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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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dagen: two tornadoes ripping through parts of the new orleans area killing at least one person. the twisterrers are a part of a severe weather outbreak that has been slamming states across the south. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." i'm here form and friday. god help us all. evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: happening now supreme court nominee judge brown jackson, she revealed disturbing positions on crime sentencing setting off another fiery hearing. the media is bashing the gop for having the audacity to ask questions about the judge's own record. tougher sanctions on russia is expected as the president lands in russia. what law make remembers doing now with your tax money. it is sparking outrage. joining us tonight congressman greg stuebe, tim burchett, michael waltz, forbes media
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chair editor-in-chief steve forbes, congresswoman beth van duyne, national border patrol council president art del cueto and deneen borelli. we have a new report from the associated press. cities and states wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of pandemic relief money, your money on pork projects that have nothing to do with the pandemic. we're talking golf courses, key slopes, a baseball park. also this outrage after "the new york times" reported that the cdc did bury and hide covid-19 data fearing vaccines might be seen as ineffective. this is contrary to white house political goals. for all their talk of democracy, the far left now demands biden use his executive orders to circumvent congress, shut down u.s. energy. that will make gas prices skyrocket. but now the far left planning a new media blitz to get you to not blame democrats or biden for rising gas prices. a new bombshell book.
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the vice president unhappy. she doesn't like her assignments. she is a former attorney general of california. how about tackling the u.s. crime wave? why the veep won't take that on. more big stock trades by nancy pelosi's husband. the controversy over congress making big bucks trading stocks. now pelosi has insider seat on legislation. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with stocks ending the day in the red. a spike in oil prices, inflation worries as well. the president arriving in brussels for a high-stakes nato meeting. more sanctions on russia, more military assistance for ukraine is on the table. also a new potential move to try to freeze russia's $132 billion in gold reserves as the ruble
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crashes. nato says 15,000 russian troops now killed in action. russia's invasion is bogged down. fears grow russia could use chemical weapons. the president warned about that today. also today a russian official on cnn threatened nuclear weapons. now you're looking at a live shot of the senate hearing of the biden's supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. her testimony is expected to wrap up later tonight. let's get to david spunt at the justice department with the update on what happened in today's senate hearing. david. reporter: elizabeth, it has been a long couple days for judge jackson. she has about another 90 minutes or so in the hot seat. then it is on to the final confirmation vote that will ppen over the next few days. this is not only high-stakes for the judge herself but also for the president of the united states because this may be the only opportunity he has to put someone on the high court. republicans today again were not satisfied with her answers on
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crime and accused the judge of being soft on crime, specifically, child porn offenders. she once sat on the u.s. sentencing commission. then she was a district judge where she would review evidence before putting someone behind bars. listen. >> why did you sentence him just to 28 months. >> senator you're looking at the record. i don't have the record here. what i will say is that in every case i looked at the recommendations of not only the government but also the probation office, the defendant, the record, the evidence, i took into account the seriousness of the offense. reporter: she said senators failed to include the entire picture including probation recommendations and other evidence that she personally saw. other big topics, elizabeth discussed today, the affordable care act, also another big one, religious freedom. >> do you agree with me that it's important to accommodate
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the sincerely-held religious beliefs of all americans when it comes to legislation? >> religious freedom is a core foundational constitutional right. it's, it's in the first amendment of the constitution and reflects the founding fathers, understanding of this country. reporter: when asked about abortion jackson said it is settled precedent. on the crime issue, she has been endorsed by the national fraternal order of police. elizabeth. elizabeth: david spunt, thank you so much for your journalism there, good to see you. joining us now congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary and forbes media chair, editor-in-chief, steve forbes. congressman? what is the fallout of what is going on with the senate hearing for the nominee. seems like the gop scored points showing that the democrats are
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weak on crime but you know, then you have the media saying well, they're bashing the media. the media bashing the gop for daring to can questions about her record? >> well this is the same democrats that put kavanaugh through the hearings that we saw, that justice kavanaugh had to go through and the mainstream media crucifying him over things that weren't even factually accurate or factually occurred. now democrats that run the committee giving cruz and other republicans a hard time, asking this supposed justice on the supreme court questions about her record. in a question she wouldn't even answer if shedefine the definition of a woman. obviously this person has political backings, has progressive ideology, that doesn't have a ideology of what a jurist should be calling balls and strikes for what they should be, if you can't even define what the definition of a woman is. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear.
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steve, good to see you. to the congressman's point, there was real tensions between judge brown jackson and south carolina senator lindsey graham. he asked the supreme court nominee about her approach to sentencing in child pornography cases. watch this. >> senator, with respect to the computer, one of the most effective deterrents is one that i'm posed in every case and that judges across the country imposed in every case which is substantial, substantial supervision. >> i think the best way to deter people from getting on a computer and viewing thousands and hundreds and over time, maybe millions of population as a whole, of children being exploited and abused every time somebody clicks on is to put their ass in jail, not supervise their computer usage. >> senator, i wasn't talking about versus. >> okay. you know, steve, why would anybody think supervision would
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work? >> it really doesn't sadly in the real world. we know in the real world all too often people who put on parole don't show up for their checks every week or every month. we know in new york and elsewhere when people get out on bail they don't go to the courts. they go back to committing crimes. so supervision, yeah, in the real world it doesn't work, period. elizabeth: you know the hearings come to steve's point as the president is underwater in the polls. gallup again finding the majority, 54% of americans disapprove of the job he is doing. emerson, emerson college, trump leads biden 12 percentage points, 59-47. the president is rapidly losing approval. >> because of all these issues and crises that were created by the decisions in the white house from afghanistan to ukraine, to inflation to, gas prices, you name the crisis we dealt with
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the last year, that is why his numbers are the way they are, rightfully so. americans are sick and tired of the progressive left ideology driving decisions of this white house. they want american first agenda, that supports americans, american ideology and that is what americans are for. elizabeth: not answering the questions when you're asked. steve, watch more of what happened in the senate hearing. watch this. >> do you think 7.2 months is too long or too short for someone convicted of rape to be sentenced to prison? >> senator, that is policy question about, the egregious crime of rape and congress has said that the court is supposed to take into, take into account a number of factors when it sentences. >> okay. >> i can't answer in the abstract. >> judge these are not abstract. these are very concrete. added up to over 600 images, gobs of video footage of these children that you say this does not signal a heinous or
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egregious child pornography offense. help me understand that. what would you use if it is not heinous or egregious? >> it is heinous. it is egregious. what a judge has to do is determine how to sentence defendants proportionately, consistent with the elements that the statutes include with the requirements that congress has set forward. elizabeth: okay. here's the thing, steve. senator grassley is saying this too, the white house has with held, has not turned over 48,000 pages of her documents on her service as vice-chair of the sentencing commission. we've only seen, she authored only two appellate court
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decisions. we don't really know much about her legal philosophy, steve, isn't that the case? >> it certainly seems to be. as the congressman pointed out, if you don't know what a woman is, you don't know when life begins, things like that, that raises very serious questions. we've already seen around the country all these district attorneys that have gone light on crime, release criminals, and made, huge spikes everywhere in the murder rate, in violence against people, rapes and the like. and i think the american people are sick of this. they want true sentencing. they want true policing and they want public safety. period. again. >> congressman, steve's making the point americans don't want to feel railroaded into taking on, as much as her ledge, excuse me her judicial prowess has been talked about and, seems to be a solid jurist. people don't know what her background and what her legal philosophy has been,
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congressman, when it comes to the most important issue now facing many cities and states. it is rising crime. >> well the fact that the white house does not allowing 48,000 pages of documents to back up what her decisions were and that panel that she was on tells you all that you need to know. she is soft on crime. she is soft on child predators. and that is not the type of jurist we need in the u.s. supreme court. elizabeth: your final word, steve forbes? >> i think this goes to show another example of the biden administration being beholden to the far left, not to the needs of the american people. elizabeth: congressman greg stuebe, steve forbes, great to have you both on. good to see you. come back soon. we have the new media blitz that is coming. it will try to shift blame away from democrats and biden and rising gas prices. what democrats are up to next on "the evening edit". ♪ my dental health
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elizabeth: jpmorgan chase jamie dimon telling the white house create a marshall plan for more u.s. energy. it is about energy security. jamie dimon stepping up. "axios" found out.
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los angeles the first major city in the u.s. to hit an average gas price of $6 or more. hillary vaughn is in d.c. with more on this debate. hillary. reporter: good evening, liz, some democrats are using the crisis of high gas prices to their political advantage. headed into the midterms democrats want to use spiking prices at pump to push people to go green. in a memo from a democratic polling group advising democrats ahead of 2022 saying this, it is essential for democrats and clean energy advocates be on the offensive addressing voter concerns about gas prices both by fixing blame where it belongs and offering a clear path forward to voters. the memo telling dems to accuse oil companies of price gouging and making the case for expanding clean energy alternatives. it appears some democrats got the memo. >> and they set the price with what they think they can get. and that is called price
6:18 pm
gouging. >> big oil ceos are on track to spend$88 billion this year, not to produce more oil, not to address the crisis of climate, but to buy back their own stock. reporter: but oil and gas ceos told the white house they need help to ramp up production. clear the backlog of drill permits, waiting for approval and cut the environmental red tape that can delay projects for years before they can break down but the white house is reportedly looking at another way to dull the pain at the pump. instead considering sending stimulus checks to americans to help pay for gas. liz? elizabeth: thank you, hillary vaughn. joining us now congressman tim burchett. okay, congressman, you just heard hillary vaughn's report. congressman, the president is not the president of just the far left. he is the president of the united states of america, right? so when you see that the far left is now saying the battle
6:19 pm
plan is accuse oil and gas of price gouging, go after oil and gas companies, shut down, now they want the president to do an executive order to attack u.s. energy, shut down fossil fuels, ban drilling on any leased land and they're going to try to blame gas prices going up on oil and gas companies. that is their lame, lame battle plan now going forward. do you think the american people will fall for it? >> no way, no way, liz. all we need to do is point our campaign cameras at the gas pumps and that is all we really have to do. they keep saying we need this marshall plan for this. we don't need a marshall plan. we don't need eisenhower's interstate, we don't need warp speed. that was problem already there we were trying to solve it. we have already got the answer, it is called turn the spigots back on, what the trump administration did, start exporting energy like we did one year ago when we didn't have the
6:20 pm
problems. we didn't have spiking gas price. elizabeth: you know jamie dimon at jpmorgan chase, sounds like he is frustrated, his marshall plan, he wants more liquified natural gas facilities in europe. he wants reduced reliance on russian imports and investments in new technology like hydrogen, and carbon capture and said that in a meeting with the treasury secretary with 16 executives with the big oil companies. this whole far left progressive caucus, they talk a big game about democracy but sent a memo to the president, yeah, do an end-run, circumvent congress, do an executive order, basically declare a national climate emergency, basically cripple u.s. domestic energy production. that is the battle plan. that is what is going on behind the scenes in washington. >> the trouble we have is, when liberals tell us whatth going to do we ought to start believe them. joe biden said during the debate, when he tried to run to the left of bernie sanders and said he wants gas at $7 a
6:21 pm
gallon. he wants the oil industry down. that is exactly what the far left is going to do. they know the american public is aware. they know the elections will roll around. they know kevin mccarthy will be the next speaker of the house. they know he will not stand for those shenanigans. they want to jam it through executive order, hook or crook. you're exactly right, ma'am. elizabeth: is there any indication the president will do it? >> look what he has done before? whoever is running the white house i don't think it is joe biden. i think we need to talk to his chief of staff. we have a real problem there. i think he is continuously run to the left on everything. he ran as a moderate. he said i'm a moderate. every program he has put forward he has been to the far left. when these people tell us they're left-wing we ought to start believing them. that is exactly what the heck they are going to do. the american public can't stand it anymore. elizabeth: emerson college, a new poll, found four out of 10 blame the president for high gas prices. eight out of 10 say financial
6:22 pm
hardship that inflation is destroying any wage gains, wiping out their wage gains. senator john thune said to the white house, stop attacking u.s. energy. we need all the above american energy strategy. make america energy independent but the white house has got companies spending more on things like the sec forcing companies to make new disclosures about climate risks. the labor department and democrats want our retirement funds to invest for climate change. it should be about retirement income. the lack of focus, it is all over the map. again and again this is, the president runs the country. he doesn't run just the far left. >> i agree. these bankers, they're reaping what they sew. they supported a bunch of liberal candidates. they supported nancy pelosi's inner circle and they got these, the national chamber of commerce supporting these people. that is what we've got. why we're seeing what we got now. they owe these people. they got them in the white house. now they pay them back. this is how they're paying them
6:23 pm
back with these crazy programs. frankly nobody believes it. nobody thinks it is going to work. elizabeth: can be easily reversed too. congressman burchett, great to have you on. come back soon. cities and states cordtoring the associated press, that was breaking news, they're wasting and blowing hundreds of millions of dollars with your money, pandemic relief money on things that have nothing to do with the pandemic. ski slopes, governor courses and more. dr. fauci is arguing bringing back wearing masks inside. we'll dig in next on "the evening edit." >> nearly 2/3 of all americans want all government restrictions with respect to covid mandates lifted. the democrats are hearing alarm bells ahead of the 2022 midterms you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... matching your job description. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show florida congressman michael waltz. great to have you on, sir. breaking news out of the associated press, states and cities are blowing hundreds of millions of dollars of pandemic relief money, not on covid, not on badly-needed drugs or vaccines or hospital workers but on dozens of pork projects. we're talking golf courses, ski slopes, tourism, ted kennedy institute in boston, nothing to do with the pandemic. time and again the american people see how d.c. puts no strings on this money and it gets just thrown out the door. >> you're absolutely right.
6:28 pm
when the biden administration came in the door, there was a trillion dollars left unspent from the covid packages that we had the year before in 2020. and they, biden still insisted on another $2 trillion on top of the trillion unspent. so these, these localities and states are completely flush with cash. the legislation was trashed. so you're right, there is not a lot of strings to it. but still, just in the last few weeks the democrats want to pass even another $16 million to get after tests and therapeutics and other things. what republicans came back with, fine, let's claw back money sitting out there unspent or sitting out there with localities and the progressives had a fit. that is why it didn't pass with the budget. that is why they're still trying to work that out.
6:29 pm
well continue to pull the money back put it back in the treasury pay off the debt or where it will be needed for the national stockpile to get ready for a pandemic since the last three came from china. elizabeth: taxpayers are sick of politicians treating their money like atm. president sanders claiming that oil companies buying back their own stock but blowing out trillions of dollars of money wasted at the state level. we have the new white house covid czar. he is one of the most vocal advocate scats of shutdowns. dr. fauci talking about wearing masks inside again. watch this. >> i would not be surprised at all if we do see somewhat of an uptick. the extent of it, and degree to which it impacts seriousness of disease like hospitalizations and deaths remains to be seen. the reason why i say i would not
6:30 pm
be surprised to see an uptick in infections is because the same conditions that are responsible for the upticks that you're seeing in other countries, there has been a relaxation of restrictions, particularly the requirements for masks in indoor congregate settings. elizabeth: he is saying that could come back. >> yeah. does that surprise anyone? look, what happened to, if you get vaccinated it stops the spread and, vaccines would solve this problem. now they're saying that it doesn't necessarily solve the problem. it is masks, and masking indoors. that we may have to go to. what i can't for the life of me figure out, all this time is why the nih, the democrats and our federal health officials won't take into account natural immunity and won't have an "operation warp speed" for
6:31 pm
therapeutics and focus on therapeutics and then finally, why they are still to this day and fauci just did it in the clip, talking about cases even though he says i have no idea who is actually hospitalized or who is actually going to be seriously ill. elizabeth: to your point "the new york times" reported that the cdc is not publishing, not putting out large portions of the covid data it has, notably on boosters. it left out the data for 18 to 49-year-olds, group least likely to benefit from extra shots. they were worried they might be misinterpreted as being ineffective that would contribute the white house's political goals. >> right. elizabeth: we still don't have the covid data by covid risks by specific age group. we don't have the data from vaccine effectiveness and many americans fired from their jobs from serious adverse events. we're railroaded time and again by this white house, this administration, this cdc and
6:32 pm
this naid director. americans have known for two years the government has not been honest with the american people. they understand vaccine effectiveness. they want the information and they're not getting it. >> you're absolutely right. there has been a lack of transparency. there has been a lack of data even though we hear those on the left with follow the science mantra. at the end of the day it undercut their narrative. study after study is coming out now showing that the lockdowns didn't work. look, i represent florida. we had schools open five days a week in person in august of 2020 and we didn't have mass deaths amongst our teacher and students but all of those others who refused to go down that route now are in real trouble with what data is coming out but my real fear, liz, this is, this is just tragic for our future, is that the confidence in public
6:33 pm
health, the confidence in what these officials say is completely shattered and eroded. the last three pandemics have come from china and i see nothing that will stop the next one that could be even more deadly but yet we have the erosion in what they're telling juice congressman waltz, good to have you on. come back soon. a new bombshell book by "new york times" reporters, vice president harris, she is not happy with her assignments. she is upset. how about tackling crime? she is a former attorney general of california. it fits in perfectly with her background. not going to take it on though. we'll discuss it next on "the evening edit". this isn't dry food or wet food. it's not burnt brown pellets. the farmer's dog
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♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for all of this... yourself. so get allstate. elizabeth: fox news contributor deneen borelli. it is great to have you back on. this new book by "the new york times" reporters, they're saying the vice president, reporting that she does not like her assignments. she does not like the portfolio she was given. how about this? she is a former attorney general
6:38 pm
of california. why doesn't she take on crime? look what is going on with smash mob looting, robbery gangs and more in california? >> well, why doesn't she take on anything, liz? look, she was also assigned to go down to the border to address the crisis going on there. she went somewhere along the border but not where the hot spot was, not where all the things happening with illegals coming across. it is clear kamala was not ready for prime time. i never need ad book to read that. you can tell by her actions. she doesn't know what she is doing, liz, and the number of staffers left under her watch in her office, i think it is what maybe 10 so far? i don't even know, i lost count. clearly there is a problem there. the complaints from within she doesn't prepare for, she doesn't read the briefings. she doesn't prepare for meetings. then when she makes a fool of herself, she belittles and
6:39 pm
blames others. she is not the problem evidently what she thinks. elizabeth: i hear you. the vice president apparently unhappy according to this book with the border czar title. she is saying wait a second, i don't want the title. my assign meant is the northern triangle, central america, not the border. >> she needs to realize the fact she is a vice president and there is a significant, important role with that you have to also remember, liz, then candidate biden want ad black liberal running mate. she through up blocks questioning anything about kamala, making it about sexism, making it about racism. instead of telling americans where she stands on issues, how she would work as a vice president, that was something left off the docket there for americans to know
6:40 pm
about. this is what we're stuck with right now. elizabeth: we have new video of smash-and-grab burglars making off with a million dollars of stolen goods in jewelry store from beverly hills. wow, look at that. hbo's bill maher, deneen, he is basically on the record now saying kamala harris home state of california it is a paralyzed wreck and a mess. watch this. >> california has got to get its arms around this issue. all the regulations that -- i mean it's, it, i don't know if it is orwellian or kafkaesque or very strange. [bleep] is what so many people say about so many things out there. eventually what they will say [bleep] it to the democratic party this is achilles' heel to this party that they have got to come to terms with. elizabeth: talking about hyperregulation and bureaucratic
6:41 pm
wonderland of messes in california. >> well it is a nightmare, it is unfortunate because california is a beautiful state but unfortunately with the radicals running the state, soft on crime and defund the police and you have a homeless crisis, you have companies that are fleeing the state because of high taxes and the crime and all the other concerns that are taking place, it is terrible. elizabeth: we hear you, deneen. let's talk about this, the media being called out for its unfair coverage of hearings of judge brown jackson and amy coney barrett. watch this. >> such a great day for history to be made, particularly with somebody with the credentials of judge ketanji brown jackson. >> the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court, which could bring potential setbacks on women's rights. >> and she is the candidate of the base. she is the full trump program. >> judge ketanji brown jackson,
6:42 pm
president joe biden's overwhelmingly qualified pick. >> gorsuch, kavanaugh, do a hail mary with the real right-wing lunatic. >> make the sense the right will come for criminal justice reform. that is the only thing they can do this woman is so -- >> unasailable. >> she is unassailable. elizabeth: your reaction? >> it is ridiculous from what i've seen and read. the woman has not answered a lot of the questions. she somehow able to evade them which i find astonishing. we need to really know where she stands. from what i know there is a radical lib and things she supports and promotes are very concerning and she should not be on the supreme court. elizabeth: deneen borelli, always great to have you on. come back soon. you're a great writer too. >> thanks. elizabeth: more big stock trades by nancy pelosi's husband adding fire to the controversy with the congressman making big bucks
6:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show congressman beth van duyne from house transportation. it is good to have you back on. nancy pelosi, new financial disclosures, her husband just made a big investing move, making big bucks off of a stock of tesla, potentially half a million dollars. exercised 25 call options to tesla stock. the stock popped after the government announced infrastructure pending -- spending and more. this is days after nancy pelosi championed that spending. can you talk about this? >> this goes beyond insider trading. you have a woman who is in a position to affect directly an industry with policies, laws, tax exemptions, with the money spent on infrastructure for electric vehicles. she is directly, she and her husband are directly benefiting. you know normal working families
6:48 pm
don't have the kind of influence, don't have the ability to affect policy, don't have the ability to write laws that will hurt one competitor in an industry while benefiting another and that is exactly what we're seeing in congress right now. elizabeth: tesla shares have gone up 10% since nancy pelosi's husband bought the call options. they ricochet around. she made other moves and the timing of her husband's stock trades have been called into question. it is not the first time he placed bets on big tech stocks, right? he made millions of dollars of option contracts, alphabet, google, apple, walt disney. here is the question. nancy pelosi has been around i think since right after the reagan administration. how long has this been going on with the pelosi family making money with stock trading on the side? how long do you think it has been going on? >> she is one of the richest members in congress. i believe her net value is over
6:49 pm
$115 million. it has been going on for quite some time. you're right, she finished advocating championing a bill, a spending bill that put tons money into electric vehicles. she is telling people to buy teslas. did it at same time demonizing the oil and gas industry. obviously that will directly have a net effect on what is happening with electric vehicles, specifically with tesla. then her husband buys those shares. we have to have a lot more transparency. we need to update our ethics laws to prevent this from happening in the future. how long has it been happening for nancy pelosi? i don't know but the fact she is one of the richest members of congress and she has been there for decades. elizabeth: now the speaker, critics are saying, has a vested interest in the success of tesla. you know government policies can really affect publicly-traded companies like tesla. there is that conflict of interest coming up again and
6:50 pm
again and dismisses it, takes great umbrage if you ask any questions about it. >> of course she does. she is picking winners and losers. i always fought against that. the government should not be in the position of picking winners and losers. allow the market to go do that. allow innovation from companies be able to do that. not government intervention. you're seeing direct government intervention when they're demonizing one industry and they're promoting and spending hundreds of billions of dollars to promote another one that this congresswoman is getting direct benefit from. and we need to stop this. again there needs to be much more transparency in it. but this goes beyond insider trading. elizabeth: okay. >> this is a direct function of policy making and influence to kill or create an industry and it's wrong. elizabeth: congresswoman van duyne, good to see you. come back soon. more evidence that human smugglers are getting more weaponized as biden is about to weaken a trump border policy. a big arrest of multiple armed
6:51 pm
human smugglers at the border in arizona. we're digging in next on "the evening edit." >> if i was in the white house press room i would ask her one question, can you please tell me one thing this administration has done to secure the border or slow the flow? because she would look at you dumb faced because they have done nothing. coln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it shoot off like a rocket? or float off into the clouds? daddy! or maybe it takes on a life all its own. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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joining us now, national border patrol council vice president art dell cueto is back with us. we've been covering this story, border patrol agents in the tucson sector arrested multiple armed human smugglers trying to move illegal for crossers into the u.s. interior. we've been talking to border control saying more and more we know they've been getting more urbanized and more militarized but they are ramping up their weaponry as the white house is about to weaken a trump biden policy title 42. >> it's because the cartel have become empowered and with the cartel, they worked hand-in-hand with human smugglers. we've seen lawlessness down here. every day you turn on local news, there's vehicles running away from border patrol agents, there's rollovers and constantly individuals being apprehended
6:56 pm
carrying different numerous weapons. it's complete lawlessness, it's what this administration created. on a side note, if you are seeing those individuals being apprehended in the field go hands-on with the agents and the news talk about it locally, public information officers talk about it within the agency but what they failed to say is how many individuals are getting prosecuted, how many are facing true consequences for breaking our laws? true consequences for putting lives on the line. they won't give you the answer because it's very minimal. liz: important points, it's in line with what the federal judge ruled saying the white house did write the law for ice to pick and choose which illegal immigrants can be arrested or
6:57 pm
deported. that was a victory for gop attorneys general from arizona and ohio and montana. district judge michael newlin issued that injunction so the law says aliens are not to be criminals should be removed but the white house is telling ice you got to pick and choose so that will make the decisions on the fly. >> you can't and baddest part of the problem you have individuals setting up the rules we don't know it's going on, they have not been done and haven't seen much they are constantly apprehending individuals from all over the world unless they've omitted a crime in the u.s. or somewhere within the database, you don't know so what's happening is you have individuals who may have committed heinous crimes in their own country and now getting released in the u.s. because they are claiming sup type of asylum, bear being lost in the shadows and no one knows their intentions but they are released into the u.s. you have to enforce the laws on
6:58 pm
every individual coming across. that's why the remain in mexico program under president trump is something that worked and now under the current administration we are having complete lawlessness and criminals are being released into the united states and it's going to continue unless somebody has the political will to want to do something about it and you know the individuals who are going to be harmed and are being harmed are people in america from both sides of the aisle in fact where the problem remains. liz: and to your points, what the judge was saying in the other ruling, basically the state incurs the cost of the federal government decisions so it's unfair to the state to put the burden on the state but the president ordered only illegal aliens deemed a safety threat or national security threat could be arrested and deported by ice ages and you look at the data, the arrest of illegal aliens plummeted 60%, deportation down
6:59 pm
80%. white house arrested 48% fewer convicted criminal illegal aliens, 63% fewer deportations criminal illegal aliens, it's beyond soft on border. >> and a lot is because the cartel know what they are doing so the most part they will send an area and saturate it in bell agents will gravitate to the area and will go through proceedings and now you're leaving gaps so who is coming across? why other prosecutions on criminals down? the real remodels are getting through with guideways getaways, there the failed policies of this administration. liz: now the supreme court nominee is saying she's ruling against the trump white house doing faster deportations, judge brown jackson so your final word on what we will see at the border in coming months?
7:00 pm
>> unless we have real political will to stop criminals from entering, just the at the next couple months, we will see it for years and an increase and troop criminals entering the country and not even knowing where they are. liz: that is quite the warning. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us, thank you for watching. hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: hello, russian military getting beaten like a dust rob according to some reports. vladimir putin is a international pariah, i don't know why i got that. russian economy has completely stopped the how are they responding to this historic disaster by threatening to blow up the planet? according to the latest numbers, 15000 russian troops had been killed in just a month. he ukrainians destroyed as many as 1000 russian tanks and


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