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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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office, it is joe biden in the border czar is a waste of time. this administration is embarrassing. liz: thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to this country, i'm elizabeth mcdonnell, that does it for us, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news, from the things you arty know file, inflation hit another breaker of 7.5% from january of this year compared to the last, that's the biggest jump since 1982. oh my gosh. even that inflation number is artificially low because it factors in a bunch of stuff you never by. why do prices keep rising and what on earth can we do about any of it? if government numbers punch,
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this might help explain how much prices have increased according to the "wall street journal", a trusted source housed in this building is the average household spending an additional $276 a month because of inflation. that's an extra three grand i care. what's going up? eggs are up 13%, hotels and motels and the holiday inn up 24%. gas is up 40%. used cars and trucks, good luck, taking the book, 40% take a wild guess how people are feeling about the numbers. >> tough to find a car. the prices keep increasing in inventory are smaller. >> that will make a difference in the household, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread. >> everything is getting so expensive, i don't know how we will make it. >> it's painful. if we are not making any more money at the higher prices.
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kennedy: if you don't make money, you've got to close your doors. if you increase prices too much, you will have customers and then you have to close your doors. it's awful. people are miserable, nobody likes spending more of their hard earned money in the president tonight try to explain inflation will get better. emphasis on try. poor body. >> the fact is that we are in a situation now where you should have peace of mind and i know prices are up, i grew up in a family where price at the pump went up and i understand. but these things are necessities. we are going to bring down prices where they are not totally what families have to pay now. kennedy: watch? i don't understand a word of what he said. philip at the pump and the family is going to do the now with the everyday. if you understand what he's talking about, e-mail me. it made no sense. if you are a democrat who don't
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believe the president either and they are right. >> this is not a time -- we have inflation economy on fire. don't throw more fuel on a pilots already on fire so we've got to get our house in order. kennedy: senator joe fuel is expensive's loan on the fire. throw dead bodies on the fire, we all know that. we are all paying through the nose for just about everything right now, the president has no real plan to combat it from his and so what can individuals do to save a few bucks here and there? time for brian onyx with a professor of business and economics at the kings college in manhattan fox news particular, brian, welcome back. it's a shellacking, they promised the only people would be affected by inflation would be rich people and they don't care because they arty have money, that's not true.
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numbers reflect middle-aged people, middle income people and hispanics are the ones hardest hit by inflation. >> where's the inequality chorus, the folks who like to hop on inequality, you've got a here. the rich are just fine but if the middle income and lower income folks getting killed because of one thing, fuel. it's all about fuel, the more you put in your car, the more you tempt by done it for your house in the mark your hit $276 a month, families with discretionary income up like 500 to $1000, 25% of 50% cut into your breathing room. that's how bad it is. very back numbers, the president said peace of mind, nobody has peace of mind. people are ordering more now than a year ago because i don't think the president has an answer. kennedy: isn't that interesting? warning is such a fascinating phenomenon, sociological perspective because people in the pandemic or worried they wouldn't get canned beans,
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toilet paper, cornstarch so they ordered that. now they see things going up in price and feel up 16% from a people are filling meet resource. >> they see on the shelf and by five because they are not sure it will be there. we call it hoarding, that's not fair, it's just more bookbinding. this is a demand problem in part, that's more demand influencing behavior which means inflation can last longer. people are saying i don't know what will be here tomorrow so i will get it today but it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy for inflation does not give people peace of mind. this inflation is assigned we don't have peace of mind people don't have a reason. kennedy: you can extend that even though first jay powell said transitory which means in-transit, it comes and then goes, it goes away and now they are saying don't worry, inflation will ease up dramatically by the end of this year but how can you trust them when they are the same ones both
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printing money and passing bills taking money from more americans? >> and they are still talking about spending more money. last year was a year to get on top of this but we didn't, the president but mandates in place and talked about spending more money. this year the one thing that could help is if the president got out in front, he could catch up now and say everybody, emergency is over, and rates are over and restrictions are over, enjoy yourself spend on services, quit with the good spending, that might actually help. kennedy: i think that would resonate with people because once they get out of the idea that they are home in their jammies and ordering stuff on amazon and once they know they are supposed to go to the world and go to restaurant and get massages with discretionary income --
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>> you have to give them the freedom to do that forget about the mask and vaccine, you will be fine from lock tools to manage it. the president is woefully behind on that and that's the one thing he could do to help. i don't think he has the guts to do it, that will cost americans to continue inflation. kennedy: i want to ask you this serious question, would you ever run for president? >> that sounds like an awful right and you know i love to spend time at the lake in minnesota and you don't get to if you are the president. i could get on your campaign and see you doing it. kennedy: i would drag that clause around with all those skeletons. nobody would take that. [laughter] brian, great to see you all is right in the world. how can the president stop this inflation talk? like brian said, how about covering everyone's mouth forever? are the opposite of that. blue state governors are lifting
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act mandates, the white house is pleading with them to stop. this week delaware, new jersey, california, new york, and nevada leapfrogged the biden administration and lifting their mask mandates. our democrat finally ready to live their lives again? why is the president lagging so much on this? tonight's party panel, power of the future, executive director daniel turner, the author of raising our hands, and echelon insight author of how the force can fix the wall, stephen kent welcome, great to talk to you. daniel, a lot of these states, the policy benefits their constituents but for political reasons, please governors have to lift mask mandates because too many people are suffering and it will affect the democrat party most of the polls in the midterm.
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>> without a doubt in the reason the white house isn't going to is because joe biden is a believer and big government and is not a partisan statement, lots of republicans believe in the power of big government and i'm afraid masks are going to be the new take your shoes off at the tsa. a whole generation has grown up knowing it was her normal thing to got to the airport not be searched by guards or have naked scanned but the tsa is not doing its job, a study internally showed only 5% of the times they stopped dangerous items making claims but we still do it in the reason is because they believe in big government and if you like that they tell you what they want the terrorists to win or we on this together do more. mindlessly 20 years later, grandma is still taking her shoes off at tsa and that's my fear of the mask thing, we will follow that policies because people who love government control are never going to relent. kennedy: we are going to talk about slightly differently later in the show how climate change
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maybe the new row of these oppressive tactics because i think this is only where it begins, it's not where it ends you have a lot of space and it's interesting, jenna, welcome to the show, the california and new york specifically, they are going to end indoor mask mandates but they will keep the masks on in schools. i have a hard time understanding because obviously in populated places like los angeles, new york city, people will be elbow to elbow without masks yet kids will socially distance with masks, don't get the buyers or spread the virus, why is there that disconnect in these states? >> thank you for having me, i would encourage us to remember there was an individual who laced a bomb into his shoes so i'm fine with people taking off their shoes. in regard to masks, it's exciting we're looking forward
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to the next phase of what lives can look like. i appreciate suggesting we will be able to return to the old way of life but i think we all know there is a new set of structures that we will have to exist, we don't know what variant continue to come, i've had both delta and omicron and i can tell you one was much worse than the other. i will say around masks in the position of the white house, i don't know if i would describe encouraging governors they were pleading with governors to encourage people to keep their masks on, i think the white house provides air cover for governors in regions where race was still hi, we still have a death toll of 4500 people every day so as omicron feels like it's in the past here in pennsylvania -- i still think people are moving forward cautiously.
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young kids can still get masks, i know teachers are concerned about it. it's just what is the next collective way to create this together? kennedy: i am so glad you hit the nail in the head, it is a collective and that's not positive. that's a massive societal deficit, stephen. we are just operating from and forth a collective, our civil liberties are trampled but you talk about little kids being mask, they are not learning as much. now they are realizing intellectual deficits could be as much as 25% according to the brown study of young kids. you have young kids, this has to infuriate you, stephen. >> it does, is a deeply personal issue and i get pretty red-hot talking about it. i think for me, i don't know
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what jenna is talking about when she says there are structures put in place and everybody knows they will have to remain, they do not know that, they are telling pollsters that and they are angry and ready for it to end. looking at the way the biden administration handle this, it's clear to me they are hedging, they do not want to be in a position of following the governors and saying let's get rid of masks then it six months, anthony fauci is born because he misses being on television tries to whip the country into terror about a new bearings and then they have to be the bad guys to tell everybody mask up again and it will be catastrophic for biden politically and it shocking, they don't want to lead. they just want to follow but here we are. kennedy: it likes to party, you can't trust it, it sleeps on fraternity porches and we have to eradicate it by wearing
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masks, especially during binge drinking intercourse. all of these headaches are weighing not only on the american people but also on the president's poll numbers. president biden's average approval rating dipped below 40% this week, that's the first time since he took office and that means the hits are keeping on coming from covid, inflation to rise in crime, foreign policy, the border crisis, that will heat up again from the biden administration can't get a grip on quite a few crises. are we doomed to so much losing will get tired of losing? daniel. >> i mean, this is a result of what james taught us 30 years ago, the economy is stupid. biden owns this economy. the economy 2020 was trump and you can argue it was covid induced or inflicted yet it was but he was president. it hurt him and people exploited it for political reasons.
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biden owns this economy and you can talk about job numbers and the dow but in your first segment with professor bryn burke, if you're hanging 40% more to fill up your car, you don't care about that doubt. if you pay $15 more to feed your kids every week, you don't care about unemployment numbers so biden's post will not recover until the economy recovers but this administration is incapable of seeing the economy recover. kennedy: overseeing the greatest economic boom in probably 60 years. >> joe biden thinks because he turned off the lights and turn them back on he discovered electricity. giving people their jobs back after government force you to give them up is not creating jobs so the light he's created six and a half million jobs is insulting. two people forced by government to lose their jobs and now joe biden allowed us to go back to work. it is vile. kennedy: according to our cp, and honest broker of polling
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averages, the president is 39% -- 39.5, president trump whose ratings were always in the garbage, he was at 39%. they are essentially tied, obama 50%. george w. bush 18 months into his presence the same time, 82% post 9/11. quentin at 58% george herbert walker bush was 73% also during the first persian gulf war. jenna, what explains the back numbers? >> the fact that biden had to back the car that donald trump drove into the ditch out of it and the ditch is muddy and i'm not sure how much gas is left in the tank, he inherited a tremendous amount of crises. you listed all of them they've been ongoing for six, some for 20 years. i think it is irresponsible to
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spend a lot of time studying polls when there's so many different polls one could read and interpret however be to that's why this is a generational -- >> you want to talk about the fact that there's a large percentage of americans who seem to be relatively ambivalent, if we could suggest polls suggest presidents are in the 50% range even though donald trump was as low as 33%, reflection of our country and when we worked so hard to do that, not surprising. kennedy: so let me put this into perspective. president trump had 33% polling, absolutely right. the week before he left office because his followers stormed the capitol in a very unpopular act dubbed an insurrection. i'll give you that. great. joe biden is only six percentage
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points above that and you have talking points you know what i mean? i don't care if we disagree as long as you have data and logic and you thought about yourself, i'm fine. you come on here and regurgitate someone else's talking points, that's wrong. i will let stephen wrap it up. >> you know what kennedy? kennedy: -- >> one of your other panelists suggested drove the economy into the ditch, the s&p is double what it was march 2020. if this president isn't just sitting there studying polls like our previous president. kennedy: i'm so glad you brought that up because joe biden and kamala harris running for president, they made such a strong case that the president has nothing to do with the stock market. as you were, stephen. >> part of these approval ratings is all about the expectations.
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an omnivorous goal from the past month showed of the broad swath of voters who do believe biden has not lived up to their expectations and arc rating him in the d and f category for his first year are looking mostly at the issues of immigration and inflation. those are the things they are the most angry about and there is a reason for that. most people are patient and understanding of the things in the world that seem completely out of human ability to control. most of our leaders are completely focused on issues they just can't control. the virus and trying to wage a war on biology is one of those things. but actually being able to get control of your water flow and not spending insane amount of money that rises inflation, that's something you can control and they are not doing any of
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that. kennedy: fiscal and monetary policy and they suffer from the fatal conceit which we will get into at another time. panel stick around, it is game night. they'll be back. u.s. olympians, ditch the u.s. for china but why would she choose to represent the commies over the stars & stripes? will she come to regret that decision? i'll talk to a congressional hopeful in china who hopes to become the u.s. ♪♪ ♪♪
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would you give up your u.s. citizenship for china? i sure wouldn't. that's what may have happened with us-born olympics here, a talented athlete, the 18-year-old californian on a cold metal for china at the beijing winter games and has the possibility of winning more next week. she has 23 sponsors, can be seen on billboards across the communist country and this past year she is on the cover of the china's version of vote. when reporters asked if she gave up her u.s. passport, she dodges the question incest i feel just
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as american as chinese but while she regret signing a deal with the devil? here to discuss new hampshire congressional and communist china, welcome, lily. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: i'm thrilled you are here. i know you are a great champion of liberty and i'm wondering how you feel seeing this woman's story. born in california, she obviously has benefited from support from the u.s. skiing foundation and has been groomed as a u.s. olympic athlete and switched sides. how do you feel? >> i think she's super lucky to be born in america, the greatest country on earth. but in china, they don't have their freedoms she has. if you were recruited at a young
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age, go to state boarding schools and the family background and then they get out of poverty and become selected. only in america you have the freedoms. i hope she would realize that. kennedy: do you think she made the wrong choice competing for china? she would be a big star in the united states if she competed where she was born and where she was supported instead of a country committing genocide and harming people. >> well, she's only 18. she was still a minor at that time so her chinese mother probably has a biggie influence in her life. part of the chinese, you work to
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recruit and maximum-security bureau of china. there's logical military areas, superstars like her because that's the china dream gold medals and by 2049, the could be the number one local economy in the world. kennedy: so what can she expect her switching over to china? how much will she be enriched by joining our team? her mom was born there, her dad supposedly born in america and went to harvard her mom went to china but then went to school and studied molecular biology and that up at stanford business school, eileen is going to stanford in the fall as a freshman allegedly but what is the big enticement for her to compete for the commies? >> well, they recruit you, there's a lot of benefits not
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money involved. she might not know the history of china, only human rights abuses in china and in this country, they are still watching the propaganda so it comes to the press and media and social media so people don't know. when he got to beijing, you think china, beautiful country and wonderful people but if you go somewhere else and see where the chinese live in they are lockdown and hungry and human rights abuses everywhere. kennedy: i wonder if she's going to go into the weaker camps and really inspire the weaker girls being enslaved and imprisoned in rape and torture, i wonder if she will speak to them with her
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have it all message, that will be interesting. thank you for coming by, appreciate talking to you. >> thank you so much. kennedy: thank you. game night, where playing press your luck. tonight publicly minded panelists no about past presidents. ♪♪
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there are so many president and so little time. now time to play press your luck. separate presidents from the present don't. a party panel will earn points by answering presidential trivia. each contestant will have one chance to press their luck doubler points on the question of their choosing but if they get it wrong, they lose it all. daniel, jenna, stephen, are you ready to press your luck next. >> let's go 252 here.
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daniel, question number one, who's the first american president to appear on the tv? jfk, fdr, lbj or ronald reagan? >> fdr. kennedy: that is correct. daniel is on the board with one. you have to race wait to press your luck. this is for jenna, who was the first -- are you ready? who's the first american president? with a beard? john quincy adams, abraham blinken mama millard fillmore or merkel? [laughter] >> i'm a fan of hers and i'm going to go with adams. kennedy: no, he did not have a beard. he was always freshly shorn. everyone knew that about him. except for you. oh well. that's that. plenty of time, hubert gallagher
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points later. stephen, what's the name of the children's book written by president jimmy carter? daniel becomes a boy scout, look at me, go first say goober or the little baby future? >> i was expecting one option to be about peanuts. i'm going to go with a. kennedy: i'm sorry, that's incorrect. the little baby snooper leader. >> that's not even a word. kennedy: and his lexicon it is. i don't even know what this is but i don't want to google it because i will get my phone taken away. question number two. a gun stolen from this president was used in at least ten murders. that's dark. william mckinley, george w. bush, william howard taft or hillary clinton? [laughter] >> i'm going to have to go with mckinley. kennedy: nope. these are tough.
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at home robin 1920, gun taken by a serial killer who killed ten sailors. i killed seven sailors in prom night and in a different way. he lured them into yachts. i also did that prom night. [laughter] jenna. you can tie daniel with this, which president gambled away a set of white house china while in office? john f. kennedy, warren harding, haze or hunter biden? >> well played, i'm going to go with jfk, it seems like . kennedy: no, his uncle morris. he's an old guy, china. i invented china. take it away you gamblers. stephen.
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what a hack. stephen, you could catch up with this. which of these presidents said his favorite snack was cottage cheese and catch up? richard nixon, donald trump, george herbert walker bush or larry the cable guy? >> this is a very savage thing to eat so richard nixon. kennedy: you are on the board. [cheering] last round, i'm going to let you price your luck, i'll give you each to points. daniel, if you get it right, you will have exports. if he gets it wrong, he will have more and stephen six. does not make sense? rates. daniel, which president quoted the back to the future franchise in a state of the union address? ronald reagan, bill clinton, donald trump or george w. bush? >> that sounds like something cool bill clinton would have done. kennedy: nope.
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sorry. jenna, do you want to prez your luck here? >> i'm going to say bush -- beats you know. i have to give you a question. jenna, was the name of chauvin coolidge's prep raccoon? you want to prez your luck before you answer? >> no, i have no idea. kennedy: i'll give you the choices. rocky, bandit, slink or rebecca? >> points because no raccoon . kennedy: you lost. stephen, you could win. you want to press your prez your luck? >> let's do it. kennedy: a lot of abraham blinken hairs to his own inaugural address? my sexy boyfriend, andrew johnson, get on roosevelt or james madison? >> i want to question about presidential alligators but rent.
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kennedy: no, he loved -- oddly enough, you and daniel tied so you can to take jenna out polka dancing. [laughter] i am jealous. >> looking forward to. kennedy: take pictures or didn't happen. thank you all so much, great job. >> thank you. kennedy: pandemic restrictions destroyed freedom around the world. can we claw our way back to democracy is an this government control the new normal? kristin is here to fight for your freedom next. ♪♪
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kennedy: i major freedom, liberty is dying and it's all your fault. a survey claims democracy around the world has fallen to a 12 year low thanks to government restrictions, personal freedoms in the name of fighting covid-19. america remained the freest continent, canada has fallen out of top ten freest countries. even in america hard to count all the ways we become less brief. i'm sure you could think of a few reasons. how can we restore freedom throughout the country and world? here to discuss, independent voice fellow promised at the hill, welcome back, kristin. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: so what happens? like all of a sudden all across the globe covid has taken so much. are we ever going to realize the
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freedoms again? >> well, people need to start simply ignoring the tyrants telling them how to live and what to do but politicians realized if they scare enough people, significant portion of the population will demand freedoms be taken away. kids wear masks all day in school or anyone lockdown mandates is amounting to murder. this indefinite suspension of return to normalcy, it stems from this area and hysterical terrified democrat voters, mostly democrat voters has been totally taken advantage of by politicians see individual liberties as roadblocks in their quest for more control. it's all about control. kennedy: just ask the secretary for health and human services or anthony fauci, they will tell you that sometimes a personal liberties are an inconvenience and you are not entitled to all of them and i think that
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nonsense. i said earlier in the show, this is just the starting. they might lift a mask mandate here or do less zoom in a room and do squat there but they are going to go for more. they are already doing in india with remote learning one day a week to cut down on smog and politicians noted there's less air pollution and lockdowns and that will be the future. it's not actually finding resources and technology, it is punishing us for oppressing them. >> i wrote about this recently in the hill, covid may have been the opening act and we may be looking at a future where politicians put in place climate lockdowns and you are right, we see left-wing groups like the eu climate surface quoting covid restrictions and lockdowns may have saved hundreds of lives and hurting carbon emissions and the
7:47 pm
lockdowns, they could be soft lockdowns with carbon taxes that basically forced millions to work from home by punishing people from driving. he could see students forced to do permanent online learning on a monthly or weekly basis, rolling blackouts because of government mandates or failed green energy policy. i want to say, it's all ramping up as we have reduced climate related deaths at least in the u.s. by two thirds the last five decades thanks to technological innovations, it's all hysteria for more control. kennedy: absolutely right. i was joking when i finally admitted to comorbidities with the driving force in hospitalizations and covid deaths, they will come after your bmi, mark my words. that's why eric adams forces kids to go vegan in new york city public schools, it's controlled, climate is the pretext. it's going to get so much worse, we have to fight back. thanks for coming by.
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>> thank you so much. kennedy: happy thursday. tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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it's now the new thoracic world building, during stars from the
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1993 franchise original including samuel, laura dern and jeff problem, no surprise that franchise has always been about bringing back the dinosaurs, and my right? history repeating itself and this is probable strong. topic number one. the defense department completed the first ever unmanned flight of a black hawk helicopter mother military size it was easier to invent and self flying helicopter, do you remember? the pronouns. this is an empty alias black hawk. i have to be careful how i say that. flying over kentucky, america's finest flyover states, commonwealth -- they spent six years and $160 million developing goes to show you people will do anything to avoid flying commercial. the autonomous system designed to assist pilots from the one day the military on an entire
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mission without human presence. why not? we are running the executive branch without human present. they are transferring the technology to the army so they can outfit its fleet in the army test soon the helicopters will be so accurate, they can destroy a group of public school moms from 7 miles away. that's incredible news. topic number two. you've heard of fantasy football and fantasy baseball. sports fan in the u.s. ua, the winter olympics. watch this. kennedy: that's kevin kicking off his home olympics with a mobile freestyle simulation, cancer survivor celebrating 18 months cancer free. after his diagnosis, he vowed to live his life to the fullest it's hard to say they broken that vow. next, speedskating, therapy is. hot pot of coffee.
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kevin went to great lengths to make this like the winter olympics and have set up in prison for himself in the basement in case he test positive for covid. he's reported by his wife who wins the gold medal for most patient woman in the world. here's the curling competition. this time he is using as much applicability as the real olympian. finally kevin simulate ice dancing with his partner, alana on a stick also known as shish kebab. his mama used to have about it but tonya harding pulled it off. congrats, you represented great britain well and like the real team, he won nothing. good job. topic number three. limited edition popcorn bucket from disney world selling online. as much as $270 each so why would i pay that when i can pay $10000 for an nft of the popcorn bucket? this is the popcorn bucket that sold out in three days in epcot
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center which makes sense because not where everyone gets drunk i say that from personal experience, disney super fans wait in line six hours to buy these tickets. originally $25 which gave disney the idea of selling $50 backpack to get to the front of the popcorn line. since then, buckets have been selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars in the come with a strap to you can carry them on your shoulder. personally i wouldn't feel comfortable floundering such a luxurious item in public. speaking up people who like to chase dragons, that's a heroin -- you big degenerate. time to hear the audience, donnie started off with hey kennedy, you could make millions using your whining is a radio talk. now that. atkins right at kennedy nation, why do you act like a clown?
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do you know why? a lot of people like to turn that on upside down. archie poker will give you crabs, kennedy gives you lobster. and the pinch is twice as painful. i want to be at kennedy nation valentine, you got the job. i do not who you are or where you're from or what you look like but of god -- yeah. oh jesus, kelsey. i know you want to resent that. i'll be right back. that's disgusting. ♪♪
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>> thank you for watching the best hour of your day. follow me on facebook and instagram. can'tatch. make every day a -- kenna day love. >> you oil, the lifeblood of modern society. this black stuff from under the earth, fuels our every day lives and ways we could scarcely imagine, without it. the world as we know it would not be. >> there is i nothing anywhere that does not have a part of oil in it. >> getting precious commodity out of the ground to our hands can be tricky, it takes patient, long.


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