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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  February 20, 2022 9:30am-10:00am EST

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social, which is going to be launching soon plus the "new york post" columnist. this weekend on fox news at 10:00 p.m. then write your own foxbusiness start smart every weekday from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. eastern boys with maria is life every weekday on foxbusiness. belgian fronts for now, thank you so much for joining me. have a wonderful rest of the weekend. i will see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what onto the wall street at large. this week at long last a big a justice department spotlight is focusing on just how far hillary clinton went to take down donald trump. also we are going to break down house speaker nancy pelosi's latest inflation excuse. and there is a new race car
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being played over political media coverage for it all but first, the headline writers of the "new york post" are calling at the woke revolt. even liberal voters are deciding that they have had enough of the so-called progressive revolution. it's an assault on american education, racial harmony and public safety. in san francisco, and los angeles of all places cities that for years have been setting the standard for expensive and dysfunctional governance a powerful shift towards sanity is now underway. this week the city by the bay fed up citizens voted overwhelming to recall three members of the san francisco school board including the board president. here is what the parents had to say. >> this school board has become a national joker. but we are not laughing frequencies board members are playing politics and not focusing on education. >> there has been a change in the equilibrium in the landscape of who is being heard, who is at
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the table, parents are very much kept out of the decision-making room. >> opening schools and educating set much of the pandemic trying to scrub the names of great americans off the front of school buildings. the board's campaign to cancel historical figures like george washington did not distract parents from the appalling performance and educating only 12% of san francisco's black students were proficient in math. in both san francisco and los angeles even liberal californians have hit the limits of their tolerance for progressive policies on crime. >> we are all bearing the cost of pro- criminal agenda and rising crime in l.a. county enough is enough. >> it's a little like the wild west out here criminals get
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arrested and released a few hours later. >> expect recall votes on the ballot this fall for district attorneys in both cities. wallace's is so rarely punished that in december a man outside a san francisco supermarket felt comfortable giving a television interview about how current policies. >> it's not very good because i personally have been able to shop lift from here with relative ease. >> you shoplifted from here question or. >> yes we. >> to say this doesn't deter you? >> yes. >> in los angeles, murder in 2021 were up more than 50% over the pre-pandemic year of 2019. voters are saying enough is enough and a progressive governance does not sell in california doesn't sell. now we are fortunate to have them to people we can never get enough of, troy dimino's
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national review online contributing editor and fox news contributor to roy murdoch and "new york post" columnist carol markowitz. thank you both for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> when we look at san francisco school board recall boats, it is kind of amazing in the sense we think the hard left a message the woke message will create problems for democrats in the suburbs. this is san francisco. >> this is as left-wing as it gets. during covid-19 they try to get their kids to go back to school spending time not dislike monsters like abraham lincoln off of schools but going after one of the great environmental leaders in the country from days past. even going after dianne feinstein when she was at city hall there is a confederate flag outside of city hall it fell down and she said it should be restored rather than removed.
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because of that they wanted to take dianne feinstein to be the very liberal democrat senator from california out of that school. these people are just insane they do not focus on what really matters, real issues that make a difference in people's lives for the focus on exotica. even places like san francisco say they have had it. this is a precursor to more bad news to the left. >> just to clarify et cetera find saint there is a history exhibit she wasn't she supported the flagger thought is representing something positive. carol would we look at progressive governance in big cities in america we often look in l.a. and san francisco. new york not that far behind. you personally decided not that long ago you had had enough of it. >> yes. the thing is that woke notice and progressivism is very unpopular in america.
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i know they make it seemed like everyone agrees with that. it pulls very badly. the thing is they've had control of so many of our institutions we really don't see how much people don't want this but i think the san francisco board is a great example of how there is insanity in these deep blue places. democrats brought down other democrats on people to understand it's not just cities that are going to have this awoke a problem. happening all over the country. different red areas the administration of the school is super woke pushing the very left wing agenda. i think people need to realize this is not just a blue city problem. >> to roy going back to california we have been about the san francisco school board vote down in l.a.
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similar situation with extreme left the policies i expect the l.a. district we have a new level of frustration on civil disorder, crime, homelessness, a feeling they have spent a lot of tax money to solve the problem. do you see a realignment even in california is it possible? >> i know the frustration there is enormous i am from los angeles were spent the first 18 years of my life i go back and visit does not look anything like the place i look up which is very close to paradise requirements out of control he mentioned the homeless problem not just downtown the skid row area but over near the west l.a. and brentwood all sorts of places you would not expect to see this. the third street in santa monica beautiful area ruined by vagrants. do not just limited the good
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parts are looking pretty seedy. a lot of people feel we vote for these people we give them our tax money things will only get worse when is this nonsense going to change? james: please say with this. hillary clinton firing back against the germ flow. against the germ flow. with the media's not
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>> the biggest scandals and they spied on my campaign where they spied on my campaign. >> there's no real evidence of that progress of course there is all over the place. lastly, they spied on my campaign for. >> donald trump or william barr comment durham would expose a huge corruption but is not done that. >> apparently an ongoing concerted republican and pro- trump project. to try to turn the investigation of the russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself. >> ohno which of the duma report comes out. and then nothing happens they
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move onto the next conspiracy theory. it is never going to end. guess what, people who want to believe that vs are going to believe every. >> you have any idea what they might think it may rise to a criminal offense? >> no i don't. it is obviously an item of great interest to me. what is it that any of us did that would rise to a level of criminal infraction? i just do not know. >> and democrats still downplaying their activities of the 2006 and clinton campaign and persuading the government to direct the nation's intelligence at a rap us against donald trump and his associates. and even now the justice department special counsel john dürer was laying out further allegations of the campaign to spy on trump and misrepresent facts gathered in that spine. much of the media silent or trying to make excuses for the conduct of the hillary clinton campaign. ms. clinton was quick to write up the durham indictment of
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tweeting quote trump and fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from the real ones. attorneys for michael the former clinton campaign lawyer also filing a motion on thursday to dismiss the durham prosecution. let's bring back our panel. carol, it is amazing might be the textbook study in media bias where the original allegations, a lot of people in our industry happy to take on anonymous sources within agenda, run with their stories to suggest donald trump had betrayed the country. and now that people are beginning to look at the origin and that effort it is kind of this lawyerly response among media folk pretty sure the tech company did not have the legal authority to contractual ability to spy? the level of skepticism is stunning the difference between these two cases.
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>> that is absolutely true. i think, as i tried to catch up with all the durham news this week all the stories were kind of focused on republican on that the durum report did not say it with these conservatives are saying it said. but you can see all of the news is pointed in one direction but what is really interesting to me is that, i remember as special counsel or mueller you are not allowed to question any part of what he was investigating. it's like he is of the justice department prettiest representing all of us and we may not question any part of his findings or his discoveries. but here it's okay to completely dismiss the special counsel's findings. it's exactly what you said a really immediate biased operation to dismiss everything you are learning. >> we should point out special counsel john durham of the justice department has a zone of filing in response he has not up at all affirming one 100% the
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factual background he regionally filed with the court. to roy, as you look at this another excuse that seems like some of our colleagues in that media have been a little too quick to accept at face value is the idea of the entity helping the clinton campaign in this effort was a political. which i guess washes until you look at their campaign donations and on the record statements clearly this was not in a political organization open hillary clinton. >> well that is interesting for even if they were apolitical this operation that apparently had access to the traffic side of the white house the internet traffic, their job is not hope to pass on to private party whether it's a hillary clinton campaign the national committee, people outside their job is to do something very professional, pass along information within the government not to pass it along to people in the outside and say go ensure this with the media that is not what they are supposed to do for that strikes and i'm not a lawyer strikes me as very criminal behavior. the other thing you mention is
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bias. i kind of pray for the return of media bias meaning they mediate will reports going on and can twist it anyway they want a certain of the story and a lot of others they just don't talk about it. nbc, abc nightly news for lisa four or 56 or days of it just ignored it would not talk about abc and cbs spent time talking about a rowdy airline passenger nbc about isaac been the pretend it didn't happen every. >> that is easier for them, thanks guys please stay with us. when we come back with no end in sight to america's rising prices democrats are full of excuses blaming everyone but themselves blaming everyone but themselves we will diviv ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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james: the democrats around washington are facing an inflation problem with voters is they plan for midterm elections. they've been passing the buck on what and who is to blame for surging consumer prices that it increase at highest rate in 40 years. they blamed a business agreed in corporate supply in fact the inflation problem was made in washington. according to house speaker nancy pelosi democrats policies are only making things better. >> with all of the respect in the world for my friend joe manchin it is not right to say what we are doing is contribute into inflation because it is exactly the opposite. >> now, even some democrats are calling out president biden on his handling of the inflation issue former obama economic advisor steve ratner calling the president dishonest of the "new york times" op-ed. question raised in steve's op-ed, he is basically going at the latest biden excuse which is
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blaming corporate supply chain for the inflation problem and essentially saying he is blaming the symptom not the cause. what is the cause? >> is a fast thinker biden complained about the increase in meat prices saying the meat cartel if you accept that comic he explained why does hotel prices went up lester 24%? why did use cars got 37% gasoline went up almost 50%. it's at the hotel cartel? is this a cabal of used-car salesman getting together and agreeing to conspire to increase their prices, exxon, mobil and shell are they sitting around some secret facility somewhere deciding okay, let's raise our prices? if you are to believe biden always industry get together and secretly agreed to raise prices all the same time which explains inflation for that of course is ridiculous. inflation is a result of rapid out-of-control truly dollar spending on the part of joe biden at unified democratic government that's the cause of the huge probably are suffering
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today. >> carol, from a political perspective what you think democrats need to do now? the president is kind of trying another option which is to show empathy. i feel your inflation pain, i understand how bad it is, it seems like it may be could be an upgrade from the blame business idea? but they need an answer here don't they? >> it is about time because for a long time this white house was completely dismissing the concerns of americans and saying basically they were made out. i'm of the tragedy of the treadmill that was delayed in the way the white house is in general discussing inflation is been like oh, inflation is good. it is really a good thing they are turning that around. i think it's maybe a little too late but i think americans are deeply concerned about this. it is not that it feels like prices are high prices are high up or there's a p section of the wall street journal on friday. it was about how advice from previous generations who had
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survived through inflation. one of the ideas was like instead of go out for dinner, go pick some strawberries. that is terrifying. all of my mom's stories from the soviet unit involved picking berries as an activity. i was hoping not to raise my children in that same kind of culture. not that there's anything wrong with picking berries. americans are not going to adjust to this of the white house really has to make some adjustments of their own and get us out of this. it is way past the time. >> that is right this is really beyond spin. we have too many dollars chasing too few goods. have a government that is printed historic amount of money and encourage demand and discourage supply. it seems to me, door with got to move on quickly, just anything this administration could do to make it easier and cheaper to produce things, to work and the united states, to encourage people to work in the united states seems like the direction
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we need. >> i was a couple things make the trumpet tax cuts permit that would encourage businesses to stay in the united states. stop all the ridiculous spending. and some at least in the east village of manhattan i really do look forward to picking strawberries in my neighborhood. [laughter] collects some exciting opportunities we will look forward to lots of strawberry picking ahead. and for now if got to take a break when we come back of the progressive democrat coupling the race card to deflect from tough questions will take whoho once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone.
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>> i'm a black man that is the mayor. but my story has been interpreted by people that don't look like me. how many black editorial boards? how many blacks determine how the stories are being written? and if they talk about my government? what is diversification the newsrooms? >> six weeks into a souvenir city recently elected mayor eric adams blaming meeting for some of his early challenges. scolding new york for supposedly lack of diversity among reporters and claiming they misrepresent him. this is a big apple's asked mingus surge in violent crime it has not seen in decades. let's bring our panel back in here. droid, i think you and i are about as skeptical as it gets about our colleagues in the new york media.
9:59 am
but i don't know about this media criticism, what do you think? >> i do not think the problem is a massive racism and newsrooms in newark city. the problem is massive crime on the streets of new york. he according to police attacked a woman of tight back on the sub is 44 prior arrests including 16 in one single day. that is the problem eric adams seems to address and do so immediately. six i think a lot of people in this city were looking forward to the former police officer, eric adams becoming mayor. you i guess were less optimistic pretty ended up moving to florida recently instead of waiting for the big apple turn around too. what do you make of the first six weeks of the adams administration? >> look i am rooting for new york city. no one was rooting for mayor adams to be the best mayor of new york sever had that i was but he is really perverted some of the woke stuff that actually was exactly why he was elected he was elected to not be this woke guy and yet he is using his
10:00 am
race as a shield against media criticism. you're mayor of new york city, toughen up your going long four years if you keep blaming attacks from that media on racism. because they are going to come after you. again you are the mayor of new york city of got be tougher. >> okay thanks, carol thanks to right that's it for us this week. gerry will be back next week with more in-depth interviews right here on the wall street ibly2 jack: we get behind the week ahead. jeremy grantham is predicting epic stock market crash. why he believes the super bubble is about to pop. is the fed doing enough to tame inflation? michael darda but explain what powell is doing wrong and how it affect your money. we begin with most


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