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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> have a great sunday, everybody. go to church? maria: good sunday morning. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. ruthless and dangerous, house speaker nancy pelosi finally addresses the ccp's evil as the beijing olympics are underway, but despite no hearings on the origins of covid-19, going on two years now as 900,000 americans dead, pelosi sends a message it to the more than 200 athletes on the ground in communist china. >> i would say to our athletes, you are there
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to compete. do not risk incurring the anger of the chinese government because they are ruthless. >> i know there's a temptation on the part of some to speak out while they are there. i respect that, but i also worry about what the chinese government might do to their reputation, to their family. maria: coming up gop leader kevin mccarthy on china, the democrats on the upcoming midterm elections plus mike gallagher on his investigation into who in the united states covered up the origins of covid-19 while getting paid by china. then, the threat at home as xi jinping strategizes with vladimir putin as joe biden gives into a ron. secretary of state under the trump administration mike pompeo on the foreign threats heating
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up. plus the truckers get railroaded by big tech. go find me forced to backtrack after first trying to seize the truckers $10 million in vaccine protest fundraising saying it will give the money to other charities. coming up texas senator ted cruz on the text censorship. democrats throw biden a lifeline with an upcoming supreme court nomination but the president's poll numbers keep dropping and now with less than half believing he's actually mentally fit all of that right now on it "sunday morning futures" appeared. ♪♪ ♪♪ maria: first this morning the beijing olympics are underway after house speaker nancy pelosi warned us olympians not to anger the ruthless chinese government with any negative comments while competing at the games. republicans are questioning the speaker hasn't held any hearings about the ccp's surveillance, genocide and its role in the
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origins of covid-19. last week on this program the author of red handed, peter sweitzer, raised a different conflict of interest. watch. >> remember the 2008 beijing olympics, nancy posey supported a boycott, but when it comes to limousine companies that her husband owned a part of a got contracts to ferry vips around the beijing only picks in 2008, she changed her position. her son also, pulp lucy junior has also sought china and again this on the big important things like exposing covid, she has not allowed a single congressional hearing on that subject in the last two years. maria: joining me right now to discuss this in the state of affairs is house speaker-- house minority leader kevin mccarthy. thank you for being here this morning. i went to get to this china bill that passed
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the house of representative. i want your take, but first i have to get your reaction to what you heard from peter sweitzer. is that why nancy pelosi has refused to do any work on covid-19 and its origins? >> it raises questions, but think about what nancy pelosi is done as a speaker she has protected china from any investigations to the origin of covid even though it has killed more than 900,000 americans. she has prevented american athletes from protesting at the olympics and now she's producing a bill that sends american taxpayer money to china because what she has done at the same time raises another question, more than eight months to get a bipartisan committee based upon china. she said yes and the night before we were going to announce it, even though we brought a reporter into record it from the "washington post", she said no so the republicans had to
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go alone. this bill you talk about later that she just put in, which i call not a compete act, but it concedes act not only sends $8 billion to the green un climate fund that sends 100 million to china with unlimited green card skills, this is what the chinese army uses to bring people into america to spy on us saying they are students. this bill does nothing to hold china accountable. she held eight months when we put a bill forward to move the olympics, she would only put it up on the day the only bigs started. i do not note what the chinese government has on them, but it must be strong. maria: pretty extraordinary, i mean, we know the ccp is an adversary of the united states. what are you going to do about this? we know peter sweitzer also reported that the biden family accepted $31 million from the ccp , so there is a serious question of potential conflict of
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interest here. are you going to investigate this should you take the house majority to not just this, but we will take action. when we take the majority, we will create the committee on china and it will be a bipartisan committee so you will have one american voice on how we can compete where china comes in and captures the critical minerals, when they capture our medical supply and others. we will know-- we will investigate the origins of covid. we will investigate the ag's research into calling parents terrorists. we will investigate afghanistan. afghanistan withdraw, why did we have 13 new gold star families? because this president grows bagram air base allowing a suicide bomber at that killed those individuals. the release of american taxpayer reports, why is that? there's a lot of places to hold them accountable, but peter's book raises questions that need answered and we may have to go
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further. you may have to be able to have further investigation just within the family, what are they doing and where did the money come from because you take the actions of the democrats , i do not know what china has on these people, but it must be powerful because the actions every turn stop and harm us, but protected china. maria: you look at what has gone on in california, i mean, eric's wall well and his relationship with the chinese as spy, dianne feinstein had a chinese spy following her around. we don't know the connections with nancy pelosi although peter sweitzer reports her son wants to do business there. is it all about money? >> remember, it's not just the spy with diane feinstein, it was her driver for a decade. eric really did a relationship with a chinese spy who was at the college and this bill the democrats just past allows confucius institute to continue to go. this is where she met eric.
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she met him when he was a city councilman and then became a congressman and then got on the intel committee. she put interns in his office. when the fbi warned leadership he was having a relationship with a chinese a spy, nancy pelosi didn't remove her from the intel community, let him stay there and let him become a subcommittee chair. when we brought it to the floor, the democrats all voted to keep him on there. eric cannot get a security clearance in the private sector, but government just allowed him to know all of the secrets. maria: why do you think nancy pelosi says she's running again? i mean, here you have what almost 30 resignations or retirements happening on the democrat side or seeking other office. a new gallup survey says american political party preference is a shifting to republican and yet the speaker came out and said yes, she will go for reelection. do you believe she will? >> i believe she will because she's hungry for power. remember what else is happening now, redistricting as we watch what happens in
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new york. so egregious that forever gerrymandering will be known as jerry nadler's district. they are actually taking who they want. they will steal another four seats and the reason why an pelosi announced she will run and now they are stealing elections in different places by redistricting and gerrymandering these, she believes she can win even though overwhelmingly the public says they want a change. they want to secure border, and inflation with safe and secure streets, but the democratic policies are causing most of the problems. maria: we had this map here and by the way, president trump reacted to this saying that the republicans are-- here's what president trump said, republicans are getting creamed with the phoning redistricting going all over the country even the fake "new york times" is having a hard time believing how ridiculous things have gotten. this is the map that new york has been redrawn to give more territory to jerry nadler.
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how does this happen? >> you know what's happened, you had eric holder and barack obama going to the last decade and run democrats left-leaning democrats or state supreme court and they are upholding this egregious maps even the left-leaning brennan center says it's wrong. no one stands with this map except the democrats and it's interesting that they started doing the extreme gerrymandering after nancy pelosi announced she would run for reelection. they cannot win on merit and policies, so now they want to rig the system to be able to keep control of the power. that is why we need everyone to join with us. go to fire do not allow this to happen. let's make sure you have a fair election. maria: the state of the union is march first, amid record inflation, spikes in crime across the country and obviously multiple crises corrupted across the globe, afghanistan, ukraine, china and then you really
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haven't heard a lot about this crime's-- present biden went to new york last week i met with eric adams, the mayor of new york city and talked about guns. look at this funeral for wilbur mora where the nypd had an incredible showing throughout new york for he as well as officer jason ramirez, 22 years old and 27 years old. what a heartbreak. what can you do about this crime spike and does joe biden have the will to actually change laws to ensure the safety of americans? >> the democrats do not have the will nor does joe biden because they created much of it. defunding of a police that they have championed and actually cause the regression up. you have got a vice president that pays to help people get out on bail you have got a democratic policy that says don't uphold the law so you have das that won't hold people accountable.
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stores are closing because people are walking in and stealing. we need a continual change in policy here. now you have fentanyl coming across the border. it's the number one cause of death in america between those of 18 and 45. it's a schedule one drug , which means you can have a mandatory minimum, but the democrats will not renew that. that stops february 18. the president says he doesn't want to put people in jail over it. it's a number one cause of death in those 18 to 45 and the leader of this nation, the leader of the majority of the democrats will do nothing about it. why do we think they will change course when it comes to a problem they created a why we are unsafe in the streets? i promise you this, when we take the majority, we will make sure this changes. we will not allow any da that does not uphold the law fairly. maria: real quick. are you saying fentanyl was a schedule one drug meaning there was serious time spent for
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anyone who was trafficking that drug and the democrats are saying take it off of schedule one, it goes off schedule one february 18? is that what you said? >> february 18 is when it goes off. currently it's a schedule one giving a mandatory minimum sentence. we put this week on the floor a bill to extend it as a schedule one drug. you know what, maria? every democrat voted against it. they voted against your city, your community of making it safe. maria: congressman, we will follow that. thank you so much. kevin mccarthy joining us this morning in washington. a quick break and then china calls vladimir putin the most important olympic just as nancy blows he warns athletes not to anger the ccp and former secretary of state mike pompeo is here on what xi jinping expects a return for his multi billion dollar investment in the olympic games as several corporations are jumping at the chance to help him.
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>> going to bring a burner phone, laptop, ipad because they know there's a high percentage chance china will tap into that and i believe the chinese government told them they have to download some type of app which is very suspicious. i don't think anyone wants to do it. maria: well, that was boston celtics center ns freedom on the program a couple weeks ago sounding the alarm on ccc surveillance at the 2022 beijing only big games and former secretary of state mike pompeo called on the butt in a ministration to boycott the games altogether, which kicked off friday with an all plummet-- ceremony. thank you for being here. >> great to be with you this morning as well. maria: you heard nancy pelosi warning athletes to shut up and
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dribble. what are your thoughts in terms of the games taking place right now and the safety and security of our athletes >> maria, i love the olympics and i love the american young people who work so hard for four years to compete, but they are games, just games and that's how we view them. chinese communist party sees this differently. is there propaganda tool ns freedom spoke about burner foams and speaker pelosi told our young american kids, you travel abroad and give up all your american rights, just shut up and don't say a word because it's too dangerous. we allowed our athletes to be put in this terrible position. this is exactly why xi jinping spent the money on these games to show he can dominate the west and have that west operate by his rules under his system. we have seen all of the tragedies that have taken place with covid that came from this place, the wuhan virus. it's a chinese propaganda operation
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being supported by the americans and the ioc being corrupted in a way that xi jinping will walk all over them. maria: i find it extraordinary there's been no hearing on the origins of covid-19. there have been no pushback on the fact that china will not allow investigators in to investigate the origins in wuhan. you called for a total boycott of these games. what is your biggest concern right now in terms of our athletes and what you think xi jinping once in return? i know china is spending billions of dollars on these games. >> what xi jinping once is straightforward. you want to tell the world did the west is in decline and look what a free wonderful nation china is and how beautiful it is and that's why he put a uighur in the opening games of the ceremony and why he's holding a million of that person family members and sterilizing women and conducting the worst human rights violations amounted to genocide while the genocide games are going on so we know what xi jinping wants he
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wants to whitewash his regime and what's in it for americans and the reason i think our athletes should not of been put in this place is that when freedom talked about burner phones and speaker pelosi said hey, goat over there and don't express your views. just be quiet because the chinese will pull you from the streets. we also know they will collect information on these young people, not only the digital footprint they have in place. asking them to take burner phones like a drug dealer would, but they will collect dna and they will be stored in the chinese database and the military database for years to come. we know athletes should be-- no athlete should be subjected to that for the opportunity to demonstrate that they can compete against the debt-- best athletes in the world. i call for a boycott not because i did with the athletes have an opportunity to compete. we could have done this in a million places and instead we chose to do it in a regime where it's conducting genocide and in beijing with the leadership that has no right to the glory of these games and it to be hidden by american
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money, sponsors that are doing terrible things to support what's going on in the western part of china and i so regret that these games are going on today in this terrible place. maria: we also have-- we know they disappear to several people because they didn't like what they were saying. they disappeared the famous tennis player. they disappeared jack mall and there's real concern about our athletes. i want to take a break and after this i want the take revealing just how unprepared the biden administration was for afghanistan's fall. is the same foreign policy team equipped to stand up to vladimir putin and xi jinping as biden cuts defense spending in the new friendship between vladimir putinin with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back.
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>> i think xi jinping believes his military is capable of invading taiwan if he gives the order if america doesn't come to its support. there are reasons why, like the winter olympics coming up or the party congress later this year in which the chinese communist party will give him the unprecedented third term in power, but after that, i think, when the geopolitical conditions are right, maybe when the light and weather data is suitable in the taiwan strait especially vladimir putin pulls off invasion of ukraine, you could see xi jinping go for the jugular in taiwan. maria: that was arkansas senator tom cotton with me on this program last month predicting when he expects xi jinping to invade taiwan. i'm back with former secretary of state mike pompeo. not only are we now watching for the potential of an invasion of taiwan by xi jinping, we are also now waiting to see if the vladimir
6:26 pm
putin will invade ukraine. your thoughts on the state of affairs? >> maria, let me add two more, we have watched him begin to his increases capability by firing longer and longer range missiles and he was going to conduct nuclear testing as well and none of us should forget americans are headed back to vienna to negotiate with the iranians this week. we gave them sanctions relief and told them take what you want and they give us nothing in return and they have already rejected that and will ask for more. there are four fronts where this ministration is completely lost the deterrence model that the trump administration had in place for americans, for our people that live across the country this presents enormous about a risk not only to eastern europe and ukraine, the people of taiwan, but the iranian people, israelis that could suffer if the iranians get a nuclear weapon and certainly what happens on the korea peninsula, a son of america weakness. this is the thing bad things do when the american president won't stand up for our country maria: this is just
6:27 pm
extraordinary how things have reversed in literally one year and if you want to see how serious the ccp is about saying what they want you to say, look at this video. a dutch reporter on the ground while he's in the middle of a live broadcast outside of the only big games talking about the olympics. looks at what is happening, ccp soldiers in the middle of his broadcast just carting him away. i don't know what happened to this reporter after this, but they ended the live shot and stopped him from speaking. that's china. you mention north korea and iran, why all of this activity now cracks -- >> let's go back to the reporter for second. doesn't surprise me a bit, it's what i've been talking about for a long time about the chinese party complete lack of transparency, the desire to live the kinds of life we have the
6:28 pm
american way, the ideas of freedom and liberty. many of the folks that are reporting on these games from nbc are doing it from studios in the united states because this exact risk exists for everyone who travels into the chinese communist party trap today. i think these things are happening because when you have leadership that's not prepared to do the simple things and say we will put america first and take care of the american people and make sure we are free and fair trade, that it's reciprocal and if the chinese communist party engages in behavior that impacts us, we will close you down if you are spying here on the american people. when administration won't do the fundamental basics of protecting american security, i think you see leaders around the world saying i'm going to push and bar as fast as i can. i don't know how long i will have this administration and i want to make sure i get done the things i need to do for my country and this will harm the united states of america greatly. maria: well, you had a string of indictments. you really pinpoint exactly where the surveillance was and you shut it down under your
6:29 pm
administration i know that. give me your take on the leaked documents last week that the biden ministration was so ill-prepared for the fall afghanistan, this same foreign policy team supposed to stand up to vladimir putin, two xi jinping, to iran, to north korea, what did you learn from that briefing and those leaked documents about afghanistan last week? >> maria, i think it confirmed what i think so many of us already understood. this is ministration came in and said we are out and they picked a date certain whether they were prepared to execute on the mission set or not. we were clear. we wanted our young men and women out of afghanistan. no one needs to doubt what president rob's objective was we had a clear plan with conditions that had to be met before we would take our last soldiers and airmen out of afghanistan and you can see when the biden administration made that decision with a fixed point on the ground and said this is the date we are out no matter what
6:30 pm
happened, the bad guys, that caliban, took advantage and this is the ramifications for how the rest of the world sees us, not only our adversaries, but our friends counting on us to give us-- give them the moral support they need. i think they are worried as well. maria: they are worried because they see anti-semitism potentially even at the state department with former state department david friedman revealing former secretary of state rex tiller sent opposed several pro-israel measures including trump's promise to move the us embassy to jerusalem and a us senior official told him quote don't be so jewish. what cracks--? >> i had the chance to read an advance copy of sledgehammer and he is every bit that slam hedger and i urge folks to look at the good summary of how we thought about the middle east, not just israel, but our allies and friends as well and the
6:31 pm
dangers. you can see that. there's no doubt-- the state department today is trying to reopen the consulate in jerusalem. it's not only illegal, it's immoral. we have a embassy in jerusalem today and they are trying to reopen the consulate. it's indicative of a pro- palestinian view that sits inside of so many of our foreign policy elites and establishments. we should not permit that to happen. the trump administration to the right thing by israel and by the us to protect our friend and ally and build out further peace not only through the abraham accords but through understanding that said america is not going to send 20, 30, 40000 soldiers, but we will simply support our friends and put real cost on our adversaries like the iranians. maria: secretary, good to see you. thank you. we will see you soon. but break and then texas senator ted cruz on joe biden supreme court pick. will the judiciary committee vote before the midterm cracks then will a sanction bill come in time to stop
6:32 pm
vladimir putin from invading, all of that
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criteria. there are enormous numbers of qualified black judges and professors who would make great addition to the supreme court. maria: that was legal scholar alan dershowitz with me last week and on this program: joe biden's criteria for supreme court justice unconstitutional. biden who has vowed to nominate a black woman as justice for stephen breyer's refreshment will announce his picketing at the month and joining me right now was senator ted cruz who sits on the judiciary committee who will get biden's nominee first. before running for office he was a supreme court litigant and it clerked for chief justice liam rehnquist. thank you for being here >> good morning, maria. thank you for being here. maria: what he expected of president biden for his scotus pick? >> let me say at the outset the fact he has chose to put out this racial quota, it is wrong.
6:37 pm
it is wrong to discriminate based on race. if you or i try to do what joe biden has done, if you are show put up an ad in the paper that you are morning show is looking for a producer and only women are eligible to apply or you put up an ad that said only white men are eligible to apply or that said only native american women are eligible to apply, any of those ads would be illegal. they would violate the federal civil rights law and you or i would face liability and yet joe biden, those laws still technically applied to the president in this appointment, but he's certainly violating the spirit of nondiscrimination. if he wanted to search for qualified applicants and find who he thought was the most qualified nominee and she happened to be an african-american woman, that's wonderful, but he's not doing that. he wants to discriminate based onace. s worth not n thereo thio thi beca joecacaidcacake broke sholdsh bec joeecec etw hase has h
6:38 pm
h fi n t t try tryrytopp juinederal ththas jane rogers br geon,n,.e minateminaohe dc rc t rt o oppea appea and bidend bidlong a chucch a dk rbildandandriri hlocklo from bfrec ecau bseecau she wowobo aut g fd shed ved ive tve cotiontiononou foll t termsms ns what biden really wants here is a left-wing ideologue, but he also wants to discriminate a stone race because the modern democratic party supports quotas and they support racial determination. maria: wow, you make some good points, senator. do you think he's going to nominate an activist and are you a no vote? >> i have to see who the nominee is before i decide who to vote, but i will say this, if biden nominates a judge in the same mold as the nominee he put forward for the past year, you
6:39 pm
know it's been stunning. i sit on the judiciary committee and i have seen everyone of these nominees. biden consistently has chosen hard left activists, political activists, brazen you know one of the nominees recently described himself as a wild eyed left-wing activists, those were his own terms that nominee described the hatred he has for conservatives. that again was his own terms. the nominees joe biden has put forth for the bench are more radical than any judicial nominees in our nations history, far more radical than obama's work, more radical than clinton's more radical than jimmy carter's were the nominees biden is putting former dashboard are nominees he believes will undermine our rights, will undermine free speech, undermine religious liberty, undermined the second amendment. as you know last year i wrote a book called one of vote the way, how single supreme court seat could change
6:40 pm
history and in that book i go through and in each chapter are fundamental rights, the rights we cherish and how landmark case after landmark case was decided by a single seat power to tip the balance and take away our rights and sadly that's what joe biden and the democrats want. maria: that was very educational, that book. i want to ask about the balance of power because the democrats act like they have this enormous mandate and yet it's 50/50 set it and yet the last two weeks unfortunately democrat senator ben wright of new mexico suffered a stroke. we wish him the best. he's leaving his party one vote short of the majority, however. what does that mean for the scotus about if you literally cannot be there physically because of the stroke? >> look, i certainly hope ben ray recovers and recovers quickly. heidi and my prayers are with him.
6:41 pm
it's frightening, he's a young healthy man and yet anyone of us, we don't know if we will be here tomorrow. i do think the fact that he may gone for some amount of time illustrates the point you just made, which is how incredibly precarious this majority is, this 50/50 majority the narrowest majority possible. if the democrats actually paid attention to the voters, they would recognize that they don't have a mandate for a radical far left socialist government. they don't have a mandate for adopting the policies that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc, the 50/ 50 senate would call for reasonableness. unfortunately, that's not what joe biden and kamala harris have done. they have gone hard hard left and they behave as if they have a 65/35 senate and listen, if they nominate a zealot, i hope we see republicans stand together and defend the rule of law and vote against confirming that zealot. if on the other hand
6:42 pm
they nominate a principal constitutionalist i would be happy to vote for that judge, but i will confess based on the past year the people joe biden has put forward, i have very little optimism on that front. maria: senator, talking about big tech censorship and your efforts to stop what's going on for the truckers. there's been censorship of their convoy in canada and also facebook has removed their page four a dc rally. these truckers raise money in a go find me situation and the go find me official said well, you want to protest vaccine, we are going to see short $10 million that you raised. can you imagine, people donate to go fund me too donate to a certain cause and go find me thought nothing of saying we will seize the $10 million and give it to the charities we want to give it to until they had to backtrack. what are you going to do about it? >> listen, it is theft on the part of go fund me and let me say that canadian truckers are
6:43 pm
heroes. they are patriots marching for your freedom and my freedom. those truck drivers that god blessed them are defending canada but they are defending america as well. that is courage on display that the government doesn't have the right to force you to comply to their arbitrary mandates. they are standing up for freedom and of course big government hates it and is trying to crush them. of course, the corporate media hates it and is trying to silence them and big tech, look at what go fund me did, people gave $10 million to support the freedom convoy because they were so proud of the courage of these truck drivers and the thieves in silicon valley decided we don't like your politics, so a we will take your money and b we will give it to people we like. listen, if anyone else did that, it's called theft, so today i sent a letter to the federal trade commission asking that the ftc open an investigation into go
6:44 pm
fund me into whether they have committed deceptive trade practices because when people gave money, they gave money under the promise it will go to the freedom convoy, not to whatever left-wing political ideology go fund me silicon valley company supports. they are deceiving consumers and it is wrong. maria: we will follow this for sure and keep on that. quick before you go, on ukraine, what is vladimir putin trying to do here, do you expect him to invade ukraine? >> look, i think vladimir putin it's likely he will invade within a month. his objective is to reassemble the old soviet union which would be incredibly dangerous to the united states and maria, all of this is happening because joe biden hasn't shown vladimir putin weakness and appeasement. he gave away the nord stream 2 pipeline which i authored the bipartisan sanctions that prevented a ukraine invasion and joe biden capitulated. he's capitulated to enemies across the
6:45 pm
globe. he gave afghanistan to the taliban he's trying to give ukraine to russia and he's on the way to giving taiwan to the chinese communists. maria: senator, thank you for all you are doing. we will see you soon. coming up, mike gallagher is here on the continued cover but-- feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could save with low rates and no fees. earn $10 just for viewing your rate and get your money right. ♪
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♪come let me love you ♪come love me again >> what we do know is that our intelligence community has made-- assessed with confidence that the lab leak is one of only two possible explanations for the pandemic that killed million americans and when our president raises it with the leader of china and tells us his response is hey, get lost we are not going to cooperate, that tells you how they view leadership in the white house, that they will do what they want, when they want with impunity with regards to the united states. maria: that was former director of national intelligence john
6:49 pm
radcliffe on this program last week reacting to president biden's recent comments that he did ask xi jinping about the origins of covid-19 and that china will not be transparent. we have not seen the transcripts and we do not know if the question was asked to pick my test was one of the first to question what exactly took place in that wuhan lab. he's demanding the white house declassify all of the intelligence related to the pandemic origins. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher-- gallagher. congressman, great toothy-- see you. what can you tell about your investigation. you uncover these e-mails between fauci and the director of nih. >> well, huge credit to jim jordan and james for their committee work and forcing this as the democrats have instructed our investigation at every step along the way what we now know is that january 27, dr. fauci was affirmatively told
6:50 pm
his organization was funneling money to the wuhan institute of overall edgy through the eco- healthy alliance. this then started a critical five-day period were a group of scientists went to doctor collins and told them that the virus look like it was genetically modified and that some of them were 60/40, 70/ 30 in favor of the lab leak hypothesis as opposed to the natural origin. fauci then convenes a call with collins and these scientists and 48 hours later all of these scientists that just flagged concerns about virus not being of natural origin then went and completely changed their tune and they spent the next few months throwing cold water on the lab leak hypothesis muscle maria, the multi trillion dollar question is, what changed in 48 hours. the genetic sequence of the byron's didn't change. what did fauci and collins tell them, we
6:51 pm
know based on notes of these collars collins in particular warned them not to write about the origin of the virus for fuel it would fuel conspiracy theories and all of us drawing attention to the lab or called conspiracy theorists and racists suggesting it came from a lab in wuhan. maria: this program as well as we had tom cotton on the show in march, 2020. said it was no, it was natural and came from a lab that you say scientists accepted money from china so were they covering up after that phone call and fauci and collins saying what are we really going to do to stomp out this i did that it came from the lab. who are the scientists that changed their tune while accepting grant money? >> for example, one doctor gary. in the e-mails he goes in detail through the sequence of the virus and concludes, i just don't understand how this gets accomplished in nature i.e. it was
6:52 pm
genetically modified not of natural origin and then he goes out and calls the lab leak hypothesis something out of the comic and later he gets an $8.5 million grant from fauci's organization could be a coincidence, but i don't think so. maria: hold that thought. maria: hold that thought. announcer: parents, did you know we all hold the key to raising confident, caring children? all we have to do is unlock the power of praise.
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it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, the sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? yes! you'll know exactly how well you slept, night after night. we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday. maria: we are back with congressman mike gallagher. that was an incredible story that you just told us, congressman, about doctor gary changing his story entirely and then getting a grant of almost $9 million from china i want your take on the readiness of the u.s. army in the navy. what is your take on the us readiness because joe biden is cutting defense
6:56 pm
spending. we have an f35 plane which is at the bottom of the south china sea. china says it wants that plane whereas the us has a lot of technology in it. what can you tell us? >> well, the biden administration is obsessed with their multi trillion dollar transformative progressive domestic agenda. the last budget they submitted for defense was a real term, and next years budget will be worse. they want to cut hard power while investing in progressive projects at home. all of that is messing up the balance of power in the pacific. our priority force in that theater, the navy, is particularly hit hard and to add insult to injury, we are now forcing thousands of servicemembers off active duty because they didn't want to get the vaccine or they had a religious objection that was not even considered and then finally, the secretary of defense is orsi wokeness training on everyone on active duty, all of this undermining our war
6:57 pm
fighting. as it pertains to the f35, we have a destroyer in the area awaiting a salvage ship so hopefully we can prevent the chinese from getting it and the real issue with f35 is the rocket forced the chinese has to push carriers out over the long-term. maria: thank you so much, congressman. i will see you tomorrow on foxbusiness. have a good sunday,
6:58 pm
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>> welcome to kudlow i am larry kudlow. top of the news today joe biden visits new york in the aftermath of the tragic death of police detective rivera and maura predictably fell back on the usual left-wing panacea namely gun control federal funding for social services and a small increase of federal money for new cops. the single best critique


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