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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 31, 2022 6:00am-9:00am EST

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for good. so just be glad that the men and women of our aviation industry all through the night and come the morning, will still be hard at work on our behalf. because whether on the ground or in the sky, they are an indispensable addition to how america works. good monday morning. your top stories right now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast with big tech earnings on deck this week. amazon, google parent alphabet and meta- highlighting a major week of earnings. after the rally friday snaps the losing streak to start the year with the dow jones up 22, nasdaq as well. big tech earnings reporting this week as we look at markets,
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which are trading down right now. dow jones down 111 as lawmakers prepare economic sanctions to russia. is it too little too late? dow jones down 113, s&p 500 down three, nasdaq higher by 69. coming up, conflicted on china as hunter biden and two associates receive a grand jury subpoena about their businesses and how they are-- how their connections to the bank of china have impacted their work. all of this, 17 months before the 2020 election and just five weeks after hunter left the laptop and a repair shop. peter sweitzer breaking it down on sunday morning futures yesterday. >> he's paying family bills and some of the money from china we know goes to james biden. we wanted to look at the deals hunter biden got in china and figure out who opened the door made those deals happen. five deals we know of, every single one of them points to
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unofficial in china who has links to the highest levels of chinese intelligence? maria: the implications of the conflicts of interest with america's leading adversary coming up. first, look at markets with futures mixed on this the final trainee day in january we dow jones down 123, s&p 500 down four and three quarters with nasdaq higher by 65. friday, we had a real reversal after weeks of trading lower and reversal at the end of the week sparking the first green week for all of 2022 so far with dow industrials up one and a 3% last week thanks to friday's performance with the nasdaq-- s&p 500 higher by three quarters of 1%. the federal reserve plan to raise interest rates this year helping to quell a volatile start to the year for markets. european markets are
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mixed. we are looking at more countries easing mandates and restrictions. as you see the markets are mixed in europe. dax index higher by 77. in asia overnight japan and hong kong were higher by better than one person. the other markets in korea and china closed for the lunar holiday. "mornings with maria" is life right now. ♪♪ ♪♪ maria: morning movers citrix systems is down with the software company during a 13 billion-dollar beat deal to go private. stock down. elliott management private equity arm evergreen coast z-uppercase-letter to
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make the purchase at $104 a chair-- share. also moving this morning beyond meat is better than 4%. kfc expanding their beyond a friend a chicken nationwide. mcdonald's plans to extend its plant -based burger test. barklay raising the stock target price to 80. the stock is up almost 5% right now on beyond meat. futures are mixed as you can see is the dow jones lower, but nasdaq is higher as we head into the last trading day of january, dow industrials down 143 points, as a be down seven and a quarter. nasdaq higher by 53. friday's rally snapped a losing streak for the market. s&p 500 is on pace for the worst month since march, 2020. federal reserve's rate hike to come with rising
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inflation worries and supply chain issue with another big week for earnings with technology giants leading the way. we also have automakers general motors and ford's reporting later this week as you see their stocks mostly higher. joining me is chief investment strategist sam and also joining the conversation all morning long is michael lee along with former state department spokesperson morgan ortega's thank you for being here. sam kicking things off with you. a busy week for earnings. what has been your take away for the earning season so far? >> good morning, maria. the take away is that in many ways it's not been much of a surprise in terms of expectations, but i think investors were hoping for better guidance for 2022 and also realizing fourth quarter 2021 numbers are in the rear-view mirror so the real question is,
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what's driving the market today, which sectors are likely to be pressured because of the prospect of higher interest rates. our expectation is for rate increases this year, but maybe a half point in march. maria: so, we expect rates to go higher. we expect the first rate hike in march. is it going to be quarter-point, half-point? we have been trying to understand the fed's plan here over the last few weeks, sam, and i wonder if you are talking about five rate hikes doesn't make sense for the fed to start with a bang and a half a point rather than a quarter of a point. raffaella bostic says the central bank could raise interest rates by half a point to combat inflation. i spoke of this on friday. >> i'm wondering if it will be a half a point, will that surprise markets? >> i would find it hard to believe the federal
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tight by 50 basis points although i don't think it would be inappropriate just given where inflation is and how far behind the curve the fed is one of the problems-- hotel california monetary policy is where you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. it's difficult once you start quantitative easing, it's very hard to stop without creating pain and this is a little bit what the fed is faced with now. they may have to make a choice. maria: sam, what's your take? >> "my take" is that even though they said there could be a 50 basis point hike he also acknowledged he only sees three rate increases for this year. we are looking for for rate increases, one in each of the quarters of this year and also an additional one in the first quarter of 2023,
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so certainly the ramp is higher, but our feeling is the market doesn't need to go beyond and scare the financial markets by raising half a point the first timeout. maria: sam, how do the earnings story fit into all of this? what are your expectations for 2022 on the whole as a year in terms of earnings and economic growth? >> well, looks like a great year will be followed by a goodyear. when you look to earnings in 2021, we see the numbers are expected to around 45%, yet if you look at 2022 growth is expected to be around a seven and half percent and we are looking for at least two sectors financial and real estate that actually come in the red ink for the full year 2022, so definite earning slowdown in terms of gdp growth and also a slow down as the forecast is 4.2% for
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this year and that's down from 4.6% at the beginning of this year, so already a lot of trending taking place. maria: part of it is extra cost, i mean, the climate priority out of the administration is going to mean higher costs for a number of industries. news report in the journal this morning shows wall street green push is crating conflicts of interest as firms have spent more than three and half billion dollars buying green companies and data providers, many of the companies that rate and evaluate companies climate risk sell the services to help the company's address and work on these issues, sam. that's just one take on the conflict of interest around the greenest story. what's your take on the pressure in terms of this being a priority crating new expenses? >> well, i think expenses, i think interest rates, the supply chain disruption combined with increases
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in employment costs ect. those are all the factors together that are going to weigh on profit margins and that's why i think we have seen such a pe contraction take place as we ended last year at a price to earnings ratio of 23 times for the s&p 500, yet when we have had interest rates around 2% that pe has been between 18 and 19 times so a lot of pressure is put on companies because of higher costs as well as disruptions. maria: alright, sam, great to catch up with you. thank you for being here. have a good monday, sam. we are just getting started in coming up watching ukraine as lawmakers are readying sanctions on russia if russia does decide to invade ukraine. president biden has sent troops to eastern europe, but not the border of our own country as we are following all of this coming up and many
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looking forward to a post- pandemic world as business owners try to mend the divide between and vaccinated and vaccinated, a medical perspective plus natural immunity debate coming up. then a supreme decision is the president's commitment to appointing a new judge based on gender and race may actually be unconstitutional. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. i'm so glad we did this.
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maria: welcome back. some top stories we are watching, lawmakers are working on economic sanctions against russia as the un security council meets in a few hours to help curb russian aggression against ukraine. this and it is closing in on a deal to sanction russia and target major things and limit the markets for the countries of sovereign debt and wyoming senator join me yesterday on sunday morning futures to tell us about it. >> we hope to vote on it this week with the final sticking point nord stream 2 germany saying
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they are delaying the approval of the pipeline for the next six months, i want to permanently stop the pipeline. you know vladimir putin effectively uses energy as a weapon. he uses it against other countries he. he uses it to fund his military and joe biden has played in his his hand by killing keystone xl pipeline in this country. maria: meanwhile, migrants from russia and ukraine showing up at the us southern border along with migrants from 150 other countries. dhs reporting more than 2000 russians, 300 ukrainians crossed the border in december out numbering the number of migrants from mexico and other northern triangle countries. we are just back from the border where we learned mexican cartels are making $100 million a week on human trafficking. one quarter of a million migrants apprehended at the border after 2 million were apprehended last year. republican attorney
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general to sue the biden administration. >> every states a border state because a lot of time illegal immigrants or drugs are just moving through the border towns and end up in places like st. louis and kansas city and indiana so it's a crisis in this administration has not given it serious thought and completely opened up the southern border and these drugs and fentanyl particular finding their way into our communities. maria: one of the reasons president biden's poll numbers keep slipping especially on how he's handling issues that are important to american families with a new abc poll shows 64% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of immigration, 69% say they disapprove of his handling of inflation, 64% disapprove of his grip on american crime crosses. the president will address rising crime later in the week when
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he meets with new york city mayor eric adams thursday. podcast or joe rogan is apologizing responding to singer neil young's criticism of his podcast rogan is pledging to be more balanced and informed about controversial topics and gas and spot a fight will add content advisories to podcast on certain subjects after artist neil young and joni mitchell pulled their music off of spotted by saying rogan's presence was a problem on the platform. prince harry and meghan markel are jumping in on the criticism issuing a statement telling spot a fight quote to meet the moment. president biden's face increased scrutiny for his handling of appointing a new supreme court justice with the new poll shows 76% of americans want the president to consider all possible nominees regardless of race or gender. 23% want him to follow through on his promise to appoint a black
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woman. constitutional attorney allender's her wits says biden's criteria so selecting the next supreme court justice could be unconstitutional and he joined me yesterday on sunday morning futures. >> i think it may be unconstitutional. if he said he was going to appoint the first muslim to the court, that would be unconstitutional because the cars institutional article six provides no religious test shall be required and i think the 14th the 19th amendment extended that to no racial or gender tests. no one should ever be excluded because they don't fit a racial or gender criteria. maria: well, how ironic. morgan is with me this morning along with michael lee. morgan, your thoughts on this process and how the president is sticking to his commitment he made on the campaign trail. >> i was listening to senator collins yesterday, a moderate
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republican talk about this and i thought she summed it up best saying this was clumsy at best and she also said that the way biden rolled this out has politicized the high court and it's not supposed to be a political institution. that's what congress is poor and that's why we have separation of powers, so i think the white house could have solved this by saying we would nominate the most qualified person and instead they put all of these qualifiers around whatever woman they will inevitably choose so i won't argue with alan dershowitz as he knows the law better, but from a pr perspective, senator collins is right, this is a mess. maria: clumsy is a good way to put it, michael. i think there's no black woman on the court right now. i think most people would like to see a diversified court and we want to see a black woman on the court, but to just zero in on that being the criteria to naming one of the most
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important positions i think is unnerving some people. they want to make sure everyone is taking into account. >> maria, the goal of diversity is to get diversity of thought and avoid groupthink. there's nothing that the left wants less than diversity of thought. they simply want robots, different color, shape, size, gender that will spout identical ideologies to what their narrative is at the moment and nothing shows it more than saying i'm going to pick this person, this race, this gender of this religion so that you know there validation of the left's narrative at the moment can't be criticized based on that person's color, race, gender, ect. i mean, you are making a mockery of what to so many people and communities have worked so hard to achieve in their life when you do
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something like this. maria: let's take a short break and when we come back, it's come to this, border agents are turning their back on secretary mayorkas, fuming over the biden administration secret overnight flights shipping illegal migrants all over the country. congressman dan meuser is here and he will waken next. april's not just about tax deadline as we tell you which company will fire you for not getting the shop-- a shot come april. it's a hot topic buzz you don't went to ms. after this i may be close to retirement, but i'm as busy as ever. careful now. nice! you got it.
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maria: welcome back. russian doubling down adding more troops to the border with ukraine as sending blood and medical supplies over the weekend. united nations security council will debate the crisis today with the us and european union focusing on on sanctions, should vladimir putin invade ukraine. yesterday he said this should've been done sooner than this week. >> vladimir putin is like the big bad wolf, his huffing and puffing and he has the capacity basically to blow ukraine down. he's accountable to no one and he views president joe biden as weak and ineffective. we need to put in as sanctions now so vladimir putin will see
6:27 am
what pain he will suffer if he does invade and they have to hit him militarily as well as economically. maria: joining me right now is pennsylvania congressman dan meuser, member of the foreign affairs along with small business community-- committee. thank you for being here. you know, it strikes me that one of the only leverage points the us has two stop russia is what joe biden gave them six months ago, the nord stream 2 pipeline. where's the leverage to maria, great to be with you. i agree with senator brosseau, we were asleep at the wheel for months, we meaning the president and many democrats in the house and senate. mike mccall, sending him letters along with myself to the president. we have had interviews and meetings with tony blinken. he's been running around, but just two weeks ago when we sat with deputy secretaries, they had no-- they
6:28 am
couldn't provide any clarity on what of substance we were stating to the russians that would be there consequences and we met with the german parliament and as far as they were concerned nord stream 2 was not going to be on the table during the discussion. in the last week a lot has changed of it nord stream 2 is on the table now, so let's just hope it's not too late. maria: that's the thing, i mean, is germany going to be there? we know germany and europe in general is quite reliant on the gas coming from that nord stream 2 pipeline. they are reliant on russia, so do you believe germany will be with us in terms of any pushback that the us wants to do on russia? >> well, they are making statements now about nord stream 2 that they will be alive with us
6:29 am
and they feel the commonality and the message is important. i did here now they are putting a six-month term limit on the postponement of the operational usefulness of nord stream 2, so you know we just have to treat this thing in a serious matter. if we don't as you just said very significant new supplies have shown up on the border by vladimir putin and it certainly seems-- i'm not going to say imminent because presidents linsky says it's not imminent and very much the us has lost its seat at the table. that's what sort of caused us to jump back in, but at least we are in it now, but it very well could be too little too late. maria: it's interesting you say us has lost its seat at the table because it's similar to what's happening in iran. you have china and russia deal with iran. they apparently are negotiating on the us's behalf because around is
6:30 am
not speaking to the united states directly. you have got north korea in the last two weeks testing its biggest missile since 2017. the us is calling for talks there in terms of north korea concerns that it launched a 12 ballistic missile, the same weapon it had once threatened to target the united states territory guam with and then of course you have russia and then of course you have china and then you have got the troubling border, dhs reporting over 2000 russians and 300 ukrainians cross the border in december. that outnumbered the number of migrants from mexico and other northern triangle country so you are sitting there on foreign affairs, how do you assess the global threat today? >> and liz series of national security crises being created by this administration. we are certainly not positioning ourselves from a stand-- standard
6:31 am
of strength. we are a superpower and yet we are more accommodating than anything and regarding the border, i mean, we have got many serious crisis as mentioned, but the border perhaps is at the top of the list. the depths of this disaster can only really be known by being there and you're reporting over the weekend was tremendous. american people really need to understand the false pride-- pretense that these people are coming in, the cartels, the level of drugs, the hundred thousand overdose deaths that have occurred in the united states. in my district we have had about 250 overdose deaths and when you are there, which biden of course and kamala harris were and like you i had a cvp agent look me in the eye with spawned dents in his face and tell me sometimes he feels like in the chain of human trafficking, that's what's going on here as they try to
6:32 am
mitigate and facilitate this disastrous policy of the biden administration. maria: it's incredible to me. we were fortunate enough to go to the border last week on invitation. to see what was going on from the ag's eyes because the texas attorney general put together a summit of attorneys general from across the country with 13 ag's they are seeing what was taking place at the border, some for the first time and at the end of the day, congressman, they all said every state is a border state because when you have these illicit drugs coming in it takes about 48 hours to get to places like miami, to get to places like new york city and chicago, congressman. >> that's right and then you mention these midnight flights, midnight express that's run by hhs, facilitate the biden policy and i have a meeting with hhs
6:33 am
and the last few days and frankly they lied to me. two weeks ago when i had a meeting with them, they said none of these were being resettled, none of these illegals were being resettled in pennsylvania, that's been reversed and they said schools would be notified if several non-english children were showing up, they stated that and actually had the audacity to say to me that it was only a coincidence that these flights were coming in in the middle of the night. outrageous. maria: that's pretty extraordinary, congressman. you are an elected official and you went to get information to dhs and you say they lied to you. extraordinary. congressman, we will be following it. thank you very much. >> for notification transparency, so hopefully that will make a difference, but we will keep fighting as you are, maria. maria: congressman, we will keep on it. thank you. congressman trent for joining us this morning. stay with us. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back. the biden administration calling for diplomacy as north korea launches their longest range missile since 2017. cheryl has the details a cheryl: good morning. japanese and south korean military officials in the missile launch more than 1200 miles into the air before landing at sea as north korea's seventh launch of this month and they have broken a 2018 pledge to stop testing nuclear devices and long-range ballistic missiles. earlier this month suggesting they could restart testing activity because the us and allies have shown no signs of dropping, according to them, their hostile policy. canadian truckers posttesting vaccine mandates with a blockade of the highway into the us near the border. thousands join the protest in canada's capital prompting canadian minister justin trudeau and his family
6:39 am
to leave their home over security concerns. desecration of the tomb of the unknown soldier and attack on police there. elon musk tweeting out support for the truckers multiple times over the last few days and in what treat he wrote: canadian truckers rule. you have to know-- wonder if novak was watching as raffaella won the australian open in dramatic fashion. tennis star recovering from two steps down to claim a record 21st majors title, only the second man ever to have now won all four grand slams at least twice. also had a chance for the 22nd title this week. still no word if novak will be at the french open so this could be interesting. sticking with boards, the stage is set for super bowl 56. it will be rams, bengals super bowl after both teams overcame double
6:40 am
digit deficits. rams outlasting the porter niners two because first team to host the super bowl and championship in the same season with la scoring 13 points in the first quarter. joe borough of the bengals 18 points down to upset the chiefs in an overtime classic. cincinnati climbing back to when with the walk off you goal 27-24 advancing to their first super bowl in 23 years. bill hammer on fox news a huge bengals fan, so if nothing else today this morning we say bill, congrats to you. maria: thank you, cheryl. the pentagon says russian president vladimir putin is still adding troops to the ukraine border. us officials say russia delivered blood supplies and other medical materials near the border. director of national intelligence john radcliffe to join me yesterday on sunday
6:41 am
morning futures calling for the us to and limit sanctions against russia now. >> this whole approach by the biden administration really stresses that we hope there's a good outcome, but if it does happen it will happen in spite of joe biden and the decisions he's making on this issue, not because of that and you only need to look at the actions of the ukrainian president and when-- what he said to do in the last week. within two hours of joe biden's press conference on this issue that you ukrainian president had to tweet out there are no small nations, no small incursions essentially saying don't listen to what joe biden is saying. he said what many of us had been saying on shows like this for the past month or so, which is that the time to provide ukrainian support in terms of sanctions against russia and weaponry to ukraine is now, not after russia invades. i think president belinsky would probably tell you with friends like joe biden, who
6:42 am
needs enemies a. maria: joining me now is a center for american security keith kellogg. general, thank you for being here. your assessment of where the russia ukraine situation stands now and how the us is dealing with it. >> thanks for having me, maria, he's said militarily, he being vladimir putin. when you look at his array, he has it on the northwest to the north, northeast, east and south and he can do what he wants to militarily pick the diplomatic option is still open with the un security council going on today. tomorrow prime minister from hungary is going to moscow. he's playing the diplomatic string going forward so i still think there is time to work this diplomatically, but the biggest issue he has god, he being putin is he's concerned about his insecurity and to him it's a national security issue and he wants to
6:43 am
neutralize. where i come from, it's still european issue when we need to point to the europeans to take the lead. my concern is while we focus in on russia and we keep focusing on ukraine as a nation, we stop-- we start forgetting about china and north korea and iran. we need to focus on those three areas as well because this is really european issue, not necessarily a nato issue. cuda-- vladimir putin will not go against nato. he's very concerned as we apply pressure i think europeans are starting to apply pressure. he has all the options that are on the table for him. if he wants to go militarily, he's going to go. maria: i mean, you mention all these other threats. when you talk about iran , your thoughts on why china and russia, our two adversaries are speaking on behalf of the united states when dealing with iran.
6:44 am
iran in this administration once to get back into a nuclear deal and then there's north korea launching all of these missiles in the last two weeks. while of this aggression now on top of what's taking place in russia, on top of chinese ambassador predicting a military conflict between the us and china if america keeps emboldening taiwan to move towards independence, general? all of this at once. >> it comes down to presidential leadership and all of your guests said the same thing, there's a lack of leadership and president joe biden. they don't fear him at all. you can see that almost every single day from all their adversaries. they look at biden as a weak president. it gives them the ability to push and go forward. my biggest concern is what you will see, a real alliance between the chinese and the russians and the
6:45 am
iranians. that's going to be a problem going forward. that, i think, the future we have to look at, so just comes down to presidential leadership and it's not there. maria: well, they will be there together at the beijing olympics. vladimir putin and xi jinping as the united arab avenue and morris today intercepted and destroyed another missile fired at all the dobby-- abu dhabi. a third attack on the uae in three weeks, general. there is that as well, around backing them whose striking at abu dhabi. >> i think recently we took them off the list of terrorist states, which was crazy. we are looking the other way. when you look at this and focus on russia instead of focusing on all of the other problems out there-- now very candidly i think part of it is he doesn't have the team in place to do that. i think it's a weak
6:46 am
national security team and i think it's led by president biden and they are almost walking past the graveyard. i'm not just talking national security that you see, but look what is done on immigration, it's the same thing, look at inflation or anything that's happening domestically, almost like they are a step behind and they aren't catching up to the events going forward and i blame that a little bit on his team as well. just doesn't have the right team in place and all of these things are starting to cascade towards us and the russian one is the most immanent because it's the one that is-- it's the one you can see so closely visually, but a lot of the other activities are happening and i don't think we are ready to counter them. maria: doesn't seem that way and certainly we are looking at a decline in the spent-- defense spending so that's not a priority. climate change is the priority that this administration has put forth. general, good to catch up with you. we appreciate your time in service always. general keith kellogg
6:47 am
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officials are changing force on combating covid and learning to live with the virus, not further disrupt the economy, education and every day life johnny-- joining me right now, fox news medical contributor doctor marty makary. how should we approach living with this, if you will? what is the meaning in your view? >> i think we have to get to very basic messaging and that is if you have been exposed, then where a high-quality mask and be careful. if you are around someone vulnerable, stay your distance and if you have symptoms, stay home. the cdc gets criticized for messaging problems, i don't think they have a messaging problem, i think they have a lot of really bad policies. if you look at the data, it tells us omicron is behaving like many other respiratory pathogens that circulate every season and if it's not covid that you have and if it's influenza, you may use the same basic
6:52 am
common sense measures. maria: in a recent op-ed, you said public health officials are ruining natural immunity by firing people who aren't fully vaccinated and now companies say they are going to rehire unvaccinated employees after dropping vaccine mandates. do you believe they will because they are still companies like citigroup, they told employees if you are vaccinated, you are fired. >> if they think for themselves and look at the data then yes, they will rehire many workers they unfairly fired up. when they fired workers with natural immunity, maria, they fired those least likely to spread the infection at the workplace. hospitals did the same thing with nurses and now, we have a massive staffing crisis. 33% of nurses say they have been asked to work even though they are covid positive because in rural hospitals now they have a shortage issue. natural immunity is more effective in preventing hospitalizations.
6:53 am
public health officials got this so profoundly wrong. they need to apologize so businesses can start to rehire just like starbucks and bowing in ge and delta airlines and amazon and amtrak, so many businesses are saying let's bring back the workers we lost under the vaccine mandates. maria: i mean, i think it's extraordinary that we have gone all of this time and it took so long for this administration to recognize natural immunity. i mean, people feel they have a higher antibody situation than most once they were infected and yet we had to shout and bake this administration to even recognize that there's a whole host of other drugs that are on the market approved that could have been applied rather than just go and isolate for two weeks and suck it up and get sick for two weeks. israel approved a fourth booster shot, but found it less effective against omicron. are we next to approving
6:54 am
a fourth booster shot? is that where we should be watching how this plays out as opposed to looking at the other things we are talking about? >> look, given the centralization and concentration of medical decision-making by a few people in the government that are driving all of these decisions like boosters, i wouldn't be surprised if we see fourth booster's approved, but for most of the world's population omicron will be their second or third dose and there's been zero data that a third dose and young people reduces hospitalizations yet we see universities and workplaces requiring it, so pretty soon people will recognize the real science behind this and push back just like the who has condemned universal booster programs. maria: we will leave it there. doc, great to see you. doctor marty makary joining us this morning. quick break and then we are telling you which company will fire you for not getting the vaccine. it's a hot topic buzz you don't want to miss. stay with us
6:55 am
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i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz, no vax, no buzz, t-mobile will fire corp. brett employees who are not fully vaccinated by april 2, weeks after the supreme court struck down president biden's vaccine mandate for businesses. your thoughts on t mow sticking
6:59 am
with the -- t-mobile sticking with the mandate despite the ruling. >> it doesn't make sense to he myrtle beach we now know that the efficacy of the vaccines wears off over time. is this going to mean additional boosters and not only does it wear off over time, it doesn't really help you against any of the variants. this seems ideological to me, not really based in science or reason but that's the left coast and that's what you get. maria: your thoughts, morgan? >> so what's interesting, i read the article, maria, and this is for corporate office holders. it's not for most of the techs who are in the field and it's not even for most of the people who work inside the stores. and that's really interesting to me because that seems like if you're going to require vaccine mandate, not that i think you should, but if you were, you would think that you would be -- it would be for the people who most interact with the general public, not people in a corporate office who aren't in day-to-day with many, many
7:00 am
citizens. so it seems like an odd thing to require at the corporate level. and i think more generally, especially what michael was talking about, this has been struck down by the supreme court even the mandate, so i think what you're probably going to see, if i had to forecast the future, you're probably going to see some employees that are filing suit over this. maria: michael and morgan, stay right there. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ maria: good monday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, january 31s your top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. it is peak earnings week, 113 companies reporting earnings this week, big tech on deck, meta, amazon, google parent company alphabet reporting this week, later on in the week, this aztec stocks are extending
7:01 am
friday's rally this morning. the broader averages are trading down. take a look at tech up, this morning across the board on the companies reporting earnings. we are watching russian relations, we're keeping an eye on ukraine as the ukrainian ambassador to the united states warns that no one is safe if russia attacks. u.s. lawmakers are threatening sanctions on russia if russia dozened up invading ukraine. wyoming senator john barrasso gave us his input yesterday. >> vladimir putin is like the big bad wolf. he is huffing and puffing and he has the capacity to basically blow ukraine down. he's accountable to no one and he views our president, joe biden, as weak and ineffective. we need to put in sanctions now so putin needs to see what pain he will suffer if he does invade and they have to hit him militarily as well as economically. maria: we are expecting a vote
7:02 am
on the sanctions package on wednesday in the senate. the markets this morning on wall street are mixed, the dow industrials down 159, s&p 500 down 8, but the nasdaq is higher, 55 points right now, one half of 1% as we begin the last trading day of the month, the s&p 500 seeing the worst month since march of 2020 as investors worry about inflation, the supply chain crisis and multiple rate increases from the federal reserve. a reversal at the end of last week, the late afternoon rally sparking the up week for all of -- first up week for all of 2022 before. the nasdaq and s&p 500 fractionally higher on the week after three weeks of losses. european markets climbing, the ft 100 in london is showing a gain of 8 and two thirds, the cac in paris is lower by 9, the dax index in germany higher by 55. in asia overnight, japan and hong kong both up better than
7:03 am
1%. the others, closed for holidays in korea and shanghai, both closed for the lunar holiday. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some of the top stories we are watching this morning, a new report reveals hunter biden received a grand jury subpoena in may of 2019 regarding his chai fees business dealings. that subpoena was issued just five weeks after hunter left his laptop at that delaware repair shop. government accountability institute president peter schweizer on with me on sunday morning futures, saying he was paying the family bills. watch this. >> people want to think of this as a hunter biden problem or just a corruption problem. when you look at the origins of this money, we wanted to look at the deals that hunter biden got in china and figure out who opened the door and made those deals happen. maria: the anti-corruption nonprofit marco polo pounded by a former trump administration
7:04 am
official obtained the filing which targets the financial ties between the bidens and the bank of china. meanwhile, president biden's poll numbers keep on flipping, especially on how he's handling the issues important to the american people, like new abc poll shows 64% of americans disyou approve of the president's handling of immigration, 69 disapprove of his handling of inflation, 64% disapprove of the grip he has on america's crime crisis. the president will address rising crime later this week when he meets with new york city mayor eric adams. joe rogan is apologizing this morning, responding to neil young's criticism on his podcast on vaccine information. he's pledging to be more balanced on controversial comments and guests. podcast will add advisories. this comes as neil young and joe joanie mitchell pulled their
7:05 am
music off of spotify. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me rights now is bull tech capital markets chief strategist, katherine rooney vera, chief market strategist, ryan dietrich and michael lee strategy founder, michael lee. great to see everybody. thank you for being here. katherine, with a look at interest rates, atlanta federal reserve president says the central bank could raise rates by half a point. dan niles joined me earlier this month, he is predicting multiple raise rates. >> i think the fed will raise rates five to six times, i think they'll start to work down their balance sheet this year and i think you're going to have 10-year treasuries get close to 3% when all is said and done in 2022. i think that's going to drive a 20% correction in the stock market, the s&p 500 at some
7:06 am
point during the year. i think you're going to see multiples compress a lot. maria: katherine, what's your reaction and what are you expecting? do you think the fed goes for half a point hike in march or quarter point? >> this fed has always been about should they but will they. should they have started tapering six to 12 months ago? yes. should they increase interest rates four to six times? yes. but will they? remember, maria and audience, this is really important. this is a fed that changed the target to an average of 2%. this is a fed that explicitly said they would let inflation run hot and this is a fed that incorporated -- remember this -- social justice and climate change into their monetary poll policy purview. so should they? yes. really analyzing the fed is less about economic analysis and more about psychological, political and market-driven analysis. they should have started a while
7:07 am
ago. midterms are coming up. a couple other things i've been thinking about. anything could put the kibosh on what the fed is today reacting to. remember that jay powell in the less press conference said we will react to that. this is a reactive fed. this is still a data dependent fed, a fed that's taken the balance sheet up to $8.5 trillion. should they have a game plan, yes. but they're still data dependent, still short-term in nature. so they will react to what's a market drop, a new variant, a growth scare, geopolitical risk or some event and perhaps inflation reverting. march is going to see the ugliest inflation print and base effects, because inflation was so high last year, is going to take inflation lower. my bet is the fed does fewer than in terms of the -- than more in terms of the four rate hikes that are priced into the market. maria: yeah, i think this is increasingly people are wondering whether or not the moore get disruption -- market disruption will get in the way
7:08 am
of the fed doing the multiple rate hikes. i think we're expecting obviously rates to go higher but we'll see how it's met, what it's met with in terms of market reaction. look what's gone onto arc investment, the kathy wood's firm, mike. arc invest's ceo kathy wood insisting high risk stocks in the company's etfs will go higher but obviously growth has gotten killed. i thought it was a good piece in the journal this morning about her fund, the fund has declined 27% this month, lost half of its value over the last year, mike. what's your reaction to what gone on in once one of the biggest high fliers out there. kathy wood's arc invest. >> well, maria, this is like classic wall street tale that when a sector gets hot, you make the expert in that sector, in that theme, in that trend as if
7:09 am
they are some sort of diety in investing, this is kathy wood and the arc etf coming out of the covid lows and it actually peaked almost a year ago in february. it's up on the screen, you're at 70 bucks, down from 160. i can't see a lot of multiple expansion in many of the names that she owns. the biggest holding in this etf is tesla. tesla does and has traded at an astronomical multiple. to see much multiple expansion in tesla, that's a big ask. and then zoom, zoom traded at 38, 40 times earnings. that's way above a market pe. it's a fast grower. it's a great company and it's changed the way we do things but i just -- i can't see that arc
7:10 am
is going to start coming down-to-earth, at some point you want to start looking at this. she really does understand the nature of a lot of these new companies, these fast moving companies, but i would stay away from. now you're in for multiple compression in many of the names that are owned in this. maria: you would be selling this, shorting these stocks or just take this as sidelines on growth? >> yeah, i would wait for another 15 to 20% to get involved. i mean, i wouldn't want to be short in this sort of market. you have a lot of people that are over-levered to the downside and you could see what's been termed as a rip your face off recovery rally and blow yourself out there. so i would be hesitant to be short. i think the time to be short was probably january 1st. so maybe you missed that boat. but i would be looking for another 15 to 20% downside, then start looking to buy on this. maria: all right. ryan, you say the economy is slowing. but it isn't coming to a halt. you think we'll have good growth, a solid growth in 2022?
7:11 am
tell me about that and how you want to allocate capital around it. >> sure. thanks for having he me. good morning. we do you think about it, look at last week, all right. we had a major panic low in the markets. you literally, maria, on business week have a cover with a bull stuck in the snow, the most bears we've seen in a couple years, put to call ratios, there's some crazy stuff going on out there. the expectations are so low and what's really interesting about this selloff and this weakness we've just had, really to start the year off, what led, cyclicals and energy. that's the first time since qe, where usually growth does better when the market sells off. are we listening to the message of the markets. something is going on. we like cyclical value, industrials, materials, energy. those groups did well on the selloff. we think as the economic expansion continues, sure, growth is slower right now, we're optimistic there's a lot of optimism still there.
7:12 am
consumers -- i know the consumer confidence number last week wasn't that great. it was still better than expected. the cyclical value area is one that we like for a while and we still like that area here the rest of 2022. maria: all right. we will leave it there. great word on wall street, thanks very much. katherine, ryan. thanks for joining us this morning. michael lee, you're sticking with us all morning long. we're happy about that. stay with us. much more ahead this morning. coming up, more from my fourth trip to the southern border, we have a firsthand look at the migrant crisis. wait until you hear what we learned, what the administration is not doing to fix it as texas spends $3 billion on security around the border. then, the biden family's bad business deals, how hunter biden's connections to the bank of china and the highest levels of the chinese communist party are coming back to haunt him. we're on it. joining the conversation all morning long, michael lee and morgan ortagus. we'll get back to this fantastic
7:13 am
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>> we wanted to look at the deals that hunter biden got china and figure out who opened the door and made those deals happen and i have to tell you, maria, the five deals we know of, every single one of them points to an official in china who has links to the highest levels of chinese intelligence, meaning the vice minister for state security, who has responsibility for foreign recruitment, the former minister of state security's family himself, the list goes on and a on. so this is not just a question anymore of corruption, self-dealing, self-enrichment. maria: that was peter schweizer with me on sunday morning futures, on the history of hunter biden's deal making the in china. the president's son hit with a subpoena in may of 2019, listing 15 businesses that he owned, two
7:18 am
business associates and his uncle also named in the filing, this was 17 months before the 2020 election, five weeks after hunter left his laptop at a delaware repair shop. miranda divine called it the laptop from hell because in the book it lists the deals that the public was unawear of where hunter was taking money from high end officials tied to the communist party of china, your reaction? >> it's totally unconscionable. we know he's being investigated for tax fraud. and obviously we also know that the president's brother james biden is also involved in these investigations when you look at the various reports that the committee put out. this explains why this matters to our viewers, maria.
7:19 am
when you are dealing with foreign governments, one of the things that you always have to be careful of is why are they interested in you. why do they want to influence you? and in china, there's no such thing as you know, maria, as a private sector k it doesn't com. it doesn't exist. everything by law has to report to the chinese communist party and as miranda pointed out in her book, some of the energy companies, a company he was dealing with, actually helped china implement their belt and road initiative around the world which is a death trap for many emerging market companies and a way for china to exert their power and their influence. so there's really so many troubling things here, maria. it's hard to get to all of it. as someone who spent a lot of my career in the intelligence community the most troubling is how close to the chinese communist party and intelligence apparatus get to president biden through his brother and son and that answer is still unknown. maria: yeah. and that's why i always question why it is that president biden
7:20 am
has not brought up the origins of covid-19 during all these conversations with xi jinping. now, morgan, as you know, last week the president said he did bring it up and i don't know why they don't just release the transcript if he did bring it up and if he did bring it up the answer is we're not going to be transparent, he said they won't be transparent a, so that's it. we should just accept it. okay, china won't be transparent so no investigation into the origins. >> that's right, maria. so the question is what's next, right? so if he brought it up, okay, fine, we can maybe believe him. but i think what's more important is what the next action is. and that's why president trump, mike pompeo pulled the funding from the w.h.o. because we said the w.h.o. had simply become a propaganda arm in the early part of the pandemic. they lied to the world, really, about many of the things about covid that we all know know to be -- now knows to be true, specifically it wasn't airborne.
7:21 am
we started finding tangible ways in the trump administration to start to hold china accountable. it's not enough just to write it up. there has to be action and strategy from the biden administration to hold them accountable. maria: yeah. of course. we'll take a short break because there's no accountability at the border either. another surge of people breaching the u.s.'s southern border, deadly drugs crossing into the country, creating a crisis of its own. texas congressman tony gonzales is here weighing in on what's next and how this is impacting his constituents. business owners taking matters into their own hands to keep stores safe from shoplifters. the video you have to see to believe, coming up.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:25 am
maria: welcome back. texas governor greg abbott spoke with me about the border crisis last week during my fourth trip to the southern border. abbott was discussing the massive problem of human trafficking, drugs coming into the country, and president biden has not addressed it at all in the first year of his presidency. >> over the past year, texas law enforcement has seized enough fentanyl to kill every man a, woman and child in texas,
7:26 am
california, new york, illinois, and florida combined and president biden does not care. i'll give you this fact. that is that the age group 18-45 this past year, more people died of fentanyl than from covid, than from car wrecks, than from cancer. the president has to stop sitting in his bedroom and get out and do something about this. maria: i do not think i've heard president biden mention fentanyl once. >> i've never heard it. maria: in a year. >> maria, he does not care. the american public needs to know he doesn't care about the deadly fentanyl. maria: joining me right now is texas congressman, tony gonzales, a member of the appropriations committee and navy veteran whose district covers 800 miles of the u.s./mexico border many thank you very much for being here. we were happy to go to the border again for the fourth time last week. how would assess things, given
7:27 am
you are right there near the border. >> yeah, maria. thank you for having he me. this administration is retiring at record pace. we're seeing democrats retire from the house of representatives at record numbers, 29 and counting. they've also retired from trying to solve the border crisis. we know what the issues are. you yourself have made four trips down there. i hosted 41 members of congress. we know what the issues are and a it starts with a policy change. we can add all these other things but until a policy shift happens, we're only going to continue to see all these horrific things that are happening. what i've done is, look, republicans are going to win back the house next year, no doubt and we have a plan ready to go. but in the meantime, people on the border, they need help now. i'm looking for democrats, republicans, anybody in the house that's willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work on helping to alleviate some of this stress. maria: so how do you alleviate it? i mean, we've been reporting that migrants from over 150
7:28 am
countries have been crossing the southern border in the last year, 2 million people apprehended and dhs has reported that over 2,000 russians, 300 ukrainians crossed over in december, congressman. this is not just the northern triangle. these are people coming from all over the world because had they see an opening to get into the united states right now. >> absolutely. look, almost a year ago kevin mccarthy visited the border and he highlighted the fact that folks on the terrorist watch list were coming over. that hasn't stopped. we've seen folks in syria, egypt, all over, come over illegally. i think what we first have to do is this. we have to get border patrol agents out of the processing centers and back out in the field. look, the number of migrants coming over absolutely terrible. what scares he me the most is another 9/11 event occurring and we need to have our border patrol agents out in the field. i was speaking with an agent a
7:29 am
couple weeks ago and this is what he told me. in one sector in particular, there's over 2,000 intrusions via drones. what is happening is the small drones are carrying fentanyl. they start in mexico. they cross our border with these little drones. they drop the package sometimes in a football field, at a school. somebody picks it up and takes it from there. let's arm border patrol agents with technology that allows them to shoot down drones. this is one step we could be doing. it starts to me -- it starts in the house of representatives. maria: so i mean, my question is why haven't we seen any hearings on this? it's extraordinary to me that the house of representatives, you all have not had any hearings on the wide open border, no hearings on the impact of fentanyl. you've got as you just heard greg abbott talking about enough fentanyl to kill several -- the
7:30 am
populations of several states combined. there's no hearings on china either, no hearings on the origins of covid-19. what are you doing in the house? >> that's a great question. you know, the house of representatives is completely broken right now. you haven't even mentioned the budget situation. here we are facing another government shutdown on february 18th. congress needs to get to work, roll up its sleeves. this is what i learned. i spent 20 years in the military, this is my first time in public office. what i've learned is this. whether you have hearings or not, you can solve the problem. whether you're in the majority or whether you're in the minority, you can be part of the group that helps solve that problem. i think you've got to look outside the box. hearings may not happen but we can find other ways to bring leadership to congress, have real discussions, and come up with real solutions. it also has to be in my opinion a bipartisan manner if we're
7:31 am
going to do something now, until republicans win back the majority. maria: congressman, it's good to see you. thanks very much. we'll be watching. tony gonzales joining us this morning in texas and we'll be following that and keeping a spotlight on it, sir. thanks. we'll be right back. zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. today, your customers want it all. you have to deal with higher expectations and you have to lower wait times. with ibm, you can do both. your business can unify apps and data across your clouds. so you can address supply chain issues in real time, before they impact your bottom line. predicting and managing operational issues that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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and goes out of its way to help. ♪♪ when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. truist. born to care. maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, january 31st, a look at markets this half hour on the final trading day of the month. futures are mixed. dow industrials down 205 points right now, the nasdaq is up, however, about 3 points. it is a big week for big tech, as you see, the nasdaq is well off of the highs of the morning. we have earnings this week, meta and alphabet reporting earnings this week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday as tech stocks extend friday's rally.
7:36 am
the dow seeing the biggest gain since december 6 on friday, the big hail mary that helped markets show a positive performance on the week. the s&p 500 big rally there, 105 points higher, best day since june of 2020, the nasdaq take a look, its best day in almost a year, better than 3% on the day. 417 points higher on the nasdaq, friday's performance helped the entire week show a positive performance after several weeks of decline. european markets this morning are fractionally moving. take a look at the eurozone where the ft 100 right now is higher by 1 point. the cac in paris is down 9. the dax index in germany is higher by 61. in asia overnight, japan and hong kong both did well, up better than 1% on the session. the other two markets were closed for the lunar holiday, korea and shanghai. "mornings with maria" is live right now. meanwhile, it was another deadly
7:37 am
and violent week in chicago. cheryl casone with the details on this spike in crime. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria. good morning again. chicago police say 17 people were shot over the weekend, three of those victims dying. two teen boys are in critical condition. police say they were shot in a drug deal. this follows another deadly weekend, an 8-year-old girl among six people that were killed. well, a california jewelry store owner taking matters in his own hands to stop a group of would be robbers. five men approached the door as one of them pulled out a crowbar, starts to smash the display case. the owner pulls out a firearm. got the group to flee. nobody was injured. fighting back. well, kia issuing a recall involving more than 410,000 cars of over concerns the air bags may not deflow a crash -- he deploy in a crash. models include the sedona and
7:38 am
the forte. owners can take their cars to a local dealership. kim kardashian bringing in big bucks, her net worth surging $600 million this past week after skims secured another round of investment, kim kardashian is the largest shareholder in skims, she owns 35% of the company. she is worth an estimated $1.8 billion, maria. and those are some of your headlines from over here. back to you. maria: all right, cheryl. thank you so much. well, the united nations security council meeting today to discuss the russian troop buildup on the ukraine border, this comes as the pentagon warns russian president vladimir putin is building troops at the border. joining us the atlas organization founder and the author of china's vision of victory, jonathan ward many thank you very much. you've done as much work on russia as you have on china.
7:39 am
your thoughts on this standoff? >> hi, maria. good to be with you. well, look, i think there's an important piece here to understand how interrelated these two theaters are. you have a russia/china relationship that is more coordinated than any time since the soviet split. a lot of specialists recognize that reality. i would say most importantly, you have a once in a generation shift in u.s. foreign policy towards china as the primary adversary. this is a very important shift, that's been a long time in the making, it's absolutely necessary. and i think what putin appears to be trying to do is to extract concessions from the united states as we rebalance to asia as the primary theater. and that brings us back to sort of a cold war analogy which i think is relevant where at that point our primary adversary was in europe but a whole lot of the proxy wars and real military action was taking place in a.i. asia which was the -- asia which was the secondary theater. as we move towards asia, they
7:40 am
sense in the kremlin opportunity in europe, thinking they can extract things from the united states and we can't fall into that trap. we have to recognize that these two adversaries are -- it has at least the potential to be a highly coordinated relationship. the military exercises have been increasing in pace, the economic coordination and all of this is something that we have to treat them in a way as a pair and be able to manage this problem of an adversary in europe, an add adversary in asia. maria: what should we be doing about it? how worried do you think this administration should be, seeing that china and russia are partnering even closer, now china is accusing the united states of trying to, quote, sabotage the 2022 beijing olympics. they're beginning this upcoming friday. we have -- we are here, beijing claims the united states is paying athletes to criticize china, making heart -- making half hearted efforts in the competition, jonathan. two questions here.
7:41 am
how worried should we be that china and russia are increasing their partnership, working closer? and what are your thoughts in terms of the ccp saying it wants to purify the internet, going into the games on friday. they're criticizing the u.s. for publicly talking against china with this diplomateic boycott. >> the communist party has had an anti-american narrative that they dispensed their people for many years now and that was -- i think is only becoming more and more visible to the world. but they have to explain to their people essentially why their olympics are not a big hit with a lot of nations and i think the human rights groups are absolutely right about this. the foundation for humanity issued a statement talking about how the olympics cannot hide the persecution of uyghurs and i think everybody understands that this is -- these are probably -- thins is just a terrible set of games. we haven't had an olympic games
7:42 am
in a nation that's committing genocide since 1936 in nazi germany. i think the world understands that. i think also athletes are going to get a taste of life in china when they start to have to download the apps and deal with censorship and we're going to get a sense of what xi jinping's china is really like. so that may be an important experience for some people. back to russia and china, i think the point here is there's something interesting that's going on as i think the sanctions packages are being developed and i want to say something that the british -- here's what the british have been up to in the financial times, expanding sanctions that can touch any individual or business of economic and strategic significance to the kremlin and the british foreign secretary said that the idea here is for russian companies involved in propping up the russian state to be able to be sanctioned so the legislation enables them to hit a wider variety of targets. i think the preparation for dealing with a major power like
7:43 am
russia is going to teach us a lot about how to deal ultimately with china. i mean, to be able to conceive very sophisticated sanctions on a major nation, it's not quite the size of china but we're happy to think about major adversaries in ways that are on a different scale than north korea and iran. ultimately china is our best foot forward is really going to be about economic -- essentially applying economic measures to the nation to slow down its rise and maintain he deterrence as we do that. this is forcing policy makers to deal with something bigger than they've had to deal with in a long time and a lot of the learning curve will be applicable to our main 5d adves china. for the europeans to recognize the coordination between russia and china, that's when we start to get into a game that we can win. .maria: well the gas elements
7:44 am
here with the europeans are reliant on russian gas creates a real barrier i think for germany, for example, to side with the united states on pushing back russia. let me ask you this. look, i believe the last time vladimir putin invalentine's dae crimea was around the olympics. do you expect an invasion of ukraine to happen soon? do you expect china to try to invade taiwan? john ratcliffe, former dni joined me yesterday on sunday morning futures talking about president biden and how he has not confronted xi jinping on the origins of the pandemic. listen to ratcliffe. >> does he not remember the conversation he had with president xi. if he had a three and-a-half hour summit i'm not sure what's worse, that he did raise the issue as he's now claiming, contrary to press reports, that he did raise the issue that the
7:45 am
u.s. intelligence community, all 18 agencies find that the lab leak at wuhan is one of only two plausible explanations that caused the pandemic and killed a million americans, or that president xi's response to thats was, as you just heard from joe biden, no, we're not going to cooperate. go pound sand. get lost. that tells you how they are viewing leadership in the white house, that they will do what they want, when they want, with impunity with regard to the united states and it's why you see these statements coming out of china, out of russia, out of iran. maria: jonathan, we still don't know the essence of what went on in that call. did biden bring up the origins of covid to xi -- xi jinping or not and what do you think about the potential invasions here? will russia invade ukraine? will china invade taiwan? around or after the olympics. >> well, hopefully not. i mean, china has much, much
7:46 am
more to lose here than russia. they depend on the world economy in ways that russia has already been cut off from. so i think they're still playing a bit of a longer game but they're obviously building military capability to do this so hopefully we can obviously deter this in the short term but i think in the medium term it's a real issue. maria: all right. jonathan, good to see you this morning. always a wealth of knowledge from you. we appreciate it. jonathan ward joining us this morning on china and russia. we've got more of what we learned last week at the southern border when we come back. wait until you see this. stay with us. you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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maria: welcome back. last week we took our fourth trip to the southern border. i joined 13 state attorneys general to tour the new made in texas border. the border wall is new and funded by texas. texas ag ken paxton led a summit for republican attorneys generals and we tagged along. >> republicans attorneys general stepping up the fight on president biden's agenda, as the money rolls in for illegal cartels running the river between texas and mexico. the mexican cartels making $100 million a week on human trafficking. >> $100 million a week.
7:51 am
maria: a week? >> that's the business of human trafficing with the cartels. >> countries like el salvador, honduras, they're paying $4,000. china is paying up to $50,000. maria: it has become a familiar sight, groups of five, 10, 20 or more, crossing the river by boat, raft or on foot from mexico into texas and down the winding road along the rio grande. migrants from 150 countries, many hoping to turn themselves in and get processed into america. others sneaking in, an estimated 650,000 got-aways last year. texas has spent $3 billion on security, including a new border wall. >> the problem is growing worse. the number of people coming across the border has continued to increase and along those lines it's just astonishing that we have a president who is failing to step up and do anything about it. maria: under the trump administration, such breaches
7:52 am
were at 20-year lows. but over the last year, under the biden administration's open borders, a record 2 million migrants apprehended. many victims of human trafficking and the sex trade. as disturbing, the amount of illicit narcotics making their way in. deadly fentanyl made in china, pushed through mexico and into the united states. now, a leading killer of americans. >> that is of the age group 18-45, this past year more people died of fentanyl than from covid, than from car wrecks, than from cancer, this is deathly -- deadly and we have a president who is allowing it to continue to come across the border. >> this area is a high traffic area for drug smuggling, it's always been historically that way. >> you have those drugs that are coming across the river either by raft or bringing it across on their backs. >> reporter: lieutenant christopher olivares briefing attorneys generals at the border
7:53 am
as they fight back through the courts. >> every state's a border state now. a lot of times the illegal immigrants or the drugs are moving through the border towns and ending up in places like kansas city and indiana. it's a crisis. >> secretary mayorkas, his position should be terminated right now. >> as soon as the be president took office we had to push back and start suing and so they're staying ahead of the game, they'll change policies, we have to sue again go we're going to announce our ninth lawsuit against the biden administration. so far, we've been successful in all of our lawsuits on illegal immigration. largely because what the biden administration has done is they've looked at federal laws and said we're not doing that. maria: but the administration seems unphased. even after a court order to reinstate the trump era remain in mexico program, only a fraction of migrants have been sent back to mexico to await a judge hearing their case. >> when have you a president of the united states who himself is ignoring the law, refusing to enforce the law, allowing
7:54 am
criminals to break that law, that goes down into the entire system. there is a remain in mexico policy that president trump left in place and president biden abandoned it. maria: fox news uncovers unaccompanied young men being flown to cities across the country, secret flights to private airports have been underway for months in the dead of night. now, the country awaits president biden's state of the union address next month. the president expected to touch on covid, russia, and the ukraine border. but will the commander in chief acknowledge his own southern border with human trafficking at all-time highs and enough deadly fentanyl from china to kill off half of america. thanks to texas ag ken paxton for having us tag along on that summit. we will have more on my latest
7:55 am
trip to the southern border in the next hour. stay with us on that. i may be close to retirement, but i'm as busy as ever. and thanks to voya, i'm confident about my future. voya provides guidance for the right investments. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. be confident to and through retirement. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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ideological . maria: welcome back time for "hot topic buzz," microsoft founder bill gaits working as advisory to chinese chinese? that is what government accountability institute president peter schweizer told me yesterday on "sunday morning futures" watch this.
7:59 am
>> so our biggest tech firms are aiding and abetting beijing in the artificial intelligence race against the united states and there are numerous capitals of bill gates investing personally in companies that develop militarily technologies. >> morgan an important point we need to address, obviously, china wants to beat united states on artificial intelligence, to think that our biggest tech companies are assisting with a.i. i think i don't know dangerous at the least your thoughts. >> i think should be illegal, actually. and i know mike pompeo has been on your show many types especially as secretary of state warning about this talking about this, there has been many in congress talked about putting legislation forward i think simple chinese communist party, is greatest threat to the united states,
8:00 am
it is our generational struggling should not be allowed to do business with u.s. government, with u.s. military, and with the chinese military, there is just no way that you could do both make o no sense wouldn't do this with cold war during cold war with soviets, there are many people involved just as talking early about hunter biden, that discussion, we were talking about how problematic doing business with private sector integrity in china linked to chinese chinese coming if you will circle. >> goal getting china involved with wto was ideally open economy export democracy seems all they expordz process per stooe american middle class imported communism tyranny all over our country next hour "mornings with maria" begins right now.
8:01 am
. maria: good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, monday january 3 1, final day of the month your top stories right now, 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. peak, week 113 companies will reporter quarterly earnings this week including big tech, markets this morning are fractionally higher, technology stocks are trading up, this morning, even as the border market is mixed after that a hill mary rally on friday would snap three week losing streak to start year hunter biden china ties the president son and two associates receiving a grand jury subpoena about businesses in connection to bank of china highest levels chinese communist party 17 months before 2020 election five weeks after that laptop was in delaware shop. >> family bills some money
8:02 am
from china goes to james biden we want to look at detail that hunter biden got in china figure out who opened the door made those deals happen five we know of every single one of them, points to and official in china has links to highest levels of chinese intelligence. maria: we are he on complication of conflict with americans leading adversary all morning kicking off new week mixed futures are fractionally moving, hower dow industrials plummeting on finality trading day of january, the dow industrials now down 168 s&p 500, lower by 14, and the nasdaq composite higher by 14 a reversal the end of last week sparked first up week for all 2022 so far, strong earnings into fed's plans to raise rates this year, helping to, quell a volatile week for markets send
8:03 am
major averages up nasdaq s&p higher by a fraction european market mixed easing mandates restrictions europe looking at a mixed showing fractional moves pretty much across the board in asia overnight japan, hong kong finds up better than 1% holidays in korea, and china he is closed for lunar holiday "mornings with maria" is live right now. . . >> morning mover, the software company this morning is nearing a deal, for 13 billion dollars, to go private eliot management corporation private equity on evergreen said the purchase at 104 dollars a share 2022's first buyout worth owner 10 billion dollars, blackberry down agreed to sell legacy apparents, related to mobile devices messaging wireless networking blackberry down 6
8:04 am
3/4 one of last year's meme stocks a rally up 41% in 2021, markets selling off we are looking at a another -- triple-digit china dow industrials down 173 trading day for january tumultuous you do down 4 1/2% nasdaq wores january of all time decline on dow 4 1/2% decline nasdaq 12% s&p lower, did he spooet hail mar yea rally on friday a peak week 113 companies report quarterly earnings this weaker big tech automakers center stage amazon alphabet meta, gm
8:05 am
and ford joining me former chairman ceo of ey global, great to see you this morning mark, thanks so much for joining us i want your take on the broad backdrop, of the economy, the macro story your in touch with so many ceos in chairman are they as worried as markets appear for the month of january? >>ma, great to talk to you happy to be with you again i don't know about worry i think uncertain a difficult time to navigate a large business costs up, exponentially, labor for major corporations not only getting right workers up scaling workers having in right place some companies are able to pass forward in precise increases why we've wean profit margins relatively
8:06 am
good as interest rates rise costs continue to rise more long term in form of labor cost increases are they still able to get that pricing ability to process that if not margin squeeze a negative effect on stocks the companies that don't have the commanding presence to raise he praises some smaller less profitable higher cost capital no more free money a challenge you have to think about where they allocate capital. maria: i think this is a great point, in terms of what this period is going to mean for how they change at the way they allocate capital you are talking demand port i want to steady about supply-side of equation i am being told by managers ceos, that the chip shortage got worse, at the end of last year, mark what do you think in terms of this chip shortage, this disruption in the supply chain and how long this is going to be an issue for companies? >> yeah, i think going to be
8:07 am
here for a while maria, we are seeing a big change not only in -- the way companies source through supply chain goods and services trying to bring onshore moving from on mighting cost having just in case going to build, supply chains that will increase costs as we move intel others building chip plants in united states long term that is good for business going to provide more security, higher productivity more jobs in united states, but during that period when you are building, that is going to be cost without necessary supply going to be available, so i think going to see this -- inflation, in terms of wages, and supply chain disruptions continue for several more quarters. maria: yeah, jamie dimon was with me a couple weeks ago said not seen in lifetime in his lifetime mark has not seen this kind of pressure, on wages, and on people.
8:08 am
inflation obviously, issue for so many, and this is costing this is is causing wall street banks to raise wages will federal reserve be able to get this under federal fed said going to raise interest rates beginning in march to combat nation, the markets are pricing in five rate hikes as opposed to four, we are also -- expecting that we could see a half point hike as opposed to quarter point the what do you think of the fed's moves from what you heard from jay powell what impact do you expect that to have. >> well, it is a great question, of course, and over long time expected that we are going to see interest rate he increases they are necessary, they have. tackle inflation, inflation is real killer to market growth, and opportunity and for individuals earnings capability. so, they are going to have to see how it plays out dpout two issues you mentioned the rate increases the so-called
8:09 am
tapering, stop applying bonds, assets nine trillion dollars unprecedented owned by fed that plan goes away who is going to step in where that is supply coming from? i think good news is maria, that there is a demand surge as well. and that will keep as long as that demand keeps going will keep positive momentum in earnings growth for companies, we will be able to keep wages high be able to keep producing goods and services we need. the real question when wages go up over time because they lag the inflation, will that be a more permanent increase in inflation how do you deal with that? no one really bottom line good news reduced projections for growth in economy better than historic numbers even though down from a numbers from last year or two going to get bumpy i think seeing disruption in individual companies, industry i think home see that bounce
8:10 am
out over the next year. maria: i don't know why so long to get factors up and running here we learned in pandemic we should not have so many important issues, and products made in china. that we were waiting on like prescription drugs, like, you know, important minerals for devices worried about chips how long to transport rally up in u.s. versus rig on foreign supply chains. >> important question, and several issues depending what industry a chip plant one hundred percent clean technology you need as well as labor takes quite a while to build those plants, maybe -- manufacturing plant for clothing store or something like that, but two issues one is the technology changes that are happening, then the skill set of workers to be able to come and work in those --
8:11 am
factories we have not done great job up scaling labor force effort into that necessary to get plants up and operational here, so i think not going to happen overnight for sure looking at several quarters or more before any benefit from all this investment the good news that investment will lead to productivity growth what we need with inflation to provide for workers to be better off. maria: it is -- it is a cycle mark great to catch up please come back soon thank you, sir. . >> any time maria, thanks, bye. >> much more ahead watching ukraine with whether or not russia makes a move washington preparing sanctions against russia sending troops to eastern europe but not our own southern border, americans weigh in on president biden supreme court plans what majority are saying about biden's possible pick for the next justice on the bench joining the conversation all
8:12 am
morning long michael lee moran ortagus you are "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . estrada
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8:16 am
. maria: welcome back. now from top stories that we are watching this morning, lawmakers working on sanctions against russia u.s. security council meets to help curb russian aggression against uk senate closing in on deal to sanion russia targeting major banks eliminating the market for country's sovereign debt. >> we hope to vote this week the final sticking point nord stream 2 germany saying dlaig approval for six months i want to permanently stop that pipeline vladimir putin effectively uses energy as a weapon against other countries to fund his military, and joe biden played right into his
8:17 am
hands, by killing the keystone xl pipeline in this country. >> migrants from russia and ukraine showing up at u.s. southern border along with others from 100 countries dhs reorganize over 2000 russians 00 ukrainians crossed in deputies outnumbered from mexico and northern triangle countries we are back from border mexican cartels are making 100 million dollars a week on human trafficking, one quarter a million migrant apprehended at border first quarter this year on top of two million, who are apprehended last year attorney general to sue biden administration the illegal immigrants drugs ending up in kansas, indiana not given serious thought completely
8:18 am
opened up southern border, and these are drugs fentanyl in particular particularly deadly finding their way in our communities. maria: yeah, it is one reason that president biden poll numbers keep dropping especially handling key issues to american people new abc poll shows 64% americans disproffer of the president handling of immigration a whopping 69% disapprove of handling of inflation, 64% disapprove of grip on america's crime crisis president receiving little support for decision to consider only a black woman, to fill the upcoming supreme court vacancy 76% americans say should consider all potential nominees. >> podcaster rogan apologizing after neil young criticized his conversations about vaccines and paefbd i am not trying to be irretrievable i never tried to do thinking
8:19 am
with podcast that have been just talk to people if anything that i've done, that i could do better, is -- have -- more experts with differing opinions right after i have the controversial one. maria: spotify says will now add content advisories to pot casts discussing these subjects comes after artist neil young joanie michele pulled off spotify >> do you think this is more to do with pressure from advertisers neil young, owned by a one running portfolio company dr. mechanic can you
8:20 am
l.a. malone debris with pay government handling covid response i have to say, that -- at no point, have the censors been on right side of history, just thought provoking real read guy people on from mma, to comedians to very -- very thoughtful smart people go against the prevailing narrative i disagree with rogan we don't needed more of these we need people that challenge, the narrative, to go on his platforms so people can make up their own minds. maria: right i think that was right thing to say he wants to braden out have different opinions but i don't think he should be apologizing morgan, there is free speech he should not be rolling over to people ho do not agree with him let's face it there has been a lot of misinformation from this administration.
8:21 am
>> you know, maria, i think it is harry and meghan tipped scales clearly -- over, listen, i agree with you, totally silly the bottom line that is business, right, spotify getting millions and millions of list enrs making millions off rogan doing everything to keep him more people licensing to joe rogan than neil young's music even though still quite particular they are making the best business decision they can i thought you made a great point when i talked about how you approve of him broadening out having more diverse opinions healthy for society i think that is a conservative outlook right to have more opinions, not to censor, we are willing to open up to debate, ask anybody about what i believe in but the other side is the left that are trying to censor
8:22 am
all speech they don't agree with. maria: we have to worry because this is right now, china says going to purify the internet, okay? around the beijing olympics let's not the fall into purifying anything here we want free speech as constitution allows. stay with us. we'll be right back. .
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maria: welcome back. president biden getting pushback for plans to nominate a black woman to the supreme court 76% americans want president to consider all potential nominees regardless of race or gender 23% want him to follow through on the promise to appoint a black woman to thy court, joining me right now former he george w. bush senior adviser fox news contributor karl rove thanks very much for being here i think most people he would bike a diversified court back wol on court the narrowing down seems unnerving somewhat turn offing. >> i remeron ron said would like to appoint a woman to supreme court ended up appointing sandra day o'conner didn't say in the middle of
8:27 am
campaign as joe biden did i am making a specific pledge to appoint a black woman as biden said a regular regular gan made no similar promise this was a political promise made to generate additional support in black community critical electorate for did democrats that kind of attitude what i am going to pledge in campaignig owinhr tnce, fi ou you you know, y areouht 76 of aoferssn in ibc a aol p pai ou oy nl%23%d sai failowailo lo lonh o comtmenmi tento nameee lyon blaon bck n, ist it i tereininin iin i 46em demtsocraa re t heuldhohohohoe be beeeee gininllesi pe mi , amo,,onit bl anmericansicanatinin%eeee follow throughgh o thatthatatpled,iv a a ahoic a a
8:28 am
benbe bestdistng witharar luartherinergor mind or not american people want to stand with martin luther king. >> policy for a second democrats desperate to pass president's massive spending agenda, they want to accept whatever senator joe manchin, some having change leading toward compromise on childcare healthcare climate provisions you no going at this for another chance to bet something through what do you think it will look like? >> well, you mentioned three things that apparently senator man manchin could supporter a trillion seven, childcare, yufrm pre-k subsidies for you can have a care act climate, provisions wouldn't be provisions would hurt west virginia and coal natural gas industries, but the priority for democrats is the child tax
8:29 am
credit by its chews up a trillion seven next dade available money they would grab raising taxes so forth we've gt a difficult situation for democrats to work out i find it circulate difficult to believe all on their plate right now passing a budget a continuing resolution, supreme court naum to me finding a way to get this done i think more conversation not much more action. >> interesting the government runs out of money february 16 or 18 i believe, size up 2024 for us because arkansas governor asa hutchinson says not ruling out a run for president sources tell me mike pompeo going to run for president, do i think that president trump will run for president, even though he is not admitting it yet thoughts on lineup for the republicans now that we are entering
8:30 am
primary season. >> yeah, well first of all we got several geological ages before we get to 2024, paleozoid a meeting in texas to award donors gave to voter registration on may 7 last year we had, alphabetical chris christie, ron desantis, marco rubio rick scott tim scott nicky wants to come daughter was graduatinging that day asa hut which isson maybe governor sununu, it is a wide open race i , in 2024 i find it very hard to believe
8:31 am
democrats are going to nominate 28-year-old joe biden for a second term, or kamala harris after she has been simply an utter disaster as vice president office holder as she was as presidential hopeful 19, and 2020 marianna williamson -- pete buttigieg lasted longer she turned out a terrible candidate seeing that political impact as vice president. >> yes, we are we will start looking at the primary season for the congressional races necessary month, then likely, have a may be more narrow look at 2024 race after midterms, quick break russia invadeing
8:32 am
ukraine some say the white house policies are to blame, next. . their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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edward jones dolce & gabbana maria: welcome back. aluminum number struggling to keep up with and in this ongoing supply disruption hitting so many industries. cheryl: it is really translated into higher prices tensions with russia-ukraine pushing sector higher rising 24% six months in general a recents spike with prices, because, of the russia sayings, early gas prices, by the way, also playing a key -- role in this plant closing across europe and china due to rising cost in energy markets aluminum a little bit of a decrease this is not this is overall this has been a huge trend for aluminum higher last six months. >> drug prices jump average
8:37 am
6.6%, one in 50 raising prices for january 20, comes as congress explores measures to curb high rosts, in. >> winning 21st major title second to have won all four grand slams in a a.m. has a chance for 22nd title at french open won french open a record 13 times, he is 35 still going. and this, stage set for super bowl lvi a rams bengals super bowl both overcame double o digit deficits rams out lasted 49ers in same season, los angeles 13 unanswered points
8:38 am
fourth quarter to signaling 20 to 17 win over rivals -- bengals coming back from 18 points down to upset the chiefs in overtime classic cincinnati clawing back to win walk off field goal 27-24, first super bowl in 33 years just like tampa bay ram hosting in home city, should be really good news for a very he battered l.a. economy. back to you. maria: well, football is exciting again so that is good cheryl, thank you so much. cheryl: you bet. maria: all right russia continues to double down, adding more troops to the border with ukraine, sending blood medical supplies over weekend, i spoke with former director of national intelligence john raskin on "sunday morning futures" about the standoff calling for u.s. to implement sanctions before attack. president zelensky said what many have been saying for the
8:39 am
past month or so, which is that time to provide ukrainian support in terms of sanctions against weaponry is now not after, president zelensky would probably tell you with friends like joe biden who needs enemies. maria: joining me right now former interior secretary navy seal ryan, great to have you this morning thanks so much for being here, secretary, thank you for your service to our great country, so happy to know that you were a seal. let me get your take on where we stand in this -- standoff? case i find it really oddsenate negotiatinging sanctions one few leverage point is exactly what joe biden handed vice president six months ago nord stream 2
8:40 am
pipeline. >> yeah. first of all look at source no surprise allies don't trust us after afghanistan. we don't trust the biden administration. so what you are seeing is a -- a nato that is not aligned but has far-reaching implications across the globe. we are looking at two authoritarian governments russia ab china both have territorial inspirations china likely to move on taiwan they will shift pour structure of the continent europe certainly, and in pacific. maria: incredible to me, how you know, perceived weakness in white house pretty much worken up adversaries same
8:41 am
time russia border of uk, china flying another 39 jets into taiwan's airspace yesterday. you've got north korea, with new missiles, biggest activity there in north korea ever with six strikes recently then you've got iran backed houthis attacked abu dhabi what is going on? >> you are exactly right we are perceived as weak biden administration is weak. and afghanistan showed it we not only abandoned our citizens, and maria we abandoned our citizens we loss locked gate, in kabul, willingly knowingly left u.s. citizens outside perimeter to fend from for themselves, against the taliban, we did exactly the same thing with allies, just was wasn't 2500 troops in afghanistan, u.s. troops we also had allies we
8:42 am
abandoned. so fast forward now allies don't trust us rightfully so, you are seeing authoritarian governments across the globe take advantage of this point in time america is perceived week we took military action off the table, and in ukraine, we are not putting sophistication of equipment in place to counter any strike from russia, russia cease it has territorial blishs so does china. >> so, the china beijing olympics begin this friday. and now, china says it is going to purify the internet they don't want any negative comments about beijing into olympics, china claiming u.s.
8:43 am
is trying to quote sabotage 22 olympics, make halve heard efforts in competition games begin friday you think china and russia will coordinate move telling after olympics; right? >> i think a probability, look china wants to purify south china sea taiwan too this is no surprise. and what american shoes weakness in retreat responded in a vacuum that is still in this case, by two authoritarian governments and we're about -- could see a shift in global structure from freedom and liberty to authoritarian, oppression. our allies, obviously, we need to shore them up when they don't trust us as what i think consequence of afghanistan, we're seeing the results, can we pull out of it? absolutely, but we're going to have to change course now.
8:44 am
maria: well where is this going? it is widely xopd gop will containing majority you are running for old house seat to represent montana leading a group of six navy seals running for congress your goal to take away house speaker nancy pelosi control of chamber she told us last week she is ring reelection i don't know about that do you buy it? tell me more your campaign. >> well, why we're running we not only want to take america back we want to restore the america we love, there is a lot of fear uncertainty what is happening in america, there are seals special forces rangers all across the country have worsening up to woke movement, and what we fought in battle all combat veterans, who care we put a blood oath to this country our country, will rise and fall as
8:45 am
americans together i am red, white and blue maria, there is too much hate division of what do we wanted for i am confident we are going to containing the house but republicans, got to lead they have to lead i think, kevin mccarthy a starting quarterback, and we are going to make sure that we are articulate a message why saving america is so important. maria: he raised a whole lot of money that is for sure got the support behind him kevin mccarthy, but quick before you go as a navy seal thoughts that china has large navy than united states defense spending does not seem going higher despite our adversaries, investing in their defense. >> well, on pacific we are out of position, outgunned outnumbered no doubt, our
8:46 am
allies, again, in pacific we have india a ibdnesia australia japan need to shore up allies, but you know you asked about our campaign -- ryan great web sites americans care about this country that are riding to do their duty once again. >> all right ryan good to see you thank you very much, quick break then rising inflation affecting consumer sentiment american households, former real estate economist art laffer is here his sense of the macrostory. stay with us. . you can't buy security. you can't buy happiness. you can't buy confidence. but you can invest in it. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine.
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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ maria: welcome back looking ahead to january jobs' report, it will be out this friday. as consumer sentiment with 10-year low federal reserve tries to get inflation under control ahead of multiple rate hikes we are expecting, last week we got a read on core pce the fed preferred inflation measure, december, 4.9% highest reading since september 1983 joining me former the a regular economist author of trumponomics, laver
8:51 am
how would you characterize where we are today. >> that i think at at really a precarious position we might be tipping into a slowdown, if that happens that would be really bad for economy i don't think inflation under control last month has been a sharp rise, in oil prices, now that offsets a very sharp fall, previous month but two together don't show any improvement in inflation to my way of looking at it. and way don't have any basics coming in that could do a good job, tax cuts spending restraints, sound money all of that is missing, so i am quite concerned about the next 12 months for the u.s. economy. >> so, i mean here we are, expecting a multiple string a string of multiple rate hikes by the federal reserve i have been asking the question art if we are expecting four, five, six, who knows how many
8:52 am
more rate hikes in 2022, wouldn't it be -- an expectation that the fed might raise rates a half point as opposed to quarter point every meeting? now we hear from atlanta federal reserve president, asking the same question, saying the central bank could raise rates half a point if needed to combat inflation, this next hike is going to be in march would you expect a half a point? >> well it could be half a point maria but the bottom line they should not be in business trying to control interest rate the way we brought down inflation in 1981 with paul volcker ronald reagan together, prime rate 21 1/2 permission running at 14, 15% back then if you are going to have a real effect of monetary policy on inflation, you've got to get interest rates above inflation, right now. people are paying the
8:53 am
government to lend them money to the deposit it is crazy it is wrong it is bad. the negative interest rate today in u.s. minus 5 1/2% doesn't make sense fed should get out of the business trying to control rates, and stop applying government bonds, just hold their balance sheet. >> unfortunately, the federal reserve is still easing as we speak, right still not finished with bond-buying program, art just -- amazing to me. the markets are obviously, incredibly nervous weeks down, 12% sell-off, talk, -- we discussed this over the last couple weeks, cornerstone macro cofounder, nancy lazar joined me expecting a recession globally in 2023 watch this. >> i still think united
8:54 am
states, strongest economy in the world at the end of the day, significant slowdown with a risk of global recession global economy companies globally based set in 2023 fed would make it worse but so would russia, that is why we raised specter from first time global recession possibly in 2023 i hope not. maria: what do you say. >> dead right, maria, she is right on the money, and i think she is the fed is doing everything wrong i think the only hope we really have, of a good thing would be the elections in november. maria: all right, leave it there art laffer great to see you. >> thank you, maria, thank you. have a good monday art unexpected encounter with a bunch of friendly bears wait till you see this video you got to see to it believe it making the big buzz of the
8:55 am
morning stay with us. . ...
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
maria: welcome back. time for the big buzz of the morning. no stranger danger here. one driver makes a fury friend on the side of the road. what would you do in this situation? the bear approaches the car window, gave the driver a high five, although it caused a traffic snarl on the road the video hit over 10 million views on tik tok. [laughter]
8:59 am
morgan what do you think? >> i think don't poke the bear. listen, this is very cute, but from what i understand from wildlife experts it's actually not good for the bears. they are really really adorable but they aren't supposed to have human interaction so i see the momma bear close by and that would definitely be me with my little baby. maria: michael, i don't know how anybody came close to these guys at all, to even take this video. >> yeah, maria, watching this is cute and funny, it's like my anxiety level is through the roof, so i am very very nervous just watching it. do not poke the bear. do not play with the bear, avoid them. maria: mike, look at this , look at this market, dow industrials down 140 but we saw that rally on friday. i thought well, maybe this is a pivot. it doesn't look like a pivot from the weakness we saw earlier in the year, mike.
9:00 am
>> yeah, maria, until we can understand the path that the fed is going to take we're in for a lot of volatility. i do think we'll see some more days like friday, the whole street is positioned very very bearish which means we'll have violent upswing which is is relief from the downswings but until we get our arms around the glide path going forward. maria: all right mike lee, morgan ortegas great to see you both, "varney" & company begins right now. stu take it away. stuart: good morning, everyone, it's back the sharp up and down movement of stock prices that gets everybody nervous. big gain last two hours of trading friday, lot of red ink this monday morning. look at this , the dow is going to be down about 150 10 points lower for the s&p, nasdaq getting out a small gain of 30 points that's it. snow, ice and intense cold for much of the country over the weekend and we're now seeing energy price inflation. i have oil 87.29 it's actually getting much closer to $90


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