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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  January 29, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EST

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. craig: fox weather alert parts of 10 eastern u.s. states under blizzard warnings storm could drop a muches was to feet of snow on boston up the coast new york city philadelphia also in the storm's path, this storm officially coming out winds insane. the proof pictures massachusetts getting rocked by hurricane force wind gusts,
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82 mile-per-hour gust crossed into town, 74-mile-per-hour gusts in nantucket the airport, streets are starting to flood in -- costliesto coastal atlantic city new jersey, travel grinding to halt on high wais run ways outages skyrocketing in massachusetts nearly 73,000 without electricity at this time good morning welcome to fox weather i am craig herrera. amy: amy freeze "america's weather weekend" fox best live extending coverage nor oovrt through 10:00 eastern time, and craig so far, i mean this is jaw-dropping we are over 80 mile-per-hour winds, so, if we have much of the storm yet to go we could be looking at consecutive hours
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hurricane-force winds out of nor'easter incredible, we've had amazing reports coming from other reporters across the east coast, lots to show people what is happening with this storm. craig: many spots reported 12 up to 15 inches fresh snow out there amy, we've got the team here weather command helping update numbers ocean city new jersey warning in effect until 4 pm each of time coastal communities, accumulations 5, 10 inches possible spots a whole lot more, more than a foot the wind gusting as high as 15 miles per hour left side where it says ocean as to any time a storm millibars, 9, 75 when they drop 24 millibars or more 24 hours is considered a
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bomb cycle, you heard us talking about that off basically the lower the stronger the storm is, high pressure to the north, sandwiched between two black lines bars indicating strong winds northeasterly winds, characteristics, why we call you the nor'easter sustained winds out of o north northeast boston 30 miles per hour to ocean city now switching on backside of that that across live rotation north northwest wind to south look at numbers, so far, ocean, maryland 14 inches fresh snow ocean city 12 snow hill 11.7 we don't stop there numbers coming in piling up look at forked river new jersey, 16 inches snow many spots have been seen so far one to three inches of snow per hour, over to new jersey 15 toms river 14 inches fresh snow along jersey new
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york, is ip 15 inches every time we update numbers submittingtown new york 14.8, kt north babylon 13 1/2 fresh snow for you wind gusts, 82 mile-per-hour gusts, nantucket 74, remember 74 gives you a category sustained category one hurricane winds gusts but, nonetheless, you get the picture it is strong, the winds are. if you live in massachusetts or anywhere along the coast, probably best to stay home if you can, and not to head-on the roads but if you just have to drive, important to know you want to do it safely, joining us now is hi administrator jonathan gulliver thank you for being with us this storm has been impressive, talk to us about a what roads are looking like now you all are trying to keep them clear, rates are impressive. >> very difficult storm to work as we have seen it coming, quite a ways, we have
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plenty of materials equipment and staff on hand to handle it 3,000 crews out working roadways right now but, especially costal areas live conditions, mostly snow-covered roadways everywhere water snow drifters building quickly, and then, especially on coastal roads to close a number due to high tides flooding, we expect going to see later on tonight the other high tide very difficult going all the way around. craig: so important to know and you talk about some closures what is best way to keep, up with closures to know when they my be open if they have to travel? >> so we do list any closures on twitter feed, so you should look at matt dot twitter in general going to be a lot of -- it is if out and about see barrels also cones ahead of time stay away from any standing water you encounter,
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it is going to be dangerous, al remind lot deeper, and going to be moving your car a a lot more than you think it will, we encourage people stay away from those message of the day stay off the roads, unless you absolutely have to. it is going to be a dangerous conditions out there throughout most of the day. craig: i guess a good way good a saturday hopefully a lot of people are off work you mentioned 3,000 people crew members, do you have anyone else, private recess deterrents, i know a shortage maybe not your area but around the country do you have people helping as well? >> no we're in good shape we have a big, about 3/4 available to us so, storm intensifies expect adding some on, then we also work closely with extensive and towns if a shortage for any reason work with them brown equipment to help them out we feel very good about where we are right now and staff. craig: were you out if you full force last night getting
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ready for storm anticipating some of the snow coming? >> we did we had crews on early last night, number of we had a little bit of weather ahead of the main event, but started bringing in crews early doing pretreatments, like yesterday afternoon, i think one of the big challenges here is that that is lon duration storm quite a bibb of cleanup drifting something we are chasing, i expect next 24-hour as well even though this span is going to be over slippery conditions persists well into sunday. craig: no kidding snowdrifts tough a lot of snow seeing in slush. amy: snow that blows around quickly all over the roads, how is -- you work in shifts or just have people going on staff -- because. >> -- we have a whole -- yes a little bit of both, what the needs are, i expect that we are going to be able to rotate
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crews in, later today, special to ones that came on last night, again, the benefit of having a large fleet like we do we have that flexibility, but it is nonetheless that is very tough storm it is we have lot of work cut out for juice drawn anthony gulliver thank you for time we appreciate it know you are very busy good to get word out out residents out there we appreciate your time, massachusetts, feeling prudent we appreciate it, thanks so much go to fox weather robert ray keeping an eye on some conditions out there, robert all morning long checking with you, snowdrifts have been deep as wind has been howling. reporter: yeah, you know what it is roshlg, the blizzard is intensifying here -- northeast, i lost my breath sometimes wind gusts come in, pelting snow goes down the throat up the nose, here you
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go. tough to talk, but you see at the atlantic ocean zero visibility this is the beach, we have high tide earlier warren all the way up to here, let me try to walk over here show you some snowdrifts that are coming in, i was standing here an hour ago, and you know actually right in there you can't even see my footprints because of amount of snow continuing to come in a phenomenal feed up to 70 miles per hour clocked just five many times offshore, from here, thatcher island sustained in the 40s right now, we don't know how much snow has fallen because, the wind blows all the snow around, this genesis criticizing hazards hazardous
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dangerous conditions power providing some relief we expect it to potentially go out days goes on looking at coastal flooding, look at atlantic i know tough to do but, you know, just a second ago you could see it now, again, with the wind, it is almost not visible, less than a quarter mile conditions here in the blizzard colds on, the streets, are getting, good thing no one should be out folks in fishing village america's first seaport, 400 years old some boths boats unraveled, gloucester, as i
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have said worse progressively not until , 9, 10:00 at that it a heck of a seen tomorrow when all this is over. >> robert thank you so much every time we check in hasn't improved much we appreciate your reporting, we will check in with you again amy. amy: yeah, big part of the storm the persistent relentless northeast winds coming in hour after hour waterford connecticut visibility zero coastline, 21 degrees and gusts 44 miles an hour this hour, wind totals to three six nchdz inches owing water ford two hours drive from new york city blizzard warnings until 7 pm eastern
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time leaking what we've got heavy snow to come, we've got we can see drifts throughout the snow of -- two to three-feet high that is an issue also power outages piling up closing in lm 100,000 customers without power we will continue to be tracking this all 118,000, right now gloucester tough spot power goes out temperatures just so cold we have a lot of storm still to go trend has been going, on storm intensifies winds over 80 miles per hour, a real strong wind, persistent northeast push, 65 miles per
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hour blizzard continues of dr. massachusetts connecticut rely difficult to see so many heavy snow bands coming in producing two inches of snow per hour on top of that put a monster wind gusting 40 or 50 miles an hour, that just travel nearly impossible very treacherous the only essential travel places under state of emergency, a lot of travel restriction as well, a 35 minor an hour boston airport right now 45 miles per hour norwood 33 miles per hour, radar on top areas in blue light to moderate but other spots heavy snowfall coming in going to continue for a couple hours here, the -- bombed out what that means gotten to intense points where we have more than a 30 millibar, pressure drop 24 hours well above what is necessary to
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bomb out it just seems intensity power gradient the winds squeezed pressure on atmosphere starts to release that in form of wind that is exactly what is happening, center of low pressure has to come up towards nantucket we will see 6 o 0 to 70 mile-per-hour wind maybe higher we have been able to produce, ahead of that that low-pressure system off nantucket, passes to north that is when things can start to calm down, so the wind, for inventory snow coming more steady lighter overnight -- warnings go until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning coastal flood advisory warnings these are are important high tides tonight vulnerable spots could see minor to moderate coastal flooding inundation a couple play attention throughout the evening hours if you live in typically flood prone areas,
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amy: all right welcome back to "america's weather weekend," we are taking a live look outside at providence rhode island, philadelphia -- conditions out there as well as we head into the rest of today, another look at providence, warning in
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place until midnight tonight both rhode island and massachusetts, expecting totals to 18 to 24 chz in some areas positives ply 30 inches winds have been gusting will continue to gust higher 60 miles per hour we have seen snowfall rates around 2 to 4 inches per hour, so taking a look the here another boston, future track what does the rest of day look like snow going to continue snow bands heavy at time, still working across most of the boston metro area, we can see well into this afternoon, into maybe evening before we really see, a nice clearing pattern, 6:00 tonight around dinnertime lightr shade of blue off i49, around, i-20 there, that is heavier bands working across most of massachusetts, and then heading into the evening hours overnight hours, seeing drier air either way as it
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pulls off to north and east we clear out from there on out the finishing of that process, a lot of snow still falling same area that has been falling since earlier this morning, and we are going to deal with gustier winds, totals amy up to a foot of snow, around the boston area, 8 to 12, i am going to really see, if we can see higher totals right around boston, 8 to 12 for button 8 to 12, as well, as you head to the heavy snow is going to continue, well into this evening, along with gusts that is going to continue to drop that visibility down to a quarter mile well into tonight, around those dinnertime hours driving definitely a no-go for most boston new york, same goes for afternoon i would not recommend being on the roads, i talked to expert early
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working on clearing roads off, it is not -- 6:00 hour 9:00 we saw pulling away drier pattern into the area heading into the start of tomorrow. so dealing with those very snow-covered roads, as well as gusty yr winds expecting one to three inches for the city north of city snow to come, about -- 3 to 5 towards isip. >> wildwood new jersey at this hour, to right side of your screen you can see snow blogoff roofs off snow coming down, this is gusty winds, and boy the numbers, snowfall continue to come in updated as we are going through this storm here are latest numbers by the way, forked river we had on early 16 inches just, back to 14 inches took off map
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giving you more numbers, 16 inches, of fresh -- we have been talking about blowing snow snowdrifts into north field new jersey 15 inches of snow as well 15 inches across good portion of the new jersey coast all the way down to south, and we are seeing numbers pretty impressive into new york as well, isip 15 inches as well you can see smithtown 14 north babylon 13 1/2 inches fresh snow fine snow in a is blowing around quickly as storm is just off the coast, make its way up into the caped it bottomed out quickly dropped 24 millibars or more, then we've got a bomb cyclone the graent you can see blast lines there strong wind
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northeast wind to the north, there especially through boston, we are getting wind out of northwest portions of ocean city, and backside of that storm rjs look at the snowfall totals here let's take you to maryland, up to -- 14 inches fresh snow highlighted, ocean city, snow hill right there, so close 11.7 inches fresh snow this conform came together remember in the week saying going west, yesterday updated the numbers, look at the -- the wind gusts, any time you see wind gust sustained wind 74 miles per hour sustained wind going to be category one hurricane, anybody gusts 74 miles per hour manafort mass,, 62 mile person tropical force gusts here so far snowfall totals
11:24 am
for maryland 4 in which randolph 5 inches rockland numbers going up wind through storm moving up, going to see plenty of spots especially boston, two to three feet of fresh snow possible when said and done, so, yes, the numbers don't look out yet but working to north northeast, next 4 hours look at wind gusts especially between, say now and 3:00, we could still see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, we will start to see this snow ease up closer to sunset 5:00, 6:00 or so drying conditions cool, very cold air right behind it, nonetheless the wind will be blowing for a good portion of the early morning hours, as far as connecticut rhode island, boy numbers pretty good as well, 6 inched to looking at 9.8 inches fresh snow warwick rhode island 6.3 again numbers go up as storm moves north, providence rhode island good saturday morning to you boy you can look out your window you know, when is it going to
11:25 am
let up as far as snow? not till tonight wind will be mr. places as sun goes down for the next several hours through about dinnertime, if you are having dinner 7:00 we have snow gusty wind up to 60 miles per hour through 4:00, 5:00, 7:00 start to wind down we gave you impressive snowfall totals not done the shades of you were purple deep purple into maine bright pink up to a foot fresh snow in blues another one to five inches fresh snow by the end of the day into tomorrow. you can see just still more to come system into carriedian maritime prepare to today and tomorrow dealing with nor'easter first button of the year dealing with blizzard like conditions has not had blizzard warns 120i7bs 18 blowing snow around take it
11:26 am
easy going to tame time thankfully if you have to do it a big concern, look at that right now. >> taking it further south live landlords philadelphia international airport, still seeing fluuri, pennsylvania travel could be difficult patch blowing snow also going to be reducing that visibility, as well so traveling maybe hazardous even after snow is going to end later today, if you are traveling keep an extra flashlight, water in vehicle in case take a look maybe hitting airways some airports with few delays into the afternoon maybe evening, since, continue to work its way up the coast, jfk should have few delays into afternoon start to ease up by tonight, back into that more moderate but still dealing with gusty wind in city as well
11:27 am
philadelphia saw that, flurries going to slow you down ease up into tonight, baltimore bwi should be good storm cleared out of your area new haven working through some snow as well so dealing with delays, on the first half tst afternoon and by tonight dealing with windier conditions more on the moderate side, as we look at today's flights several have been canceled, over delays especially towards boston, simply because as you can see storm working up the coast there, that is going to cause cancellations gusty yes, sir winds toward boston 556 cancellations towards laguardia 300 cancellations, 23 delays in that area as well. here is a look at massachusetts -- night flight wear most are dealing
11:28 am
cancellations boston laguardia jfk delays cancellations, bwi, same for chicago as well as ronald reagan, amy. amy: thank you tiana, maryland to main bracing for nor'easter delivers blowing snow with wind angry waves at shoreline fox winter weather alert continues with america's weather team acrosthe region live reports on inside the storm just ahead. . i have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. so i'm taking zeposia, a once-daily pill. because i won't let uc stop me from being me. zeposia can help people with uc achieve and maintain remission. and it's the first and only s1p receptor modulator approved for uc. don't take zeposia if you've had a heart attack, chest pain, stroke or mini-stroke, heart failure in the last 6 months, irregular or abnormal heartbeat not corrected by a pacemaker, if you have untreated
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