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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 22, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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ing -- pineapple, make a pineapple. you can put it on the grill, grill it and make a nice vegan dish, but it doesn't belong on dough, no way. pizza is pizza, and it's not pineapple. what do you think? any thoughts here, panel? >> i'm not going to argue with maria. there's no way i'm arguing with maria on pizza. you're right. [laughter] maria: oh, thank you. christian, yes or no answer, real quick. >> no, it should be pineapples are for my ties, pep roanmies for pizza -- pepperonis are for pizza. maria: we've got to get to stu. everybody, i will see you tonight on "wall street." over to you, stu. stuart: i'm a big yes on pineapple on pizza. maria: a yes? stuart: this is america, isn't it? freedom of choice on your pizza topics. -- toppings. come on, maria. maria: okay, fine. [laughter]
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stuart: and good morning to you. let's get serious here. political violence on the campaign trail, it's back. last night lee zeldin, the republican candidate for governor of new york, was attacked by a man wielding a sharp-edged weapon. he was wrestled to the ground, zeldin was unharmed. and the attacker was charged with assault and released immediately. ironically, zeldin was talking about new york's soft on crime policies when he was attacked. we'll have more on this later. the. the president's covid diagnosis was greeted really with a shrug. there is concern for him and there's concern for the proper functioning of government, however, there was none of the media hysteria which greeted president trump's covid announcement. my opinion? we are successfully living with covid and moving past it. and i think that's a very good thing. big news from twitter, they lost money. a profit had been expected, and they brought in less revenue. twitter will not hold a conference call, they are keeping very quiet about the
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fight with elon musk. this stock, again my opinion, is not really about today's earnings, it's about the looming court case, and that's not until october. the stock is down just 70 cent cans. snap, well, crashing. slow demand, getting downgraded by just about every analyst, and the stock is now down 33%. that's a crash. the dow industrials will open this morning with a very modest gain, 85 points up maybe. s&p, virtually flat. the nasdaq down 40 points. that's snap. bitcoin moving up, look at $23,600 a coin, but look at the yield on the 10-year treasury. we've got at it -- it at 2.81%, all the way down morning. and the gradual decline in gas prices continues, $4.41 for regular, down 3 cents from yesterday. diesel, $5.45. that is down 2 cents from yesterday. there is orr news. ing paul krugman, "the new york times" champion trump hater,
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admits he was wrong about inflation just like the treasury secretary, janet yellen, who made the same admission last month. and we will discuss,s like it or not, brain fog. the confusion that some people experience after they've had covid. it's friday, july 22nd, 2022. coming to you from baking hot new york. if "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ >> hey, stuart. my name is emily -- >> and my name is nick, and we just left crime-ridden new york city for oklahoma, and we watch "varney & company" every morning. ♪ ♪ stuart: well, emily and nick in oklahoma, we hi you're all right. we think you're all right. [laughter] thanks for being on the show. again, i've got to get serious
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here. new york congressman lee zeldin was attacked by a man with a sharp weapon while campaigning for governor. the suspect has already been released. susan's got the full details. susan: so scary incident just outside rochester, new york. if you look at the video, i thought it was pretty incredible how zeldin was able to hold off the attacker while still holding on to the microphone with his other hand. the republican candidate for new york governor managed to grab the attacker's wrist which was holding the knife until he got assistance from the security guards. as you see in this video, the attacker, 43-year-old man, kept saying -- did you hear the video? yeah, you're done, you're done throughout the whole hinge. as you mentioned, he's been charged with attempted assault but released immediately. stuart: welcome to new york. susan: exactly. there's been this rising tide of politically-motivated violence. the attempted murder near justice kavanaugh's house, the wisconsin judge that was killed
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and also the attempted kidnapping of michigan governor gretchen whitmer and even tony evers of wisconsin. stuart: is the implication from here on out, many candidates will require protection? susan: i think he should. i was surprised how easily the attacker was able to get on stage. stuart: and maybe a reform of new york's laws is guys charged with assault are not -- susan: i think it was attempted murder he was charged with. stuart: and he's out. susan, great stuff, thank you. house speaker pelosi insists her venture capitalist husband never traded stocks on information she gave him. watch. >> reporter: has your husband ever made a -- [inaudible] >> what are you saying? >> reporter: over the course of your career, has your husband ever made a stock purchase or sale based on information coming from you. >> no. absolutely not. stuart: okay. her husband did buy between
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$1 -- 1-5 million shares of nvidia before the senate voted on the big computer chip support bill. kenny polcari with us this friday morning. open-ended question, should members of congress trade stocks of companies they regulate? >> absolutely not. finish as a matter of fact, and i've said this before, any elected official, anybody in the current administration should be banned from often having a personal account. the member plus immediate family members. quite honestly, i don't believe a word that nancy pelosi says about her husband not buying or buying or never reacting to anything going on in her world. i think it's bologna, and i think the majority of the company is on my side. stuart: kenny, i'm going to leave it there, and i'm going to invite you back in a couple minutes to get into the market action. twitter reported earnings before the bell this morning. did the elon musk drama have a real impact on their bottom line? susan: they say yes. i think it's an excuse because
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they did say uncertainty tied to the pending acquisition, also you throw in the ad industry headwinds and that's why sales came in before forecast. hayed had losses instead of a profit. monetized daily active users also missing and, by the way, that is a big metric for elon musk and his bots scam accusation. no guidance with the impending delaware court trial in october. look, i think it's an excuse because, you know, why would an impending deal is have an impact on the sales that you make? i mean, it should be automatic, shouldn't it? stuart: or i would think. susan: they're saying because of the uncertainty being caused by takeover hangover, that's why they missed. stuart: seems like everything's on hold until the trial in october unless they settle before that, who knows? new york columnist, paul drugman, he was wrong about -- krugman, he was wrong about inflation. some warn that the american rescue package will be dangerously inflationary, others
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were fairly relaxed. i was team relaxed. as it turned out, of course, that was a very bad call. jason chaffetz with me now. all right, jason, do you think we'll see the white house admit that they were wrong on inflation too? [laughter] >> i would love to see it. like, look, i have been not a fan of his. i think he's right though that he was on team relaxed, and i'm not going to beat somebody up who's admitting that they were totally, completely 100% wrong, but where is everybody else who made the same call, and where is everybody else apologizing to those who were so hyper-critical of donald trump? no, i don't think the white house is going to admit anything of that sort, stuart. they should but they won't. stuart: i agree, it's not going to happen. dream on, son. former democratic presidential candidate andrew yang says democrats should not be funding,
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democrats should not be funding far-right republicans. he thinks that's a bad tactic. watch. >> i think the last thing anyone should be doing is spending money to elevate someone who they think is out of step with the mainstream. you believe in democracy, yo you run and maybe you win, maybe you lose. but if you're going to lose, you want to lose to someone who you think is more in step9 with the will of the american people and the mainstream of community rather than trying to put your thumb on the scale and saying, hey, i think i can beat the mainstream candidate more easily. stuart: i think he's referring to j.b. pritzker. how often does this happen in politics? >> oh, it happens -- look, it happened against trump. they thought he was the radical person on the right that they could easily beat him. it happened by the millions of dollars in colorado, but they were unsuccessful in that a bid. imagine if you're just a rank
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and file democratic donor. you put in $1,000 hoping your candidate wins, but then you find out it went to support someone on the republican side of the aisle thinking, oh, they're more vulnerable. andrew yang is absolutely right, good for him for calling it out. zero institute jason chafe feds, see you again soon. back to the market, the dow's looking at a 100-point gain at the opening bell, but the nasdaq looking like it's going to be down about 40. kenny polcari still with me. kenny, i noticed that the nasdaq this week is up 5%. that implies that maybe we've seen the nasdaq bottom. big tech bottom. what say you? >> so i think there are places in tech that certainly have bottomed or are trying to put in a bottom, so i think there is opportunity. i don't necessarily hi it's broad right aloss -- i think you can -- i don't think you can make that as a general statement across tech. i do think the market has not yet anticipated what i suspect
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is going to be a coming decline in revisions in earnings estimates, so i think the broad market's going to continue to be under pressure. but that being said, we saw lots of nice movement in the semis, right? they got really beaten up. certainly that still is helping it, but i think there's opportunity there. i think you have to be very, very careful on where in tech you want to be. snap a is perfect example. it's not in my wheelhouse, i wouldn't buy it anyway, but that lost 27% in minutes after the worth. after the report. stuart: okay. you've got 20 the seconds to tell me if you are back in anything yet. >> i am. i'm never out. i keep el thing you this, i'm a long-term investor, so i'm always in. i'm not a day trader. so, yes, i'm not back in, i'm continuing to be in. financials, energy, coal and nat gas is kind of the new place i'm in. i bought more semi, i bought more nvidia.
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actually, after nancy pelosi, but i did buy some. [laughter] and i have to say one thing, there's no pineal -- pine pineapple or chicken on pizza, absolutely not. [laughter] stuart: coming from you, kenny, i'm prepared to take your wisdom on that. hey, kenny polcari, have a great weekend. >> you too. stuart: small drop for the nasdaq. here's what we have for you coming up: president biden tested positive for covid, but the white house says it's not important to know where he caught it. roll tape. >> [inaudible] >> i don't think that, that matters, right? i think what matters is we prepared for this moment. stuart: well, in the past week the president has been to massachusetts, he's met ukraine's first lady, he's been to saudi arabia, and he's met european leaders. what about some contact tracing there? if might be difficult, i'd say. and then there's this: the two men accused of asking 150,000 deadly fentanyl pills skipped court.
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they were released on a cashless bail last month. congressman ken buck-a lot to say about that. -- will have a lot to say about that. he's on the show later. and who will be the democrat nominee in 2024? liz peek says it will not be joe biden. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, this is my house. ♪ these are my people ♪♪ in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better.
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♪ everybody, welcome to the summer of love, oh. ♪ stuart: well, it's another hot summer morning. what you're look at is delaware
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where president biden spends a lot of his i'm. he's not there this weekend, however. he's recovering at white house. currently 82 degrees right there and going up from there. president biden says he's keeping busy while isolating at the white house. watch this. >> i've been double vaccinated, double boosted, symptom are mild, and i really appreciate your inquiries and concerns. i'm doing well. getting a lot of work done, i continue to get it done, and in the meantime thanks for your concern and keep faith. gonna be okay. stuart: the president is experiencing mild symptoms including fatigue, a runny nose and cough. that's according to the white house. susan is with me. vice president harris, is she considered a close contact? susan: well, they're trying to decide that right now. so there are no changes to her schedule as of now. we mow that harris and biden were together on tuesday to receive the president's daily briefing in the morning. they worked together on wednesday when biden went to
9:19 am
massachusetts, so it depends on when biden was showing symptom on deciding who exactly is a close contact. harris was in north carolina yesterday, talking about high-speed internet and reproductive rights. but she is fully vaccinated, boosted, already had covid in april, and right now they're deciding whether or not she's a close contact, and if she is, obviously, she needs to quarantine. stuart: a decision is underway shortly. thanks, susan. look at headline. it reads: five reasons joe biden will not be the 2024 democratic presidential candidate. one of those big reasons among the five is his age. liz peek wrote that and liz joins me now. of liz, i'm focusing on age because the president has covid. to be honest with you, i'm worried about brain fog. it happens after you've had covid to some people. does brain fog enter your calculations for the president in 2024? >> i think the answer would be yes, stuart, but is this new for the president?
9:20 am
no. i mean, is it going to be worse because of covid? maybe. i think age is a problem not in terms of the number, because after all bernie sanders is still considered a potential presidential candidate. it has to do with capability, infirmity and if we see post-covid that the president has been banged up by this virus a little bit, i think that's yet another reason why people are going to want him to step aside. stuart: i have to be honest here, i'm 5 years younger than the president. i had covid last christmas, and i've had brain fog a couple of times since. it's a lack of sharpness, a lack of ability to analyze quickly. forgetfulness. it comes and goes in a day or two, but it happened to me, and i do worry that could happen to the president of the united states. >> i think you're, i think you're right, it could happen. but, my gosh, over the last two years we've seen biden's brain fog over about as often as nantucket harbor. [laughter] i mean, you know, this is not
9:21 am
something few for this president. he gets befuddled. he can't even now read from a teleprompter reliably. so i'm not sure there's a tremendous change coming, but we'll see. i mean, certainly, good news, stuart, is people now know that this president is not sharp, he's not as sharp as a lot of people his age, and i think that's one with of the reasons that he is not going to be the candidate. i do think there are many others. stuart: it's absolutely -- in your opinion, he's definitely not the candidate. would you care to speculate on who might be the democrat candidate? >> well, obviously, there's a whole list of people who are now beginning to circle. gavin newsom, kamala harris is an obvious one. gretchen whitmer is supposedly on the that that list. bernie sanders still wants to run, elizabeth warren. i think it's going to be very interesting to see how aggressive some of those people get in terms of campaigning. but i think, stuart, the big problem for biden -- and i think this is a warning for democrats
9:22 am
generally -- is that he has now lost the support of the bernie bros, the progressives are not onboard with him anymore, aoc refuses to say that, you know, he's going to be her pick. well, why is that? because he kowtows much to the far left during his campaign in order to bring out that vote. okay. well, they're going to have to figure out a way to straddle getting those people to the polls but also not alienating the vast majority of americans which now biden has clearly done. and when you're at 31% approval rating, nobody is in your corner. stuart: it's fun being a republican, isn't it, liz? [laughter] >> well, right now, stuart, yes. [laughter] stuart: we'll see you again soon. have a great weekend. >> thank you. you too. stuart: we've got a new survey. it finds half of us americans expect a civil war in the next few years. any reason why? susan: well, i would imagine the january 6th and these ongoing trials -- stuart: really? susan: -- i think it's
9:23 am
impacting. we live in a hyperpolarized country. i think that's pretty obvious. a study by the california davis university said 14% state strong thely or very strongly agree that that a civil war's imminent. close to 50%, pardon me. i think that number came out wrong. stuart: but that was from the university of california at davis and their violence prevention program. susan: correct, yes. stuart: i suspect the source on this. i mean, they're a bunch of leftists. susan: oh, okay, that's what you're saying. i saw a yahoo! poll as well, and that also said there was some serious threats of the country breaking up. and you've herald this from ray call -- ray dalio talking about a civil war because of the polarization in politics. why are you so skeptical? [laughter] stuart:'re -- we're going through a difficult time, the country is arguing with itself. a civil war is a very strong expression to use.
9:24 am
that's just my opinion. susan: okay. but the reasons are january 6th and also trump. stuart: all right. check futures, please. i'm seeing some green for the dow, up about 130, but red for the nasdaq. down about 30. opening bell is next. ♪ come on, ache the money and run -- take the money and run. ♪ come on, take the money and run. ♪ come on, take the money and run ♪♪
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look what it has done. i'm in a size 4 pair of pants. go golo. (soft music) stuart: check futures, dow is up 100, nasdaq's down 30. market guy of the moment is d.r. barton, joins us now. d.r., the nasdaq is up 5% this week. does that imply that the nasdaq and technology stocks generally have hit a bottom already? >> stuart, there are bottoms and then there are bottoms. this may be one of the former, this may be one of those really nice, long-term lows that will give us a trading opportunity and maybe even some intermediate trading opportunity. i'm not quite sure i'm ready to call the bottom, but i think we're getting very close. stuart: what happens next week when big tech companies start their earnings reports? >> well, we talked about this
9:29 am
last week, stuart, and i think that we've got a whole bunch of things thinking about -- new things to think about especially after snap's results yesterday. so the folks hike google that are going to be -- like google that are going to be very, very ad-dependent just like snap may have a little bit tougher time. alphabet. we'll see when they come up, they're one of the first ones to come up on tuesday next week. but i think with the big five, five biggest tech companies coming up next week, we're going to see some really good earnings. we talked about out of apple, i think amazon has a chance to surprise because everyone has low expectations. i think microsoft's up, meta is boeing to have probably a little bit of problems -- going to have a little bit of problems, but i think overall it's going to be a good thing for the nasdaq and thed broader market. stuart: so not necessarily a bottom, but as you say, hold serve on big tech which occupies
9:30 am
such an important position in the whole market. if they hold their serve and it holds right there, i'd say that's a pretty good sign. hey, d.r., i hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, and we'll see you next week. all right, the opening bell will be ringing -- they go through this ritual. they clap, here's the bell, they ring, that a means about 10 seconds for the actual opening of trading. bottom right-hand corner of your screen, we're expecting about a 144-point gain for the dow. and and raiding has begun. right from the -- trading has begun. right from the start, well, we don't have hem all -- there you go. most of them are in the green, that's pretty good. i see about two-thirds are in the green, and the dow is up 150 points, that is half a percentage point. s&p 500 also opening higher, just. [laughter] i call that flat to slightly higher. it's right at 4,001, the index. and the nasdaq composite, has also ever so slightly lower. down a quarter percent, that's
9:31 am
largely the result of snap. get to that later. in fact, we're going to get to it right now. snap. look at the stock, please. and big tech, sorry, i have to go lu big -- through big tech. snap is now down 3 # %. what went wrong? >> a lot. soloses were twice as big as -- so losses were twice as big as expected. that's how social media companies are measures -- measured, how many people are actually using the platform on a daily basis. now, it was flat, by the way. instead of wall street forecasts for 18% growth, talk about guidance for this quarter, so there's no formal guidance on profit or sales. cosounder spiegel, bobby murphy will stay on until 2027. and ill call this quarter -- i would call this quarter snap is pretty much in the same position as we saw meta. remember, louising about a -- losing about a quarter of its
9:32 am
value in one quarter and the advertising world that we live in. stuart: if you're a snap stockholder, chopped off at the knees just like that. 33% -- susan: yeah. i just want to make it very clear, guidance is key. i may have maybe mumbled through a clip. so the market was looking for 18 percent growth in summertime sales. what snap is guiding for, they're saying right now it's flat. that's the problem. stuart: that is a problem, indeed. down 33%. we've got to get to twitter. very important stuff. came out with their earnings before the well this morning -- the bell this morning. susan: again, blaming slowing advertising revenue. you saw snap leading the social media companies. it'll be interesting to see next week how google does. we're looking at losses instead of profits in the quarter, sales missed, monthly daily actives also missing as well, 237 million. that was pretty much flat. they expected a beat. and that's important given that it's at the crux of elon musk's
9:33 am
spam bot argument in that court case that will be heard over five days in delaware. no guidance, no call, but they're saying we're being impacted by the uncertainty and cloud cover from ongoing to takeover battle. stuart: would you say the stock price is on hold until if october -- susan: i'm surprised it's actually held up at $39. are you surprised by that? stuart: yeah. susan: look at where, snap is down 32%. it was really just based on fundamentals and the earnings. you expect twitter to really sell off as well, and the fact that it's $39, i think wall street anticipates there could be some sort of settlement before october possibly, some sort of takeover and possibly $39. stuart: i'm particularly interested in american express. they reported earlier, up 6%. susan: huge. stuart: now, that's a win. susan: huge quarter. i was really surprised, and i think wall street was too with this type of stock performance. strength in u.s. consumer
9:34 am
spending, also beat on top and bottom lines, record spending driven by a rebound in travel, they say. and i just want to point out, here's where i'm concerned, you know, consumer credit card debt is rising at the fastest pace since 2008. so, yes, they're spending on amex, but i'm concerned whether or not they're paying down that actual debt. stuart: okay. so there could be more debt problems later on. susan: but great for amex's bottom line. stuart: verizon reported, they're down 4%. susan: yeah. earnings fell short of estimates, company cutting the full-year forecast, but they did see phone sub subscriber growth. at&t, remember we audiocassette about that? -- talked about that? also down yesterday. they added some huge wireless subscribers. however, that's inclusive of monthly, people just paying month by month, and we'll talk about that with the rising debt issue in america. stuart: i'd love to see some
9:35 am
numbers on how many people go back to landlines -- superzune how many -- wow. isn't there only a third of americans that have a landline right now? stuart: i miss it. crystal clear, you know? susan: did you have a landline in your pocket back then? look at the flexibility. stuart: you got me, all right. tesla, where are we now? tesla's, i think, fired some seniorings executive or something? susan: this is notable. we're talking about a top musk i lieutenant here, and apparently it was because of his attempts to procure some special glass for a newest loan musk secret -- newest loan musk secret project. it was for elon's personal use. we don't have exact details on what the secret project is, but the executive is likely to be leading -- leaving the company as a result. getting back to the stock, no impact, right? yesterday you had a tesla-like rally finally, up 10% after putting in pretty strong numbers despite the shanghai closures and killed the shorts once again
9:36 am
with that 10% pop. shorts lost about a billion dollars yesterday, and i counted at least seven target price hikes, $800-1,000 for tesla once again. stuart: well, we got tesla and musk into the show yet again. susan: oh, by the way, tesla, nvidia and netflix, the three top performers so far this week for the s&p 500. so netflix finally had -- went in the opposite direction after their earnings last time around and, actually, i think they went up about 20% or so. stuart: how about that? all right. let's recap the market, check the big board, first of all. a modest gain, 66 points higher. that's just .21%. take a look at the dow winners, there are a few. here's list. topped by american education press -- express. fine performance there. amgen, honey well. s&p 500, hca holdings, bruin versal health, american express
9:37 am
on that list as well. ppg industrieses9 and nasdaq headed by -- yeah -- susan: -- the traveler is back. stuart: yeah. adp's on that, amgen as well, but no big tech on that list. where's the 10-year treasury yield? susan: important, very important. stuart: it is, indeed. earlier we had it at 2.8 percent. did you see that? i'm wondering if it cropped -- susan: you know why this is importantsome i've been reading is so many reports that that this is a safe haven play. the reason why we're still below 3, and this is important metric, by the way, because investors are rushing into the safety of buying treasuries. 3% in a bear market, not bad. stuart: sure. you're dead safe and you get a little bit of a tax break. you hold your 2-year treasury, you cannot lose, there's a tax break on some of that interest. if. susan: yeah. whoever loses less wins.
9:38 am
stuart: exactly. i should have done it. what have we got on the price of gold, please? coming up with that, can we go through it? all right. here's what we've got. celebrities love to lecture about saving the planet, that they're using their multimillion dollar private jets to make little, tiny, 10-minute journeys. can we call that hypocrisy? more americans are struggling to make ends meet as they face sky-high inflation and record gas prices. many are taking on is second jobs. more on that after this. ♪
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stuart: well, how about this, the white house is creating its own -- of recession.
9:43 am
edward lawrence has the story. how are they redefining recession? >> reporter: stu, the white house trying to add nuanced day to -- data to this definition of exactly what a recession is. now, we all know that the common if definition is two quarters of negative growth. now, the gdp summit for the first quarter was down 1.6%. the atlanta fed gdp now is showing the summit for the second quarter with -- estimate for the second quarter also decreased by 1.6%. we will get the official estimate on thursday which is why you're tea hearing about this definition conversion right now. republicans, like the governor of new hampshire, are saying that inflation sparked this economic contraction, and democrats -- specifically the president -- sparked that inflation. >> it hits lower and middle income families the most because wealthy family, folks that are affluent and doing well, he can afford -- it's hard, but they can actually afford to put gas
9:44 am
in the gas tank. low income families can't. and that's where this administration has to be held accountable. >> reporter: democrats come to the president's aid saying that the unemployment rate is low and all their spending is working. >> we passed food and fuel bill not too long ago. we passed the ocean shipping bill which has to do with prices and supply lines. we've passed the competes bill. we're now, hopefully, going to get something on chips done very soon. all of that deals with inflation, it deals with trying to get this economy to a place where we're not having withdrawal. but, again, we're at 3.6 unemployment. >> reporter: we get that official number on thursday which is why you're going to hear more about why we are not in a are recession over the next week. stuart: you know, edward, i think they started up that leaf blower because they know you're on fox. i think it was deliberate -- >> reporter: it's actually a sewage-pumping truck.
9:45 am
they are doing destruction right here. stuart: i'm glad you told me about that. [laughter] we're going to move on, edward. all right. the senate moved forward, moved on with a more than $50 billion bill to boost computer chip manufacturing here in the united states. but what the senate really did -- this is according to axios -- was, quote, used the slimmed-down package as a shell to stuff in as many priorities as possible. we're belizeed to sea -- pleased to say with us now indiana senator republican mike braun here in new york. mr. senator, welcome to new york. >> good to be back. stuart: is it really? [laughter] >> the sewage-pumping reminds me of d.c. maybe a little bit. stuart: oh, very good. you got that tied in well. well done, senator. what kind of spending did they stuff into this bill? >> okay. so it originally was a china bill that got distilled into a chips bill. 250 billion now trimmed down to
9:46 am
50 billion. every penny of it we're probably borrowing. that's the way it works. and now it's a little bit of hocus pocus. it was going to fall apart with the bigger figure. proceed procedurally, it goes through slimmed down as a chips bill. begs the question, do we need to be helping chip companies when intel says heir going to put two plants up, maybe two here in the u.s., one elsewhere. things are are happening already. we don't move generally when you need to. we still need to get chips back, to some extent, where we're not dependent on other places. whether it's going to make it through depends on if they try to stuff it full of other stuff -- stuart: so they could still stuff more stuff into it? >> if it goes through as a $50 billion chips bill, it's likely to make it through. but we don't -- won't know that until it hits floor. generally, when these bills get to us anyway, we have maybe a
9:47 am
day to look at them before we can go through hem, but at least it's 50 billion versus 250 billion. stuart: and you're confident that 50 bill will pass. >> if it's just designated to chip building and capacity in the future will probably pass. that doesn't mean i'll be for it because if it has a fake pay-for or we're borrowing the money from future generations like i took my budget, you know, to the floor just this week, you know, we're $30 trillion in debt. we were 18 trillion in debt when i got here just three and a half years ago. stuart: isn't that incredible? >> that is incredible. no place could run like that anywhere -- stuart: except the federal government in d.c. >> you got it. stuart: your honor, it's a pleasure to have you in new york. >> it's the good to be here, and i always enjoy talking on your show because we cover practical things. stuart: good stuff. all right. more americans than ever are working two full-time jobs. more americans than ever, how
9:48 am
many people are actually workine jobs. susan: correct. and maybe senator braun can comment on this as well because 5% of employed americans are working two full-time jobs. 426,000 people in total. that's a lot. that's up almost 100,000 over the past two years. and how, i guess how you call it two full-time jobs, if they work over 70 hours a week. stuart: so that's people on the books, social security taxes. susan: correct. stuart: there's also people who have another job on the side off the books. >> -- doing it now because the economy is forcing them to do it. susan: correct. >> that 10% pay cut due to inflation -- susan: high inflation. >> and think about pre-covid where we were. no inflation, raising wages the old-fashioned way. probably didn't need to do as much of that. this economy, how it gets back to to where it was, where everything was working, where
9:49 am
you were taking away some regulation, energizing the productive side of the economy, who knows when -- susan: well, look at the job openings. still close to records at # 1.5 million -- 11.5 million, right? with more people being forced to take a second job, that that number quickly closes. >> i think so. and i think also we've got to figure out where the work ethic is going to be when from a down couple of years -- couple of years we've been incentivizing people to stay home and watch netflix. [laughter] i'm worried about that. stuart: thanks, senator. coming up, virginia plans to build a new school that includes genderless bathrooms for second graders. is that really necessary? what do you think about that? kennedy takes it on. lumber prices palling, that's the good news. the bad news? well, home builders are hitting the brakes. madison alworth has our report right after this. ♪ ♪ it's money that matters.
9:50 am
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stuart: well, how about this? the price of lumber has fallen 50% year.
9:54 am
madison alworth just happens to be at a lumberyard in new jersey, and here's the question: is the price drop bringing in more business? >> reporter: stuart, it is bringing in more remodeling business, right? low prices, that's good for those builders. but we're not seeing it in the home-building space which i want to explain. first, let's start with lumber prices. they are down about 50% from the year's high, prices around $600 per 1,000-board feet. that's great for people working on smaller projects. the issue is home builders are worried that despite the drop in prices there's going to be less demand in the new home market because of interest rates, mortgages, things like that. and we are already seeing them hit the brakes. builds for single-family houses dropped to 982 the ,000 drops? uni, the first time we've dipped below that 1 million mark in two years. and brian here from yeager
9:55 am
lumber, he knows firsthand. when you have your spec build with, people looking out speculating for new builds, what are they saying about prices and those new builds now? >> the spec builders have started to pull back, and they were pulling back in march when prices are are -- were peaking, taking on more remodeling projects. once you talk about raising the interest rates, mortgage rates going up, that just changes the market. so out of uncertainty, they've pulled back into remodeling. >> reporter: so we're still down a bunch. it's a very active lumberyard, stuart, and it's active, people are still buying the lumber, right? what does that mean to shift into, you know, are remodeling versus the new home building? >> i mean, remodeling is probably 50% of what we do for our local markets. the spec builders are fewer and far between in new jersey just because there's much less land. but the lower prices are bringing some of the homeowners back in. everyone was spooked last year and early this year.
9:56 am
many bring when people are dreaming about their decks and some of these projects, prices were sky high. this year it was march, last year it was june. we're at a low right now, but we're already starting to come back up in pricing as well, is what we've seen. >> reporter: thank you so much, brian. stuart, for those smaller projects, it's a little easier. but when you are building a house and it takes months of planning at the beginning, you don't want to necessarily get in low or definitely not get in high for fear that it swings during the course of your project. this is all a problem within the home building market because we are still about 3 million houses short in america, so it's not going to help the current crisis when it comes to people getting into homes. stuart: madison, thank you very much, indeed. still aced head, congressman ken buck, dr. marc siegel, lara trump and kennedy. the 10:00 hour of "varney" is next. ♪ ♪ if. ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
stuart: good morning. and for not much movement for
10:01 am
stock prices, narrow gain for the dow, 7 points, narrow for the s&p, 9 points, nasdaq is down 77 points, lot about loss is because of snap. look at that. the yield on the 10 year treasury all the way down to 2.76%, might be a flight to safety, people pile out of risky stocks, and 275 is the yield, big tech is a mixed picture, not mixed at all, they are all down, every single one of them, amazon, microsoft, alphabet and meta, in the red. it is going up to 23,455. that is the markets. we have learned to live with covid. there was a collective shrug when the white house announced the president had positively
10:02 am
tested. i think that is a good thing. we are concerned about our president and we wish him well in the proper functioning of government but we have moved beyond media hysteria which greeted donald trump's covid in october 2020, they hated trump and were delighted to see him suffer so they made a big deal about it but in the last two years we've gone through lockdown, masking, social distancing, we have vaccines, boosters and excellent treatment, we know just about everyone has had it and many have had it twice. we have gone through all of that and the anxiety level i think is coming down. there is no going back. we should be going forward by ending practices that were so damaging, no forced masking of children, no vaccination mandates, don't understand how you can fire someone for not having a vaccine that doesn't stop you getting covid. we should do the opposite of china. they are still trying to wipe
10:03 am
the virus out completely and paying a heavy price. if one thing is to come out of the diagnosis it is the collective shrug that greeted the announcement. we are successfully living with covid. second hour of varney just getting started. i wonder if tammy bruce will feel the same way i did. she is a fearless critic of biden and do you think we are indeed past it, moving past successfully? >> i think americans are, the unique element about mister biden is they know he was not really an active, engaged, cognitively present president anyway, this is going to be not a big difference because people running the country perhaps don't have covid because we don't know who they are, maybe
10:04 am
it was ron klain, susan rice who has that the mystic policy council which is a disaster and that is like a mascot who runs to the football field, you're not worried of the mascot will do a good pass or pick a homerun because see how much i am into football? to do the entertaining at represent the team. we are not so worried about biden in this regard. trump's infection was at the height of the pandemic, we knew little land there he was, an older man the clearly sick with either our for or delta and he came through it. that was inspirational, that told us that we in fact could live with covid. i had covid, big issue when it comes to brain fog absolutely. that was shocking to me for those of us who rely a great deal on our minds on occasion. it was shocking in that i would stand in the living room for a
10:05 am
moment and not really know what i was going to do and the fatigue but your life, talking to millions of people every day making clear on the issues, that's not president biden's job, your influence on the nation, the nature of business is more significant at this point so we lived with it, moved past it, president biden having it, he's going to have a look on and do fine and that is good news and it should be good news for the rest of the country as well. stuart: i worry about brain fog. i had it and a lot of people i know had it especially for the president of the united states. good stuff on friday morning, good to see you. let's get a check of the markets, we have been open for 35 minutes, dow is up 19, not much change but the nasdaq is down 83 points. special guest has returned, the
10:06 am
one and only dan ives, has agreed to come back on the show, he will stay for the entire hour. i keep saying you are glutton for punishment. let's talk about twitter, reported early this morning, are you still holding to a $30 stock price at which twitter will be taken over by musk? >> fair value of twitter is $30, we are getting the -- and upper hand going to the courts. musk, a settlement, 5 to 10 billion, starting with twitter stock, trading what is happening in delaware, what you saw today versus snap, digital ad dollars falling off the cliff, not as important as the run-up to the october trial and possibility of a settlement.
10:07 am
>> tell me about snap. stuart: that is a disaster. >> disaster is a compliment, and you got to separate what is happening, and this continues, i view with the paper airplane, >> and it kept information from users over 100 million times, that was in the first quarter of the year. the mrc claims this censorship almost exclusively affects conservative users. will something be done about
10:08 am
this censorship? >> social media will continue being in the spotlight and what you've seen from facebook to twitter and others both in the beltway and brussels this is more of a scrutiny, the next 12 to 18 months and you can't put the genie back in the bottle and this is where it becomes a political firestorm. that is separate versus the head wind that social media companies are facing. stuart: apple ramping up their spending and lobbying on capitol hill trying to fight off antitrust legislation, the senate could be voting on a bill before its august recess. what do you make of this? >> this continues to be a risk, other players, but i believe investors discounted that, lack of consensus we have seen in the beltway has almost become more of a background noise but apple, the apps store, the
10:09 am
golden jewel, partly a billion-dollar service, what they continue to do but if you look at the epic court battle, it was a contained risk for apple. stuart: i don't see that much downside risk for apple and microsoft and picking on those companies in particular, i don't see the downside risk. >> he read my mind, those are our favorites, apple is a rock of gibraltar stock because of the iphone demand cycle we are seeing in asia, that's not going away and that is where next week the pillar of earnings will be microsoft on tuesday, apple on thursday, it will be better than feared, not argue about the second half. stuart: apple tuesday? >> apple thursday, microsoft tuesday. stuart: we will be watching. used cars now selling for $10,000 more than prices were, quote, normal.
10:10 am
not sure what normal is but we will get into it. or member the two fentanyl trafficking suspects caught with 150,000 fentanyl pills and they were released on cashless bail, then there court date came due yesterday and they were no-shows, we are all over that one. leaves ellen, republican candidate for new york governor was attacked onstage during a campaign rally, the attacker was charged with a felony and immediately released. we bring you the latest after this. ♪♪
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10:15 am
was up 45, nasdaq is down 60 one. that is where we are. in the news congressman lees eldon was attacked yesterday at a campaign stop in new york. a man climbed on his stage, swung a weapon at him and was promptly tackled. republican from colorado joins me in new york city. how come a guy charged with a felony attacking a leading politician is released within hours of being arrested? what is going on here? >> we have a serious problem with woke prosecutors. there was an effort 10 years ago, electing prosecutors who were weak on crime on purpose, the public about into it because crime rates were down for 15 or 20 years and the result, we started seeing this kind of dramatic change in policy when it comes to, justice. stuart: the rest of us don't feel safe when people charged with a felony are out within
10:16 am
hours and politicians, do you think politicians like yourself from here on out do you need protection? >> i don't need protection, leaves eldon is a veteran, i served with him but i think it is incredibly unfortunate someone would do this and if there wasn't security around me at that point. stuart: two men who were caught transporting 150,000 fentanyl pills failed to show up for their scheduled court date yesterday. these two guys were initially released being low risk. this is soft on crime policies all over the country. we are all at risk because of this. >> a serious problem with fentanyl across the border. it is an epidemic, so many deaths, family or community the can't identify people who died from a fentanyl overdose and we have week prosecutors who won't put people away, those two
10:17 am
gentlemen, criminals facing 10 to 15 years in prison were released on bail that were never seen again, that was inexcusable. stuart: why is this happening, fentanyl flooding across the border like this? one hundred thousand young americans killed while overdosing on fentanyl, why is nothing being done? >> we haven't come to grips with the problem. we see a higher crime rate in drug addiction as the leading cause. stuart: someone is at fault? the border is open like this, what's going on? >> combination of the border being open and weak enforcement in the interior of the country but the border, it is an absolute joke secretary mayorkas is the border is secure, it's not secure. 40,000 folks have walked through the border every month not being caught. we know they are carrying fentanyl and involving human trafficking, inexcusable. stuart: the head of the tsa
10:18 am
admitted at a hearing yesterday that nearly 1000 migrants were able to board planes after using their arrest warrants, used the arrest warrants for identification. again, what on earth is going on? >> tsa failed in that instance. we should not have one thousand migrants in this country that aren't in the process of being deported or admitted and that is a failure of secretary mayorkas. stuart: i don't understand why we have an open border and democrats seem to assume it is a good thing to have an open border, they seem to assume they can get the hispanic vote by having an open border and honestly i don't understand it, last word to you. it is a huge political problem for the democrats, isn't it? what i'm i missing? >> he will see the result in november. they don't understand there are a lot of hispanic american citizens furious the border is
10:19 am
open, it is affecting their families, their education, their jobs and they are going to pay for it. stuart: thank you for being here, appreciate it. border patrol agents arrested an individual trying to smuggle 250 pounds of fentanyl into the united states this week, matt feehan at eagle pass, texas has been on a ride along with border agents, what did you see? >> we want to show you live video of a drone shot of hundreds of migrants being apprehended by border patrol and law enforcement, this is a scene we see every day every other day here in eagle pass and something obviously fox business and fox news reported on for more than a year. we did with texas department of public safety particularly, law enforcement searches for the got aways, small groups or single illegal migrants purposely trying to evade authorities.
10:20 am
our crew captured video west texas dps troopers tracked down runners going through dangerous landscape at night and within a few hours on one single shift, 15 arrests. texas dps tells us for large groups we see in the day are typically seeking a better life. i talk to them personally, they are coming here to find work, create a better living but there are bad actors mixed in the large groups but the got aways authorities tell us are the bigger threat because they don't want to show themselves to law enforcement and 400,000 known got aways into the country last year alone. border patrol says migrants are often hidden by transnational crime rings in unsanitary and unsafe stat homes where they are exploited. border patrol announced in the el paso sector alone on a single day in the past week three attach houses were busted with one hundred 3 migrants inside. fiscal year so far border
10:21 am
patrol located 175 stash homes with 2,000 migrants inside. where we are standing in a small border town of eagle pass border patrol announced seizure $300,000 worth of alleged black tar heroin. a group of republican senators recounted their visit to the border, many say they saw the same issues we are putting on, those senator say president biden does not want to come to to come to the board because cameras will reveal what they call dereliction of duty and demanding the president come to the border once again. >> time for the president to go to the southern border and to see the chaos that he has created and explained to the american people why he has done it and what he's going to do about it. >> you are talking about homeland security secretary mayorkas saying the border is growing more secure, the democratic mayor pro tem disagrees saying this town and this border is not secure, doesn't know how the biden admin station can claim that and is inviting the president
10:22 am
to come visit. stuart: thank you very much indeed, mayor of new york city eric adams slamming governor greg abbott and doug doocy for busing migrants out of their states. >> our country is home of the free, land of the brave. we do not become cowards and send people away looking for help. the fact they sent people out of their state, people who were seeking refuge in our country, they sent them away. office came from somewhere, even from texas they came from somewhere and so they should not have sent people away that were seeking refuge. stuart: texas governor abbott responded saying he is not the one sending migrants to new york he should turn his anger towards the biden administration. there you have it. the border. coming up tesla has its own
10:23 am
exclusive lane at the us-mexico border. didn't know that. tell you more about it, celebrities the lecture us about saving the planet are using their private jets for flights that take just a few minutes. we are all over that next. ♪♪ ♪♪ welcome to allstate where anyone who bundles their home and auto insurance saves. isn't that right phil? sorry, i'm a little busy. what in the world are you doing? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance. why don't you just do that in the real world? um, because now i can bundle in space. watch this. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto.
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to the nasdaq this year. reliq health technologies ♪♪ fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars ♪♪ stuart: almost my generation, frank sinatra. that is hartsfield international airport, atlanta, 78 °, looks like a nice day, if you like the music we play follow us on spotify. search "varney and company" or scan the qr code on your screen right now. as celebrities rail against global warming a twitter account called celebrity jets reveals that many of them use their private jets, short distances for only 10 minutes. a lot of criticism for that as you might expect.
10:28 am
moving to a headline how the climate elite spread misery, that is a headline for you, the author joins us now, you wrote it and you tell us how the climate elite whoever they are spreads misery, what kind of misery are they spreading? spell it out. >> very galling when they use their airplanes but tell us we should take the bus but much more about political leaders doing two things, partly telling the poor world so the poor people, you guys don't need fossil fuels, that leads to misery in the third world. russia worn ukraine, we suddenly realize we need backup for solar panels and wind turbines but also the idea of let's use lots of green energy, much more costly, make it
10:29 am
harder for people to cool their homes and summer and heat them in winter, these are things environmentalists tell us we should be worried about, but block the opportunity to actually do things that will alleviate the pain. stuart: the measures that were put in place are not going to work, they are not going to control the planet's temperature, we are going to need fossil fuels for a long time to come, how would you tackle this? what should we be doing here? >> recognize that even -- if everyone kept the current climate promises the agency estimates we will be using more than half of our energy from fossil fuels in 2050. we are not going to fix this anytime soon. what we need to do is dramatically ramp up investment in green energy and r&d because if we could innovate the next set of clean green energy that would actually be cheaper than fossil fuel we would have solved global warming, everyone
10:30 am
would switch, not just rich well-meaning american but the chinese and africans. stuart: you are an environmentalist, i've known you 10 or 20 years and you do believe humans have caused warming of the planet and that is where you are coming from on this. >> global warming is a real problem with the waiters being saturated to such an extent is almost extreme partly makes us forget the other problems in the world, one billion people will go hungry partly because we don't have enough fertilizer. fertilizer is gas but though you beat it is saying we don't want to help poor people with move fertilizer because it will use fossil fuels. we also need to remember there are many things that have problems come many places we need money so let's spend money smartly on climate so we have money for all the other challenges as well. stuart: if we go on as we are going on now what happens to
10:31 am
our planet? does it warm to the point where we see these frequent extreme weather events which are really dangerous? >> we will see more heat waves and fewer cold waves, 41/2 million people die from cold every year on the planet so for the foreseeable future, the next secular two we will see fewer people dying as temperatures go up but eventually that will change, there is sense in trying to tackle global warming but no sense in trying to spend $5 trillion on how much we have to spend every year to go net 0 so the us by mid century, more than $10,000 per person per year. you are not going to see people accept that. they will vote those people out
10:32 am
of office and both will have wasted money and not get to a solution. of the one within the climate movement i don't think you are popular. >> a lot of smart people understand that we are not currently solving climate. we are falling the warpath for the last 30 years and achieved absolutely nothing, the un environment ministry of the un said just before covid hit they could not tell the difference between a world we actually see in the world in which we didn't care about climate change since 2,005. we made these statements but if you look at the trajectory of the emissions there is no different so a lot of people are realizing the current approach is not working call we should try another one that will work better and cost less. of the one that sounds good to me. thank you for being with us. there is a food crisis developing but we have a new
10:33 am
developer and on that. there is a deal to get ukrainian wheat and corn out of the port of odessa. lucas tomlinson has the story. what do we have on this? >> reporter: minutes ago a deal was brokered backed by the united nations and turkey to get 20 million tons of ukrainian grain out of odesa, the largest port that had been stuck there amid these global food shortages and high wheat prices and stuck there since then for five loans, something the un secretary-general is on hand for the signing, he has been fighting for months to work out an agreement among russia, ukraine, turkey and the united nations, ukrainian officials are very public and would not sit at the table with the russians but it took all sides, the details are not immediately clear but the broad outline, the wheat will be allowed to leave odesa and go
10:34 am
to turkish ports where the wheat will be offloaded, inspected by un officials, the turks, the grain, the wheat, the cereals would be exported around the world and those empty ships will go back to port, russian officials are very wary because they want to make sure the ukrainian cargo ships not full of weapons being smuggled back in, the ukrainians are worried about the minds, russian warships, russian submarines, mines from both sides, one of the most dangerous areas of the world, that was clear today and russian defense minister on hand for the agreement, lavrov, their top diplomat says something about this wartime footing. stuart: sounds like an interesting deal right there. check the markets, we are in business for one hour and 4 minutes and we are up 45 points on the dow, down 78 on the nasdaq.
10:35 am
check the 10 year treasury, the yield all the way down, 2.80%. flight to safety right there, bitcoin holding on $23,000, 1747 is your price. oil, where are we? $96 a barrel, natural gas all over the place and rallying this week, now you are at $8.24 per million british thermal units, average price per gallon of gas, $4.40 one cents is your number, in california it is $5.78. let's look at the dow winners, top of the list the dow winners, we have american express, up 4%, solid earnings report, home depot, procter & gamble, walgreen on the upside, s&p 500 winners, what is the leader there?
10:36 am
slum burger - schlumberger, terrific performance and the nasdaq winners, not a single big tech there, you can call tesla big tech, way up again, something like that. and to free up more time on that -- >> look at those results. >> came out stronger than that. the narrative you are seeing in earnings season. stuart: record inflation forcing families terrain and spending and tap into their pandemic savings and to some that's not enough, just to make ends meet. president biden has covered, double vaccinated and double boosted but could be susceptible to long covid.
10:37 am
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10:41 am
stuart: health officials using president biden's covid diagnosis to push the importance of getting vaccinated. are they hoping for a fresh wave of vaccinations? >> that's what they are hoping for with the spread of the highly infectious be a 5 variant, so far president biden's case of covid appears to be relatively mild and federal health officials hope that serves as an example to the rest of the nation on how existing vaccines and treatments can prevent severe illness, take a listen. >> because the president is fully vaccinated, double boosted his risk of serious
10:42 am
illness is dramatically lower. he is also getting treated with a very powerful antiviral, and that further reduces his risk of serious illness. stuart: preventing severe disease is important with the be a 5 subarea now accounting for four in five active covid cases in the us, ba 5 is highly infectious and highly effective at deviating immunity from vaccines at natural infection from earlier strains a lot of people are getting sick but are not winding up in the hospital at the same rates as previous waves. >> be a 5 is causing diseases similar to other overcome variants which is been less severe than previous waves, some of that is probably due to underlying immunity because people have been infected or been vaccinated and some of it
10:43 am
might be due to the nature of the virus itself. >> reporter: researchers are working on new vaccine boosters that specifically target, con variants but in the meantime federal health officials urging americans to take advantage of existing vaccines because even though they are less effective in preventing you from becoming infected with covid, if you to become infected they say these vaccines greatly reduce your chances of developing severe illness and winding up in the hospital. stuart: fair point, thank you very much, look who is with us, doctor mark siegel. you know where i'm going here. i'm going to long covid and brain fog. i had covid at christmas time, twice in the past 6 months i've gotten fogged up. not sharp and i worry that might happen to the president. what say you? >> i agree with jonathan's
10:44 am
point the risks of severe illness are decreased here because of the vaccinations and because omicron has changed but i'm absolutely concerned about what he is saying now, talk about having fatigue, you are sharp as attack, do not use yourself as an example but i haven't seen one iota of brain fog and you in 20 years. stuart: i've got to be serious here, i really was not sharp. i was very forgetful. it lasted a day or two, that's it but i knew something was going on in my head and i didn't function 100% and that is the truth. >> that is a fair point when talking about the leader of the free world when there are wars going on in ukraine and the leaky border and economy in the toilet as you are reporting every day so of course that's an enormous concern with the president of the united states and with anybody in a high-performance job and it is
10:45 am
very common with covid and all the tools we have discussed and we are seeing more and more of it of long covid or even temporary brain fog or fatigue would be a problem with the president. stuart: all i have heard from is the covid coordinator. i've not yet heard the president's physician. are we going to get a statement from the president's physician as to his exact medical condition in which drugs he's being treated with? >> i think we are owed that. a public health expert, epidemiologist, not infectious disease expert, kevin o'connor, the president's physician is not an infectious disease expert but reportedly using them at walter reed. i want to hear exactly why paxlovid rather than a monoclonal antibody used and affective against this
10:46 am
variance. why not both? how was the decision made to cut the blood thinners, that was a reasonable decision what we are not hearing any of the explanation for how the medical decisions are made and as personal physician, commenting on the very point you brought up at the beginning, what about the fatigue, what about the possibility of brain fog? stuart: you cannot give a prognosis for the president until you've seen from his physician. >> especially have variable covid is. a couple days he is fine and then could take a turn for the worse look at get more fatigued and could get better again. we need a blow by blow like we got with donald trump, his white house physician, heard from him all the time. we need him out front and center on this. stuart: thank you very much, hope you have a great weekend, see you again soon. how about this?
10:47 am
half the country expects a civil war in the next few years. consider the source, consider ba skeptic. katie pavlich takes on. another flight of baby formula arrived at jfk. despite that likely to taste three months for inventory to get back to normal. lydia has the full story after this. credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up. break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right. ♪♪ [whistling]
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stuart: interesting develop its on the market, not much price movement but dan ives is with me and i went to make a point about big tech. seems those big tech stocks have been utterly crushed in the last 6 months, do you see that as a point they could bounce next week on good earnings? >> look at as low. there's a narrative starting to build here. a lot of bad news, bark is a little worse than the bite, next week could be a seminal week. the most important week protect earnings by 5 or 6 years, we expect positives. if you look microsoft amazon, google and apple you have some currency head winds and macro
10:52 am
slowdowns, it starts a second half run in tech stocks. stuart: you've been with us for the rn save the best till last. another story for you. baby formula. another delivery from overseas coming to jfk today, lydia has the story. how bad is the shortage of baby formula at this point? >> it's bad and getting worse. even as formulations continue, formula delivery landing in jfk today, by the end of the week, the administration says they will have imported 60 one million bottles of formula which is just about equivalent to the amount consumers purchase in any given week in america and that's part of the problem, why out of stock rates are getting worse, not better, national out of stock rate stands almost 22%, slightly up from the beginning of june when it was 20 person.
10:53 am
outage rates are getting worse, currently more than 31% of formula, up from 23% at the beginning of june. at a normal time, rates are 5% out of stock. the state hit much harder than others, arkansas, wyoming, utah, colorado, 40% of their supply out of stock. parents really just. experts say one of the reasons it's panic buying. americans lost trust in the supply chain. i don't think we can blame them. if you look at the sales of powder formula, sales by volume up around 4.5%. that's 4 times higher than we would see last year and the year before, people are buying a lot more. abbott's facility in sturgis, michigan not shipping formula after opening earlier this month although production has resumed for specialty formula.
10:54 am
president biden is aiming to bring the price of formula down. he shared a clear earlier today, signed the formula act into law yesterday, it will have tariffs on imported formula through the end of the year, those tariffs could be 27% but the problem is not so much price as supply, getting your hands on it. experts tell me it could be another 3 months before we see a leveling off between supply and demand, this is not going away anytime soon. he remember at the start of this crisis the fda commissioner said this would be over by the end of july, doesn't look like it. stuart: we know you are expecting your second child in august. forgive me for asking but are you worried about baby formula and setting up a supply chain? >> absolutely. it is something i go to the store now and have my eyes on, is the formula there? hard to buy in advance because you don't know what exactly you will need so i'm not in that situation but i'm paying
10:55 am
attention. stuart: as you would. >> my heart goes out to fellow moms out there. stuart: you are all right. truckers in california protesting the state's new independent contractor law preventing cargo from going into and out of the port of oakland, governor newsom says he's not going to bow to their demands. don't know what he's going to do but not going to bow to their demands that we have a problem with the supply chain, you have 30 seconds to tell me if you see an improvement in the supply chain anywhere? >> we see slight improvement from apple and toes the and automakers but if you look at oakland, the logistics, that's the problem in terms of us and europe. that will be a narrative. one of the biggest things on tech stock is the supply chain especially going to europe. stuart: glad we got that in, thanks for being with us for the ir. still ahead, katie pavlich, lara trump, kennedy, jonathan
10:56 am
ho nagy. last night the republican candidate for governor of new york was attacked, the depressing part is the attacks and shivers through political campaigns everywhere. it was political violence. that is the subject of "my take" next. ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward. and helping you plan for future generations. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity. we hit the bike trails every weekend
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>> any elected official, anybody in the current administration should be banned from having a personal account, it is below, the majority of the country is on my side on that argument. >> if we see post covid that the president has been banged up by this virus a little bit that is another reason people will want him to step aside. >> $30 trillion in debt, we were $18 trillion in debt when i got here three years ago. no place could run like that. >> not sure i'm ready to, the bottom but we are getting close. >> the pillar of earnings will be microsoft tuesday, apple thursday, better than that and that is our view in the second half, tech stocks move higher. ♪♪
11:01 am
stuart: 11:00 eastern, this is friday, july 27th, you are looking at the statue of liberty and it will be baking hot in new york city, 96, 97 degrees. show me the markets. they are not hot, that's the wrong word to use, the dow was up 95 points, nasdaq down 75, not much movement, the price of oil, $97 a barrel. here's the movement, the 10 year treasury yield, all the way down to 2.78%. looks to me like a flight to the safety of us treasury bonds. now this. last night, the republican candidate for the governor of new york was attacked, lee's eldon was campaigning on a flatbed truck when a man approached. he had a sharp edged weapon, he longed at zelda and shouting you are done, he was tackled
11:02 am
and arrested maline's eldon was unharmed but there's more to the story. first the attacker is out, he was charged with attempted assault and within hours was released on his own recognizance. the eldon himself said this would happen, that's the law in new york, dylan was talking about new york as soft on crime when he was attacked and the attacker is out within hours. the governor, democrat kathy huchul published the time of his appearance and urged her supporters to attend. the governor might want to rethink that. the most important and depressing point is the attack sends a shiver through political campaigns everywhere. it was political violence. as a bystander said, if the right people hadn't acted quickly it could have been much worse and what about regular folks, not politicians. are we safe when the lara
11:03 am
releases people accused of assault. in many democrat run state soft on crime policies have produced a wave of violent crime, an issue for november and democrats will be held accountable. that is what lee's eldon is doing. third hour of varney starts right now. katie pavlich is with me this friday morning, welcome back, good to see you again. this guy tried to stab a politician, he was arrested and immediately released. how is anyone supposed to feel safe with this kind of thing going on. i am just appalled. >> you can't feel safe, this was not just an assault on congressman and gubernatorial candidate lee's eldon but attempted murder, he attacked him with a sharp weapon in
11:04 am
trying to stab him into new york, it is very clear the system has taken the side of criminals, removed all deterrents. as we saw in new york city a couple weeks ago if you are defending yourself against this type of violent crime like the man who was in the bodega winner, came into harassment attack him you then get charged with murder, thank goodness those charges have been dropped after outcry but liberal leftist policies in places like new york state, new york city enable criminals, put civilians and people who follow the laws at risk not just for theft or vandalism but very violent crime the could change and alter their lives forever. it is great the governor huchul came out and condemned the violence, we did not see that when the assassination attempt was made on brett kavanaugh but if you 're pushing policies that enable criminals to
11:05 am
continue this behavior you are doing nothing and your words don't mean anything when it comes to solving this problem and preventing it from happening, not just people running for the governorship but every day regular people who don't have the same resources. we won precisely, it is a big issue. i want your opinion on this study that shows 50% of americans expect the civil war to occur in the next few years. before we piled into this i've got to reveal the source, the university of california, davis campus, the violence prevention program. i am a skeptic. i think some of our universities look for division, encourage division and that's what is happening now, close to a civil war, i don't believe it, do you? >> i don't. there's a lot of loose talk about civil war sometimes in
11:06 am
politics without people grappling with what that would mean. the civil war resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of americans pitted against each other, we don't want to go to that era. the bottom line, american democracies around the world the substitute for violence is voting which is why you see people getting involved in the elections making sure elections are secure and clean and people stepping up to the plate to run for office to represent people in the issues they think are very important. academia is very far left as you know and as we've seen over the past two years with the riots in 2020, the lack of condemnation for the assassination attempt on brett kavanaugh, i would be curious to see why people in that study conducted by leftist institution believe there's going to be a civil war given they are the side that has not been condemning this type of violence. blue when you are a big second amendment person, big believer
11:07 am
in it. >> how did you know that? >> you been walking with a relative of mine. i think the supreme court got it right, what say you, on guns? >> recently, they ruled you are allowed to defend yourself outside of your home. it is in the constitution for a reason, it is a human right to defend your life against of violent threaded as we've seen in new york, they've taken that ability away from law-abiding citizens and it resulted in the culmination of criminals running free and believing they can attempt to murder people without any consequence. the fact that the suspect who attacked lee's eldon last night attempted to kill him and is already out of prison are out of jail is absolutely ludicrous so when the government fails to protect citizens it is up to them to defend themselves and thank god we have the second amendment for that.
11:08 am
we when you brought it in a perfect circle and i hear you are a good shot too, thanks for being with us. i know it for a fact. got to get to the markets please, it's not that big price movement but the nasdaq is down 109 points, that's not a huge move in this day and age. jonathan hoehn egg, to be greedy be greedy when others are fearful, does that mean now is the time to buy? >> indeed because people are fearful, you have to look at the long-term when it comes to the market but investors are fearful, bank of america had a telling study this week, investors had the lowest allocation of stocks than any time since 2008, they are holding more cash than any time going back to 2000 so people
11:09 am
understandably given the economy and the leadership in washington people have money on the sidelines but it is much like the 1970s, a bull market with a longer-term bear market stocks went up 50% from 1970, 1972 and ultimately gave it all back and for a bull market rally, with a longer-term secular bear run. stuart: focus in for a second on the company which i think is the most important company, the most important company reporting next week and that is apple. how do you look at the long-term prospects? you may or may not by apple, i don't know but to me it is the most important company. i want to know what you think of it? >> a meta-company. this is the last thing i look at when i go to bed and first thing i look at when i got up in the morning, incredible innovation and part of our lives but when you are buying a stock your buying valuation, followed micro suffer quite some time, microsoft was $50 a share in 2,000, didn't reach
11:10 am
$50 a share again until 2015, tremendous companies can have long periods of flat price-performance so i'm putting money to work right now but not following up, companies like big tech which is longer than we would expect. stuart: you often come up with what i would call rather exotic investments and you have one for us, you know i'm a tree farmer, i grow hardwood timber and you know lumber prices are way down 50% so far this year. i think you have a timber fund, some kind of etf. go ahead. >> true diversification is not microsoft, netflix and apple. you have to look at other assets altogether so this is an etf timber company that offers some upside but also that inflationary perspective, i don't think inflation is done. might just be ebbing for a short time but just as the
11:11 am
inflation that peaked in the late 70s started ten years earlier, to diversify the portfolio, some income there but this is the type of asset that i own and you own it as well. stuart: i own some timber, i should diversify and you are right. have a great weekend. take a look at the movers today, snap downgraded by just about every analyst, their slow demand for its online advertising and right now that is 37%, going the other way american express has a very good day, they say credit card spending on travel and entertainment is back to pre-pandemic levels. it is about pre-pandemic levels. it is up 4%, nice game. verizon cut their forecast for the second quarter in a row. only added 12,000 new wireless phone subscribers, they thought they were going to close in on
11:12 am
one hundred 70,000, didn't get it, verizon is down 6%. now this, ladies and gentlemen, charger engines. nascar could be racing electric cars as soon as next year. 60% of the country says their paycheck isn't enough to keep up with inflation, now people are looking to second jobs to make legals meet. president biden's covid diagnosis different from one donald trump had it in october of 2,020. we have vaccines, better treatments, we are successfully living with covid. i will ask mara trump what she thinks after this. and buying your starter home. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those.
11:13 am
but you can invest in them. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine. and that's where our strategic investing approach can help. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ if you shop at walmart, you get it. ♪ you know how to spend a little less to get a little more to make life a little better. ♪ to make life a little better. finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning, as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell while verzenio
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11:17 am
stuart: the president is working at the white house as he recovers from covid. the first lady and vice president burke considered close contacts but neither is isolating. larra trump with us this morning. does this perhaps show that we are past this, close, even of the president of the united states don't have to isolate? that means we are through it, right? >> if you ask a lot of people we have been through it for quite some time at this point and thanks to donald trump he is the one that started us on the path to get here, to get back to normal life and now most people would say we are there but i can't help but notice the difference in treatment of donald trump having covid versus president biden having covid, we can acknowledge we are at a different time but was it a feeding frenzy when donald
11:18 am
trump got covid, what a different situation, this white house no interest in telling us where president biden contracted covid, we don't need to know that, we should shut up and move on, not important information for the american people but don't forget the storyboards, the entire graphics put together when donald trump got covid can remember the rose garden ceremony for amy coheny bear, the sea, nations, who was there, the week leading up to it donald trump's contacts, how many people he possibly could have infected up to that point and because he had covid much different situation than the predictable it was self-inflicted, shame on donald trump forgetting covid and yet president biden is hailed some sort of hero and we talk about him as though he's one of the great historic figures that will rise again and move on, it is amazing. we when i don't think he's going to do it but president
11:19 am
biden should thank donald trump because it was donald trump's work speed vaccine program the got vaccines to america before anyplace else and gave us the sense, not of security but that we've got the vaccine, we've got the treatments, we can get through this. he's not going to thank trump but he should, right? >> he should thank donald trump for a lot of things and take a couple notes from donald trump on quite a few things but exactly right had it not been for operation warp speed, record time to developer vaccine lead us to this point that made it possible for us to get back to normal life and obviously we know that covid changes as we get different strains and it weakens to a degree but people are getting back to normal life thanks to donald trump, don't think we should hold our breath and wait for president biden to thank donald trump or anything especially this. stuart: i'm sure you saw this
11:20 am
but the san diego school district just brought back there mask mandate for all students and staff and los angeles could announce indoor masking rules just next week. why can't california move on from covid the way the rest of the country, what is it about california? >> my goodness, do you want to start at the top, the governor because that seems to be the bulk of the problem there, really insane to see they are having kids re-mask themselves, unless these kids are all wearing and 95 masks this is all for nothing, that the only thing that actually prevents transmission of the omicron variant of covid but three days ago at the all-star game in san diego you had the la county health director maskless at the all-star game, don't forget at the super bowl the mayor of la, all of hollywood apparently wasn't concerned about covid because they were at the super bowl and wanted to take
11:21 am
pictures and look cute and gavin newsom, shutting down the whole state while he went to the french laundry to have a fancy meal and nancy pelosi had to get her hair done but they were happy to shudder businesses across california. it is such a shame it is the reason california has lost a congressional seat because so many people want to leave that state. stuart: newsom will never be the president but that's just my opinion. thank you for being with us, hope you have a great weekend, see you again soon. how about this? majority of americans say their paycheck isn't cutting it anymore. details please. ashley: good morning, a recent harris poll found 58% of us adults are concerned their paycheck just won't cover their needs, 30% said they plan to change jobs in the next 6 months and 20% are planning to ask for a raise. millennial and jen z workers the most likely to search for a new higher paying job, baby
11:22 am
boomers older, least likely to do that, staffing experts say the pressure is now on employers to provide competitive compensation and work flexibility to keep and recruit quality talent. meantime as inflation races ahead of wages are growing number of americans are taking on second jobs to make legals meet. in fact more americans than ever hold two full-time jobs amounting to more than 70 hours of work a week, in june, 426,000 people were working two full-time positions, that up nearly 40% from february of 2,020. another job to cover the bills. stuart: that doesn't cover the number of people with regular full-time job on the books and other full-time job off the books. thanks, back to you soon, check those markets, dow is now down, so is the nasdaq, so is the
11:23 am
s&p, red ink across the board, not much but down, general motors just previewed their brand-new cadillac, an electric car that goes in production next year and what do you think the price will be? i will tell you. $300,000. leaked documents show nascar may be going electric. when is this going to happen? ashley: as you said earlier, start your batteries. doesn't sound right. according to some leaked documents nascar could launch an electric series next year, the report claims the vehicles will be modified cup series cars with fully electric all-wheel-drive powertrains rated near 1000 hours power compared to the normal v-8670 horsepower conventional racecars, the prototype electric car will reportedly debut at an event next february los angeles, the performance goal is for the evs to lap a
11:24 am
track as quickly as a cup series car and efforts are being made to add an entertaining sound to the otherwise near silent electric drive. i can only imagine what is in an entertaining sound,. just a guttural engine sound and not carnival music but we see. stuart: better than that i am sure. i'm told the average price of a used car is going straight up again. had do you have much on that? ashley: by about $10,000 above what would be considered normal for typical depreciation of a vehicle, 43% above typical asking price. according to the co--- car shopping apps copilot the average price is now $33,341. under normal market conditions, the average price is 23,295. despite the high prices, consumer demand for used
11:25 am
vehicles is very strong, in part because supply chain issues and a chip shortage have decimated the new car market, you can't find them these days so having a trade in is the best that to bring down the cost. the average trade in equity is 10,381, the first time it has exceeded $10,000, that is worth a pretty penny. stuart: so i'm told. i can't get a new one. we've got another survey this one showing generation z is leaving college thinking they will make $100,000 a year right off the bat. they are about to get a reality check. the white house is bragging about falling gas prices in a new video, watch this. >> in the past, more than 30 days, we have seen gas prices go down $0.50 a gallon. so exciting. in the past.
11:26 am
stuart: kennedy will be here shortly in the studio, she will take that on. kennedy's next. ♪♪ i'm so excited ♪♪ and i just can't hide it ♪♪ i'm about to lose control ♪♪ and i think i like it ♪♪ i'm so excited ♪♪ about two years ago
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stuart: pitbull. i never heard of it. their music -- >> he is a cuban male, very accessible. i have a selfy with him. you are pitbull. they really flush that one out. stuart: far too much attention on this program, going to the markets, like it or not. you've got some movers. we are all in red, dow, s&p and nasdaq, twitter is the story. susan: on fire like pitbull's, bad report card for twitter still going down because they blame uncertainty because of the elon musk take over, they lost money instead of making money.
11:31 am
monthly daily actives, no guidance, no call as we head into the october trial. if it wasn't for possible settlement and takeover by your lawn musk i think twitter app stock would be worse off, the $39 level but because of the elon musk take over look at the rest of the social media stocks, snap is down 38% and that is falling as well, snap doubles their losses, daily actives were flat. stuart: really down 7%. >> slowing advertising revenue, snap, this is a reality, fully advertising and the same thing for meta as well. blue when they report next week. susan: i think you should have a roundtable with 16-year-old girls because they will tell you the future of social media. they get their information from tiktok, consuming tiktok ads
11:32 am
but they talk to each other on snap. they are using snap specifically for the snap apps and social stuff at all the other stuff that would make money like tiktok those they don't use it, they are very discerning. stuart: that was a fascinating insight, thank you for the contribution. >> want to know where to make money talk to my teenage daughter. >> i love the reaction shot of stewart during that conversation, he was riveted. stuart: any other movers? >> i want to talk about paramount global, and advertising spend, they are down 3%, only worth $18 and netflix, you weren't here for netflix earnings but you heard reed hastings, that's not the end of linear television and 5 to 10 years. we want a mile linear television now? >> yes but there could be a transition. what do we have next? you are done but you are going to stay here for the friday feedback at the end of the show. >> were not going to talk about
11:33 am
16-year-old shopping habits. >> if you want to make money. >> probably not. this is serious stuff actually, this one, a new elementary school in virginia will only have gender-neutral bathrooms, no more boyz ii men girls room, you are a mom and this is for elementary school, second grad sorry. i don'think it iri igh >> iare f 5 or si osixtsi gradrl, you dot to booe bin frontin oront : ua any age age, ou?ou? no, but espllwhy en ta srt hartppenrt you y don't need to be in the company of hormonal preadolescent boys. stuart: what the devil is going on in virginia, thought they had an election in the governor won promising to straighten out education. >> still a very purple state, a lot of districts pushing back against the governor to show they can, they have power and
11:34 am
it is a wonderful distraction, this way you don't have to talk about kids being below grade level in terms of math and reading, you can look like you're doing something like you care about them when you are spending a lot of money in places that might make more people uncomfortable. a when you make a good point. the price of regular gas today, national average $4.41 a gallon. white house press circuit harry karine jean-pierre touting the falling gas price. >> gas prices have been declining across the country. in the past more than 30 days we've seen gas prices go down by $0.50 a gallon. stuart: but the price of gas -- the price -- this is my show. let me speak. the price of gas is still one dollar more than it was a year
11:35 am
ago. why is she bragging? >> because there is a bit of a lull but it's going to go back up. stuart: that is your forecast. >> is a world-renowned financial analyst the economic hobbyist, the price of gas will go up. what happens when that happens? there's been a lag and they are complaining the price hasn't dropped enough at the pump though crude oil has dropped significantly, 20% versus 10% at the pump, people are so greedy, they don't have an understanding of how markets work so when gas prices do go up are they going to take the blame for that, they are trying to take the credit for this, tried to blame putin, saying the rebounders all on a so when it goes back up then what happens. stuart: that was a pretty good imitation of a 16-year-old girl you would like to have around. i got to get this in,
11:36 am
generation the out of touch with reality, when it comes to compensation, watch this. >> how much do you think that would pay? >> i'm going to say minimum-wage. >> is what? 45 something an hour? >> okay. stuart: i love that show on netflix. it was very good but a new survey, don't know who put it out, from college grads think they will make $100,000 in their first job at the average starting salary 55, they are out of touch with reality. >> they absolutely are. college is out of touch with reality, there's nothing about college that prepares you for the real world, the real world is expensive. college is bubblewrap and gives you a false sense of security and entitlement. i really feel like i should probably earn 100 k as my starting salary, you are not going to earn that because this
11:37 am
is a marketplace where people compete for the same job and if you are not better than a bunch of other people and you enter the mid range are going to make half of what you think you should. stuart: the best college is the university of hard knocks, that is a good one and you learn an awful lot from it. >> i've got a daughter who's going to be a senior in a month, she is on the precipice of deciding whether or not she's going to college and we have long conversations about this, she wants to go because her friends are going and it seems fun and it is a good activity after high school but does that justify going $100,000 in debt? for me it certainly doesn't but if there is a way she can do it to have a good time and achieve her goals that is great but often times people going to get a degree in journalism think they are going to earn 100 k, they are and 44,000, that is not going to make a dent in their student debt. we don't need student debt forgiveness. we one we covered a lot of
11:38 am
ground, it was humorous to which we like on a friday. thanks. i am going to watch your show monday through thursday, 7:00 eastern on fox business. where are you friday night? the reality -- everything is bigger in texas including job growth, dallas-fort worth area added 295,000 jobs in the past year, triple its normal pace, grady trimble will report on that next.
11:39 am
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say goodbye to daily insulin injections. omnipod is a tubeless, waterproof pod built to simplify life with diabetes. try it today. go to for risk information, instruction for use, and free trial terms and conditions. consult your healthcare provider before starting on omnipod. stuart: the dallas-fort worth area in texas has added 295,000 jobs in the past year, three times the typical pace. grady trimble is in texas and joined me now.
11:43 am
why is the texas job market so red-hot? >> not just the temperature that is hot. you know why people and businesses are moving to texas in droves, they are in search of lower taxes and less regulation to name a couple of reasons. looking at texas's population growth the last 10 years or so more people have moved to the lone star state than any other state in the country, 4 million people total and we saw that accelerate during the pandemic, looking at large metro areas dallas fort worth ranked third in the nation for job growth behind las vegas and atlantic city. the on employment rate is 3.3% below the national unemployment rate and well below that of big cities in blue states like new york, chicago, los angeles. they have unemployment rates above 4%, those cities and states have struggled to rebound from the pandemic texas
11:44 am
has been the beneficiary in a big way. look at all the companies that recently decided to move their headquarters to the lone star state, we are a multibillion-dollar development today, 25 minutes north of the downtown dallas area called legacy west, midst of shops, restaurants, corporate offices and much more including housing which you might see behind me, they have seen the growth of this area firsthand. >> the cost of living is going up but it is still pretty affordable to live in the area, no state income taxes, your quality of life, the amount your dollar goes is a little further in texas, so the appeal of moving here is people having the opportunity to have more financial freedom and a lot of opportunity that comes. >> the lone star state added more jobs than the bottom 25
11:45 am
states combined. a lot of growth here and folks at legacy west don't see any sign that it will slow down drastically anytime soon. stuart: that is a spectacular performance, have a great weekend. tells the is getting their very own crossing lane at the us-mexico border. how did they get that? ashley: a lot of people asking that question, tesla is so busy it can't be bothered with international border crossings. reports saia sign emblazoned with tesla's logo sits above one of the multiple lanes on the mexico side of the border that connects mexico to webb county, texas, allowing suppliers to cross the border more quickly and avoid modern wait times.
11:46 am
and border authorities are unaware of any lanes on tesla, the mexico side of the border crossing seems to be offering the special treatment. very interesting indeed. ashley: show me the dow 30, and 2 thirds of the dow 30 in the red. the dow is down 60 points, price change for stocks today, the special friday feedback is next. ♪♪ was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid,
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stuart: you are looking at fire island. 88 degrees and it is friday feedback time.
11:51 am
we are joined by ashley and susan and get started real fast. first coming in from rick. what happens after "varney and company" hands off to cavuto? does everyone else go out for a 3 martini lunch or do you dive into preparing for the next day's program? i go back home and that is what i do. >> more shows in the afternoon. stuart: ashley? ashley: same as susan. i'm anchoring 3:00 so i go to a meeting at this show. back in england. my boss went there and so did his boss, that's the deal in the uk. stuart: times really change. this comes to us from jean. what is the difference between a bear market rally and the balance, what is worse? susan: pretty much the same thing which is short-term bounce from low levels.
11:52 am
we respect cat owners. stuart: there is no -- susan: we have cat owners obsessed by that. stuart: moving on. an email from of viewer, not you but here's the message. what to ashley, lahren, and susan do when stuart is on screen alone or with a guest? you start that one. no. do i put you to sleep? ashley: looking at market information, all sorts of background stuff you have no idea about just to be prepared. susan: i type very loudly with my nails. stuart: sometimes she is in my shot. here i am doing an interview
11:53 am
looking at the camera, susan is sitting next to me and typing away trying to get -- like a check shot. you like to see how you look. susan: some of us have hair to tend to. stuart: moving on. ashley: she went there. stuart: this from dave, when you, susan or ashley or lauren go to a nice restaurant for a special occasion like your birthday last friday, what do you order? salad? susan: generally, so generous, let's go out next week. stuart: you are like what? susan: any sort of fish on the menu. ashley: good old filet mignon. i'm going all in.
11:54 am
>> the less i'm able to digest a steak. you can do that? . >> it is not a salad, and i got an e-mail from harry, not prince harry. i would appreciate a show on american built about the original london bridge when it was shipped to arizona. it would be interesting on how that happened. we hear you. we will put that into the mix of possibles in the future and here's an advertisement, you can catch episodes of american built tuesday night starting at 8 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. a message from steve, everyone talks about the price of electric vehicles, no one talked about the cost of charging the more the length of time it takes to bring batteries up to full charge. how about discussing his that?
11:55 am
great article in the wall street journal a couple weeks ago two people went on a long car trip in an electric car. it was a disaster. have to charging stations didn't work and some of them took a long time. any idea? susan: i drove a tesla took my hands off the wheel, went on autopilot, it cost $13.96, takes about an hour or so to charge. stuart: $14 for a full charge giving you 250 miles. do you know anything about this? ashley: you can get the quick charge but they are on the road and do the overnight charge at a motel. find enough places to plug-in is the issue. susan: it is amazing. what the cameras read, other cars, pedestrians on the road.
11:56 am
stuart: we leave that up to you. i thank everybody for sending feedback messages. time for the friday trivia question. how many zip codes are there in america? it runs into the tens of thousands. what do you think? the right answer after this. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. ♪ if you shop at walmart, you get it. ♪ you're not just getting by.
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stuart: here is the trivia question, how many zip codes are there in america?
12:00 pm
super, you're first. >> 37,000. stuart: ashley? >> i'm going 41,000. stuart: me too. actually, i think it's a big number, 41,000. [laughter] okay, reveal, please. yeah. 41,of 83. it's a huge, it's a continent. we need 41,000 zip codes. all right, everybody, susan, ashley, thanks for being on the show. great stuff. neil, it's yours. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. did not know that, something to write down for the next cocktail party that i won't be going to. we're down about 41 points here, a pretty good week, incredible month unless everything hits the you know what next week. it's going to be one of the strongest months we've seen post this covid world we've been looking at. of course, it's a battle between expected earnings and some unexpected surprises, particularly in the case of snap. of course, the parent of snap chat, that stock snapped to the tune of a huge hit today, off, i


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