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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  January 8, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EST

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morning at 10:00 a.m. on the fox news channel for sunday morning futures. she's got exclusive interviews with house majority leader kevin mccarthy, south dakota governor senator ron johnson and doctor. corey. plus start smart every weekday from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. eastern with the mornings with maria right here on foxbusiness for that will door g and have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: this week on the wall street journal at large is american democracy in peril? if it is who is really to blame? we'll dig a little deeper by the grim theatrics of that generous sixth anniversary celebrations but while children ever be allowed a proper education urge americans teaching units at such a grip on the education system because we'll just have to learn whenever and whatever
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is convenient for the teachers? manhattan chief prosecutor thanks violent criminals should not have to go to jail. do democrats really want our cities to be playgrounds for armed robbers? and white democratic members of congress cannot seem to get enough of the freedom they can find only in the republican that is in florida. hello welcome to the wall street journal at large. this week complete with candlelit vigils, moments of silence and tearful speeches democrats in washington ceremonial to make sure we never forget the events of generally 62021. president joe biden invoke the kind of rhetoric normally associated with war leaders and existential struggle with the forces of evil to announce the americans who took parts in the riot that david. >> i did not seek this in this capitol one year ago today. but i will not shrink from it either. i will stand, i will defend this nation. i will allow no one to place
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an dagger at the throat of democracy brickwork's vice president, harrison never knowingly outdid in any competition for ridiculous hyperbole, of course went further. >> certain dates echo throughout history. including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them where they were and what they were doing. when our democracy came under assault december 7 covid 1941 september 11, 2001. an january 6, 2021. >> and now we've set up a horribly must say it again but what happened in germany six was a disgrace to this great republic. much as the violence perpetrated by the right at the capitol but the incitement by former president trump who inspired the assault with his essential effect free rejection of the results of the election. truly the threat to american democracy these days. >> regulus is the democrats this week seeking to milk
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every last drop of political advantage in the tech a year ago, it was hard to hear the words to the hypocrisy drift thing from almost every sentence protect us from joe biden. >> what kind of nation are we going to be? are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? >> really? this is a former leader of the same part is quite happy to see political violence become the norm of american life in the summer of 2021 black lives matter and other left-wing extremists left parts of american cities in ruin and pursuit of their political objectives. kamala harris did not think that was on the pearl harbor 911 she helped raise money to get these perpetrators for illegal violence on jail on jump bail. the unforgivable offense of trying to overturn the presidential election. yes it is certainly wrong. it always is. but somehow it was not wrong back in 2016 when hillary clinton said donald trump was an illegitimate president. this of course is democrats plug to discredit trump and
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disable his administration with their bogus claims of russian collusion this country spent three years being told by democrats and their friends in the media that trumps election was illegitimate. a lot of lament for the lost sanctity of the revered institution of a public like the capitol. now those institutions have always been sacred for democrats. (chuck schumer mobilize supporters outside the supreme court and threaten some of the justices warning them to rule on the way he wanted them to or elsa. >> i want to tell you gore search i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released a world when and you will pay the price. you will not know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions brickwork's now american democracy survive perhaps miraculously for a quarter of a millennium. it is certainly in a fragile condition right now. this popular mistrust and the key institutions the presidency, congress, the press in particular have
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collapsed. less sell at the moot media peddled the democratic message it's all the fault of an angry mob at the capitol. an embittered former president mar lago or the entire republican party across the country. progressive democrats are seeking to reengineer the u.s. economy, redraw the social comment rewrite american history and remake the nation's political institutions in ways that favor them. they show scant regard for democratic norms or respect for the sacred institutions of the american republic. they have no right to lecture the country on the perils that face democracy. jody made out to talk about all this fox news conjured and columnist joe concha. and the editor fox news contributor mollie hemingway. thank you both for being here. >> happy new year. >> great to be a brickwork happy let me start with you. what did you make of the solemn commemorations of generally six this week? >> the people who spoke at the capitol this week, are the last people who should be talking about threats to democracy.
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and everybody knows we had an election 2020 unlike any other. we change hundreds of laws and processes in the months leading up to the election for it many times that was done unconstitutionally. i delayed one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men, mark zuckerberg, engage in a private takeover of government election offices in order to run democratic get out to vote operations. then, people concerned about are treated horribly by the same regime that does all this damage to the country. and it does nothing to fix the problem. it won't fix the problem until our establishment in our regime, as you noted, except election results that they do not like. that is what happened from 2016 until 2020. until they are forced to accept election results they don't like we're going to continue to have these problems brickwork small you've written about this i know in your latest book which is excellent by the way. joe, it was a very -- mike is
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a very harsh and partisan message and we got the sega striking the only republicans to pass in the ceremony were dick cheney and his daughter liz approved the president's message was extremely -- micco is extremely sharp and extremely critical this is a present has promised to bring the country together bread to get the impression this is essentially all democrats have. we've had a year of rising inflation, rising coronavirus cases, chaos at the border, disaster in afghanistan. democrats are clinging to generate the six and clinging to this idea they are somehow the safeguards of democracy as perhaps their only hope for political advantage, do you think that is right? >> i think it's right and it's foolhardy for generally six arty feels like it was a week ago. it didn't have the impact democrats hoped it did rude to your point do not have a bumper sticker to run on joe biden had a pretty good run.
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bin laden is dead jim is alive. okay i can absorb that 40 are high inflation or skyrocketing crime 16 cities in the country setting homicide records the border obviously two-point to million people crossing into this country that is triple the population of a boston or washington d.c. we see what's happening with education, we know it happened in afghanistan pray there's nothing positive to run on so i guess they cling to generally six. it simply ain't going to work. do your part in the wall street did a great are democracy's never been stronger. remember multiple lawsuits and audits by the trump legal team are all upheld by the boy but was still certified by mike pence despite everything that preceded it on that day as for the insurrection argument the media loves to play her on screens it is noteworthy not insurrection made 725 charges filed. as you said not just hillary clinton saint trump was
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illegitimate jimmy carter stacy abrams is now the biggest media darling and meghan markle. she continues to be hailed for saying that as well. our democracy is strong. when half the country believes the other side cheated as it in 2016 and 2020 that does weaken our faith in democracy i hate to say. >> i agree we have a loss of faith in our political institutions as broad comments bipartisan and it is a major problem i've got to take a quick break coming up in a war of words of the teachers unions seems to be running city schools or in fact keeping them -right-curly-bracket how much more damage will he be doing tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites once upon a time, at the magical everly estate,
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♪ ♪ we been filled by the public health office. we will attempt to get controls whether you can point to the building brickwork's
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they have chose to this unilateral action is doing nothing but harming children, harming families, disrupting our system at a time when we need everybody to be unified and leave our kids in school for in-person learning. gerry: it's a standoff over coded safeguards for teachers refused to return to the classroom. after a union vote on tuesday at and turn the city school superintendent refused to allow them to teach remotely. said canceling classes for around 30,000 children for the rest of the week. how much more damage will we allow these teachers unions to do to children and their education? let's ask our panel joe concha and mollie hemingway. molly, when mayor lori lightfoot the darling of the left of the darling of the progressive left's been running chicago into the ground and all kinds of ways over the last couple of years actually even she has had enough of the teachers unions and she is demanding they go back to work. what have we done here to get
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to this situation where our children have suffered so much damage over the last two years the psychological damage the educational damage and teachers are still, two years later despite all the vaccinations they've have on all the safeguards put in place are still refusing to teach them as they should be taught. >> i think it used to be said that dead children made a bad loss which was a reference to how if any child was ever harmed by anything we would rush to change all of our law so it would never happen again. somehow we move from that two years of horrific damage we are doing to our children across the country by banning them from in-person learning. we have had years of evidence this was both unnecessary and catastrophically damaging to them. and yet because of the strength of the teachers unions, very little has been done. support joe, molly raises a good point. what he think the politics are to this?
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it does seem to me, you cannot have a clear demonstration of how much power teachers unions have over the democratic party. it is pretty remarkable when even lori lightfoot takes a stand against the teachers unions. as molly said we saw in virginia, people had enough of this they sought in the new jersey election incumbent democratic governor nearly lost the election the outrage of the continuing closure of school the continuing inability to get our children talked. what is the political ramification? it seems to be we could be at a pivotal moment where parents to have just decided they've had enough of this this becomes a big political issue. >> sure, we saw that movie in virginia at my home state of new jersey were education which has been forgotten over the last couple of election cycles i think it should be higher since i am a parent of a kindergartner and a second grader. we saw with glenn youngkin winning a state that joe biden won by double digits on the education issue because your point parents have had enough
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paper ticket with a curriculum that teaches children to see others to the prism of race for its exact opposite of what doctor martin luther king.which is judged by by the content of their character not by the color of their skin. teachers unions do not have any argument here pretty wish the president of the united states would go to chicago and say you need to go back to school and get these children taught trade show me some courage and take on the teachers union. but of course he won't do that. bottom line is near a city public school systems, they did this extensive study along the cdc to say okay, is there transmission schools? what they conclude in march of 2021 that's when they first opened after the pandemic started, only .4% of test came back positive for coronavirus. that was during a time by the way when virus cases were spiking in the community praise when the safest places you can be, our children can be chicago public schools they have the same data and yet the teachers union continues to push the mayor around. this needs to stop because to
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your point, our kids are getting hurt here. might second-grader said to me this week i swear this conversation happened on prompted she does not render a time before the buggy. he called the buggy because coronavirus sounds to scare seamus has no memory of not wearing a mask barely each lunch inside entire school existence has been this ad has to stop at having damage i'm seeing it firsthand i'm telling you. >> it is the prioritization of the unions over the interest of children it is remarkable and pretty disgraceful situation but got together quick break, coming up her biggest cities be, becoming a criminal's paradise questionable take particular what the new manhattan district attorney who thanks crime should not really bee as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪'s before manhattan's new district during the men elected to deliver safety and protection to the city's residents does not want to prosecute criminals, certainly not violent once bruce letter to staff order prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences and downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robbery and drug dealing. to stop prosecuting people altogether for certain trespassing violations resisting arrest, and theft of services to name a few. having soft on crime progressive democrats learn their lesson cosmic let's talk about this with our panel now. molly, this is extraordinary we saw it last year, the end of last resolve people the mayor of san francisco saying crime has got to stop he got a get tough on crime but we thought the whole defining the police and the progressive prosecutor stuff we thought democrats to learn their lesson. here we have a new manhattan district attorney essentially saying he's not going to prosecute loss and lots of violent criminals.
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what kind of message does that send? >> well, this has been a big push on the progressive movement for some time to install district attorney's who declined to prosecute serious cases of harm to the community. and this has been enacted over the course of many years across the country. it is surprising they are continuing to do it even after realizing there are some political cost associated with it. they are true believers in this idea that somehow serves the community cannot vigorously prosecute crime. i say that even though i'm someone who believes in criminal justice reform and working to not unduly incarcerate for extended lengths of time, people who really it should be brought back into the community to be part of their families. but it clearly harms the communities they claim they want to help to not vigorously prosecute crimes that do so much damage to those communities. gerry: joe i live in new york you live new jersey. we've seen to meet one of the most remarkable examples of
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progress in this country, really progress when progressive talk about progress is in the name paid by the great examples of progress of seen the country the last 30 years of declining crime. i read by first came to new york i lived in new york at the end of the 1980s homicides happening multiple times a day. crime was surging across america. we got soft on crime rudy giuliani original new york cities across the country got tough on crime, we don't incarcerate too many people but we do want to incarcerate the violent criminals pretty made enormous progress the last two years that progress has been thrown away. now we have a progressive prosecutor's so-called prosecutor in manhattan sent you're not going to prosecute types of criminals we are losing all the progress we made over the last 50 years reflects completely. you talk about you lived in york during the time of david dinkins and then giuliani comes in and completely cleans it up and extended bloomberg three terms as well prelude to new york i felt like on the places in the world.
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and now you see this mass exodus out of the cities and all the tax revenue by the way going with it. police, their morale is at an all-time low because even when they bust their butts in the actually arrest the criminals it is a revolving door they're going right back on the street from saw it happened murderous mad men who recently tried to mow down the mother of his child was let out on $1000 bail. he goes on to murder grandmothers and children at a christmas parade last month for that sort of thing is happening all over the country. he's a stop and crime will be a major issue along with education and inflation the 2020 midterms where it will be a red synonymy if this trend continues, gerry. >> you are right to raise that horrific event in waukesha which the media has memory hold wouldn't quite a remarkable way preventing on the quick break but coming up florida has become a progressive paradise. we will tell you which congressional member was caught enjoying
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♪ ♪ before lastly but not for the ongoing mantra california congressman eric swallow became the latest democrat this week to be spotted mass close vacationing in the mandate free state of florida the state they like to deride as a red state dystopia break just days after lashing out conservative lawmakers have been responsible for prolonging the coronavirus pandemic as to what is quickly no with our panel, molly, aoc was spotted there a week or so
11:29 am
ago mask list, enjoying florida. now eric swallow the progressive democrats who like to tell us how we should behave like to ensure that where they live everyone is wearing a mask but they're happy to go to a state like florida which freedoms they do not allow everyone else what you make of it? >> eric swallow has just said days before he was caught at a miami beach hotel enjoying florida's lovely climate, that republicans were responsible for ruining everybody's vacation. and then he goes to florida to enjoy vacation down there. but who can blame them it is a wonderful state we've all done it's like going to another country is awesome. >> joe, quickly this is a perfect example of democratic apostasy is in it? >> completely selects while we had to escape cold california could've gone to san diego had a nice vacation. look, aoc should be auditioning for it mean girls to instead of being a sitting member of congress but governors like sophomore year of this person we're not
11:30 am
talking that is saying something. >> you're only saying that because you secretly desire her. she told us anyone who criticizes. so just fess up to thank you very much great conversation. we'll be back with more interest in the lawsuit journal at large for the meantime have a great week than welcome to barron's roundtable where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. former fda commissioner with the latest on omicron, and other emerging fairies and whether the biden administration to change its covid strategy and latest smart investments you can make now to protect against inflation. we begin


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