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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 13, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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doing that? >> we have a lawsuit trying to force the biden administration to build it and bitterly there's a wall down there, paying millions to not build the wall. >> visio, you've been watching the evening editing on foxbusiness, thank you for watching. join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: 250-mile long path of destruction, entire towns and communities destroyed. dozens of people are dead, hundreds injured and tens of thousand without heat, power or running water right before christmas but amid heartache and terror, wears hearing stories of survival and hope. friday night tornado cluster across five states without from three more. very rare for december and happen to the middle of the night which means many got little or no warning. when the sun came up saturday,
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carnage like you've never seen, one of the hardest hit areas, mayfield, kentucky, hundreds of buildings set to be destroyed, homes and businesses even churches. many more badly damaged and the scope of the destruction causing the governor of kentucky to choke off. >> i know the folks in western kentucky, i'm not doing so well today i'm not sure how many of us are. we will push through because we don't have a choice and we are strong enough. kennedy: devastation isn't limited, and entire nursing home was knocked down. illinois and amazon warehouse leveled and present biden today said he plans to see the damage firsthand later this week. >> i will travel to kentucky wednesday. haven't decided where yet. we are working on when, we talked about this two days ago,
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i don't want to be in the way. there's a lot going on and when the president shows up, there's a long tail to follow and i don't want to do anything other than be added. kennedy: the desktop will rise in the cleanup could take years. many of us hit hardest say they plan to stay and rebuild everything from scratch because that's what americans do especially midwesterners and southerners. joining us live, fox news senior correspondent, mike tobin. >> we see the power of crews coming and going but the big shovels working all day, dump trucks hauling debris have largely stopped at with nightfall. what we see here are big piles of bricks, a lot of twisted steel and there doesn't seem to be a building in this town that didn't sustain plaintiff damage. what we saw throughout the day,
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search and rescue crews at work specifically task force out of missouri and search and rescue notice i said search and rescue, not cadaver dogs. they still alive three days pass in cold nights, they could still find survivors in the pockets of the rubber. i talked to a restaurant owner who lost an entire building and said it's going to be very difficult but plans to rebuild. >> was your insurance are paid up? >> for what we had, yes. during the pandemic, you've got to let things slide a little bit because there's no business pretty guys like that said they are going to get a lot of people they work with and no going into a lot of debt that they plan to rebuild kentucky's governor set death toll stands at 74, still likely to rise with 79 -- 109 people still missing. some of those victims are
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children kentucky's first lady gave emergency briefing, that became just a little bit more than she could bear as a mom, wife, daughter and friend -- >> as a mom, wife, daughter and friend, she can only imagine the pain and grief kentuckians are feeling. >> you still have 26500 people without power here and i've covid a lot of tornadoes in the past, ef 52 tornadoes that have parked themselves and wreak havoc, i've never seen one like this that cuts into a long path of destruction. it took a foothold to the southwest appear and drove like a lon moyer destroying everything in its path, 227 miles.
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kennedy: when will they know how powerful the storm really was? >> the national weather service said they will estimate it at least and ef three, that means winds up to 165 miles an hour. it will be interesting to a it takes a while to come out with final ratings, interesting to see if they go up to ef five. it's my experience when you see and ef five touchdown, it looks like a neighborhood that hasn't been built yet, all that remains on the foundations of the building. you see something still standing but these are substantial structures, something that could lead to become, a rating of any ef five, structures you have bent still it is not like trailer homes ripped apart, these are brick and steel buildings receiving significant damage. kennedy: and they have anticipated things like this and have built things to withstand whatever they possibly can.
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stay safe out there. >> thank you. kennedy: if you would like to help those hurting, we encourage you to do so. call 1800 help now or visit red to donate whatever you can and if you're an amazon prime member, donate to alexa by saying alexa, make a donation to the american red cross. while others are looking for solutions to the devastating tornadoes, the white house is finger-pointing, pointing bony little fingers. president biden said i said this. >> all i know is the intensity of the weather across the board has a consequence of warming of the planet and climate change, specific impact on these specific storms i can't say. obviously there's some impact here but i can't give a quantitative read on that. kennedy: obviously. it's not entirely obvious.
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some have been setting tornadoes for decades and they still won't know the exact link between the climate on these events. so mr. president, instead of blaming the weather, why don't you focus on helping the states rebuild? let's get into it with tonight party fail. hi, abby. from the richard fowler show, fox news contribute, richard fowler, yes. 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate, there he is in front of the map to the stars, spike going. welcome one and all. >> this isn't happening behind me, this is a green screen believe it or not. kennedy: oh, i thought you are hovering above us in space in your capsule. all right. >> no, it's all electric. [laughter] kennedy: tricks indeed, that's what the white house is trying to employ right now but isn't it soon to blame things on other
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things when there are people hurting and suffering losses they may never recover from? >> nationally to early. i think a lot of people are focusing on present biden's response to that but a reminder that that was a reporter's question, put the blame on her, i think now's the time or place to ask that and when it comes to joe biden, i he had every opportunity to say the conversation to be had but not right now. right now we are focused on getting the resources we have to thousands of people who've been devastated by the tornadoes but he's a career politician and will take a moment to comment on climate change because that's a big part of his agenda. definitely wasn't the time or place for that and i do think he could have shot down that question rush quick. kennedy: he's been a politician for like 1700 years, he knows how to sidestep those things and this is no time to service
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progressives. i'm sorry. richard, it's very lazy because if all you do is cap, yep, climate change, nothing else to see here. we don't have to do any further investigation, maybe it's something else and maybe that something else could lead to tools that would help save people's lives in the future instead of just blaming it on climate change which is dumb. >> thanks for having me. i think there's a moment in this exchange between joe biden where he could have definitely talked about what we've got to do to rebuild the many counties ravished. not only in illinois but tennessee and other parts of the country ravaged by the storms we saw over the weekend, my heart goes out to all of them. i think what you're seeing from the white house is an administration unprepared to help. the president will go to visit on a number of days but i do think because of the question asked by journalist, i think his answer was fair he said it could
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be linked to climate change but we don't know right now. my number one priority is to make sure we get as many resources on the ground and as many lives saved and make sure people have water to drink and places to lay their heads and food to eat during this natural disaster. kennedy: yes and climate expert spike, when asked about the direct connection between climate change, which is real, okay? and tornadoes are like sure there's something there but we don't know exactly what your thoughts? >> i will say, i think his response was a somewhat measured but pandering response to an aggressive reporter is what it seems like from backflip with that said, i think anyone trying to blame the fact that a tornado was happening, tornadoes have been happening before recorded history but that suddenly now is because we are being white related or tax just enough but we've been seeing it with covid,
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the pandemic would never have happened or it would be over. if we had this much more or this many more orders i think it was disgusting. i've been talking with libertarians on the ground in kentucky in illinois and arkansas who are working to rebuild and none of them want to hear about policy and if someone wants to talk climate change in general and the next thing out of their mouth isn't talking about deregulating nuclear so we can greatly reduce our climate footprint by increasing the amount of energy and cost of energy the mayor not seriously discussing climate change to begin with, they are just pandering for votes and pushing for regulation the money. kennedy: he got a standing ovation from the studio. they were standing before but i feel like it was. >> they started clapping. kennedy: not so much clamant clapping as just standing there but what you are saying is absolutely right, we need to deregulate and implement nuclear throughout this great land and make it the best place on earth.
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all right, panelist sticking around, much more put them later on in the shop. next, no question inflation making things tougher for families this christmas but according to some elites, it's all in your head, everything is fine. jonathan is here to explain why they are all a bunch of idiots and setting your money on fire. look at that cash on flames. ♪♪
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some members of the media writing for the dems again. this time telling you not to believe your bank account is americans watch their spending power evaporate thanks to the biden demonstration multitrillion dollar printing spree. a commerce paul kelly i want to just chill, man. he tweeted, is there any good reason to believe inflation low income households especially hard paul, aside from the fact that they have less money to spend on things that now costs more? i guess not, you are right. bloomberg news got into the game
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over the weekend advising americans to counter inflation by spending their entire paychecks immediately and borrowing more money. is it any wonder they've brought us to the brink of stagflation? that's next. who to discuss from a hedge fund manager and fox news contribute, jonathan koenig, just like he was instructed good job. >> that's what inflation is, burning monday but is he on mushrooms or is he just out of touch multimillionaire and doesn't get it? inflation hurts everyone but it hurts low income people the most. it is truly a regressive tax because as you said, they're spending a bigger hundreds of their entire income on everything. 60% for gas, 30% more for meat, 30% more for used cars so it's impacting lower income americans more than anyone despite the leftist media says.
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kennedy: i'd love for them to go to the dollar tree and interview some moms just trying to do some christmas and food shopping there, talk to them and ask them how far their paychecks go. >> the dollar tree is now the dollar 253. it's in real life and not caused by really this is been, deficit spending of motor printing also biden is doing so the effort to turn on inflation, they are exacerbating it. kennedy: yes and blaming americans saying americans demand too much, they want to many things, they are so spoiled, spoiled rotten little children, good for them, they been naughty and deserve inflationary state but the problem is, deficit spending, what happens to inflationary environment then? >> it gets worse and worse and the bloomberg article, it was
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her tongue and cheek, talking about basically what happens in hyperinflation, they are right. hyperinflation encourages you to borrow and board. 6% because interest rates are going to go up to 12% tomorrow so that's what the inflationary cycle is doing, lowering quality of life's destructive to the productive process so if bloomberg -- we are not at hyperinflation yet but unless he reverses courses, we could get there ultimately. kennedy: they will never reverse course because that's admission their entire economic philosophy is wrong. and it is but i don't want them to have the power to prove that. that is incredibly dangerous for what could be years to come, is not transitory. they been lying to us. they been using people to spend allies to make them sound kind of smart but he doesn't, he sounds like a communist mean girl and i am not buying that he
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selling out of his cardboard box so what do we do now? commodities index fund, what does that mean? >> it's like, it's quite so there's a couple things investors can do, a lot of the commodity index fund like 35% in the last year but you are right, it's a transition process, inflation in the 1980s, it started a decade earlier, you got everything here so public enemy number one and we haven't seen anything especially with people leading the intellectual charge. kennedy: he's anti- intellectual and we should be against that and therefore against anything he writes or says especially if we want to live prosperity and freely because off time i checked, this is the united states of america. last word.
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>> yeah unless they are destroying it from the inside out, my fear is not china or russia, it is harvard, princeton and people like paul are influencing the next generation of today's politicians and tomorrow's new intellectuals. kennedy: lockjaw, i don't trust a whole lot of them. jonathan hoenig, thank you for coming on. me up, the dumb mask mandate are making a comeback in liberal states. one democrat governor says it's time to enter them. i'm going to break it down, why he is a hero to many in my memo, next. ♪♪
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you know, i know it, live in two americans. one for government officials respect the rights of individuals and another were overbearing for wards refused to give up their new fear -based power.
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jared who happens to be a democrat widely declared this. >> the emergency is over so public health doesn't could do people tell people what to wear, it's not there job. it decreases flew, anything but not something to be required, don't tell people what to wear or wear a jacket or force them too. if they get frostbite, if their own darn fault. kennedy: is their own darn fault. there were probably get out a jacket mandate in a few weeks and shout anti- jacket republicans and frostbite titus. january 6. he's not saying the virus is gone or fake, keep your shirt on. he's acknowledging limits of toward authoritarianism that's led to dangerous covid fatigue. officials pushed too hard with
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their scare tactics in the name of signs to politicize a virus we know way too much about to keep employing spring 2020 standards. here in new york, interim maybe cover from the mask back on dissipating a winter covid spike activates mask parent where you and demand you to put your mask on. or justice back from the people who get a few at the airport and decide to delay flights so they can dine the hill of damascus line. they can stuck a bucket of eggs. i will miss number of the standards to prolong the virus to get the polarized jolly. health officials can encourage, not required. it's not the job of the state to punish arbitrarily and mandates are nothing. it's not arbitrary. knock yourself out but if you want to protect yourself from the virus, i don't know, eat better, lose weight, stop blaming the world for your
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aggravated comorbidities if you remain compliant demand compliance from others, the next move will be to measure your bmi and test your insulin every morning. if that's the america you want to live in, i'll go to texas. that's the memo. new tonight, california the imposing statewide indoor mask mandate if the rule starts wednesday and runs as the global state tries to get a grip on rising covid cases. first new york, cap california. crash course back to authoritarianism of 2020. party panel is back. abby want to check, spike comments and richard fowler. great to see you. abby, do you hate freedom? do love living for they want to do things? >> i hate freedom, it's the worst. when it comes to governor mike is like that parent who's like i
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told you not to touch the hot stove, he did and now you're burned, i don't want to tell you and i would laugh rather fat than a parent who's like you stayed up too late, your punished. you can't go out because of this, your punished i think he's looking at the situation maybe have his own party has handled the communication when it comes to covid-19 and saying we try to and talk to spike to people and it didn't work so let's try something different now smart and let's see if it does work. kennedy: i agree with you, i wish more people would say that because what he's saying which i think is very smart, you know what you're dealing with at this time you have had plenty of opportunities to get vaccinated, people are not abstaining because they are dumb, they are doing it because they are making certain choices. they have plenty of information at this time so people unvaccinated seems to be the ones filling up icus, they know
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what they are getting themselves into. why can't the rest of society operate like that? >> i think that is good if you look at the district of columbia, the chief deputy says we expected to see an uptick in numbers because of seasonable travel and going into the holidays. the best most effective way to start on the spread of the disease at this time is getting the vaccine and if you can and you are eligible, get boosted for the vaccine caucus pandemic. if you do that then max are not a big deal. it's preventable measures put in place because we didn't have a vaccine to solve people getting really sick and hospitalized and ultimately dying so the solution here and if you don't choose to get it, it's on you. kennedy: spike. it's on you, sucker. >> the chief epidemiologist in washington d.c. -- did i hear that correct? kennedy: i heard back, can't be
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right. >> ma in gla. >> oh, thank god. i was concerned for a second so we saw -- i think what we saw is a possible spin we might be seeing more and more a month governors and other public officials who have to thread the needle between growing public saying we don't want to do this anymore and the branch committee voting block who wants ever-growing restrictions and people making health choices they don't like. the best way to thread the needle is to say yes, they are bad people but it's on them at this time and that's what it will take to be able to recognize the pandemic -- not a pandemic, it and dominic, it's not going away and stop when the aim of doing the same thing over and over, increasingly more bureau strains even though it didn't work before, if that's what it takes to stop and i'm fine. if that's what's needed to get
7:32 pm
us back to a level of people making decisions for themselves as a grown adult, then fine, whatever he needs to say. kennedy: i don't care but of people have that same healing and mentality about drugs and everything else, yeah, great. you know what you're getting into the prohibition isn't working. it's like governor hopeful and governor newsom saying we have to wear the mask, that's the only choice, it's like on the education. sometimes you're not going to keep teen horn box from pumping. i wish you could but it's not always going to happen so every once in a while somebody has to get up and be the grown-up and talk about condoms. yeah. meanwhile joe biden sounding even celia, yesterday she told the borders there's nothing wrong with the president, he's
7:33 pm
great. >> there have been recent polls that show quite a few americans have some questions about the president's current mental status. as somebody who spends -- i can see you shaking your head. what is your response to that? >> i think it's ridiculous. [laughter] kennedy: he introduced his own granddaughter as his dead son. [laughter] something might be going on here. i understand joe is a doctor but can the american people really take her word for it at this time? >> i don't think so because the majority of americans are saying from the polls that they don't believe joe biden is mentally fit to run this country and there's a lot of reasons that have led up to it. he mentioned one, he also called super tuesday super thursday numerous times on the campaign trail and forgot where he was. he said the wrong state.
7:34 pm
i think he has the opportunity to prove people wrong by taking a cooperative test, he would have to pass it but that's what former president trump did. i kind of see it -- let's say you are in grade school and everyone he makes fun of you for not being in shape, you joined the football team and win a state championship and prove to them you're capable of doing your job i think maybe some americans have yet to see that from joe biden. kennedy: is not just republicans, it's also independence losing faith in the president's cognitive abilities but i listened to a podcast recently where it said if someone calls you fat, it hurts your feelings but you might be fat. it is true with the president. it might hurt his feelings and his wife's feelings people say he's slow and off a bit and maybe he needs to go prove them wrong by taking some sort of an examination to might prove that
7:35 pm
although i think we are screwed. >> if we point out that he did go for his annual physical came out with a clean bill of health for the great . kennedy: physical, it was a cognitive remark this is the same siding donald trump used when he said he was mentally fit but went to walter reed . kennedy: i think everyone who wants to be president should have a cognitive test. i'm designed the test and it's foolproof. you want to hear what is? richard? you want to hear. >> go ahead. kennedy: okay great. i've said this before on air and stand by it, you have to download the pizza hut hut at. whoever download the app and orders a pizza and hasn't delivered, that person can be president. donald trump couldn't do it, joe
7:36 pm
biden sure couldn't do it. spike, am i right here? >> this episode brought to you by pizza hut. [laughter] but i think we've been watching joe biden slowly sundown over the past two to four years. he's been kind of off for quite a while but we've been watching it happen slowly over time, it's not even a joke at this time, majority of americans are acknowledging something is wrong. i don't dispute he was able to take basic cognitive function test and i don't think he's where a judge would take away his right and put him in a nursing home but clearly something is wrong, he routinely will completely forget what he's talking about and looked down and look up confused and complains about the fact he's being carted around and told what to do, he literally wanders off sometimes. like, this is happening and that's where you have government and corporate media telling you cannot to believe your lying eyes but it is happening. it is sad to watch, watching the
7:37 pm
consequences of his 40 years of governance in the senate and white house resulting in bad things happening right now but the idea there isn't something cognitively wrong, it requires not watching him so watching what he's doing. kennedy: anyone who watches him, sees him try to interact contemporaneously, they know something is wrong, anyone with parents or grandparents and witnesses decline, you know what is happening, you see it happen in slow motion and it's tragic but for all of the beloved family members we have, they don't have their bony finger on the nuclear football. that is the difference here. >> i disagree with you, not onl. kennedy: what part could you
7:38 pm
possibly disagree with? there's nothing i said that was wrong. >> if you look at the president pattern, he admittedly says he has a starter and that shows up. trying to pronounce words, that's what happens when you have a starter. kennedy: all right, thanks. i'm have known people who stutter and they've never confused syria with libya oddly enough and they are not the president. that's not what a starter is it is offensive to people who actually have a starter. five seconds because you are special. [laughter] >> thank you very much, i looked it up and it has he told cnn that was not part of the cognitive test or the physical he got so just wanted to clear that up. kennedy: how you like me now? >> if you find something else, i'd love to know but this wasn't me trying to -- trying to make
7:39 pm
it factual. kennedy: it is factual remark if he did what donald trump did it was a cognitive trust, is it not true? kennedy: it's not true. i'll spoil minute mystery, it's not true. the cackling pantsuit kamala harris, the vice president also may not be well but i am not a doctor. i might be. [laughter] party panel, spike, i will see you when you come back to earth. great job. coming up, precious conflict on the ukraine order, white house warning mass consequences since when has food been afraid of joe biden or anyone else? we are breaking that down next. ♪♪
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biden is not stepping up, how about that? oops continue on the russian ukraine order and today moscow said they might be forced to deploy nuclear missiles in europe. secretary of the antony blinken g7 countries worn any aggression in ukraine would have massive consequences. watch. >> the meeting of the world's largest economy equity european partners, who put out a statement in the name of all of our countries that warns of massive consequences russia permit aggression against ukraine. kennedy: he's like a vanilla ceo equally unavailing. you can't spell valent without vanilla, everyone knows that. short of real action, why would russia back down? what is putin's endgame?
7:45 pm
joining me now, cohost of the late travis radio show, welcome back. >> hey, while how are you? kennedy: one of the kansas -- be honest here, what are the odds actually evades ukraine and what does he get out of it? >> i think it's better than 50/50 he's going to take some kind of action and would come soon here. remember if even if putin backs off, this still looks good for him, it's a reasonable under the circumstances and shows the russian people who if you read about this, they are pretty behind him on this. it's not ukraine in their backyard, it's part of the russian house if you will, is like a wing that used to be on the house, that's the russian mindset on this so we have to remember we are talking massive
7:46 pm
consequences, the most boring ceo ever, were the consequences for crimea or donbass and eastern ukraine already? russia is already at work in ukraine, has taken part of the country and what has the west done? i think it's invasion incrementalism we are likely to see more, maybe not full scale but they take another piece of the cookie, they've already got away with a few bites. kennedy: that is so well said, you're right. it's world war i over there. they are engaged in warfare, they shall each other and shoot at each other, their in their directors, not going home for christmas. some real sad songs written in russia here. >> there have been thousands of casualties. this goes back to 2014 and russia took crimea that's a done deal and donbass, you have
7:47 pm
paramilitaries, but here's the thing, international news media is kind of lazy and ignorant in general, they don't care, they often take the russian by without even meaning to but i've got to add into this timing from food perspective couldn't be better. we just got out of afghanistan and he saw the mess under with biden and anybody who talks about u.s. involvement with troops in ukraine is booed by both sides of the aisle short of, can ukrainians stand up to a russian invasion? not really so the ball is in foods court on this in the biden administration is going to be seen because if we do try sanctions even if there's limited encouraging and 2022 by russia and ukraine, it gets cold in berlin in the middle of january and russia can turn off the gas. kennedy: exactly right.
7:48 pm
then were where will the massive concert and just be? pollutants front doorstep. buck, you are a miracle. thank you for being here great to see you. kennedy: frenchy's forever. tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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watch the full story at green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers they he may have reinjured his fractured tote during a game yesterday. rogers says he knew there was a problem after the game went is piggy cried we we all the way home that's adding insult to injury this is tropical storm, topic number one. buckshot monday and tonight we meet a woman who refused to ask her age. 48-year-old laurel arrested for allegedly stealing her estranged daughters id to enroll in college so she can date young guys. [laughter] i love this so much. she got away with it for more than two years.
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disguising her health with personality of a 23-year-old woman, something she learned from studying kelly's instrument and created a snapchat under her daughter's name using filters to alter her appearance which is why she's wanted on charters of impersonating a cat. she enrolled in southwest baptist university and center time to do younger men who had no idea how old she really was although they should have known when she told them they were pants. that's amazing. topic number two. myra kerry has thrown you to celebrate the holiday season so just like encounter, you can think through your flips to a mariah carey classic. it's available on the mcdonald app for as i call it, burger tender. giveaways for 12 days leading up to christmas including three cinnamon buns and free
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mcdonald's apple pies survivor time promotion and you will have the christmas, all you have if you're to frontage. mcdonald's giving away t-shirts or if you like performances, ask at the counter for number two. [laughter] topic number three. man in his 60s says he's lucky to be alive after being bit 26 times by a gang of otters. he says it's the last time planning to use the aftershave he got from last christmas. an attraction filled with exotic plants until the brink of. spencer came across daughters as a jogger sent them into a
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frenzy, he was knocked to the ground by around 20 otters who pounced on him and bit him. aside from the blood, it was absolutely adorable a witness said. [laughter] a friend came to his rescue screaming at the otters to make them stop so he could escape and live to die in order day. [laughter] topic number four. hollywood actress crimes 2022 ms. universe but of course sore losers in the galaxy are blaming mail-in voting. contest held in israel or as she called it, great satan. [laughter] an emotional moment she was crowned a winner narrowly beating up the winner up, doctor joe biden. so the show during the question and answer. when she gave a speech about the need to stop climate change great judges say it was appreciated after she made her speech about the jewish question. ms. universe, she will empower
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young women to reach for their dreams and celebrate their womanhood shall do that until 2023 when she's replaced by a male swimmer. [laughter] i'll be right back. ♪♪
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he recalled. [mouth trumpet] [mouth trumpet] [mouth trumpet] that's right, thanks for watching the best hour ofsi your night. tomorrow night, jason, emily and dave. of everything we do from birthday parties, to baseball games, there it is. and the story of how it's dealt with doesn't end at your curb. beyond that lies a smelly saga, filled with hard workers. - oh, it's getting everywhere. - [narrator] tight deadlines. - we're really cutting it close. - [narrator] impossible odds. (truck beeping) and long hours worked in the service of sanitation. - here we go. (engine rumbling)


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