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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 19, 2022 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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on the nasdaq again, 18 points lower. don't forget, please. send in your fan friday videos. all you've got to do is take a video of yourself, tell us your name, where you're from, and this is the important part. you have to say you're watching "varney & company." if you do that and you're not careful, you'll see yourself on tv. you don't need me to wrap up the markets, you need david asman who is filling in for neil. [laughter] dave:ed i just can't believe you never saw ted. it's one of the funniest movies i've ever seen. you would like ted. forget about the joker, you would really like ted. i recommend it for weekend viewing. stuart: thank you. david: stuart, thank you very much. welcome to "cavuto coast to coast", i'm david asman in for neil. happening right now, the nasdaq entering correction territory. tech stocks still sliding. we'll tell you what's behind the sellingoff. meanwhile, housing targets with an unexpected boost in december. not only is the red hot housing
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market jumping into the cryptoverse, the metaverse real estate market is gaining some steam. we'll talk to ryan about that and how you can make your housing hopes a reality. a virtual one. plus, i'm going to be talking to former republican wisconsin governor scott walker and current iowa republican governor kim reynolds on jobs, inflation and that much-anticipated press conference from president biden coming up in just a couple of hours. but first, our top story this hour, president biden is set to hold his first solo news conference in ten months marking the first year of his presidency amid failing poll numbers. edward lawrence is at the white house with a lot more on this. hi, edward. >> reporter: yeah, the president's going to stand in front of a mic, in front of reporters and answer questions, a relatively rare occurrence. if this goes like the other news conferences this president's had, he'll have a pretty selected list to choose from with reporters. fox will not be on that list.
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in that his first -- in his first year in office, president biden will have had ten press conferences including today, less than half his immediate predecessors. former president trump had 21, former president obama had 27. when you look at -- when you work in the white house, you see a lot of this at his events, you might have one shouted question, get a short answer and mostly we see the back of president biden. during his news conference, we do expect him to talk about how the economy has come roaring back, but he will have to defend how inflation has reached 40-year highs. workers seeing wage increases eaten up by that inflation. the president will be pressed about his failures on the vaccine mandate, his social spending package, the border crisis and the latest failure to get the voting rights bill passed, a failure republican senator lindsey graham applauds. >> they're trying to make every republican, no matter tim scott,
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herschel walker, be considered racist because we're blocking a federal takeover of elections. under our constitution states are in charge of administering elections. this federal legislation we will defeat today would do away with most state-level voter id laws. they're trying the make it easier to cheat, not easier to votement. >> reporter: and president joe biden has no public events on his schedule today other than that news conference, no public vents yesterday. he's been preparing for this news conference today. back to you, david. david david a fight over whether to go nuclear, senate democrats face a doomed vote on altering the senate rules in an attempt to get their voting bill through congress. fox news congressional correspondent chad pergram is on capitol hill to explain exactly where we go from here. chald. >> reporter: good afternoon, david. senate democrats want to get all senators on the record today about the filibuster as they try
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to pass voting rights. expected gop filibuster of the bill today, democrats promise a response. >> republicans block cloture on the legislation before us, i will put forward a proposal to change the senate rules to allow for a talking filibuster on this legislation. as recommended by a number of our colleagues who have been working on this reform for a very long time. >> reporter: senators can filibuster from afar, they aren't required to speak from the floor. that's what senate democrats want to change. >> i think we should be. i think, basically, should be transparency in how we do our business here. >> reporter: but enforcing the talking filibuster is nearly impossible. still, any changes would require democrats on their own to alter the filibuster. manchin says he won't go for that. he opposes modifications to the filibuster just by one party. senate minority to leader mitch
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mccome warned democrats about tonight's votes. >> this vote will echo for generations. who will vote to protect checks and balances and who will try to purchase power at any price. >> reporter: republicans find it ironic that democrats embraced the filibuster when they were in the minority. it takes all democrats banding together to change the filibuster. manchin and kyrsten sinema a oppose any changes, they are not ready to budge. david? david: i loved it when senator cotton read his opposition to changing the filibuster, turned out all the words he was speaking were from senator schumer from years ago supporting the filibuster. so it's a strange world, chad, but you're used to it down in d.c. appreciate it. meantime, bernie sanders says he is open to supporting primary challengers against senators manchin and sinema in the future if they continue to oppose scrapping the filibuster. joining me now is form erie
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palin we've -- republican wisconsin governor scott walker. thanks for being here. so bernie sanders, socialist bernie sanders, and pretty much socialist aoc think that they can primary joe manchin in the state of west virginia, like they have more pull with west virginia voters than joe manchin does. what do you think about that? >> i say, do it. [laughter] i think that would be great not only for people in west virginia, but for the american public. that will push both of those senators, i think both joe manchin and senator sinema, to move at a minimum towards declaring themselves independents and likely caucusing with the gop if not outright switching, at least in manchin's case, all the way over to the republican party. so my hope is, do it. one of bernie's allies talked about needing to fire up air force one and bring joe biden to that state. i say do it as well. not only go to west virginia and arizona, while you're at it, go to nevada and new hampshire
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because joe biden's numbers are in the tank because, ironically, joe biden is no longer the moderate that he claimed to be. the guy who's the moderate is joe manchin. david: right, right. i'm going to get into that in a second, but just sticking with this issue first, they know all this. i mean, bernie sanders and aoc, may -- they may be nuts when it comes to the economy, but they understand politics, and i'm sure they know everything you're saying. i'm going to be spear tomorrow. what -- conspiratorial. what if they do know all of this and nay know -- they know they're not going to get anything more passed through the senate because of man chick and sinema, so this way in -- if, in fact, manchin goes to the gop, they can blame it on the republicans. they don't have to split their blame between the republicans and the democrats. how about that as a conspiracy theory? >> well, i think there's truth to that. i think the other part of it's about the money. bernie sanders and aoc really only have power within their party because they raise
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massive, millions of dollars. off of low dollar, online contributions that are driven by people who have no touch with reality, what's happening in washington, for that matter, most cases across this country -- places across this country. remember, at the convention back in august of 2022 bernie sanders said out loud that ideas that were considered radical just a few years ago are now mainstream. they're not mainstream, they're only mainstream in his party because joe biden outsourced that agenda to people like bernie and aoc. david: well, and to prove your point, gallup has been doing this poll for the past 12 years now, a poll of capitalism versus socialism among the american public. it's still holding steady. it's been about 60% in favor of capitalism, about 38% in favor of socialism for the past 12 years at least, if not further back than that. so they're not winning. they may think they're winning -- the socialists, that is -- within the democratic party, but they're not winning
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with the american public. >> well, that's what happens when too many people live in this bubble called twitter. [laughter] they think that the left-wingers on twitter that somehow trend are representative of the american people. remember, only about 22% of all the adults in america are on twitter, and out of that about 80% of the betweens are done by 10% -- tweets are done by 10% of the people. they hi they're trending nationally are, they're not. and this is not just driving bernie and aoc, but increasingly others in the party. david: so, scott, where does the president go now? this big press conference he's been preparing for for the past 36 hours now, will he use the conference to pivot away -- there are still some moderates in the democratic party. they've been waiting for him to move away from the far left. do you think he's going to do that or is he going to stay the course? >> well, politically, herb, but i think -- he should, but i think he stays the course
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because the people around him are heading in that direction. i remember being with neil cavuto almost two years ago when we were in the spring of 2020 on the news decks in new york talking about super tiewrs and how joe biden was pulling things out because he took that moderate lane. you had the others, bernie and the others were more to the radical left, he claimed to be more of the moderate, did well and eventually did well in south carolina because of jim clyburn. but he's not done that at all. in fact, he outsourced that when he picked kamala harris. e let aoc and bernie sanders drive that agenda, and that's what's gotten him into trouble with the american people. joe manchin is more reflect i of where joe biden was two years ago than he himself is, and i don't know that he has the capacity to step up and take on his advisers -- [inaudible conversations] good for the american people. david: yeah, but, scott, when you see polls go down like this, i don't care how ensconced you are with any particular group, you make changes. you make staff changes.
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that's happened with every president in my lifetime when they've seen their poll numbers change this much in just the first year. doesn't he have to make some changes to reflect this pivot? >> politically, i think he does, but i don't know if they're capable of doing that. you remember bill clinton was in big trouble early on in his presidency when he endorsed hillarycare, took on more of a radical agenda. he got that wake-up call in the midterm in 1994 when republicans took the house and the senate, and that probably saved his presidency two years later because he shifted more towards the middle, ultimately signed welfare reform, did some other things that got him back to the middle. joe biden's history in the united states senate is to be more in the middle on some of these key issues, but certainly he hasn't been as president. i just don't know if he's up to it. i don't think he's up to it politically. david: and certainly joe biden is no bill clinton, at least bill clinton in his prime.
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>> not by a long shot. david: scott walker, great to see you. coming up, crime appears to have gone from bad to much worse as four women were killed over the span of just over a week. where is the outrage from the left on that in more on that straight ahead. ♪ muck (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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david: new york city mayor everything adams is fielding pleas from his city to step up actions to curb the crime surge with some the most horrifying crimes in just the past week. bryan llenas has the latest from outside the times square subway station. bryan. >> reporter: david, on saturday new york city mayor eric adams said that the subways were safe and that there is a perception of fear amongst the riders of the trains. well, yesterday i asked the mayor about this, and he even said, look, even i feel afraid when when i ride the trains, and he said that the fear is very much real and justified. >> on day one i took the subway system, i felt unsafe. i saw homeless everywhere. people were yelling on the trains. there was a feeling of disorder. so as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe.
12:17 pm
that's the dual battle that i have, because if we don't do them both together the, then we fail. >> reporter: crime in the city's unway system is up over 55% compared to the same time last year. the mayor is deploying more police and mental health teams onto trains. last night hundreds, including the mayor, attended a candlelight vigil for 40-year-old michelle go who was killed on saturday at the times square subway station after a deranged man pushed her in front of a train. 61-year-old simon marshall was arraigned from his hospital bedside today on a second-degree murder charge. the judge orders he undergo a mental health review. we spoke to a new yorker who said she had a scary run-in with who she believes is the same man back in 2020. >> i'll just never forget that face. he just started, like, screaming at me. like, just berating me with, like, you know, get the f out of here and you don't belong here,
12:18 pm
this and that. >> reporter: she says she felt so unsafe in new york that she eventually has moved to florida. and, look, david, just last night an nypd officer was wounded after a teenager fired a gunshot. that same teenager was on probation just last month on a gun charge. so that is, obviously, front and center as people in the city discuss bail reform. david? david: it's getting a lot worse. brian bryan llenas, thank you very much. with all these deadly attacks on women in particular, where are the feminists? the selective rage of the feminist left seems pretty weak when forced to choose between defenseless women and homeless predators. so what's up with that? for more, we turn to new york post columnist karol markowitz. thanks for being here. the worst form of misogyny, let's be very clear about it, the worst form of misogyny is men attacking defenseless women. and in these cases, murdering
12:19 pm
those women. why aren't we hearing more from the feminists? >> well, because i think the solutions are very much not leftist solutions. i think this is not a problem, you know, that we need a rocket scientist to solve. there's some real good answers that we've had throughout history in places like new york city. one, we have -- we should put more misin subway stations and elsewhere -- police. two, we should keep violent criminals in prison for longer and not let them out with no bail. and three would be ending the covid mania and sending people back to work so that the subway system has people in it again, somebody there to step in and help to protect women. it's just that these answers are very obvious and that they're not aligned with leftist philosophy, people just aren't suggesting them. and you're absolutely right, where is the feminists to say there are answers and ways to protect women? we should do those things. p. david: you know, there's another thing that really kills me about
12:20 pm
particularly from the liberals, they're always trying to pin the crimes not on the thugs who commit them, but on guns. in these cases, these cases that we're focused on this particular week, michelle go wasn't killed by a gun, she was pushed in front of a subway, murdered that way. in l.a., the 70-year-old nurse, sandra, she was beaten to death. no gun involved. brianna kupfer, of course, the tragic story of the young woman who was stabbed to death in a furniture store. again, no guns. the problem is not guns in particular, the problem is the thugs who are beating people to death, stabbing people to death, pushing them in front of the subways. that's the issue, is the people who commit the crimes. >> yeah. that's absolutely right. and, you know, the additional point is that in a lot of these places we treat homelessness as if letting people stay homeless is compassionate, as if letting people live on the street is compassionate. no, we should end homelessness,
12:21 pm
we should get everybody off of the streets, not let anybody live in subway stations as if that is somehow anti-homeless. i think we really need to have solutions that end homelessness, that literally do not allow people to be homeless. and we can do that -- david: we've done it before. >> -- the ways that we've treated homelessness in big cities is pleatly backwards, and i think it leads to problems like this. david: well, we have done it before. rudy giuliani sent social workers out with police and said, look, you have several options. the social worker will discuss those with you. if you have problems getting a job, problems finding a place to sleep, drug problems, we'll fix it for you, but one of those solutions is not using the sidewalk as your bedroom and toilet. that is not going to be acceptable anymore. >> right. david: finally, just going back to the issue of misogyny and feminists and where are they, one thing that a lot of people could do is focus on these radical prosecutors like gascon in l.a. or alvin bragg -- >> yeah. david: -- and accuse them of
12:22 pm
misogyny because they are helping the worst misogynysts in the world, those men who prey on defenseless women and kill them. they are the worst. and these people are protecting misogyny nists -- misogynysts. >> that's absolutely right. you know, a lot of these violent cases that end up in the deaths of women, that is not their first offense. they have been violent in the past. and just because it ends with a woman being dead, you know, they usually have a long history of violence. i think you're absolutely right, these prosecutors letting these men skate, it's absolutely anti-woman to do so. david: great to talk to you, karl -- karol, appreciate it. david: coming up, ryan serpent explains what impact tech could have on the real estate market. that's next. ♪ ♪ thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform.
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david: business alert on rates. 10-year treasury yield hit 1.9% as investors bet on rate hikes. it's cooled off a little bit but, again, rates -- only one way to go up. meanwhile, u.s. housing starts edging higher in he's as home builders are struggling with inflation and supply issues. let's get the read from ryan sir hand. ryan, thank you for being here. 1.7 million units a year, that's the latest figure. is that a good number? >> that is a good number. it is a healthy number, and it shows that the real estate market not just locally in major cities, but nationally as a whole is moving in the right direction which is not hot, not cold, it is balanced. and that's what we look for in
12:28 pm
our business, a balanced market where buyers can buy and sellers can sell. david: one thing that's not balanced is availability of goods because of supply chain problem and, again, labor problems, tremendous labor problems in terms of finding people that are able to build houses at a reasonable cost. is that still holding the market back? >> i'd say, yes, slightly. more so in kind of, you know, virtual and actual water cooler talk because all you hear about these days is supply chain. every issue you have, you go to a restaurant today and ten minutes for an appetizer, supply chain issue. it seems like the hot topic. but it's pushing people to buy ready-made, fully furnished homes because after covid, after quarantine it seems like the united states' public has a little less patience than they did back in the days of 2019 and before. so we're seeing a lot of inventory move that is ready to go where you can i move in tomorrow. bring a toothbrush, is what we say. david: it's more than water cooler talk. i have a summer home, i was trying to -- i've got an old
12:29 pm
balcony in the back i was trying to fix up. i was pricing lumber, it's still through the roof and just, if that wasn't high enough, we have the biden administration tacking on another 18% duties on canadian soft lumber. so, mine -- i mean, there are real concerns here about the cost of some of these materials that we need to build houses. >> well, all costs get passed on. david: that's right. that's the problem. >> everything gets passed on to the consumer. so if it's going to cost you 2x or 4x to build the same deck or kitchen or bathroom or addition to your home than it did two years ago, eventually your future buyer is going to pay for those costs because those costs will be passed down. and it is a pinch on everybody, on the general american public. not just people who have the cash now to spend the dollars, right? it is a trickle down, and the excess tax is sickening. the pressure is very tough. but you're seeing it translate
12:30 pm
into what we talked about to start the conversation, into these housing starts, into the rapid market. here even in new york city closings in 2021 were up 77%. david: right. >> that's nuts. supply was at 16 months. at the end of last year, supply was at 4 months. so even in major cities where dollar price points are averaging at $2 million a home, activity is and is moving and people willing to pay for it. david: you know, i guess what it's saying as good as this number is, it could be even higher if we take care of the supply and labor issues. i want to move on to crypto because you say we could soon see a real estate market where 50% of the transactions are done in crypto? explain. >> i see a real estate market currently that has not changed intrinsically for over 50 years. when you sell your vacation home
12:31 pm
wherever it is, right, you are going to sign a contract on a piece of paper that can be forged, can be fudged, you're going to do it maybe on dock the you sign, you might sign it on your phone, but there's no track tracking, there's no trust. there is a sincere lack of trust in the real estate business. historically that blockchain technology and cryptoto currency as a tool -- cryptocurrency as a tool is here now, finally, to help us. which is why, you know, i think bloomberg estimated that the metaverse alone, right, a virtual world could be worth a trillion dollars in the next two years. you see what's happening with microsoft's purchase, right, of activision yesterday. there's a lot happening. there are 484 global exchanges and 15,000 different tokens. all of that is to say that there is a lot happening. the general public is aware of alternative forms of currency, and what do you do when you have currency. you use it to buy goods.
12:32 pm
and a great place to use this where you can instill trust in contracts is in real estate. it can be tracked. david: yeah. >> it's an exciting time. i mean, if you look at the value of all u.s. residential real estate right now, i think it's, like, $36 trillion. so the market cap large, and crypto is here for it. david: well, blockchain, it's just an extraordinary revolution that we're in the midst of right now. it's very exciting. ryan, thank you very much, appreciate it. good stuff. fox business alert for you, verizon and at&t have agreed to delay turning on some 5g towers around certain airports after airlines warned of potentially devastating disruptions. grady trimble has been following this. he is live with the latest from chicago o'hare international airport. grady. >> reporter: hey, david. despite that deal, some international airlines like british airways, air india and
12:33 pm
emirates canceled flights into the u.s. today over fears from the 5g rollout. here in the u.s. though the domestic airlines, the majors, seem to be expecting maybe some minor disruptions. but it appears the worst of the fears that they had like mass cancellations of cargo and passenger flights has been avoided. and that is thanks to that agreement between verizon and at&t to launch towers everywhere in the u.s. as planned except for some close to certain airports. and even the international airlines that were worried about the 5g rollout seem to be less worried today. japan airlines says we have received confirmation from the faa that there's no longer a problem with the operation of the boeing 777, and we will resume service to the u.s. mainland with the boeing 777 starting tomorrow. at issue here, the main concern from the airlines is that the 5g frequency is close to the frequency on some safety instruments on airplanes that
12:34 pm
especially help land in low visibility situations. so they were worried that would interfere with those instruments. i spoke to a consultant who works with a lot of tech companies including verizon as one of his clients, and he says there is plenty of blame to go around with the drama surrounding this 5g rollout. >> it is a very easy thing to test. it just is. and where it's an issue, it's a very easy thing to fix. i've got to say i am very disappointed in the carriers, i am very disappointed in the naa -- faa and in the airlines. they are indicting a technology that is for the next 50 years. >> reporter: talks continue amongst all the parties involved in this 5g rollout including the airlines, cell providers and the government agencies responsible for overseeing all of this. but overall, the telecom industry says that the drama that we've seen and the concerns from the airlines, they believe it's overblown, david, especially because 5g has been
12:35 pm
successfully and safely rolled out in nearly 40 countries without any major issues as far as aviation goes. david: grady trimble, thank you very much. well, the countdown is on for the beijing winter olympics, and u.s. companies sponsoring the event are feeling the heat. the backlash that they are facing right after the break. ♪♪ baby, now we got bad blood. ♪ you know, we used to be mad love -- ♪ but take a look at what you've done. ♪ 'cuz, baby, now we got bad blood, hey! ♪♪ [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard.
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muck. david: some big corporations like coca-cola, intel and airbnb are facing backlash over their back of the 2022 winter olympics in beijing as china's facing heat over human rights abuses. ashley webster has details on this story. hi, ash. ashley: hey there, david.
12:40 pm
listen, the beijing winter olympics could provide major pitfalls for u.s. olympic sponsors who have remained mostly quiet about china's human rights record including the abuse of uighurs and suppression of pro-democracy protests in hong kong. the biden administration, along with other countries such as canada, australia, the u.k. and new zealand, have joined a diplomatic boycott that bars senior officials from attending the games. critics call that a toothless response. but corporate giants like procter & gamble, coca-cola, intel, visa and airbnb to name just a few are gambling, basically, that americans won't care and that brands will suffer no reputational damage. but human rights groups accuse those olympic sponsors of prioritizing profits and access to the chinese market over principles. take a listen. >> these companies are in the spotlight in exactly the way they didn't want to be. but they've really got nobody to blame for that but themselves,
12:41 pm
you know? they bought into this exercise. they didn't have to. and they don't appear to have done the homework that is now considered their responsibility. ashley: well, critics also accuse corporate america of hypocrisy by preaching social justice at home while bowing to the chinese communist party or to protect their bottom line. we did reach out to nearly a dozen corporate olympic sponsors for a response but so far just silence. the ioc president has also declined to speak out on human rights abuses in china saying in part, quote: we have our full focus on the athletes. we welcome that they can participate, that they are supported by their national governments. the rest is politics. and it is the politics of china that is generating growing dissension and calls for a boycott even as u.s. athletes are being told to use burner phones during the games for fear
12:42 pm
of chinese hacking. but sponsor ises apparently are only interested in the really big prize, the chinese consumer. david. david: 1.5 billion of them. thank you very much, ash. joining me now, alabama republican congressman mo brooks. congressman, what would you like to do about this? >> well, i wish that these american corporations would have a greater love of country and show their patriotic values by, first, understanding how bad the communist chinese party regime is. that's important. they are slave masters. you've got basically 10% of the chinese population, that's the chinese communist party members, who rule, and the other 90% do what the party dictates or else they may be disappeared or punished in some fashion. you've got them being a military foe of the united states of america or threatening to invade an ally of the united states, taiwan, even to the point where not so long ago they were not so
12:43 pm
subtly threatening japan with a nuclear strike should japan have the audacity to abide by its treaty obligations with taiwan. you've got bellicose reactions to australia, and then you've got covid-19. this was made, in my judgment -- david: absolutely. >> -- in a bioweapons lab in wuhan that has resulted in the loss of life of millions of americans. david: yeah. >> all these things put together, i wish american companies were being more responsible and understand that communist china is not a friend of our values. in fact, it's very much a foe, and we need to act accordingly. david: but, congressman, i think these corporations are smart enough to know everything, everything that's going on there. they know about it, but they are chasing the money above everything. if corporations want to link their brands with communist repression -- and, again, i'm sure they know details of communist repression -- shouldn't they be allowed to do it if they want to sink their
12:44 pm
brands with communist repression, you know, as long as you and i are free to talk about it openly, shouldn't they be able to at least talk about it and do business with the chinese communists? >> well, in america we have such freedoms. certainly, if they were chinese companies, they would not be allowed to act that way with respect to a geopolitical foe. david: that's true. >> but since they are american companies, yes, they can do it, but we, the american people, ought to hold them accountable and if we decide not to purchase their products or not do favors for them in congress as so often is the case, then we should act accordingly based on their having shown very vocally that they are not being patriotic to the country of their birth. david: yeah. by the way, there is some good news in all of this, and that is one of the superstars of the nbn towing the line, the chinese communist line, but you havemen misfreedom who's become a real
12:45 pm
superstar not only in basketball itself, but in terms of speaking out for freedom in china. he's, i think, getting more attention than those who were kind of saying, suggesting that it wasn't that big a problem, don't you agree? >> well, let me emphasize manager when we talk about the nba -- something when we talk about the nba and some individuals. i applaud those individuals who stand strong in the face of the mighty dollar and nba pressure from on high to do the wrong thing. but we need to understand that communist china stands out in one regard. they have enslaved more people within their own borders than any other nation in history. so if you oppose slavery, you should not be chumming up to communist china, and you should take that into account. if you wanted to do business with communist china, find -- fine, but the rest of the world needs to understand that, and we as consumers need to act accordingly. i have no desire to purchase
12:46 pm
products from companies that chum up to communist china given all the bad things that are emanating from that regime. dave: yeah. i would actually go a little further. every single citizen of communist china is a slave of the state. ing that's the way the system operations -- operates, that's the way they maintain their control. congressman, thank you very much for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you. david: new data showing texas has regained all jobs lost during the pandemic, but most liberal states are still trailing far behind. the report right after this. ♪ -- i don't know what they want from me -- ♪ it's like the more money we come across, the more problems we see ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. and goes out of its way to help.
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♪ but it's all coming back to me now ♪♪ david: well, it is all coming back, specifically with jobs. gop-led states like texas and arizona have joined the list of states that are adding back jobs that were lost during the pandemic. they join utah and idaho as the first four states to cover 100% of jobs that were lost because of the pandemic. madison alworth is here to break it all down for us.
12:51 pm
hi, madison. >> reporter: hi, david. yeah. those states have not only recovered 100% of the jobs lost, they are now begun to exceed their job numbers from before the pandemic, an incredible feat when you realize that overall the u.s. economy is about 3.6 million jobs short of its pre-pandemic levels. here are the first four skate states -- states to fully recover jobs. another thing they have in common, they're all republican controlled, and experts say the policies those governors put in place may have had a big impact on economic recovery. >> there are states who have lockdown measures in place for a much long longer period of time are obviously taking a much longer period to come back from the pandemic whereas the states who didn't shut down at all or maybe shut down for a shorter period of time, they're actually seeing things come back on line much quicker. >> reporter: -- some of the statements that are having some of the hardest time coming back. new york, where we sit right now, still has 8% less jobs than before the pandemic started. a state that continues to have
12:52 pm
some of the strictest covid-19 measures like mandatory vaccination for nearly all employees working in new york city. strict policies, high taxes and lack of space are all reasons why big names like tesla are moving away from the coast and choosing the lone star state. moves like that signal to start-ups like austin-based astronomics inc. that you no longer have to go to the big cities to grow a company and find talent. >> you know, showing the bat signal to all the tech people, you know, around the country being, like, you know, it's right here. this is where it's, this is where it's happening, you know? we're going to move tesla here, we're going to build rockets here, and so you should move here too. >> reporter: is so, david, there are projections that a third of u.s. states could finally hit that pre-pandemic job level by the middle of this year. that's good news. unfortunately, new york and california are not projected to be in that group. [laughter] david: surprise, surprise.
12:53 pm
madison, thank you very much. so while the biden administration says increasing taxes in government benefits will fix our economic problems, iowa governor rimm reynolds -- kim reynolds is proposing a low 4% flat income tax and cuts to up employment benefits. here to explain is republican iowa governor kim reynolds. governor, great to see you. so iowa, just to give folks an idea, you used to have the second high number of tax rates in the country. you had nine separate tax -- i guess that wasn't working out too well for you. how are you changing that? >> yeah, we are changing that, and i'm really excited about it. when i took office of in 2018, we were -- we had the fifth highest tax rate in the country, and when i implement the new tax bill that we put forth in the legislature this year, we'll have the fifth lowest. david, one of the reasons we're able to do that is because iowa was a state that kept our economy open, we kept employees employed, employers with work force. and because of that, we're
12:54 pm
seeing our economy continue to grow. and that's after tax cuts and informing in foundational priorities. we still ended last fiscal year with a surplus of $1.24 billion and over a billion dollars in cash reserves. so we're overcollecting, and it's time to give that money back to hard working taxpayers. and so we're going to go from, we're going to go to a 4% flat tax. we'll be able to do that in four years, and in addition to that we are going to repeal taxation on retirement income. and so i'm excited about that. we're going to address our corporate tax and, hopefully, over the years we'll be able to get back to a 5.5% corporate tax as well. david: great. >> and then encouraging investment in the state by not taxing when an employee that is part of -- [inaudible] they won't be taxed on that either, one-time tax -- david: you're like a northern version of texas and florida. and if you share their success, you're going to do quite well. >> that's right. david: we also have, by the way,
12:55 pm
a labor crisis, 11-12 million unfilled jobs that's led to a supply chain crisis. i guess in cutting the unemployment benefits, you're hoping to turn that one around. >> yeah. so it's our biggest period of continued economic growth and the capacity that i believe we have in this state. and so we can't afford to pay people, employable iowans, on the sidelines. so we are taking unemployment benefits, currently they're over six months, and i am recommending that we reduce that to four months. but at the same time, we're changing our unemployment system to a reemployment system where we actually have one-on-one coaching with individuals from day one. they won't even start in that mentoring process -- they weren't even started in that until week five, so we are helping them get the skills to find the opportunities that exist across cross our state. david: governor, very quickly, we've run out of time, but you mentioned the covid restrictions in some states.
12:56 pm
you went against that trend. we now have a situation in new york where -- with all these vaccine mandates where they have a higher death rate from covid than florida which has virtually no mandates. what does that tell you, quickly? >> yeah. well, first of all, we need to put our trust in iowans, and that's what they did, and they did the right thing. the mandates are arbitrary, they don't work. the vaccinations reduce the seriousness and hospitalizations, but omicron is spreading no matter what you do. get your economy open, put your trust in your people. they won't let you done -- down, we have to learn to live with this, and we are in iowa. and we're in a better place because of it. david: put your trust in the people. that's not a bad bumper sticker. kim reynolds -- >> how about that? david: thank you very much, appreciate it. we'll be right back, stay tuned. ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina?
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♪ ♪. david: to a second hour of cavuto "coast to coast", i am david asman in for neil cavuto. oil prices hitting a seven-year high as experts warn gasket hit $4 a gallon within weeks. hillary vaughn is on capitol hill with how the administration is handling it. >> the white house downplayed in the past there decision to lift
1:01 pm
sanctions that allow russia's pipeline to europe nord stream to to go forward saying the project was basically a done deal and there was anything the president could do with that point to stop it. >> it seemed like there was an ability of body of government to sanction some officials to stop the process of 95%. but you're not doing it. >> in what way are we going to be able to stop a project in another country. >> today the white house is holding out hope that germany stops the pipeline admitting it's a critical piece of leverage over russia with ukraine aggression. >> we need the germans to make clear they will stop the nord stream pipeline deliveries and we need to stop the economic sanctions. >> the white house is watching
1:02 pm
and waiting to see what germany imprudent do americans are watching gas prices go up, up and up republican say biden is choking u.s. energy supply and making gas prices artificially high input is cashing in. >> i cannot overstate how biden's energy policy is playing into this. you make the world more reliant on pollutants oil and gas. every time you see the cost of oil going up in the price on the barrel going up, pollutant is getting richer. >> republicans make the point that the more money that putin is they think the ruiz president biden's energy policy and his inability to encourage the u.s. energy independence. david: go in the opposite direction. thank you very much. the pain at the pump shows no
1:03 pm
sign of slowing, progressives like alexandria ocasio-cortez and her squad are trying to place the blame on the business guys, the people who pump the oil. canary ceo dan everhart joint is now. after trying everything that they could possibly do to make it harder and more expensive to pump oil, they are blaming the guys who do pump the oil for the rise in prices. >> the biden administration is talking out of both sides of their mouth. were getting the government we voted for in the government we deserve in terms of biden cancel keystone pipeline, stop drilling on federal land, stop fracking on federal lien, stop auctioning off offshore blocks, all these things are more my new shot and made it harder for us to be in the oil and gas business into generate supply. which is pushing the price up. we are a business like any other, this blame shifting
1:04 pm
weather trying to make the meat producing companies oil producing companies to consumers, that's not what's happening at all oil is a worldwide product with a worldwide situation and biden is making the supply less and it's hurting consumers at the pump and make it harder than oil and gas industry not easier. david: i heard biden use the first phrase price gouging speaking about the oil companies when prices are going through the roof. how is he following through on his rhetoric to make life even more difficult and more expensive for the people pumping oil and providing us with natural gas? >> what he is doing is adding regulations. he is adding regulations and limiting the amount of supply and that is making the costs go up for consumers. it's really rich when biden is pushing on the gas companies for making fuel to expensive when
1:05 pm
it's his policies that are the underlying reason that fuel prices are 50% since he took office. energy was a lot cheaper for consumers under trump. if you want the green new deal biden needs to be on pace with american people. playing tickets are going to cost more, rubber goods are going to cost more he is pushing the prices up and his policies are inflationary in general which is pushing the oil prices and the gasoline prices up. david: there's another consequence to his attack on the energy industry particularly natural gas people are switching to coal. the energy that we get from coal has increased to 24% from 20% in 2020 the attacks on natural gas from fracking and other new regulations that they have is actually increasing the use of coal which makes the air dirtier there going against their stated goal of cleaning up the
1:06 pm
environment. >> it's really amazing they're not accomplishing what they're trying to accomplish in their pushing energy cost for consumers up while at the same time there filling the bank accounts of the people in the middle east in the people in russia. it's very telling when biden says gas prices are too high who does he lean to and who does he ask for help, opec for those of us in the american oil and gas industry is crazy he does not want us to produce more in west texas and north dakota and pennsylvania he's asking opec in russia to produce more it's not to be in if we need more we should do it here and get the economic activity in the u.s. in texas and north dakota and pennsylvania, why is he not asking for that rate is mind-boggling why he does what were energy produced in america and wants opec to do it. david: we do a better, cleaner, we hire americans to do it and we end up with energy independence it i think most americans want energy independence more than anything
1:07 pm
else. >> and lower-cost for consumers. david: good to see you, we appreciate you being here. the federal website to order free covid test is up and running but the u.s. postal service already reporting problems or setbacks in the system gerri willis with the very latest on how the rollout is progressing. >> that is right covid is rolling out today. their website offering free rapid covid test delivered directly to your door. it is also frankly an attempt to fulfill their promise to allow 500 million covid test, half a billion covid test amid a massive shortage. they launched a day earlier than expected with a simple design that linked people directly to a usps form for ordering but already users are reporting glitches to the website that may
1:08 pm
dig getting their test difficult complaints from multifamily homes saying the site will not let them order test because their neighbors already did it using that address. the post office is a problem limited to addresses that are not registered as multiunit buildings and recommend filing a service request with the post office but the biden administration's warning that this launch could be rocky. listen. >> every website launched in our view becomes risk we can't believe there will be one or two but across the administration and the postal service are working hard to make this a success. others are raising concerns about the time it will take to receive your test 7 - 12 days per shipment the recommendation for isolation for the cdc is five days for vaccinated americans and that means you could contracted in shed the virus before even getting your test in the first place. tests are not expected to ship until late january is this too
1:09 pm
little too late, covid cases in the u.s. dropped 47% the most recent week. the government doesn't have a great track record when it comes to operating the massive healthcare websites. was shut down due to technical buzz in multiple outages but the site out today is far simpler than that you don't have to have proof of id, credit card or health insurance to get the test but still the soft launch of this website could be a case of overpromising and under delivering. david: i did it this morning it was very easy to do and i did not have glitches but where are the test when will they arrive and will they arrive. thank you very much. as president biden launches the site to order test, there is still no sign that they're ready to be shipped but pfizer has announced some very good news a
1:10 pm
new covid-19 pill packs love it is effective against omicron in lab test, when do we get it. fox news contributor family emergency medicine doctor jenness, good to see you. thank you for coming in i think it's great news that pfizer is ready with the drug have you been told when it'll be available to doctors like yourself? >> finally i have been able to prescribe it my first time prescribing was last week and i was so excited. i do have to say we ran out were waiting for a re-shipment or resupply but it was such a feeling of satisfaction to help one of my high risk patients who is a good qualifier for the medicine, senior citizen with underlying medical conditions he came to be within 48 hours that is the key you want to start the medicine early just like tamiflu with influenza the earlier the
1:11 pm
better. such great news that we have more data out of the laboratory that tells us this antiviral pill is actually two and one is to antivirals combined that works against omicron the reason why it works it does not work against the spike protein which is always mutating that's why we were afraid the medicines won't work the monoclonal in a bodies will work. it's because they were focused on the spike protein but the antiviral pill paxlovid targeted enzyme that stops the virus from replicating. it's so effective and shown to reduce risk of hospitalization and death but almost 90% that is incredible. david: i have to ask what happened to your patient did the symptoms disappear or what? >> i called him a couple of days later and he told me he was feeling better 80 or 90% better he was suffering from a cough, fever, body aches but he was improving and i will check on him later this week.
1:12 pm
david: my wife and i had covid we got the monoclonal antibody treatment in westchester in 24 hours all of her symptoms were gone that is a real miracle drug and it's hard to find i know not all of the monoclonal antibodies work for omicron but why are we having such trouble is it because the federal government took over distribution of it? >> i hate to say at but a lack of planning and preparation. we need to have mass production of the medication in the antiviral and the monoclonal antibody and we should have them prepared in advance right now we should use the defense production act to ramp up the one monoclonal in a body that we know works against omicron because that is a blessing that we have paxlovid because it is so hard to find the monoclonal in a body which works, i do
1:13 pm
patient working for it and i said let's put you on paxlovid until we can find a place, hospital we could get the monoclonal in a body. thank goodness we have other tools to help treat covid and those who are high risk and most vulnerable but of course get your vaccine first and foremost. david: there's all these breakthroughs, the vaccine mandate do not seem to be helping we have a higher death rate from covid than they do in florida they have no mandates in florida and we have a very strict mandate here. >> the good thing is, the majority of those who are high risk the majority of those who will die or be hospitalized are vaccinated we should continue to focus on the high risk population. david: paxlovid sent second great drug i'm glad it's being rolled out. we need more on it. great to see you doctor janette nesheiwat. why a growing to do list is threatening to the democrats in disarray ahead of the midterms
1:14 pm
we are live and capitol hill with the details right after this. ♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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david: one year down and many setbacks to come the president is looking to close out his first year in office with major agenda roblox. aishah hasnie has the very latest on all of this. >> everybody talks about a democrats have the majorities in the house and senate but the razor thin and some folks believe democrats need to lower the expectation if they don't want a repeat of 2211 year ago president biden armed with decades of congressional experience set out to close big deals on capitol hill to be the closer but he failed to unite his own party democrats passed a $1.9 trillion covid relief package on their own at the start of the year but then they
1:19 pm
quarreled with each other at one point progressives took an infrastructure bill hostage installed it for build back better the president's massive tax and social spending plan but after two presidential visits to capitol hill in multiple private meetings at the white house biden failed to convince one democrat of soul democrat to pass the bill democrats failed to move on big campaign issues like police reform, gun reform, canceling student debt in their voting rights legislation in limbo as of this hour while republicans are slamming the left were their priorities. >> we are here back in d.c. where the democrats are not bringing a single bill to confront the crises that they've created from inflation that continues to rise to high gas prices. >> like i said some say democrats need to think smaller especially when it comes to their social spending ideas. >> that may mean going for less breaking a build back better making it into smaller pieces and some of which can pass
1:20 pm
whether were talking about paid family leave or the incredibly popular pieces of it. >> as of today 28 house democrats and rising are not seeking reelection and this is not good at fox business pulled revealed as americans have to vote today for the folks that they want to send to congress the majority of the more americans vote for republican today than a democrat by four points they have ten months left to figure this out. >> thank you very much not a lot of time let's bring in ted cruz campaign poster chris wilson and democrat strategist jenna arnold, good to see you both. first of all the president today and just a couple of hours he will be speaking do you think he'll make any attempt to prevent more to the center and away from the left that has sunk
1:21 pm
him in a rut recently. >> it's a good question i'm not sure that this president has ever skewed that far left recognizing that everybody has their own individual definition of left including yourself, clearly. i think what are the most important messages that a president this will before any other president, being in public office is a civic duty on how you constructively build backward build forward, it is become a spectator sport and has not turned into how can we run the business in this country with constructive operational ways it did feel like it's a game of power grabbing. david: by the way chris, i think you should be happy that he skewed so far to the left at least as far as senator sinema and mentioned are concerned because civic and public sees it
1:22 pm
that way and they've gone far away from the democratic party and switch their party to the democrats voting more independent, don't you want the president to stay in the left lane where he can't get anything done? >> is whether the situation was bad for the country is good for business and i do have cognitive distance about that. when you look at it you mentioned what is happening in 22, look at 21 where glenn youngkin was able to win the state the joe biden was in ten points in doing so he did by running as a conservative. i don't think biden realized he was elected with no mandate to do anything then to be a quiet caretaker of the presidency he ran on normalcy than a massive program agenda he stated his basement didn't talk about what he wanted to do. in the white house is governing the exact opposite, sleepy joe the steady old hand has tried to recast himself as a revolutionary. he failed miserably in using 28 democrats as of the moment i have not checked twitter say
1:23 pm
they're not going to write again because they seen record numbers of voters reregistering as a republican and they see the generic ballot being a historical high ratio for republicans. the problem is biden doesn't have the ability to passively thing else is not addressing the problem we could deal with which is inflation and supply chain issues and that's what he put himself and his party into position. but as you said it's pretty good for me for what i do for a living. david: when you see the numbers go down as far as they have for recent months in the democratic party as a whole isn't it time for president biden to shake up his staff and move people around to fire some folks? >> i know better to pay attention to any political data i have plenty of scars and evidence certainly in the past six years have proved that most of them are inaccurate most of them are in argument that there's more individuals moving
1:24 pm
to the republican party if you look at the same exact gallup poll most are independent and as you pointed out somebody people are interested in figuring out how we can build america moving together forward and i have to say it's time to draw up the 2020 campaign slogan around sleepy joe, you can imagine doing everything that he can spending as much time as possible focused on trying to pass him push through legislation that is very much directed towards infrastructure doing what he can after he'd inherited this pandemic a crisis. i think this idea. david: chris, let me ask you about this idea of bringing people together, did he moved to bring people tether when he compared republicans and members of his own party compare them to slaveowners like jefferson davis last week? that clearly was not a good effort to bring people together, was it?
1:25 pm
>> it may have been the most catastrophic speech of an american presidency in the history of the american presidency, i don't say that i'm not talking about polling data or data are talking about registration numbers americans are registering and switching the registration from democrat to republican not to depend independence are registered as -- [inaudible] david: finisher point and then very quickly. >> i think it's important incumbent on the three of us have the unique opportunity to speak for the country and say this is not how we have to operate our country as i from how people. david: then why did the president -- why did the president have to liken people who opposed his voting planted jefferson davis a slaveowner? >> i think this network is a
1:26 pm
very good job of misconstruing historical facts. david: hold on a second, we are happy to have you here and love to have you back but don't this represent this network. we can play the tape, there is a lot of democrats who are just as upset as a lot of republicans about what the president was saying. >> whenever you're being i have to be an expert on the subject, you bring it to the history into the center. david: nothing complicated about jefferson davis, nothing, located at all about that all he was a slave owner he represented the confederate states into bring him up in comparison to abraham lincoln and say you have to choose sides, forget about it that was out of line i don't think there's any question about it. were happy to have you here we would love to have you back.
1:27 pm
good to see you as well chris. one major financial institution is now casting doubt on the future of crypto. charlie gasparino with the details when we return. local ou only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks] he'll be back. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ♪3, 4♪ only pay for ♪hat you need. ♪hey♪
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1:31 pm
david: analyst at ubs warning as bitcoin and other digital assets have fallen sharply, charlie gasparino jointing is now with the details. >> a pop public to as any of that you could tell bitcoin and the other major crypto's have formed from their highs. there is no doubt there is a growing unease in the business what is this stuff, is it real, doesn't constitute a new currency, bitcoin, ether, you name it is it something we can count on for the future, are the crypt is been divorced from the underlying bitcoin, watching
1:32 pm
technology these are huge issues people are grappling with your grappling with this in the early days of internet craze and amazon traded at the los $8 a share back in 19,992,000 public where it is today keep that in mind this is a long game but if you're playing in the crypto world and the crypto game there is unease. live you, what are the things stoking this is some of the headlines that you can see on the bottom of the screen we don't have regulatory clarity, the crypto business is waiting for the fed to weigh and, the fed will have an annual report on crypto's were the house stuff like stable coins those of the crypt is backed up allegedly by dollars it's very controversial we don't know exactly how they're backed up and they're being sold to the public and they're gonna have some clarity in the sec is going to keep doing the chairman of the sec gary gensler his whole
1:33 pm
regulation through enforcement if you see something out there that looks like a security, he will try to regulate it, he's at least going to do this with his case against ripple that the crypto industry company that issued an excerpt coin that the sec says is not a currency is actually security and they did it without registering a huge case going on it could decide the future of regulation in itself but that will take a while to play out. i made all the regulatory uncertainty you are going to get this and that's what were getting right now. again liquid crypto traded five years ago, look where it is today. it's almost the 60000 bit coin hi but were talking a huge huge increase. i still would i talk to people the business, like on wall street they still think there is
1:34 pm
great stuff to be had in the block chain technology. seamless transactions. it is not centralized is decentralized and cheap and you cut out the middleman and there's something here. david: the whole block chain technology is fascinating there's other businesses besides crypto currencies that can be used in the block chain, we gotta move on were good be talking about more about this coming up. the major averages swinging between games and losses today, the ten year treasury yield reversing course a bit from yesterday now retreating from the two-year highs that we see let's bring in strategic wealth partners chief market strategist shawna sissel. bottom line is interest rates, that is a big market mover right now. >> it is and even though we see the ten year backup a little bit it doesn't mean that rates will not continue to rise we know that the fed has telegraphed that they intend to take action
1:35 pm
this year possibly as early as march and raise rates. for that reason i think the main concern of the markets and was propelling and driving the winners and losers is absolutely rising rates. david: why didn't pull back a little today? >> we sell the market rebound a little bit in the selloff i think it's a normal taking of a breath. it would be highly unusual to see a reverse trend in a tightening cycle. as a matter of fact it's never happened before. i think it's taking a breath and receiving the market rebound a little bit and some of the things that have been beaten up in rebound a little bit. i don't think it's anything to be concerned about or signified any major thing in trend at this time. david: good to see you, i appreciate it. a career criminal identified as a suspect in the murder of ucla student rhianna kupfer, the very
1:36 pm
latest on his lengthy past it was a mile long. in all cities should handle the these offenders will be returned. ♪ my daughter has type 2 diabetes and lately i've seen this change in her. once-weekly trulicity is proven to help lower a1c. it lowers blood sugar from the first dose. and you could lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin
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>> i am not blaming anybody by name, i blame society right now as everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on the people that rob others of their rights, we should be celebrating the good in people and try to recognize that that is the job that they have to make communities better and make people care more. david: the father of 24-year-old breanna kupfer speaking out of talks about the death of his daughter, the murder of his daughter this is an urgent
1:41 pm
manhunt underway for the suspect in the fatal stabbing in quite the rap sheet. jonathan hunt is live with the very latest on this. >> police say that breanna kupfer was alone in the store where she worked when she texted a friend saying that somebody in that store was giving her bad vibes. within minutes police say she had been stabbed to death and they now want to find shawn laval smith, 31 years old just 30 minutes after stabbing brianna kupfer, police say he was seated this video from a nearby 711. calmly walking in and paying for a vaping pin and equally calmly walking out. shawn laval smith police that he is homeless and a long criminal record in several states. similar incidences not here in california but across the
1:42 pm
country in south carolina where shawn laval smith was charged with firing a weapon into a car where a man was sitting with his toddler son back in 2019. he apparently left south carolina after being freed on bail. now there's been a lot of talk before incense brianna kupfer's murder and prosecutors here in l.a. and elsewhere being soft on crime. too many people like shawn laval smith been put back on the streets. listen here. >> it is heartbreaking and inferior rating and i tell you from prosecutors to police officers we are looking for a better day for sure. >> the lapd chief says in the meantime there needs to be a greater focus here on dealing with the twin crises of homelessness and mental health. listen again.
1:43 pm
the fact of the matter is, over the weekend if an individual suffering a mental health crisis they are likely the only resource they had was 911 in the police officer or firefighter. that is wrong. >> shawn laval smith meantime is out here somewhere police believe he is in the l.a. area or nearby in the region they say they're getting many tips from the public in their checking all of those out in their warning people not to approach shawn laval smith if they see him, simply call 911 because he is obviously armed and dangerous. david: extremely so, thank you very much president biden prepares to face the press just a couple of hours congresswoman nancy mace hopes to hear about the presidents pandemic strategy after experiencing her own breakthrough case. one is teaching for that next.
1:44 pm
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testing, tracing, masking, not politicizing the race for a vaccine. i'm going to shut down the virus
1:48 pm
we will never ever, ever quit. >> all put in place a plan to do with this pandemic responsibly. >> on july 4 we will celebrate our independence from the virus. david: president biden releasing his national pandemic strategy about a year ago this very week. now as biden enters his second year in office he's been met with similar in worsening problems than when it came to taking office. let's bring in south carolina report into republican congresswoman nancy mace. great to see you. you experienced your own breakthrough covid case. let's start with vaccine mandates when you have all the breakthrough cases and vaccine mandates are not stopping them, if they ever did particularly with omicron to the vaccine mandates themselves make any sense? >> no, i don't support vaccine mandates. i believe people in conjunction
1:49 pm
with their physicians and healthcare provider should be able to make decisions for themselves and children. i'm fully vaccinated and just got through my second bout with covid-19 i had in june of 2020, a year end a half ago and just got out i assumed i had omicron based on the symptoms this year volume of omicron wallace were mild, the sheer volume is putting pressure on hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country is something we should take seriously but i'll tell you one day last week my blood oxygen level case of covid-19 and dropped about 85 at one point and i was wheezing it affects everybody differently. this is an issue we should take seriously and we should not be politicized. david: we heard from the beginning the president even last fall the president was saying this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated here's another example of somebody who is fully vaccinated. we had these figures from the
1:50 pm
cdc and i want to put them up if i can. in october we had 7000 deaths, covid deaths from people fully vaccinated that number jumped the next week by 51% by 10857, deezer breakthrough cases that was a 51% increase of deaths from fully vaccinated people in one week. the president at that time was saying this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it clearly was not true. >> at the pandemic for all people. when we look at the data, i want to see the percentage of that group with the cdc data that were unvaccinated for that and traverse vaccinated there is some data with hospitals in my district showing if you're vaccinated, you're not in the icu as much as someone who is unvaccinated i want to make sure we look at all the data and make those decisions for ourselves. and also not forget prophylactics and things we can be doing previous to get
1:51 pm
covid-19 or while you have it certain treatments that the cdc does not want physicians and medical providers to try to use and we should be studying these things to figure out what is the best case scenario including diet and exercise and healthy weight reducing comorbidities in understanding the disease better trade when you look at the biden administration every metric he held president trump to he and his administration has failed in the first year in office i want to hear from president biden in the god's honest truth i want to hear that we failed in some cases in the american people have been misled or lied to and i want to know the solution that we do care. david: he's not rate as saying i was wrong at anything. he is more likely to point the finger. but i should say cdc, those numbers i showed you moments ago they have taken those numbers off their website entirely. the point is how do we get the real numbers from the cdc when
1:52 pm
they're off skewed skating are attempts to get to it. >> that's insane to me that we have the data and information the iraqi people paid for that information in the data should be assessable to them 24 hours a day and real-time the data is there and should be available to everybody including medical providers and doctors in physicians who are learning on the job on how to treat their patients with this virus. we have a number of different options and every option should be on the table and we should acknowledge where we failed and lied about masks and now that we want people to wear masks. acknowledging these things and accepted responsibility and gives hope, more hope to the american people that we can work together to resolve issues. but nothing that were doing is working together. it is clearly not working. david: the one thing that has worked in the development of vaccines and therapeutics by
1:53 pm
private companies. is there any attempt to take away from the federal government the power that has to distribute antibody treatment the monoclonal antibodies. >> the feds took away the power from the states in the state of south carolina you cannot get the monoclonal in a body i was somebody struggling to breathe and i asked for ivermectin from my doctor i was willing to try to anything to reduce the chance for me having to go to the hospital. all of these things should be on the table for every american to have the best outcome. david: i wish we had more time thank you for being here. nancy mace i appreciate you being here. a quick market check, the dow now on pace to snap a three day losing pace. it's down the nasdaq is down then flirting with the green we will have more details on markets to come. ♪ a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining david: have we reached a tipping point way cities handle crime with repeat offenders? let's ask retired police lieutenant joe cardinale. we have violent perps on the loose. poor woman stabbed to death in l.a. her perp was, suspect there has a rap sheet a mile long. it is not going to change until we lock these people up and prevent them from getting out again. is that likely to happen? >> not with the current prosecutors we have. the d.a. in manhattan refuses to
1:58 pm
prosecute. across the other side of the country with that d.a. refuses to put people rightfully in jail. you don't have the one-two punch you used to between the police department, the d.a.s. they doesn't collaborate but made sure they joined forces to have a good case. you don't have that anymore. revolving justice with bail reform continues to get worse. this guy should v been in jail not out on the street. they're laughing at us. it is a sad state of affairs when a father has to go through what that family has to go through. this guy should have been off the streets. david: it is happened all over the place. curtain is pulled back how awful these d.a.s are. gascon in l.a., alvin bragg in l.a., they are empowering worst animals in our society.
1:59 pm
misogynists preying on helpless women. that is pure misogyny, enabled by these d.a.s? >> you're right. they're finding every excuse not to prosecute. that is the scary thing. you know until they're held civilly liable because they have civil immunity from these cases, so they can do whatever they want. until they're held civilly liable, families can start suing them, you should have the guy in jail, they are held accountable for this, it will continue to happen. right now they think they can do whatever they want. they are above the law, all right? it is abuse of their office. that is the only thing they can be held accountable for. david: forgive me, lieutenant, they're talking about taking away immunity from cops, if they do it from cops, they should do it from the d.a.s as well? >> absolutely. i would love to see that. david: yeah. >> you want to indemnify cops when you do a great job but you won't go after a d.a. who refuses to do their job.
2:00 pm
that is where society sits today. it's a dangerous situation across the united states. david: joe, thank you very much, lieutenant. thank you for being here. i appreciate your wisdom. the dow is down 50 points right now. nasdaq has taken the opposite turn. it is slightly in the green. a lot has to do with rates. of course when rates go up, nasdaq go down, today seems to be opposite at least for now. charles payne is to take you through the next hour when anything can change once again. charles: real tug-of-war, david, real tug-of-war, my friend. thank you very much. i'm charles payne, this is "making money." it is not the stuff of rocky movies but the market showing grit after trying to rally and the two efforts fell pretty quickly. as david said this is all about the fed. this is guessing game, game theory, maybe game over. you know i have the best to unravel the mystery. we'll try to help you make some money. plus if


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