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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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struck by a car. thankfully bounces back up. fixes the camera, gracefully rebounds to finish her report. professional 10 out of 10. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the white house deepening its credibility crisis today of the, topspinning, flat out denying the president's blunders that were caught on videotape at his first presser in nearly a year yesterday, claiming the midterms could be stolen and president of ukraine slamming president biden for appearing to assess a quote, minor incursion by russia. u.s. officials reportedly warning congress russia will invade ukraine. we have four new polls from the associated press and nbc,
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"politico" and civics. show another historic plunge for the president who says he doesn't believe the polls but voters do. joining us tonight congressman lee zeldin, greg murphy, mike garcia, louie gohmert. with us congressman rick crawford and brian babin and gop strategist ford owe connell. >> we have this story as well. governor newsom blaming them for shocking violent crime and murders but newsom fully supports california's weak on crime laws. in oregon, d.a.s, homicide victims families desperately moving to sue the governor, trying to step her from letting out of jail more town 1000 criminals who they say could go on to kill, assault, steal, rape again. president trump calling out conflicts of interest of nancy pelosi after pelosi said lawmakers should be allowed to trade stocks while in office. her husband made tens of millions of dollars in big tech
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stocks, affected by legislation. now pelosi appearing to backtrack. plus a rare rebuke from the supreme court against a npr story based on anonymous sources. supreme court says the story was false. we break it down. gop senators chuck grassley, ron johnson, accuse the secret service covering up for hunter biden after censored information on trips that hunter biden took on fair force two to do overseas business deals while his father was vice president. are they trying to hide something and why? that is what the senators are asking. a stunning new report, the u.s. on track to surpass nearly 700,000 illegal got-aways at the border in fiscal year 2022. 107 gop lawmakers ask homeland security inspector general to investigate the white house on the border, the danger zone. this is one of the issues d.c. inside is reportedly say that the republicans could try to
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impeach president biden on. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we are, you are watching "the evening edit," we begin with a new trifecta of problems for the white house. the democrats moved to end the filibuster to enact a nationalization of state elections failed. gallup says 1% of voters find that important. we have new polls from ap, nbc, "politico," civics show another steep drop for the president's approval ratings after the president claimed to have overperformed, that he doesn't care what the polls say, doesn't matter. hillary vaughn with more what is going on in d.c. now. hillary, good to see you. reporter: president biden did not take responsibility for an overheating economy. he did say he has the answer, passing his social spending package "build back better." president biden admit people are
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paying more at the meat counter and at the gas pump that inflation right now is a big problem but bide still says he thinks his economic report card is looking pretty good and bragged by his record job creation in year one, low unemployment, all accomplished during his first year. as far as the high price pain that consumers are facing, biden passed blame. president biden: four big companies dominate the market, charge consumers more for beef. inflation has everything to do with the supply chain. the whole issue of energy prices. that gets a little more complicated. we'll continue to getwork on trying to increase oil supplies. reporter: liz, president biden also did talk about bare shelves that consumers are seeing across the country but he says it is not as bad as people think. he says stockss are 89%, shelves are 89% stocked around the
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country. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great to see you. thanks so much for joining us. back with us now, congressman lee zeldin, from house financial services. congressman greg murphy from the house gop doctors caucus. first to you, congressman zeldin, the white house in cleanup mode today, the president appeared to give a green light to russia invading ukraine calling it a minor incursion. is any incursion minor? >> no. you're talking about an invasion, entering into another country's sovereign land and this was a green light, and the white house has been trying, the biden administration has been trying to roll back what president biden said. words have consequences. he badly misspoke in a way that can cause dangerous consequences for an ally that deserves competency, from the president of the united states but also
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the american people deserving competency from its president. elizabeth: we're just showing the tweet from the president of ukraine saying, we want to remind great powers that there is no such thing as a minor incursion. you know, dr. murphy, when you see that and you see the four new polls from the associated press, civics, nbc, "politico," showing another his tore crick crash in president's approval rating, half the country, "politico" says he is failing and mentally not fit to serve. that "politico" line. mentally not fit to serve. a reporter was slammed for asking the president about that yesterday. your reaction to these polls? >> liz, as robert gates said biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision the last 40 years. look at the debacle in afghanistan. you don't have minor incursions into a sovereign country. it is giving them the green light. it is an embarassment, as for
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biden's mental faculties, he has done more in the first year of his presidency, he has done more damage in first year of his presidency than any president i know. he has done more to damage the country and reputation across the world. he is or his staff are entirely tone deaf about his actions or what is going on in the real world. frankly it is an american embarassment. elizabeth: the ukraine problem, the congressman's point, congressman zeldin, would just rattle the geopolitical landscape. it would hit the oil markets but the white house tried to deny he said that, claiming that he was only talking about cyber security attacks but he didn't say that last night. also the press secretary saki is casting, trying to deny the president was casting doubt on a legitimacy of the midterms. all of this is on videotape. the president also not apologizing for botching the exit from afghanistan. let's watch what happened. watch this. president biden: it depends on what it does. it is one thing if it is a minor
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incursion. we end up fighting what to do, not do et cetera. i make no apologies what i did. i have a great concern for the women and men who were blown up on the line at the ire port by a terrorist attack. >> speaking of voting rights legislation, if this isn't passed do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and its results will be legitimate? >> well it all depends on whether or not we're able to make the case to the american people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election. no i didn't say that look what i said. go back and read what i said and tell me, if you think i called anyone who voted on the side of position taken by bull connor, that they were bull connor. elizabeth: when he was talking about altering the outcome he
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was referring to basically the democrats attempt to federalize state elections. they failed at that. congressman zeldin, your reaction to what you just heard? >> the press conference in many respects was a disaster. it was painful for people who love our country. you want to see the president of the united states succeed whether you vote for him or her or not. and there is a lot of consequences when they start making these mistakes. we were just talking about ukraine. the consequences could be china's thinking about going into taiwan. north korea is test firing missiles. iran ramping up uranium enrichment. there are terror groups out there as well. you're playing a clip as it relates to back and forth with a reporter where he snapped at him, he started raising his voice. that didn't go over well. that wasn't presidential. about the voting bill that is before us, i personally believe that protecting voting rights is to oppose a bill bans voter i.d.
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nationally. i believe that protecting voting right is making sure that there isn't ballot harvesting in all 50 states. that taxpayers are not on the hook in order to be able to fund political campaigns that they might disagree with. so there is a fundamental battle here on the merits, the substance but i also would say that if you take this position that you can't have a legitimate election unless you pass this new bill, you're delegitimizing your own election and other elections in the past. so there is so much contradiction of substance. not a good delivery. elizabeth: we hear you. the other thing too is, congressman murphy, to congressman zeldin's point, let's show the instances where the president has personally, attacked reporters after he has been challenged. he will reset by talking to reporters after he has a long history of yelling at them, attacking voters as well when he has been challenged. let me get back to afghanistan. according to
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"the new york times," breaking news out of "the times," congressional democrats urging the president to overhaul government's drone strike program saying it is secretive and unaccountable, after "new york times" published newly declassified footage of the final minutes of the botched drone strike in kabul, afghanistan, killed 10 innocent civilians including 10 children. democrats are pushing back on that. what do you say to that? >> liz, it is really difficult to understand the democratic mentality with some of these issues. look what happened with soleimani, we took out the world's greatest terrorist at some point in time the ethics of the democratic party was it wrong? was it wrong to take out lives of innocent afghanis. yes we have to have drone strikes secretive. it is part of our national security. these things are just shake your head sometimes, liz, how are these people thinking?
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i guess it comes from the top down. biden is not thinking and not reading his teleprompter correctly he has to backwards about what he said. it is an illogical presidency at this point of time. it is based on entire incompetence. elizabeth: okay, congressman zeldin, congressman murphy, thanks so much for joining us. come back again soon. still to come former president trump calling out conflicts of interest of nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi defended lawmakers saying they should be able to trade stocks while in office. her husband made tens of millions of dollars on big tech stocks affected by legislation. we'll give you a look inside of this fight coming up next. >> california congressman mike garcia is with us as well. california prosecutors speaking out against governor newsom. governor newsom blaming them for boeing weak on crime after a series of shocking murders and violent felonies. now the governor though, in a whiplash move says he fully defends supports california weak
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♪. elizabeth: california governor gavin newsom facing sharp criticism from california's prosecutors after he tried to blame them for not holding
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criminals to account after a series of shocking murders, looting of stores and violent crime. the governor though is focusing on something else, the potential new, gigantic tax to pay for a major change in california state policy. kelly o'grady has more. reporter: good to see you, liz. this initiative means every california resident including illegal immigrants would pay for health care in the state. in order to cover california would have to bring in an additional $163 billion that would more than double its annual tax revenue currently. let's remember, california already has the highest marginal tax rate. under the new proposal the top marginal tax rate would reach 18.05%. an even those making 50,000 would pay double-digit rates. the cost of businesses, companies with more than 50 employees will incur a payroll tax which could disincentivize small businesses from expanding. as stiltly they will bear a 2.6 gross receipts tax. only a handful of states have there less than 1%.
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low or no margin businesses like grocery stores or entrepreneurial ventures would get hard. >> this gross receipts tax will hit years they have losses when they can't afford it. for founders this is high individual income taxes high as well. it makes california way less attractive for the startups that have been a huge part of the california success story for years. reporter: critics worry about the quality and wait times for health care if this passes. what we're seeing residents and businesses leave california no droves because of crime, already high costs. you have to wonder, what are these progressive policymakers thinking, liz? elizabeth: kelly o'grady, thanks for the journalism there. good to see you. welcome back to the show california congressman mike goosier seia. there is that going on in california. the push to provide health care coverage to illegal immigrants. there are issues around that but there is also this, move on to this story. shaun smith, the suspect arrested in pasadena yesterday
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in brutal stabbing murder of ucla graduate breanna kupfer, he was let out with 1000-dollars cash bail in california, covina, california in fall of 2020. he is being held on two million dollars bail. what is happening here? >> it is unbelievable. if you don't live in california you need to pay attention right now because this isn't a california problem. these are policies actually being adopted an uploaded to our federal government right now. we have members ever congress in this administration trying to replicate what is going on in california across the entire country. we're seeing it real time. what is going on in california is the result of decades of bad policies that have led to a perfect storm that favors these criminals and we have district attorneys like ours in l.a. county, district attorney gascon who is actually acting like a defender of these criminals rather than someone who is supposed to be prosecuting them. in the case of brianna kupfer we had a suspect who had a prior
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history of arrests where he would have been charged with a felony in the past but because of a bill called prop 47 in california that charge was downgraded to a misdemeanor and he was let out. ultimately killed a beautiful and innocent young lady who was simply doing her job. it is like the 1800s in california right now. we have trains derailing because of all the track on the rails. we have trains being robbed, people being killed in the streets. and people not being held accountable for the crimes. this is while newsom is blaming the prosecutors and the prosecutors are just passing the buck. elizabeth: we hear you. the governor blamed the soft on crime prosecutors but then the governor said he defends and supports the laws that let, downgraded felonies into misdemeanors and reduced the prison sentences and the bail. you know, in oregon two d.a.s and homicide victims families as well moving to stop the governor in a lawsuit. she wants to release out of jail
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more than 1000 criminals they say they could go on to kill again and assault and loot and rob too. there is that story. get back to, there is a pushback now it seems. kind of small but it is coming. why is this, what about this, congressman, why was transportation secretary pete buttigieg, why is he awol on the looting of car cargo trains in ? this is supply chain. last week beauty buttigieg was at the ports to say we saved christmas. it is so bad 1train cars derailed littered with looted packages. why is he awol? >> after christmas shows up after all of his personal life priorities come first. he is way late to this problem of the supply chain issues are still challenging us. during covid in the midst of this, where we're having shortages in testing, ppe, we're seeing covid tests scattered
6:22 pm
across railroad tracks with the looting, robberies that we're seeing. let's be very clear on this whole issue. this is the result of policies and politicians who have defended this defund the police movement and are still behind closed doors pushing to defund the police. i had l.a. county sheriff villanueva call me he is not allowed to hire new police officers because of l.a. county board of supervisors. this is the problem. starts with president, governors of liberal states with progressive liberal policies on crime. they think it is doing something good for their communities. it is putting us at risk. the bottom line people are waking up. it doesn't matter if you're a democrat or republican. you want your neighborhood to be secure. that is what people are realizing the dems failed us in this regard. elizabeth: congressman mike garcia, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, liz, appreciate it. elizabeth: up next, gop strategist ford o'connell. former president trump calling out conflicts of interest of
6:23 pm
nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi said lawmakers should be able to trade stocks while in office. now democrats are pushing back against that, saying no, that's wrong. her husband made tens of millions of dollars on big tech stocks affecting legislation. we give you a look into the argument and this fight next on "the evening edit." >> we have laws against insider trading using confidential or privileged information to trade stocks. they should apply to congress as well. ♪. ood money habits. by creating allowances and assigning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show gop strategist ford o'connell. ford, good to have you back on. former president trump said yesterday that congressional lawmakers like house speaker pelosi and their families should be banned from trading individual stocks. what do you think of the story? >> look, president trump is 1000% right. members of congress and their immediate family members should be banned from trading stocks. they have an unfair advantage by virtue being in congress. congress is public service. it should not be a lottery ticket to getting rich on the taxpayer dime. yes, president trump is spot on. elizabeth: okay. so we've got polls show that the majority of americans like anywhere more than 2/3 to 3/4 say yeah, lawmakers should not trade stocks while in office. if members of congress feel restricted by that, a idea of ban on stock trades they should
6:28 pm
find another line of work. it's a choice to do public service. if you want to be a member of congress, ford, you have to accept certain restrictions and limitations, you know what i mean? >> yes. serving in congress is an honor and you should not be utilizing the people's trust to benefit yourself while in office. frankly this may be one of the few issues, both in congress and in public that you have anywhere from 2/3 to 3/4 of all u.s. voters supporting. you have bipartisan support to ban this practice. unfortunately the current laws in place are not working. >> we hear you. we have got four bills moving through congress including half of them are by democrats including jon ossoff. this is coming after the news came out that pelosi's husband made tens of millions of dollars on big tech stocks. it is scrutiny and timing of those stock trades around legislation affecting and policies affecting microsoft,
6:29 pm
amazon, apple. pelosi's district is home to powerful tech players. so this is, again ramping up because congress is moving on with more legislation that could affect big tech companies. you know, ford all of these years this reporting has not been done, right? more reporting needed to be done on what is going on inside of congress that the president has, former president trump had called pretty swampy stuff where they're enriching themselves with you know, insider information, that we don't even know what is going on? >> well let's take nancy pelosi's family stock portfolio. she is consistently beaten the s&p 500, even to the tune of 15%. if you're beating the s&p 500 by 15%, particularly in the last couple of years, i promise you hedge funds would be drafting her upside down. almost as if her family has a crystal ball what should succeed. the fact she doesn't want to ban
6:30 pm
the practice because she says she is a capitalist, almost laughable given socialist policies she is pushing on capitol hill. this is case of pelosi rules for thee not for me, nancy pelosi. unfortunately this practice has to stop. it is not just a nancy pelosi problem. it's a both party problem. you have republicans and democrats taking advantage of their public office and it is wrong. elizabeth: we hear you. i mean business insider found more than four dozen lawmakers both sides of the aisle violating the stock act. that is kind of a weak law. it is mostly about transparency. an individual employed in his office is violating the stock act. report says senate majority leader chuck schumer daughters work at amazon. questions about his positions too. paul pelosi, jr., his connection to four companies where the leaders of companies were accused, probed for fraud by federal and state government.
6:31 pm
this is a web, ford. your final word. >> obviously getting rich off of pelosi's office is the pelosi business much like biden and federal contracts. we need to hold these folks accountable. the stock act is not going to do it. when it comes to chuck schumer, who is going to believe he will regulate big tech when his daughters work for amazon and facebook? if you buy that i sell you the brooklyn bridge, emac. elizabeth: ford o'connell, i don't have enough money for that. good to see you. we're just now coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. up next congressman louie gohmert from house judiciary. a rare rebuke from the supreme court, firing back against npr, saying npr's story was quote, false and incorrect. we'll explain what is going on here. stay here, you're watching "the evening edit." >> the heart of this story was this contention that the chief had in some way, in some form asked folks to mask up. his statement yesterday could
6:32 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show congressman louie gohmert from house judiciary. it is so good to have you back on, sir. so let's turn to this, where is the media apology after they smeared the supreme court justices including justice gorsuch based on a false npr story. that justice sotomayor with diabetes, avoiding justice gorsuch claiming he wouldn't wear a mask. the supreme court says this was wrong. what do you they have the story? >> actually, liz, i think it is fantastic. now the supreme court gets to see what the rest of us deal with all the time and that is fake news. fake news about the supreme court and obviously the justices
6:37 pm
were miffed and npr not only had to apologize but as you know they doubled down. even though justice sotomayor has said that did not happen. i didn't ask him to wear a mask. he didn't turn it down. so, it is fake news and at its best. the supreme court gets to experience close up, close to their home. elizabeth: we hear you, congressman and you know, based on anonymous sources but let's watch what happened in the media. watch this. >> gorsuch loves covid, which makes him the perfect, perfect republican. he thinks very little of coronavirus precautions. >> tragically antimask insanity has now reached the highest court in the land. >> that just seems ridiculous. can you put a mask on to -- >> [inaudible] >> every other justice is masking up. even clarence thomas.
6:38 pm
he doesn't seem to care about anybody. not gorsuch. he could not be bothered to extend a life-saving courtesy to his coworker. elizabeth: okay. but supreme court never makes statements like this. in a rare statement, look what the chief justice roberts and gorsuch said. sotomayor said the story by nina totenburg was wrong and incorrect. >> exactly. what i hope is that, the sullivan case may come up for review because we need them to knock that down and not make it more difficult for public figures be able to sue people for defamation, for slander libel. i'm hoping this encouragement for the supreme court to do that. now they have gotten a taste what the rest of us get all the time. elizabeth: congressman, the media reacting to the biden agenda failing and vote reform failing, the filibuster is
6:39 pm
staying in place. democrats failing on that. congressman i would like your reaction to this, watch. >> the more we learn, the more we learn there really was an attempt to overthrow our democracy. >> often times democrats say, oh, democracy are in peril. people are saying you guys act like the sky is falling. not just democrats, republicans, independents, our democracy thing should not be partisan thing talking about, assault at the state legislature level. >> we're seeing nothing short of a direct challenge. it isn't even only to the democracy with the form of voting. it is nature of a pluralist country? elizabeth: how does no voter i.d. which is what this bill would do, wipe out voter i.d. right? how does that improve election integrity? by the way you need i.d. for doctors visits, adopt pets, cigarette and alcohol purchases. how does that improve election
6:40 pm
integrity by wiping out voter i.d.? >> obviously it doesn't. it makes the election much less secure but how about the arrogance and hypocrisy of airlines saying how wrong it is to require picture i.d. when you can't get on their planes without an i.d. you can't get in to see any attorney general without a picture i.d. and yet the, this attorney general thinks, oh, you shouldn't have one for voting. that is what i remember going to iraq right after the first election and people stood in line for hours sometimes and then they -- [inaudible]. one police chief was telling me, one of their police found a guy in line with a suicide vest. he grabbed him, threw him to the ground and jumped on him both were killed in the explosion. i said i guess all the voters
6:41 pm
scaried, he looked surprise. no, they knew if they got out of line and didn't vote that policeman died for nothing. we've got to get back to where we understand how important it is to have secure elections. without them, we don't have elections. elizabeth: congressman gohmert, good to see you. come back soon. up next ranking congressman on house intelligence. he is congressman rick crawford. gop senators chuck grassley an ron johnson accuse the secret service covering up for hunter biden after the secret service covered up information on hundreds of hunter biden trips on overseas business deals when his father was vice president. the senators are asking are they trying to hide something and why? the story next. >> we don't know the full scope of hunter biden's overseas business dealings because his travel record during these years have been inappropriately
6:42 pm
redacted or withheld by the secret service. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be? you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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jo joining us now, ranking member of house intelligence. he is congressman rick crawford. good to see you. do you agree with gop senators chuck grassley and ron johnson that the secret service is covering up for hunter biden? it is censoring information on hundreds of trips on air force two do to overseas business dealings with china and russia? 29 countries he got secret service protection. over 400 trips made on air force two with his father, when his father was vice president, doing deals overseas. are they trying to hide something? >> it sure seems like it. it is very simple request that the senators have made. pretty straightforward. this is not the average citizen making this request. these are two senators on key committees in the united states senate making this request. and in the secret service
6:47 pm
decides to respond with a highly redacted document that make no sense of that. clearly they're trying to cover here. elizabeth: okay. congressman, this senate report that came out a few years, couple years ago, found that hunter biden was connected to human trafficking rings, human trafficking ring in eastern europe. prostitution ring in eastern europe. that he was getting money are the wife of the former mayor of moscow, millions of dollars. all of this buried in off-balance sheet shell companies that hunter biden set up. he was paid in the form of a gigantic diamond by former executive of a cefc, the chinese energy conglomerate that went belly-up and the chairman has gone missing. this is dangerous stuff. he is under criminal investigation for tax fraud. >> right. all this was known before the election in 2020. so the media basically engaged in a huge coverup to prevent
6:48 pm
that from impacting joe biden's chances of being elected president. now, after the fact, we can't go after him now, he is the president's son. well now we're engaged in issue with standoff of russia, ukraine, in the very location where these deals eminated from. one of the key nations involved and we have to ask the question, how much impact is this having on u.s. foreign policy as a result? same could be said about china. how much impact is this having on our foreign policy regarding china when we know that we have similar deals with the biden family engaged in china. and so, how is that going to impact taiwan, for example? just like russia and ukraine, you've got china and taiwan. how are your foreign policy decisions being impacted by hunter biden's business deals. these are legitimate questions. the answers are not forthcoming and they should be.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: we have gop congressman james comer, ranking republican on house oversight. demanding the national archives release information on the sale of an african cobalt mine that was basically orchestrated by a company in china hunter biden's investment firm china owns stakes in. we reported on "the evening edit," how the cobalt mine was accused of human rights abuses from watchdogs around the world. listen to senator ron johnson what is going on. listen to this. >> they're completely, you know, not being transparent with congress, with the american public. so that just raises my suspicion. all we were trying to figure out is, to what extent does he have financial foreign entanglements, that could represent a national security risk to america. tony bobulinski said he joe biden was compromised. we've been trying to uncover this for year and this is the
6:50 pm
kind of crap we get from the secret service. elizabeth: how could the president be compromised? >> if he has a son engaged in deals across the world, involved with china, russia, ukraine. these are hot spots around the globe, it will impact decisions being made as it applies to foreign policy. senator johnson is absolutely right to make those demands and point that out. elizabeth: could. >> could potentially. he is right to make the demands. elizabeth: congressman risk crawford thanks for joining us come back soon. up next azonning new report the u.s. is track to have 700,000 illegal got-aways going into the interior unchecked. lawmakers, asked the homeland security inspector to general to investigate the president on the border. one of the issues d.c. insiders say the gop could try to impeach him on. stay right there. >> i don't think we can sustain anymore. if you look at just what is happening with covid, the spread
6:51 pm
of covid. the spread of fentanyl. increased crime along the border and spreading crime because cartels are getting more and more power. ♪.
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brian babbitt, great to have you back on. we have a stunning new report, on track to surpass nearly 700,000 illegal getaways this fiscal year so that means they come into the interior unchecked. just walking right in. two decades away from 9/11 where we have issues with terrorism and more about criminal illegal crime. why is this not a hair and fire moment in washington? >> it's incredible to see what we are seeing, you are exactly right, the president spoke for nearly two hours at the press conference yesterday and not one question was asked, not one comment made by the president regarding what i think is the most serious issue we face, are open seven border because he doesn't want the mainstream media and biden administration, they don't want to talk about the border because he knows he's in utter failure with 700,000
6:56 pm
getaways, too many people who walked across our border. you've got 100,000 plus that americans, empowered cartel, a system down there wreaking havoc on the united states of america. we got terrorists coming across the training our border, covid positive by the tens of thousands not being checked or tested, not being masked or vetted coming into the country. it's an enormous risk to our nation. liz: 100,000 people died from opioid overdoses fueled by illegal fentanyl which is so dangerous. we have 107 republican lawmakers including 21 senators asking the home and security inspector general to investigate the president on the border. this is one of the issues
6:57 pm
insiders reportedly say gop could impeach the president on, republicans as expect to take back control of congress. you foresee that happening? >> it's a strong possibility after the debacle of afghanistan, 13 that americans military personnel leaving hundreds of thousands of people and allies and other americans back there. i'm on a resolution to impeach the president and i think secretory my orchids as well, what we are seeing is nothing but a national disgrace and disaster. interestingly, we heard the president and his press conference seeming to break know the president has done so much in one year and i think finally we saw a truism come out of this president because he's done a
6:58 pm
lot but it's everything he's done to hurt this country. borders and foreign-policy weakness, 100,000 plus that americans overdose, literally tons of fentanyl coming across from china, through the mexican border on our southern border and have done away president biden's own making. he dispensed and terminated all the great policies present trump administration had to implement took control of the border, we had deals with mexico to help us, now mexico working against us in many respects. liz: by the way, let's stay on that, press secretary jen psaki refuses to say whether the white house will change their poor policies, we got reports coming in that mexico breaking up the caravan smaller groups and
6:59 pm
putting them on buses to avoid detection and basically sending them to the u.s. border and big movement, and operations, they are coming in fleets and buses, arranging in mexico, tens of thousands from texas to arizona into california. we have shelter in texas getting shut down saying we can't take anymore illegal immigrants, it's too crowded, who got covid problems, a 7-year-old girl in venezuela drowned in the rio grande river, thousands of people dying on the way to cross illegally, it's dangerous stuff. >> my final word is i don't know the threat level we have to get to for the biden administration to finally do something about this. we've got the problems you mentioned, dead people raped, murdered, females, children
7:00 pm
being trafficked, unbelievable things happening. this is a strategy the democrat want obviously and i think we will probably continue to see it. liz: congressman, thanks for joining us. come back soon, thanks for watching. you have been watching the evening edit, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: happy thursday, we've made it. president biden really stepped in it this time. the entire west wing tonight is cleanup on aisle 46 after yesterday's long rambling and somewhat connected q&a with reporters. the presidential performance some republicans call the most embarrassing of all times, at least with gotten over the hyperboles. probably not quite that bad but he did screw a few things up for the administration. i most accounts, longest


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