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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  July 3, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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eastern right here on foxbusiness. start smart every weekday in fact from 6:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern mornings with maria right foxbusiness paris hope you start your day with us every weekday. have a wonderful rest of your fourth of july weekend. thank you so much for joining us. and i will see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ or at least i know i am free at ♪ ♪. >> enforcing not everyone is proud to be an american this week a growing number of threatened to leave. joe biden wants to apply for the job he already has but a number of democrats don't seem to be willing to throw their hat in the ring along with him.
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and the president sounding off against the supreme court while overseas in making a pivot saying the senate should suspend the filibuster to codify roe v wade. plus the u.s. navy's out with a three hour long training video on how to use the correct pronouns. we'll talk about this and more with charles hurt and jessica tarlov coming up. welcome to the wall street journal at large i am james freeman and for gerry baker. by their creator with certain inhalable rights but among these life liberty the pursuit of happyness. those words of the declaration of independence published in a 40 years ago this week comprise the most influential sentence ever created in this country. you could say the declaration and the idea that government power rests on the consent of the governor's most significant american invention and our greatest export. abraham lincoln said i have never had a feeling politically that did not spring embodied in the declaration of independence. america's document has inspired
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people all over the world and other 19th century leader louis the noblest happiest page in mankind's history. the authors of the decoration were alive today would surely be impressed americans at cap the republic for two and half centuries and create the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. but today's americans do not seem to be in a particularly patriotic mood. national pride is down with majorities of republicans and independents and nearly half of democrats feeling dissatisfied with our country. according to the latest fox news survey only 39% of registered voters say they are proud of the country today. that is down 12 points from 2017 and 30-point since 2011. it marks the first time since the question has been asked in a fox poll that a majority feels disappointed in the country. look at the american country discourse or social bits of politicians and celebrities
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condemning america and its institutions. >> we will decide. [inaudible] requests made the united states an outlier among developed nations in the world. >> 's mainstream regrets gun violence is as american as apple pie. [inaudible] announcing my citizenship. [inaudible] >> go back to that miserable excuse of a country. chris has green day performing overseas by the way. lead singer billie joe armstrong really made our most americans not proud to live in the country that wrote the noblest happiest page in mankind's history and if so why not? it is self-evident or noble happy panels going to answer these questions for us. i'm not washing times opinion at her news contributor charles hurt. democratic strategists five cohost jessica tarlov.
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thank you guys are coming in. went through that disturbing, depressing litany. just, it would look at the polls and you look at those comments that various people are making, cute look at this as a fundamental dissatisfaction with this country? and really its traditions are government everything are more just people as they often are upset about the issues of the day. maybe a ruling they did like inflation it's bothering them. >> i think more is a transient mood thing than a fundamental. >> that's good news. time will tell on the spirit we have a pretty turbulent for five years if you factor in three years of the health pandemic, forwarders of donald trump which is like 80 global health pandemics to me. the country i understand have majority of the democrats sing the countries on the wrong track people are concerned about record high inflation, gas places et cetera. staring down the barrel fourth
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of july with a lot of people not be able to afford their airfares. will not be able to get on the road they do not want to fill up their tanks et cetera. i understand why the mood is a little more somber. some of it is definitely these decisions will continue to talk about supreme court decision i do make someone like me for instance, & ruth gator ginsburg said it would be poorly decided 49 years ago. but people woke up feeling left free. women did this country for the first time certainly in my lifetime. that is something that makes people look around and say i am not sure this is really a great environment to be raising my kids in private six month daughter. it's a completely different landscape for her than when i was born. >> okay charlie went to look at these stats when you look at these comments, does it make you think we are going through a temporary sour national mood or something worse? >> are the funnest games to
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place if the founders were to be dropped into the middle of america what would they think? i think they would be deeply troubled by a lot of dependence upon enter government with welfare. they be dependence on drugs for a lot of our citizens in that inability of a lot of our citizens to not to care of themselves and to govern themselves. i think in terms of politics they would recognize all of this. they would be a-ok with it because this is kind of the whole sort of -- they built all of these guard rails with human nature in mind for they knew this is how we all behave. we really kinda behave like that back then. that is how they knew to put it together like this. i think obviously people probably didn't wake up after the roe v wade decision and felt less free. i think it's probably a fleeting feeling. i think there's a lot of distortion and lies being told about that for political purposes. but that is why an issue like
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that needs to not be decided by nine people in black robes. but by citizens through their legislatures. and i think while this is a difficult period, i think we get back to normalcy. this helps us get back to normalcy for we have adult arguments about how to work with this issue and then find workable solutions but i guarantee you i am not going to be happy with. i can live with them because they are made by me and my fellow citizens through the election process. >> it to make the decision to cut this off but will be back in a few minutes. democrats cannot seem to decide whether biden will or should run for reelection 2024. the confusion extends to his own vice president read more on (torstein vo) when you really philosophize about it, vice president read more on that,
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see you talk to president biden about reelection? wickstrom biden is running for reelection i'll be his ticket
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made. >> after this guarantee firm kamala harris about the second term run for president joe biden, they vice president a wednesday walk back her statements" the president intends to run and if he does unquote they will quote run together unquote. white house using eight clarification to produce more ambiguity. democrats are not all in on joe biden to leave their ticket there is always the hillary option. >> scenario in 2024. [laughter] to even remotely consider? >> i cannot imagine i really can't. but what i can imagine is staying as active and outspoken as i can. >> not a no. but the desperation to try to get back in the race is hilarious. i think it's a nice snapshot of
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where we are right now. and by the way to a more promising people who came out of the 2020 democratic primary the administration's snake bit you've got people to judge and you've got kamala harris who he thanks political careers are pretty much over after joining the business ration for various reasons. but the bottom line is the same forces that created a place were only joe biden could win in 2020 i think is still in place for you will know better than i do. it's still in place those forces are willing to probably ensure he's probably the best nominate democrats have. >> is he the best nominate kuester. >> he is the nominee now. i understand what he's got annoyed at people continually asking about this. other first-term presidents did not get this line of questioning they weren't going after obama and bill clinton what he thanks going to happen? i get it he is 79 years old.
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i get it he fell off his bike. >> obama was a god. you are not look at the first term so far in saying this is such a rousing success we did more of it, right? >> i am saying whoever is best equipped to win. joe biden undoubtably was perry's very firm about this in 2020 i thought he was the only one who could be charmed by stand by that. i think trump would have been anyone else but joe biden very looking ahead i do not want to over blow the impact of the generate six on the midterms i don't think there will be one. i think it is damaging donald trump and crating so much baggage the gop is going to be looking elsewhere. look at the rest of the field i certainly see a scenario in which ron desantis went sort tim scott if it's a biden beat trump we can pull that off. not sure about the rest the candidates. democrats need to get in line about this. we're going into a midterm were
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going to lose the house hopefully we have the senate but this hillary thing happens every time. get it it's fun for a media cycle she's clear she's not running again. people love to laugh at her i get it i'm a hillary person she matters to a lot of democrats. >> but to be clear joe biden has been a hot disaster of a presidency. and that is the problem. but the big problem democrats still do not want to address is the fact that the reason joe biden got the nomination is that everyone was so terrified of bernie sanders. and they do not want bernie sanders. or elizabeth warren. that is still in effect today. that is the fear that striving so many. >> real quick just if you're putting them in line you got biden next to go to hillary or gretchen whitmer, gavin newsom?
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who would be the plan b for your biden doesn't run? >> i think we should be looking everywhere biden doesn't run. yes mitch landrieu, what will object or hat in the ring. amy klobuchar. i like john pastor. we could win with john pastor. questioning to the rest of their party behind contest to reelect the present better than the primaries. run joe manchin i don't care. events with her for parting the majority the time and we win. we'll take it to the manchin gretchen on a future show. in the meantime we'll be back to talk about a new wave of far left of freak outs of the supreme court decision. supreme court decision. we'll tie with local only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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>> a far left of freak out over the supreme court roe v wade reversal in full display this way. present biden calling to eliminate the filibuster of the senate to legalize abortion nationwide. meanwhile blue state governors using the ruling to persuade corporations or to try to persuade them to relocate. also, pro-choice amazon employs an open letter to the company demand the online retail giant cease any and all business in pro-life states and give them extra time off to grieve the ruling. is this what american offices need? yes is healthcare. when people want to talk about abortion they often go to practice safe and be more responsible. we all know that's not the only reason the ending up having to have an abortion for their medical reasons, the life of the mother eight atopic pregnancy is when the embryo does not
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implant. as rape, incest or snow exceptions in places like texas, ohio, it is the larger question than just do i think abortion is a good thing or not? you look at the polling on this is a much more nuance of people like to make it out to be. we demoed majority of americans that are in favor of access to abortion with limitation. and companies have to do what is best for their employees and protecting bodily autonomy as part of that. i think it is right there getting into this. you need grieving time port et cetera. these companies are doing the right thing and making sure they can assess their employees. states are to cracking down on that texas is petitioning this should not be able to actually cross state lines to go ahead and do it. that was part of the argument. give interstate highways go next door. >> i agree with you on a lot of that. it is complicated. the people's opinions about it is more nuanced than you might
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imagine. that is white legislature should be dealing with and not the courts. the reasons democrats went to the courts to settle the issue is they were afraid of the issue and a political sense doing it through elections. and now that the courts have run away and decided they do not to settle the issue democrats are now trying to pressure corporations into doing the role the court did. i don't think that's any better for society. we should decide this as voters. these are deeply immoral public issues we can be better. we can show we can settle these issues through the legislative process. >> i do wonder elevating this to business debate a political debate in terms of seeking the outcome is not going to reveal it's not a major driver of business decisions? >> no. being able to family plan is
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something that increases your bottom-line corporations do better when their employees are happy first of all and when they are able to make thoughtful decisions about what their lives look like. they are making business decisions. also the corporations during that the bulk of people who work there are in favor of abortion up until certain point. you have smuckers on the list which is a come incredibly conservative country. is it surprise you google will be doing this? these are companies that move to the forefront and sip supporting women during in vitro fertilization for something that help the bottom line and much happier workforce. keep up on their jobs for longer if you let them decide where they want to start having a family versus when they just end up pregnant. >> okay charlie are predicting corporate relocations based on these policies? >> i would not be surprised at anything anymore. i think it will be very bad for those companies when starbucks advertises are going to start
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pay for district paresis to go across state lines to get abortions paid for a lot of people that is deeply offensive you're paying $8 for a cup of coffee that probably cost 40 cents to make. it's a seven half dollars is going to go towards taking people across the state line for abortion? that is pretty offensive to people that believe abortion is murder. so they may do it but it's going to hurt their business. >> avoids benefited by the price of starbucks coffee. >> we can all agree on that. >> coming up as a movie top gun excites the words of its planes, pilots and u.s. patriotism for the real u.s. navy is working hard to train its recruits about hard to train its recruits about safe
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [inaudible] top gun at maverick the most successful u.s. military movie of all time grossing over $1 billion worldwide. film showcases hollywood's take on the strength and bravery of navy pilots. pain walkure is a real-life military training video recently published by your united states navy. >> had to go about creating a safe space for everybody?
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>> is a good question for a really great do that inclusive language. instead of saying something like hey guys you can say hey everyone. >> jessica, the function of the military i think is to create very unsafe spaces for our enemies. does this enable that mission? >> i am not worried that her soldiers are going to battle what pronoun much like like me too use before i shoot you? the armed forces is a corporation like everything else. they have people with diverse backgrounds in it. you need to have a training video, i don't think we are getting weaker because of this pretty understanding contrast is funny. but also top gun is a bit of a ridiculous concoction of what that life looks like anyway per the contrast i think is unfair. charles what about the argument
11:29 am
the idea is this is 18 pretty want to respect everybody on the team and calling people what they want to be called is part of showing that respect. >> it is the one place where you get to beat the daylights out of a guy if he does not show respect. that is the whole point of it. you do not need a training video. you get thrown in the brig for not showing respect for whoever. and i agree obviously need to have respect. but this is ridiculous. china looks at this, countries look at this they are spending their coffee out laughing at how ridiculous we are. it is always the government. it is not a corporation. but i get your point. but it is not a corporation. but it acts like a corporation. except there are always the last ones in on the joke. this is ridiculous. they take it further -- make like a normal company is not going to epcot with the stupid video like this. but a government, even the
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military will put together something like this and not realize how ridiculous it is. >> and jess, three hours. [inaudible] we've got a consensus on that but thanks to jessica and charlie that is it for this week. charlie will be back next week at more in-depth interviews right here on the wall street journal at large but thank you for joi >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by global x etf. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we prepare you for the week ahead. good news for consumers. 's retailers are about to offer big price breaks. dana pelty


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