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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 18, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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country, millions of people illegally crossing the country which will have an impact on all communities so the reality is we should do everything we can to keep hard-working american taxpayers safe. liz: mark brnovich, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening at foxbusiness. thank you for watching, help you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: democrats are putting the d and down, two months after losing virginia, they are old dominion, they are trying the same stupid tactic in michigan because apparently they hate our children. education has emerged as one of the top political issues in states across the country, mask mandate, remote learning, critical race theory and insanely powerful teachers union driving all of it, almost any parent will tell you it's a
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toxic stew for children from of the most important element here but they are not. what did michigan democrat post on their facebook page? i'll read to you because i tried to delete it like it never existed and it did. they wrote, not sure where the parents should control what's in schools because they are our kids but parents do have the option to send their kids to a private school at their own expense if it's what they desire. do they? can every parent in the country afford 50k a year a kid? didn't think so. read the room. parents have become hyper engaged schools and in droves on this issue. youngkin essentially one the virginia governor race after his democrat rival terry mcauliffe said this. >> i'm not going to let parents make their own decisions.
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we tell it. so yeah, stop the bill, i don't think parents should be telling schools what to teach. kennedy: i do. how democrats cannot learn anything from that debacle in virginia? fire michigan democrats taking a page from this playbook? here with me now, committee member, peter meyer is back. they've stepped in it in your state, they've had enough problems this week with the undercounting of covid nursing home that's and now they are repeating the horrible virginia estate. what is happening there. >> i wish i could tell you. i'll be honest when i saw that post somebody text to me, i thought it had to be photoshopped. the cannot be this stupid to say that out loud twice. terry mcauliffe said the white part out loud and lost the governor's race another democratic party in michigan is repeating it. it shows who their constituency
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is, they're not talking to parents or the community, they're talking to teachers unions and empowering imposing notion of society rather than families. kennedy: and quite the endless said all this incredible research and there's a direct correlation between cities where teachers unions are most powerful and school closures. it's not only that, teachers unions have incredible power not only over who can be fired and what taught. now you have them at many they want parents part of the process if that's what they do in communist countries, that's why they remove kids from the home and indoctrinate them elsewhere. they even said here and i will quote, the purpose of public education in schools is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be taught, full crab, it to teach them what society needs them to know.
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the public school is on the parents but the entire community, the public. this could have been taken out of a soviet education manual from the 1960s. this is michigan democrat facebook page from 2022. the client is the student and they forgot not, haven't they? >> they absolutely have. this definition of society i can tell you the society they wanted to be is one for they have a control not accountable, it's beyond voters in parents, beyond the people who have a vested interest in making sure the next generation of leaders in this country are well educated and ready for the future. look at the gaps created by schools closures. you can afford $50000 tuition to send your kids to a private school you weren't impacted by it but public school systems with the shutdowns have already widened the gap that existed
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before we are going to have to play catch up with this generation and fifth rhetoric authoritarian approach, really it's betraying the trust we've provided input in these institutions to look for the future of our kids to be working for their betterment raven servient to the most powerful political interest. kennedy: who celebrated libertarians for years and years, all fees i guess the people in the movement talking about finally republicans are catching wise to it, i welcome it now, i rather they investigate school twice funding students instead of systems now the never but what will it take in your state to inject rationality? you talk to people within the michigan republican party and what is their plan? >> there's a lot of passion around this and frankly, this is the right time because we see what happens when control is
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taken from parents and put in the hands of unaccountable institutions. if you think about where this began, it was the a members in the 19th century rooted in anti-catholic bigotry. this has discrimination at its root but we need to go for backpack funding, make sure the child in question, the young rising generation has the best educational opportunities and instill competition into the system. kennedy: absolutely right and i hope that happens because that will be the thing that stays an entire generation. they are fighting to indoctrinate our children, let's not let him thank you so much. after too long, long years the cdc farm is realizing the pandemic messaging has been horrible. rochelle walensky who jesse watters called michelle lubinski communicate more clearly about vaccines, boosters and masks,
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even in israel and we've been following their lead every step of the way in the pandemic, the vaccine chief is admitting they've made many mistakes primarily among shutting down because but here we are, kids are still suffering, tests are impossible to come by, record cases and no end in sight. scott sees a slightly brighter future. march this. >> the base case is it signals the end of the pandemic based on the virus, it doesn't signal the elimination of the virus to deal with this is a respiratory pathogen but there's so much immunity between the delta wave, omicron and vaccination on top of that. kennedy: but who can we trust when we are told something different every day? tonight's party panel, former trump advisory board member, jason meister, former state department person and fox news
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contributor marie harf and liberty activist with the foundation for economic education, olivia rondeau. welcome, everybody. jason, where has the cdc got it most wrong here? >> pretty much everything the last couple of years they are completely incompetent like all public health officials but i think the messaging is a direct result of an agency that follows political science and theater as opposed to just being honest with the american people about what they know at this time and what they don't know. if you remember she said uber impending doom in less than 30 days later she said we can return back to normal lives. she said unvaccinated individuals don't carry the virus? and she walked that ridiculous unscientific statement back. she revised ten day isolation five days without presenting a single piece of data or evidence
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to support the change so as far as i'm concerned, the cdc credibility is that, as that can be. the question is whether the cdcs credibility died with covid or because of covid. kennedy: interesting. marie, it's funny because rochelle walensky is trying to get pr lessons now, they don't need lessons, it's not the optics, it's the reality. granted a lot of government and bureaucrats have been wrong about the virus, i think because it's engineered and mutated unnaturally because is not unnatural virus that evolved and went from species to species, it something tinkered around with a lab, cohorts and the federal government like anthony fauci have known that and she's pushing back statistics like just .1% of people vaccinated can get the virus, that is nonsense. everyone i know who got sick around christmas and new year's,
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they were vaccinated, many at least half of them got the virus again. when will she be fired? [laughter] >> i think the problem in part lies with the fact that this is a new virus, we knew nothing about it before two years ago. however it came about. the science evolves and changes and we learn more. each wave we've seen has different properties to it. delta was contagious in a certain way, certain terms, omicron is very different so i think the cdc tripped up not being clear that things will change because of the changing virus. i also think they are scared of right wing pressure. all of the size said we should where n95 k n95 really good masks for omicron and get she seems paralyzed and unable to say what all of the doctors agree on and i can't quite figure out why except for the
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fact that there is concern if we have stricter measures like better masks, the population won't do it because it a right wing attack on any covid restriction or anything seen as that. she does need to do better. kennedy: so the right wing, eric's falwell and aoc went to a place where there's more freedom and personal responsibility, they went to florida. they both are finger whackers. >> they got covid there. kennedy: so did everyone else, even people wearing masks. people wearing good masks and those wearing back masks. people like to about the virus and people who are shut out. a lot of people thought it but those same republicans are keeping it going, they went to a place where it was sunny and free because that's what people want, they want to make their
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own decisions and it's time to live with the virus. that means if the mandate contradictory and brought arbitrary and stop it with all of them. olivia. >> you said it best, they are contradictory any the cdc is saying after five days your cool to go back to work in the white house because it a winter of death, i think we should just do away with it. clearly there's a contradiction and arbitrary, i don't buy the excuse of the science changes, the virus evolves and yada yada, miscommunication. i think it was dishonesty and blatant dishonesty in the fact that they are addressing it to begin with is letting them slip up just enough to see what they are getting up. they are regretting they had no consistency throughout the entire pandemic and change the rules and people are mad about just saying they're going to improve next time. i think somebody should lose their jobs for. kennedy: absolutely.
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it's not just this looks bad, how can we shellacked the toward to make it little better so we can stick in the window and sell it with the pastry? not going to happen. the genie is out of the bottle. people know what is going on and they are upset about it because people follow the rules and the rules betrayed them because essentially they are made up cobbled together and no accountability at least in israel, they are saying we got this wrong, the fourth shot doesn't do anything for omicron. whichever never closed schools or touched them. you hear people saying that here? no. they are going to pr five saying how can i make myself look better on tv? everyone is a tik tok start. we are still going to party, don't you worry. mask mandate may have all over the country, supreme court
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consensus for themselves. what does this mean for the rest of us? soaring backup to pre-pandemic job numbers, who will tell you which one, how they got it right and where you should move, that next. ♪♪
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now some good news, for all those out there from both of you, i love you. according to a report from the "wall street journal", texas, arizona, utah and idaho have recovered the last jobs since the end of the pandemic march of 2020 they've added more jobs than that. look at they have in common? go to be excessive lockdowns and authoritarian ship? 's leadership them encourages free markets. to discuss, management investment officer, fox news particular, benefit the people from scotty. >> body karate. high tech state, one of the other things you mentioned about the states that have recovered from look at tax policy in most states, not too bad.
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florida not too far behind but california, new york, illinois, hello. not doing so well. high tax policy as well driving up businesses and driving away wealth. kennedy: on this show we believe taxation is theft and the larger the tax grab, the more power the state has over your life. when they do that, they have freedom. when businesses are strangled, they want to breathe so they leave and a lot of people took the opportunity and booked one way you also to places like arizona and texas from california. idaho and utah seeing a jobs boom among what is driving things there? we don't hear about them as much when we talk about people and oppressive states relocated. >> if they can afford the u-haul after the states have taken everything from them, and that's interesting, maybe not to fair
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about the analysis, hospitality has been hardest hit areas so when you look at new york, california, los angeles and san francisco and chicago, they've taken a big hit but if you look at these other states that have reinvented themselves in other industries, agricultural, transportation and things, those are areas that have been taking hospitality jobs. a personal story, i've been trying to get a reservation at 9:00 for two people forever, i can't get in new york. i called with paul and ellen on the phone and i can't even get in and it shows you how the businesses are either closed or shutting yours temporarily or the folks who typically go to those places have less seats. kennedy: people who normally would go out and spend a lot of money, there are high-rises for they work in midtown telling
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them not to show up, record low occupancy rate during the day and others look around at crime and homelessness and taxes and it's a handwritten invitation to leave the city and state and that's what people are doing. i can't tell you how many people i know including karol markowicz, we just had her on the show, she packed up, a lifelong new yorker, packed up her family moved her husband and kids to florida because they wanted to be in a place where their kids were not bound by masks and schools there are finding elements in small business that of people just had enough, where the blue states catch up and what will make them pop on this trend? met they won't catch up but they might catch on and i'm worried because some of the folks from blue states may go to red states and poison them and turn them
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purple and blue, i'm more worried about that. interesting about small businesses, going forward in this economy we have meandering along, struggling to recover from a lot of the key to the future growth in income and output small business related. the small businesses in your city or state are driven up by overreaching government policy, you mentioned crime and other factors that go into why people leave, that's something i should be concerned about. we are told post pandemic recovery fee to giant corporations in bed with politicians like target and walmart, they love minimum wage laws because it drives small businesses direct competitors out so you've got to watch out. thank goodness we have. martin here. coming up, co-owner of the golden state warriors getting destroyed, heartless remarks on
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the weaker genocide. beijing olympics are almost here, officials advising athletes leave their phones at home. i'll explain why. the panel joins me next. ♪♪
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well, it's not hard enough for a lot of people but also part owner of the golden state warriors according to a american political activist after billing or basketball presume said this on his own podcast. >> nobody cares what's happening to the uighurs. you bring it up because you care. >> what you mean nobody cares? >> the rest of us don't care. i'm telling you a heart of the
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truth. of all the things i care about, it is below my life show in imax theater on your foe head. i've angered a lot of people because not everyone is heartless to . it turns out many americans you care about the weaker genocide and genocide in general. he tried to apologize the damage was already done, the golden state where your distancing themselves from him, to. probe china pattern we've seen from so many inside the nba, pretty much everyone is an apologist except for freedom party panel is back. jason meister, marie harp and olivia rondeau this wasn't the guy who tripped up words, meant something else and said something, he was really showing the world how he feels in a heartless man. >> one 100%.
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i think we need to first get something out of the way and call out the elephant in the room, china represents -- b2 i've been working out, okay? like a lot. i'm watching my cards. >> we have to identify the fact that china represents upwards of 10% of the nba's revenue, annual revenue, $800 million, operation in china is about $5 billion. these comments were not taken out of context, this was his podcast, not an ambush interview. he called out -- he made an argument that criticizing china's abuses of the uighurs, he is fine with that, he doesn't care. he's angry about people calling out china abusing the uighurs done he is angry about china actually abusing the uighurs. his comments were outlandish and he's accomplish it with the chinese communist party and
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crimes against humanity. kennedy: what he's saying, marie, a false dichotomy, he sang we can't care about genocide elsewhere and human rights violation until we clean up our own house. we can do both simultaneously, we can improve conditions in our country for all sorts of people and we can worry about people who are incarcerated, sterilized, raped, tortured, killed. we have enough energy and freedom in this country -- at least we used to, to care about the uyghurs. he says no one cares about the uyghurs, i've been talking about the uyghurs on foxbusiness. [two bells tolling] so he can suck it. your thoughts? >> yes, i agree with you. this is one issue that democrats and republicans agree on, this genocide perpetrated against the uyghurs is horrific.
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there's a big difference between saying nba had business interests there and employ a project people and figure out how to make that happen versus what he had which was heartless and cruel and personal, it wasn't the nba can't worry about it, it's i as a human being do not care about these other human beings. there is no about that can fix that, it was horrific. kennedy: he could get were rochelle walensky and they are not going to fix either one of these dimples. i know you care about the uyghurs, olivia. >> absolutely. kennedy: what you think about this, should he be canceled? should he be shipped to a weaker concentration camp? >> you know, maybe he should take a field trip but i was confused about why nobody says i don't care about deforestation
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in the amazon or female genital mutilation or child marriage, why is it the weaker muslims that the left and corporate interest are so dedicated to dispelling or dismissing? it's very interesting and i think it goes to show the nba's chinese interest in how they are so corrupt. also, i read the teams statement how he's a minority owner and reflecting on the entire team for the rest of the artist but they did not mention weaker muslims, is nowhere to be found, they didn't release an apology, they just that we don't agree with his statement but didn't mention what the statement was so why is it so hard for the nba to acknowledge the weaker muslims? kennedy: for could have taken the opportunity to condemn them, cancer is the only person truly standing up speaking truth to
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power and he's brave and bold and fantastic. the weaker genocide should have been enough to disqualify china from hosting the upcoming winter olympics and get still going on there in a few weeks. everything will be fine, right? no, commies are telling olympic athletes and visitors to you there internet software apps and so on purportedly riddled with malware obviously and vulnerable to hackers and spies because that's what china does, athletes are being warned to leave their electronic devices at home. ioc must have known olympics in china would be a mess. why did they let it happen in the first place i feel ioc deserves so much more wrath than they are getting. >> it's incredible to me that we are two years into this pandemic. they covid out how it got leaked from the wuhan bob and we are
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going to trust the ccp? we are going to send our athletes, greatest athletes to compete in the beijing olympics? it's insane if you think about it if there's no reason for this to happen. we should delay of limp games, rebid it and find a place safe, democratic, to host the games and allow athletes to be safe and protect american lives first and foremost. kennedy: sent them back to salt lake city or vancouver. beijing just had the game, 14 years ago. they don't deserve them again. they are corrupt and awful and it's sad athletes have to be in opposition but marie, i'm going to disagree with jason a little bit, the athletes have worked their whole lives, a lot of them only get one shot just because corrupt body like the ioc makes a series of horrible decisions doesn't mean they should have to
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forgo their opportunities on the world stage. what you think? >> that's right, they should get to compete and represent the united states and should wind which a bunch of them are going to do. they should take burner cell phones and not walk onto their e-mail or give the chinese government any way to get personal information from them. don't check your bank statement while in beijing. they have problems how they worked on the books, we see that going back many years even as recently as giving it to the russians to vladimir putin but ioc has a lot of issues and need to work that out and we need to stand up for them in the international sports world but the athletes should get to compete and they are going to. kennedy: for olympics could go away the golden gloves and been we will show them at all, billions of dollars to get the game. olivia, you are one of them young people, your generation, i leave it to you, the
7:36 pm
responsibility's of saving the game, how you do it? >> many people may not know this but i'm a former team usa athlete myself, traveled competed internationally and wrestling so this hits home for me. there are times where it comes down to it and you are looking forward to attornment and something called it off and it's the worst feeling in the world so the last thing i want to see is athletes not being able to compete. i agree that china should not be hosting the olympics yet again. we shouldn't be stepping foot into a country that has such harsh and horrible human rights violations, it is disgusting to me. kennedy: and the commies and russia and china spy on people. that's true but in our country we talk about it. we don't kill people or imprisoned journalists who are talking about except the obama administration affect i just had to get one dig in their.
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[laughter] maria -- >> i felt that coming. kennedy: the worst administration in terms of china and the uyghurs? we've known at least three, obama, trump or by? >> they've all spoken out clearly about what's happening there. the question is always what tools we have to pressure the chinese and unfortunately the chinese are really able to be shamed, they hold economic power and we don't have a lot of leverage except we keep speaking up about it and putting sanctions as we have so hopefully the biden team will keep up the pressure. kennedy: and companies should make their cheap stuff in india and vietnam cambodia and thailand. you are all beautiful, lovely out stanek. wonderful. mask mandate fight in the supreme court. the justice can't even decide if they should be wearing masks. they get to make decisions for
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everyone else? next. ♪♪
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♪♪ that i think the fees for the segment? that would be so fun. class thanks winner was eric again, he's almost unstoppable. every once in a while the worthington's step in. the supreme court is rechargeable only on mathematics for the entire country but the nine justices can't even reach the agreement amongst themselves, a new report claims wheel forceps refused to mastering for refusing nicely by
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chief justice roberts from justices-triple injected with covid vaccines and required to test negative to walk in the door but it's not enough for justice who's been working remotely because she said she feels unsafe around unmask colleagues because she has the sugars. when the individual preferences influence their vote? running me now, fox news chief correspondent anchor, fox news at night on the fox news channel, shanna. in a ball gown. >> not tonight but you never know. kennedy: and that's why it's so exciting. now tell me about this because is there conflict within scotus we go through all of us in our lives in schools and work with families and they are doing the same thing. >> yes from the reward of this morning justice felt uncomfortable going sitting in close proximity with somebody wearing a mask and it had
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justice john roberts understanding that in some form asked the other justices to mess up justice for such next to him on the bench, he's showed up not wearing a mask so the story made it sound like justice was asked to do this and he refused to modify operating remotely. i told that's not accurate the source tells me the supreme court justice roberts never asked anybody or had a blanket admonition or request of all the justices to wear a mask to the arguments. the same source tells justice never made of direct request to justice or such so ergo he never refused anything given those facts so sources inside the court are telling us that is not true, chief justice never asked everybody to wear their master so there was no refusal. kennedy: and it didn't surprise me or bother me that were such
7:45 pm
did that because he's doing what the cdc and factory told him to do. if you're double vaccine and booster, you should live your life especially those who have undergone the same regiment of immunization. he knows what he's doing, it's not a surprise, he's like the ranking article, not wearing a mask. stupid. >> they are all testing before they get to the bench which is] i guess justice from the beginning has been cautious, she has diabetes so she's taking extra precaution like people with potential complications and have is such so she's been wearing a mask for a long time. not surprising she would have concerns with the story from npr this morning is not true. kennedy: falsehood. there just may think making things up willy-nilly. thinking take something and twisted, flip it, poke it to see
7:46 pm
if i can get reaction and all they want to be like everyone else is get because i don't have any substance anymore. terry gross will be rolling in her grave to hear about what npr has become. i am glad to hear it because you don't want to think there's always animosity in the supreme court because if there is been democrats are going to say who will put 15 people on the supreme court and then 2028 is going to look like a gospel choir. [laughter] >> there matching robes though, just like a choir. kennedy: i'm rethinking my whole thing, what are you most excited about on your show? >> we are going to talk about all of these issues and more. we are going to delve into covid, this guy is now challenging in new york city where some of the decisions based on early treatment and special things to get your hands
7:47 pm
on positive public test, fair on the basis of race, he says it's unfair and officially filed a lawsuit so we are going to talk about. kennedy: that would be great for you to follow because obviously treatment should go to the sickest people. the sickest people need with i can get to get through this illness shannon, we will be watching you tonight on fox news. see you then. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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1963 ralph in the 1953 special page from his mother but them as a gift for him in the mid 80s but never actually handed them over instead, she just left them he looked up from time to time, technically makes him the first ever owner of an nft 53 for possession or cash value you know he's serious about the lawsuit because he came up from the basement to serve her with papers from effective big deal. topic number four group of him and repairs are up in arms after learning their local elementary school hosting and afterschool satan club. if you know saint like i do, i'm betting triscuits were served because they taste horrible and cut up your mouth. club sponsored by the satanic temple in office afternoon of signs project, puzzles and major activities, the mildest way i've ever heard referring to goat
7:55 pm
sacrifices. ) spent days trying to get canceled because they say they want their kids to learn about how, they would just bring them to chicago but the afterschool satan club says there's nothing to worry about. the clubs teachers all have clean criminal records like the clubs coach robert blake for the home at teacher, casey anthony despite the names of satanic temples has the effect is actually not about satan worship. nothing to see her. it's teaching children the value of how to think for themselves and after hearing that, democrat parents of illinois became even angrier. how dare you? they're not going to think for themselves. here's tonight to call me tuesday jokes. # tickle me tuesday, do not look up. what does a vegetarian zombie eat? ♪♪
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tickle me tuesday. the tickle you have been waiting for, what do veg tear -- vegetarian zombies eat.
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