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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 21, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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what's going on. obviously if you're the mayor from washington and new york, they are seeing it themselves so we hope maybe the federal government in washington is seeing what's happening here. 2500, 2800. elizabeth: thank you so much, thank you for joining and thank you for watching, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: president biden has covid according to the commander-in-chief, he's doing just fine. >> tested positive for covid but i've been double vaccinated, double boosted, symptoms are mild and i appreciate your concerns and i'm doing well and getting a lot of work done and will continue and in the meantime, thanks for your concern, it's going to be okay. kennedy: looks like garbage. all things considered, he looks and sounds just fine.
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better than the fake cancer diagnosis he gave us yesterday the back to covid, white house says the president is isolating, still working. they say he should recover just fine because vaccines -- >> because the president is fully vaccinated, double boosted, his risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. he's also getting treated with a powerful antiviral it further reduces his risk of serious illness. it's a reminder of the reason we all work so hard to make sure every american has the same level of protection the president has. ♪♪ kennedy: we are glad he's okay, thoughts and prayers but the problem is, he's done a lot of traveling in the last week, he's met with a ton of people. age, lawmakers, even if they were leaders.
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what did he catch the virus and what is the white house doing behind the scenes? only one man to answer and it's white house correspondent for foxbusiness network, edward lawrence with the latest. >> don't forget the fist bump there. we are learning tonight greater insight into this timeline of what happened. the president felt fatigued last night and didn't get a good night sleep. this money he took a prescheduled covid test and tested positive and only then did he admit he had symptoms of a runny nose, cough and felt fatigue. the president also going through not isolating, he isolated after the test but not before it so the cdc guidelines say with symptoms he was acknowledging should have isolated before the test so the white house is going through the past 48 hours trying to find his close contacts. those could include senators elizabeth warren and ed markey who traveled with the president to massachusetts yesterday.
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white house press secretary made it clear they are only going back 48 hours and only looking forward. >> where was he? i don't think we know, i don't know if you have any thoughts on it. >> i don't think that matters. what matters is be prepared for this moment. >> but your exposure and when you're testing positive are several days apart. you may remember the president coming back to saudi arabia sunday, feel from saturday when the president walked to the crown prince along with close contact and meetings with other ministers, white house saying they will not actively trying to figure out where the president got covid. the first lady tested negative today, she's continuing normal schedules, she did not come back to the white house, she's going to delaware to spend the weekend to isolate herself from the president. kennedy: i bet everyone is sick around him. i bet nbs gave it to him, i
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don't trust the saddest as far as i can throw them, i wish the president well. not looking good for massachusetts in terms of the senate. i think if for some reason senators markey and warren are incapacitated, they are going to draft tom brady. >> i can tell you i don't know about that, i'm seeing more masks sparking them mask mandate the white house staff, they are all wearing masks and post around the vice president today are wearing masks and it will be interesting to see if that mask mandate debate comes back up. kennedy: that's because she's not tainted with the stench of victory but defeat and that's why they are wearing those. always good to talk to you, we've missed you. >> thanks, missed you, to. kennedy: covid can be serious for someone like president biden, he 79 years young with other minor health issues, recent health includes a charge of relation, reflux disease, mild hernia, diverticulitis
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nonmelanoma skin cancer that has been removed that he got from recent windshields. they seemed like they are relatively normal health issues for a man of his age but what happens when you throw covid in the mix? the president reportedly expanding minor symptoms. he's been prescribed paxlovid and his physicians say these stopped his other two medications for paxlovid to take its full five-day effect. that's the bills, it's also known to cause covid rebound. that's what fauci got. other concerns this medication could harm the president? here to discuss, fox news medical correspondent and covid the politics of fear and power of science, doctor marc siegel. welcome back. >> those were not greasy windshields, it was widely windshields and i wonder if the state of delaware somehow implicated in this.
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kennedy: i think they are and probably going to succeed from the pressure because they produce the president who was subpar but hopefully he's not unwell. what is the antiviral he's taking and to tell me about the rebound that can occur. >> first of all, i do think the fact that he's had for vaccine shots and now in antiviral decreases his risk of severe disease even even at 79, let's not forget the experience itself milder because it doesn't get deep into the lungs. all of this goes well but he's suffering from fatigue and that needs to be washed. i am surprised he still working. as part far as paxlovid, the antiviral, i like it patterned after in hiv drug that literally stopped the virus in its tracks but then the virus can come back and that's what we see when we get rebound. what's interesting to me is they didn't give the monoclonal
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antibodies that work really well here. i'm surprised. i'm also surprised they stopped his blood thinner, they could have just cut it down, increased risk of something like a stroke but the chances are very low, very low. i expect him to recover and expect this to remain mild case and i think it's a testament to how far we've come. talk about mandates, mandate coming back? this is more of a lesson of the flu all over the world and fist bumped everybody insight. the first lady was with him, she's out there with her surgical mask, all of this going on and we are talking mandates? the lesson he's unintentionally sending is get back to life as usual. kennedy: absolutely for people who have covid in our worried and people sending their kids back to school in a few weeks, a lot of school districts around the country that she behavior in
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terms of mask mandate requiring vaccines for students, where are we with the virus in terms of what kids should be doing? >> that's all the legal posturing. it's not public health and not against a mask, i wear masks in close quarters n95 masks but that's my personal choice and i think what we learned from the pandemic as we should never have closed schools to begin with, that was the teachers unions and it cost us dearly in terms of socialization and depression in kids and more poor nutrition, substance abuse all came out of those terrible decisions. now schools are reopening but very young kids don't tolerate masks for the most part the divorce masks on them, anything on people right now is a huge mistake psychologically will contribute to mental health pandemic we are currently going through. kennedy: in terms of some of the data we've seen and mask
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studies, most masks people where with the first lady, they don't work, they are not effective against the virus so there are mandates, the only way to do it is if you tell people they have to wear a k and they prize or n95 mask? >> that doesn't work because i don't wear them. you go to a restaurant, take them off when they sit down. don't put them on between the advertiser and bank course, they have them off whenever they have a drink, they take it off to talk and the mask you are talking about usually is a subpar mask somebody wears around their chain. that virtue signaling, that's not public health. that's not what we need right now. mandate just get people more and more fatigued and don't listen to anything you say after that. by the way, related, this vaccine works but was mis- messaged as will prevent spread
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and therefore we need to mandate it, that was a huge mistake. they cut away from the real issue, it cuts down on severity. kennedy: and that's obviously the president doctor is saying now because he's been vaccinated and boosted as you pointed out four separate times, good chance he won't have any severe illness from covid, he won't end up in the hospital but that's no reason to hamstring everybody with mandates that simply haven't worked we wish the president well. thank you for your advice and thank you for being here. >> great to be with you and watch out for an oil slick, will you? kennedy: it's the worst. all of a sudden an iron long. coming up, once again squaring off with cancel culture. wait until you hear what happened this time. as vice president kamala harris really the democrat best option for 2024? [laughter]
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sorry, that was my kamala impression. party panel here to discuss. there they are. ♪♪
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chapelle show hours before he was set to perform and then announced the show last week when the no-show media controlled pylon to protest against transfer the jokes. he said he say so unbelievably sorry, we are you we are sorry. they added their movie show to another computer, has the world forgotten how to take a joke? the party panel in studio to discuss. democrat poster cohost of five on the fox news channel, jessica tarlov. fox across america, radio show he host on fox news radio comedian jimmy failla cofounder and ambassador for the foundation for economic occasional hannah cox rounding out the big three. should they have booked him in the first place? did they not see this coming? >> i was expecting a million signatures, 125 signatures. [laughter]
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kennedy: sesser npr is. >> and dave chapelle. if you think about the reaction the last couple of years, you know what was in the closer, you know what netflix decided to do, double down on the free speech issue but just do better for protest, shame on the theater for doing this and shame on them looking . kennedy: -- >> no for canceling him. after having will smith and chris rock, everybody can be assured no one is siding with cancel culture anymore. kennedy: and someone tried to attack dave chapelle. is he still funny? >> the only reason he got his own security and they smoke as much weed as he does. the guy didn't get to him.
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kennedy: jamie foxx did. he was wearing a sheriff's patch. >> he jumped in there and was like come on. it's absurd. the protest, 100 signatures? is like demanding ransom for government. of like $700 and we are holding his office. this is the problem they have again and again, they've lost the room on this in terms of cancellation, it's the minority, the theater credit long for the bigger problem now. kennedy: how could they be so scared? we all know it's like six loud people making themselves -- >> theater specific, nothing more woke, dramatic and placating of grievance than theater. the one thing about chapelle's special worth noting every time the story comes up is if you watch the special, it's almost impossible to be offended because he's not trans- public, he concludes the special financing he's established a scholarship fund for the trans comic kids.
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his only real gripe with the trans community is he accuses them of being too sensitive which is like me saying you are a pothead, you respond by saying no, i'm not. it's the same thing. kennedy: i know there's alarm in your eyes but i want to be due a statement from part of the statement the venue they said stay off artists in our community, we hear you and we are sorry. we know we must hold ourselves to higher standards and we know we let you down. does it occur to them last week? >> you didn't think there would be controversy? here's what makes me mad, they sold out the show. a lot of people wanted to give you money to watch this happen and you listen to facebook cares with nothing to do but control you in the comments it would never give you money and you asked to get rid of this guy you give business to another theater so they deserve to go under. >> and understand the people who
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don't like his comedy have an option, don't go. kennedy: they want going to go in the first place. >> and why is anyone listening to them? if you get made fun of comedy show, you're treated as an equal. they're not putting you off in the corner as a lesser fan which welcome to the show, you're going to get that here. >> they've never listened to dave chapelle because most of his jokes are down on his own people and then asians and his wife is asian. some jewish stuff going on, white people, the irish. kennedy: he's making fun of the whites and irish? >> cancel, 126 signatures, make it 126. kennedy: they went down the street and bought t-shirts and put their beer money and god knows whatever else they drink
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in minneapolis, i don't know what they drink but whatever it was, probably drunk on comedy and had a delightful time so good for you dave chapelle. get ready president kamala harris. no, not because of the real presidents covid in cancer diagnosis. one columnist said she could be a president. los angeles times put out an op-ed titled why you shouldn't underestimate kamala harris and speculation about post biden 2024. harris manages other people just don't. he ethnologist the pitfall. he can't miss the work salad, turnover, double poll numbers, unquenchable cackling and extremist confidence but here's the question. would you take her over hillary? between the two, who do you choose? >> easiest question for democrat and even people with kamala harris, they would pick hillary clinton over kamala harris.
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kennedy: i'm so glad to say that. >> i haven't been whatever would say -- the drama within the hillary clinton supporters with major donors and people shifting to kamala harris, foreign politics too far left for us but the she is the right at that level of experience. kennedy: absolutely. [laughter] elizabeth warren, even though i disagree with her on a lot, the policy work. she can freestyle on banking and all sorts of -- >> she researches, presents, she doesn't get uncomfortable, you never see her looking away or turning away so that's it.
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kennedy: right now the main issue, it's not just competence, it age. the same issue people have with president biden's age, they also have with president trump's agent and i don't know if anyone will either watch hillary facing and coughing in public for two years because whatever she was going through in 2016, she'll be seven and a half years worse. >> they better be able to watch this happen and here's why you and i know she's a stray kat, she's never going away. the milk better be by the screen door, you will analyze this from fundraising. it's not kamala for one reason. it's gavin newsom and if david axel is saying newsom, that means obama thinks it's gavin newsom because he's close to newsom. kennedy: i think he's a little bit of a hothead. >> he's rogue a little bit, i can see that but think about hillary. everybody remember it's an assumption. she read the speech on tv that she would have if she won the presidency. that's next level soccer.
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imagine you run into high school boyfriend and you read the wedding vows you would have read if you got married. kennedy: the anniversary party like dearly beloved -- [laughter] so like i almost feel bad for her but back to kamala, everyone overestimated her in 2020. that's why we are here because everyone wants democrats and republic and in libertarians well on paper, she'll be the nominee but she checks all these boxes, she's united states senator, attorney general for the largest state in the country next to texas in terms of landmass but she couldn't even make it to the primary, she can't make it through a speech, she's so incoherent she cannot explain inflation in any understandable matter. identity politics only get you so far, everybody thought she's a black woman so she's good but
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she locked them all up for decades when she was in power. she doesn't have anything to offer. nobody's asking for this and americans have a lot of issues but i don't think we deserve kamala harris. [laughter] we've done a lot of things wrong but we deserve a better residential nominee. kennedy: today he said it hillary clinton is on the sidelines and she sees 2024 nikki hailey versus kamala harris, her head will explode. [laughter] i am with her. >> it won't be great. when i was saying that, i was not doing that. kennedy: you are making harold ford junior's points. >> no, that would have been different. it's like the smooth club. kennedy: they could be underwear models.
7:25 pm
>> we can't say that about colleagues. [laughter] anyway i want to be clear, i do not think hillary is running, i don't think she wants to, i was just saying about what went on in 2020 with warren versus clinton. kennedy: you don't think hillary is going to run? >> why would she i don't even think she gets the nomination. kennedy: she's the one we've been waiting for like her again? >> you watch it go to somebody else. kennedy: she doesn't choose. >> of course but she chooses whether or not she runs and i think she's out there a lot. she just want the tv thing with chelsea highlighting strong women. kennedy: then chelsea is like -- strong woman. how's the contract going? you're going to be like -- [laughter]
7:26 pm
>> the hillary appeal. i do get the hillary appeal. a lot of people within the party do but we are strategic in 2020 nominating biden because he was the one who would win and people want to pick the person who can win. kennedy: but now you're stuck with biden, that's the problem. >> is it so bad? >> biden 2024 will be the cost of gas when they replace them, it's that bad. >> i agree is that that. i don't think he's going to make it that far so they got to start coalescing behind somebody in the good news. kennedy: cancer and covid. [laughter] >> not going well. kennedy: exactly from the greasy windshield, not of it's good. thoughts and prayers both of them intertwined like snakes. speaking of intertwined, the party panel is sticking around, it is game night.
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democrats think republican's are destroying the country. republicans thing democrats are the devil. who's right? both sides of the argument, jimmy and jessica next. ♪♪
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time to cross the aisle from red to blue and walk a mile in someone else's shoes and their views with this news, america's favorite game of a switch party swap. our panel will be asked to argue viewpoints they don't normally believe. however fakes the best wins in the get a job has kamala harris' speechwriter, that's a big deal. [laughter] tonight jessica tarlov for argue the conservative view. jimmy failla arguing liberals, dirty stinky liberals. ready? >> literally shaking. kennedy: topic number one, team
7:32 pm
jessica, is crime. democrat politicians turned our inner cities into crime infested hellholes. thank goodness they don't have to live anywhere near them. tell us what voting republican in 2022 is the ticket for safest treat. >> not just the ticket for safer street, can i even speak? it's a ticket for returned to more prosperous white america, christian america. we will isolate these cities especially with minorities in the cities and kicked them out of the state and combined those cities in undesirable places where the weather is especially bad with climate change which is it real and all of those people which there illegal guns they did not get across state lines because of lack laws and save indiana will just kill each other there and america will be returned to how we want it just white christian, small and gun toting. kennedy: wow.
7:33 pm
jessica tarlov. >> thank you for taking your hood off for that statement so we could say your face. kennedy: republican snowflakes will stop lying about a few extra murders and assault. explain to them why tolerating the high crime is the most patriotic thing we can do. >> it's like joe biden says, support the police. they are a great rock band and he's always throwing his support behind them. today he was singing don't stand so close to me because of covid and rock because he forgot her name. he's going to a lot but republicans need to understand we need to be equitable with murder and that's the problem up until now, such a focus on victims themselves but it's about time with focus on the fact that we have a broad swap of inclusion when it comes to murder, not just minorities committing murders anymore, it's whites, blacks and asians and everything in between and i think murder is a good thing because it's establishing that we are all rated equal and that's important. kennedy: this is so fun.
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[laughter] >> i didn't write the questions. [laughter] i was told alumni night and if i show up i'll meet snoopy. where is she? you know what i got? a situation. that's what i got. kennedy: we are going to speak in a situation, switch to inflation. the next topic, democrat, average american is as broke as a biden campaign promise, explain how the president ruined our economy in just a year end a half. >> it's quite clear. he go to the grocery store, i go to my local store and i walk in and milk is $30 a gallon. i go to fill up, $100 a gallon. kennedy: not tank? a gallon? >> i have a huge car so it makes me feel like a bigger man. i am conservative. [laughter]
7:35 pm
should you asked me liberals, what's the cost spending? no idea because they don't care. they don't care about the fact that people delivering the message, they have low quality of life, they don't care about that. just send me more fancy meatballs, whatever your rich liberal suit is. kennedy: arugula i believe. >> i call it rocket, that's embarrassing. [laughter] what else? oh, putin. they say it's because of vladimir putin. first and foremost, he did not meddle in the 2016 election, everybody knows that, hillary clinton, that's the real crime on the other side there. we care about ukrainians? let's care about americans. no one in america cares about ukraine, not funny or cute. [laughter] we got the world back on track, we've made peace with the saudi's, russians, iranians, venezuelans, that filipino dictator guy, he's fantastic.
7:36 pm said cabbage. kennedy: all right, jimmy. for jessica. ten dollars for a loaf of bread is the only way to defeat bottom of putin tells us why so-called inflation which doesn't actually exist as a good thing and president trump fault. >> and i established only time republicans truly care about inflation is when they blow up a dollar on a madison cawthorne party, that's the only time you ever care about inflation so don't come at me with your concern with the little man. the tax cuts were sell out to the rich, the little man got screwed, literally if you make less than 30,000 a year end a minority, they punched her mom in the face. that's what goes on. inflation is a good thing for this country and that's what everybody needs to embrace and
7:37 pm
will bring us one step closer to electric vehicles, okay? that's going to bring americans together because of mayor pier and his initiatives, every swath of america is turning tricks behind gas stations to pay for gas and we've never had the unity we have right now. kennedy: you are going to have a lot of smiles. every time you go to the gas station, it's always happy. kennedy: >> kennedy gets excited when you talk about that. kennedy: a boyfriend named -- 2024, what you love most about our next president ron desantis? >> i think mostly he went out and said if the old people die, the old people die and who cares about that? he said at a public -- is that how you say it? kennedy: yes. >> because that's where the people go and i'm one of the people so i'm also public and he's constantly, he might have gone to harvard but doesn't socialize with any of those left-wing nut jobs anymore, he
7:38 pm
probably didn't even go to college. he's strong and a family man and support his wife, she has cancer, i'm glad she's on the mend. kennedy: all right, jimmy, why should hillary clinton be president in 2024? >> i normally combivent your perfume but i can smell the walmart and i can't even get to the sent tonight. the people in pantsuits is the best thing in this country, either her or kamala because we know it's time to get to her, i. kennedy: it's going to take a real see work to get this. >> you know it's true. kennedy: i have to say, i'll give this to manley jessica. >> is a because i'm wearing a blazer today? [laughter] kennedy: $100 a gallon because i'm a man, i drive a big truck because of a man. >> good, i identify as jessica. [laughter] kennedy: i cannot wait to read that. hopefully they will be coherent.
7:39 pm
thank you both. no nothing liberal columnist urging president biden to raise gas prices, is a crazy one stupid? bryan brenberg straighten that out next. ♪♪
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kennedy: that was a request for my daughter. they are trying to force you to change behavior by making you suffer and liberal columnist has given us proof. gas prices have been falling for about a month. national average a gallon, 4.44, 50 cents lower than a month ago. that's going in the right direction for about 99% of people but a new op-ed of bloomberg, the writer claims is
7:44 pm
a bad thing. in water border, harder to say anything. the president should set a 5-dollar minimum price a gallon. the president do that combat climate change. does he not realize it would potentially wreck the global economy and bankrupt the poor? fox news contributor professor of business and economic king's college in manhattan, time for bryan onyx with bryan brenberg. is it evil, stupid, what is it? >> straight down the line leftists progressives the underlying ideology of that system, somebody has to lose for somebody to win so his idea is you got to pay, we are never going to get the green unless you pay more than $5 for gas and that is the antithesis of free markets says we get there by
7:45 pm
winning together, we create value by finding cheap energy and buildings companies and innovating and that's how we get degree energy. kennedy: let me come up with the technology first and i can make people's lives better and enrich myself at the same time, i don't have a problem with that. i do have a problem with punishing poor people and forced austerity, exactly what this is so as an economist, what happens when, say the president says here you, here you, i declare gas $5 a gallon, you're never thankless in that. what happens if the price of oil tanks and gas is cheap, what happens to the prophet? >> that is all black market. forget about an economy that works for you have legal protections and buy things and sell things. if they did that, he would get an entire underground economy which would probably be good
7:46 pm
because we be using resources we should use but it decimate the economy and hurt the least well off the most. you cannot impoverish your way to innovation, the number one lesson of economics. you innovate, grow by getting wealthier. the only way the world will do that, the world not just the u.s. but every country is to find cheap abundant energy and build their economy on the rest of us don't get that because it's like was a religion, they think you've got to make a sacrifice to get the thing you want. kennedy: it is a religion, there's so much dogma and adherence to that dogma, sacrifices almost everything. >> their view is you can have solar and wind or fossil fuels but you can't have both. kennedy: what if you had both legs cities where it was cheaper to power the grid and cheaper
7:47 pm
for people to plug in their electric cars. >> you have to have both. you can't have it that way but that the analysis of solar and wind or fossil fuel isn't based on science or data. it is a puritanical statement based on purity. i don't feel good if we still use also fuels. what fossil fuels are what gets you to solar and wind? that's actually what will happen. it's a reality live in, every innovation we enjoy right now is on the basis of capitol created by businesses and companies, individuals who had the energy to do that work. take away the energy, you don't get the innovation. a philosophical problem we are dealing with and it's not hard for people to understand get wealthy and when you get wealthy, you get greener, that's the formula that works. kennedy: and if it weren't the formula, china and india --
7:48 pm
>> north korea would have solar and wind farms, they've got nothing. kennedy: exactly right. >> it's a sad story but that is the path we are talking about here, impoverishing our way. green, it doesn't work. kennedy: it's not going to work but hopefully people will wake up because it's empathetic will to freedom and individualism and megxit and site american. >> that's the right way to put. kennedy: we will see you tomorrow 5:00 p.m. on the foxbusiness network. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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new report details how a worker was able to infiltrate an american air force base i haven't read it yet but i'm guessing she went through the cockpit. that's a heck of a trick. this is topical storm topic number one. i look inside the slimiest place in new york city not talking about the mayor's office, this is sumo institute where big apple visitors can go to get coverage serious shoe which also happens when you walk in times square. don't hug, visitors can jump and swim also known as the east river and glow-in-the-dark slime
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also known as new york city subway. relax your mind by engaging all steps at once. of course sense of dignity founded by two women saying while going through hard times in the lives it fell in love with slime because it made them real good which is the same thing that happened to kim kardashian. pete davidson. topic number two. speaking of slime, you can enjoy the world slimiest drink, this is so gross. twisted minds behind this, feast your eyes on but definitely not your mouth, the new velveeta mac & cheese martini. barf. [laughter] the only martini that smells the same before you drink it and after you puke it back up. it's made with velveeta infused vodka. i think even liberals with rather drink russian vodka than
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that. it's mixed with olive bryan and cheese drip. velveeta pasta shells and bellavita stuffed olives. it's like drinking larry the cable guy. i tried once, it was the 90s. topic number three. world chess champion announced he won't defend his title next year because he doesn't feel like playing chess. the first time i've had something in common with world chess champion, he's been the king of chess more than ten years having checkmated all the best players in the world. you might even say he's had more mates than elon musk. [laughter] this week he sold the international chess foundation he would not be thereupon anymore. karlsson explained five-time champion, he doesn't feel he has much to gain by winning again. it finally happened just like the ultimate for d chess master predicted. >> we are going to win so much
7:55 pm
you may get tired of winning and say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. kennedy: too much winning. or did he say winning? at least it worked out for one person in the world. all right. topic number four. enough about winning, it's time to hear from you losers. this is your mail. your show could be used as a torture in prison. i often have to turn the sound down for fear of shattering the window with your voice. geez, that was aggressive. this sweet little thing? @kennedynation, why is your head shaped like a tonka truck? you wish it was you dirt moving pervert. kathy writes, you are ridiculous. this is ridiculous. you are ridiculous. okay, karen.
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i googled you and said you were murdered in dallas, was that you? the picture barely looks like you. no, unfortunately i was not as fascinated although in dallas a guy did murder my -- i know. we'll be back. ♪♪
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