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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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liz: ken paxton, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. come back again soon, we will be watching the supreme court fight, full on coverage of it, the biden's acting mandate at the supreme court friday. terrific to see you, i'm elizabeth mcdonald, he been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: 73% of chicago teachers voted to can in class learning so they can sit on their but at home in safety because apparently they hate children. twenty-two months ago the world shut down as your mother, schools right remote and parents estate home to stop the spread but now our people have gotten sick and died keeping it's out of school, made their lives worse, not better and has done nothing to stop covid. suicide attempts 14 girls shot up by 41% between 2019 and 2021
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and the american academy of pediatrics declared this is a national state of emergency yet chicago teachers ignore the stats and the science, peace are and what struggling kids and desperate parents fend for themselves. covid and the omicron variant sucks but so do a lot of things that shouldn't shutdown society. teachers demanded vaccines and they got them from a 90% of educators got the job and they've had at least 130 billing dollars to probably ventilate classrooms and do whatever necessary to deem their environment safe yet somehow with less lethal virus bobbing itself into submission and data conclusively shows children are safer in schools, these lazy ones went with union thugs and expected to families in chicago again, enough is enough. meghan had bernards to fire air traffic controllers they were responsible for keeping planes
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in the sky. joe biden should fire vacantly active teachers whose apparently on the correct keeping test scores low. white house talked of big game but if this is a destructive game of educational chicken the unions aren't flinching. they held a nation of backsliding learners hostage for almost two years and clearly feel important to distort democrat dimwits for a few billion more. chicago got almost 2 billion in covid school money so where is that cash gone? where the industrial fans and filters? that's right, money can't buy you confidence in safety but can intro the government has your kids and a bite as long as they are in the system. teachers unions put pressure on democrat politicians the way biden should put pressure on china. to get answers on this crime against humanity, this is the health democrats and unions have chosen to die on and i hope parents put counter pressure on
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all of these useless unions to supplicate them out of existence and three kids from this cage of government run schools. that's the memo. the chicago teachers union demands have gotten so ridiculous even the cities do-nothing mayor said this. watch. >> when our district was fully remote, our children suffered. there is no disputing that reality. kennedy: parents in chicago are understandably at their wits end. >> right now my children are at home doing nothing. they are not learning, they are not experiencing any socialization, nothing. >> what's the impact on your family as a whole going to work in living your life? >> well in terms of calling off my job at 11:00 p.m. last night, it's not a good situation.
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i missing a day of work and my children are not in school. it's very hard on my family right now. kennedy: how did the unions get so powerful? is there any chance parents and children can call back some of that power? here to discuss, washington examiner senior political colonists and american enterprise institute resident fellow, tim carney is back. tim, you have kids in school, you see this firsthand, he got a lot of friends and relatives struggling with the same thing as schools are closed, atlanta, cleveland, milwaukee, parts of new jersey, newark, it is frustrating, what you make of it? >> next door to my county, in maryland closer schools, they announced in december they were closing up to mlk so kids won't be in school at least until the 17th and it's devastating, there's no other word. the fact is that we see remote learning is not learning and
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keeping kids out of community, out of contact with their classmates with teachers, other adults, it is devastating to their mental health and we know this for a fact so what we have going on is a powerful special interest, public school teachers unions are using their political power to harm children. most teachers i know are literal heroes but the teachers union are the enemies of children and parents and taxpayers and using it now, even democratic politicians are standing up to them now. kennedy: it is 2022, midterm elections this year, tell me about glenn youngkin's when in virginia and the governor's race and how the wind has solidified support from democrats for parents where before they were
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willing to die on the hill of closed schools arm in arm with the unions, has that important mayors and governors like lori to stand up against the union? >> you would not see lori standing up to the union if it hadn't been for terry mcauliffe's implosion and when young prince victory and virginia. do you remember kerrick mcauliffe was appearing with the teachers union had, the national heads right before he lost reelection so a lot of the national media made the virginia governor about critical race theory, that was all in the mix but bottom line was this -- the democrats closed schools for a year end didn't even feel bad about it they did it because the union told them to so special interest overrode concern for children and interest of parents. when glenn youngkin won this
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upset legitimate victory, i sent a shockwave through the democrats so that's why i am hopeful, and negative pessimistic monologue in the beginning that i think actually democrats are learning you cannot stand with the teachers unions because that means standing against students and parents, we will see democrats coming to their senses. kennedy: and a lot of parents don't care about party, they care about their kids on this issue. they have eavesdropped on what their kids were learning during zoom in a room but with mental health statistics that are so staggering at backsliding in terms of learning, parents really are standing up to this and i hope you are right, i hope it's a massive turn, not just in the few parts of the country but against the unions because i know the idea of school twice and letting money follow the students and not the money going to these schools, i think that
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us gaining traction. >> and hopefully it does and hopefully enough parents are opting out of public schools but public schools feel the pressure counties are realizing wait a second, if you are liberal counting care about the low income people and immigrants in minority population, you say wait a second, why isn't mostly non- immigrant, the white people who can afford better schools, let's instead direct money toward parents so are immigrants and nonwhite population and lower income working pop class population can get the rest was for the kids, what will happen? schools will start improving and quality when forced to compete because right now they are benefiting from their monopoly they know they don't have to look after the interest of the kids and they don't have to make parents happy. kennedy: absolutely right, on closable schools, unviable
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teachers, unacceptable. i'm delighted to see the type turning, it's about time, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: speaking of terrible, doctor anthony fauci, america's favorite beagle killer is out is again shifting the covid goalpost. he says federal health officials are shying away from the term fully vaccinated and opting for something more vague. watch. >> using the terminology now keeping your vaccinations up to date rather than what fully vaccinated means. right now optimal protection is with a third shot of mrna or second shot of j&j. kennedy: then wire their breakthrough infections? how long before we get vaccine punchcards? nine shots, discrete. let's get in to tonight's party panel, karol markowicz attorney
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and democrat strategist, kelly hyman and for medium and host of the part of the problem podcast dave smith is back with us. carol, i will start with you, it's a must at some time, it's become meaningless. >> at sometimes none of us will be vaccinated, up-to-date as factory prescribed. the thing is the mandate make less sense in a situation like that. i get my flu shot will disappear, some years i get busy and don't have the time and the idea couldn't eat inside a restaurant the year i don't is absurd and the fact that we've seen with omicron the vaccine does not prevent you from getting and spreading the virus, what are we doing here? why are we forcing people into this? it makes no sense to me and fauci has been the worst spokesperson this entire time, he should not be on our televisions, if joe biden wants to fix his image, he should get fauci off our tv. kennedy: and kelly, i had covid and then i got vaccinated because i never wanted to get it
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again because i got so sick, i was miserable and then i got covid again from a vaccinated person so you say follow the science, what should i be following? >> thank god nothing happened to you where you died or anything because you are vaccinated but -- i'm talking to you right now, i hope not. kennedy: matrix is real. >> that's not how the vaccines were sold and i had a big problem or not dead, the vaccines were sold as 95% effective. revolutionary technology anthony fauci has been working on for over 30 years so we took the mrna vaccine and now we are told you're not in the morgue, you should be very happy. thank you, kelly. >> we have to follow the signs. i know someone passed away because of complications of covid no one should go through that. anyone who had covid, i believe
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i had it as well as sometime but we have to learn how to protect ourselves and what's the best way? as you said, it's a personal decision, the book and make up their own mind but follow the signs and getting vaccinated helps people and the signs shows if you do get vaccinated and you are and you have a breakthrough case that you don't end up in hospital or dying because of it because you are vaccinated, it's protecting you. kennedy: dave, there's so much of this that i have a problem with, my biggest problem is, we have $5 trillion go to covid treatment and therapy yet this administration doubled and tripled down on the vaccine and the vaccine alone, they stood in the way of test manufacture, they stood in the way of at-home test companies because they said clinics and hospitals would handle it and now people can't get tests, they get false negatives, that's how people are getting sicker and the cdc, the
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signs told us for almost a month now you could get breakthrough infections with omicron regardless of your vaccination status so why is that the only thing they are pushing? >> how wrong can we be told to follow the signs when the signs you insist we follow has been wrong about everything for nearly two full years now? went the science, when notable scientists and doctors argue against the covid regime, they get ban on twitter and youtube, they are silenced and almost nobody in the court having any of these voices. the reality of the situation here is as it makes less and less sense to argue for the vaccine as we go from we are going to say they are 95% effective, 75%, 65% and we don't
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really know if they are effective at all, now the mandates are getting more and more intense and it makes no sense. there's no logic to why if the vaccines are so important that vaccinated people in a restaurant need to be protected from unvaccinated people if they demonize anybody who talks this way, you are an anti- vaccine person but the truth is if we do what fauci says we are doing, we are walking and guaranteed government enforced for pharmaceutical companies and definitely, they are shielded from liability from a they've like to the a. >> and people what the vaccines were going to do, it's an outrageous way all the while faith been demonizing the treatment that come out, every single treatment people push that's not patented and trademarked by one of these pharmaceutical companies, the whole thing stinks. kennedy: why are they not pushing fluoxetine? does a report on how $4 a treatment of this. you can't even get monoclonal antibodies in the city and fax upwards of four to $5000.
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iver machen and hydroxychloroquine, we weren't allowed to do adequate science because those treatments were so incredibly politicized. so yes, lives were lost and people second because the focus on treatment was inexcusably diminished. party panel was stick around. coming up, speaking of which, california the first state to legalize cannabis so why is the marijuana industry having so many problems there? here's a hint, bloated government. that is next. ♪♪
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welcome back, california has done the impossible, the state attorney selling marijuana into a money losing business. good job. problem is, too much government california is illegal cannabis businesses are hammered by complicated rules, slow communication with states regulators, licensing problems and of course, this is a killer, high taxes. so overbearing the california underground cannabis market is thriving because the only way to make money in the state where weed is legal is to sell it illegally but can't it be fixed? here to discuss, founder and los
7:20 pm
angeles cannabis chamber of commerce chair, welcome to the shame show, hirsch. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: i martha cannabis industry to succeed because california need that, it's an industry rife with creativity, a lot of creative people looking for a revolution in their lives and many of them with cannabis but all of these great ideas and entrepreneurs get shut down, why is cannabis having such a hard time in the golden state? >> absolutely. states across the country, cannabis industry is growing but taxes and relations are quicklink the california cannabis industry and many of us recognize cannabis is going to be one of the great economic growth stories of the next decade and still possible for california to retain its natural leadership position in the global cannabis industry but if it does, it's going to have to preform its approach to taxes and regulations.
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kennedy: and the cartel love it because there's fertile farmland where they are still growing their crops while legal and ethical sellers are getting shut down, they can't even sell in cities like pasadena which has been sued by cannabis conglomerate, they're just trying to get entry into these towns where people believe it or not, they want an alternative to a bar, a place to go by there cannabis and peace and they are not able to sort sends them to the black market so what is the biggest problem here? is it the testing, the taxes, is it the layers and layers of bureaucratic regulation? >> i think there are be three main problems, the first is local policy. california by march supports legal cannabis and prop 64
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passed away in 2016, boaters in three out of four states in california voted for 564. prop 64 also gave cities the ability to ban cannabis businesses so today retail cannabis business is only open and one out of four cities in california so as a result, there are huge cannabis deserts across the state where it's impossible to purchase cannabis weekly and you can only buy it on the street and it cripples the legal cannabis industry so that is the first issue, local policy. the second is bureaucracy, even in the cities that have retail cannabis business open today, vast majority of businesses happened unable to open because of local state theocracy so i'm speaking to you from west hollywood which passed an ordinance in 2018 and wanted to be the maker of the cannabis industry for four years after it passed an ordinance where they licensed 40 businesses, only ten are open so navigating local and state bureaucracy is a huge headache and the final thing to know it taxes, even if after years of struggle he managed to get your business open, taxes are just overwhelming, cannabis is tax four times before reaches
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the end consumer which makes it not cost competitive. kennedy: one of the dumbest things when they wrote the proposition from a people set legalize it and tax it, no, don't tax it. actually let it grow, it's better to have a legal cannabis market so companies can tell you exactly what you are consuming as opposed to something on the street where you have no idea, it is frustrating, i have faith in you because the more the industry continues to grow, the more players you have in the market, the more you can stand up to these regulations and re- right patient, hirsh, thank you think you. kennedy: absolutely. blame game begins after this week's snowy highway disaster in virginia. who's responsible? state government or drivers who spent all night trapped helplessly in the frozen
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vehicles? plus wednesday night, brand-new kenne-dog. here is a sneak peek at roxie. beauty, did your dog make the pack? as take kenne-dog. ♪♪
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a crazy 24 hours. poor drivers, stuck on i-95 in virginia without food or water in their frozen vehicles, outgoing democrat ralph northam has no sympathy for these people, he said we gave warnings and people need to pay attention to the warnings. people on the highways, obviously his warnings were too late if thousands were stuck. maybe he should have had snow removal crews ready for the storm some blame the governor for the mess and others put the blame on his replacement who's
7:29 pm
not an office yet, glenn youngkin and won't be sworn in until january 15. who is really to blame for this catastrophe? kelly hyman dave smith. dave, i will start with you. is it really the best policy to blame people just trying to get home after a long holiday? >> yeah, that's probably worse than blaming the guy who hasn't gotten in yet. i've heard of politicians blaming the last guy for the problems but this is new to blame the next guy. i don't think that's a good move and government does a bad job of the services they are tasked with doing and they miss allocate resources in all of this but this wasn't quite a mess, i knew a couple of people stuck in it and it was really something unbelievable, you don't hear about this often so a very dangerous situation. of course people in government neighbor take responsibility
7:30 pm
even when it is blatantly their fault, it's kind of a common theme on this show. kennedy: it is their responsibility, 7 inches of snow, not three and a half feet in an hour so i know you take issue with people not having solar blankets and emergency water in their car but sometimes people are just driving. >> absolutely, some. times they are just driving and it's a good thing to type at the national weather forecast came out and said not to drive, having said that people get stuck and transportation department said they are sorry and they will investigate the situation. i think it is key to come up with a solution and think about the heroes there, the truck drivers who went to people to give them food and help them because they had food and water, the fire department giving out blankets to help people let's come up with a solution so it never happens again. kennedy: how about plow the streets? >> that would be a good thing,
7:31 pm
absolutely a good thing. weekend forecast the weather all the time on how bad it was. kennedy: that's what you just said, the basis for your argument, there was a weather forecast and people should follow the weather forecast, the government didn't follow the weather forecast so you can't have it both ways. >> that's not what i'm saying, there was bad weather but it's even worse went than what they anticipated and you can't always predict whether, they thought it would be bad but it was worse than they anticipated. kennedy: karol. >> this is something only democrats can try. it's your fault you got stuck for 30 hours on the highway it also seems during the pandemic the left forgot a lot of people can't work from home in their pajamas. i saw so many pictures of trucks stuck on the highway, the drugs deliver your snacks and peloton so you can work on your couch and there was a senator stuck in a traffic jam, i'm sure he works in summer, to so the idea that this is just people taking a
7:32 pm
joyride is absurd. we saw who was there and they had to be somewhere, that's how work works. kennedy: and that's how interstate and roads work in places like lake tahoe and buffalo. people are able to navigate because the government sent out snowplows and trucks to make sure semi's don't jackknife on the santa anna. should have seen it. >> but at least there was a senator inconvenienced kept out of washington for several hours so not a terrible loss. kennedy: that's true, thoughts and prayers to vice president king. on to vice president kamala harris, once again showing she has political instincts of a doorknob with thousands of americans stuck and freezing on the virginia highway and hundreds more stuck on a single amtrak train for 40 hours. they couldn't pee because the bathrooms were backed up, they had no food 24 hours in the vp
7:33 pm
used the crisis to score a goal on herself. she tweeted, because of the bipartisan infrastructural america is moving again. infrastructure is all about getting people moving so does the vice president have no idea what's going on in the country or does she just not care? >> i do believe she cares and i think it great as a female we have the first female vice president in the white house and i hope someday we have the first female president of the united states of america but i have to think, we have to think about what the infrastructure built needs and how the majority of americans support the infrastructure bill, it will help us in the future with roads. i don't know, i've traveled on the freeway from colorado to florida and our roads are in bad shape, bridges are in bad shape so the infrastructure will help with that and with truck drivers driving food and supply across
7:34 pm
country on the freeways. kennedy: why did the president show a man to be secretary of transportation? is not helping with anything, karol. >> i would side with giving the vp i pass on this, i'm sure it was a plan tweet or something, want for a long-running pattern from this administration, they seem completely unaware of what's happening outside the doors and i don't think kamala harris is incompetent because she's a woman at all, she just happens to be an incompetent woman but whether jen psaki is calling supply chain problems are tragedy of a treadmill or run claim arguing inflation is good for the president constantly on vacation, they just seem out of touch and that's why this tweet was markable. kennedy: it is still funny to me people went out of their way to blame glenn youngkin, welcome to the youngkin error, it's like
7:35 pm
laming joe biden for january 6, this is what you get, america. you voted for the old guy, storming the capitol for everything is taken down because he's senile. >> actually makes more sense to blame joe biden for january 6. [laughter] i mean, both of them don't make sense but there's more case to be made. it's obviously this was like a photon era, it is funny she said keep america moving while bragging about the infrastructure bill, number one, it's really got to start to scare democrats. she's just so bad and she is your next presidential hopeful and the parties not going to be able to go against her because it was set on this panel, she's the first woman and woman of color so who could argue against that? is qualified by her gender and race and joe biden isn't really in the best shape. if there's anyone really think he will finish this term and
7:36 pm
another four years and him? i'm sorry but that should really scare democrats. can anyone really envision kamala harris, who was just absolutely collapsed as a presidential candidate in 2020? can really anyone envision her in 2024 and even just somewhat remotely like republican? i just don't see it happening, it's why they should be scared of him coming back because trump beats kamala harris, she's not winning against them. kennedy: i don't like to engage in this trans- public language that so female centric, i think it is rude, kelly. [laughter] >> well, i think it's great for a woman to have a vp as a woman but i disagree, i do believe biden will run and i do believe --
7:37 pm
[laughter] kennedy: first of all, he is not going to run. >> okay. do you want to bet on that? do you want to bet $10000? [laughter] kennedy: all right. i will take the but. he will not run and not win. >> okay, but is whether he's running or not. kennedy: you said he's going to run and he's going to win. >> alright, absolutely. kennedy: your trans- public -- >> i bet he's going to run and when, i bet you $10000. kennedy: he's not going to run and he's not going to win. i can't wait for my money. if we follow the signs, we are all going to die. thank you so much. >> thank you, happy new year. kennedy: super bowl 56, five weeks away.
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♪♪ kennedy: hit the highway. like most folks in california, nfl is considering moving to texas. super bowl 56 currently set for february 13 at l.a. so i stadium for the nfl set they reached out to several stadiums as backup due to weather related issues or unforeseen circumstances. among them, at&t stadium in dallas and why los angeles doesn't currently have
7:43 pm
restrictions to prevent the game next month, rules could change any minute as omicron cases pick up. even the grammys said to be live in l.a. january 31, they asked they are proposed postpone inductively. if the nfl next industry to leave a blue state bar)? meeting at host of fox across america on fox news radio, jimmy failla. here we go. >> i do love this story so much. nfl is concerned, what should they do? go to the jet stadium because no one ever catches anything that. good night, everybody, got to go. quick recover, come on. kennedy: sign your balls? [laughter] my balls, yes, only if i intercept them because he won't sign any intercepted balls anymore he said. kennedy: i thought it was great he did that. >> he should have a long time ago. have some pride, it's about time he have a break in life. kennedy: all of the cards stacked against him.
7:44 pm
>> you could sell your soul to the devil and catch a few breaks in life, when does the ship come in for brady? nfl, first about you know its covid considerations because the nfl, the magnet, 52000 hotel rooms, you don't just move the game, you're moving like an armada of rooms and. kennedy: five got homeless in their, gavin newsom offering turnkey, they moved several hobos. >> they moved a lot of them onto the new york jets is what they did. [laughter] the jets really are, if they were an airplane, let's not kid ourselves but the issue they have here is obviously covid restriction, the homeless situation, jerry jones what week the suitor for this because he has that ego who would want this game but the funny thing is. kennedy: he thinks the cowboys are going to make the big game? >> i don't know if they have
7:45 pm
talked to him, i would hate to see a second dui, if he does, they should take his keys. they're talking about covid and health concerns, the super bowl is the biggest prostitution event in the history of the world bigger than the u.s., super bowl of prostitution. kennedy: why don't they have a in amsterdam? kill two birds with one condom. [laughter] kennedy: >> we are so health-conscious, 7000 hookers fly in. [laughter] come on. kennedy: normally they are flying to vegas. they get to stay in l.a., it's great. >> they don't call it a game of engines for nothing. [laughter] sorry if you do it right, it's a half foot. >> there is. kennedy: tell me about antonio brown, it's a fascinating meltdown from a person whose extended for three games for floating fake vax card trying to get that through with tampa bay buccaneers and ripped off his jersey and threw shoulder pads and came to my house. [laughter] >> i don't doubt that he did,
7:46 pm
the meltdown was hilarious but the idea that they are trying to retroactively making him look symbiotic, he's just being and a whole. bill belichick didn't want him. let's be clear, bill what have signed bin laden if he could have caught it. it him under salary, is like i hope to do, bring everyone in the cave, a big entourage. but the fact is, he's like in the league, a meat first player. kennedy: i can't wait to see where he lays next, maybe the 5:00 spotify business. thank you, jim. topical storm is next. wide, wide, wife. there we are.
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goldfish to drive a vehicle but can they do the same with tiger woods? too soon. all right, they call it in fov standing for fish operated vehicle. a lot like your car except the passengers fit in the cupholder. the electric vehicle promises the driver will die before the battery, that's something. the engineering team configured the fov change direction according to officious movements. fish were trained to drive inside the room where they were rewarded country for the target fish became proficient showing the ability to learn a complex task sparking more calls than usual to replace, but with a goldfish. called all day. topic number two. raising sheep into the shape of a vaccine needle to encourage
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-based fried chicken. now you don't have to go to los angeles to get your hands on steak bread. the plant chicken mantras monday for limited time only, created with beyond meet to give customers a healthier option than their usual fried chicken and it will stop the spread of germs because after eating the tasteless logs you have no desire to lick your fingers. kfc is the first fast food chain to go plant -based brief aaa cells plant -based teresa which is guaranteed to produce greenhouse gases. arby's has plenty of science on their menu in the form of fungi growing on its meat. the project chicken will solve supply chain issues because instead of humans growing it naturally, it could be mass-produced five machines. just like the last three coldplay albums. it's burning my ears, chris. topic number four. bluefin tuna told japan for $145,000. at that price, no wonder subway makes tuna out of diced up
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band-aids. allegedly. this happened at the annual new year tuna option for high-end restaurant owners go to seafood. top-selling fish was immediately spiked up and turned into sushi while the lowest quality fish was sent to your office to be microwaved for lunch by your most annoying coworker. believe it or not $145,000 lower than usual, in 2019 a giant bluefin was sold in a bidding war for $2.8 million, that's what happened when wealthy men get into a contest over the size of the fish sticks. the seller claims the top tuna was caught off the northern coast of japan, that is a lie. the truth is, it died in a terrible car accident. thoughts and prayers. it's wednesday, hump night we'll be right back with canada #. ♪♪
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>> we love, time to show off this week's kennedog, the only show we love your dog just as much as you do, tell me about your poor, #kennedog, lisa sent in her 6-year-old shed -- shet land sheep dog, then how you are doing this laura's puppy ace. he is super handsome.
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and jenelle's dogs they are big alabama fans, roll tide, they have a great weekend, up next brent sent in his dog mick. i love you mick, they are warren's pups, penny and gemma, they love everyone and everything, they just want to squeeze them and hole them. next up deb's dog peanut. 9-year-old pappion and best campaign i don't know in the world, then my producer jen's dogs, lola and ernie, he is so tiny, they have no problem hanging with the big dogs, thank you for watching what we like to call the best hour of your day, it is honest it say tough job, you can follow me on twitter and
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instagram. hate mail tomorrow night and chris baron and. lesley marshall and jeff dice, a great show for a fantastic week, first of the year, can't watch the show. dvr it, make of day aiken -- kenna day. >> growing up as kids we roamed these hills and were open, we would venture back in as far as we could. >>s in bear gulch, montana. >> off we go. >> veteran miners return to the pete and joe numberly mine to


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