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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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first black woman to serve on the supreme court. with three republicans joining democrats to vote in favor of her confirmation. president biden, vice president harris, and judge jackson will deliver remarks from the white house tomorrow. well that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now critics slamming new gaffs from both the president and now barack obama. we've got them. trump now says putin, quote, overplayed his hand in ukraine. also biden inflation. videos surfaces of biden campaigning to quote, jail fossil fuel executives. with us tonight senator dan sullivan, congressman greg stuebe, fox news contributor dr. marc siegel, fraternal order of police national vice president, he is joe gym mauled did i. "daily caller" editorial director vince colanese and
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texas ag ken paxton. calls grow for a special counsel. for details surface on biden's ties to hunter biden's deals. a whistle-blower claims to have a treasure trove of never-before-seen emails, videos and photos from hunter's laptop. questions grow after a deep dive into government documents on obama's role in hillary trump-russia collusion scandal. dr. fauci blames trump for covid deaths in a new interview. the explosion sieve reason why. botched lockdowns ignite. a powerful new political force, angry moms. this, crime again rising. even minority groups sounding the alarm after the far left defund police push crashes the number of cops on the beat. cofounder of black lives matter lashing out at the media for exposing a 6 million-dollar mansion bought with charitable donations. tries to claim it is racist. the law is color-blind. it is against the law to use donations for your personal benefit.
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the texas governor abbott, he says he will send illegal border-crossers to d.c. that governor desantis plans to send them to biden's home state of delaware. not in my backyard democrats lamely calls all of this a publicity stunt. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: take a check of your balances in your portfolios, stocks ending in the green today. watch this, bank of america is joining deutsche bank, they're warning yes, a recession could come. the dow transport average fell moo bear market territory. that is warning sign. we have this, russian forces withdrawn from capital of ukraine and kyiv and chernihiv, into the donbas region. that is the warning coming out of the pentagon reports coming in putin still wants all of ukraine.
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we have action in d.c. congress voted to strip russia of the most-favored nation trade status, ban its energy. president signed an executive order on that. treasury secretary janet yellen says russia should be kicked out of the g20. is white house energy front and center. edward lawrence has more in washington. reporter: white house finally acknowledging prices are too high with the yield curve inverted. many economists are concerned we are headed for recession. white house press secretary jen psaki telling me costs continuing to impact people across the country. >> the president will look for every way he can lower cost for the american people, whether that is many fayly fix, that he announced with former president obama earlier this weeks or the announcement about the pause on student loan payments. reporter: look for every way except turning to american oil producers. the administration announcing release of another 60 million of barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve. on top of releasing one million barrels a day, in coordination with the international energy
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agency releasing tens of millions of more oil from their reserves. these are coming from reserves, not encouraging new production. that is the problem for representative steve scalise. >> i went and showed all of the mountains of regulations that joe biden has added that makes it almost impossible to produce energy in america right now. you can't get new leases. you can't even pursue an active lease that you're paying millions of dollars for because, i listed nine different federal agencies that biden has put between the oil companies and the oil in the ground so you can't get it out. reporter: markets are watching this very closely as we're hearing the most dovish members of the federal reserve sound hawkish on rate increases. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence great reporting, thanks for joining us. look who is back with us. senator dan sullivan from senate armed services. good to see you. >> good to see. >> former president trump, new "washington post" interview says putin quote overplayed his hand by invading ukraine. trump got critsaysed saying
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putin was savvy and genius. trump says he was misquoted, talking about putin to make the move to negotiate a better deal for russia. he says he was misquoted. what is your take on this. >> not only did he overplay his hand as president trump said, this is a clarifying moment for america. we're in a new era of authoritarian aggression led by dictator putin, dictator xi xinping. we need to make sure we're dealing with them from a position of strength. and you know, liz, your setup piece is one of the areas of strength, american energy. it is unbelievable that this administration would unilaterally surrender one of the great positions of strength we have in the world right at the moment putin undertakes this brutal invasion. so that is something that we'll continue to focus on but it is something the biden administration is still incredibly weak on. elizabeth: you know, senator, there is another gaffe from president biden today. watch what he told union workers about going to war.
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president biden: and by the way, if i got to go to war i'm going with you guys. [cheers and applause] i mean it. elizabeth: okay, the white house cleaning that up saying we're not going to war. what is your take on this? >> well look, i mean it is one gaffe after another. sometimes you laugh about it but to be honest it is actually not funny, you know? he is the leader of the free world and the white house is doing these cleanup operations almost every time the president opens his mouth and it's, it is actually becoming dangerous. it is not even funny. and i will tell you about some of these great union workers. you know one thing i've learned in d.c., when ever the national democrats have a choice between supporting the men and women who work and build things and the radical far left environmentalists they always support the radical far left
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environmentalists which is why so many of these great workers in america are seeing that the republicans have a much better strategy with regard to our economy and certainly with regard to energy. elizabeth: including the keystone pipeline union workers. >> no doubt. elizabeth: obama, obama claims he could not have predicted five years ago putin invading ukraine when putin invaded ukraine in 2014 and seized crimea when obama was president. not clear what obama was talking about and doing there. he also went after mitt romney for saying, mitt romney saying russia was a threat. then hillary clinton talking about the reset button with russia. so they're all over the map with this strategy. >> well look i remember this very well. one of the first press conferences i participated in as a brand new u.s. senator was in 2015 when every member of the armed services committee called on president obama to give the ukrainians javelin missile systems so they could protect
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themselves. president obama never did that. he never even gave them those kind of systems to protect themselves after the russians had invaded crimea. elizabeth: okay. >> so this, that president has no leg to stand on at all when it comes to being tough with regard to russia and ukraine. elizabeth: let's talk about this. remember this, biden on the campaign trail said fossil fuel executives should be jailed. watch this. president biden: you have to set guide rails down now. so between the years 2021 and 2030, it is irreversible the path we set ourselves on. one which is doing away with any subsidies for fossil fuels, number one. number two, holding them liable for what they have done particularly in those cases where your underserved neighborhoods, you know the deal. by the way, put them in jail. that is, i'm not joking about this.
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>> what is he talking about putting them in jail? is it too churl louse biden mentioned hunter got paid million dollars annually to sit on the board of a natural gas company in ukraine? will i jail his son? >> remember what president biden said on the campaign trail he wants to end fossil fuels. he said we would do it, guarranty it. liz, that is one of the campaign promises he is actually trying to keep and we're seeing the result. higher prices, dramatically higher prices on working families. great energy workers, who are being laid off. and empowering dictators like putin and xi she. so -- elizabeth: you know what? here's the thing, senator, i'm sorry to interrupt we're feeling the pain, right? >> yeah. elizabeth: american families are feeling the pain. >> absolutely. elizabeth: blue class, blue-collar workers. san francisco federal reserve president on his watch, the president's policies raised the
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nation's inflation rate roughly three percentage points during his first year. the usda is warning food prices will go up 5% in the coming year. airplane ticket prices will go up because jet fuel inventories are down. we'll go through the ways the democrats long said we want to get america off of fossil fuels. >> yep. elizabeth: they will talk about raising the price of fossil fuel energy. carbon taxes. cap-and-trade schemes. higher royalty leasing fees. barack obama said his energy plan, would quote, necessarily cause electricity prices to go up. senator, sit tight for one minute. watch representative steve scalise get so angry what happened with the oil executive hearing, watch this. >> he then went on and issued a barrage of mountains of red tape from everyone of his federal agencies to make it harder to drill in america. all of these federal agencies,
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putting mountains of red tape on every american driller making it harder to drill in america. elizabeth: sit tight. watch democrats tell americans that if you're suffering from high gas, buy a tesla. watch this. >> today the average gas price in america hit an all time record high of over $4 per gallon. i'm willing to pay 4-dollars a gallon. hell, i will pay $15 a gallon because i drive a tesla. >> perhaps if you let the market work in this respect, people will feel pain. they will look second look at ford-450 guy began i can truck and look at a tesla. >> i happen to be sandwiched between our two electric vehicles. secretary buttigieg and i both have two of electric vehicles. >> we have move to clean energy solutions. clean is in the end where we have to be so we don't find ourselves in this position again. >> and there is no sound or fumes? >> there is nothing. >> how do i know it is actually
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working? >> it is. [laughter]. elizabeth: say it, again, department of energy says, u.s. electricity nearly 70 to 80% is powered by fossil fuels, nat-gas, coal and oil. >> that's right. >> if you have more electric cars you will need to double the use of fossil fuels, coal, oil, nat-gas to power electricity plants. do they get it? >> well look, liz, really glad you showed those highlights. a, shows how out of touch so many democrats are. b, that hearing was another show trial. they're looking to try to blame everybody, whether energy executives, whether putin, high energy prices. we all know who it is. it is joe biden and his administration from day one targeted the american energy sector. steve scalise is exactly right. they're trying to limit the production of american energy on federal lands. they're shutting down energy
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infrastructure like keystone. elizabeth: got it. >> they're telling financial institutions with the woke left regulators to starve american energy companies from getting american capital. of course energy prices are going to go up. then they to around the world begging dictators for more oil. elizabeth: got it. >> a policy hurting the american people. hurting working families and empowering dictators. elizabeth: senator sullivan. good to see you. >> you too, liz. elizabeth: questions grow after a deep dive into government documents on obama's white house role in hillary's trump-russia collusion scandal. we have breaking growing calls for special counsel. new details surfacing on hunter biden's business ties. we have new details next on "the evening edit." >> why was joe biden meeting with these people, lying about it? did he owe them a favor? makes you wonder how many favors does biden owe shady foreign
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supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. ♪. elizabeth: back with us now congressman greg stuebe from house foreign affairs. good to have you on. congressman, you and i have been talking about how the treasury department been tracking via fincen transactions involving hunter biden, james biden and
6:18 pm
overseas partners in china and russia. cbs is reporting reporting that0 transactions were red flagged for violations of u.s. laws. there are fears of money laundering, right? >> that is a very easy charge for the federal government and the fbi to bring. that is a very significant charge. wire fraud is a significant charge in the federal government. so but this has been going on for so long. can you think for a second if this would have been trump, don, jr., another trump or son or daughter would have done this activity they would already be in jail. we should absolutely have a special counsel a special council should have been appointed a long time ago. i hope the administration will do that with the deference and administration to the department of justice and actually justice served in this case. elizabeth: reports that president biden wrote college recommendations letters for both the son and daughter of a chinese investment firm executive that hunter biden had invested in that chinese fund in
6:19 pm
order to get the kids into brown and georgetown, asking the vice president bide to write these recommendation letters. there is that. there is also this, congressman you and i have talked about this, how emails from hunter's laptops, laptop emails were authenticated by "new york post" and "washington post" and "new york times." hunting took trips on air force two to do overseas deals. hunter told "new york" magazine said joe biden told him i know what you're doing taking the job in ukraine? >> jen psaki, ron klain said hunter biden had no idea of his business dealings. pictures of them playing golf. joe biden writing letters of recommendation for these individuals. clearly the administration and the president are lying about their knowledge, whereabouts, things going on with
6:20 pm
hunter biden an his business dealings, that 10% for the big guy that has been factually authenticated in these evident mail, we dig into that. need too investigate that, to see if the actual money transferred to the big guy. if it did, that is violation of federal law. should be prosecuted. when we take the house back in november, you can rest assured judiciary committee, jim jordan and myself will investigate this to the fullest extent of the law. elizabeth: talk about this, hunter biden's business partner tony bobulinski, confirmed a text message for the big guy. involves china's cefc, energy conglomerate, a big player the china's belt and road push for infrastructure. we've seen biden meeting hunter's business associates from mexico, ukraine, afghanistan. listen to tony bobulinski on this, watch this. >> i have heard joe biden say he never discussed business with
6:21 pm
hunter. that is false. i have first happened knowledge about this because i directly dealt with the biden family including joe biden. and i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? and he looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, plausible deniability. elizabeth: your thoughts? >> yeah, he can get away with it because the deep state of the fbi and the doj will protect them especially under this administration. it is not the american way. the american people want justice. the american people don't want this type of activity have their politicians. it will take republicans aching the house back in november to bring justice, clarity, trans pare currency to all the activity going on. elizabeth: congressman, it is about to get worse. whistle-blower jack maxi, former steve bannon war room co-host. he gave copies of hunter's laptop he says to "the new york times," "washington post," "the daily mail." he said he recovered more than
6:22 pm
120,000 deleted emails, 80,000 photos and videos, a huge treasure trove of new data no one has ever seen in hunter biden's laptop. he is in switzerland. he claims he was posting in dropboxes on the internet this information. somebody keeps taking them down. he says u.s. intelligence and other intelligence officials taking them down, dropboxes being taken down. your thoughts about that? >> the deep state is corrupt. the administration is corrupt. evidence laying before the american people this is going on. unfortunately it will take us taking the house back to lay this before the american people. it is clear, it is clear this is going on. it is clear to the american people this is going on. it is sad 40 plus years of washington, that joe biden has been there he used the establishment to make money and for his family members to make money off the american people and their contacts. elizabeth: congressman stuebe, great to have you on. come back soon. tomorrow we sit down with trump's former attorney general
6:23 pm
bill barr. we'll talk about a lot of things. hunter biden probe, special counsel durham probe, that is tomorrow on "the evening edit." this story, cofounder of black lives matter lashing out at the media for reporting on the six million dollar mansion bout with charitable donations. claims it is racist. the law is color-blind. doing that is wrong to your personal benefit. crime rising again, minority groups sounding the alarm. they don't feel safe. defund police is crashing the number of cops on the street. we have the story next on "the evening edit." >> fundamentally they know there will be no penalty to pay for the crime committed. people are getting out of prison quicker. it takes forever to get them into prison and they're almost released right away. what do you want to leave behind? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show fraternal order of police national vice president he is jo gimaldi. you're a great. gunshot vick tips up from 2021. felony assaults up 20%. a really horrific number. children killed in children doubled from 122025 last year. your thoughts on this. >> absolutely horrible what we're seeing in our communities, liz. we've seen the homicide rate higher than it has been in 25 years. 16 american cities had highest
6:28 pm
recorded murder rates in history. with all this going on, people calling for lesser sentencing, closing down prisons. bonds where they pinky promise to show up to court. it is funny, statis click victims are black and brown communities. we hear from politicians how black and brown lives matter. but apparently only matter whether it comes to politically. it is disgusting griff. elizabeth: half of homicide victims are hispanics. they're half of the population. blacks account for less than half of 9% of the population, talking about los angeles. they talk about 9% the population in los angeles and they are 36% of the homicide victims. plunging in new york, l.a., chicago, minneapolis, seeing it in seattle.
6:29 pm
seeing it elsewhere, your thoughts about that? >> my first thoughts where are the politicians in this area calling for increased patrols in their area? calling for increased police officers? that is if we can find anybody to take the job, liz. i will tell you, i have never seen it this bad in my career here in law enforcement. our recruitment is absolutely tanking. applications are down 83% in chicago. in new jersey, they're down 90%. resignations are up 20%. retirements are up 45%. i'm in philadelphia, leaders across the country from fop are all seeing same thing. everybody is leaving. no one is taking the job. do you really blame them? we've been denigrated and demonized for the better part of this decade, people look at job, qualified people, voting with their feet, taking different jobs. only thing they can do as politicians to cut services they provide to the services which they're already doing and reducing qualifications for applicants. all that is going to do exacerbate the problem of us
6:30 pm
trying to build trust with our communities. elizabeth: black lives matter cofounder patrisse cullors is saying media is racist. she is no longer with the foundation, the non profit. she is slamming the media racist reporting on 6 million-dollar mansion bout with charitable donations. the law is color-blind. you can't break the tax law to your own personal benefit. >> you know, she is just one example, liz. we're seeing this across the country where leaders of black lives matter chapters are either not following the law properly and reporting taxes, they're using income for their own personal things. building real estate empires in california. so i'm more the public, make sure you're not giving money to a bunch of grifters who don't give a dam about black and brown lives in their communities. why are they not holding press conferences with children being shot or women being kicked downstairs. where are you black lives matter
6:31 pm
with chaos in our communities? >> bring an at that taylor, family of michael brown says we're not sighing any money. they don't know where the 90 million in donations went. we have weak on crime democrats boasting on how they are repleasing prisoners. smiley martin, released early 10-year prison sentence. listen to the sacramento county d.a. on this one. watch this. >> the department of corrections released him. i do want to make him clear he served little less than five years of a 10-year sentence. there is a reason why we write these letters, we've been doing it for six years now because the, there is a number of individuals that are petting released we're concerned about. we need to stop the chaos as i say in california and get back to some balance and accountability. elizabeth: this could have been a gang, a gang warfare kind of shooting. they found 100 spent shells where six people were killed, 12 injured. he rigged a gun to become
6:32 pm
effectively a machine gun. your thoughts? >> liz, this individual, this monster who is suspect of of suspected sparking off the whole shooting. he got released early from prison. despite the prosecutor said if you let this monster out he will continue to terrorize the community. surprise, surprise, they let him out. six people dead, 12 people injured, lives ruined forever. because we want to be light on crime. how is that working out for the urban communities. this is not difficult folks. throw book at violent criminals and lock them up. elizabeth: minority communities say they're scared. they want cops on the beat. they're scared. we'll stay on the story with you joe, good have you on the show. come back soon. dr. fauci is blaming trump for covid deaths. we have the explosive reason
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: we've got breaking news. joining us now fox news contributor dr. marc siegel. it is good to have you on. the fifth circuit federal appeals court in new orleans upholding the biden vaccine mandate for federal workers. your thoughts on this. >> wow, what expert timing, liz. great to be on with you, when you consider that nancy pelosi just got covid in a crowded room despite the vaccine and booster in the white house while a bill was being signed. we don't know who else got it. we're looking at president, the former president, several congressman getting it. here is my point, despite vaccines and boosters up the with -- wazoo, which proves, we don't need them to prove it, vaccine decreases severity, not
6:38 pm
spread. you can still spread it easily. what is the purpose of the mandate? if the purpose of the mandate was we want to protect the public space and you're ironclad sure you can't get covid i would not agree with that but at least i understand it. this is pure hypocrisy you can get covid anyway even with the vaccine and spread it. elizabeth: nancy pelosi was near the president, right? she was within a few feet of him. saying he is testing negative we'll have to stay on the story, right? >> she kissed him actually. i'm hoping it wasn't a viral kiss. seriously i'm not trying to make light of it, but the president is almost 80 years old and nancy pelosi is 82. the president has heart disease, atrillion fiblation. he had the forth booster. we don't want anybody getting covid. they're maskless in a room, huddled together, while two-year-olds are forced to wear masks at school and they don't wear hem properly and don't get
6:39 pm
six. two-year-olds still forced to wear masks. elizabeth: important point you made. dr. fauci in a new interview is blaming trump for covid deaths because he didn't lock down fast enough. you will see the quote. we probably would not have lost a lot of people early on if we really locked down. your thoughts about that? >> well look, i think dr. fauci is a very smart guy but i think he is very dogmatic. evidence has shown over and over lockdowns didn't work very well. a huge study out of nature showed after a month they were decreased ineffectiveness of mobility, people hunkering down went down a third, people rebounded, protested started going around more. in poor neighborhoods, liz, what did they do? they locked down in buildings and spread covid shown here in new york city. he is taking a victory on lockdowns which didn't work effectively but led to tremendous mental health problems, substance abuse, alcoholism, long-term
6:40 pm
complications. lack of medical screenings. people are never going to be the same because of those lockdowns. i think there was more collateral damage than any benefit in terms of virus. elizabeth: why you know, lockdowns destroyed the economy. 22 million jobs lost. small businesses went bankrupt. americans are rightfully outraged and furious. what we did to the american people with lockdowns should never happen again. we defunded cops. crime went off kilter and we had, you know, basically, social justice riots where antifa burned down buildings, $2 billion in damages. 30 deaths there in those riots. we locked down america. the w.h.o. said don't do it based on the 1918 flu pandemic. it doesn't work. shutting down a little shoe repair guy doesn't stop the pandemic. johns hopkins, university, you know this, doctor, a meta analysis of studies found less than a percent of deaths, didn't
6:41 pm
even stop the covid deaths at all. the lockdowns, at all. so it didn't work. so why keep talking about it? >> everything you just said is brilliant. i would add a point to this, which is the extended the nan at this state. how about all the people got so used to working from home? how about medicaid up by 5% under emergency funding that is now drying up? all of this, trillions dollars spent instead of keeping businesses open. hundreds of thousands restaurants closed. new york city looking like a ghost town. still hasn't recovered. florida kept open. schools kept open. businesses open. elizabeth: got it. dr. marc siegel, good to see you, come back soon. questions grow about former president obama's role in hillary clinton's debunked russian collusion scandal. we have the details next on "the evening edit." >> some of these evidentiary rulings will show how deep the tentacles of michael sussman's lie go.
6:42 pm
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elizabeth: welcome to the show talk show host vince colanese. it is good to see you. okay, special counsel durham, we're seeing in his court filings the ease with which hillary clinton and their team got friend in the obama white house were investigating trump. christopher steele, people in the obama white house, vince, we talked to former fbi officials. they have told us this, that obama knew about it, he was briefed about what the fbi and the doj were doing and working with the clinton campaign to go after trump but they kept obama separate from it for plausible deniability. in other words, when you have an investigation involving say the trump tower in new york, it should have gone to the new york fbi field office. it didn't. it wint to the d.c. office and it became politicized with james comey beating a path back and
6:47 pm
forth to the white house. obama knew about it, was aware of it, kept out of for plussable deniability. what do you think of this? >> look, i think it is obvious if obama was a man of principles he would be demanding answers from hillary clinton and how she abused her access to the levers of the government to torture her political opponent but he is making no such demand that suggests culpability on his part. his knowledge in this scheme to use the tools of government to abuse the civil liberties of american citizens. it's gross and i think this, this, these durham filings are so interesting and they're seismic in terms of their revelations. yes we've known about this scheme against trump for some while. it has been slowly coming out. we're finding out durham has written evidence of efforts to conceal hillary clinton's role in planting false information about donald trump's associations, invented associations with the russians in the american federal government in order to hurt him. it is catastrophic what we're
6:48 pm
finding out. we need answers more. elizabeth: reports that obama's cia director john brennan warned obama in meeting in july 2016 that hillary was working on a plan to go after trump, to distract from her email scandal. then the campaign for hillary clinton hires a computer researcher to start, who had already been working for the pentagon to monitor internet traffic at the white house, excuse me the white house, one of the white house buildings just to see if you know, the trump team was talking to russia. so that happened even when president trump was in office. you're right, obama never rebuked hillary about this at all. his surrogates speak of it as a warranted investigation. >> yeah. that tech executive, rodney joffe, listen what john durham is saying about this, that tech executive, hillary clinton's campaign, hillary clinton's lawyers, mark elias and michael sussman were building a
6:49 pm
narrative designed to malign donald trump and his campaign. when the tech executive is going, using computer data, demanding his employees create this impression that trump is illegally communicating with the kremlin, they were so sophisticated with this, they came up with a name for it. they called it crimson rhino. that was the code name that the tech executive gave to the clinton world effort to paint trump as a stooge of vladmir putin. again, i just can't overstate, this 48-page filing released by john durham has so many important revelations about the abuse of our government's powers against a private citizen and subsequently the president of the united states. elizabeth: anti-trump partisan's at obama's fbi, took on steele's debunk dossier against trump. used it to secure, partly, fisa warrants against the trump team. we have classified footnotes senator grassley got from the
6:50 pm
doj-ig report, that yes, the fbi was warned early on there was russian disinformation in the steele dossier. they kept going, with the steele dossier to get fisa wiretaps against the trump team. your final word? >> the corruption within the fbi is all over the place. people like andrew mccabe routinely lied according to the inspector general. he lied to his own agency. called lack of candor, kevin clinesmith, fbi lawyer intentionally altering emails to pursue trump campaign firmses. he was indicted for that. it is gigantic scandal. if we have a media scrutinizing like you are we would -- elizabeth: i'm complimented for that. vince, thank you, you will come back soon. president biden, critics are saying border patrol is saying that he will collapse the border even more.
6:51 pm
the texas governor, florida governor, you know what? we'll sinned illegal border-crossers. they will not be here in our state. we'll send them in d.c. or biden's home state but of delaware but not in my backyard, democrats. evening edit is next. >> if you think americans are angry about inflation right now, wait until they see the chaos on the border because of biden's open border policies ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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that's both texas governor abbott and florida governor desantis say they will not accept white house sending illegal immigrants to their state. governor abbott says texas will send by bus to washington d.c. bill melugin is in texas with more. >> the state of texas is preparing for title 42 to drop next month involving its own military. this video was shot in texas were texas national guard soldiers in riot gear have a series of drills responding to mass migration event went title 42 drops. dhs projecting 18000 illegal crossings every day. governor abbott wants his soldiers ready for there is a
6:56 pm
caravan or surge on top of search for massive single crossing, he wants them ready for whatever comes may 23 and this isn't happening here, it's other hotspots like equal status past. this is from dps troopers this morning. these troopers were on patrol for migrant runners, not asylum seekers or family units, these other people who don't want cop hiding a brush. they tracked down and arrested about 17 of them this morning. this is not texas his job, the troopers should be patrolling highways but because the federal government are so overwhelmed they need to step up to fill the void through the governor's operation lone star. look at this photo out of the rio grande sector, this is live, this is one single group they encounter, 120 people, mostly from peru.
6:57 pm
ecuador and romania. this photo is out of del rio sector, they've encountered a single group of eight unaccompanied children who came across the river no parents or guardians whatsoever. we heard governor abbott say yesterday they plan to use texas resources charter buses to literally bust migrants to washington d.c. and drop them off at the u.s. capitol, jen psaki set that as a publicity stunt. governor abbott clarified it would be voluntary. migrants volunteered to go to washington d.c. and set if they didn't, it would be kidnapping. bill melugin, fox news. liz: thank you for your terrific journalism writing is not from a texas attorney general ken paxton, heartbreaking scene unaccompanied children show up at the border. that's what happens with an open border. the white house does not get even though the president has been around the nixon administration. nothing out of the white house now is this. the white house is saying texas legal authority texas troops defending the border, what do you say?
6:58 pm
>> he is putting us in a terrible position running the border like putin running the war. he's not following congressional directives, no federal law and running it the way he wants to like putin is running his work. the reality is people are dying committing crimes along the border, drug smuggling and overdoses, covid spread to greater extent. there's a lot of negativity and problems associated with the border and reality as we have to do what we can to stop it. liz: governors are clearly fed up with the white house mass releasing migrants into small border cities. some of the towns are so small they don't have the infrastructure to support the massive release. at least nine democrats are telling fighting hold onto title 42 including joe manchin, senator mark kelly, maggie hansen and bob and cory booker are talking about it. senators rafael warnock is saying the same, maggie hansen,
6:59 pm
they said get rid of title 42 of so clearly it's because of the midterms. listen to senator john kennedy on this. >> the person president biden has put in charge of the water has the iq of a sloth or the biden administration believes an open borders. president biden will allow any gang banker who can cross the river and jumped the fence, he says come on into america. i don't think the biden administration will change because vowing to the woke and open borders as part of their cupcake bible. liz: we've got murderers and rapists getting caught. 600,000 to 800,000 getaways. we don't know what criminals are coming and. >> center is right. this president is betraying the american people allowing a lot
7:00 pm
of bad things to happen to americans and for some reason, he doesn't care and want as many people here as possible. otherwise, why would you in the largest immigration crisis we've ever had, opened the borders even more. liz: good to see you, thanks for joining us. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching from we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: historic day for the high court judge ketanji brown jackson confirmed our nations next supreme court justice first black woman ever confirmed the position. political fallout is far from over. senate today voted 53 -- 47 to confirm judge jackson but like everything else in washington these days, it didn't go smoothly, they didn't kavanaugh her. the final vote tally, several senators were not dressed appropriately enough to enter the chamber


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