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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  December 10, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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in my add-on looters should be sent to jail and we must refund the cops, we need law and order, safety on the street is like a tax cut. i am larry kudlow, we'll see you next week. ♪ >> from the fox studio in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo wall street". maria: happy weekend everyone welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in position you for the week ahead, i am maria bartiromo another wild week for stocks this past week as new data shows inflation is running at a 39 year high. the number spiking in november, getting reaction from international investor. remaining mexico policy reinstated aimed at stemming my
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grades back to mexico to await asylum hearings but wait until you hear how many people will actually head back this week. major retail ceo pleading for help under the surging crime wave, buddy carter sits on the house commerce committee and he will join us coming up. genocide in china the new ruling more countries joining the united states and the diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics, critics are slamming the move will hear from marco rubio and china expert jonathan morris. the top newsmakers on "mornings with maria" in this week's edition of the talkers. ♪. maria: what are your thoughts during these tensions between the united states and china. >> china is a more competitive competitive competitive that we
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had before but economic and technology areas. i don't think it's a good idea to say were not going to have any relation to china. >> this is largely a new energy plan, a green plan with $555 billion of policy. >> one thing that is in the buried in the build back better plan they put a new tax on a barrel of oil. maria: senator menendez change completely relative to last friday when there was enormous worry about the new variant. >> knowledge is power, the more information we have about variance in the covid infection of the pandemic the more will be able to get information to the public how best to protect themselves. maria: your thoughts on the meeting between putin and biden? >> he looks at president biden after afghanistan's domestic troubles and he figures now's a good time to push. maria: look at markets and where they ended the week it was a wild one friday we got the annualized inflation growth
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number for november is at the highest level since june of 1982. inflation running hotter than ever at 6.8% year-over-year for the month of november. joining me capital partner mark mobius. it is great to have you this weekend. you been investing all across the world are you seeing inflation an issue across the world as much so in the united states right now. >> no question it's in all these countries, all the countries are pumping money into the economy. it is no question that there's a concern about inflation but now with the new variant several banks are reluctant to raise interest rates, that's the big question. maria: i thought it was surprising when the numbers came out on friday morning the markets rallied in the face of the 39 year hyperinflation. the yield on the ten year
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dropping below 1.5%. what you make of the reaction and the federal reserve which is happening in the upcoming week. >> i think the market is number one and if you look at this is amazing the way it's gonna. as i said everyone's afraid of the new variant and they don't want to put a damper on the markets. they will be reluctant to do so, industry and russia they have been raising rates almost consistently but it remains to be seen what the u.s. does is really about whether. maria: we will see were expecting the federal reserve to start tapering back on its bond purchases but have any interest rates hikes are you expected in 2022 and what is your best guess in terms of making money in an environment where inflation is going up and interest rates are
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going up the policies are uncertain, how are you investing. >> consuming this. turns out to be a dud, in other words is not serious. if that happens the interest rates will go up for a five straight hikes, there has been a lot of ideals of companies that are not earning anything. these committees will be in deep trouble and a high return on capital would do very well. nevertheless the overall market will suffer and so far they'll be here with index going down. >> let me ask you about technology that's where the evaluations have been skyrocketing more so than others when you have apple nearing a 3 trillion-dollar market value, a big story on friday expected
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the quarterly results stocks soared, is this an indication that were seen more business trending with cloud computing and oracle's business, this is a great bellwether for the economic climate and business. >> that is no question most people in technology and cloud in semiconductors anything related to increased communication and so forth are going to give you to do well particularly with the covid situation hanging over us all work remotely. this continues to do well even in the face of overall market problems tech companies drink well and continue to do well. maria: what sector or geography would you put new money to work in right now? >> right now india is at the top of our list we think it will continue to do very well and they're going to a reform program in the other place in
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his largest in the world they're doing very well it's a good place to be and that's where the tech is. there are a few bits and pieces around the world that are interesting but generally speaking it could be those countries. >> advised you mention india i hearing a lot of positive things which i will share in the coming weeks, it's great to have you, thank you very much for weighing in on all of them. good to see you. maria: mark joining us today, president trump remaining mexico policy reinstated this were proud of you billy crossan, wait till you hear how many have been returned to mexico, it is not good i'll discuss that and more with buddy carter will become
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maria: welcome back president trump remaining mexico policy reinstated this week under a federal judge order. the policy requires asylum-seekers to weigh in mexico for hearings and a u.s. immigration court, thousands of migrants are crossing the border illegally every day and according to a un report u.s. authorities have sent back to migrants to mexico, to migrants to mexico have gone back so far, joining me george's congressman buddy carter, good to have you and thank you for being here this weekend. am i naïve to think this makes no sense we have thousands of people crossing illegally every day and only two people were sent back to the remaining mexico policy. >> that is not a very good percentage at all. think about it it was in effect through the trump administration
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no other reason that competent and they want to do the opposite. this is ridiculous what's going on at the border and it's much more than the illegal immigrants. it's a fentanyl and the drugs coming across the border. maria: we had 100,000 overdoses in america over the last year largely due to fentanyl because the drug dealers are lacing commonly used drugs in fentanyl and a tiny amount will kill people. in fact border agents tell me that they seized enough fentanyl this year to kill 200 million americans. what are you doing with it as an elected official. what is the biden administration doing about this. as the ccp tried to kill us all, i know fentanyl is made in china push the cartels into america.
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>> that is absolutely correct. now it's being made in central america as well as south america. they are catching on to. you're absolutely right, what do we do in congress we have legislation right now that will take all the fentanyl and move it to a schedule one which will give us the opportunity to prosecute these people if they indeed are breaking the law. also we have to keep in mind, what is abided a administration doing, absolutely nothing. they're ignoring the border as if it doesn't exist. a country without a border is not a country whatsoever. maria: why not, why isn't the administration doing anything? >> i have no idea as you know and i know joe biden is a senator and vice president has never been to the border, kamala harris the borders are has gone to el paso, 800 miles from the epicenter of the problem in my gallon. that makes no sense whatsoever
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while they're ignoring this. don't think for one moment this is just a problem at the border, these drugs are investing all of our communities. illegal immigrants are making everything a border state. maria: this also starts at the top. this is among the most lawless administrations we've ever seen. of course when they're blowing off the law like remaining mexico, other people will break the law. the other story were watching 20 top retail ceos are sending urgent letters to you in congress pleading for help against the recent surge in crime. they are urging lawmakers to pass a law that makes it harder for thieves to steal stolen goods online. in atlanta yet home depot say their stores are getting hit by organize committal. we've all seen the video on the smash and grab attacks where thieves are running into stores with masks on stealing whatever
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they can and running out this is an incredible situation, what you doing about it? >> it is no coincidence that the party of the phone the police is now the party of rampant crime. the democrats through their rhetoric of defend the police have created the scenario and created the situation that exists right now. they are completely ignoring it. aoc said that's not what's happening, that is not the case at all. it's like ignore your teeth and don't go away, let me tell you this is the situation you continue to ignore this and businesses will go away. we have got to do something about it in congress and get tougher on crime and make sure. i was an independent retail pharmacist for many years, i tell you it is frightening to be in business anymore.
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maria: people don't want to go to stores, i certainly don't want to go shopping anymore god forbid this happens when you're in the store. this is a national security issue. you think is a administration sees it that way, the wide-open border and national security, the theft like this organized after national security? >> it is national security and is the health of our country as well, keep in mind the illegal immigrants coming across the board unvaccinated, untested. if you don't get your vaccines, you could get fired, how ridiculous is that. the administration is doing absolutely nothing. maria: what a shame the pictures are amazing to me that this is america, thank you very much will be watching the developments to see what you and your colleagues are able to do to change the body situation. congressman buddy carter, thank you so much we will see you soon. coming up next standing up to china marco rubio stated off against america's investment in china as a new report out of the
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uk says china's treatment of the uighurs master genocide, we heard two administration say this will the diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympic games do anything? will hear from the senator and get his thoughts coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. the best things america makes are the things america makes out here. the history she writes in her clear blue skies. the legends she births on hometown fields.
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maria: over the last 20 years since china was admitted to the wto and many companies have been heavily depend on china. this dependence leads to the fact on a daily basis we have not just government leaders but important advocated the policies and taking actions that are bad for america good for china. we have american investors and
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we have people in these countries to invest in building weapons designed to kill american soldiers in the future they do not care and were forced to choose between billions more dollars in profits from china and call home they choose a prophet. maria: what a shame that was marco rubio sounding off on the week actions of the growing threat of china. the u.s. and other countries announcing the diplomatic boycott of the upcoming beijing olympics over human rights abuses as a uk panel says china is guilty of genocide. two administrations have told us, the trump administration anthony blinken said it, critics says this does little to move the needle, the founder of the organization the author of the book china's vision of victory, jonathan ward is here, good to have you, thank you very much for being here, you're obsessed with what's going on at corporate america, apple doing a $275 billion deal with the ccp in 2016 and the e-zine of
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regulations in exchange for apple training chinese employees to build the iphone in a similar device so the apple does well. and no comment about the national security risks in doing so, your thoughts on corporate america and china? >> hi it is good to be here, is the biggest problem america has in a conversation we need to have as a nation. our corporations have gone into china and built into the market for the last 20 or 30 years at this point they become so enmeshed, it is profitable but at the same time it's causing them to undermine the american interest and build our adversary. were building up the strategic industries the advanced technologies in all of that converts into a power that will be used against us, we're in an economic war with china but were barely fighting it, right now
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there companies acting on beijing and around the world but our companies are tied into beijing's orbit we have to pull them back and have a new relationship with corporate america so they can do the right thing and we have to bring them back to the arsenal of democracy as they were in the past and not chase the solution in the long run of a billion person market. our technology will be used against us and this is the main conduit. maria: instead of that we have major money managers managing money for the ccp or advising clients to up their exposure to chinese companies, let's be clear some of these companies if they are pushing regular investors to invest in their indexes and trading on the otc market are companies that are tied to the ccp military and will be the companies that produce product, military products with the effort to
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overtake the united states as the number one superpower, what is going on with wall street? >> wall street needs to get the message on china right now a massive growth market and we have to pull them out you cannot have american money pouring into our primary strategic adversary, that's what's happening across the board or through all sorts of indexing sin and various other vehicles the corporations have chinese competitors not only in china but around the world. wall street is directly financing the rise of an enemy state. that needs to be stopped by the u.s. congress in the u.s. government we need to understand it an arms race against herself, we will lose the bigger contest with china if we continue to pour money into the adversary. what mark mobius was saying investing in india and taiwan that's the right thing to do invest in the free world, the united states and the county strategy that we will have to do
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to win economic competition. but wall street does not think that way there in a very different page they don't understand u.s. national security is seems. maria: ray dalio wrote a book called principles and in it he is talking about the chinese empire and how cycles happen it is likely the chinese empire cycle turns. is that what the issue is. big investment professionals believe it's china's time and they want to participate in it. >> that is just wrong in that regard america needs to get to know this man better. i know the vision of victory he sees them as a rising empire and he says we should get on board with that. he said china is a competitor to the united states and you should have bet on court under both courses in the race. he believes he's playing both sides and he knows exactly what
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he's doing and there's a military competition and a technological competition and he believes we should be invested in their primary adversary that the league of its own that should not happen he should be taken to task for this, it's very different from the other wall street leaders in that kind of thinking to explicitly go in knowingly fund america's primary enemy is absolutely horrible. maria: is quite extraordinary new britain all about it in the vision of victory and we appreciate you joining us, thank you very much jonathan ward joining us on the china threat that we are facing today. thank you. joe go anywhere more wall street right after this. and you could fearlessly face the unknown. (kids playing) you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust) when you have a rock you can depend on for life, you'll be unstoppable. that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement
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