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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 7, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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don't see it everywhere, this happens all throughout the country in the world with people who risk their lives and walk out the door. it is fabulous. >> it is been wonderful being with you this morning, thank you so much, have a great day don't forget to join us tomorrow morning i'll be speaking with president trump 8:30 a.m. eastern live, join us "varney & company" begins right now. taking away. >> congratulations, the president tomorrow morning, good morning, the covid caseload has come way down. hospitalization rates way down. the omicron surge is past its prime. my opinion this is the time to relax, today new jersey's governor announced in and started the second week in march. some democrats are still going
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mask was against their own rules. stacey abrams and jamaal bolin revealed their smiles this weekend while those around them covered up. outrage against gofundme they collected $10 million for the canadian truckers but close the page and try to get the money to other causes some republicans say fraud. the truckers have appeared in force, ottawa's capital the mayor declared a state of emergency. american truckers are trying to organize a similar protest here. to the markets i'm going to start with bitcoin back to $42700 that is a nice bounce for the crypto's ethereum above 3000 here is a bounce a big game friday and another one today, amazon and nike reported interested in by the company and taken advantage of the low stock price. overall the stock market a little change today for now, the day is up 40, the nasdaq is a
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40-point as well. that is the way things stand before the market opens, investors waiting anxiously for thursday's inflation report. the expectation 7.3% rate year-over-year, if that came that way investors would not like it, interest rates rising 1.92 on the ten year treasury frantic diplomatic surrounding russia ukraine situation france president is in moscow today, germany's chancellor visits the white house today, they will hold a press conference. on the military front, general milley says ukraine's t-uppercase-letter of pitfall in 72 hours of russia invaded. our national security advisor says russia could invade any day now. monday february the seventh 2022, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ to differ with the
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opening comments that the market won't like the 7.3%. on course the surface the number will be up .4% but from the previous month, the rate of change but not the
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headline. i think the market will see improvement from the standpoint relativity. it is the pace of change that might take a bite out of the hawkish tone. the fed is going to raise rates. maybe the first increase, 50 basis points of the market is going to shrug that off? >> what is good for main street may not be good for wall street this go around. the strong job numbers validate the fed's action, yes were likely to get for rate hikes navy as much as five in the market has discounted that. i think that number that we saw last week on the jobs front validate a move as much as 50 basis points of first go around i would not be surprised if you see a rally when the fed does not. the cyclical parts of the market
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should take off when we see the fed make the first move. stuart: we are in complete disagreement archery. i can't remember i'm older than you but i can't remember a market that went up in circumstances like that, maybe you could tell me i'm wrong. >> it may be a decade i'm on your show and we really disagree but where i disagree we will see the high multiple areas of the market where all growth is not created equal and continue to have visceral reaction to the earning mrs. stacks of 70%, ipo is down 50%. where am disagree is the sleepy parts of the market financials, industrials, materials, energy. they are going to lead the charge there is places to make money in the market and places to lose but it's all about collectivity. stuart: and watching on thursday morning 830 eastern time, i bet
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you will too, thank you so much for being here. now this, prominent democrats are being caught breaking their own mask rules, there is a degree of outrage. >> a vittorio candidate stacey abrams take a look at this picture unmasks and surrounded by mask children, with the picture coming up. we start with stacey abrams. in this picture nobody cares that stacey abrams is not wearing a mask, they care that the children are wearing a mask in this picture, she is rooting for them, she doesn't have her mask on but you have a mask mandate you to be wearing one. jamaal bulman new york congressman he was shown mask was with teenagers at a local high school, the same deal and eric adams was mask was in a restaurant to discuss industry.
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he just reinstated the cities mask mandate after the state supreme court had ruled it unconstitutional, you know masks are political if you're making rules about wearing masks in your politician you will wear a mask wherever you go somebody there to snap a picture in it will go viral as these three photos have. stuart: i'm not so much out raised that a mask was democrat it's become part of the course. i do not like it, it makes people feel unhappy when they're conforming to the rules and their children are in the rulers are not. >> i show the stacey abrams pictures to three mothers and all three said i don't care that she's not wearing a mask i feel bad for the children. that is the bottom line. >> let's bring in that shop, is it time that we and all mask and vaccine mandates into it now. >> of course, whatever happened
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to following the science, my probably stacey abrams is not that she chose not to wear a mask it's not even the hypocrisy it's that she knows by not wearing a mask that has nothing to do with keeping her healthy. even the cdc is finally after two years, and said the cloth masks that kids are wearing in the photos essentially do no good just like a ceo of a pharmaceutical company, after year of all of the insanity say two shots give you minimal protection we were told if we got two shots we would stop the spread and that would take away the harm. , everything the experts said had turned out to be wrong and there's money in every decision and that's what frustrates people. stuart: the tidied of this, we were about to report yesterday only 47000 new cases were
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reported a few weeks ago it was a million a day now it's 47000 we could see the other side of this thing surely it is time to end the backs mandate as well it's not helping. >> the vaccine itself is a controversial topic, why mandate a vaccine that is not stopping the spread of the virus. what we have going right now is omicron, it's hitting all of our families did not merely form of this virus for most people they get over it rather rapidly yet they build up the natural immunity, what we learned, what is the cdc say about national immunity and whether the study stated from around the world about natural immunity it's for a five times more durable with chemicals in your body. i think vaccines are great i've gotten every single vaccine i could get my whole life but this vaccine has stupefied people's
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basic intelligence about the way we handled viruses with 150 years. it is time to go back to what our grandmothers taught us, we lost so much common sense. stuart: let's bring back some common sense. not shop everyone we will see you soon. we've got to move on to the latest on the spotify joe rogan saga, the ceo of spotify speaking out. >> he's addressing the latest scandal, not the vaccination, the video montage of joe rogan using racial slurs. he is addressing not and strongly condemns what joe has said and i agree with his decision to remove past episodes from our platform i realizable what more and i want to make one point very clear i do not believe that silencing joe is the answer. that is pretty clear spotify will not be canceling joe rogan and they're not, rogan wanted those, 113 they were recorded
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prior to joe rogan steel was spotify. another point i want to make spotify is committing the same dollar amount of his contract to $100 million to bring on board content for marginalized groups but the issue of spotify should they be a regulator or motto later of content is forming back in 2018 spotify said we will remove r. kelly for the abuse allegations and he got a lot of backlash because many people said the policy had targeted black artist so they removed him. they took a step away from another back in this issue again coming from someone else and make sure they be regulator or moderator. >> a problem that facebook has been facing for a long time, now it's going to the audio streamers, spotify has his problem who would you keep on and who would you kick off, who do you lose if you kick 70 off,
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it's not gone away there is no endpoint to this. >> with all of his apologies insane remove 113 episodes it is not changing. >> they can never do enough for the woke. check features again we are holding onto a very modest lead all across the board, brazen smash and grab, camera these making up with louis vuitton handbags while a more security guard looks on, look at this thing. then there is this, and add nbc reportedly does not want you to see the olympics. rotate. >> companies are drunk on chinese dollars entangled with communist dictators committing atrocities and propping up the genocide, what can we do. >> stand for freedom. >> my next guest made that at a one-way war against communist china, michael walt, he is here next.
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two different opening ceremony down 43% from 2018 a record low viewership from an opening ceremony. michael waltz says nbc refused
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to air this ad which is critical of china. >> the world showcase, just outside of the show rape, genocide, slave labor, american companies are drunk on chinese dollars entangled with communist dictators committing atrocities and propping up the genocide gate entry games stage by the chinese communist party and what can we do. >> stand for freedom, defendant dictators. when you see made in china, put it down. >> progress when michael waltz. who put up the money for this and what grounds did nbc refused to run it? >> thank you i paid for it with my campaign money, we reserved airtime tonight to run it this evening during the olympics and over the weekend nbc came back and said were not necessarily
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refusing we just want you to radically change the ad and eliminate all the company logos and basically undercut the point of it. that is a non-rejection rejection and a form of censorship. at the end of the day we will call these companies out. like we said there drunk on chinese dollars and they put aside of any sense of morals and values and they know what is going on at the concentration camps. stuart: i don't mean to interrupt but i watched several times and it seems that is the focal point you were taken on the corporations which are actively sponsoring the winter games and you don't like it you want something done about it. you think they will pay any kind of price. >> i think abc is paying a price as you heard i was in a diner in north florida and somebody asked the waitress to put on the
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olympic games and she said were not supporting genocide. i think the american people have a conscience they got the message and on top of covering up covid threatening our supply chain and the military buildup talking about taking on the united states. at the end of the day i don't think we can trust the four ceos to do the right thing they preached woke social justice here but they ignore it when it comes over there that's why were taken to the american people they are starting to vote with their wallet and the ultimate point when you see made in china put it down it is not just the jobs issue health, welfare international security. stuart: when you see what's going on in china and russia and ukraine, who do you think poses the biggest tech to america, is it china or russia? >> china is a long-term threat russia very near-term but at the end of the day but china has
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done they have every aspect of our society complicit in drunk on chinese money that is hollywood, wall street, the nba, sports, even our politicians, nancy pelosi has backed away but what you saw in the olympics was president xi and putin standing side-by-side during the opening ceremony sending the message to the world that there is a new sheriff in town and it's not the united states and what we represent it is their version of the china dream in the union that putin wants to put together. that is not i want our kids and grandkids growing up in and we need to take a stand now. it is american companies fueling it all. stuart: michael waltz leading the charge. thank you for being with us. another issue involving what is this a guest on espn comparing what republican voting rolls with the persecution of the
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uighurs. >> what a parallel made by a northwestern university professor. >> who are we to criticize china's human rights records when we have ongoing attacks by the state against unarmed citizens and we have assaulted the voting right. sports is possible and necessary more than ever to shut everything out if you are to enjoy the actual games themselves. stuart: he's a professor right? >> he is stealing propaganda if you ask me those comments are what xi jinping wants to hear. in a way this is similar to nancy pelosi said last week don't speak out against the prosecution of an entire people for simulation while you were there, be quiet while you are there. it is eerily similar to that. stuart: the speaker was running for the chinese comet's party. thank you lauren let's get back
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to the market sunday entered monday morning how things will start out with a brand-new week and the answer is a modest upside gain premarket, no idea how we will close. opening bell is next. ♪ some things are good to know. like...where to find the
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stuart: we are showing new disney and we will cover that shortly disney reports on a wednesday afternoon that will be an important report, keith fitz joins us and i want to talk to you about disney, i will get there i would've talk to you about the cpi number on thursday i am worried because officials is ever-present inflation rate and we have bank of america this morning saying there will be seven rate increases this year, that worries me big time, how about you. >> this is a bug in search of a windshield, the fed is supposed to have this under control when they missed the entire narrative to begin with i am concerned. the other thing people are not talking about and we got into the neighborhood if inflation comes in hot i think it will that means the business cycle runs that much faster so the
9:28 am
dreaded r word, recession comes into the horizon late this year early next. >> if you jack up rates two or three or four times, they jack up rates the economy has to slow it if you still got inflation out of a stagflation situation, stagnant economy and inflation in the background. we will cross that bridge when we get there but i'm worried about thursday morning at 830 eastern time, tell me about disney wednesday reports what do you think. >> real solid numbers, the interesting part most people will be focused on the streaming but i'm looking on variables what they're doing with the value of their brand, that gives them advantage one of the valuable brand portfolios ever and the other thing is park attended many people have to travel and get out to the park. if we are going to buy off an assumption that were moving through the virus that's the number that will show it we will
9:29 am
comment 3040% that will be a conclusion but it's significant earnings report not just because of the streaming like everybody thinks. stuart: are going back to the streaming it seems like the streamers are squeezed and they need to get subscribers and at the same time they need to spend enormous about a money on contact that squeezes the profit margin for everybody. >> it does here's where disney is different why i latched onto that not netflix if you are a streamer you're a one trick pony you have to have this endless turn rate to create content some are doing a great job but has the brand in the parks and the merchandise and the ability to bring a lot were to bear, that's what makes disney of all the streamers the one you want to watch because it is more than that. stuart: would you be prepared to take a flyer and by disney today at 144?
9:30 am
>> we already own it so yes. stuart: after you position? >> i want to see the broader market i'm very comfortable what we do right now but is a company i would love to own more of if i get the chance. stuart: thank you for being here, here we go the clock the bell is about to ring the backdrop to today's market i find interesting is the crypto, bitcoin back to $42000 and ethereum about 3000, crypto and obviously in the market as well right from the get-go up 40 points from the dow industrial show the s&p 500 that is a .5% and shall be the nasdaq, that is up .13%, there is not a lot of price movement first thing this monday morning big tech all higher except amazon down 8 cents that is nothing in meta platform down 4 cents.
9:31 am
that is nothing not much price movement, have a look at peloton, big gain on friday and look at it go now, 26%, speculation about takeover, good morning to you susan, who is interested. susan: were talking about numerous folks, amazon the reason why there up in prime to $139 a year is because of the investment, they could fool peloton into their prime offering and that's why peloton is above the ipo of $29 you're adding an extra $2 billion in value in any offer price thanks to the journal report that peloton is an active discussion to sell itself to amazon nike and other suitors including disney that is the name that wedbush has thrown into the mix as well stock price has plummeted 80% and i think it's hard to believe peloton was worth $60 billion last summer
9:32 am
now you're worth 10 billion. demand is down sales disappointing and production being cut the store closures, interesting narrative from wedbush dni's webs argues apple might by peloton that is to block amazon, nike or disney from getting it it also helps apple and the fitness offerings. but from my insight and experience into the strategic thinking this is not going to happen this is not what apple does they like to grow organically in full control of their products and to end but they don't have that buying a product like peloton as you know they only bought $3 billion that was the largest acquisition when they bought beef that was for the catalog which they fold into their business seamlessly and also by the way the hiccup is down with the insiders they control 85% of the voting rights so you need to get them on board, i don't see that happening.
9:33 am
stuart: you are in close touch with apple and i think you know what's going on with tesla they bet big on bitcoin last year. my question how is that working out. >> apparently not well we know elon musk might be able to move the crypto currency market he is the dose father after all, not the best in timing is bitcoin trade, test about what it had billion dollars to bitcoin last year most in the early part of 2021. total bitcoin holdings $2 billion, however, tesla lost $100 million in the bitcoin holdings because they bought near the peak. early last year that's when bitcoin was ready up to $65000 a coin. also tesla getting an subpoena over the 2018 settlement going back to elon musk and 24 secure
9:34 am
tweets. sec has been triggered by elon musk's tweets on selling 10% of his stock which we know that to a big tesla selloff. stuart: he has sec on his back. susan: i went to check on the crypto, he mentioned it interest you which i find surprising. bitcoin above 42000, volumes have dropped off in january down to 2020 levels because the selloff in bitcoin i think the lows in january at 33000 and threatening to some 30000. the fact that there is a relief rally along with stock market which is a tight correlation with the queen base and other crypto stock. stuart: i bought ethereum from abb grandson for what that's worth. i'm not yet above water. susan: maybe you're a better
9:35 am
crypto trader than elon musk. stuart: don't get carried away with this. there is a proposed merger between these two airlines front tier and spirit, what is behind this. susan: to discount airlines getting together $6.6 billion deal this forms the fifth biggest airline of the country frontier will get the majority of the combined entity because they had to pay a 20% premium in spirit is rallying close to 40%. you know it is a tough time for travel with covid, omicron and vigor to compete the four largest airlines in the country, delta, american, united and southwest combined they dominate three quarters of the airline market. discount is smaller airlines probably needs to get bigger and muscle lot. you have not bought an airline stock since 1980. i never touched an airline
9:36 am
again. can we go back to spotify we dealt with joe rogan and i think you have news outside of the rogan saga on spotify, what you have. susan: daniel eck might be stated by joe rogan but not all investors you have a pension authority they want content report because they are concerned about misinformation and braces material to joe rogan it'll be worth $1 million worth of spotify stock. the rogan controversy is not helping spotify. they were disappointed in wall street a 50% slowdown in new users to start this year. if you have other investors pension funds that might look like spotify jumping on board i think this obviously weighs on spotify's stock price. stuart: down 2.75%. do we have news on bubble.
9:37 am
susan: they are getting younger and buying the european data app fruits and undisclosed amount for the acquisition the bubbles first ever deal and they're going younger to feed the dating pipeline which makes sense because most people tend to date from the younger looking match. speaking of a stock that is dropped a lot bubble than 60% over the past 12 month and 25% 2022. period big names reporting before the bell tell me more about hasbro. susan: you were gonna touch the dating headline. maker of monopoly, transformers, plato a solid three months in the dividends by 3% but they did lose the princess a barbie maker mattel, there are concerns of growth in the future. tyson then meets maker, meat producer making more money on track to save a billion dollars
9:38 am
a year by the end of 2024 that is thanks to improvements in productivity and output from the meat factory. stuart: i would imagine inflation helps tyson foods. susan: the fact that they survived omicron and covid. we were talking about the labor shortages, that was encouraging. stuart: see you later in the show with the dow winners headed by disney moving up in advance of wednesday's report the s&p 500, up 9%, the nasdaq winner who's on top of the list, paypal we have not seen those on the list for a long time there they are this morning the height of hypocrisy. arizona attorney general calling out the president for sending u.s. troops to the wrong border. watch this. >> the president is willing to risk your sons and daughters to secure their ukrainian border and millions of drugs and piles of drugs are flooding to the southern border. stuart: that is attorney general mark brockovich and he is here
9:39 am
later in the show. if you bought bitcoin during the last month dip you have something in common with ted cruz. we will tell you how much crypto he bought. gofundme seizing millions of dollars in donations supported the freedom convoy of truckers and candida they are protesting vaccine mandates gop lawmakers say that is fraud you cannot take that money and give it to somebody else. we have the full story just ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪. stuart: can you believe that is clearwater florida. can you believe the high temperature in florida will only be 60 degrees. the new tourists will demand a
9:44 am
refund. the ongoing chip for dig to suspend production at their planes across the country. grady trimble is with us this has got to hurt production at ford. >> it will they are shutting down or suspending production at age factories cutting production as some of them so not entirely shutting down age factories including north america wanted chicago, michigan as well as missouri in mexico these are some of the most profitable vehicles that will be impacted as well as important vehicles like the electric the bronco the f150 we predicted it will ease in the second half of this year and will be able to increase production later this year over last year. but not by as much as its rival general motors and just because the chip shortage could be easy on you.
9:45 am
i spoke with jim farley a couple of weeks ago, he told mewe are still in the heat of it. >> there getting better with the chip content and our vehicles are going up at the same time and i think this'll be a challenge for the semi conductor availability will have constraints were maximizing production of the u.s. production to the most profitable vehicles that is helping offset a loss of production. is a very persistent problem i would expect to last through next year. >> 22023. if you got any car dealership in the country you will notice the impacts of that their lots are largely empty. you can see the numbers they have about a third of the new vehicles that they had before the pin debit in 2019 and even in december of 2020 and of course the chip shortage in the lack of production is driving up prices to record highs the average listing price for a new vehicle in december the latest month we have records for $45500
9:46 am
that is the highest it's ever been. stuart: the average price of a new car at the door with a first set foot in america 1973, you don't know it was a long time ago. >> i don't even want to know. stuart: it was just over $3000 that was the average price in 1973. thank you very much, we will see you later let's turn around and 0 in on amazon where we seen extraordinary price gains. larry follows amazon any is with us right now. why is amazon opening the clothing store a brick-and-mortar store in los angeles what is a strategy with that. >> amazon likes more technology enabled and data center, they did this with amazon go in
9:47 am
amazon fresh both of those are 20 or 30 stores in the country today and now they're doing it in l.a. with amazon style which is following the same mold. stuart: what is so special about the store what technology for clothing store. >> instead of littering the store with close there may using a showcase where you leverage your amazon prime subscription and then you have an amazon customer and they will recommend close based on your past purchase experience. how to manage the inventory of everything apparel i'm not sure. you leverage in your data to give you a more pleasant experience. stuart: what is amazon doing in the metaverse? >> right now there not doing anything that we can see the better verse they have a bit like walmart who announced the kmart initiative and so forth but you have to think of any dominant company like amazon facebook and google will try and be a player in the world. i think that'll be challenging
9:48 am
to constructed a very different way and decentralize the approach that the amazon can do those. right now we don't have any visibility to amazon engaged in the metaverse with the core areas. stuart: if amazon were to be split up, would be worth more in part as a whole. >> great question, amazon is a an amazing 10 - 30000000000 growing up 40 and 50% in like amazon web services like the ad marketplace, those are jane or ms. businesses on their own. it could very well be that those companies on their own would be worth a tremendous amount the question would be how much with the retail business be worth typically not the profit center. he very well could be the case. stuart: bearing in mind what you said about amazon the stock price at 3200 is solid.
9:49 am
>> i think that they have a tremendous cost generation and the fpa is dominant in the ad marketplace is larger than some of the traditional add businesses that you and i know what those are strong growth. the question i would have is a recent change to the prime pricing that takes subscribers out of the mix which could hurt the retail business in shopify is growing very aggressively i'm not sure the dominance of the retail over the long run. stuart: i don't know anybody will cancel prime with going up $20 a year but maybe i'm wrong. i am out of time. what is comin up the chairman of the joint chief general milley says ukraine's capital could fall within 72 hours if russia invades. what is the strategy behind saying something like that in public. kt mcfarland will join us with an answer.
9:50 am
the school mask mandate, that is was a medical expert are saying and we will cover the story after this. ♪ ancestry's helped me really understand my family's immigration experience. ♪♪ i've been able to explore and learn a tremendous amount about how chinese americans have experienced civil rights and immigrant rights and what life must have been like for them. and as i pass it on to my daughter, it's an important part of understanding who we are. ♪♪
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stuart: new jersey governor phil murphy announced he will be indeed the state school mask mandate. it's over in the second week of march, doctor siegel's witnesses monday morning. when will all mask mandates go away. the sooner the better in my opinion. >> it should be now, hooray for this happening, not just new jersey, pennsylvania did last week, governor tom wolf, florida blasted texas, we seen a tremendous drop in cases in the northeast but not just in the northeast omicron is down 60% across the country. we see a decrease in hospitalizations to 100,000. were heading out of this and for sure we've been focusing on the
9:55 am
amount of damage a prolonged mask use in schools for hours and hours. i still favor the idea of elective lycée and here is a big crowd getting together here's an assembly it could be a tool but using as punishment and superimpose rhetoric to hurt people to marginalize people that is a huge mistake in time for it to stop. stuart: the cdc is considering extended the time between vaccine doses three weeks now but they want to make it eight weeks because of potential heart problems, i don't think that does much to inspire confidence, what do you say. >> let's take this back to the beginning when the vaccine came out a year ago, it was given to close together to begin with. i had to do with the way it was studied in clinical trials. i never thought three weeks that pfizer made 80 cents. i'm applauding this gesture going to eight weeks. they saw that in the united kingdom it worked even better. the vaccine is not designed for three weeks that's what you see
9:56 am
the rare heart complication in my opinion and it is very rare is maybe 10 - 20 cases per hundred thousand but if you are one of those cases it doesn't feel very rare. this is the right move. i still think the vaccine is extremely useful but i want to add the novavax vaccine, the stock prices are going up, you talk about shopify novavax is a big winner that is your field economic prediction but i think the novavax vaccine is about to get approved and i think it to be pretty exciting for people who are not comfortable with the mrna vaccine. stuart: i tried to avoid making economic predictions it is a losing game, i'm out of time will see you again soon. i had to cut him off or at the heartbreak. house majority whip steve scalise, james cromer, sarah saracarter, steve forbes and mo.
9:57 am
i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. . . .
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♪. stuart: that is the temptations, lauren. you don't know the temptations? rachel: i do. i couldn't put it together so quickly. >> under the buzzer. i got to give her credit for at that. rachel: thanks, todd. stuart: good morning, everybody, 10:00 eastern. look what your money is doing this morning. the dow is down. nasdaq going again. up .86%, 120 points. solid gain for the nasdaq, if
10:01 am
not for the dow and s&p. treasury yield at 1.93% this morning. rates are rising. bitcoin is doing well. 42,800. oh, doing very well, ladies and gentlemen. it was at 42,000 when we started the show an hour ago. now it is up to 43,481 and rising. now everyone, now this. >> we're rapidly coming out of the omicron stage after the pandemic, yes we are. new cases way down. hospitalizations falling. effective treatments are available. with all that happening right now public policy should change. for a start, drop the mask mandates and maybe get the people who imposed that mandate to abide by their own rules. not get carried away with outrage, maskless stacey abrams, jamaal bowman, london breed, hapless eric garcetti, former
10:02 am
president obama, they should understand we the people are fed up with a policy that doesn't work. it is annoying to be lectured on safety by the elites who flout their own rules. same with schools and colleges. why are the least vulnerable, our youngsters, subject to top-down draconian masking rules? many already lost two years of quality education. they shouldn't be forced to mask up eight to 10 hours a day. parents should have masking choice. i'm going to say the same thing about vaccination mandates. it should be the people's choice, not a government decree. i don't think anyone should be fired for not getting a vaccine that doesn't work. stop trying to keep the unvaxed out of civilized society. look at this, sunday, just 47,298 new cases across the country. state by state, cases are down 75%. hospitalization down 50%. it's over, or almost over. end the mask and vax mandates now. second hour of "varney" just
10:03 am
getting started. ♪. stuart: crime is in the news, will you look at this, please. video shows thieves robbing a louis vuitton store in a new york suburban mall, right in front of security. todd piro joins us. thanks for being here. seems to me the big cities have this problem. the crime problem. they got all kinds of problems, this kind of thing, shown daily on television across the country. that stops people coming back to the offices in big cities. it's a real problem. >> 100% on big city, this video didn't happen in a city, it happened in the suburbs. that is the next big frontier that should alarm us. that stinks what is happening in new york and l.a., but when it starts seeping into our local
10:04 am
mall, we have to start paying attention, oh, not just a story on fox news this is real life. it underscores the key point that i think is so imperative in your first three minutes here. what kind of upside down world do we live in? we'll punish a six-year-old for not wearing a mask in class but we allow this lawlessness to happen and security guards told don't do anything about it because of ramifications, your safety, the lawsuits you could bring, potentially lawsuits from the people committing crimes. it is insane, it has to stop. we need to get back to law and order. it has to happen immediately. stuart: there is a political element to this, soft on crime linked to democrats is being associated with these suburban robberies we've seen all over the place now. soft on crime problem which is a democrat problem. how are the democrats going to keep those suburban voters they won in 2020 with this going on in their suburbs and not vote for republicans? >> look what happened in
10:05 am
november. you attack kids in virginia, parents got upset, voted in the republican. when you add crime on to that, potentially the number one topic in your community that will swing to republican unless democrats take a stand and take a stand now saying we're 100% for police and we are 100% against lawlessness, we'll put a stop to it. security, we're close now, we're nine months away from november. they're not saying it forcefully enough. are you happy to stick around this city on a day in, day out basis after work, you get out, how about you? you got a family. rachel: now i worry about the suburbs where i live. >> keep this all in mind, you have to worry about everywhere, don't feel anywhere safe, you will vote for change, why republicans have this handed to them if they focus on things, money, crime, potentially covid, money and crime number one going into november. got to stay focused the next nine months. stuart: glad you joined us todd piro.
10:06 am
>> i'm fired up about it. stuart: we're on the threats. you too. rachel: looking at video by the way, the security guard just standing there is what stood out at me, he knows there is really not much he can do about this. those criminals know nothing is going to happen to them. there are young people with thousand us of dollars, go to jail for three hours, what? that is. look what i got for three house in jail. stuart: that isppallippalal avu eavene moree frighte numbermb the tea dolf pe firs.. 'swhhewhto s? s ugugugrs. lttt yrer, pder, pidid rs aryen oic3 the l of lf dy. d d esesit 4h602 is bu abuac lact yasr yr rd 3cord2.2. yono kweahewhew.. is dssed ded thehehe tion?io nkhithi isheheheolice andnd thee po ands,.a.s.a.s.a talking,ng, gngettingting o t pe bauset to bean iagcyagagff st: cha:e the titicns. ge thege d.a.>> all these thinge
10:07 am
connected. stuart: they are. >> you give people nothing to do for two years. they get bored, we can get away from something because stops are not going to stop us? all the things we talked about for the first six minutes are all connected. we need to get it straight as a society immediately or we'll lose it. stuart: how many days we had on this program each and every day we bring a fresh smash-and-grab or looting story, walk in, walk out without paying. every day there is one of those stories. >> it is not stopping anytime soon. >> it will have a political impact in my opinion. todd, thank you so much. always appreciate it. get back to the markets. we have some green for the dow, green for the s&p but i really like the look of the nasdaq up 109 points. dennis gartman with us this monday morning. dennis, we've seen roughly a 10% drop, pretty much across the board for many stock groups and indicators. where to from here? >> i still think lower over the course of the year, not
10:08 am
dramatically lower. not sharply lower. slightly lower. i think it's a bear market. i think it basically began in november. historically without a recession the stock market goes down 15%. with a recession it goes down 35%. i don't think we'll have a recession. i think we'll go down 5%. we're down about 10. dow is down 10. s&p from the high two weeks ago is down 12. nasdaq from high to the low, down 15. call it 12 1/2% from the highs. 2 1/2% more on the downside. i think we'll slowly deteriorate. i don't think it will be sharp. i love what a friend of mine fred hickey looking at what the monetary authorities are have down, irritable powell syndrome. i think that is funny comments. irritable powell syndrome. stuart: that is clever. if you're not careful i will steal that. >> i stole it. stuart: i've been talking about this all morning, cpi, consumer
10:09 am
price index comes out on thursday morning at 8:30. we're told to expect a 7.3% inflation rate over the past year. if that is accurate what happens to the market? >> i think that actually is a little bit low. i think it will be higher than 7.5%, maybe as high as 7.7%. i don't think that will be supportive for stock prices. clearly, it will give fed greater impetus 50 points at march meeting. i think there is possibility they will go that way. that will be deleterious to the stock market. they will not be supportive. stuart: b-of-a talking about seven rate hikes this year. i can't see a market rallying with seven rate hikes? >> i remember when i starting back in november we would have four this year. that sounded spurious. people laughed at that comment. now i'm on the low side with four and five times the fed raising rates. i think at least once out of the five or six times they do raise rates they will take it 50 basis points.
10:10 am
having traded fed funds back in the 1970s and early '80s. i can remember when fed moved 100 basis points on regular basis. doesn't shock me. old guys are not shocked. the young guys on the trading floor are reticent that the fed will move 50 basis points at an individual meeting. stuart: you and i are the similar vintage, you and i remember paul volcker hiking interest rates 100 basis points one day. >> one day. stuart: i don't see that happening that now. >> i don't either. irritable powell syndrome will not allow us to have 100 basis points but it will allow us to have 50 basis points. stuart: you are determined to repeat that. >> such a classic statement. it is comical but it works. it explains what is going on. when you have the dow down 1000, up 800, down a thousand, up a hundred, something else is going on. stuart: dennis, thank you for
10:11 am
being with us. see you soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now we're talking about the end, not the end but certainly the other side of the covid story, the covid surge. so i'm inclined to look at some of the reopening stocks. rachel: yep. stuart: they're moving this morning. lauren: after tyson foods you have norwegian, royal caribbean, all top of the s&p 500. why? new omicron infections fallen more than half by mid-january. new jersey ending mask mandates in school. australia opening up to vaccinated tourists this, is good news. the reopening trade is strong today. i hate to cheer it too much, every time we talk about looking to the other side we get hit with a new variant. stuart: that is exactly right. last year was exactly the same thing. we'll have a burst out spring and we didn't. moderna i believe they're way down this morning. what's the story? lauren: there is a study in monkeys and the current moderna
10:12 am
booster against the omicron specific one. it showed no significant differences in protection that slows down the booser is market, that slows the revenue stream for moderna that stock is down. stuart: we highlighted disney earlier because their earnings come out on wednesday. i see the stocks. up more than it is now. lauren: got a price target cut a morgan stanley who is very worried about streaming. they're looking at download data. there is a risk to international subscriber growth. that is something ceo bop chapek for disney plus. lowered it from 170, to 185. higher than where disney is now. stuart: thanks, lauren. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is going to texas to campaign against a fellow house democrat. wonder why? we have the story. mayor of ottawa issues a state of emergency as truckers fight against canada's specific covid mandates. we have a report on that too. a group of republicans calling on scientists who privately
10:13 am
supported the wuhan lab leak theory, will testify on capitol hill. congressman steve scalise is next. ♪. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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10:17 am
♪. stuart: once again it is the nasdaq really doing the movement here. nasdaq us up 60 points now. it is volatility. oil is above $90 a barrel? yes it is. $91.27. national average for gallon of gas has gone up again, looking
10:18 am
at 3.44, up 14 cents from a month ago. up almost a dollar from a year ago. there are currently no states where the average price for a gallon of gas is below three bucks. canadian truckers starting a new fund-raiser after gofundme cut off funds for the freedom convoy. kelly o'grady, joins us. what do we know about u.s. trucker convoy? reporter: they're calling themselves the peoples convoy. honestly that name says it all. this goes beyond truckers. they're aiming to represent all-americans impacted by the mandates. facebook shut down their organizing group last week. the gofundme against the canadian convoy how antimandate protesters are drawing censorship from american corporations. i want to highlight this, is drawing a lot of backlash on twitter and lawmakers. governor ron desantis and florida's attorney general vowed to investigate the company for fraud. critics are highlighting
10:19 am
gofundme highlighting violence and when it allowed donation to the chop movement in seattle, sight of assaults, looting and even deaths. the people's convoy is not using gofundme. they're planning to start in california and start on washington, d.c. this cross-border mandate affects a small amount of truckers. broader restrictions impacted workers across the supply chain. manufacturers, port workers, this impacted workforce already short 80,000 drivers, driven prices up for americans across the board. those americans are the individuals that peoples convoy is representing. healthcare workers impacted by the mandates. discharged military personnel, the parents who can't send their kids to school. >> and so i, this convoy is for everyone. it can't express enough in no way is this right-wing issue or a left-wing issue this, is not anti-vax. this is about your rights as a
10:20 am
human being, of course as an american your constitutional rights. reporter: now brian tell me the plan is peaceful but they do plan to remain in washington until the federal and state mandates are removed. i want to highlight. this is part of a broader sentiment brewing in the country, people want to rise up, take back their freedoms. convoy is expected to start next month, share the message enough is enough. stuart: i think you're right, kelly, thanks for being here. let's bring in house minority whip, steve scalise. sir what is your reaction? do you support the u.s. truckers if they got this thing going? >> sure do, stuart. in fact if you look what is happening there is a movement across this country. you saw it in virginia where voters of all parties said they want to take our freedoms back. they took their state back electing youngkin as governor. what the truckers are doing is example of what is happening in a lot of other places but to see the reaction from the left is very telling. they were okay embracing people
10:21 am
burning down cities and setting up sites to go fund people being arrested for violence in the streets over the summer year-and-a-half ago, you have truckers just expressing freedom and gofundme tries to deceive people taking money sending it somewhere else. stuart: seems to me, forgive me european expression, class, there seems to be a class distinction in what's going on now with these rules an regulations. the elites make the rules and break them. working people like truckers who have to live with these mandates are protesting against them. there is a class divide in america at the moment which i'm surprised to see. >> yeah. there is examples of this hypocrisy everywhere you go. we all watched the nfc championship game last week where the governor of california who is telling kids in school they can't go into the classroom without a mask or they will kill everybody. he is photographed without a mask. the mayor of san francisco, mayor of l.a. they're putting
10:22 am
edicts on people they themselves are not living by. shows you it is not about medical science. it us about political science. people are fed up with it as they should be. stuart: a lot of people are walking away from masks all the rest of it. congressman, you along with colleagues, comer, jordan in the house, calling on scientists who were privately supportive of the lab leak theory, wuhan lab theory of a leak, you want them to stand up in congress under oath? what will the scientists tell you? >> what we found out, and we uncovered this by trying to get some more facts about the origins of covid. james comer with the oversight committee, jim jordan with the judiciary committee and myself have been trying to get answers on the origins of covid and they recently uncovered some emails showed some of dr. fauci's top advisors were e-mailing him, telling him they thought covid might have originated in the wuhan lab by many other
10:23 am
scientists said happened. pelosi won't even hold a hearing on this, as we uncovered this, email from dr. fauci, stop emailing, let's do a phone call. they did the phone call, we don't know what was said on the phone call because we don't have any records of it. within days all the scientists changed their tune and started calling it a conspiracy theory, to suggest it might have started in the lab in wuhan. begs the question what happened on the phone call that changed these scientists opinions that it started in the lab after the phone conversation we were not privy to? they auto come testify and tell us what happened. we heard some of them got millions of dollars in federal grants after they changed their tune. that is alarming by the way. if that is true, we want to find that out, get the facts out. stuart: speaker pelosi will not allow hearings into this? >> no, we've been calling over a year for hearings on the origins of covid, in committee i'm on,
10:24 am
committee jim jordan is the lead republican on. the committee comer is on. she refuses to have a hearing on any of that. many, many scientists across the political spectrum said number one, if you study the genome structure of covid, it was not originated from a bat to a human t ma think lated with a bat in wuhan. stuart: speaker pelosi told athletes in beijing, shut up, don't say a thing. that's not great. >> why are they covering for china? we'll find out the facts. we'll get them one way or another. stuart: thanks for being here. >> appreciate it, stuart. stuart: omicron fading struggle to find omicron testing kits finally over, lauren? lauren: it is easier. cvs removed six test limit. walgreen's removed four limit. they have the supply you need. people probably think they don't need them right now. the government had every household could get four covid
10:25 am
tests. i put in mine on day one. i still haven't got enthem. stuart: specialed to got them in end of january early february. lauren: shipping in 12 days. stuart: not gotten yours yet? lauren: nor me. stuart: if you're hoping to score a ticket toot big game sunday, you have to shell out serious money. wait until you hear how much a super bowl ticket is going for. president biden praising our economic recovery. he sighs america is back to work. roll tape. >> america's job machine is growing stronger than ever. fueling a strong recovery and opportunity for hard-working women and men all across this great country. america is book to work. stuart: okay. but inflation is wiping out wage gains. what about high gas prices, energy costs that we're paying? what's the administration doing about that? edward lawrence has a report from the white house right after this. ♪.
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millennial is an exploration and development company focused on its diversified portfolio of assets in nevada and arizona. hi, my name is jason kosec. i'm the president ceo of millennial
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precious metals. the millennial team is discovered over fifty nine million ounces across seven projects, five of which are in construction and production today. millennial currently has one point two million ounces of oxide, and the unique combination of grade and low strip allows shareholders access to one of the most economic deposits in nevada. millennial has a strong balance sheet with over twenty one million dollars in the bank and a strong institutional shareholder base with the likes of eric sprott. millennial is conducting a twenty thousand meter drill program in twenty twenty one that will feed the updated resource in a pea in twenty twenty two. ♪. stuart: the markets, some green left-hand side of the screen. dow is up 50, nasdaq is up 76,
10:30 am
s&p is up 10. fairly calm trading for now. for now. that is a caveat you have to chunk in these days. how about the cryptos? i think they're doing very well this morning. lauren: surging. this is extreme. analyst with fn insight that says bitcoin could hit 200,000 in the second half of the year. i know. look at some of the stocks that are moving as the cryptocurrencies move up. microstrategy is a bellwether for bitcoin. it is up 8 1/2%. analysts also sees ether at 12,000 as nfts and defy drive growth on ethereum network. crypto plays are strong. stuart: grandson will do well if the ethereum goes -- lauren: nice grand dad. stuart: not so great. strong earnings, guidance. lauren: the name of the company, investors like the report card, what they had to say for the future. stuart: black and decker. >> i had to find a loser. it is stanley black & decker. they weredown graded by two
10:31 am
notches at citi, double downgrade to sell. weak growth, massive layoffs says citi. one of the worst performing losers is stanley black & decker down 2 1/2%. it is not a terrible day. stuart: a pretty solid market for monday morning so far. i have to keep saying that. president biden is taughting the success of the condition my as he sees it as we face surging energy costs. edward lawrence at white house. gas prices seven-year high, oil government $90 a barrel, is the administration trying to do anything about this? reporter: the president pushed the fact that he released the strategic oil reserves, he made the announcement several weeks ago. that has not worked as you alluded to here, the price of oil over $91 a barrel. there are many experts say we could see $100 a barrel by this summer. so here is what else the president says that he has been doing, continually calling on opec plus to boost production.
10:32 am
there is an ftc investigation into possible price gouging pushing more spending to lower costs. that is unclear how that would affect oil prices. republicans like senator dan sullivan from alaska say this is a self-inflicted problem. >> the biden administration inherited united states once again the world's energy superpower, largest producer of oil in the world, bigger than saudi arabia, largest producer of natural gas and they come in and immediately start cutting back on the production of american energy. they're doing it here in alaska, that is for sure. this is a national security suicide. reporter: the administration meeting with the german chancellor today. president biden canceled the keystone pipeline on his first day in office but allowed a russia pipeline to be finished going into germany with gas prices like this, you see on the screen, president biden still not changing course. president biden: we'll still work on gas prices. we'll still work on the food
10:33 am
prices but in the meantime, lever that, deliver that peace of mind to the american people to give them a little breathing room. reporter: still working on it. republicans on the house oversight committee are calling for investigations into biden administration officials and their close ties with the green energy industry. that story is unfolding. we'll stay on top of it. stuart: please do. that is a story i'm really interested in. edward lawrence at white house. president biden took a victory lap on what he called the historic january jobs report. listen to this. president biden: we still have a lot of work to do. making sure every american has a job is a great start. it is not finished. look, average people are getting clobbered by cost of everything. gas prices at pump are up. we're working to bring them down but they're up. food prices are up. we're working to bring them down as well. stuart: stephen moore, a great economist joins us now.
10:34 am
stephen, can the president, even if he is working on gas prices and working on food prices can he actually control this inflation? >> first of all that was a great jobs report on friday, no question about it, and what i really liked most about it, we finally started to see more americans entering the workforce. so let's hope, stuart, that is a sign of a trend. what he really seems to have no solution for, almost seems dilutional about, what to do about this stampede of inflation. it has become a stampede. it is not getting better, stuart. it is getting worse. if edward lawrence is right, we're headed towards 100-dollars a barrel oil, every sign it is headed in that direction, you're talking about five dollar a gallon gasoline. not just in new york and california but most places in the country. that is a real hardship. i want to make one other quick point, stuart, i saw it today you were talking earlier about
10:35 am
these financial sanctions against ukraine if, i mean against the russians if they move on ukraine. well you know the most important financial sanction that we could put on russia and putin to produce more oil and gas here in the united states. you want to hurt them financially, we should be competing with them. we should being es exporting our natural gas to europe. we're not doing that under biden. he is so anti-american energy. playing into hands of our enemies. stuart: thursday morning 8:30 eastern time, consumer price index, looking at 7% plus. what do you think the market does with that? >> question how much that has been figured in, but i think you're right. the food prices an energy prices are so high right now. so i think we're looking at maybe, 7, 7 1/2% continued inflation in places. there is no strategy. the fed has got to get going, starting now to pull back on some of this excess money.
10:36 am
thank god, thank god we stopped "build back better." if that comes back i think all bets are off on this market. stuart: stephen moore, thanks very much, stephen. >> thanks, sir. stuart: got it. we're six days from the super bowl. didn't realize it was upcoming on us like that. what do you have to pay for a ticket? lauren: sunday, bing gels-rams, cheapest seat $350. good seats in lower level, almost $889. almost a million bucks for a suite. average ticket prices about $9,000. that is inflation. highest we ever saw, even more than last year when the average ticket was about $8600. there will not be cardboard cutouts in the stands. real people who are vaccinated, given a kn95 mask will be able to ender. they're saying prices are high because people really want to go to los angeles to see the game. do you really think people want
10:37 am
to go to los angeles to see the game? stuart: they want to go to los angeles to see you the game. hand out masks, guarranty less than 10% of the audience wears masks. get out of here. spotify executive refusing to silence joe rogan despite many calling for the country to censor him. we got the story. more democrats breaking away from house speaker pelosi. they're supporting a ban on stock trading for all members of congress. we have a report on that too. after this. ♪.
10:38 am
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10:41 am
stuart: democrats splitting with speaker legislation pelosi on
10:42 am
legislation to step buying stocks. what is the latest? reporter: growing number of house democrats really want house speaker nancy pelosi to get on board with this legislation fully and she is definitely feeling the pressure. so democrat representative abigail spam berger came together with republican chip roy to introduce a bipartisan piece of legislation would mandate lawmakers and their immediate families put certain investments into a qualified blind while they were serving in congress. the issue has been heating up on capitol hill after a published report suggested at least 55 members of congress have already violated a law designed to stop insider trading and prevent conflicts of interest. growing number democrats, stuart, those facing pretty tough re-elections in 2022 are signing on to this bill because they see it as a midterm issue. they think this could really help them gain voter trust but
10:43 am
house speaker nancy pelosi, who as you know with her husband has made millions off stock trading continually bristled at this idea saying it is quote, a free market economy. only recently, stuart, with the weight of her conference on top of her has she finally, she is having the house administration committee finally take a look at some of these proposed bills. spanberger told me it is time for the speaker to get with the program. >> i have vehemently disagreed with comments that the speaker has made and apprehension she has about this piece of legislation because it isn't about us, it isn't about members of congress. it is about the trust that the american people should have in their members of congress. reporter: so, stuart, looks like one way or another something is going to happen if house republicans take back the house after the midterms, we have confirmed that minority leader kevin mccarthy does want to do something about this, maybe even out h outright ban on stock
10:44 am
trading for members. word to come. stuart: that would be dramatic indeed. ashiah, thanks for joining us. ashley, come into this for a second, please, because i understand a leading senator from the great state of texas has bought into bitcoin, am i right? ashley: you are absolutely right. the texas republican ted cruz bout between 15,000 to $50,000 worth of bitcoin last month. at the time, by the way, bitcoin was trading around 36 to 37,000 per coin during a selloff. cruz made the purchase on january the 25th, using the brokerage firm river to make the transaction. the currency hit a record high of 69,000 last november. right now it is at 43,000. the texas senator by the way, is a supporter of the cryptocurrency. of course he is, he bought some. in november he proposed a resolution that would allow food
10:45 am
members and other merchants serving congress to accept cryptocurrency as payment. he is already up on his investment. stuart: nice move there. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is going to texas. apparently she is campaigning against a democrat colleague, friend of this program actually, henry cuellar, what is going on? ashley: she is this next sunday, aoc will be at a rally to support jessica cisneros, hoping to unseat mr. kay i can't remember in 26th district. and rallying for. kaisar running in 25 p congressional district. he is honored to have aoc's endorsement much. good jobs and climate justice. she previously criticized her fellow democrats for not using her or other progressives on the campaign trail saying the party made a mistake by being too moderate during the virginia gubernatorial race that
10:46 am
republican glenn youngkin last november. i don't know how that will go down in texas. stuart: not well. we have an open border, texas is paying through the nose. wonder if aoc will be popular? i don't think so. stuart: democrat senator joe manchin bucking his own party, endorsing a republican senator for re-election. who is giving his support? ashley: democrat manchin endorsing republican senator lisa murkowski for re-election. saying alaska could only be so lucky to have her continue to serve them. manchin made similar move endorsed campaign for republican senator susan collins of maine. manchin says it is more than just being a democrat or a republican of the listen. >> i'm not a washington democrat. i'm a good old west virginia democrat who likes all my west virginia republicans. i know i have to have their input to get good out come for
10:47 am
west virginia citizens we represent. i always said i take care of my country. i'm american first. ashley: can't argue with that. manchin by the way frustrated members of his own party by refusing to support key legislation. some democrats now floating idea of primary challenges taking him on if he seeks re-election in 2024. stu? stuart: got it, ash, thanks. there has been a surge in migrant crossings. tiktok may be partly to blame. mexican cartels using that platform to recruit teens in texas to help smuggle illegals across the border into the united states. we have a report on that in our next hour. top u.s. general says ukraine's capitol could fall within 72 hours if russia invades. former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland joins us after this. ♪.
10:48 am
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income...are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217 ♪. stuart: president biden spoke with french president macron yesterday about rising tension between russia and ukraine.
10:52 am
they discussed, quote, diplomatic and deterrent efforts heed of french president's trip to moscow today. he is there now by the way meeting with putin. national security advisor jake sullivan warns that russia could invade at any day now, his words. roll tape. >> any day now russia could take military action against ukraine or it could be a couple of weeks from now, or, russia could choose to take the diplomatic path instead. the key thing is that the united states needs to be and is prepared for any of those contingencies in lockstep with our allies and partners. if war breaks out, it will come at an enormous human cost to ukraine but we believe that based on our preparations, and our response it will come at a strategic cost to russia as well. stuart: shut van says invasion could come any day now. general milley, chairman of the joint chiefs, he says kyiv, capital of ukraine could fall within 72 hours if russia decides to invade.
10:53 am
kt mcfarland is with us now. i want to know, why are they, national security advisor, joint chiefs, why are they coming out pickly saying hey, invasion is imminent? >> don't ask me to explain these guys. i think they made strategic and mistakes all along the way. the real problem what they did a year ago, they canceled the keystone pipeline, allowed the russians to have gas pipelines to europe and starting shutting down u.s. shale and oil and gas industry. that's why we have got a problem. germany is out of energy. they're in an energy crisis. all of europe is in an energy crisis. guess where they get their energy? not from the united states. they get it from russia. therefore none of them will challenge whatever russia wants to do with ukraine. stuart: macron is in moscow and the chancellor of germany is the at white house as of now. could i assume there is at least a degree of european unity vis-a-vis russia and ukraine, or is that discuss a fallacy? >> yeah, i think there is a lot
10:54 am
of agreement. rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. ukraine, it is not going to hap, right? what russia does is what russia will do. all we should do at this point give ukraine the weapons to defend itself by itself. if ukraine is willing to fight, good for them. they will ultimately lose but they will make it a very high price for the russians because once the guns start, once tanks move, there will be civilian casualties, there will be a lot of international recrimination for russians for being big bullies. russians will pay a high price for this. at the end of the day, reef arranging deck chairs on the titanic. russia will get control of ukraine. stuart: last week you said that you did not think the russians would encradle ukraine. you still sticking with that? you think they can get what they want without invasion? >> absolutely. why should they invade? again it would be messy an uncertain. they don't need to intrade. they could have the troops on
10:55 am
the border. here is a couple things they could do. a concerted cyberattack against ukraine. a concerted cyberattack against any european country that might want to help ukraine. they could cut off the energy supplies to ukraine, oil and natural gas, they have done that in the past. they could shut down the electricity. they could go after the ukrainian government. they have a whole lot of weapons at their disposal other than tanks. including false flag operations where they send russian soldiers across the border, create squirmishes say, ah-ha these ethnic russians need protection. that is not even talking about the disinformation campaign they're launching. there are a lot of weapons they're going to use. stuart: they could win without an invasion? if they did win without an invasion what would china do with taiwan? >> well that's the key. this is the key. you know, what nobody is paying a darn bit of attention to is over the weakened the russians and the chinese have issued this extensive statement saying that we now have a no limitations
10:56 am
agreement to cooperate on the arctic, in space, on trade, on weapons, on everything and what the russians are going to do with ukraine, well, you know the chinese president has already said we support the russians whatever they're going to do in ukraine and the russians in this new document, they support china whatever china wants to do with taiwan. so i -- stuart: what a mess. >> in all honesty we're facing a major strategic jays sis for the united states and our way of life. stuart: kt always spells it out. what is coming up mark brnovich, carter, steve forbes. energy price inflation is here. we can feel it. in my opinion is may well get worse. that is "my take." it is coming at you next.
10:57 am
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. ♪ ♪. stuart: what is that music, and get your love. susan: i did not know, redbone. stuart: interesting i will leave it at that. 11:00 o'clock eastern time, monday february the seventh, green but not much down nasdaq s&p, shall be big tech a mixed
11:01 am
picture. completely mixed, microsoft down, alphabet and bedded down, amazon and apple up. here is interesting stuff the yield on the ten year treasury well above 1.9% getting close to 2% 193 as we speak bitcoin very solid rally. earlier we had it at 42 then it went to 43, now it's up 43900. crypto is rallying now this. here it comes the consumer price report to release thursday morning a little ominous because inflation says that all politicians and investors should be nervous. for a start the federal reserve is printing money maybe i'm old-fashioned but cranking up the printing press leads to higher prices. i'm nervous if we see high inflation thursday there will be enormous pressure to rated the money printing now.
11:02 am
that means high rates and maybe a recession and we cannot ignore energy price inflation, still running strong, gas prices inching up averaging $3.44 per gallon almost exactly 1 dollar higher than a year ago, gas will continue to go higher as oil moves above $90 a barrel, $91.60 right now. sticker shock at the car dealership that is not going away nor is the grocery bill shock, still very much with us. wait till you get your utility bill guaranteed to be about what you were paid last year, added up and clearly we have an inflation problem. the president could indent if the reverse cost on his war on fossil fuels or if he dropped covid mandates or fix the supply chain but he cannot or he will not to any of that. we are stuck. let's begin steve forbes he is with us is monday morning, can
11:03 am
this administration get inflation under control? >> it could if it knew it was doing on the energy side level and president biden says how about allowing americans to buy american energy instead from a russia and opec. the shortage front they are putting on regulations they want to raise taxes, their crated an environment of hostile to investment and we went to the vaccine mandate. if they just get out of the way the economy will start to heal and the federal reserve has what and after you dollars of cash if they pull out the banks each night that is growing when that hits the economy you have the inflation that was on the 1970s. stuart: were looking at this inflation come thursday morning and could be 70% or slightly higher we have bank of america saying you can see seven rate increases this calendar year 2022. if you add all of that up i
11:04 am
don't see, you been around a long time have you ever seen a time when you've got rising inflation, sharply rising interest rates in the market surely goes down, doesn't it? >> yes when you raise interest rates that means mortgages which are floating today will go up and that will hit household budgets. you talk about food fertilizer prices are up over 70%, you know what that will do to food prices in the federal reserve the only way they fight inflation is by depressing the economy instead of letting interest rates be stuck by the marketplace they put indirect control and gets it wrong in the end of doing more harm than good. if the fed would step back, stop the money printing as you say and that their balance sheet rundown we can get through this without a massive recession. but they don't know what they're doing. the market would be much higher if they felt their governors and
11:05 am
new what they were doing but they do not. stuart: on the show earlier, about an hour ago somebody quoted another analyst then said the face is irritable powell syndrome i thought that was rather funny i thought i would steal that line so i did. >> to discard mendez wright, powell syndrome is out there and we are irritated by it. stuart: you are all right, we'll see you again soon. disney reported their earnings on wednesday they're expected to see a big jump in disney+ subscribers, jeff seger is with me now, what is this about a big jump in disney+ subscribers, do you expect that? >> here's what i see a lot of times we talk about the high expectation for disney there is a curse of low to no expectation people are looking at what happened this past year and what the market is going up from peak
11:06 am
to trough is down around 40%, so disney shareholders are among the unhappiest shareholders in the world right now. when it comes to subscribers, disney finally caught on, in order to gain subscribers they have to spend massive amounts of money and spending 30 - $40 billion on content, they are going to get more subscribers but it is a crowded field and a lot of big dogs at the table ended up in tough to come back but i think the stock is oversold. stuart: i worry about all the streamers, they're all in this fight to gain more subscribers, a very crowded market and were kinds of streamers out there, crowded market and they are trying to go for new subscribers and having to spend the vast amount of money on content. i would've thought that squeeze
11:07 am
the profit margins in the profit margin is the key to the stock market performance. >> that's exactly what i said big dogs meeting at the table and companies like apple and amazon and disney who can spend tens of billions of dollars to create content. if you are in the content creation business you are in the golden age right now because the media companies are hungry but what it will come down to, it's going to come down to who will spend the most money who will bid the most to get the best content and everybody else will consolidate or be annihilated. stuart: how many streaming services households acquire. i am told most households will have around four, does not meet with your expectations?
11:08 am
>> i was home this weekend i must've been on five streamers of my own and i always find another show and subscribe to that it is to the point that mainstreaming bill is higher than my car payment right now. i think a lot of people are in that position in different streamer goes through dry. i just fire them and knock them out, fire them because you cannot afford that, i remember we were told it was going to be cheaper than cable, it is way more expensive than cable so we are in line on that one. stuart: i've been fed a few lines my time. thank you for being here, we will see you again soon. let's go to the movers boeing is a solid move. >> the positive points to the dad this is news i'm not sure if this is why boeing is higher but
11:09 am
they issued a draft to protect workers who do the certification of airplanes from interference and plane manufacturers that was the story of the 737 max muncy recall. stuart: on the prompters it says boston 5 million in a twisted tea add campaign. stuart: entrance. [crowd boos] >> twisted tea there spending five times on the new ad campaign, they did not predict the hard seltzer market and i think investors think they deserve another round right now. twisted tea if you're a band called twisted sister? >> there is. tyson foods is up 10%. >> will have the earnings call saying inflation is good for their bottom line and consumers
11:10 am
are paying more, 32% nec's prices for livestock continuing to rise, inflation is here to stay and customers are paying for and last night for the first time in ages it was not cheap. stuart: price per pound? i want to see peloton, it is up another 21%, what is the story. susan: amazon is interested in exploring an offer perhaps folding peloton as a service in their prime membership, peloton uses amazon web services so they do have the working relationship. the financial times says nike could be a winner, wedbush says are not ruling out apple right here. other names disney you are talking about streaming. stuart: what would disney do. >> it gives them another plan
11:11 am
and sony is the name. peloton the ceo, he holds more than 50% of voting shares, he might want to rescue the company, not sellout. stuart: how would he do that? >> i'm not sure, behrens says you're looking at the price of the 30 right now, behrens says it's worth 34 and $36. maybe they found a realistic and fair price for peloton after hitting 150 last year. stuart: $30 a share as of right now way down from where was, that is a fact. cartels in mexico are using tiktok to recruit teens a couple hundred dollars a piece to move migrant loads into texas. spotify chief executive says he will not silence joe rogan despite the backlash, police clamping down on the truckers freedom convoy in ottawa
11:12 am
threatening to arrest anyone who brings gasoline or other supplies to the protesters, live report for you on that one. ♪ flexshares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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stuart: let's get the latest on the trucker convoy, ottawa to clear the state of emergency, police are seizing vehicles and arresting protesters. what is the latest? >> is a remarkable story still continuing to unfold the demonstration still going on, the horn honking in the street blocking and the mayor has taken
11:17 am
the action declaring a state of emergency. hundreds of large trucks occupy roads and organizers are vowing to stay until vaccine mandates are lifted, looking to help to him and the standoff with an emergency declaration he says it reflects a serious danger in the security residence posed by the ongoing demonstration and highlights the need for other jurisdictions and levels of government. , 10 million canadian dollars on donations streamed into support the freedom convoy truckers the crowdfunding platform gofundme shut down the fundraiser announcing a plan to distribute to other charities. after vocal pushback accusing the platform of hypocrisy and thievery gofundme said the money would be returned to donors instead, five state attorney general's have announced the investigation into gofundme because of this and florida governor ron desantis tweeted this it is a fraud for gofundme
11:18 am
9 million to truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing i will work with ashley moody to investigate the deceptive practices these donors should be given a refund. the freedom convoy has moved its fundraiser to give sandy go, where the $3 million have come in so far, ottawa police have tempered the practice despite make it arrest more than a half-dozen over the weekend the agency reports 60 criminal investigations are underway including hate crimes, theft and property damage, police issued a warning over the weekend advising the public to anywhere that tries to begin fuel, materials support to the demonstrators and truckers could be arrested themselves. stuart: that is strong stuff. thank you very much. sara carter joins me now. if i'm being honest i have the same rather surprised by the show of resistance from the canadians. i would've expected from the u.s. but i am surprised, their
11:19 am
peaceful folk and i'm surprised they're engaged in this, how about you. >> i'm a little surprised but not completely people are frustrated and tired of the hypocrisy and tired of it the united states. we see the gofundme their support for the chaz protest that took place by antifa that actually operated in the area keeping police out we saw increasing crime in seattle in 2020 with that and gofundme just supported them, they had the support of lawmakers and politicians. we see the behemoth organizations, we've seen it with facebook and others where they are getting support from lawmakers. then they will support the ideology. when they don't have the support from the lawmakers than the lawmakers try to get the people and they use their power against the people. i think this is very dangerous territory. it is not just the truckers they
11:20 am
are protesting, we have been protesting in the united states we have seen protest in australia and all across europe where people are so frustrated, the blatant hypocrisy is out of control, we see it now in california with governor newsom is walking around without a mask but all the children in california are forced to wear these masks all day at school. what about the rights to one's own body to make the decisions for themselves and their family. stuart: i am with you all the way i think there's an alarmist degree of frustration especially about the backs mandate where you could be fired for not getting the vaccine that does not work. let's concentrate on america for the moment i'm told they tried to get together convoy from california going east to d.c., is there any chance that that gets off the ground, are they getting a lot of support?
11:21 am
>> it is not getting as much, there is support, there's a lot of people that want the convoy but it's a little bit different in the united states that it is right now we saw with the supreme court decision, the mandate is not as important as in canada. right now i know a group of people the u.s. truckers that want to get together and make a statement i am in full support of people speaking out and doing what's right as long as they are not endangering anyone's lives. we saw that in chaz, there were shootings, two people were killed and there was an increase in crime. we saw the support coming out from gofundme and other organizations that didn't put a clamp on it. if people of the united states want to get out there and the truckers want to make a statement in support, there are truckers in canada that is amazing even to the u.s. we have to be open and honest with what's happening in the united states. i think that's what you see new jersey removing the mask mandate
11:22 am
they will be doing that, governor murphy. stuart: i know you're heading to canada, report from canada a little later in the week, sara carter. >> i certainly will. stuart: elon musk is calling a gofundme after they froze millions from the freedom convoy. what is elon musk saying about this. >> he is not holding back, he slammed gofundme for hypocrisy. after the fundraising site cut ties with the canadian truckers who oppose the vaccine mandate double standard question elon musk on twitter was sharing a screenshot of a june 2020 in support of seattle's wallace and tiedemann zone were as we know riots broke out and police were not able to enter. elon musk called the professional thieves. in other words he is not a fan.
11:23 am
stuart: let's go to spotify the ceo is speaking out for the rogan controversy. tell me more. >> he is he says the ceo told employees he was deeply sorry for the content of the joe rogan experience podcast. in a memo sent to workers obtained by fox business he said he had spoke with rogan about his history of using racially insensitive language saying in part while i strongly condemn what joe has said and i agree with his decision to remove past episodes, i realize some will want more and i want to make one point very clear i do not believe the silencing joe is the answer. rogan himself apologized again on instagram this weekend. take a listen. >> i hope this can be a teachable moment, for anybody that does not realize how offensive that word can be
11:24 am
coming out of a white person's mouth. my sincere and humble apologies, i wish there was more than i can say. >> the last report spotify deleted 113 episodes of rogan's podcast many recorded before his recent controversy over covid-19. by the way the top pension official is asking spotify for more information about the content policy, the state comptroller overseas funds that hold spotify shares. the story goes on and on. stuart: check the market, something unusual is happening, a monday morning and there is not that much price movement we have not seen that before up and doubted all over the place, abrs with children wearing masks, she is facing a lot of criticism of backlash but the bigger issue is it time to get rid of all masking vaccine mandates that is
11:25 am
the question, republican lawmakers calling on the cdc to reveal the science behind mask mandates for schools one of the lawmakers is here enjoying the . ♪ at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. imagine getting $150,000 dollars... for one year of epic adventures... in a new dodge hellcat... and you don't even have to quit your day job.
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take advantage now. ♪ ♪. stuart: a song that i've never heard of before rusted root, recently i've not heard much of that is in new jersey it is raining and ugly and 41 degrees. , let's check the markets, something a little unusual on monday morning and not the volatility that we used 275 up for the doubted 19 up for the nasdaq, this is meta platform known as facebook, very sharp drop i'm not sure the reason, down 3.5% $8 lower wall street snowflake, it is up 5% and when
11:30 am
susan gets off of her phone she could tell us what is with snowflake. >> i was trying to figure out why meta is down it's interesting meta might shut down facebook, and instagram over data sharing dispute, that is weighing on the stock snowflake is a data cloud warehouser and they're going to the opposite direction because morgan stanley says that the by worth $390 that is 40% upside for the stock read in their view they say snowflake undervalued especially with the growth and retention of customer stickiness. when to use it 90% sticks with it i also want to show you square this is jack dorsey's payment company not just one but two downgrades on block both calling it a hold instead of a by wells fargo target price is
11:31 am
$72 bank of america is only worth $71. it goes back to paypal earnings showing slower user growth and cross-border payments. that means the block will report pretty similar slowdowns earnings will be on february 24. block bought that coin with the cash holdings so they hold around 8000 plus bitcoin which is worth $337 million if you multiply it by 42 grand young crypto stock backup thanks to the recovery encryptor prices over the weekend bitcoin above the 50 day moving average, as you know that means it's a buy signal especially with the algorithmic world and trading world, it is recovery with the stock market isn't that interesting the correlation with bitcoin and s&p 500 castle lost $100 million of the $2 billion worth of bitcoin holdings and
11:32 am
they went up a billion of the bitcoin in the prices of last year. >> that is a story and a half, thank you very much indeed, three democrat lawmakers caught violated their own mask mandate over the weekend. i think this looks like the latest rules for the and not for me. >> let's begin with governor vittorio candidate stacey abrams, she was photographed over the weekend with elementary school children, as you can see the kids were masked up abrams it was not and there was plenty of backlash for democrat hypocrisy, a status symbol. speaking of which, democrat congressman jamaal bollman was pictured with the new york high school without wearing a mask while students pictured around him were masked up new york as a mask mandate in effect for public schools and apparently
11:33 am
mr. bowman did not get the memo. even the newly elected mayor of new york city eric adams was seen mask was indoors with the meeting i radically businesses trying to survive virus regulations, you cannot make that up. the photo surface 13 days after adams declared he would impose a mask mandate on schools despite the judge's ruling against the states order. rules for thee but not for me. they go on and on. stuart: how many times have we said that the last year. ashley: they do it with abandon and yet no consequences. stuart: thank you take a listen to this. >> there's examples of the hypocrisy everywhere you go we watch the nfc championship game last week where you had the governor of california whose telling kids in school that they cannot go into the classroom without a mask or they will kill
11:34 am
everybody and then he's photographed without a mask the mayor of san francisco and l.a. there putting these edicts that they are not living by and show you it's not medical sciences about political science and people are fed up with it as they should be. >> that was congressman calling out the democrats. mariannette miller-meeks is a republican from iowa and she joins me now. you're asking the cdc to reveal the science behind the mask mandates. is there any science that says children should wear masks all day long in schools? >> the science is weak the cdc will point to studies that are not peer-reviewed or don't come to the same collusion that the cdc comes to. i think when you said the hypocrisy of the democrats and pose a mask mandates especially in elementary schools and appearing in schools while children are masks with low risk or disease were for spreading
11:35 am
disease than they appear unmassed with students, i think the epoxy leads further to people thinking there is a conspiracy theater or their bot off. he just continues to undermine trust. stuart: we've editorialized on this program that i would like to see the removal of all mask mandates and vaccine mandates, would you go that far, no vaccine mandates? >> i would agree to bow there should not be a mask mandates in a people are concerned and believe the science of supported of wearing a mask they should wear a mask. i would wear a mask at their 70 vulnerable or in a nursing home around elderly people, elderly grandparents. if i was in a setting where people appear to be ill, i would get rid of the mask mandate and the vaccine mandate we got a letter from the office of the attending physician and were required to wear a mask on the floor of the chamber but the son is not. 89% of members of congress who contracted covid-19 were
11:36 am
vaccinated. stuart: point taken. i think there is a shift in public opinion. i think were all fatigued with mandates of various kinds and there is a shift, we are fed up and we want out, do you see the same thing. >> absolutely the third year the majority of people are vaccinated or had covid, we know that immunity it's good if not better than the vaccine. rinne. deciding what the risk is an avid conference with the doctor in a dialogue with her doctor and determining if there at risk, where mask and get a booster but i think the mandates in school-age children is so far beyond that the evidence showed
11:37 am
from the science shows children are not at risk, but then go without their mask. stuart: it is personal responsibility and freedom from republicans top-down authoritarianism from the democrats that is the way i see it i'm sure you will agree with your republican, thank you for coming on the show i did with the last minute deal but we appreciate you being here. stuart: checked the markets, same story not that much price movement today but two thirds of the dow 30 are in the green, up one third are down. very little price movement. utility bills on the rise and then some president biden's new green agenda is about to send those prices even higher we have a report on that next. ♪
11:38 am
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stuart: have a look at bitcoin and ethereum standout
11:42 am
investments today bitcoin has gone up to 43700 and ethereum well above the 3000-dollar mark 3125 to be precise, crypto is doing well then we have utility prices on the rise across much of the country and the green agenda that can push the utility prices and costs even higher, lydia hu in new york, how much more are we talking about. >> it depends on where in the country we are looking if we take a look at new york city where you nir, con edison is acting for permission to hike rates next year, 11% for electricity 18% for gas and as we see the soaring prices for energy the biden of administration is doubling down on clean energy prices that are set to descend consumer price even higher the benchmark through crude oil $92 a barrel
11:43 am
on friday that is 62% increase over a year ago, nearly 60% over the year. the epa is new rules and stricter air quality standards and new restrictions on wastewater by fossil field-based power plants those could raise cost for businesses and consumers and force older powerplants to close because they will be able to comply. we are reducing price hikes we are seeing them around the country and west virginia appalachia asking for approval of new surcharges to cover more than $400,000 in cost for opening renewable solar and wind plants the average customer in detroit, michigan can expect a 10-dollar a month rate hike for energy to improve the grade in electricity shortage when residents in southern california can expect to see a 6% to break hike. all of this comes as president biden shuts down the keystone xl
11:44 am
pipeline into scrutinizing a conduit that connects michigan to canada and federal land for oil and gas and we have eyes on russia right now and invasion further further worsen an energy crisis in europe and now we can move forward to more rules coming from the epa that would send consumer prices higher. stuart: i cannot wait, thank you very much indeed. the attorney general of arizona really blasting president biden for sending troops to help ukraine, watch this. >> the president is willing to risk our sons and daughters to secure the ukrainian border and millions of drugs are flooding to the southern border. >> does he want the u.s. troops on the mexican border the attorney general is here next.
11:45 am
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stuart: to the border that is where william is, you have new footage of runners and coyotes tackle by texas troopers, tell us more.
11:49 am
>> you are right that god awaits our huge problem down here. they are a danger let me show you why the video i'm going to show you is an accident in a situation that happened a few minutes ago a high-speed chase seven illegals bailout and they get in another vehicle and the driver disappears into the brush. in the last 20 per hours border patrol agents stopped three smuggling attempts and a mother in a 4-year-old son lost in the trump last week they stopped three more attempts, 16 arrest, the smugglers running go through the checkpoints and they often cause an accident. how does this all work i want to show you dash cam video unlike asylum-seekers the ankle bracelet and walking papers the guideways need a lift to get out of south texas last week they stop seven arrest including a driver, how is this connection being made, tiktok according to police social media giant smugglers will post these videos
11:50 am
and then they offer thieves $200 ahead to drive the migrants to houston or dallas. >> tiktok should be ashamed, condemned in a legal action brought against it for promoting human trafficking in texas in the united states of america. >> tps recorded 1200 high-speed smuggling chases in the last nine months but the juvenile drivers off to get off with probation and the texas ag says he cannot prosecute and that is up to local das. >> i cannot do i don't have the authority under texas law to do it they could bring it to me and there's nothing i can do. >> law enforcement will basically tell you if there are no consequences in the activity continues. right now legal apprehensions are at all-time highs, apprehension border wise 6000 today under president trump it
11:51 am
was down to 1000 today but the figure i wanted to show you, president biden has deported twice as many migrants as president trump using the same law that he criticized title 42. we reached out to tiktok and they said they don't want to facilitate any illegal behavior and they want law enforcement to stop that. the point that you're making all these runners and got a ways in high-speed chases are very dangerous for the people of texas. stuart: thanks so much the attorney general of arizona is mark brockovich, he joins me now, you said president biden is sending out trips to ukraine's border, not the mexican border is the height of hypocrisy. let me turn that around do you want u.s. troops on the mexican border? >> thank you for having me on. i think one thing all americans democrats, republicans agree
11:52 am
upon joe biden should not be overseen security of anyone's border. before we send one single soldier to europe and underline your security or german security we should secure our own border that means providing additional resources but more importantly i talk to folks, border patrol we can continue to send more folks down there but the reality is as long as abided administration incentivizes indeed criminalizes people entering the country illegally you will continue to see it that's why i've soothed abided administration they catch and release policies the remaining mexico policy and i have a case this month the supreme court with abided administration subsidizing and providing benefits to people who are noncitizens. stuart: no u.s. troops on the mexican border, just deal with it mr. president, stop the border. >> the president has an obligation under our constitution and statutory to
11:53 am
secure border. that begins with enforcing existing law, whether that is continuing to build the wall or one point to million people with deportation orders. i do think we need more resources, more personnel and more border patrol and if necessary more military presence of the border including arizona should not have to pay for a national guard to enforce our immigration. stuart: it's not going to happen, he's not going to do it. >> i don't think so i think the biden administration has shown they care more about central america the middle america and is a first generation american it breaks my heart because the rule of law is what this country is about people want to come here because the rule of law means something and that all is strutting up. stuart: thank you for joining us i'm sorry it's so short but were pleased to show you on the show. the authorities in mexico have
11:54 am
cleared out a makeshift migrant camp near the u.s. border, on the mexican side. they cleared out the camp, where are these migrants going on the coming to america. ashley: no, 400 migrants had been transported by bus to three different shelters near the border city of tijuana where according to the city's mayor they can remain indefinitely, the migrants have been living in the makeshift camps at the u.s. border for more than a year pretty swirly conditions, but now are being moved on without incident, mexican authorities are promising help for the migrants regardless of whether they want to stay in tijuana or return to the country of origin, tens of thousands of migrants flee their home countries every year trying to reach the u.s. but many look for refuge and protection in mexico. that is what is happening in this particular case. stuart: don't go anywhere it is
11:55 am
time for the monday trivia question. what percentage does the human body water. as usual, we will have the answer after this. . .
11:56 am
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11:59 am
water, we're wrong ash, we're wrong. here is the details. it is 60%. the brain and the heart are composed of 73% water. the lungs, roughly 83% water. the skin, 64%. muscles and kidneys 79%. bones, 31%. you feel more enlightened now, ashley? >> i certainly do. i don't remember any of it. stuart: let's leave it 60% of the houma body is water. thanks, ash. bring this to your attention. a new report says amazon is increasing its base pay cap to 350,000. that more than doubles its previous 160,000-dollar maximum salary for most employees. i'm sure that does not include the c-suite, chief operating officer, chief executive officer. they will make more than 350,000 bucks. that is a fact. everybody else the up the opportunity. big tech right now we're looking
12:00 pm
at a very mixed picture, mostly big tech is down as interest rates rise. you're above 1.9% on the 30, on 10-year treasury. the dow is down. nasdaq, sorry, dow is up 15. nasdaq is down 44. a mixed picture. but we do have solid gains for the cryptos. bitcoin 43,800. david in for neil. did you buy bitcoin for your grandchild. stuart: some ethereum. david: a terrific or no bet at all. appreciate it. welcome to cavuto "coast to coast." i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. germany's brand new chancellor arriving in next hour. some are questioning whether germany is really on our side when it comes to


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