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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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has to stop. >> thank you for all your service and all the men and women in blue, thank you to you too . i'm liz mcdonald and you've been watching fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. mask mandates. once again rearing their stupid ugliness but this time some liberty lovers are fighting back. will they prevail with covid cases on the rise and numbers of states, counties and cities announce mandates might be coming back on the agenda and never mind they may not do anything and they've ruined the lives of children for years now. among the places looking to bring back the masks, you guessed it: la county. the department of health announcing indoor mask mandate
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could go into effect this friday but world famous beverly hills and famous for lamborghini and kardashian bottoms said no thanks. the city votes to not enforce a mandate should one from the county come down. the beverly hills mayor fully supports the move saying "our job is to be proactive, you see, and public about what we believe. this is a united city council and community that cares about health. we are not where with ryan in 2e need to move forward as a community and be part of the solution". preach on. finally somebody in the la area has some common sense they're operating with and has support from the county supervisor. that's shocking, who said, "i've not seen any imper cal data that shows masking mandates make a difference in decreasing or stopping covid-19 transmission rates. that is true. again, this is what leadership looks like. they're very lonely in southern
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california but people who have the courage to stand up to controlling fairists are few and far between anywhere in california, a state home to free thinkers one time. remember that? it was a long time ago. so you need proof we need more? look no further than san diego where the school board forced to kids to mask up in school. -z the school board president says if parents don't like it, they can eat glass. >> for those students and parents who don't want a wear a mask indoors in school, are there any other options for them? >> for the fall, there's some options. they can go to our school that's online. they can opt not to return to the regular school but go to the school where they don't have to go to school at all other than via zoom. >> yay learning loss and mental health crisis. great to have you back. same thing is happening in unexpected places like kentucky. parents there are fighting back and they're spitting mad.
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are we beginning to see the seeds of anti mask revolution? he's the host of adam cruel la show and author of the sixth brand new book, everything reminds me of something: advice, answers, but no apology. adam corolla joins the show. welcome, ace. >> good to see you, my friend. >> it is lovely to see you and i'm excited to have a nice chunk of time with you to talk about the things that are going on in southern california. you are a parent, you talk to parents. how are they meeting with the idea that there could be more mask mandates, not just in school but indoors every in la county. a very strong possibility. >> well, i think people have sort of hit their saturation level, at least some and others not. that's kind of the problem in los angeles and california cause we're like a super democrat majority, and they go who's
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making the call to do these things that don't make any sense? then you go, oh, it's one of us? well then we'll back it, which is a pretty intellectual bankrupt way to go through life. figure out if stuff makes sense or not and it's based in science and decides whether to do it or not. not just have your side mandating it and blindly backing it, which is basically how we roll in california. >> is it going to make a difference politically? when will california shift because there are republicans there, there are conservative there and libertarians there who are really sick of the mono-party system you just described. even as we're talking about president biden's mental decline, two of the names that keep popping up to replace him on the ticket in 2024 are gavin newsom and kamala harris. >> yeah. so combined zero iq.
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there's something wrong with both of them. there's something wrong with gavin newsom. i mean, there's just something wrong with him. i've had him in my studio before when he had the balls to come in and discuss and debate and i destroyed him and put on academic probation at a junior college. he's not going to fair well on a national stage. there's something wrong with him. he's a circle talker and probably circle other thinger as well. >> yeah, you can say it. >> circle jerker. >> what! not that, adam. >> i said it. you said to say it. >> i did. >> kamala harris is -- she talks in a circle -- she doesn't really talk in a circle. she talks in a linear kind of straight line, but it's the same word over and over again. i have no idea why either one of these two numb skulls thinks they're going to run for president, but that didn't stop joe biden.
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>> no, and there were plenty of people, even within the democrat party who were warning their fellow democrats this isn't going to end well. it was interesting because this weekend at the turning point student convention that they had in florida, gavin newsom, you know, obviously that's a very conservative convention, gavin newsom's name popped up as the biggest threat in the 2024 presidential field, which kind of shocked me because anyone who has lived in california. anyone's who's got a scintilla of rationality knows he's done so much to damage the state and republicans should be begging for him to run. >> yeah, i agree, but on the other hand, we live in a nutty enough time where who has horrible, horrible policies could beat someone who has horrible tweets and then we might be saddled with another four years of an insane person
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running the country. it is sad and weird and california has turned into such a mess and i've been here my entire life and, you know, i keep saying to people all the time: when is this going to end? they go, when we bottom out. i'm like, why do we always have to bottom out? how come we can't just see what direction we're going and stop. you know, your son has a problem with drugs. why do we have to wait till he flat lines to intervene? why can't we plan an intervention now? i never understand it. >> no, but that's such a good point, you know, it's like what they say, the going wisdom may not be the truth in order to get help as an addict, you have to bottom out. i don't think you have to barf on a stranger's baby in order to change your behavior so who would you like to see? if you had your ideal because you talk about politics a lot. you know, you're one of the few
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people who is escaping cancellation, and you've been incredibly honest and forthright with your opinions, which brings great joy to my heart but who would you like to see realistically. doesn't have to be president trump or michelle obama. who would you like to see do a better job running the country, and you can include yourself in you'd like to. >> yeah, so as far as who could do a better job than kamala harris, one of those plastic owls so seagulls don't crap on it would do better than kamala harris because it would just be a plastic owl with no policies. i'll bring up a name of a guy who asked me to testify in front of congress about three or four years ago: jim jordan. i love that guy and how straightforward he is, how he shows up with the stats, and i love how he brings it.
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he's not running, but i'll bring up the jim jordan. >> the only problem with jim jordan, which this may be an asset for a lot of people, he doesn't own a sport coat. doesn't own a blazer. >> that's true. that's true, but you also know he's not a nervous nelly. he doesn't pit out. you know what i mean? not a lot of politicians could go with a light blue shirt, no undershirt, no short coat, ask the tough questions in front of the lights and not completely and utterly just pit out on camera. >> do you think that's weird though? think that betrays some sort of physiological issue that would make him bad in a crisis? >> not owning a sport coat? >> no, not sweating. that's like -- remember prince andrew was like oh, i could not have had sex with that young woman because i don't sweat. yeah.
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>> no. by the way, i look at sweat as a hindrance when i'm trying to bed a young woman of age of course. but the point is i had never got that i don't sweat argument. all though i believe him because when you're being asked if you're a pedophile on camera and you're not sweating, probably means you don't sweat. >> it also probably allegedly means you're a pedophile. i don't have anything to back that up here, adam. i do hope that your book is phenomenally successful. i know you have the host downloaded -- most downloaded podcast in history according to geneses. begin miss. to what do you give credit to your illustrious career? >> well, i'd thank god but i'm an atheist or agnostic. i show up to work and talk and did it for free for the first year or so and never stopped doing it and never approach it
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any different way, and so i guess sort of early often consistency mixed with not apologizing and not sort of bending whatever my opinions are to the whims and ever changing whims of society. >> yep, the first time i heard you was on the mr. bertram on the world famous k rock and i was shocked you were not a 65-year-old contractor. thank you for defying expectations and being on this program, adam control low. corolla. >> thanks, kennedy. always a pleasure. >> you're the best, thank you. coming up, do you remember the financial crisis of 2008? the guy who predicted that has something to say about a looming recession. we have that discussion, next.
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omaha, i just got a call an audible every once in a while. president biden walting around the white house like everything is fine. but the guy that predicted the 2008 financial crash is mincing
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words coming our way. >> people say well, be short, shallow, mild, plain vanilla, garden variety. i beg to disagree. one of the many reasons we'll have a severe recession and financial crisis is the deal is short and shallow, it's totally dilutional. >> totally delusional. americans prepare for a severe recession. that sounds like a crap sandwich. is there anything our bumbling government can do to fight back? we're joined by the center of monetary and financial alternatives and the director there, norbram michelle is back. >> hi, kennedy. >> he was the only guy running around in 2008 saying we're headed to hell on the fast track and says the recession is going to be so bad, you're going to be sick of bad recession. >> well, first of all, yeah, no, don't give him so much credit. he didn't predict the day it
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would start and exactly how. lots of people were talking about things we were doing financially, how they were going to end badly and lots of people were right about that. i don't want to give him so much credit. in terms of being dr. doom now, i really don't think there's any reason to do that. there's lots of good signs. aside from that, you know, the truth is we're not -- we don't have any good thing to compare to. if you look at what's happened over these last couple of years with the covid pandemic and the government imposed shut downs, the incredible drop in demand and the incredible snap back in spending, along with these really bad supply constraints, there's nothing in the historical record that we can compare this to. that's a really big problem for trying to forecast a recession or anything else economic because you need historical data, and we really don't have
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comparable historic day that . tafanely. >> so two -- data. >> that's been the historical definition for a recession and we'll know in two days if we have met that so even if we did in the second quarter shrink, does that not necessarily mean a recession in your eyes, and what does it mean? >> it does not necessarily mean a recession. the truth is there's no standard definition of a recession. it's kind of whatever the nber says it is. there have been consecutive declines in gdp five times since 1947, we've had 12 recessions. it doesn't mean we have to. they haven't always proceeded the recession either. that's important. they -- the nbdr looks at depths and duration and fusion of the economic activity and there's
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really many good signs and industrial production, the index for industrial production is an output measure is up above the pre-pandemic level. job opens are really strong. lots of companies looking to hire people. household balance sheets, very strong. household debt to gdp, all time low. so there are lots of reasons -- i'm not naming all of them. to not be so negative and to recognize that what we're coming out of is absolutely anomalous and we should be patient and let some of these things filter out government policy wise, we should be doing anything and everything we can so that people, businesses, business owners can produce and supply as many goods and services as possible. >> doesn't that mean the government doing less? because what they have done -- >> it does. >> if you have the best case
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scenario, which you are kind of talking about is we've got these things that are really strong. and you've got $15 trillion in debt that americans have racked up in housing and credit card and student loans and everything else, and the fact that 82% of people say that they are feeling the economic pinch and they are spending less. so they're kind of in the middle, and then you have nueriel saying the earth will seize to spin because the global recession is going to be so bad. so where are we and what can the government do about it short of doing nothing? >> i think that's the first time i've ever been accused of parroting janet yellen. >> you guys are putting out the same vibe right now. >> no, no, there's lots of reasons to not be -- >> you're both wearing black
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shirts and blasting had the office. >> fair. there's many reasons not to be so doom and gloom, but there are also lots of things that the government can do to step back and get out of the way. lifting restrictions so that we can produce more energy, more oil, more gas, open up more refineries. all kinds of trade restrictions, nontariff and tariffs -- >> that's great but the administration won't do that because it would be admitting everything they did up to this point was wrong, and a lot has been wrong and bad, especially the wreckless deficit spend -- reckless deficit spending as they're a bunch of modern monetary theorists and it's dangerous. i don't know where the plane is going to land. after talking to you, i don't know where the plane will land. i don't trust this administration to land the plane. after talking to you, i feel better and after this i'm going to go out and buy a lamborghini. thank you for that. >> can i get a ride?
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>> yes, absolutely you can. you can get a ride. it's a two seater. you can get a ride but you're buying the fire ball. thank you. buy norbert. >> bye. coming up, donald trump and mike pence in dc with competing speaks. could this be a preview of the 2024 republican primary race and how will january 6 and the hearing factor into it? the party panel arrives and weighs in next.
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he's back. former president trump today returning to dc for the first time since he left office. he gave what pretty much sounded like a trump stump speech. watch. >> very simply we had made america great again. we've made it great again, and we did it by putting workers first, by putting families first, then above all by putting
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america first. but now our country has been brought to its knees. democrat run cities are setting all-time murder records. our country is being dealt one historic humiliation after another on the world stage. and at home our most basic rights and lickerties are totally -- liberties are totally undersiege. >> it wasn't just trump in dc. guess who else is there? mike pence. he gave a competing speech just hours before appearing to distance himself from 45 saying they differ on focus. political analysts expect trump and pence both to run in 2024. who has the leg up and will january 6 play into any of this? let's get into tonight's party panel from american majority serving as ceo, former george w. bush ned ryan is here and deputy spokesperson fox news contributor and one day we'll all be part of the big 10 maria
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harp is back and for economic education policy correspondent and baits politics cofounder, very busy, brad polumbo. welcome, everyone. ned, i know the hard core trump supporters want the former president to run. how much have the january 6 hearings hurt voters who like his policies but were put off by his behavior? >> zero. no, i mean, kennedy, you're going to have negligible effects and probably not top 10, 15, or top 20 for most of the voters. when you look at what's important to them, it's inflation, it's gas prices, it's grocery prices and all the things that are impacting their daily lives. january 6 is only really important to those inside the corridor and the only impact the january 6 committee has on any
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actions will be to put the final nail in the coffin of liz cheyney's political career. talking about trump and pence being an equal contest as though pence can compete against trump, it's 800-pound gorilla versus a political pygmy. kind of adorable but not close. >> or david versus go riot and maybe pence has the rock that shatters trump mystique. i don't think pence is the guy. but when democrats look at the field that will start collect very shortly and i think even if the former president runs again, there'll be other republicans who want to elbow him out of the way, who are democrats most worried about? are they worried about a resurgence of trump and miraculous re-branding? >> well, i'm worried about a resurgence of donald trump because i'm worried about what he would do to our democracy, which is already in a pretty
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perilous state right now. we've heard the justice department, being reported by another outlet, the justice department is investigating donald trump. there's so much noise out there about trump, we've seen in polls that people like ron desantis for example, they're really -- their stock is going up in polls. voters may not say january 6 matters to them but i think, donald trump, yes, he's polling well in the republican party but he's not alone there. i think that the fact that people like ron desantis and others are starting to gain ground on him shows that i think a lot of republican voters are sick of this circus that surrounds donald trump. you're only going to hear more about that as the january 6 committee does its work, and i think that it will have an impact but look, i think trump is probably going to run again. he basically said that today and democrats would love it if he announced before the midterms. what he does is drive
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independence and swing districts into the democratic column. please announce, donald trump. >> i also think he's going to run again but, you know, brad, if he can't muster up the discipline to stay on message and, you know, the message that he had today, that's the one that resinates with voters. you know, before the pandemic, where were you? where was the stock market and business and gas prices? where were regulations and taxes and all of those things, those are valid issues but when he starts talking about, you know, stop the steal and all that stuff, he loses a lot of people. is it possible to have the policy successes with a different politician? >> i think it is and i think it has to because you're exactly right, that's where he loses me and talks about crime and the economy and saying good stuff but donald trump can't help himself, and i think with him and pence, we're seeing a dichotomy here. really two stark differences.
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trump can't get over the fact he lost the 2020 election. it wasn't stolen from him, but he's just got too big an ego to ever acknowledge that, and he's going to continue to be a backwards looking candidate. if he runs again and mike pence is out here, you know, i have a lot of disagreements with mike pence, but he stood up to the constitution and the rule of law when he refused to overthrow the election for donald trump in a way that he had no legal authority to do, and he's talking about the future. the add general data committee that republicans -- agenda that republicans need to focus on: lowering tax, solving inflation, unleashing american energy, and donald trump can't get over the past and that's going to plague him. he's got lots of support, don't get me wrong. he's a political phenomenon, but another candidate with a lot of the same policy ideas could ultimately be much better for the country. >> i do think that we need a cognitive function test for whoever gets the nomination, maybe even before that .
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maybe whoever decides to run, they need to take some serious psychological exams because we need to bead out the decline and crazy. one thing former president trump got right was of course operation what were speed developing covid vaccines and getting them out to the public raise quickly as pub and cutting red tape and getting the fda out of the way. now with monkey pox on the rise, will president biden follow that winning play book. there's 134,000 monkey pox cases in the u.s. and even more worldwide and there's a global health emergency. will the u.s. declare one as well? touch to anthony fauci, the killer of this show, was asked about just that today. >> the who as we noted declared a emergency. should the united states declare a public health emergency on that? >> i'm not going to get ahead of that. that's something obviously on the active conversation --
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consideration but i don't want to give a opinion till we sit with the team and talk about that. that would not be appropriate. >> he's going to stretch this whole thing out as long as possible so he can cling to power. will the administration get this under control or is it monk iowa hawkeyes see, monkey don't,peopi seriously these days. it's unbelievable. you do you, boo. as for monkey pox, i think there's a pretty good rule in life, don't attend gay orgies. when you look at new england journal's report of -- >> come on, ned. come on, man. >> not about gay. >> how about any orgies. >> look at nbc report on friday and 528 cases they reified view issue reviewed, 98% were sex between men. this is a serious conversation on when this is coming from. when i'm done, brad, you can
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talk. instead of going crazy and declaring a national pandemic with 3,000 people having it, that's insane. >> don't have to be gay to get monkey pox and don't have to be bigoted when you talk about treating something that's that easily spread. >> it's not bigoted. >> yeah, it is. >> this is science. 95% of the cases from the new england journaling have reported -- >> i'm going to let brad report. brad, we have 392 doses and the united states in denmark, where the smallpox and monkey pox vaccine is manufacturerred and they were ready to go but because this has been an issue for more men in the gay community, it seems like it has been lower on the priority list. brad. >> yeah, look, ned is right when he says monkey pox right now is mostly affecting gay men. the problem is that public health wise, not going to or jim orgies in general is a good
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policy to not get sexually tank mitted diseases. we have to be careful about with the aids -- we got to be careful about that and back to the main topic here, we've got to be very careful about these emergency powers. we saw with covid how these were abused. we saw with 9/11 and the patriot act and with donald trump declaring a border emergency to fund his wall he couldn't get congress to mass. measuring powers, we shouldn't be talk about using them again, especially with something with only a few thousand cases where there's already a vaccine people should look into if they're at risk but take emergency powers off of the books once and for all the. >> how many communities, gay, straight, or otherwise have been harmed by the government taking so much control in the life and the economy to brad's point. marie. >> well, look, there's some things that in a public health emergency that doesn't respect state boarders for example that
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the government can do well. one of the things i think is a more coordinated effort across the country to a variety of populations to get them vaccinated. we know that this smallpox vaccine works. it's been really, you know, very hit or miss depending on the city and the websites not doing well in cities like new york and dc -- >> the fda has not been doing well. >> so i think we do need coordinated action to help people get tested. we know it's very hard to get tested for monkey pox right now. to get tested and get vaccinated, and that kind of, i will use the term bigoted language, that makes it seem like the only people that get this are from one group of americans. guess what? gay men have friends and family members and colleagues and this is not just transmitted through sexual activity but close contact. you don't fight diseases and glad brought up hiv/aids. you don't fight diseases by caricaturing the people who debt them at one point in time but
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through a whole host of campaigns but the government can play a role in making some of this easier and i hope they do because it's a public health emergency right now. >> in getting access to the vaccines and distributing them, the fda has been shameful and shame on them for not going to the facilities where they're already in viles and ready to go and ready to ship. but just like with the baby formula crisis, the fda decided to step in and prolong things maybe because it is a community that is seen as lesser than. why not just get the viles here and to people who need them, and stop worrying about controlling the rest of our lives. ned, marie, and brad, thank you all so much. >> thank you, kennedy. >> thank you, dear. coming up, when you go vacation abroad, do you follow the laws? so high-profile cases suggest
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you probably should and one could play a role in world war iii. mike chase is here to discuss next.
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britney griner is still where she is, otto warmbier ended up staying where he
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was with very tragic results. >> not the united states, and you know you have pointed out, diplomatic channels, they ground into action, very slowly. unfortunately, just because it is the united states you take it for granted does not mean that president and secretary of state will wave amagic wand. we're in a proxy war with russia right now, which exacerbates britney griner's case. i hope the jury believes her, she is going to be a pawn on this. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> topical storm is next. i have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.
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we're here today to set the record straight about dupuytren's contracture. surgery is not your only treatment option. people may think their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn't. visit today to get started. >> a new report claims china is working to combine elements of disney stories with chinese culture. get ready for mickey mao and donald duck sauce, that is writing chinese characters, this is the topical storm,
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one. a folk -- i feel like i'm saying that in a dirty way, folk music festival in rhode island used bicycles to power its sound system, let's look. this was scene at newport folk festival, riders turned their kenneth engineer to look boogie-woogie, i can't believe they would consider riding a bicycle after one of them assaulted our president. each concertgoer is asked to take turns pedaling to generate power, the power supplemented by solar panels, to keep microphone on that, is okay too, no one wants to hear folk music. folk yeah. no one. topic two. my ears are bleeding from that bit. >> klondike discontinued
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you eat the shorter your life gets, it. it is not easy -- the prize will go to the person who getting a foot long subway sandwich tattooed on their chest or back. be honest, you heard of a tramp stamp, this is a trash rash. also known as a body fart. yeah, this is say great way to let people know you love subway. not the tattoo, i mean the smell of you eating it every day, it the be inked by renowned artist as a subway block party in las vegas, marrying a hooker is no longer the worst decision you could make it las vegas, easiest way to get a brand on your chest to date kim kardashian. anyone can now. >> topic 4 han -- hanso low blaster gun from "star wars"
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is going up for auction, the pistol actually held up by harrison ford, more than i could say for his airplanes its are used to rescue princess leia and in famous cantina shootout, only hollywood relic been fired more than charlie sheen, if you want the blast from the past, you need a lot of credits, they could they will sell for a half million, only person that i know who spends that kind of money on old guns that don't work, is president zelenskyy, good job, tickle me tuesday joke. you get punch line on twitter, don't look it up. what is the difference between a hippo and a zippo? the answer is next.
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>> we made it to tickle me tuesday, here is your patient ticket, what is the difference between a hippo and a zippo one's a little lighter. >> that is why they pay you the big bucks. >> make it rain. hit the zippo, la, la,
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janet, matt, tom got to right on twitter. twit. >> happy birthday to mick jagger. >> how weak can we make this vehicle and still have it doing it job? >> a puzzle inside a puzzle. 180 degrees opposite what you would see in a conventional vehicle. >> back room >> they were butting heads and arguing. >> heart stopping drama. >> the whole planet was watching this thing happen. >> only vehicle to land on anot


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