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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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birthday, will. pete: have a great sunday. go to church. rachel: bye, everybody. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. letdown in ukraine, president zelenskyy's aides say he is disappointed by the inaction of nato after an emergency meeting does not yield air cover for ukraine, and russia's war on ukraine enters a second month. coming up, the two brothers fighting until the bitter edge, live with the mayor of kyiv and
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his brother, vladimir and vial lay -- vitali klitschko will join me live. then, the call to end vladimir putin's bloodshed herald round the world. -- heard round the world. >> this man cannot remain in power. maria: but the white house tries to clean up biden's rhetoric saying he did not mean what he said. he is not calling for regime change, and the kremlin responds this morning. what did the president mean, and how did it get into his speech in the first place? coming up, florida congressman michael waltzing on the foreign policy that keeps on disappointing. then, florida senator marco rubio on the china threat, responding to china's support of russia. from plus, who is this in charge and what is the point? the white house keeps contradicting the president. >> let's get something straight. you remember if you covered me from the very beginning, i did not say that, in fact, the
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sanctions would deter him. sanctions never deter. >> the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. maria: coming up, the latest out of the war, plus show me your budget, show me your values. president biden is going to be releasing next year's budget tomorrow morning. will it show his values or those of the progressive left? if wyoming senator john barrasso on the left's new idea of sending out checks to anybody paying sky high prices for gasoline as the nation's debt exceeds $30 trillion and the securities and exchange commission comes up with new rules for public companies on climate change. all that right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning,
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con denial nation but no real -- condemnation but no real action, that is the feeling this ukraine this morning as president zelenskyy's aides say they are disappointed by the nato meeting as russian forces inch ever closer to the capital of ukraine. joining me right now the two brothers fighting until the bitter end, the leader of kyiv and his brother, vladimir and vitali klitschko join me live in kyiv. gentlemen, it is good to have you both here. thank you so much for being here. >> yes, hello. >> hi, everybody. maria: mayor, i want to kick things off with you. give us a sense of what's happening on the ground right now, how vulnerable is the capital of ukraine, kyiv, right now? if. >> the change, it change every day, very bad right now.
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air raids, right now -- everywhere in the streets and kyiv prepare to defend our city. and last 24 hours was pretty quiet compared to last week. last night we didn't have the rockets attack, and that -- we don't see every day, listen every day the sirens, warning siren regarding the signal for citizens to go to the bunkers. maria: yeah. >> but we're listening explosion because satellite city, irpin, is quiet right now. there's a huge battle there and explosion --
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[inaudible] maria: let me get your reaction to the meeting, the emergency nato meeting. vladimir, you were on with me just a week and a half ago, and you were stressing the need for air power. i know that president zelenskyy wanted a no-fly zone, you did not get that. what is your reaction to what you heard from global leaders in that emergency nato summit? >> obviously, we need military equipment, supplies because only this way welcome defend and protect the civilians. the target is not just the capital, the city, the target is, unfortunately, the civilians, the thousands of them are dead by now. and who knows, the longer the war goes, the more civilians gonna lose their life. so whatever the case, we need to protect our sky. if you don't give us no-fly zone, we're going to take care of ourselves, just give us defensive weapons.
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>> lost 80 buildings already destroyed from russian aggressors and almost 300 people died in our hometown. very important for every civilianing in our hometown. >> and defensive weapons, anti-aircraft warfare would be great. maria: well, what did you, what did you take away, mr. mayor, from president biden on the world stage this past week? he was very reluctant to send those mig jets. he does not want to entangle the united states and the nato partners if this war. in this war. >> weapons right now is main point. ukraine soldiers show that -- everybody surprised how ukrainians' army stay one of the powerful army, strongest armies
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in the world, russian army. and because russian army, they're paid, receive the money, but ukrainian soldiers fighting in defense families, children in our homes. it's huge difference. but we need the weapons. we need support with the weapons because weapons question is weighing priority right now for ukrainian soldier, for our army. we ready to fly, but we need much more support. maria: mr. mayor, how are you doing this? we see the ukrainian forces on display with incredible courage in many areas you seem to be winning this, even with your hands tied behind your back without that air cover. tell me how you're managing this. you are, certainly, showing the world the courage and strength on display in ukraine right now.
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>> it's -- situation is settled but not critical. we see how many forces right now come to targets. target, of course, is capital of ukraine, and we defend, defend our city. situation is settled, and i talk to the military forces regarding the -- but our priority right now to give the service for all our citizens. right now we have threat of more than one million citizens in capital of ukraine, and we have to do services, electricity, heating, water and the transportation, private participation work well, but it's very important to keep slowly to bring the normal life
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to the people. it's very important. and also very important to save lives for people. maria: you know, you make a very important point in terms of water. let me ask you more about that, vladimir p. do the people of ukraine have enough food, water, supplies? are there shortages? tell me about the people on the ground in ukraine. >> the situation is critical. the country, the country's -- are not filling up because the economy done nothing. we have war in swire country -- entire country, so the business is down. it's never enough. we need supplies, medical supplies, we need weapons supply, we need any other supply and any support because, as i said, our economy's down to nothing. and this is crucially importanting with our allies and the support will continue coming because this war might last
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longer than we think. >> and also we don't know how long the war. and we have reserve for weeks, for couple weeks, but we don't know how long we have to defend our country for the war. maria: the russians are not giving us any accurate information in terms of their soldiers having been taken down. what can you tell us about the russian soldiers which i think much of the world had high expectations for but have seen a harsh reality on the ground as ukrainian forces have been fighting hard. how many russians have been killed in this, do you think? >> well, we cannot count. there is no such thing right now to count. we gonna know after the war is going to be over. you know, there is beginning of it and end to it.
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but what is happening now, the resilience of the ukrainians, the unity, the will, not to forget our effort, ukrainian effort says we are going to lay down our souls and bodies for our freedom. so we're fighting for our children, our families and our freedom. russian soldiers are fighting because the command and because of the financial support probably. and that's the difference between one of the strongest army and our army. we're fighting for our freedom and our existence, literal existence, because what russian army's doing to the civilian world, to the civilians of ukraine is a genocide. maria: yeah. and final word from if you both, you just a minute ago, vladimir, said you think this war is going to go on much longer than anyone expected. what are you sayingsome how long could this war go on? >> we talking to many experts in
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the world, nobody can give the answer. it's actually war starting from the person who sit in moscow, and he's actually decide. but everything defend from ukrainian soldier, from ukrainian citizen, we do it, everything in our power to top the war as soon as possible. very important messages what it tells the russians, go away are from our country. but to be honest, it can be months, we hope for couple of months, not longer. nobody knows, and that's why we have to be prepared for any scenario, any situation. >> i have an answer how long it's going to go. as long as you're going to still have trading with russia and you're going to trade with russia, this war's going to go on. you have to choke russian
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economy. you have to isolate are russia economically. you have to stop trading. because every cent that russia's getting they're using for weapons to kill the civilians. >> and this money have blood, ukrainian blood. >> the soon or you stop the trade with russia economically and the sooner you isolate and help us, the sooner the war is going to come to an end. maria: well,ing the white house this morning is walking back a comment that joe biden made, the president of the united states said this man cannot stay in power any longer, but the white house says he was not saying he wants regime change. your reaction, very quickly, as we conclude. >> you know, the reaction of all the ukrainians is in the work. whatever it takes, literally, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. maria: okay. we will leave it there.
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vitaly, wladimir klitschko, we are serving you our best and we wish you safety. thank you, gentlemen, live in the middle of a war on ukraine. the two gentlemen fighting until the end in kyiv. vitaly and wladimir klitschko. coming up, senator john barrasso on what to expect from joe biden's response and the budget to be released tomorrow, how it could affect an already sky-high inflation rate. we'll be right back. ♪ if you invest in the s&p 500 your portfolio may be too concentrated in big companies. this can leave it imbalanced and exposed when performance varies. invesco's s&p 500 equal weight etf, rsp, is spread equally across the s&p 500, which reduces potential concentration risk and helps keep your portfolio in balance. stay in balance with invesco's rsp.
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♪ maria: welcome back. president biden will release his 2023 budget tomorrow. it is expected to include higher taxes on the wealthiest americans partly to pay for biden's climate change agenda. last week's budget saw spending fail to keep up with the sky-high rate of inflation, and that resulted in an actual decline in spending for homeland
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security and defense. as the president has said, prioritize -- instead, prioritize spending on climate change. with the poll numbers at record lows and inflation at record highs, will the president's budget pivot to focus more on the priorities of the american people? joining me right now with what to expect is wyoming senator john barrasso. senator, it's always a pleasure to see you with. i want to ask you your thoughts on the budget, on what you're expecting, but first, give me your reaction to what you just heard from the if klitschko brothers on the ground in kyivful they are still disappointed with nato's response to the attack by russia on ukraine. >> ukraine can win, we just immediate to give them the toolm the tools they need. i mow the brothers. the people are putting on a heroic fight. vladimir putin underestimated the will and the fighting capacity of the people of ukraine, and he overestimated his own troops. regrettably, joe biden made the same mistake.
6:19 pm
we need to get them everything they need. we have a bipartisan group in the senate, in the house that are trying to light a fire under the biden administration to say move faster, give them what they need. if they know how in ukraine to fly if it, to fire it, anything, whether it's drones, migs, defense systems to shoot down what russia is trying to shoot in toward ukraine, give it to them, give it to them now, get moving. maria: well, i mean, the main message of those brothers was stop trading with russia, that this war will go on as long as the world continues to trade with russia. at the last check, russia's still in the swift system when dealing with oil and gas transactions. there is still oil being bought from russia. i mean, when is this going to end? is there any vision that the administration can lay out where we will actually see russia take a hit and stop the bloodshedsom?
6:20 pm
>> russia's still getting ab $5-7 billion a year for russian energy and, maria, we in the united states are still buying offrain yum from russia. -- uranium from russia. we need to stop the whole thing. the sanctions so far have hurt russia, but they've not been crippling. we need to go further. there are ways to do it, and you have to shut down russia's sale of energy to places around the world. maria: let me move on to the budget and get your expectations. let's talk about defense. in a new world where even president biden last week said that there's a new world order, are we looking at higher defense spending? are we looking at higher spending on protecting the homeland? what are you expecting from biden's budget tomorrow? is. >> well, i'm expecting a joe biden budget that is still living in the past. that's how the president is on these issues. i expect the budget is going to be more debt on arrival, and it
6:21 pm
is going to be dead on arrival. remember, last year he came out with a budget that was a pipe dream of liberal activism and climate extremism. and as you pointed out, last year's budget had actually didn't even keep up with inflation on homeland security or on defense. we've been living for a year with tax and spending democrat policies, and that's why we now have 40% -- a 40-year high in inflation in this country. things need to change. i expect a budget, though, that's going to be more reflective of the old liberal song book than it is of the needs of america in terms of energy security and economic security because those two are national security. maria: so no privet -- pivot, is what you're expecting. senator, we've got to drill down on this further. let's take a short break and then go specifically into what kind of spending you're expecting and where those higher taxes will be allocated in this climate change agenda. i'm talking with senator john i'm talking with senator john barrasso, and we'll be right
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maria: welcome back. i am back with wyoming senator john barrasso. senator, you just mentioned the bill that you introduced last week. why are we still buying uranium from from russia? >> well, we shouldn't be. vladimir putin uses energy as a weapon and has undermined the markets around the world for uranium, so he controls so much of it because of the prices. we have an abundance of uranium in the united states. we need to use it. in wyoming we have a great amount of it. nuclear power is an important part of our electric grid, about 20% of the energy we have here is from nuclear power. it is carbon-free energy. we need to immediately, immediately cut off the
6:26 pm
importation of uranium from russia. that cuts off their money. we cannot be dependent, maria, on anybody. we need to get more self-sufficient as a nation whether it's uranium from russia, whether it's critical minerals and meld sins from china, whether -- medicines, whether it's opec, we cannot let them hold a knife to our throat. it's so critical for our own national security, safety and our future. maria: and, of course, the shortage of so many supplies have sent inflation spiking, oil pices spiking. president biden -- oil prices. president biden keeps blaming vladimir putin for the increase in gasoline prices as we see the numbers near record highs this morning. i want to show you a timeline that we have put together in terms of inflation, the inflation timeline begins back in january 2021 when joe biden first took office. the inflation rate was at 1.4%. it's at 7.9% right now. and, of course, in march of 2021 the inflation rate spikedded to
6:27 pm
2.6% when biden signed the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill into law, and by july of 2021 the democrats were proposing even more spending. they wanted a bill that many say was actually $5 trillion. they said it was a $3.9 trillion budget plan, and that sent the inflation rate i up to 4.5%. and then fast forward to october of 2021 with biden signing the infrastructure package, and the inflation rate was at 6.8%. and so, yes, the war in ukraine added to it taking the inflation rate up to 7.9%, but we know that inflation was bubbling up throughout biden's presidency and throughout his first year in office. what is the answer to getting this inflation off of the table for american families who are spending all of their disposable income on much-needed goods? >> well, a lot of it is a republican senate and a republican house to stop this reckless spending by this administration. joe biden cannot hide from the
6:28 pm
fact that he is the president of high gas prices. when he came into office, gas was affordable, and we were energy independent. fast forward 14 months, as you just showed, we are mow dependent on foreign sources -- now dependent on foreign sources of energy, and if you want to fill up your tank, you empty your wallet. these are the biden policies of that have done this, and the democrats' answer is send checks out. energy prices are more than $4 a gallon, send people, send people money. answer -- that's going to make inflation worse, and we're at a 40-year high. the answer is 70% of the americans see this, it's more oil and gas development in this country and less focus on this climate extreme agenda. we have the energy in the ground here, we need to get it out. the president needs to announce that we're going to produce more, we're going to help our european allies. europe gets it. europe sees the facting that they made a terrible mistake by
6:29 pm
becoming dependent on their enemies for energy. biden is sleepwalking, he's continuing to march to the tune of the liberal elites on this. we saw it again over the weekend. we need to be more independent of any sources. we need to be self-sufficient energy wise. we have it, we've got to get it out of the ground, and it's the policies of this administration that has been stopping us. maria: well, some of the answers by some of your colleagues in the senate are more money sent to people, right in you've got a handful of senators who say, well, the answer to help american families is to send them checks, right? >> well, that's right. you have some of these folks who are worried about their re-election, and they should be worried because their policies have really hurt american families. people are feeling the stranglehold around their quality of life. they can't keep up. maria: okay. >> and people believe that this administration and the democrats really are out of step, and they
6:30 pm
don't like it. they think joe biden isn't up to speed on where we ought to be, the policies are wrong. we have american energy, we need to use it. there are things we can do to get inflation under control and stop the reckless spending. maria: yeah. >> stopping the policies of this administration, and it's using the resources we have, and that's more american energy. maria: yeah. real quick, senator, before you go, will you be voting for ketanji brown jackson? do you think she gets through on the supreme court? >> i'm a no vote on her. joe biden had an opportunity to put forth a mainstream nominee, instead he once again listened to the voices of the liberal left as he does with so many of his appointees. remember -- hard. maria: okay. maria: okay. >> -- chuck schumer
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way it would twist or turn, but
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given the past history and what they've been saying up to this point. maria: senator, you've also been very concerned about cyber attacks. you talked about the threat of a cyber attack for years back in march of 20 you told us that -- 2020 you told us that cyber warfare was the new battlefield for the 21st century. tell me about the potential for cyber attacks on our banking, technology, energy sectors. how concerned should we be? hoping that russia will get blamed for it in the process. now, that said, i will tell you that if you look at the situation today, putin has to change the battlefield conditions at this point. he has to regain momentum, okay? he's not going to be able to do that diplomatically, he can't do that economically or through
6:40 pm
convention -- his military is stuck in a quagmire. they're stuck, they're stalled. and so how can he escalate? he has a handful of options. chemical and biological, cyber's another option. an attack against the united states, against one of our companies, they'll say, look, we have access to these companies, these industries. obviously, the ones i keep an eye on are telecommunications, banking and energy, oil and gas companies, because those are the ones that would most hurt the country. that would be his equivalent of sanctions against the u.s. economy. maria: what's your take on this partnership between china and russia? the white house still has not told us what, quote-unquote, consequences joe biden put on the table for xi jinping during that phone call. have you been briefed on the phone call between joe biden if xi jinping? and what are the consequences -- >> i have notment yeah, i have not. first of all, that's the important thing we have to say is all this -- i read some articles last week and columns
6:41 pm
about china's in a tough spot. china's already decided, okay? xi jinping and china are 100% on russia's side. they're going to try to hide it because it hurts their view around the world, how people see them, but they're 100% on russia's side, and i understand why. number one, they figure as long as russia is strong or strong enough, it distracts us from focusing on china. and the second it's because they view putin and china and russia as co-combatants, and that sends their partners in this broader conflict. as far as buying oil and gas from them, sure, especially now that you can buy it at a discount around the world because many oil and gas traders are reluctant to touch russian oil and gas, i think china's going to try to create an alternative to the swift system to allow banking to transact occur electronically. so we should be sanctioning every one of these chinese
6:42 pm
entities that does business with putin. simple as that. we need to announce if any chinese company or entity that is helping russia evade sanctions will also be sanctioned. maria: yeah. well, we're not though, right? i mean, you know, we still see chinese companies in all of those investment portfolios across the country, the administration canceled the china initiative where the doj was investigating intellectual property theft. last month you said despite beijing's aggression against taiwan, you do not expect xi to invade taiwan anytime soon. do you stand by that? and has biden's weakness changed things? because with, look, at a time that the u.s. should be, some say, decoupling from china, it seems that this administration is easing all of the trump era tariffs on chinese goods and easing some of the tough stance that the trump administration had on china. >> well, first of all, what i said about taiwan is i don't think he's going to invade in the next six months, but i don't
6:43 pm
think we finish this decade without china making a move. i think certainly by the middle part of this decade, in the next few years, they're going to be doing something, and i'd watch closely in october, november of this year, they said they're going to announce a new taiwan point it's very clear this is a key part of his personal legacy. taiwan is to china what ukraine is to putin. their preference is for taiwan just to surrender to say, look, america's not going to do anything about it, we might as well surrender and negotiate the terms by which we fall under your umbrella. that, i think, is his priority. the biden administration is schizophrenic about china because on the one hand they talk about them being an adversary, a competitor, and on the other you've got people obsessed with the idea of cutting some green new global deal with china to get their cooperation on, you know, green energy and climate change and so forth. and here's the one thing they don't tell you, all those batteries, all the min minerals that go into those batteries,
6:44 pm
rare earth minerals, solar panel, all these things that john kerry fantasizes about, it all comes from china. they've got to make our national security a priority ahead of that crazy stuff. maria: yeah, it's a great point, and it's a point to be made. senator, it's great to see you this weekend. thanks very much. >> thanks for having me on. maria: all right. senator marco rubio joining us. senator marco rubio joining us. we'll be right back. senator marco rubio joining us. we'll be right back. senator marco rubio joining us. we'll be right back. senator marco rubio joining us. we'll be right back. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we will have a different future, brighter future, rooted in decency and dignity, freedom and possibilities. for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. maria: that was president biden in poland on saturday with president andres duda, members of the parliament and nearly 1,000 attendees appearing to call for putin to step down.
6:48 pm
the white house later stepped that back saying the president was not calling for regime change. if joining me now is florida congressman michael waltz, former green beret commander and author of the new children's book, "brave." congressman, thanks very much for being here. should biden be, in fact, calling for regime change? the white house says that's not what he meant. >> yeah. thank you, maria, and very quickly, all of the proceeds from the children's book, which will be about national service and serving your country, "brave," will go to ukraine and are go if to charities helping ukraine. you know, on biden's comment, maria, i actually agree with him. i think this murderous attack will continue as long as putin's in charge, but the change needs to come from internal to russia, needs to come from the russian people. my problem with the president intimating or implying that that it's the united states or the west that wants to cause regime
6:49 pm
change is twofold. one, it feeds into putin's propaganda machine. he has long said the united states and nato aims to take the russian government out and to keep russia weak. i guarantee you he is pumping that propaganda into his people right now and saying, see, i told you, this is why you have to rally around me. and it could actually backfire to make putin stronger internally. and then, number two, look, maria, for deterrence to work the commander in chief has to be credible. in the kind of flip-flopping, he says one thing and then the white house has to clean it up, damages his credibility, and the commander in chief has to be taken seriously. i don't think he's takingen seriously -- taken seriously right now. when you're on the international stage, the entire world is watching, and you make gaffes talking about america's boots on ground in ukraine, which he did, and the white house had to clean are it up, and then you imply we're pushing for a regime change in moscow, and the white house has to clean it up on top of nord stream 2, on top of so
6:50 pm
many other things, it's damaging to our ability to deter putin because the commander in chief is not taken seriously. maria: well, you are the first green beret elected to congress. tell me about the training of the ukrainians by the green beret commanders and our help in terms of the training there. has it made a significant difference as we watch the courage on display there? we heard from the klitschko brothers earlier in the show. >> well, it has. green berets have been training the ukrainians since they were first invaded by russia, since 2014. and i think that seven, eight years of training, we're seeing it, it's paying off. we specialize in urban warfare, we specialize in partisan resistance. maria, we have green berets and other special operators training in 60-70 countries around the world at any given time right now as we speak, and that's what green berets specialize in, is
6:51 pm
helping -- it's guerrilla warfare and helping local militaries and militias fight for their freedoms. that's why their motto is to free the oppressed. it's what we've been doing for decades, and it's paying off. maria: you told me about two specific systems that ukraine needs right now in order to win. let's take a break, and i want you to tell me about those two military systems. and then we'll discuss enriching iran. could this be one of biden's most dangerous plans yet? we're talking with michael waltz. waltz. we'll be right this is remington. he's a member of the family, for sure. we always fed him kibble it just seemed like the thing to do. but he was getting picky, and we started noticing some allergy symptoms. we heard about the farmer's dog and it was a complete transformation. his allergies were going away and he just had amazing energy. it's a no-brainer that remi should have the best nutritious and delicious food possible. i'm investing in my dog's health and happiness. ♪♪
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6:55 pm
unirain yum, from iran as part of an iran deep. your reaction. >> well -- [laughter] maria, it's only been seven months since afghanistan and that debacle, now we're in this, in the worst crisis since world war ii in ukraine and russia, and we're about to shoot ourselves in the foot and enter into a crisis in the middle east. number one, if iran gets a bomb, saudi arabia, turkey and the rest of the middle east will want one as well. we'll have an arms race in the middle east. number two, we're already seeing iran's proxy, the houthis out of yemen, attack global oil supplies. they just launched a missile yesterday into a refinery in saudi arabia. so literally as we're about to unleash billions by lifting sanctions that'll flow into iran, it's going to flow right out of tehran, out to its terrorist proxies that are then attacking iran's competitors in
6:56 pm
terms of oil to force the world to buy more iranian oil. and the second place that money is going to go will be to moscow. iran will once again, just as it did in 2015-2016 with the first iran deal -- go on a buying spree and buy those s-300 and s-400 air defense systems that future israeli or american pilots may have to deal with. it is going to light the region on fire. that's why the emirates, the saudis and others won't with even return the president's phone calls right now and are moving closer to china. we've gone from middle east peace if deals on the white house lawn 18 months ago to now this where we have the president seen fawning all over the iranians. there's even discussion, maria, of comparing the palestinians fighting back against israel and that anti-semitic argument, and comparing them to the bravery of ukrainians. it's just, it's almost hard to believe. maria: and i know you've been watching the support that china
6:57 pm
has been giving. who will replace some of the financial services companies that pulled out of russia? it will be china. >> it's going to -- china bank, and they're going to be buying up all of russia's critical minerals and oil and gas. china will be sponger at the end of -- stronger at the end of this. maria: congressman, thank you. good to see you this morning, michael waltz. that'll do it for if you invest in the s&p 500 your portfolio may be too concentrated in big companies. this can leave it imbalanced and exposed when performance varies. invesco's s&p 500 equal weight etf, rsp, is spread equally across the s&p 500, which reduces potential concentration risk and helps keep your portfolio in balance. stay in balance with invesco's rsp.
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>> hello everyone. welcome to kudlow i am larry kudlow as we speak president biden is on a plane to brussels for an incredibly important nato meeting and the g7 meeting to do with the russian war in ukraine for this incredibly important set of beatings joe biden has to be an incredibly strong american president. lastly


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