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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 7, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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and not interested in helping anyone to the ones who bend over backwards to make your experience good, and i think we can all say we coappreciate those of you flight -- do appreciate those of you who try to make our experiences a heck of a lot better. maria: yeah. especially that southwest guy. dagen, mark, it's been great to be with you this morning. see you again here tomorrow. we have a birthday this morning. stuart varney, happy birthday -- [laughter] sending you best wishes. "varney & company" begins right now, birthday boy stu. stuart: i like that, actually, i really do. maria, thank you very much, indeed. good morning to you and good morning, everyone. here's the story the, boris johnson is out. he lied to parliament. you can't do that and stay prime minister. it is an astonishing fall. everything was fine until he was caught drinking during the lockdown when all the pubs were closed for everyone else. he lied about it. he appointed a fan accused of sexual misconduct and excessive
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drinking to a senior position. he said he didn't know anything about that, but he lied about that too. that was the straw that broke the camel's back. now, in america power is slipping away from president biden. moderate democrats are walking away from him. look at in this. tim ryan, running for an open senate seat in ohio, nan whaley, another moderate democrat running for governor of ohio, neither of them showed up for the president's big speech in ohio yesterday. on the economy, signs that inflation is, indeed, moderating. gas is down, oil is gown -- down, basic food commodity prices are down, but the president still says inflation is all putin's fault. he has yet to blame his decision to cut america's emergency output on day one of his administration. the markets were encouraged by the inflation news. looks like another modest rally for stocks, dow up nearly 200, nasdaq up about 50. and the bitcoin -- and bitcoin
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holding around at $20,000, you're at 20,390 at the moment. oil still below $100 a barrel. no, it's not, it's right at $100 a barrel. moments ago it was 98. interest rates, ah, there's the story. the yield on the 10-year treasury was 2.75 this time yesterday, now it is the 2.95. there's other news. fox cameras found a group of migrants in eagle pass, texas, 500 strong. sheriffs in texas launch a lawsuit claiming america is being invaded. yes, they used that that word. kate bedingfield is out as white house communications director. karine jean-pierre will move into her behind the scenes position, and john kirby starts doing those daily press briefings. pure speculation but logical nonetheless. it's thursday, july the 7th -- ringo starr's birthday, by the
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way -- the year is 2022, and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] stuart: i can't believe it. if ladies and gentlemen, i can not believe it. i just said it's ringo starr's birthday can, and lauren said, who's relationship -- ringo starr? he didn't die. what a way to start my birthday show. [laughter] lauren: tell me all of the beatles' history i must know. stuart: the producers are screaming at me already. [laughter] let's get to serioustuff. [laughter] on your screens, ladies and gentlemen, the price of a gallon of gas, 4.75 for regular, that's down 10 cents from the last week. are you done yet?
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[laughter] look, those prices on the screen, they're still near, very close to record highs. so why is president biden -- i believe this is true -- he's exporting millions of barrels of oil from our reserve. they've going overseas, is that true? lauren: it seems to. -- it seems so. karine jean-pierre was asked about it. she said she never heard about that report, 5 million barrels being exported to europe and asia with. it is a global market. 5 million barrels is nothing, it's a drop in the bucket, but it's a really bad look when americans are hurting here at home that we're sending our stockpile that we need in real emergencies like hurricanes to other countries and going to those other countries to beg for more. it's a terrible look. there's a bloomberg report that the president and our allies are working on capping the price of russian oil at between $40-60 # to cut off putin's war chest.
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that kind of creates this buyer's cartel idea. it's going to be difficult to execute and enforce. opec wouldn't like it, and it might backfire in the end, but there's desperation out there to do something against putin and not to americans and global consumers. stuart: we're going to have more on inflation and whether it's moderating or not and the price of oil and gasoline later in the show. lots of economists on the show this morning. let's get to this: britain's prime minister boris johnson has resigned this morning. pete hegseth with me now. all right, pete, this is kind of bombshell news. i'm saying that johnson is out because he lied to parliament. power for president biden is slipping away because he's incompetent. what do you make of that? >> well, you're exactly right, stuart. joe biden is fortunate that we don't have a par ifment -- parliamentary system here in the united states, because if we did, he would have a vote of no
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confidence certainly amongst the core of his own party that doesn't believe he's capable of leading the party in 2022 or running for president again himself in 2024. all the signs are there to of a vote of no confidence, members of the white house leaving in rapid succession. but that pales in comparison to almost 50 # advisers that have left boris johnson in just the last few days. it was a total wave, there was of no way he was going to be able to continue there, and it was a rolling crisis, as you know. for weeks and months more revelations came out about parties that he attendedded in the middle of covid lockdowns where alcohol was served and food was served, masks were not worn and the public got an insight into it because of the tabloids there in the u.k. and then more recently, he nominated an adviser who had some criminality surrounding hi- stuart: and excessive drinking. know, actually, alcohol went to the heart of this. there are pictures of boris
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drinking up at number 10 downing street during the lockdown. there you have it, raising a toast. and the guy that he appointed to the senior position was a known excessive drinker. i think that's what really annoyed the brits more than anything else. they were locked out of the pubs, but they were drinking up a storm at 10 downing street. >> that's right. you're going to lock brits out of the pub, you better not be having your own side hustle on the other side, or you're going to have a problem. it's also a reflection for conservatives, you listen to conservatives in the u.k. dissatisfied with his very moderate approach on many issues as well. stuart: hey, pete, thanks very much for being with us this morning -- >> happy birthday, stuart varney! happy birthday to my man. looking great, by the way. [laughter] stuart: you realize you are young enough to be my son. you realize that, don't you? [laughter] we look kind of -- >> nothing but love. i agree.
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ight. let's deal with the feds' plan to deal with inflation. lauren: keep lifting rates because they're making the worst mistake they can make -- calculating the worst mistake they can make, the fed has shown they're nimble. we'll know next wednesday. we get the cpi. commodity prices are coming down, so i think that report might take some edge off of this aggressive stance that we've seen from powell and co. and, you know, the market is acting now like it's already factored in a recession, so maybe the work has been done a little bit for the fed. stuart: that would be a fed pivot if they actually responded to this slightly lower inflation rate. let's bring in gary kaltbaum, market watcher of this thursday morning. gary, i would have thought that lower inflation -- and it is lowering as we speak -- i would have thought that was good for the market. what say you? >> it is ultimately, but not if the drop in inflation, i mean, just so you know the drop in commodities has been stunning,
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but if this is telegraphing not just a session, but a pretty darn good one, that's not going to help the market too much because then we head into earnings which will be dropping. so a recession, not so bad. a long-lasting recession, bad. and a deep recession, really bad. stuart: now, i know that you've been with out of the market largely since last november. i don't know whether you've gone back in again much, but what are you buying right now, if anything? >> for my growth count we've been 80% out since november, and of that 20%, the most we were many long has been five days. we haven't bought anything yet, but two weeks ago we toll you we were less bearish because what we were seeing in the commodity market, but we certainly have not gotten bullish, and there's really no great leadership in the market. i can tell you the drug stocks, some drug stocks are at new highs, biotech, medical names. but on the whole, i am not
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seeing what i call the oomph to tell me to get into the market in any big way. and i don't want to have to look over my shoulder when i get back in. and i'm pretty good at knowing when a big bottom is in, and i don't think we're there just yet.. i'm hoping we're seeing the lows, but i think we may see some retesting and driving people nuts percent next couple of months before we can possibly get going. stuart: we want you back on the air again quickly when you announce that we have, indeed, reached the big, bad bottom. gary, see you again soon. >> happy 39th stuart. [laughter] stuart: good one, gary. nice try, son. >> take care. [laughter] stuart: see you later. i'm going to say this is shocking to me. it's a newest loan musk headline. he had twins last year with one of his top executives. you've got to tell me more. break it down. lauren: well, he has a lot of companies x he has a lot of kids. and this latest is shocking. i think it's 9 children. he reportedly had twins in
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november with a woman 40 who's a top executive at neurolink, and she used to be the director of artificial intelligence in tesla. her name is in the running if this twitter deal goes through,ing she could head twitter. so that was november. twins with her. november 202 # 1. stuart: and then? lauren: a few weeks later, in december, he welcomed his second child with dwriems -- grimes, the singer, via surrogate. so three new children within weeks. tree marriages, three divorces and a lot of companies. he's semi-separated, to coat hi, and we don't know the status with the twins' mother. stuart: how many ceos, men, have been taken out of their top position because they had a relationship with an employee which they may or may not have disclosed to the board? they're out. but musk, it appears, he can do whatever he likes. i don't think much of that. lauren lauren i wouldn't go that
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far. his other top executives who he has not had relationships with have backed him during these allegations of sexual assault, sexual relationships. i will leave that for somebody else. stuart: okay. we'll leaf it right there. it's going to come up in the future, guaranteed. check futures, please -- [laughter] green. the dow is going to be up about 200 points, nasdaq up about 50. here's what's coming up for you. new adios owe appear -- audio appears to say the prime minister if did talk to -- the president did talk to his son about business. >> i think you're clear, how is that not him talking to his son about his overseas business in. >> i am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. stuart: okay. the real question here is has the president been caught in a lie? miranda divine is going to join us shortly. the governor of california welcoming floridians with open
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arms. roll tape. >> freedom? it's under attack in your state. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california where we still believe in freedom. [laughter] stuart: are floridians buying what gavin newsom is selling? i'll ask florida congressman mike waltz after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience. with innovation that lets you customize interfaces, charts and orders to your style of trading. personalized education to expand your perspective. and a dedicated trade desk of expert-level support. that will push you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade
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duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday, stu varney! are happy birthday. i hope you have lots more birthdays. thanks for all your contributions and, um, the
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cavalry is coming. and i hope you and i are are going to be around to greet it. [laughter] [cheers and applause] stuart: guaranteed, larry, we will be around to see it all through. guaranteed. all right. what's that? lauren: who's' older many you or larry? it's close. stuart: we're very much the same vintage. lauren: i'm pressuring him to reveal the big number. stuart: i'm 74. lauren: oh! stuart: all right. [laughter] it's not just -- [laughter] some restaurants are now packing on fees to offset inflation. fox's phil keating has the story. all right, phil, what's about wellness and kitchen appreciate fees? [laughter] tell me more. >> reporter: they're all a way for restaurants who are paying more for everything thanks to inflation to pass the buck right back on you, the paying customer it's happening at restaurants all around the country, and keep in mind these restaurants suffered immensely during the
9:19 am
pandemic when nobody was going out, nobody was dining out, and in many places -- including florida -- restaurants were just absolutely closed for three months. well, the next time you're grabbing a meal at your favorite restaurant, you're going to notice that it costs a little more with new fees all i because of inflation. a group of restaurants along the florida coast has said costs were already up, last october green pivoted to a commission service charge model for all four of his locations. national restaurant association says that many restaurants across the u.s. have chosen to add various fees to the final bill. instead of increasing menu prices x. some of those surcharges are listed on the reseat as wellness and kitchen appreciate. appreciation fees. john marcus stresses adding service fees is nothing new in multiple industries. now, according to a recent
9:20 am
harris poll, due to inflation right now and the costs being up for just about anything you can think of, 84% of americans are responding by saying they will spend less on frivolous activities until prices start moderating. and number one on that list would be the frequency they go out to a restaurant and enjoy somebody else cooking their meal. stuart, happy birthday, by the way. stuart: thank you very much, phil, from florida. thank you very much, sir. see you again later. gavin newsom is running ads in florida targeting governor desantis. he wants to woo residents back to california. look who's here, congressman mike waltz. he is a floridian, and he joins me now. newsom says he's offering freedom. [laughter] what's your response to that? stop laughing. [laughter] >> yeah, stu. and, hey, happy birthday. i've never complained about
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getting older, it beats the alternative. [laughter] listen, what a joke. i mean, he ran these ads over fourth of july, the last thing floridians want to see is him basically begging all of the californians that are fleeing, i mean, they're fleeing california at a rate heir going to lose a representative in congress after the census for the first time in their history. i have three new neighbors from california, and they aren't going anywhere. governor desantis has kept our schools open, our economy open and our cities safe. and that's why you're seeing people flow in, and we're reregistering hem to vote here where their vote counts, not absentee from massachusetts, illinois, california, where they came from from. but the person who should be paying attention, stu, to these ads is joe biden. watch those primaries coming from his left in 20 the 24. institute stuart big deal right there. quickly, britain is one of our strongest allies. boris johnson out. does this change anything?
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>> well, i think that the scandals are a shame really because the relationship was in a good place. the johnson administration was strong on china, strong leading, way ahead of the biden administration on ukraine, and most importantly, we were this close to a bilateral trade deal. it's amazing that we don't have a bilateral trade deal with our closest ally now that they've had brexit and have gotten out of the european union. so i hope we can get those things going with whoever replaces him, and i would love to see a member of parliament who's a fellow afghan vet. i think with the world on fire, we need tom to take the realm over there will in the u.k. stuart: all right. let's see how that transpires. congressman, always a pleasure. thanks very much for being with us. >> all right, thank you. stuart: back to the markets. looking nice and green, up 200 for the dow, up about 40 for the nasdaq. we'll take you to the opening bell next. ♪ it's all right, all right,
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♪ ♪ >> stuart, i want to wish you a happy birthday. you're the best in the business, and it's an absolute honor to be on your show, and i expect you to be doing this for another 20 years. have a great day. [laughter] stuart: 20 years? good luck with that. futures pointing higher. plenty of green, left-hand side of the screen. that's all good. d.r. barton's with us. i've got commodity prices down, oil down, gas down. has inflation peaked, d.r.? >> well, i believe the rants, the crazy rants that we've had, stuart, is over for now, and that is a great thing. natural gas down over 40%, wheat down over 3 # 3% -- 33% just in a few short weeks. that is a good thing as we go into the fall, stuart. it may not change too much in
9:28 am
the markets right now, but we're headed mt. right direction. stuart: do you think the market is going to stabilize, end this up and down volatility, anytime soon? >> i think we've already seen some good signs this very week, stuart. i've been watching the markets, as you know, very closely day in and day out. and the crazy up 1, down 1, up 1%, down 1% that we'll get multiple times in a day has really slowed. again, another good sign that the market is believing what's happening in the economy which is mitigating and maybe even that the fed may have some influence on inflation. stuart: so why shouldn't i buy now? if i'm a long-term investor, you know, if i put my money down for a couple of years and i'm prepared to do that, why not buy now? >> i believe that you can, stuart, and it's people who have gotten to the sidelines wisely with a lot of cash can't wait until they see the big move up
9:29 am
because they might miss the first 10, 15, 20% of the next move. so start averaging in now, and i think you're exactly right. you may have some ups and downs, but it's not a bad strategy aha you're talking about. actually -- that you're talking about. actually, it's what i'm doing who my -- with my money. stuart: what are you buying? >> i am just right now buying broader things like we talk about last week. i'm till putting some extra utilities in, i'm also doing some hinges with the industrials that have gotten really beaten town and other things that i'm looking at, stuart, i'm still buying big tech on the biggesting pullbacks. i'm buying some microsoft, i'm buying some apple because those are the right places to be for years. not maybe for the next few months, but for years. stuart: all right, d.r., we do hear you. thanks for being with us this morning, see you again soon. >> happy birthday, stuart. [laughter] stuart: i knew that was coming.
9:30 am
thank you very much, indeed, d.r.. i paused waiting for you to have time to say it. [laughter] thank you very much, indeed, sir. we've got, what is it, 19 seconds to go? what are you laughing at, lauren? it's my birthday, you can't laugh at me on my birthday. they're clapping, heir cheering, and i'm still around to watch. [laughter] the market is, 3, 2, 1, it is now open, sports fans, and i expect to see some green. i will not be disappointed on my birthday. look at the big board right from the start. we're up, what, about 200 points. we've got about two-thirds of dow 30 in the green. the s&p 500 has also opened on the upside, a gain of .if 60% -- .60%. the nasdaq also higher, just is over a half percentage point higher. big tech, mixed position. apple is up a fraction, amazon's down a fraction are. metathat the, alphabet both up. microsoft is down 27 cents,
9:31 am
that's nothing. i'm interested in bed bath & beyond. it's not just because of those blue sales things that i used to get in the mail, far from it. they've got a new ceo, i think, susan, who's made a big bet on the stock, is that right? susan: i'm going to get your birthday present from with my 20% coupon -- stuart: discount presents. susan: always the best. appreciated by stu varney. we have the vote of confidence by the new ceo, 50,000 stairs. and the pact that she bought it with her own cash along with two other board members that bought 10,000 shares, vote of confidence for the company. remember, they kicked out the former ceo just last week after a dismal performance as see owe. wider losses, also a really bad timing for a pivot to own private labels during a supply chain crisis. probably not recommended. the new ceo, this is a board
9:32 am
of -- vote of confidence. 10% stake in bed bath and beyond and want changes, wants recovery, and he thinks he can do that. stuart: well, it's a good idea to put in a vote of confidence when a lot of people are saying that whole company could disappear. susan: also bayh baby -- buy buy baby, still on the sale line, if anyone's interested. that's a big question. stuart: big deal here concerning merck, talking about buying a biotech company. now, i know this is a very big deal. who are they buying -- and why does it matter? >> they're set to lose patent protections on keytruda at the end of this decade. and the biotech firm has a but oncology winners. $200 a share, i would say a small premium, but this has been in the market for some time. keytruda brings $17 billion for merck each and every year.
9:33 am
40% of its sales tied to one drug. i will say there will be antitrust problems, according to cohen, when these two the with large cancer oncology treatment providers try to get together. i think antitrust might be saying that's a little too big. stuart: it's $40 billion. the money is available for that size of deal. susan: but you made a very good point about bed bed bath & beyond, because you've seen a lot of companies that have taken sales off the table, think of kohl's -- stuart: yep. susan: there are no buyers right now in the market. stuart: here's another beaten-down company, peloton. they're really down in the dumps and employee morale is not good, i am told. susan: yeah. stuart: what are they doing? i'm. susan: they're giving one-time cash bonuses for hourly workers. and this is really a new move by the new ceo, barry mccarthy, to try to boost morale. but you don't fire 2800 staff and tell people we're going to
9:34 am
cut $8 million in annual costs. now, job cuts are happening because i look at the challenger gray number this morning, that's a recruitment firm. job cuts went up 57% in may from a year ago, and that is the highest quarterly old in almost 18 -- total in almost 18 months. the jobless claims going up as well, i think it's the fourth week in a row. stuart: do you remember in order ific track, i used to go to garage sales, there'd always be a nordic track in the driveway. i wonder if peloton -- susan: you're saying it's an expensive clothes hanger, meaning there isn't that much value in actual fitness providers? stuart: yes. susan: possibly. the market's agreeing with you. a third of its ipo price. stuart: if i were to go to a garage sale and there was a peloton in the driveway and i bought that peloton and somebody else had owned it and programmed it for them, could i buy it and
9:35 am
program it for me? susan: yes. you have to sit up your own user interface. is that a hint that you want a peloton? stuart: no, it's not. susan: i'm taking it that way. monthly installments? stuart: show me gamestop, this is susan's not exactly favorite, but it's a big deal. they are up nearly 10 precisely because of -- 10% because they've got a 4 for 1 stock splits. susan: right. amazon did it, shop pie, google upcoming -- shopify. so gamestop is trying to revive retail investor interest somehow, and as you know, stocks usually rally into the split. gamestop is down 20, so i wouldn't say it's underperforming, it's pretty much in line with the with the broader market performance. it'll happen at the close of july 18th, you'll get 3 additional shares for every gamestop. stock, and trading starts on july the 2nd. -- july 22nd.
9:36 am
i also want to bring up chip makers. nvidia and the like all upped today because of samsung actually putting in numbers that weren't as bad as expected. the chip sector is such a big chunk of the s&p. stuart: i was trying to show that i've still got plenty of energy. susan: by the way, did you know that there is an available job over across the pond. stuart: there is, indeed. but having renounced my british citizenship, i don't think i'm eligible any longer. i can't be the president of the united states either because i wasn't born here. i've gotta go. we'll see you later. [laughter] the top brass at the fbi and mi-5, britain's intelligence service, they're teaming up to deliver their strongest warning yet about china. roll that tape. >> we consistently see that it's the chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security. the chinese government is set on stealing your technology. stuart: all right. more on that just a little
9:37 am
later. in some parts of the country, car payments will now cost you more than your rent. we'll tell you where that is happening. the federal reserve says rates may need to go higher if inflation doesn't come down. they are playing hardball. is that the right move? i'll ask renowned economist art laffer. he is older than me. we'll be right back. ♪ keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean. ♪ walk for me, baby -- >> stuart, my friend, i'm calling many from say e case. i just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and many more. it's been great getting to know you over the years, and i look forward to working with you and watching you for many more years to come. i thought you'd like the background here at the relatively -- as a relatively new united states citizen. again, all the best for a very happy and healthy birthday and look forward to seeing you in person soon.
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talk to you soon. happy birthday, stu. if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this. oh, you brought your luggage to the airport.
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♪ ♪ if. >> stuart, i am wishing you a very happy birthday. we go back to when you announced my law school choice on your set. it's been a long time. i'm so happy for you. happy birthday, stuart varney, i love you here from the set of ambushed or otherwise known as outnumbered. i hope you have an amazing day and that the celebration lasts all year, that you get everything aha you want, and just remember you are the gift to us here at fox. lauren: that was so beautiful i'm going to steal that in the future. you're the gift. stuart: i'm getting emotional. i've got tears in my eyes. [laughter] are record inflation, all right, there is record inflation, and it's got some states dealing out what are being called releaf checks. grady trimble's got the story. all right, grady, how much are some of these so-called relief
9:43 am
payments? >> reporter: stuart the, it varies state by state. in california, 23 million people will get up to $1,050. many maine, $85 -- 850,000 people will get about $850 sent to them. and the list goes on and on. our team of researchers as of right now identified 12 states, red and blue alike, that are sending out money in the form of either direct payments or tax rebates. people in indiana are already getting $125 and could get another $225 under governor erik holcomb's new proposal. in several cases the money is coming from huge state budget surpluses after they got billions in covid relief from the federal government and collected more in taxes from tax taxpayers than they expected to. states are really here taking a page out of the federal government's playbook, sending out stimulus checks, only this time they're calling them inflation relief checks.
9:44 am
goal is, of course, to help americans dealing with high prices for everyday items. but with so many states jumping on policy bandwagon, experts say it could make inflation worse. >> the problem that the states are running into is the same thing the biden administration has done again and again. they always say, oh, well, let's give people money to buy. all that does is increase the demand for it and raise the price. so this is, in the end, not going to solve any problems. >> reporter: some economists argue the best things states could to do right now is stop spending, save those rainy day funds for raney days because we could -- rainy days because we could already be in a recession or at least headed to one, so they're going to need that money potentially mt. not too distant future. by the way, stu, aisle be the 100th person to tell you happy birthday. i was going to send you a check in the mail, but i didn't want to make inflation worse.
9:45 am
[laughter] stuart: grady, you will be back on the show, you're a good man. thanks very much. look who's here now. what's he going to say? that is art laffer, by the way, who i believe is older than i. but let's get serious. the fed is moving towards another big rate increase. they are playing hardball. do you approve of that that? >> well, let me just say, first, howard -- stuart, happy birthday. i love it. but just as the only person today who will say you'll never catch up to me. try as hard as you might, you won't. no, i don't want approve of what the fed's doing. i think fed should not try to set prices in this marketplace. that's never a good idea. this ped should not do it. -- fed should not do it. they should sell $100 billion worth of bonds in the open market and see what consumers willing to buy those bonds at. what interest rates are those there? those are the interest rates that really need to be set by the marketplace, stuart, to
9:46 am
allow us to have tight money and bring that inflation down quickly. the longer they wait, the worse the problem's going to get. so they immediate to let markets set the interest rate, not a board of 8 or 9 people -- stuart: okay, but if they don't do that, if they do continue to raise rates, do we head into a serious recession? >> i think we're already in a serious recession. and it's been a very slow growth period before this. i mean, today, right today, stuart, 822,000 people are less employed than we were in february of 2020. that's a catastrophe. two quarters down growth in this type of horrible world, that's awful. they need to do this. and i think the more the fed waits, the more it tries to control things through its inability to understand economics, the worse this economy's going to be. stuart: where are all the workers? >> all the workers have just left because they got their inflation adjustment checks x they now are happy, and they
9:47 am
don't want to go back to hair jobs at wal-mart. it's all the low group workers, the low income workers who have quit their jobs, and they're no longer in the work force. the participation rate's way could be from 5-10 years ago. not only that, but these guys have lost the skills. by not working, they no longer have the requisite skills to go back to their old jobs and perform. it is a lose-lose situation, and i'm very concerned that the biden administration from the fed all the way to the treasury is putting all the wrong incentives into the system. that means we're going to have to go a long way to re catch up. it's jimmy carter on steroids. stuart: both you and i are still in the labor force. art laugh every, thank you for being with us. >> happy birthday again and congratulations. stuart: coming up, another high profile west wing exit. who's next? karine jean-pierre, john
9:48 am
kirby -- karine jean-pierre out, john kirby in? former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany has the story. inflation, food trucks feeling pinch from higher gas and food prices. lydia hu is here with a full report after this. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, whoa, and it's time to feel good ♪♪ >> happy birthday, stuart varney. you are amazing beyond compare. i love being on tv with you because i learn something new from you every single day. i don't like the beatles. i know that you do, but i love your wisdom, your classiness and your passion for the markets and capitalism. you are an incredible person, someone i look up and happiest of happy birthdays, my dear. [cheers and applause] is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor
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looking at your full financial picture. this is what it's like to have a comprehensive wealth plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. and set aside more for things like healthcare, or whatever comes down the road. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity. ♪♪ ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ features available on gmc sierra heavy duty. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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9:53 am
nice to me. lauren: just because it's your birthday. you got two to happy birthdays from me today. sure stuart move on, let's go. summer, a popular season for food trucks, so i am told, but many of the owners, they're struggling, obviously, with rising costs. you've got the fuel and the food all going up. lydia hu, i believe is on food truck row. lydia, it occurs to me, those guys in the truck, they've got to keep the truck running while they're parked. that that's got to burn through a lot of diesel and gas. >> reporter: yeah, stuart, that's exactly right. the owner has got to fill up about twice a week, and with national average price sitting at $4.75, he says he's spending about $1,000 a month to keep truck full. that's about double what he was spending last year. this is my first time onboard a food truck, and it's the gas that keeps the truck running, but it's the propane in the back that keeps all of the kitchen equipment running to cook the food, and propane costs have
9:54 am
skyrocketed, up 28% over a year ago. now, we've got to talk about the food because those prices escalated across board around the country. chicken costs, they're up more than 17%, beef, that's up more than 10%. you know, the owner here, he's a had to hike his prices about 20% across the entire menu. he's looking at another price increase, and he's worried about losing customers. watch here. >> i'm worried that people are eventually going to say, hey, listen, i can't afford this anymore, so so maybe i'll make food at home or, you know, prepare for lunch or maybe go out of business. >> reporter: but the owner here, they've been in business for over 15 years. it's family-run. he's committed to seeing it through and celebrating those moments that he can along the way like your birthday. happy birthday, stuart varney. he made a special birthday breakfast wrap just for you. we've got a piping hot cup of tea here with your maim on it. i'm going to bring it back to
9:55 am
you in the studio. stuart: thank you, lydia. keep it hot. see you later. [laughter] all right. we're staying on a serious note here. while the apartment rental market is beginning to show some signs of cooling off, car payments are actually going up. can you tell me anywhere in america where you pay more for the car than you do for your rent? lauren: yeah, at least 25 cities rent per month is less than the car payment. you're looking at them. rent in akron was only $640. here's the news, and this crossed a few days ago, and it's astonishing. ed mubdz says a record amount of people are paying more than $1,000 a month for their cars. i mean, i went to the dealership, i needed a few car. that's how much it costs. it's nuts. and all these cities now scrolling on the screen it's cheaper to have a one-bedroom than to pay for certain cars right now. if. stuart: that's a remarkable statistic.
9:56 am
i take it that's the average price of a new car -- lauren: which is about $47,000. stuart: it is. all right. still ahead, ben domenech, sean duffy, steve hilton, nigel farage. the 10:00 hour is next. ♪ pleasure. ♪ ♪ i'm the man, i'm the man, i'm the man, yes, i am, yes, i am ♪♪ >> happy birthday, varney. i think it's your 100th? either way, i always love coming on your show, teaching you a hinge or two about the younger generation, so hopefully we do it for the next 200 years. happy birthday, my man. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive,
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>> you missed it by 3 days and for a brit like you july 4th would have been so sweet, nonetheless i say to you, longtime friend of mine, happy birthday to you. enjoy. ♪♪ a little party never killed nobody, we are going to dance until we drop drop drop. stuart: thank you to everybody contributing to what's going on. it is 10:00 eastern, straight
10:01 am
to the money please. i see green, dow is up 220, nasdaq up 150, how about the yield on the 10 year treasury? close to 3% again. this time yesterday it was 275, notice 295, huge moves in the bond market. wears oil today, it had been below hundred, now it bounced back up again, 5% up, $103 a barrel, bitcoin always floating around a $20,000 level the last couple days and that's where it is now 20,000495, the latest read on mortgage rates just coming at us. i would be prepared to bet mortgage rates are down. elisa you are correct, down 2. 53% last week from 5. 7% and in the past two weeks they are down half of 1%. minor relief to homebuyers out there, it is something, but if you're curious, a year ago at this time, 2.9%, it has been a drastic spike up but is hurting a lot of people.
10:02 am
what is it now? 530. stuart: it was 570 not long ago. and now this. as the elections draw near and the democrats hopes fade, there's a new trend within the party, keep your distance from the president and quietly dumb him. on wednesday biden went to ohio to speak about the economy, noticeably absent from the event was tim ryan, a moderate democrat running for the open senate seat in ohio. that is a key race, but ryan clearly believes biden would hurt him, not help him. running for governor of ohio, sheet shop either. on which is surely a bastion of biden support, there's anguish about the lack of bold leadership which suggests the president is, this is cnn's word for the president is an old man not fit for the moment, that's their words, not
10:03 am
mine, the new york times, democrats increasingly view him as an anchor that should be cut loose in 2,024. all this angst is the result of the president's lousy polling levels, his approval rating is way below 40%, 36%, that's all he has got, not good when elections are four months away. i got a prediction for you, the democrats lose big in november and soon after biden gets the blame and they dump him. second hour of varney just getting started. sean duffy is with us this morning, not going to talk about bitcoin today, we are going to talk about democrats walking away from the president. i say he's on his way out, what say you? >> no bitcoin because we are going to talk about your birthday, happy birthday, not
10:04 am
only is fox news and fox business already you the stock market is up celebrating stuart varney's birthday, bitcoin was up today. i love it, looking great. stuart: answer the question. >> it is not president biden, not that he is an old man or can't navigate his way around the white house or give a speech or answer questions, that's not the problem. the reason president biden is at 36% in polling is his policies have been horrible for the american people and these policies haven't been president biden -- when he was in the senate -- he wasn't a radical leftist. he has embraced the leftist policies of the people depressed with the poll numbers, trying to cast him out. don't blame biden, blame the failed policies you got president biden to implement the crush to the american
10:05 am
people, gas prices, inflation, open borders, these are democrat policies america hates, the left supports, president biden has embraced the left and his poll numbers have fallen, and temperament the same policies they are not going to get better results, these policies fail when tried and if the next guy tries the same thing it will be the same results. it is not being old, it is being a socialist marxist whose policies never work. stuart: did you see this? the heads of the fbi and mi 5, the british intelligence service gave a joint statement yesterday highlighting the threat from china. honestly i don't remember anything like this before, public meeting and public statement from intelligence officials, what do you make of it? >> this is big news and with this joint statement on china what policies do implement in
10:06 am
america to make sure we donated about china? donald trump saw this for what it was, it was a threat. i'm not a tariff guy, i'm a free-trade guy like you but, free and fair trade like it is not with china come you and plummet policies like tariffs and donald trump did that and president biden is looking for a pathway to lift those tariffs. what strategic thinking do we have that is going to get american business out of china? what are we doing to make sure they stop stealing our stuff? military strength matters and when you have the military so much time of the day of the day to train and upgrade your military and if you are focused on crc and transgender is a man's not training for military skill sets, that is a problem. the chinese laughed at us and said they are afraid of the u.s. navy not because they are a threat to china but they are afraid the us warships will bump into their ships because their sailors are not up to
10:07 am
snuff, that is a problem. it is an insult, you need strong leadership, people who will push back against the business community to get out of china, come home or go anywhere else in the world, just out of china because they are a threat to the us mainland. one last point. on your birthday our businesses have to wear an american lapel pen, they are americans, not globalist, when they sell american workers out to go do business in china we should call it for what it is, chinese companies, not american company's, come back home if you are an american comedy. stuart: you are all right. don't care what they say. let me refer to the market please. the dow is up -- stop it. the dow is up one hundred 70 points, this is not the stuart varney birthday rally because what happens if it closes lower? let's look at apple. they are introducing something called lockdown mode for iphones. what is that about?
10:08 am
lauren: for high profile people like executives, lawmakers, journalists it helps prevent hackers from spying on them. apple has a reputation of being and half couple, that's not the case. a while ago hackers were able to get into and install spyaware on certain apple devices like iphones through text messages even though the user said we never clicked on that message. this lockdown mode turns off certain features of the phone that populate data information they would like to get because it is convenient. it will automatically turn some of those off to protect you if you are a certain individual, this is not available to everybody, apple is so convinced this is a good thing they are offering 2 million-dollar reward to anyone who can find a flaw in this new system. stuart: good idea and very useful for some people, thanks very much. let's get back to the markets. we are showing a lot of green. the nasdaq, 140.
10:09 am
inflation is moderating. gas down, oil down, commodity prices down. is it time to start buying stocks? what are you seeing? >> i would like to say happy birthday to you. may you stay forever young with that perennial smile, you are the best, happy birthday. stuart: get on with it. >> inflation seems to be a baby but i don't think it is, we are seeing a little bit of a low here, doesn't mean we won't see a bounce back higher, food and energy prices are the core of what is driving this inflation environment and i don't see any permanent abatement in that. we don't see lulls because we have a lot of retail that has overbought inventories and we will see a lot of sales and
10:10 am
people will say this is a beginning of a downturn in inflation, that is a small component of what the consumer price index is so it's not going to move it that much, people are thinking we are on the downside of inflation, i don't think we are and markets are aware the fed will continue to hide because they are showing inflation may be more embedded than they thought. a one so you still have a bearish outlook, you are not buying any kind of dipped like you used to. that's not the game these days, right? >> the game these days is to buy. great companies with solid balance sheet like apple, microsoft on dips, the purpose here, no one knows when the bottom is going to come. i want to be integrate companies and don't mind averaging down. we are averaging down on great stocks we want to own and if we are near the bottom we have the next bounce up which will happen. stuart: we've got it. thanks for being with us and thank you for the kind wishes
10:11 am
about my birthday, much appreciated. we are looking at the movers, the same stock keeps coming up again, freeport mcnamara and wishes of copper producer up again. lauren: copperhead a 20 month low, there's news of potential stimulus in china, china is the biggest copper consumer so if you have more stimulus there you boost their economy, up the demand for copper. that is why is up today. stuart: and phase energy. >> it sells solar energy solutions for homes, 7 and one 12:45% gain. not a real reason for this. wedbush acquired a new position in the company but it is one of the top leaders in the s&p 500 along with freeport. stuart: i do follow the airlines which i will never invest in one again and i see that united, they are down a fraction, is there a story there? lauren: they are starting to
10:12 am
see that they lowered estimates, lower earnings because of flight cancellations, pilot shortages, high jet fuel prices, several factors impacting the airlines. blue one might see a lot of realigning expectations when earnings come out next week, one of the president's longest-serving aids is leaving. kayleigh mcenany will take on the white house shakeup in the next hour. exclusive new drone footage shows a group of 500 migrants pouring into eagle pass, texas. more details on that coming up. is that an invasion? british prime minister boris johnson out, nigel farage deals with it next. ♪♪ the final countdown ♪♪ ♪♪ the final countdown ♪♪ ♪♪
10:13 am
>> happy birthday from sandra. ♪♪ [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling]
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change i know i'm in the diner but i want to wish you happy birthday. you continue to crush it. the front man on this. stuart: did you know that man, that young man is young enough to be my grandson. the realize that? i often say my grandson. check the markets, why not? the dow is up 157 points but the nasdaq is doing really well, up one hundred 66 points, almost 1.5%, boris johnson has officially resigned as leader of the conservative party, he is out. nigel farage is in with us.
10:18 am
what does this do to the anglo-american relationship? >> momentous day for you and for boris johnson. for the anglo-american relationship, i don't think it makes much difference at all and i will tell you why. whoever succeeds boris johnson as the new leader of the conservative party will without doubt be committed to the close business ties between our countries can't be committed to nato membership with each other, will be added to intelligence sharing at the highest level. the problem really with the relationship at the moment is joe biden doesn't really like the brits very much, that has put things on hold a little bit, whereas trump of course was very pro-not just the brits but the english speaking world as a whole. it will make no material difference to our relationship with the usa, the question is for british conservatism to sort itself out it will suffer
10:19 am
catastrophic loss at the next general election and you might get a labor prime minister who is less friendly to the usa. stuart: the way things are now he stepped down as leader of the conservative party but stays as prime minister until what, the fall, autumn, when the conservative party may come up with a substitute prime minister and presumably a general election after that? >> partly. he said he is going, but he said he will stay until the party pics a new leader, that process should take about 10 weeks, however, 59 ministers, 59 people with responsibilities of running the government, running the country resigned. in their letters they talked about a lack of integrity, lack of trust, lack of truthfulness. i am not sure the party will actually put up with him being prime minister for a further 10 weeks, he will damage the brand even more so i expect more conflict. a lot of mps saying the time to
10:20 am
go is now, call for the removal van, and put your deputy in place. it is not over yet. he will stay as mp until the next election but whether he can really continue for another 10 weeks, i think that is an open question and more conflict to come. we want over here we are all surprised that in britain, a conservative can be thrown out because he broke the rules during partygate but here in america democrats almost en masse broke the rules on masking, social distance, vaccination, they broke the rules and nothing happened to them. quite a contrast? >> and one of the reasons for that is the uk is an older country, a more old-fashioned country and i think we perhaps set our politicians a very high standard. we will forgive them almost anything but we won't forgive them if they don't tell the
10:21 am
truth, we don't forgive them if they lie. we are very tough on that and if that means we have high standards in public life on this side of the pond i think that's a good thing, not a bad thing. stuart: it was the drink the gotten, boris was drinking during the pandemic, the guy he appointed was known for excessive drinking scum you can't do that if you close the pubs and drink at 10 downing st. thanks for the birthday wishes, much obliged. come over here soon. the department of justice is investigating texas's operation lone star, that is where the state, texas workers take over from the feds controlling the border. they are accusing this lone star operation of racism? lauren: exactly and texas spent $3 billion to clean up the border under operation lone star, now you have deplorable
10:22 am
conditions and an unclear mission. the doj is investigating claims certain departments and officials violated the law with regard to improper living conditions and detention and targeting migrants based on their skin color. the situation is so bad in texas you have more house republicans backing that push by several texas counties to declare illegal immigration at the border and invasion, now there's even more pressure because the lawmakers backing for governor abbott to do something. constitutionality this is going to be very tough but they are sending the message, fentanyl is crossing, you're dipping our services, safety is at risk, do something. stuart: texas steps in and does something and the department of justice accuses them of all kinds of things so they can't do the job. we've got an appeals court casting doubt on the legality of the daca immigration program
10:23 am
for the dreamers, 11 states. is that in danger and why? >> a texas federal judge last year ruled daca unconstitutional but at the same time allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, they came here as kids, stay, pay her taxes, life as usual while we figure this out, now they are figuring it out. you have a pending fifth circuit court of appeals ruling in new orleans that could change the fate of these dreamers. texas and tweet other states are arguing daca's illegal and harms them financially. we don't know when the fifth circuit will issue their decision but when it does, this is a case that could be appealed all the way to the supreme court and the worry for the 600,000 dreamers is they would have to be deported. stuart: i understand the concern. thank you. the administration wants to make sweeping changes to what calls a broken student loan system. we will tell you what the president is proposing. transportation secretary
10:24 am
expected to announce one billion-dollar award to upgrade airport across the country, travelers still dealing with serious flight disruptions. kelly o'grady has the story from lax, los angeles international. we will be back. ♪♪ >> happy birthday, don't know how you do it, you keep looking younger and getting smarter, everything is perfect in your life except you are wrong on one thing, bitcoin. it is a buying opportunity. meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪
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>> just want to say happy birthday to my friend stuart varney who i run into in a number of places we call home. i wish you a happy, what is it 39, happy birthday, you make it look good whatever age you are. >> people put you at 39. stuart: very classy. thank you. very nice thing to say, totally untrue. check those markets, this is the stuart varney birthday rally not. the nasdaq is up one hundred 54, might close lower. i have nothing to do with it.
10:29 am
what are we starting with? game stop up 7%. lauren: a 4-one stocks would to revise interests from retail investors, all the retail interests faded at the 4 to one stocks but. stuart: kellogg, the serial people, are they up or down? they are down. lauren: you can't support your profitability, your bottom line when customers pay more for your food. that will stop at some point and they worry that time is now. stuart: what about the chinese electric vehiclemakers, i see green all across the board. >> the chinese government reiterated its support for somebody, usually they get smaller over time, might not be the case, beijing is supporting building more charging stations, going to go big on battery and hybrid cars, you need to be able to charge them. stuart: pretty good stimulus
10:30 am
will do for your stock because that's exactly what it is. transportation secretary, pete buttigieg visiting los angeles international airport touting the bills back better agenda. kelly o'grady is there. any idea what the transportation secretary is going to say today? >> reporter: is expected to ask more government funding, a billion dollars will be awarded to 85 airport across the country for upgrades, 59 for this airport right here, normally paid for by the airlines themselves these grants were used to elevate the passenger experience following $25 billion allocated to maintenance backlogs but flight delays and cancellations continue many are wondering why these government funds aren't go towards fixing the immediate problem. over the holiday weekend one thousand 435 flights were canceled, we are at 173 for today so the number will rise as the day goes on.
10:31 am
the root cause behind the chaos is a blame game, united accusing the faa of definite highlight in the broader air transportation worker shortage, the airlines are attempting to hire in droves but demand for the jobs isn't there. some argue a portion of that is due to the vaccine mandates, roughly 31,000 workers were pushed out, qualified trained workers are not being utilized, others highlight the 54 billion-dollar pandemic bailout. airlines admitting they employed to intensify semi retirement and buyouts grading staffing issues now the travel demand is back. >> what these buyouts and retirement it is left airlines unprepared to service those roots and now that is coming back to bite the system so that is a real concern and passengers are understandably asking wait a minute, with all taxpayer funding going over why are we seeing the system not able to keep up with demand. >> reporter: the secretary is expected to announce more taxpayer funding, people are asking where is the money
10:32 am
going? he is expected to speak at 4 p.m. eastern today and we will bring you whether he addresses the travel chaos. i would be remiss if i did not say happy birthday. stuart: i will hold my breath for what the transportation secretary has to say. look who's here now. todd pyro. are you going to wish me happy birthday? >> i will be a contrarian, no happy birthday to you. stuart: let's move on. transportation secretary pet bittigu bittigueg, we he has been talked about as a potential leader of the democratic party, presidential candidate. >> in all our lives to a certain extent we have reached a point we say we have to try to fake it until we make it and often times many of us make it to a point we are pretty happy with where they are, got pretty far. he's not fooling anybody. nothing has happened positive
10:33 am
in the transportation sector since he was named transportation secretary and if he can't handle that there's a question about his record as mayor of south bend, indiana, which is not new york city or la. it is a tiny city. why he would be considered for the highest office in the land is unbelievable. only because he checks off a lot of boxes and we can no longer have a society where the higher people because they check off boxes. stuart: they have no talent, don't have a bench. that' s a nasty thing for me to say but nonetheless you tell me who is presidential material in this whole raft of democrat leaders? newsom, governor of california? what do you think? vice president harris? who has outstanding political talent and executive ability who can take over from president biden? >> as we have been reporting for months, the process going into the 2019, even 2018
10:34 am
debates was it was kamala harris and in the intervening four years not only is she not up to the task of governing, not only is she not up to the task of being a leader, she can barely talk on the political stage as well, the word salad that comes out of her, absolutely shocking, we since learned she was controlled and cocooned during her time in california political office so these things did not show their ugly head but now in the national spotlight they are coming out, we have seen buttigieg put to the test, i've never been inside my house with fellow humans throwing up on me, just had a new baby, than i was this weekend, didn't have to deal with is that mess. that is not leadership, that's not success, democrats are in major trouble. stuart: how old is your new daughter? >> three weeks at this point. talking to parents out there, the second baby is easy because
10:35 am
you know what to do, you figured it out. it is the toddler that is not understanding what is going on that has become the devil child. i just told you you are the devil child, looking forward to the wedding slideshow. stuart: i would love to see your wife's face when you get home today. >> i'm in trouble. stuart: i think you are. no advice. thank you. the biden administration has proposed changes to its own student loan program. lauren: talking about limiting interest capitalization. the unpaid interest wouldn't go onto the balance of your loan so it is some sort of relief. we are hearing if you work in the government or public service or nonprofit you can get more relief for your student loans that are due.
10:36 am
something is coming, the federal moratorium on student loans payments expires at the end of next month. there will be some sort announcement, it seems the president said maybe he will forgive $10,000 in student debt, the left says we want 50,000, they've got to do something, we will hear about it. of the one how to buy some votes with taxpayer money i suspect, more than 11 million job openings in america. some states are so desperate to fill those empty spots they are turning to teenagers. hoping for some relief at the grocery store, don't hold your breath, farmers struggling to produce enough wheat because of extreme drought conditions crushing the crop. connell mcshane has the story from kansas next. ♪♪
10:37 am
>> another big day has come for stuart varney, 49 years young today. i have a poem to share to celebrate the big day. count your life by smiles, not fears, count your age by friends, not years. it rhymes. happy birthday. you are all right.
10:38 am
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>> i heard you're having a birthday, gives us an excuse to celebrate you which we want to do all the time but your special day is another chance to say how much we appreciate you and i'm trying to keep up with you. whatever your secret is to keep going and making it look so easy please let me know and have a very happy birthday. stuart: pretty soon we are going to run out of fox business people to go on the air for me but it is very flattering and i appreciate everybody for the effort they made for me. the dow is up 200 points, up
10:42 am
231,200 and the nasdaq, nice solid gain, 1.4%, 11,500 at the level. then there is this, the united nations warning a record number of people around the world are going to starve. kansas farmers trying to help but don't have the wheat to sell because of the drought. connell mcshane in kansas. you are talking to the farmers. what are they saying? >> they know the world could use more wheat with everything going on overseas but they just don't have it. the weather is not cooperating, look around the high plains where we are spending time this weekend it is bone dry. brad was saying the timing of this drought couldn't have been worse for wheat which is planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. >> october to the middle of may
10:43 am
most of the air out here, less than three inches of moisture. a lot of the wheat planted on dry land either never sprout or germinate or if it did it didn't produce a crop to harvest. >> reporter: the department of agriculture estimated the yield will fall 25% statewide compared to a normal year but in this part of the state yields will probably fall 50%, may be more than that. marita hauser's family, in the late 1800s even though this is as bad as she has seen it is holding out some hope. >> we get paid twice a year. we have wheat harvest. >> the wheat harvest was a disaster. >> was a disaster for our farm but we are banking on these grains became too late to help with the fall harvest.
10:44 am
>> reporter: the rain she's talking about, the field i am walking across is green but this is all weeds that sprout up with this recent rain. you have to look hard to find any wheat. this is wheat but it is not harvestable in this field with all the weeds around it. the hope is things will get better, they are getting a little bit of rain. maybe the fall will improve but it has been tough to be a farmer in western kansas this year. stuart: tough to be a farmer just about anywhere anytime and that is the story. thank you. right in the middle of it. some states turning to teenagers to help the labor shortage. ashley? what is wrong with using teenagers? they are all there, aren't they? ashley: said like a true victorian business owner. michigan for instance is now the second stage, and happy birthday, after main where 17-year-olds can serve alcohol. new jersey is going to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to work 50
10:45 am
hours a week or 10 hours a day during the summer months while 14 and 15-year-olds can work up to 40 hours a week, get off the sofa and the game boy and get out there. in washington dc new police officers are being given a $20,000 hiring bonus aimed at helping the city recruit and hire more officers. that is one approach. even new york city is changing the rules to allow city employees including first responders to also work as a lifeguard during their up hours holding two jobs. bottom line the job market may be cooling down but states are trying to help desperate businesses fill a lot of open kos editions. it has been a problem for a while, get the teenagers out there. stuart: get them out there. long time since i was a teenager. i worked as a teenager. we all did. remember when alexandria ocasio cortez war this tax the rich
10:46 am
dress? the congresswoman is in tax trouble herself. we have a story for you. a leaked voicemail shows the president talking to his son hunter about his business dealings. the white house not going to comment on it. >> i think you are clear, not talking to his son about overseas businesses. >> i'm not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. stuart: miranda devine answers the question has the president been caught in a lie? she will answer the question next. ♪♪ >> wishing the very happiest of birthdays, stuart varney. i know you will be spending it with some of your very large family. up it is wonderful and don't go to sleep early, party all-night. ashley: as the great british
10:47 am
comedian norman wisdom once said as you get older three things happen, firstly your memory goes, i can't remember the other two. but remember, your age is only 23 in celsius. i could of course but if you light all the candles today make sure you take the cake outside. it could be a safety hazard. happy birthday, stuart varney. >> the oldest to go solo, stuart varney, we could go mosh piting or skydiving, happy birthday and you have more energy than i do. i am jealous and i admire you. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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10:52 am
>> it is 8:15 on wednesday night. get a chance, give me a call come nothing urgent, just want to talk to you. i thought the article -- i think you are clear. stuart: sounds like a business conversation to me on the white house is refusing to comment on the president's son. >> i think you are clear, not talking about his overseas businesses. >> not from this podium i am not going to talk about alleged materials from a laptop. stuart: miranda devine has been following the story since the beginning of at all. has the president been caught in a lie? >> happy birthday. i think it is pretty obvious that president biden has not told the truth to the american people when he insisted he knew some nothing about his sign-ups
10:53 am
overseas business dealings in the latest evidence you heard in his own voice, he is expressing relief to hundred that a new york times article that had just come out about their chinese business partners barely mentioned him. that at least at the very least shows you that president biden is well aware of who the chinese business partners are and how dangerous it would be if that news became public. that is one thing. stuart: it is important because this is a very important issue. to the chinese have something on president biden? he is the president of the united states, negotiating with our rival, china. have they got something on him through hunter biden? do you think they have? >> that is exactly the question because it is not enough just
10:54 am
to say did the president lie? and karine jean-pierre to stonewall and ignore that question, that is unsustainable for the white house because really this story begs a much more important and or current question which is is the president compromised? you can only look at all the gifts he has been giving china since he became president most recently oil from the strategic oil reserve sent to china, the leniency in unwinding various trump administration measures such as cracking down on tiktok, things like the program to stop americans from buying into -- chinese from buying into american military technology and a whole suite of measures the trump
10:55 am
administration took to safeguard america and all of those being unwind quietly by the biden administration, what is that? what is the quid pro quo? doesn't mean we are getting anything for it but what the bidens already got was millions of dollars from china. stuart: keep digging please because there is surely something there and we should know about it. thanks for joining us, see you later, thanks a lot. republican congressman james comer pressing for information about hunter biden's business dealings, what is he saying? ashley: the top republican on the house oversight committee claims the biden administration may be preventing the release of suspicious activity reports if they are related to hunter biden. the reports are generated by banks that flag suspicious transactions and i meant to
10:56 am
guard against money laundering but track large amount of money. he's accusing the white house of stonewalling efforts to have the treasury department provide those pieces of information and documents and treasury officials said they would not release the reports unless democrats joined in the request but the treasury later told the wall street journal all reports had been made available. apparent the not true. comer given a deadline of july 20th they had over the reports but don't hold your breath. of the one keep procrastinating. still ahead, kayleigh mcenany, mike murphy, steve hilton, ben dominic. in britain and america powers slipping away from political leaders, prime minister boris johnson, the power is gone, for president biden is in the slipping away stage but it is slipping away fast. that is "my take" and it is next. it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi.
10:57 am
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and it's easier than ever to get your projects done right. with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews. and when you book and pay throug you're covered by our happiness check out today. angi... and done. >> happy birthday from your friends and fans at the five. >> you are my favorite and bushman, happy birthday. >> nobody does the news better so thank you, happy birthday. >> you know what? you are smart and you are fast and we get it all done, happy birthday. >> happy birthday, stanley.
11:01 am
♪♪ celebrate good times come on ♪♪ stuart: i will get you for that. it is my birthday and people are being extremely generous, really pleasant to me and i love it all. let's have another birthday tomorrow. lead to a lot of people take off on your birthday, you would have missed the celebration. stuart: i was going to miss the stuart market submarket rally. it is 11:00 on the east coast, thursday, july 7th. the markets are showing some green, a pickup in activity in the last half-hour, the dow is up 260, the nasdaq up almost 180. where is the price of oil? $103 a barrel. the 10 year treasury, the yield is 2.98%, that yield has gone back up again. bitcoin still close, very close to $21,000. that's the market. now this.
11:02 am
in britain and america, power is slipping away from political leaders. for prime minister boris johnson power is gone. president biden, it has been in the slipping away stage, it is slipping away fast. in britain it is all about telling the truth. boris lied to parliament and was caught. apologies didn't work. his government revolted, mass resignations and this morning he resigned. what annoyed the brits was boris drinking during the lockdown while the pubs were closed. he lied about that too. america power slipping away from the president because his competence is questioned. his policies on the border, on inflation, on crime, they are all failing. that is reflected in extremely low polling numbers. right before an election democrats are walking away and that strips the president of his power. very few democrats want him to run in 2024. who would have thought it would come to this? johnson was popular, biden was
11:03 am
popular, it all fell to pieces, johnson is out, dare i say it, biden is on the way out. third hour of "varney and company" just getting warmed up. look who is here. kayleigh mcenany, the lady herself. democrats were in disarray. is biden on the way out? >> i think so. you can always read behind the tea leaves where you see articles, there was one from nbc, one from the hill, one from cnn, 24, 48 hours and you can read through the sourcing and clearly, unnamed democrat strategist, unnamed west wing official, and named campaign strategist says this about biden, criticism was withering. they called him withering saying he's watching the fires
11:04 am
burn and standing idly by. when you see that level of criticism coming mainstream media publications for multiple democrats in the white house, a bad sign you are going to get a primary challenge. stuart: kate benny, stepping down at the sigel of the month. pentagon spokesman john kirby, into the white house to fill look medications role by karine jean-pierre. benefield is out, speculation is karine jean-pierre takes that position because you were no longer in front of the camera. that is the speculation. >> john kirby has been a lot of -- another communication, standing, briefing with me.
11:05 am
the briefing like jen psaki, a phenomenal job, i think he would be a steady guiding force, did a very good job at the podium, a longtime biden ally, might be accurate. most conventional wisdom is kirby will get the podium, and he earned it. at the podium, during afghanistan, did a good job. stuart: if democrats lose big in november i would expect to see a lot of departures from the white house. >> i think so. a little ways down it said west wing officials, berated by biden something goes wrong it takes it out on them and it trickled down to the lower ranks and some of the unsighted reasons for the departures are they can't take the mood of the president and the blame game of the president so that is
11:06 am
compounding with what is happening, midterms will do that even more. blue one not a happy house the white house at this moment. we will be watching, we always do, 12 noon eastern on outnumbered. you said happy birthday to me. >> i wanted to be here for your birthday and say it live in person. stuart: going well so far. do you remember the mary poppins of this information, the head of the now disbanded dhs disinformation governance board, she's now going after house speaker nancy pelosi. what is she saying you? >> he called pelosi out for disinformation. the house speaker wrote this news later, cited polling numbers that were downright incorrect so this is what jankowitz tweeted, it -- blatant misrepresenting tatian
11:07 am
is an acceptable. them should drop this disinformation as i would wager it was deliberate and focused on raising on real issues. pelosi said democrats were tracking to win in six senate seats including florida and ohio. the 538 founder said no way, democrats are the heavy underdogs in florida and ohio. that is misinformation. she did her old job. stuart: they are fighting among themselves. lauren: fighting among themselves. we went back to the stock markets, the dow is up 300 points and the nasdaq is up 200 points. i call that a rally. yields are down from where they were a couple weeks ago. commodity prices are down, gas is down, oil is down. do you think inflation is baked
11:08 am
and if it is time to start buying stocks? >> reporter: happy birthday and many more. i am going to say it has. i want to couch that by saying it is time to buy and we could get another high inflation reading and it may take up a little bit from here. there is a great opportunity for investors to buy the stock market at 20% to 30% discount from where it was a year ago. people should be buying stocks regardless of a one month or two month inflation reading. stuart: what is the risk? surely the risk is there's another downturn, a serious downturn and the stock market remains in the doldrums for many years to come. that is the risk for putting in money now. >> it is. if you want to risk-free investment you are not going to
11:09 am
get the return the stock market has provided over history. there' s always going to be a risk there but we talk about it a lot hear you, you and i. there has never been a time the market has corrected and not gone back to new highs. it has never happened, not once in history so i am betting it is not going to happen this time. we could drop another 5% from here. we are at 10%, 20% but we have written down the market by 20%. the nasdaq is down 30. investors watching your home should not be looking for trades, should not be looking to pick one stock that has gone from $100 down to $6 and say i am going to pick this one company that is turning around, they should put their money into the stock market and watching it grow over time. stuart: you are stock guy, that is your marketplace. what about other areas? are there any other investment areas you would consider for little money right now?
11:10 am
mike:for me personally i have my money in private markets, public stock markets and also have money in real estate. depending on the individual investor's appetite i think if they understand the market they are going into and they do need to understand it they should put money to work about you saw a lot of people heard about this crypto currency and bitcoin and it was at 40,000, 60,000, people made the major mistake of having a fear of missing out that almost caused them to jump into something they didn't really understand and now is corrected. do your homework, understand what you are investing in and if you do understand it, put your hard earned money to work. stuart: for long-term. good stuff and thank you for your happy birthday wishes earlier today, right back at you. lahren lauren is looking at the movers and we have movement in tesla. lauren: they are up on the idea
11:11 am
of an open charging network allowing non-tesla vehicles to charge at tesla charging stations to unlock $3 billion in annual sales and are you ready? elon musk is sort of responding to the report he fathered three children within weeks at the end of last year with two women. he says maybe tesla should make a highly configurable robot van for people and cargo. is that his way of referencing a couple other tweets about big families? stuart: i don't get it. lauren: he had twins in november. and a baby throughout surrogate in december. tween 9 children minivan. stuart: i never understood elon musk. lauren: i thought you would have loved that. poking fun at what we are talking about today. of the when early when he had a relationship with one of his employees who produced twins. how many ceos in america lost their jobs because they had a relationship with their employees.
11:12 am
lauren: we haven't seen the outcome of this yet or confirmation of the report. stuart: i blue pond because we are on dangerous ground. a sustainable consumer product. lauren: the prompter told you that. they are up 50%. their goal is to be plastic free by 2025 right around the corner and they expanded distribution in three retailers that share some of their goals. stuart: i think i understand that one. boris johnson has resigned, no longer leader of the conservative party in britain. he will hang on as prime minister for a few days. watch this. the change i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world but them's the breaks. stuart: what happens next? we will figure it out in a moment. newly elected congresswoman mayra florez see striking out
11:13 am
at the new york times after she was labeled a far right latina. some counties in texas declared the border crisis and inflation but does that word change anything. i will ask a judge from one of those counties next. ♪♪ >> hey, stuart. we are so happy for you. it is a special day, it is your birthday and we know you love america and you love celebrating. >> it seems like yesterday when you were just turning 30, the new kid in town, didn't know how to get to the elevators or use your pass and now you are 37 and you know how to do all those things, happy birthday. >> stu who? varney, that guy, happy birthday.
11:14 am
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>> stu, look at you, so amazing. i feel fortunate to wish you a happy birthday. he you once lifted me up. i had gotten my own show on fox. bible never forget your support, a kind e-mail, rock on with your younger self. stuart: isn't that nice? >> didn't know where harris was going with that. she remember the little things. be one i am so flattered all these people say happy birthday. it is a wonderful thing. despite soaring temperatures the surge at the border continues. bill. and -- bill melujin spent
11:19 am
time with the state troopers. >> reporter: last year when the border crisis first started president biden himself said this was a seasonal sort of thing. it would stop in the summer heat arrived. that wasn't the case back then it is not the case now. look at this video we shot in eagle pass yesterday morning, a single massive group, 500 migrants crossed over in the scorching temperatures, now cubans and venezuelans, one of the biggest groups we've seen out here, really struggling, cubans and venezuelans not subject to title 42, they know that so they are willing to brave hot temperatures knowing they will be released into the us once processed by border patrol. this is a different group of migrants also who were struggling in the heat after they were apprehended here in eagle pass. temperatures in the triple
11:20 am
digits every day and humidity is bad, sweltering out here, they want water and they wanted quickly, the guys will start pushing on each other because they want the water so bad but over the fourth of july holiday weekend two more migrants died in the heat in del rio. take a look at this video. this was in uvalde, as the smugglers taken into custody you see in the vehicle a bunch of illegal immigrants bail out and went to run but are confused on where they want to go. texas dps charged that humans mugler and lastly take a look at these photos, border agents announcing they arrested three ms 13 gang members and in 18th st. gang member from el salvador. that 18th st. gang member was stopped by tsa, who won border patrol to help
11:21 am
them. that gang member served 12 years in prison for aggravated robbery and back out here live bringing it to the del rio sector, agents out here announcing they arrested a convicted rapist from guatemala snaking through the brush, he had been convicted of rape in louisiana, sentenced to three years and was deported this last february, tried sneaking and let again, border agents were able to catch him again. back to you. stuart: yesterday several counties in texas declared a border invasion. very important word. a judge in kenny county, texas, one of the counties that made that invasion announcement, your honor, does the use of the word invasion change anything? >> by all means. the evidence of that last piece
11:22 am
that you had is evidence this place is being invaded. we meet the definition of invasion and with that comes the authority of the state to do something about it. we all came together because we have those same stories today, in every county inside texas, it is a mess and it hasn't stopped and it is not going to stop with the administration we have now. stuart: we have been showing video of this large group of migrants, 500 strong, but eagle pass border area, 500 strong. it seems like the flow is actually increasing, not decreasing at all. >> exactly right and in
11:23 am
september, stoppard -- started operation lone star arresting people trespassing on the land in texas and today we tried 3600 cases in kenny county alone but it hasn't changed a thing. they are still coming. our united states government is bankrupt in illegal immigration, they don't know what to do. we asked them to move and do something. we had to ask our governor to join us with this definition of invasion and he has the right to do other things, gives him the authority to do other things. stuart: you are pressing hard with invasion as a way of ratcheting up the concern about what is happening at the border. thanks for joining me this morning. let's get the word out there.
11:24 am
thank you, appreciate it. >> happy birthday from texas. stuart: i will take it, thank you very much. that is great stuff. moving on. newly elected congresswoman mayra flores has been labeled far right by the new york times, what is she saying? ashley: she is firing back in the article's depiction of her ripping the liberal media for laboring her as you say far right for touting her traditional values. that is far right these days. the piece called the rise of far right latina describes the trump era bringing a new age of far right latina and hispanic women into congress. mayra flores responded by saying it amazes me that because my values are rooted in god, family and country the liberal media takes it upon themselves to attack me and labeled the far right. the times piece said she supported impeaching president
11:25 am
joe biden, brett awaiting -- perpetuating qanon theories, polling shows biden's approval rating among hispanic voters is slipping and spans 24%. stuart: that open border just didn't work for biden. boris is out. what does that mean for america's relationship with our strongest ally. steve hilton is here to get into that next. ♪♪ >> hey, stuart, it is keith hernandez of the smr broadcasting team and the new york mets. i understand a big day coming up, a big day today, happy
11:26 am
birthday to you. i won't say your age. i am not far behind you. i am a big fan of the show, love being on your show and everybody that works with you, susan, lauren, and -. we are a great team. watch you every monday through friday and when i can. anyway, i want to wish the gentleman from derby very happy birthday. yo jve a jolood da good and a n'rget orgetrgng.rg i amth hernath ♪ l♪im and doug. [power-drill noises] alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch.
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>> one thing i learned in congress, this is your birthday song, it doesn't last too long, hey. stuart: what was that? it was good. i will take it. nice of him to sad that. to the markets. you will like this. they are green, dow is up 220, nasdaq up one hundred 68. the s&p is up one% even. looking at the movers including, starting with boeing which is up 3%. lauren: they have a deal from
11:31 am
virgin galactic to use the boeing company to build two new motherships that takes the spaceship up and passengers go to the edge of space, potential, bring in billions of dollars a year in revenue for both of them. stuart: the mothership, has strange connotations. are on semiconductor company. susan: searching today, number one on the s&p 500. they are relieved, samsung turned in its best, second quarter profit since 2018, driven by strong sales and memory chips and that is why we are seeing a broad-based rally for chipmakers. stuart: what is with twitter? lauren: they are trying to fulfill elon musk's request. how many of your counter spam is bots? we do a good job figuring this out, remove 1 million spam accounts every day and humans review these accounts to determine if it is legit, real or fake.
11:32 am
stuart: twitter is at $38 a share. lauren: i wonder if it is really for tesla shareholders as well. stuart: it could. let's get back to politics. uk prime minister boris johnson has resigned after being caught in a series of scandals. watch this. >> i know many people will be relieved and quite a few will also be disappointed and i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world but them's the breaks. above all i want to thank you, the british public, for the immense privilege that you have given me. stuart: steve hilton joins me. i don't know what you were laughing at but you are at 10 downing st. a key aide to former prime minister david cameron.
11:33 am
have you seen anything like this at 10 downing st. before? >> reporter: no. what i am laughing at, we should say it is a joy to be with you on your birthday, i think of you and your team on the mothership. i love to return to the mothership on a friday for the uk, nice to be with you today. what i was laughing at was ice i a video, actor hugh grant managed to broadcast the benny hill theme to net great volume in westminster while all these politicians were going there interviews to convey the sense of chaos going on as you described it. i've been out out of that famous door hundreds of times and it really is something very different, there is drama but nothing like this. it comes down to three things, first of all policy. boris johnson was elected as a
11:34 am
conservative prime minister to deliver brexit. 's government hasn't been particularly conservative and definite we have not delivered the benefits of brexit you and i argued for, less relation, separating from the bureaucracy of europe, into this buccaneering future for the uk, competence. they haven't been competent the way they handle things, all over the place on the pandemic, lockdowns after neglecting it in the first place, has been all over the place. his character, what you see time and again, boris johnson enmeshed in scandals of his own making and lying about it, sending out his colleagues to lie on his behalf and in the end they decided they couldn't do that anymore and he has to go. stuart: i have drawn a comparison, a parallel. it seems to me boris johnson is out of power, power has left him but president biden, power is slipping away and it is slipping away quickly. do you agree with that?
11:35 am
>> totally. they are talking about a caretaker prime minister in the uk. we have a caretaker president, that is too generous for him because he hasn't been in power, he hasn't been driving anything. he is completely captured by the power in his party which is the far left, the obama swamp creatures, the bureaucrats in the administrative state, that is why nothing is getting done in america, seems to be slipping further and further into the stagnation that we are seeing and there is no energy there. on both sides of the atlantic this floundering around instead of strong leadership we need at this time. stuart: what do you think of this? the blues got johnson out. he was caught boozing it up in 10 downing st. he hired this guy who his an excessive drinker and he was boozing it up at 10 downing st. when the pubs were closed. that is sacrilege in britain. >> exactly right.
11:36 am
we had so many people who made sacrifices, chief among them not being able to go out and have the pub and all the while when stopping other people from doing it they were doing it themselves in 10 downing st. unbelievable hypocrisy and that is in this legal -- in the end that started the delays. stuart: we will be watching you on sunday evening at 9:00, fox news, thanks for being with us today. much obliged to you. the us and its allies are looking to the price of russian oil. take me through it. ashley: the idea is to the price of russian oil at $60 a barrel. allies have been exploring several ways to do this by limiting russia's oil revenues while minimizing the impact on their own economies especially in europe. one proposal would ban
11:37 am
insurance, transportation services needed to shift russian crude and petroleum products unless the oil is purchased below an agreed price. the poor for the price of oil started to drop in recent days russian crude was estimated to be trading around the $80 a barrel mark but gold is to cut moscow's revenue for its war in ukraine but there is concern that it could backfire and lead to a spike in oil prices. we see oil today up $5. stuart: that is a spike. president biden talked up his economic agenda in ohio yesterday but some of his fellow democrats 2 him skipping the event. we are all over that. ♪♪ haven't found what i am looking for ♪♪ still haven't found ♪♪ >> happy birthday to my new american friend stuart varney, we love you here, keep it
11:38 am
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>> i want to wish you a happy birthday. it has been ten years that i have been on your show as a guest and i have to say that it is one of the things i look forward to most during the week. you are an incredible wall model to me. you have become a great friend. i watch you every day and if we keep you on, my mother and father both watch you every day. happy birthday, healthy future and prosperity going forward. stuart: my best to jeff and his mom and dad. good stuff. president biden touted his economic agenda in ohio yesterday but top democrats, some of them from the state like moderate congress when tim ryan, gubernatorial candidate
11:43 am
nan whaley skipped the event. been dominic joins me now. this doesn't look good for the president. they are running away from him just as we are gearing up for the elections. >> they are running away from him for obvious reasons which is that his policies are not working. they are not working for the american people. they are leading in the wrong direction. you see that consistently in the polls we see coming out of all different sources. this is not something that is a one off, not an illusion, it is something that is a demonstrable trend and i think unfortunately as we approach this election what you are going to see is the progressive leftists, the extreme flank of the democratic party is going to exercise increased power over this presidency because they are the only ones sticking with him. the moderates like him and others are going to run away from him because he is not supporting the policies they
11:44 am
thought were going to happen in this is a situation that is very bad in the immediate term for the democratic party. they are going to go through a couple years of real serious setbacks when it comes to their political fortunes in order for them to correct. that is something i think for them is going to take some severe beatings at the ballot box and policy disputes and other areas to take a lesson from the american people that they have gone too far to the extreme anderson too much to to the progressive leftists flank and they need to moderate to return their party to being one that contend in the middle. stuart: agreed one hundred%. i think democrats will lose badly in november and right after the elections i think they will dump president biden. i haven't a clue who will take his place but i think they will dump him as leader of the party. >> lord knows they clearly got to.
11:45 am
they ought to move on from him and find a new generation of leadership but they don't have somebody waiting in the wings who has any kind of popularity or ability to take over the job or to take over this path forward. what are you looking to? gavin newsom because he looks good on tv? that is not going to work? stuart: that really hurts going for the jugular right there. can you think of anybody else? the governor of illinois, even his name -- >> one thing that is interesting to me, outside possibility, the simple possibility, any of the moderates at their core, people who have a ability to reach across party lines, john bell edwards is not the kind of person from louisiana who is going to be able to take over a party that has dedicated itself
11:46 am
to identity politics and the like. i wish i could offer you a birthday present of having some kind of thing come down from the mountaintop that declares the future of the democrats but they are going to go through a period that looks like the republican -- the way they can think optimistically about this is the republicans had to go through goldwater in order to get nixon and reagan and maybe that is the way the democrats are going to have to look through the next few years because they are going to lose as long as they are out of touch to this extreme with the american people. of the one republicans had to go through carter before they got to reagan and that might be repeated. you are all right, see you soon. come on in, you have to explain this. what is the story about aoc avoiding tax warrants? did she avoid paying a past debt? ashley: that is the accusation.
11:47 am
the new york democrat who more the infamous address with the words tax the rich written across the back owes close to $2500 in back taxes herself going back to 2017. according to a report in the washington examiner, ocasio cortez dodged tax warrant that were filed against her former business which was called brook avenue press. the state apparently eventually dissolved the company using a procedure for businesses that do not pay taxes in two years, or fail to file a tax return. the new york representative has vowed to repay the corporate taxes but her office said later, it was issued in error and is being contested. at least the rich to pay taxes, right? stuart: very good, well done. adjust the markets, look at them go, the dow is up 251.
11:48 am
lauren: the varney birthday rally continues. stuart: the nasdaq is up 200 points, very solid gains, don't go anywhere, more varney next. ♪♪ >> stuart, what is up, my guy? happy birthday, hope you are doing well. maybe we should catch up. keep on crushing it, keep on killing it, piece, much love. a mountain? a tree weathering a storm? (thunder) lions? nope. (lion rumbles) we do it with our people.
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>> happy birthday, granddad, we love you. >> sincerely, abigail. >> page. >> kayla. >> cynthia. >> that i grab that? from down under. >> happy birthday from new zealand. ♪♪
11:53 am
♪♪ happy birthday ♪♪ happy birthday ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ stuart: it is a cake. it is a cake. look at this. a, man. that is fantastic. that is wonderful. two of my daughters, angela right here, rachel right there, this is a lovely cake. i don't know how they did this. from my grandchildren in new zealand, haven't spoken to them in months. my grandson from australia, grandchildren on cape cod, all five of amanda now you with a cake. did you do this? >> that is magnolia.
11:54 am
stuart: what are we going to do with it? >> eat it. it is all yours, your big day. stuart: i will certainly taste it. i want to thank everybody. throughout the show we had people who have been on the program, analysts and economists wishing me happy birthday. the people from fox said happy birthday. i was impressed with the five, very top rated show except for that filled who called me stanley. i think he wants need to be on his show. thank you very much indeed. i almost got tears in my eyes almost but not quite. are we going out for lunch after this? where are we going? >> oceana, i told everyone it is your birthday. they will sing to you. stuart: no they are not, out of the question.
11:55 am
is it time for the trivia question? it is time for the trivia question. you may stand participate. the trivia question this thursday. how many states does the mississippi river run through? 10? 13? 16? we will see if lahren and ash and rachel and average allah -- angela know the answer after this. ♪♪ some like a little comfort, to balance out the risk. others want immediate gratification... . . visit to see why gold is everyone's asset.
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[cheering] stuart: oh, it's me. i am reliably informed my five grandchildren on cape cod, who you may have seen moments ago, they suggested i say, slay em, stu. that is the new young person's word, slay. you don't seem to believe that we'll press on. how many states does the mississippi river run through. final guess. an h angela? >> 10. stuart: rachel. >> 13. stuart: lauren. >> 10. ashley. >> hate to be boring but 10. stuart: okay. i will say, is tricky, actually go with 10. yes. there you go. the answer is 10. show me the map, please, folks. we get to do geography lessons. remember that? i was big on geography. begins in minnesota, iowa, missouri, kentucky, tennessee,
12:00 pm
arkansas, mississippi and louisiana. that will be 10 states in all. okay? before we wrap it all up, don't forget to send in your "friday feedback" questions, comments, critiques, thal, we want it all. send in the fan fried videos, jr. you are from. you have to say you're watching "varney & company." do that, if you're not careful you're on tv. my is up, time now for the youthful neil cavuto. it is yours. neil: stewart, your illustrious producer never passed along to me it was your birthday. i feel bad. i look at all the great people commemorating you. it's a big day. it is a big day. i'm a little angry at her. i want to relay to you how happy i understand for you. happy birthday! hope you have a great day!


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