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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 19, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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having you on. thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening at about that does it for us. have a good evening and we want you to join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ 's. kennedy: welcome to hump night, president biden thinks things are going great here in the usa. he's accomplished more in his first year than any other president in history that's real despite the fact that covid everywhere, inflation is rampant, store shelves are empty and crime is through the roof, so when does the fun begin? anyone? know? all right, tomorrow marks one year since joe biden was born in and are you better off now than
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you were back then? probably not so how does the president think his tenure is going? >> did you overpromise to the american public what you could achieve in your first year in office and how you plan to course correct. >> i didn't overpromise but i think if you look at what we've been able to do you have to acknowledge we made enormous progress but one of the things that i think something, one thing i have to no space get my republican friends to get in again making better in this country. kennedy: maybe you should stop demonizing them constantly by saying you didn't overpromise. if that's true, how did you under deliver so spectacularly nearly two hour long conference, he did manage to finally call on peter doocy but the president was perhaps a little less cordial. watch. >> you always asked the nicest
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questions. none a lot -- >> i know you do. none of it makes sense to me but i away. >> a new year, why are you trying so hard in your first year to pull the country so far to the left? >> well, i'm not. i don't know what you consider to be too far-fetched. you have been trying to convince me i'm bernie sanders. i'm not i like him but i'm not bernie sanders, i'm not a socialist. i'm a mainstream democrat. kennedy: if the president isn't bringing us further left, which direction is he taking us in out of the american people feel about his mental sharpness? >> i like to raise delicate subject but with utmost respect for your life accomplishments in high office you hold, a poll released this morning political morning consult found 49% of
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registered voters disagreeing with the statement joe biden is mentally fit. not even a majority of democrats responded strongly affirmed that statement. >> you don't make the judgment. >> the question i have for you if you would let me finish, why do you suppose such large segments of the american electorate come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness? thank you. >> i have no idea. kennedy: i have no idea about anything. my criticism of where do we begin how about with my first customer joining me now, senior editor fox news future but, mollie hemingway is back. molly, i hope you are wearing something comfortable a nice big
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mug of tea, i'm glad he took almost two hours, i really am and i'm glad he has a number of different questions but where there some things he did answer satisfactorily. >> first off, the questions were not of good quality with a few exceptions, which you show, the question from the press were so friendly and gentle and encouraging him to just maybe try a little harder past democratic policies and his answers were pretty rambling and difficult to listen to. i should have had tea, caffeinated tea to make it through all of the long answers but going into the conference, a lot of evans had raised concerns about the direction of the country, the competence of the biden administration and it was one thing says listen i hear you, things are awful and i have to admit we've messed up in here is what we are going to do
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different and reset the administration and we are going to work on things going forward to earn back your support. he didn't do that. he said everything is going great shelves were full and we don't all experience what we go to the store at least in my neighborhood do, what happens when you go to the store and see empty shelves routinely and it's been going on for some time. he just struggled to make a case for himself and it was painful to go through. kennedy: but he did try to make a case for his administration not only are there no stumbles or nothing to apologize for, he's had the best first year of any president ever. i'm not sure how he measures that, i don't necessarily agree with him and he said he has a three-part plan for getting back on track. the third one i was floored by his answer but the first one, double down on something the vice president said he was going to get out of washington more the folks, is up problem?
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>> first of all, technically i think he said nobody had done more things in their first year of presidency and i'm not sure that's true but i think the goal is to do positive things for the country, true he did a lot since, the story or security or mismanage the withdrawal from afghanistan or flood money that led to inflation problems but you don't just want to do things, you want to do things that improve the country or when he bungled his for fonts on russia as well but i think it's interesting he will finally leave his house, he famously did not leave his house during the campaign, a big reason he was able to get elected, let many people in the media run his campaign but now he thinks maybe getting out will help him i don't think there's evidence to suggest the more people see of him or more interactions they have with him the more fun they
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are of him or his policies but it will be interesting to see that tested to and i don't think people want technocrats running the country, another thing he promised to talk about more experts. like anthony fauci who caused problems and refused to solve them they could stay employed. that's a terrifying future, i hope we have more press conferences like this in the future and i hope more members of the press actually live up to their name and actually press him because that's what we need with every administration, republican and democrat, a press asking tough questions if this president deserves a good railing even after today. so much. >> thank you. kennedy: present biden shares confidence at his first year did a bang up job so how would you rate his job? >> this afternoon the senate minority leader which mcconnell said midterm election are going to be a report card on your
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progress on inflation or security standing up to russia. you think that is a fair way to look at it? if so, how do you think that looks right now? >> any report card will look good. kennedy: so good. what about the bad poll numbers? doesn't have to mean something to you, right? how do you plan to win back moderates and independents who cast about for you in 2020 but polls indicate aren't happy with the way you are doing your job now. >> i don't believe the polls. kennedy: don't believe the hype. biden's clear.average is out of dismal 40%, his lowest average so far. he's only one year into his first term. americans barely are frustrated so why is he shrugging off the decline? tonight party panel, senior
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policy analyst in federalist jupiter, nick is here on the show. inez stepman along with democrats try to just and former biden campaign surrogate mike ballantine, kevin walling. from foundation for economic education and cofounder of bates politics, brad polumbo. welcome, everyone. >> but as you. kennedy: great to see me, thank you very much. i knows. poll numbers are bad and it's getting worse and it's not just one pole, 33% disapproval ratings he referenced during the press conference, there is a trend and it's not going in the right direction for a number of reasons. you realize that in the press conference when a new topic would come up say i'm glad you're asking about this and it was inflation, afghanistan, china, russia, yemen, it just kept on coming.
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he's dealing with a lot but not doing well, is he? >> there's not really any safe harbor for a press conference for the administration given the breadth of things going wrong in the country under his watch but it's hard for me to believe year, it feels like 100 years which is approximately his age so i guess that makes sense but does not really any thing for them to hang their hat on, for to have signature achievements, fair not doing well in policy, and domestic policy, economy and one further think that's important to remember biden came into office the majority of americans approving of his administration and willing to give him a chance, something never achieved even coming into office already divisive, he already had just his base of support and americans were already anticipating would do bad.
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biden came in with moderate and independent support and well wishes and hope that he would do well. his poll numbers have slid from those highs is makes it even more significant to movie as the media cheerleading for his administration. kennedy: he squandered that. the other day it was said on msnbc that the president deserve to have a dividend paid to him because he got us out of the trump era. i don't believe that i think the president should be pushed press should be skeptical and report honestly when people are hurting in as many ways as they are in this country right now. we don't hear about crime, homelessness, we didn't hear about packages going from trains, we didn't hear about a number of things. what we did here was a present not taking responsibility for the pain he inherited in fact which he has caused.
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>> i think he talked about that specifically, he says he understands what people are going through but macy empty shelves, he talks honestly . kennedy: he said the shelves were 89% full, 91% full before the pandemic, that's only a two-point drop, that's malarkey. >> again, the shelf issue but he did talk about inflation and pain at the pump. kennedy: he said it's not a monetary issue. >> okay -- i understand your pushback i think you saw the president very directly addressing the american people for nearly two hours talking about the pain this country is facing and also accepting blame where he needed to in regard to testing for example where he's at they could have moved faster and luckily we are seeing strong movement when it comes to requesting at-home test in the process moving forward. this hopefully will be reset for this administration coming into the second year we know from
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history most first-year administration actually get off to that great of a start. he with that obama and president clinton and president trump even, actually present biden's numbers are better than they work with president clinton and trump at this time in the administration. kennedy: trumps numbers never really moved joe biden's one metric in the most recent polls went down 15 points with democrats december. it's only january. >> there's erosion -- he was in a tiny box and move from here to here. joe biden has moved from here to here. my hand is falling out of the screen, that's how far. >> you are right back. >> that erosion of support is problematic. kennedy: what's really problematic is the erosion of democratic support.
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dependent are arguably who got him in and they are not getting anything from him. when we are looking at $9 trillion in spending. >> absolutely was no shock to me that independent art going gaga for biden because the funniest part of that press conference was when he said over delivering on his promises. really? you promise us if we passed multitrillion dollar stimulus plan, it would get 10 million new jobs in 2021. we got 6 million. that's 4 million jobs that never materialized. if that's not a failed promise, i don't know what is and you know this, he promised to shut down the coronavirus if he was elected and that was never a realistic promise but look where we are today. does covid look shut down to you? i don't know, i wore a mask walking into this building so it doesn't look very shut down to me. kennedy: i wore one but it was a catwoman mask it was a different
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reason that's qualified. kennedy: with got a lot to talk about, a lot of problems to solve this group can do it. the senate debate on biden's doomed running wrightsville and democrats want to change the entire way the senate works to get that done. what is the filibuster fight about experts in congress, chad program explains everything, next. ♪♪
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president biden's agenda is doomed 3% currently debating on the president voting rights bill in the outlook pretty bleak for democrats. despite his agenda on life alert, present surge during today's press conference. >> top two legislative priorities, social spending package and voting rights legislation are stalled, blocked by your own party after months of negotiation. you're only guaranteed control washington for one more year before the midterm. you need to be more realistic scale down these priorities to get something passed? no, i don't think so. kennedy: i think so. surprisingly optimistic when this is what his own party is saying. >> allowing one party to complete simple majority will
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work you will on the fire caring this nation apart. kennedy: what does this mean for democrats heading into the midterm? what is the latest on the filibuster fight? it's getting dramatic on capitol hill. live in the fox news senior congressional correspondent. i'm dying to know what's happening. >> democrats aim to vote to end the filibuster on the voting rights bill tonight, that leaves 60 yeas. the senate fails to break the filibuster, they plan another vote to change the filibuster later on. democrats sinema joe manchin support the voting rights bill they oppose changes on the filibuster. >> but the change happen this way and the senate will be a body without rules. the rule would be broken with the cloture rules and it's executed. when i i cannot be a party to that.
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>> democrats need manchin and sinema on board for the nuclear option. that would lower the bar to and from the senate to simple majority. mitch mcconnell saluted both democrats. >> fortunately there are two members of the democratic conference who believe in the institution, understand in the near future, the shoe might be on the other foot are prepared to prevent this disruptive move. >> many democrats are esteemed at manchin and sinema for blocking the voting rights bill. they now appear to have more allies among republicans and their own side of the aisle. kennedy: very interesting during his press conference the president said he'd love to work with republicans but all of his friends in the senate anymore, lindsey graham, seems to be running a roadblock for
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republicans so what is he doing to get republican on his life? >> nothing yet so far. he mentioned mitt romney but there's not a lot of outreach. he talked about a lot of these trips he goes to in the south and talked about more than 20 republicans who joined him on air force one but so far, there's not a great deal of outreach unless you go back to the infrastructure bill. there is a broad coalition of senate republicans including mitch mcconnell who support that but since then there are no republicans willing to work with him on voting rights. there might be republicans willing to work with him on changes to the electoral count back, a piece of legislation dictate how they deal with the electoral college every four years january 6 and there are problems with that, there could be common ground there. kennedy: we her georgia is predicted to win that like college football championship. chad, thank you for keeping an
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eye on it, i know these are confusing but these are important vote taking upon themselves and if the senate goes from democrat to republican in the midterm, i don't think a lot of the democrats want to see the filibuster go bye-bye. they're not playing a long game, not yet. thank you. coming up, doctor anthony fauci we are so in the pandemic, still march of 2020 year ago we were saying something completely different. china warning foreign athletes any political statements made during the olympics will result in them getting forced into weaker slave camps are jail time. that's next. ♪♪
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you a conspiracy theorist? doctor fauci might be enjoying the pandemic and wants it to
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last forever. in this clip is not going to change your mind at all. here's doctor fauci addressing the world economic forum about when we can all return to normalcy. >> 2022, figure fico from pandemic to anthemic the answer is we don't know that when i talk about the pandemic, this is truly pandemic phase for the whole world is negatively impacted as we are right now. kennedy: five stages of the pandemic. denial, first you deny china did anything wrong. you're angry at me, it's personal. whatever you ask me a question about science, you're mad at me because i am sides. then we get a bargain with china and get more stuff from me because i gave them millions. you have depression, depression
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because i am not president. yet. just accept it, i am the savior, anthony fauci. he said five stages and we are still in phase one, not exactly what he said january 2021 predicting a return to normalcy last fall or last year. he said we'd be in normalcy by this spring. every time thank you, doctor fauci gets another win full of money and fame, overstayed his welcome, but i. party panel is back, inez stepman, kevin walling and brad polumbo. i nice, i'm over him. talk me off my large. [laughter] i think a lot of people are over him and especially ridiculous the phase one thing in the pandemic when he himself admitted variance from omicron plaintiff i'm just about everybody he himself admitted just about everybody is going to get this version, so contagious
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but there's a deeper think your, why is this unelected bureaucrat, why does he have so much power? why are we hanging off his pronouncements i understand there's a goal for medical expertise and managing a pandemic but we need to be clear about who's making the actual judgment balancing decisions required, those are ultimately political decisions because of back, they should rest with people who have to be accountable to voters, also known as the president and congress. we are two years and, no reason to be operating on this emergency basis that bypasses the normal way our system works. kennedy: but if it's emergency, you can bypass that democrat more power. just like more time, shut everything down if do what you want, ask for more money, still more money from taxpayers. kevin, i don't buy that we are that early in the pandemic phase. i just don't buy it, means there is no change at all from two
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years ago. >> the president talk about the change from your about his press conference today in terms of therapeutics and vaccines masking, everything in a far different place than a year ago when he took office and different from when covid hit our shores. i get it, people are frustrated at that on your show year, we've been talking about this for a year, it's a serious frustrating situation. you and i had breakthrough cases getting exhausted, exhausted by doctor fauci's pronouncement, i get that. you place to the worst case scenario because he wants to protect most people but we have to figure out a way to get to the end democrat phase, control stage right becomes like the flu. a lot of countries are moving in that direction, omicron has on in this way. down 30% in major cities in places like florida, it's very good thing to see that hopefully
7:32 pm
in the rearview mirror but we don't know what's next, didn't see delta or omicron coming but hopefully this is the last variant. kennedy: is an engineered virus, you can't see anything coming. >> there's a lot of question about that, to. kennedy: brad, phase one, what does phase two look like? >> this made me roll my eyes but it's not as bad as i thought at first he said, phase two identifies is when it becomes endemic and we live with it in phase five is completely eradicated the phase two is actually the end of the pandemic, really what most people consider but it's crazy he doesn't think we are there yet. we have vaccines for anybody who wants them. i took them from a few took them at that time go live your life, everyone can make their own decisions, really is no pandemic emergency anymore but you are right about doctor fauci, he has every incentive as a government
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bureaucrat to prolong the emergency in people's minds and expertise and demand. the punch bowl run dry if you're doctor fauci or work in the government, emergency is your christmas why not have christmas forever? kennedy: keep telling the punch bowl up the biko killer. coming up, and what you talk to doctor marc siegel about the effectiveness of boosters but we are going to china, on the brick affix any political statements made during the game are quote subject to certain punishment. that's not good in china. they might get thrown in jail for saying anything. after athletes were warned to leave their phones at home over possible tax and surveillance by the commies. they also walked up a major chinese activist, the gains keep getting darker and darker and
7:34 pm
haven't even started yet. what are athletes supposed to do, smile and be quiet or else they are sent with the uighur ghouls? >> maybe they want athletes to be as compliant as corporate america has been in terms of walking the line for the ccp. i don't think we should be going on this, all the pics is a huge one for china, a way to showcase propaganda version of what china stands for to the world and definitely if we have to live under their rule -- if it was only for the olympics, maybe there could be justification but it's more, it's symbolic of the way they want us to live all the time. thinking back to the mba, shutting down three hong kong signs held by spectators in the united states, it's very clear times does not see that authoritarian power over their
7:35 pm
own citizens at their borders and it's time to recognize that but that's going to be difficult to deal with if corporations continue to be as compliant as the olympic committee. kennedy: if we have to warn athletes not to take the phones from about just the u.s., it's australia, canada, great britain, they are all warning athletes to take burner phones because they will spot on your. if we are worried about anyone who might engage in political speech getting thrown in jail, the ioc has done something wrong. about the host country you've selected, that's a horrible country that doesn't deserve the games, doesn't the ioc deserve more? >> i'm happy you shine the light on this, not too long ago i noticed, the celtics speaking out, we need more of that. what you see out of this communist regime is fear of their own people, that's why
7:36 pm
they do this. we can talk about this press conference but at the end of day, there's a reporter who called into question the president capability in the east wing, east room of the white house to his face. he's not going to be hauled off and sent to jail because of a question but he would be if that took place in beijing. [laughter] kennedy: the obama administration spied on him and made very difficult for that reporter so he's arty been subjected to that but it takes nard to call truth to power in a free country like the u.s. do not to xi jinping, you are in a torture camp. >> exactly right. kennedy: brad, bring us home. >> we can't even guarantee the safety of our athletes and they won't end up in detention camps, i'm not sure we should be participating in the olympics at
7:37 pm
all. i feel bad for the athletes if they don't get to go, they make careers and lives out of this but this has to be about something bigger than matt. china is actively engaged in a genocide, that's not the kind of thing we can just gloss over because we want to win gold medal. sports is important, i'm not trying to downplay it but this will go down in the history books as a time when countries across the world went and played nice with the authoritarian regime committing some of the worst human rights abuses seen in modern history and i don't think it's worth it and i think we should all say enough is enough and we are not putting up with it. kennedy: look at all of the places they are trying to squash freedom not just with ethnic minorities within their own country, taiwan, hong kong, it is unforgivable and i hope the international community prides against the international olympic committee. shame on them but praise to all of you, thank you so much, good to talk to you all. >> thanks, kennedy.
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kennedy: coming up, president biden today talking about vaccine boosters for quite a while, conflicting reports about how well they actually work. doctor marc siegel knows more than anyone on this topic, he's coming up next and a brand-new kennedog, a sneak peek enjoying the playground. stay with me. ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: ties changed again, a new study shows mrna vaccines like pfizer and maternal don't completely protect against the
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omicron ferry. we are initially told it was 95% protection from infection, that was wrong or a lie the world health organization has helping children and teens now should not receive booster shots. i am so confused. the rest of the world is waking up to harsh realities, the president sleepy joe is still napping on the job. >> if you've been vaccinated, get your booster shot. everybody at the booster shot. it's the optimum protection you can have your protected very well to shots, if it's the pfizer -- anyway, your protected but you are better protected with the booster shot. kennedy: i don't know if that's true. will anyone ever be fully vaccinated? with me now, author of covid the politics, fear and power of signs, doctor marc siegel is back. so the mrna act seemed don't work, is mrna technology completely worthless?
7:44 pm
>> no, they actually work. we have to get through this confusion and be really clear. number one, we have under vaccinated the world so when the who who's been asleep at the switch for a lot of the pandemic says we can't keep boosting and boosting, they are different making different points, a lot of the world is not even vaccinated and less than 10% of the people in africa are vaccinated that's for the latest variant omicron spun out. the variant then got through our immune defenses, we are making a lot of mistakes here in the u.s., the biden administration. number one, they are not counting immunity from previous infections and they should. if somebody just got over covid like you did, i don't even want you to have a shot and i think your protected. it's about time they say so. in terms of boosters, i think the boosters work at decreasing severity especially if you are in a high risk and elderly,
7:45 pm
especially if you have obesity or pre-existing condition, keeps you out of the hospital 90% of the time comes omicron if you are boosted but the question is, what our kids and teens? paul offit, head of the vaccine education center at children's hospital of philadelphia, absolutely said to me walkable times he thinks we are wasting boosters on healthy teens and the idea of healthy kids because he thinks you are getting enough immune protection already from the first two shots suffer a team, here's my last part, 418 with two shots who had covid certainly should be compelled to get a booster doesn't seem to be over the top. kennedy: but we are going to be mandated to have the vaccines, we are going to be up-to-date in states where you have to have proper vaccination to get in restaurant. if you can't argue with the person standing outside who says
7:46 pm
can i see your license and proof of vaccination? no, i had covid, it's the same thing. they don't care because the rules are arbitrary. i agree with you about kids, both my kids had covid and had both shots. why would i get them boosters? >> that's right and you are a libertarian and agree with you on most things i agree one thing, the big problem is superimposed big government, isn't it? if a movie theater want to say you have to have a booster to get them, fine. if the business feels that's what it takes to make them safe, find but we are talking about the supreme court saying the federal government can't and i agree, i don't think that is the place of government, i don't think it's the place of work face safety, is a private business to make the decision. kennedy: and the place of doctor to inform his or her patient,
7:47 pm
what is it for that patient? go to your doctor, talk to your doctor, doctor siegel is the best one. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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new interview, bono says hearing his own music makes him cringe i guess is not as tone deaf as he sounds on his album. thus the lead singer for this is topical storm. topic number one. another blunder in the supply chain, supply chain company caught using a truck an entire semi truck for just one piece of cookware. look at this outrage look at that. the world are just measuring 18 feet from handoff to stump weighing about 14000 pounds, you can see driving behind the truck with 3 million eggs. new cast-iron museum in tennessee where it's going to go on display along others in the
7:52 pm
rock of hall of fame doesn't have a big heavy metal exhibit. museum will teach an authoritative authentic traditional cast-iron cooking which is why they hired a team of divorced dads to pop hamburger meat on their and serve it with mayonnaise. topic number two. madame unveiled this wax figures known as senseless candles. there is joe and kamala coming closer together than they have since taking office. president biden, signature light blue tie and crocodile smile and wax spots for his forehead. just like the real joe, the wax figure has a meltdown when it takes a little heat on like the real joe, teeth are not removable. alava asked bigger more human than the real vice president but it does have the same amount of answers to questions about
7:53 pm
inflation. then it's been to the border just as much as she has, not on display as a marks museum here in new york city, get off the times where subway patient, take a left at the corner of stabbing a stray bullet and you will find the entrance just before you hit herriman avenue. topic number three. cracker barrel water to pay a customer $9.4 million after accidentally serving a class of chemicals and sudden water. 3 million for serving food. i like cracker barrel. i also like 3.4 million. tennessee once again my name was actually served eco- in his water glass, employee said he didn't think it would be a problem since it contains most of the same ingredients as diet mountain dew, another local delicacy but the jury returned a quick verdict after being shocked to learn the cracker barrel was keeping cleaning fluid in a drinking glass and
7:54 pm
more shocked to learn any cracker barrel owned was using cleaning fluid in the first place. oh cracker barrel i love the country ham with green beans and sweet petito's. topic number four. forty plus foot tall snowman, wait till you see the size of these walls. family owned contracting business to use our own heavy equipment to make the supersized winter wonder so if you live in wisconsin and wondering why rugs haven't been repaired, it's because his construction company was doing something more important, so man's arms made out of full-sized trees, the 5-gallon bucket, smile made out of circular saw blades making them strong enough to chew a subway sandwich. now he's missing one key accessory, where are you?
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straight over here. guess what, it's wednesday night, we will be back with kennedog. did your dog make the cut? what, what, what? ♪♪ we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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the accessibility they deserve. pva fights to help veterans like me from the moment of injury and for the rest of our lives. call or go online right now with your gift of just $19 a month. use your credit card and receive this pva team t-shirt to show that you are fighting for our paralyzed veterans. i just don't think my family would be as happy as they are without the support that i received from paralyzed veterans of america. our veterans fought for us. let's fight for them. call or donate online at today. our veterans need you. >> welcome back. this wednesday night, time to highlight our favorite dogs september in by our
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amazing viewers. only cable news show that loves your dog as much as you do, this week's job, woo. amy her dog windy, loves fishing. >> and jade's dog blue. >> and mindy. and chris' dogs. they are so cute. i loved smashed faces. paul with his one-year-old black lab, chance. this is eric's dog. let's see becky's dog, train, he thinks taxation dumb. so do we, and these beautiful dogs are enjoying outdoors. last 3 robert's dog, sushi who loves living her best
8:00 pm
life, sushi, you go. tomorrow night on the show, an incredible adventure. sir gary hoffman. the lawrence jones. we'll get in trouble. you can't watch it. make of day a kenna day. >> we got a winter here, the snow and cold are here to stay. >> can't afford to get something stuck up there that we're paying rent on. and it sits there all winter, i think we ought to shut down. >> if we get chased out by the winter, all of us don't want to abandon what we've aaccomplished this year in righ


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