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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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final word. >> i think if you talk to any border patrol agent, they are beside themselves. talk to the people on the frontline. >> jason, good to see you. come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at on foxbusiness, that does it for us. thank you for joining us and have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: now exactly one year since the first person plus vaccinated against covid and back then, lots probably thought it would be over by now. i said, we are seeing rounds of mask mandate and lockdowns so what was the reason to jump through the hoops? last few days, the governors of new york and california, mass again required endorse even if you're sitting at your desk and
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fully vaccinated. federal democrat lawmakers say vaccines should be required to fly. cornell university today announced think it's closing down the entire campus and the uk is morning bars and restaurants soon would be forced to shut down right before christmas. even norway in a sale of blues, can you hear the flights coming? we welcome you. kind of. if this sounds too familiar, it's because it's the same playbook our leaders tried and clearly it didn't work because here we are. you places have controlling trend in favor of personal freedom and responsibility, weeding and resting like florida and texas for if this week, one bluish purple state joined the club, colorado. the democrat governor there announcing there will be no more mask mandate because as he put it, if you aren't vaccinated by now, you're on your own. today a reporter asked if the president agrees with that move. >> the first anniversary of the first shot going into arms last year.
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what your reaction what the government sets last week about the vaccine, he said it's not the end of the medical emergency as it relates to the virus if they haven't yet it's entirely their own downfall. >> i would say does not the president word the president has used or would use. the president believes his responsibility continues to be providing access and information to. >> and people even those who are hesitant, even those who did not vote for him or have not yet received a shot because more people are still getting shot and boosted in his responsibility is to continue to take steps to protect the american people so that would be his view. kennedy: is it his view or someone else's view? in other words, the president supports more control, less freedom almost two years into the pandemic and wonder into the vaccine era, wire we know better off? let's get into it with tonight parity panel, jason meister is
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here along with host of the part of the problem podcast, also comedian an extraordinary intellectual, dave smith. an attorney and democrat strategist kelly hyman, welcome back. nice to see you all. >> hello, nice to be here. kennedy: jason, more deaths this year than last year. there might be some undercounter covid debts, we haven't heard that yet so we could be closer to 1 million people perished because of the virus so what does it tell you about the vaccines and the state of play? >> in just under a year, two doses in a booster later we've redefined vaccine from preventing infection to preventing severe disease after infection. if you think about it, the medical community and media and big pharma want us to believe
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that was the case all along. no, they moved the needle, no pun intended and the reality is, the coercion and mandates i think because severe vaccine hesitancy among americans and i think if they were just honest with the american people about what kinds of risks there are and if they didn't censor those who challenge question the efficacy of the vaccine, i think you have a much higher vaccination rate in the country right now so that is my position on the vaccines. i am not anti- vaccine, i am anti- vaccine mandate. kennedy: i agree with that position. i didn't have a problem taking the vaccine, i had a conversation with my doctor about it and came to that conclusion as a lot of people did so what has the government done wrong here that was gotten to where so many people are still skeptical and we have so many people still getting sick and dying from the virus?
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what are we doing wrong? >> i don't think we have enough time to handle what the government has done wrong over the whole covid insanity but i will say for all of the hysteria you see about vaccine hesitancy or anti- vaccine people or disinformation which sure, there's plenty of that online, there's everything but the overwhelming reality right in front of us and i love that you're pointing out a year later from people getting the first shot, these vaccines have not lived up to what they were sold to be and that is just a fact no one can get around. if this was supposed to be you take your shot and this insanity is over and we get to go back to living life as normal and they bragged about 94, 95% protection. no one believes it anymore. with each new variant, the vaccine provides less and less protection and looks like with the newest omicron variant
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because of the mutations, the vaccine is probably going to provide even less protection for the good news is it looks like it's going to be a less deadly variant so it seems everybody who made all these promises how the vaccine would cure this have been completely wrong, it seems like we should focus on treatment and accepting covid is going to be part of reality going forward, it's not going away anytime soon but as it seems more and more obviously to beat the reality, people are going more and more insane with the vaccine hysteria insisting on mandates and passports and ruining the lives of people who simply want to take the vaccine, some with very good reasons like they have natural immunity or allergies. no one wants to grapple with this but if the obvious reality, vaccines did not live up to what they were promised to be and we should pull back on the craziness. kennedy: you would also see different numbers in terms of hospitalizations deaths in places like florida and california and kelly, he would
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see if it were the case that the virus was incredibly deadly for children than all the private school kids in this country would have dropped dead. thankfully that didn't happen so parts of the country where things are open, why can't the rest of the country do that and let people make up their own mind? >> i think it's important for people to make up their own mind. it's a personal decision ultimately and talk to your doctor and see what's best for you it is important to follow the signs and what does the science show? people who have been vaccinated are protected, social distancing and wear masks and protect yourself. entity, if you said you got the information and your vaccinated i think that is key people to know it's their decision on whether or not they get vaccinated or not but ultimately people were vaccinated are not
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dying or for covid. kennedy: so we do have -- >> it's not true to say people who are vaccinated are protected and people vaccinated are not dying. everyone is so on alert for misinformation but if you are on the side of pro- vaccine, you can just say blanket statements that are factually wrong. they give you better odds, okay but it's not just factually -- >> that's not the case b2 but there is no one course of action that gives you one 100% protection. we are still acting like we are in the early stages, early weeks and months of the pandemic doing the exact same thing, we've seen that affects. i talk about on this show all the time, we seen that affects socially particularly with children, with the rate of suicide and self-harm skyrocketing among kids and adolescents, it's not acceptable, we cannot locking everything down because we have
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outstanding questions and say i follow the signs like it is static decided think which by definition it is not. the panel is going to stick around, i'm going to go over more of this. cdc estimates the omicron variant is now 3% of all corporate cases in the u.s. in new york and new jersey could be 13%, no one really knows, white house pushing booster shots for 16 and older to help fight the bear it but are boosters going to become the new normal? doctor fauci seems to think so. you're just going to have to deal with it. >> it is tough to tell because the third shot of an mrna could not only do what we absolutely no it does, it dramatically increases level of protection. if it becomes necessary to get another boost then we will just have to deal with it. kennedy: you no longer get to decide, sorry. i don't trust a word he says so
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what does the science say about boosters and fighting the omicron variant? is not what we are most worried about now? to discuss infectious disease specialist at johns hopkins university health security senior scholar, doctor image, welcome back. >> thanks for helping me. kennedy: what is the size here? why are so many people still dying when you've got 60% of americans fully vaccinated god knows what percentage of people naturally vaccinated, why are we still seeing death and sickness and lockdown? are the vaccines not working? >> the vaccines are working because i work in a hospital almost every day and i see unvaccinated individuals getting hospitalized and dying. predominant people taking up icu beds and dying are people not vaccinated. some of them may not have gotten infected so they don't have any prior immunity but it's clearly what's happening.
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maybe ten or 15% in some hospitals are people with severe breakthrough infections and those of the people we want to boost, people with high-risk conditions but still on fascinated people are crushing our hospitals and it's not the vaccine not working, it's working exactly for what it was designed to do, prevent hospitalization and death. kennedy: a year out we are still seeing phenomenal numbers and now because about you are seen lockdowns and mandates that isn't working if you look at the data in terms of mask mandate versus vaccines, it's just not there. our economy is back to be week republican for a variant, is there still so much outstanding data scientists and researchers like yourself, you are worried about fatality rates from omicron or are there too many unknowns? >> there are a lot of unknowns. what we do know is it's going to
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likely displaced delta and be the dominant version of covid around the world but we know the same preparation we do for delta is going to work for omicron and we know this isn't january of 2020, who got a lot more knowledge and tools, rapid diagnostic tests, antiviral immanently going to be approved and that's why we have to take omicron, battle it had on but we are not helpless and a lot of the policy is acting as if we are helpless including the travel plan the u.s. has on southern africa being punished for being alert enough to find the variant so i do think we have to recalibrate and realize we will have cases, our goal has to be to tame the virus and hospitalizations and it's going to be getting people vaccinated and other individuals vaccinated boosted but in general we have to remember this isn't going anywhere we are trying to learn how to live with the virus and
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find our way to end it, we just need more people vaccinated. kennedy: we also need to decouple doctors from politicians because people like you see utility and travel bands on 87 african countries while any other country who discovers a new variant, why on earth would they come forward and raise her hand and say we found something new so there economy can be completely crippled and shut down? we have not found ourselves good sense in the last two years so i hope we stumble upon at some time with your help, thank you so much. so bothering me. elaine maxwell, her trial resumes thursday about the defense team making strange noise. wait until you hear the witness plan. emily is next. ♪♪
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ghislaine maxwell's trial set to resume thursday with the fence taking the reins. they are prepared to grow up to 35 witnesses, a long list and petition for at least three of them to testify anonymously of
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the same legal the presidents for the front team to pull something like this. his maxwell's team trying to pull one last trick? she's a victim. who here to discuss, emily compagno is back. i want her to gulp down to go down in flames. i think this is malarkey nonsense. how can the defense -- we are not talking about young women who are going to testify about their sexual abuse, we are talking about people who just don't want tangled up in a public yuppie trial so can defense witnesses under those circumstances testify anonymously? it still out for the judge to rule on this particular motion but i have to say that this is the kind of thing that makes me embarrassed, the kind of thing that impedes true justice, if they are actually defending the rights of the defendant, actually protecting a defendant within this justice system that can be overbearing and we applaud that but this kind of
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thing is a parler trick and i am sick of it because this woman as you rightly stated, he's to go down and now she's wasting federal taxpayer dollars the notion that these people want for either under a measure of privacy, they are not entitled to the, that particular thing especially for defense witness reserved for threats on wife, for the time when anonymity is needed and keep in mind there are plenty of times when you can keep eyewitness protected from public but clear transparent to the judge and jury in the proceedings, they're trying to keep them anonymous from the judge is ridiculous and if they were afraid of penalty, that when you deal with prosecution and say let me tell you what i know you will protect me from prostitution if it's that valuable, they just want to keep their height and that is a problem with people in power, the hallmark of this entire situation to begin with. powerful people get away with things more than people without power this is what they are
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trying to do again. kennedy: and that is the thrust of the complaint about the criminal justice system in our country. a lot of people, a lot of different backgrounds and different political parties. there seems to be one site that favors those with money and access but in this case because so many lives were disrupted and in some cases ruined and young women fell into drug addiction and depression, this has been their only way out knowing there would be recourse and she's trying to weasel her way out of it and also they have a list of 35 potential defense witnesses, the prosecution only took two weeks and were supposed to take four. are we really going to hear from 35 people same she wasn't as big as a bout of crab and jeffrey epstein? >> i think will be a much more tapered got defenseless because i expected a four week long case and rested within two weeks so i
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think we will see a tapered down list after we learned whether they can be anonymous or not. we have time to go into it? i want to bring that up under your thoughtfully stated element about power, that's exactly what we are seeing, he's trying to get out of a lawsuit because he says she signed an agreement with now deceased epstein. number two, he said under new york state law. kennedy: and he would cover. >> exactly. second, under the child victims act to a 17 at the time and therefore she has to prove he says explicit consent or excuse me, lack of explicit content or lack of consent by threat. the only people who know that our ghislaine maxwell and the deceased epstein. to evaluate out of accountability of culpability, blaming or looking to the settlement agreement at this victim signed with zero power with the deceased pedophile maniac and it's supposed to be
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ironclad, that's not what the agreements are for or what contracts are for and judges and the courts do not hold them up when they shop contents or against the community so i am hoping while the judge has that in this case that he or she actually does away with it, you can't rely on it because of the time there is imbalance of power, that's what the "me too" movement was. kennedy: i don't care who he is or his mom or his birthright, you cannot sexually abuse kids. for him, he was like oh no, the picture is fake, i don't know anything about this and not to say she was 17 at the time, that was the age of consent in new york and i find this disagreement, absolutely not. time to pay the piper, mother truckers. i love your expertise. our glorious woman. should you be forced to pay for other people's bad decisions? what about their student loans? white house made a big decision,
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not happy. i'll tell you why in my memo, next. ♪♪
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student loan forgiveness? progressive's. colleges have propaganda factories and while do good left want preschool, they despise free speech. it is an backbone? 42 million have a form of federal student loan debt including 36 million with direct loans by themselves at up to $1.35 trillion. room, board, tuition and fees will run you over 50k at costs r encourage major lending to jobs so it's no surprise costs are going in the wrong direction. students are taking notice, many have decided to work and forgo a traditional college expense
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after high school, college enrollment is down 6.5% since 2019 and dropped 14.1% at community colleges which normally sees an influx during financial hardships. students and their parents see what's going on, they are getting more thoughts into lane college or instead turning to trade schools that offer little debt and higher starting salaries. society should never be on the hook for your bad decisions and it not your right to have a debt free experience in the toxic pier of progressive mizzen. i've not obligated to indulge your academics women in the hot form of high tax theft so if it's that important you matriculate, beef responsible public brother into a solid cost benefit analysis before you sign on the thought of line and agree to the student loan. that's the memo. and of course aoc about this
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topic since the dawn of time, here they are making their case for debt cancellation earlier this month. rohit. >> i have over $17000 in student loan debt. we have a moral obligation, and economic obligation, a political obligation to cancel student loan debt. i worked full-time monday through friday and took weekend classes to get my law degree and still close to $200,000 in debt. kennedy: that's all i hear. moral obligation. that's not within the purview of the federal government, my love please. i'm not responsible to pay your debt. party panelist back. jason, i think this is a bit of good news for the biden administration, good for them. >> ashore is and i couldn't agree more with your memo. if you borrowed money to become
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a neo- marxist who has a gender studies and sociology degree, that's on you. also, more important, if you are flabbergasted, surprised, shocked, astounded joe biden is in way to relieve you of your student loan debt and believe that like you believe he was going to shut down the virus and you haven't been paying attention to joe biden's 50 year career in politics, the only break he's ever given was to his son hunter and his political donors so now you get a real job with gender studies degree and good luck with that because your president put a wrecking ball into the economy. kennedy: dave, are we obligated to pay for college as a society? >> no, of course not. i agree with all of you, it's insane we be obligated to pay, the person who's not privileged enough to go to college is obligated to go get a job and
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pay taxes to pay for the privileged person who went to college? i agree with all about. i also say what's frustrating and i'm sure you feel my frustration, only libertarians understand anything about economics, the only ones who even understand what a price is someone someone says something like that basic i became a lawyer and still have 200 grand of unpaid debt i can't pay back. well, that's information and the information is the cost was not worth it. if you are not making enough money to pay it back and you spend something you shouldn't have but i will say, it -- of course we shouldn't forget student loan debt but it's not as if it's not been an evil scheme from the very beginning. as you pointed out, there's no incentive for college to lower the prices but let's be even more blunt, the reason college is so expensive is because the government got in the business of guaranteeing loans for
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college. then to start giving out loans altogether, he would have drastic fight price inflation in any industry if loans were guaranteed to buy the product. we created a culture where we encourage every kid, even c- students that they have to spend four years after high school drinking beer and pretending to read. it's insane and we've trapped a lot of kids in this who now are working at starbucks living at home and have six figures of debt and it pretty messed up the situation the entire system put them in. it's not on a blue-collar worker to bail them out. however, we could acknowledge that this was wrong, the idea we encourage supersmart people should go to college and read books for four years after high school. the vast majority of the rest of us should figure out how we can contribute to our fellow man. kennedy: kelly, your response? >> i think it's different for
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everyone to have an opportunity to get education whether at a trade school grad school, i came out of school with six figures in debt so i understand and it's very difficult having that amount of debt but it's a personal decision on what's best for you and what you want, as you said to go to trade school or grad school or not go to school at all, it's your personal physician people should be held accountable if they have student that to pay that but there's also options to consolidate student loans and have one payment or based on your salary, there's always options but it's important people have access to whatever education they need and potentially. kennedy: there's plenty of access, there are 3000 colleges and universities and people can partake in a number of them and people can read on their own also. people can also add courses on
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youtube, people can do all sorts of things to get the same information with no debt at all. didn't you see good will hunting? breaking tonight, new york state panel order disgraced government enter, to surrender $5.1 million in profit he made from his a book deal at the height of the pandemic, a book on good leadership. a lawmaker accusing him to benefit his public image and sell more books. even a little hitman says as an italian he's embarrassed by formal. he's committed 19 murderers and accused rommel at 15000 nursing home covid that's something he said he never you as a former governor caused more suffering than a mafia boss. what you think? >> i think on occasion we see
7:36 pm
accountability and i think this is an instance where we see accountability. thank god. to the victims of the family members but i think the irony here is the title of his book and the information voters who bought the books, leadership lessons of the covid pandemic, that to me is the extreme irony in all of us but i think every single penny of the $5.1 million he supposed to return to new york state should not go to new york state, they are going to squander the money, it should go to the family members of the victims, tens of thousands of the elderly who died in nursing homes because as a direct result of andrew ramos march 25 executive order forcing covid patients into nursing homes killing hundreds -- tens of thousands of elderly. that's where the pennies should be going. kennedy: i don't know why leticia james would say anything but that.
7:37 pm
>> well, i'm not going to argue with that. that is spot on and absolutely correct. i would just add that even though it seems like people are doing the right thing now insisting he return the money, let's just remind people that this was pretty obvious at the time how despicable it was that he was writing this book and raking in all of this money, i'd like, i did four podcasts in a row at the time. while mo objectively handled it the worst of any government and while he was suspending basic constitutionally protected rights, the corporate press was doing nothing but praising him and his brother kruppa time was, now also at the door but they were praising him and when he was a trump we need ventilators and then we realize that the ventilators kill people so we didn't really need them, no one gave him a tough interview and he was holding
7:38 pm
daily press conferences and didn't get one tough question any of them and then he gets to write this book and just rake in money off of it, it's so obvious at the time what he was doing was let's say unethical. so i'm glad this is happening now, i don't think it's nearly enough, i don't think any of us would be happy with the punishment for thousands of murders being a fine but better than nothing. kennedy: but kelly, he says through a spokesperson he's going to sue the state because he's entitled to the money and the actions of the committee are unconstitutional. >> right, that is the argument attorney makes basically that is unconstitutional under the law that they don't have, they can't do that so therefore he's going to challenge it in the court system. ultimately we will see if he will do that or not but it's important the money goes to the rightful people of new york and he shouldn't keep it.
7:39 pm
kennedy: i still don't want people -- and dave, you have said this on a number of occasions, i don't want people to forget the families and family members of who were lost because of the mandate because it is murder, not forgivable and they have to keep going. party panel, thank you so much. jason and kelly, great to see you. coming up, remember a few months ago for ten innocent people were killed in afghanistan after framing their isis terrace? the pentagon is announcing whether or not everyone will be punished. what they decide to do? that story is next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: i don't know what this is. all right, last night mouth comfort monday song, the pentagon giving themselves the same christmas gift it always does, total lack of accountability and stack of crab. the defense department announced none of an military personnel involved in the drone strike in kabul back killed ten innocent civilians including seven children, no one will face any punishment, at least there many civilians were killed. initially they claimed victims rises militant and called an isis strike so who should be cap held accountable for killing ten civilians, ten total strangers for no reason at all? whose fault is it? here to discuss combat veteran dark secret founder. subscribe now, do it for the holidays. one for everyone you love. how do they not know that there were seven kids in the vehicle?
7:45 pm
>> well, they weren't in the vehicle, they showed up to greet their dad when he came back errands and working for an american ngo but they surrounded the car and that indicates to me that there was not a subject matter expert in the trailer in nevada where they were executing the drone strike, flying the drone from nevada. there was nobody local nobody who would have had a subject matter expert who could have sat there and said let's say he's pulling up to a house part of the problem has a former targeting guy, there is no scale, there's not a clown there you must be busy talk to be killed by a predator that indicates to me in their kill
7:46 pm
chain, they didn't have any subject matter experts who had experience on the ground in afghanistan which is something in my experience other government agencies to the army unit onto a piece of territory thanks and we have a guy be at this one place can guide us through it or not, it sounds to me like somebody from the top said kill something 24 hours from and may skip this step you had to have someone who knew the rhythm of life in kabul who could have said not an isis cake terrace, back guy is running errands and getting propane and buying a goat and all of that, it was baked out of the recipe from the beginning. kennedy: but that's why there
7:47 pm
are people including members of the military who have a big issue with the drone strikes and i was the issue they had with the entire obama presidency so it's like there were plenty of lessons to be internalized and plenty of time to do it and it seemed like they didn't learn a thing. americans should be super upset about that as well. >> that's what irritated me, it was so preventable as a uniformed service member and as a civilian contractor that's what i was employed to do, to say they are not bearing an ied, they are standing around waiting for a van or whatever from the fact that this was rushed, he clearly tells me it came from the oval office are more likely the chairman strength chief of staff, right eyebrow clearly said kill something, kill anyone. what we have? when you are locked in for hours and hours, you fall in love with
7:48 pm
talked out of this is a guy we are going to have two fridays. i know it is pretty army-navy game this weekend time. >> next year. next year, go army. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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the justice department is investigating group up fbi agents were soliciting prostitutes. even worse, they tried to get out of trouble by telling the investigators fbi stands for female body inspectors. that's the wrong way to lay down the law. topical storm, topic number one. plans to charge customers $8 a month to continue using their own car keys. you know, i was planning on turning my immune system into an subscription service but not of gone too far. it will apply to all cars made
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after 2018. car owners will be forced to enroll in subscription plan if they don't, they will be unable to use their key fob to unlock their car. if a sound not raiders, we enter you have to show your land cruiser vaccination pass. not the first time a car company shifted to subscription models, bmw charges a yearly fee for applecart play. do they? cataract charges monthly for driving and kiya is thinking charges $9 a month to make right turns. topic number two. a british strongman sought to become world famous by balancing things on his head which was also the business model of williams. this is john evans, headstrong 74-year-old raise over 300,000 for charity with his head bouncing skills. he setting out to break 100 world records by balancing objects like a smoking chimney. it's not easy being the best but
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you know what they say, heavy is the head that wears the chimney. not usually fist stressed out, he just got a lot on his mind right now. the only guy who goes to the gym to back his brain he's balancing a minicar on his head. actually it's the only way he shut off his car keys. topic number three. new hampshire woman accused of keeping her mother's dead body and her house for months so she could cash her social security check. that's so sweet. he accused woman that she thought of it after seeing how far it's gotten joe biden. 54-year-old kimberly heller has been charged with abuse of a corpse after police found her mother rotting in the home they once shared. she was covid up was found by ordering tripoli every day for lunch predict medical examination revealed kimberly's mother died of natural causes in
7:55 pm
may by social security payments kept coming until last week. even worse, she went through that whole time without wearing a mask. curses, lock her up. topic number four. taco bell released a taco think bedtime story or grim smarty tales. picture book type, get that encourages readers to set themselves with taco bell goods to make them fall asleep. personally i always fall asleep after eating taco bell but usually because of what i drink beforehand. you all know what i'm saying. the goal is to promote sleeping habits so they can wake up in time to go out and buy toast and breakfast burrito and far all day at school. a big change for a group of people much more used to waking and baking. here's tonight tickle me tuesday joke. you get the punchline, use the # on twitter tickle me tuesday. please don't look it up. what do you call a man with one
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it's time to tickle me to separate the tickle you've been waiting for. if you call a man with a rubber toe? roberto.
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