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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 12, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and supposedly to anyone who entered illegally after november 1 of last year end we know that's not true, simply processing them and. >> thank you for your service to our country, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: just like rent prices are too hi, you know it, i know it, the white house doesn't seem to interest understand that. inflation skyrocketing. in december by the largest margin since 1982. solid gold still but the white house claims that's a good thing. did they legalize drugs without telling us? that might be the only silver lining. anyone who's been to the supermarket knows it's expensive.
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beef and feel up 18%. it's so expensive. chicken up 10%. you know how expensive it is to stop your bra with chicken boobies now? if you can find any. store shelves emptied coast to coast, shortages on everything from meat to milk to bread. where have i seen this before? that's right, the soviet union right before the collapse of communism in the country was in the midst of totally imploding. those were good times, right comrade? is not just food, gas price is up 50% year-over-year, use cards 37% more, it's only getting worse. president biden apparently living in a gumdrop house on lollipop lane where he can sniff all the gingerbread clavicle as he wants. all great news. the president said in part, today's report shows meaningful
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reduction in headline inflation over last month. gas prices and food prices falling demonstrates we are making progress and slowing the rate of price increases at the same time i want ice cream, we still have more work to do with price increases still too high and squeeze in families budget the way hunter likes to squeeze in answers. please warn claims it's not democrat policy, it's corporate greed. >> they are raising prices because they can. higher prices have many causes and we can't overlook the role that concentrated corporate power has played creating conditions for price gouging. kennedy: prove it, prove it, you silly which. they are talking about fixing, that's their next move.
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house leader minority leader kevin mccarthy these things a little different sing the biden administration tried to brush off inflation concerns in july suggesting it would all be a transitory inconvenience by declaring warning signs president biden's only strategy is to do nothing to get ahead of soaring costs six months later, we know it's misleading or completely incompetent in their assessment. is the biden administration even capable of fixing this mess? fox news contributor, professor of business and economic at the king's college in manhattan, it is brian, welcome back. bottom line, obviously they don't want to pay high prices, empty shelves, inflation is a monetary or supply chain issues? >> both, it's monetary because you have too much money chasing too few goods but too few goods issue and the problem with the biden administration is a
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completely ignore this play chain issue, completely ignored it. they want to pretend like it's going to go away. it's not. if you don't fix policy, things like vaccine mandates that creates confusion in labor markets, if you don't get people investing again and back to work, it's not going to go away, 7% is not improvement despite with the president says 7% is not improvement. if you get 7% and prices went down month over month, you know it's bad. kennedy: but that's why they leave food out of it so they can tell whether or not the stable quiz have gone up or down and they are going up by quite a lot. >> so it's walkable. we've been complaining about gas and food so the past month they seem to moderate a bit because everything else is going up, it's becoming uncontrollable. that's the story, you have to see when you deny inflation or
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deflect, inflation becomes uncontrollable, three or four years ago we were on the show talking about going on in venezuela having the same conversations about them we are having here it's a one-way street, you've got to turn around. the problem is president biden can't turn around, it violates every promise he's made which is why he won't do it. kennedy: and you have to cut spending so you've said the only gift to boaters and consumers right now is the fact that the build back better bill has not passed and if they pass another multitrillion dollar piece of legislation, what is it due to inflation? >> the best things right now in the economy are when the president failed. that's a bad situation to be in when you hope for the president to fail because it's good for the economy but that is one of the saving graces. he's not giving up on that, he still want to spend the money but you absolutely cannot do that. two things have to happen, stop
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spending money the fed has got to pull back on its monetary policy. paypal has been wrong for so long they raise interest rates, backward slow down consumers. you mentioned early 80s, it was painful. >> there are a lot of people saying we don't have stagflation, we will. if rates go up and the fed start screwing around on the other end it creates a different imbalance, we will have stagflation and high prices and a recession so it's great to have jimmy carter in office again, i miss him. >> can't eating higher prices, they will slowdown spending, supply chain problems aren't going anywhere which means has how the economy slows down. 2022 could not just be the year of more inflation but a slowing economy particularly in the second half unless the president gets stopped in his tracks or does the most unlikely thing and
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turns around. one thing has to happen, it in his court, he just doesn't seem to want to do anything. kennedy: i've always said spending cut taxes, watch the economy grow. what would you happen if you cut spending right now? >> the surprise to the business community and consumers their taxes wouldn't go down, it's like somebody falls out of the chair in shock or something but that's what this president should be talking about. you know he's not going to talk about tax cuts are high end earners or whatever but middle-class tax cut and get people back to work and make your message, who want to make this economy again to fight inflation. that would be an astonishing change and i think it would have positive effects in the short-term but again, this president elizabeth warren on the screen is going to fight her and bernie sanders and aoc. it's a fight he has to have but obviously he doesn't have the guts to do it. we could end up with spires prices spiraling out of control.
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kennedy: and becoming the republic. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders for economic vice is like going to get weight loss tips. >> not a good idea. kennedy: all right, thank you so much. one failure to another, how exciting. schools, if you have kids you know this, they been closing across the country. like at the beginning of the pandemic. march of 2020 the reason, teachers union. my next guest introduced a bill that might fix this, the open schools act would provide $10000 to students whose schools are closed due to covid. the money would come from unspent funds from the american rescue plan and give parents the means to provide their kids with an in person education wherever they choose and that's a great idea, holy see this past or our teachers unions to powerful and
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will they find a way to block it? joining me now to discuss illinois republican bondsman rodney davis, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me on. kennedy: tell me how this works because there are a lot of parents paying attention to all of us and ears perk up when they hear about money from the federal government to find other places to educate their kids especially when formally open schools are once again closed. >> first of, i would to give a shout to school districts in my district, especially will schools strips would happen open for in person running the entire pandemic. our focus on the schools have chosen to take remote learning reached see kids failing at a rate unacceptable. our goal would be able to use unspent funds from the arp plan and would give parents a chance to get a part of $10000 in grant funding could use it to send the kids to neighboring public school district pay tuition and sent them to private school, get
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them tutors use transportation, whatever the parent needs to ensure our kids, their kids are getting the education progress they deserve. kennedy: we do deserve it, parents and kids deserve a break because the deficit kids are experience in by being out of the classroom, we don't even know how deep they go, we don't even know the damage for years and it's like i've got a highschooler and i'm worried about college prep if she chooses to go to college, will she be ready? they've been out of the classroom for so long. he got chicago teachers working walking out and that's like a virus. my only question here, are these decisions that are made on the local level? we talked to cory deangelis a lot about this working with various legislatures and governors across the country to
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build in their state of the money follows the student which is essentially what you're talking about to give the money to parents and let local governments or state funding to follow kids? >> i think our kids education is multilateral, it is important to say but do one or the other, let's do it together to send a message to school administrators that have kept kids out of the classroom. these teachers unions like the chicago teachers union caring more about adults than kids. i've got three kids in college and higher than next if they want to continue remote learning but bottom line, we got to do better. i've got a school district in my district right now in the 2020 cycle, school year, four in ten freshmen are failing with an average gpa 4.99 because of remote learning. got to do something about this. kennedy: the numbers were bad
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before. if you look at the literacy rate in places like l.a. and d.c. and new york name would make you pretty nauseous and then remote learning came in at the teachers union has the greatest hold, that's what you saw the fewest open schools so we have to do something your heart and brain are definitely in the right place. please keep us posted because i would love to see bipartisan support for this because parents in every political stripe were fed up with this nonsense. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me on. kennedy: coming up, u.s. army planning a major prepare to overthrow an illegitimate government. the weird thing is, they are training north carolina. as the pentagon preparing for something we don't know about? resident special operator mike baker is here to break that down next.
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u.s. military preparing for war here in the united states. upcoming u.s. army exercised known as robin sage, sounds like a porn star.
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troops stationed in 25 counties in north carolina, reportedly confirming warfare tactics to combat potential homegrown price and potentially overthrow an illegitimate government or if the exercise comes days after the d.o.j. announced they are establishing a new domestic terrorism unit to handle the elevated threat from violent extremists in this country. as a picnic on preparing for future insurrection or are tinfoil hats on twitter at it again? here to discuss former cia director and chairman, group chairman and ceo, mike baker baker. this seems we are, what is going on? is this normal? [laughter] >> no but is anything normal right now? every time i think we've hit peak stupidity, we can lower the bar even further. this is what happens. it's not one group on the political spectrum, all sides
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and points on the political spectrum are guilds taking unrelated events, conflating them and coming up with their conspiracy theory so what happened now is as you point out, d.o.j. announced we created a domestic terrorism unit and shortly thereafter, there is publicity about robin sage, a military exercise conducted by jfk school for special forces and it's been going on for five decades and named after world war ii officer. kennedy: oh, boy was i wrong. >> you are slightly off base there. [laughter] they escaped after the nazis many times. the ideal of the exercise they are doing in carolina and have been doing again, it teaches special forces candidates, their
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last exercise of their force, how to operate in unconventional settings, how does it fit the local population to defeat whatever the enemy is out there? it's very important, a problem solving exercise in a theoretical assessment but it's very complex and not unusual, other military elements do it, the agency we have lengthy exercises we do and it's all designed to drop you and to an environment and make sure you have absorbed the training you've had until then. kennedy: but the federal government, this administration said domestic terror biggest threats we face of any threat on the planet and its ma ga wearing, they are basically feathering trump voters, at least trying to end it clear they were drawing a picture of
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republicans. kennedy: like a lot. [laughter] >> boise, idaho, fastest growing city in america by the way. kennedy: they have to go somewhere. >> president biden went down in georgia. kennedy: the devil. >> i was a song. kennedy: sure was. >> he was looking for souls to rile up and he's got the narrative that he's just not backing off of which i think is pathetic and cynical so you take the message the administration is sending out, it's very divisive, talking about how democracy is on edge, almost going to collapse, the white house doesn't do something about it and that absurdity combined with one side that's always skeptical of any government effort, they look at the military and say maybe the
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military is preparing to attack u.s. citizens, as everybody has to chill out. kennedy: but they are not being honest about the domestic terror threat. it's like sure, there might be groups of weirdos who want to take things too far and then there is anti- five, another group of weirdos but i don't think the administration is being honest about that and trying to score political points by scaring people and it's disingenuous and dangerous. >> i don't think there's any doubt domestic terrorism, we have to be worried about terrorism, lone wolves and antifa, thugs and can skinheads, general anarchists -- there's groups you need to be concerned about. isn't an existential threat? it's democracy on the edge. i would hope others are, the
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fact that president biden who ran on a pledge to unite the country seems to have so little faith in the strength and resilience of democracy here in the united states and i don't know where they intend to go but it's incredibly discussing . kennedy: fair so bad at blaming things like no, that threat is not the greatest we face inflation is not transitory. mike baker, great to talk to you, as always. >> and thank you, i guess it is your dog day. kennedy: it is my dog day. next time -- there is libby, who is a good boy? you want to go for a ride? >> he's a good boy. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, so liberal even criminals are surprised they are not in jail. when our blue states and cities
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going to wise up, friends? later is catalog. here's a sneak peek. my surprise guess, not really a surprise, he's here. [laughter] okay. ♪♪
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liberal district attorneys have gone soft on crime. a literal arsonist is baffled they dropped most of the charges, all but one. the guy apparently forged his ex's house while she was inside and she wasn't alone. got caught with gasoline. eighteen felony charges including three for attempted murder but the baltimore city states attorney offered a plea deal down to just one arson
7:28 pm
count and the arsonist now say this nonsense only gives a green light to other criminals. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts, dropped to ten and then dropped to one when i shouldn't be out right now. that saying i can shoot anybody i'll be completely fine. kennedy: no, that's not all. here in new york city, wanted x con robbed a store in front the owner with a knife, cops busted him and he was black with felony robbery charge but the d.a. break, he's new, he had other plans. his office whittled it down to a misdemeanor, liberal cities turning into criminal sanctuaries. is this how you do criminal justice reform? i think not. let's meet tonight's party panel. editor in chief, jon gabriel.
7:29 pm
political analyst and former baltimore city crime reporter, she knows what she's talking about especially with this story, michelle ritchie and host of radical -- shane hazel, georgia libertarian governor candidate, the one and only shane hazel. >> but to be here. kennedy: jon gabriel, i will start with you. when an arsonist says why am i out? this is a horrible idea? maybe we are doing something wrong. >> i found in life i rarely agree with arsonist but i agree with this one, he's maker better points and people leaving the city right now. criminal justice reform is very important but doesn't mean you change the definition of criminal justice and it means justice not only for the accused, also for the victim as well so he's completely right, i'm writing him in for mayor if i ever moved to baltimore because he's right on the money, you have to give fair sentencing and treatment, not just completely ignore serious crimes
7:30 pm
putting people in baltimore at risk. kennedy: and there are a lot of people have been caught up in the system who have unpaid tickets turn into a bench warrant, they are arrested and those of the people who shouldn't be held on bail but oftentimes are. people who try to kill people, i don't think they are the ones who should receive leniency first and maybe it's high-profile stories we are hearing about but it feels like we are doing something wrong here. >> i definitely don't guy should be mayor of baltimore or any leadership position at all. we really don't know all of the evidence necessarily in this case but for this guy to come out and be so surprised about how his misogynist abuses behavior and he's not in jail, for him to be surprised now, i'm wondering, why did you plead
7:31 pm
guilty? if you are shocked and appalled by your own behavior, you feel like you should have been held accountable been widely you not plead guilty before the plea deal? he didn't care so it's basically within the guidelines i think the prosecutor's office follow because he doesn't have a criminal record that exposes how flawed our justice system is. kennedy: it is because people with criminal records who attempt to kill people in new york city, they are charged with petty larceny and new york city is different than any other city and you want it to be safe and is operated safely for a long time, violent crime in the city was trending down for a long time, people felt safe, okay to walk around at night by yourself but now a guy can go to a drugstore with a knife, pay $2000 worth of goods, come back later on still another 500 and he's slapped with petty larceny. it feels like there's a dumb
7:32 pm
imbalance and as i've said, the pendulum is going to swing the other way. >> when you've got a criminal justice system run by criminals, let's face it, these guys sat on their hands last summer when cities burned across america, they been known to be -- they are notoriously known as murders throughout society and around the world for that matter, they haven't really defined crime violent crime, murder, rape, theft, coercion and things like that, they've gone after people, they've criminalized them. if you want solutions in terms of what we should be doing in america, what you can do as an american at your local level is get into your mayors and sheriff's, they control the guys with badges and guns and go after your ag. the people letting these guys out. if he knows. kennedy: and cities,
7:33 pm
minneapolis, seattle, portland, los angeles, san francisco and at new york to the list, they are the ones are charging people who have no problem hurting other people and they say the poor dear, they could just need a little bit of help. no, they had plenty of chances to get help. you've given a part of your rights does not make me a horrible person? >> i think the sheriff's keep them in jail whether attorneys agree or not, if they are violent people and letting them go, maybe they should be charging the attorneys. kennedy: that's good. and everybody can have a mustache. it is now the time for a hillary come back? a new wall street journal op-ed argues president bannon branded vice president to swap seats in 2024 and who better to replace the unmarketable phonies and the genuine lovable people.
7:34 pm
[laughter] hillary, fair she is. is she really the best democrats have to offer? i think she's incredible. >> oh yeah, this is what we've all been hoping for and praying for, another hillary run and i'm sure this time it will be successful and i'm going to be a horrible ageist here, enough of the boomers, enough of pushing 80 -year-olds and that's all the people they seem to be talking about now, i think it past time to give gen x a shot for a couple. we can screw stuff up far better in a better soundtrack so just let us thrust things up. kennedy: for just leave me alone, okay? how about that? i don't know what happened to you, don't take my money, i want take yours, leave me alone. so rochelle, you've been a
7:35 pm
spokesperson for democrat and others for a long time, what is the thought of hillary clinton candidacy, what does it make you feel? >> annoyed. [laughter] it not going to happen though. it's another attempt to rile up the republicans and get people fired up about the thought of hillary running again, it's not going to happen. the democrats need to figure out who that person is going to be and i agree with the speaker who said it's time to go a little younger when it comes to who runs our country, the commander in chief so i don't see hillary running again at all, she said in 2017 she was done with being active in politics so it's another way to get attention, hillary clinton republicans go crazy and this idea she's running again. kennedy: democrats are like well, maybe not. i don't think it's a nominee, i
7:36 pm
don't think she has political class, i think her husband is, i think she is a sore loser, as sore loser as donald trump. she really is, maybe more because she will not stop tripping about it but i would love to see another go round. i don't know why, i don't know what happened. where's my fireworks? [inaudible] i think it's great news. [laughter] it is entertaining but they want to go younger, kamala harris' younger but -- >> totally unlikable. if we are in a spot right now where hillary clinton is arriving people up, what a disaster. maybe from hillary ticket, so the democrats and republicans both in the americans go
7:37 pm
rotarian, dave smith or spike, you name it. we've got a lot bigger and better things to do in america and watch a rematch between trump -- trump card if the dnc was smart, he's terrible on guns, terrible on due process and he's awful on domestic fines so maybe trump is a guy and we can do better both as libertarian and republicans and put up somebody . kennedy: democrats are obsessed is not the worst thing i've heard so shane between dave smith and spike, who would like to see at the top of the ticket in 2024? >> dave smith is mike guy, check out, take action and check it out to we are all going to check it out. >> do you know who i think will run as a woman for the republican party? i think liz cheney might, i have
7:38 pm
this feeling she might. kennedy: she's not going to get enough people to call us around her. wiki hailey, if there's a woman republican is going to run, it will be her. there's a lot of people in the republican party quite enamored by that. thank you so much, you have made my night. >> happy new year. kennedy: happy new year. coming up, wait until you hear what flight attendants next. they are like the teachers at the sky. here's a hint. i hope you are not thursday. a girl, kat timpf breaks it down. she is next. ♪♪
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♪♪ the flight attendant. thank you. trying to get on a plane to can lower your tray table and expectations. their credit back on food and drink services during flights. they are blaming it on the omicron surge but pressure is coming from the association of flight attendants, the afa. faa reports incidences of unruly passengers are steadily increasing, much of us involve alcohol consumption's. all involve masks so are they producing service to keep flight attendants faith or keep the passengers sober and behaved? with me now, fox nation host and cohost of gutfeld, it is kat timpf. i remember getting a text from you very recently. >> yes, very upset. kennedy: would you like to say? kennedy: >> i was flying back from
7:44 pm
detroit to newark on the plane, flights delayed an hour, that's right, we spent a bit of time in the lounge and then you get there, we get on the plane, there's one problem, there is no pilot. we don't have a pilot so we are sitting there almost two hours, delayed and they won't serve you drinks on the ground so i was upset because of alcohol but not because i didn't have alcohol after i already started drinking, i was going from buzzed into hung over. just the principle of the thing, you knew -- it's not like you didn't know there wasn't a pilot before you let us on board the plane, let us be out there where the bars are. they are trying to get people to stay sober and are not in a work relief program, i can drink if i want to. [laughter] i'm quite sure. i am quite sure. kennedy: i will tell you, there have been airport bars since the
7:45 pm
17th century. >> that is true. kennedy: and booze on planes since the invention of the wheel. that's how long the mayhem airports have had booze, forever. so that's not a new thing. what's new? >> it's the mask, masks are twofold. one, people are mad about the masks, they hate the masks, get out of my face, rosacea -- two, there's one way you keep the mask off as if you're eating or drinking, you have to remain drinking alcohol for the entire time -- well, and alter perception of the universe so why bother? if you keep throwing them back? so horrible and they treat you mean and it's terrible and i wouldn't do it except new york is, to. kennedy: everything sucks.
7:46 pm
>> everything sucks. kennedy: everything sucks, everyone is worried about getting fired because of vaccine mandate, no one's kids are going to school full-time, everyone's worried, they just want to take a flight somewhere, test are faulty and tell them they are negative but they are really positive and they get everyone sick so much stress. a little bud light to alleviate that. >> apparently edit. kennedy: and. >> i paid for the flight and the drinks, give me the drink that i deserve. you know how to take me out and buy me a drink. i would be nice. kennedy: thank you for your service every day. >> is not how you treat your veterans? this man fought for your country and you can't get him a blood he mary? kennedy: get your heinie in there, silly brawl.
7:47 pm
amazing, i love you. tropical storm is next. thank you, kat. ♪♪
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marathon put him in the hospital. classified as a co- more jerkily. i bet he broke. that's what happens when you party too hard. this is tropical storm, topic number one great news for buccaneers fans, the corporation come up with the worst idea since antonio brown to celebrate super bowl in the series of limited addition, petito chips grown in dirt. the got the idea after watching an eagles game noticing was filled with cheap dirtbags. they are called golden ground and packaged with logos, stadium dirt was used to grow them. now fans can eat as much as their quarterback. tom brady covers can stop worshiping the ground he walks on and start swallowing it instead. giants fans can enjoy bears with the subtle flavor of jimmy hoffa. delicious.
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is that skin? topic number two in america man received a genetically modified pig heart in the world first pig to human heart transplant. ironically, he used to hate pigs but now he's had a change of heart. david bennet senior was 6-foot to human transplant so he decided to take his chances heart from of six which as you can imagine required many porkchops. [laughter] edit? operation success and now he's monitored for organ rejection. hope that doesn't happen. i know rejection can be heartbreaking. chimpanzee kidneys, and infant once giving up balloon heart and chris christie got a pork belly. [laughter] i love you, governor. who want to treat? who's been a good boy?
7:53 pm
okay. [laughter] topic number three. firefighters -- [laughter] firefighters in maryland had to rescue a man got stuck in the chimney of a home he was allegedly trying to rob are considered the most embarrassing incident in the history of santa claus. this was montgomery county after firefighters took a sledgehammer to the house and you thought there jessica parker hit the wall and reported the call police after hearing strange moaning in the middle the night preternaturally he assumed left the tv on all jeffrey was appearing on cnn. [laughter] that's what he set but after investigating, he discovered he was literally in the house, the intruders feet were dangling and after tickling them for a while, they pulled him to safety. topic number four. thank you. i tell you vaccine -- paying citizens to give them covid, i
7:54 pm
thought the huffington post only had to pay to go but viral. vaccine mandates ordering citizens to take shots or be fired which is what i tell my staff thursday night happy hour. mandate cars an exception for those who can prove they've recovered from the virus. when you like that in this country? vaccine resistors organizing covid catching parties, even paying for the povich of getting sick. one party offered a truffle dinner with wine and i guarantee positive infection for $130. jokes on them, i once got all about charlie. we'll be right back. there he is, hey buddy. it kenne-dog.
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>> welcome back, a special kennedog that you have been waiting for, leme, he is my boy, the other beautiful and amazing kennedog. the only show that loves your dog as much as you do, tell me about your pooch. look. that is aaron's dog. a good boy. then we have brian's dogs. they are best friends, this is kaley's pup,. from florida. love you oakley. smiling upside down.
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and there is jeff's dog kush. i can't read the last one. eva with her 15-year-old. snoodle . what a cutie. these are brentan's pups, they love kennedog. and tim's dog zoe. she hates playing dress up. this is chris' a k-9 police. and lastly, mike's pups, the cutest in the world. you are little but you have big hearts and pig hearts some day. let -- he looks so depressed. so mad that all of other dogs got the attention.
8:00 pm
leme, do you want a treat? he is so tired. he is the best. thank you for watching best hour of your day. tomorrow night steven miller. make every day -- kenna day. >> come on leme. ♪ ♪ [music] in the mountains of bear gulch, montana. >> all right, a little health there winter has arrived. and the dale brothers are in a hurry.


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