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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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dagen: check this out, domino's giving customers who pick up online orders three dollar coupon for the next purchase. the coupon is a tip for buyers who take the time and energy out of their day to act as their own delivery drivers. >> long story short they can't get any delivery drivers. people are home smoking pot. good night, everybody. dagen: "the evening edit" is now. >> tonight a nation in mourning. new york city is preparing to lay another officer to rest. 27-year-old wilbert mora was killed in the line of duty. right now mourners are gathering for a wake at st. patrick's cathedral to remember a young hero's live cut to short. the funeral scheduled for tomorrow. meantime the latest fbi data shows number of police officers killed on the job last year soared nearly 60% from 2020. plus a new report revealing that at least 10 law enforcement officers were shot or killed in
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about a week in january. joining us tonight, senator ron johnson, congresswoman victoria sparks, mariannette miller-meeks and ashley hinson. plus gop strategist ford o'connell and macro trends advisors, founding partner mitch roschelle. we're also following fresh developments in the russia-ukraine conflict. the reports that united states sent 500 tons of defense equipment to ukraine as the u.s. is readying sanctions on russia. we'll tell you how that possible action could affect your wallets and businesses here at home. also reports say that scientists who spoke out on covid leaking from a lab in china were silenced and labeled conspiracy theorists as experts around the globe called for international regulation on gain of function research. and hunt hunter biden is in hot water again. his former business partner cooperated with federal investigators in their probe of
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the first son's tax filings. more white house topspin too as press secretary jen psaki tries to get ahead of the jobs report. that is for release loon friday. she is already shifting blame for possible bad numbers on to the pandemic. and the biden border crisis under the magnifying glass. gop congressman begin to question how federal funds are being misused as the crisis at our southern borderrages on. we'll talk with one member of congress leading the charge to demand answers from the administration on those secret migrants flights. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. jackie: good evening, everybody. we're following a lot of stories. stocks closing out near session highs to kick off the month. the dow, s&p up three days in a
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row, longest winning streak since december. we'll turn from wall street to night's lead story. there is growing concern as the nation gears up to bid a final farewell to another new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. a wake is being held for officer wilbert mora right now. a funeral scheduled for tomorrow morning at st. patrick's cathedral here in manhattan. the 27-year-old was gunned down along with his partner, detective jason rivera last month. this as the nypd investigate this is man identified as 39-year-old terrell harper. in a recent video that has gone viral online he alleged heard threatening police funerals saying he can't wait for another officer to die. joining us senator ron johnson, the chair of the senate homeland security committee. senator, good evening to you, good to see you tonight. >> jackie, hope you're doing well. jackie: thank you. start with this, "usa today" reporting that 10 officers, most around major u.s. cities were
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shot or killed in about a week in january. criminal justice reformed a very cats and police unions describe it as a by-product of national violent crime crisis in our country. i want to get your thoughts on this as we are preparing for that second funeral here in new york city tomorrow. >> first of all they're all tragedies. we had three officers shot in milwaukee in the span of a couple of weeks. i believe this is basically the result of the soft on crime policies of democrat governance. low bail, no bail. we have catch an release not only on our southern border we also have catch-and-release in our criminal justice system as well. and you will notice, you know, the rising murder rates that we had a record number of murders in milwaukee last year at 197. these are primarily occurring in inner-cities that have been governed by democrats for decades. so people need to understand what's happening what's causing it. these things just don't happen.
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these things happen when you, verbally attack police. when you say you're going to defund them. when you're dedicated to releasing criminals on very low or no bail type of policies. this is what you get. this is the result of the -- this didn't just happen this, is a result of democrat governance and democrat policies. jackie: of course the pandemic over the course of the last two years was the perfect opportunity to advance those policies if you will. that is why we are in this situation. but really interesting, because we're talking about the administration, we're talking about blue leaders across the country, that have instituted these policies. you mentioned, you know jen psaki talking about being soft on crime. at a press conference for a second day in a row she took this topic on. she was accused being soft on crime. she said the administration absolutely is not and always has been ready to combat violent acts. listen to this, i want to get your reaction. >> the president outlined a comb hens sieve plan last year to
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tackle gun crime includes giving cities historic funding through the american rescue plan to put more cops on the beat and support community violence intervention programs. jackie: senator, where is said funding? in certain cities like new york city people are still scrambling. they're scared to walk the streets. they're scared to go down into the subway. they're waiting waiting with bated breath to see how eric adams can fix this mess? >> remember, primarily democrat ideas to defund the police. where all the federal money goes, we hear a lot goes into green energy programs. i'm not sure where the dollars the spokesperson is talking about where that money is going. but it is not fixing the problem. we need to understand their policies, they're soft on crime. they always want to blame the gun rather than the shooter. it is individuals that committees crimes and those individuals, once they're caught committing a crime ought to be put in jail and kept in jail.
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jackie: yeah. of course president biden is going to meet with new york city mayor eric adams on thursday to discuss gun crime. adams of course is really struggling with public unease here fueled by high-profile violent crime. biden is facing some of these challenges on a national scale and there are many are saying he should be here for the funeral tomorrow. >> well, again, i won't judge where the president, he is a busy person, where he ought to be but he certainly ought to be showing a lot more support toward law enforcement, toward our public safety officials than members of his party generally have over the last year or two. jackie: let me ask you about this. shoplifting spiking in parts of the country including in denver where derek friedman a business owner is taking on a 1% fee starting this month on all transactions at his store. what he is trying to do is recover six figure losses that he has faced. here is what he has to say about the so-called denver crime spike
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fee on "fox & friends" this morning. >> the crime spike has really occurred as changes have happened in our judicial system. and so you've got situations where cops are doing their jobs and folks in our downtown denver partnership do their jobs to try to control it but after folks are arrested and they're just let back out on the streets immediately, there is a very small population that actually engages in this kind of crime and if they're just let out because we're not prioritizing property crime the way that we should, well, then you get the kind of results that we've seen. jackie: so this is one consequence that he is talking about. one here in new york city, so many drugstores including rite aid childrens they're going out of business because they are not dealing with the shoplifting anymore that impacts communities as well. your thoughts? >> far left-wing prosecutors, district attorneys say they're not going to prosecute those
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types of crimes. they set a dollar limit. less than $1000 we're not going to prosecute shoplifters. that is giving people license to steal. it may be a small percentage of people but it will be a growing percentage of people, when more people realize i can go into a store i can steal $999 worth of goods not worry about prosecution? i saw the video. i hope it goes viral of a woman challenging somebody, not letting somebody, walking out after store with a cart full of goods, are you going to pay for that? finally the guy just ran away. god bless that woman. we need, we need democrat mayors, democrat attorney general, district attorneys, democrat prosecutors, to start prosecuting crime. they need be as tough as that woman was. jackie: see it here all the time in new york city. business owners don't want to get involved. they're not police. they're not supposed to be manning the store in that way. it puts extra pressure on them as well. senator ron johnson, great to have you tonight.
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thank you for your insight, sir. >> have a good night. jackie: you too. origins of coronavirus, we, have reports that scientists are speaking out about the lab leak theory and possible cover up. that story is coming up. but first the biden administration caught in a crisis as tensions between russia and ukraine grow. congresswoman victoria sparks just came back from ukraine and joins us after the break. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪. routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for all of this... yourself.
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♪. jackie: welcome back. the white house warns that it is prepared to hit russia with sanctions if president vladmir putin decides to invade ukraine but there are now some growing concerns that a conflict abroad could leave americans paying the price at home. rich edson has the latest. reporter: good evening, jackie. just the threat of war has already hit grain markets, driving up prices. russia and ukraine are responsible for a significant portion of the world's wheat and corn. here in the united states, that could mean more money for corn animal feed, making meat even more expensive. >> we're already seeing increased demand coming here for the united states corn. that continually shores up the corn prices.
6:15 pm
that much more directly affects your meat prices. and it is beef, hogs, chicken, primarily beef and chicken. reporter: there is energy. russia is a major world supplier especially in europe. russia accounts for about a third of europe's natural gas. war alone could disrupt that. there are the possible sanctions on russia's economy. >> we're looking at cutoffs of natural gas we've seen ballistic prices at the beginning of the year. we're perhaps losing two million of barrels a day of crude that would go to european countries from russia. so it would be a big, big deal and it could send prices up. reporter: some of this depends how world markets rao he act to sanctions from the biden administration that would be on top of already higher prices. the united nations says global food prices rose 28% last year. the u.s. government says gas prices here are up nearly a dollar from a year ago. jackie? jackie: they sure are.
6:16 pm
rich edson, thanks so much for that. meantime secretary of state antony blinken and russia's foreign minister holding their latest phone call today at the white house continues its diplomatic efforts to deter a potential russian invasion of ukraine. joining us now to discuss, indiana congresswoman victoria spartz who just came back from a bipartisan trip to ukraine to address these rising tensions along ukraine's borders. great to see you, congresswoman. let's go ahead to start with what senior officials are saying on the ground about the ongoing standoff because if you judge by everybody's actions, it doesn't appear this is headed to a good place. >> well, i think you know, jackie, the situation is pretty serious in europe. unfortunately when we don't exercise our trend to keep peace and stability, you have a lot of instability around the world. let's call it how it is. the current situation is not because russia has international
6:17 pm
concern like during the cuba missile crisis, they needed to be closer to us to have a missile ranch. the question is russia and china team up to challenge the united states. russia wants to have its dominance and has a big eagan ego. china wants natural resources. ukraine has large deposits of strategic minerals. ukraine blocked purchases to china. the government not allowing china to buy any strategic assets. they have an interest there. i think it is important for us to de-escalate the situation and also exercise some leadership. jackie: pentagon press secretary john kirby delivered a grim warning that russian president vladmir putin could decide to invade ukraine at anytime. watch this. >> we believe he has enough capability to move now if he wants to. he continues to add to that capability and those options and
6:18 pm
he could, depending what his goal is here, what he wants to do he could move imminently, at anytime. jackie: congresswoman, an idea that has been floated by the united states is tough sanctions on russia but right now it has just been conversation. many are saying it is time to impose those sanctions to show vladmir putin that the united states means business. >> well, unfortunately you know, president putin is exploiting weaknesses of this administration. we have very bad energy policies. western europe also has bad energy policies. the failed withdraw from afghanistan. i think it emboldened them. i think we need to try a diplomatic resolution to this issue and say what we mean and mean what you say. i think it is very important for us. so what we're going to do and if diplomacy doesn't work we have, russia has to have some deterrences and for any decisions that they make.
6:19 pm
there should be some recourse and right now the united states has been reluctant to exercise leadership, internal or externally. jackie: there have been conversations about sending troops over or how involved we would potentially be if a conflict did arise but we do know this. ukraine's defense minister tweeting that the u.s. sent 500 tons of defense equipment to kyiv. what do you make of the ace stance being offered by the white house? is it enough to help because on the ground since you were just there you know that ukraine is prepared to do whatever it can to fight off russia's aggression but it could be very brood did i? >> well, i think you know, under the budapest memorandum we have some guaranties that would provide you know, for the sovereignty of ukraine but it is not guarranties we provide to our nato allies under article v. it's a very situation so we need to be helpful to ukraine and
6:20 pm
other countries, other european countries. we signed the agreement and european union needs to step up, this is a bigger threat to them to their national security than to ours. they need to be more responsible to help ukraine because this is really creating a situation where we're starting to divide borders between europe by force, that is -- that can create a lot of problems for them. so europe spill, i know that germany is in a tough situation but they need to start thinking about it. russia used to be in berlin too. we also need to be helpful but also make sure that our nato allies feel that we're there and that is important for us to have this bipartisan trip to brussels to assure them that the united states of america and congress on a bipartisan basis will stand with our allies. jackie: right. i mean you know some of the nato allies, almost seem like they pulled back a little bit, congresswoman, because they understand the consequences of could happen if there is an invasion. for example, what we could see in the energy market.
6:21 pm
about a third of europe's energy comes from russia, so we'll have some issues there and so it seems like everybody is almost on different pages here, jockeying for their own position? >> well i think you know we might have some issues in the interim but we have to think in the long term. do we want to be dependent on countries like russia? unfortunately bad policy of this administration made us import much more oil from russia than ever before. unfortunately we under the trump administration we were building liquid natural gas facilities in europe. we were looking to provide for security with energy security to europe and everything got pulled back. it's a good conversation for us, how can he can be more strategic and diversify risk in the long term. jackie: you're absolutely right. congresswoman victoria spartz, wonderful to see you. >> thanks for having me. jackie: nearly 11 million job openings for december as we look
6:22 pm
towards friday's big jobs report. the white house is already downplaying this as inflation continues to soar. we'll look how it hits your wallet and the economic recovery later this hour. first the origins of the coronavirus. scientists speaking out about the lab leak theory, being silenced. find out what they're saying. select suncommittee on the coronavirus committee mariannette miller-meeks joins us next on "the evening edit". ♪. sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles.
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♪. jackie: welcome back. tonight reports are coming in that scientists from countries around the world including here in the united states were silenced when raising concerns about how covid could have originated in a lab in china. some scientists telling fox news that their colleagues in the field were desperate to protect the scientific community and said that their research papers were rejected and that the media branded them as conspiracy theorists. joining us tonight, congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. want to get your thoughts on this because we're in a pandemic for two years now and it is pretty clear that it came from china, also very likely it came out of that lab. your thoughts on trying to silence that information from coming out. >> thank you, very much for having me on and i certainly think that the evidence shows predominantly that the virus emerged from the wuhan institute of virology in wuhan. as a member of the select
6:27 pm
subcommittee on coronavirus task force we've been pushing for a full investigation into the origins of covid-19. we know that the fbi investigation was really just going over the same documents. if you recall senator tom cot ten posited this and then the staff wanted him censored over suggesting that the virus eminated from a lab. certainly both political and non-political figures have been silenced. they have been encouraged to stay silent. they have had information removed when it was posted on the internet. it's a huge problem because we need to know the origins of the virus. we need to know if there were lab safety protocols that were breached. if they were doing inappropriate gain of function research. the international community should have a voice in this. jackie: i think you're right. i think every person that has been impacted by this across the country wants to know where it came from, how we could prevent something like this happening in the future if we don't investigate it, we'll never get
6:28 pm
to the bottom of it and then of course you have those exchanges between dr. rand paul and dr. fauci, talking about gain of function research. fauci basically saying it was so small it is just not a big deal. well those are u.s. taxpayer dollars and if they are indeed supporting gain of function research we have every right to know about it. >> exactly. we have a right to know if the u.s. is funding even, if it is small dollars gain of function research which was prohibited in the united states. there are ethics that are involved in this matter. again, lab safety protocol we need to know about. disclosure, there is immediate disclosure. there is something not only important to the united states, it is important to every nation and to the world health organization to get to the bottom where this virus originated and make sure it doesn't happen again. jackie: this virus wreaked havoc across the world and it almost crippled major economies. so you would think that there would need to be consequences or an investigation. it is something that will continue to have a conversation
6:29 pm
about but i want to broaden out a little bit as well what we're seeing here in the united states. it is like a two year pandemic going into year three right now, it seems this administration wants to prolong it with the mandates, with all the restrictions with everything that they're seeing. people are tired. their mental health is suffering as a result of this. we'll never get our economy back on track unless we open in earnest. your thoughts? >> you know i was a prime example of that. our governor worked with our public health officials and opened up our economy, opened up our schools last year. as a result of that we've had one of the most resilient economies and budgets in the entire united states. so it is not only that people are tired but we know now that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. it doesn't prevent transmission of the delta variant and it has an even worse record preventing transmission of the omicron variant especially a month after vaccination. so you will not be boosterring people every month in order to try to prevent transmission.
6:30 pm
vaccines are great for preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death. that is worthwhile to talk about but we need to move on. i think all of us know that this is a virus that we'll have to live with. there are going to be variations. people can opt to wear a mask. they can opt to get boosted. they cannot gather in large groups. we ourselves take responsibility. time for the government to have a step back. give us tools and information we need. let us make those decisions for ourselves. jackie: congresswoman, thank you so much for your time, your insight. we will continue to have this conversation with you. it is so very important. thank you. >> thank you. jackie: all right. the border crisis, congresswoman ashley hinson introducing a bill to defund secret flights transporting illegal immigrants. she joins us later this hour with the details on that. but first, more trouble brewing for hunter biden, including reports that "the new york times" is suing the state department for information to obtain emails between him and the romanian
6:31 pm
embassy. republican strategist ford o'connell is fired up. he joins us in moments right here on "the evening edit". ♪. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms,
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♪. jackie: joining us now republican strategist ford o'connell. this news breaking last night, that one of hunter biden's former business partners, devin archer, quote, cooperated completely with federal agents in their probe of the first son's tax returns. archer was referenced in a 2019 subpoena sent to jpmorgan chase bank for records related to any transactions involving the bank of china. ford, what i want to get into with you, are the feds beginning to close in on hunter biden? how close are we getting into information, if there is no big deal, no problem, why don't we have it? >> i'm heartened the feds are digging into hunter biden's
6:36 pm
taxes, questionable foreign dealings, i'm heartened they are doing it since mid 2019. it appears they're slow walking this process. i share the same healthy skepticism that the "new york post" miranda devine shares. we'll never get into the bottom of this story until republicans take back the house and senate to have subpoena power in congress. there is not a lot of faith in the doj particularly under joe biden. jackie: the "new york post" reported that the 2019 subpoena was issued 17 months before the 2020 election, may 15th, 2019. father joe biden announced his candidacy on april 25th, 2019, less than a month before the subpoena was issued yet, where are we on this? >> well, how about where's the media on this and social media? we had a near blackout of any store involving hunter biden's questionable dealings or his laptop except pretty much by the "new york post" and now we have journalism outlets including "the new york times" actually
6:37 pm
now want to dig into the story because it's a bombshell. this was blocked out for political reasons. now i'm very skeptical they're actually going to get to the bottom of this bombshell story for journalistic reasons. frankly the federal government does not see any interest whatsoever holding hunter, possibly even joe biden accountable. jackie: no, but when "the new york times" jumps on board you know who the story has gone too far without explanations if you will. essentially what "the times" is saying is, they're suing the state department and saying we made a freedom of information request. there are certain papers that have to be filed when you do business with a foreign entity and we want to see what hunter biden was doing. >> well let's understand why this story is such an important story because it appears that the biden family, and possibly even joe misused government resources to enrich themselves in foreign business dealings in ukraine, in china, et cetera, and possibly other countries
6:38 pm
including romania and the question is, we've got to get to the bottom of this because corruption is a cancer within democracy. it whittles down democracy. if we don't hold people accountable this is only going to continue, shouldn't matter for either party but the biden family business has been enriching themselves off joe's office for decades. all of sudden "the new york times" wakes up? jackie: i want the viewers to understand here, this is essentially about doing business with foreign entities, and one thing if you're a citizen, the father is not the vice president or president of the united states but if you are using that influence to secure business dealings with these foreign entities, then yes, there is definitely a conversation to be had about it. you're right, it does lead to corruption. >> you know what else i would add to that, jackie, hunter biden is not only one on the radar. so is the president's brother, jim biden. i bet the real story if people want to look into it will be jim
6:39 pm
biden, he has been enriching himself for a very long time off of this. trust me the biden's live a very lavish lifestyle for someone whose main patriarch has been in public service for three or four decades you're not living like unless you're peddling influence and working with russia and china, that is truly sinister. jackie: when it came to president trump, so much scrutiny on his businesses, on the children, how they were interacting benefiting, ongoing litigation, investigations when it comes to this family, the media is not reporting it, nobody seems to really care. they were silencing "new york post" stories before the election to make sure people didn't get a whiff of this. >> "new york post" stories by the way are now proven accurate. "new york post" and miranda devine get an apology for actually doing journalism when everybody else in the mainstream media was playing politics.
6:40 pm
it is very sickening here. it also seems censorship and scrutiny only cuts one way that is against republicans. here you have something very real yet everyone in the media has their head down like an ostrich. jackie: ford o'connell. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: take care. the border crisis, congresswoman ashley hinson introducing a bill to defund secret flights transporting illegal immigrants. she will joins us shortly with those details. but first job openings continue to rise to nearly 11 million, as the white house is downplaying friday's big jobs report. what does it all mean for our recovery? economic expert mitch roschelle weighs in next. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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♪. >> because omicron was so highly transmissible nearly nine million people called out sick in early january when the jobs data was being collected. so during that same period of time and the week the survey was
6:45 pm
taken, so we just wanted to kind of prepare you know, people to understand how the data is taken, what they're looking at, and what it is an assessment of. as a result the months jobs report may show job losses in large part because workers were out sick from omicron at the point it was peaking during the period, the week where the data was taken. jackie: so there you have it, white house press secretary jen saki essentially getting in front of the jobs report or spinning it because this friday the number is not expected to be that great. of course she is placing the blame on omicron. estimates calling for the united states economy to added 150,000 new non-farm jobs this past month. unemployment at 3.9%. this as today's decent jolts data shows job openings rose to 10.9 million, well above the estimates, up from 10.8 million in the previous month. so they're going in the wrong direction. bring in macro trends advisors,
6:46 pm
founding partner, university of san diego visiting fellow mitch roschelle. mitch, good to see you. the anticipation is anemic jobs but some are calling for a significant loss of jobs this month and the white house is already saying oh, it is all omicron, that is the problem, but you could say it is their handling of omicron that led us here. >> let's blame a spike protein instead of really, really bad policy. that has been what has been going on for the last year. also it is kind of ironic that when president trump got ahead of a jobs number, good or bad, said something the world was on fire that he was you know, foreshadowing a jobs report. now we've got the press secretary topspinning this thing. i suspect that it is probably going to be a bad number but we really need some intervention from congress and from the white house to have pro-business
6:47 pm
policies because let's remember, businesses are the vehicles that create jobs and the problem we're having right now is we have twice as many job openings as we have people that are on the unemployment rolls. jackie: right. >> we need some mechanism to get people back to work and scaring people about the virus is not going to help. jackie: right. i'm glad that you made that point because we're in a situation two years later, we have so much more information, so much more at our disposal to be able to fight the virus, yet this administration went back into essentially lockdown mode again at the end of december and early january as this thing was spiking across the country. and so by prolonging this pandemic, going into year three, you know, we're essentially just doing more of the same when we're at a point where people have, they can make choices how they want to live, what kind of protections they want to get. many people do want to get back out there. but it is the fear-mongering from the administration that is hindering them. >> and i'm in florida right now,
6:48 pm
sorry you're up in the cold there, jackie, but i'm in florida right now where there are job gains. there is economic growth. because people have the ability to choose. if they want to go back to work, if they don't want to go back to work. government isn't making decisions. the free market is making decisions. that is why the economy is growing. there isn't that massive disconnect between job openings and the unemployed in florida. i think it is bad policy. jackie: i also think the administration would have to admit it disasterously failed when it came to testing and dealing with omicron. we knew it was coming. we didn't have the tests. i signed up, mitch, for the tests, i still don't have them. a lot of good it would have done me four weeks ago. having said that this administration is talking about more covid relief. this is what started the problem in the first place. can you believe we're still having this conversation? >> i've said many times and i think you've seen it on twitter that the white house needs to
6:49 pm
retake econ 101. we have a supply side mess that has been going on for two years. so if the supply side is messed up, overstimulating the demand side only makes matters worse. focus on fixing the supply side. don't waste anytime overstimulating the demand side. that is what creates inflation. they haven't figured it out yet and they're continuing thinking more spending and more demandside stimulus will stem inflation. that is absolutely the wrong thing to do right now. jackie: yeah. but you know, mitch, it is all jerome powell's problem. he has to fix it. he has to raise rates. they don't want to except any responsibility for the spending and impact it has. so here we are. mitch roschelle, great to see you. we'll watch the jobs number on friday to see how it shakes out. i will add the administration loves to do to point to averages, so numbers look better for example in the summer when we were seeing growth come back and they don't have to necessarily admit the problem
6:50 pm
patches that they have had, anyway. mitch great to see you. >> good to see you, jackie. jackie: the border crisis, congresswoman ashley hinson introducing a bill to defund secret flights, transporting illegal immigrants. she will join us after the break to talk about it. plus where is the over $50 billion allocated to ease the crisis? where is that money going? keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking
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welcome back, biden administration is continuing to face our questions has a crisis help us welcome more rages on. this as portage has been leaked of illegal migrants taking secret flights into the interior of the country at the dead of night. hillary has more on where over $50 million in federal funds allocated to ease the border crisis is actually going. >> good evening. dhs is dedicating billions in their budget to pay for things like housing, transportation and medical services for those crossing the border illegally. dhs this year when students spent 1.8 doing on beds, 385 million for transportation including charter and commercial flights and ground
6:55 pm
transportation $163 million for medical services for immigrants custody. the cost is only going to go up unless the biden administration can find a way to bring down record numbers of people crossing the u.s. border illegally from all over the world. spending has tripled since 2003 to $8.3 billion in 2021 republicans in congress want to know where the money is going. texas congressman lance telling me today sector general should investigate. >> not only wasting money but i think they are steering money in the direction of illegal immigration in the sense that they are funding united nations programs that are encouraging mass migration to mark the president said yesterday they are still trying to figure out why people are packing up and coming here but vice president harris in charge of
6:56 pm
investigating the root causes behind illegal immigration, almost 11 months ago. >> thank you so much for that. joining us now, ashley who spent part of the growing number of gop congresswomen who are calling on president biden flights that transport illegal migrants into the interior of the united states. this is a huge issue and i want to ask you because as hillary pointed out, the administration said don't come first yet they keep coming and get we are spending money to give them beds and tools they need including flights to get to other parts of the country. once they know that, you will never stop them from coming. >> right, absolutely. president biden and policies have brought the quarter border crisis to a mittens backyard. there shouldn't even be a conversation we have to talk about taxpayer funding bringing illegal immigrants into our country so that's exactly why i
6:57 pm
introduced trail act that would stop the taxpayer-funded dollars to bring immigrants into the country illegally whether biplane in the dark of night or a busload of people drop off somewhere in our country. this is a safety and security for iowa and american families and we have to put a stop to these border crisis policies that are continuing to enable illegal immigrants to come into our country. >> safety, security issue, a financial issue as well. we saw video of the flights the administration our time was saying they were not happening unequivocally across the country, you prop up what in westchester but also we got other videos played so the impact, economic impact on these communities when people come from they need medical care, they need assistance finding jobs and a lot of things locals have to pay for, they are paying for in their taxes. >> we should be using the funding, i heard you talking
6:58 pm
about my quality, the actual amount of funding from we should use that to support customs and border patrol agents working everyday to keep our country safe and secure. every state at the border state. i met with the sheriff in my district talking about dangerous mass coming up interstate 35 into i will forget you talk about real issues facing our communities, this is just one of many the biden administration turned a complete blind eye to what's happening at the southern border stop betrayal act would stop the taxpayer money from going to these flights and this is about accountability, it's about trust from the administration, they betrayed the americans trust and why we need to put a stop to this family going to illegals coming into the country. >> drugs across the border, a huge problem, human trafficking is a huge problem and the other day five syrians came across the border as well so not only migrants across the southern border from countries where president biden said he wants to
6:59 pm
identify root causes but now that we've said we are open for business, people are coming from all over the place. concerns of terrorism? >> when we have people on the terror watch list, hundreds of countries coming across the southern border unchecked, it's a security issue for our country, national security issue so we need to give customs and border patrol agents the funding they need to keep our country safe but also put a stop to the biden border crisis policies enabling this to happen. >> the agents are frustrated because they feel their hands are tied and they want to protect america. the last 20 or 30 seconds, your thoughts on how we can start to help them do their job. >> first, we had a secure water under the previous administration, trump era policies were working. building the wall, actually enforcing title 42 and remain in mexico, those policies work so let's have a conversation about immigration reform but we need to go back to the policies that
7:00 pm
works in keeping our country safe. >> remain in mexico works and the administration and say they are reit and permitting it but they have to enforce it. thank you for all the work you are doing. >> thank you. >> i'm in for elizabeth mcdonnell, you are watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, that's going to do it for us, thank you for watching, have a wonderful evening. ♪♪ kennedy: whoopi goldberg is in your and she should be fired. not according to me, according to abc insiders who claim corporate brass are livid over the holocaust. but there be another vacancy on the via? the liberal talkshow host has long suffered from foot in mouth syndrome from a they've gone too far yesterday when she said this. >> the holocaust isn't about race. no, it's not about --


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