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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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determine the cause of death. if you go into the shark's house, you just got to watch out. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." the evening "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: happening now, the president's new crime prevention plan, delayed by his covid diagnosis but it's a plan that would spend billions of dollars of your tax money to fix democrats defund police debacle that destroyed law enforcement nationwide and helped trigger a crime wave. ask yourself this, why now? is it because midterms are four months away? with us tonight fox business host larry kudlow michael conclude, congressman beth van duyne, heritage foundation
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hans von spakovsky, fox news contributor liz peek, the mayor of eel gel pass texas, wanda ramon. wiping out oil and gas and president's climate push and why human rights abuser china will profit big time. tonight, biden's confusing gaffe he had cancer. two whoppers from the price of one. house speaker nancy pelosi marchs away from the ped yum insisting her husband did not buy any stock based on her information. days after he bought tock in a major chipmaker ahead of a society in congress. why pelosi's trip to taiwan is brazen amid her husband's stock trades. latest outrage has nothing to do with angering china. the justice department nearing a decision of potential charges against hunter biden. this as the gop ramps up probes. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. take a check of your money, stocks ending higher for a third straight day. weak economic data is being offset by healthy second-quarter earnings from companies like tesla and philip morris. also this, president biden undertreatment for covid. he is moving on climate executive actions after the collapse of his climate agenda. it include small bore items. basically more money for fema. talk of action on potential offshore wind power projects in the gulf of mexico off the east coast, a push to do that. edward lawrence is in washington with more. edward. reporter: liz, the president spending tens of billions of dollars this year in climate change money. yesterday the president highlighting the fact he is spending $2.3 billion on climate resistant infrastructure projects along with $385 million to help families with energy
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costs. there is a lot of climate change money sloshing around. president biden: since i took office we invested more than $4 billion in federal funding of 25 hardest hit coal communities in the country. through the infrastructure law we're investing in clean hydrogen, nuclear and carbon capture with largest grid investment american history. reporter: new report from the international energy agency shows in 2022, $1.4 trillion will be invested globally in clean energy. half that total investment will be eaten up by inflation because gas prices and supply chain issues. senator marsha blackburn says the blind forced transition when our economy is not really ready makes china look stronger. >> turning the economy into a electricity-based economy, doing more business with communist chinese party, buying more solar panels, more electric batteries. reporter: 41-year highs in inflation. the president has no plans to
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change his energy policy. back to you, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you very much, host of "kudlow" on fox business, he is larry kudlow. always great to have you on. great to see you, larry. >> thank you, liz, thank you. elizabeth: i know you're skeptical about biden's claims about the climate. by the way we wish him well with his covid diagnosis. seems to be minor symptoms. we'll track it. >> yes. elizabeth: mitt romney, dick cheney, john mccain said yesterday is global warming. we don't know if biden is the team to fix whatever the problems may be. can we trust him. you made this point. biden at one point claimed he drove an 18-wheeler truck. maybe next time biden claim he used to be a accuweather man. here is the team, can you trust him on it. larry, can you trust what they're doing? >> that is good liz. that is like really good. so, no, i don't trust, here is one point i want to make, this
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business we're in some existential climate emergency is just utter nonsense, okay. one of the problems that mr. biden has, and his administration has they can't distinguish between long-term global warming trends and bad weather, okay? so like, i get it. it is very heart and humid here in the northeast. it is very hot in europe. i get that. come january and february, it is going to be very cold but that doesn't mean you have to take action to wipe out fossil fuels and blow up energy costs, gasoline at the pump, electricity costs are soaring, reliability is down, you know, you've got blackouts for air-conditioning. blackouts for freezing weather. it is a crazy story. they are radical obsessed climate activists without dealing with actual evidence and proof. liz, i'm not a denier.
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i understand that the planet is warming. i get that. it is up one celsius degree, one degree celsius over the last hundred years. we can try to deal with that with more efficient, cleaner, carbon capture and storage. our natural gas is the cleanest in the world. our lng is the cleanest in the world. we should be using nuclear power but to wipe out fossil fuels, to wipe out nuclear, is exactly wrong and the american public is furious at the bidens. that is what every poll shows. elizabeth: why not all-in approach? what biden, john kerry, gina mccarthy, pete buttigieg refuse to acknowledge, nearly 80% of u.s. electricity for all those electric cars comes from fossil fuels. they want to wipe all of that out. they want to wipe out 11 million workers in the u.s. oil and gas industry. wipe out over 3,000 fossil fuel plants. how will they power all the
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electric cars? >> look, you're quite right. there has never been, you know, it is interesting, for all of their constant harping about climate activism they never provided the american public with a real alternative infrastructure plan. the so-called transition is you know, wipe out any carbon, let's say carbon related electricity in five to 10 years. now that is not a plan. that is just a jihad. that is bunch of ideologies, no pragmatism, no common sense. we'll have carbon fuels for the next 100 years, liz. the thing so important, this is the point that bjorn lomborg makes time and time again. he is not a climate denear. american technology advances, american ingenuity, american gales of creative destruction makes these fuels cleaner. you don't throw the baby out
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with the bath water. you don't force people to buy 75,000-dollar teslas. you can't force people to do this again, there is a revolt going on among voters, among taxpayers, among families. they don't want to foot this gigantic bill being forced upon them by a bunch of idealogues. elizabeth: that is what american families are afraid of. by the way where is pete buttigieg's impact study of heavyweight of electric batteries tearing up infrastructure, meaning roads and bridges? let's turn to this, let's listen to the president ramping up the rhetoric, watch. president biden: get in the car, turn on the wiper, there would be a oil slick. i had asthma, 80% of people we grew up had asthma. that is called a fence line community. guess what, the first frost, you knew what was happening.
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you had to put on your windshield wipers to get literally the oil slick off the window. that is why and so many damn people i have cancancer, for longest time delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation. elizabeth: here is two whoppers for pryce of one. he got cancer from oil. there was so much oil hitting windshield of the car, white mother had to use windshield wipers. he had non melanoma skin cancer before he became president. 80% of the town had asthma? you hear the rhetoric, larry? >> you know, you're right. pollster mark penn, who is actually a democratic pollster, he is an old bill clinton pollster, he makes a point in his surveys that these responses by the president and his advisors, liz, they're not believable. they have no credibility. there is no common sense. and that is why people have lost
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confidence in him. look, you know, on this melanoma stuff. where is that coming from? i'm like you, you know, he is a person we should be careful about all of this. i hope he gets well pro covid as soon as possible. i don't wish him ill but i think his policies are completely utterly wrong. elizabeth: you know -- >> i think the supreme court, just a quickie here, the supreme court decision, west virginia versus epa, which is really going to take out the regulatory extremism, steve forbes calls it modern socialism through the regulatory state, that was a very important decision. if the congress really wants to legislate statutorily and wipe out fossil fuels in the next five to 10 years, then let them. but, but, but, but, because congress hasn't done that, is not likely to do that, then the biden policies that will have to
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have a big, big pullback. notice, what was it yesterday, the day before, when he gave that news conference, liz? elizabeth: yeah. >> he didn't have, he didn't use emergency powers. he didn't use the defense production act because he knows he doesn't have the authority. elizabeth: right. the other thing too, larry, it is china firing up the coal factories to make solar panels worldwide. that is what is happening. china will make a killing. china makes 3/4 of the world's solar panels, car batteries, dominates wind turbines. we'll see power dominated by china. the dirty secret is ruins the environment. strip mining for batteries, they leech into the groundwater. they cause cancer. those toxic chemicals don't decay. the other dirty secret of green energy, biden and the far left get a done of political donation s green energy. europe went green. wreaking havoc. energy poverty. spiking energy costs. inflation is happening in
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germany, also the uk. here in california, california has a goal of 100% renewable energy. some of the nation's highest electric prices. your final word? >> look it, you're right. i agree with all of that, absolutely. this is an example. they have no alternative planning, okay? none whatsoever. my last point here, something rick perry told us months ago, if the united states opened the spying goats for lng -- spigots for lng exports to china and india, we could replace their coal which is the dirtiest emissions with clean burning liquified natural gas. that would do more to reduce carbon emissions than anything on the table. they won't do it, they are so stubborn, no obsessive. elizabeth: no common sense. the thanks for bringing the common sense, my friend. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: you can catch larry
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kudlow here on fox business weekdays at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. new report out, says congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar staged and coordinated a supreme court arrest stunt where they were not handcuffed but a group backed by george soros. plus the justice department nearing a decision on charges against hunter biden. this as the gop ramps up probes into biden dubious deal-making based on the biden name. legal eagle hans von spakovsky is next. >> tens of millions of dollars flowed through the countries, the biden bank accounts. it is not sustainable for the white house, joe biden to keep on insisting he has got nothing to do with hunter. ♪ my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪
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elizabeth: welcome back. reports that federal prosecutors are reaching a decision whether to charge hunter biden. fox news david spunt is in washington with more. david. reporter: hi, liz. the key word possible charges. hunter biden has not been charged with a crime but is under investigation for tax issues and overseas business dealings. this investigation officially began in 2018 but was sidelined by covid.
6:18 pm
now we are learning things are coming to a head. a source familiar with the investigation tells fox news the grand jury tasked with looking at potential evidence wrapped up its latest term in this case in recent weeks. the case may now be in the hands of the government to make the next move. the source said that the u.s. attorney and justice department officials were looking into whether to charge hunter biden with various tax violations and more seriously, possibly foreign lobbying violations and possible false statements. when joe biden became president he kept on david weiss, the u.s. attorney in delaware, a donald trump appointee. sources say president biden did so to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. grand juries hear multiple cases n this instance the delaware-based grand jury made up of everyday citizens may hear cases about a wide range of things from a suspect involved in a bank robberiry in
6:19 pm
wilmington up to the hunter biden investigation. just because this grand jury term is over, it doesn't mean there will be charges. a grand jury simply says yes or no to new charges. a new grand jury with new people will serve over the next few months. liz? elizabeth: thank you, david spunt. great report there, joining us heritage foundation senior legal fellow, hans von spakovsky, great to have you on. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: hans, if he is not charged republican lawmakers tells "the evening edit," they're assembling witnesses bank records information from lawsuits for their probes into the biden family overseas business deals. what do you think? >> well i think they should be doing that because there are all kinds of reasonable questions and serious questions been raised, by, for example, the fact that the laptop showed, the biden laptop showed numerous meeting in the white house with joe biden when he was
6:20 pm
vice president by hunter biden and his business partner. does that mean he was lobbying the vice president on behalf of his foreign clients? that is a potential violation of the foreign agent registration act. that is obviously one of the things the grand jury was looking at. even if the grand jury doesn't come forward with any kind of indictment, i still think it is important that congress take a look at this, to find out what was really going on. elizabeth: how does it change biden's foreign policies, national security policies now? biden was the chair of senate foreign relations. he got contacts around the world in that duty. he was in debt in 2000s. hunter takes nearly trips in air force two with his father to do overseas deals. 30 meetings with biden when was vice president before and after. hunter is in russia and china. the gop is saying this may have compromised national security. how is it affecting joe biden?
6:21 pm
>> well that brings up the whole possibility of potential public corruption. look, hunter biden was hired by ukrainian and chinese energy companies, despite the fact that he had absolutely no experience much any kind in that industry. i think at least one of his former partners said the only reason hunter biden was brought in was precisely because of who his father was. so that brings up the whole issue of whether hunter biden and the biden family were profiting, using government connections and frankly government resources such as, his accompanying the, vice president on foreign trade trips. that brings up, like i said serious public corruption issues that need to be answered. elizabeth: it is james biden too, right? selling access in the middle east. that is the allegation. biden treasury department though is blocking republican congressman's request for
6:22 pm
details on 150 suspicious activity reports filed by u.s. banks with the treasury on the biden family deal-making. hands, take hans, take a listen to this, watch. >> janet yellen, we asked at least three times from here the suspicious activity report. we have lawsuits pending, lawsuits that have already been settled. we have the bank records from the laptop, potential investors gave money to jim biden because he promised him that he could have middle eastern money invest in their company because he was joe biden's brother. >> he was guilty of income tax evasion. millions of dollars he hid from the government while he flew around on air force two with his father trading favors in china, ukraine, russia. the important thing is that we get to the bottom of whether or not there is a special standard of avoiding criminal prosecution, irs prosecution, and the like. if your last name happens to be biden. elizabeth: do you think this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the biden family
6:23 pm
really did? you have spoker nancy pelosi and her husband's stock trades, right? you have biden and his family profiting off of biden's government positions. this is just the tip of the iceberg? >> i think that is what the grand jury needs to be investigating but i also think is what congress needs to be investigating. and so far with democratically controlled congress, they have found to have, be having no interests whatsoever into leaking at this. elizabeth: no interest. it is clear the biden family, they like infrastructure deals. they like energy deals, right? in places like china, ukraine, kazakhstan. cefc, massive conglomerate in china big infrastructure player to dominate world energy. chinese communist party is backed by it, they got nearly five million dollars of payments from cefc. july 2019 report, hunter and a chinese official talked about
6:24 pm
business opportunities with cefc for inside the united states. a 40 million-dollar joint venture to produce natural gas in louisiana and infrastructure deals in colombia. >> all of that, this brings up very serious questions. boy, you know, very odd coincidence that they're doing everything they can to help foreign energy companies at the very time that today we have a president doing everything he can to demolish the american energy industry and restrict our development and production of everything from oil to natural gas. elizabeth: a lot of questions we'll be asking about. hans von so could have ski, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> president's new crime prevention plan delayed by his covid diagnosis but it's a plan that would send billions of dollars of your tax money to fix the democrats defund the police debacle that triggered a crime wave. michael cloud is next.
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elizabeth: welcome to the show from house oversight, congressman michael cloud. congressman, pleasure to have you on. good to see you. >> good to see you. elizabeth: the question is why now? why is the president doing a new crime prevention plan. we understand delayed by his covid crisis but we wish him well. it will take $37 billion of
6:29 pm
democrats defund the police debacle, triggered a crime wave. nothing for victims. why now. >> one he has sinking poll numbers. the american community is not behind what is going on in their communities. the other thing, this is the ultimate goal of defund the police movement. the goal of the defund police movement isn't to get rid of police. it is to be able to nationalize police. you disincentivize local police force. discourage them, flip the rule of law, incentive of it. you come in to fix the very problem you created and this money that they're talking about sending through grants, not what we would consider traditional policing. it is really to look at, a lot of it turning what we understand the police force to be social workers. and so this, this is the plan all along in a sense and so -- elizabeth: we're four months away from the midterms. now they're suddenly law and order party. it is going to be tough sell.
6:30 pm
congressman, look at this, the media has been downplaying and criticizing the good guy, elike jaw dicken said. many more people would have died if not for him. watch the tv show "the view." >> he had a gun permit but he wasn't supposed to be in the mall with a gun. >> that was a lucky moment. elizabeth: a lucky moment. how would "the view" feel if they were in that shopping mall? >> i think they would be thankful hopefully. what we see constantly, if it doesn't fit the narrative we're not sure where we feel on it. the truth is, he did save lives that day and you know this is one of the many reasons why the second amendment is there, you know, a lot of times when tragedy happens people think, especially policymakers, think that our constitution was written to be kind of shredded
6:31 pm
in times much crisis or tragedy but we have the constitution specifically to keep the government in check in times of crisis and tragedy. specifically for these reasons. elizabeth: we've got homicides hit a 25-year high. murder arrests, 50-year low. update on the murder of captain david dorn. jurors found steven cannon guilty on all counts in shooting death of the retired police captain. captain dorn was one of 30 killed in the 2020 riots. this guy faces life in prison without parole. captain dorn served for 44 years. congressman, there is this, deadly carjacking by teenagers, a 14-year-old suspect arrested in d.c., seven carjackings there. a 15-year-old charged with first-degree murder of a beloved pastor, methodist faith leader reverend williams shot to death outside of her home in memphis. a carjacking that is a disgrace. companies more and more are leaving. companies are reacting.
6:32 pm
saying enough with crime. starbucks, target, boeing, caterpillar and more. leaving cities with crime. >> absolutely sickening with what is going on in our community. people from the extreme left con sin to subvert the rule of law, thing we understand, equal under the law, that has been juxtaposed. go back to defunding the police. scrutiny on every move of the police. criminals get away constantly. it put as wrong incentive into our society. we're seeing that break down. it needs to stop it. has to be reversed. people are seeing it, businesses who in the past supported very candidates are waking up, maybe this wasn't the right way to go. we're seeing the left, those principles of the left come to fruition and the american people are certainly realizing that is not the way to go. that is not what we want in our communities at all. elizabeth: congressman michael cloud, thanks for joining us.
6:33 pm
>> thank you, god bless you. elizabeth: nancy pelosi today marched out after presser after she was confronted potentially giving her husband inside information for her stock trades. more on why pelosi's trip to taiwan is so brazen and it is not about angering china. congressman beth van duyne joins us next on "the evening edit." >> the husband is making millions of dollars off having information. she would say they have never had a conversation just like the president said he never had a conversation with hunter biden. ♪. you'll always remember buying your first car. and buying your starter home. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence...
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elizabeth: joining us from house transportation, congresswoman beth van duyne, great to see you. >> great to see you, liz, how are you doing? elizabeth: great. good to have you on. watch speaker nancy pelosi march away from the podium in her presser is when she was confronted about giving her
6:38 pm
husband inside information about her husband's stock trades. >> over the course of your career has your husband made a decision on stock trades from information he received from you. >> absolutely not. elizabeth: congresswoman, she shut down the press conference. what do you think? >> i think when you got something to hide you don't want to answer questions. her best way to do that was to say no, just walk off, no further questions necessary. of course there are. i mean this is a woman who actually is helping to write these bills. she is setting the schedule when they're going to be voted on. she has all of this inside information. knows what the future is going to be, if she can get her votes, so yeah, this is definitely shady to say the least, potentially illegal, and its worst case. she needs to answer these questions. people are right to be asking them. for her to just walk off the stage, oh, i'm done, it is completely, completely ridiculous and for the press not to be pressing her more on that,
6:39 pm
why would they do that to trump as much as they did not do it to nancy pelosi, ask that question? elizabeth: congresswoman, listen to the president about speaker pelosi going to taiwan saying the pentagon does not think that is a good idea. watch. reporter: mr. president do you think it's a good idea for speaker pelosi to travel to taiwan this summer? president biden: well, i think the military thinks it is not a good idea right now but i don't know what the status of it is. elizabeth: congresswoman, there is another reason here why biden could say pelosi's trip to taiwan is not a good idea, optics. pelosi is taking heat for this trade. her husband made a five million dollar stock bet on chipmaker nvidia, in advance of congress giving $52 billion in subsidies to chip-makers. taiwan dominates world chip-making. taiwan share of contract chip-making hit 66% this year. they have major chip players
6:40 pm
over there in taiwan. that doesn't look good for her to go there right now. >> of course not the optics are terrible. when your husband just invests millions of dollars in this particular industry and then you go to the country where the majority of them are purchased, 70%, you have to ask yourself why now. what is the timing now? taiwan has been vulnerable for a number of months now, ever since really, ever since the botched withdrawal from afghanistan. why is she going all of sudden now? the timing is very suspicious. she will not answer any questions about this but i do find it interesting and administration, speaker of the house are not on the same page. again we're not hearing anymore information about what is to be discussed in taiwan, why is she going? i know taxpayer money will be spent on the trip. let's look at the carbon footprint of her going to taiwan. elizabeth: there is that too. there is also this.
6:41 pm
her husband, we've been tracking his trades. he does a lot of action in the options market. that means you got to have a kind of a savviness toward where directionally you think a stock is going to go. right now congress's push to regulate big tech is fizzling out. we had a bill cosponsored by senators klobuchar and chuck grassley would ban big tech companies from favoring their own services in an anti-competitive way. he has been a big player in making directional bets where stocks are going to go and then you see congress acting or not, for the most part not acting on tech regulations. >> again, ask, i appreciate you asking those questions, i wish that nancy pelosi would actually answer them. i know they just bought a 26 million-dollar house in florida. where are they making this money? i know how much the speaker gets. it is not nearly that much. she keeps saying it is my spouse, not me.
6:42 pm
you benefit directly from his stock purchases, from his stock sales, from his value. and yes, you have information, nancy pelosi has additional information about where the bills are going to go, what they are forcing these tech companies to do and all with taxes and now information about taiwan. elizabeth: the other thing too is, her office is saying it is his, those are his stock trades. they live in california. california is a community property state. she owns half the assets, she owns halve stock trades. congresswoman beth van duyne, good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> a new report congresswomen aoc and ilhan omar, worked or coordinating the arrest stunt with a group funded by george soros? plus president biden misleading again. is that what is driving down his historic drop in the polls? liz peek ahead with us on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: welcome to the show fox news contributor, great columnist, liz peek, good to see you. >> thanks for having me, liz, always a pleasure. elizabeth: we have this story coming in, you know congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, 15 democrats arrested outside of the supreme court. aoc put up a post on instar that this was coordinated by a group run by george soros. getting arrested was point of whole stunt. institute for democracy action. your take on all of this? >> this is political theater aimed at terrifying women across the country, not only will they lose the right to abortion but talking about contraception. they're talking to progressives and other people, oh, my gosh, same-sex marriage could be in doubt. look what is going on in the house. they passed today a bill guarantying the right to contraception. is that really on the table,
6:48 pm
liz? i don't think so. they forced republicans in into a awkward vote. a lot of republicans see this backdoor way to allow abortions. this is messy mind field for republicans. this is just a way for all the progressives to get attention at at moment, liz, where the progressive movement is dying. so i mean, unfortunately a lot of people are probably going to be buying into this and thinking republicans are going to stomp on one right after another. it is not true but they chan make some headlines this way. elizabeth: quinnepiac, monmouth, emerson polls, keep showing inflation, economy is the number one concern hitting americans kitchen able. president biden called out over routine misstatements about inflation and economy. do you think that is what is driving down his polls? >> well i think there are a whole lot of things driving down his polls. the president has shown himself to be unbelievably dishon e.
6:49 pm
dishonest. the honesty question became a problem after afghanistan. he came out talked multiple times about the economy in such a way everybody knows it is false. think about the claim build back better would actually improve inflation. honestly fourth graders knew better than that, they knew inflation was stemming from too much spending. here he wanted to spend 3 to $5 trillion more. this he lied about inflation being lower in other countries. he has lied about consumers being better off, they are not, savings are going down not up. we're not so stupid, liz. that is the problem for the president right now. people go to the grocery store. they see what is happening with their paycheck. they know they're not keeping up. they know they're getting behind. that is what is happening to his approval rating. elizabeth: you know what is interesting too, what people see too, they lived through the pandemic and shutdowns. biden keeps claiming he is inherited a downturn, he inherited a v-shaped recovery. he claims he created eight million jobs. that is snapback from the
6:50 pm
22 million jobs destroyed in the pandemic led shutdowns. we got out of it because of operation vaccine, trump 21 million jobs a month. 12 1/2. under biden cut in half, 542,000 jobs in average, under nine million returning to work. he keeps getting out the hats and horns. your final word? >> i think why so many of us opposed the american rescue plan, two trillion dollars more spend, the economy was growing 6% when biden took office. here is the bad news liz. the important news. job market is softening now. we've seen rising unemployment claims. biden's approval ratings are historically low level now. what are they going to look like when jobs are no longer plentiful? elizabeth: good point.
6:51 pm
great writer. read liz peek. great stuff. come back soon. hispanic voters at border outrageed by biden border collapse. numbers are not good there. there is report that the white house directed illegal immigrants to new york city. yolanda ramon is ahead on "the evening edit." >> we had 4,000 in the month of may. they're not documented. they're coming through here in the dead of night. ♪ you know how to spend a little less to get a little more to make life a little better. ♪ technically when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but there are ways you can repair it. i'm excited about pronamel repair because it penetrates deep into the tooth to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair to my patients.
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the white house won't talk about illegal immigrants breaking the law crossing illegally but they are increasingly getting victimized by crimes themselves and fox news matt is live with more. >> a few hours north from where we are at the us-mexico border in san antonio you may recall last month trump was discovered with 53 dead migrants inside, they likely died agonizing death. two people formerly kat in charge, for a 6-year-old junior and 28-year-old christina martinez, both of pasadena texas
6:56 pm
charged with transporting migrants illegally resulting in death and face life in prison if convicted. it's considered the deadliest tragedy of migrants across the border. migrants from mexico, honduras, guatemala and el salvador. we talked to a migrant crossing the united states, armando flores told us he had a difficult journey by foot and at times he took a bus or whatever means of transportation he could. he told us he was brought by police multiple times, forced to pay police to continue his trek to the u.s. >> every checkpoint they take you off the bus and tell you if you want to keep going you have to pay 20, 30, $40. they think you have money even after you tell them no money. they keep going to your pockets. they shouldn't do that but corruption men mexico is a real thing. >> the man acknowledges across this country legally, he says he's praying for a better life for himself in dallas texas to support a better life for his children. elizabeth: joining us now, mayor of eagle pass, texas mayor ten, it's great to have you on.
6:57 pm
could you tell our viewers what you see happening at the border every day? >> what he was talking about unfortunately, it happens on a daily basis. we hear the stories because we don't get to talk to them, we hear the stories they tell and a lot of the stories, they get dropped off from wherever they come from and it's a long journey. they walk over by the thousands and we understand that happening. i'm not there but that's what we understand and hear from a lot of people. people here do talk to them and it's a story we hear often. elizabeth: we heard from a lot of mayors at the border and they feel it's unfair. now what's happening to towns like yours, you have big cities like new york and washington now
6:58 pm
complaining about influx of illegal immigrants, they have the infrastructure, smaller towns like yours do not the clouds are coming in, overwhelming the population of the town's, let's watch eric adams on this. >> this is a real burden on new yorkers as we tried to do the right thing. we already have an over burdened shelter system so now we are talking about food, clothing, schools. this is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they are undocumented. translation services, there's a whole host of things this will produce and that's why we need help getting this done and we need the right coordination. elizabeth: what you say? >> i say welcome to our world, we been going through that for over a year asking for help for over a year so we get them by
6:59 pm
the thousands. last week 13000 i was watching a report, border patrol page i follow and they were going into detail how many they apprehend a day. it is scary. i'm sorry to the mayor of new york, i understand mayor of washington d.c. complaining about the same. we've been going through that, i share the sentiment but unfortunately, it is what it is, we been waiting for help, it's going to be interesting to see who gets help first. then in washington d.c. and new york or up here at the border. they are crossing through here stolen. elizabeth: mayorkas said the border is secure. your word on that? >> that's his opinion but i wish you would come he can maybe change his mind. out of sight, out of mind.
7:00 pm
maybe it's time they come seek what's going on. obviously if you're the mayor from washington and new york, they are seeing it themselves so we hope maybe the federal government in washington is seeing what's happening here. 2500, 2800. elizabeth: thank you so much, thank you for joining and thank you for watching, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: president biden has covid according to the commander-in-chief, he's doing just fine. >> tested positive for covid but i've been double vaccinated, double boosted, symptoms are mild and i appreciate your concerns and i'm doing well and getting a lot of work done and will continue and in the meantime, thanks for your concern, it's going to be okay. kennedy: looks like garbage. all things considered, he looks and sounds


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