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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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half a billion dollar ship will be too tall to pass under rotterdam's landmark bridge. bezos said he will pay for the project. he is footing the bill. actually you are, because you're going to have to pay more for amazon prime. annual membership increases to 139 bucks. up 20 bucks. that does it for us. evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: president biden in new york city saying he is tough on crime but with more government spending. that was his big plan. but not much about weak on crime d.a.s downgrading felonies into misdemeanors in the middle of a crime wave. what about that root cause? now u.s. crime is becoming a foreign policy problem. china even, el salvador is ridiculing the u.s., but there is a way out. joining us congressman mike johnson, kevin brady, mike style. vice president of fraternal
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orlando of police joe grimaldi. steve forbes, ford o'connell, and national border patrol council president, brandon judd. analysis that stunned everyone. two dozen studies showed lockdowns didn't work despite causing tremendous chaos. who said about that, don't shut down, the w.h.o. back in 2006. newly revealed classified e-mail shedding new life on a top obama state department official did urge in 2016, saying someone, anyone in washington then have to warn vice president biden about hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine hurting u.s. efforts to fight corruption. the debate, what did biden do about it? hunter stayed at that ukraine energy firm five years, called buriesma. the los angeles mayor is getting mocked. he repeatedly held his breath after caught maskless, breaking california indoor masking rules
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at the rams niners game. school officials in virginia, threatening children not wearing masks charged with trespassing. this latest dr. fauci flip-flop. he backs probes into the origins of the pandemic, after strenuously denying it could have leaked from a lab in china as republicans claimed. that they got scientists to change territory of a possible lab leak in early 2020. who else warned about china creating superviruses in laboratories that could have leaked? the u.s. state department. we got it. the border crisis, border agents shot at yet again from the border mexico. gop lawmakers are pushing mix of stopping federal funding of non-profits that that aid and abet human trafficking and human smuggling. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. start with your money. u.s. markets down again today led by a tech selloff as wall street watches for tomorrow big january jobs report. estimates just 150,000 jobs added. expected to be the worst report since december of 2020, when the economy lost jobs. now look at this. oil did top $90 a barrel today for the first time in more than seven years. let's get to this. president biden in new york city today, demanding congress approve half a billion dollars in more government spending to stop rising crime. he had other ideas as well. critics are saying he said nothing about stopping d.a.s downgrading felonies into misdemeanors in the middle of a crime wave in order to reduce incarcerations. small businesses are getting hit hard, reportedly in low income neighborhoods that need small businesses now. madison alworth has more. reporter: good evening, liz. yes the president was here
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today, he met with eric adams the mayor of new york city, his focus on gun reform laws. take a listen. >> there is no violation of the second amendment right. we talk like there is no amendment that is absolute. when the amendment was passed it didn't say anybody can own a gun any kind of gun or any kind of weapon. reporter: businesses here that gun violence is only part of the problem. they say the real problem is that the people who are committing crimes aren't being held accountable. business owners tell me crimes, the current policies that are soft on crime are doing nothing to help them. >> we're not criminals. we're trying to work, trying to make a living and but these regulations are protecting criminals and what are, can make some policy that protects us. >> if you're not prosecuting crimes to what they are, you
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sugarcoat it, make a lower offense, what happens you enable the criminal. reporter: you know, liz, i've been talking to business owners across the city for the past couple weeks. i heard the same thing from all of those small business owners. they say something needs to change. right now potential customers are afraid to walk around the streets and their staffs, they are afraid for their safety when they show up to work so it is really not just the gun problem. it is and all over crime problem. liz? elizabeth: that is a great story. madison alworth, great reporting there. thanks for joining us. let's bring on to the show congressman mike johnson from house armed services and from the fraternal order of police, national vice president, joe grimaldi. thanks for joining us. congressman, your reaction to this story. the president says more spending will fix this, nothing about progressive d.a.'s normalizing felonies and low to no cash bail policies. how come he didn't mention that, congressman? >> that is a great question. that is absolutely outrageous.
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the president said we need gun reform. we don't need that. we need reform of radical district attorneys. as you said progressives d.a.s with crazy policies won't reduce crime. reducing felonies to misdemeanors. they're weakening bail policies and leads to more crime. this is not rocket scientist. an 8th grade civics student can figure this out. the open border policies. that is a big root cause for all these problems because dangerous people are coming across the border, shipped around the count by planes and buses to neighborhood near you. fentanyl is flooding the border. leading to street crimes and gangs and everything else. the president, his party's policies, their dangerous rhetoric about defunding the police that led to all of this. that is the root causes that needs to be addressed and reversed. elizabeth: we hear you, congressman. the president said he is against defunding the police. he wants more money. >> sure. elizabeth: joe, how would you fix it? we hear you congressman.
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joe, how would you stop this? see data on the crime going across the country. they have had it. carjackings up six-fold nationwide. murders up 20% in 2020. dozen cities, new homicide records. what is the fix? how do you stop it? >> the fix -- >> police officers delivered historic crime reduction in the 20 years prior to the spike in crime the last two years. we done it before. we can do it again. actually enforce the rule of law. we have to make sure we're actually prosecuting criminals when they commit crimes. we need to vehemently prosecute violent crime. if someone uses a gun in a crime, we should seek the maximum, not giving them a slap on the wrist, letting them back out. give them a pr bond where they pinky promise to show up to court. when you embrace broken windows theory you fix crime in the communities so everybody feels safe. we need to enforce and fund our local police departments to
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accomplish that mission because everybody deserves to live in a safe community. elizabeth: to joe's point, everybody is making great points, congressman, it is not rocket science, the answers are right there. when you look at newark police officers they didn't fire a single shot during 2020. didn't pay a dime to settle police brutality cases, they took off 1500 illegal hot guns starting in 2020. you see the flattudes and rhett rhetoric. mistaking activity for achievement that government spending will fix it, congressman. no. what joe is saying, what police officers tell us. that is the fix. what do you say? >> that is exactly right. joe's right. we appreciate his passion. the fraternal order of police, law enforcement heroes across the country this, is very difficult time to be on the streets. morale is low, personnel is down as a result of these policies, of their dangerous rhetoric
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defunding the police. it is great that president biden sees the light not wanting to defund the police but doesn't care what his party has been saying, acting on consistently the last two years. this is the results. this is foreseeable. it was totally preventable. we can prevent it doing what joe suggested. get back to basics. have real policing, having a aggressive prosecution of time. that will deter more of this. we better do it quickly. it is getting out of control. elizabeth: it feels like the president kicked the can down the road, joe, to the congressman's point. >> of course. elizabeth: hitting foreign policy. china ridiculing rising crime in the u.s. look at the tweet of president of el salvador. he is saying the u.s. is getting slammed from within. why aren't u.s. authorities and media not commenting more on the destruction of u.s. cities? it is not just about money. it is about morale, plunging morale, right? and so when you see it hitting foreign policy, even democrats
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like the san francisco mayor, london breed saying the d.a. chesa boudin is failing black people, this is wakeup call ringing off the hook for more than a year. >> it is. joe. elizabeth: joe, take it. go ahead, joe. >> i mean other countries are laughing at us because our crime rate is through the roof. as you mentioned we had 16 u.s. cities experience the highest murder rate ever. what we really want to hear from every politician, senators, president, representatives, local officials, start holding rogue d.a.'s accountable. i want everyone to speak out against the violence against police officers, condemn it. honestly our hearts are bleeding for the loss of our officers. we had 32 officers shot last month, a 6% increase over last year which was historic year for police officers being shot. 67%. ambush attacks are up 700%.
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this is not sustainable path. you know who are harmed the most? black and brown communities in our urban communities. guess what, if we don't have public safety, grocery stores won't move in, food deserts, can't get best teachers to work in the environments because they don't feel safe. it has to stop with everybody with the same opportunity. elizabeth: guess what? you destroy the tax base, everybody's taxes go up. is the president, congressman, is he being again taking the position of renouncing his 1994 tough on crime bill that he wrote in 1994? he was slammed for that because it incarcerated, blamed for incarcerating a lot of minorities. by the way heather macdonald of manhattan institute us saying it could be 10,000 black people and minorities killed last year. so is the president kind of still in that position of you know being, having been criticized for that 1994 crime bill? what do you say, congressman? >> what we believe is that he made commitments to all these
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radical progressives groups in order to get the nomination, to be able to be elected president which was his life's goal, right? he is there now. he is not driving the train. i think these activist groups are, interest groups, people in his ear all the time that led to all of this chaos. we need the president of the united states to stand up and lead. we need him to go back to the apparent vision he had in the '90s, when he cared about crime in our communities. it is too late for this. we have got to get on point. elizabeth: got it. >> the president has to address the root causes as you said. that is the problem. elizabeth: congressman mike johnson, joe grimaldi, both will be back on soon. that was a great interview. great to have you on. deeper dive into the analysis of two dozen studies that showed lockdowns didn't work causing chaos in the economy. who else said it wouldn't work? the w.h.o. back in 2006. why was that ignored? calls growing for the white house to say time for shutdowns is over. congressman kevin brady joins us
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♪. elizabeth: senate banking republicans warning that president biden's latest federal reserve nominee wants to reimagine the entire u.s. financial system away from oil and gas right when tomorrow's jobs report is potentially worse in a year potentially showing the economy is in reverse. hillary vaughn from washington. reporter: liz, sarah raskin is chair for vice president ad the federal reserve and some republicans have reservations about her because of her outspoken comments about using the role of the fed to combat climate change raskin had to defend a "new york times" op-ed she wrote last spring where she criticized the fed using its coffers to give covid relief to the oil and gas industry but raskin's lucrative business dealings in the past are drawing speculation, particularly her involvement in a fintech company, reserve trust, that
6:18 pm
managed to secure a rare and highly sought-after access to the fed's payment system after its first application was rejected. a business relationship that ended with raskin walking away with a $1.5 million stock payout. >> but after the denial you called the federal reserve and reserve trust receives a fed master account, the only state chartered trust company in the country to get one. and you walk away with a million 1/2 dollars. something doesn't smell right with the way this played out. reporter: that big payday was not properly reported by her husband congressman jamie raskin who broke conflict of interest laws for members of congress and spouses that call for prompt reporting of stock transactions. congressman raskin said the delay in reporting was because of his son's passing.
6:19 pm
liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great reporting there. thanks for coming on the show. congressman kevin brady from house ways and means and the house republican study committee. your reaction to that report. that is going on for that nominee from the fed talking about that we'll have a really bad jobs report tomorrow. what do you think of all this. >> this is a big mistake for the fed to go outside of its mandate to focus on climate change, specifically trying to drive u.s. oil and gas industries an jobs out of america, especially at a time where inflation is raging, gas prices are driving up the damage that is being done for families and truth of the matter, it simply isn't their business or their mandate. we expect tomorrow there could be negative job growth reflected in part because we had a lot of people out sick, calling in sick during the reporting period last month but also because you know the last gdp report, while the
6:20 pm
headline number looked good, bottom line was we still have, there is some red flags. big raise in inflation, huge drop in real disposable income. that damages the economy. if you take out just inventories, growth was less than 2% last quarter. so i think we'll have volatile and disappointing months because job growth slowed over the last five months. elizabeth: congressman, calls are growing for white house and elected officials to step up to say enough with the pandemic shutdowns. that phase is over after two years. people want to get back to normal. you know about, we reported that new johns hopkins analysis of two dozen studies, lockdowns failed. 0.2% drop in covid deaths? the w.h.o. warned in 2006 don't do this. lockdowns do not, the w.h.o. said lockdowns did not work in the 1918 pandemic. it didn't stop it. it damaged people's livelihoods,
6:21 pm
it ruined american lives to lock down. so we now have a 43% drop in covid cases over the last two weeks. deaths are still up but deaths are lagging behind the, deaths are always a lagging number. so will the white house step up and say, the pandemic phase shutdown is over? >> so the short answer is of course they won't. for them this is a political bludgeon on the american people and they don't want to understand the, just like at the border, just like the other crises, they don't understand just how damaging it is. thankfully i come from texas. we're one of the early states to open up. our economy recovered much stronger than others. certainly that freedom, we saved jobs. i'm convinced saved lives by opening up. it wasn't easy but we showed you could do it. our kids were back in school. so, boy, the proof is there, but no, i don't think this white house gets it nor do they want to. elizabeth: so reports that even
6:22 pm
the w.h.o. sees, maybe the end of the pandemic in europe but there was a backlash against those who said don't do lockdowns. watch those who said do the shutdowns, do the lockdowns, including then candidate biden. watch this. >> statewide lockdowns that so many americans lived under for months were intended to buy us time to get our act together. >> when you have an acute situation extraordinary number of cases the answer to that is really close things down, to go back to our basic, to shut things down, to flatten the curve. >> the fact that we shut down when we did and the rest of the world did, has saved hundreds of millions of infections and millions of lives. elizabeth: well there is no proof of that, congressman, right? >> there isn't. elizabeth: there was never any proof of what dr. fauci just said and it caused $35 trillion in worldwide economic destruction, congressman, kevin brady, your word on this. >> the science proved them wrong. unfortunately i work here in the
6:23 pm
capitol. we're still locked down in the capitol in our offices. so even here right under the white house's nose they're still practicing political science and it is damaging. elizabeth: congressman kevin brady, pleasure to have you on. >> good to see you, liz. elizabeth: okay. good to see you too. the latest dr. fauci flip-flop coming up. he now says yes, prove the origins of the pandemic. he strenuously denied could have leaked from a lab in china. because he now faces new pressure from house republicans who want scientists to testify that dr. fauci possibly got them to change their story on that? guess who said, that yeah, it may have leaked out of a lab in china? the u.s. state department last year. first we have the new report, more information surfacing about a classified email from a top obama state department official in 2016 urging someone, anyone in d.c. and washington, warn then vice president biden about hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine, could hurt u.s.
6:24 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show my former boss. steve forbes, he is the forbes media chairman editor-in-chief. steve, great to see you again. steve, your take on this. good to see you. obama state department official
6:28 pm
george kent, 2016, classified emails surfacing. kent led the u.s. embassy in ukraine. he sends this email, someone, anyone, bottom to tell the vice president joe biden vice president, hunter biden's business in ukraine is hurting efforts to fight corruption. what did he do about it? was he warned? hunter stayed at burisma energy firm for five years. the guy who co-founded it was charged with corruption, bribery and g. those were the al allegations there. what is going on. >> we know what is going on the son was using his father and other members of thely were getting rich because of his father and his brother. two things, why isn't the justice department doing it? unfortunately attorney general merrick garland who some people would try to depoliticize the justice department is going in the opposite direction,
6:29 pm
including accusing parents at school boards being terrorists for crying out loud. what you will have happen, one is a special prosecutor. two when republicans gain control in congress in november they will conduct investigations on that, on the pelosi family, on this whole thing of gain of function, who financed what institutions, u.s. financed the viruses at the wuhan lab that led to the disaster that we have today, the horrors of today. elizabeth: house minority leader kevin mcthink is assembling a list of probes. should there be a special counsel appointed on this? marsha blackburn and a growing number of republicans are saying because this is national security problem. hunter biden getting secret service protection, flying hundreds of flights overseas to do overseas business dealings in russia, china, with companies backed by those governments military intelligence and national security services? also kazakhstan, romania.
6:30 pm
"the new york times" is suing the state department to get information about hunter's emails in romania. should there be a special counsel on this, what do you think? >> i'm opposed to counsels and go in different directions stay around to find something even if there is something there, this is case needs to be done. we'll see what the justice department does in a few days what that is going to be. you have to have pressure. i don't think it will happen after the november elections. they will try to stonewall this thing, very telling, liz, "the new york times" is on it as well. the other shoes, a ton of shoes are about to drop. elizabeth: just the news is reporting about this email. by the way george kent already testified to congress what hunter was doing with burisma in october of 2019 i believe. victoria nuland, obama state department official said he was working with quote, odious individuals. so the obama 2019 state
6:31 pm
department and the u.s. attorney in delaware looking with irs grand jury subpoena to get at his financial records, banking records at jpmorgan chase and bank of china because what hunter was doing according to a senate report was sleuthing the cash flows through off-balance sheet sell companies to bury it so he didn't have to register as a foreign lobbiest under farrah, the same law they ensnared with. how could the vice president's brother thought it was okay to do this, flies air force two with his son, do overseas business dealings with government back companies with military intelligence behind it? >> there is no excuse for it and if joe biden had not been the democrat nominee in 2020, this would have been pursued the way it should have been pursued. like a lot of other things this was slow walked into oblivion
6:32 pm
when it became clear joe biden was going to be the nominee. it's a scandal. one of the other things by the way i hope they finally uncover with the durham report is 2016 with russia collusion, put that to rest. that was a great scandal. we still haven't gotten to the bottom of that. elizabeth: okay. steve, we'll have you back on. good to see you again. come back again soon. >> good to see you. elizabeth: coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. we have growing criticism of california governor newsom and los angeles mayor for their weak excuses caught on camera breaking their own rules, it's a state rule, you cannot go maskless indoors. you cannot go maskless indoors in california. they did it at the nfl rams and niners game. ford o'connell is fired up. he will join us next. >> we understand that this is how the democrats roll. these are rules for thee and not
6:33 pm
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elizabeth: ford o'connell. i know you're fired up about this. i want you to listen to the sound. about elected officials, good to see you. elected officials caught not wearing masks inside of a not ordering everybody to do it. california governor gavin newsom i was drinking a glass the water at the rams niners game. it was longer than that. listen to los angeles mayor garcetti and his excuse. he claimed he was holding his breath when he took off his mask. >> i wore the mask for entire game. when people ask for post graph i put it hire. zero percent chance of infection. i will take responsibility, even in photographs people i'm holding my breath literally for two seconds i will do that. elizabeth: do you believe that?
6:38 pm
>> garcetti's i was holding my breath excuse has to be the lamest excuse from a sitting politician since bill clinton said i didn't inhale. this is a pattern in california where garcetti and newsom don't think they can follow the rules that they set down. what i suggested los angelinos and californians shouldn't have to follow the rules either. we can talk all day about the covid hypocrisy, time to free californians particular on the super bowl horizon. elizabeth: to your point nobody will listen to government officials don't even comply with their own mandates and rules. now you see students in the state of virginia getting suspended for not wearing masks in schools. we got school official in virginia saying, if a student comes into a school without a mask on, we're going to try to charge them get them charged with trespassing. take a listen to this parent in loudon county. the daughter faces suspension
6:39 pm
over not wearing masks. watch this. >> my brave, freedom, loving patriot daughters, many other kids around the state are actually excited today to receive a suspension from this kind after woke school system. we consider it a badge of honor. if it means liberty and freedom reined by standing up against progressive policies we'll be glad to do that. elizabeth: listen, so now the new frontier is about masks in schools. listen, people understand about being safe, ford. people get it, right? we want our children to be safe but the science is science is saying wearing masks in schools isn't safe. look. >> covid-19 has made politicians and administrators power drunk and this is a prime example in loudon county, virginia. to your point, e mask, there is scant evidence forced masking protects students. there is a mountain of evidence that suggest it impedes learning, stunts development and causes all sorts of emotional
6:40 pm
disorders. what i find absolutely amazing in virginia and these seven school districts is, they are not only defying the law, they are actually hurting the kids and not following the science, and for what? because glenn youngkin the governor of commonwealth of virginia? you got to be kidding me. stop hurting kids. elizabeth: he saying make it optional, up to the parent to decide. what is going on with the tolerant so-called tolerant now intolerant left? what is with all the bullying? what is with the lack of debate and discussion? why do they get to shut it down including about vaccines? we're seeing increasing studies showing harm of vaccines for children. it is "jama" running those studies. it is lancet running those studies. we're seeing that on boosters and more. why do they get to be the final word, bully everybody, shut them down with no debate, no discussion, final word? >> they believe they can backdoor the first amendment, because they think they're absolutely right when the science says they're wrong. that is the big problem.
6:41 pm
the left, they talk about tolerance, they're intolerant as they come. they act like fascist authoritarians. elizabeth: ford o'connell, good to see you, come back soon. got this story coming up. we have the growing border crisis. more dangerous by the day. border agent shot at yet again from across the border with mexico. we have got the story. congressman brian style on the latest dr. fauci flip-flop. he wants probes into the origins of the pandemic. strenuously denied it could leak from a lab in china. faces new pressure from house republicans. they say scientists were shut down by dr. fauci, warned yes, it could have leaked from a lab in china. who else warned about that? the state department last year. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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- [announcer] in "hope for this present crisis," dr. michael youssef presents a seven-part plan providing practical steps on how to be a godly influence in our society and how to take a stand for our faith in a culture aggressively opposed to the truth. there is hope for this present crisis, if we act now. this book is now available to you for just the cost of shipping and handling: $4.95. and if you order today, dr. youssef will also include the "action guide," practical questions and answers for this present crisis. call or go online today for your free copy. ♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show congressman brian styles. great to have you back on.
6:46 pm
dr. fauci, seems like he is going back and forth. seems he backs probes into the origin of the pandemic. good to see you, congressman. dr. fauci strenuously denied it could leak from the lab in china, now he wants a probe? why is he for a probe now? >> we continue to see flip-flops. for the last two years we've been told to follow the medical science, seems like dr. fauci is following the political science. we need to get to the answer of this. for the last two years our lives have been turned upside down by a global pandemic. everyone, every american deserves to know the origins of this, so we can prevent it from ever happening again. elizabeth: you know faces renewed pressure from house republicans led by you know, james fullmer, steve scalise and jim jordan. when they basically say he and former nih director francis collins potentially pressured seven scientists who initially warned in early 2020, yeah, it may have leaked from a lab in
6:47 pm
china, there is no way this thing could have evolved so rapidly like it did in nature. 48 hours later those scientists changed their position. the virus yet to be found in nature. is he facing pressure, why he is changing his tune again? >> you have to ask like him, originally he followed the medical science, now he is following the political science. we need to continue to put pressure on the administration, on dr. fauci to get to the answer of this. everyone deserves to know where this came from because we have to prevent it from ever happening again. we continue to see flip-flops from this administration as it relates to covid policy this, is nothing new. it is frustrating to myself. it is frustrating to all americans. elizabeth: look at the state department fact sheet. it came out of the u.s. embassy in all places in the republic of georgia last year, january 2021, says china's wuhan lab has published record of conducting gain of function research to
6:48 pm
create chimeric viruses in laboratories. that embassy, the state department, warned, yeah, this could have leaked. so the state department was saying this. so why was dr. fauci so strenuously against and opposed to idea that it could have leaked? is it because nih is funding dangerous gain of function research out of laboratories since 2003? >> there is a ton of questions, as in the research being done by our federal government, in particular, as it relates to gain of function research outside the united states at laboratories all around the world. these are the questions that we've been asking and we demand and we need to get answers to. the american people deserve to know the answer. we can never allow what has occurred, over the last two years that is upended the united states way of life to ever occur again. we absolutely -- elizabeth: hear you on holding them accountable.
6:49 pm
so if republicans take back control, how do you deal with somebody who says i am the science? he has been flip-flopping within a week on this. just this week he says, yeah it came from animals. scientists have yet to find the host animal for it. last year he is not sure it came about naturally. then, may of 2020, he mocked and laughed on that geointerview, no way it came from a lab. you understand what i'm trying to get at, all over the map. where, what does he really think? >> he needs an investigation into this. we're not getting an investigation into this until we fire nancy pelosi. why we need to get rid of nancy pelosi, whole challenges we're seeing come out of this administration. day one when republicans take control of the house of representatives, knock on wood, we need to hold the administration accountable to get answers to the questions you're asking.
6:50 pm
elizabeth: the issue is, "the washington post" tried to get answer out of nih and dr. fauci. "washington post" reported last year they were stonewalled. more than $48 million spent on dangerous gain of function research, 18 experiments and they think that is the tip of iceberg. your opinion on that? >> "the washington post" has some tools. we have tools in the tool kit if we regain control of house of res. we have subpoena power and techniques to get answers that american people deserve. elizabeth: thank you, brian styles. come back soon. border patrol agents shot at from across the bored every mexico. funding of ngos, nonprofits that they say aid and abet human trafficking. border patrol council president brandon judd is up next on
6:51 pm
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joining us now, brandon judd, national border patrol council president, great to have you on last night border patrol agents assigned to a sector texas, special operation group. they fired upon again from mexico. this is happening over and over, who's doing the shooting at border patrol? >> these are the cartel but this shows how far we've fallen. these shootings are happening in the same location and under president trump anytime a dangerous activity for take place in a specific location, he put pressure on the mexican government to quell the activity under the biden administration, none of that is happening so we see multiple shootings in specific areas it cartel driven getting their drugs across, ensuring border patrol agent and texas dps with a shot as well or cleared out because of the shots being fired. it dangerous and dangerous to the public because it shows how
6:56 pm
the cartel are dictated to us what our operations are going to be. >> you and i have been talking about the border for six years and now they are shooting at border patrol. fox news bill melugin is doing great journalism down there getting these stories, we don't know if it's drug cartel or human trafficking and smuggling cartel, do we know either? >> it is the cartel, the gulf cartel controls all activity in that region if they control human smuggling and drug smuggling, even human trafficking for the industry, they can cultural artifact, that specific cartel in the dangerous cartel and we know it in this administration knows it's a dangerous cartel yet they do nothing to put pressure on the mexican government to stop this from happening. we can't control what happens on the other side we can control what happens on our side with the mexican government has to
6:57 pm
take accountability and held responsible at this administration isn't doing it. liz: let watch the president, critics say he doesn't understand what's happening skyrocketing human smuggling pretty will see the president first then secretory mayorkas swaying in. >> i think one of the fundamental things we got to do is shoot the changes we will make, if we figure out why they are leaving in the first place, it's not like people sit around and say i got a great idea, let's sail everything we have and give it to a coyote. [inaudible] >> it's worse now than in 20 years, if not ever. liz: your reaction to what you heard? >> on board to call it like it is, president biden is lying to
6:58 pm
the american public. he knows exactly what taking place, he knows he's positivists, he knows the root cause is because he did away with very good policies and programs of the trump administration under the guise of political expediency. he knows catch and release is driving all of these drug smugglers being able to generate profit never seen before. he understands the problem but trying to deflect, like to the american public so they don't hold him responsible for what's currently happening on the border. liz: house republicans led by lance gooden out with a new plan to stop federal contracts and grants to nongovernment organizations who assist human trafficking and smugglers and make money off illegal border crossing. if they could lose their status, ron desantis is moving against us, to. we don't know about will work but would make some part of
6:59 pm
sense because this is super dangerous stuff. illegal aliens are getting harmed along the way. >> at least they are trying to go after this problem and address the issues. yes, probably not going to work because republicans don't patrol any portion of the government right now but when they do come into power, if they do, then they can do this what's necessary but at least right now they are trying to shine a spotlight so the american public understand what's going on so the american public can make informed decisions when it comes to the ballot booth, informed decisions on who the right people are to vote for. liz: we copy equipment of kansas including getaways and we've never been here before, it's record numbers including the getaways. your final word? >> the problem is the administration is facilitating, completing modeling cycle and will continue until the american
7:00 pm
public stanza. >> thank you for joining us, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit, that does it for us. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: welcome to the best hour of your day, defunding the police does not work. don't take my word for it, according to joe biden so whether progressive because in his party wake up and listen? president biden was here in new york city to meet with the mayor who spent more than 20 years in the nypd and his visit comes amid a spike in crime and fall and the quality of life. liberal d.a. has given the revolving door but it's not just here, it's the same and blue cities acrosshe


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