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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  December 17, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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street every friday at 8:00 p.m. catcher live at 10:00 a.m. sunday morning on the fox news channel for "sunday morning features". exclusive interviews with florida governor ron desantis, congressman byron donalds and former president donald trump. plus start smart every weekday from 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern with "mornings with maria", right here on fox business. that will do it for me, thank you for watching and have a great weekend. ♪. gerry: this week at the "wall street journal at large", covid cases are searching and much of the country after joe biden promised to shut down the virus not the country but with the new variant omicron variant looking like it produces mild disease declare and into the pandemic and move on? more inflation trouble for the country and the president as voters lamed inflation for surging prices and the federal reserve admits that we have a
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problem in signals interest rate rises next year. everybody gets a prize, school districts in california band d and f grades and tell students they can keep trying how grading has become racist. hello and welcome will be talking about this and more with our panelist radio talk show host leslie marshall and miranda devine. , 2021 may be remembered as the year that most of the corporate media finally lost the last shred of credibility they may have had, at least half of the american people. from you we learned a full-scale of the fiction that major news organizations fabricated about the ideas that the trump campaign colluded with russian 2016. thanks to the worker prosecutor john durham we know the papers and networks pulled told us hard reporting but was this information invented by a bunch of democrats and their allies in the media.
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this is also the year that we learned the young man that was labeled as a white supremacist by much of the media after he shot three kenosha, wisconsin would end in law acting in self-defense, kyle rittenhouse is the latest in a long line of it is that americans have his life almost destroyed by eventual and the media. it was a year how the media fed us during the election campaign and with the media essentially colluded with joe biden and his friends and assuring as if he became president he would be a healing leader, not a radical, but a kindly fatherly figure dedicated only to finding cures to shut down covid, follow the science and govern as a mild practices. one year end trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of covid deaths later, and with inflation surging, crime raging and much of the country in the extreme progressives in charge driving awoke agenda to transform the country that many
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seem to despise you can see at last that was the biggest lie of all. of course they are still at it insisting all is fine in joe biden's america. >> to mewe have the starkest economy, perhaps i've ever seen. >> if you watch the monthly reports, this is the biden boom and nobody has noticed yet. >> just look at that the cost of pop easing up. gerry: it's delightful, recently they tried to tell us the real problem we have to do with the media is they have been more hostile to joe biden than they were to donald trump. >> we are as negative as a collective media on joe biden, if not more so than we were to donald trump at a time when he was trying to overthrow democracy. gerry: to make up for being mean to joe biden and kamala harris some news organizations have been doing serious objective
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reporting. like this one in san francisco chronicle which exposes the real meaning behind the vice presidents wallpaper choices. it's hard-hitting stuff, the poster is well on the way, the shocking and potential consequences that we've only seen came at the end of the election in 2012, it was a highly successful company to protect joe biden committee on his report that might've been damaging the most outrageous case was the infamous laptop, with vital documents with presidential candidates in a very unflattering light and deals with the hostile for government between himself and his family. the media recalled the story, big tech companies like twitter and facebook actually blocked anyone reading other stories about it. >> they read the story and they say this is one of the stupidest october surprises.
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>> there's no evidence anything improper has happened pretty forgetting challenge of his character obligated to get it right. gerry: we learned the post reporting was all true, miranda devine a columnist for the post is definitive and best-selling book on the subject laptop from hell. thank you for being here, congratulations on the book, essentially a corrupt, right now in the family is at the heart in this interviews government. >> thank you, yes. you can only see that the millions of dollars are flying into the cost of the biden family and their associates from china and russia. now you have to think at least is joe biden compromise with the comes to them mayorkas greatest adversaries. we know in the media covered it up that joe biden lied when he
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told the american people during the campaign, that he knew nothing about his son hunter's business dealings. on the laptop in tony bobulinski material, hundred biden's business partner, there are multiple evidence with joe biden having met with his business partners from mexico and russia, china, kazakhstan, ukraine. nobody seems to be interested in them, the problems that were having always the country can be slated back to the fact that one candidate for office at the election last year was not given the proper due diligence by the media. gerry: tech companies blocked access to the story. you and i have been journalist for a long time. we may have different views from other people and politics. but we never tried to stop people from reading important information that could be critical as you just said to the
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future of the government. how do you think that we got here? >> i think the new element and what is frightening is big tech. i expected the media openly for joe biden before the election campaign would ignore the story, but to have facebook and twitter flex their muscles and show their power, come out of the shadows and actually sensor the new york post, which is the oldest newspaper in the country, the fourth largest by audience and to basically suspend people like kayleigh mcenany, the president's former press secretary for trying to share the story. to lock the new york post account for two weeks. this is putting their thumb on the scale and an enormous and frightening way. shortly afterwards they d platform a sitting president. it seems off when it comes to
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president trump. we see the power that they have and they still have not been reined in. they will use it against her future presidents and future media. no one is going to be safe from their censorship. gerry: let's bring a democratic strategist and fox news contributor leslie marshall, thank you for joining us. i'm sure you heard what miranda said. we can all disagree, we can disagree on politics and news stories. but as miranda said is disturbing new factor, is an inner politics when tech companies have all this power can literally prevent people from gaining access to what turns out to be really important story. >> i said before on this network, fox news as well on a radio show. i'm a democratic strategist in the talk host so i opine about the fact. years ago i was a journalism and
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i pointed about the facts in order to report the fact she had to report the facts regardless of your political leaning and that means people on the right you got here and that they appear can people hear about january 6 and for people on the left, hunter biden, hillary clinton. on the right trump their children, the list goes on. i think it's wrong protect companies to prevent information. i think it's right for them to prevent misinformation the people are holocaust or putting information that is harmful especially during the pandemic like injecting bleach or taking medication. gerry: the going way beyond that. for example they blocked any stories that suggested that china the virus had leaked from a lab saying that was misinformation. we know that was it misinformation, the very real possibility that happen. they're going beyond taking on information that may be harmful. they may be taking on information that may be politically inconvenient.
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>> is also up to them they're not covered by the first amendment are cut under private companies. private responsibility is ennui the consumer, the people that are eating up the twitters in the facebook, and instagram and the snapchat. we created this monster we are feeding the beast by being consumers of this. nobody should get their news from blogs in their news from twitter and facebook. not with the pandemic or anything political. gerry: alarm democratic leaders are reinstating mandates amid fears of the spread of omicron. one governor, he's a democrat says enough is enough. we will discuss that with her panel next. ♪ ♪ (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future.
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gerry: the omicron variant is surging to the united states and the number of leaders have responded with predictable alarms colleges new vaccine mandates and stricter testing and mask requirements.
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despite there being little evidence of any significant increase in hospitalizations or deaths due to the bearing, one democratic leader seems to break with all this and decided he had enough. >> some people want folks to wear masks forever and for a long time. i encourage those people they would be protected, where mask, your freedom to wear a mask is absolute and protected. respect the fact that some others don't feel the need to wear a mask they have been vaccinated were boosted in the risk is low. gerry: that was colorado's democratic governor, is he right, is this that democrats decide it's time to declare an end to the pandemic and live with it and move on. let's ask her panel leslie marshall and miranda devine. the evidence the new variant while very widespread and surging everywhere, it's very mild there's only been one death described trip so far. is it that we get used to it except the pandemic and find a way to move on without lives. >> early indications of omicron is very contagious but mild.
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if that is the case, that is good news it could end up being a natural immunity booster. doctor marty makary from john hopkins is calling it the army called, we know over reacting to the virus in lockdowns and destroying small businesses and destroying the lives particularly of young people has really adverse consequent is. i think we should really take a deep breath, start and to stop counting and obsessing about cases and look hospitalizations and deaths. if that is not drastically going up then that particular young people live their lives. if older people or scare people want to lock themselves down for christmas, there perfectly free to do that if they want to go and have 100 new boosters, go ahead, do it but don't force your choices on the rest of the
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country. gerry: leslie, was striking listening to the democratic governor of colorado saying essentially enough is enough. as miranda said we need to move on. joe biden did come into office he year ago promising to shut down the virus. it looks as though he's trapped tried to keep to the promise by eliminating the virus. isn't it time that we have to accept it did and amicably have to look for this for many, many years and we can have our lives completely dictated by this and transform the way that we live. we just have to find a way to live with it. >> i am married to a physician to hear about the stories each and every day. here in california that's exactly built into what we did we lead the nation and lowest covid deaths at one time and everybody else was surging and we had it under control because of the mandates. here's the problem if you don't want to wear a mask and social distance and you don't have a vaccine or the second shot were
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the booster or any future shots, please stay out of the eer and don't clog up the medical system and burden the healthcare workers. that's what it comes down to. miranda talks about deaths in icu, i hear you but there's a whole another area in medicine that's emergency room and we have our emergency rooms overburden when we have a spike we see in new york city right now. gerry: we've got to go, very little evidence that were seen a significant increase in hospitalization. but there's much murder talk about we have another break. gas prices, groceries, and joe biden's pulling numbers. only one of these things is not surging. we'll take that up with our panel next. ♪ retirement income is complicated. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable
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gerry: bad news on inflation as
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wholesale prices increased by 9.6% from last year. that's a record high since the government began collecting data 11 years ago. the biden administration is relentless to blame anything but their own policies for the rising prices. listen to this. >> the president, the secretary of agriculture has both spoken to what we seen as agreed of me conglomerates. you could call it jacketed prices during a pandemic. gerry: we had little inflation for the last 25 years and suddenly under joe biden it got greedy especially meat companies are now subbing for inflation. let's take this up with our panel miranda, let me start with you if i may. , first of all they told us inflation was not happening. then they said is happy but ago be transitory now it's the fault of greedy companies. it's clear from polling numbers that we saw fox business had a
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poll showing voters by the administration, they are not buying it, are they? >> no they're not. almost two thirds of voters are blaming joe biden's policies. and with good reason. what's driving inflation prices of 30%, rent, worker shortages all of these are artificial construct into blame corporate greed is just another desperate excuse by the white house not facing up to the fact the only policies to blame but making them worse because we will pour more gasoline on the fire and more money into the mix. gerry: as they said we had low inflation for the past 2225 years and some points inflation at 0, why are we asked to believe the company is becoming greedy and pushing up prices to link profits since joe biden became president.
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>> actually corporations have been pushing up prices since the pandemic and it's not corporate greed and not the bite of the administration or the trouble administration. this pandemic did not occur in the past 45 years or 25 years ago when we had practically 0. what we had was the treasury department and the fed not think it was going to be as bad as they think it will be saying it was transitory and the feds becoming more aggressive and that seems to be a good thing on wall street as we've seen stocks rally and rise based on that. the bottom line this pandemic has created inflation not just here in the united states but the world. if it's joe biden's policies created inflation that the united states. how did he do that in the uk and other nations. gerry: there is much, much higher in the u.s., more than any other country the uk raised interest rates this week but nothing -- is a partly because supply-chain issues are partly entered partly to blame but this
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had a huge amount of money onto the economy and ignored the pressures going on and now it wants to put more money into the economy indebted to the federal government. >> i'm not in the bite of the administration. i'm not an economist but two dozen nobel prize-winning economist have said no and i'm going to take the expertise to go with that. gerry: ronald reagan said lay all the economist in the world and they will reach a conclusion. some california school districts have banned teachers from getting students grades because the traces. we will explain that. ♪
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gerry: grading students based is apparently now graces saying dns affect minority and low-income students. high schoolers can retake testing three who do homework in a system called competency-based learning. called the opposite of what it claims to be. critics say the move will only help to dumb down education for let's ask our panel. i think you have kids in school in california. do you think it is the right way to go, should kids not be allowed to get low grades. >> your california latino and african-american children have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. they had more deaths in their families, they don't have the help at home with homework, they
8:59 pm
have been uprooted and my children are 13 and 14 and they're both in eighth grade. my children went through things i had never seen with the pandemic, in school, out of school, working at home even though i was able to help them there's parents that can afford tutors, that's not the case for the majority of the students and communities in schools. do not try to teach kids that you can't fail, they're trying to say where are your weaknesses and how can we help you. gerry: is this equipping kids for the real world is a don't feel. gerry: were out of time, i want miranda to answer. >> i think it is a terrible thing to do and what you're telling children is after covering up the teacher's failures to teach improperly. any children who are failing to be given remedial teaching and not be protected from the
9:00 pm
incompetence of their own teachers. the soft bigotry of low expectations is what is racist and damaging to any children who are not doing well. gerry: we have to go, thank you leslie marshall and miranda devine. thank you for joining us all be back next week with more interviews on the "wall street journal at large". thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq. ♪. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you to the week ahead. i'm jack carter. retail analyst dana toussie gives us a look at the hot trend the holiday season, who is waiting the retail wars and the new workplace uniform. investing outlook for 2022, sarah malik on what omicron means to the market


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