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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this time the event will take place on thursday as both teams come dressed to kill, ready to play. it really is. if last year is any indication. you don't want too miss it. coverage begins 6:00 p.m. eastern, guess where? fox. you got to watch it. thanks so much for watching. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ lis happening now the growing fall out on the raid of former president trump's mar-a-lago home. unprecedented, extraordinary escalation. shocking both democrats and gop over records act violation. tonight the cold hard look at what exactly is the smoking gun crime here? is this a political fishing expedition? a major over reach? fbi's credibility is on the line. hillary clinton's team give as head's up on the endgame here. plus new action on trump's tax returns in congress and media criticized for taking a victory
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lap. with us tonight former congressional investigator sam dewey, former federal prosecutor, andrew. cherkasky. the hill's joe concha, joe gamaldi of the fraternal order of police. democrat senators admitting on cameras that massive new tax-and-spending bill, inflation reduction act will not lower your inflation. low and middle income workers now fear irs audits as democrats give the irs more power and cash. a new report reveals even more evidence president biden did know about had hunter biden's deals with china. record breaking exodus of nypd cops quitting. polls shows americans demand stop crime now. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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elizabeth: take a check of your money. expectations 8.7% inflation still here historic high. u.s. productivity falls for the second straight quarter. federal reserve talking about another 3/4 rate hike. now this the fallout of the fbi raid of mar-a-lago, home of the former president of the united states. could it hit the midterms, 2024 race. this is uncharted territory. first time our nation has seen something like this fox news's david spunt has more. reporter: this fight between the former president's team and justice department officials intensified over the past few months, summer of 2022. fb yesterday morning gave a head's up to the secret service and a few local law enforcement officials to let them know they would be entering mar-a-lago to take documents and had a valid search warrant. the former president was not there at the time.
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he was in trump tower in new york. at the beginning of the year in january the trump team at mar-a-lago voluntary turned over 15 boxes of records to the government after the national archives expressed concerns in late 2021 that the former president took classified information when he left office in january of 2021. two months ago in june 2022 doj officials including a man named jay brandt who deals with counterintelligence at the justice department met with trump attorneys at mar-a-lago to continue negotiations turning over information. the former president stopped in to say hello. clearly conversations were ongoing. a source familiar says the conversations broke down after perceived lack of cooperation on the back of the trump team. we saw what happened. white house officials say the president and his senior staff were not aware of it until made public in the news last night. we do know however, attorney general merrick garland and fbi
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director christopher wray were aware in advance. elizabeth: david spunt, great reporting. thanks so much. with us former congressional investigator sam dewey, and former federal prosecutor and drew cherkasky. great to see you. >> great to be on. >> trump was already working with the national archives, and there are markings on this, why not do a grand jury subpoena? >> that is a very good question and that is a central question here. we have the tradition in the republic we don't raid our political opponents home unless we have overwhelming evidence of a serious crime. when we have that, when we have to resort to a raid, we explain it publicly. remember the trump administration voluntarily disclosed everything about the mueller report. updates were provided and we just need to know what happened
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and the question you asked is one of the many that need to be answered now. elizabeth: to sam's point andrew what is the smoking gun criminal probable cause that warrants this action? what is the serious urgent need to do it this way? word it's a criminal warrant, not a national security warrant. should they show the taxpayers why they did this now and would they do this even if the target was not named donald trump? what the evidentiary proof here? >> of course they should let the american people know what's going on here. this is unprecedented in nature. no president faced this type of criminal scrutiny in the past. so the american people deserve some sort of answer. they won't get it because what what the department of justice will do, they will stonewall us until they drop the next bombshell against donald trump. the doj doesn't think donald trump had documents he shouldn't have had, that they
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actually intend to prosecute him because they went to a federal magistrate, they said they have probable cause he or somebody at mar-a-lago had actually committed a criminal act, for at least a probable cause standard, the same standard we send criminal allegations to grand juries this is unprecedented, outrageous and we do need answers. >> sam, to what andrews is saying do you fear this is a fishing expedition for the capitol riots probe? >> it's it is a very possible, a common tactic, to get a search warrant on some grounds if you happen to stumble on evidence. that is shouldn't happen. it is abuse of process. that goes to my earlier point this is extraordinary should only happen with the highest, overwhelming evidence of guilt of a serious crime and should be done publicly here.
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it shows why we need answers now. elizabeth: to show what sam is saying, democrat pramila jayapal said trump should be in jail. nancy pelosi said no one is above the law. d.c. circuit court of appeals house ways and means can get trump tax returns from the irs. reports are trump may ask the supreme court to block this. marc elias top lawyer for the hillary clinton campaign he tweeted out trump can't run again because the penalties breaking u.s. records include disqualify from holding any federal office. that is a hillary clinton team's endgame here. >> i think that is exactly what their endgame is but that legal strategy is about as sophisticated you expect from a first year law student who is finishing up their summer internship because what the constitution says is that there are certain qualifications to be the united states president and certain disqualifying elements that could make you ineligible to be president. you can't just pass a statute to
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undermine what the constitution says about that. so the analysis here, the depths of this legal analysis i think are pretty shallow i think that the intent here could very well be true, that they are doing everything they can to keep donald trump from running again if that means trying to disqualify him. elizabeth: to what andrew said, sam, charges after political double standard this is serious stuff for the fbi. their credibility has been hurt. the fact that reports that hillary clinton used bleachbit to get rid of thousands of e-mails after they were subpoenaed by congress. she was using a personal server with classified information on it. hillary clinton's lawyer kept a thumb drive of those materials but no raid on his home. even fbi sources told "the evening edit." that is serious concern. talking about fbi officials in
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washington, d.c., and new york, talked to us about that problem. >> oh a absolutely. there are other examples, sandy berger tried to walk out of the archives with classified papers in his pants that was a serious matter but not dealt with criminally. these matters have not been dealt with criminally. there is huge issue with any criminal legal case. the president in office can declassify whatever he wants. so the department of justice would have to prove that trump hadn't declassified these documents. it is not even a matter of classified documents like with clinton, like with berger, like with others. but again it just goes to why did this have to happen? why was it so overwhelming? show us. tell us. elizabeth: to what sam is saying calls are growing for a special counsel. let's watch jonathan turley, also watch eric trump here. let's listen. >> i can't imagine how attorney general garland would look at that situation and not see an
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absolute necessity for a special counsel and instead they did this raid on the former president's home and it is going to trigger the anger that you have already seen. >> they broke into a safe. he didn't have anything in the safe. i mean, give me a break. this is coming from what, the national archives? yet in hunter biden, he is firearms crimes, prostitution, illegal drugs, shady deals with everybody around the world. where are these fbi agents? where is everybody? why is it that the political persecution only goes one way in this country? elizabeth: the agents who executed the search are from, washington field office oversaw this, that is the reports coming in. this is the same office that fbi whistle-blowers recently told senator charles grassley they were involved in political meddling trying to block hunter biden probe. the fbi has been in possession of hunter's laptop since 2019.
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general michael flynn, james comey saying to his staff, before he figures out what is happening go talk to general flynn. no miranda warning. they send now, we've got the fbi and doj being used to go after school board parents. it just feels like it is picking and choosing disparate treatment by politicized fbi and doj. your final word, andrew. >> you could spend all day comparing this case to other cases showing how minor it is in comparison. we have to look at the facts, not that these are minor crimes. this is no crime at all. these are official acts connected to the presidency of donald trump. administrative it debate which documents belong in which government building or whether donald trump could maintain those records, that is for him to decide. that is for debate. not for criminal prosecution this is outrageous. elizabeth: the president has the power to classify or declassify. that is the heart of this. sam dewey, andrew cherkasky, thanks for coming on.
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come back soon. new report coming in more evidence that president biden did know about hunter biden's questionable energy and business deals with china. plus democrats themselves are expressing new confusion, senate democrats are saying wait a second, our new inflation reduction act will not lower inflation. congressman french hill ahead on "evening edit." >> the cause of the inflation is the democrats massive spending. their solution is spend more and tax more. it is like throwing gasoline on a raging bonfire. it will only make inflation go up, not down. ♪ e. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring or thoughtful. sensitive or strong. progress isn't either or. progress is everything.
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♪. elizabeth: we've got more coming up on the raid on trump's mar-a-lago. now this story, the world superpowers, u.s. and china, now fighting for technological and economic dominance. the new frontier, computer chips. edward lawrence is in washington with more. edward? >> reporter: president joe biden predicting a wave of manufacturing jobs come back to the united states because he signed the chips act. the president says we need to keep spending to keep up with china and boost that spending because the chinese have boosted their spending in this sector. now in fact the u.s. is behind the curve already and lost almost all of the semiconductor industry in the u.s. in part because of the cost of doing
6:17 pm
business here. only 10% of the global semiconductors are made in the u.s. with 75% made in east asia and that includes taiwan and china. so industry groups say eventually, eventually, we will see jobs come back to the united states in the sector. >> upward good year-and-a-half, two year effort where all the provisions were vetted. we had bipartisan leadership both in the white house and in congress and the full support of industry. so i do think it's a great package and have the intended out if the department of commerce continues to work with indus. >> reporter: critics say the money only enrich as rich industry. if you offer tax incenttives to the industry manufacturing would return by itself. what happens is the implementation of the bill. that is the ex-had step. >> thank you, edward lawrence. from house financial services congressman french hill. it's a pleasure to have you on. i like you to listen on the
6:18 pm
sound, even senate democrats admit on camera that the 700 billion-dollar inflation reduction act will not stop inflation. they're over their skis. >> is it really fair to call it the inflation reduction act? >> yes it is, george. this will reduce costs that hit american families in their pocketbooks. we may not see huge impacts on inflation in the first or second year. >> i want to take a moment to say a few word about the so-called inflation reduction act and i say so-called by the way because according to the cbo and other economic organizations that studied this bill it will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation. elizabeth: so it won't affect inflation. what do you think, sir? >> well, i would call it the inflation production act because what it's doing is proposing to impose price controls which will cause inflation inside of the drug sector. it will cause medical inflation because of the obamacare
6:19 pm
subsidies. it is going to cause dislocation in american business because of the tax on making things in america that they're imposing a 15% minimum tax. and they're going to go after every single american business. most of our american businesses, some five million of them are pass-through entities. what do you think that 87,000 new army of agents is going to be focused on? our farmers, small business people? and liz, the whole employment, all the ftes of the irs today, 76,000 people, repeat 76,000 people. so we're going to propose employing 87,000 more irs agents. it's insane. elizabeth: you know the workforce at irs, 160,000, that will be bigger than the pentagon, state department, customs border protection combined. so that is astonishing. even john koskinen former obama
6:20 pm
irs chief, that the irs didn't need all that money or all those workers? >> no. we need some technology at the irs to speed up production. in my office we're still helping constituents trying to get their 2019 tax returns processed because apparently the irs folks who were at the agency didn't work full shifts during the pandemic. but technology would be a good investment for the irs, but 87,000 agents is ridiculous. it will lead to a lot of investigations. i'm fearful they're going to go back to looking at individual american checking accounts like they proposed in the "build back better" bill where they proposed to look at 600-dollar transactions and more. what else would you do with 87,000 new locusts in that agency? elizabeth: they better not bring back irs quotas. you remember the quota system of '80s and '90s? you had to do so many audits. this harvard poll, blacks
6:21 pm
latinos, face inflation because of layoffs. biden has been topspinning claiming he created 613,000 manufacturing jobs. congressman, this is another fastball. they're retracing, they're recouping these lockdowns 22 million jobs. only 41,000 new manufacturing jobs since prepandemic february 2020. all this fear is higher taxes will cut into job growth. go ahead. >> no, that is exactly right. think about it. what we've done we now recouped the v-shape recovery losses promised to us by the trump administration. there is nothing to credit here with joe biden. those manufacturing jobs? they have come home because we caught, cut income tax rates with the tax cuts and jobs act that brought one trillion dollars home. we have more people investing and employing people here. this bill that is proposed, inflation production act will raise cost, raise taxes right at a time where the economy is softening. it's a bad idea. you don't raise taxes in the
6:22 pm
middle of a potential recession. elizabeth: got it. congressman hill, come back soon. good to see you. >> see you, liz, thanks. elizabeth: we have another bust of illegal immigrants arriving in new york city today. this fight is intensifying between these states. we got it. more on joe biden, knowing about hunter biden's energy deals with china. and this, your gas and energy costs will they go up? got new taxes we're finding that democrats are ready to put on u.s. energy. congresswoman kat cammack ahead on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: remember nancy pelosi saying you had to read obamacare to find out what is in the bill? that is what is happening now. economists and analysts warn the democrats climate change and spending bill has tax hikes on u.s. oil and gas, to make your household fuel costs go up. producers warn of a looming global lithium shortage for batteries they want you to buy. kelly o'grady in nevada,. >> reporter: liz that is a tough order for drivers. i'm here at lithium america they are trying to bolster domestic production to bring down the sticker shock. give you context. lithium is key component in a ev battery. prices have spiked over 400%. they said investing in lithium mining is vital. this pack thacker pass is could
6:27 pm
be the largest in the world. officials say we should not look to other companies but looking for independence here. >> we're blessed blessed in thed states with the right deposits, skilled workforce around we have all the elements here. now is the time. >> reporter: that is what lithium america is doing. the ceo tells me that once it gets going it could produce enough lithium for over a million evs in a year. what you get in the ground all the way to lithium carbon gnat. previously live you had to send an earlier mixture to china. that is why they dominate 60% of market. there is more to be done to completely remove them but investment in lithium mining, liz, it is not just about supply or costs, it is about national security. back to you. elizabeth: fantastic hit, kelly o'grady, thank you so much. look who is back with us congresswoman kat cammack from house homeland security. always a pleasure to have you on. >> hey, liz. elizabeth: our energy costs will go up? a lot of new taxes on u.s.
6:28 pm
energy in the democrats new bill to help pay for nearly $370 billion in climate spending on solar panels and electric cars, is that what is going on? the. >> just another day in joe biden's america. instead of the inflation reduction act we might as be calling it the inflation expansion act. what this bill does is increase inflation and make everyday americans the target of weaponized irs and puts an american tax on industry. 350 billion with a b, dollars is going in green new deal energy fees and taxes, specifically targeting methane and oil production. it is like the people in washington have not filled up their gas tank in the last, which of course we know in real america, real world, prices have doubled. going into the fall we'll be seeing heating oil prices going up, gas at the pump going up, even bernie sanders you played the clip a bit ago, he is not eastern buying the garbage they're trying to sell with this.
6:29 pm
it's a bad deal why everyone needs to vote no. elizabeth: watch president biden on this, listen to this. president biden: everybody has an obligation to help. we have the capacity to do this it is not like it is beyond our control. the weather may not be beyond our control for now but it is not beyond our control. we have never done this before because of a number of things we got done on bipartisan basis, like a billion 200 million-dollar infrastructure project, like what we're doing the bill we passed yesterday, helping take care of everything from health care to god knows what else. elizabeth: god knows what else. that is the right question to ask. let's show the tax hikes on u.s. energy. got a 7500-dollar tax credit as well for electric cars no one can afford, that people can use to subsidize electric cars manufactured in mexico and canada. that is a lot of u.s. jobs getting wiped out there, 30,000, one estimate. your reaction? >> no. again, this is the america last policy. and look we heard it before.
6:30 pm
it has been said a long time ago. we will not be a i believe to spend our way into prosperity. while this administration thinks we're going to regulate our way into prosperity when really all they're doing is regulating americans out of jobs and making everyday american people public enemy number one. this is america last piece of legislation but i think it is important to note, liz, that this is coming up for a vote on friday of this week in the house of representatives. we only need four democrats to vote no to stop this. we have the capacity to do it. so i would encourage people to get involved to make sure they're calling their representatives telling them no. we can stop this. this doesn't have to happen. we need to start putting america first. elizabeth: got it, congresswoman cammack. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. have a good one. elizabeth: new reporting coming out more evidence president biden did know about hunter biden's questionable energy deals with china. despite repeated denials. then, margot cleveland will talk to us about that. we'll get margo's take on the
6:31 pm
fbi raid on trump's mar-a-lago that is ahead on "the evening edit." >> a lot of people are concerned about including myself that continued two-tiered system of justice where people like hunter biden, hillary clinton, and others you know get away. ♪ you'll always remember buying your first car. and buying your starter home. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine. and that's where our strategic investing approach can help.
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elizabeth: back with us now, federalist senior legal correspondent, margot cleveland. it is a pleasure having you back on. good to see you. >> thank you. >> margo your reaction to the fbi raid on trump's mar-a-lago? >> absolutely shocked. it was appalling to see this happen to a former president and you know given what happened with "crossfire hurricane" it doesn't matter what explanation they give it is not trustworthy. you saw fbi agents, doj, they
6:36 pm
presented to a federal court lies to get surveillance warrants, four of them and the court rubberstamped it. i don't care what the explanation was, there's no way that you can justify what they did to a former president. elizabeth: so you're talking about the fbi fisa warrant wiretaps they got to do surveillance of the trump campaign. you're saying this is undercutting further the fbi's credibility the way this was conducted? >> absolutely. if we have the attorney general come out, we have the fbi director come out to say we had evidence, we had evidence that he had classified documents. we went to court. we did this the right way. we got a warrant. why should we believe them? they already proved to us that they were willing to lie and that a judge was willing to rubberstamp something in the past to get trump. why should we buy it now? i don't. and i think that the fbi is
6:37 pm
going to live to regret what they did both this time and when they did originally. >> showing up with machine guns, it feels over the top. margo, these reports, this separate story coming in, based on white house visitor logs that joe biden hosted a white house meeting in july 2014 with two chinese energy executives doing business with hunter biden while joe was vice president. he insists he never spoke to his son about any of hunter's deals overseas. that is at least 15 meetings reports indicate biden met with his son's business associates. you're take on the story? >> well, maybe that's where the search warrant should be geared a little bit? we didn't see anything happen with hunter biden. the evidence is overwhelming that we have a pay-to-play going on. the investigation on hunter biden has been going on almost four years now. no one is pushing this with the
6:38 pm
attorney general. i hope that when they finally get the attorney general to comment on the raid about trump, someone pins him down and says why are you still overseeing this? why haven't you given the u.s. attorney in delaware special counsel classification so that there is some assurance to the public at that this is not being politicized? right now everything coming out of the fbi headquarters looks political. elizabeth: but when you look at who the hunter reportedly was doing business deals with, reports are that two executives for the chinese energy company, a major chinese company also partnered with the north korean state with a big copper mine. the president and vice president secured a meeting with the vice president joe biden what reports indicate. a company of biden's company, seneca global advisors partnered
6:39 pm
with the company wang chang, with a one and a quarter billion dollar gas plant in china. this is energy policy hitting u.s. foreign policy. >> oh, absolutely, when you have the same thing with hunter involved working if i can't remember whether russia or china, so many of them, there was a plant one of the largest african mines for commodity needed for batteries. then what you have. elizabeth: congo. >> yes, exactly. we have the problem now with batteries being pushed with tax credits by the biden administration. it is dirty every way you look at it. elizabeth: margo, we'll have you back on. good to see you. come back soon. >> thanks so much. elizabeth: the mainstream media getting criticized for taking a victory lap after the fbi's unprecedented search on trump's mar-a-lago home. we got it. this story, a record-breaking exodus of nypd cops quitting
6:40 pm
before they get their full pensions? polls show americans demand now stop time. joe gamaldi next on "the evening edit." >> the attrition rate in the nypd is steep, not just in new york city but on a national level in connection with defund the police and anti-police sentiment. ♪ [power-drill noises] alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks] [doug sighs] limu, call a mechanic. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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♪ jackie: another bust bus of illegal immigrants from texas arrived in new york city. it has new york state lawmakers up in arms going after the governor of texas. fox news nate foy in new york with more. nate. reporter: liz, good evening. governor abbott showing no signs at all of slowing down. we're learning now new york city leaders expect another bus of migrants to arrive in the city tonight and two more buses to arrive tomorrow morning. that is what city council members were told at a special hearing today. i also want to bring attention to mayor eric adams who is
6:45 pm
threatening the governor of texas with a bus of his own. listen to this. >> i'm deeply complicating taking a busload of new yorkers to go to texas and do good old-fashioned door knocking because we have to, for the good of america, we have to get him out of office. reporter: liz, of course governor abbott is running for re-election this november. mayor adams calls abbott anti-american for busing migrants to new york yet the texas governor the federal government has been doing the same thing, flying migrants into new york for months. abbott had this to say last night, tweeting quote, the federal government's refusal to address the border crisis is what is truly horrific. texas will send buses to washington, d.c. and new york city until biden does his constitutional duty and secures our border. here in new york city the mayor confirms today that an estimated 4,000 migrants have arrived here since may which obviously predates these buses arriving
6:46 pm
from texas. send it back to you, liz. elizabeth: nate foy, thank you so much, welcome to the show the vice president of the fraternal order of police joe gamaldi. what is your reaction -- good to see you, by the way. thanks for coming on. >> always great to be here. elizabeth: what is your reaction to that report because new york city is beleagured by a lot of crime. should texas be sending, making a statement to sending bus's to delaware instead, the president's home state? >> i think it speaks what is really going on down on the border where it is a complete disaster. we need to secure our border to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming across the border right now. texas is overwhelmed with a lot of people who come here with no good intentions and commit crime. the governor is trying to mitigate the best he can, trying to spread it out to everybody. some of the authors in "new york times" should open up apartments and houses for these folks. they make sure we have open borders despite the fact of risks come along with it.
6:47 pm
we know it is not just people coming across the border, but also fentanyl which is the leading cause of death of people 18 to 49 in this country. elizabeth: mayor adams wants to send new york city workers in texas to knock on doors to get rid of governor abbott. >> i lived in texas 15 years. i was a new yorker before that. i'm sure tex an will not listen to new yorkers telling them how to vote. that is the idea i got there. elizabeth: joe, this separate story, near 11 hundred nypd cops quitting before getting their pull pensions? that is 71% jump from last year. the nypd is hemorrhaging cops. what is the deal before cops get their full pension? >> we're seeing crisis across the country because sisters are fed up. in new york, up 71%. in austin, resignations are up
6:48 pm
120%. l.a. they're down 630 officers. portland, the lowest staffing levels in 30 years, with the highest recorded murder rate in history. wonder if those things are related? do you blame the cops leaving? tired of being treated like crap, cursed at, spit on, family members threatened. we're being shot at historic rates. we had 210 police officers shot this year and departments are working them to the bone. in boston working 24 hour shifts with no breaks because that is safe. you know what, you know what really bothers police officers the most, why they leave? because at any moment, even if they follow policy, training, and the law, they will be absolutely crucified and buried in the public, have their lives ruined all because some spineless politician wants to make an example of them and we're all sick of it. elizabeth: to your point, looking at the quit rates,
6:49 pm
nearly 2500 cops are filing to leave this year, that is 42% up too. the numbers are pretty staggering. then you have this, "the new york times" getting criticized, one of their writers suggested to readers that they should be optimistic about, just 4% drop in murders over the past year. joe the murder rate rose nearly 40%, 30, 40% in the years prior. why are they cheer leading a tiny drop? >> you know, liz, is there any group of people more out of touch with everyday americans than the so-called journalists at "the new york times"? i mean this is rich. he is trying to gaslight the public saying we should celebrate for a 4% reduction while murders are up 40% over last two years. violent crime in new york is up over 40% this year. but you know what is really boils down to? these journalists comfy behind their desks, they're safe, they don't have anything to worry about. they can expound and talk about how great revolving door criminal justice policies are. "the new york times" widely
6:50 pm
supports them because they don't need to see the victims first-hand. they don't need to see consequences of those revolving door policies. you know, predictably enough he blames covid even though the violent crime spike started before that and also because no other industrialized nation saw the same increase in violent crime that we did. so you know i've got an idea for this guy. how about you slither out from behind your desk come do a ride-along with me. see how bad victims suffer face-to-face including minority communities who are impacted by the revolving door policies to the tune of 12 times the homicide rate for black americans to everyone else. it is ridiculous and has to stop. elizabeth: joe gamaldi, thanks for your service to our country. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: mainstream media taking a victory lap after the fbi's unprecedented search on trump's mar-a-lago home. joe concha is fired up. he is next on "the evening edit." ♪
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
pursuing this thoroughly, objectively, and in a nonpolitical way. >> this is a night where you're going to remember where you were. >> obviously as big of stakes as you can have. >> perhaps the orange jump suit is forthcoming. >> the democratic reaction is halleluiah. liz: your reaction? >> these are the same people that advocated sensorship to the hunter biden lap stop story and turned out to be true. same people that turned the steel dossier as gospel and that was debunked and the same people that swore the russians had bounties on u.s. troops in afghanistan and donald trump knew about it and didn't do anything. that wasn't true too and the list goes on here and we have finite time. in the end, if this is about obtaining and observing records for the national archives, i don't think you need a made for tv fbi raid with the lights flashing and guns drawn unless
6:56 pm
you're trying to put together a grand political show for the media that's largely willing to eat this up. i've been on the air since 5:30 in the morning and that word is transparency. why can't the fbi come out and say in very broad terms that doesn't upset any sort of investigation, but tell us specifically what the grounds was for this raid and conducting it in the fashion it was and what documents they were searching for. are the documents from the national archives in accordance with the presidential records act and most legal analysts, even those left leaning and say that if that's the case, that would not warrant this sort of raid and will provide rocket fuel for donald trump as reelection bid if he decides to run again. liz: joe, we appreciate how hard you work getting up at 5:00 in the morning and there's also this former new york democratic governor andrew cuomo is tweeting that the justice
6:57 pm
department must give reasons for the raid or it'll be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation and legitimacy of the january 6 investigations. that's the thing too and andrew yang is weighing in saying the fbi actions strengthening the case for millions who will see the raid as unjust persecution. he's getting push back. your word on this. >> he shouldn't be because we've seen the precedence over the last couple of years getting that warrant in terms of carter page that launched basically the whole russia investigation and getting that warrant, the fbi lied to do so. we see james comey and his post fbi life writing all the anti-trump books showing us he was probably not a political when on the job there and that goes for james clapper, head of dni and john brennan head of cia and now all these people are on television telling us how
6:58 pm
horrible donald trump is and hard to tell the difference in terms of their analysis from your average democrat partisan analyst on there. that's why people have so much distrust in our constitutions these days. the guys that ran these places are showing to be partisan and perhaps now if this thing turns out to be just about getting documents for the national archives, i'm sorry, this will blow up in their faces and we'll have a boom arrang effect that donald trump and the republicans will seize on rightly. liz: the white house is declining discussion of this and won't talk about it, but the republican governor of maryland, he's also, larry hogan, calling on the biden white house to release documents behind the raid saying in part, if you don't doo it, you're going to undermine faith and commodity seizure disorders and the rule of -- democracy and undermine americans. how is it reporting information and how is it dividing americans because we want bipartisanship in the country and we want to understand what's going on
6:59 pm
behind their institutions, joe. >> unfortunately journalist is morphed into activism and that's what we see on the air, activists with nice make up and hair and rooting for a side and rooting against a side and we'll never have bipartisanship if that's the case. by the way, i get up at 4:00 a.m. for the 5:00 a.m. bit because hair and headacheup takes a lot of -- make uptake as lot of time for this guy these days. liz: it's like an architect for my hair and make up. what's the smoking gun that caused this event? i mean, it's the first time we've seen this so what are you going to be looking for in the days ahead? >> to see if the facts play out and if the fbi can be transparent about what this was all about. till they tell us, it's all speculation and will lead to more division and discord on television and we need answers, elizabeth. liz: think trump should release a list of files that were taken and release the search warrant too?
7:00 pm
>> i would release the search warranted. i think that would be a very good start but then again warrants can be manipulated. you can put whatever you want on it. we'll have to see. i hate repeating myself, but i know you've got to go. liz: joe, get some rest. that's it for us on "the evening edit". we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. kennedy: it's already being called the raid of the century but 24 hours of the if, bi tomorrow -- fbi stormed the home of former president trump, there's way more questions anti-seek storieses. who will come out on top: the white house or the donald? we have a live look at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida. donald trump's palatial home at ritzy coastal golf coast and the maga faithful out in full force and the details from last night are thin. 30 agents executed a search warrant and took a lot of pictures, cracked tru


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