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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> the u.s. now deploying 3000 troops to poland this week as a war in europe is now expected. yet fivet, months after the u.s. a deadly afghanistan exit the president is here to confuse again this week with his adversaries on the march. >> draw your attention to the army reported that come out about the lead up from afghanistan. many military officials and officers said the administration ignored the hand writing on the wall is any that ring true to you? >> no.ha no. that is not what i was told. >> you were told the u.s. administration officials were prepared and kneww his time to get out? >> know what i was told. no one told me that. look there is no good time to get out we are back in the war of attrition. there is no way we were ever going to unite ukraine excuse
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me iraq, afghanistan. ♪ ♪ >> coming up ohio congressman and house intel committee ranking member mike tuner and the impact on america. plusak breaking news today hillary clinton's illegal surveillance of donald trump as new to details and murder of the russian collusion big lie. all just a ruse? the administration hitting the panic button on russia while inflation hits a 40 year's hybrid at $94 a barrel friday afternoon and more americans disapprove of president biden than ever before. then, b almost as unlike as joe biden, doctor anthony fauci. >> the american people do not trust the words coming out of your mouth. every day you appear on tv you do more damage than good when it comes to educating the public on covid.
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maria: cancer center roger marshall is here on his investigation fact sheet cover up his financial ties to china. then, breaking news this morning on efforts to end the covid emergency declaration as masks are coming off across the country. rvirginia lieutenant governor is here on holding the line against washington's power grab from the state. plus power to the people former p georgia senator on the upcoming georgia primaries and his plan to unseat camp and beat state see aprons in the upcoming governor's race. all of that right here, right now sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪. maria: first this morning the white house is urging all u.s. citizens to leave ukraine immediately. warning that a russian invasion including a possible air assault could happen at
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any time. leakers havenv communicated the day of the invasion will likely be this wednesday. just like afghanistan president bideno does not seem to have a plan for any americans left behind. >> what scenarios would you put american troops to rescue get americans out? >> were not that's a world war when americans in russia start shooting at one another we are in a very different world than we have been ink. >> not simply evacuating americans? >> know how do you do that how do you even find them? >> a while, ohio congressman mike turner is the ranking member on the house intelligence committee among those who receive classified briefings on this crisis. congressman is good to see this morning thanks you very much. we want to get more information what is taking place the white house isor spent thousand more troops to nato countries in eastern europe. what are you expecting? are you expecting war to break out in europe this week? >> marie at this it's absolutely happening as you
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have related as a result of the weakness of the biden administration for them showed weakness, russia's taking advantage of that. we have seen over 100,000 russian troops amassed outside of ukraine russia states of conflict between russia and ukraine there is no threat from ukraine to russia this is actually russia's continued to the united states. they see ukraine moving closer to the west, closer to the eu, closer they want to squash that being a regime attacking a democracy and very concerned putin has gone beyond the point of no return. we may see war opening up in europe. this is going to be very dangerous for the united states and for our allies. nato allies letter in the air that could be at risk and become entangled in a broader russian aggressiveness. we see russia modernize their military taking direct threats to the united states. >> tell me about the impact on
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america. hepresident biden is not communicated with the impact is. we are looking at all the u.s. troops right now stationed in nato countries and where they are. another 3000 troops are being sent toat poland in the upcoming days. what is the impact on america? should war break out in europe this week? >> it could trigger our nato obligations to engage the lester holt interview was saying we can't go to russia but in fact our obligations under nato art nato in nato countries protect themselves against a potential russian attack that includes the baltics poland of course were sending troops to romania and bulgaria are all neighbors in the area. broader scope conflict would include the united states if russia slowed should so choose to do so the other aspect that's more threatening as if you look at rush is doing their modernization of nuclear weapons, there aggressiveness in cyber attacks, what they
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are doing in space to attack and undermine our space capabilities clearly show russia is putting itself and a footprint to challenge the united states. that means the war is much more dangerous for us. >> so, i know the ignored stream into sanctions have been talked about this is supposed to be one of our points of leverage to put sanctions on. but why aren't sanctions on already to deter putin from invading? >> or should have been some strong stance taken by the biden administration for them to communicate to russia there will be consequences. the first thing the biden ministration did was reverse the trump administration sanctionss was being completed on the biden ministration's approval now they are talking about perhaps reversing that going back to the trump administration s sanctions that should have remained in place. but the biden administration showed weakness for they have
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taken no steps, they have taken no concrete efforts to even illustrate to vladimir putin there will be real consequences and what these consequences mean to russia. >> we have seen joint military training between russia and china. i know iran has been brought into the fold. talk to us about this partnership of china/russia/iran heard what is it mean to america after we know president obama cut defense spending through that frustration years ago but also tells about the readiness of the military right now particular in the navy as it compares to the china navy? >> your absolute right. during the obama administration their deep cuts to our defense spending we have modernization plans in place that would have keptns us at pace with what china and russia were planning. now we are trying to play catch-up. if we do not have reinvestment we will be behind for the first time in my lifetime in a situation where china and russia have military capabilities that are greater
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than our. own. but a obviously is of grave concern you look at china, russia, iran there are no countries that threaten china, russia, iran but there are number of countries china threads russia currently threatening and iran itself including its threats to miisrael and seeking of atomic weapons. this could open as you have been foretelling as you look to this issue what is it mean if russia invades ukraine is a much different world of the next ten or 20 years we see the very powerful nations that are threats to the united states gaining in militarymi capabilities, threaten their neighbors and gobble up their neighbors as they invade them. >> look i think it is pretty clear the democrats have put america in a very bad spot a vulnerable now we have the breaking news this morning, something our viewers were well aware of that hillary clinton made up a story to take down her political operative donald trump back in 2016.
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democrats played operative illegally hacked their political opponents communications during a presidential campaign. and then did it again to a sitting president, your reaction to what we learn this morning about the russia hoax light? >> is absolutely outrageous. when you look at durham's pleadings and the michael sussmann case he's basically laying out a case where a number of laws have been broken by the clinton campaign and where people are being protected by michael sussmann's lawyers it's the pleading is to convince michael sussmann is not been well served by his own lawyers he is, in fact protecting the clinton campaign and others in the allegations of their bias. so y the pleading set out though as you just indicated durham has evidence of compromising computer systems in an attempt to frame the president of the united states having russia ties. i think this is going to lead
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in the end what we see is not just political shenanigans or operation research we would see in that normal people trying to find o information about their opponent. this is where government is being used political opposition research that is false, is being made up trying to be placed into the government come into the fbi into undertake criminal investigations or absolutely false. this is a whole new level of corruption it's of grave concern. >> we want to know when exactly jim comey and brandon started working with the hillary clinton campaign to take down her adversary. but frankly these actions are characteristic ofat a third world dictatorship. not a democracy. my question to you q is, adam schiff you're calling on the left, the democrats have been in charge of the house since 2018. they not only have ignored but
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actually denied, denied the intelligence confirming hillary clinton cleated created the russia hoax and use the obama/biden ministration to spy on trumpet. will you come if you become chairman of the house intelligence committee, at the gop takes majority in november, will you hold hearings to finally reveal the truth? what will you do? >> absolutely behalf to get to the truth be at this the threat towardll democracy itself but does not matter which political campaign the sister which political party this is. this is so wrong and allegations of such a level of illegal activity that goes directly to our faith in our own government the truth must be found. durham is doing a great job i pray she's got this in the courts system is trying to bring this to light. we have to get to the bottom of this. we have to find the answers so this never happens again, we never have americans having to distrust their own government because the politicalization of the fbi, of the
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intelligence community this is very wrong very much a danger. it does not a matter which side of the aisle this is everyone should be outrage everyone should want to get to the bottom of this. >> are youre going to make sure to it's the bottom of it? congressman i've got to tell you people are sick and tired of things like this happening with absolute no accountability. we know the fbi knew the dossier it was a bunch of bunk. we know that because there's a three day interview of the fbi interviewed the sub source of the dossier and he said no we made it up we embellished it was friends having beers we were just joking around. and yet that dossier was used as a part of an actual official intelligence reports, they mediate ran with it. when will we see accountability? >> i think that's what is so important about what doing durham is doing. i shoot look and we all differ accountability this is a
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criminal case that he has brought into federal court. durham is laying out is very exhaustive and i believe thorough investigation we will wcertainly use every tool we have the intelligence committee certainly jordan on the judiciary committee and others to make sure we as every day it's the bottom of this. of these movement forward durham is getting to the bottom of his spring forth allegations very troubling are ndthe result of his investigation in criminal court where accountability can be found. maria: reallyy quick before you go if we see russia invades ukraine on wednesday or tuesday, whenever it is the next couple of days, what is the u.s.'s first move? >> well, we are going to have to immediately work to shore up our allies and rally nato to make certain all of the nations in europe under nato militaries on alert
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hewith weapons systems in place to protect themselves and the administration immediately has to move on sanctions. >> congressman thanks very much for your leadership. will be watching all of that and appreciate your time mike turner this morning in ohio. click a break and then at least ten states have announced changes to the mask and mandates but the white house wants you to ignore that break coming up virginia governor is here and how she is pushing back against the biden agenda as his approval biden agenda as his approval ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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♪ muck. maria: welcome back. president ♪ ♪'s physics welcome back, present by his approval rating plummeting to new lows this week. now nearly six in ten americans say they disapprove of how biden is handling his job asob president. the president's approval rating falling below 40% this past week for the first time.
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then coming back to 40.6 as americans push back on progressive policies. this week virginia moving to end mask mandates in public schools a several other states have illuminating mask requirements in the last two weeks be joining me right now to talk more about all of that after a historic win in virginia, lieutenant governor winsome sears. lieutenant governor it's great to see you this morning thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me maria. good morning to your listeners. maria: and congratulation to you on your first vote i want to hear about that, why you did and what that felt like lieutenant governor? >> yes so my very first tie-breaking vote which i've been trying to get to for so long, was a bill that wanted the judges to state why it gave the when they moved out of the guidelines. it is a good bill to want to have except it was poorly
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written it would have had unintended consequences we could foresee before it so i voted against it. it's incarcerated of poorly written bill which would have made bad law we would've had toha come back again next year to face it. you've got to get it right. maria: this is all part of your push to ensure the law is followed. lieutenant governor i think our viewers this morning are frustrated with the lawlessness we see across the country. whetherbs it be unconstitutional mandates or smash and grabs throughout california and elsewhere. whereha is this lawlessness coming from and what needs to be done? >> i think it is coming from the highest levels i am talking about for the presidency on down there is no leadership there is a vacuum. in fact they seem to be following what's the following on the streets that is not
6:21 pm
going to work for anyone because the leader has to lead. that is why they are called leaders. they have to show the right way, the righteous way. there is right and wrong. you cannot look at what's happening in the streets of smash and grab and say it is just social justice. now it is theft and it is destroying our economy. we have got to have people who are stopping where is that wind blowing and that's what we are about.ut they follow they don't have a righteous bone in their body, come on let's lead. maria: you are leading lieutenant governor pretty want to take a break and ask of the importance of education in your life as well as what is happening in our students schools these days plus president biden's a pledge to appoint only a black woman to the supreme court. the supreme court. is america
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will be unconstitutional constitutional artists article six and no religious test is ever required i think the 14th and 19th amendments also extend that to no racial or gender text. no one should ever be excluded because they do not fit a racial or genital criteria. maria: as legal scholar alan dershowitz earlier this month calling biden's criteria for a supreme court justice unconstitutional. biden has vowed to nominate a black woman as justice steven breyer's replacement pretty will begin meeting with the shortlist of candidates this upcoming week. i'm back with originate lieutenant governor winsome sears from going to the scotus appointment and a moment. versing back to get your take on what's going on across the
6:26 pm
country in terms of a masks coming off of. i know governor yunker and using emergency powers to expedite a bill to end the school mask mandate. but lieutenant governor the teachers union weingarten said the real issue and it comes to covid restrictions is making people feel safe not the actual science she believes kids and teachers should wear masks and children zero transmission. is this about power and control? tell us how you see it from virginia standpoint. >> well, she does not speak for us. she does not speak for the parents. the parents voted for our ticket the parents voted for my young can, myself and jason byrd by the way they voted for our house so we could have some semblance of reasonable is coming back. common says walk back our government here in virginia. virginia is leading the way. so the governor fulfilled his campaign promise and he told everybody if you want to wear
6:27 pm
a mask, wear a mask. but allow the parents to make that decision for their own children. because as far as we can tell the children still belong to their parents they do not belong to the state, not just yet they can help it. some parents have issues with it. and now we have a bill that's going through it looks like it will fully pass and we will have the lock hear that parents will make that decision after all. >> my goodness, lieutenant governor parents across the country right now are routing you on and thanking you. they are grateful for your leadership. i can tell you for sure. look at all these policies and what they have produced. on friday oil prices pass at $94 a barrel. joe biden on his first day in office killed the xl pipeline. we have higher gasoline prices as a result in oil prices at $94 a barrel. is there anything you can do
6:28 pm
in the leadership in virginia to counter this inflation that americans are feeling? >> one of the things we are going to be doing and we have started doing is to get rid of the gas attacks. we are trying i think it past the house i think it failed in the senate. now the house bills are coming over to the senate i think people are beginning to understand this is real this is really hurting our pocketbooks but you may have enough money to carry through but the rank-and-file's do not. by the way i'm part of the rank-and-file i do not have a lot of money either print so i understand the pain. and we have the copper food tax when you get rid of that. even the outgoing democrat understood that was necessary. so governor yunker and proposed all of these to help the people and, by the way the business tax the weight small businesses have suffered greatly from what the outgoing administration has made decisions about winners and losers, close mom and pops cap
6:29 pm
the big box stores open you see what has happened it has destroyed part of us. we have got to get this thing together and we hope the senators who are democrats will work with us to get it through. because everybody is suffering. >> you are the first black woman elected chief executive of the u.s. states, congratulations. what are your thoughts on president biden's a pleasure to appoint only a black woman to the supreme court? >> i am actually second in command. that is interesting because here i am second in command of the former capitol of the confederacy. no one can say we have not gotten a long way from where we started. and furthermore i am an immigrant. i was not even born in america. look america has given me opportunities to succeed. now i'm not going to say we have not had problems. of course we have slavery was
6:30 pm
an issue and we have had redlining, segregation, blue code laws and here i sit to say we are not back in those days. are there problems? yes. but here i am and we are overcoming. america is becoming more and more. i may not be what i am supposed to be but i ate what i used to be and that is america. so are coming back to the judgeships. it is not unheard of for america to pick certain people to be on the supreme court. we did it only want to be for a female judge and we got o'connor that was a good thing be clamored for a black judge and we got marshall in here we have a latina judge and it might not be the politics that we like but we have her. and then for the first 100
6:31 pm
years of the supreme court's history, those people expected the court to be partisan they were highly partisan. what i am hoping is the president will bring us a judge when she's black, will bring us a judge it respects the constitution and uphold the laws i will not be a partisan, will judge fairly most important that is what we need. >> that as we all need and what we all want, lieutenant governor as you're speaking of getting the chills we know we will be following your journey and this will not be your last stop on the journey. lieutenant governor it's great to have it this morning please come back soon thank you so much for your leadership. >> thank you for having me and please pray for our troops who were already in poland. another is a time for peace in a time for war but let's hope we don't have to go to war. >> a well said thank you so much lieutenant governor
6:32 pm
winsome sears. click a break than senator roger marshall is here on this probe into tony fauci's ten and half million dollars fortune. how do you bracket being such a fortune being an government for decades? why was america's doctor as he scrambles to cover up the scrambles to cover up the origins o feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could save with low rates and no fees. earn $10 just for viewing your rate and get your money right. ♪
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♪ >> will you commit today to release all records fully and redacted by the end of this week so congress and the american people can know the truth about the rule and the origins of covid 19? >> so again, saturday it really pains me to just point out to the american public help absolutely incorrect you are. what came outas last night on project was a grant that was wsubmitted. then it distorted and said we funded the grant. we have never seen that grant. we have never funded that grant. space xo's doctor found she once again change the subject when asked about his annual salary of 400 to $4000 at a congressional hearing last month can just senator marshall exposed if fauci's library obtaining previously unpublished financial
6:37 pm
disclosure that show hen madeti $1.7 million in 2020 including income, royalties, travel perks and investment gains senator marshall joins us right now he sits on the senate committee as a medical doctor himself. centered it's good having this morning thanks so much for being here. thank you for your investigation into fauci and his covid cover up pretty went to get to that first you have breaking news this morning. you are trying to end the mask mandate, tell us what you want to do this upcoming week? >> yes maria good morning. two opportunities on the senate floor this week. oneme is to stop president biden's declaration of emergency the covid declaration of emergency number two is to stop dr. fauci's medicare vaccine mandate. it is time for us to take the power and control of her everyday life out of the hands of joe biden and dr. fauci. americans are ready to turn the page and live their own lives. i say this in the background
6:38 pm
at 95% of americans have some level of immunity now to covid. the new case rates about 10% of what it was a couple weeks ago. it is time to move on give the power of control back to americans. think about this medicare vaccine mandate just for a second period this week it into effect it's going to impact every hospital, every doctor's office, every nursing home in america. we already have a huge nursingar shortage. think of those nurses i stood beside and march, april, may of 2020 that were working in an icu that now have natural immunity. but joe biden was to fire them. so if the stop that mandate. they're waiting to have an elective surgery done or you have a loved one you're trying to get in some type of nursing facility. we are trying to stop both of those and take the power away from them. >> why isn't the white house
6:39 pm
on board about this? i knelt prelt pdereltreack bac 02in0 dreec0s gency be o cid eeit neee b re bewery dtheaatinedlinoew redsed is mah 1 1 tiden bent rathningingin it whou a a aalki?bout?utut is this ahiutboutboboer p? bo riua tria t tordsds a a p a pow i imouth mth ab by b this t feder f governgovern rhankshank ow wknowt i b b f f you y and urhin forn t fy thi t keyhehissaccineac risightigig y 2-year-olr- ur 4 thed tan ime andrendscou what your education should look like for your children as well but it is absolutely all about power and control. congress can seize back we need to do our job we have the ability to do it. >> okay let me move on to dr. fauci. i know you, jim jordan and
6:40 pm
rand paul and full throttle mode at this point in putting the pieces together. what are you planning to do if you do get the majority in the senate and the way of investigating fauci and a potential coverup of covid-19? >> you make a great point too. we have to have the majority to have subpoena power. so to get people like peter in front of us, peter ran echo health. they're the ones dr. fauci was running the money through to fund viral gain of function and wuhan, china. we need to get those people in front of us. there is a secret meeting that fohappen on february the first before the february 1 meeting, scientists were tellingct this was 2020 scientists were telling dr. fauci significant chance this came from a lab in wuhan. somehow the secret meeting happened in over the next two months those same people change their mind. those same people received
6:41 pm
some $3 billion in grants over the next two years. some were renewable grant somewhere new monies as well. so we need to get those folks in front of us that were in that secret meeting. the folks that signed the letters that allow the national media to start pushing down against people like tom cotton and myself. people thought all along the sky for a laboratory and will hundred i will guarantee you jim jordan and jamie comer and rand paul per like bulldogs they're going to grab a hole of someone seat and we are not letting go until we get to the truth. maria: b has in these e-mails to show these are e-mails back and forth between fauci and collins saying we have got to change the subject. we've got to kill this a narrative that it came from a lab. then over the following two years $3 billion in grant money transacted pretty of got to this to me. i know some of the e-mails are redacted are you getting what
6:42 pm
you need your coming out than op ed to see who exactly signed at those letters. i did not realize it was $3 billion in grant money. >> right. this is ae tangled web and oh what aic tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. this web is so in case with dr. fauci and eagle health in the middle of it. you think about the 27 authors that sign the lancet letter very reputable science magazine. suddenly in february and march there's no way it came from the lab there is zero chance it came from a lab the 26 or 27 authors are connected to eco- health. the authors from this three different articles gave the national media the opportunity to say this had to come from nature. those authors receive
6:43 pm
$3 billion in grant money per. >> unbelievable i just want to say that pfizer has forecasted $54 billion as demand and treatment pill continues to rise and the white house continues to push it. pfizer is appearing all of this money put out just point out the drug companies are among the biggest donate is the donation to the democrat party overall i'm'm just throwing that out there because somebody is making a lot of moneyre on all of this.. before you go, you are a medical doctor. what can you say? it pains me too bring this up by the way, but we are all watching president biden. we are all watching him shuffle, mince words, what do you see as a medical doctor is there anything you want to say in terms of considering a test once a year what can you tell us as a medical dr. about the
6:44 pm
mental capacity of our commander-in-chief assess the national security issue? >> unfortunately it is. ii think we are all concerned for president biden's mental health. if you compare today's films from the films even a year ago you see deterioration in his mental capacity. maybe we need to be proactive and ask once you're much likely ask our president to get a physical something from his doctor they also take some side of a mental test that may be something else we will be looking on that rand paul and i will be discussing and jim jordan again seeing if that is something america deserves. i think we are all very concerned about his health and it is a national security issue. >> editor thanks so much for joining me this morning. we so appreciate your time and your leadership. your leadership. we your leadership. we your leadership. we meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. your leadership. we 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws
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maria: welcome back. former senator david perdue welcome back former setter david perdue in georgia
6:48 pm
receiving president trump's endorsement to challenge sitting governor bryant camp and the gop primary. that primary scheduled for may 24. and nowrn joins me this morning. david it's great to have your congratulations on entering this race. why are you entering? maxwell maria good morning. we have a divided party in our state is caused by brian kemp it's over the of 2020. brian kemp caved into stacy abrams and allowed her to manipulate elections in 2020. cand we saw the outcome. it cost us two u.s. senate seat it cost us the majority of the senate. itsi dramatically affected the presidential race in georgia. if brian kemp had not caved in and we would not be in this mess and most people in georgia know that. we have a divided p party. i did not want to watch this train wreck happened in georgia and turner governorship over too stacy abrams. >> this is really important
6:49 pm
what you mention this morning and i want to drill down on it. the country is needing and wanting evidence in terms of what went down in the election of 2020. what have you found in way of evidence in terms of cheating and that 2020 election in georgia. >> that lead you has misled the american people i've given it my life and last year in november during the runoff i filed felt three lawsuits i asked for special sessions of the governor to get at this and have forensic audits we get at the bottom of this to no avail. i o even asked for the resignation or secretary of state in an unprecedentede move to make a point. they just were not listening to us they were not investigating pretty saw what happened in the run up almost 800,000 people had received confidence in a system and did not come back out to vote. we turn to senate seats over to the most liberal people you can imagine you that state senate what i found since then
6:50 pm
this fax this is not conspiracy theory there is a court case right now voters brought forth to get at the truth and in that court case a judge in a civil case ruled the evidence was compelling and he was going to unseal the absentee ballots. now he later dismissed the case because he said if you can believe this voters do not have legal standing in this issue. i have taken that case out, maria i have gone forward and we want to see if a candidate has legal standing and we want otthose absentee ballots just in one county, fulton county unsealed so we can finally have a true outside independent audit. what we are fighting as there was significant, significant illegal activity in georgia producing some of it bubble up now with harvesting and so forth that really affects the races. >> if you get the nomination
6:51 pm
to be running in stacy abrams. i want to know how you are's going to stop it from happening again. let's take a short break and get your reaction to stacy abrams sister making joe biden's short list of supreme courthe contenders. does she have the chops or is that his way of saying thank that his way of saying thank you helpi ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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ma maria: welcome back. am back with georgia gubernatorial candidate david perdue. david i want to ask about all this pressure you are apparently getting from brian kemp. also pressure from stacy abrams. joe biden recently said if he ulhad ten stacy abrams he could quote rule the world. >> we have to fix this. the first thing we have to do
6:55 pm
is get people confident in the voting system this year but i have to run in a primary have to run in a general election. we are going to tell people president trump told the people in virginia. we fix some things is not perfect that we know what they did when they did and how they did were going to make sure that does not happen again this time. so if they get out and vote they can overwhelm the system that's what happened in virginia we have a new republican governor there we can do the same thing in georgia. stacy abrams will never be governor of georgia for one reason she is a fraud. what she has done is materialized a lie over the last three years in voter suppression in georgia she can never bein governor. she did not engage in a meeting with biden when he came down there to talk about racist voter suppression laws should not even stand on the podium with him when he came to georgia. now we see them considering her sister for the supreme court. this is as corrupt as it gets, maria. >> so you will tell our viewers are you saying you will ensure that the election in georgia will have integrity, we can be sure that
6:56 pm
it will be asked what are you doing to ensure you do not have the hanky-panky referred to earlier in 2020? >> are two levels. one is what we have to do this year quest mark i'm not an officer in the state we have to rely on the guys who didn't do it last year. we are doing as a candidate is putting people in these polls. putting them in the precincts we arewe getting not 20 feet away were going to be sitting next to them this time per believe me we are educating and training people right now about what happened in 2020 to make sure it does not happen this year. moreen importantly if you want to get the >> i have got to get elected to make sure we enforce the laws in georgia going forward. maria: alright, real quick your reaction to her sister, georgia federal judge leslie abrams and gardner being among the top scotus candidate. you know, she refused to recuse herself recently from a critical election case ruling against the purge of $4000 in the state roles before senate runoffs. >> it was a total corrupt
6:57 pm
decision she should have recused herself she should never been a canopied supreme court this is nothing but payback for all the help stacy abrams gave joe biden 2020. >> while, david pretty thanks much for beingch here we will be watchings is great to see this morning sir. we appreciate it. that will do it for us on sunday morning futures for more watches again at 3:00 p.m. eastern but haveay a great day everybody see you great day everybody see you great day everybody see you it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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larry: welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. we'll begin with save america kill the bill. in this case it is that downsize big government socialist bill called the compete act. it isn't $5 trillion but it is $350 billion coming out of the house along with 250 billion out of the senate and moved to conference.


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