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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 11, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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time was true, that is frightening. we note the impact it had on the election and you look at the polls most people say if they would have known, they would have voted differently. >> thanks for coming on tonight. ♪♪ i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald. even watching the evening edit. thanks for watching, have a good night. ♪♪ kennedy: another day, another flip-flop. lord anthony fauci suddenly singing a different tune on lockdowns but will he admit his draconian policies ruined countless lives and almost destroyed the entire u.s. economy for more than two years? the nation's highest paid bureaucrat has dictated what americans cannot and can do like vaccine mandates, isolation protocols and forcing children to stay home from school, consequences be damned. land of the free, not in fauci's
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eyes but yesterday a complete 180, he's advocating for personal responsibility instead of government control. welcome to the world, tony. >> this is not going to be eradicated or eliminated. what's going to happen is we are going to see each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk they want to take. we are at that time where in many respects she's correct we are going to have to live with some degree of virus in the community. kennedy: it's so weird. i applaud him for finally seeing the light but come on, why didn't you say this a year ago? or two years ago? oh, right. because you are science. >> criticize science, nobody's going to know what they are talking about but if they get up and really aimed there bullet that tony fauci, people could
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recognize as a pearson there so it's easy to criticize but they are really criticizing science because i represent signs. if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and scientist, you are really attacking not only doctor anthony fauci, you are attacking science. i'm the bad guy to the entire subset of people because i represent something that's uncomfortable for them. it's called the truth. [laughter] kennedy: if only. the soundbite did well. is he finally listening to reason or is this a political ploy to help democrats avoid this in the midterms? let's meet our man panel from where he serves as political editor and host of the guy benson show, it is guy benson. so handsome with a beard. i thought i was talking to adams. who else is here. fox news political analyst, juan williams. new york libertarian candidate for governor and host of the
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shark way, it is larry sharp. guy, i will start start with you. anthony fauci is think we are needing more money for tests, more money for vaccines, what about the trillions of dollars the federal government has already taken from america's for just these things? >> 546 trillion already, that's more than enough but what you plate at the top of the show, fauci saying we have to individuals way risks consider assessment based on their own profile, age and comorbidities and that sort of thing, i thought i might be watching one of those disney channel movies where they have two characters swap bodies out of nowhere, in this case a cranky old scientist and libertarian tv host with mtv roots and hilarity ensues. i am here for this and i would watch that every day of the week because he sounded like you for about 30 seconds.
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let people make choices for themselves based on the risk assessment that they know about their own set of circumstances and you can say two years delay, i think he can say is at least a year delayed given the vaccines a year ago but i guess better late than never on this because throwing in the towel on the pandemic approach and zero covid approach, we are onto pandemic approach which a lot of us have been talking about for a long time. kennedy: but you made some points that we didn't know two years ago what we know now. we knew a hell of a lot more 18 months ago and even more 12 months ago and many of us have been saying this the entire time, there are people with comorbidities, they have to treat themselves different in terms of interfacing with violence and that means applying more personal responsibility which can be tough when you're trusted to think for yourself, why the shift now? >> i think we've clearly, is a
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high percentage now 70 +% of american adults are vaccinated and now even have a fourth shot, a booster. you are, if you are vaccinated in booster, you can make decisions for yourself. the thing children and those immunocompromised, how do we deal with them? we can go around without a mask, i am boosted but if i get the virus, i'm not going to be hospitalized or die i don't think but i can mitigate it to other people and i think there is some concern there. one last thing, i thought you were not there when you said this is about how much money should be spent. even the publicans in washington say we need more money to make sure we are protected in terms of teacher vaccine supply and the rest. the argument about this title 42
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and immigration and making sure biden doesn't allow people have the virus to come in, it's very political nothing to do with covid. kennedy: exactly, most of it has nothing to do with covid. neither did the $200 billion public schools got from the stimulus packages that had nothing to do with covid because they are not spending the majority of it for another six years and will be passed pandemic at that time but that was about holding kids hostage for cash grab. a lot of it is offensive, title 42, it's interesting because the goalpost really changed in terms of how transmissible the virus is an kids have to be in masks but the speaker of the house in french kiss the president and somehow not close contact, larry. >> well if she wants to press french kiss the president been let her do her thing, let her do her thing. i'm glad he's finally
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libertarian i guess, i'm kidding, he's not but it sounded cool. what changed the wasn't the masks or vaccines or any of those things, what actually changed his it's not cool anymore. putin is fighting ukraine and other things from you are not worried about this anymore, it's not cool. an election is coming and ending all of these things, by maybe late spring, early summer so by the time lesson time comes, it will be forgotten. what mandates? we didn't lock anything down, it's all putin's fault because of the election coming up, the reality is we know masks will not help when it comes to spreading. what helps is if you get vaccinated, that helps, good for you. wearing a mask is irrelevant and has been for a long time. kennedy: yes, the vast majority of masks people where, it is theater, essentially meaningless because you can still catch and
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transmit the virus with most mass especially cloth once. >> it's not meaningless, it's very good, it signals who you are very well so it is not meaningless. just not effective. kennedy: if they want to keep doing that, if you need an n95 on and signal to the world that you are compliance, you go ahead and do that. doctor fauci says it's just fine. speaking of doctor fauci -- okay. >> there are some people who lost people and we want to make sure they know that and this is real but the issue is, do what is appropriate for you and those you love. i did what was appropriate and i'm sure every american does with is appropriate. kennedy: i was far more appropriate the speaker of the house so thank you. doctor fauci would love this
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story, a dog being to death in china after its owner tested positive for covid. there are multiple reports of testing killed in the name of china's constructive zero covid policy although health experts say there's no evidence animals play a significant role in spreading the virus to humans. this is as 25 million people have been locked down in shanghai since arch first, people can't leave their homes for essentials food and medicine. early 2020 all over again and there are reports of food shortages and starvation swirling on china's dark social media despite the hardline censorship. while people in china rise up against their commie overlords? >> i don't know about that but i am horrified for these people. the videos circulating about shanghai, the population of shanghai is bigger than the state of florida, an enormous number of people living there and so much suffering in the
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city right now and cruelty. the authoritarian cruelty from these people who feel they can do zero covid, they cut the books anyway for people who want to believe statistics and now they have people locked in their homes and apartments week after week after week. let's on people going out opening windows and wailing and crying and agony if they fly a drone in fiscal people with a robot voice and crush their desire for freedom, it something out of i described of fun disney movie earlier, this is not fun, it's really disgusting to watch. kennedy: and these things don't work, they don't work in china or the united states. oppressive lockdowns we are hearing about covid positive children taken from their parents. then they are shoved into facilities with thousands of people with no walls or showers and not going to have a positive effect even though the strength they are battling is pretty tame
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right now. what is your advice to the commies over there? >> i think you did it. i am in total agreement, not good for tv on your sure. this is nothing to do with covid. everything to do with an authoritarian government going wild trying to make a demonstration of their power to shut down shanghai. it's interesting, obviously no midterms, the voters don't have a voice, the people don't have a voice, no way to respond to this action by the government but the economy does and shanghai is a center of economic activity for china and the entire asia region. they are shutting down the biggest center, wall street basically of asia. i do understand how they get away with that, it is self-destructive. kennedy: incredibly self-destructive. the committee to unleash prosperity, they read data, an
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interesting study about covid outcomes in places like new york and new jersey which got f's and places like utah and florida which were far less oppressive with long gowns and school closures and essentially cap economies open and the interesting thing is, florida and california had identical mortality rates even though california was completely shut down, florida almost completely opened, 27th and 28 in mortality respectively. what does that say about lockdowns and their destructive nature? >> it says lockdowns enforce attractive upfront. upfront we thought my government, my former governor cuomo was the greatest thing in the world beginning with his horrible lockdowns. force always looks good upfront because it's the idea of you got to get stuff done and do something. it feels that upfront but the
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problem is, unintended consequence is at the end are always the biggest problem. with china, the one child policy, you see it now with the covid lockdowns. the problem is, they want to change into covid zero. whatever you demand perfection, you get deception. that means they are going to lie and hide the kids and the people will pretend there's no covid when there is enough got to be forward, there will be people paying for this, they will have scapegoats and the chinese areas government at the top will say it would have worked but this local guy messed up, he'll be the guy or she'll be the person to go to jail b2 doctors trying to warn the rest of the world the pandemic is coming. they stroke them in prison and some of them they punish and then they die. man panel sticking around. and i will look them and make delicious butter. coming up from a one of the craziest celebrity trials,
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johnny depp, ground to of his suit against xy kicking off his day. wait until you see the witnesses. andrew saltman is here to break that down coming up next. ♪♪ on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy. actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪ ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ )
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no, this is going to be a doozy to hollywood biggest stars squaring off in one of the most dramatic legal battles in recent memory. jury selection kicking off and johnny depp 50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife amber heard, he wrote about sexual abuse following the divorce boat twisty and severely. damaged his career. the virginia courthouse said to be the most exclusive dictation in hollywood with lights of elon musk, james franco, paul bethany among potential witnesses. opening statements set for tomorrow 10:00 a.m. we are told things are going to get juicy. how is this trial going to play out? stands to lose the most? he with me now, attorney and law professor, it is andrew saltman.
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welcome back. number two, suing her $50 million, counter suing for 100 million. who stands to lose the most? >> i think johnny depp does. he's already flossed so much because remember, there's already been a lawsuit in london with similar allegations where johnny depp was found to have battered his wife so that was kind of act one. act two here in the united states, he's already lost rolls in harry potter, he's also lost rolls in the pirates of the caribbean, he didn't get the additional growth he thought he would. it darted cost him a lot of money. allegations are horrific and killing his reputation. kennedy: he's got a lot of money, i'm sure he had points on the pirates movies that already earned worldwide about $5 billion. so he spent 30,000 dollars a month just in wine. maybe more than that.
7:20 pm
but he's not suing a publication or washington post. in the uk, he did sue the publication who published the unflattering headline that he was oh wife beater and boss that. how is it different now that he's suing his ex-wife directly? >> he's suing directly but what he did in london, the newspaper had burden of proof. here in the united states, he has the burden of proof to i don't know what advice he was getting an auto what happened between these two but there's really damaging text coming through, e-mails will be at this trial horrible for him and i don't know if it's a hail mary trying to reclaim his reputation but his reputation is trash. his worst-case scenario isn't not winning the case, is that is x wife has a countersuit for $100 million. i think he's in grave civil legal peril.
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it will be interesting to see how this plays out. kennedy: and after the big loss in the uk, very high profile, were you surprised to see him launch this ground? [laughter] >> yes, surprised. will be once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you. for some strange reason, poor legal advice or maybe this is the nastiest divorce in the history of hollywood. donald trump, all of this. maybe it's a blood score for these two. they have an odd relationship from the beginning, maybe this is just a continuation but it's messy. kennedy: even heather mills and paul mccartney were able to sometime conclude their contentious divorce. they didn't settle, she got $7 million when they divorced and they released a statement, she released a restraining order against him and they released a statement saying we are just crazy. she promised to donate 7
7:22 pm
million-dollar settlement. he claimed she's not donated all of that, is not an issue here? >> what a red herring, who cares? this is a defamation case, none of that should come up but it is and then you question, is this an effort just to blotted her up and make her look bad? remember, need to movement, piggish men who do what they want and expect to get away with it, it doesn't work anymore. i think optically this will be bad for johnny depp, every issue like this that comes up makes it look even worse so i don't know the legal advice he's getting but it's absolutely horrific. kennedy: i don't know that he had a lot of w's there in uk. i'm excited to see paul betting, i'm a big fan of his work. who are you looking forward to, james franco? >> elon musk might testify, he hasn't been subpoenaed yet because they can't get to him
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but he's on the list, wouldn't you love to see that? kennedy: he's on an invisible plane, that's why he's not going to the twitter board because he doesn't want to be served there but we all got served thanks to you, andrew. wonderful job. >> anytime, thank you. kennedy: coming up from a much of the world on boris johnson after his surprise visit to ukraine. the white house and president biden, he will not go. is it because so old? mike baker joins me to discuss, strategy and politics next. ♪♪
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british prime minister boris johnson shocked the world saturday with a surprise visit to ukraine, you can do that in europe. everything is so close. ukrainian president zelenskyy walked through the streets of kyiv and effectively gave russia
7:28 pm
the old one finger salute. you'd think president biden take a note from that playbook but national security advisor jake sullivan, no. >> president biden doesn't currently have plans to travel to kyiv but i will tell you he sits in the oval office and situation room on a daily basis organizing and coordinating the world when it comes to the delivery of weapons. kennedy: he's just sitting there doing his thing, just sitting and thinking. president zelenskyy says president biden is the man who needs to take action now. so why not show up? joining me now, cia officer start of black policy declassified, discovery science channel, it is fantastic, more baker a book. welcome back, baker. [laughter] >> thank you, it is all baker all the time on the declassified spirited that was kind. president biden not just sitting
7:29 pm
at his desk, i think jake sullivan underplayed it, he's boxing up javelin and singers and wrapping them and doing the labels and putting them on a dolly and pushing them out and secret service picks them up. they will put together a trip for president biden as soon as the polls indicate it's a good idea. that's kind of how we have been operating so far, president biden to take away the difficulty of diplomacy and working with our allies, it's all difficult stuff but he's always been a step or so behind nato, the idea somehow he's out front leading this entire charge, i don't think a lot of people are buying it. kennedy: he isn't the one the united states, not the one in terms of diplomacy brokering a peace deal, they are not. they are not pushing it, i don't understand.
7:30 pm
there's this big subversive push for war like more war and jake sullivan, he's not talking about peace, he's talking about delivering weapons which means general milley said this will go on for a long time and no one in the administration seems to be pushing back against that which is wrong. it doesn't appear sanctions are working, i don't know how many more sanction rabbits they have in the hot but they got to do something. they should air on the side of bringing a peaceful resolution here and not witnessing a two decades long stalemate where thousands and thousands of people get killed. >> i think part of the problem is the way this is played out, obviously it's played out on everybody's smart phone, it's you can't swing a cat without driving down the street and
7:31 pm
somebody has a ukrainian flag attacks to their car. it's like game day on sunday. it's amazing we've watched this play out in real time but it's created some issues because made it a mode of reactive response from the white house that's been politicized and i think at the end of the day, we are backing ourselves into a corner where our only option from our perspective is just continuing to send more weapons and allowing this to continue. the honest to god truth is the russian military, if they do have that intention of continuing this effort and moving eventually again on kyiv, they outnumber, it's a numbers game, statistics here. they are going to be able to eventually beat that country into the ground and break it entirely if that isn't putin's intention. we have underplayed the idea we have to get them to the table and the turks for wettest worse,
7:32 pm
the turkish government has been making efforts from a will put him on trial for war crimes, that leaves no exit for putin. everybody loves the idea ukrainians are going to win, god blessed them, i wish they would but there's a real politics issue, the real world works and how her feelings and we have to separate the two. i'm afraid we're not doing that. you're right, both sides of the aisle in d.c., we are going to win. what does that mean? do we honestly think the russians will get out of donbas and crimea? we have to be more realistic. kennedy: they are going to run out of mras and say let's just had back. no, that's not going to happen. you are right because the other issue with feelings, they say
7:33 pm
and all of a sudden no one talks about it or cares about it that's how you get year after year creeps that is the most deadly. the whole thing is incredibly irresponsible and that's why mike baker for president 2024, he's launching his campaign tonight, right, mike? [laughter] >> i didn't see that coming but i'm on board with that. i guess we are on the ticket together, right? i think it's going to be very popular, people will send us checks of five and $10 and we will go get drinks with it. kennedy: mike, thank you so much, good to talk to you. meanwhile in the information war, elon musk changed his mind, he's turning down the twitter board, buck has been telling how he should change the company since he became the largest shareholder. he asked if he should convert twitter to homeless shelters, no
7:34 pm
one shows up anyway. most people say should so if he wanted to shake things up turned down the board see? man panel is back, guy benson, juan williams and larry sharpe. i like this because there's talk about a hostile takeover which is elon musk accepts the board, he can only have 15% of shares in the company but if you buy the whole thing, what could he do? we. >> well, clearly he's at least sending the signal he doesn't want to be shackled it will if you like the twitter folks saying we can control him on the board he might do what he can say publicly like no, i'm not interested in that, i'm interested in making a just and leaving options open to whether he is plotting hostile takeover
7:35 pm
or something like that work with them, i think putting a scare into big ten is a healthy think because is calcified americans out there, elon musk with a lot of money to throw around, at least make them second-guess, perhaps consider i guess, i am in favor, that is a good thing. kennedy: and he has been described as a free speech absolutist. he wants to make sure there are open discussions and dialogues that doesn't get shut down when you disagree with the way someone says something like juanita, long before the new york post. >> or donald trump. the idea that if he was on the board, he would work to rescind the ban on donald trump and that is a lot of people who work in the high-tech industry because you have a sense it would create
7:36 pm
back lash not only in workers class but washington and the entire country. on the other hand, people who are trump supporters would be ecstatic so a very divisive action. i will say he believes in twitter as the town square that every voice be heard but i think there's a lot of concern, how do you properly pull back on this idea that everybody can scream and shout including people who want to shout fire in a crowded theater? we want to talk about crazy conspiracies, and the rest. i think a lot of people. kennedy: there are no conspiracies on the left? >> no, there are conspiracies all around but i'm saying the ones who dominate now if you want to argue that are clearly things like what we saw during the supreme court justices confirmation hearings with republicans sending to what right wing conspiracy theories,
7:37 pm
that's not healthy. there are a lot of people who know them on the left, the right. kennedy: do you know what else is unhealthy? when people post pictures of their food on twitter an instagram, we should probably ban that as well, right? that's very unhealthy. [laughter] >> fan all the things and then we are set. but no, you are all well, i love you all, this guy is doing what he always does, first supposed to get superfast trains and then magic solar panels. then bitcoin and not twitter. he puts his mind to something, we jump through hoops and he walks away. he's staying relevant. kennedy: paypal or tesla or spacex he might get but he's moving technology in those realms to places they've needed to be and have to be in the private sector. >> he's the master drifter and
7:38 pm
we did get cool cars and rich people rockets. but we didn't get the cool trains and panels and bitcoin. twitter, he'll walk away from that, too. most entrepreneurs think they can walk but many things they can't. kennedy: he does have good ideas on how to fix things and 80 million plus followers on twitter so he uses the platform and understand the platform and knows its utility and knows it shouldn't be shut down dissenting voices, a certain leftist crowd deemed uncooperative that's not the way -- okay. >> watch six months from now. no change. you get a cool tesla car. kennedy: what if there is change, what do i get? it sounds like a but. [laughter] >> i will come back and tell you how wrong i was. kennedy: and then you will give
7:39 pm
me what? >> what you want? kennedy: a pair of -- >> you are going to run for president with mike b2 i was not. kennedy: of that was witchel thinking. i'm not going to indulge his fantasy because i'm only one woman. buy me a pair of nice boots if you are wrong in six months, deal? >> done. kennedy: i love shoes. great job. what's that? >> i said i am a witness to this transaction. kennedy: hallelujah, he is, it's right here. it bounce. i am suing johnny depp after this. me up, extraterrestrials and humans. a new report revealing insane detail of a second alien encounter. former pentagon official here to explain there's new stuff. what he's got for you, next. ♪♪
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i want to know what i want to know. i want to know if this, maybe aliens don't come in peace, maybe they do. former pentagon official revealing ufo encounters resulted in serious injuries to witnesses including but not limited to unexplained burns and electrical shocks. some cases aliens were potentially connected to human pregnancies. oh brittany, we love you, girl. on the aliens already here in our they invading us? he with me now, former director of the pentagon's no space threat identification program also known as aa typical welcome back, lou. >> always great to be here, thanks for having me. kennedy: what is most troubling for you here other than the
7:45 pm
government being opaque withholding a lot of information for many, many years? is it the radiation burns? tell me about the alien pregnancy. >> okay, well, a lot to unpack. first, what you are referring to is an information act data dump by the u.s. government and what you are referring to specifically was one of the studies done by the defense intelligence agency, a defense intelligence reference document, in essence, one of the studies was on the biological consequences of individuals from a people biological coming perhaps to close and to personal with the phenomenon, that is true, that was released by our intelligence community provided to the american people. there were several that came out and i think the american people
7:46 pm
took a moment to read some of them, some of these reports are frankly outstanding. kennedy: what stands out to you most? >> i think what you said, radiation burns. we've discussed this last time, we hinted toward it, that was individual fighter pilots in some cases came too close to uap, they experienced negative consequences and look like what was referred to as a sunbird. in reality what we think it was was exposure to radiation, high-frequency radiation and as the pilots got closer, they started to experience internal organ damage, specifically, in the human brain that can be looked at both before and after and you can compare it from a this person sustained some sort of if you will, injury consistent with this energy. kennedy: what you conclude from
7:47 pm
all of this? >> well, same thing congress concluded and others in the media concluded finally taking this seriously, it is real, ufos are real wherever it is. kennedy: but they are trying to keep it secret. harry. >> i think the secret is out of the bag, i think there will be more headlines coming up this week that people will realize those individuals who tried to keep it secret are now held accountable. congress for one, marco rubio, senator gillibrand on a bipartisan effort here are refusing to allow department of defense and intelligence community even more, no more hiding behind the green curtain. now america will know a small portion of what i was privy to. kennedy: they got to have you back there running the program because we are taking our eye off the ball and now the ball is pregnant. thank you for your time, we'll talk to you again.
7:48 pm
>> always a pleasure. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪ 's allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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the mayor of new york city infected with covid-19.
7:52 pm
he's been french kissing nancy pelosi, too. on the bright side, there's something positive about him as a mayor sleeping on the job. this is topical storm, topic number one. mug shot monday and tonight we need a woman who got caught in a catfight. 53-year-old susan was arrested for allegedly using her pet cat is a weapon to attack her girlfriend. talk about the perfect crime. susan would have gotten away with it if she only ditched the weapon in a dumpster but she didn't want to kitty litter. the couple was arguing over accusations of infidelity when susan lifted their catch up to her girlfriend's face and swore on the cap life she hadn't been cheating which means there was still an eight out of nine chance she was totally cheating. that's when the cat became distressed flying of the girlfriend's face, police report saying they don't know if the cat got her tongue or if the victim later came down with cat
7:53 pm
scratch fever but one thing is for sure, this isn't the first case of domestic battery caused by white clause. [laughter] i don't like cats. topic tub to. making her come back. yay. this time is a leading lady on broadway. the biggest part she's ever held, tomi lee. new york city's ambassador leader, pam anderson will start as roxie hart in the broadway musical chicago making her the worst chicago actor since jussie smollett. producers say she's a natural especially since they out of in a scene where roxie is running on a beach. she'll help with sales since a lot of fellows will sit through the entire show to see her bow at the end. there they are. pamela makes a broadway debut, tickets on sale now but if i
7:54 pm
wanted to see a washed up blonde trying to sing, i go to a motley crew concert. [laughter] nothing against her. topic number three. investigating a businessman found in possession of a 1000 piece black-market taxidermy collection. now said to be the biggest assortment of stuffed animals outside of carter's bedroom. a search of two warehouses uncovered this stockpile including 400 protected species, each one stiff and lifeless as pamela anderson's acting. among them, cheetahs, leopards, rhinoceros, not to mention the elephant in the room from the businessman had 198 toughs and horns making him the horniness man since henrique iglesias. more for me. authorities say the collection would be worth more than $31 million on the black market but if you want to seek expense of dead animals, just take a walk to the budget section of the grocery store. as a payment plan.
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topic number four, korean official under fire for anyone who is not contracted covid-19 probably has no friends. it turns out cnn viewers really are be safer than the rest of us, accusation made by the doctor like president of the korean vaccine society, so in that country, he pretty much called the shots. a deleted facebook post, he wrote adults who had not yet been infected probably have interpersonal problems because people don't want to be around them. i guess all those people who tell me i really make them sick, they just enjoy my company. after coming under attack, he clarified he was only trying to emphasize how easy it was to catch covid didn't mean his comments literally. if you needed to be likable to go viral, we never would have heard of logan paul. guess what's coming up, mouth trumpet monday.
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