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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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four megamillions jackpots were won this year in tennessee, california, new york and minnesota. one will be woken in my house, i hope. i have got five tickets. that does it for "fox business tonight." i'm sean duffy, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: happening right now, the fight over the u.s. economy. democrats are now attacking the federal reserve for hiking interest rates again to fight inflation that has been fueled by government spending. is this why the white house is ferociously battling against tomorrow's new gdp report, likely showing we are in recession? it what ticks off a downturn, layoffs. this as a new cnn poll, 75% of democrats say president biden you had should not run again. with us tonight, senator of senator ron johnson, james
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comer, nicole malliotakis, tony gonzalez, economic pro steve moore, energy expert daniel turner and fox news contributor joe concha. backlash against white house victory lap on falling gas prices. biden enacted his own personal bailout draining for strategic reserves you pay for in order to stop his bad poll numbers. new fbi information, what the man charged with attempting to assassinate supreme court justice kavanaugh was doing on the internet to follow through on that threat. attorney general garland criticized for downplaying rising u.s. crime as just a quote, considerable concern. the gop just took their probe into hunter biden next level. we got it. and why senator ron johnson says that special counsel is needed now. the fbi is so politicized it tried to bury hunter biden's potential crimes as, disinformation. plus sabotage, a senate probe into the biden as dubious
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deal-making overseas. and this, dozens of state state attorneys general, sue the administration for trying to block federal school lunch if school do not enforce the white house gender identity agenda. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we begin with stocks in the green, holding on to solid gains. the federal reserve again raised interest rates 3 have 4 of a point to a range of two 2.25 and 2 1/2%. the senate passed a 2,830,000,000,000-dollar chips and -- $280 billion chip and science act. this is going on too, senator elizabeth warren ripping into the fed for raising interest rates, saying this could push the u.s. into recession.
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bank of america said the fed could cut rates next year. edward lawrence is at the federal reserve in washington with more. reporter: well, liz, the second shoe dropped on the critical piece of information on economy coming this week. again the second one. we got what we expected. 75 basis points or 3/4 of a percent increase. anyone wanting to buy a car or house will be expensive to pay the loan back. adjustable mortgages will reset. this is big move for the federal reserve that had rates at zero beginning of this year. still the fed chairman taking a message from the white house that we're not in recession. >> this is a very strong labor market, not consistent with 2.7 million people hired in the first half of the we're, it doesn't make sense that the economy would be in recession with this kind of thing happening. i don't think the u.s. economy in recession right now. reporter: he does say the
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slowdown in the second quarter is notable and they're watching it. market shot up when the fed chairman said he believes within the rate hike they're in the range they want to be. it could signal for a pause of a future rate hike coming possibly in september. we know the critical information we get tomorrow, the last of the big three is gdp number. that comes out again on thursday morning. liz? elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. great reporting. welcome back to the show from house oversight congressman james comer along with former economic advisor to president trump, steve moore. pleasure to have you both on. thank you so much for joining us the two of you. good to sue. congressman, reaction to the fed rate hike. democrats are really angry about it. will this fix problems with u.s. energy and supply chain crisis? >> well, no. the problem here is the democrats have spent too much money. there has been too much stimulus. interest rates were honestly probably too low for too long but at the end of the day there is too much money spent in the name of covid, in the name of
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stimulus. so the only way to combat inflation which is a result of overspending is to increase rates. for the fed to do it again after they raised rates 3/4 of a percent, it shows how serious they think inflation is. we're probably going to see double-digit inflation in the next month or so. i hope that starts to do something to tame inflation but, you know we heard just now that the senate may be doing the "build back better" now again. that is just going to create more inflation. more spending leads to more inflation. elizabeth: steve, to the congressman's point we're seeing u.s. cities already seeing 10% inflation. steve, we've got congressional staffers focused on this, a sit-in at senator schumer's office to protest climate change. the reports it may disrupt congress' annual baseball game tomorrow night. what do you think we'll see tomorrow with the gdp read? you said biden's poll numbers are on the economy are worse than jimmy carter's.
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what is your take on everything going on? >> i think we'll be slightly negative in the quarter, second quarter. maybe somewhere between zero and negative 1.5%. that is on top of negative 1.5% or so in the first quarter. it is not the end of the world but it's a recession if you have two straight quarters of negative growth, that is a recession. i think it is more, liz, that we're facing right now is what i call a cost of living recession. it is not that there are not enough jobs and it is not even that there is not enough production of goods and services. that workers are just getting crushed, just getting crushed. we stilt at the heritage foundation that the average worker has lost about $4,000 relative to inflation in the last year. that is gigantic decline. then you look at all these other indicators, liz, that you guys have been reporting on. consumer confidence, 40-year low. small business confidence is dwindling. people have lost huge amounts of money in the stock market. i don't understand how the fed
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is so, that was a pretty rosy scenario they were placing out there. the key point people have to pay attention to as the markets were, the markets are addicted like crack cocaine to the low interest rates, the betting is federal reserve board will lower interest rates in 2023. that's crazy! elizabeth: what steve is saying, congressman, this is the return to normal biden campaigned on? they're denigrating bad economic reports as old news while whipping up anything positive like 40-cent drop in gas. they're doing misleading without the misinformation board. 75% of democrats don't want biden to run again, 75% of democrats unage 30. when will we get back to the normal in the economy. >> i'm afraid we're not getting back to normal as long as
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joe biden is mt. and pelosi and schumer in charge of congress. 75% don't want joe biden to run, 100% of joe biden to run. the problem he is the best they have. bad policy mixed with overspending you will get inflation. workers first time in their lives they have not experienced inflation and they don't like it. they know it is responsible from biden. elizabeth: jared bernstein said two quarters of negative gdp is not a recession. he said, yeah, that is a recession. he said that back in 2019. watch this. >> well the definition is really crossing zero but i take your point. i think if, you know, people will feel a gdpdown shift from 3 2%. >> the president's policies. >> idea of two quarters of negative gdp is technical definition of a recession is wrong. elizabeth: you see that? he went after trump, right?
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saying we're basically trying to say we're in recession. now says we're not. past 10 times the u.s. have had two straight quarters of economy shrinking recession was declared. what is he talking about? >> look, by the way that recession he was talking about under trump when we have had covid and we shut down the economy. if trump were -- elizabeth: defend 19. he said that in 2019. >> the economy was strong. are you kidding me. we had huge wage gains. here's my frustration, liz. if trump were president today we wouldn't be talking about a recession, are you kidding me? we would be talking about huge growth rates of five or 6%. look, the problem right now is, the congressman said, we need to be cutting government spending and when congress yesterday, the senate on bipartisan basis passed this absurd 200 billion-dollar corporate welfare bill, and now i just got news an hour ago, liz, you just reported, maybe joe manchin has a deal with chuck schumer to
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raise taxes on our businesses. this is crazy. this is exactly the wrong thing to be doing now. elizabeth: they're doing the exact, this is economic malpractice, congressman. >> right. elizabeth: that is economic malpractice, raising taxes while raising rates. do they really want, do they really want to take the economy? what is wrong with them? >> you know the democrats really believe that they can create some kind of a green new deal utopia. they believe there will be a little pain but the average american consumer can handle it if the government spends more money, subsidizes them, gives them more subsidies. it is not going to work. elizabeth: gets my irish up. sorry. >> germany tried that. it didn't work out so well. germany abandoned it. elizabeth: watch senator john kennedy, what is going on. listen to this. >> just today the democrats with republican support spent $300 billion, giving a subsidy to big tech this. is all outside of our budget.
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and this money does not come from leprechauns and it's causing inflation. after 18 months we know what president biden stands for. he believes in bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation, open borders, weaker military, and turning cops into social workers. those policies have hurt the american people deeply. but in no respect, none has president biden hurt the american people more than in their pocketbooks. and i'm talking about inflation. >> sit tight, steve moore. let's end on a happy note. watch late night make fun of the white house saying there is no recession. watch this. >> now if you don't mind we're going to get to the news. president biden said yesterday that he doesn't think the country is going into a recession and added quote, god willing. all right, well, god willing
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kind of undercuts the first part. that is like saying of course i'm good to drive, god willing. >> today doctor said his symptoms are now almost completely resolved. [applause] biden staff just to be safe, keep him isolated until 2025. >> pretty funny stuff. your final word, steve moore. >> you know is in trouble when the late-night comics are making fun of him. that is something they wouldn't have done a year ago. we have a lot of work to do. congressman, you know this. we have to start cutting government spending not adding it. get the economy moving again, that starts after the november election. elizabeth: cutting taxes, hope, optimism. this is the best economy in the world. we'll get out of it. it is leadership problems. congressman james comer, steve moore, thanks for joining us, good to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: we have dozens of state attorneys general suing the white house for threatening to block government money for
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school lunches if schools do not enforce the white house's gender identity agenda. we're on it. plus a new fbi search warrant reveals bombshell online postings of a man charged with intending to assassinate justice kavanaugh. fight among democrats on their weak on crime push, literally setting free criminals with no-cash bail. congresswoman nicole malliotakis will take it on next on "the evening edit." >> how many more police officers need to be shot, how many more need to be killed before our politicians start taking action because the time to act is now? ♪.
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assassin equipment this is way more serious than people maybe realize. >> yeah, obviously it is very serious and it's a shame that it took so long for congress to act to make sure we gave justices the protection that they need. serious, this obviously needs to be taken very seriously by the department of justice. we need to make sure that any threats against, against congress, against members of the supreme court, are taken seriously. look, the democrats have emboldened people to act, that is the bottom line here. they encouraged violence. they are releasing people back on to our streets and they created an environment where people feel like they can get away with this type of activity. it is wrong and we need to hold not only those who make threats and commit crimes accountable but we also need to have investigation into the breach that started this whole thing. elizabeth: we haven't heard to leaked it. >> no answers yet from congress or any attempts at a hearing
6:19 pm
here to get the bottom of -- elizabeth: there is no way, there is no way any party in the united states can be, can succeed if they're thought to be normalizing violence. there is no way any political party succeeds. in just a week's time, you had an assault on new york congressman lee zeldin, a vicious attack on a new york city police officer, both were set free on no-cash bail. you have that going on in new york and you have some side rates in america's 50 most populated cities up 18% since 2020. that is from wallet hub. predominantly democrat-run cities and the number of cases that are being solved and arrests made plummeting to about 50%. it was 90% in the '60s, congresswoman. >> 3/4 of new yorkers say public safety is the number one issue for them. democrats recently started to
6:20 pm
back away from the defund the police movement. but when it comes to actual policies, releasing individuals back on to our street, repeat offenders, like the ones that you mentioned, we had somebody who was on the street in the bronx, who was charged with attempted murder three times with the most recent incident being in july. that is outrageous, that we're even allowing this to happen. it is the governor who refuses to fix bail laws. woke prosecutors refuse to charge these criminals, even lenient judges prosecutors ask them to be held, release them on the street. elizabeth: democrats in new york, democrats in other cities are saying to their governors and legislators what are you doing defunding cops when the border is collapsing? new york city mayor eric adams, saying the governor of new york, hold emergency legislative session to stop what you're doing. she won't do it. i want you, congresswoman to weigh in on this.
6:21 pm
u.s. attorney general merrick garland talking about u.s. crime. watch. >> i think violent crime is a matter of considerable concern for the country and to the justice department as it should be. elizabeth: you know the justice department officials themselves call it a crisis or a crime wave. it is like the border is just a challenge. it is just a matter of considerable concern that u.s. homicide rates rose to record levels not seen in generations? people are murdered, cops assaulted by repeat felons let out of jail due to weak-on-crime policies and defunding police? >> you mentioned the open borders. to give you a perfect example how this policy coupled with the bail laws that are disaster for communities like mine, there was an arrest made in new york, $1.2 million of meth. these were mexican cartels traffickers who were caught, guess what? they were released back on to the street because of new york's bail laws. so that just shows you how it is a disaster, policies of the democrats on the federal level,
6:22 pm
coupled with what is happening in our states. fentanyl is on the rise, 1845-year-olds, lead cause of death yet this administration is allowing it to happen. elizabeth: wow. congresswoman, nicole malliotakis, pleasure to have you on. thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: gop took their probe into hunter biden next level and why senator ron johnson says special counsel is needed now. the fbi is so politicized they tried to bury hunter biden's potential crimes as quote disinformation. plus sabotage of a senate probe exposing the biden's dubious overseas deal-making right before the election. senator johnson joins us next on "the evening edit." >> back in august of 2020, now that was when the fbi, these rogue elements it seems, within the fbi who were trying to obstruct their investigations and also, who buried other
6:23 pm
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to the history, the culture, the flavors, a serene river voyage on an elegant viking longship. learn more at ♪. elizabeth: joining us now, senator ron johnson. so good to have you on. we're perplexed, looking through everything that is going on. recap for the viewers, senator. the doj whistle-blower senator
6:27 pm
grassley said told him fbi headquarters in d.c., in august of 2020 buried and blocked, verified, and verifiable evidence about hunter biden's alleged crimes as disinformation before the election but that same month why did the fbi debrief you and senator grassley about this disinformation? did you ask for that? who ordered that? who leaked it to "the washington post" later on? >> we absolutely did not ask for that briefing. i knew it was a set-up at the time because they wouldn't tell us the intelligence behind what they're telling us we already knew. later they leaked that fact that we were, that i was briefed in march of 2021 to smear me. from my standpoint, we were briefed there was all this russian disinformation. i actually held a hearing in senate foreign relations subcommittee on europe in 2015 by russian disinformation. i'm well aware of it. i didn't need a briefing that
6:28 pm
was really meant to smear and marginalize our report which we issued in september. so i think, first of all, let me thank the whistle-blowers for coming forward. i see some other whistle-blowers came forward to a news outlet saying the department of justice, the attorney general, the u.s. attorney in delaware, that office doesn't have anywhere near the resources and capability to do the hunter biden investigation. so fortunately people are now coming out and telling their stories because i think they're probably pretty concerned about the lack of integrity, loss of credibility of the fbi and department of justice. that is a good thing. elizabeth: seriously the delaware u.s. attorney is not up to this job of probing hunter biden's alleged tax evasion, money laundering and foreign lobbying violations? >> that is what some whistle-blowers to a news outlet are saying. remember the fbi had hunter biden's computer in december of 2019.
6:29 pm
we get briefed in august. we issue our report in september. the next day mr. mcisaac offer us his computer but because we did our due diligence, we went to the fbi. it could have been stolen property. might have been russian misinformation. it seemed like odd story. the fbi should have told us they already had it. they didn't. they covered it up from us and mr. mcisaac cot impatient to release it to "the new york post." go ahead ahead. elizabeth: these were the same guys that were on the trump-russia probe. they were meeting allegedly with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and adam schiff and then saying well, this hunter biden stuff is russian disinformation. then all of that leaks. it sabotages your probe into hunter biden. he was connected to, you say, eastern sex trafficking rings, eastern europe in eastern europe and more, right? there are national security issues here.
6:30 pm
but they're stonewalling, doing their own digs -- disinformation on it. >> with all the talk of russian disinformation we had senior democrats creating intelligence product, classified leak to the media accused senator grassley and i disseminating russian disinformation. a couple hundred news stories marginalizing our report. nothing has been proven inaccurate. this is u.s. records based on interviews with u.s. government officials. this is an effort, apparently began in august of 2020 when we got the briefing and continued at least until march of 2021 when that briefing was leaked to "the washington post" in an article that was used to smear me. so again -- elizabeth: like fbi was weaponized against a sitting member of the senate. now you have james comer, the congressman is saying biden's treasury department is blocking details about 150 financial transactions, suspicious
6:31 pm
activity reports involving the biden's global business deals overseas, red flagged by u.s. banks and u.s. treasury and now he is going directly to hunter biden's financial advisors to get details about that because biden's treasury department is stonewalling. >> elizabeth, this could be the greatest scandal, the greatest episode of corruption, executive branch against congress in u.s. history. i mean you got the fbi, the federal law enforcement agency, obstructing congressional oversight, congressional investigations, smearing us, can it get much worse than that? elizabeth: so we'll stay on the story. just astounding that, you know, this feels like tip of the iceberg stuff, senator. final word? >> i think it may be. again i don't have all the answers on this. i have a lot of smoke. we need to find out where the fire is. i've been suspicious of this obviously for years because we've been lied about, falsely
6:32 pm
accused, media picked up on it. face it, we have 51 intelligence operatives, officials from the u.s. claimed that the russian, that the hunter biden computer had all the earmarks of a russian information campaign which also marginalized that. elizabeth: now the silence is deafening from them. it is like crickets. good to have you on. have a good afternoon. >> good evening. >> startling report on amount of money human traffickers earn every year in the biden border crisis. blow back of biden victory lap of falling gas prices. biden using his own personal bailout, draining our strategic reserves to bail out his own poll numbers.
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now the executive director of power the future, energy pro daniel turner. great to have you back on. okay, the president has been using the strategic petroleum
6:37 pm
reserves as his personal bailout to stop his polls dropping. it is meant for hurricanes and natural disasters, not political disasters. he is bringing the level down to 1985 levels. what do you say to this story? >> well it's pretty remarkable that the petroleum reserves were filled when oil was around $60 a barrel. a lot of it was sold at 120. now if that was a business transaction you would say you made a very good profit margin. now he will refill the reserves at $100 a barrel. we're at 40-dollar a barrel loss. where does the loss hit? it hits taxpayers. it is energy ignorance. it is also economic ignorance. there was no reason to use oil from the strategic reserves. like you said it is for emergency purposes. it is not a hedge for oil prices or a hedge for bad polling numbers. elizabeth: white house said it will ask u.s. drillers to help stock u.s. reserves, what do you say to that?
6:38 pm
buying oil from u.s. drillers at a preset price? u.s. oil production is 9% bee lowe prepandemic levels after the white house just went after u.s. energy. what do you think of this new move? >> well i think price fixing is always a losing strategy, right? for the white house to say they want a preset price for crude, it is never going to end well. it will eventually drive back up prices but this nonsense somehow the oil and gas i will consider something not producing that we're not producing enough, we're holding on to leases comes from a lot of chaos we see in the white house when it comes to messaging. are high prices prices price of putin's war? are high prices cost of covid and supply chain problems? or are high prices the cost of freed and profiteering? we heard all the messages, depending on what day it is the white house has a new pivot. to say you need to produce more, it is not the same consistent messaging and boy, that reflects in these terrible poll numbers
6:39 pm
because the american people are frustrated. elizabeth: to your point, we'll now show the viewer the messaging you pointed out. whene credit. watch this. president biden: inflation was a consequence of putin's price hike because of impact on gas and energy prices. >> putin price hike. >> putin price hike. president biden: putin's price hike hitting america hard. oil companies. shipping companies. republicans in congress are doing everything they can to my plan to bring down cost. >> this price increase is due to putin's tax hike. >> gas prices have been declining across the country. so exciting grace. >> average american driver will spend about $25 per month less on gasoline than they would have if prices had stayed at their june peak. elizabeth: is gas going down because of what the white house is doing, daniel? >> no. gas is coming down, prices only
6:40 pm
come down one of two reasons economically. one if supply is increased. two if demand decreases. demand is decreases. no matter how we define the word recession or whether or not the white house faces economic hardships americans are facing there is significant demand decrease. your own network people were filling up half their tank because prices were so high. as demand decreases prices are going to start coming down that means we're in economic hardship. joe biden can own all of that 100%. that is something he totally is responsible for. he owns it. elizabeth: we've got u.s. oil and gas producers, refiners, retailers, they say we operate in markets that block unfair pricing. there has never been any evidence of oil and gas pricing engaging in collusion and price gauging to profit off the current crisis. we saw the obama administration try to make the same allegations. that is rhetoric. never follow through, never come through with evidence that is going on.
6:41 pm
>> no. remember a lot of members of the democrats in congress also said this about the meat industry, the dairy industry. they accused everyone much price gouging because they don't want to admit their economic policies have driven up this rampant inflation that we're experiencing worldwide. just one funny example of how crazy their messaging is, here's the press secretary applauding $25 a month in savings and five years ago when there was republican tax decrease, tax plan, nancy pelosi called a thousand dollars crumbs for the american people. so if it was crumbs a couple years ago, a thousand dollars, 25 bucks is really nothing to celebrate. elizabeth: daniel turner, good to see you, come back soon. >> thank you. >> dozens of state attorneys general now suing the white house for threatening to block federal money for school lunches if schools do not enforce the white house's gender identity. that is what the lawsuit says, gender identity agenda rather.
6:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show "the hill" media columnist, fox news contributor joe concha. joe, this lawsuit from 22 gop state attorneys general, they're saying the usda is threatening to block federal school lunch money if schools do not enforce the administration's gender identity agenda? so if schools separate students by biological sex, locker rooms, showers, restrooms, they will not give them federal food money? what about low income kids? this seems so off the wall? >> it is political blackmail basically, elizabeth. i don't understand how this works exactly, if you don't con form to what the government tells you to do, even if you disagree with it, if you want federal funds for lunch money,
6:47 pm
guess what we'll pull i will e it until you do conform. this is not how democracy work ins these situations. again there are plenty of parents out there. they see aaliyah thomas for example, that is the women at penn, transgender was ranked 53th in the world when she was, in -- 537th in the country when competed as male. competes as female, now number one at top of the stand almost every time she competes. parents say, particularly those who have girls that are competing on that level, are saying wait a minute, that is unfair, like steroids in baseball or football. it is a biological advantage that these folks are getting and as a result, you have people winning that should not be winning in these situations. my daughter, who competed so hard to get to this level know she will lose when she competes against somebody who is
6:48 pm
transgender in sports. that is a whole ball of wrong. i don't understand why more parents are not standing up, athlete standing up, wait, this is unfair advantage, we have to do something about this. elizabeth: to your point, riley gains, she is a champion swimmer with the university of kentucky, she spoke out after tieing with lia thomas at the ncaa championships. listen to this watch. >> not only were we forced to race against a male we were forced to change in the locker room with one and so, it is just the feeling of like, what is happening? honestly, like is this really happening? like this is crazy. elizabeth: yeah, so what is happening, you know what i mean? pandemic parents, they came out of the shutdowns exhausted. their kids are behind in schools. they got to see up close the virtual learning what their student, what their children were being taught. they have to deal with this too, right?
6:49 pm
so, what is going on? >> i wish i knew, elizabeth. i would think that the university of penn wouldn't allow this sort of thing to happen. instead they embrace it and they promote it. look, my wife, i don't share this very often, she was a division one athlete at georgetown. she ran track there. she is a mom and she is a doctor and she is concerned about a lot of other things and doesn't pay attention too much to anything political but this one really got her attention. she would say, you know what? when i was in high school and i had to compete to get that scholarship because my parents couldn't afford to send me to a place like georgetown, to get there, and if i knew that i had to compete against somebody, when i enter that track i'm going to lose to because they have a significant advantage, i would have been so, i'm not going to use the words, angry, let's put it that way this has been stolen from me.
6:50 pm
i would think that more female athletes feel that way. riley gains, good for her, going on "tucker" to talk about this. we have to come to some sort of solution. elizabeth, i saw it, my daughter plays soccer, she is 8 years old, there was a boy competing against her, he was a girl, therefore he can compete there. elizabeth: there could be injuries. >> the kid might as well been pele. elizabeth: there is issue of injuries, final word, quickly. >> that is exactly right. bigger, stronger could lead to injuries in these situations. we got to rethink this in some way. it is not being transphobic, what is there to everybody else on the field. that is all. nothing more. >> joe concha, thanks for joining us, good to see you. >> great to see you. >> same here. startling new report, human trafficking cartels at the border earning billions of dollars a year. texas congressman tony gonzales
6:51 pm
next on "the evening edit." >> joe biden and kamala harris, they are the last mile of the human trafficking network. so every city in america, you might think, i don't live in texas, i'm not in a border state. i promise you whatever city you're in, whatever state you're in, you're in a border state because joe biden is flying illegal immigrants to your state. ♪ [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling] ♪ if you shop at walmart, you get it.
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&%c1 back with us now, texas congressman tony gonzalez from house appropriations. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, liz. >> let's listen to vice president kamala harris, she's the border czar but she's focusing on this instead. watch. >> pressing issues of our time. i'm kamala harris and i'm a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue -- >> okay. talking pronouns while the border is in crisis. your word on that? >> yeah, liz, it's maddening how this administration has just abandoned everyone on the border. they don't want to hear it or see it. i just got done hosting my twelfth border visit for
6:56 pm
congressional members. i've taken over 70 members of the conference to the border to see it firsthand. we met with border patrol agents and sheriffs and ranchers and every day people and sadly the crisis continues to get worse. every border expert is saying this goes away if we end catch and release. you do that with repatriation flights and the vice president and everyone from the administration knows that if they'd go and see it firsthand and these repatriation flights are for people not qualifying for asylum and that's over 97% and once that happens this problem goes away. >> now joe mansion is talking to chuck schumer about raising taxes while the border is in crisis and u.s. crime is up and inflation and interest rates are up and u.s. times reporting that human smuggling cartels are earning $13 billion a year, $13 billion in biden's border
6:57 pm
crisis. i mean, that's multiple beyond what anybody would have thought. >> yeah, the biden administration has created fortune 500 companies by creating the mexican cartels, and what is happening -- eagle pass was this brand new processing facility that was just created. it cost the taxpayers $18 million to create and it's 12.3 million per month in order to keep open. what does that mean? there's a reason why we're in a recession. this administration is throwing money at a problem that is only adding fuel to the fire. i would say this too though, republicans can't just be the party of rhetoric. we have to be the party of solutions. look, there are a work shortages in every industry across the country. >> trump really for the first time under trump, the border was starting to feel really secure again; right? >> no, that's right. his policies worked. you know, the title 42 worked. the pacer program, which had immigration judges on the border worked.
6:58 pm
these are things we need to reimplement. we need to look at how do we bring over people that want to come and work? i'm not talking about citizenship. i'm talking about work visas. every place in america has work shortages. i've met with a rancher during this recent visit and i met with a rancher miles from the border and he goes, tony, there's hundreds of thousands of people coming over the border through my property yet i don't have laborers to pick onions for us. there's a broken system. this administration is the reason for it. >> let's listen to senator ted cruz. he had released graphic video talking about a narco slave trade at the southern border and says it's barbaric. watch this. >> say you're a honduran little girl and you're 15 years old and looking north and imagining life in america, imagining life in freedom. and you end up -- your parents agree to pay the cartels and you end up six months later working in a brothel trapped where every
6:59 pm
day you're in sex slavery trying to pay off your debt. this is what joe bidden and the democrats are doing. you cannot defend it, it's not humane or compassionate. it is horrific and inhumane and evil. >> so is that word out there, congressman, this is what's really going on? because there's this idea that, you know, the white house is being humanitarian, you know, turning the border into a state of collapse in order to let people in. republicans are committed to visiting and seeing it firsthand and talking about it, and this is the issue, the biden administration is not encouraging legal immigration. they're encouraging, you know, these migrants often leaving a very difficult life to take this dangerous trek. i'm visiting central america here shortly, next week, and i'm going to guatemala amongst other places and part of the discussion is how do you get
7:00 pm
people to come over in a recorderly, legal fashion to work and do other things and not go these dangerous routes? >> congressman gonzalez, pleasure having you on. >> thank you, liz. >> i'm elizabeth mcdonald and you've been watching the evening edit. have a good evening and i'll be back on monday and we'll have a couple good shows for you, have a good night. joe biden's presidency is falling apart faster than the dollar store suitcase. voters say they've seen enough and so have his allies in the media. what can democrats do? stick with an unpopular president or burn it all down and start from scratch? fun. op ed in the new york times reading the best thing biden can do for the country is announce he won't run for election now not after the midterms. let his party sort out its own future. new cnn


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