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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 4, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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any identity that violates -- ideas that violates state or civil rights laws. liz: thank you, jonathan. come back soon. >> sure. liz: i'm elizabeth mcdonned and you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. kennedy: welcome to it. a russian judge brought the hammer down on brittney griner, the basketball star sentenced to nine years, nine years. nine years in a russian prison today after pleading guilty to charges of drug smuggling and possession. she's been detained since february when she was caught at a moscow airport with cannabis oil vape cartridges in her luggage. today in court, she apologized again before the verdict was read. >> i hope that in your ruling that it doesn't end my life
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here. that's why i pled guilty to my charges. i understand everything that they said against me, the charges that are against me, so that's why i pled guilty. but i had no intent to break any russian law. kennedy: president biden blasted the sentence today calling griner wrongfully detained and urging for her release. the administration said it's working on a deal to bring griner home along with former u.s. marine, paul waylon detain there had in exchange for a russian arms dealer and the kremlin rejected all proposals because they want so much more. was this harsh sentence part of a negotiating ploy to get more from the biden administration? yes, it was. what else does president biden have to offer for her freedom? let's get into it with another man panel. comedian host fox across america on fox news radio, jimmy is in the house. >> hey, hey, hey.
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kennedy: there he is. the host of the aggressive progressive podcast, former aid to senator chuck schumer, avid runner, christopher hon running onto the man panel tonight. the institute director for libertarian institute also and editorial director at, scott horton. big jim, start with you. obviously never a good look going to another country with something banned in the country regardless of what the laws may be where you're from. having said that, this is not about cannabis cartridges, is it? >> no. i really do feel for brittney griner because biden thinks wnba is a radio station in delaware. i don't even know. kennedy: w in ba. >> start with the traffic reports. he has no idea. hot 66wnba. listen, stupid to be there.
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this is bigger than that. yes, on some level you've got to feel for her but also feel for the fact that even if we get her back, there's tens of thousands of people in jail for smoking pot in this country. granted it's a little more draconian over there but note to self, i'm not happy she's in the position she's in, but we can't discount the stupidity of her actions. kennedy: chris hon, what else is russia looking for? >> they want us to stop helping ukraine or something ridiculous like that. this is putin making an example of a american citizen, a prominent american citizen was nor famous in russia and she's making an example to further his diplomatic purposes around the world, and it's ridiculous. i hope to god there is an exchange for her to come home to her family. kennedy: so, it's -- i hope you're absolutely right. i heap there is some sort of
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negotiation that takes place that gets her home because as you pointed out, she has played basketball in russia professionally for six years, which is common for wnba players when the season ends here in america, they play elsewhere. it's not as lucrative on the women's side turns out and basketball has a little stripes. scott, this is interesting because our secretary of state is going to find his russian counter part in cambodia and finally talk to him about brittney griner. aren't there other things he should be talking to him about? >> yeah, i mean this whole thing is absolutely surreal and, you know, this woman, her life is extremely important, her fate is extremely important here. but just think of the ironny. after five and a half months, our secretary of state is willing to talk to the russian foreign minister about this one basketball player and her liberty but not about the proxy war that we're waging right on russia's very border. it's the most reckless policy
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that's got us closer to nuclear war than any time since 1983 or even 1962, and our side refuses to even talk with the other side whatsoever and they blatantly say they want to prolong the war in order to weaken russia and fight till the last ukrainean and look at the situation on the ground. ukraineans are losing and losing and losing and might lose their whole southern coast and when their democratically elected president, zalinsky wanted to negotiate and went and stopped him from negotiating to prolong the war. it's an absolute outrage and antony blinken should be run out of house. kennedy: i agree and he should be joined by lloyd austin and jake sullivan maybe for slightly different reasons for all of them but i don't have a problem with that at all. what will russia get out of this, jim?
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>> well, listen, man, that -- i think the frustration we're all speaking to is, you know, if this really is putin's price hike, and no one believes it is, but if putin in ukraine is the height of evil economic, we should end the war. putin likes embarrassing us on the world stage because we look weak in this instance. strategically we look weak and no other president would have let it get that far. it's not a republican thing. i don't think barack obama would let it get this far. that's my perception. the perception is we're weak on the world stage, and i think the longer this drags out, the more putin gets out of sticking our nose in it and that's the sad reality of right now. kennedy: all right u from a failing president to potentially a future one, meanwhile in florida, governor ron desantis suspending a liberal prosecutor for his soft on crime policies. desantis saying hillsborough
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county state attorney andrew lauren, what a name. he is so diverse. he neglected his duties and the law by not charging certain crimes, watch. >> we are going to make sure that our laws are enforced and that no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law, and i can tell you the states and the localities that have allowed this to happen, they are rueing the day. kennedy: we don't want the day rued, do we? desantis took issue with lauren's refusal to enforce laws against child sex change surgeries and abortion limits. that state attorney lauren serves seen a spike in violent crime in recent years with homicides at their highest level since 1994. i loved a lot about 1994, but not the tampa homicides. will we see more liberal prosecutors getting the boot from conservative governors in the near future? chris hahn. >> so what desantis is doing has
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nothing to do with crime and everything to do with choice. quite frankly the florida law violates the florida constitution, which under article 1 section 12 grants the right to privacy to every floridean. a very broad right to privacy that extends to abortion and gender reassignment surgery, which the florida legislature is legislating against right in and outed and if desantis knows what's good for him, he would walk off the push -- back off the pushing of the anti-choice measures because he can read the polls and saw what happened in kansas and it's not unthinkable he losing in florida and his natural ambitions are gone. kennedy: well, at least someone's doing something because, you know, it's a misnomer to say soft on crime because certain people like mike hit up in portland, they don't think there's such a thing as crime and taken criminal justice
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reform and thrown it so far out of balance, scott, even having conversations about rational police reforms don't enter here because there essentially is no policing. scott horton. >> yeah, you know, leave it to these progressives to just blow it. there's so much pressure built up in this country on the left and on the right. remember, the lockdowns were a real red pill for a lot of americans on the right. it's not just the atf. your local police can very much be the enemy of your life and liberty as well, and then what happens is these progressive producers come in and instead of reforming the obvious things that need reform like accountability for cops who break the law and demilitarizing the police, ending nighttime swat raids and these kinds-over atrocities. instead they come in and essentially legalize violent crimes or refuse to prosecute them, legalize brazen thefts and, you know, raise -- i guess
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it was in california where they raised the grand theft limit up to $1,000 essentially declaring open season on retail stores and this kind of thing. and then they go after people who defend their property or defend their own life as we saw in the case of the bodega store clerk there in new york just a couple of weeks ago. so the progressives, of course, they have their premises all wrong and of course they've blown our opportunity mostly to reform policing in the country, and we'll hear from the right wing reactionaries more and more that, well, yeah, you had your chance and now it's back to the thin blue line and law and recorder. you know, donald trump called for the death penalty to drug dealers the other day and that's what we get in reaction to the progressives employing their opportunities kennedy: yeah, there's no actual reform. >> that's who desantis is. kennedy: you cannot just choose what laws you enforce when you
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are a state's attorney. you don't get to -- >> that's not what this is about. kennedy: it certainly is. jimmy, i want to bring up something here. my youngest daughter for a long time, during the pandemic she watched every episode of gray's anatomy three times and there's 18 seasons. >> mine too. kennedy: she wanted to be a surgeon. should i have sent her into an or with a scalpel? my point is sometimes kids, you know, are very firm in their decision making about what they want in the future. now she wants to be a voiceover actor or a federal investigator so she has changed course. >> listen, i mean it's better than what my son was watching. he was watching 50 shades of grey's anatomy. that's a different show all together. >> what does he want to be now? >> hey, girl. hey, girl. but here's the thing.
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you're right to talk about how fluid gender fluidity can be. look at demi lovato and just switched back a day ago after identifying the opposite of a woman. someone at 30 can change their mind. i don't know, that might be a wake up call not to let 5 year-olds choose a body-altering surgery that will change them for life. people see there's a basic decent seizure disorders on the desantis side of this argument and it's reckless to have kids have a that level of choice. when lincoln was 5, he wanted to be a ninja turtle. we didn't stuff him in a manhole and tell him to fight crime. it would have been better and had more pizza around the house but we're decent parents despite appearances. kennedy: oh, the child star. i love all of our conversations. this is fantastic and that's why you're the man panel and you've been cast as the stars of this show tonight.
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we'll see more of you in just a bit. even the california comemies are getting sick of rampant crime after a huge up tick in homicides. gun violence and tourists in hollywood. a congressman is allocating money to pay for more police on the streets. is it too little too late for the liberal leaders to come crawling back to the blue for help? joining me now is cohost of 640 the shannon show. hear the show on the radio and welcome back, gary hoffmann. >> thanks, kennedy. how are you? kennedy: we'll see a lot more hollywood horsies and it's fantastic because people love cops on horse back. is that just me and my category, gary? >> probably. i would be terrified to see a horse down at hollywood and high land. that would not bring me comfort because i would imagine that horse is about to kick somebody square in the face. just out of fear that like
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hollywood jack sparrow is going to tweak out and scare the horse. it's not comforting to me at least. kennedy: we have to bring things back into balance, don't we? >> maybe you're right. maybe you're right. this idea of bringing more cops -- kennedy: what's going on in hollywood? >> so the mitch o'farrell who's the city council member that remits that area of the city of los angeles, called hollywood, the 13th district, he decided he'll allocate some of his office's funds and put more or pay for more lapd shifts so we're not getting more officers. it's not a refunding of the police necessarily, but it's at least putting more uniformed officers on the streets of hollywood and, listen, if your viewers haven't been to los angeles in 5, 10, 20, ever maybe, whatever, hollywood is not -- i mean, i know you use the word touristy to describe it and it is a tourist destination
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for a lot of people, but it is not movie studios, and you happen running. it's not, you know, tv stars walking down the street that you bump into. kennedy: that's burbank. >> yeah, that's burbank, that's taluca lake on the other side of the hill. the problem with hollywood is it is a tourist destination and people that come here from arkansas, who come from colorado, who come from montana or illinois or anywhere else may not realize that it is a tourist destination to the point that every single person who walks down that street is potentially a target. that is becoming the issue. the people who would inflict crime and pain on other people are going to look at a place like hollywood as just a target-rich environment. so we've seen like you said, the numbers in crimes go up, homicides are up, oh 75% over the course of the last year or so. kennedy: jesus. >> there's an acknowledgment there's a problem.
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right, that's from the city councilman that made that statement. there's an acknowledgment there's a huge problem when it comes to crime and not protecting just visitors in the form of tourists, but the people who live this, the residents who live there. so these 200 new shifts that are going to be added over the course of the next, say, couple of months are just really to get the police presence on the streets because we all know whether we want to admit it or not, whether we think it's bad or not, the simple presence of law enforcement, uniformed law enforcement officers in a place, whatever that place is, will cut down on crime. it's been proven over and over again. it may not make people feel better, but to me it's better than walking up on a one ton horse that's about to kick me in the kidney. kennedy: it's not going to kick you in the kidney. horses can sense good people. they know you and shannon are all right by the animal world.
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tweaked out captain jack sparrow, he's asking for it and basically wearing a target on his questionable teeth. so why is it taking so long? >> well, what's taken so long is that people want to believe that hollywood is a fairy tale place. if you're coming here from anywhere outside of the 213, 818 area code, whatever it is, you have this belief that hollywood is full of literal stars, not just the stars on hollywood boulevard and it's a fun place to be and you can pick up your nice t-shirt that says i'm a life guard in california or my parents went to hollywood and all i got was this crappy t-shirt. to get one of those, you have to walk over homeless people. you literally have to potentially walk over vomit or excrement or fecal matter, you have to walk over it. kennedy: thank you for the new word i'll insert into one of my
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monologues next week. gary, we have to go but thank you for keeping la safe one kidney at a time. >> watch out for spiderman, he's not really good. kennedy: he doesn't have special powers and that's not a light saber in his pants. >> no, it's not kennedy: coming up, the nfl is appealing the suspension of deshawn watson pushing for a stronger punishment after 24 women accused him of sexual assault. one former pro sees the league is being -- says the league is being a bunch of phonies and i'm joined in studio to discuss next.
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kennedy: john jet loves catchy. nfl going after deshawn watson and pushing for stronger punishment after watson was suspended for six games and the judge recommended the penalty after 24 women accused him of sexual assault. one former quarterback says the nfl is playing cya, rg3,
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re-tweeted yesterday "when it comes to protecting women, the nfl has gotten it wrong time and time again. this is about protecting the brand giving off the perception of protecting women is a by-product of the situation. no punches will be held". the players union has two days to respond but they're not going to appeal as watson sees an over and what of the nfl? here with me now is new york law school professor and sports attorney dan lust. he's got a lust for law. what is the most interesting element of this case from where you sit? did deshawn watson overplay his hand here? >> i think deshawn watson took a very big gamble. i think according to some reports, he was offer 12 games to settle this and said i'll chance this and take to judge robinson who came back with six games so maybe that part was good but the gamble was deciding that maybe the nfl is not going to appeal and that's whatnot has happened here. kennedy: he assumed that the nfl
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wouldn't push back and they go, yeah, six games for sexual assaulting women. that seems fair. only four women that were involved in that arbitration. >> right. 24 women filed lawsuits but only four the nfl decided to put forward. why, i'm not sure. kennedy: maybe the other 20 settled? >> yeah, but caught have been brought forward. nothing stopped them there. there's a six game suspension in the nfl and this judge found four counts of sexual assault were met according to the a preponderance of the evidence. that's a game and a half per sexual assault account. i think when the nfl looks at that and says that seems kind of light especially in 2022. when you're reading rg3's tweets, that's the optics. the nflments more than that . kennedy: of course they co. this retired judge, did she just completely blow this? >> she's a federal judge and roger goodell it one of the only four commissioners that's not a lawyer. who is he to insert for a
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retired federal judge. but the nfl has the power to appeal to themselves and they've decided to wield that power and that didn't get it wrong but the nfl has the power to appeal to themselves, which is a crazy thing but that's what the union and league agreed to with their partnership. kennedy: it's a kangaroo court? >> kangaroo, football, it's not something we would see in normal court. you can't appeal to yourself if you know if you're going to win or lose. goodell hasn't appointed himself about presiding over himself and hand picked the attorney general of new jersey to proceed over this. kennedy: what's going to happen now? >> the nfl is going to pick who's deciding the hearing and they'll probably win and whether or not watson wants to take to a federal court and a tom brady deflate gate play out over a year and play out longer and longer and longer and we were close to having a six game suspension and all done maybe, and now it'll continue on and on and see if a settlement happens here but it's not ending any time soon. kennedy: if deshawn watson said go ahead and give me a 12 game
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suspension. he's only paid $1 million for his first year's salary; correct, because the team anticipated that something like this was going to happen and they didn't want to be out $30, $40 million. >> yeah, brown's fans say they give $40 million contracts to everyone but not $230 million guaranteed to everyone. that's the highest guarantee in nfl history. that's crazy and a guy like that set the record for guaranteed money and was sued 24 times for sexual assault and settled all but one of the cases. how does that player set the record for guaranteed money in the nfl. he's not tom brady, he's not aaron rodgers and no one would say he's the best quarterback in the nfl but paid more guaranteed money in all of nfl history in the middle of all this. kennedy: it's going to make aaron rodgers take more psychedelics. we have 30 seconds, condoleezza rice is a confessed brown's fan and may oversee some of this. how will that work? >> if goodell appoints that person or oversee that person, it's a goodell appointee.
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that person is probably deciding for the nfl. my predict is they win this round and head to federal court is my prediction here. kennedy: really, this is insane. i just feel like more should have been done and this is so deeply offensive and, you know, for him to basically admit guilt by paying all of these women and, you know, it's like he's not johnny depp. he's closer to jeffrey epstein. >> right, he settled 23 of 24 civil cases and one remains, the houston texans settled with 30 women and might be more civil lawsuits here and this thing has much as it might be finished in the suspension, we're battling this out in the courts and trial date of april of 2023 for the one remaining several accuser. kennedy: think deshawn watson will play before then? >> he could play in week one if he fights this up to federal court and the suspension gets paid. it's a complicated proceeding. we'll see. he'll fight this thing and wants to take to federal court to the
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extent he'll be suspended for the year and see if the nflments to call his bluff and see what he wants to do here. kennedy: man. all right, that's why you're here. you're here to iron this all out because it's crazy and it's confusing, but thank goodness someone has a law degree in this studio. >> i'll take it. always a pleasure to join you. kennedy: coming up, it's game like and playing praise your luck and how much tonight's political minded panel and jimmy knows about past presidents. play along at home, next.
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kennedy: welcome back. it's time to play brag your luc. it's with the history bas-fonds and our man panel will earn points by answering presidential trivia. jimmy, chris, i have to write
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this down because i forgot during the break. i have to make a graph to keep score. they have one chance to press their luck and double a point total on a question of their choosing. if they get it wrong, they lose it all. they get an ice cream cone if they win. jimmy, chris, scott, ready to press your luck? >> let's do it. >> absolutely. >> let's go! kennedy: let's do this. jimmy, this question is for you: which one of these president's changed his name from leslie john tyler, franklin pierce, gerald ford or joe biden? >> from leslie? i'm going to go -- i'm just going to go gerald folder ford thinking he watched the airplane police squad series. kennedy: you have a point, jim, you're on the board. great job. >> bang. >> jimmy, i knew you could get one of these right eventually after 17 tries.
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chris hahn, your first question: what was president obama's preferred brand of cigarettes? marlboro, camel, new port, or hand roled and laced with pcp? >> oh, man. i'm going to say camel kennedy: you would be wrong. joe kamala was not for our -- camel was not for our former president. -marlboro. kennedy: scott, this is for you. you ready to play, scott? that's right. >> i'll give it a shot. kennedy: in what state was president george h.w. bush born? texas, massachusetts, rhode island, or iowa? >> oh, that must be massachusetts. kennedy: yes, scott horton is on the board. tied with jim. they each have one. and now that you have something on the board, you can press your luck if you want or wait for the next round, jimmy, here you go. when president instituted the
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first national income tax in history. who was the traitor? abe lincoln, john adams, fdr, or james money grubber madison? >> it was james "money grubber"madison, was it not? kennedy: it was not. it was dishonest abe. >> you led the witness. you led the witness. you threw in a nickname like money grubber madison. come on, that should be thrown out. outrage. kennedy: never the most obvious answer. chris, who drew the illustrations in president jimmy carter's children's book? when it his daughter, his vice president, andy warhall, or hunter biden? >> i'm going with his daughter. kennedy: our on the board, little amy carter. shaves crap but he wanted to give her something to do because he felt bad. scott -- >> he couldn't afford a
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hunter -- yeah. he couldn't afford a hunter biden painting? they're like half a million bucks. if you think -- kennedy: grafting off of habitat for humanity. scott, what was the number one song in the country on bill clinton's last day in office? his last day in office was in 2001. was it i will always love you by whitney houston, the sign by ace of base, benny and the jets by elton john or call me maybe by carly ray jepson >> pretty sure it was war pigs by black sabbath. hold on, i thought it was pink floyd, have a cigar. kennedy: oh, god. >> sleep now in the fire by rage against the machine. kennedy: all right, of the choices that i gave you, scott, i will always love you, the sign, benny and the jets or call me maybe? i'll give you a hint, it's one of the first two, scott. >> okay, i'll say benny and the
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jets because the beastie boy hads a great cover. kennedy: no, that was not the number one song in the country. it was i will always love you by whitney houston. don't speak ill of the dead. she's amazing. >> isn't that from earlier in the '90s? kennedy: no, 2001 from the bodyguard. which of these presidents wrote an autobiography without mentioning his wife, bill jackson, martin van buren or lyndon b johnson. >> it's never the most obvious and i'll exclude bill clinton and i'll go andrew jackson. luck pressed. oh, come on. kennedy: nope, you -- >> outrage. kennedy: chris, president obama declined this gift from a local leader from a visit to columbia. was it illegal drugs, a house of
7:38 pm
columbia, a pornographic catalog, or a pet donkey? visit to columbia. >> i'm going to say a pet donkey. kennedy: yes, that's right. did you press your luck? >> i did. i thought we were all pressed. kennedy: no, you have four points now. good job, buddy. you have four points. press your luck here, scott, no matter what. okay. that's just the rule. while in office, president trump had the highest net worth of any u.s. president. adjusted for inflation, which president had the second highest net worth? was it george washington, john f kennedy, herbert hoover or bill clinton? adjusted for inflation. that's the keyword. >> yeah, definitely george washington. kennedy: george washington. george washington. i wish i could say other words. >> trying to think of something funny to say there. kennedy: george washington.
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george washington, 7 feet tall. you and chris win the game and tied with four points a piece and you both get covid cream from our bumbling president. congratulationings to everyone who plays. played. this is a magical night. jimmy, chris, and scott, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: i'm a big fan. love it. all right, coming up, china launching missile strikes in the taiwan straight in response to house speaker nancy pelosi's trip. how much further will it go. we have more, next.
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kennedy: china is lashing out at house speaker nancy pelosi's trip to taiwan. the new york times reporting at least 11 chinese missiles fired into the seas north, south, and east of taiwan and missiles hit intended target to show force the biden administration calling
7:44 pm
for deescalation and a american missile test to not alarm beijing and usualing senate democrats not to move forward with legislation that would name taiwan "a major non-nato ally of america". is there a full chinese invasion on the rise. chairman and ceo mike zaker with all your chairman needs. >> good logo. what do they call that, a tag line? kennedy: absolutely. so what are we looking at here in terms of china? is this like a precursor to an invasion or just blowing off steam? >> well, what i think, we have for a combination of things, we have accelerated the time line for china to do what inevitably they're going to do, which is make a move on taiwan. i speculate that china's
7:45 pm
president xi is not going to pass away quietly without doing this in his lifetime and he's going up for a third term and rewritten their constitution. kennedy: he's the emperor for life. >> he's completely locked down their security and intel apparatus and it was massive before and now really buttoned up. you have to worry because what we've done here is really interesting. we've sent politicians to taiwan in the past. we had a large co-dell go in april, senators, congressmen, nobody talked about that or heard about that. for whatever reason, this trip got publicized and then -- kennedy: was china publicizing it or the administration trying to keep nancy from going? >> probably a combination of both. china knew about this as soon as pelosi's office started talking. kennedy: they knew before she knew. >> yeah, she got on a plane and said, where am i going? but make no mistake, as soon as
7:46 pm
mistake, as soon as pelosi's office knew about t the chinese service knew about it. they've got the place completely wired and they were aware and that gave them time to develop a scenario. if they take this trip, what are we going to do? they're doing it. firing missiles and they've done a blockade during a-and-a-half value and -- naval and military drill or a series of exercise and it's all designed to show us we need to back off and it would be in a sense futile for us to imagine ourselves in a shooting war with china in an effort to defend taiwan. i think they're doing what they always did. they're just getting closer and closer so in the past, they would throw their teddy out of a crib occasionally when we'd visit or say something and they'd do something. now it's a much more aggressive something. i think it's an indication in part that they are making a calculation that says, they don't honestly believe that the
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u.s. and our allies would gets in ragaini shooting war with -- shooting war with china to defend taiwan. kennedy: but they're right. >> i suspect -- it goes both ways. you'd hate to see them do this but look at hong kong and there's thomas mancino rule of law in china. they've never slowed down on their threats of intellectual property. kennedy: lockdowns alone after weeingers, people were committing suicide because they were locked in their homes with no food. that was a better option for way too many people over there. what should the united states do in your estimation? >> well, we should have -- pelosi's trip was probably unnecessary to begin with. kennedy: i loved everything about it. >> but it was probably not necessary but then once it became public, then the next step would have been, what should have happen second-degree that the white house and pelosi's office should have gotten their crap together and had a consist message. they should have talked this through. kennedy: that was shocking. >> that was shocking and the
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chinese regime looks at that -- kennedy: grave discord. >> yes, look at the white house and they're doing exactly what you would suspect so that dysfunction there, i know people are shocked to find out that washington dc could be dysfunctional, but that's read by the chinese and they factor that into their calculations on what to do. 23409 just with taiwan but building military in the south chinese sea and constant theft of intelligence and intellectual property. we have to be careful. if taiwan is taken and we lose, as an example, not to even mention the democracy and freedom loving people of taiwan, but the semiconductor industry. kennedy: we're going back to
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abbicis. great to see you and the topical storm is next.
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kennedy: a new study from the uk claims using hand gestures will make your colleagues pay attention when you're talking to them on zoom. yeah, just ask jeffrey, that's a
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touching tribute. this is the topical storm. topic number one. it is thirsty thursday and tonight a reminder that the only thing emptier than getting drunk all the time is not getting drunk at all. titos is trolling the canned cocktail craze by selling empty metal cans for $20 a piece but it's a better purchase than a full can of blue ribbon. it's symbolic to the committee of high quality vodka instead of selling out to the latest trend and for more on the resistance to selling out, follow the tiktok and snap chat channels. personally, i don't need anymore empty vodka containers. i have too many scattered on the floor of my office and the passenger seat of my car. get your empty can now at the titos online store but the emptiest thing money can buy is the beyonce album. topic two, luxury fashion brand
7:54 pm
balenciaga selling an $1800 pouch shaped like a trash bag. the new pouches are on sale in all your favorite trash bag colors and might look silly to you, but they're considered very dapper in new jersey. fashion fans say it's become a status symbol to pay high prices for common looking items like this one and nothing makes you feel more like a super star than walking around with trash on your arm. hey, kim. and now the story with the fakest pop star that ever existed. topic number three, except for katie perry. her name is polar. singer, dancer, and influencer who only exists in the meta verse and with millions of teenage subscribers. she's polar always wearing a mask to avoid getting covid in cyber space, which is an idea that's so dumb and unscientific it could have only come from dr. after all, everyone knows covid
7:55 pm
is primarily spread through phone calls and polar headlined a music festival in the meta verse and hopes to perform in real life in front of real fans as a hologram. the only way to see polar is to take iyawaska with aaron rodgers. topic four, speaking of polar, time to rid some freezing cold takes. this is viewer mail. topher starts us off with@@ kennedynation, this is dumb. your parents misspelled your name. paul writes in, kennedy, do i love you, yes or no? yes, that's the answer. besos. is it too much? gary tweets: you're so nasty. my so nasty? you're so nasty, gary. awe kevin leaves us with poor kennedy. he misspelled it. it's like the old person at a
7:56 pm
high school party. how do you do, fellow kids. who wants to hop in my kia sport and get some smirnoff ice. we'll be right back with my sadness.
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kennedy: i'm clapping. yay, you. thanks for watching the best hour of your day. you can follow me on twitter and
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