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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 9, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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said i took in a rescue. that would be february 13th on sunday. any thoughts on all of the news we sawed today, we're waiting on kathy hochul to remove the mask mandate, dagen. i think it's soon. dagen: hopefully she'll announce it today. unmask the kids. that's the most important thing. it's not clear she'll do that. maria: yeah. it's a great point. dagen, ryan, great to see you. "varney & company" begins right now, everybody. stuart, take it away. stuart: just tell her to get off my back. good morning, everyone. the masks are coming off. a huge haul of stolen bitcoin recovered and a very solid stock market rally. we've got a full slate of news, so let's start with this: dr. fauci says the null full blown pandemic phase of covid is nearly over in the u.s. he hopes there will be an end to all virus-related restrictions, that it could wind down in coming months. well, doctor, it's happening now. new york is likely to drop the
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covid passport required to eat in restaurants, an announcement is expected today. oregon, delaware, connecticut, new jersey, they're all going to drop masking for children. california will end indoor masking next week. democrat states are in retreat. they know there are elections in nine months, and they know that covid restrictions are increasingly unpopular. of now look at this, ugly video from ottawa. it shows an a elderly man being roughly handled by the police after he honked the horn on his vehicle. that standoff continues. neither the prime minister, nor the truckers are backing down, but two provinces have relaxed some restrictions. let's get to the market rally. why not? this is your money at work. dow less than 4% from its high, gaining over 240 points at the opening bell. that's in premarket trading. the s&p also higher to the tune of 42 points, and look at the nasdaq. it's the tech-heavy nasdaq, it
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is now up -- i can't read the numbers, but i think it's up 1.3%. that's a rally. look at technology, up all across the board. apple, amazon, microsoft, they are considering buying a cybersecurity company, meta platforms, alphabet, they're all gaining significant ground this morning even though the yield on the so- 10-year treasury me remains fairly close to that 2% level. let's look at bitcoin, please. here's the news, the justice department has recovered $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin stolen six years ago. two suspects arrested in knight. the point here -- in new york city. the authorities were able to trace back through a labyrinth of anonymous transactions, as they called it. they got the money and the alleged thieves. that is a win. crypto criminals can be caught. wednesday, february the 9th, 02. "varney & company" is about to
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begin. ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man. ♪ i'm a soul man ♪♪ stuart: all right. we've got a lot of news. let's get started with this, we've got news all over the place on the covid front. this is important stuff because it approaches and affects the way we live, our sense of personal freedom. good morning to you, lauren. lauren: things are changing, and they're changing really fast. stuart: go ahead, say what you're going to say. lauren: it's day 12 of the freedom convoy, the truckers in canada. and now at least three provinces are reversing mask mandates, vaccine mandates, starting to lift restrictions. alberta ended their vaccine passport, they're going to further reduce restrictions including school kids within the next three weeks. saskatchewan -- did i say that right? their restrictions lift by
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monday and mid march in quebec. there you have it. i think the truckers helped some politicians find the offramp here. they're listening to the people. stuart: that's a good point, found the offramp. they needed to find it, and they got the truckers to do it for them. how about new york? lauren: governor hochul expected to drop the indoor mask mandate tomorrow. she wants to wait a few weeks for school children, it's likely she waits until after the february break. stuart: so that means that i can walk into a new york city restaurant and not have to show my vaccine papers, walk in and eat. i can do that. lauren lauren potentially tomorrow. and that would be a big deal. over in illinois, governor pritzker is expected to follow new york. drop the mandates first for businesses, then for schools. we'll find out more later. this is a really fast change of heart among democratic politicians. new jersey, california, connecticut, delaware and oregon. they are not being led by the white house. they're leading the white house here, which i find very interesting. stuart: and we, the people, are
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leading the democrats. you've got that right. jason chaffetz has been listening to all of this, and he joins us now. look, jason, this looking to me -- looks to me like a nationwide retreat by democrats. why now, jason? >> because the polling's in. they've got a midterm election. the science didn't change. they figureded out that, hey, these are wildly porp popular. hallelujah for those truckers in canada. covid is real. it's deadly. but the masks, a cloth mask, that was never good science. and so i think america's done with it. more than two years into covid, americans can make their own decisions about how to protect themselves. stuart: now look, democrat congressman, i want you to listen to this, hakim jeffries, he is -- listen to who he is thanking for these rollbacks. watch this, please. roll it. >> the omicron variant is in retreat. and that's not by accident.
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that's because under president biden's leadership a public health infrastructure was put into place beginning with the american rescue plan without a single republican vote to insure that we can do everything possible to crush the virus. and that is what has been happening. stuart: ah, so the president did it. [laughter] the latest poll, by the way, shows only 39% of us approve of biden's response to the views. i think -- what do you say to this, jason? if i think you need a freedom day like the brits. >> i like him, i worked with him, i served with him on the committees, i've known him for years, but that is revisionist history, that is wishful thinking, that is political spin. nobody's buying that crap, and he can try to say that all day long are -- but fauci and the democrats, they've been on the wrong side of this for wrong
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time. they're playing catch-up, and to suggest that it was the leadership of joe biden that put an end to this is kind of a joke. stuart: you've got to have a little humor first thing on a wednesday morning. that was it. [laughter] jason, you're all right. thanks for joining us. see you later. o.k.. let's get to bitcoin and the story behind bitcoin. the justice department has recovered $3.6 billion worth of bit bitcoin which was actually stolen six years ago a. seems to me, lauren are, that the authorities can trace back these complicates transactions. the bitcoin criminals, if that's what they are, are not safe. lauren: crypto offer as no safe haven for criminals after this seizure which is -- that's a good thing, i think, if you're looking to invest in the cryptocurrency and not do anything bad with it. the justice department announcing their largest financial bit ever, $3.6 billion. they also arrested a married couple in new york, charged them with laundering the bitcoin --
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stuart. stuart: that's them, right? lauren: yeah. stolen about six years ago from an an exchange. we don't know if they were involved in the hack, but they were charged with land arerringing it. laundering it. stuart: stuart they didn't get it all back, by the way. $330 million that that they still haven't retrieved they think that couple may still have access to it. lauren: and they're looking to find out. and they've laundered as many bitcoin as micro strategies owns, right? 120,000 bitcoin. stuart: great that they got it back. let's get to the stock market. why not? if big rally coming. shah gilani joins us. does this rally have legs? >> i certainly hope so. it's very constructive, what we've seen so far. we certainly like to see momentum today, love to see the market close on its highs of the day at the end of the day and, barring a very bad inflation
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number tomorrow, i think whatever the number is, again, with a very bad inflation number we could be jostled a little bit, but even if we get a bad number and the market goes higher, then i think we are off the woods and we can move another leg higher. as you said earlier with, dow's only 4% off it all-time highs, s&p's only 6% off its all-time highs and the nasdaq about 12.5% off its all-time highs. market's looking good, there's a lot of stocks on sale. as soon as this earnings period is over, the buybacks are going to start ticking up again, we're going to see a lot of support from buybacks, i think the markets can go a lot higher if we get past all of that. stuart: okay. a lot higher. that intrigues me. back to the old highs? i'm interested in the nasdaq. could that get back to its high, down 12.5%? big tech's rallying like crazy today. could the nasdaq get back to its high? >> it's going to be a tougher climb for the nasdaq, stuart,
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because it is pretty far off of its all-time highs. and as far as the technicals, they don't look so great for the nasdaq composite. but when we see beats in terms of earnings, we're seeing some really nice pops. what we're not seeing is great follow through. so that's a bit disconcerting to me. i think if we continue to rally market wise, i think a lot of those stocks that have been sold off are going to start to look very cheap, and then the nasdaq has a chance to catch up. that's going to take probably another few weeks if not until march until we get a clearing from what the federal reserve's going to do. and i don't think there's any chance they're going to raise 50 basis points, probably 25. so i think the market will love that. stuart: you think they'll raise rates and the market doesn't care. is it baked into the market already, a fed rate rise? >> i think 25 is definitely baked in, and the market seems to have digested that and not have any worries about it.
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50 is a bit of a concern, but i don't see the federal reserve being that hawkish. they have said so long that inflation's transitory. i still think they hold that in the back pocket, so they're not going to rush to raise rates when they expect probably still to see inflation subside later year. there's just no need to make that kind of harsh move. stuart: last one, real fast. don't spend too much time on it but, look, we are opening up. the masks are coming off, the mandates are going away. i see that as good news for the economy if we open up on a personal sense. that's good for the market too, isn't it? >> it's great for the market. and as you said, it's essentially great for the economy. and we're starting to see that reflectedded in some of these value stocks, some of the reopening stocks are making very nice if moves. hopefully that's sustainable, but that's positive, again, for the economy, and anything that's good for the economy is going to be great for the market. stuart: all right, see you again soon. let's get back to the futures,
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left-hand side of the screen. up 250 on the dow, up nearly 200 on the nasdaq, that's 1.3%. the administration rolling out a new program to fund the distribution of crack pipes all in the name of advancing racial equity. the outrage just ahead. the president has shrugged off any questions about his mental fitness. watch this. >> why to you suppose -- do you suppose such large segments of the american electorate have come to hard harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness? thank you. >> i have no idea. stuart: okay. my next guest is a former white house physician, his name is ronny jackson, and he is demanding a cognitive test for the president. ♪ ♪
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♪ how i wish, how i wish you were here ♪♪ stuart: love this song. ♪ we're just two lost souls living in a fish bowl -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: wish you were here. great band. pink floyd. and that, by the way, is st. augustine, florida. that florida, folks, the high is going to be 59 degrees there today. all right. look at futures. you're going to like what you see. plenty of green, dow's up about 250, nasdaq up almost 200 points. now this. my next guest wants the president to take a cognitive test. congressman ronnie if jackson is a republican from texas, he's a congressman, and he joins he me now. you were the white house physician under former president
9:18 am
trump. why do you want this president to take a cognitive test now? >> look, stu, i was at the white house during the bush administration, the obama administration and the trump administration. i was there for 14 years as the white house physician. i know exactly what it takes mentally and physically to do that job, and i think it's on full display for everybody in the country and everybody in this world to see right now that president biden does not have the cognitive ability to do his job right now. he's continued to get worse and worse. i sent a letter back in june of last year requesting that he have a cognitive test as part of his annual physical exam. he recently had his physical exam done, there was no mention whatsoever of any cognitive testing. and i remind everybody that we did this with president trump. we set the precedent. we did this because of the outcry from the liberal media and mainstream immediate media -- media and from the far left that the president should have a cognitive test as part of his evaluation. president biden needs to step up to the plate, he needs to have this test done, and they need to
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provide these result to the american people so we can have trust and confidence that he's capable. stuart: sir, is this the montreal test? is that what we're talking about here? a test for early alzheimer's, that kind of thing? is that the montreal test? did president trump take that? >> that's the one he took. that's the one that's most commonly used. it's done as a screening tool just as part of a routine exam when you're older or if you have evidence of cognitive decline. it's supposed to be included to look for objective evidence that you have some cognitive issue that needs to be addressed, and i think that president biden is in that a category. stuart: are you a little uncomfortable calling for this? because we're really asking is the president all there, is he capable of doing his job. i mean, that's what you're questioning, isn't it? >> absolutely. i'm not uncomfortable asking for that at all. this is an important job. i mean, you know, this country's in crisis right now internationally, domestically. we have this issue going on with russia, we have china coming up, we have iran, we have north
9:20 am
korea, we have all these issues, we've lost complete respect from our allies, and we've emboldened our adversaries -- stuart: well, okay, what would we do if he took the test and failed? >> well, then we would haved to do something about it. stu, the right time to address this issue is not whenever this country's in complete collapse. i mean, look at what's going on right now with crime and drugs here in the country, with the covid. we still haven't gotten that under control, the economy domestically, internationally. we're headed down the wrong path. bad things are going to come if we don't address this issue right now. i won't be the one talking about this in a year, it will be the democrats, because this is going to continue to get worse, and they're going to have to step up to the plate and do something about it. i'm saying let's address this now before it's too late. stuart: all right. congressman jackson, you're delving into a touchy subject here, but we've done that before and, all right, we'll see where this goes. congressman ronnie ronny jackson, republican, state of texas. thank you for joining us.
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difficult stuff to talk about. all right. we've talked about crime rising across the country. let's look at new york city where crime is up 60% in the last week. eric shawn in new york. eric, is there a concrete plan to deal with this? >> yeah, good morning, stuart. yes. new york city mayor adams is a former police officer himself. he is proposing some new, tougher and stricter regulations and policies on crime. to basically buttress the progressive attorney in manhattan, the controversial alvin bragg. bragg also reversed some of his policies, but critics say they're too lenience cent on -- lenient on crime, bragg now saying if you rob a store with a gun or a knife, that will be treated as a felony, not knocked down to a misdemeanor. take a look at the front page of "the new york post" this morning, it is titled the ham burglar. remember the mcdonald's character back in the 1970s? well, a post photographer says
9:22 am
he caught this guy steals steaks from his nearby trader joe's on the lower east side of man manhattan. this man claimed he was homeless, so he grabbed ten pacts of trader joe's steaks up to his chin and brazenly walked right out of the store. video shows the man grabbing a garbage bag on the street and putting the stolen steaks in that bag claiming he was homeless and hungry. i don't know how you cook 'em, but this is an example of what's been happening in manhattan. retail theft, they say, up 36%. and, stuart, i have this video i shot, i was in my convenience store, drugstore, national chain, and i see a guy just stuffing his bag full of stuff. he's in i'll 8 takes -- aisle 8, so i go look for the manager, and the guy starts walking out, so i followed him out the door, down the street looking for a cop. of course, there wasn't a police officer around. when i ran back to the store to report this, the clerk said that it happens all the time, that
9:23 am
they are told not to confront shop litter -- shoplifters in case they turn violent and the stuff is just walking out of the stores. in fact, in queens, the borough of queens a cvs manager was stabbed yet when he tried to confront a shoplifter. bragg, by the way, ran for d.a. saying he would not charge people who steal less than $250. so you can, i guess, fill up with $250 worth of stuff and get away with it. it's not clear though if bragg is enforcing that now that he is the district attorney. we may know more later today before he speaks before the new york county lawyers association. but shoplifting, man, oh, man -- stuart: eric shawn right in the middle of a city out of control. thanks very much, indeed. that's remarkable video. thanks, eric. back to the market real fast. the dow's inover 200, nasdaq over 200. we'll take you to the opening bell after this. ♪ oh, i think that i found
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stuart: futures point higher, so let's bring in eddie ghabour. he's the man who's telling us or has been telling us sell into any rally. so are you selling into this rally, eddie ghabour? >> absolutely. look, stuart, we've been consistent since november that this economy is really decelerating. and this is very typical in a bear market. we are trading like a bear market, and in bear markets, you get violent short-term moves to the upside. my biggest concern is it's going to leave a level of complacency that's a setup for the second quarter for those that don't make moves could get clobbered. i think these projections for 4% in the second quarter, i think that's wishful thinking. if we go from 6.9% to 3% gdp in the second quarter, how's the market going to react to that a big of a deceleration while the fed is tightening? so this narrative of just buy and hold and don't make moves, stay the course, that's not how
9:29 am
big money manages their assets, and i don't think retailers should be doing that either. stuart: we've been buying and holding, at least i have, for a decade or more. that doesn't work any longer? >> well, it depends -- look, it's going to come back in the long haul, right? we have the most massive bubble formed last year because of quantitative easing. if the setup looks like there's going to be a 20-30% drop in those risk assets, how can i tell a client to just ride that out, okay? i'm going to hedge and actively manage and derisk a percentage of their portfolio in case we're right so that way we can buy that same asset at a 20% discount and, by the way, it will come back faster or if you take that approach. stuart: what are your clients saying? i've only got 20-30 seconds left, what are they saying? what do they say to you? >> they love how active we're being with the portfolio because they agree with our thesis that this free money train has to come to an end. we really think we're going to
9:30 am
just get by with a 9% correction in the s&p 500 after the massive bubble that we just had last year? i think that's wishful thinking. stuart: okay. you're a brave man. [laughter] i'm not necessarily saying i hope you're right, butter a brave man, and i will leave it at that. eddie ghabour, see you again soon. the bells are ring aring, and we've got about 5 seconds to go before this market opens on this wednesday morning. here we go. we're up, we're running, almost. i'm going to see some green on the screen, i'll guarantee it and, yes, there it is. the dow 30 stocks on the left-hand side of the screen, almost all of them green, and right from the start the dow is up 256 points. that's the best part of three-quarters of 1%. show me the s&p 500, that's up .92%, almost a 1% gain there. the nasdaq composite probably up more than 1% at the open, yes, it is, it's up 1.18%. 167 points higher. big tech, higher, all across the board.
9:31 am
apple, microsoft, alpha bet, amazon, meta platforms, all upside. let's isolate metaa platforms. they're up 353 at the moment, 1 is.7%. their market cap, that means the value of the company, has fallen well below $600 billion. so, susan, where does that put them on the list -- susan: i wouldn't say well below, it's 599, so we're close to it. they're the eighth largest company in the s&p 500 still, and that means meta is now worth less than, say, nvidia where, even buffett's berkshire, tesla, of course, the amazons, microsoft, alphabet leading the top four or five there. meta has lost a third of its value, most of it lost after its earnings report last week, and they set a stock market record for the greatest value wipeout in wall street history. if there are concerns, legitimate concerns, that facebook's future business when you're losing users for the first time in its 17-year
9:32 am
history, apple's privacy changes means $10 billion less in sales, and the metaverse pivot is going to be tough. what do you think about a performance in this type of market? we just heard eddie ghabour. if you don't put it and match the s&p and 30% gains, take your money elsewhere, same thing with meta as well. if you don't match expectations, you don't continue to grow, the money will be taken elsewhere. stuart: honestly, i cannot remember a company of meta platforms' size losing one-third of its value in a week. susan: well, they lost 200 billion in one single session. yes, i also want to note though that money's being made elsewhere. and you saw -- i brought up berkshire and buffett. you know they're making most of that money off of their apple take which is worth $150 billion. stuart: numbers, numbers, absolutely huge. tesla, i see they've got a recall. susan: 26,000 cars for a
9:33 am
software err error that may if result in decreased defrosting. that alsos to the 800,000. the rolling stop feature for self-driving cars, it's all adding up. everybody ooh -- everybody everybody's buzzing about the fact that president biden finally said tesla for the first time, calling tesla the ev manufacturing leader. but he also, of course, mentioned gm and ford in that same sentence. now, speaking of gm, you know they got another downgrade, down to neutral instead of a buy after morgan stanley yesterday also downgraded because they put in less numbers than anticipated. stuart: the president supports gm and ford because they're unionized, and he doesn't like tesla because they're not union. susan: why couldn't he say tesla? it took 12 months?
9:34 am
stuart: because they're non-union. this man has based his presidency and economic performance, oh, you've got to be in a union. susan: and you want to promote more pay, then let the free market tick tate. stuart: let's have have a look at microsoft, shall we? what are they doing? they're talking about getting into the cybersecurity business? >> yes. look at hand i can't. we were up 18% yesterday and halted penning some news being announced, you're up another 4%. i don't have a dollar amount here, but we know that it's worth $4 billion plus, and i you know that microsoft, of course, wants to bulk up when it comes to cybersecurity given solarwinds and that huge hackett. other big tech -- hack last year. being really aggressive, $68 billion in cash finish activision blizzard, and i think those reports might be true that they're looking to shell out another $6 billion for mandiant.
9:35 am
stuart: they could pay that 6 billion in the interest off the a cash -- [laughter] susan: right, right. 100 billion plus, right? 50 on the balance -- 150 on the balance sheets. who else? i mean, these are as astronomical price tags. stuart: [inaudible conversations] offshore oil drilling in norway, that's why they're the richest people in the world. i think we should fine them for producing all that fossil fuel which is now killing the planet. susan: okay. side track, let's move on. stuart: okay. lyft -- oh, i know what lyft's problem is. susan: how do you know? stuart: because i've been thinking about it. lyft, like uber, they can't go back to ride sharing. ride sharing was killed during -- susan: ride hailing? stuart: no, ride sharing. susan: you mean when more than
9:36 am
one person gets into the car? that wasn't a big part of the business. it's a pure play when it comes to ride hailing, so they actually did well when it comes to sales. sales were up -- stuart: so why are they down? susan: number of riders were below forecast. stuart: low expectations. stuart: higher fares and longer trips. what do you think this manes for uber after the bell today? stuart: i haven't a clue. susan: uber does have uber eats to pad the bottom line whereas lyft, as i said, is more pure. underperforming though. uber's still trading below its ipo price back in 2019 when it went public at close to 45. stuart: doesn't it report after the bell today? susan: yeah. i think streaming subscribe isers, obviously, disney plus will be key. they already told us they're targeting 230, 240 million by 2024, but i think given netflix's disappointing guy
9:37 am
dance to start the year -- guidance, they're only expecting to add 2.5 million new subscribers, disney plus needs to put in some strong numbers. stuart: it's not a pure play in streaming, that's for sure. only netflix -- netflix is the pure play in streaming, right? susan: well, they're going to transition to gaming, and amazon is upping tear price target mostly because of that investment in video, so i think the disney misses, netflix are on notice -- stuart: amazon prime gives you streaming. susan: correct. stuart: chipotle. susan: avenue avocado prices are at a record this year, and you'll pay whatever to get your extra guac on the side. they were able to raise menu prices by 4% in mid december, and they're talking about sky high inflation. no one seemed to bat an eye when they said they expected food costs top up 30% this quoter.
9:38 am
30, it's incredible. wall street are rewarding companies who do have pricing power. think of the chipotles, and i would also throw in p&g. stuart: $1,589 a share. time they split. that would get the stock -- susan: you don't just buy the whole thing. stuart: susan, see you later. dow winners headed by microsoft, up $6. nike's up there too. thanks for that help there, susan, with microsoft. s&p 500 winners, i can't read that -- susan: [inaudible] they're a solar panel maker, record earnings there. that was interesting. stuart: okay. and chipotle's on that list as well. nasdaq winners, big tech? susan: invidia's up there. stuart: no big tech. oh, well. let's get in a little politics, shall we? chicago's mayor his she know -- thinks she knows what's behind
9:39 am
the surge in carjackings. roll tape. >> in chicago there was a correlation that we believe between remote learning and the rise in carjacking. stuart: actually, that does make some sense to me, and i will explain my position later. democrat stacey abrams now apologizing for posing mask less with a group of mask school children, but if she was governor, she would not lift the school mask mandate. complicated, isn't it? is now the time to buy peloton? if my next guest says do not count them out. greg smith makes his case after this. ♪ she's got a ticket to ride -- ♪ she's got a ticket to ride. ♪ she's got a ticket to ride but she don't care ♪♪
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♪ it's a beautiful day ♪♪ stuart: yes, it's a beautiful day. you are looking at narragansett, rhode island. sunny, yes, 26 degrees. kind of chilly. show me peloton, please. it's been down, now it's at $36 per share, down 3% as of right now. come on in, greg smith, because i know you like peloton. make the case to buy peloton now at $36 a share. >> hey, good morning, stuart. well, peloton has basically been spinning in place for the last two year, and i think its shareholders have probably burned more calories fretting over the gyration price in the stock. last week we saw this get down to a price of under its ipo price from 2019. but i would not count this company out. i think this is a tremendous asset that would be highly coveted by many other prospective acquirers, and i think there is an m&a a floor price in the stock. so i would see a great
9:45 am
opportunity to buy this on weakness, and i think there's more upside than downside despite the challenges that they've had publicly. i think it continues to be a great business. they make a premium product. again, it's going to be highly -- stuart: i can see how a big tech company like, let's say, amazon or apple, i could see how they could help peloton. i mean, they've got the money for whatever peloton needs. but would peloton help apple or or amazon in. >> look, these are both companies that are very good at making not physical products, but also digital products, right? they know how to deliver physical products to the consumers, they have a subscription business. peloton had in excess of a billion and a half dollars in subscription revenue, they'll probably end this year with 3 million subscribers. so big tech, while they have cheap or zero cost to capital, they can afford to pay up for this asset. it's a premium product, and i think they could really accelerate the marketing and
9:46 am
proliferation of this product. stuart: aren't we just past this? they did well during the lockdown because everyone was exercising at home. but this thing is expensive. we're going back to gyms. is it something that's come and gone? i would put it like that. last word to you. >> i don't think so. i think this is a product that's here to stay. people do become addicted. they love the product, and it's not going anywhere. so there's also major music streaming costs that could be -- equated to a buyer. i have to think peloton's cost of streaming that they played to the label ares is significantly higher than an amazon or apple would pay. but they have health insurance -- [inaudible] it's not a flash in the pan. i would be a personal buyer on weakness. i did buy the stock last week, i bought more yesterday. stuart: greg smith, thanks for
9:47 am
being straightforward about peloton. we appreciate that, and we'll see you later. >> thanks. stuart: put apple on the screen, please. 175 this morning. i believe they're boosting benefits. that's a wide range of things, boosting benefits to employees. if is this to try and help attract and keep workers? >> absolutely. stuart: you're apple. lauren lauren but there's a war for talent, and other companies willing to pay more add more perks, well, yeah, you could leave are, but i hate to say this because i think everybody should make a lot of money, right? there's a cap on how much companies can actually pay their workers, so now what apple is doing is to bring on the perks. they're doubling the number of sick days for full and part-timers to 12, more vacation days. part-timerrings get those, and paid parental leave up to six weeks also for those that work part time. so all these perks. their median compensation last
9:48 am
year, by the way, overall, $68,000. stuart: median. so half make more, half make less. lauer lauren yeah. stuart: senate majority leader chuck schumer, he is jumping into the debate to stop lawmakers from trading stocks. that's an a important world, trading stocks as opposed to owning stocks, right? lauren: there is a difference. stuart: yes, there is. lauren:s and there's a series of bills being drafted on how they're going to put guardrails on whether members of congress should own stocks, should trade stocks, should their spouses and family members be required to disclose or even be banned for owning and/or trading stocks and even congressional aides. so it's a bipartisan group, they're trying to figure out the rules of the road to go forward because, yes, or there's a conflict of interest. when you're sitting on a committee with privileged information setting rules and you trading stocks -- you're trading stocks. stoortout i think there should be uninstant disclosure. i want to know every stock you
9:49 am
own. you trade a stock, i want to know what you traded the moment you trade it. lauren: there is the closer now, it's not always instant -- stuart: it's delayed. lauren: and for violations, if there's a fine, it's rarely enforced, and if it is, it's like $200. stuart: if we had instant disclosure, it would be a new indicator. if i see a congressman buying that stock, why's he buying that stock? maybe he knows something -- lauren scare ally too at the same time. yes, you're opening up what congress knows to the people, but then everyone's getting in on it. so the question is should lawmakers be able to get in on it, and i say no. stuart: yes. as long as i know what we're doing. are we differing on this one? lauren: straightly -- slightly. stuart: look at this. that video shows the moment a homeless man hitting a random woman in the head with a bat. we can't even show you the whole thing, it's that violent.
9:50 am
seattle crime guy jason rapt says this is what his city has come to. teachers union boss randi weingarten says she will only support unmasking students when enough of them get vaccinated. i'll talk to former education secretary bill bennett later on in the show. ♪ ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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stuart: the l.a. housing market, one of the hottest in the country, we know that. real estate agents are going above and beyond to sell homes. cheryl ca sew me is in -- ca sony is in los angeles, what's this about agents using drones? >> reporter: good morning from sunny los angeles. drones, virtual tours. last night in this $139 million home, an after- a-list reception. we talked about the business of l.a. real estate. of course you know him as the ceo of the agency but also from the real housewives of beverly hills, he said, look, business is good, but the politics of california is not.
9:55 am
>> it's really causing a lot of problems. i personal hi think california's one of the best states in the country, the best life style from the perspective of weather, beach, mountains. but politically, we're starting to destroy our city. we're starting to destroy our state. >> reporter: so home sales here in los angeles up about 14% year-over-year, stuart. he just listed this. we're up above, of course, downtown los angeles. this is a 13-bedroom, 16-bathroom mega mansion. it's four levels, i'm only on level two, it's got a 5,000 square foot nightclub, it's got a car elevator, space for eight cars, it's got a theater room, it's got multiple gorgeous views from all four levelings. i know you don't want to see me, you want to see the house, i get it. this is the view over los angeles. so, yes, if you've got $139 million, this property could be
9:56 am
yours. will that be a crypto buyer? it's the big story in los angeles because that is where the money is coming in. if it's very much 50 million and up, crypto money is flooding this housing market. stuart: all right, cheryl, thank you very much, indeed. check those markets, please. we're, what, 25 minutes into the session. plenty of green on your screen. dow up 260, nasdaq up 150. still ahead, ohio congressman jim jordan, new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis, martha mc maccallum and joe theismann on the super bowl. the 10:00 hour is next. ♪ baby, i don't need dollar bill to have fun tonight ♪♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future
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from across the country. they provide the potential for regular income...are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-763-2763. that's 1-800-763-2763 ♪. stuart: all right. not too keen on that music so we'll move on. 10:00 eastern. check the money. it's a rally, folks, i'm telling you. the dow is up 260. the nasdaq is up 150. the 10-year treasury yield actually coming down a little bit. look, what's happening here is, the red arrow points down. that means the price is down, no, sorry, which way around is it? the price is down so the yield actually just moved up to 1.94%.
10:01 am
i think i'm right? is that right? we had a viewer questioning me. lauren: yield is up, price is down. stuart: yield up, price down. down 2.1 basis points, that means the price, that refer toes the yield. so the yield is down and price is up have we got this right? lauren: the yield is going to 2.25% by end of year. stuart: says who? lauren: goldman sachs. stuart: there you go. lauren: piece of news, as it runs to 1.5. stuart: i'm confused about the yield going up. okay i'm moving on. look at big tech, that is very simple to explain. they're all up, right from the top, meta, microsoft, alphabet, all up. bitcoin, last time we checked it was $43,000, now $44,000 per coin. enough of that. now this. we've gotten used to hackers
10:02 am
holding companies and towns to ransom walking away with loot or bitcoin, they seem to get away it. there is hope that can ching. crypto criminals can be caught and money found and returned. this is a big win. the justice department recovered $3.6 billion worth of crypto stolen six years ago. the two suspects were arrested in new york city. allegedly they stole 120,000 bitcoin, tried to conceal their identity using a labyrinth of crypto transactions, quote. the pipeline company hack last year? russians did it. authorities recovered over $2 million of bitcoin of ransom that was paid this is good news for everyone. the fact authorities can go back six years, trace the money through countless anonymous transactions? that should make criminals
10:03 am
nervous. the justice department has an inside view the way hackers operate and move illicit gains around. other criminals can be followed too. that should make crypto investors a little more secure. the couple arrested in new york were not known for lavish living. a search of deet, revealed cash, burner phones, device used to create fake identities to open about it coin accounts. report thely $330 million worth of crypto has not been located. mark tepper is with me. mark, this seems to be good news for everybody, crypto investors included. what do you say? >> i think from a security standpoint i think you're right, stu. i heard you and lauren talking about the direction of the arrows, the long term direction of the arrow for crypto here is actually is down and here are a few takeaways. what level of theft does the justice department step in?
10:04 am
does this protect the guy or gal on main street you watching the show now with 25 or 30-k of crypto? likely not. they probably only investigate much higher dollar amounts. this begs the question what do crypto investors really prefer. do they want security or prefer anonymity. having this is like off-balance sheet asset not everyone knows about? stuart: that is a good one. >> third thing, not paying taxes on crypto. they see what you're doing. they're coming for you. stuart: i agree with you. do they want anonymity, the answer is probably yes for a lot of folks. i presume that is the case. let me move on to something you have written, the using boom is over. that is rather dramatic stuff, mark. you want to make your case? >> yes. normalization back to the trend, that is what we'll see happen in the housing market. i'm not saying we'll see a big crash like we saw back in 2007, 2008, but stu, over the last few
10:05 am
years you had perfect storm for housing. you had low rates, stimmie checks, a lot of buyers, but sentiment towards housing is deteriorated because the number one thing that impacts housing is mortgage payments and affordability is going down. since the beginning of the year the 30-year mortgage rate has gone 3.2%, up to 4%. that equates to a 10% increase in mortgage payment. if it goes up to 5% which is possible over the next 12 months, that is another 12% increase. so you know, homebuyers may begin to go into hibernation mode. if you think about it, this hurts the person who joe biden claims he is helping, lower and middle income people. the uber wealthy, they don't care because their multimillion-dollar investment accounts are up 50% over the last two years. they can go buy a vacation home with their gains. but for those people who don't have large investment accounts, people that live paycheck to paycheck, this hurts, stu. stuart: yes it does. first-time homebuyers, lower income people they're not in
10:06 am
this market or very difficult to get into it. mark tepper, thank you very much indeed, sir. good stuff. thanks. >> thank you, sir. stuart: look at this, an op-ed on, authorities panic over covid protests dissent. who wrote that? liz peek wrote it and she joins me know. the mask mandates are going, we can see that quite clearly now but what about the vax mandates, when will they go? >> stuart, i don't think they are going anytime soon because the jobe joke white house basically rolled the dice basically coming up with vaccines the only answer they have involving the covid problem. i think what is really horrifying to me, the reason i wrote this op-ed, you're seeing protests all over the place. joe rogan protests, people being really angry about the trucker protests. what do those protesters really saying? they're saying tell us the truth and stop squashing dissent and
10:07 am
stop people raising questions about all the things that have been done. we know that the white house has made mistakes and i think it us quite forgivable. after all this is a new virus, we didn't have all the answers but what is unforgivable they have squashed conversations about other therapies like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine. new studies came out saying maybe those things could have actually saved lives. think about that, stuart. stuart: yeah. >> when anthony fauci says i am science, he is not science. the science has been evolving. it has been unproved and really as we now get to a point where they're taking down the mandates, i think it is really horrifying, for example, in illinois and new york. they may remove the mask mandate but leave them in place in the schools. if any place should not have a mask mandate it is in the schools. stuart: get them out. >> this is horrifying to me. they pretend to know what they're doing and they do not. stuart: now we've got the perceived wisdom from dr. fauci
10:08 am
himself. he was interviewed by the financial times and he says full-blown covid, full-blown covid pandemic is almost over. now that's a revelation. he wasn't saying that a short time ago. >> yeah. and if you had said it a short time ago you would have been banned from facebook and smeared by the liberal media. i hope he is right. obviously everybody hopes he is right. i wonder how quickly the government can pivot to decide to take away the power they have had over peoples lives? i do think watching the school issue is critical because that's all about politics. that's all about the teachers unions spending tens of million of dollars every year on democrat campaigns and democrats being unwilling to confront them. we're not concerned about the kids in that argument, at least the teachers unions are not concerned about the children. they're concerned about their own members. i think that is pretty horrifying. stuart: liz, i think there will be a pivot fairly soon because
10:09 am
there is an election in nine months. >> yeah. stuart: ha is what i'm thinking, the politicians, they want votes, they know what they got to do. liz peek, thank you very much. see you again soon. >> i think you're right, stuart. thank you. stuart: back to the markets now, there has to be some significant movers and there are. in phase energy. what is the story? lauren: top stock. solar panel maker, strong lost, strong guidance, record revenue. even some of their competitors like soler edge are flying higher on the leaderboard. stuart: how about cvs? lauren: pandemic winner with the vaccines and tests but they're unchanged. they wanted a little bit more. the stock is up 5%. stuart: update peloton, it plunged to the low 20s. it is 36 bucks a share. what is the story? lauren: they have been all over the board this morning. question will they be a comeback story with new ceo company barry
10:10 am
mccarthy, or is he buying the time fixing things before selling at a higher price. that is the debate for fella ton. investors are trying to figure out what this company is actually worth. stuart: good question. all over the place at the moment. haven't figured it out. look at lyft, what is the problem there? lauren: ridership, they have 18.7 million active users but that is four million less than they had before the pandemic. they're moving in the right direction but they still have a long way to grow. revenue still grows, year-over-year 70% to $900 million. why? higher fares, longer trips. that is a sign of the times. people are reluctant to take public transportation. lyft struggles to find drivers. that is why the price has come up so much of the ride. stuart: okay. lauren: they're warning look with omicron we had less ridership in general. that will hit the fourth quarter numbering. investors don't like the guidance.
10:11 am
stuart: whether or not they will get ride-sharing back. that might make a difference. lauren: the biggest difference with lyft and uber, uber does other things, delivers food. lyft is hailing rides and ride-sharing. stuart: mortgage rates they have been rising since the start of the year. lauren: yep. stuart: do we have any sign buyers are pulling back? lauren: absolutely, demand measured through mortgage applications fell 10%. refi's even fell by 7%. i think because buyers are being priced out. prices are high. rates are going up. if you look who is buying, you can make the argument, this is is completely on the high-end. that where the inventory is. record loan size hit record of $446,000. stuart: a lot of money. lauren: people are struggling to buy more expensive hopes, typically bigger ones. stuart: that, lauren. tom brady hinted as a possible comeback after announces his retirement. is braid city done for good? what do you think?
10:12 am
i will ask football legend joe theismann that question. he is in the next hour. joe rogan responds to the spotify backlash. why he is calling the criticism a political hit job. canada beginning to, covid, beginning to cut back on covid restrictions. are the freedom protests working? we have a report from ottawa next. ♪. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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stuart: 45 minutes, 46 minutes into the trading session, this is definitely a rally. dow up 3 up hundred hundred, that is .8% if you want to get
10:17 am
technical. nasdaq is up. that is a rally. let's head to the "freedom convoy" in ottawa, ontario, canada. that is where molly line is. molly, come on in. what is the latest please? reporter: good morning, stuart. trucks remain in place. things are a little quieter than they have been, they seem toe adhere to a injugs put by a judge to stop horn honking. they are on the streets outside of parliament hill. only last night prime minister justin trudeau faced quite a bit of heckling there on the scene. the lawmakers pushing back as he tried to defend various pandemic restrictions. this coming after trudeau harshly slammed the demonstrators on monday. >> people of ottawa don't deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhoods. they don't deserve to be confronted with inherent violence after swastika flying on a street corner or a confederate flag.
10:18 am
reporter: the on sings party members pushing back the hardest on the prime minister, but one liberal party member also slammed the policies of the current government under trudeau as one stigma tieses and divides people. on the streets of out owe waa, i had a chance to speak to truckers part of this con including mike johnson arrived in late january. he insists truckers here are not extremist. >> i'm last one to leave. this is my new address. i got my mail forwarded here. nothing extreme for people want to make their own decisions in their home, that is the best decision for their families. there is nothing extreme about that. reporter: blockades are not just paralyzing neighborhood near parliament. they are snarling halting cross-border travel as far west of alberta. most notably at the ambassador bridge crossing, the massive suspension bridge between detroit and win sore, ontario.
10:19 am
that is a big concern. the police encouraged organizer of the demonstration to keep an open line of communication, using a quote, reasoned, tempered approach to come to a peaceful resolution. stu, back to you. stuart: molly line, thank you very much indeed. listen our how our media, american media characterized protest. >> the language, sounds familiar to you, threat to democracy, insurrection, sedition. >> we heard it called a nationwide insurrection. >> the movement is being called a insurrection by some, paralyzing the canadian capital. >> those with the so-called freedom convoy say they're staving put. >> it's a cult. >> yes. it is. stuart: a what, a cult? interesting. let's bring in congressman jim jordan from the state of ohio. hold on a second, congressman. the protests are okay, all well and good. they're demanding freedom, got
10:20 am
it. this blockade, it has been lifted, but it affects the auto industry in america. if the convoy spreads into america itself, the supply chain will be further threatened. that is a price to be paid for the "freedom convoy." what do you say? >> well, look, it is not a cult. this is common sense and everyone canadians, americans, i think everyone around the world is sick of all the misinformation we have got from the government. think about it, stuart. everything they told us about this virus has basically been wrong. joe biden said he had a plan to deal with it. that was obviously wrong. joe biden said he would never impose a mandate. he obviously did so much so the supreme court had to strike it down. they told us it didn't come from a lab. told it wasn't gain of function. told us it wasn't our tax money that funded. all those three thing look wrong. the vaccinated can't be transmitted masks work and no such thing as natural immunity. that is nine different things that they told us absolutely turned out to be wrong so why wouldn't people stand up to say,
10:21 am
we're sick of it all? let's get back to freedom for goodness sakes. it is common sense, recognition everything the government told us regarding this virus turned out to be false. stuart: i see the masks coming off. mask mandate. >> yes. stuart: mask mandate seems to be collapsing everywhere but i have not seen the vax mandate disappear. it is still on health care workers. they're still bullying the unvaxed. when is that going to go away? >> i think it is coming. courage is contagious. i said this, remember a few months ago it was a few moms and dads in virginia. then that grew to the election of glenn youngkin. 12 brave jurors in kenosha, wisconsin, we don't care what the mob is saying outside. we'll follow the truth and facts. a convoy of truckers in canada. i see courage is contagious, freedom is contagious. i think it is all coming because we're sick of the attack on the first amendment. we're sick of the attack on our liberties, and we'll say enough is enough. stuart: congressman, joe rogan,
10:22 am
he is calling the recent backlash a political hit job. watch this for a moment. >> it is. stuart: roll it. >> in a lot of ways like all this is a relief because it is like, because that video had always been out there. >> right. >> this is a political hit job. so they're taking all this stuff that i ever said that is wrong and smushing it all together. it is good, it makes me address some [bleep] that i really wish wasn't out there. >> you should apologize if you regret something. i do think you have to be very careful to not apologize for nonsense. >> correct. stuart: congressman, i think bottom line this is a political free speech issue, case closed. what about you? >> i agree you about that is not how the left sees things. the left today doesn't believe in the first amendment. the left says if you don't agree with me you're not allowed to talk. if you try we'll call you names. we're going to attack you. we'll try to cancel you. joe rogan is right. that is what they're doing to him. it's a political attack. he actually wants the first amendment to operate the way it
10:23 am
is supposed to under our bill of rights, under our constitution in this great country called america. so, but that is who the left is. they do not believe in the first amendment. i think the left doesn't like the country. we all know, stuarts, you and i know america is the greatest nation ever, not perfect but the greatest. the left doesn't believe that they actually do want to fundamentally change the country and to fundamentally change it they have to attack the first amendment. they have to attack anyone who defends the first amendment and that's what they're doing to joe rogan. stuart: can't let them get away with it, congressman, always a pleasure. always a pleasure. come see us soon. >> thank you. stuart: lauren with us. chris cuomo, talk about chris cuomo, an on the right of the screen. he is not backing down with cnn. that is settle plenty. that means, what does he want? lauren: three times the remainder of his contract. reported $60 million from cnn he wants to go higher, 80 million, doesn't think cnn would ever pay that but would they pay
10:24 am
60 million? here is the allegation, his former boss, jeff zucker not only knew about chris's dealings with his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo but had inappropriate dealings with on a drew himself, that affair was a just a cover, a cover for something else. she got to keep her job. a lot of people were saying why? i think what this does paint a different picture. now cnn deeply involved in the early response to the pandemic. zucker apparently coaching andrew cuomo and then orchestrating his cnn appearances. so zucker apparently knew more what exactly was going on between the brothers and had inappropriate communications with andrew himself. stuart: so through chris cuomo we might find out the real truth about zucker and andrew cuomo and all the rest of it? lauren: yeah. stuart: fascinating. lauren: according to reports. stuart: according to reports. was going to say that. thanks, lauren.
10:25 am
the mayor of chicago blames carjacking on remote learning. watch this. >> in chicago there was a correlation that we believe between remote learning and, and the rise in carjackings. stuart: folks, i can see the sense in that and we will discuss this later. then there is this, the masks are indeed coming off but teachers union boss randy wine garth own will only support unmasking children when we have zero covid transmission. when will that be? randi, i will ask former education secretary bill bennett to take that on next. ♪. ♪♪
10:26 am
♪♪ ♪♪
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umm... psst. yeah. i was gonna add an exclamation point. thank you. clover does that. this is really good. secure payments, the tools you need, people who can help, we do that. talk to a clover business consultant today ♪. stuart: one hour into the trading session this wednesday morning, we got plenty of green still on the board. dow is up 260, nasdaq is up 180, s&p is up 50. a rally across the board. then there is this. all over the country mask mandates for children are coming off, however, teachers union president randy winegarten says you can only remove the masks with children when there is zero covid transmission. what? watch tape. >> i am in favor of an off-ramp
10:30 am
on masks. >> right. >> the real issue becomes is the spread low enough so that there is no dissemination or transmission in schools? and it's not the teachers transmitting to kids. it's more kids and kids, particularly in elementary school schools right now. stuart: got to sheikh your head at that now. i'm sure former education secretary bill bennett is shaking his head. bill i don't think teachers don't want to go back to work. what do you say? >> a the lot of them don't but i feel bad for ones that do, stuart. stuart: exactly. >> 40% of the teachers who regret all this remote learning. certainly regret the leadership of randy winegarten. but you wouldn't have these positions if a majority of teachers didn't agree with them so they do. the idea of zero transmission is crazy of course like there will be no more flu bugs anywhere.
10:31 am
there will be no more cold bugs anywhere. just isn't going to happen. the real shame here is the damage that has been done to public schools in america. i've been an advocate for school choice for private schools, catholic schools, homeschooling for 50 years but i do understand the importance of the public school and its history in america and it has a pretty proud history and that has been really damaged in the last two years by people like randy winegarten because parents can't count on the public schools to be open or to be teaching the kinds of things they would like their children to learn. stuart: i feel very strongly about this. i'm sure you do too. i think that the public schools should be deunionized. as i understand it, they were unionized by an executive order in the early 1960s by president kennedy. we could, i think we should issue an executive order from the white house removing unionization. that will be going a long, long way, but i think that would help?
10:32 am
>> i don't think that can be done but that's merit as longer discussion but what we do need change in leadership of unions, we need a change in direction of the unions. we need to get people into the profession who you know, have phds, who want to teach, who are interested in kids, and who don't want to play these union games and i think that would improve things but the way the unions have gone in the last few years is really shameful. it is not consistent with the early history of the unions where they were actually pretty sensible and a lot of what they advanced was good. and again, we had great years for public education. stuart: yep. >> in the '50s, early '60s. it can return but not with this leadership it can't return. stuart: i'm sure you've seen this, sir, but the biden administration is going to fund programs that hand out crack pipes. the argument is that will prevent infection and promote
10:33 am
racial equity. you were the nation's drug czar. what do you make of this? >> now, i was first drug czar confirmed by joe biden and its judiciary committee, then the full senate. this is just sheer madness. to enable people to smoke crack which is extremely dangerous. leads people to terrible behavior, anxiety, lots of beatings and worse, take place when people are on crack. and you know the real, really terrible aspect of this unnoticed, it says it is for underserved populations. stuart: yeah. >> which means they're targeting the black community because they're underserved? let's give more crack to black men in america. is this a service to these men or to this country? extraordinary. now this has got to be withdrawn, stuart. somebody will notice this and pull it but it does tell but the thinking at hhs under joe biden
10:34 am
and it is horrible. back in the late '80s '90s i went into baltimore where they were handing out clean needles because the baltimore mayor said it was great idea. i talked to a couple of addicts. this clean needle is great, get clean needles, share them with your friends all day long, all night long. this is catastrophic and ridiculous. a shame, last thing we need to be doing. stuart: thank you very much for being on the show regularly, sir. we appreciate it and hope you come back soon. >> betcha, stuart. great show. thanks. stuart: chicago seeing a rise in carjacks, the mayor says remote learning is to blame. lauren? lauren: because teenagers were home, they were supposed to be on zoom school and parents were at work. here is the mayor. >> look we started seeing this rise in cases in 2020 and i will be frank and say, in chicago,
10:35 am
there was a correlation that we believe between remote learning and the rise in carjackings. lauren: here is the number, 150 carjackings last year up from 603 in 2019. she's, i agree with her. she is linking the rise to kids being heem from school, to this increase in carjackings. she advocated against the unions in this case to get kids back in the classroom for in-person learning. i just wish she would substitute carjacking for crime and add policies, is the politicians to the root cause. stuart: it makes sense. you have 340,000 kids not in school, they're at home, or on the street, crime will rise. it is not the fault of remote learning. it is the fault of closing the schools down in the furs place. that's the problem. that would be my opinion. lauren: agreed. stuart: good lord.
10:36 am
lauren: policies. policies are the problems. those kids get a slap on the wrist to do it again. stuart: now this, on a similar note, a school district near seattle shows an anti-cop video to students for black history month. seattle guy jason rantz the video implied police are murdering black americans. we'll deal with this. we'll take it to pieces next. ♪. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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♪. stuart: 35-year-old army veteran was stabbed to death in harlem in 2018. now his mother is calling out manhattan's new d.a., alvin bragg, for his soft on crime policies. good morning, ashley, what did
10:41 am
she say? reporter: madeleine is saying do his job, uphold duties 6 his office or step down. she made that clearly while talking to "america's newsroom" on fox news. take a listen. >> you need to step down to allow someone else who was more capable of doing the job. we're not interested in your social justice theories. we're interested in restoring law and order to new york city. reporter: there you have it. by the way brame's 35-year-old son was stabbed to death in harlem. his accused killers, two brothers, sister, forth man remain in bail. the man had bail dropped from$50,000 to $12,000. she is out on bail. democrat leaders are bringing the city to its needs by reducing prison time and releasing inmates.
10:42 am
stu? stuart: this d.a., alvin bragg, he lives in harlem. hasn't he admitted his neighborhood is in crisis. reporter: absolutely he has. it's a place where he lives. he says yes it is in crisis. he recently attended two antigun rallies shootings were reported around each event at the same time. take a listen. >> i still live in harlem, upper part of the borough is really in middle of a crisis. i was at an anti-gun rally on saturday and then i left and found out that a few blocks away, almost the exact same time there was another shooting and then i was at antigun rally on sunday. there was soon after right past another shooting. so we're really in crisis. reporter: yes indeed. crime is up nearly 30% in harlem's five police precincts to far this year. residents are terrified and furious about the violence. rather than vow to get tough with criminals, bragg says
10:43 am
number one priority is get more guns off the street. bragg appointed a gun violence preessential czar. police say they would rather have a get tough on crime czar. stuart: entirely understandable. thank you very much, ashley indeed. the one district in seattle, showing antipolice videos for black history month. jason rantz is our seattle guy. what was in the video and the response to it? >> in the video, blm movement came out of urgent need to address police brutality with stark statistics from 2019, cops killed over 1000 people and followed immediately. 99% of the cops have not been clarked with the crime. students in this case are being led to believe cops are murdering people especially black people, not providing any context whatsoever. i went back i looked at the
10:44 am
actual context. in 2019, for example, there were 251 black people killed by cops that number includes every single black suspect who had a gun, who had a car, trying to run people over or shooting or stabbing either civilians or cops. now that is part of that number which of course is not sprained to these kids. and when you give that number, when you note that there were 19 people who were unarmed at the time, who were shot and killed by police, also many of them actually engaged in some sort of physical altercation with the cops, it obviously changes the framing around how kids are supposed to look at that stat. so the intent seems pretty clear which is to demonize cops. stuart: plagued by shoplifting over 500 seattle businesses closed down in the last two years. all right, jason, what are the locals, local officials doing about that? anything? >> so, actually kind of interesting. the new seattle city attorney who is republican has said she is changing policy. within five days of an arrest,
10:45 am
she is going to determine whether or not there should be charges. because in the past would just go to the back of the caseload which is about 5000 cases deep at this point. obviously that means some of the prolific offenders out there constantly shoplifting doing other things, they're back out on the streets very quickly and they're recommitting crimes. so she is saying she will go after the criminals. she will look look at the backg. not everyone will be prosecuted but ones absolutely need to will be. the interesting part the seattle city council is pushing back. councilmember andrew lewis represents the district hitting so hard in the downtown core of seattle this is the wrong move, all it does put people in jail for a few weeks a few months and come out and probably going to recommit. there might be some truth to that. some people are doing this. led in large part by homelessness. many of home are addicted to some sort of drug. it is probably true if they're not willing to get the help they will go back and do this.
10:46 am
guess what, while in jail or two weeks, two months. that means they're not victimizing anyone for those two weeks or two months. better than keeping them out on the streets. stuart: you got that right. jason rantz, thanks very much, sir. we'll see you soon. i will stay in seattle. i have a warning for you. the video we're about to show is disturbing. homeless man is caught on camera attacking a woman with a bat. go through it with me, ashley. reporter: absolutely. a employee of amazon randomly attacked. hit in the head from baseball bat from behind. the victim suffered multiple skull fractures. facing surgery. the suspect is well-known to police. long history of first-degree robbery, domestic assault, he is on the street as part of a city transitional housing program for the homeless that gives people permanent announcing with no conditions. calling it a non-judgmental space for resident to make changes if and when they are
10:47 am
ready. critics call it dangerous. saying it puts local communities at risk. police say it is just one of the reasons the crime rate is at a 14-year high. take a listen. >> got to make something perfectly clear about this. a lot of these crime rates going up, things happening in our communities is in direct correlation with prosecutors and d.a.'s not holding criminals accountable. reporter: questions are being asked why a person with such an extensive background is given a free studio apartment to live in without proper supervision. doesn't make sense. stuart: no it doesn't. thanks a lot, ash. president biden assembled a military force and a set of sanctions against russia if they invade ukraine. is he doing the right thing? is he prepared? i will ask a former cia station chief, dan hoffman. border crisis so out of control we're shifting agents from the northern border to the southern border. doesn't that leave our northern
10:48 am
border vulnerable? star reporter bill melugin has the report next. ♪. (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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♪. stuart: agents from our northern border have had to move down south to deal with the crisis there. that of course has stretched our manpower up north, stretched extra thin and we believe migrants are using the northern border now to come into the country. bill melugin has that story. tell us, bill, what's going on? reporter: stuart good morning to you, before we get to the northern border we had some action down here at the southern border where we are at la joya, we'll get right to it. look at video we shot just after sunrise in la joya. family units crossed illegally and started arriving. they are escorted from a texas national guard soldier bringing them to a border processing area, because other border agents were busy processing other migrant families. many of them had young children with them, some were pregnant women. they were predominantly from nicaragua and el salvador. they had been walking for about
10:53 am
15 days. take a look at these photos here. a massive human smuggling bust in el paso sector on monday. border patrol there finding this big-rig trailer with 132 illegal immigrants were being smuggled inside of. they were from the countries of guatemala, honduras, mexico, and ecuador. the driver is arrested. now facing federal charges. as for migrants, some were expelled for title 42 and some released for later processing. look at border patrol out of del rio sector, a five-year-old guatemalan girl made journey completely alone, crossed yesterday. telling border patrol agents she crossed the rio grande completely by herself, nobody else with her. del rio sector getting hard, up 250% from the same time period. lastly, as you mentioned with the northern border, as action happens in the south. look at this this is rare to see. four guatemalans caught in the
10:54 am
snow near rich ford, vermont, after they crossed illegally from canada. this is the northern border. not something we typically see. border patrol catching all four guatemalan men. three of them were expelled back to canada. back out here live earlier in the week. migrants from mexico and peru caught in the snow in new york trying to cross. couple days ago a indian man was trying to cross in blaine, washington from canada. yes, agents have been moved from the northern border down here to the south but there is still action on the northern border. send it back to you. stuart: bill melugin, we'll take it. the administration has been flying migrants secretly into pennsylvania and other states. congressman dan meuser, republican from pennsylvania joins me now. i have got very limited amount of time, congressman. let's get at it. what can you do about this? i'm sorry, we seem to have an audio problem.
10:55 am
i don't know whether the congressman can hear me? >> i can hear you very well. thanks. stuart: limited amount of time. let's get at it. what can you do about secret flights of migrants? >> as you have gone down to the border, as i have couple times, cpb tells you reading address and phone number off a child or adult's arm, i feel sometimes i'm a link in the chain of human trafficking. we're pushing to stop biden's outrageous policies but might have bill will at least bring notification and transparency to these secret flights. when i tell you they're secret, they're coming in the dead of night, they're even having shades pulled down on the windows and in some cases we're hearing from airport personnel that the lights are off on the plane to come in as secret as possible. so i've got a bill that would require all relevant elected officials to be notified and we want information on who the sponsors are so we are not engaged in human trafficking at
10:56 am
these crazy policies of are biden's are perpetrating. stuart: congressman, you kept it real short and right to the point. we appreciate that. you got your message out there. thanks very much for joining us sir. much obliged. >> thank you. stuart: thanks. still ahead, martha maccallum, new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis, super bowl champ joe theismann and former cia station chief dan hoffman. ♪. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. .. ncial journey.
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and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. >> the biden white house rolled the dice and came up with vaccines being the only answer to solving the covid problem. they pretend to know what they are doing and they do not. >> two years into covid americans can make their own decisions how to protect themselves. >> president biden does not have the cognitive ability to do his job and gets worse and worse was we are headed down the wrong path. bad things will come if we don't address this issue. >> a lot of stocks on sale. the buybacks will kick up again. markets can go higher. >> the narrative of don't make moves, stay the course.
11:01 am
that's not how big money managers manage their assets. i don't think retailers should do it either. ♪♪ stuart: it is 11:00 on the east coast, wednesday february 9th. massachusetts announced that it will end statewide school mask mandates on february 20 eighth. one more state joins the club. the markets rallying big time. dow industrials are up the best part of one%, they are 2% from all-time high of 340 and the nasdaq is up one.5%. that is a rally. the big techs on the upside, every last one. the 10 year treasury related to
11:02 am
the big tech rally. the yield is one.93%. bitcoin following the recovery of $3.6 billion from theft 6 years ago. bitcoin at 43,$800 a coin. the full-blown pandemic phase of covid is nearly over. that's not me saying it. it is doctor fauci, referring to the sharp decline in new cases. omicron is leaving us and so are the restrictions was that will make a difference to our everyday lives. mask mandates for kids disappearing fast. the teachers union will fight it all away but democrat states dropping masking of youngsters. even jen psaki says mandate decisions should be made by local school districts. the command and obey phase is breaking down. in canada the freedom convoys
11:03 am
about the vaccination mandate. try minister trudeau said truckers could not drive into canada and the us without vaccination. talk about exiling the unvaccinated. one pole shows a majority favoring lifting of restrictions. in the us, 25% of the population unvaccinated. what do we do? exile from? keep them out of civilized society? in new york as of today you no longer, as of tomorrow, no longer required to prove you are vaccinated to get into a restaurant. there are elections in 9 months and democrats know we are tired of restrictions that don't work, tied of the elites imposing rules that so many of them don't obey. we are tired of the president bullying anyone who doesn't toe the covid line.
11:04 am
for once i agree with doctor fauci. the pandemic phase is almost over. take the restrictions off. give me back the freedom i signed up for when i became a citizen. third hour of varney just getting warmed up. canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates and the american media in full-blown meltdown. >> think of the language. a threat to democracy, insurrection. >> we heard it, nationwide insurrection. >> the movement is called insurrection, paralyzing the canadian capital. >> those with the so-called freedom convoy say they are staying put. >> it the cult. stuart: a cult?
11:05 am
that is a new one. martha maccallum joins us. insurrection, sedition, a cult. is that how you characterize these protests? >> it is clear these folks made their mission clear. they are protesting, sacrifice to their own livelihood essentially. they are getting a ton of attention. this is a very effective protest resonating on both sides of the border. back to what you were talking about in your take, people are not in the same place as leadership. they are angry. when i hear doctor fauci say this part of the pandemic phase is over, again? they told us it was over on the fourth of july. the learning curve has to change but the most interesting thing is the political scramble to get on the other side.
11:06 am
you have massachusetts, new york, new jersey, regardless of the fact the white house still saying we are waiting for cdc guidance. people do what they have to do to get into a restaurant or movie theater but people are in a different place because they see what is happening, cases sliding dramatically and from the johns hopkins report the limited impact of masks, and vaccinations are all over the place. individuals need to make their choice with the consultant of their doctor. stuart: at the beginning. >> the lead person for what your behavior is. stuart: in a rare break with the rnc, mitch mcconnell pushed back at the republican party's censure of liz cheney and adam kins a.
11:07 am
this is about january 6th and where the republican party stands. it is split. >> it is about the midterms. there is a battle in the mcconnell camp and those who support donald trump over the issue. i would not say he diverted, he said on january 6th he was disheartened by what he saw and made it clear it was a violent insurrection to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimate election. that is what it was. mitch mcconnell digging in on his position. we heard that from mike pence as well and donald trump says if elected i will pardon many of the people involved. it is important to recognize a lot of people were not breaking down doors and hurting police officers and they need to be treated different way. you can talk about the
11:08 am
comparison, the guy who burned down the building in minnesota got a light sentence even though man was killed but mitch mcconnell is picking his lane clearly. stuart: that is it. martha maccallum. i will be watching you at 3:00 on the story on fox news. back to the markets. it is a rally. we are up, looking at peloton. andrew left watches stocks carefully. your comedy, the one you run, expects peloton to buy a strategic investment in the apron. you have been on the show before saying stock would go up. you are talking up your own stock. >> i was on your show talking
11:09 am
about peloton. right now it, the best thing they have going for, 6 million subscribers. you are not going to sell more treadmills or bicycles. you could sell them food. people who understand wellness begins in the home. your producer tried apron products, she liked it. the typical peloton customer. if you look at the market trading at 3-time sales compared to competitors. it is a cheap company, if the report is strong i recommend it is in play, strategic move for peloton. it will not do anything for the next humans but cut costs. stuart: you are on that side of
11:10 am
the fence. you suspect they will recover by themselves. >> i don't think they will recover. i don't think anyone buys them. they need to find more products to sell 6 million subscribers. the low hanging fruit of selling exercise bikes to rich people has done. there is heavy competition but you can sell them other products. a medically big company, blue apron could be with them. stuart: you have a target price, $40 a share. only time will tell. andrew left, see you soon. lauren, movers. disney report today. lauren: it is all about theme parks and streaming. can they hit record profitability? how much has growth slowed
11:11 am
down? we expect to see 125 million subscribers. stuart: yum brands, do they report today? lauren: they reported sales up 5% thanks to new menu items the doubled since pre-pandemic. stuart: starbucks with considerable union movement. lauren: under fire for firing 7 workers in memphis. these workers were fired for security violations. they don't expound on that but the union says it is retaliation for union organizing. stuart: starbucks is a left-leaning organization. lauren: i would think they would want a union and be open to it. stuart: let's move on.
11:12 am
los angeles rams are favored to win the super bowl this weekend. joe theismann gives his projections for the game. new york could end it's mask mandate. american troops lineup in germany preparing for a possible you -- war over ukraine. lucas tomlinson has the report. e so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies.
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ashley: stuart: bitcoin donations for india crane. troops are masked at the border. what's the donation being used for?
11:17 am
ashley: all sorts of things, donations totaling hundreds of thousands going to ukrainian nongovernmental organizations and volunteer groups which activists deploy the crypto for equipping the ukrainian army with medical supplies, drones, funding for the developed of facial recognition apps that identifies if someone is a mercenary or spy. in the past money was received from private donors the crypto currency like bitcoin became more popular since they bypassed financial institutions. another advantage is it is a lot harder to confiscate them. stuart: russia is releasing videos flexing military muscle and showing off their
11:18 am
artillery. lucas tomlinson is in kiev, ukraine. >> reporter: the 3000 us troops ordered will need to evacuate americans from right here should the russians launch a full-scale invasion. here's the second cavalry regiment. >> the focus of this mission is to reinforce the nato alliance, reassure our allies and strengthen the eastern flank of the nato alliance. >> this is what the army might face. the defense ministry says this air defense unit based 5000 miles away moved to southwest belarus with nato member poland today not far from the border of ukraine. top russian military commanders
11:19 am
arrived for joint exercises that end the same day the other pics end. the russian forces will return home, critics are not social. they announced military drills beginning tomorrow. russian forces are maneuvering. this mobile intercontinental ballistic missile puts europe in range and the united states too armed with multiple nuclear warheads. one day after 3 russian warships arrived caring naval infantry, tanks and other armored units 3 more russian warships are on their way. another invasion force or perhaps a decoy as the democratic push tops american and european officials, some say it is giving putin more time to prepare for a possible invasion. stuart: we will see you again. dan hoffman, cia station chief.
11:20 am
biden has assembled a military force and set of sanctions that could be imposed if russia invades. is he doing the right thing at the right time? >> the biden administration is trying to deter russia by punishment saying if russia invades we will proceed with a menu of options including funding and providing military equipment to a ukrainian insurgency against russian troops to emphasize it would be prohibitively costly in terms of spilled blood and treasure to russia. the challenge is more subtle. we don't have the leverage to induce russia to withdraw those troops. putin will do that as he sees fit. putin is seeking to conduct negotiations with ukraine in a chokehold and that gives him an advantage. i'm not sure he is prepared to
11:21 am
mount an invasion of ukraine but has the upper and on negotiations and driving a wedge between the united states and ukraine and our nato allies. stuart: lucas tomlinson reported american troops are prepared to go into ukraine to evacuate americans if there is a russian invasion. that would put troops next to the invading russians. >> it would. that the message to vladimir putin. i finra -- watching russian tv for weeks. they have been highlighting military advisers in ukraine. roughly 10, 15,000 americans were told to leave ukraine. it is up in the air whether they have left. this is something for the united states and russia to factor in. and attack on ukraine could
11:22 am
have unintended consequences involving us troops because we will protect our citizens. stuart: a new united nations report status terror groups are enjoying greater freedom in afghanistan. does that represent a security threat to the united states? >> afghanistan is a greater threat than it has ever been. we left behind a country that is a terrorist state. the taliban and aligned with al qaeda. if you give terrorists ungoverned space they will plot and plan against us in the homeland and that is what they are doing. we don't have the capacity to detect threats in afghanistan with the ability to preempt those threats. the administration said to launch an attack against the isis leader in syria, we have a
11:23 am
us base, 1000 us troops, a sound ally. that successful raid we conducted demonstrates why we are at risk in afghanistan. stuart: are you concerned about iran which could get a nuke within 7 months, that's another threat, surely. >> iran is a nuclear threshold state. they have amassed a great deal of knowledge while they increased production of enriched uranium is a missile program puts the region at risk. the biden administration is faced with we could be complex challenges to national security and none of them is getting better. stuart: thanks for joining us. this, north korea, their
11:24 am
missiles are capable of hitting the united states. has the state department said anything about this? ashley: they call north korea a threat to international peace and security after the country boasted its missiles can hit the us. north korea's foreign ministry said many countries waste time dealing with the us through blind obedience but north korea can shake the world as the mainland is within range. tensions have increased since the north koreans tested a record number of missiles in january. the latest statement comes after the un discovered they increased missile capabilities and earned millions from cyber attacks. north korea patting itself on the back saying missiles are
11:25 am
more determined and represent remarkable achievements for a country struggling with domestic issues such as no food. stuart: stacy abrams apologizing after posing maskless in a class of children in masks and making bold statements about covid rules in schools. the white house wants to spend $30 million on a program that includes buying crack pipes. part of the plan to advance racial equity. congresswoman nicole malliotakis next on that. ♪♪ dad, we got this.
11:26 am
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feel stuck with credit card debt? ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right. ♪ stuart: finally. music i can feel part of. the beatles. i remember when this first came out. joyce wonderful song. 1963. that is the statue of liberty in the midst.
11:30 am
the markets showing a continuing rally. the dow up 300. nasdaq up 200. is in the up 53. considerable gains percentagewise. tell us about tesla. lauren: two on the treasury yield for 193. tesla seeing up arrows despite another 26,000 car recalls. they run it. >> iconic companies, our nation's largest electric vehicle manufacturer. innovative younger companies building electric trucks or electric buses which i saw in a
11:31 am
virtual tour when i met with the ceo, really impressed me. stuart: it is like pulling teeth to get him to say tesla. susan: he said the leading ev manufacturer in the country. he's just pouring it on pretty thick. it has taken 12 months in the white house to say tesla which is worth $1 trillion. gm getting another downgrade. you are so distracted by that but gm is up in an upmarket. stuart: drives me nuts gm and ford get invited to the white house because they unionized. the president meant -- won't mention their names. susan: he's a pro union president. if you want to big salary let the free market dictate it. i am running out of time.
11:32 am
$600 billion in market. you had meta, the eighth largest company in the s&p, even nvidia is better. we were going to talk cryptos. 38,$000, less than where it is. maria: susan: is 150,000. stuart: listen to this. senate majority leader chuck schumer is weighing in on efforts to bandmembers of congress from trading stocks or owning stocks but which side is senator schumer on? ashley: the majority leader believes in a congressional ban on stock trading and effort is gaining momentum to get a bill
11:33 am
drafted. schumer asked six democrat senators to draw up legislation to ban stock trades by members of congress. mark kelly of arizona and john ossoff introduced a bill that would ban trading individual stocks while in office and putting holdings into a blind trust. nancy pelosi reversed position, now open to banning stock trades. members of congress traded $355 million in stocks. ashley: the white house plans to rollout a grant program that would fund distribution of smoking kits such as crack pipes. they say this is to promote
11:34 am
racial equity. nicole malliotakis joins me now. we talk about wasteful government spending on programs. what do you make of this win? >> i would like to go one day without hearing a ridiculous idea. to use covid relief funds, the covid recovery package, $1.9 trillion, to use any portion of that to enable people to smoke crack is unconscionable. look at what they have been doing. they have been allowing this play from mexico, the number one killer for 18 to 45-year-olds, putting policies in place the released drug
11:35 am
dealers, they won't prosecute -- stuart: forgive me for interrupting. so outrageous suggesting black men smoke more crack. can't you stop it? >> i have a bill to stop the heroin injection center and amend it to include this. it is outrageous the government is using taxpayer money to enable drug addiction, to say to the racial issue is offensive, that they are using these drugs. stuart: i wish you could get this withdrawn because it is so outrageous. it is your city. can i digress? new york's governor huchul expected to end the mask mandate for businesses. the new york times suggests businesses will no longer have
11:36 am
to ask for proof of vaccination. i assume that something you approve of. >> i have been advocating this for quite some time. good to see some common sense. if you wants to keep the mandate on young people in school that is an issue when it comes to mental health, social only, developmental ability, particularly for young people. this is something to continue this fight. they are such hypocrites when you see schumer dancing salsa in puerto rico and speaker pelosi in napa valley, stacy abrams in the classroom. they want to impose mandates, they are tired of the double standards, lifting restrictions on businesses will be a huge relief because the restaurant industry is so hurt by these mandates. stuart: has been hurt.
11:37 am
thank you for being with us. do something about the cracked pipes. thank you. now this. let's change the subject completely. gronkrethinking his football career after tom brady's retirement. finding unvaccinated workers, only available in california but it is rolling out across the country. ♪♪ ♪♪ care. it has the power to change the way we see things.
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at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will work with you on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect. stuart: i wish we had a new attitude towards covid and restrictions and mandates.
11:42 am
that the empire state building. new york's governor huchul just announced she's ending the mask mandate for indoor public places. we still don't know whether or not we can work into a restaurant without showing our vaccination passports. i hope she gets there. we will tell you if she does. some businesses looking to lure new hires by promoting and no vaccination requirement. is it working? are they getting more applicants? >> reporter: they are. this bakeshop advertised they were hiring regardless of vaccination status. we still have the vaccine mandate for patrons and workers.
11:43 am
the manager here, how many workers did you need and how many could you hire from your freedom from the vaccine mandate? >> we needed quite a few. we put the ad on instagram and it was very successful. new york city has been decimated. difficult to find employees. at the vaccine on top of that and it became impossible. putting on instagram was successful. >> reporter: the unemployment rate is almost double and you think the mandates have a role. >> you have a service industry basically impossible to staff. you add a mandate and that makes it so difficult. >> reporter: your business is joining a new apps that is connecting businesses with patrons and hope it will find
11:44 am
more support. if you look around the pastry shop it is full of customers. seems like mary is enjoying support, freedom from the vaccine mandates. stuart: back to stacy abrams, issuing an apology after she was caught posing mask this at a georgia elementary school. we 5 stacy abrams is saying sorry after a picture surfaced of her smiling away mask free while surrounded by masked elementary schoolchildren. she said she followed protocols all the way up until she joined the children for photograph. she called it a mistake and apologized during an interview but she is the latest of a growing list of democrats who face criticism from aeschylus
11:45 am
photos posted on social media. eric garcetti set i hold my breath, that still makes me laugh. stuart: all right, let's have a sense of the market by taking a look at the dow 30. this is rally time. 6 stocks lower, 24 higher in the dow is up 260. super bowl xlviii will take place in los angeles. joe theismann will join me with predictions for the big game. ♪♪
11:46 am
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stuart: that is where the super bowl will be played. 65 degrees. good football weather. the oa rams take on the cincinnati bengals.
11:50 am
los angeles favored by four points. caesar's sports, over under a total of 48.5 points. joe theissman joins us now. it sounds like i don't understand the over under. who is going to win? >> you reported it correctly. i have been going back and forth. i had an opportunity to play super bowl xvii, just don't know what to be afraid of. the rams have a little edge. i don't think they cover the number but i'm leaning toward the rams. this is the first show that made the prediction. you get the first one. stuart: the bengals. >> the rams.
11:51 am
i like the rams but don't know if they will cover the number. i think they will win. stuart: who are you calling a foreigner? i am an american citizen. i am good for the under on that. >> defenses are very good. defense wins championships and that is the case. the 48.5 is a good number. stuart: the number of people expected to gamble on the super bowl, 31 million of 35%, gambling on sport is universal. does this affect the game of football? all this gambling?
11:52 am
>> las vegas hosts the raiders. it is more accessible to more individuals. so many opportunities in football. when you are at the game, some type of device whether it is a run or whether it is complete or incomplete in a different propositions you would make. that's one of the reasons people love this game. that's the opportunity to bed and root your team on. stuart: tom brady is supposed to retired and now hinting at a comeback. as he finished for good?
11:53 am
>> i believe tom is done. what he has accomplished i don't believe we will see again in the world of football. an incredible ambassador to this game. great. repair or for games and a special individual who has been blessed to stay healthy. you have to stay in one piece, he has 7 of these pieces of jewelry and i bring it out for you so we see with the ring looks like. they tell you what the winning share of the super bowl. stuart: do you walk away from the game to retire?
11:54 am
>> it was difficult for me. i was never able to play again. it was at a very high level. when playing pretty well and you make a decision, i have admiration for those, barry sanders did it when he was close to breaking the record. like josh allen, the torch has been passed on. stuart: i am going with the rams and the under. >> thanks very much. stuart: let's talk gronk. he followed tom brady to tampa bay and is about to be a free agent. where will he go next?
11:55 am
ashley: not directly but cincinnati. he would love to play with joe burrow who will face the rams. he has played his entire career with tom brady and said brady is the only quarterback he wanted to play alongside but he has watched him since college and in the pros, what he calls burroughs swag. he becomes a restricted free agent in march and his comments, may be interested in the former all-pro tight end. heavy suggestions being laid out. stuart: wednesday trivia question. what is the most common sleep position among adult.
11:56 am
sitting upright? i don't think so. the answer after this. the potential for rich returns. . .
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. stuart: what is the most common sleep position among adults? ashley do not say sitting up right. ashley: no. i was looking for face down on the lawn after a big night but that wasn't there either. i am going with, going with number two, side. stuart: me too, side. there you go. the answer is the side. ashley: there you go. stuart: 54% of adults sleep on
12:00 pm
their side. this preference increase with age and body mass index. of course. of course. ashley: bigger you get more you go to the side. stuart: i don't know where they get these questions from, i really don't. that was the easiest question we've had in a long, long time. ashley, thanks for a great performance. see you again tomorrow. jackie deangelis in for neil today. jackie: fetal position when you end up on your side, i'm jackie deangelis in for neil cavuto on cavuto "coast to coast." we have the latest on what the president plans to push when he meets with energy industry leaders today. san francisco officials now asking residents, get this, to house the homeless in their own homes. reaction from "new york post" columnist michael goodwin


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