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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  January 6, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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they are scared out of the market and that means they never make any money. charles: that's a great point, so more up the sleeve of the fed what else can they do? felt like they hit us with the kitchen sink yesterday. keith, sylvia great stuff. this is how people make money, we always talk about buy low, sell high, sell high, buy low. it's harder to do that's for sure. now i'm going to go back to liz claman at ces. over to you. liz: you know what? it's almost like the bulls over september and then woke up late just after they opened. after the bears took charge at the open, charles we found it fascinating suddenly we are scratching back into the green. yesterday was tough, right? the fed minutes jumped sending investors running for cover. the dow trading in a 260 point range today, earlier it was down about 203 points right now you can see it's down just 75 but the s&p and the nasdaq have cut and erased earlier losses as wall street tries to figure out just how many times and when , how early the fed may
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raise rates. how soon and what's that going to look like? as the markets move, and shift, again, s&p and nasdaq in the green, we are live in central hall at the las vegas convention center it's now day two of ces 2022 and so far, we're all crossing our fingers, the health department here in clark county has not pulled the plug. we are live along with certainly a thinner crowd, but a thousand journalists here to look at all of the innovations coming fast and furious as companies big and small rollout new products we all may soon be using in our daily lives and investing in as well. for example, john deere hoping tech will change the future of the farm. horses pulling the plows that was ancient news but how about gasoline powered tractors? that's ancient too or at least it soon will be. now farmers may not even have to hop into the cab of their tractors to plow the fields.
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we're going to show you the new self-driving farm equipment. i'm calling green beast it's a huge attraction here, we're going to show you it on the ground, walk around it and talk to the man whose brains behind it, and that old cell phone, a thing of the past. i was a blackberry user but the company not only is rising like the phoenix. it's electrifying the world here at ces, transferring its company long ago from hardware to software, but now, a new step up in the auto world. ceo john chen is here with us, live on how he's incorporating his tech into the ev future. we will ask him if the meme stock mania of which blackberry is a part of last year, changed any of his company's strategy but in the meantime, fox business alert, wednesday's weakness turning into thursday's toughness. we are seeing nasdaq back in the green, after just a sell-off yesterday but the price action on the s&p still very touch and go, we could call it volatile even though the vix is kind of
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flat at the moment. as we see the nasdaq up 53 points, let me just tell you we had been down as much as 185 points. let's bring in what has really become sort of the benchmark for a lot of tech investing. cathie wood of ark innovation her company has that etf arkk. it did touch a 52 week low and is down right about, it's actually turned around it's up half a percent, but i mean, so far in 2022, a few days in, it's down about 9%; however, let's put this into perspective folks. she's been that one taking real shots at all of the emerging tech here. over the past two years it is still up 75% or so. the flagship fund under pressure as treasury yields continue to rise with the 10 year yield earlier, briefly topping 1.75% for the first time in 10 months. yesterday was at 1.70. i mean these rates are going higher and higher rather quickly
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the future futures market now pricing in three rate hikes this year, okay that's not really new but look at the probability for march. right now, 76%, yesterday it was at 64% for march. there is no fed meeting in february, so can't really say that anything is going to happen in february. you're looking at fomc voting member james bullard, he also predicted a march hike as a step to tamp down surging inflation. what is fueling today's turnaround for the s&p and nasdaq and where are the buying opportunities? let's get right to the floor show, our trader sarge guilfoyle and scott bauer. i want to start with looking earlier what you were doing yesterday. you made some tactical moves and basically moved yesterday to sell out of xlf, some of your financials and then you trimmed some of your jpmorgan. what were you buying today? >> some of the real beaten down stocks, liz, you look at crowd
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strike, for instance in a firm. some of the fintech stocks like a paypal and a square. i think that those stocks in particular were beaten down so quickly, so rapidly, you know some of these are 50% off of their all-time highs, so i'm not going all in but i think this was as good of an opportunity as i have seen over the last 12 to 18 months or so, to start picking at a couple of stocks like these. liz: sarge, you're playing red- to-green on what right now after yesterday's sell-off? i'm surprised that we didn't see an even earlier move for some of the bargain hunters. >> yeah, i engaged in the last couple days, yesterday especially, in what i call my trading basket which has become cybersecurity, z-scaler, palo alto, software as a verse now, the energy names, conoco phillip s, apache is one of my favorites that's my trading basket and what i've done is
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narrow my investment basket and focusing just right now on the semiconductors because i do believe they benefit from in in deelastic demand even though they are suffering these last couple days, i do like the banks i love aerospace and defense as you know and entertainment focusing on two names, disney which is my pick of the year and viacom cbs. liz: okay so you like some of the entertainment names. you did just mention some of the energy, of course apache which is a very important name in energy. xle, scott, the big eft made new highs yesterday so i'm very interested to know, is energy still very much the upside play this year? >> you know, i'm actually a little cautious about it. i know sarge is pretty bullish but i'm a little cautious. there's some macro events, some geopolitical events that can really move the space in either direction, so i'm kind of on the sidelines to be quite honest with you. can we break out more highs, absolutely. one other sector, liz i'm very
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interested in especially, especially with the news today that has made some of these big healthcare stocks really kind of fall off the table here, is the healthcare space for 2022. regardless of what happens with the pandemic, with covid, we have an aging population. people are still going to the doctor. people are still getting their prescriptions and i think that this sell-off and some of these stocks here could be a real buying opportunity looking at a humana even on the sell-off, looking at a united healthcare and then looking at a stock like wba walgreens boots alliance and cvs, i really like that space for 2022 as well. liz: okay, walgreens boots alliance as a dow component guys look at the dow right now when we started the show, seven minutes ago, we were down about 70 points we're now down 52. i'm wondering if we make a run for this flat line, what surprised me though, sarge, is that as the fed came out yesterday with an aluminum bat and started swinging it around
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somehow the markets weren't prepared to know what the fed has been, you know, basically transmitting and telegraphing out there that we will see three rate hikes this year. i'm just surprised the market was so shocked, so what is an area that you say you've gotta get into for the distance? we're here at ces. tech is everywhere but i don't want to get sort of myopic and only think that's the place to be. >> first off, the market was rattled yesterday because of the mention of quantitative tightening, of ratcheting down the balance sheet. the market already priced in some rate hikes. the market already knew the tapering was coming for a long time. the market was ready for tighter monetary policy but they weren't ready for the removal of liquidity, the removal of the monetary base from the u.s. economy this quickly, so that's what rattled a few cages. don't forget we don't have a fed meeting in february, we don't have a fed meeting in april, so there's a lot of danger. if the fed does not finesse this properly, if they signal
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somehow something that really harms the market in late january , we could have a tough six months here. we are in a spot that is very, i think, difficult for traders, for investors to traverse, which is why i'm trading the markets rather than investing right now. as for something i think is for the long-haul as i mentioned before the semis. if you want cash flow, if you want solid balance sheets these companies even though they do appear to be overvalued they are faced with an inelastic demand situation ever you're looking at in las vegas and everything i'm looking at on long island is run by semiconductors. liz: [laughter] sarge thank you so much, semis are mostly in the green today of course yesterday we had the qualcomm ceo telling us he's going all in on the metaverse and they are definitely a leader and if you believe that's the future, you've gotta be in chips because nothing electronic runs without those tiny brains. all right fox business alert we've gotta look at rivian.
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rivian is popping our pop and drop stocks in the final hour of trade with day two for tumble of the shares of the ev van maker as bad as yesterday's 11% drop this morning the stock briefly fell below its ipo price has definitely come back. it's down two and one-third percent but it was down dram at cuomoly. the sell-off triggered wednesday after its biggest customer and investor amazon announced it had signed a deal to develop cars and trucks using amazon software and deploying electric delivery vans manufactured by the chrysler parent. now, rivian had become an instant darling and momentum stock mainly because amazon had contracted it to build 100,000 ev's delivery vans. today, rivian came out trying to i guess stem the blood flow saying no worries, that deal is still intact and we expect amazon to buy vans from many different providers. getting a bump of 2.5% and
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rivian had gone as high as $179 we should tell you is down 15% since going public, actually it's 12%, because it's coming back as we speak since november. let's get to albers, another name falling from its ipo heights but regaining altitude at this hour, morgan stanley upgrading the sustainable sneaker maker to overweight that's good enough for a 14.6% jump to $15.56, saying that the 50% stock pullback since its offering yields an attractive entry point. the wool shoes, are a fave of the silicon valley set yesterday during my interview with luminar ceo, the youngest self-made billionaire, so i noticed just so you know, i noticed he was wearing a pair of allbirds and i asked him what the is your favorite pair of shoes and he said yeah, i pretty much wear allbirds. let's get to the crypto exchange coinbase, bank of america
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upgrading coinbase to a buy cit ing increasing signs of revenue diversification beyond its basically, you know, original business, retail crypto trading. coinbase is up a quarter of a percent, you'd expect to see a bigger jump here but at the moment it's at $234.69 with a $ 0.46 gain. we look at bitcoin, bitcoin right now, i don't want to say in the red, sure enough its turned around, okay? it had definitely been down, but now it's up $302 to 43, 471 after trading at its lowest level since october. yesterday, scott bauer pointed out it went below 42, 700. he saw that trade last night after the fed shocked the market with its more hawkish stance on rate hikes but bitcoin is recovering. what about the reddit apes. are they pounding their chests again? home goods retailer and meme stock bed, bath and beyond
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popping 8.8% to $14.56, even though it missed third quarter expectations due to lack of inventory, thanks to supply chain bottlenecks which are costing the company about $100 million, but according to stock twits which measures social media mentions of different stocks chatter volume about bed, bath and beyond up 165% at this hour, so yeah, bad news, means bad news, for the stock today. all right, blackberry rising from the ashes, as its outdated hardware and new software ready to turn your car into an office on wheels. blackberry ceo john chen joins us next and speaking of cars folks we're about to show you the bmw that changes colors after you buy it, you can change its color. closing bell ringing in 47 minutes dow jones industrials down 59 scratching back from a
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liz: welcome back. we've moved down to the floor of ces where masks are required but journalists as i mentioned yesterday are allowed to do their live hits without the mask here we are, we're down on the floor. you know we've got a lot of cars here. this one is enabled with monster audio that supposedly is life changing. so when i play my eagles in my car, it better change my life because it already was. ces as you know is all about making consumers tech dreams a reality, and boy, did we see what was going on yesterday. bmw is getting a lot of buzz because it unveiled this fabulous technology that actually allows you to change the color of your car. this is using a special technology that, you know, is able to put an electrical field around your car. so far you can just go from
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black-to-white but think of the possibilities on a really hot day. you definitely want a white car versus a black car. bmw grabbed a lot of the spotlight, a huge amount of it, because of this unveil, but as we talk about companies that are going into the future, and unveiling this brand new technology here at ces they give birth to the new consumer technology. blackberry had to give a little bit of a funeral for one of its older technologies two days ago they ended the legacy technology for those who were still hanging on to their favorite old blackberry, and of course this was definitely a problem because, you know, there are some people who are still hanging on to there's. i was one and i absolutely loved it but as you look at blackberry now, they are attaching themselves to the auto world. they are really impressed and changing the situation with their autos and they are going to create an office on wheels. let's bring in john chen the ceo of blackberry right now, via
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skype. john, i wish you were here on the floor but let's talk about blackberry you've gotta sell me on this because already there's apple car, ford has sync, general motors already has its connected car business, what can blackberry do that the others cannot? >> oh, it's very different levels. hi, liz. nice chatting with you. liz: hi. >> it's very different. we are a provider of technology for sync and a technology provider to gm on star, a lot of the connectivity, so it is a lot of weight beyond that. the new market is the in-vehicle data platform, so what we have, we have a joint development agreement with amazon aws particularly, and we are collecting all of the data around the sensor and then we're also allowed to have software technology that allows
3:21 pm
individuals to build synthetic sensors meaning you combine what you got from its already built- in hardware and then create new knowledge base technology. new insight to what your car is doing, what the passengers are doing, everything surrounding your car and so forth inside and outside of your car and we collect those and so the project allows us to do that and move securely the data between the edge of the car to the cloud and back and do all kinds of analysis and ai technology. liz: well let me tell you what i've always known about blackberry. you guys are best-in-class when it comes to secure enterprise communication, right? but how can you guarantee that if i'm sitting in my car, and i'm somehow communicating with my bank and connecting with them and transferring some money here and there, that some hacker
3:22 pm
isn't going to infiltrate the cloud and steal my data? >> guarantee, liz, is too strong a word, but so far, with all your blackberry phone hasn't been hacked, and its been around for 20 years, and so we know a lot of technology and this is not an invitation to hack it, but we know a lot of technology to prevent our customers and users being intruded, being hacked, data stolen and stuff, but of course we provide a technology individual also needs to make sure that they provide it, and if you are hacked, we not only are able to identify it , we can also quickly adapt and address the situation. that's what blackberry does. liz: well and you've also got a deal with jaguar and bmw. i do want to say, i shed a tear, a virtual tear, if you will, for that nail in the coffin of
3:23 pm
blackberry two days ago. you basically ended the legacy business that was for all the hold-outs the last few hold- outs i know al gore, former president obama, kim kardashian, but do you ever envision blackberry going back into the handheld business, john? >> not in our current plan, but you know, life is strange. never say never, and we have some pioneers attempting build a 5g keyboard phone with our technology and licenses so let's see how successful they could be , so i also missed it completely. now the good news is, i do have a blackberry android keyboard phone that i'm hanging on to and i'm using. those all work. liz: i think that i went through about six different iterations of it, so i was always a fan. good to see you, john, and it's fascinating to see blackberry now transferring into the auto world. we will be watching, john chen
3:24 pm
of blackberry. guys, if it wanted to, ces could absolutely rebrand itself as the las vegas auto show. i mean, that's just no problem at all. coming up, we are about to show you exactly what that means, but in a much more dramatic fashion. tractors? yeah, john deere is one of the center pisa tractions here, so stay tuned, that and more and we're going to show you some other top technology when we come back. don't go away. as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo
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liz: welcome back so we've lost a little ground with the dow jones industrial down 112 points
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we are now at samsung traditionally, the largest space here at ces year after year along with intel, intel backed out this year. i'm keeping my mask on because we are in a much more crowded area. ev makers are struggling i just want to let you know that tesla, we already showed you rivian, we've got tesla, a lot of these names are losing some ground because, of course we do have some problematic aspects here with the overall market when it comes to some of the big momentum names, so here i am as i mentioned at samsung. i want to show you this. look up here, this is samsung's new barrel-shaped freestyle projector , just at ces. you literally screw it into a light bulb and you can turn anything into a screen, including this table, and it'll start to animate in just a second, but as you see , you just screw it right in and oh, let's just turn the table into a screen. so what they do is look at this. you could do this on a wall and
3:30 pm
turn any room into a mini screen ing room, right? you can actually be like steven spielberg and say oh, yes come into my screening room, darling. i want to take you here as we walk along, there is so much technology and again, now you start to see a few more crowds. you got to see this here, samsung very very big presence here especially this year and you know, i've been talking about the omicron effect where there really aren't a lot of, you know, major companies coming in as i said, amazon backed out, intel left, t-mobile, but over here, you can see the freestyle, its accessories optimized for anything. you can basically just put this altogether and it comes into audio so samsung, as you can see , big crowd right here. i do want to talk about what kelly o'grady has found in another part of ces. you've gotta talk to us it's an indy ev that's a startup car
3:31 pm
maker aiming to make an electric crossover. take it away, kelly. reporter: yeah, liz i'm having so much fun over here and you know, electric vehicles have been such a focal point here at ces and i found one that's going to knock your socks off so indy ev has the indy 1 i'm going to take you inside the car here we'll get an inside look, and this is, they are coming up with a crossover so this is the future of electric vehicles. i'll bring in andre hudson who is their head of design at indy ev. andre, tell me, we've got these big aesthetic screens. what is the super computer, what can they do on it? >> so what we're offering the segment's first vehicle integrated super computer and what that's going to do for our customers is allow us to bring in content, gaming, social content creation into the vehicle like never before and you see the interfaces in front of us here with the dual two 15-inch displays to allow the passenger to interface with that super computer much like a
3:32 pm
desktop at home, use any type of software media they'd like there and also allow some of that integration with a driver even when moving through voice commands. reporter: and you mentioned social media so tell me a little bit about that. i heard there are cameras inside this car. >> of the many aspects of having this computer in the car one of them is this idea of social media which is fantastic and within the vehicle we've integrated to actually five hi-definition cameras, there's two inside, one that captures front row, one that captures second and another that captures the third row, and realtime you can capture your time with your family, your friends, your experiences, singing, road trips , and upload that realtime as you're in the car which is an exciting aspect. reporter: last question, okay, so my mom is going to watch this and go how is that safe? so how are you making this safe to ensure that the driver has their mind on the road? >> you know the experiences within the car even when we talk about our gaming is all about for the passenger and for the back seat. the driver will have some access through voice, but voice-only when driving and that's a really
3:33 pm
key aspect of the vehicle design reporter: well thank you so much , andre. so liz, there you have it. the future of ev. we got social media, gaming and whatnot, and i know you're a big tiktok'er. you got 350,000 followers maybe we can make a tiktok at ces. liz: let's do it there be a lot of viewers and hits and follower s kelly thank you so much and we should tell our viewers by the way, passenger cars are not the only vehicles that are trying to operate without a driver. how about down on the farm, look , mom, no hands. next, we're going to take you inside and right up to john deere's driverless tractor that could very well revolutionize the way america grows and harvests food. with the closing bell ringing in about 27 minutes, we are coming right back, dow jones industrial s again losing steam down about 150 points, s&p flat but still in the green, nasdaq
3:34 pm
holding, let's say clinging to eight points of gain. don't move we're coming right back live from ces 2022 in vegas
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liz: welcome back, live from ces , las vegas 2022 i want to tell you where i am. we've now moved to lg, the korean tech giant. look at this , guys what a difference two years and a pandemic make. point down, frank if you can. plywood, we're talking about plywood, and so they're not really here, but they still want to sort of have a vague presence i want to show you what this was like two years ago. if our director, brad fish, can split the screen right now, i will be on your left live, and take a look at what was the
3:39 pm
world like in lg back in 2020. so here we are, on the right side of your screen, they had entire canyons of floor-to- ceiling screens, and when that comes up on the video, i want you to be able to see that, because it is, you know, you can see how much this space is, it is very much a different world at ces this year , the big question is, can we hold on for the four days , you know, they already cut it by one day, there will be no ces on saturday, but we are, indeed, holding on, at least at the moment, health departments watching it and so far, so good. our entire fox business crew has been vaxxed and we are testing every night and every morning. right now, what we want to show you though is a most amazing center piece right here, the driverless tractor by john deere. check it out. we are now across the street
3:40 pm
from central hall outside and here it is i'm calling it the green beast but the official name is the 8-r autonomous tractor made by john deere. this is a game changer and let's introduce you to the guy, whose chief technology officer at john deere you've been here 26 years but you are the first cto. explain how this beast works. >> perfect let's start at the front, liz. i'll show you six stereo cameras , these are the eyes of the system. we've got three stereo cameras in the front, the images for these cameras go into a graphical processing unit that processes the images and make sense of the environment around the tractor, there's three more cameras in the rear, you can see one of them over here, similarly, going into a graphical processing unit on the rear of the tractor and making sense of the complete environment around the tractor 360-degree coverage around the tractor. liz: 44,000 pounds of green beast. >> exactly. liz: farmer john, in ohio, i'm sitting on my couch with what?
3:41 pm
a smartphone? >> you are, yeah, smartphones, swipe left or right, start the autonomous tractor. liz: right now, this one can only till the soil, but at what point do you think we'll have these being able to harvest and plant? >> i think that futures very near actually. i think next steps are planting, potentially harvest running a grain cart with this tractor are the next steps in front of autonomy. liz: what kind of obstacles can it move around because i'm thinking you've got the farmer back at the farmhouse, and suddenly, this beast comes up against, i don't know, an animal , a rock? >> yeah, very common optics in the field things like tile in a field, no problem. the machine can maneuver around those things and continue to do the job autonomously. liz: can it operate in storms and bad weather? >> it can we make sense of the weather and understand from the images from the camera what kind of weather we're operating in, if it's inclement weather we may shut the machine down if we can't see what's around the machine for sure but we operate through inclement weather if we can. liz: talk about the cab.
3:42 pm
i see there's still a steering wheel and a chair. >> so the tractor is actually the swiss army knife of the farm there's a lot of things on the farm so we left the cab on this machine so if the farmers not using it to do autonomous ti llage, they can use it otherwise. liz: i'm thinking this must be amazing for productivity. can it run 24/7? >> it absolutely can, daylight and dark. liz: and talk to me about what you're hearing from the test farmers because you did do a beta run. >> we have, yes so we've been cooperating with farmers for the better part of four years and they love the idea. they love the ability to be able to exit the cab for the first time and have the tractor do the work and it allows them better quality of life they can spend time with their family and allows them to focus on other activities on their farm. liz: how much is this going to run because i can imagine this is very expensive. >> yeah, so this tractor is about half a million dollars as it sits today and we're working through how to quantify the business value in this and we'll be doing that throughout the next 12 months. liz: eventually, when you do
3:43 pm
make them enabled to plant and of course harvest, will you have to turn to lidar, meaning the light detection and ranging? >> yeah, i think it's to be determined with the sensor modalities we'll use this one is obviously stereo camera only. we're not opposed to radar, ultrasonic those things we'll evaluate what we have to use for a sensor suite on this as we encounter new applications. liz: the reason i bring that up is because we talked to luminar ceo austin russel yesterday and they have a very buzzy demo put together that showed how a lidar can be zoom ing along and stop dead in its tracks before hitting their example was a crash test dummy which was a small child. at some point you want to make sure these things don't hit other farm hands. >> exactly right and we do that today with the stereo camera solution so we're pretty comfortable the stereo camera gets us where we need to be, our challenge is as we move to another applications with other environmental considerations
3:44 pm
will we have to introduce other sensors to accommodate that. liz: farmers are dealing with the labor shortage like the rest of the country. this maybe such a game changer in that regard. >> it absolutely is. it's well understood that the population is moving from rural to urban environments, and that means there is a labor shortage on the farm. farmers one of the biggest pain points they have when i talk to them globally, being able to find enough labor to do the work they need to do on-the-job or on the farm and this tractor solves part of that problem. liz: does it make you kind of be completely amazed that john deere is now a technology company. >> absolutely. there is an amazing amount of technology on this tractor and has been for the last better part of 20 years as we march through progressions of automation in farming, finally, to reach this end state of full autonomy. liz: the future of farming. up next, space technology, first year of this category and charlie gasparino, he's about to
3:45 pm
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liz: all right, you can see from the lower ticker band all major indices have now once again turned negative, we've moved over to german giant audio bosch the final frontier is coming so much closer to planet earth this year at ces 2022. space is the newest technology
3:50 pm
category here at ces it's their very first time space tech gets a new category which is a big deal here at ces and we were able to look at one of the top companies aside from bosch, creating, believe it or not, a cube rover for moon travel. okay? and bosch is turning into a space tech company at least in part but sierra nevada corporation is a huge attraction here, we got a front person front row seat take a look. we're outside the epicenter of ces, the las vegas convention center, 76 football fields worth of exhibition space but right here in this parking lot this is the omicron effect. google was supposed to be right here with its huge display. they backed out, but right here, sierra space they are the hottest attraction this year space technology going to be big , come on i'll take you inside. sierra space is displaying this , it's called the dream chaser. a cargo plane that will transport crew and all kinds of cargo to what's called leo, low earth orbit. these are destinations like the
3:51 pm
international space station, it can be reused 15 times and it lands just like an airplane. sierra space is already planning for a time when the iss gets way too crowded look at this , this is called the orbital reef. it's a mixed use business park that anticipates floating low earth orbit, micro-gravity environment, the movie business is expected to take great interest in this , space tourism , and so much more. i don't know if i'm gutsy enough to go into the orbital reef, but by the way, this is a very secretive company, but sierra nevada's owners the ceo and the chairman, tonight are going to be on stage outdoors in front of a large crowd at ces. i will be conducting a one on one discussion with them about how, at least he came as an intern at sierra nevada, ended up buying it with his wife
3:52 pm
erin and now they run it and what they are doing for the future of space travel and low earth orbital existence. all right when we come back president biden remains determined to nominate gigi sonh to the federal communications commission. charlie gasparino is here right now with this story. charlie? charlie: as you know, liz this has to go out of committee before it gets voted on by the full senate, the committee is the commerce committee, it has to give a one-week notice it's going to basically vote on gigis controversial nomination to the sec but they are telling fox business network is watch those notices over the next two days there's lots of speculation that the biden administration with the commerce committee run by democrats wants to push gigi sohn's nomination through as early as next week so it would have to be announced tonight or tomorrow for a next week vote and they want to do it soon because at the think if they push it through fast they may just have the votes on this thing so keep an eye on this , this is a huge story and
3:53 pm
basically a big story for you in ces, because she's going to be one of the top people at the sec , that is a huge impact on telecom, tech media, and she's very progressive views which a lot of republicans and some moderate democrats question so keep an eye on this. this could be pushed through, or it could be another biden administration nominee going down in flames. we also want to talk about some of the stuff impacting the stock market as you know, out there, liz it's a tech-heavy conference out there. tech has been getting killed lately and i guess the question is why in this environment is tech getting killed when you think that with various variants going around, with covid still spreading, that there will be a need for internet and amazon and one of the reasons why, it's in a rising interest rate environment, liz. people sell their winners, and these were huge winners over the last year. even at amazon, which is the least of all of the winners was up this year, and now is the time, essentially, to sell
3:54 pm
it. the other losers in this environment, liz? quite frankly your favorite stock, amc, and all those meme stocks. liz: i don't have a favorite stock. charlie: they will lose in this environment as people take risk. liz: okay, charlie gasparino, thank you very much. seven minutes to go before the closing bell dow down 152 we're coming right back. everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda - a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you do not have an abnormal “ .
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♪. liz: welcome back, three minutes before the close. markets are pretty much in the red. so much for the attempt by the bulls to wake up and grab that lead. not going to happen today at least unless we see some type of a miracle. speaking of miracles. we are at t-zl glasses. you put these on.
3:58 pm
massive screen inside, expands 140 inches. dual speakers, yes, it gets fox business. how about that? we got to talk about the markets here with george young ofville ofvillery. george, do you like what the fed is going to do, seems to be a little bit of volatility and fear? >> there is always volatility and fear. we think we know what the fed is going to do. they signal we'll have more increases obviously. but i still remember we're at historic lows. that is important for viewers to recognize that. historic lows on bonds that is, yields. in this case we have a great yield you still get from the s&p 500 competitive at 1.3%. remember those dividends will increase over time. i think the thing to focus on what happened last year, what have we learned from it. in fact the s&p 500 is up 28
3:59 pm
stocks we filed are only up 14%. does that mean growth stocks are real value right now. that is where you need to focus your attention if you're a good long term investor. liz: you got two names for us that are small caps. they might not be familiar to our viewers but you love them, why? >> right. typical small caps and you don't necessarily know you have a long runaway. the two of them are open lending. open lend something a software company that deals with automobile financing. as we all know it is heart to find a car. there is not that much to finance because there are not that many cars out there. software company, that helps people when they move. they have great relationship with all sorts of vendors across the board that help with the moving process. not much of housing stock. houses are in demand. both those companies are opportunities for the longer term. liz: gotcha.
4:00 pm
george, on a pretty wild and interesting day. we're thrilled to have you. george youngville letter re. [closing bell rings] nasdaq down 18. that will do it for us. day three of ces tomorrow. "kudlow" is next. ♪. larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. much in the news, january 6 one year later coverage of the capitol hill riot that was truly a national disgrace. jacqui heinrich will discuss today's coverage. jackie, thank you. reporter: thanks for having me, larry. this was as forceful as a speech we've heard from president biden since he took office. at the outset he framed it as a day that must be commemorated to


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