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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 19, 2022 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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deregulate. we're growing at 1.5% under biden in 14 months. that's pretty pathetic. .larry: the first quarter is going to be around 1%. maybe 1% plus. >> we can do better. larry: steve forbes, grover norquist, steve moore, i'm kudlow. unhappy tax day. but, folks, the calvary is coming. >> good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, april 19th, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. today, president biden's transit mask mandate is over. travelers breathing a sigh of relief after a federal judge rules that the cdc overstepped its authority in issuing a mask mandate for planes and other forms of transportation, a biden official saying the tsa will no longer enforce the rule,
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effective immediately. >> going to overturn the mask mandate. >> yes! >> if you choose to, you may remove your mask. >> it's over, immediately. congratulations. >> and you can hear the cheers there. the white house is still pushing people to wear masks when they are not required. listen. >> the mask ruling out of a federal court in florida, you say it's a disappointing decision and you say you continue to recommend that people continue to wear masks. why can we sit here in the white house briefing room with no mask but people can't sit in an airplane cabin without masks. >> i'm not a doctor, you're not a doctor. >> private equity firm apollo global management reportedly considering financing for a bid to acquire twitter, this is of course after elon musk's $43 billion offer that came last week. this as musk says that the
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twitter board salary will be zero dollars if his bid to acquire the company succeeds. that would save shareholders around $3 million a year, just with that move alone. and more major earnings reports this week johnson & johnson, halliburton coming in before the market opens. ibm, netflix, lockheed march all coming after the closing bell. looking to the markets today, we're watching the u.s. futures indicated lower this morning. you can see the dow indicated lower by 48, the s&p by 9, the nasdaq by 43. we're also watching the 10 year treasury yield. it you is jumping to over 2.9%, the highest we've seen it since december 14th, 2018. this is all coming after all three major indices finished slightly down yesterday. you can see the board there. the dow was down almost 40 points, the nasdaq 18 and the s&p pretty much flat. looking ahead to today's economic data, housing permits, building starts, they're out at
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8:30 a.m. eastern. meanwhile, both brent and crude oil, wti, are trading down over 1 and-a-half percent this morning as the opec plus gap between real and targeted production widens and sanctions hit russian output. you can see that wti, crude oil trading at $106 a barrel. the european markets slightly lower this morning, pretty much red across the board with the ftse down 39, the cac down 79 and the dax taking the biggest hit lower 149 points. this was as the asian markets were mixed overnight. the hang seng index was the biggest loser there, down over 2%. say with us, "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ i've got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine. ♪ i've got a love that i know is all mine. ♪ do what you want but you're never going to break me. ♪ sticks and stones are never
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going to shake me. ♪ never going to shake me. ♪ i've got a pocket, got a pocket full or sunshine snotted i've -- i've got a love. >> net gear shares are down 11% this morning. the network equipment makers cutting the forecast in preliminary first quarter guidance, noting that its supply of components for its factories was impacted due to china's strict covid-19 lockdowns, that is something that a lot of people have been worried about. net gear saying that the u.s. consumer wi-fi market fell flat in the first quarter, causing a hit to that company's connected home products revenue. futures are searching for some direction this morning as earnings season is underway. johnson & johnson set to report first quarter earnings before the opening bell this morning. we'll keep an eye on that. netflix and ibm are going to report later this afternoon. joining me now to discuss, poe potomac wealth advisors, matt
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avalon. joining us all morning long, jonathan madison an ryan payne. good to have you all here this morning. mark, let's kick it off with you. what are you expecting from earnings today and as we move along into the season? >> well, earnings across the board will be strong but they're going to be peppered with supply chain disruption comments, shakeouts from the higher oil prices. >> and when we look at the treasury yield this morning, specifically as we're looking at the fed, contemplating its interest rate hike, we don't necessarily know what we're going to get, expecting about a half a point. you see that is up 3 basis points there, almost 2.9%, the highest level that we've seen in over three years. your thoughts on interest rates, how that will have an impact overall in this market and essentially a cooling effect. >> yeah, we had too easy for
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too long and the fed is playing catchup. they'll have to play catchup in a big way. everybody was a winner. the fed was bailing us out since 2008. there's a big-time pay back now with hyper inflation. they need to give a real wake-up call to the market that they're not going to bail stocks out this time and they're not. and that's why you see wall street reacting so severely and this is going to continue through the year and the hope is that they don't give too much medicine and that we have a soft landing and not a hard recession. >> right. of course, that's the issue, right. right now, this administration pretty much pinning its inflation problem directly onto jerome powell's back, putting a target there and of courses watching this market. he didn't have an inflation problem before this president came into the white house. but you've got the st. louis fed president, james bullard, saying that talks of a recession are,
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quote, a little bit premature and we could face a 75 basis point increase instead of half a point. your thoughts? >> the challenge for the fed is even if they go 50 or 75 or multiple hikes, they don't control supply chain disruption, they can't make the biden administration drill for more oil, allow more oil production in the country and they can't end the war in ukraine and those are the three drivers for inflation. so we're fighting inflation with tools that aren't the designed to fight this round of inflation. sure, to some extent the fed can raise rates, that may slow this fever for housing. that could pull back commodity related prices to the housing market. so you could see them have some effect but as we see today with the oil markets, there's problems with libyan oil supply, we're cutting off russian oil supply. the fed has nothing to do with things like that. so they're fighting inflation with only a limited set of tools and that's the concern, that p
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inflation gets out of control while the fed tightens money supply and slows the economy down, worse case is slowing economy and inflation continues and that's the one outcome we don't want. >> and it's interesting, you watch the fed trying to grapple with this particular problem, trying to slow the economy down as you say and you've got an administration that wants to continue spending recklessly which is essentially the other half of the problem that it's not accounting for and you wonder where we go from here but i know ryan wants to jump in. >> mark, i agree with you here. the fed is behind the eight ball. there's no secret there. you look at comparables to last year, inflation is actually going to start coming down, right, because at the end of the day we're not reopening the economy twice and we're starting to see consumers spend, they're going away from just buying goods, not sitting at home buying amazon packages. they're going out for services again which also will take a lot of pressure off the supply chains and in the meantime just
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seems to me like you've got sent empty at some of the most bearish levels i've ever seen. isn't that a recipe for a lot of surprises in the positive, specifically in the stock market with the price action? >> it's an excellent point about consumer sentiment being negative, being bullish for stocks. we think could be the case later in the year. we just think there's going to be some near term pain because of the combination of what we've been talking about, namely higher oil prices, supply chain disruption and rising rates. as that shakes out, in the near term things will be volatile. i look back at 1995 where we had the fed double interest rates from 3 to 6% on the fed funds. and the following year, stocks were up 33%. so ryan, you make a good point. after this level of pain, stocks could be positioned for a rebound so long-term investors do have reason to be optimistic. i think in the near term things will be very rocky. >> mark, great to see you this morning. thank you so much for your insight. always good to have your
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perspective for our viewers. all right, we're just getting started this morning. coming up, breathing a sigh of relief, unmasked relief. travelers across the united states celebrating yesterday after a federal judge voided the biden administration's mask mandate. former arkansas governor mike huckabee will weigh in on that. we'll get his take on the latest twitter drama. don't miss a moment of out. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ can't we give ourselves one more chance. ♪ why can't we give love one more chance. ♪ why can't we give love, give love, give love, give love, give love --- voya provides guidance for the right investments. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. [crowd cheers] voya. be confident to and through retirement. voya. be confident living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. to and through retirement.
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overturn the mask mandate, my company is -- at this moment, if you choose to, you may remove your mask. >> it's over immediately.
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congratulations. jackie: travelers across the nation celebrating after a federal judge struck down the biden administration's mask mandate for public transit. but the white house not backing down from its stance, press secretary jen psaki calling the ruling disappointing and advising americans to continue to mask up. >> why is it that we can sit here in the white house briefing room with no masks but people can't sit in an airplane cabin with no masks? >> well, peter, i'm not a doctor. you're not a doctor. that i'm aware of. this is based on health considerations and data that the cdc looks at about trans miss transmissibility. jackie: it's been over two years, don't you think the american public can make decisions based on everyone's individual circumstances on its own instead of having a federal mask mandate? obviously, the judge thinks that it's time to lose the mask. >> absolutely.
6:16 am
i think anyone with common sense in this country can actually see that. i'm just glad the judge, judge muzel, actually had the courage to take a stand and do something about it and speak the truth. what's clear here is that the government overreached. they overstepped. they expanded. the cdc went beyond the scope of their authority and it happens time and time again and when it happens, you have to check it and you have to put it in check. otherwise, unchecked government can do very harmful things as history tells us so i'm glad that the judge had the courage to say what many would not say and it's obviously -- it's obvious that a lot of people are relieved out there, that they can breathe freely without a mask on a plane. jackie: a lot of people are relieved and uber announcing this morning, ryan, that if you are taking an uber you no longer have to wear a mask either. feels like a whole new world here. my question is this. you've got jen psaki standing up there saying she is disappointed. people should continue to wear masks on planes in thissation's view. then -- this administration's
6:17 am
view. the cdc is saying that as well and echoing the sentiment. then you've got the cdc saying next month we can lift title 42. so you know, it's like on one hand they still want to cling to the pandemic when it works for them, on the other hand they don't. >> i think that's the problem is just how arbitrary the rules have been. i'm annoyed because i was on a plane yesterday before they lifted the mandate so i still had to wear a mask. people were barely wearing masks anyway. the stewardess didn't want to enforce it anymore. people's masks were down. in the airport, no one is wearing a mask anymore. i think it's a long time coming. i think everyone has fatigue with the mandates and the fact they're all going away and we're all getting crazy, going to travel again, i think it's a good sign in general that life is getting back to some normalcy. you don't have to wear a mask anymore. it's the little things in life, jackie. jackie: so many people are sick of this and when you really look
6:18 am
at the numbers, if we want to follow the science, between those who have been vaccinated and boosted and those who have natural immunity because this virus ripped through our country over the course of the last two years, you know, essentially i think people are just -- they're over it. they want to move on. yet i find it so interesting that they still want to cling to this, they want to make little kids wear masks in school so if they have to resurrect this virus in some way, there's something they can grab onto. gentlemen, thank you. stay with us. you'll be here all morning long. we appreciate that. coming up, blocked by the bunny, president biden welcoming families back to the white house for an easter celebration until his team intervened. see who interrupted the president from engaging in conversation, next. ♪ i take a picture of you taking a picture of me. ♪ i take a picture of you taking a picture of --
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jackie: president biden physically stopped yesterday from answering a question tabi easter bunny. -- question by the easter bunny. watch that. >> afghanistan should be -- [ indiscernible ] jackie: the bunny was revealed
6:23 am
as white house director of message planning, meghan hayes. joining us is the federalist senior editor and chief communications officer, christopher bedford. chris, your reaction to that very aggressive easter bunny. >> it was the most aggressive easter bunny i've ever seen. i've never seen one pushing around the president of the united states like that. during thing roll, it was interesting to see that the president was very rarely in control of what he was allowed to do, what he was allowed to say, and he said i'm not allowed to read and she said you can read a page. he said i'm not allowed to move. she said okay here we go, dear. the easter bunny pushed him away from reporters. this is something we've seen for a long time. i'm wondering who is actually in charge of the white house. doesn't seem to be the president but it's very unlikely to be the first lady.
6:24 am
doesn't seem to be jen sack hey at all -- jen psaki at all. they have a thin majority in the house and senate. it's not going to be then. it's certainly not kamala harris who has been boxed out of so many decisions. so it's been really clear for about a year that the president's being very closely handled and where he's allowed to stand, what he's allowed to a say. my question is who is in charge of this because he's supposed to be elected leader of our people. someone is pulling his strings. jackie: when it comes to ad libbed questions that come up when he's making an appearance, when he's walking off the stage, they like to script him, they like to keep him on message, like you said, whoever message it is, that's what they like to do. it's interesting. whenever he goes off the cuff, he seems to get himself into a little trouble too. >> we've had a couple presidents that have done that before. george w. bush, donald trump, but joe biden seems to be in particular where he's got the white house, jen psaki walking back things he said over and
6:25 am
over again, or telling peter doocy that was not said at all when it was clearly said. sometimes it's dangerous, talking about maybe regime change in moscow or u.s. troops being in ukraine like he talked about when he visited. they try to keep him on script. like you said, i wonder who is writing the script. jackie: switching gears for a moment of course illegal migrant arrests at the southern border have hit a shocking milestone, agents detaining over 1 million migrants in the last six months alone. as as if that's not enough, at the same time the white house is refusing to apologize to border agents, falsely accused of whipping migrants. watch this exchange from yesterday. >> we've been told that the mounted border patrol officers the president accused of whipping migrants have been notified they will not face criminal charges. so when is the president going to apologize to them? >> there is a process and an investigation that's gone through the department of homeland security i don't have
6:26 am
any update on that. jackie: chris, your reaction to jen psaki there. >> a process and investigation, it was clear from the beginning that these border patrol agents were just doing their job. there was no whipping. there was no slavery. that was complete insanity from the start and the white house was quick to throw them under the bus. right now, morale is terrible in the border patrol agents. the agents are basically babysitters, people who put a bracelet on you and push you through. they're not allowed to stand up for themselves, not allowed to protect this country, not allowed to he defend the border and the federal government has been rolling back covid restrictions that allowed them to turn people away, rolling back the ability to send people back to mexico. they're in a stuff spot. it's not a good day to be a border patrol agent. the one thing that's looked over by a lot of folks is most border patrol officers are his pan aic. this is not -- hispanic. this is not an irish operation on the border, it's people who live on the border, have roots and families there, trying to do
6:27 am
their job and stand up for this government and stand up for our border and they're being betrayed by the white house. jackie: jonathan, jump in real quick. >> i think it's just a travesty that our commander in in chief isn't standing behind our border patrol agents but quick question and then a comment, a comment and a question. i thought it was possibly press secretary psaki or perhaps vice president kamala harris behind that easter bunny suit until i saw the easter bunny revealed. perhaps they were doing their job. but outside of that, i mean, at what point do we find-at what point do we do something about this, at what point do we say the president has been silenced, he's been muted, controlled by his staff. at what point do these concerns materialize into something greater so we can't keep looking and speculating as to what's happening. >> i think that's going to come from the democrats. i don't think the republicans are really going to have either the power or the courage to push this.
6:28 am
democrats are looking at this thing and they're starting to worry, is joe biden going to step aside so they can put someone in new to run for office because his numbers are appalling and by the way he's been acting, he doesn't seem capable of turning them around like some presidents, bill clinton for example, have been able to turn around negative numbers. they'll push for that and they'll look at kamala harris whose numbers are terrible and they don't like her either. they made the decision to put these people in office to try to appease the base and push away some of the more left wing presidential candidates running for offers. now they're stuck with it. and they're regretting it. jackie: johnson & johnson hitting the numbers now. lydia hu has the numbers. >> we're looking at $2.67 in earnings per share, a beat over the estimates. we were looking for $2.56. so high evidence on that front. in terms of revenue, coming in at $23.43 billion so just slightly under what the expectation was which was
6:29 am
$23.6 billion. this is the first major pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare giant, setting the tone for the pharmaceutical industry for this earnings season. they've had a very strong previous year leading up to today and strong still on earnings. in fact, johnson & johnson also announcing this morning jackie that they're going to increase their dividends for the quarter up to $1.13 per share from $1.06, so positive growth, that's going to take their annual dividend up to $4.52 from $4.24. now, heading into today, we're looking for strong sales particularly in the pharmaceuticals for the covid-19 vaccine. given the fact that johnson & johnson specifically was approved for a covid booster shot back in october. that was expected to have helped sales here. that's going to be something we dig into further in the earnings report to see how much that was a boost here. another issue you we were
6:30 am
tracking heading into today, medical devices we were expecting to see covid-19 headwinds there, staffing shortages in hospitals possibly hurting volumes and sales. what we know right now, a beat on earnings per share, coming in at $2.67, the expectation was $2.56. slight miss on the revenue, coming in at 23.43 billion, we were expecting 23.6 billion. jackie. jackie: stock's trading down almost 4% on this news. we'll dig into the numbers a little bit more. lydia, thank you for that. i want to thank chris bedford as well. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jackie: welcome back. police arresting a second suspect in connection with saturday's shooting at a south carolina shopping mall. lydia hu is back with us with he details. >> marquis love robinson is
6:35 am
facing a long of list of charges including assault and battery and attempted murder. police issuing a warrant for a third suspect. dwayne price was charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm, and was released on a $25,000 bond and is permitted to go to and from work with an ankle monitor. cryptocurrency start-up block is looking to go public. the miami based company is interviewing banks for an ipo that could take place as soon as this year, reaching a valuation of $14 billion in march and earlier this month the cryptocurrency start-up announcing it inked a sponsorship deal with the dallas cowboys. a late season nor'easter dumping snow across parts of the northeast, parts of pennsylvania seeing about 8 inches already while upstate new york, which you can see here, that could
6:36 am
face a foot of snow before this storm is over. you can stay up-to-date on the weather in your area by downloading the fox weather app or go to our team of forecasters has been covering this storm all night, 24/7, coverage of fox weather. jackie, back to you. jackie: i went to school near the finger lakes. i can only imagine what it looks like today. lydia, thank sow much for that. meantime, ukrainian president zelenskyy announcing the second phase of the war with russia centered around the eastern range of the country that it started. >> we can state take russian troops have begun the battle for donbas for which they've been preparing for a long time. a significant part of the russian army is concentrated on this offensive. no matter how many russian troops are driven there we will fight. we will fight every day. we won't give up anything
6:37 am
ukrainian. jackie: joining us now, strategic analyst general jack keane. it's great to see you. you're the chairman of the board of directors for the institute for the study of war. last night, the isw published a significant update on this new phase of the war in ukraine. tell us about that. >> well, yeah, as president zelenskyy has indicated, this long-awaited offensive has finally begun and the objective is to take and own the donbas area in its entirety so our audience understands, this is the contested area between the ukrainians and the russians that has existed since 2014. the russian intent is complete ownership. the fall of mariupol of also. and they would have a land bridge that they've always wanted to crimea. what their strategic objective really is, is to cut off grain the coast and -- off ukraine from the coast and a i did knee them imports and dash -- deny
6:38 am
them imports and exports which would be devastating if they became a landlocked country. this will likely take weeks to accomplish, whether it can be or not remains to be seen. the russians have superior numbers, superior fire power for sure. they're very familiar with the area. unlike what happened up in kyiv and they have shorter supply lines. they have serious logistic problems and morale problems and they're committing to this many of the units that have not been completely reconstituted. so there's some units in this fight that are kind of papered over. they're a unit on paper but they're actually much less than that in in this fight. ukrainians certainly have their skill and their will on their side. they're very familiar with the terrain themselves. and they also have a lot of imagination and creativity in the way they the go about doing their business. so the outcome here i don't think anybody can predict it at
6:39 am
this point. we'll see how this goes. it's very critical that we continue to get the arms and munitions to the ukrainians. they have much longer supply lines, obviously, coming all the way from he poland in terms of resupply of new anything's b it's -- munition. but it's critical that the sustainment of the critical weapons be continued. jackie: russian missile attacks killing seven people, injuring 11 in lviv yesterday, the pentagon calling those recent strikes, quote, shaping operation, defense officials say they intend to hamper ukraine's ability to resupply combat forces before the major offensive in the east, your thoughts on that creating a distraction in in different parts of the country so ukrainian troops can't band together to fight in one area. >> well, i don't et completely agree -- don't completely agree with that assessment. i think what's happening here is
6:40 am
the second objective has been the civilian population. that means aerial bombardment and a where possible certainly rocket and artillery. that will continue. this is an important part of the russian aspect of military operations. they continuously want to break the will of the people, put pressure on zelenskyy, that people are being killed ever day and they want that emotional and psychological pressure there. lviv is just another city that they do some of this at, this is the first time they've taken casualties, regrettably so. but they're not yet focused on the supply lines that are coming out of poland or coming out of other countries into ukraine to give them the munitions that they so desperately need. the russians have not been able to organize themselves with the combat power to do that and at the same time focus on this main effort that's taken place in the donbas region.
6:41 am
jackie: let me switch gears for a moment. the war in ukraine is causing some concern in taiwan as well over this fragile internet connection, the island relying on under sea cables that could potentially throw the country offline if those cables were cut in a chinese attack. ukraine's internet has stayed mostly online throughout the invasion. the civilians there and the government using it to help rally for resistance. meanwhile, one of china's biggest state media personalities warning that there is a high probability that tensions between the united states, china and taiwan rise to a direct military conflict. your thoughts on that? we saw this in the spring too, the internet so important to disseminate information and keep people on the ground updated. >> there's no doubt, the internet is extremely valuable to president zelenskyy and his leaders, not only in terms of his own population and being able to communicate with them and they also understand what's happening all around the
6:42 am
country. the reports they get from people are considerably more than what they get through military can else and also zelenskyy's been able to communicate to the world as have the people and what is happening to them so it's been a huge, powerful instrument. it surprised us that the russians did not take them off the air and that remains to be a question mark as to why they did not commit to do that. but certainly in a future conflict involving taiwan, that's an island country and they only have two cable systems coming into it. where the internet is largely dependent on it. doesn't take much to cut those undersea cables. so that's certainly a factor. when you look at taiwan and you look at ukraine and you see russia and china he respectively, i think the major lesson we've got to learn here is we should have been providing ukraine arms and munitions a long time ago and taking putin's threats seriously and we sudden
6:43 am
take president xi's threats seriously. and be up-gunning taiwan now, not in an emergency way that we're doing here with ukraine. let's get it in there and make it a part of the deterrence to prevent president xi from actually conducting that attack, if he believes the cost is going to be too great and there's challenges there because you just don't go across the border as russians are doing in ukraine. there's 100 miles of ocean in the taiwan straits that separates mainland china from taiwan. and that is a formidable operation to conduct. jackie: i hear you, play offense, less defense. always feels like we're on our heels with this administration and that is sometimes problematic. general jack keane, thank you so much. great to see you this morning. >> yeah, great talking to you, jackie. thank you. jackie: sure. coming up, helping ukrainian refugees, stoli group coming out with a limited edition bottle of
6:44 am
vodka to benefit ukraine. we'll tell you about that next. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ life is a highway. ♪ i want to ride it all night long. ♪ if you're going my way -- maria: this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow, he says biden is alienating america's greatest allies, niles gardner will join me. thursday, a new york city crime wave with no foreseeable end, darrin porcher weighs in. and friday, the president's poll numbers are plummeting, karl rove on the midterms impact, it's all right here on "mornings with maria."
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jackie: welcome back. the stoli group announcing he release of a limited edition of a bottle in support of the ukrainian people, featuring the ukrainian flag. proceeds go to world central kitchen, providing meals to ref refugees. joining us now is the ceo, damian mckinney. tells us about the limited edition bottle, what the company is doing to help ukrainians and what the response has been. >> hi. good morning to you. nice to see you. thank you for the opportunity to speak to you.
6:49 am
as you know, the 24th of february we came out very strongly and said we condemn the invasion and we've stood by that line. the tragedy and i was just watching your interview with general jack keane, you saw those scenes being played out on our screens and certainly as a former marine commander, i hoped i would never see them. here we are nearly two months later seeing those scenes. the real tragedy of course is the human suffering that's part of all this. we understand there's millions of refugees currently suffering, no house, it's still very cold and importantly struggling to actually feed themselves. so what we actually set up a relationship, a partnership, we had jose andreas who is producing something like 5 million meals across 1300 different sites with i think 369 restaurant supplier partners. and what we've done effectively is say three things.
6:50 am
number one, what i love about this is this bottle, it's all about how do we amplify, how do we keep on our front of mind the plight of these refugees an indeed ukraine and not foreof forgetting it's about freedom and peace, not necessarily about war. so that's the first thing about the bottle. the second is as you rightly said, the proceeds of every bottle go towards world central kitchen. but the third and what we're really hoping for is that a bigger participation. you'll see on the back here, there's a qr code. and what we're hoping is that everybody will engage with that qr code and find ways to actually contribute. i mean, our aim is to achieve at least another $1 million of extra funding for this amazing charity, doing such a amazing work on the ground and we're hoping people will support us in that endeavor. jackie: damian, it's a wonderful thing to do but as many companies have blood pressure faced with supply chain
6:51 am
issues, i'm sure you are as well. i'm wondering when it comes to getting the supplies you need to make the product and also being able to distribute it how you're faring. >> you're right, and it has been a challenge but there's always a way. in many cases we're physically air-lifting it into the country so we're air a-lifting it into the u.s., we're air-lifting it around the world. you know, if the ukrainians on the ground are finding ways to solve problems then it's another problem for us to solve and i'm very glad that wean myself -- between myself and my team and the distributors, we found a way to get it on the ground. jackie: so many people joining together to help in this effort and we of course appreciate what you're doing. damian mckinney, the bottle is beautifully designed. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. jackie: coming up, twitter threats, elon musk now threatening board members salaries if he's able to acquire the company.
6:52 am
that's our hot topic buzz, next. ♪ don't you know, don't you know. ♪ that it's wrong to take what is given you. ♪ so far gone on your own. ♪ (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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jackie: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. elon musk tweeting had that if he acquires twitter he will cut board member salaries to zero. board members currently make 200
6:56 am
to $300,000 a year. musk's announcement coming after twitter enacted a poison pill in response to his $43 billion cash offer. this is one of the world's largest buyout firms, apollo he global management, is thinking of financing the potential deal. jonathan, i'll come to you first. you know, i can't imagine the board's going to be very happy about having muck at the helm and cut -- musk at the helm and cutting salaries to zero. he's trying to say he's acting in shareholders' best interest there but the board those respect that fiduciary duty and do the same as well, even if it doesn't necessarily like what it's getting into, correct? >> that's absolutely correct. they had have to abide by it. and it's really what he represents that they're afraid of. he represents free speech and i for one expect that he has a couple of tools at his disposal that he'll use to get around that poison pill. but i think it's important to point out that time and again
6:57 am
we've seen twitter be used as a tool to silence conservative voices around the world including that of former president donald trump. so i applaud elon musk's vision of a free speech platform that's called twitter. you know, it's in some place we've never actually seen before, right. we've seen other platforms like facebook and so also silence conservative voices but i applaud his vision. i hope it succeeds. jackie: ryan, at the ted talks in canada last week he said there was a plan b but he didn't talk about what it looks like. he has a couple options here. i'm wondering if partnering and raising the bid you think is one of them. >> i think it can be. i think the tender offer where he just goes direct to shareholders, which i think he's going to do, he's clearly been contentious with the board which i love.
6:58 am
i just love how he stirs things up wherever he goes, whether it's with politicians, moving his company out of california, elon musk he does not pull punches which is a beautiful thing and the bottom line is and jack dorsey mentioned this too, the board has been the dysfunction of the company for a long time so it sounds like the board's been problematic for a long time and i do think he will go direct to shareholders which is just another way to stick it to this board along with the tweet that he said he's going to get rid of their salaries. i think it's awesome. and you know, there's a real voice out there who just loves to be contentious. i think that's what being an american is about. stirring it up. jackie: no, i think you're right. i was going to say, you know, the business part aside i wanted to get to that first but i want to get your take on this as well. this is really less about him acquiring a third mass i've company to run, more about his passion for free speech, essentially saying that twitter is a shell of itself or what it once was when it came onto the scene.
6:59 am
and it's funny because you think about donald trump and how he essentially put twitter on the map. he put twitter on the map and twitter, you know, bit the hand that fed them if you will and so this is musk saying we've got to let people be able to get on the platform, say what they want and you can't essentially censor the messages. >> twitter bit the hand that fed them several times. they silenced president trump several times, they silenced some of my conservative friends several times. this is not limited to the former president, not limited to a it's happening around -- around this country and around the world. people are being silenced on a platform that's universal. it cannot continue. we need more brave individuals like elon musk with the voice and power behind it to step up
7:00 am
and stop our voices from being silenced. jackie: it's interesting to see what will happen. a lot moved the stock mier. higher. now he's saying i want to take it over and take it private and ramp up. we shall see. jonathan ryan, stay right there, the next hour of mornings with maria start right now. good morning, everybody, i'm jackie deangelis, in for maria bartiromo. today's president biden's mask mandate is over. travelers breathing a sigh of relief after the federal judge ruled that the cdc overstepped authority in issuing mask mandates and other forms of
7:01 am
transportation. biden administration official announcing tsa will no longer enforce the rule effective immediately. but the white house still pushing people to wear masks, listen. >> the mask ruling out of federal court in florida, it's a disappointing decision and you continue recommending people wear a mask. why is it that we can sit here in the white house briefing room with no masks but people can't sit in an airplane with no masks? >> well, peter, i'm not a doctor, you're not a doctor. jackie: this as uber announcing that riders no longer need to wear masks either. mean while at southern border
7:02 am
reporting 1 million illegal arrests. major earning reports this week, johnson & johnson crossing last hour beating on earnings per share but missing on revenue. we are also waiting on ibm and netflix and lockheed martin, those will be out later today. the futures are down this morning. take a look at the board there indicating a lower open on wall street by 2 points, dow coming closer to flat line, s&p 500 down by 2 and nasdaq down by 12 points. this could turn within the time that we are here. we will continue to watch it. the ten-yield rumping 2.9. highest since december 14, 2018 after all three major indices finished slightly lower yesterday. take a look. dow down 39, s&p pretty much flat and nasdaq down 18. looking ahead to today's
7:03 am
economic data we have housing permits and building starts, those are out at 8:30 a.m. eastern and we are watching oil prices this morning. oil is a little bit lower after opec plus produced 1.45 million barrels a day below the target in march. european markets also down this morning, asian markets were mixed overnight. the hang seng index, the biggest loser there, down over 2%. stay with us, mornings with maria is live right now. it is time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me right now denise garthman, payne capital management president ryan payne and investment associate senior vice president and senior portfolio manager, bryce dotty. denise, i want to kick it off with you, earning season underway, we have the number of j&j mixed reporting about 30 minutes ago, they missed on revenue, that sometimes is a problem. the drug maker suspending sales
7:04 am
forecast for the covid vaccine due to global supply surplus and demand uncertainty. we will hear from netflix, ibm as well. your reaction to system of the numbers and j&j down 1 and a half percent roughly at this moment, you know, when i see the revenues coming a little light, okay, they can adjust things to get the earnings to look right but the revenues are crucial to watch. >> it was actually quite surprising to see the numbers that came out, the adjusted earnings number were really quite good and response by the market has been quite terrible. you had j&j down almost 4% at one time. it's only down 2 and a half at this point. that's a disturbing response, very disturbing. i've been bearish in the stock market since january 5th and i continue to be bearish at this point. when you get a good earning report and bad response by the market, that tell you how the
7:05 am
underpinnings of the global market are. be careful out. i won't change my opinion at this point. i think share prices are heading lower and interest rates are heading higher and the fed will continue to be moving towards a tighter monetary policy in the year or two and watch what is going on in fed holdings in securities and rolling them off and continuing to do so and that's driving share prices lower. here we have 2.9% in the ten-year and 4% in the next year. jackie: bryce, hovering around at 2.9%. this is as the 30-year is rising to 3% for the first time since early 2019. this is also coming st. louis fed president james bullard said their talks -- talks of a session rather pardon me are premature and we could face a 75 basis point increase.
7:06 am
that would be more than we were expecting from jarome powell and the fed. are you predicting a recession at this time, what's your view? >> well, i understand that fed governor's bullard's point is relatively coming, we need to raise rates to be restrictive, so the very first thing you do is being stimulative and with rates at quarter percent, clearly you are over stimulating a stimulated economy. it makes sense. the fed funds needs to get 2 and a half to stop stimulating the economy. his projection for 3, the three quarters point potential move, it makes sense in theory. in reality it's a very difficult thing to do. mortgage rates are already 5 and a quarter percent and we believe
7:07 am
they'll peak around 6. with the huge run-up in home prices, if you compare mortgage payment, that's the real cost of a home, right? if you compare mortgage payment at 6% versus 3% at home prices pre-pandemic, you're looking at 50, 60, 70% increase in the cost of housing plus the balance sheet, they think they can bring it a trillion dollars a year. i'm in the bond market. you know how difficult it is to move a trillion dollars in the markets? i don't think they can do it. i don't think they can do it as quick as they can. jackie: watching the dow futures, we turned the corner, indicated higher by 23 points. possible that the market is headed to the upside today and we have seen the wild swings when it comes to stocks. it feels like investors aren't exactly sure what to expect at this point taking data point by data point and making decisions. but that's somewhat of a choppy
7:08 am
market. it's not the kind momentum and trajectory that we have seen over the course of the last couple of. >> no, you're right. the market is not going anywhere fast. we have had big updates and big down days but the news hasn't changed. we have the conflict going on in ukraine right now. we talked a lot here this morning about interest rates going up, tightening policy, recession and i think when everyone gets dour and if you look at strategists, they are very negative and you look at ai sentiment indicator which weekly comes out, it's at the lowest level in 30 years. people have been more bearish than 30 years. we have seen earnings so far, this earning season has been very gad and i mentioned travel yesterday. i was doing research. i was back from vacation, you could see the pinned up demand for people to travel. i mean, every hotel was booked. you could barely get on a flight
7:09 am
just talks about the animal spirits that are out there and the american household right now, wages going up, money saved since the pandemic, i think what everyone is really discounting right now is just how much demand there is to spend even if inflation is higher and that's going to continue to drive the economy and sentiment being negative right now, you heard it first, denise heard me say every week and he probably cringes, i think market wills go a lot higherment you will see a melt-up here at some point because there's so much negative news baked into the narcotic. jackie: that's interesting, from where i sit you still think they are spending the pandemic money they saved. wages are just not moving up as fast as surprises and i'm surprised, ryan, that the demand is out there but it certainly is despite what we are seeing, 8 and a half percent inflation. denise, i want to get your response, seems like the consumer is alive and well right now. >> the consumer is alive and well. there's no question. he and she have had a lot of
7:10 am
money put into their accounts. the government has been extremely stimulative over the last two or three years, that's ending, however, and that's the detriment going forward. be careful. there's no question there's a lot of pinned up demand on the part of the consumer but i'm with you, jackie, i think that the wages are holding behind at the level of inflation and as -- as we understand inflation is everywhere a monetary phenomena and the monetary aggregates have been extremely extended and now starting to be extended to the downside. this is several years. taking $95 billion after adjusted monetary base every month it's going to take a long time to run the 9 trillion-dollar bond portfolio down to 4 or 5 trillion. it's going to be a listening process and a difficult one to say the very least. jackie: ryan, real quick, elon musk tweeting if he acquires twitter he will cut salaries to
7:11 am
zero. they currently make 2 to $300,000 a year. apolo global management thinking to financing the deal. your thoughts as the saga plays out. >> it comes down to elon musk offering 54.20, marijuana reference, that's a lot higher in prices in the 40's. i think elon musk is going to run the company. terribly run company and stock hasn't gone in years, it trades well below what facebook does and snap does and i think he will get it. if it's 420, 419, you probably see smoke behind me. that was a bad joke. i think it's a good chance he can get the company because his bid is a lot higher and the company isn't probably worth what he's offering.
7:12 am
jackie: preserving free speech certainly is. i want to thank bryce dotty, denise garthman, much more ahead, a warning from elizabeth warren a look at liberal's blunt assessment as to how the democrats are looking at the midterms. former arkansas governor mark huckabee is here, we will get his take on airlines mixing the mask mandate for flights, joining the conversation all morning long, jonathan madison and ryan payne. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:16 am
jackie: progressives are losing confidence in their own party. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren writing in a recent new york city op ed warning that democrats if they don't deliver on their party's agenda they are headed for big losses in the midterms, warren also writing, quote, democrats win elections when we show we understand the
7:17 am
painful economic realities facing american families and convince voters we will deliver meaningful change. jonathan, i will start with you because she seems to get it. people are suffering right now with this 8 and a half percent inflation and the longer it goes on the more pain they are going to feel yet you've got an administration that essentially is looking the other way. my view on this is that they are just trying to pass as much spending as much policy change as they can before the midterms when they realize and recognize the tide will turn? >> absolutely. i mean, the democrats are doing everything they can to sort of save this election and it's very interesting. i mean, for once, perhaps in my life i can say senator warren and i agree on something. that democrats are headed for painful losses this midterm election and unless they do something drastic, they are just not going to see the light of day after this election. i will say this, she goes to
7:18 am
this intricate analysis of what the democrats need to do, the so-called secret sauce about how to convince the american voter that the democrats understand the economic realities they face. i have a message to the senator. what matters most is doing right by the american people, doing right by the voters. that's how you win elections, by doing right by voters. there's no secret sauce. and the fact is, the truth of the matter is, the democrats have done wrong by the american people. they've been wrong by the american people in foreign policy, they've done wrong when it comes to crime prevention and crime control. they've dope wrong by the american people when it comes to border security and i can go on and on and on. but the secret sauce is that there's no secret sauce, do right by the mesh people -- jackie: and you won't have a problem. he's kind a hypocrite too in writing this, we are trying to understand what you're going through. well, she's part of the far-left of the party that's divide some of the ideas that we have seen being pushed along that are
7:19 am
causing so much pain for people and so now when it comes to election time, that's always when everybody changes their view because they want to win elections and now all of a sudden we want to try to understand the pain. well, why didn't you understand it then when you were making the decisions that caused the pain people are in now, ryan? >> i think a lot of it was ill time for the democratic party. they wanted to add a billion plus stimulus when we already knew that inflation was going to be a big problem. so i think that was one of the first really bad, you know, decision that is they made to really try to push that because the american people aren't dumb, right, we realize that all of the stimulus that the government has created, it's creating inflation problem and now they are trying to pin it on the fact that you have conflict between russia and ukraine. just own it, hey, we have made mistakes, we probably printed too much money but placing the blame elsewhere and, again, just being totally wrong on inflation, you know, just like six months ago i think really,
7:20 am
really is going to be the ban of their existence going to election season. jackie: i think it's sorry, not sorry, i think if they had to do it over again they probably would and they essentially think that the american people have to, you know, deal with this, suffer, manage their budgets, whatever the case may be because the handwriting was on the wall with respect to those bills. if we would have just opened the economy, let people get their vaccines and get back to work we wouldn't have had a lot - oh the problems, this was part of the agenda for quite some time and with mr. biden in the white house i think they realized this was their chance. gentlemen, stay with us, coming up, breathing a sigh of unmasked relief, travelers across the u.s. celebrating yesterday after federal judge voided the biden administration's mask mandate. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in next. ♪ ♪
7:21 am
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[cheers and applause] >> if you choose to, you may remove your mask. jackie: travelers across the nation shouting for joy. >> why is it that we can sit here in the white house briefing room with no masks but people can't sit in an airplane with no masks? >> well, peter, i'm not a doctor, you're not a doctor that i'm aware of. this is based on health considerations and data that the cdc looks at about transmissibility. jackie: joining me now former arkansas governor and former presidential candidate mike huckabee, it's great to see you this morning. let me ask you about the mask mandates. so many people fed up, cheering happy it's over yet the white house still trying to cling onto some sense of mask power and
7:26 am
authority. your thoughts? >> jackie as somebody who is on an airplane two or three times a week, i'm happy right now. here is something a lot of people may not realize, when they say on the airplane federal law requires you to wear a mask, that's not true. there is no federal law. it's a regulation. and the difference is a law is something that is passed by congress, signed by the president, that's a law. a regulation is something that is put in place by a regulatory agency. it may have the forcible law but it's not a law and if the white house thinks that we need to continue wearing face diapers for the rest of our lives then here is what they can do, go to congress and get congress to pass a law, the president can sign it, the courts can uphold it and everybody has to wear these masks that even science says doesn't work against covid.
7:27 am
that's how they do it. you know what i love for them to do, let's try it, let's see if you can get the elected representatives of the people to pass that mask mandate. good luck with that. jackie: i don't think it's going to happen and it's not something that they are trying to do and trying to circumvent it. let's talk about the hypocrisy that we are seeing when it comes to masking up in an airplane or having little kids in school continue to mask up, the cdc says, oh, yeah, of course, you have to do that to be safe and we want to lift title 42 next month, let people into the country essentially not expel them and not test and not worry about covid at the border because obviously there's no crisis down there when it comes to covid. >> well, that's part of why people are so disgusted and fed up with the administration and heavy-handed control of people's lives. they are not really interested in science, they are not interested in protecting us. if they were, they wouldn't have
7:28 am
the policies they've had at the borderment if you're and illegal, you're safe, you can come across, don't worry, no mask. if you're an american citizen, pay taxes and take care of yourself and act like a responsible human being and an adult, wear the mask. i think the thing is even with mask on, people see through this and it's sound legal argument that the judge based this on, it wasn't just a win. they did not follow the administrative procedure's act, the apa which is required for a federal agency in order to put in place some type of regulation. they failed to do that which requires public hearings, public input, they failed to do it and i'm so glad, so glad that the biden administration has been caught red-handed trying to force something through a regulatory agency rather than have the guts to go to congress, everybody ought to wear a mask and make it a law. jackie: i want to switch gears
7:29 am
because elon musk attempting to turn twitter into a true free speech platform and causing mainstream media to meltdown. >> this proves the game is rigged and provers how deep the corruption goes, very much a conservative conspiracy theory. >> sometimes he's unnecessarily cruel and sometimes he's having fun. >> he said he doesn't know how he might solve the very thorny issues. jackie: conservative conspiracy theory, let's just start with that. if he doesn't get the company when he's paying a very hefty sum for it, shareholders if they were asked probably vote if they were given the opportunity to go for this deal. i would say that elon musk is right, this is the miss rig, your thoughts? >> from a business perspective what he's doing is brilliant and offering to buy the stock at
7:30 am
higher price. the board is required to do what's best for the shareholders. if they don't sell it to him for that price, he's got an incredible basis to sue their bridges off and maybe get the darn thing for free. look, i just think it's brilliant. i love elon musk. the more i see what he does, the more i like him because he's in the a guy that bluffs. when he said he was going to move to company out of california to texas, he actually did it. he's a guy that puts his money where his mouth is and he has a pretty good size mouth and i like what's coming out of it right now. i don't have illusions that he's a raving conservative. i think he's more a libertarian, he understands in america if you're going to have a platform for speech don't be intolerant and say for diversity and then be for basically absolute uniformity and that's what twitter has become. it's a joke. jackie: it's about the discourse and the debate and when he was at the ted talks in canada he said that essentially he wasn't
7:31 am
necessarily taking a position either way, just saying that free speech is a central fundamental element of democracy and we can't lose sight of that in this country. governor huckabee, wonderful to see you this morning, thank you so much. >> you bet, jackie. jackie: we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these. dude... those are so fire. [whines] only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health.
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champion iron.
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jackie: welcome back, russia launching full-scale offensive to take control over eastern ukraine. lydia with more. >> good morning again, jackie, russian forces are trying to breakthrough ukrainian lines to gain control of the donbas region, signaling the last phase of its invasion. this morning president biden will hold a call with allies and partners to discuss the latest development in ukraine meanwhile russian missile strikes have already ramped up in the area of kharkiv and brutal standoff in the port city of mariupol where
7:36 am
ukrainian forces continue to hold off russian attacks after rejecting a deadline to surrender. all this as grim new video shows a sea of graves near the capital sea of kyiv honoring those lost during the bloody conflict. johnson & johnson shares falling this morning after sales forecast due to global supply surplus and demand uncertainty. it comes as j&j announces it will pay west virginia $99 million to settle claims that it helped fuel the opioid crisis in the state. now west virginia was one of several states that did not join a nationwide 5 billion-dollar settlement with j&j earlier this year. and there's this, $44,000 for a pair of kicks.
7:37 am
sneaker enthusiasts, 100 pairs of shoes are up for grabs including this pair right here, nike designed with boston street concept, this option ends on monday. i like lobster, i like sneakers but i don't know, jackie, if i like them $44,000. jackie: when you think about the fact that people will pay more for that for a nft and not get tangible object, i think sneakers would be a buy. illegal migrant arrests at our southern border hitting a shocking milestone, agents detaining over 1 million migrants in just the last six months. u.s. customs and border protection also revealing over 221,000 migrant encounters last month along. former acting director of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement heritage foundation visiting fellow and fox news contributor tom homan, good
7:38 am
morning to you and always great to see you. this is coming as the biden administration is preparing to end title 42 at the end of next month and you say at this rate, at the end of president biden's term the number of illegal immigrants in the u.s. could exceed the total population of all but 4 or 5 states in the country and that is what i'm worried about, the kind of damage, long-term damage that is being done here. >> absolutely. the numbers are continuing to grow. look, they've already hit over a million in the first half of the year. and this is before they lift title 42. just last month because border patrol is so overwhelmed right now with title 42 in play there are 67,000 got aways in one month. 67,000 people entered this country, we don't know who the hell they are. they weren't arrested, not photographed and know
7:39 am
biometrics, 800,000 people that entered the country illegally that weren't arrested. border patrol arrested people from 157 countries including some that support terrorism. if you think not a single one of those 67,000 that didn't get arrested were forced terrorists then you're ignorant. jackie: what about the fact that we know that 23 people were stopped from a terrorist database that were coming into the country as well by border patrol. you think about the drugs that are coming over, the human trafficking, the kind of tragedy that occurred down there and now we have to worry about terrorism as well. >> yeah, look, if they arrested 23 how many didn't they arrest? terrorists don't want to be arrested. they are well train today avoid apprehension and arrest. that's what scares me most. this is an immigration crisis, historic immigration crisis. it's a humanitarian crisis
7:40 am
because more migrants have died in the first year with joe biden on u.s. soil. over 100,000 opioid deaths, fentanyl coming across the border. joe biden's policy not only are inhumane because more people are dying, it's putting the country at great risk. i said it last night if alejandro mayorkas, the secretary, the secretary of homeland security, why isn't he telling the white house to hear the same data. if this man had integrity hi would say i cannot support open borders. jackie: some of the ghost gun that is the president is worried about as well, some of those come across the border too but that's another conversation. i want to talk about the administration and it's reportedly releasing record 216,000 migrants into the u.s. and asking them, tom, asking
7:41 am
them to self-report their whereabouts to ice by phone or through an app. your thoughts on that? yeah, they are going to come across the bored, they are going to another state and call you and follow up, i mean, that's ridiculous. >> here is what they are not telling, here is the real reason for this. they want to release and not detain why because homeland security report which anybody can read on the internet, it says if people are not detained during immigration hearing chances are they'll never be removed. even though 90% of central americans will never get released in the u.s. courts, they don't qualify for asylum by the courts, only 6% of family units get ordered removed leave. only 6% of unaccompanied children leave. as far as single adults it's around 26%. they know by releasing the people and not detaining them even though the majority release their case they are not going anywhere, they won't be removed. jackie: they will not be removed and not going anywhere and they know whether status is legal or
7:42 am
not that will get many of the benefits that citizens of this country do get. they go to the emergency room and need medical care, they are going to get it. >> yeah, you can see trauma centers get shut down and school system is will get overcrowded. this is bad for the united states. look, this administration knows how to stop this surge. secretary mayorkas was a deputy secretary in 2014-2015. joe biden was vice president. i worked with beth of these men during the surge back. we stopped this. they haven't stopped and haven't done a single thing that we did to stop it. this is by design. jackie: it's funny that you say that because i was having conversation with larry kudlow, some of the things about economic issues, the border, jackie, you are not understanding this, he said, they're really smart. they're not stupid. they are doing this intentionally as you say, they are doing it by design and this is all part of a larger agenda.
7:43 am
it's not that mayorkas or anybody on biden's team doesn't exactly know what they're doing, tom. >> well, look, they -- they signed 9 executive orders to destroy the trump immigration policies which gave us the most secure border in our nation's history and at the same time joe biden overturned census rule which people will be counted in the census and result in more seats in the house for the democrats. it's about political power. they sold this country out and our security and our sovereignty to run this government. it's pathetic what the administration has done. >> elizabeth warren also saying we have to worry about how people are feeling about inflation and all of these things when she's one of the ones pushing the economic policy that isn't working. tom homan, thank you so much, sir, good to see you. >> good to see you. jackie: coming up getting the best bang for your buck, that's your contractor buck, credit
7:44 am industry analyst is here with his picks of the top rewards credit cards. stay with us for that. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ f
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it's ultra-fast. faster than a gig. supersonic wifi. only from xfinity. it can power hundreds of devices with three times the bandwidth. so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. jackie: welcome back, 2021 was a record year for u.s. credit card sign-ups according to equifax.
7:48 am
73.4 million credit cards were opened last year, up 45% from 2020 following a spring and summer of record high sign-up bonuses last fall. drop in sign-up bonuses and they also have yet to return to the strong bonuses that we saw last year. joining me right now credit industry analyst ted, ted, always great to see you. wonder if the bonuses will come back and that's what got people to sign up for the credit cards or if it was more which is what i'm worried about more borrowing on credit to finance the rise in cost of living right now? >> i actually i think what we are seeing is a lot of the same thing that we are seeing with bank deposits. the big banks don't really need to raise rates aggressively. they have all of the deposits they need. in the credit card space it's not quite that extreme but i do think it's some of the same thing. if people are signing up for cards anyway, issuers don't need
7:49 am
to engage in as aggressive of an arm's race. it is a very competitive industry, though, so when one tips others may follow. i think what we may see this year is shorter lived bonuses. we may see a quick pop, you want to sign up before you miss it because they probably won't stick around as long this year. jackie: what about tips for finding some of the best deals that are out there, whatever the sign-up bonuses are or the benefits of travel versus cash back, all different kind of rewards, points, things that you can get? >> you know, we have a gate list in our website, credit and travel and cashback are the two main rewards back. if you have debt and half of card holders do, we want you to focus on zero percent interest rate whether that's on balance transfers or purchases or both but if you're among the half that are paying in full avoiding interest, i can tell you that cash back is actually american's
7:50 am
favorite credit card feature. that was true even before the pandemic. travel is perhaps most lucrative but it's more complicated. you need to make sure that you are traveling enough to make it worth it. >> i have friends that are obsessed with collecting their miles and they are so stingy about how they use them also. i mean, that's all nonsense but i want to buy an upgrade on a ticket i will buy it. i prefer to cash back as you mentioned. but i want to ask you about some of the things that we are seeing out in the landscape. on july 1st, paid and unpaid medical collections that have been in collections for less than a year will come off americans' credit reports. ted, tell us about the changes and what it will mean for credit scores and the impact they'll have on lives of americans? >> this is actually going to help a lot of people because the cfpd says that 43 million americans have $88 billion worth of medical debt on their credit reports and soon about 70% of that is going to come off.
7:51 am
so paid medical collections will come off starting in july. unpaid medical collections that are less than a year old and then next year we are going to see these unpaid collections under $500, unpaid medical collections under 500 bucks coming off. this will lift a lot of scores. if medical debt is the only thing dragging you down it can help you by a 100 points or more. but also medical debt has not proven to be as predictive as other things. it's often a one-time crisis. maybe not as reflective of your credit risk as you monthly bills like your credit card and your car loan. >> that makes a lot of sense. ted, you also say access to credit is the hottest area in fintec right now, tell us a little bit about that? >> i think so. experience says that 28 million americans are completely credit invisible, another 21 million can't be scored because there's
7:52 am
so little information on file. that's 1 and 5 u.s. adults right there. mostly young adults and immigrants. i really think right now it's a risk on lending space. issuers are looking to expand the pool of people that they can lend to and i think one of the ways they are doing this is by looking at alternative credit metrics. can we look at streaming service, phones, utilities, rent, other things that can score you in such a way that maybe you are a good credit risk, we just didn't know it by the traditional metrics. >> i've had this before, we have billing issues with hospitals before, it's legitimate human error and mistakes and they end up on your credit report. we will be watching all of this. thanks for the great advice, ted, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. jackie: coming up podcaster joe
7:53 am
rogan, that is the hot topic, buzz next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. i don't think they had camels in atlantis. really? today she's a teammate at truist, the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.
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jackie: time for "hot topic buzz," battle over twitter heating up as one of the recalled world's a largest buyout firms thinking of backing a possible deal comes as comedian podcast host joe rogan voices his support for elon musk's bid. >> we look to powerful leaders everyone to excited elon musk trying to apply twitter yes, the great one seems to be like a guy if you had a movie character just like superbillionaire working to save humanity. >> joe rogan pointing to musk epics morals for why he and many others are excited for efforts to take the social media platform, and make it a better heaven for free speech, jonathan reaction. >> i agree with joe rogan he
7:58 am
should be a movie character i think he has done enough to earn spot in any case, but i will say this you know we need people, like joe rogan stepping up, and speaking truth to power here representing the conservative voice we support elon musk. i mean transact interesting twitter advocates for something content moderation means censorship by application what we've seen silencing conservative voices, you know we reject that we advocate for actually free speech like elon musk. jackie: not just about siel ensing voifz, for example, kicking president trump off twitter one example the other thing, silencing media outlets "new york post" reporting before election on hunter biden laptop social media including twitter completely squashing that could have been a huge game changer now find
7:59 am
out over a year later it is a true story real there was a lot of there there but they didn't want people to know about it. . >> one hundred percent i think what i do like about elon musk busy huckabee said perfectly earlier libertarian, all love to complain like our full-time job don't want censored in ability to voice ourselves twitter like village square, where you should be able to really your opinions they should not be censoring like you said breaking stories the big thing the fact he appeals to so many people left right in the middle i think that lib barrierian flare helps get all america behind him i like that, also because planters
8:00 am
not a --lon i am certify to serve even if not getting paid happy to be on the board. jackie: he wants to cut those salaries down to zero, board probably not happy about that, some lifetime twitter employees saying they don't necessarily think he has the shareholder interests in mind, many others saying you know he wants to pay as you lot of money for this company something that should be considered, jonathan ryan stay right there next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. . jackie: good morning, i am jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, april 19 top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time today, president biden transit mask mandate over travelers breathing a sigh of relief after a federal judge ruled cdc overstepped its authority in issuing a mask mandate for
8:01 am
planes and other forms of transportation biden administration official announcing tsa will no longer enforce the rule effective immediately. >> overturn the mask mandate i talked about. yeah. you may move your mask. >> oh! . >> white house still pushing people to wear their masks, listen. >> about this ruling federal court in florida at this point in decision you may continue to recommend people wear masks, why is it that we can sit here in the white house briefing room with no masks but people can't in an airplane cab win no masks. >> peter i am not a doctor, you are not a doctor. jackie: uber announced this morning riders drivers in united states no longer need
8:02 am
to wear masks another problem plaguing consumers, private equity firm apollo glabl management reportedly considering financing a bid to twitter after elon musk 43-billion-dollar officer last week as musk says the salary about zero dollars if his succeeds sooifk 3 million dollars a year. that is a manage earnings report johnson & johnson crossing last hour beating on earnings per share missing on revenue. we are waiting on ibm netflix those reports will be out later today, meantime, futures on wall street let's take a look moving up and down but green across the board, indicating a higher open on wall street dow higher 18 s&p by one nasdaq by 9 trading around flatline we have to see where the momentum moves is alternative year in focus over
8:03 am
2.9% this morning highest that we've seen since september 14, 2018 this is coming after all three major indices especially lower yesterday take a look across the board there dow decline 39 points, we are looking ahead as always, to today's economic data, we've got housing permits building starts out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. and oil prices, are down this morning, this is after opec produced 1.45 million barrels a day below target from the march, european markets also down, take a look there across the board, the dax, steepest there again down 102 points asian markets were mixed overnight, hong kong big loser there down over 2%. stay with us "mornings with maria" is live right now. . . jackie: all right. let's start with morning mover halliburton shares down
8:04 am
posting better-than-expected first quarter lower due to volatile oil prices, halliburton weighting the consensus 81 cents a share beating revenue estimates 4.28 billion in revenue company seen 82% growth year-to-date through yesterday's close trading 40.50 but down 2 3/4%, futures are searching for direction, this morning, earnings season gets underway we did see johnson & johnson report mixed first-quarter earnings this morning beating in eps missing on revenue, the drugmaker suspending sales forecast vaccine. >> hearing from netflix ibm reports that come after the bell today, joining me now market strategist victoria fernandez, jonathan madison ryan pain victoria straight to
8:05 am
you what are you expecting out of earnings, a bit of mixed picture so far investors nervous about so many different things and watching rates rise right now. >> jackie we have banks, started, last week mixed numbers there all in all, i think did pretty well we end with bank of america yesterday decent numbers, a glimpse earnings coming look at supply chain issues, we have csx union pacific important to hear what they have to say in regards to transportation, and rail, in trucking see where we stand with supply chain issues, that will be important for us, and then a really good glimpse into the consumer as well different aspects of consumer, procter & gamble going to let us look at staple what it looks like, tractor supply netflix you
8:06 am
mentioned might it go with discretionary spending airlines i probably boost from nobody mask mandates dropped this morning i think a good look at what earnings are going to give thus week in regards to important themes we have to see how market takes that. jackie: what do you think about rising rates right now i mini certainly they will have impact on housing potentially chilling effects on corporations as well as cost of borrowing goes up a lot of people looking to rates as a potential trigger for a recession. >> absolutely, obviously, when we have inverted curve from two to 10 a couple weeks ago a lot of talk around recession component we don't see recession in 2022 now not inverted from that point i think 7 to 10 slightly inverted at this point in time, we are seeing that occur with steepening component i think 150 basis points three months to two years when you
8:07 am
look at inflation expectations i think that is why you are seeing the longer curve move up a little bit but anchored on long end five, 10 years inflation expectations i expect rates to kind of pause obviously, handle a big resistance level may be a pause if we see inflation components start to come back a little bit, that gives the fed a little bit of room, and in regards to 50-basis point rates going forward, after the may meeting. >> market trading, in choppy fashion making investors nervous so i am wondering from where you sit how you are recommending asset allocation how people should be thinking about portfolios right now this you they can move things around to be more diversified to weather the storm. >> we told clients the beginning of the year expect 2022 a very volatile year we are going to have a lot of up
8:08 am
and down movements we have target around 4500 isn't much from where we are now, but we you you define components that are going to do well we have the saying where we say trim on greene days apply on red days we've been doing that trimmed a little bit of higher priced going into more value tech names intel we think will do well in that space we also like some of the cyclical names more value names to have in portfolio to give balance we like financials hit so hard bank of america example walgreens, even a name like vmwear cloud component strength in sales for in-person solutions going on i think you needed to be, doing your homework, find the names within the market where you can see strength. jackie: you look at a lot of technology investments, companies that have done so well tend worse in high rate
8:09 am
environment because of financing they need. about what if your a big investor in tech right now would you be trimming that position? >> i think you need to do that jackie you need to be cognizant of the moves you are seeing typically, longer term investors but in volatile market you need to make changes, as you see the market rotate, so, add some high-flying tech names have moved higher go ahead trim some of those take your bow take money off the table, look at other errs you feel there can be opportunities talked about financials a moment ago there is an opportunity there, as rates continue to move higher and their balance sheets are strong, so make sure that you are tactical take wins. to your point financials rates moving higher will collect more on loans but not necessarily paying the defors more in bank that is a problem
8:10 am
for the consumer is facing right now, you know we were talking a a little bit about consumer spending consumer makes up roughly two-thirds u.s. economy i wonder where you think the not moving as fast as inflation i sort of wonder where you think it is they are getting money to keep spending the way they are if you think that will be a tipping point? >> i have to say i don't think that anyone should underestimate the trenning of the consumer. right now, the consumer has the funds are willing to spend those funds, to get what they want whether services or goods, you talk maybe about 15, 20 minutes ago jackie about the credit card application, revolving debt low for debt to grow on consumer i think giving support if they continue to spend will probably see that for a while obviously, inflation takes a little bit
8:11 am
of a bite out of that we spend less now on gasoline than we did, 10, 20 years ago so even though there is a much higher inflation component there, it is it takes a little bit of a left hit on household balance sheets the consumer is pretty strong don't underestimate them. >> great to see you. thank you. >> my pleasure. jackie: coming up we are taking you live to o'hare airport in chicago travelers say good-bye mask mandates, next you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . . to support underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause status.
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mcshane. jackie: welcome back travelers across the nation celebrating after a federal judge, strikes down the biden administration mask mandate for public transit grady trimble joins us with more on this i imagine, the travelers are very happy about this. >> they are jackie i took an uber this morning didn't have
8:16 am
to wear a mask now doing something that, we haven't done in two years which is broadcast from from terminal from o'hare without a mask the first to say no longer passengers no longer need to wear masks all other airliners quickly followed suit and some people were onboard flights when they found out the news, watch their reaction. >> -- >>. >> so cheers there, here in terminal o'hare a lot of people still have masks on but bottom line you have a choice mixed reactions people rejoicing others saying i am keeping my own for now. >> i love it i love the change not wearing a mask. >> so do i i think it is a mistake one of the best things
8:17 am
we could have done in months. >> whoopi. >> and if you look at travel numbers for this monday under 2.3 million people went through tsa checkpoints across the country yesterday compared to pre-pandemic levels almost there, but not quite. but experts are expecting jackie an extremely busy summer for air travel there could be issues because of airline staffing the cancellations going on, lately, but some of the people i talked to here this morning, say this rescinding of the mask mandate strike down of mask requirement actually makes them more likely to travel as we head into the summer months, because they just feel things are getting back to normal, you can see, sort of a mix here in o'hare terminal this morning but as morning goes on, a lot fury people we've noticed with masks on even though overhead announcements on pa say you have to have it on under
8:18 am
federal law we know now not the case. >> not the case good to see you grady trimble maskless breathing. >> good to see you jonathan your reaction to this because so many have said so long this really is a matter of the personal choice if you want to wear it wear it if you don't, don't. the sign doesn't necessarily back the case depending, of course, what kind of mask you are wearing, you know, and so many people wear flimsy cross masks really do nothing. >> i am an owner of one of those flimsy masks i would say good to see people behind grady some had masks some didn't means you are right now doesn't mean a ban on masks or anything like that, i can already hear people on left saying big concern nobody is going to wear masks, that is collateral not the case. if you are if you are one of
8:19 am
the people in in the a public health concerning group perhaps you will wear a mask that is not what this does i echo comments of senator huckabee this morning, if congress wants to pass a law mandating, that everybody wear masks they can do that regulatory body does not have that authority. >> your reaction the pandemic has gone on more than two years people are sick and tired of it cdc well aware of it the director walensky changed quarantine guidance cut it down to five days saying no more public appetite for staying home same true with masks, they keep trying to push them. >> yeah, i think you just -- the appetite right now there is no appetite for being being restrictive i think the true great reopening of the economy a couple false starts but this is it people at this point
8:20 am
they just don't care they can't g oat on with lives been vaccinated booster shot virus in new york city you can feel excitement, you can even feel in airport people are just so ready, and i can't stress enough this is just so, so bullish so optimistic on the economy, and i can't see what he why more on wall street can't see it that way i guess that is why i am here. "new york times" has a headline that cases are up hospitalizations are not that is the point. that we were hoping to get to where we could figure out a way to live with this virus continue normal lives, seems to finally be happening gentlemen thank you so much for that, coming up new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis to talk about new york city mayor eric adams admitting progressive policies for blame for america's crime
8:21 am
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8:24 am
jackie: illegal migrant arrested at southern border a shocking milestone over one million migrants six months white house refusing to
8:25 am
apologize to border agents falsely accused whipping migrants. >> we have done told accused of whipping migrants have been notified they will not face criminal charges when is the president going to apologize to them? >> there's a process and investigation that department homeland security i yovent any update on that. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis member of the foreign affairs transportation infrastructure committee congresswoman malliotakis good morning to you your reaction. >> good morning. >> completely outrageous this administration continues to try ban law enforcement i visited border a year ago they were begging for support tell this administration we are unable to do jobs being overrun by drug cartels processing people, instead of actually securing the border, and now here we are a year later they want to make the
8:26 am
problem worse. by lifting title 42 but in addition to that we go record levels of fentanyl strategic over our border number one killer of americans 18 to 45-year-olds you are seeing individual from over 160 countries come to our border including those even on terrorist watch list, those convicted criminals previously deported, i mean outrageous this administration refuses to put safety of the american people first. jackie: and next month when title 42 is lifted the expectation is that thousands more illegal migrants will stream into this country i mean almost seems like there is no end in sight clearly wants to do nothing about it. throughout the entire course of pandemic they allowed millions of people, to cross our borders illegally, they flew them at taxpayer expense
8:27 am
all over the country, of course, this spread variants of covid, so now they want to continue to tut mandates restrictions in place for american people risking title 42, they ignored, by the way, to begin with, it is reckless, it is incompetent, american articulates have to foot the bill for this entire disaster from flying migrants all over the country, to giving them free attorneys, to housing to healthcare, it is so unfair. at a time the americans people are struggling, struggling economically can't afford inflation paying tax getting little in return on top of it have to pay for other individuals, who are here illegally. jackie: it is unfair especially in state of new york we have seen some have said where migrants are flown into westchester released into the communities you say our state is in so much trouble when it comes to new york city, there are so many other
8:28 am
things we could be doing with the taxpayer dollars taking on extra burden, while i have you switch gears talk about mayor eric adams blames woke progressive policies for democratic run cities' soaring crime rates. major mistakes made throughout years destroys trust police commissioner is talking about we have a to rebuild that trust we can't rebuild that trust allowing those who are dangerous, and that have -- they have a repeated history of violence continue to be on our streets. >> senator, woke policies in new york city, district attorney doesn't want to incarcerate people who commit series crimes, your take on this. . >> just another example of whether at southern border or whether here in the city of new york, democrats continue to villainize police officers, law enforcement continue to tie their hands, of course, if
8:29 am
you have policies that say 50% of those caught with illegal firearm or released book on to street if you have district attorneys say they refuse to prosecute crimes this you murder somebody won't have life without parole sentence if you have city council members keep calling to defund police or people like alexandria ocasio-cortez fights book when you want police on subway to keep xhurlts safe, of course, going to invite crime started with broken windows de blasio decided to he eliminate nato penalties for smaller crimes it trktsdz a larger criminal element, new york city a target unfortunately policies to have led to police being more reactive not proactive policing not allowed to hopefully under the mayor changing a bit we are seeing plainclothes not plainclothes but anticrime unit in full
8:30 am
force throughout entire city this idea of metal defectors that stuff i don't think that is feasible, not an realistic answer i think realistic answer to put laws on the books, then enforce them, judges need to prosecutors, elected officials on the side of law and order. >> another issue with bragg put people behind bars make sure some penalty for jumping, i wonder all crimes in the subway how many folks were facing their fare, makes people riff there are consequences for actions as well something that so many people here feel is a huge quality of life issue, just walking around, not being able to travel safely not feeling safe in this environment. and this is a state and city, congresswoman that have dealt with so much of the exodus from pandemic trying to rebuild, this economy will
8:31 am
never get on track if we don't start to make our streets safer. >> absolutely correct, people need to feel safe, they need he to be safe when going to work and traveling to school when going about their daily bigs, if you don't have safety you have nothing that is the reality, we won't be able to get this economy back on track, businesses will continue to flee, new yorkers will continue to flee, new yorkers paying 220 billion dollars in budget this year for, state double size of florida florida has millions more residents nothing to show for it, life deteriorating public safety deteriorating so is our economy keep voting democrat -- that is what you are going to get. >> nicole malliotakis thank you for being with us. >> former uas he army intelligence fox news contributor with us to talk about what he is doing on the ground in ukraine as russian forces continue with deadly
8:32 am
attacks. that is next. . . and strengthen client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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jackie: welcome back blackstone drills down into housing lydia hu with more on that hi. >> thooi jackie black stone is shelling out about 12.8 billion dollars to buy student housing american communities, atc owns 166 billion dollars in cities collegetowns across the nation the biggest foray into sector betting rents continue to rise as more students return to campus. >> but some are wondering whether selling out big money for a college degree is worth the cost survey also finding more than half of college graduates over the age of 25 don't work in their field of study, also found that 25% respondents around less than 30,000 dollars a year, all
8:37 am
this as the cost of higher education continues to soar. finally there is this, the bald he go ooel latest to fall prey to highly contagious bird flu, department agriculture says at least 36 have died from advisers since february as bald eagle faces another deadly problem lead poisoning a study found population for america's national symbol are suppressed by nearly 4% because of lead exposure concerning trends there. jackie: that is really sad lydia hu thank you so much for that ukrainian president zelenskyy announcing second faes of russia's war on ukraine around eastern region of the country that has started. >> more -- now, we can already state that russian troops begun the battle for donbas
8:38 am
they have been preparing for a long time significant part of entire russian army concentrating on offensive no matter how many russian troops are driven there we will fight we will defend ourselves do it every day we won't give up anything ukrainian. >> joining me former u.s. army intelligence officer fox news contributor ukraine voluntarily brett velicovich good morning to you, first talking about some of what you've seen in your recent visits volunteering, and what the scene is like on the ground. >> sure yeah, i've been back for a few days, go back already i don't feel a job fully done there is a lot more people to help i will be going back to ukraine some point we've seen a lot on the ground russian troops animals ukrainian soldiers refer to them as indiscriminate killing unarmed civilians slick lord of the characteristics they can't take them tactically bill civilians women and children to did he moralize
8:39 am
them only with dpur russian forces wholesale brutality becoming clear nursing home of dead bodies in streets many found with hands behind backs blindfolded to plan to did he moralize, from whief seen on the ground o he emboldens you yooufks, mariupol wiped off face of the erth european fighters on ground going to fight to death population ukraine risen to defend their country engineers on front lines dej's have taken up arms church pastors sneaking refugees through donbas back to safety, making body armor civilians stuffing cars with food to go behind enemy lines get to people safshdz at
8:40 am
greatest risk russian hasn't stopped onslaught unclear in a lot of cases how much did he eventses hold all in mariupol the largest battle don mariupol holding the line there for rest of the world like russian army wouldn't believe what they face we need to support them wherever we can understand that this isn't just ukraine it is the rest of europe, it is stopping, the indiscriminate attack on civilians. >> you sent video taken from a town in ukraine you say shows how russian troops were shooting into a civilian apartment area play grouvend we are showing it now you have been on the ground, and working on this effort, tell me a little bit about this,
8:41 am
and some that you have seen i imagine not only difficult for those who live there those who have fled but even for the volunteers must be traumatizing. >> efficiently i have a lot of videos like this jackie some so bad i won't share with your producers you wouldn't be able to put on air just so horrifically, inhumanity of russian for thes you wouldn't believe it personally witnessing horrors genocide undeniable evidence war crimes no doubt in my mind russia needs to be stopped we need to help ukrainians fight this war you don't believe until you witness isis syria if access to larger weapons because of indiscriminate killing one video taken yesterday in
8:42 am
lav-of many have said done this jurists get in areas unable to because russian forces are retreating going to start seeing a lot more of these war crimes come to light. jackie: humanitarian aid rescue project working daily, day and night to be able to help civilians evacuate from some conflict zones supply aide to front lines, efforts not just weapons they need to fight but they need relief on the ground. >> exactly they need medical aid, we have been trying to supply, the front lines, as much as we can, everyday we've got vehicles that are traveling out there, also, one of the things we need are o drone technology being used heavily during rescues major contributor to the fight ukrainians use drones to spoet locations russian troops relay coordinates elemental drone
8:43 am
striking locations so valuable in field close to front lines you see them left and right hitting getting shot down very hard to tell who is who, but you know there is good news jackie i will be honest when i came through poland more people coming into ukraine than leaving usually not the case on average about 11,000 people entering ukraine right now in, more than 90%ing refugees he fled returning lviv, getting safer over 7 million internally displaced people in ukraine staggering when you think about it more people are coming across from business perspective also national, cash currencies, first time since february uber announced would resume service in kyiv goes to say that services are starting to be restored but at the same
8:44 am
time we cannot underestimate putin and pride, at winning at all costs there is relative in, lviv last couple weeks a missile strike just there killed six people we can't underestimate putin willing necessities to try to win at all costs. >> seemingly opening up, step in right direction clearly we are not there just yet, brett we thank you for coming on to us the about work you have been doing we thank you for risking your life to do it good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up with skyrocketing prices aut pumped inflation 40-year highs cost-of-living is i impacting americans' mental health that is coming up after the break. ♪♪ ♪♪
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phase to many americans finances a difficult subject thanks to what we're seeing with u.s. nation numbers hitting 40-year high, soaring days prices adding to that. with stress of spending coercion between financial well-being, mental wellness seems more prevalent than ever
8:49 am
best-selling author personal finance expert dave ramsey also though a of own your past change your dprurt john delony what are most americans worried about what message do you have for them some are trying to stretch the budget to make things work. >> the reality is the math he devastating particularly at gas pump or trying to apply a used car what people are getting hammered what we're noticing at grocery store what happens person finances 80% behavior only 20% knowledge, the fact all just completely stressed out, in our emotional gas tankers got empty depleted during pandemic process get hit again with inflation, it is hard to keep our head up hard to keep fighting through,
8:50 am
and that is one of the reasons we are excited about dr. john being on a our team. >> doctor, tell us about the connection, that you see between financial well-being, mental health well-being i imagine not bogged down by debt can afford to pay bills must feel better about things. >> of course, so three pillars to psychologically well-being connection in relationships with others, safety, autonomy ability to control your destiny when you -- money you don't control tomorrow, the bank does struggling to pay bills put gas in car, your body will carry anxiety we've been cut off, sounding alarms, so it doesn't surprise me when i see the fact that 70% americans are stressed, rates
8:51 am
going up dpfgs rates going up nonsurprises me i look at the ecotm we are living. >>. >> that is a great point intangibles, that you can't put on a scale i am curious one thing we have seen throughout the pandemic, is america saved more than, shocking we think americans loving to spend everything a lot of pandemic stimulus was saved. so from your standpoint, a question for you are you seeing americans saving more, more cautious with spending than pre-pandemic? >> well they were in mil of pandemic but came out of pandemic started spending like in congress. it was out of control, so came out of the cave, we went crazy so that need for correction john talking about, not good
8:52 am
that man be alone all driving this saving during penned was driven by negative force, fear, you could see say for positive force future idea i am going to build wealth and pleasure that is much better motivator for saving. >> let me ask you what is the psychology behind americans difficulty with saving, i guess the feeling that you know keeping up with other people, or that they deserve it, you know, and over extending themselves we've seen for decades, this country whenever i call my friends, try to say it a follower for many years now, they just they don't do it. >> well, we don't. the ability to delay pleasure john can address this the definition of maturity something about growing up tied to ability to put off
8:53 am
pleasure. >> absolutely be honest we live in ecosystem that sets us up to be scared and frightened on letter at all types, when our brains go on alert we get scared this accuracy for speed, when i am nervous scared i don't make great decisions you know what else amazon put something in front of me said you probably want to apply this i click on it i click on it i click on it, chasing safety chasing fear all wrong places we have a pile of debt shiny toys in our house don't want or need we find ourselves in a mess. >> dangers of instant gratification wonderfully to see you this morning real appreciate your time. >> he costly cocktails mint julep at kentucky derby costs
8:54 am
a pretty penny we're going to tell you how much and what is in it coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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8:58 am
versailles, of course, all that cashing will go to a good cause. these costly cocktails benefit old friends farm are where thoroughbreds are sent to retire. jonathan, sounds good to me. donation for a good cause and having fun at the event as well. >> absolutely. it sounds like -- it was, obviously, for a great cause. the ingredients sound quite amazing. you know, personally, if i do pay about $1,000 for a drink, especially at the kentucky derby, i just wouldn't mind if it came with, you know, the winning name of the next horse in the race. i'm just saying. and i don't gamble a whole lot, which speaks to my need for certainty. [laugher] jackie: you look at the pictures there there, ryan, expect cups look pretty, pretty nice. ruby-encrusted. you get to take that as a souvenir as well. >> i mean, jonathan, if you're buying, i'm going for the gold cup for $2500. just saying. [laughter] jackie: it would be nice, ryan,
8:59 am
as an investor, a stock picker, it would be nice if it came in the bottom of the glass with the winning horse's name. >> and just melt the gold down later and resell it at a big profit. [laughter] jackie: it's always been a dream of mine to go down there and wear one of those big hats. lydia was doing it last year. i could only imagine holding one of these jewish lips as well. -- juleps as well. it's rough with the weather that we've seen coming out of the pandemic, jonathan. i feel like people want to splurge on some of this stuff. >> absolutely. i mean, it's a great time. it's a great time. now's the best time. [laughter] jackie: yeah. and, ryan -- >> i'm just picturing that hat, jackie. jackie: yeah, no, she wore so many beautiful hats that were custom made for her last year, and it seems like it was a lot of fun, and the weather was nice. have you ever been down there? >> i have not. i'd definitely loved to do it sometime. it's one of those events i feel
9:00 am
like you have to do once in your life. jackie: yeah. >> i'm not sure i'd wear that same hat -- jackie: no, i don't recommend it for you, but it is a bucket lis- >> you, jackie. jackie: jonathan, ryan, thank you so much for joining us. it's been a lot of fun getting your insight. "varney & company" is up next and, of course, the illustrious stuart varney is going to take it away from here. stuart: flattery gets you everywhere, jackie -- jackie: i know that. [laughter] stuart: well done, and good morning to you. good morning, everyone. it's great to be back. a federal judge in florida issuing a ruling, masks off in buses, trains and, post importantly, planes. in mid-flight the masks calm off. i want to see, i want you to see the republican congressman, dan crenshaw's, reaction. watch this. ♪ clap along with you feel like a room without a roof. ♪ 'cuz i'm happy -- ♪ clap along -- stuart:


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