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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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for a few moments. i wish we had much, more time. happy new year both of you. we'll switch over to in a few seconds to my pal elizabeth macdonald for "the evening edit." elizabeth macdonald take the ball and run with it. i'm kudlow. see you tomorrow. ♪. elizabeth: okay. we are just going to begin the show with senator marsha blackburn from senate judiciary, former hud secretary dr. ben carson. we're going to basically talk about what happened with the presser just moments ago, closing out the president claiming the biggest single year job gain on record. no mention that is an artificial pop after lockdowns and shutdowns destroyed 22.2 million jobs. we're still nearly four million jobs short versus pre-pandemic. let's bring in senator marsha
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blackburn for your reaction. what was reaction to the president's presser today? let's switch to larry kudlow. larry kudlow is staying with us. larry, your overreaction out president's presser today? it was first in nearly a year. another brutal poll from "politico" 2/3 not approving president. half the country think he is unfit to lead. this presser came at low point in his polls. what do you think of it? larry: lizzie, i appreciate you're having you on. i do not want to step in front of senator marsha blackburn. i will say that to be as brief as i can. i mean you're terrific too. look the polls have been very consistent. president biden just dismisses the polls. you probably heard him say it once or twice during the presser. he just doesn't believe the polls. one of the things i really took away from this, despite the polls, despite the general unpopularity across the board, you can cite any darn thing you
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want he is not going to change his tune, he is not going to change his progressive radical agenda. he is not going to get rid of the build back better bill. so we'll still have to save america and kill the bill. he does not acknowledge that government spending has a thing to do with inflation. he does not acknowledge the policies for the green new deal have a thing to do with high energy prices. he continues to beat republicans up. they says they want to stop, they're subverting elections left and right. therefore his filibuster and election bills have to go through. in other words, liz, nothing is changing. he will not make any change on the senior staff. he said that explicitly in response to a question. will not change his policies and he will not change his communications strategy. so he is rolling the dice a second time or a third time and i think it is going to do him great harm as you suggested at the top but that is his view. nothing's going to change. elizabeth: you know, and, larry,
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the thing is he makes whoppers. if this is a reset doing the same old, same old topspin and whoppers. he is claiming "build back better" will cut the deficit. he is blaming the pandemic for inflation. and he, when he was asked you know the vote reform bill out of the democrats would not say if the midterms would be a free and fair election. they're teeing it up to start to question the midterms if they don't get their vote reform bill passed, larry. larry: that is important. that is a good point. i frankly don't think they will get the filibuster or the legislative filibuster changed. i think manchin and sinema will hang tough, liz. on the other matter which is very interesting. he continues his cognitive dissonance, i call it. that bill has never been paid for and the congressional budget office a month ago or now, lindsey graham's request, priced it out without gimmicks, without the one year gimmick, it is a five trillion dollar spend and
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it is a three trillion dollar add to the federal debt. now that is the congressional budget office. they're not exactly right-wing supply-siders over there, yet, mr. biden and the whole administration, yellen, nec people, nobody will acknowledge what cbo has done. we disagree. well you can't. the public sees it with clarity. so this is part of his, you know, modus operandi if you will. but it is interesting to me, just, let me reiterate this point, maybe it is too much, but i think it is interesting, given his unpopularity, given the fact that you know, he is dealing with issues on elections, and green new deal that the public doesn't care about, the public wants groceries they can afford, energy they can afford, inflation is number one, his unpopularity is so huge. he is sticking to his guns. what did he say, i will get out there more and tell people what
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we've achieved. so he thinks it's a communications problem. liz macdonald, i'm suggesting to him, you, anybody, it is a policy problem and americans do not want a government-controlled, high inflation economy with all of this woke social crt policy in the communities and the classrooms, in crime or on the border. i think he is just dead wrong and it is going to bury his party in the midterms. elizabeth: yeah. to your point about you know, inflation you can't be pounding and loading the system with a lot of money printing and government spending when you have a severe and chronic labor shortage, larry. >> that is one reason for it. i would say generically, by the way, the one thing i want to give him he did suggest that the federal reserve had some responsibility for inflation and that they were going to, quote, recalibrate. now i'm not sure what
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recalibrate means but to to as describe the inflation problem to the federal reserve, after you will the fed has enabled, financed government spending turning into a high inflation. so in some general sense he actually got that right. i will give him credit. i don't know what it means but he did finger it properly. that is all i say. i have to get out from under marsha blackburn. elizabeth: larry, that was fun. let's do it again. great to have you on the show. come back soon. miss talking to you. we always have a ball with larry kudlow. larry: you're the best. elizabeth: you too. now let's bring in senator marsha blackburn. we also are joined also with former hud secretary dr. ben carson. great to have you on. senator, you were probably coming off the floor, monitoring the procedural vote as democrats push to try to get rid of the filibuster to enact the vote reform bill. president made eye-opening comment of this, that he basically said, he would not say if the midterms would be free
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and fair if democrats vote bill reform does not get enacted? what was reaction to that? >> well, liz, thanks for letting me join you today. what we have to realize is that this press conference that he gave was really kind of divorced from reality of what is happening in the country. when it comes to elections, for him to say unless we federalize elections in essence is what they're doing this is a federal takeover of elections, then elections might not be free and fair. now the bill that they are pushing today would institutionalize mail-out voting t would make certain that ballot harvesting was legal. it would do away with voter i.d. and signature matches. it would require the federal government to help support the races of congressional candidates with taxpayer dollars.
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you raise a dollar, the government will give you 6 taxpayer dollars for your race. this is not what the american people want. it is why the polling is so bad on joe biden and people don't believe what he is saying because they know as long as their friends and neighbors are helping with the elections at their local county election polling place, as long as there are state legislature is doing their constitutional duty, they feel like they can trust those elections and if they don't, they know where to go and complain. states have updated their laws. their election laws this year. it is their constitutional duty. elizabeth: dr. ben carson, to the senator's point, there is also this, the president claimed the biggest single year job gain on record but made no mention that is artificial pop after lockdowns and shutdowns destroyed more than 22 million jobs, we're nearly four million
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jobs short versus prepandemic but let's stay on what the senator is talking about. he attack ad reporter why did you cite bull connor and why did you cite george wallace in your vote reform speech the other day? dr. carson, is voter i.d. is so racist and so antidemocratic why does europe have voter i.d.? why do we have identification to go to the doctor's office, pick up packages from the post office, buy cigarettes, that all racist? >> virtually anything you do in public requires some type of identification now and of course voter i.d. is not racist. and i think the polls have demonstrated that 70 to 80% of the american population believe that. as senator marsha blackburn was saying, i think sometimes the policies that we're hearing come from the administration are in an alternate universe. this doesn't congeal with reality.
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and i think they're making a mistake by believing that the american people are so simple that you can simply say something and they won't believe their eyes, they will listen to you. elizabeth: we hear you, dr. carson, you know senator joe manchin said we already have laws that people have voting rights. we know procedural vote right now getting rid of filibuster to enact vote reform. manchin said we'll not obstruct people from voting. that is your reaction that senator manchin and sinema slammed as racist over this? >> we have to realize the american people, indeed tennesseans i'm talking to make it easier to vote, harder to cheat. that is important. that's what they want to see but all of this is about blowing up the filibuster, blowing up the rules of the senate. blowing up the rule of law so that the democrats can do what
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barack obama said they wanted to do, which is to radically transform this country. they have a very narrow window. they know they will lose the elections in november. so what are they doing? they are ready to say okay, we're going to blow up the filibuster so we can do the green new deal. so we can pack the courts. so we do d.c. statehood. so we can raise your taxes. that is not what the american people are wanting. this is why liz, you're seeing this resistance. his polling numbers are worse for him every single day. elizabeth: right. >> obviously they don't show those numbers to him. elizabeth: yeah. we got cbs, half the country, dr. carson saying he is making the wrong decisions on key issues, making the pandemic worse, making the economy worse. half of the voters in a "politico" new poll, dr. carson, saying he is not mentally fit to
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lead. that is brutal stuff. he has lowest job approval since president trump and jfk. jeffries of new york, saying federal elections takeover bill is inspired by hugo hugo chavez, that is what he said dr. carson. bernie sanders, chuck schumer, kamala harris, biden, all supporting the filibuster. this is crazy town we're dealing with. >> hypocrisy is palpable and i think that is what the american people are responding to. they're not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. look at the way covid is being handled, it is very obvious that it is becoming more attenuated, the virus, much weaker, yet it still confers immunity against some of the previous strains. that's a wonderful thing actually. they're not grasping that. they're not dealing with natural
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immunity. of course the reason they won't deal with natural immunity, it eliminates the compulsion to inject everybody with the virus. they will not get in the way to address that. a tremendous mechanism to control people. i think sometimes some of the politicians are just drunk on power and they stop thinking about what is good for the people. you look what is happening to our children by not being in school. it is devastating. that is going to have a very long-term impact. elizabeth: got it. thanks for rocking and rolling with us, senator marsha blackburn, dr. ben carson. it was real fun to have you on the show in this hour. thank you, larry kudlow, for joining us at the top. that was a fun segment. we'll maybe do it again. thanks for joining us. come back soon. up next georgia congressman austin scott. breaking news, arrest has been made in the death of breanna
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kupfer. outrage grows. he was freed on 20,000-dollars cash bail in 2020. he is a lengthy career criminal. u.s. murder rates 25-year high. five children shot in 24 hours in chicago. this is national tragedy. it is a severe economic problem. americans say enough. stop normalizing felonies. more on "the evening edit." jam-packed show. stick right there. meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point. and his a1c? ron is on it. with the once-daily pill, jardiance. jardiance not only lowers a1c... it goes beyond to reduce
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what's the next step? visit today to get started. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now, congressman austin scott of house armed services. great to have you on, congressman. this coming in, arrest made in the killing of breanna kupfer. 31-year-old shaun smith. he was freed with 20,000-dollar cash bail in 2020. he is a career criminal with a long rap sheet. people are angry about this. he was out out on a 1000-dollarh bail. breanna kupfer's said weak on crime prosecutors are flooding the street with criminals. what do you think of this story? >> i'm glad he was caught. this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. this is one of the thing you're seeing happening in society where you've got a president and an administration and governors and prosecutors that are being
6:19 pm
pushed around by the radical left and i come from a part of the world where there are a lot of democrats, there are a lot of republicans and we have agreements and disagreements. people that commit violent crime should not be on the street, period. elizabeth: we hear you, congressman. this is hitting president's poll numbers hard. 28% of hispanics, he has a massive disapproval rating among minorities now, independents. we also have this, in chicago, in a 24 hour span congressman five children were shot. why isn't this a hair on fire moment? look at pastor cory books, what he had to say about this, watch. >> if this happened in any other community in america it would be total outrage. i mean outrage. and the question i want to ask is where is black lives matter? where is, unfortunately i have
6:20 pm
to say it the naacp? where are all these organization s that say they support and, are committed to black lives but we have five young people shot? no one is saying a word. elizabeth: why the silence? why? just being shot? >> it is just sad. it is just sad. it really is. the truth hurts and he is preaching the truth and when you talk about, you know, just the raw facts, i mean violent crime, disproportionately affects minorities, we a has governing elected have a response act to protect our citizens from violent crimes. elizabeth: yeah. >> one of the other big things that is the aspect doesn't get talked about is must have is the
6:21 pm
drug aspect of it. one of the reasons hispanics moved so far -- elizabeth: we want to show the 25-year high in murder. we got the data coming in, congressman. i didn't mean to interrupt i didn't want to run out of time before i showed it to the viewer. continue your thought, congressman? >> my thought, a lot of this comes from the drug epidemic that we're facing in this country. tremendous number of overdoses. the drug trade is thriving throughout the country. i think a lot of the violent crime stems from the drug trade and people being on drugs? elizabeth: yeah. we've got the pennsylvania senate now moving on impeachment proceedings against weak on crime philadelphia d.a., larry krasner. that might extend to other weak on crime d.a.s in places like los angeles, maybe new york city, maybe in chicago. we also have this. your reaction to this sound bite from the mayor of new york. congressman, there is a 65% rise in subway crime. even the mayor of new york is
6:22 pm
saying he doesn't feel safe going on new york city subways after an asian-american woman was pushed by a homeless man to her death in front of a subway train. watch this. >> we're going to drive down crime and we're going to make sure new yorkers feel safe in our subway system. they don't feel that way now. i don't feel that way when i take the train every day or when i'm moving throughout other transportation system. elizabeth: whoa. we never heard a leader of a city say that. go ahead, congressman? >> i appreciate him telling the truth. you can't govern if you're not governing from the facts. he is telling the truth. one of the things that all of our mayors trying to do the right things are facing is retirement of the police officers. the police officers go out there and do their job. they arrest the people. then they turn around and hand them off to prosecutors who put them back out the street. then they attack the police officers if anything at all goes wrong with the arrest. so i think that mayor is trying to do the right thing. i'm sure that he is facing the
6:23 pm
same challenge that many of our other mayors are, how do you get police officers? the average tenure of an officer is down more than it has ever been in modern history. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. there is also a 20-year high in police officer killings, congressman. that is the highest since 9/11. congressman austin scott, thanks for coming back on the show. come back soon. great to have you on. we have a jam-packed hour. up next economic expert liz peek, president biden not taking a stand on bipartisan push to ban congress from trading stocks. that is putting a harsh spotlight on stock trades, nancy pelosi's husband and the timing of that. we have more on her son's connections to dubious companies probed for fraud. the story next. >> well, look it is bad news for speaker pelosi because she outperformed or she and her husband outperformed most everyone that does financial trades for a living.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us, fox news contributor, economic expert, she is a terrific writer, liz peek is here. i love liz peek and i love her writing. liz, i want to ask you about this. the momentum is building to stop congress from trading stocks. at least four new bills, half of them pushed by democrats but liz, timing of this is coming after speaker nancy pelosi's latest financial disclosures she
6:28 pm
and her husband made as much as $30 million in stock trades involving big tech. can we connect the two like that? what do you think? >> i think people are connecting the two, liz. this is an outrageous thing. if bankers who have nothing to do with stock trading or positioning are not allowed to trade individual stocks, and they are not, why in the world is congress which meddles ever more deeply in the affairs of the private sector every year doing more regulating, more taxing, more issuing of fiats what they're supposed to do, how in the world should they be able to trade on that kind of information? nancy pelosi's trading history is admirable i guess. at least i'm envious of it. the truth, it shouldn't happen. by the way the fact it is her husband trading instead of her, that is inconsequential. we all know the pillow talk can certainly bridge those kinds of legal niceties or whatever. but i think you know, liz, one
6:29 pm
of the things most popular in newt gingrich's contract with america was that every law that was passed pertained to average americans should also apply to congress. we have laws against insider trading, using confidential or privileged information to trade stocks. elizabeth: yeah. >> they should apply to congress as bell. elizabeth: we sure would like government pensions, wouldn't you, liz peek? by the way, president biden is staying out of this, right? pelosi is largely silent on this. she is only pushing for more transparency, saying quote we're a free market economy. obama's ethics chief walter schawb says that is like saying let them eat cake. she is overseeing the most powerful district when it comes to the economy, one of them, because of silicon valley and big tech. the trades around legislation from her had you husband is under scrutiny. we showed viewers what is going on with that. so you know, here is the thing,
6:30 pm
liz, democrat senators jon ossoff and mark kelly, they're talking about legislation that requires members of congress and their families, put their stock portfolios into blind trusts but lawmakers will still know their holdings in that trust. so that won't work. >> well, look, liz, when someone goes into work in the white house, they have to put everything in blind trusts. they're supposed to divest themselves of most of their tradeable assets, et cetera. i really don't see any difference here. these legislators, nancy pelosi is privy to all that the decisions that congress is making about what drugs should be regulated, what drugs should be approved, what taxes should be imposed, what kind of new regulations. the trading history of her husband, by the way this doesn't surprise me very much, certainly reflects at least an uncanny awareness of what might be coming next. when you think about pelosi's indifference to the rules of the little people, about masking, about appearing in public
6:31 pm
places, et cetera, going to the hair salon when you're not allowed to, are we really surprised that she would not be interested in rules that govern her ability to make money in this manner? i am not. elizabeth: yeah. you know, the other thing is too, "the daily mail" is reporting why did paul pelosi, jr., get mixed up with at least four companies run by executives accused of fraud and probed by federal and state agencies. 52-year-old paul pelosi. the only son of paul and nancy nancy pelosi senior. he was hired by firms probed. that is reported by "the daily mail." he doesn't have the names of companies on his page. >> i'm sorry, it sounds terribly corrupt to me. it is pretty easy to get through life never being entangled with businesses that have profound legal problems or whatever. look, this reminds me of the hunter biden laptop. my guess we'll not hear a lot
6:32 pm
about that. nancy pelosi will be pretty easily squashing this story. the media won't cover it. >> got it. >> i'm glad you are. elizabeth: liz peek, thanks for joining us, come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come new questions about reported friction between trump and florida governor ron desantis as two are con senders for the 2024 gop ticket. up next kristin tate, gop senators, chuck grassley, ron johnson, saying the secret service is wrongfully censoring hunter biden's travels overseas for business deals while his father was president. we have the story. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪ limu emu and doug.♪
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stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. ♪. elizabeth: back with us now, the great writer, "the hill" columnist kristin tate. kristin, great to have you back on. republican senators chuck grassley, ron johnson, saying
6:37 pm
the secret service is wrongfully censoring 260 or so pages of hunter biden travels on air force two for overseas business deals while his father was vice president. the senators say the foia act doesn't cover this here. is the secret service trying to basically protect itself? because hunter biden is known to have made 411 secret service protected trips, domestic, international to 29 countries including china and russia? >> yeah, that is certainly what it seems like. thanks to reporting by the "new york post" we know the chinese were paying hunter biden for government access and potentially paying millions to joe biden through his son but we really don't know the full scope of hunter biden's overseas business dealings with because his travel records during these years have been inappropriately redacted or withheld by the secret service and what is most amazing to me about this story is the media's refusal to cover it. i mean if you google this story
6:38 pm
or even just google about the letter that grassley and johnson sent today, you find almost no stories about it, in big outlets like cnn, "washington post," "the new york times." they are just completely pretending like it doesn't exist but this is a big story and they need to be reporting on it. think about the facts that we do know. we know a chinese linked energy firm promised hunter biden $30 million in exchange for introductions in washington, d.c. what were these chinese executives promised who were they introduced to and did joe biden help with the introductions? we need to know answers and -- hunter and joe were sharing bank accounts. maybe hunter was paying some of his father's bills. the american people deserve answers. >> 10% for the big guy, according to tony bob linsky's text messages. white house is under fire from
6:39 pm
republican senators there. the white house, the president with his first presser in nearly a year, they're trying to reset biden's messaging, right? the list is growing, white house's misleading statements. they think biden's bad poll numbers, is not connected to his bad messaging on the economy, on inflation, empty store shelves. there is hunter biden, there is also this. there is so much more, so much more problematic stuff and crises going on with the white house. your take on this? >> yeah. i find it sort of funny that joe biden's team is trying to blame his failing poll numbers on messaging. clearly the problem is not messaging but poor policy. joe biden basically allowed radical left-wingers in his party to hijack his white house. the democratic party today led by joe biden stands for defunding the police, draconian covid lockdowns, blowing out the federal spending, making kids wear masks in school for eight
6:40 pm
plus hours a day. this is really radical stuff. it might resonate with naive college kids and voters in deep blue pockets of country but a lot of former blue dog democrats and voters look at this agenda and feel completely alienated about it. the white house has a real problem on its hand. it pushed away the core of its voting base. they will have a hard time getting those people to the polls. elizabeth: stay on this. you made an important point about the media not covering these certain crises. media research center saying they're not covering afghanistan, the border or hunter biden. they spent seven hours in august 21 when biden botched the afghan exit and stranded thousands of americans allies and 13 troops were killed. they dropped it to 16 minutes in october on on afghanistan through first six months last year they spent zero time on the border crisis. you know, it was, it was like minimal coverage of that.
6:41 pm
they spent less than an hour 1/2 total in the six months on the border. then when it comes to the hunter biden they spent five minutes on hunter biden in all of 2021. so that is according, that is according to media research center covering cbs, cbs, and nbc. >> it is a total joke. the media has become so flagrant in its bias it lost all credibility. because it is so flagrant in its bias the mainstream media is not changing anyone's minds anymore. they're playing to the far left-wing base. the evidence of that, as the administration is kind of protected by the media and the media is working over time to do that, biden's poll numbers are still dropping. that is because people see first-hand the failures of this administration. they go to the grocery store and pay way more for their food. they go to fill up the cars with gas and it is much more expensive. they send kids to school and see race essentialism infused in the
6:42 pm
curriculum. they drive through streets of any major u.s. city and homeless people and drug addicts lining the streets. crime is through the roof. every aspect of american life is worse now than it was a year ago. americans can see it. so the media can work all they want over time trying to cover for joe biden. but american people see what is going on. elizabeth: kristin tate, thanks for joining us. great to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: new court documents reveal migrant arrests again on the rise. expected to surpass 2.15 million for the fiscal year. where is the white house on illegal crossings again the size of nebraska hitting the border? up next we have "realclearpolitics" tom bevan. new questions about reported friction between trump and florida positive ron desantis. the two sides deny this. we'll break it down. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show tom bevan. "realclearpolitics" cofounder and president. we love having tom bevan on. like to get your reaction to this. nbc news reporting trump's team is pointing the finger at senator mitch mcconnell claiming his team is drumming up a fight between trump and florida governor ron desantis after the governor went on a podcast hosted by mcconnell advisor josh holmes. josh homes saying this is nonsense and ridiculous. critics are pointing out that the governor made voluntarily criticisms of the trump's handling ever pandemic. he would have opposed lockdowns, stay at home stuff in march of 2020. that is your take in all of this? >> "new york times" report earlier suggesting that behind closed doors trump is sort of trashing desantis' dull, wonder why he won't go out of his way to endorse him in 2024. it is hard to know where this is originating, what the motives are here, clearly this is
6:48 pm
representative of the schism within the party moving forward over you know, these are the two biggest stars in republican party right now. i mean donald trump, when he is involved in polls on 2024 he is the clear run away leader, take him out desantis is the clear leader. there will be some ongoing jockeying from this point forward between these two titans in the republican party. elizabeth: maybe they both will be on the same ticket, who knows? we have this story, tom, by the way your website is terrific. "realclearpolitics" and rest of it is a must read. tom, we've got reports that about three dozen advisors to donald trump reportedly held a conference call last week to strategize ways to stop and block the former president's political influence in this year's midterm elections and the 2024 race. that general john kelly was on the call. that alyssa farah, former communications director. former mike pence aide olivia
6:49 pm
troy were on the call. is this a serious thing for the former president? >> well, i mean it is sort of a reboot of the lincoln project. the lincoln project still exists this, is another organization. according to my reading of that article though we didn't come up with any sort of plans. it is sort of an informal group. they wanted to have some sort of electoral influence, not just run ads. look, it is very, very tough for the folks within the republican party who are opposed to donald trump to get any sort of traction against him, as i mentioned, he is supported by vast majority of republican voters at this point. if he decides to run, he will be the nominee. there won't be anybody who will be able to stop him. the general election though is different matter. that is perhaps where some of these never trump folks can have some influence but certainly i don't think they will have any influence in the republican primary. elizabeth: final question, new york attorney general's office told a court its
6:50 pm
investigators uncovered he have that the former president donald trump's company used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations to get loans and tax benefits. they're not deciding yet to bring a civil lawsuit. there is word that the doj under biden could bring charges against donald trump with the capitol riots and involvement in that. what do you say to that? >> trump has had legal issues ongoing before he started running for president. they didn't derail his nomination. they didn't derail his win in 2016. so it is hard to say how this will all shake out but given the past history and how donald trump defied political norms thus far throughout his life, there is no reason to expect somehow this is going to derail him if he wants to come back and try to run in 2024. elizabeth: got it. tom bevan, come back soon. we love your analysis and insights. always great to have you on. up next the texas attorney general ken paxton. the border crisis is worsening. new court documents revealing migrant arrests on track to
6:51 pm
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back with us now, texas attorney general ken paxton fox news digital getting to court documents that revealed micro arrests increased of the southern border in december, for the 178,000. we are on track to surpass 2.15 million for this fiscal year if this keeps up. how long can the border sustain getting it trying to cross illegally? >> i don't think we can sustain anymore. if you look at what's happening with the spread of covid and fentanyl, the increased crime along the border and spreading crime because of the cartel being more and more power and be attorney general think at the mandate crisis, that's what it is and it's getting worse in the biden administration continues
6:56 pm
to invite it and want it. liz: we have also this, tsa disclosed two texas representative good sayings illegal immigrants flying without proper identification can use their deportation or arrest warrant in the form of id to get on airplanes. the daily caller crocus first. congressman is basically saying the white house tsa confirmed the white house is putting national security at risk allowing illegal immigrants on airplanes were unfettered. this sounds so off-the-wall that it can't be true. >> it's funny you say it like that because i was thinking if i'd heard this from any other source, under the previous president i would not have believed it but of course i believe this true and i know representative good does a great
6:57 pm
job. i would never have believed this, i don't put anything past this administration and to put passengers on an airplane at risk letting arrest warrants illegal get on as their form of identification is ludicrous. liz: this shouldn't be in the country with much less flying without proper identification but democrats are trying to fight against voter id? >> from the very beginning the fight for voter id has never made sense from a they've argued discriminatory the reality is everyone has to show a photo id who deserves one if you are one whose illegal, you have to show real identification and it's obviously not required by the federal government or the tsa will put us at risk and like you are seeing other incidences, eventually we will have a downside, a negative consequence and it will happen in the biden administration knows it. liz: voter id antidemocratic and
6:58 pm
racist, all of europe national voter id so there's this story, illegal immigrant arrested at the border in arizona, he had enough fentanyl on him to kill 1 million people. that's 5 pounds of fentanyl, that's all it takes. fifty times more powerful as heroin that happened at the arizona border. we also have, we are hearing more and more about migrants from illegal immigrants damaging and stealing property on the texas ranch at the border. 2600 criminal trespass charges under operation lone star. talk more about that, private ranges hear the border getting hit hard. >> the fentanyl crisis, overdoses up 30% last year, it's sad because i know families who have lost loved ones, it's a known risk the biden administration knows this.
6:59 pm
it's incredibly sad our children are dying because of best. of course i'm on the border, i'm about to be the next week talking to people who live along the border whose property is threatened, i know people have moved and can't sell their property, they don't feel safe anymore knowing the cartel are gaining strength every day they feel no qualms about walking across their property damaging property and potentially causing personal harm to them. liz: so they are trapped in multiple ways, talking about ranchers and communities at the border, they -- you are saying they can't sell their property because who would want to live on the edge of a border war with cartel? is that what you are saying? >> yes, the property is reduced in value, often known risk. you might be able to fill the property but not for what it should be. we all stay in texas is going up but this is definitely a detriment to that. liz: always great to have you on, join us again soon, we love
7:00 pm
having you on. thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening at about that does it for us. have a good evening and we want you to join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ 's. kennedy: welcome to hump night, president biden thinks things are going great here in the usa. he's accomplished more in his first year than any other president in history that's real despite the fact that covid everywhere, inflation is rampant, store shelves are empty and crime is through the roof, so when does the fun begin? anyone? know? all right, tomorrow marks one year since joe biden was born in and are you better off nowha


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