prices at moderna? >> we don't have current mans in that regard in particularly, in a pandemic. where we are focused on getting as many doses out as we can inflation backdrop is adding to cost structure is that we are operating under, but as relate to this vaccine,
8:32 am
we are focused and we by the way, made advance purchases months and months in advance to be able to be rad to produce the vaccine so no, i don't see a direct correlation, are you seeing any slowdown in terms of expectations on revenue from these vaccines, as a result of this most recent study? >> the most recent study you i mean vis-a-vis flu knew or -- >> stock down 12% right now, and servers trying to understand, what kind of expectations you have for growth and revenue, as a result of vaccines whether flu or otherwise. >> maria i think that there is a general focus of moderna on long-term prospect of company unlike pharmaceutical company has -- 50 different we have
8:33 am
had one product successfully, 34 other products behind it being developed a lot of attention paid on interpreting this data i am pretty convinced once people focus on data as we speak we will there will be an understanding very clear path to what we ultimately want to do to develop a multivariant multiantigen vaccine, after in fluenza covid-19, this is a significant step in that direction i think investors ought to digest it understand what it means then we can make our own decision. >> thanks so much we with, of course, will watch development love 206 you back wdz you know more about omicron threat as well we will talk soon, thank you so much chairman of moderna, as we were talking cpi came out hotter than many expected cheryl chefrl digging in numbers on impact.
8:34 am
cheryl: good morning, again gain .8% year offer year number 39 high gain 6.8%, we came in 6.8, 39-year high core cpi year-over-year number the core strip out food and emergency a gain half a percent that was in line with expectations, but, again, going down to another record that we're looking at 30-year high for core cpi 30-year high, 4.9% estimate 4.9% all numbers are stronger than october number let me give you a sense of go to release as speaking biggest jumps going to viewers gasoline, housing mortgages food used cars trucks, new vehicles, those are biggest contributors to this report in fact energy index gain 3 1/2%, in november
8:35 am
and a gasoline index that pushed that number higher the gasoline index 6.1% all energy indices within it guts of the report all those rose, the food index talking about a gain .7% food at home .8% americans paying for on table looking at much hotter than expected for cpi year-over-year 39-year high, haven't since 1982 not at record 614% under ronald reagan but milestone for report 30-year high year-over-year if you strip out food rand emergency a everybody paying for food paying for emergency we saw this of the report confirmed government data and stocks taking off, there is -- i don't know what it is chairman -- powell told us he expects -- inflation excuse me, actually going to continue to -- to rear ugly heed but
8:36 am
markets are higher back to you. >> stay with us i want to a bring in dagen and james to come back to you with more on what you are reporting here, we areh we've got a market rallying despite hotter-than-expected number dagen taiing your thoughts what you takeaway from this report. dagen: ho did not see this coming whether work in government white house or federal reserve. it is astonishing those policy leaders if you can call them that stood by, and allowed this to happen. create a hardship, for hardworking americans. adjusting for inflation, wages have been falling, since joe biden -- took office. and so it is no wonder that 63% americans think this country is on the wrong track. that is almost two-thirds of people polled by the "the wall street journal." 46% expect the economy to get worse from here. so anybody who thinks this is
8:37 am
this economy is rip-roaring, well it is rip-roaring in the wrong way. and maybe jay powell has woken up to fact behind this spike in nation in large part they will try to quickly withdraw the bond-buying program also raising rates has to be on containable at this point we need the country is going to have to experience some sort of pain, to get this inflation in check, because again expectations of higher prices beget higher prices, becomes a confidence game when mind-set changes of american people, you can't he you can't reverse it. maria: right it is -- to take the he will elevated prices down when in middle of a situation where companies have those prices in place, james there is a reason that jay powell last week said time to
8:38 am
retire the word "transitory" cheryl reporting price hikes the highest nation read since 1982. your reaction to what we're seeing in. >> it is terrible for consumers savers shows that the fed is failing in its -- really what should be primary mission. they are presiding over significant destruction value of our currency i think what we have to be concerned about there is now a sort of wall street/washington con consequence u.s. this is bad but the much slower a year from now i certainly hope that consensus is right we have to ask ourselves how many people, on wall street or at the federal reserve one year ago, were saying it is going to hit
8:39 am
6.8 the end of 2021? i don't recall a lot of them saying that. maria: ask that is. >> we have to wonder sort of -- faith-based conviction that it is going to be much lower very soon, again, i hope it is right. i think we have to question that consensus. dagen: james, the editorial page pointed out this is more than three times the fed target for inflation. maria: yeah. dagen: it has been getting hotter hotter hotter as it goes on. james: all -- >> -- >> cheryl, has more on some hikes that we're seeing you are talking about kitchen table items cheryl like costing us so much more not just gasoline, 50% year-over-year right. cheryl: all gasoline energy products have jumped, i was digging into food numbers listen to this two indices
8:40 am
food away from memo and food at home. the food at home index 6.4% that is largest gain that we've seen since december of 2008 then look at food away from home, that is not enough, right for americans, for families then look at food away from home 5.8% jump for slice excuse me biggest 12-month increase we've seen since end of january of 1982. so we can talk about core cpi all we want but americans are paying feeling what they are seeing what is hurting pocketbooks is the two things, that they are -- paying through nose for food and energy i think crucial something to look at for the economy. maria: james white house thinks we we are idiots stupidest this is backward being look number, yeah doesn't include the recent decline in oil, hello, we are 72 dollars a barrel on oil
8:41 am
talking about 49% again year-over-year look at food cheryl just went through. james: ronald reagan called inflation the thieve of the middle class that is absolutely true for people, obviously, this has been a great year with money pumped into system for people who own assets financial assets, those, and we should know those indices not adjusted for inflation, but for people who don't own tons of financial assets, who have to -- devote salary wages to food energy to housing, this is a disaster. and, you know, it is really strange that the fed talks so much in recent years, about how much they care, about the average person, and their primary job, to help average consumer, and they are
8:42 am
failing. it looks like they -- the balance sheet in other words creating new money maybe much earlier it is huge. i don't see -- to shrink it you all of a sudden nation is going away? i don't get it. >> what do you make about move in stocks as the result the market takes off on the inflation data. dagen: i can explain it, companies corporations, generally are pretty decent inflation hedge. if the company has pricing power to continue to hike prices. assuming that individuals or customers absorb them if you had to allocate money you have stocks aren't worst inflation hedge it is in short run. maria: yeah. dagen: that being said, james was pointing out income inequality worsened dramatically in large part
8:43 am
because of federal reserve policies. they inflate assets like stocks, and bitcoin, but then it is a hardship for regular americans. and maybe ron chain ought to stay off twitter today because he infamiliarously will he tweeted jason firm retweet inflation is a high class problem i can only imagine the expletives people uttered when they saw that. maria: james said fed is filing joe biden is failing, ron klain is failing they care all about ukraine care about china what about american citizens? president biden is trying to -- ukraine president eastern european leaders of united states support vladimir putin building up troops what about southern border two million arrests year-to-date biden u.s. allies getting ready to negotiate with russia as putin
8:44 am
hands in assurances ukraine won't join nait? what what about southern border inflation crisis joining me mike turner, good to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> good morning, do you have an answer to that you say this most recent build up ukraine border demonstrates putin disregard for nato call for disarmament what do they say about joe biden upset about ukraine border could care less about the southern border. >> i think maria you are absolutely right what this shows that is this administration, is failing across the board, they are failing in immigration policy securing our border just insuring sovereignty, failing when it comes to the basic checkbook issues for american families and then failing on the international stage, the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, of course, you see today, you the positivein comet disregard for this president as he amasses troops around ukraine our allies are looking to biden and seeing
8:45 am
from his past failure in afghanistan perhaps his failure here making the world less safe making america less safe making america prosperous. maria: when is enough enough? i have a friend just lost his son 26-year-old young man he had world at finishing tips dreams of a big career, 26 years old he is dead. because he used a commonly used drug that was laced with fentanyl. when is joe biden going to wake up? is china pushing this fentanyl into our country to just kill us all off? what the heck is going on? we've got crisis at groceries soaring many of us broke income inkwaelt worsening crisis at southern] foreign policy i mean a mess. >> whenever you strengthen those who intended to do
8:46 am
america harm you certainly put american families at risk sorry to hear of your friend's blows clearly what we've seen in this administration they were open about it during campaign they wanted to border, our border between united states and mexico tribe open we've seen, 1.6 million people show up at the border year not even over yet my community i am from die ton ohio, 1.2 million people like from that whole area of ohio more people have crossed over tur befored than lived in the dayton, ohio region this administration welcomed them opened them ep the this was intended result these are not accidents not unexpected results of policy, these actually are their policies when you look at out-of-control spending causing this -- inflationary pressure in our economy, you are certainly seeing it weaken american families and certainly our financial security. maria: and who is accountable, congressman? who is accountable for who is asleep at the wheel at the white house who in your view
8:47 am
is running things are these ron klain decisions, susan rice decisions? who is running the country joe biden missing a lot does not bring joy to say the leader of this free world, our can he commander in chief doesn't know what is going on. >> he certainly is consistent thank you looks at overall again when he campaigned for presidency, this these are the principals that he laid out, that he would do to america. we knew, as going through campaign listening to this what outcome would be, certainly at the white house they are executing those policies, they are policies that do not favor america that do not favor american families don't favor our security. . >> have you heard from kevin mccarthy, are you going to be the chairman of the intelligence committee once gop assumingly wins the majority next year? devin nunes is stepping down, that leaves a void who will be chairman of intel? i appreciate that maria, obviously, that is kevin's
8:48 am
decision one thing we know devin nunes is a have an for history everything that we know about russia hoax what was happening in intelligent community trying to weaken donald trump, the presidency, was done, by the hillary team democrat team that devin nunes brought to life we would not know any things if it hadn't been for his intuition hard work tenacity a huge difference historic we could be standing wondering how all that happened to donald trump but we know as a result of devin nunes' work this was the work of the democratic national committee hillary clinton to weaken donald trump. >> i know who to trust devin nunes john ratcliffe throughout 2017, 2018 own my "sunday morning futures" program, every sunday, telling us that this was one big lie.
8:49 am
and we are proud of where we were, on this story, that was a complete hoax, congressman -- to be clear we are fed up we are fed up with policy, something needs to change, congressman thanks very much for being here congressman mike turner he will checkup back with you economy sports outdoors soaring third-quarter earnings talking with ceo the latest on inflation, from his standpoint, wait till you hear how much sports athletics clothing costs you now, 6 1/2% higher. stay with us. . ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google.
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maria: welcome back. many academy sports out looser beating expectations third quarter also raising full year guidance stock jumping this morning up 6 1/2%, of course, we have been reporting inflation data this morning, november cpi is out prize rose 5% from year earlier overall inflation 6.8% on cpi annualized joining me right now academy sports outdoor ceo ken hicks, thanks very much for being here how is business going. >> thank you, maria -- we are doing great excited about
8:54 am
results all customers coming into our stores. will the they are excited about sports and outdoors. maria: so you are seeing demand then ken? obviously, because we are looking at a really mixed showing when you are looking at brick and mortar versus only where is the big boost in business across all divisions, outdoors, the sports and recreation. and apparel footwear. >> have i seen impact of supply chain crisis at all. >> we had to work extra hard good news is we are in pretty good stock not great stock but pretty good stock got what we need for holiday season, there are some areas where we like to have more, but, the teamworking with great suppliers we worked ahead we
8:55 am
saw this coming, so we were able to make sure that we had what we needed to serve our customers this holiday. maria: . >> and i know that you've got some technical footwear manufactured in vietnam, right where are your main manufacturing facilities? >> a our most of our goods come from asia, vietnam, china, malaysia we have a lot out of places like africa, and great deal from united states. and, you know, north, south america but the real push that you are going to see real problem you are going to see is going to be first quarter. the bottle is moving through the supply chain, and the challenges will be first quarter. good news that we are well positioned we've again worked
8:56 am
ahead, but the goods made for holiday were done prior to the shut down in vietnam. . well that is very good management on your part in terms of ensuring that you've got the product before the holiday. what are you expecting first quarter? have how does that start up again? >> we're not putting out guidance good news our business has been strong, the consumer demand is there, our traffic is up significantly, and a big part of our growth, so we are excited people will continue to, you know, with hobbies and habits past year and a half interested in health and wellness interested in up if that is what we sell. we sell fun. maria: i guess the launch of that mentally app back in july, was a real jump-starter
8:57 am
in terms of increasing your engagement, directly with customers, right. >> thank you, it has been fantastic, dot com up over 25% past quarter, up over 140% over the past two years. so we're seeing great engagement with customers on line, many of those people that go online go on app shop then come into the stores to pick it up, we call it big line pick 77 in store one of the fastest growing elements, we've been talking about inflation we know the cost of goods has gone up, how much have you passed on to the consumer, and are you expecting to raise prices, in 2022? >> you are right we are seeing some price pressure, we are really have a retailer we look
8:58 am
worker extra hard to keep price points, key items that right prices. but where we can, where we have to, we are taking some prices up. the consumer is still buying as i said traffic is up more than our prices have gone up so the consumer is still willing to spend that extra bit but we are seeing pricing pressure and taking a lot of work, to minimize that a, looking at expenses looking at things so we don't have to put that burden fully on to the customer. >>, of course, we are seeing across the board ken producers are paying more for goods they are passing it on. in terms of kroirz would you be poised to raise on footwear apparel something else else or all above. >> we are selective where we can raise prices on some
8:59 am
things some things putting in extra into the product so customer cease more value but, the inflation that we're seeing, is pretty much across the board. and some areas a little more than others, for example, where steel in a product like barbecue grill putting in features so customer gets more value even though they might be paying a little bit more that is something that -- is making it a little bit more challenging, is how we can continue to offer that value, that on a really you know important item, we've got five dollar t-shirt going to work to keep that five dollar t-shirt even if we have to work short. >> thanks very much we will watch development ken hicks on inflation story big buzz of the morning deck the halls
9:00 am
with not of expensive ugly christmas sweater on sale 40,000 dollars can you believe this sweater more than 150 diamonds, 2 swaraski crystals. >> i would rather jeweler on wrist, jillian: great to be with you. have a fantastic weekend. djokhar tsarnaev begins now. >> it wasn't that ugly, just wildly overpriced. good morning everyone. let's get straight at it. inflation is a big problem. is the latebreaking number. of the letter the prices you paid went up 6.8% as the sharpest inflation surgeons 1982. used about food and energy


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