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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 30, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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they will make a good effort to actually implement the policy. >> thanks so much, merry christmas and happy new year to you. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening and a happy new year. ♪♪ >> promises made, promises broken. that pretty much sums up the biden administration's handling of the pandemic and now seems like joe and company are doubling down on the policies that have already failed so why do they keep putting the country on this miracle ground from hell? then candidate biden in 2021 and part by making promises that he probably knew were impossible to keep. promises like covid. >> the administrations failure on testing is colossal and
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failure of planning, leadership and execution. look deal modestly with your. >> people and will never ever ever quit. that's how we shut down this virus. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm not going to shut down the economy, i'm going to shut down the virus we met we need to scale up testing so anyone who needs one can get a test. after ten months of the pandemic, we still have enough testing. it's a travesty. >> some state officials are passing laws or signing orders that forbid people from doing the right thing. if you're going to help, at least get out of the way. >> ... lower now than he did a year ago but joe said if you vote for me, i'll defeat the virus with my bony bare hands. sounded great at the time. things were very grim as you remember and now guess what,
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they are even worse in a lot of ways. covid spreading out of control, two thirds of the country is vaccinated. only saving grace is omicron is milder than previous variant but imagine if it was deadlier. we be screwed and part of that is because testing is a total mess, nearly impossible to get my 16-year-old daughter to find them on door. even if you do find one, it appears rabbit aren't that reliable so keep in mind biden administration turned down an offer to purchase hundreds of millions of tests in october, all you have to do is look at the long lines to know something's not right and now lord fauci claims 20 get sorted out soon. watch. >> there are lines in certain cities, they certainly cities, bigger cities having large lines such as new york and miami at other places, we are doing better than we were a year ago
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but we still have a ways to go, i believe in certain as we get into january, the first few weeks of january, this will improve because there will be half a billion tests available in january. >> long lines, i've seen long lines since i was bumping rails off jaggers boom studio 54. even back then i was 100. i will believe it when i see it the white house has been snubbing antibody treatment in favor of continuing push vaccines as the only solution to this message so after one year of the it administration leadership, what grade do they deserve for their handling of covid? tonight man panel credit how to become a federal criminal, mike case and it game right. democrat strategist and former biden campaign, also my daddy, kevin walling. and, missus -- podcast host,
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editor, stephen l miller. gentlemen, welcome. mike case, i will start with you. the testing has been horrible, response to everything has been horrible. the mandates have been horrible, we spent live to in fact horrible, all of the things candidate biden said about them president trump is failing in the exact same way, what grade would you give his administration? >> i'll give him a grade with an analogy, biden feels like the guy watching you struggle with a pickle jar and he's like come here, give me the pickle jar, i'm going to open it and he hands it to him and says the pickle jar cannot be opened, it's impossible. there's a whole campaign punctuated with criticism how easy it would be if there's a shred of confidence in the office and what strikes me as is
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for biden, tests are his ventilators. it's a problem when the chief executive of the united states somehow is responsible for health policy at a national scale, presidents should stick to what programs are supposed to do, i give president and asked for the fact that one 100% of this has been encroachment into areas where presidents have no business. kennedy: i'm going to be honest with you, i had covid in march of 2020, i got vaccinated because i am a good listener and i was told if you get vaccinated, it's 90s 5% effective against the virus and you're not going to get sick again so i got vaccinated. guess what -- last week i got sick again and i didn't just get mildly sick, i got pretty geodesic. no one is coming to my kissing booth and i can't figure out why business is so bad but believe it or not, the only thing i blame the -- thank you. the only thing i blame be a penetration for is not getting
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federal government out of the way so companies can make tests, treatments and get the treatments to the patient's need them because the first thing my doctor said when i told him i tested positive, i have no monoclonal antibodies, i hope you are okay. >> i was worried about you and we are in a similar situation, i was double vaccinated last july and it was a scary time and i had serious symptoms as you did but as we know, the original vaccines for the original strain of covid and because it's carried on for more than two years, we are seeing different variants to the degree which vaccines are effective is clearly going down, we need more boosters and potentially boosters after this but i am in agreement there's got to be greater collaboration between the state and federal government and private industry where the government both under donald trump and joe biden called up
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using the production act, the word production act to ensure more tests are made and make sure the materials around vaccinations from bottles to tubes or what have you and syringes, i think it is a good thing but the strong story coming out of this two-year engagement is the work of private companies who have stepped up in regards to operation warp speed and different at home tests, which is a good thing by the private industry and it needs to be encouraged. kennedy: do you know what else needs to be encouraged? telling china to shut it up there honey hole. i spent ten days so angry at china because anyone who's had this, you know it's unlike anything you've ever had in your life and it's a manufactured virus and it sucks and this president has not been forceful enough on china and forcing them to take responsibility for the
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health they've unleashed on the rest of the world. >> there's a lot to answer for that, in that field and they are just going to kind of let it fall by the wayside, we have so much on our plate now we can't worry about how it started, it's a go to excuse for that side of the aisle, it doesn't matter how it happened. like ben ghazi not to go back to that but it doesn't matter how it happened, just deal with it now and then we will deal with it later when i can guarantee china is looking at a level response and the economic response, the human response, hospitalizations they are jotting notes in her book about what happens if we do this next time? next time maybe we will do it on purpose i think joe biden would be held to his words, shut down the virus will go down as one of the more seminal moments and modern history as read my lips going back to gen x with you and me, i think it's going to be all
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you have to do is play the clip over and over and over and over and over again and i don't think biden has to be held to any other standard and that and republicans have their standards and they will overflow it but biden will have his own standards as well as his vice president standard, we get into office, get this under control but instead they messed around with blowback better or whatever that is. kennedy: and most important to spend $10 trillion on nonsense and he said when testings failed, it's a travesty. it is and that's bearing out in the poll numbers. the main panel will stick around and we are playing kennedy sports event. fda importing covid rapid antigen test. they are less sensitive detecting the new omicron variance. that means you might be positive but the test is showing a negative results.
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experts are warning a negative test is not a get out of jail free card and pcr test were given more accurate answer. sometimes. muscles are wrong, too. virus him with symptoms testing negative on the rapid tests and positive on pcr test? with me now, scholar at johns hopkins university and center for health security, doctor amesh adalja, have been eager to talk to you. >> thanks for having the. kennedy: i got a get sick, she goes to megabyte and get negative rapid test and the doctor tells her it's a cold, there's a little cold going around. ten days later, we had to wait ten days and the test came back positive, i kept her out of school because she still had symptoms and i didn't want to unleash this onto unsuspecting people but i cannot tell you how many people i know who tested negative repeatedly who had the virus and get a negative test like this and they spread it to everybody.
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that's why it's a problem as it is. >> i think it's because people are misunderstanding what rapid tests are good for. it's useful when summary has enough virus in the body to detect other people so rapid tests will be negative even if you have symptoms when the viral load is too low to be contagious so people are misunderstanding how to use so if you are sick and your rapid test is negative, isolate, repeat the test and investigate if you have influence or strep throat or another illness, you need a pcr? the negative test doesn't get you out of isolation or quarantine, if you have symptoms. it is good for people who are a symptomatically trying to screen themselves to see if i'm safe to be around others. it's not articulation how to use the test appropriately. kennedy: i think people know how to use the test, i've seen my daughters perform 25 the last week on themselves, it's
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impressive how a 16-year-old can figure it out but i guarantee probably 85% being generous, 85% have no idea they should still isolate if they have a negative test and wait a few days to see if a viral load gets larger and then test again. i guarantee people are not doing that and 500 million tests, that will cover everybody who needs multiple tests to get a positive response and i'm telling you, there are so many breakthroughs, they are lying about the virus, lying about the breakthroughs, lying about the testing who can we trust? >> i think there's poor public health communication throughout but the thing is, breakthrough infections will become increasingly common with the omicron variance but it doesn't care if you've been vaccinated and probably doesn't care if you've been boosted because it can get around the antibodies and what the vaccine does is prevent hospitalization and death but breakthrough infections will be the norm with
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this variance and we have to recognize that in the public need to know that they are not going to avoid infection with omicron. the goal is to get omicron only after you are vaccinated so something that mild but this is what coronavirus was due, they get around immunity, that's of the other four have done, they reinfected every year into variant has evolved the same properties. kennedy: if it's the flu than everyone has to get so we can get over it, we can't do this thing where a new variance comes along and don't know anything about it so we shut everything down and teachers unions are talking about schools. we can't keep doing that so obviously, have you seen a virus mutate like this? >> viruses can mutate like this, this is like the flu. we update the vaccine, we just haven't done that with this virus but we have to realize we have to focus on severe disease.
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cases are going to decouple from hospitalizations and death as more people get vaccinated in antibodies and antivirals and focus more on severity and the sheer number of cases, we can't panic and shut things down, we've got more precision tools. kennedy: but when you have the administration not allowing for more production of the monoclonal antibodies even the people in icus now have the delta variant and people are getting sick and people are requiring longer hospitalizations and people are dying, shame on them because the vaccine isn't enough. i appreciate the work you do, i know you put your heart and soul into this every day, you are a true scientist, thank you for your time. >> thanks. kennedy: vaccine mandate still moving full speed ahead. u.s. marine corps removed to service -- 200 service numbers for reese wheezing shots. the new mayor of new york city
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that he will keep in place current requirements all employees be vaccinated to go to work and president biden said he let his help advisors decide whether to ban unvaccinated americans from flying domestic. physical the president told nations governor that there was no federal solution to the covid pandemic. why can't we pull his liver spotted hands out of our lives? here to discuss, spike cohen. with the mandate work? weather for employers and employees or people trying to fly from one place to another within the u.s.? >> thanks for having me on and i will say, we can look at the past. did the mandate and for that matter, lockdowns and other covid restrictions they put in place, did they work against the variant less transmissible, less very much? no, they didn't work. they were largely useless and ineffective and only helped
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especially in the case of a lockdown from be harmful to other aspects of society like our economy and emotional well-being and education for children and things like that so what do they think is going to work for a virus that's even more vaccine resistant and more transmissible and more fear of it? painfully more mild but no, it is not going to work but the alternative to continuing the think we didn't work so we have to do it even harder would be to acknowledge government in planning is uniquely terrible way of handling everything, especially a crisis and will never do that so it's blaming those who aren't vaccinating, blaming those who didn't to the absolute letter of their ever-changing rules and standards rather than acknowledging no, we're not going to fix this. i'm glad rhetoric about i'm going to stop the virus has finally caught up with them. there is no federal solution and no state solution, solutions
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don't come from government, they come from individuals working together. kennedy: not when the government is the one standing in the way and i blame them for the treatment testing and everything else, god knows what else could be coming down the pipeline right now but they've inserted themselves and they told testing manufacturers we are going to do it in clinics and hospitals, go ahead and stop manufacturing these things which he considered necessary in march of 2020. more people died in 2021 and covid than in 2020 and that was a political 12 to blame trump for every single death are they taking responsibility for every single death? >> of course not. and here is the problem, people are not going to hospital, you hear stories of places like vermont where ers and hospitals are filled with people who don't have symptoms who won't leave the hospital because they are horrified about discovering they have covid even though many are
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vaccinated and almost none of them are suffering symptoms. take a step back. imagine if you were a hollywood producer and i came to you and said i have an idea for a movie where the government is going to introduce the most draconian mandates and restrictions and capacity limits and lockdowns in all sorts of things over a virus more than 99% survivability rate with the majority of people who get it is indistinguishable from the cold or flu are being perfectly healthy, you wouldn't even want to see the screen play because it's so unrealistic yet that is what we are facing right now the number of deaths we are having are very serious, close to 1 million, over a hundred thousand deaths now and the reality is, that was baked into the cake. as soon as the fighters came out and when the cdc wasn't even allowing testing the first couple of months of the virus, covid is not going away, we should have acknowledged that in
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march and april of last year, it is not going away, none of this is going to do anything about it and we need to look at how we mitigate, voluntarily work with people to mitigate the effects of the virus instead of using the same central planning. kennedy: and be honest what's happening with the virus, don't try to scare us to submission. thank you so much, good to talk to you. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: ghislaine maxwell may spend the rest of her life in prison for trafficking minors. now that she's been found guilty, will she name names? coming up later, china's military revealing, developing brain controls military technology. what is mean for you? you're going to be a zombie. that's next. ♪♪
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so get the flexibility of the new mobile service designed for your small business. introducing comcast business mobile. you get the most reliable network with nationwide 5g included. and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ghislaine maxwell guilty as hell. finally, ex-girlfriend and madam of dead pedophile jeffrey epstein convicted on five of six counts of sex trafficking charges, looking at spending the rest of her life in prison, no sentencing date yet but speculation has begun whether maxwell will try to refuse her standards by naming other epstein associate. so far beta charters so will
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prosecutors push her to spill the beans on her little black book? what does her conviction mean for people like epstein's old pal, prince andrew, the man panel is back. stephen l miller, mike chase. i don't know if they are lawyers so i'm going to rely on mike chase. you think there's any prosecutors, do they know everything turn down a chance to under torture? >> i think he she has a ton of information, treasure trove of information probably discussing everybody in america's toes are calling to hear about it but i don't think we will hear about it. prosecutors will try, they have to be interested in doing that first. in history, they may be happy with this single little conviction be done with this that may be the last of ever hearing about unfortunately but i think it's a garbage deal for
7:25 pm
her, i want to hear it as much as anybody else and i want to see accountability for the people who use this apparatus for this evil and disgusting but the prosecutors would have to have information they plan to use for prosecution and ghislaine would have to want to say it. cooperation is something that happened generally speaking before a conviction and almost always something that happens before a charge. that didn't happen here and the judge is the one who controlled the sentencing here so even if she spells her guts to the prosecutors and even if they are interested in what they say, this cooperation to the extent that happens may have no impact on the sentencing, the judge may say you knew all of that and he went to trial in fact disgusting, i'm putting you and present the rest of your life so i think it would be a stupid gambit and won't happen. kennedy: but there are people to whom these girls were trafficked. good she finally addressed it,
7:26 pm
that is good for the victims and good for anyone who's been involved in have their lives altered forever but it not good for the guys these young women promote these girls, 14-year-old were trafficked. this has run out in most of these cases except for prince andrew, what we see chris andrew swing from the gallows? >> you are right and there is a small window that opened up for prince andrew and i'm hopeful that will move forward but obviously my case is number one, my attorney so he gets that, every month i haven't seen much return for that i am hopeful who was the other convictions but there's got to be a willingness not just on that but also fdny front that they want to pursue these cases going forward, i am hopeful the individuals who flew
7:27 pm
on that plane and spent time at any of those locations whether palm beach or the private island, we will seek some semblance of justice and i hope there's a lot of well-connected men in this country shaking part of us because they should be taken down as part of the process. kennedy: what are the odds she makes it to her sentencing? >> me and the boys were acting, taking bets if she would make it through her first night. i lost the back, i hope her prison guards have good salaries and aren't looking for bahama vacations or anything on behalf of certain foundations. i mean, i am just thankful both epstein and maxwell, the only two people involved in the celebrity scan international sex trafficking scandal have been brought to justice involving no one else. kennedy: and someone had a clever meme the other day, love is finishing each other's sentences, jeffrey and
7:28 pm
ghislaine. the one thing we do know for certain, he's waiting in hell for her and gilby there waiting for however long it takes. man panel, they are coming right back because it is game night and a good one. we got craziest crime stories of figure the best attorney in the business, kennedy's court in session and moments. ♪♪
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kennedy: here we go. tonight addition kennedy's court is going to be a good one. here's how we do it. and what you read crazy headlines of 2021, mike chase defense attorney tried to get munis off the hook, steven and ken kevin will act as jury and decide if the suspect is guilty or acquitted. i will deliver the final because
7:33 pm
i can do that. kennedy's court. not the people support our rights. let's get started. mike from virginia beach woman 12 years in prison for printing 31 billing dollars in coupons, 41-year-old helen complete with products and images and working barcodes, offering steep discounts and in some cases, gave more shoppers back prices more than they paid. $100,000, she was eventually ratted out by one of the group members was obviously jealous she didn't think of it herself. how do you defend this? >> there is a notion called unclean hands were the government and litigants can't prosecute you for something they've done themselves. you know, her pumping millions of dollars of new money into the economy, i think that's just
7:34 pm
monetary policy so i don't think she should be convicted for that but i'm with you, please had working barcodes and you scan them and they get deep discounts, they are not fake coupons so i don't think she actually commit a crime. if the peters scan the coupons, no crime there. kennedy: if she's smarter than the computer, she's clearly not guilty. how do you vote, kevin? >> amen, he had me happy unclean hands which is something i've used many times before so i say she's not guilty at all. kennedy: guilty or not guilty? >> entrepreneur, not guilty. kennedy: very good, all right. capitalism is strong with this man panel. number two. italian man charged with fraud after trying to dodge the covid vaccine by wearing a fake arm i love this story. unidentified 50-year-old in italy signed a form to receive a
7:35 pm
vaccine and vaccine passport. he rolled up sleeves for a healthcare worker and she noticed his arm was strange with no veins. turns out he was wearing a $400 prosthetic arm combo suit. mike, guilty, not guilty? >> if you think the fake arm is that, you should have seen what he want to his vasectomy. [laughter] i'm going to defend this easily, he's charged with fraud here which means he had to have made a material misrepresentation and obtain something of value. i think you just said nothing and received something of no value so i don't think you deprived anybody of anything, too bad it didn't happen in the u.s. because i'd make a second amendment defense. you have the right to bear arms in the united states about think he was exercising that right, not guilty. kennedy: even if they are phony
7:36 pm
baloney. kevin, guilty or not guilty? >> this is the first time in five years on the panel i've ever heard the word vasectomy so mike wins again i think. >> the last time you're going to hear it. kennedy: no it's not. mike has a big vasectomy claim clientele with big fake falls. [laughter] >> he pay $400, if you are carrying around a fake arm what you should carry around anyway, you can't tell me that can't come in handy for anything other than faking a vaccine, just next time just take it from a not guilty. kennedy: cadaver arms, there's got to be loads of them somewhere. we should have a market for that, why are we not free market with our body parts? next case, connecticut woman arrested for driving drunk. in one day 64, nice work. o'neill was arrested after crashing into a parked car with
7:37 pm
a blood alcohol with .23. she was charged with six hours after being released, she was pulled over on her way to the liquor store with blood alcohol levels still above the legal limit at a .09. how do you defend alan? >> she wasn't driving drunk, she was driving while sobering up so i think there's a distinction there. he's our hard defenses to raise but entrances defense, they released her before she was completely sober, they released her back into the streets with elevated alcohol levels so i'm going to say she was driving while sobering up i think double jeopardy should somehow apply the same drunkenness she was arrested with. kennedy: that actually might be the most cogent points of the night. >> i have to agree with alan so i say not guilty. kennedy: i think she's having a
7:38 pm
party. stephen. >> too old for me, guilty. [laughter] kennedy: oh, a split decision. i have to say not guilty, not guilty on the first two and not guilty again because i like triple. the last one, very quickly. brooklyn woman lied about of child kidnapping to work harder to find her stolen car. the car was swiped off the street, it was left idling on occupied, her 6-year-old nephew was claimed to be inside so they would work harder to find it and it was a few blocks away no child inside. she confessed she lied, she was charged with filing a false report. >> my client is not a criminal, she's a quick bait at. one woman got her car back with this one simple trick, just tell the police there's a kid in it. i don't think she should be charged when you reveal the polices biggest secret which she
7:39 pm
just told him there's a kid in there. the only crime she committed is embarrassing the police. kennedy: kevin, guilty or not? >> i say not guilty with a coupon lady, they are cheaper north. kennedy: well, it was an ingenious move and it worked. stephen. >> the next time, think figure like the balloon boy people from a few years ago in colorado, guilty for small imagination. kennedy: all right. there was a fake child mob so since i haven't chose guilty, i say guilty, lock her up with ghislaine, 60 years. thank you, man panel. they love it. love it. not formal, though. thanks, fellas. his china working on a new mind control weapon? are we doing the same thing? that's next. ♪♪
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kennedy: the wrecking ball, is a chinese military developing mind control weapons? new report says china is using psychological science to bring the battlefield to your brain. the goal is to avoid physical warfare and instead attack the enemy will to resist so what will chinese mind control look like? will it really be any different than nbc news? groningen, chairman and ceo, mike baker is back. >> thank you and lovely fleet and music for this segment.
7:45 pm
kennedy: so what are they doing now and why have we not given kind of a smack down over covid? i will remain angry about that for a long time and now i'm learning about mind control, where is our mind control? >> first of all, you've touched on my favorite topic, how can we not be holding them accountable in some fashion, how could they not be as a community of nations, not just the u.s., demanding transparency so we understand what exactly happens at the lab that accounted for all of these deaths and damage a couple of years later but what they are talking about is this mind control thing, it is odd about the 60s but remember the throughout the 60s, on the u.s. side, the ultra, an effort to understand how to control the mind, how to use whatever
7:46 pm
message possible to understand how to manipulate the mind. the reason that started in the beginning was out of fear what the chinese and russians were doing in the field of mind control. this is a little different. what they are talking about here china now is more of the effort to create been referred to in the past as a super soldier. the u.s. is involved in this effort among russia is involved, china is involved and the whole concept is can you create a more efficient, more lethal, more effective way? the holy grail of that effort is the mind, fusing the brain in a sense with the technology -- yes. is not something we are unfamiliar with, we've sanctioned, the commerce department here have's sanctioned several institute involved in this research that
7:47 pm
includes this brain control research but in reality, primarily u.s. china russia, we've been engaged in this for years and years because it's an important part of what the future conflict may look like. kennedy: mk ultra is quite a stain and that conspiracy theory because it really happened -- it's pretty god-awful but my worry is, we know what the chinese are doing and concentration camps with the uighurs. they are clearly experimenting a living human being and it's terrifying and unacceptable. >> and russia is engaged also. we wrapped up embarrassing and awful and tragic episode regarding ultra at the end of the 60s. there have been indications russia is continuing some of us effort and experiment, that work
7:48 pm
for decades after that. the chinese as you pointed out, they don't care about human rights. so their concern is getting to the top of the food chain. what are you talking about? how you improve communications, how do you. kennedy: i would like to know how to improve so i can employ that in my everyday life. mike baker, thank you for your time, happy new year. >> happy new year, thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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a 43-year-old woman arrested by the fbi after getting drunk fighting with the cabin crew during the spirit airlines flight, spirit says they take the incidences seriously which is why they are demoting her from captain to copilot. that's a commercial fighter jet this is a topical storm. topic number one, brazen cap talk on surveillance camera when a giant dinosaur statue was stolen the middle of the night from outside an oklahoma gift shop. this is why we can't have mediocre things. good job. there is despicable beef sealing
7:53 pm
one of the finest works of art from the era, first for come for the statue of robert e lee and thomas jefferson, now there targeting older historic figures. i hope children never see this video. they also know exactly what they're getting for their birthday this year. actually dinosaurs are worth a lot of money, black-market buyers think winding up their tails will give them vitality. yes, it's vital mile brought to you by dinosaur wing. police are asking for your help identifying the thief, about 5-foot eight, last seen wearing jeans and a longsleeved shirt and carrying a giant dinosaur. [laughter] there he goes. topic number two. worshipers of religions gather to celebrate brazilian of the sea, not to be confused with our american goddess of the sewer. love that. this was copacabana beach where
7:54 pm
believers pay tribute by releasing flowers for fumes into the ocean and make an american look bad. all we gave the ocean this year was one of the half-billion disposable masks but not a great gift but at least they will last forever. according to legend, if the gift returns to shore, it means the seek goddess rejected your offering. it only happens if the ocean feels salty that day. they lit candles and prayed to the seek goddess to free the planet from covid which is more effective than anything. the u.s. federal government has done in two years. topic number two. after being continually disappointed by men on dating apps, nashville woman has gone viral defending an exit survey for the men ghosted her. wearily, they switch to verizon. a survey created by a young woman named shauna includes questions like why do you go shauna? what can shauna do to stop
7:55 pm
getting ghosted? she offered three free months of hbo if they go back to asking how her day was and liking pictures of her dog. shauna asked for her looks and personality and according to the judgment surveyed, they waited exactly three emerges. not bad. top internet users saying shauna is brave for the exit survey was embarrassing, demeaning, desperate and sad or as we call it in new york, single life. topic number four. enough about go slips, this is viewer mail. jean writes, kennedy nation, lighten up, lady. i am the light of your life. you are a one-man spark party. yikes, who is this obnoxious thing? will be enough, the mistaken from beyond the grave, good to have you here, sir. kennedy nation is a zombie on
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the become brains are delicious and make you slightly smarter. just a pretty face, he yells as much as i do. happy holidays to all of you haters. i see you, i've got for eyes. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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