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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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nasdaq edging out a win, slightly higher on gains from technology. we're still reeling from those inflation numbers. that us did it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: happening now, the wrong team at the wrong time. yet another inflation read comes in white hot. we're talking producer prices. tonight how do you stop this? wing state democrats now angry inflation is topping a smoking 10% in seven u.s. cities. california governor newsom shows up at the white house while president biden is away in saudi arabia. former president trump said he made a decision on running again. with us tonight fox business host larry kudlow, congressman
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jim jordan and greg murphy. former nypd officer bill stanton, fox news contributor charlie hurt, former homeland security official lora ries. fears the white house cannot pull the u.s. out of a recession shocking number of biden's team have zero business. that is why business an consumer confidence have plummeted. crime is so bad, starbucks and 7-eleven's are closing stores. they accuse george gascon abandoning them in a new and major way. we'll explain. twitter makes a move against a far left group harassing supreme court justices. gop lawmakers. more how biden family deal makingis impacting white house policy. gop lawmakers slam homeland security mayorkas for throwing up roadblocks on information they desperately need on illegal
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aliens accused of terror threats and assassination plots in the u.s. including against former president george w. bush. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we're going to start with your money. stocks ended down mostly but well off session lows. there were disappointing bankers from jpmorgan chase and morgan stanley plus soaring inflation driving recession worries down on wall street and wholesale producer prices hitting 11.3%, the highest ever. president biden holding a rare news conference in israel today as he faces a tense meeting with saudi arabia over high oil and gas priests. media reporting he is expected to come back home empty-handed. edward lawrence in jerusalem with more. reporter: president joe biden reaffirming the commitment that the u.s. will defend israel
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while making a direct statement that iran should not get a nuclear weapon. he says diplomacy though is the best way forward for this. in the joint news conference the questions for president biden focused around the necks stop in saudi arabia. president biden says he does not want to leave a void in the middle east that can be filled by russia and china. president biden: i think we have an opportunity to reassert what i think we made a mistake of walking away from. reporter: president's top energy advisor told me in exclusive interview pumping more oil will come in a pitch of responsibility of oil producers around the globe. he adds more oil is a short-term fix but the administration wants to force the energy transition as a long-term solution. >> challenge is when prices go up, they want to see action, price come down as a result of action and they want it done right away. the actions i think are now showing everyone they were the right moves at the right time t took a little bit of time to get there. reporter: republicans say that policy is shortsighted and we
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can transition our economy while supporting the u.s. oil industry that can get stability for oil markets around the globe. back to you. elizabeth: thank you, edward lawrence. host of fox business's the "kudlow" show, larry kudlow. great having you on. larry this is disturbing. inflation is topping 10% in several u.s. cities. how do you stop it? >> well, you're going to have to stop it by tightening up on monetary policy. the fed is going to have to raise their target rate above the inflation rate and they're going to have start taking cash out of the economy. inflation tops 10% in seven cities but basically it's above, it's above 10% everywhere. producer prices are 11%. so you got a big problem here and, liz, can i just say something for the earlier report coming from the middle east.
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joe biden put an iranian deal on the table with iran and part of that deal is reportedly a trillion dollars in cash to iran. i just want to put that in because it hasn't gotten enough exposure. biden said it as a throwaway in his news conference today and i think that -- elizabeth: a trillion dollars? wait a minute. he said a trillion dollars? >> yes. elizabeth: was that a mistake, was that a gaffe? >> no. he didn't say it. analysts who are aware of the deal, liz, are saying it. i think it starts out, $250 billion and another something like $800 billion over the next five years. it is a national disgrace. elizabeth: so we'll stay on that story, larry. that is important that you just brought that up. larry, you've been talking about this too, the white house is planting a flag on a really weak talking point that inflation will drop because gas is down
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just 40 cents. they want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars, right, as the fed raises interest rates. to your point, food, rent, housing, tuition, those costs are soaring. >> you know as i'm sure you know, look it, these latest inflation reports, the one-month and three-month numbers are bigger than the 12 month numbers. i think inflation, it is core inflation, lizzie, it is not just energy. inflation is becoming very, very embedded into the economy. it is going to make it harder. look it, these ideas about, you know, having a trillion dollars in spending and a trillion dollars in tax hikes, 400 billion in higher taxes on small business, right? on pass-through, subchapter-s. can you imagine anything stupider than that? honestly. >> you know it's mind-boggling. we're going to get into the next segment how you reported this,
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about how there is nobody, they have no business experience in the white house and they're running the world's biggest economy. larry, here's the thing, the white house topspin on inflation is just as bad as it was with the topspin calling afghanistan a botched exit a success. 9,000 americans stranded, 13 people killed. that was beginning of the end of biden's approval ratings. let's watch this, watch. president biden: today's inflation report confirmed what americans already know, putin's prescribing who is hitting americans hard. oil companies. shipping companies. republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans -- >> increases likely only to have transitory effects on inflation. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> inflation in the nights remains unexpectedly high. >> the united states ended 20 years of war in afghanistan. the extraordinary success of this mission.
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>> operational and tactical success. >> i would not say that it is anything but a success. it is irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. >> there are several thousand americans in afghanistan who would like to leave. >> see that, right? this topspin. voter polls show biden owns afghanistan, he owns inflation. he is skating on thin ice, on hot skates. majority of people don't believe it. larry, let's talk about this, reagan and volcker, how did reagan and volcker stop what was going on in the economy when we were in dire straits back in the early '80s? >> two things. one when you deny something that is so apparent to everybody else in the country who has to buy groceries, who has to buy energy, who has to pay rent, who has to go out to take a vacation, if you deny prices are skyrocketing, you lose all credibility, all believability.
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that is one of the reasons why biden's polls have crashed. with reagan and volcker, they took tough medicine, okay? reagan said to volcker you do what you have to do and volcker, you know, chopped down the money supply and boosted the value of the dollar and meanwhile reagan took very constructive actions. this is what's missing, liz, reagan cut taxes and reagan deregulated. by the way one of his first actions when he was inaugurated decontrolled the price of oil. he ended the carter price controls and guess what? oil went down, not up. so what biden won't do is take the tough actions, particularly on the physical side and coming back to your earlier point, it is sheer insanity to think that spending a trillion dollars on social spending and health spending and more green new deal spending and raising taxes on
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small businesses, you know, pass-through type subchapter-s type businesses as well as c-corps, raising taxes will merely deepen the recession. social spending will merely exacerbate the inflation. elizabeth: yeah. >> they have it exactly backwards. elizabeth: if they want to raise taxes right as the fed is raising rates. that is one-two punch to the economy. senator phil gramm and mike solanis said in "the wall street journal," when inflation last knit in hit in 1973 it stuck there for eight years. only way to reduce it is get good economics and stable dollar in place. we don't have that right now. we're veering off course here. we have this, california governor gavin newsom and illinois governor jb pritzker are talking about indicating they want to run in 2024. newsom is at the white house while biden is in saudi arabia walking in front of cameras. we have reports that former
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president trump has made a decision running again. what are you hearing about that? >> well i can't speak to mr. trump but, i don't know pritzker. i know gavin newsom or used to know him, i knew him, when he was a moderate democratic mayor of san francisco. i'm sure that gavin enjoyed walking around the west wing today while biden wasn't there [laughter]. kind of like a little practice run, liz, you know what i mean? just a little, kind of see, measure the curtains a little bit. let's see if the desk chair is high enough. a lot of, measure the drapes. i think that is just a wonderful story. i can't speak to president trump's plans. i read the same articles you have. i speak to him on a regular basis but he does not ask my political advice and i don't offer it either. elizabeth: just economic advice. larry kudlow always a pleasure to have you on. come back soon.
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we always love you having on. happy birthday. you had a birthday recently. i want a piece of the cake. tune into to larry at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, come back soon. this story, gop lawmakers ramping up the probe into hunter biden about the national security risk. plus as crime skyrockets in california l.a. county d.a. george gascon accused of abandoning crime victims in a new and major way. we're taking that on with former nypd officer, security expert bill stanton ahead on the the on "evening edit." >> we can't have the district attorneys who will pick and choose how they want to levy justice. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪
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♪. elizabeth: okay, crime victims families in los angeles now slamming l.a. county d.a. george gascon over his new move to get rid of a unit that notifies crime victim families about their attackers going on parole. fox news's william la jeunesse has the story in l.a. william. reporter: well, liz, this
6:17 pm
reverses decades of crime victim support. so last year d.a. george gascon banned prosecutors from attending parole hearings. now he is refusing to even tell victims when that hearing is happening. in the email to staff gascon said it is quote, not appropriate for prosecutors to notify victims of a parole hearing because, get this, contacting victims can be triggering saying, quote, while a victim has a right to be notified they have also a right not to be contacted. gascon already transferred three attorneys out of this unit according to l.a. magazine while two deputies remain, they will stay there until october. will told our bill melugin last night, gascon continually puts forth services as if he is protecting victims rights. he is not. he is abandoning victims constitutional rights and think as bandaid of some type of service like counseling will make up for his refusal to protect those rights. the d.a.'s office says
6:18 pm
department of corrections will contact the victims. part of this is about safety. people want to know when a stalker is getting out. one deputy d.a. called this callous. that gascon ever tried a homicide case he would know prosecutors feel a moral duty to attend these hearings. liz? elizabeth: great reporting. william la jeunesse, thank you so much. welcome to the show security expert and former nypd officer, bill stanton. bill, your reaction to this? don't victims families need to know this? those criminals can attack them especially if they testified in court against them. crime is up while arrests are down in l.a. what is going on here? >> this is to me, to me this is the l.a. d.a. being an actual advocate for the criminal, for the perpetrator and it is revictimmizing the families and victims that these criminals imparted on them, whether it was rape, homicide, stalking. not contacting these victims is
6:19 pm
an act of victimization in my opinion. elizabeth: you know local officials in l.a. including deputy d.a. john hatami, he said we all have a right to public safety. when you have crime, that is what prevents you from having freedom. we have 7-eleven telling stores in l.a., shut down. we have a violent criminal on the loose, that is offering 100,000-dollar reward for this suspect. he has half a dozen robberies, five people shot, two now dead. starbucks closing 16 stores across the country in l.a., right? because they're doing, for their barista training for shootings. i mean this is out of control. what do you say? >> i'm like, well the write something on the wall. you don't have to be a detective to figure this out. when you have people that can afford to leave leaving en masse, leaving l.a. and california, when you have corporations, progressive corporations shutting down because of crime, you know, let's figure it out. this isn't happening by mistake.
6:20 pm
the l.a. d.a. is doing this with a single purpose, to advocate for criminals. he, if he wants it that bad he should become a defense attorney, not a d.a. in my opinion. elizabeth: there is this, volleyball olympian kim glass, she is speaking out after a career criminal is charged with assaulting her in downtown l.a. he through a a 10-inch metal bolt at face face fracturing her eye socket. >> he assaulted many people before me and he is violated probation and he has violated paroles and doing the same thing. he has done this to women. you guys are only really hearing about me because i'm an olympian but you guys didn't hear from his former victims and you guys have not heard from the other victims, the other attacks that have been happening, repeatedly happening in the city.
6:21 pm
so they need to be vindicated. we can't drop the ball on this. things have to change. elizabeth: that is so brave of her, right? for her to stand up, brave, right? that is a message that she is putting out there, that americans need to hear and white house and local officials need to hear. what is your reaction when you heard that? >> that olympian who stood for our country is now standing for our country again. she is advocating for everyone that has been a victim, for every innocent person in l.a. and california. she is reaching out saying when this is going to stop? i will ask the question, what needs to happen for this to stop? how many people need to be hurt, raped, stalked, murdered for him to get the message? elizabeth: you know what is pathetic out there? this idea that cops doing their job are somehow facial it. the trump administration getting tough on crime was somehow fascist. those are coming from ivory
6:22 pm
tower individuals not on the street, people like you, who see crimes like you have, right? >> i grew up in the bronx. i was a cop in the south bronx. the people most affected by cops standing down are the people that are purported, that these people -- politicians, who scream about defunding the police, the people that are most affected, they say they want to defend. now they're defenseless. when a cop sits in his car because he is disenfranchised or in fear they're going to get prosecuted it is a sad day for everyone involved. elizabeth: bill, we have to move in on this. twitter suspended the far left group. they were responsible for harrassment of supreme court justices. they published their home addresses. they were paying a bounty to find out whereabouts of supreme court justices in places like restaurants and d.c. our hillary vaughn caught up with senator elizabeth warren asked her about this.
6:23 pm
listen to what happened. watch. >> senator an activist group is offering to pay people if they send in the locations of justices. do you think that this has gone too far at this point? elizabeth: the senator slammed the door on a legitimate question about harassment of our supreme court justices. she wouldn't even answer the question. your reaction? >> well, i'm sure that, senator has security, probably lives in a doorman building, gated community. that door that she slammed, had a lock on it. so she counts on security for her but what about the people she represents where is that are security? elizabeth: bill stanton, come back soon, thanks for the service in our country. good to see you. new fears white house cannot pull the u.s. out of recession. we have a new study, majority of biden's team, they haver zero business experience. that is why consumer confidence has plummeted.
6:24 pm
we take it on with congressman chris murphy. this as vice president harris delivers an untellable word salad. we have the entire sound on. >> you get to go, you need to be able to get to where you need to go to do the work and get home. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪
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6:28 pm
can pull the u.s. out of recession and inflationary spiral when that new study by the committee to unleash prosperity shows a majority of biden's team has zero business experience? this is like stumbling around the kitchen in the dark. >> yeah, you know, liz, i think there's expectations of the american people that the people in washington, d.c., especially appointees, have some level of experience, some level of competency in the field in which they are working. you know, for example, i'm a surgeon. there is some reasonable expectation that my patients know when i walk into the operating room i know what i'm doing but here we have an administration literally has picked 2/3 of their people with hardly any business experience whatsoever. they were you question, then you wonder why in the hell is this economy crashing like it is? because these individuals never signed both sides of a paycheck. they never balanced a budget sheet for their business. i've done all those things. so here we have, we have people
6:29 pm
with no experience whatsoever, literally pulling numbers out of the air. this policy just causing this nation to crash and burn. no wonder because of this. >> congressman, just an average of 2.4 years of business experience for biden's white house team versus 13 years on average for trump's team this is swamp of a swamp. he stocks his white house based on ideology. we have professional politicians, lobbyists, activists. we have the highest inflation rate in four decades, recession, a market selloff vaporized dollars in wealth and retirement savings. no wonder plummeting consumer small business an investor confidence is upon us. they don't have any faith in this white house. >> number one issue, liz, is inflation, inflation, inflation. we can talk about climate change. we can talk about the southern border. we can talk about the southern border, soaring crime, these are all very important issues brought by self-inflicted crisis for this administration, but what the top 10 things are
6:30 pm
people talking about today, average person, inflation, inflation, inflation. it is the economy as we said. it is the economy, stupid. this is what will bring republicans really in my opinion to the forefront winning everything in november. the american people, i don't care if you're republican, democrat, unaffiliated cannot tolerate the economy like it is doing. it is literally on a crash course because of these folks with no experience whatsoever in economics. elizabeth: the thing is, when you see what is going on with the potential contenders in 2024 gavin newsom shows up while the president is in saudi arabia at the white house? >> yeah. elizabeth: if he doesn't run again will it be vice president kamala harris? congressman, let's show this. her latest unintelligible word salad at a speak this week. everybody, grab the dramamine. hold on to your chairs. you may get dizzy. watch this. >> you need to get to go, you need to be able to get to where you need to go. i do believe we should have, rightly believe, but we
6:31 pm
certainly believe certain issues are just settled. that is why i do believe we're living in real unsettled times. significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it there is great significance to the passage of time and there is such great significance to the passage of time. we will work together and continue to work together and to work together, as we continue to work, to work together on. we must together, work together, to see where we are heading, where we are going together. so much what we achieved together that is based on our collective ability ability to see what is possible, what can be, unburdened by what has been. reject the notion bay things always have been has to be, the way things will continue to be. >> i mean, that is like trying to follow a gnat in a hurricane. like a brain in search of a conclusion. >> you know it is like, it is like a sitcom that you would see
6:32 pm
on television. it reminds me of archie bunker, sometimes his word salad. we're talking about the second high-ranking member of the united states government. my god, liz, when you go overseas, you don't think the american people are seeing foreign leaders are literally laughing at number one, number two people in charge of this country. it's a clown. it's a circus. if you ask for any type of competency. we don't have it from a to z in this administration it is embarrassing. elizabeth: the other thing troubling, transportation secretary pete buttigieg he oversees a multibillion-dollar budget. he has four years of business experience. virtually zero experience in transportation logistics. so americans are getting out of this white house, this progressive economic policy priorities, redistribution of income, higher tax rates, more social welfare programs, heavier hand of regulation. government directed investment, shutting down u.s. energy. when even obama had all of the
6:33 pm
above energy approach. your final word? >> yeah you know it's a matter of competency. in trump administration you had competent individuals. you may disagree on policy issues but they were confident in their positions. we have total incompetence in this administration. if there is one word to describe it we have incompetent administration. elizabeth: come back soon,. >> thank you. >> gop law i can hearings rapping up probes a hunter biden as a national security risk. how is the deal-making affecting u.s. policy? we continue it ahead with jim jordan ahead on "the evening edit." >> the revelations on hunter's laptop, about joe biden's the president's involvement in the family influence peddling scheme. ♪
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is this where your grandparents cut a rug with a jitterbug? or return from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. the 1950 census adds new detail to your family's story. explore it free on ancestry. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now ranking member of house judiciary welcome back to the
6:38 pm
show, congressman jordan. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: we have members your party saying hunter biden is a national security risk. how is he a risk? >> you start with the 150 suspicious activity reports. not understand, according to news reports, that is not one, not two, 150. vast, vast majority of americans never have one but you have the former vice president's son with 150, now the current president's son with 150 of these reports and the treasury department tells republicans you're not allowed to see them even though that has been the practice in the past. that in of itself tells you something is going on here. understand what these are. these are transactions in the banking world where they are concerned about the amount, concerned about the number, they're concerned about who may be involved, name of person, may they be a threat concern? so there is 150 of those. that is the concern i think some have. that is coupled of course with what we knew back during the campaign with the laptop and 10% for the big guy and all those
6:39 pm
stories that we've heard over the last two years. elizabeth: yeah, so congressman, how is this affecting white house policy? we've been covering that story and this whole hunter biden story as it relates to policy in the white house on the biden team for about, more than two years. going on three years. should hunter testify before congress what he knows about russian energy and ukrainian energy when it comes to his work with ukraine's energy company burisma and also he got paid by you know, more than 3 1/2 million from moscow's oligarch, widow of mayor of moscow? >> yeah. elizabeth: is a leap to say hunter was paid by moscow for information on ukraine's energy sector? >> we know he got millions from russia. we know he got millions from companies connected to the chinese communist party. we know he got millions from burisma and energy companies and ukraine. he got money from all three of those sources. so we'll see that. that will be a conference decision. if in fact the american people put us back in charge and we get
6:40 pm
the chance to then have a majority in the house of representatives i do think it is critical that we do the investigation on the key subjects so american people get the facts. part of our constitutional duty. we owe it to them. elizabeth: do you think he is affecting white house policy, biden family deal making? >> look what happened just a few weeks ago. joe biden takes oil, barrels of oil from the strategic reserve, sells it to china and the company involved in that sale is a company that hunter biden used to have a financial interest in. he may still have. that just happened a few weeks ago. so obviously there are concerns that are raised. all the more reason why we need to the get to the bottom of this. i think congressman comer who is doing a great job as the top republican on the oversight committee will be leading that investigation if in fact the american people put us back in charge. >> other side of it will say, china's sinopec is a great player. obviously they will buy the oil. china is stockpiling oil because it is trying to dominate the
6:41 pm
world with belt and road infrastructure push. >> yeah. elizabeth: congressman there, is also this, deal making with china, hunter was negotiating a big deal with cefc, the chinese energy conglomerate, big player in belt and road for cefc to invest $40 million in a liquified natural gas plant in louisiana. the same cefc paid nearly five million dollars to hunter biden and his unhe will. one of his investment firms, hunter's investment firms bought a stake in a company investing in sinopec. we understand that loud and clear. we just don't know how and whether the president is going soft anywhere on any policy with our foreign adversary. >> yeah. what we do know is that we were right two years ago right? when the press told us, when 51 former intel officials told us the story about hunter biden and his laptop, connection, when they told us it was russian disinformation, turns out it wasn't, the information you gave
6:42 pm
us about the deal hunter biden was put together, we learned auld of that, when finally the mainstream press went public, guess what, the hunter biden laptop was real. eyewitness was real. eyewitness tony bobulinski was real. email, 10% for the big guy. that was all accurate. they finally came clean on that. we owe it to the american people to get the facts, to get the truth to them, if they give us the chance to lead in the house of representatives. elizabeth: congressman, one thing to your point that does stand out is joe biden knowing what hunter was doing with his overseas deal-making. let's listen again to this sound, watch. president biden: hey, pal, it's dad, it is 8:15 on wednesday night. if you have a chance give me a call. nothing urgent. just want to talk to you. i saw the article at least been online, will be printed tomorrow in the "times" is good. i think you're clear. >> that was a voice mail about "the new york times" story into china's energy conglomerate cefc
6:43 pm
hunter was getting paid millions from. so joe biden denies that he knows anything about what hunter was doing but then it sounds like he does. what do you say? >> well particularly the line i think you're in the clear. that, the american people have common sense. the american people are smart. they get it. but they got it back in the fall of 2020 when again you had an eyewitness who said that joe biden was the big guy and, an eyewitness with actual documents and emails, who was part of the business arrangement. i don't know what stronger evidence you need. and yet, the mainstream -- this is the how the left operates. left tells a lie. big media reports it. big tech amplifies it. when you try to tell the truth they call you names say you're spreading disinformation. that is the template they use and continue to do it to us but the american people get it. elizabeth: congressman jordan, good to have you on. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: gop lawmakers
6:44 pm
slamming homeland security secretary mayorkas for throwing up roadblocks on information they need on illegal aliens accused of terror threats and assassination plots in the u.s. including again former president george w. bush. a disturbing report, a pro-china group with ties to china officials has link to china powerful influence ops moving to manipulate u.s. state and local fishes. we'll dig in next with charlie hurt on "the evening edit". who's on it with jardiance? we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're hittin' the trails between meetings. and putting the brakes on fried foods. jardiance is a once-daily pill that...not only lowers a1c,
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[acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] ♪. elizabeth: joining me now "the washington times" charlie hurt. charles, always a pleasure to have you on. >> great to see you, liz. elizabeth: same here. we've got this report. the director of national intelligence office identified this communist chinese group, the chinese peoples association for friendship with foreign country as a threat to the u.s. but that has links to u.s. heartland association that has
6:49 pm
ties to biden white house officials. what do you make of it? >> i think it is pretty extraordinary and obviously in light of all the other things that are starting to come out about hunter biden and his association with china but of course so many in the press are just kind of ignoring that, but what is kind of interesting here, you have two officials or at least two people who are aligned with the white house, one who is a confirmed official of the white house who is working for, had worked at least for this firm that was lobbying on behalf of the government of the china to drum up business between china and the united states and, and, you know, there seems to be very little interest in getting to the bottom of it but more importantly i think it reveals just how deeply aligned this administration is with the interests of china which is a real problem. elizabeth: you know, rita joe lewis, biden's choice to run the ex-sum bank, mitch landrieu, infrastructure czar overseeing
6:50 pm
1.2 trillion in spending. they're denying it but mitch landrieu was speaker, affiliated with the heartland association. your word on it? >> yeah. i think that is really interesting that they're trying to deny it as even after both of these officials names were listed on the website of this organization. what is interesting about that is whether or not they were officially, you know on the payroll or something like that, of this organization, the fact remains their interests clearly the organization wouldn't have put them on there if they were enemies or they were skeptical of their interests. their interests were very much aligned. that is very important. the communist government of china is trying to displace the united states as the world's sole superpower and the biden administration's interests are aligned with china and that is terrifying. elizabeth: charlie hurt, always great to have you on. come back soon. >> great to see you. elizabeth: same here. gop lawmakers slamming homeland security secretary mayorkas for
6:51 pm
blocking information they need to stop terror attacks in the u.s. including threats against former president george w. bush. we're taking it on with former homeland security official lora ries ahead on "the evening edit" about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active. and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. if you have age-related macular degeneration, can help you build a future for the ones you love. there's only so much time before it can lead to blindness. but the areds2 clinical study showed that a specific nutrient formula
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story, the president use that as an example to protect abortion rights, a story about a little girl. it's morphed into a criminal illegal alien story. fox news mike tobin has in chicago with the latest. >> new development in this case is a man now identified as illegally in this country is charged with raping a 10-year-old girl who may have been nine years old at the time. the reason it's generated so much attention is following the overturning of roe v. wade what the 10-year-old victim traveled out of state to terminate the pregnancy that resulted from her being raped. according to court documents, a police detective testified 27-year-old confessed to raising the girl on at least two occasions following the supreme court decision, all while ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. when it was learned the little girl was pregnant late june,
6:56 pm
indianapolis start report she missed the deadline for the ohio law by three days. children services in ohio contacted indian but indianapolis over doi in and the procedure was done. it was leaked by the doctor in indianapolis and made all the way to the white house. antiabortion rights issue statement, we failed offering the solution that only added to the pain and violence perpetrated against her. the victim deserves better. there is reporting he's been in the country seven years but sources tell bill melugin there's no record of him entering the country leading to the possibility he's one of the getaways, somebody who snuck across the border and generated no record. records from the clinic now analyzed to see if there's a dna match. he faces potential of life in prison. >> mike tobin, thank you. with me now, former home and security official, lora, thank you for joining us, good to see
6:57 pm
a. >> thank you. >> where's the home and security secretary mayorkas his authority to do this? got republican slamming his two policy, enforcing lawmakers in congress to first get signed privacy release flavors from liminal noncitizens accused of terrace plots in the lawmakers submit the waivers for approval to dhs before dhs gives congress the information about the threat. what is protecting? he's paid to the pit protect the u.s., where is his authority to do that? >> they are throwing up roadblocks and not being transparent. we don't have information on the hostage taker in the texas synagogue still. during the trump administration we were quick on releasing not just criminal information of the suspect but also immigration history. if there was asylum involved, there might be defense activities but that can be waived as well so this
6:58 pm
administration is keen on flooding the u.s. with illegal aliens but they want to talk about or the bad things that flow from it like assassination attempt. >> this happened after a gop lawmaker found out about the low roadblock, they wanted information about two alleged props, isis inspired plot to assassinate george w. bush and to illegal aliens plotted a mass shooting had a fourth of july fireworks show in richmond, virginia. criminals who are not citizens have no right to privacy or law enforcement. this is interfering in mandated oversight and legislative powers. how can he do this? >> this is par for the course with this administration. they are ignoring laws and breaking laws and not following whether it oversight and simply not transparent and seem to get away with it so hopefully the house will flip coming november
6:59 pm
and much more stringent oversight including subpoenas and impeachment if necessary including secretary mayorkas. >> if this dangerous low citizens from 9/11 terror attacks, you work on this, government agencies were blasted for not sharing information. outputting the u.s. according to this back to before 9/11. 192 terrorists on the fbi watch list. hundreds of thousands of getaways. the number caught was more than all of last year the school year combined. >> we are back at pre-9/11 posture where they are erecting walls and barriers to sharing information instead of connecting the dots and being transparent with the american public and that endangers all of us. >> we have criminal illegal aliens waiting like 1300 times a day. five times versus a year prior. your final word? >> if you look at the crime
7:00 pm
trends, every single type of crime has jumped under president biden and it's a clear contrast between securing the border crime coming down during the last administration and skyrocketing crime under this administration with open borders. >> thank you for joining us, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit", have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ >> president biden in the middle east and he's got more headaches than nick cannon on mother's day. he hasn't even arrived in saudi arabia. the commander in chief takes to finish the trip before the real cause completely off. i'm to me fail. let's start with the latest gas. second in as many days. he screwed up something as basic as a handshake. today had the speech about the holocaust and did it in israel of all


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