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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 25, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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scientific integrity. elizabeth: doctor marty makary, thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that doesn't press, thank you for watching. have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ >> the writing is on the wall and it's a 10-foot tall block letters. president biden, by biden will he take the advice with a instrumental amount of crises, the president still planning on his second term doing such a bang up job why wouldn't he. he has other ideas of the record inflation, rising crime and helplessness and immigration disasters. things are bad, now a poll has biden's approval at a whopping
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31%, that is horrendous. it somehow gets worse, meanwhile an npr news our merits pull claims only 5% of young voters approve of the president's job. 5%. he probably pulled better at a maga rally. a new washington post op-ed, quick joe quick, president biden should announce now that he will not run for reelection in 2024, he should not ask the democratic party or the nation to assume the risk of the second four-year term that would begin after he reached the age of 82, arise age indeed. things have gotten so bad that people are starting, doctor jill watch this. >> the worst president we've ever had. you os gas money. elizabeth: entered. >> thank you thank you for your
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support. the closest supporters say he will definitely run for reelection but another new poll shows he would lose in a hypothetical matchup with donald trump. and monkeypox. will the president get the hint and cut a red wave november easily wipe them off the map? fox news chief political anchor the host of special report on the fox news channel bret baier is back, welcome back. i get so nervous when you're here, i need good manners and good behavior. the voices are getting louder, the washington post screaming in the op-ed. what is critical math look like of a real revolt within the democrat party in that immediate establishment to get joe biden to not running again. >> we are getting there it's very close when the washington post op-ed says the sitting democratic president should quit to save the midterms, to say you are just going to have one term
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and spend all of your energy and time fighting for the things that matter for america, that is quite something. we've seen a ton of articles about unnamed, unattributed quotes from democratic members and national committee members but this is essentially the washington post establishment saying that. i think you're getting to critical mass, i also think it's pretty telling that the president is insisting this is not every session and were not going into recession in all of his people are on shows saying what the definition of recession is as we get ready for the gdp numbers this week. >> we are going to talk about that in just a little bit with jonathan hoenig. we are changing definition everything today and things have really gone so strange, if the president did in fact announce before the midterms that he would not run again, there would be a massive jockey to take his place. one of those people obviously
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what should be his natural successor vice president kamala harris. the new york times now making the case of the vice president should be more like richard nixon, was that head scratcher for you? >> out and about, going to different places. it was a bit of a head scratcher. she was traveling a lot given a lot of speeches. i'm not sure and the reception of all the speeches in the past that that's a great thing for her. republicans are saying please travel to more places and get more speeches because they feel that it does not help the democratic ticket. her poll numbers are under president biden in a lot of cases and that is why you have different media outlets talking about gavin newsom in california and chris kerr and illinois, which are compelling figures, however, you ask how those economies are doing or businesses that work in california and illinois and there are a lot of questions about how that blueprint is
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right for the u.s. >> i don't other republican should be entirely nervous about gavin newsom presidential bid because there is a lot that he has done wrong in his state and there are a lot of images that you could easily show the rest of the country as to why people are maybe not a places like california and illinois because these are high tax states. gavin newsom has squandered the surplus, homelessness continues to absolutely explode. you name it, that is not the direction a lot of people in this country want to go. but what does the matchup between gavin newsom and kamala harris look like in terms of being biden successor, desi alba her out of the way? >> i think it's fascinating to think about. if you think about the possibility of challengers to former president trump, should he announce for president?
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you could have a cast of thousands on both sides. in our business is fine, it's an interesting race. but you could have a lot of people get in that we don't even think are in the running, as we saw in 2016 there could be a lot of people at the table. >> like carrot top and whoopi goldberg. it's only going to get more fascinating and i would be the least insane option that we have before. >> thank you so much. always good to talk to you. >> to another older fella who has no idea what he is talking about, doctor anthony fauci. the top doctor suggesting he will retire at the end biden's term with a 400,000-dollar a year pension but before he goes republican lawmakers have suggested they will launch a probe into the covid response impossible link to the wuhan lab at the gop wins back the house and the senate.
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if dr. fauci is held before congress, will we finally get some answers? let's meet tonight's party panel, podcast host and sector usa contribute enough but editor steven l miller, the host of the richard fowler show, fox news contributor, richard fowler and liberty activist and foundation for economic education writer, olivia rondeau is back. hello wonderful people. steve and i will start with you. even if the house turned in the senate does not. i want some answers from dr. fauci. i want this investigation. it does not have to be his head on a platter but we need to really sure up some of these unanswered questions about a global pandemic. >> i think attempting to ostracize or criminalize him, that is red meat for the base and i don't think that goes anyway. i think there are still a lot of unanswered questions as far as
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the pandemic and the pandemic response. he said today he thinks lockdown should've been more stringent and stricter rules, staying in our basements for nine and a half months without sunlight was not good enough. but i do think there needs to be a real accounting if u.s. taxpayer money made after grants the health alliance in southern wuhan, china and made their way into the institute. and dr. fauci has been inconsistent on some of the stuff, he's been inconsistent on e-mails in the record in letters to the nih d as far as some of this research and technology in some of these things just occurred. we still have a clear-cut timeline and part of that is because dr. fauci has metal that. >> he has modeled a lot and there have been glaring conflict of interest that deserve to be pressed into, what is the best way to come to these answers. is it with a congressional and desiccation like this? is this something that there is
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another aspect of government that should be pressing on china? because it's a administration is not doing enough there in terms of accountability. >> there is a couple things, i think number one and it comes to dr. fauci to examine what he did or did he do is to do a congressional hearing. herein lies the problem with republicans with approach to the midterm election, an ideal of another republican type investigative hearing, reminiscent of benghazi is not going to be in the eyes of what the american voters really want. what the american voters want without the recent polls, 57%, 47-watt democrats, 47-watt republicans, both parties are doing a disservice. more hearings per state, i'm not sure that's going to be a voting issue for republicans. but if you want to have accountability for anthony fauci, the place to do it would be in the united states congress where the money comes from. >> you just said congress should not ask questions, maybe they should if they are going to
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curtail the budget. i do think there are plenty of people out there who are not only worried about what we lived there and what we put our kids there all of a technocrat condescending technocrat who is completely conflict a bike doctor anthony fauci. the fact that something like this could happen again, that is one of the reasons, this is one of those issues, this is not benghazi this is a million dead americans. >> oh yeah, i one of those americans that would support a probe. i do see richard's point i like many other americans who might be on the right-leaning side are not so confident in the way the congressional hearings are playing out these days. i can't say that probe would be very fruitful but i would like to see some investigation going on to see how her money is being spent and we don't even have to
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talk about covid we could go back to dr. fauci's unethical practices during the aids crisis, testing practices, we could even talk about a lot of that stuff. >> and killing beagles. >> the state department. >> did you mention the aids crisis, it goes back decades and i would argue he has not done a great service to this country and there was way too much power concentrated in the hands of a single person and that person was anthony fauci. >> 400,000 a year, the highest-paid federal employee that we've got stephen al miller, will we ever demand answers from china? >> we should. that should be a global thing that should be the u.s. we see what's happening in the race to replace boris taunted in the uk they want to reestablish trade
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ties with china and i'm throwing my shoulders up like no we should be punishing these guys, i guess if their military threat and aggressive against taiwan, i get all that stuff but has to start somewhere, this is going to happen again whether it's in china or somewhere else and if china is able to stir responsibility to the world health organization and the eeo and the un then it's going to go on and on and on again. i'm more concerned with finding a link between our government officials and their work with china man i am with china alone. unless you plan on throwing boots on the ground and storming the wuhan institute i'm all for it we are not going to find an answer for that. >> the party panel stick it around we have so many things to tackle a huge new economic report coming out this week that biden a administration playing defense they have not seen it yet, are we in a recession that is a question white house moving the goalpost to save themselves politically, we have jonathan hoenig to discuss everything in a very snappy blazer, he is
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wallets thursdays anticipated gdp has experts predicting it will show the economy shrink for the second quarter in a row what does that mean that is the definition of a recession from president biden shut down any discussion of potential downturn. >> we are not coming into recession in my view the employment rate is still one of the lowest that we've had in history and 3.6 area. we still find ourselves and people investing. my hope that we go from a rapid growth to a steady growth and we will see some coming down but i don't think we will see a recession. >> sorry mr. president i'm not buying it how can the biden administration did not, deny their way out of everything to discuss hedge fund manager fox contributor jonathan hoenig is back. up is down and down is up, we are to headquarter one that was
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negative 1.6% gdp growth, what are you expecting and what are you hoping for on thursday when we get the numbers for the second quarter. >> you heard of the no spin zone this is like the all spin zone, don't peon my head and tell me it's raining. it is not just our estimates looked "after the bell" today walmart reported earnings at mist expectation, the stock is down 9% the biggest drop since october of 1987. time and time again risa dichotomy is struggling it's the same biden white house they told us inflation would be transitory it turned out it wasn't transitory it's the worst in 40 years now they're saying don't worry about a recession, 60% of americans already think that we are in a recession their abating mushrooms or both. >> why are they saying spending is getting consumer confidence
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is high and people are fine when a vast majority of americans they see a downturn company they are spending less money and gifting into their savings air spending with cutter card to doing all sorts of bad things that are the precursor for real economic trouble. why is the white house telling us this. >> won't walmart be the first place that you go when you're not spending a lot of money people are even spending money at walmart. >> that's right people are cutting back, investors who towered dichotomy more cash anytime going crash of 2000 they are very concerned, it's not as everyday individuals, it's people like elon musk, jamie dimon, we are the economy, free americans are the economy yet 83% of american 30 cutting back on purchases and every day luxury and you might
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not see it in the numbers, the time washington gets around to it the pain will have passed and people are spending more, what are the reasons are spending more that inflation to essentially by now, less prices go up in the future, there is a sense by now before prices go up because we see them go up 8% a year under the biden economy. >> people are already conditioned to start hoarding during the pandemic. they are certainly in that mentality. if you think red meat and all sorts of groceries are going up you're going to put them in the deep-freeze now so you have something to eat during winter when prices really skyrocket. how soon. >> frankly we could be a long haul look at the history in the early 19 set entered somebody's interest rates were at 5% a decade later they were at 14%.
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were talking about a quarter-point or a three-quarter point hike from the federal reserve can fix inflation, the federal reserve got us into this if it's like the toothpaste, it cannot be stuffed back into the bottle. i'm fearful not just for consumers who are paying for it but investors. people are holding cash they are reluctant to invest in equity, the next facebook, amazon and google's are not being created because governments destroyed the money supply, confidence in the economy at large. >> in destroying the creativity that is necessary for people to create wealth for the first time in their lives. that is what we should be doing we should not be demonizing that but when you spend what you don't have you give people no choice, they have to cut back and shame on them they will pay for with their jobs in the majority, jonathan hoenig. >> we are paying for, everyday americans are paying for whether
7:22 pm
the government wants to admit it or not. >> taxation is theft. jonathan hoenig, thank you so much. coming up former vice president al gore going too far comparing climate deniers to you ball the texas cops. how low, i'll get into it in a moment. ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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7:27 pm
texas who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred, they heard the screams, they heard the gunshots and nobody step forward. >> joe biden is only former vice president expensive public cognitive did not enter decline. somehow gore thought re-traumatizing the poor families who lost their babies would get them to all by tesla's. how disgusting this overly emotional fear mongering does not change minds just demonstrates the speaker has lost his. gore went on to moan about the lack of congressional action but beating skeptical lawmakers with flimsy arguments has diminishing returns instead of assuming anyone who doesn't fully embrace climate orthodoxy is a murderous denier, why not assume people want to save the planet they just don't want to do so by
7:28 pm
destroying their livelihood and the academy in the process. prince albert talks about climate deniers when it's not clean energy that they fear, it's climate radical dirty politics, gore has torched so many strongmen there likely to spark wildfires in california then he has the good we nerds to say the climate crisis should not be a political football, he is indeed the tom brady of planetary hysteria we have seen all unimpressive stunts from green activist taking the slashing tires, shutting down freeways and gluing themselves to works of art international galleries why don't we kill two birds with one stone and glue themselves to put under private planes of hypocrites like albert gore, harry and meghan and john kerry, that is one airlift that might get attention. in the climate kooks to get a 20000-foot issue that they have clearly overblown. that is the memo.
7:29 pm
al gore is not the only one preaching this stuff. one cnn columnist say it's time to cut back on the air conditioning to save the climax. he wrote an opinion piece, a very european peace activism. over 100 degrees in some places. and this is not europe. well al gore and his climate conrad's ever go away. the party panel is back, steven l miller, richard fowler and olivia rondeau. not only was this disgusting, al gore has been wrong about almost everything. >> they are competing with the swedish teenager. a people gluing their faces to the mona lisa. it does not shock me that he went down this road but you're talking about a guy who seems out of his depth searching for the most shocking thing reading twitter and he loses the point, this is a guy in 2007 and his
7:30 pm
film accepted the noble peace prize in the polarized cap would be gone by 2013. as far as the climate aversion i think a lot of us will sympathize, when these people lecturing start acting like it, when president biden flies an hour and a half to give a climate speech that he could have given her resume at the white house, people see the stuff it makes everyone roll their eyes their their own worst enemies. >> richard there very dishonest about some of the facts when they talk about the climate, stop treating people as they hate the planet earth and they wanted all to go to hell in a smoking mask, they don't, people want clean air, they really want all of that but they've also been lied to the only way to have clean carbon non- admitting sources is through windmills and solar farms, that is not the case. nuclear energy in this country as possible.
7:31 pm
we should've been exploring the technology decades ago and that would empower tire grades while making the earth cleaner and sweeter. why are they lying about that. >> i think there is a couple of things. number what if you talk to business leaders the current president j.p. morgan gave a speech not too long ago and he talked about the approach, we can have cleaner forms of energy and at the same time we can also find a way to slowly but surely take down on fossil fuel, and i think if we both did at the same time. ideal comparing climate deniers to what happened to uvalde is rather despicable. the broader issue how do we work on dealing with the climate is getting hotter and we see this that most of america is under a heat wave right now because that same thing with the super storm, european heat waves and hotter
7:32 pm
than normal this july than any other july, john and various other things, there is more that we could do together to make sure the planet does not go into a -- >> stop it without language like that, this drives me crazy you can have a rational discussion about all of this stuff you could be honest with what the solutions are, give us aca entirely so you smell like a hobo's ass. maybe we allow companies to invent new things that make ac a little bit more to the environment but this atrocious activism is downright violent. >> exactly, the extremist are acting like the whole climate change denier thing is like a religious person calling somebody a blasphemous or hermetic, no one cares is starting to sound like a cult when people like al gore, honestly he's not a big brother but i don't even know why he said this to gain relevance that
7:33 pm
al gore compared this to horrible tragedies like mass shooting the elementary schools i also find that disgusting and why are we talking about the violent left and the violent extremist climate change believer is what they would say you are chaining themselves to doors in the starbucks counters and laded the middle-of-the-road, i don't know why were not talking about that. kennedy: let them lie down, that is fine. i saw bert enter varsity blues, the white house with the public dispute with nancy pelosi enter plan trip to taiwan. the speaker nancy last week she would visit solidarity with the u.s. backed republic prompting president biden to warn her that his advisors don't think it's a good idea. maybe he is right taiwan take day held drills in preparation for any chinese military action is the conflict about to pop off and should know know nancy say yes to a visit instead of tp
7:34 pm
deny on her husband paul who had his own troubles of late. i think she should go. >> i think she should go to i like that she's been stubborn about this. i think she should go and tell biden to blow off in biden is in a bind because china is ramping up aggression because they saw a catastrophic failure and people falling off airplanes, that embolden vladimir putin in china is sitting there taking notes over the whole thing. , i applied pelosi, i think he is good and i hope he doesn't back out of it and i'm kind of expecting. i'm kind of wondering why the white house as opposed to the so strongly i'm wondering what china has on biden, maybe as she taped. kennedy: richard why are they telling her no?
7:35 pm
she should go, we should be a little bit less predictable in our foreign policy. >> i'm not sure why, i think the speaker should go on this trip it's not the first aerobic trip she also took a trip to kyiv ukraine to visit zelenskyy. i also think the united states should reevaluate its one-time a policy and if you decide you're going to strike taiwan, we will strike you back, there has to be some sort of backbone but the start of the backbone is the speaker of the house going to taiwan. >> richard do you think poppa lucy is self-medicating because he misses her so much when he goes on these trips. >> i will not comment on that. >> you can, i don't mind. i don't even think where on tb. >> paul after a few mimosas in the morning what should i buy
7:36 pm
today i wonder if they will give me inside information. olivia, what do you make of this and what does it say about the state of freedom in our country? >> a few things i really agree with nancy pelosi, this i do agree so i commend her for taking such a strong anti-basically chinese overreach on taiwan stance. number two i also see where the government and the military are coming with the recommendation that she not go because china is ramping up their military services and today i believe they announced they would be able to think about responding forcefully but they said if the speaker made it to taiwan i do worry about her physical safety at this point but i do believe that partially on biden i take about three times since he's been in office he has misspoken against the one china policy that america has and i think we should reevaluate but he said he would stand up with taiwanese
7:37 pm
independence and block those comments back that's enough to make china pretty angry about american politicians and diplomats coming on over. lastly if i was near enter married to nancy pelosi i would probably get 50 duis to. kennedy: you would not even try to hide it. who is worse on china the president were lebron james. >> lebron james a moral coward that's probably what china would do when they talk about striking back, they would probably cut disney off and the rest of us would cheer what is disney going to do now or the mba, it is tough but i think it's important to read taiwan is a country and we should vote carrot top. >> that is right i'm glad you are listening to the first segment with bret baier he is the only pair that will not steal your honey and not ransacked your minivan. i'm not lying about any of that. richard would you go to taiwan right now. >> guess i would if i was on the
7:38 pm
congressional over base. kennedy: do you think she would invite you? >> she is listening. >> i think she would take numbers of the press, nancy pelosi is the best we seen, after the january 6 invasion she is a street fighter. >> the way she is president. >> i don't think she's getting run for president. >> i did ask is nancy pelosi going to run for president, i asked you which is she president and not joe biden. >> what you can see from the speaker. >> it needs to be carbon dated. >> nancy pelosi showed over and over again. >> nancy pelosi this is too young i have to seize myself or another 40 years. our right party panel, stephen, richard and olivia, what a night.
7:39 pm
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ask your doctor about once-daily zeposia. ♪ ♪. kennedy: elon musk is creeping on the dumbo he has broken more than just twitter according to the wall street journal the world's richest man having a fight off with the wife of google cofounder sergey brin the eighth richest man in the world causing the marriage to break up, they have been friends for decades, elon musk denied
7:44 pm
calling a character fascination in tweeting i've only seen her twice in three years both times many other people around. nothing romantic he later followed that up with i haven't even had sex. what you have here here with me in studio cohost of the fox news channel and fox nation host, kat timpf. this is pretty amazing, it was a short-lived riff according to sources at the wall street journal. she is attracted to billionaires. >> that would be a bummer to get busted for a short shrift you didn't even get it for that long. >> to think elon musk was just try to get her pregnant. >> probably. i think that's one of his hobbies some people like hockey and fishing and he likes to impregnate people. rich guy has an affair, a.k.a., who cares either way.
7:45 pm
i think what is interesting the way that he denies it he is the richest man in the world and he's like i'm good on the publicist for people to handle this i'm going to tweet about it myself all the livelong day. again i have a had sex in ages to some random person and some other random person not even on your vacation, :-( and he was like no, what are you doing. he is really, he does not have people drafting a statement the other rich guy accused of affairs normally do. >> i categorically deny. we are vigorously going to defend ourselves and we will be victorious there is something refreshing about that also when he says agents, i don't of his age and other people's agents are the same thing. years or a couple of days i don't know what your usual
7:46 pm
schedule is. you can't spell days without a schedule. >> there is a fascination because he is a fascinating person and whenever you reach this level you will have the stories. >> is richer than a lot of countries. >> yes he is, is he right is it a character assassination or has he lost his mind. >> i'm not exactly sure i don't know whether or not he did always do this but i think character assassination is not always a good thing but it is what happened 72 is impermissible part of a conversation the way the elon musk as. i would bet there are many men right at this very minute have a net fair, we don't care because are not elon musk that is part of it and he's going after it himself he is not worried about anyone else denying it for him he will talk to anybody all day long and if you question he will answer. >> that was back in december we would know if this was brin
7:47 pm
expecting twin. >> she's not pregnant with twins she probably did not have with elon musk. >> that's how powerful is multibillionaire sperm is. multiples. >> he does not just get someone pregnant one-sided time, that is amateur stuff and bill gates stuff, he is away more impregnation pro than that. do you think he closes a twitter deal? >> i think he might have to. i love this kind of energy. >> chaotic energy. >> she is kat timpf. thank you dear and we will watch him.felt tonight, fox news. the tropical storm is coming next.
7:48 pm
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kennedy: former new york city mayor bill de blasio has dropped out of his congressional race, he's planning to work with a nonprofit organization and probably getting a job at cnn. that is she had only defeat, this is the topical storm topic number one did you see the massive fist pump and magic kingdom of the line cutting.
7:52 pm
you could not do that at disney world, on the bright side light your indoor disney finally got some summer hits, this is a ten person brawl that broke out in the magic attraction at 3d musical experience with the best beats clearly happening outside the fight reportedly involved two different families punching, smacking, pulling here which is why they call disney this lobbyist place on earth, nowhere to be seen, that's what happened, in the end one family was banned from disney for life members are facing criminal charges but nothing compared to the charges that they face earlier that day for an order of chicken fingers and waffle fries had to take out second loan. topic number two, the 2022 look-alike contest in key west
7:53 pm
border. that is right is literally a bunch of old men in the sea. here we go that is john although, he won the contest. the runners-up throughout the u.s. the look-alike contest is the main advent at the key west hemingway a five day celebration of the great american author sounds like a pretty novel contest. it was sponsored by sloppy joe's bar a former speakeasy where hemingway got drunk during prohibition and he sometimes got so wasted he would empty his vowels all over the page, the celebration included a fishing tournament, paddleboard race and a sunset walk in honor of hemingway's favorite hobbies also where everyone in key west does every day. the size of the liver is bigger than the marvin, topic number three mug shot monday we meet a young whippersnapper who came to
7:54 pm
a fork in the road, 56-year-old lisa sloan allegedly seen wandering the parking lot of a florida supermarket highly intoxicated with the pitchfork in one hand and a black in the other, also known as indiana jones in for backstop police were called to the scene after they use the pitchfork to stab a minivan the parking lot and active vandalism he refused to drop the pitchfork and subdued by the police, kicking and screaming basically she was out of her mind charged with aggravated assault her bail was set at $2000 unfortunately she is still behind bars because the only type of bail she could raise was hey girl, topic number four. researchers at the university of texas, reportedly developed a mattress that can make you fall
7:55 pm
asleep, i prefer the hemingway message the mattress induced sleep by pulling out the center of your body while heating up your next head and feet if that does not work it will play the daily show trevor noah the temperature changes an increase of warmer areas of your body researchers say you feel sleepy, before you will be inspired by a previous finding that could be induced by taking a bath before bed that is why the last thing i look at every night is my queen base account. now the team is looking for a cash rich business partner worldwide i recommend elon musk, he will get anybody in bed. all right, dust off, monday,
7:56 pm
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thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day. tomorrow night on the show babylon both, nate ryan and katie pavlich, it's good to be a good tuesday, make every day a kennedy day, we will do it. chronic mispronunciation is just one more example of america's ongoing efforts to needlessly simplify the english language. i don't know about that. according to google, it was a british chemist named humphry davy who first called the stuff alumium because it occurred in a substance called alum. he then wrote a pretty famous book called, "elements of chemical philosophy," in which he changed both the spelling and the pronunciation to aluminum.


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