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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  January 17, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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membership in a huge audience and what you want to do is target ads and service and create new experiences and get them engaged and build communities. we will see more of that. .charles: i'm not sure about walmart, we will see. they certainly have the money and the bread. ray, we appreciate targeting to your knowledge. a lot of things have going on. we have lauren simonetti and for liz claman. she's gonna take you to the next hour. >> i'm right here in real life not the metaverse although will discuss that. hello i am lauren simonetti and for liz claman. the ceo of a major airline warning of catastrophic disruption in the major aviation crisis, the implementation of 5g technology goes ahead as expected later this week. details on that developing story just ahead. markets might be closed for martin luther king jr. holiday but the pandemic is not.
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it is taking a break it is not taking a break his hospital struggle with omicron outbreak will go to one chicago hospital to see how it's helping ahead of peak bid we might get there soon and we might be there now in some places. the crypto market is still active the lower today but one company developed a cold storage wallet to keep her crypto safe but the secured ceo is here in a fox business exclusive. we will show you the beast, the new electric powered bus about to roll off the assembly line to take your kids to school. will take into the ceo of the motor company in just a bit. lauren: the u.s. stock and bond markets are closed today, a site is brewing in the sky the ceo of major passenger and cargo carriers are warning of a catastrophic aviation crisis which can make thousands of aircraft unusable. industry and tens of thousands of americans overseas, it can
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happen beginning wednesday when wireless carriers at&t and verizon are set to deploy new 5g service, ceo of american airlines, delta, united, southwest and others wrote to the white house and aviation regulators, unless major are cleared to find the vast majority of traveling and shipping we will be grounded. let's get right to the floor show scott shellady and john, i want to start with the first john, how is a 5g battle going up. we just have scott right now, this is to you, how is the 5g battle going to pan out for the stocks involved? >> i thought long and hard about this, it'll solve itself at some point in time, it will not be forever, the stock market and the bond market have much bigger things to worry about that there's human safety involved in i think that's what we should worry about. but i also have to say from a practicality point of view, i cannot believe that we let it go this far without having some
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definitive answer. charles just got done talking about the metaverse and human api and controlling things with your brain, it seems like the technology leapfrogged an hour so talking about whether or not 5g is going to get in the way of the order technology. i think letting it go this long is absolutely ridiculous. at some point we will follow it. there's a lot of things i have to going to play obviously the weather how long does it take to the realization of a desert does not interfere we know it should've been solved by now but when it comes to stocks and bonds i cannot put this issue on the same plane as omicron, the fed, this administration policy, china, russia we are faced with many bigger things. it's something we have to keep an eye on, yes there will probably be disruption, some of
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her safety but at the end of the day that should've been taking care of i cannot believe were talking about human apis and on charles show right before we came on and whether or not the be interfered with 5g, it seems like they dropped the ball. lauren: you sound exasperated, john is with us now, we are talking about at&t and verizon spending billions and billions of dollars on the 5g on the spectrum and they want to be able to use it but there's an issue as far as the aviation airlines are concerned that it can effective ability to see on the runway. it's like the standoff they agree to a pause now it's gone through so much thousands and thousands of flight cancellations and now they're saying if you get even worse, the 5g goes ahead on wednesday. >> one thing i know you came from the floor of the new york stock exchange as well, one
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thing that we know for every loser in a situation there are going to be winners. like delaying the 5g the obvious loser is going to be verizon and at&t. in the nokia, those guys are a mile away from the all-time highs going back to 2000. but they might be less obvious winners in there as well. lauren: like? >> let's talk about real estate investment the two largest positions in all the etf's are american tell the group and crown castle the makeup all the cell phone towers in america, the best person to be in the scenario as a landlord no matter how long it takes to get 5g on board at&t and verizon still have to pay the rent to the landlord's so there will be obvious winners. the chip company if they have to redo chips and redo backend work you might see names like marlborough rod, which is a bdo
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they might be winners and of course you can only look at the etf f ivd you can look at the top ten holdings that's a good place to do your research. lauren: i like your pics looking forward a big week you have more and more companies reporting earnings morgan stanley, goldman sachs, united, procter & gamble, what are you focus on this week? >> i tell you what i know what i focused on this will be our focus for the time coming, now we've got more and more calls for six rate hikes. i talk about this all day every day i'm not quite sure they can get three done but right now five or six and some folks are talking 50 basis points hike in there somewhere. we have so much on our plates that i think back to your 5g, the fed and how many hikes that they do, the administration has
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policy per se anyway, with russia and china, my number one focus obviously earnings is going to be a big thing because that will give us an idea with economy but i tell you right now i'll leave it at this i've done interest rates for 35 years we only ever raised interest rates for two reasons, number one to cool off and overheated economy or to get out in front of an economy that might be about to overheat, i would love to have a debate about anybody out there whether u.s. economies are overheating i don't think you can use that word if u.s. economy is not overheating we have six interest rate hikes this of interest in year and i think you have to buckle up. lauren: if you were on the fmo see how many interest rate hikes would you suggest. >> i would like to have done earlier for number two i think will do what it see what happens and do another one is see what happens. there is not enough time to see what happens in a year.
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they got the other one transitory so wrong now everybody is putting their eggs in the basket syndicate to get six rate hikes, and other public at this wrong as well. lauren: everyone else is saying including the new york times and including jason furman, inflation is here to stay for this year it it'll be high for a while in a few impact consumers purchasing power and hike rates too many times to control inflation do you worry what that will do to the economy? >> absolutely sucks november 2020 the fed has increased the money supply, the 30% imagine that every dollar in the u.s. economy 30% are all one year old their brand-new dollar bills freshly printed. what happens with the money supply hit the banking system and multiplies by ten, the idea of this being transitory, i keep
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saying to clients don't expect transitory unless you can take 6 trillion out of the economy i don't know how inflation can be transitory it's just the math you take it away from a 30% increase in the amount of dollars that is printed. lauren: john gagliardi and scott shellady, thank you for the time of the holiday. the u.s. surgeon general warning that the next few weeks will be tough as covid-19 infections continue to search and hospitals already feeling the strain with 157,000 covid patients reported hospitalized on sunday alone the increase in patients is putting a strain on many hospitals are really dealing with critical staffing shortages grady trimble outside of swedish hospital in chicago to tell us how the hospital is dealing with the increase. >> like so many other hospitals here in chicago and across the country they put a pause on elective procedures for the time
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being so they can deal with the latest wave of covid patients, that is something the hospitals did at the beginning of the pandemic looks a bit of a problem for them those of the most profitable procedures. nationally nearly 80% of hospital beds are in use 20% with covid patients, more than 1000 hospitals reporting to the dhhs they have critical staffing shortages right now, more are expected not to the not too distant future in the week or so that's because of a combination of factors burnout they have been dealing with the pandemic for the last two years. on top of that many workers are getting sick in many getting sick for the second or third time throughout the pandemic. in california workers don't have to quarantine for five or ten days if they are asymptomatic but test positive for covid but that's per the states health department. the macon hospital association
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says a vaccine mandate could play a factor in the staffing challenges they encourage everybody to get vaccinated but they also recognize that a vaccine requirement has the potential to create additional workforce staffing issues at a time when our workforce is exhausted by the many demands of covid-19. one approach many states are taking more than a dozen of them from maine to michigan and wisconsin to washington, they're sending in the national guard to help out at hospitals, some of the national guard members acting as nurse assistants or any other capacity where hospitals need them because they're short of staff right now. lauren: the painful reality, thank you very much. crypto is crumbling at the start of the new year but one company is rolling out a new product to keep the crypto safe on a metal card the ceo is here exclusively to tell us how his crypto cold storage while it works.
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currency crypto exchange and digital goods like enough to used to be used in the world of virtual reality and composecure is a leading creator of premium metal credit cards now expanded to digital currency with the crypto card, the card is name archivist in tandem with the applicable cold storage crypto wallet from consumers to safely manage digital tokens in one place. it sounds like i'm speaking a different language but this is where the business community is in the fox business exclusive is a composecure president and ceo jon wilk. welcome, please explain what your company is doing. >> thank you we are not a startup we've been around 20 years we sell metal cards to the likes of j.p. morgan, american express in capital one, 265 million in revenue in over 100 million and even the we leveraged all the things that were great at to build a free
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factor authentication product for the crypto and other verticals as well that help consumers safely store their crypto using biometric opinion and oculus card to lock it down. lauren: so archivist is the card that you apply for, you buy, how does that work and how many people have been interested so far, i think you launched back in october. you have a few months to gauge interest. >> you can buy the card i get we think the more important sales channel will be white labeling to be to be partnerships and that's how we've done our business for 20 years, think about crypto exchange, banks and gambling companies and we all have need for this increase free factor authentication and the need for increased security.
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lauren: you can also, can you use the card to make purchases and crypto? or do i have that wrong? >> you cannot today but we will bring together the capability to have a traditional payment card that you can use at point-of-sale or atm combined with crypto cold storage capabilities. it's something we are working on in partnership with the association who managed our payment schemes today. lauren: see you like my question on forward thinking i impressed myself. >> ahead of the curve, lauren. lauren: always wear but sometimes i get lucky before we came to you we were talking about walmart trademarks as they try to get into the metaverse, what are the members of years as a former walmart executive, do you expect to work with walmart in a big way anytime soon?
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>> first of all we welcome the announcement from walmart today, walmart is another critical into the crypto nft space we look forward with the likes of walmart or many of the other crypto exchanges, banks in syntax in the space. highly interested we love to see their announcement today on the idea of building on the country currency ecosystem as well as the rising nft which we see and explode as well. lauren: what inning and the metaverse baseball game are we in right now? >> i certainly think you have to say were in the second inning maybe the third but it's still really, really going and people try to figure this space out in terms of what is happening with crypto currency, security, and fts in the broader world.
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lauren: does come source plan to get into the metaverse. >> as we think about every expansion of things into the metaverse opens up security and authentication. for us arculus is not just about crypto but we have a vision you could use the arculus product to lock down your investment account, your banking account, online gaming, online gambling. all of these things as the metaverse opens much wider, we think offer the need for greater security and we think arculus can play an important part of that. lauren: best of luck to you jon wilk, thank you for joining us. period the ceos of google and facebook sign off on a deal to manipulate advertising sales and new documents show google's and facebook mark zuckerberg may have been on the plan, will get a full report when "the claman
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lauren: welcome back a fox business alert amazon scrapping pans to stop accepting visas in uk credit cards they banned the british site starting wednesday incited high fees for processing transactions an obstacle to providing customers the best prices but visa pushed back saying amazon's block would restrict customer choice the maker of dove will continue to pursue a deal for consumer healthcare even though gsk has rejected multiple bids say the latest 60 billion offer is too low in a list say they need to bump up the bed by $10 billion. inflation hits pellet todd it will charge more for its original bike and tread starting january 31 pellet todd will charge $250 per bike and 350 per
3:26 pm
treadmill higher prices are bad for customers and they could be good for shareholders. credit suisse chairman residing after breaking coronavirus quarantine rules less than nine months after he joined the swiss bank he is replaced by ubs executive and cs board member axel lehman. now you know, as big tech faces big regulation in 2022 a newly unsealed court document shows google is facing antitrust lawsuit led by texas enjoyed by other states it accuses google of rigging the online marketing cahoots with the company formerly known as facebook meta joining us to explain jackie deangelis. >> afternoon this is an ongoing lawsuit is the new complaint alleges the alphabet. of google and facebook a subsidiary of meta work together
3:27 pm
to rigging the ad market, were talking about the targeted ads that we all see on these platforms, frequency, placement very important for generating revenue. the new complaint is saying google ceo sundar pichai and mark zuckerberg made the deal in 2018 that allegedly guaranteed facebook would bid on and win a certain amount of added auctions. a google spokesperson says the complaint is full of inaccuracy and lacks legal merit, meta spokesperson said is nonexclusive agreement with google has helped to increase competition for ad placement. texas ag paxton also says what google is doing inflates average cost and those are passed on to consumers and of course that is particularly troubling in the inflationary environment lastly the lawsuit which originated in texas is going to be moved to the southern district of new york where other similar cases will be her google wanted to be
3:28 pm
in northern california and that makes a lot of sense for them. lauren: jackie deangelis, thank you very much. make way for the beast, one company is rolling out the new ev school bus, i don't know if that's exactly what you're looking. we'll show it to you the green power motor company ceo is here to talk about, this is where the beast come from battery electric automotive school transportation. we are coming right back. ♪ for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped
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manufacture 0 admission school buses the beast as a vehicle is known will bring over 200 jobs to the state and begin rolling off the manufacturing lines by the middle of the year green power motor company ceo joins me now, why west virginia? >> we did an exhaustive search across the country for different facilities and we ultimately determined we needed the right facility that was ready for production of us immediately and a partner ship with the local state and socal so we found that west virginia. were really excited building out of facility and electric school buses in west virginia. >> did they give you incentives to attract you to the states and have you spoken to any other states. >> we spoke to over 10 - 12 different states and visited a
3:34 pm
number of production facilities from the east coast to the west coast we are based outside of los angeles and currently have a manufacturing in san joaquin valley, our focus within the school bus sector we thought we needed a dedicated facility. we looked for factory ready facilities and we found one in west virginia and the folks in west virginia were able to help us facilitate a transaction where we can get in and utilize our funding for production as opposed to a real estate buildup. there helping us build on the facility and building our product. lauren: a california copy goes to west virginia is what i'm hearing and were hearing similar stories these days i want to talk to you about the bipartisan infrastructure deal, $5 billion for the electrification of
3:35 pm
school buses, correct? >> over five years but senator manchin of west virginia essentially killed build back better. with bill back better there was some electric vehicle credits, et cetera did not effectively kill a big opportunity for your copy? >> were finding the state and the federal level that there's numerous incentives and mandates coming in for example in california they recently announced to set aside funds for 1000 all electric school buses over the next three years in the case of new york the governor in the state announced a plan to go fully electric in 2035. there is more than enough business to really go out in the marketplace and the build back better buddy presented
3:36 pm
additional opportunities. i think as an industry we have more than enough to deal with in terms of the near-term and what's in front of us. lauren: how does this work how do you make sure the charging and infrastructure around charging is available. what do you say to parents who might say i have some anxiety i believe the school bus only gets 140 miles per hour charge which is on the low side, if that is correct. >> is on the low side if you drive a car and you need to drive at highway speed two hours each way to work then you would probably have some range anxiety on these kinds of vehicles. our vehicle has a type two charger which is similar to anybody in the automotive space as well as the d.c. fast charge were able to provide ultimate flexibility in the deployment. as far as appearance go what we
3:37 pm
are seeing all of the vehicles that we manufacture and sell this is the one sector that provides a solution for a health issue and specifically kids that are indicator going into grade six are subject to significant exposure and potentially lung cancer and respiratory illnesses from the various submissions. parents are delighted to see in all electric school bus replacing a diesel admission school bus that has these issues. lauren: what are the products that you're working on? >> the primary focus will be the beast school bus initially but ultimately there are a number of other products within the school bus space. we certainly hope to have a smaller version of the beast available to compete with that
3:38 pm
sector of the market out of our facility in west virginia which we see the center of excellence for all of our school bus manufacturing. lauren: best of luck to you when is the first delivery expected? >> as soon as we can get into the facility we expect to be producing vehicles the summer and having them roll off the assembly line into deployments early this fall if we can get in as soon as possible. lauren: fraser atkinson, we appreciate the time. >> thank you very much. lauren: trading in the crosshairs of the fcc and the big short author michael lewis may be mulling his textbook. charlie brexit next on countdown. ♪
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be when apple digital card key may be available on hyundai genesis brand according to a bloomberg report to be available this summer and let you unlock and start compatible vehicles using iphones wallet app it first introduced the feature in 2020 and so far has only been available on select bmw models fcc chairman gary gensler public calendar is raising new concerns over his plans to possibly add more regulations to market transactions, jointing is not charlie gasparino, who has he been meeting with in any type of transaction that were talking about. >> it is interesting his public
3:44 pm
calendar is made public frequently but you know get yesterday's meetings the latest one is october in two interesting citations stand out in gary gensler's public calendar number one he held meetings with michael lewis the famous author author of flash boys and his main protagonist, different interviews at different days the main protagonist is brad who created his own anti-high-frequency trading exchange called ief on trade acts what is interesting flash boys was discrete against high-frequency trading how which destroyed the small investor and highly controversial at the time people thought they might be regulation in the charges they found out they didn't quite match the rhetoric in the book in terms of the ripoff that
3:45 pm
there probably was no ripoff in high-frequency trading people might play rough but they're not gaming the system were trading ahead of other players where it somehow ripping off tension funds in small investors quite the opposite. it idiot that he met with the two individuals and now the speculation what does the meetings mean and when you hear from the high-frequency trading business av this is a precursor to crack down on this and maybe it's michael lewis writing another book possibly about mean stocks, robinhood and the advent of the small investor, we should point out that brad went in-depth and he was in there as part of his exchange and he had a meeting with chancellor in the newest meeting was accorded to the public calendar interviewing
3:46 pm
gary gensler, that's what's out there and that's why people are surmising that that's why lewis may be in there to do another book. you can see gary gensler diving into more regulation on high-frequency trading and other issues. it's all related to robinhood payment for overflow, all of these insular reissues involving market structure that gary gensler said he wants to get his arm around him performed. a lot of interesting stuff we will see what comes out of it we put calls into gary gensler and mike lewis in a call into brad katze honor, no comment. back to you. lauren: maybe it is both maybe a new book and regulations that will come down the pipeline. >> is not binary everything to be on the table. lauren: charlie gasparino, thank you very much. grow box or roblox, not so fast
3:47 pm
it might be down 22% but the videogame darling could be pride for thinking that and more straight ahead on "the claman countdown". ♪ whether you've enjoyed the legendary terrain in telluride, the unparalleled landscape of park city or the famed peaks of whistler, you face the hassle of lugging your gear through the airport. with ship skis, you're just a few clicks away from having your skis,
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lauren: you are looking at the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. on this martin luther king jr. holiday the markets are closed we of course are open for business as we remember martin luther king jr. while struggling airlines have been struggling with staff shortages because of omicron other industries are getting smacked as well grocery stores are one of them they are working so hard to keep their shelves stocked and they don't have a lot of labor that is not helping
3:51 pm
either have you been to a food store lately i didn't instead cart recently and the poor person filling my order kept sending me pictures of empty shelves there was not anything to replace the items with jointing is live in stu leonard's in new jersey is madison all worth. i know where you are those shelves are pretty stocked is that still the case? >> stew leonard is very well-stocked that is something you see across the family-owned brand because there smaller grocery they work with distributors a lot are local so they don't have to deal with the cross-country shipments and things that are slowly down the stores at other locations they are dealing with other things in grocery stores across the usc inflation, labor shortages, increased cost of labor in all of that has been added in to the overall grocery picture i want to show you video from this weekend you were talking about the empty shelves this was the
3:52 pm
scene at grocery stores across the new jersey mc shelves actually got the video for my family it was really the combination of supply chain issues as well as the winter storms that we saw that made the situation quite bleak in some stores and as i mentioned the team and suggested suppliers to keep items on the shelf. >> propaganda is a household name or find it a little difficult to get tropicana in our stores. whether it's carrying simply orange or pushing a private label we still have origins it just might not be the one that you're used to seeing everyday. >> the items that you buy are priced higher than inflation sobbed in washington like elizabeth warren accuse grocery stores for price gouging the third profit third quarter like albertson's and the like were below 2020 doubles the shoppers i spoke to are tired of the politics and want to stop paying more for less.
3:53 pm
>> just the two of us and i spent $500 a week on food and i don't even know what i bought i feel sorry for people with big families that can't afford to eat anymore. places are terrible there's no reason for it. >> operating costs are up here they increased every wage by $200. were just at the start and shipping could be an issue as receipt storms go across the u.s. to the rest of the season but for now there is a lot of empty shelves across the u.s. it is unclear when that's going to get a better. lauren: i feel so bad for the stores, i feel so bad for shoppers, myself included because i seen a family of six, it is not cheap. the target ceo came out and said we are noticing we do continue to expect people to downgrade it go to the store last frequently because gas is so expensive and when they show up at target they
3:54 pm
will buy more generic brands, whatever is cheapest. that is a little bit of what your customers were telling you. >> and buy in bulk when you can say when you see the item that it's buying it up and furthering empty shelves issue because if something goes on sale at it's all god it takes a while to replenish the inventory. definitely things we will see to the rest of the season. lauren: what a mess. thank you very much from new jersey and by the way tropicana you cannot replace tropicana with simply best i think that was one, the man was talking about they do not take a trip taste the same, just say i like this to leonard brand better. roblox has not had a happy new year, the stock is down 20% so far in the young year but the counter closer is still bullish on the videogame maker let's bring out in the investment
3:55 pm
advisor emma, thank you for coming on. >> taking for heavy. lauren: i am surprised you like roblox, i guess this is the metaphors player and one of the first ones. >> the meta versus a huge hype within 2021 and i think it will continue in 2022 as we -- our digital and real-life roblox is an interesting pic for us as it's down i think it's a great opportunity to get it at a lower valuation we don't want to get in at the height what roblox does is allow children and teens alike allow an opportunity to build and integrate their digital and real lives and this allows for recurring revenues stream for the company. i think it's a great pick their. lauren: what other names do you like? >> would like the company called polestar polestar goes by the ticker ggp i and came to market with course guggenheim in their private equity firm in los
3:56 pm
angeles. this is a. easy play to provide electric vehicles but to scale we see names like rivian and lucid and stoked and beyond in the past year or two to an unprecedented degree but have not supplied the demand that were seeking polestar delivered 29000 vehicles in 2021 and aim to deliver 102,022 as well and they are produced by lauren: it is interesting that you brought up the disappointment that rivian has been when it comes to what they promised, what they deliver. if you look at that stock, about 220 other big companies with these huge valuations they're down, down sharply. most of them in bear market territory. some of them cut in half from the recent highs. does that worry you at all? is that opportunity for you to get good stocks cheap?
3:57 pm
>> i think it is really important, especially in the ev space to pick out ones able to scale. in this economy not everyone is going to be able to. we look companies like pulsar. we like companies like tesla as well that have economies of scale to reach a broader audience. we don't want an electric vehicle company that can produce three, four, or even 20,000. we want ones with the aim of producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles. lauren: pivot to the banks. if you look at sectors this year, i know it is still early, energy up in a big way up 16 1/2%, financials up 4 1/2%. bam, friday you heard from citigroup and jpmorgan, really awful reactions to their earnings reports. this week we hear from more banks, goldman sachs, bank of america, morgan stanley, what are your thought on this sector that has been hot so far this year? >> well financials tend to do really well when interest rates go up which is really promising because we're in an environment where that is going to happen.
3:58 pm
something to note, companies especially banks need to keep up with expenses increasing. we have supply chain concerns. wages are going up. labor costs are going up, material, transportation, all of that plays into what a bank has to play. that shrinks their profit margin. when we look at banks, we want ones that can thrive in a profit margin expansion. wells fargo posted good earnings in terms of their profits. we like other areas of the sector like silicon valley bank which dabbles in private equity, bringing tech companies to market and ipo as well and companies need to be able to provide cash, hard cash. that is going to expand their profit margins as well. a name like silicon valley, they are planning to bring in five billion in funding over the next five years. lauren: okay. then you know what we're talking about the banks. we have to talk about interest rates. they're going up, how much we
3:59 pm
don't know. i would say, baked in the cake you get your first rate hike in march but the pobc in china cut rates. i thought that was pretty unexpected. i know they have to drum up their economy. their full year growth came in 8.1%. it is a lot but less than expected. the numbers for this year are not looking as good. they have the zero tolerance covid policy they're home of the supply chains which creates inflation here in the u.s. and the rest of the world. how many rate hikes do you see quickly? >> i see three to four coming in. rates need to go up to manage our inflation at the moment. lauren: eva, thank you so much for the time. we got through a lot with you. before we close asian markets had a mixed session with shanghai and shenzhen ganging as you can see there. fourth quarter gdp rose 4% from a year ago.
4:00 pm
its central bank cut the key interest rates for the first time in almost two years. we'll be talking to the head of the china "beige book" about all of that tomorrow. back home get ready for some earnings reports. goldman sachs bank of america, united airlines and union papa pacific. markets resume trading tomorrow. "kudlow" is now. larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. today we celebrate martin luther king today and the man who delivered one of the most important and famous speeches in american history. i quote directly, i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, end quote. this is a thought i would


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